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Bothered by old hurt? Do you feel like you don’t belong? Addicted to bad behavior: control of others, shopping, anger, sex addiction, gambling, alcohol, food, drugs... and many more. Mending Fences meets every Sunday at 5:00 p.m. at Still Waters Cowboy Church, 1699 Hwy 315. Questions call 903-926-1420. CARTHAGE AA has open meetings Wednesday -noon, Tuesday & Thursday6 pm, Sunday- 9:30 a.m., 300 Serenity Drive off Hwy. 59, right on Hayden before RR tracks to dead end. For CSO are meeting schedule call 903-5971796

4;=!7!O< &% 4@Q!&@& 8=>!%<5@Q &%Q P75@&; &% ,%M@7 8)K-1 2P .P4P04K*G 2P -1IK4K,+2 P KG,PG4K*G 2P 16,PGP. .PG1)84K*G 2P 0P.HK-1 8,H1-N'.K41

CARTHAGE LODGE 521 AF&AM will have stated meeting at 7:30 p.m., second Thursday each month. Practice at 7:00 p.m. each Wednesday. C. Phillips Grimes, WM Karl Oney, Sec. 1979 FORD P/U WITH UTILITY BED $2,600.00 1986 TOWN CAR $650.00 1967 JAGUAR MO. INLINE 6 1953 CHRYSLER 331


CARTHAGE NA has open meetings Mondays & Wednesdays 6-7 & Fridays 7-8. 300 Serenity Drive off Hwy. 59 For CSO are meeting schedule call 903597-1796. KEEP HOPE ALIVE! GAIETY I.O.O.F. LODGE 84 Meets each first and third Monday night at 6:30 p.m. Visitors are welcome. Sammy Moore, N.G. Sandra Maxey, Sec. Hiram Lodge #5 F&AM PHA, The Lodge conducts regular business meetings on the first Thursday of each month at 6 p.m. and training sessions on designated Saturdays at 10:00 a.m. James Marshall, WM Chris Hardy TREAS Shannon Reeves, SEC. LADIES AUXILIARY TO VFW POST 5620 Regular business meetins at 6:30 p.m. on second Tuesday of each month. Members are urged to attend. N.A.A.C.P. Local Chapter for Panola County’s President, Elzie Hicks and its entire membership invites concerned citizens to come and join us in our monthly meetings held on the 1st Tuesday of every month at 6:00 p.m. at Davis Park Community Center. PANOLA COUNTY SHRINE CLUB meets at the Masonic Lodge the 3rd Monday each month. Meeting at 7:00. President- Robert Wright VP- Jerry Anderson Sec- OJ Britton

SON OF THE AMERICAN LEGION POST 353 has regular meetings at 7:00 p.m. AMERICAN LEGION AUXILIARY UNIT on the second Thursday of each month 353 HAS REGULAR MEETINGS AT 6:00 at Post Hut. All members are urged to P.M. ON THE FIRST THURSDAY OF EACH attend. MONTH AT POST HUT. ALL MEMBERS TURNER ALUMNI AND EX STUDENTS ARE URGED TO ATTEND. ASSOCIATION WILL MEET THE FIRST AMERICAN LEGION POST 151 LEON- TUESDAY OF THE MONTH AT THE OLD ARD E. JONES, COMMANDER. Regular business meeting will be held each SAMMY BROWN LIBRARY AT 6:00 PM month on the second Saturday at noon 522 W. COLLEGE STREET at the Turner Community Center on CARTHAGE Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard. All CLARA JONES-PRESIDENT members are urged to attend. WANDA GAINES- SECRETARY AMERICAN LEGION POST 353 Has VFW POST 5620 ROBERT DIERKES regular meetings at 6:00 p.m. on first COMMANDER. Regular business meetThursday of each month at Post Hut. All ing at 6:30 p.m. on second Tuesday members and visiting Legionnaires are of each month. Members are urged to urged to attend. attend.

