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Notes in the Purchasing of Decorative Paper We should pay attention to the following five points in selection of decorative paper: First, decoration pavement wallpaper must take the use of the imported green water-based glue, because this raw material of decorative paper is extracted from wheat and maize. Idecors recommend using polyvinylpyrrolidone gum imported from Sweden, its environmental and viscosity are the best.

Second, environmental protection is the first condition in the selection of decorative wallpaper. Decorative wallpaper is divided into a variety of materials, in the family, try not to use PVC synthetic decorative wallpaper, because the environmental performance is poor relative to the natural materials of wood decorative wallpaper, wallpaper, wood fiber decorative cloth decoration wallpaper, especially those who smells plastic taste.

Third, the general specification of wallpaper is wide 0.53 m, length 10 m, and the actual number is about 5 square meters per roll. In fact, glue in the decoration wallpaper is in the 10% to 20% of reasonable wear and tear, the flower wallpaper has greater losses, so the purchase should be kept spending. Meanwhile decorative wallpaper construction technology is relatively complex and we must find a professional worker in the pavement.

Fourth, it is not simple price discrimination decoration quality wallpaper. Now many decorative wallpaper price is too high, even up to several thousand volumes, which requires more consumers to know more about choosing wallpaper decoration expertise to select more time wipe with water, fire, multiple comparisons, and choose the real high-quality, low-cost decorative wallpaper, in particular, to learn to distinguish wood fiber decorative wallpaper, and melamine faced chipboard, best quality, high environmental protection, high permeability, matte, there are many advantages, such as coloring.

Fifth, we should take the overall situation into account in the process of buying decorative wallpaper, and in addition, a decoration wallpaper patterns and colors are quite important, but when it is in over large areas, the effect is not necessarily good, or rooms, furniture and overall style is inconsistent, make sure you like style, from the color of the wallpaper decoration, pattern, doing different characteristics, because of the different rooms. Generally we can choose the different colors and decorative wallpaper for each room depending on the function and color. Our products are well-received in worldwide markets, and received the customers' recongnition and praise. Also we have a close cooperation with many furniture and floor manufacturers. Our company always make efforts to richen company culture, establish a kind of study-oriented company. We take market as our guide, and improve quality to create an excellent and fast service for you. Your satisfication is our aim and mission.

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Notes in the Purchasing of Decorative Paper  

We should pay attention to the following five poin...

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