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Catherine Emond and Edward “Kalif” Jenkins offer a mobile medical cannabis testing service.



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hen it comes to medical cannabis, most proponents agree that different strains affect people in different ways. That’s due to the content of THC and other compounds, including CBD (cannabidiol) and CBN (cannabinol). But how do you know the potency of each strain? That’s where testing comes in. Catherine Emond and Edward Jenkins (who goes by Kalif) run Green Style Consulting, a mobile medicalcannabis testing lab, out of Rio Vista. With their scientific backgrounds — Kalif has been testing plant matter since the 1950s, and Emond is an engineer and computer scientist — they make the complex process of potency testing seem easy. Emond and Kalif use a machine called a gas chromatograph, which is a box the size of a microwave. They’re able to inject samples — of raw plant material, edibles or oils — into the machine, which separates and analyzes their compounds. The data is then sent via USB cable to Emond’s laptop, from which she can print it out on the spot for clients. They also offer labels, which include the name of the strain as well as the THC, CBD and CBN potency.

“By testing medical cannabis, you know what you have so you can better control dosages,” Emond says. In addition to potency testing, Green Style Consulting checks for mold and pesticide residue. Emond and Kalif also offer tips and tricks they’ve learned along the way for things like eliminating mold or ensuring consistent potency of edibles.

“By testing medical cannabis, you know what you have so you can better control dosages.” Catherine Emond, Green Style Consulting

Testing is entirely voluntary, and Emond and Kalif travel around the state offering their services to dispensaries, cooperatives and individual growers with valid recommendations. “My current feeling on testing is that you’re a pothead growing weed until you have your product tested — now it’s medicine,” Kalif says.

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