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A Claremont Education Whether in the classroom, on the stage, out in the community or on the sports field, at Claremont we give students, the best opportunities to shine by placing them at the centre of their own learning. Our broad, dynamic and flexible curriculums play a key part in enabling teachers to formulate bespoke study paths that play to students’ individual strengths and varying motivations to learn. Guided by a value system that promotes a positive attitude and desire to always get better, Claremont is a happy, hard working centre of learning where every student ‘fits’ and can really be themselves. From the Nursery all the way up to Sixth Form, we nurture a culture of mutual respect where every idea has value and possibilities and where students learn first hand, that hard work and perseverance lead to better outcomes. The needs, aims and aspirations of Senior School students approaching their GCSE years and the world of work are however, very different from those of the children in our Nursery and Prep School. In this respect, we believe that what differentiates our Schools is just as important as the shared values, aims and beliefs that bind us together. Children join the Prep School already curious, creative, hungry for knowledge, keen to make friends and eager to experiment. We cultivate these natural characteristics from the outset whilst helping children to develop the skills and knowledge they will need to quickly progress and contribute to all areas of school life. Our aim is for children to leave for senior school, not only with a sound academic foundation and confidence in how to prepare for formal examinations, but a well-developed moral framework and love of learning in all its guises. With greater freedom to test out ideas and hone skills in specific areas of the curriculum, the atmosphere at our Senior School is one of creative activism, determination, experimentation and resourcefulness, all combined with a work hard, play hard ethic. With the support and guidance of a nurturing House and tutor system, our rich and varied co-curricular programme provides challenge and choice in equal measure, but with the needs of the individual always at its heart. The result is a tailor-made, all-round education, that empowers students to take ownership of their futures, regardless of whether they go on to university, an apprenticeship placement, start a business, enter the workplace or embark on a gap year abroad. Whatever exciting challenges await our students when they leave Claremont, we are confident that in continuing to work and play in environments where they can ‘be themselves’, they will have all the tools they need to make a positive contribution to society and find fulfilment in their chosen careers.

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“At the heart of this school lies one clear aim – to develop a positive attitude throughout the whole school community.”

Welcome to Claremont Claremont Senior School is a remarkable school with an unrelenting focus on attitude and activism as the central pillars of its holistic educational philosophy. Being a teeenager in the 21st Century presents both extraordinary opportunities and hidden challenges. Never has there been a greater array of career paths, university courses and avenues to explore as the forces of technological change transform our world. By presenting students with challenge, opportunity and experimentation we seek to give them the confidence to fulfill their individual potential and face their futures with self-assurance, optimism and a boundless drive to be the best version of themselves. We encourage each to embark on their own journey and provide the happy and safe environment they need to make their mistakes, learn from each other and make ever better decisions. An extensive extra curricular, enrichment and service programme recognises that, for many young people, the greatest learning experiences can come outside the classroom. Our pastoral system looks to build the resilience and self awareness that arms our young people against the slings and arrows modern life can throw at them. Sporting and Artistic programmes offer different routes for personal fulfillment. Relaxed, but ambitious and rigorous in approach, Claremont is a local school with an international perspective. Leading this school forward is a daily treat. It is a special place to work and a unique place to learn. Down to earth and possessed with an unrelenting focus on giving its students the best possible preparation for the world, Claremont provides an environment where all are welcome and all can thrive.

“I hope to meet and welcome you to our School very soon�

Ed Dickie Headteacher



Attitude and Character At Claremont Senior School we pride ourselves on our students’ outstanding behaviour, courtesy and manners. At the heart of Claremont Senior School’s philosophy lies the development of a positive, pro-active attitude and a good character. Whether in the classroom, on the playing fields, at home, at school, during trips and visits, or in their free time, we expect all staff and students to display a positive attitude whatever they are doing. It is the School’s firm belief that, by making the development of a good attitude a collective goal of the School, success, both individually and as a community, will follow. We report six times a year on each student’s attitude to learning and pride ourselves on outstanding behaviour, courtesy, consideration and good manners throughout the School. We are rightly proud of the atmosphere and ethos of the School, which has, at its very heart, the development of individuals and the manner in which they conduct themselves in all aspects of their life.

