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Snapshot! Arts & Humanities welcoming party

Over 40 new students were welcomed by the students and teachers of the Faculty of Arts & Humanities last Sunday, June 27, 2010.

Fund-raising garage sale, this Sunday!

The Church Pathfinder Club is having a fundraising garage sale this Sunday, July 4, in front of the cafeteria from 9 am – 11 am.

Asia-Pacific International University provides extension program in Sabah, Malaysia Elainie Coetzee, Graduates Studies office


wenty-five teachers or clerical/library staff sat in a classroom of the Sabah Adventist Secondary School in Tamparuli, Sabah, Malaysia for ten days, June 7 to 18 this year, to learn to become more effective teachers and writers of English. They did this because they want to improve their knowledge and gain a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology & Education. Pastor Konis Gabu (the Education Director for Sabah Adventist Mission) told me that he has been working for five years to bring the Asia-Pacific International University (formerly Mission College) lecturers to Sabah for an extension program to help teachers, and others who work in SDA schools to pursue a bachelor’s degree. The Mission partly subsidizes those who want to study, but the students in the extension program have to pay part of the tuition, accommodation and textbooks themselves. The students come from seven different Adventist schools in the state of Sabah. Some had to travel for at least two hours to reach the Sabah Mission campus, which is also home to a kindergarten,

Ms Elainie Coetzee (9th from left) and the students of the extension program at Sabah Adventist Secondary School in Tamparuli, Sabah, Malaysia. primary and secondary school. Those who stayed in the guestrooms or dormitories had to supply their own food during their stay. It was not easy to do 15 weeks’ worth of theory and practice for two subjects, Introduction to Teaching Methods/ Microteaching Workshop and English Composition I, in only ten days. However, the students managed to complete their classes, three sessions of microteaching, and the first assignment for English Composition in those ten days. They said that the work and study had been arduous

but rewarding and that they had learned a great deal that they hope to use as they return to their classrooms and other work. It is not easy to work full-time and study at the same time as they students have to do. They have follow-up assignments and deadlines to meet. However, they are excited and happy at having the opportunity to earn a degree, even if it takes much longer than usual. They say, “Education has value because it gives knowledge, skills and lifelong values, not only for this world, but for the world to come.”


Renovation of the Bangkok campus dormitory Rajdeep Takeuchi, Associate VPSA Bangkok Campus


Installation of new ceiling in one of the bedrooms on the 3rd floor. The major renovation included new electrical wiring system, plumbing system, fixing of roof leakage and repaving of the 4th (roof ) floor, adding insulated ceiling for the 3rd floor, putting new mosquito screens, fixing broken windows throughout the dorm, adding new mirrors to each room, changing light fixtures, and dividing a zone/section for the male students so they have a place inside the dorm. Although there are still more needed items to complete for this renovation project (painting, repairing and replacing some of the furniture inside each rooms), the residents of the dorm are very much grateful and happy for the progress of renovation. The safety and the well-being of the dorm residents are assured. The residents are patiently waiting for the next phase when the budget is ready. We are encouraging everyone to help support this next phase for the dorm with your prayers and financial support. A big thanks to God for His continuous leading in this project and also to Dr Mack Tennyson (VP of Finance) and Khun Reanthong Nunchai (Director of Plant Services) for their support in this much needed work.

Reaching out to the North East of Thailand Student and staff volunteers built multipurpose stadium, make friends with local people and come back to Muak Lek campus, feeling richer than before


Students and staff also made friends ore than forty international and with the young people in the area, and Thai students and staff helped built had a chance to learn about the arts and a multi-purpose stadium in Ban Nong Tab culture of the community as well. School in Nam Yuen, Ubon Ratchathani. Biology student Juliet Kefilwe MoThis community development project (the losiwa shared that participating in this 15th Volunteer Camp) took place during outreach for the first time the semester break in Thailand was spiritufrom May 17 to 24, ally fulfilling and enrich2010. ing. “Serving others not This outreach only brought me closer to project is devotedly them, but my relationship carried under the with God was also nourwings of the Volunished. He works in wonteer Club, a well-esderful ways.” She added tablished University that she would be honclub that has orgaored to join in a program nized countless outlike this in the future. reach projects since For Accounting stuits first inception in Juliet Kefilwe Molosiwa dent Luong Chan Phuoc, 1997. The project this is his second time to was led by the leadjoin the Volunteer camp. ership of Chairman According to Phuoc, the Somkid Pinit with camp gives him the opadvisor Khun Thirat portunity to help people by contributing Somphan. to society, as well as learn to value people’s The Komon Kem Thong foundation effort. “Through volunteer camp, I made and Government University Affairs supnew friends and strengthened the friendported the Ban Nong Tab school project ship that I had built.” Phuoc recommends financially.