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!0 *0 /.105.$.*'#3.1+'03)'5.,,"2%&, or call 903.693.7888 for our '(--%1* ,/%'".5,4

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

SCHOOL RESOURCE OFFICER Carthage ISD is seeking to fill the position of School Resource Officer. Requirements: High School Diploma/TX Peace Officer license issued by Texas Commission on Law Enforcement/Officer Standards and Education (TCLEOSE) Bonded as required by Texas Education Code 37.081 (h)/Valid TX driver’s license Send cover letter, district application (found online at www.carthageisd. org), resume, and a copy of licenses/credentials to: Donna Porter, Ed.D., Assistant Superintendent #1 Bulldog Drive Carthage, TX 75633 Tri-County Community Action, Inc. is accepting applications for the following position: (1)

Entry-Level Human Resources Assistant

Qualifications: Must be proficient in Microsoft Office, some knowledge of HRIS, must be willing to travel. Classification: Full-time/ Hourly Non-Exempt Anyone interested in this position please contact Ms. Christina Leary HR Director at 936-598-6315 Ext: 37 or Fax your application & resume to 936-5987273 Attn: Morgan Cooper, you may also download your application @ www.

EAST TEXAS COUNCIL OF GOVERNMENTS GOBUS OPERATOR Part-time-Marshall Flex Route; Position responsible for operating and maintaining an ETCOG vehicle to provide transportation to customers over specified fixed route within Marshall. Requires high school diploma or GED; previous driving experience, clean driving record and excellent customer service skills. Please see for a complete summary of these opportunities, salary information, and application. Veterans are encouraged to apply, and will be given preference over other candidates with similar qualifications. Please see for detailed job descriptions and salary. EEO Applications/Resumes to: Email: (preferred) Human Resources East Texas Council of Governments 3800 Stone Road Kilgore, TX 75662 Fax: (903)983-1440

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`:><E'D<> <C <"' HBB]!+H<!CDIB'@E!< ["!+" [C:]) >H<!>&X XC:@ +CD+'@D>J 3'A:'><> &C@ H +CD<'><') +H>' "'H@!D$ E:>< G' >:GE!<<') !D [@!<!D$ [!<"!D ,% )HX> &C]]C[!D$ <"!> DC<!+' <C :;B >@0$B #@ :;B ,;9B@ ,4B?5 3: :;B 3""?B<< 2B4#)*

/)*,!*!12!+* .'-,*"-#& #3( -&2)' 1(82!7(5 ' F(>7 *($7(( !; &::* >;* ;237!3!:;? E:275 >7( MK)=>< D %K)=9< C@H >;* )7* 0>327*>F :& (>,# <:;3#?

K& B>M :';4'868 &=: B *=>6'86') *B8' #'B:!>$ B:' 6!?'QM GQ')E 6#' 'N'*46!3' )!:'*6=: O!QQ &=:OB:) 6#' B<<Q!*B6!=> IE+ IEW ?)@9)=;= 'C? I -CE;)=;)+ -I=) #)I?!E% ;C ;#) :CFF!==!CE)?= 'C? ;#)!? -CE=!+)?I;!CE I; I =-#)+9`)+ :CFL F!==!CE F));!E%K /E`)== ;#) IBB`!-I;!CE != +!?)-;`W ?)')??)+ ;C I -CE;)=;)+ -I=) #)I?!E%M ;#) )Y)-9;!7) +!?)-;C? O!QQ ?B!Q 6#' :'8<=>8' 6= *=??'>68 BQ=>$ O!6# >=6!G*B6!=> =& 5=??!88!=> ?''6!>$ 6= '3':M=>' O#= 84@?!66') -CFF)E;= C? != CE ;#) FI!`!E% `!=; 'C? ;#!= IBB`!-I;!CEK V& H "'H@!D$ !> $@HD<')L <"' >:G`'+< C& H "'H@!D$ [!]] G' ]!E!<') <C )!>B:<') !>>:'> C& &H+< @']H<!D$ <C @']'8HD< HD) EH<'@!H] H!@ A:H]!<X +CD+'@D> @H!>') ):@!D$ <"' +CEE'D< B'@!C)J K884'8 84*# B8 <:=<':6M 3BQ4'8E >=!8'E 6:B&G* 8B&'6ME B>) L=>!>$ B:' =468!)' =& 6#' 5=??!8L =!CE5= d9?!=+!-;!CE ;C I++?)== !E ;#!= B?C-))+!E%K