“At the heart of Claremont Senior School’s philosophy lies the development of a positive, proactive attitude and a good character.”


Claremont – “because outstanding children deserve outstanding surroundings.”


Claremont Senior School Location Claremont Senior School is situated in East Sussex in the heart of the historic village of Bodiam. It is a campus that is intimate in its makeup and yet expansive, owing to the hugely diverse range of activities that take place at the School every day. Set in the quintessentially English village of Bodiam

These include a purpose-built sports hall; an

in East Sussex, which is itself located within an

outstanding Performing Arts Centre with a 220-seat

area of outstanding natural beauty, the campus

auditorium; music performance spaces and practice

has a very special ambience, being calm and

rooms; dance studio, an indoor, six-lane heated

yet inspiring and blending a mixture of traditional

swimming pool; plus a purpose-built, Sixth Form

architecture with state-of-the-art new buildings.


This is truly an enchanting school site with

There has also been considerable investment in

outstanding facilities, offering a peaceful and

our new Photography Centre and Art Department

relaxing setting for purposeful and highly

that overlooks the historic grounds and buildings of

progressive learning.

Bodiam Castle.




Academic Ambition At Claremont Senior School we provide students with a truly superb academic foundation, supported by exceptional teaching staff. This allows every student’s academic ambition to flourish. A strong academic vision is the foundation that every school strives for and so it is at Claremont Senior School. Year 9 is focused on providing the academic foundation that prepares students for the examination years of 10 to 13. Small classes, close tutoring, unparalleled access to help and support from a hugely talented teaching staff, all working within a smaller school setting, allows for academic focus of the highest order. A full and comprehensive range of GCSE subjects is on offer, all of which are continued into the Sixth Form programme and supplemented with a wide range of additional A Level subjects. Claremont Senior School is justifiably proud of its academic pedigree, having assembled an extremely talented team of subject-specialist teachers who have not only been part of the School’s foundation, but who are also involved and active in its ongoing exponential growth.


“Claremont boasts a superb range of facilities for all aspects of the Creative Arts.�


Creative Expression At the heart of every thriving school exists exceptional opportunities for creative expression and this forms a central component of our daily cocurricular programme. Art, Drama, Music, Dance, Photography, Creative Writing, Design Technology and Graphic Design are just some of the outlets available for creative expression. The widest range of opportunities is on offer through the co-curricular programme every afternoon of the week. The School boasts a superb range of facilities for all aspects of the Creative Arts. Inspirational art rooms overlook Bodiam Castle and the beautiful Rother Valley. The Photography Centre, including photographic studio and dark rooms, has allowed many students to access this popular subject with remarkable results. The Performing Arts Centre is at the heart of our Drama, Theatre Studies, Dance and Music departments and hosts concerts and performances throughout the year. The Centre houses a 220-seat auditorium, with superb sound and lighting facilities. Additional drama rehearsal spaces are also available, as well as performance areas and practice spaces for music. Individual lessons in LAMDA and music tuition are available at the School, as well as opportunities to join music groups, choirs and bands.


“Every student is encouraged to engage in the school’s exciting co-curricular programme...”


Active Learning A hallmark of Claremont Senior School is the remarkably diverse Co-curricular Programme. Every day this forms an integral part of every student’s education and reflects our commitment to a genuinely holistic school experience. Afternoons at Claremont have been designed to

class equestrian facilities, our sports provision is both

be rewarding, fun and active, with every student

extensive and flexible enough cater to the needs

encouraged to engage in the exciting, co-curricular

and interests of most students. If a student needs to

programme, offering a combination of creative, active

leave school after lessons to pursue personal training

and service related projects. A wide variety of sports are

programmes and additional coaching in their given area

on offer in the afternoon timetable and there are weekly

of sporting interest, this can also be arranged.

fixtures against local schools in all the major team sports (football, rugby, cricket, netball, hockey and rounders).

