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Cyngor y Cymuned -Llanferres From the minutes of the December meeting:- Present: Cllr. David Jones (Chair), Cllr. Olive Parry, Cllr. Margaret Davies, Cllr. John Almond, Cllr. Rob Arnstrong, Cllr. Rob Jones, Cllr. Yvonne Foden-Mc Corry, Cllr. David Twomey and the Clerk, Mrs Gwyneth Dillon. 1. Apologies: Cllr. Jac Armstrong and County Cllr. Martyn Holland. 2. Declarations of Interest: None declared. 3. Meeting open to the public for ten minutes: No matters raised. 4. County councillors report: County councillor Holland was not present, due to another commitment, but he had reported that he had received many queries/complaints about the new refuse bin system and he was looking into the matter. 5. Minutes of the November Meeting: In the absence of the Clerk at the November meeting, these minutes had been taken by Cllr. John Almond. The minutes were signed as a true record. 6. Matters Arising: None. 7. Maeshafn Bus Stop & Parking: David Jones(Chair of Llanferres CC), County Cllr. Martyn Holland and an official from the Highways Department had met in Maeshafn to consider what steps could be taken to alleviate the problem. They suggested that an extra white line could be painted at the lower entrance to the Village Green to emphasise that it was a road junction and that vehicles should, therefore, not park there. This would then enable the bus to use this space to turn round. This would be subject to Denbighshire CC approval. A notice could be placed at the bus stop advising passengers to stand in a place where they could be seen by


the bus driver when he was at the T-junction above the village. It was emphasised that the driver had an obligation to come to the bus stop in the village on every occasion. 8. Maintenance in the Community: It was reported that the telephone box in Tafarn-y-Gelyn had been very badly damaged by a vehicle which had collided with it after skidding on the icy road. The police had been informed and the insurance implications were being investigated. 9. Risk Assessment: It was reported that a light was not in use at the top of the school car park causing inconvenience to members of the public. This was believed to be the school's responsibility. Enquiries would be made. 10. Landscape project - Memorial Stone: Several of the new paving stones at the Memorial Stone have been broken, presumably by vehicles reversing over them when delivering to the school. It is disappointing that this improvement to the Memorial Stone should be damaged by what appears to be careless and incompetent driving. Any information would be welcome. Cllr. Rob Armstrong reported that he had purchased some bulbs and these would be planted when conditions allowed. 11. Setting the Precept: Councillors were provided with copies of the accounts for 2011/2012 to study, prior to setting the precept for the coming year which will be set at the January 2013 meeting. 12. Training/Finance: The next training meeting for 'One Voice Wales' will be in Denbigh on 8th January. 13. Bills: HMRC ÂŁ29-40. Administration Expenses ÂŁ227-93. Resolved to pay.

Llanferres News & Views Feb 2013  
Llanferres News & Views Feb 2013  

February 2013 edition of the magazine for Llanferres & district, North Wales