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Schools get passing grades, but some officials see flaws ___________ BY GARY RIDDERBUSCH NEWS-REVIEW EDITOR


While area schools either exceed or meet expectations according to a new report card for all public schools in Wisconsin, some school officials are urging the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) to re-examine the reporting system. Schools in the Northland Pines and Three Lakes school districts fared well on the report, but officials at Three Lakes said the system doesn’t reflect how well the school’s students are performing. The report cards are meant to give a comprehensive view of a school’s performance by measuring a variety of indicators, such as change in student test scores

over time, graduation and dropout rates, and differences in the scores of students considered disadvantaged by poverty, race or disability. “The 2011-’12 preliminary school report cards are a starting point for using multiple measures to evaluate our schools,” said State Superintendent Tony Evers. “The report cards will change over time as we add data to improve our accountability system, including more options for high school students to demonstrate college and career readiness.” Pines’ report card At Northland Pines, the Eagle River and Land O’ Lakes elementary schools, and Northland Pines High School all exceeded expectations. St. Germain Elemen-

tary School and Northland Pines Middle School met expectations. Northland Pines District Administrator Mike Richie said the district scored well on the report card, but it is just one part of a new statewide accountability system for schools. “We will now work at each building level to work on and implement any improvements that are necessary,” said Richie. “A school’s accountability score reflects many measures that factor into a school’s performance.” For example, Northland Pines High School scored an 86.1 out of 100 for ontrack/postsecondary readiness, but 69.5 on closing gaps. Pines also scored 70.2 on student achievement. No score was available for student

growth. The high school’s overall score was 73.9. “It’s important to note that the 0 to 100 accountability index score is not a ‘percent correct’ measurement, so the scores are not the same as grades,” said Richie. According to the scoring system, schools with a rating of 83 to 100 significantly exceed expectations; ratings of 73 to 82.9 exceed expectations; ratings of 63 to 72.9 meet expectations; ratings of 53 to 62.9 meet few expectations; and ratings of 9 to 52.9 fail to meet expectations. Richie said the district will now use the scores as a base to improve in the future. “The accountability scores will help school staff determine what areas the school To REPORT CARD, Pg. 4A

Veterans Day programs slated in North Woods People across the North Woods will reflect on what veterans have accomplished and the freedoms they have protected during upcoming Veterans Day ceremonies. Local Veterans Day programs are planned at schools in Eagle River, Three Lakes and Sugar Camp Friday, Nov. 9. Meanwhile, Phelps School will hold a ceremony on Veterans Day Sunday, Nov. 11. The following programs have been announced to this newspaper. Eagle River Trinka Weber Rogers Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Post 8637 in Eagle River will join the students at Northland Pines Middle School, Eagle River Elementary School and Northland Pines High

School to pay tribute to local veterans who have served in the Armed Forces or who are currently serving. The Veterans Day service will begin at 9:30 a.m. Friday, Nov. 9, in the high school field house. Student speakers, the middle school and high school To VETS DAY, Pg. 2A

Contract talks return at Pines School board, teachers exchange new proposal ___________ BY KEN ANDERSON NEWS CORRESPONDENT


BIG ELECTION — Voters across the North Woods headed to polling places at community centers Tuesday for the Presidential Election and other contests. This was the scene at Eagle River

Chain AIS treatment to be discussed Nov. 8 ___________ BY GARY RIDDERBUSCH NEWS-REVIEW EDITOR

City Hall as a voter waited for her ballot. Election results will be on the Vilas County News-Review website Wednesday. —Staff Photo By Gary Ridderbusch

