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SUMMER 20211

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End of an era Goodbye and Good Luck to the Class of 2021

Claremont Day Returns...

The Big Move

New Early Years and Pre-Prep Building opens

Happy 10th Birthday to the Senior School


Onwards and Upwards... BY MR BUNKER


elcome to the Summer 2021 Termly Review. The easing of government restrictions after a term spent mainly in lockdown, facilitated a welcome return to something much closer to ‘normal’. From a whole host of new learning experiences, to the consolidation and refinement of knowledge and skills, the return to the classroom created a genuine buzz of joyful ‘togetherness’ and it has been wonderful to be a part of it. On my many walks around school this term, I have had countless conversations with children keen to talk to me about the progress they have been making, creative ideas they have had and how determined and enthusiastic they are to always get better. An action-packed ten weeks saw PE lessons return to the pool, Sports Day to the playing fields, lots of cross curricular outdoor learning opportunities in our beautiful grounds and woodlands, and some of our youngest children finally moved into the Early Years and Pre-Prep building. Mrs Potter and her team worked around their timetables, ferrying books and class resources down to their new home. The light, welcoming classrooms and play areas were soon filled with joy and laughter, and the walls adorned with colourful artwork as the children quickly settled in and made the space their own. It’s hard to remember when it was only a muddy construction site with cranes and diggers and a colourful artist’s impression of the finished building. With the wing of the old Pre-Prep vacated, work on Mrs Darlington’s new art studio and all the new Prep School classrooms could begin, and with it, the start of another exciting chapter in the Claremont story. We were very pleased to welcome back sporting fixtures this term. It was wonderful to see our young sportsmen and women competing once again, working as a team, encouraging and supporting their friends and showing exceptional sportsmanship to their opponents. While we missed the enthusiastic support and company of parents and carers at our Sports Days, each field event produced some impressive results and great sporting determination from all the competitors! Needless to say, the arrival of the ice cream van after lunch put a big smile on many faces!

Book Celebration Week gave us another fantastic opportunity to come together as a school for the ‘Drop Everything and Read’ initiative. This was a fantastic all school event that brought every indoor and outdoor lesson to a standstill - even the groundsmen were spotted downing tools to reach for their favourite book. Pupils worked hard this term to prepare for their exams before deservedly letting their hair during Activities Week, which you can read more about on page 27. With exams over and the summer holidays approaching, year group transitions became the focus. The Early Years and PrePrep team worked closely with the children and families to prepare them for ‘moving up’ in September, while Year 8 pupils took part in discussion workshops with teachers and former pupils about life at the Senior School. Claremont Day happily returned as an all-school event in a beautifully dressed marquee out on the sports ground, and an opportunity for us all to come together and celebrate the many achievements, contributions and hard work across the whole school community. We enjoyed performances from talented young musicians and thespians, and a surprise star turn from Mr Catt, who reproduced the legendary dance moves that kept us all smiling through lockdown. Finally, I would like to say goodbye and the very best of luck to our wonderful Year 8 pupils who will be heading off to Senior School next term. They have been terrific role models and I wish them every success in the coming years.





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Friends through it all While it has been a tricky academic year for Friends of Claremont, with many, much loved events having to be cancelled, we have enjoyed some successes, perhaps the most notable being the Uniform Shop. Having adapted operations in order to continue to support our community during what we all know have been very challenging times, we ensured trade was able to continue with the use of face masks, only one person in the shop at a time and the introduction of cashless payments.