041!2 1), *&-3 %1, - ,&$-,(!2# )/.''. %!*" '$)'44'1* ,'1'2*+0 699JF :;J!;( >3 III?#(>3J#F(>533G?:7$ :7 !; 9(75:; >3 M-% B:73# 47:>*I>FA /FJ(7A /.? "%"=+? L=)@%)%@==+'

T?VUVRY UV21 TE I++!;!CE ;C =9GF!;;!E% B9G`!- -CFF)E;=M WC9 FIW I=b ;C G) B`I-)+ CE I FI!`!E% `!=; 'C? ;#!= B<<Q!*B6!=> @M 8'>)!>$ B :';4'86 6= 6#' 2&G*' =& 6#' 5#!'& 5Q':R B6 6#' B)):'88 @'Q=OC -#=8' => 6#' ?B!Q!>$ Q!86 O!QQ :'*'!3' *=<!'8 =& &464:' <4@Q!* >=6!*'8 H!& B>MF ?B!Q') @M 6#' 2&G*' =& 6#' 5#!'& 5Q':R &=: 6#!8 B<<Q!*B6!=>C ?Y\R;Q ;7R1?;12 ?R9 VRZ73T?1V7R 69G`!- -CFF)E;= IE+ ?)@9)=;= F9=; G) =9GF!;;)+ )!;#)? )`)-L ;?CE!-I``W I; \\\K;-)@K;)YI=K%C7JIGC9;J-CFF)E;=K#;F`M C? !E \?!;!E% ;C ;#) 0)YI= :CFF!==!CE CE ]E7!?CEF)EL 6BQ /4BQ!6ME 2&G*' =& 6#' 5#!'& 5Q':RE I5D+A%E 1C2C 7=N +(AT"E 9486!>E -'NB8 "T"++D(AT"C K& M=4 *=??4>!*B6' \!;# ;#) 0:]4 )`)-;?CE!-I``WM B`)I=) G) I\I?) ;#I; WC9? )FI!` I++?)==M `!b) WC9? B#W=!-I` FI!`!E% I++?)==M \!`` G)-CF) BI?; C' ;#) I%)E-W5= B9G`!- ?)-C?+K ZC? FC?) !E'C?FI;!CE IGC9; ;#!= B)?F!; IBB`!-I;!CE C? ;#) B)?F!;;!E% B?C-)==M B`)I=) -I`` ;#) 69G`!- ]+9-I;!CE 6?C%?IF ;C`` '?)) I; . eHH $e" (H(HK 1! +)=)I !E'C?FI-![E )E ]=BI^C`M B9)+) ``IFI? I` .LeHHL$e"L(H(HK Z9?;#)? !E'C?FI;!CE FIW I`=C G) CG;I!E)+ '?CF X9`' 1C9;# 6!B)`!E) :CFBIEWM S6M c X?))E\IW 6`IUIM 19!;) ,eHHM VC9=;CEM 0)YI= ""H($LHc,$ C? GW -I``!E% R?K 8I7!+ Q!-b)`M ]E7!?CEF)E;I` 1B)-!I`!=; I; OcH*N "&* ",HcK QC;!-) T==9IE-) 8I;)a 8)-)FG)? .cM ,H.*