A Dane County judge’s decision last September to toss out Wisconsin’s controversial collective-bargaining law has the Northland Pines School Board and Northland Pines Education Association (NPEA) negotiating again. An initial exchange of contract proposals last week between the school board and the NPEA shows a difference in salary proposals and changes in working conditions to include reinstatement of all language provisions except those not permissible by Act 10. Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen has prepared an appeal of Dane County Judge Juan Colas’ ruling and recently sought a stay of its effects until the appeal is

considered. Provisions of Act 10 that were not suspended by the court decision included teachers contributing to their Wisconsin Retirement System fund and paying more toward their health insurance premium payments. The school board’s initial offer, presented by Fred Andrist, director of the Northern Tier Uniserv, was for salary only — providing a 2.2% increase for certified staff covering the pay period within the fiscal year of July 1, 2012, through June 30, 2013. Regarding salary, NPEA wants an increase of 3.16% for all certified staff retroactive for the 2012-’13 school To CONTRACT, Pg. 2A

Richest purse set for 50th Derby Title race winner to take home $60,000 ___________ BY GARY RIDDERBUSCH



The results of this year’s aquatic invasive species (AIS) treatment program on the Eagle River Chain of Lakes and insight into the treatment strategy for 2013 will be explained at an informational meeting this Thursday, Nov. 8. Tim Hoyman and Eddie Heath, aquatic ecologists from Onterra LLC, will conduct the meeting at 7 p.m. at the Lincoln Town Hall, located at 1205 Sundstein Road in Eagle River. Since the Eagle River Chain began managing the invasive Eurasian water milfoil five years ago, a total of 897 acres have been treated at a total project cost of $1.18 million. The state’s share of this project was $658,925. Onterra LLC is the lake management consulting firm hired by the Unified Lower

Eagle River Chain of Lakes Commission (ULERCLC) responsible for implementing the AIS treatment program on the Eagle River Chain. The presentation will provide a summary of the Aquatic Invasive Species Management Plan 2012 Phase 5 Project that occurred this year and an overview of the proposed 2013 treatment program on the Eagle River Chain. “This is an excellent opportunity for all stakeholders and interested individuals to learn about the AIS management plan so vital to improving, maintaining and promoting the quality of the waters of the Eagle River Chain,” said Carole Linn, ULERCLC spokeswoman. The presenters will To AIS, Pg. 2A

INSIDE THIS ISSUE All-Star event held for youths n More than 85 youths participated in a basketball competition at Northland Pines Saturday. Pg. 12A


The world’s most prestigious snowmobile race — the AMSOIL World Championship Snowmobile Derby — will have a grand 50th anniversary celebration in Eagle River in 2013. The 50th anniversary Derby, set for Jan. 17-20, will feature the event’s richest prize, according to AMSOIL Derby Track general manager Todd Achterberg. Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches, a past Derby sponsor, has put up $50,000 for the winner of the title race. But there’s more for the winner, according to Achterberg. “The winner will take home another $10,000 from the AMSOIL Derby Track for a total of $60,000 to the winner,” he said. The “Indianapolis 500 of snowmobile racing” draws the best ice oval racers from the United States and Canada, and the 50th anniversary event will have additional incentives for racers and fans. “We feel the 50th anniversary of the Eagle River World Championship Snowmobile Derby is truly a historic milestone in the To DERBY, Pg. 6A

The 50th anniversary AMSOIL World Championship Snowmobile Derby in Eagle River is just over three months away. Race officials

and sponsors have announced a $60,000 purse for the title race, which annually draws 20,000 fans. —STAFF PHOTO





Ogren Electronics closes downtown

Residents recognized as lake leaders Seven Vilas and Oneida county residents recently graduated from the Wisconsin Lake Leaders Institute, a statewide leadership program aimed to help lake stewards gain a better understanding of lake ecology and how to work with state and local governments to assure lakes get the attention they need. Through a combination of reading, classroom activities and field experiences, participants learned about lake management, local and state government and leadership skills. The Wisconsin Lake Leaders Institute draws participants from across the state to take part in a series of three two-day seminars. Participants demonstrate a commitment to protecting the integrity of the lakes in Wisconsin with an investment of their time and a $300 tuition fee. Carol Warden, one of the recent graduates, reflected on her passion, “I’ve found nothing on earth more calming, life-giving, satisfying and exhilarating than time spent on a lake. And therefore, I can find nothing more on earth that I want to work harder to protect and keep than our lakes." Local members participating as part of “Crew 9” Lake Leaders include Dave Blunk of Squaw Lake in Vilas and Oneida counties; Steven Budnik of Turtle Lakes Chain in Winchester; Dennis Burg of Eagle River Chain of Lakes; Laura Herman, statewide citizen lake monitoring network coordinator with UW-Extension; Katherine Noel from Indian Lake in Oneida County; Quita Sheehan, Vilas County conservation specialist; and Carol Warden, aquatic invasive species specialist