When we returned in March, we offered a Click&Collect service, which has proven to be very popular. On behalf of the FOCS committee I would like to say a special thank you to Victoria Staley, FOCS Treasurer, who has worked extremely hard to maintain the accounts over the past year. Victoria also championed the use of a credit card machine, and we have seen an increase in sales and funds for the school as a direct result. We look forward to seeing you in September when we hope all of our fundraising events will return. If you would like to join FOCS and be part of a team that works hard to enrich the student experience of Claremont, please contact

We Love Books For our annual Celebration of Book Week, pupils indulged in their favourite stories, discovered new ones and got to dress up as much-loved fictional characters. Even staff were able to find time to sit back and enjoy a good read during the ‘Drop Everything and Read’ event when the whole school literally dropped everything and reached for a book - even Mr Catt’s swimming class went poolside to dive into their favourite stories. The Book Fair organised by Miss Alexander was a roaring success, as the children realised there is much to consider when choosing a new book such as the artwork on the jacket; the blurb on the back cover that reels you in; the author’s name and the first words inside. Each one is a treasure to be explored!

Year 3 Scientists Enjoy Growth Spurt During the last few weeks of term, Year 3 scientists were incredibly busy looking at plants, learning about all the different parts and how flowering plants are able to make their own food through photosynthesis. The children grew their own bean plants, set up tests to discover what plants need to flourish, and put celery sticks into water and food dye to see for themselves how important roots are for absorbing water and nutrients from the soil. What a brilliant project - great work Year 3!


Mind your language A

“I am really impressed with how quickly the children are retaining new vocabulary but also their joy in adapting to this vibrant language. They are fearless!” SE ÑO R A O

The “Una vida sana” project triggered some new phrases as our older children learnt how to name parts of the body and practise explaining physical symptoms to a Spanish speaking doctor or pharmacist. Mr Bunker assumed the role of doctor before reading through a series of sick notes provided by Year 8 pupils outlining why they would need to take a day off school. Spanish speaker ‘Dr Bunker’ also contacted a neurologist friend in Spain who consulted with the children on their ‘ailments’ (in Spanish of course!). It’s who you know, hey Mr Bunker!

The Nursery children made their weekly pilgrimage to the Prep School for their French lessons and le Championnat d’Europe de football 2021 provided the perfect opportunity for pupils to brush up on the French names of the 11 participating countries, key positions on the field and to revise those all important nombres when recording the daily scores. Older children learnt all about Thierry Henry and his work to highlight and stamp out racism in Sport for good having initiated the STAND UP! SPEAK UP! wristbands in noir et blanc in 2005. Pupils also followed the Solar Eclipse ‘en direct’ from ‘l’Observatoire de Paris’ and were inspired to make some beautiful ‘Systeme solaire’ themed posters. Exam season had all the children revising hard to consolidate their learning with everyone showing great determination to do their very best. Bravo tout le monde!

nother busy term in the Languages department not only saw children up and down the school honing their speaking and listening skills, but also discovering lots of lovely new vocabulary with opportunities abound to learn more about the Spanish and French culture.

Year 7 pupils learnt how to ask for and follow directions in Spanish before embarking on orienteering trails outside to put their knowledge to the test. ¡Buen trabajo! The traditional Year 8 Pre-Prep Spanish lessons were delivered online this year but the novelty and excitement of being taught by older children was just as evident on screen. And the Summer term hailed the return of Spanish Club for Friday afternoon enrichment. Señora O brought along her infectious enthusiasm and love of traditional Spanish music, ensuring that each session concluded with a “Just Dance” activity so everyone could salsa their way into the weekend.

Sadly at the end of term we had to say au revoir to Madame Hood who has taught French at Claremont for 16 years! Madame Hood, whose commitment, passion and selfless drive has created a genuine love of the French language and culture at Claremont, from our youngest children in the Nursery all the way up to our Year 8s. You will never be far from our thoughts on future trips to St Omer and annual celebrations of European Day of Languages. Come back and see us soon!

“It has been a joy teaching French at Claremont for the last 16 years and I am grateful to all parents, colleagues and of course our amazing pupils, who inspire me and have made lessons so memorable!” M A D A M E H O O D


Claremont Shortlisted for

Independent School of the Year 2021 W

Eco award!

hile we don’t do what we do in order to win awards, it’s still lovely when our pupils’ hard work is recognised! This term, all of our eco efforts over the last year caught the eye of the Independent School of the Year Awards 2021 judges who shortlisted Claremont for the ‘Green Award for Environmental Achievement’ along with 10 other schools up and down the country. We are very proud to be a Green Flag school. Mrs Perry shared this wonderful video of the journey to get there, which serves as a reminder of how far we have come and how much more there is left to do.