($3-4.+!&% ('+!12 * "/).5 "4051#4%2+ ,001-+)2!+# "4051#%-

Wal-Mart in Marshall, now hiring Dependable part time sales clerk Cashiers, Overnight Stockers, Unloaders & Sales Associates. Apply on line, needed to work in small retail store. or at the Must be able to work on Saturday. hiring kiosk at the store. Send resume to 109 West Panola, Right of Way Clearing & Maintenance Carthage, Texas 75633. Deadline Company seeking MECHANIC. Diesel to receive January 21, 2014. Experience is a plus. Must have VALID TX Driver’s License. Mail Resume to: Mechanic P.O. Box 7165 Longview, TX 75607

got it #" (%' ,!*++#$')+&

E-mail: harrislineservice@hotmail. com FAX : 903-643-7942


made money '"($ ($& ,!*++"#&)+%


DIETARY AIDES: Various duties in kitchen and dining room. Experience not necessary. EOE. Call Dietary Manager 903-693-6671, or apply in person, CARTHAGE HEALTH CARE CENTER, 701 South Market St, Carthage


Join our team! Various shifts available. Requires state certification. Competitive wages & benefits for full time employees. EOE/ MFHV. For more information call our DON (903) 6936671, or apply in person, CARTHAGE HEALTH CARE CENTER, 701 South Market St, Carthage

OUTSIDE ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE We represent media sales for Texas Community Media, LLC. For those with a professional drive to succeed, we offer the best in print media and digital products in the area. We are looking for motivated self-starters with strong organizational skills. Take advantage of what we offer, and success is yours. We provide: • • • • • • • •

We remove and buy Junk vehicles. Top Dollar Paid!!!!!! 903-693-5019.

Proven products that get results Excellent benefits Cell phone allowance Mileage reimbursement Training Total management support and commitment to your success Positive work environment Great team atmosphere

If you’re driven to success and have and have the desire to work in a position with uncapped income potential, then let’s talk. With all the resources we offer, success can be yours. Why settle on any old job when you can have a long, rewarding career with us.

FOR RENT: 3 BEDROOM HOUSE $750.00 A MONTH 903-742-5567



We are an equal opportunity employer.


2 BEDROOM, 1 BATH NICE NEIGHBORHOOD GARAGE SALE: Saturday, January 18th 409 Tejas Tv, Sofatable, lamps, toys, kids clothes, bedding, what-nots.

The Longview News-Journal is looking for a quality conscious, hard working, team driven, hands-on:

Maintenance Technician.

This person will assist in the repairs of all newspaper equipment and building maintenance including both mechanical and electrical repairs. Training will be provided. Experience with OSHA regulations, safety, VOC’s HVAC and building operations is helpful. Printing experience is a plus. Having a strong mechanical aptitude is key to success in this position. Must be able to follow instructions, read and understand operator and maintenance manuals as well as schematics, work within tight (mechanical) tolerances, work well under deadline pressure and be willing to work outside of normal hours when the need arises. The News-Journal is a 24/7 operation.

NO PETS 903-693-8204

Digital Media Consultant – Outside Sales

PROPERTY FOR SALE: For sale by owner 99.33 +/- acres on Rusk/Panola County line, Panola County Road 155 & Rusk County Road 3124. 903-889-2159

Are you a driven individual who loves all things digital and wants to join a growing team of sales professionals in a growing industry? Advocate Digital Media is looking for digital media consultants to assist companies improve and grow their online presence with a wide portfolio of digital marketing services, including… • Ad targeting • Website design and development • SEO/SEM • Reputation Management • Social Media presence

made money with the )(&$$"#%'$!

Responsibilities will include in-person calls to small to medium size businesses to acquire new customers by demonstrating the value of digital advertising. The ability to develop well-crafted proposals and recommendations to clients will be essential to job success. We offer an attractive base pay, plus aggressive commission structure. We also offer great company benefits: Medical, Dental, Life Insurance, Employee Assistance Program, Flexible Spending Accounts, Disability insurance and 401k Retirement Plan, paid holidays, sick leave and vacation.