Claremont Senior School takes the development

Swimming squads train in our superb six-lane, heated,

of all sporting programmes seriously, recognising

indoor swimming pool. Other sports available include:

the relevant skills and social development that can

cross country, table tennis, badminton, basketball,

emerge from this important aspect of school life.

athletics, indoor football, hockey, American football and tennis. Our sporting prowess is ever expanding and

A thriving and hugely successful Equestrian team

developing at the school.

operates at Claremont, representing the School at show-jumping events all over the United Kingdom.

With over 50 acres of grass pitches, a sports hall and fitness centre, floodlit Astroturf pitches, a running track, tennis and netball courts and use of world


“Claremont has assembled an extremely talented team of teachers and staff.�


Personal Tutoring There is no doubt that Claremont Senior School offers outstanding pastoral care at every stage of a student’s life at the school. Whether helping with the transition into senior school life for a new Year 9 student, supporting students with GCSE choices, providing essential academic guidance, support through UCAS applications or preparing students to leave and join the world beyond education, Claremont prides itself on exceptional levels of pastoral care. At the very heart of this lies a fully developed ‘House System’ and the all important Personal Tutor. We recognise the fundamental importance of accessible pastoral care and, therefore, have ensured that this essential component of school life is at the heart of our tutoring system. Every student at the School has a Personal Tutor with whom they meet each morning. A tutor group typically ranges in size between ten and fifteen students, ensuring that there is time for every student. As part of the tutoring programme, students are also required to meet individually with their Personal Tutor to reflect on progress and set targets for all areas of their school life. The tutor oversees all aspects of a student’s academic and pastoral well-being. This is an intrinsic relationship and is a vital part of a student’s experience at Claremont and helps their continuing growth and development.

“Pastoral care at Claremont underpins our tutoring system throughout the whole School.”



The Claremont Sixth Form In September 2014, Claremont Senior School proudly opened the Sixth Form Centre and with it our AS and A Level Programmes, courses in leadership and employment skills, the Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award, Sports Leadership Award Level 3, the Gold Arts Award, EPQ and a wide-range of new opportunities for focused leadership studies. Sixth Form life is centred in our purpose-built, Sixth Form Centre where many of the courses run. There is also a substantial Sixth Form Common Room, a bespoke work room for private study, a UCAS Information Centre, as well as tutorial rooms and recreational areas. With leading-edge technology throughout the building, the Sixth Form Centre provides a truly inspirational setting for the crucial last two years of a student’s school life. As well as a full academic programme, Sixth Formers are expected to take on extra roles and responsibilities within the school, as well as explore extensive programmes and initiatives to further develop their profile prior to leaving school for university and the workplace. A comprehensive UCAS programme is central to Sixth Form life, as we seek to prepare our students for the next stage of their education. Sixth Formers enjoy many new privileges and responsibilities, but also remain an integral part of the whole school community.

“Sixth Formers at Claremont enjoy many new privileges and responsibilities...”


“A wonderful setting for local students and those from overseas to experience life away from home.�

Boarding at Claremont An important part of senior school life is preparing to leave school and go to university or enter the workplace. Life in a boarding house does just that, with all students developing a wide range of skills needed to live independently. Claremont School boarders reside in either of our

Regular trips are arranged to nearby towns and

two safe and very comfortable boarding houses.

cities, theatres and cinemas. Boarders have access

Pyke House is located in the historic town of Battle,

to the local towns of Battle and Hastings as well

and Clyde House is situated on the outskirts of

as the extensive sporting facilities that Claremont

Hastings, a famous south coast seaside town. Both

School has to offer.