Click to watch

A N ECO WA RRIOR’ S WORK IS N EV ER DO NE ... Inspired by the theme ‘Restore our Earth’ for Earth Day this term, pupils made pledges, such as finding alternatives to using plastic straws, picking up litter and shopping locally. As ever, the Jubilee Garden was well tended to with Year 3 and 4 pupils also planting a variety of vegetables and herbs. Pupils in 4W managed to estimate the age and height of the giant fir tree during their maths lesson, calculating that it could be over 200 years old and up to 70 metres tall, whilst lots of children each planted a sunflower seed to measure growth over the term. Many families got involved by sponsoring children for each centimetre of growth to help raise money to buy new gardening tools and gloves for the Jubilee Garden. Our Year 8s delved deeper into the subject of climate change during Geography and Science lessons. They conducted their own independent research to include studying the NASA website before creating some fantastic information poster campaigns to show the whole school community their findings and how we can all make a difference. The level of detail and care that went into the posters demonstrated just how important this issue has become to our environmentally-aware Year 8s. In Geography lessons pupils also explored ways they could reduce their carbon footprint by creating Climate Change pledges on recycled paper bunting ahead of Cop26 and whilst paying close attention to the #RBCC Sacha Dench ‘Round Britain Climate Challenge’, children in Year 7 designed some Save the Planet t-shirts and Year 6 worked on their national competition entry to come up with some ideas on how to save the planet and solve Climate Change.


The whole school pledged to join Keep Britain Tidy’s Big School Clean. Each year group was given a different area of the school grounds. Here the Year 6s brandish our new litter pickers.

Click to watch

IT lessons at Claremont are always pretty animated and this term has been no exception. Year 4 pupils worked hard on some ‘stop go’ animations having designed their own eco themed storyboards, characters and props. And…..action!


Art Showcase T

he Summer term commenced with all year groups learning more about observational drawing as they worked through a series of exercises to record nature unfurling with the new season.These pen drawings illustrate a moment in time of intense concentration so as to understand the shapes and movement of contour line to describe the forms observed. Pupils looked at the art works of Michael Landy, Henri Matisse and Elsworth Kelly as inspiration. In contrast to these artists, pupils were also introduced to the airy washes of light and dark with bold calligraphic brush strokes of artist Raoul Dufy as a starting point for their own paintings as a celebration of the new season.

Observational drawing is fantastic as it supports the children in slowing down, and really learning how to record what they actually see, rather than what they think something looks like. We love all the pieces our artists have shared with us this term. Great work everyone! BARBARA DARLINGTON - HEAD OF ART

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Year 7 Pen and ink

Year 7 & 8 Lino Prints


Foraging and folklore in the forest!


he summer term is a wonderful time for Forest School. The woods are alive with new life and the children are always amazed at just how fast and furiously the greenery grows! This term, the children celebrated May Day, marking the start of summer with a spot of Morris dancing and listening to a story about the Green Man, protector of the woods and forests. Drawing inspiration from the story, the children created some fabulous tree art and made forest garlands. The perfect start to summer! During Mental Health Awareness Week the children also made full use of our wonderful outdoor space and woodlands.

Forest Fact... The smell of the woodland (phytoncides) can boost your nervous system, mood and sleep? It certainly works for us! As the older children spent time practising mindfulness, some of the younger children created an amazing, collaborative piece of artwork using natural paintbrushes which they hung up in the woods for everyone to enjoy.

Year 3 children thought about mindfulness. They discussed how everyone is different by using flowers as examples. We’re feeling calm and content just looking at this photo!


During Toy Making Week, pupils learnt how to use a bow saw to cut rounds of Hazel, (or ‘wood cookies’ as the children called them!) which they shaped, painted and transformed into colourful games and toys. Others made working bows and arrows for some woodland target practice.