Call 903.693.7888

Apply now by visiting: or emailing:

3BR 2B home on 4.5 acres for sale in Gary TX, on Fm10. Its over 2300 sq.ft and includes a 24×30 shop and small pond on property. For more details call (903) 754-6071 or (903) 754-4691

This is a full-time position which provides excellent benefits. Chihuahua Puppies, shots, wormed, healthy, home raised, short hair & long hair. 903-806-6532, 903-236-0619

Applications available at the main office or send resume and cover letter to: employment@

Texas State Technical College

We are an equal opportunity employer.

Job Placement Assistance




ENROLLING NOW! (903)923-3403


Call Now to Speak with a Representative

WEB PRODUCER Advocate Digital Media is seeking a web producer to help support content for websites associated with two dailies and a twice-weekly newspaper in East Texas. Reporting to the Digital Editor, the producer will:

Help manage digital content for news websites across desktop and mobile platforms. This includes adjusting display of content, producing content, writing headlines and adding enhancements to stories.

Work with editors to coordinate digital coverage for long-term and daily projects.

•Use social media as a traffic driver for our content and to build interaction

among fans and followers.

•Be available for night and weekend duty.

The ideal candidate will have some HTML and CSS experience and be familiar with online content management systems as well as best practices in social media. Our digital producer must be comfortable using Photo Shop to adjust images for digital publication as well as turning a breaking news story on a tight deadline. We work in a competitive market, and we strive to win. Experience shooting and editing video is a plus. Applicants should be familiar with AP style and understand writing headlines for search engine optimization and possess at least a bachelor’s degree in journalism, new media or have equivalent work experience. The ideal candidate should have excellent communication and strong organizational and project management skills.

Carthage Self Storage


24 Hour On Site Management

sold it in the


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3 bedroom 2.5 bath waterfront home with large boathouse on Lake Murvaul in CISD.


Three bedroom, two bath home with large backyard and wood deck



413 West Panola, Carthage, Texas | 903-263-8443 Larry Fields - Broker Alan Scarborough - Realtor Lic # 459401 Lic # 0584206



Free Est. 20-Years Exp. Trim trees. Clean lots. Firewood. Lawn Care. Insured. Res & Comm.

MLS#149244 - 509 N. Daniels, New Listing! Commercial Opportunity! This turn key bakery business has everything you need to walk in & start your business! Over 2000 square feet with all equipment, delivery van, more! Must be sold with 505 N. Daniels. $229,000.00 MLS#149259 - 143 CR 2791, New Listing! Nice, roomy, 3/2/2 brick home in Applegate Acres features open kitchen/dining/living areas! Kitchen features Jenn-Aire cook top, dishwasher & pantry. Living room w/fireplace. On +/-5 acres! Must See! $180’s

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RV Spaces For Rent

Longview is the heart of a three-county metro area and is home to 216,000 people in the oil-rich piney woods of East Texas, an area known for its outdoor recreational opportunities, proximity to Dallas metro area and temperate climate.




The position is based in Longview, Texas, at the offices of the Longview NewsJournal, the award-winning flagship daily of Texas Community Newspapers. Advocate Digital Media is a digital-focused sister company of Texas Community Media.

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New Construction, 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath, game room.

MLS#149293 - 519 Park Place, New Listing! Wonderful townhome location! Nice, 2/2/2 brick townhome features kitchen with stove, dishwasher & disposal, family room with fireplace, central heat & air, French doors to patio, more! $120’s

MLS#149268 - 1202 E. Sabine, New Listing! Land! Approximately 14 ½ acres located on Hwy. 79 N. across from the county barn. Old house on acreage is currently being used as rental property. Excellent location! Call today! $120’s MLS#149253 - 505 N. Daniels, New Listing! Remodeling has begun on this 2/1/2 frame home. Finish to your specifications! To be sold with 509 N. Daniels. $30’s Visit our website at for all our listings




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