Terra Nova opens technology office

Vilas and Oneida county graduates of “Crew 9” of the Lake Leaders Institute at Aldo Leopold’s Shack in Baraboo include, from

with the UW Center for Limnology at Trout Lake Station. The graduation ceremony took place at the Aldo Leopold Shack near Baraboo. “This is the most complete lake ecology course I’ve ever been involved in,” said Blunk. Professional lake workers such as Herman agreed. “I have worked with lake issues for years and I still learned so much from the Lake Leaders Institute,” said Herman. “The sessions covered topics ranging from leadership, values, and environmental ethics to lake ecology and human impacts to lake advocacy and citizen involvement. It was an A-to-Z lake learning experience.” All this passion and commitment benefits Wisconsin

Ogren Electronics, a consumer electronics retailer in downtown Eagle River, has ceased operations and another business will open, according to owner Chris McCanles. McCanles said Monday that the poor economy, high overhead and changes in the consumer electronics industry has forced him to close the Wall Street business and open a new business to provide custom installation and service. “A new ownership group has been formed and we’ve opened a local office of Waukesha-based Terra Nova Integrated Systems on Highway 70 West in Eagle River, across from the Eagle River Inn,” said McCanles. Terra Nova, whose business model has been in place in the Milwaukee area for 15 years, will focus on the individual technology needs of residential and business customers throughout the North Woods. “We recognize that we offer the most value to those customers that want service and solutions, not just boxes of product,” said McCanles. McCanles, a full-time Eagle River resident, will be the new office’s general manager. The staff from Ogren Electronics, many with more

left, Quita Sheehan, Dave Blunk, Kathy Noel, Laura Herman, Dennis Burg, Carol Warden and Steve Budnik. —Contributed Photo

taxpayers and lake users. “With over 15,000 lakes statewide and a modest number of state staff in service to protect them, it is clear that no one state agency or unit of government can independently provide the attention that each lake deserves” said Patrick Goggin, UW-Extension lake specialist. “This leadership program provides local lake leaders with effective tools and resources to assist them as they volunteer their skills and talents to the stewardship of our lakes.” The Wisconsin Lakes Partnership is a team made up of the UW-Extension, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and the citizen advocacy organization for Wisconsin lakes. Together they recognized the need for new and ongoing

leadership in the management of lakes and created the Wisconsin Lake Leaders Institute in 1996. The mission of the Institute is to assist citizen lake leaders or “crew members” in developing and enhancing both their technical and people skills, ultimately enriching their communities and the waters within them. Since its inception, more than 200 participants have graduated from the Institute and have made significant contributions in addressing diverse water management challenges. The program has received national attention as an effective strategy to enhance lake stewardship and protection. For more information about the Lakes Leadership program, contact Sheehan at (715) 479-3646.


Derby: total payout for title race is $81,600 FROM PAGE 1A sport of snowmobiling,” said Achterberg. For the title event racers, Jimmy John’s also is putting up another $10,000 for the “Jimmy John’s Freaky Fast Challenge,” which will be split up among the top four drivers in the championship race at the mandatory pit stop caution. The leader at lap 10 of the 30-lap feature will pocket $5,000, with second getting $3,000, while third and fourth will each get $1,000. The big payday at the AMSOIL World Championship will continue to be spread out across the top 12 finishers when the final checkered flag falls and the ice dust settles. Achterberg said there is an additional $11,600 being paid out by the AMSOIL Derby Track. Achterberg said the total payout of $81,600 for the championship race will make