As we know there’s a lot more to Forest School at Claremont than den building and making mud slides. This term, the children also spent time learning all about what the forest can provide and how humans have used these provisions for centuries. Lavender, marigolds, dandelions, chamomile and the Elder tree all became magic ingredients in the outdoor larder as the children rustled up some elderflower cordial and curd, dandelion honey and garlic bread!

Another great term of discovery out in the forest!


Amazing opportunities and experiences at The Arrow! W

ith tenacity and courage, and despite the restrictive measures which limited interaction between year group bubbles and some interview opportunities, the Newspaper Club managed to produce one of its finest editions yet: the Summer term edition! In this issue, Headteacher Mr Bunker faced the rigorous questioning we have all come to expect from our budding reporters, Sports Day proved a Claremont community highlight and the team paid tribute to Miss Jackson’s ‘Shining Light’. Claremont is now an official BBC Young Reporter School and expertly guided by Cathryn Kemp, pupils joining the Club continue to experience real-life media training, and a chance to develop their confidence, literacy and research skills. Cathryn Kemp was formerly a national journalist, having worked across the full spectrum of the British press. She is an author and ghostwriter, with five Sunday Times Bestseller titles, is a member of the Society of Authors and the brains behind the Claremont Newspaper Club.


“This was a strange - and incredible year for school newspaper The Arrow, a publication created entirely by Newspaper Club reporters and photographers” C AT HRY N K EM P

Read The Arrow online.


Let’s go Outside... W

e love the summer term as it always provides plenty of opportunities to get outside and have fun in the great outdoors. Many happy hours have been spent in the forest, walking, looking for treasures and, as always, discovering what nature has to teach us. The Caterpillars planted rainbow chard seeds, which they tended to carefully so they could find out about their five senses! The Butterflies created observational drawings of natural forms and beautiful watercolour flower paintings inspired by Raoul Dufy. Their bird feeders made out of multigrain hoops were a particular class favourite! Our Ladybirds worked hard on their number skills this term, but also found plenty of time to take their learning outside. In Forest School they toasted marshmallows and explored the Jubilee Garden looking for bugs. During one visit, they were even able to closely examine a bee, from a safe distance, (for the bee and the children!). The heatwave also gave the Nursery children the opportunity to learn all about how to stay safe in the sun. During one of their many foraging trips this term, Damselflies collected foliage to make paintbrushes, which they then used to create wonderful Springtime pictures. They also found charcoal and used it to make their own pencils. Dragonflies searched for mini beasts and particularly enjoyed their visits to the ‘Big tree’, which all term they have loved climbing on, swinging from and creating shelters around. During one outdoor lesson, they created natural bubble wands and tried to create familiar 2D shapes, and the biggest bubbles ever!


The ‘good old’ British weather sadly put a stop to Nursery Sports Day outside, but the children didn’t let that stop them putting their all into their events. In the Sports Hall, they ran their races, cheered for their teams and supported each other in wonderful ways - proving that it really is all about the taking part. Well done Nursery! As the second half of term approached, Damselflies moved out of their Nursery home and down to the new Early Years and Pre-Prep building, which although a little sad for the other children - did mean they could finally have the mud kitchen and outdoor playhouse all to themselves!

Current parents can enjoy many more photographs from this term to include Sports Day 2021 by visiting the Parent Galleries on our website - Thank you to Nursery parent Mr Buss from DB Photography for your help taking photographs at all of our Sports Day events this year - we’re loving your work!

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All the Drama!



feel very lucky to be Head of Drama here at Claremont Prep. Despite having had a year of disruptions our pupils have remained keen to pursue and commit to ‘all things theatre’. Online drama lessons didn’t stifle young creative minds, and as a result we produced some excellent project work and performances. We weren’t able to mix year groups, but we presented work in assemblies, on Claremont Day and at our Summer Showcase, where every pupil had the opportunity to perform. Our new Year 7 Tech Team has proved invaluable this term. Being in charge of lighting, sound, stage management, props and wardrobe, these eight individuals really have had their work cut out and have carried a lot of responsibility on their shoulders. I would like to thank them for all their support this term and I look forward to working with them again during

the next academic year. Over 30 Claremont pupils took the LAMDA exam this term and whilst at the time of writing we await the results, I feel hugely proud of the work they have done. Our last exam in November 2020 resulted in a 100% pass rate, which was incredibly exciting so fingers crossed for another great set of grades.