“Serving others not only brought me closer to them, but my relationship with God was also nourished. He works in wonderful ways.” -

fter many decades of its existence, the Bangkok Campus dormitory finally received some major touches to it. Praises be to God, the much needed renovation for this dorm began in February this year, and was completed just in time for the new academic year. Due to the limited budget, the renovation work was focused more on the internal structure to ensure the safety of students who are residing in the dorm.

Friday vespers & Youth worship at the University Muak Lek campus Yoko Uchima & Wanida Raotao

Top Students leading out praise and worship for vespers program. Bottom Praise & worship team for Youth Sabbath.


“Through volunteer camp, I made new friends and strengthened the friendship that I had built.” - Luong Chan Phuoc

“The villagers were very happy to have many new things built in the community.” - Khun Thirat

the students of Asia-Pacific International University to join volunteer camp projects in the future. He added, “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much!” Khun Thirat commented that the responses from the community were astounding. “The villagers were very happy to have many new things built in the community.” If you would like to join Volunteer Club, contact Khun Thirat at ext 1405 or Khun Sureerat Pothong at ext 1404.


he Theology club organized the vespers program titled “Betrayal” on Friday, June 25, 2010 at the Auditorium. Through Bible reading, a short skit, and messages from two students, the message of God’s love was presented. The skit was about a boy who betrayed his friend who did not have enough money to register for school. Because of his betrayal, she had to leave the school. However, after he realized what he had done, she showed mercy on him and forgave him as her friend. Similarly, this scenario is an example on how Jesus showed His love to us. The Youth worship used the theme “Lost! Can Find?” on Saturday, June 26, 2010. It was a blessed Sabbath worship with four short video clips which were introduced by short narrations. They were related to God’s amazing grace which we can still find near us when we turn to Him no matter how much we had run away from Him. Even if we had wounded hearts as a violin which was treated badly until it was broken, the touch of the Master’s hand can make everything right and well again. If we give God a chance, He can produce beautiful music from our lives.

Youth Bible Camp

Campus Calendar JULY 1, THURSDAY Arts & Humanities Club Meeting, 3 pm - 4 pm, Auditorium. All English major students (including Strand IV students) are required to attend this meeting. Faculty & Staff meeting, 4 pm -- Faculty only. 5 pm -- Faculty and staff, IT 328 Department Worship, 7 pm, Various locations JULY 2, FRIDAY Vespers: A real story from China, 7 pm, Auditorium The Seekers: Stop to Believe, 8 pm, Fellowship Hall.

dates & place

unt Disco m o r ! f baht 1,500

Friday, July 23 to Monday, 26, 2010 (4 days, 3 nights) Bansung Beach Resort, Rayong

registration fee

1,200 Baht (Includes Transportation, Accommodation, meals)

place to register

Weekends: Saturdays at 4:30 pm outside of the Church Weekdays: In front of the Library

Arts & Humanities Club Meeting

All English majors (including Strand IV students) are required to attend the Arts and Humanities Club meeting on today (Thursday), July 1 from 3- 4 pm at the Kiti-Tasanee Auditorium.

This Friday vespers: A real story from China In China, the government does not allow the founding of theological schools by Seventh-Day Adventists. In such situations, the breeding of evangelists and missionaries had to be done discreetly—the work of the Lord must be done at any cost. The flag of truth must fly high, for this is a mission given to His children by none other than Jesus Himself.

“Millions of brethren are waiting, waiting for us to spread the gospel”. “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.”“Arise, shine!”These are the cries which keep the New Horizon Training Institution going in faith, even under restrictions. In 5 years, about 200 youth from different parts of China graduated from New Horizon Training Institution and serve their roles in the ministry. But when the school grows systematically, the persecution which had been lying in wait for so long approaches…what will happen? What dangers are there? What choices have to be made? On Friday, July 2, 7 pm at the Kiti-Tasanee Auditorium, the Chinese Group will restore and interpret the true experiences of the New Horizon Training Institution. The Chinese Group awaits you.

JULY 3, SATURDAY Thai Sabbath Service -- Auditorium International Sabbath Service -- Church Sabbath Service, Sabbath School lesson study (9:30 am), Sabbath School program (10:30 am), Divine Service (11 am) Youth In Worship, 5 pm, Church JULY 4, SUNDAY Fund-raising Garage Sale 9 am - 11 am, In front of the cafeteria. Organized by the Church Pathfinder Club. JULY 6, TUESDAY Master Guide Club, 6:30 pm, Fellowship Hall Mid-week Manna , 7 pm, CH 114 JULY 7, WEDNESDAY Chapel: Gratitude Behaviors Cultivate an attitude of gratitude by Mrs Bienvisa Nebres, 10 am, Auditorium. Campus Family Group: Being Together, Growing Together, Praying Together 7 pm, Various locations

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Newsbyte Volume 10, Issue 4  
Newsbyte Volume 10, Issue 4  

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