it the richest payout in the history of modern day snowmobile racing. “We couldn’t be happier right now, and are extremely excited to welcome Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches as an official product sponsor of the AMSOIL World Championship,” said Achterberg. With Jimmy John’s tossing an extra $50,000 into the payout, track officials estimate the total payout for the 50th anniversary Derby will top $150,000, which includes cash payouts, trophies, jackets, rings and checkered flags — all recognizing being a winner at Eagle River. Anniversary plans Achterberg said the 50th anniversary will feature spectacle attractions for the fans, many of whom have come to the Derby for decades. “The 2013 Derby will have a large number of past World Champions returning to meet

and greet their fans,” said Achterberg. “Their actual winning sled or detailed replicas will be here to be seen both on display and on the track that made them famous.” All the past Derby Queens have been invited and will be appearing with the former champs to visit with race fans. “Opportunities to meet past and current race drivers will be a big part of the weekend with a large heated VIP tent and an expanded Expo Hall loft,” said Achterberg. “The loft will be the site of the Saturday night Top Ten ring presentation, open to all fans.” There also will be visiting celebrities from the auto racing world, including threetime Indy 500 champion Bobby Unser and Paul Page, known as the “Voice of Indy.” Vintage starts first Achterberg said the 2013 event will actually be a 10-

NEW NAME . . . SAME GREAT SERVICE & STAFF Time passes, but important things never change.

than 10 years of service to Ogren’s customers, have been hired by Terra Nova. “We will honor Ogren customers’ purchase contracts, warranties and service agreements without exception, and possess all of Ogren’s customer records,” said McCanles. “We have retained most of the staff and have the same technical capabilities and vendor relationships, plus the added resources provided by our very experienced Waukesha staff. This change allows a business of this kind to remain viable and grow in the North Woods, and to continue to service customer needs without disruption.” McCanles says Terra Nova will keep some products and accessories in stock for overthe-counter purchase. “We will offer televisions to discerning customers looking for delivery and installation services and will keep several models on display,” he said. “We’ll also keep our most requested parts, equipment and accessories in stock to support do-it-yourselfers and area visitors alike.” Ogren customers are encouraged to call Terra Nova’s North Woods office with any questions or concerns, says McCanles.

day show that opens Jan. 1113 with the Vintage World Championships, presented by Woody’s. “Vintage racing is fast closing in on its contemporary counterparts and matching the entry numbers of current Sno-Cross and ice oval competitors,” said Achterberg. Race fans can get information about Hot Seats and advance ticket sales by calling (715) 479-4424 or going to

Vilas County Forestry, Recreation & Land — Wednesday, Nov. 7, 8:30 a.m., courthouse. Agenda: Sustainable forestry grant and periodic trail closure due to rutting problems. Oneida County Planning & Development — Wednesday, Nov. 7, 1 p.m., Oneida County Courthouse. Agenda: Revocation of nonmetallic mine #037 in Three Lakes. Eagle River Plan Commission — Wednesday, Nov. 7, 6 p.m., city hall. Agenda: Public hearing regarding request for an off-premise sign by Marshfield Clinic and Wisconsin State Statute Definition of Blight. Cloverland Town Board — Wednesday, Nov. 7, 7 p.m. Agenda: Sex offender location ordinance and set budget workshop. Joint Meeting of the Phelps Town Board and

the Phelps Chamber of Commerce — Thursday, Nov. 8, 6 p.m., Phelps Town Hall. Agenda: Discussion regarding lease agreement and the town’s financial support of the chamber. Unified Lower Eagel River Chain of Lakes Commission — Thursday, Nov. 8, 7 p.m., Lincoln Town Hall. Vilas County Board Communications Committee — Friday, Nov. 9, 9 a.m., Vilas County Justice Center. Agenda: Cell tower proposals. Vilas County Commission on Aging — Friday, Nov. 9, 9 a.m., Commission on Aging/Aging and Disabilities Resource Center. Agenda: Program and committee reports and request for funds from Daybreak. Vilas County Board of Supervisors — Tuesday, Nov. 13, 9 a.m., courthouse. Agenda: Public hearing regarding the 2013 budget.

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