of our boarding houses are just a few minutes drive from the Prep and Senior School and combine

Full, weekly and flexi-boarding options are all

traditional English settings with state-of-the-art

available and to assist with travel arrangements, a

facilities and home comforts. Happy students are

coordinated transport service to airports and train

more productive students, and this is why we have

stations is in place. Boarders travel in and out of

created two welcoming and supportive boarding

school by private minibus.

houses with a genuine home away-from-home feel. Pyke House is situated adjacent to the famous Battle Abbey and the English Heritage site of the Battle of Hastings. It is also just a five minute walk from Battle railway station and its direct line to central London. Both of our boarding houses have been completely refurbished and can accommodate up to 60 students, with a combination of en-suite dormitories and single rooms. With large common rooms, wi-fi throughout and set within beautiful grounds and gardens, Clyde and Pyke House are wonderful settings for local

Clyde House

and overseas students to experience life away from home. During the week the focus is on academic study and involvement in the School’s extensive co-curricular programme. Evenings are spent in the boarding house where meals are prepared and students can relax and unwind and also undertake private study in their rooms or study areas. The weekend programme is focused around an extensive activities programme.

Pyke House



Admissions and Fees Students are welcomed to the Claremont Senior School family following an interview with the Headteacher and a review of references and reports from their current school. We also welcome individuals who have achieved success in our scholarship examinations. Following a successful ‘taster day’, to register a

Scholarships are available for those who demonstrate

child for Claremont Senior School, it is necessary

outstanding potential in one or more of the following

to complete an application form and return it to the

areas: Academic, Creative Arts, Performing Arts, Sport

school with an application fee and refundable deposit

and Equestrian. Students can obtain scholarships

(please see separate list of fees and charges).

for entry into Year 9 and Year 12. Bursary funding,

Students who have attended Claremont Prep School

for students not currently attending the school,

in Years 7 and 8 take priority with regard to the

is generally only available if a student has been

allocation of places.

successful in scholarship examinations.

Boarders are required to undergo an admissions

In general terms, for UK scholars it is expected that

interview and assessment. Overseas students, for

prospective Sixth Form students will have achieved at

ease, may do this online and via Skype. A successful

least five 9-5 grades (previously A*-C) and at least B

visa application is also necessary, as is private

grades in those subjects they wish to study at A Level.

insurance for certain overseas students. Parents of overseas students are also requested to provide the

Fees are payable on or before the first day of term

latest academic report from their current school, which

and, in general, fees are reviewed annually. Sibling

for administration purposes, needs to be written in

discounts are available if more than one child from


the same family is attending the Sixth Form, Senior School, Preparatory or Nursery School. Our fees

Our two boarding houses have a maximum capacity

include tuition, exercise books, meals and morning

of 110 occupants. English is always the common

and afternoon snacks, as well as transport between

language. It is, therefore, important that all boarding

the Preparatory and Senior School sites and our two

students’ language is sufficiently advanced in order to

Boarding Houses. (Please see the separate list of fees

work alongside the more fluent English speakers and

and charges).

English nationals.


Š G Scott




South Downs

Location and Transport Claremont offers an extensive morning and evening minibus service across much of East Sussex and Kent. The School operates a fleet of private minibuses, with

St Leonards Warrior Square. If arriving in the UK

trained, local drivers. Every attempt is made to pick

at Ashford International Station, you can take the

up and drop off students as close as possible to their

train line to Hastings, a journey of approximately 40

home. For more details parents should contact the


School Office.



The A21 trunk road links Hastings with London and

There is a regular train service from London

this is the quickest way to drive by car from the M25 to

Charing Cross to Hastings. The closest station to

either the Senior School, the Preparatory School, or the

Claremont Senior School is Etchingham. The closest

Boarding houses.

stations to Pyke and Clyde House are Battle and Birmingham


















Broad Oak Udimore Brede Sedlescombe







Ninfield A271






Le Havre


Rouen Fairlight


























Hurst Green

Oostende Dover



Brighton Portsmouth Newhaven






Normans Bay




St Malo



Bursaries and Scholarships At Claremont Senior School we are dedicated to supporting talent and we therefore offer various bursaries and scholarships. A wide range of academic and co-curricular scholarships are available for gifted and talented students who excel in one or more areas of school life. In particular, awards are made for Sport, Creative Arts, Performing Arts and Equestrian, as well as for all academic subject areas. Scholarships for entry into the Sixth Form take place during the Michaelmas Term and scholarship assessments for entry into Year 9 take place during the Lent Term. A Scholarship Information Pack is available to download from our website and is also available in hardcopy from the School Office. A number of bursary awards are made available each year at Claremont. This is a means-tested award that can be offered to families who have particular financial needs. All bursarial awards are made at the discretion of the School’s Principal and Scholarships and Bursaries Panel. Please contact us for more details.



The Claremont Family Claremont is one of the largest schools in the South East and offers a “through education” from Nursery to A Level. The Nursery and Preparatory School are situated on

Throughout both school sites, no class has more

the outskirts of Battle in 125 acres of glorious Sussex

than 20 students in it, with well qualified staff to

countryside. Many children join our Nursery School

assist students who have minor learning difficulties.

at the age of one and continue at this site until they

Individual assistance is available if required, but

leave at the age of 13. Launched in 2011, Claremont

we endeavour to keep this to a minimum so that

Senior School is now the first choice school for the

students become independent learners at the earliest

vast majority of our Year 8 leavers. This allows them


to maintain long friendships and develop new ones, as additional students join the Senior School in Year 9

In 2018, Claremont joined the International Schools

and above.

Partnership (ISP). Our membership has brought with it renewed investment in our facilities, as well

As a close school community, Claremont is able

as the ability to draw on much wider resources from

to place great emphasis on pastoral care and

a group committed to the continual development of

consequently, teachers know their students extremely

inspirational learning.

well. The School’s stated aim is to provide high quality, affordable education to those students who

We welcome visits by parents and students to sample

attend Claremont. Our fees are set at a realistic level

the atmosphere at this unique school. Whatever the

to encourage a range of local families to benefit from

student’s interests and ambitions are, Claremont

an independent education.

is most certainly an option that any parent should consider for their child. We feel certain that we can

In order to assist parents who have children attending

provide a secure, nurturing and inspirational learning

both schools, a free bus service is available between

environment for every student, to enable them to

the Senior School site and the Preparatory School

develop the skills and self belief to face the future with

site. Both schools are open from 8am to 6pm.

excitement, confidence and ambition.


Contact Claremont School If, after reading this prospectus, you would like to speak to a member of staff, or visit us and see for yourself all that is on offer at Claremont for teenage students, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be delighted to arrange a personal tour of the school with the Headteacher. If you have any queries about any aspect of the exciting and ambitious academic and co-curricular programmes we offer, we are happy to discuss them with you over the phone or answer your email enquiries. We also welcome direct contact with any student who may be interested in completing their GCSEs and A Levels at Claremont, because we know that they should be involved in this important decision. Students visiting the school for the first time will have the opportunity to speak to other Claremont students who have already spent time studying with us. We are also happy to arrange Skype interviews and discussions with overseas students who may not be able to visit the school.

Giles Perrin

BA, PGCE, Dip SpEd

Principal +44 (0)1424 751555

Ed Dickie


Headteacher +44 (0)1580 830396



Aaron Eckhoff BA Hons, QTS Director of the Sixth Form +44 (0)1580 830396

Contact details: Email: Telephone: (01580) 830396 International: +44 (0)1424 751555


Written correspondence to: Claremont Senior School Bodiam, Robertsbridge, TN32 5UJ

Claremont School Baldslow St. Leonards-on-Sea East Sussex TN37 7PW



Email: Telephone: (01424) 751555

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