Music Maestros


his term Prep and Senior school musicians were treated to an unexpected performance at Fairlight Hall by Young Musician of the Year Sheku Kanneh-Mason and his sister Isata. Despite the torrential rain the children were very much inspired by their playing and enjoyed a short recital, particularly the humour of Bridges’ Scherzo. There was an opportunity for a Q&A session afterwards during which the children showed great interest in how Sheku and Isata approached their practice and what inspired them to learn to play their instruments. Two of our musicians were even spotted on BBC South East news which covered the story that evening. A big thank you to Hastings International Piano Concerto and Fairlight Hall for a wonderful afternoon and for our snacks and umbrellas! The Stringbabies had another busy term honing their bowing and plucking skills whilst the sound of prep school musicians perfecting their playing and singing techniques with the help of our brilliant roster of peripatetic teachers, could be heard up and down the top corridors of the main house. In May, we held a Celebration of Remembrance for

our friend and colleague Alex Jackson during which the Chamber Choir sang a beautiful rendition of Don Besig’s ‘Flying Free’, which some members later sang again with the Senior School choir on Speech Day to say a final farewell to the Year 13 students. The Summer Term always signals the end of era and many of our performers spent the second half of term preparing for their star turns at Claremont Day. The flute ensemble featuring Varnika, Elodie, Rada, Ami and Matilda B opened proceedings with an arrangement of ‘Any dream will do’, from Joseph and his Technicolour Dreamcoat, pianist Liberty BS confidently performed Bach’s ‘Solfeggietto’, flutist Varnika impressed with Beethoven’s Bagatelle, Ellie B played ‘What shall we do with a Drunken Sailor’ on her violin and the Jazz Band produced a toe tapping rendition of ‘Georgia on my mind’ and ‘Fly me to the moon’ featuring Charlotte K on vocals, Yagiz and Noah on Saxophone, Freya S on electric guitar and Mr Jeffrey on double bass. We later had to say a sad farewell to the Jazz band’s pianist Mr Eldridge, a brilliant classical musician who has helped guide so many children through their music exams over the years and played for us in many Claremont shows. Although Mr Eldridge has decided to step back from teaching, we are delighted he has agreed to come back to Claremont at Christmas to play at our Carol Service! We also said goodbye to Mr Ellis, who helped lead our brass ensemble to victory at the Hastings Music Festival. Mr Ellis has decided to pursue his professional career so we wish him the very best of luck with that.


From the Prep

English Department


ver the course of the Summer term in English, literacy has remained at the heart of lessons throughout the Prep School and the children began to consolidate their skills as we turned our focus to the end of the school year. Year 3 worked on how to write instructions using imperatives and adverbs of time. What started as simple written instructions for how to make a jam sandwich evolved to some more complex written instructions aimed at helping the students coming up from Year 2 to settle in Year 3. Year 4 children travelled metaphorically through time with Mrs West and Mrs Pena this term to gain sequencing skills when talking and writing about Neil Gaiman’s novel Fortunately, the Milk. They particularly enjoyed reading about the character of ‘Dad’ and exploring different characters’ points of view. Drama also helped unlock the imaginations of Year 5 students this term studying Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo. They explored the characters, taking roles and improvising with them to gain a deeper understanding of the characters before writing diary pieces. This was a crosscurricular topic which saw the children building boats in Forest School to further their understanding and add some Japanese words to their vocabulary at the same time! Year 6 children further developed their writing skills through planning, drafting, and proofreading to achieve polished and effectively presented pieces of written work. They became particularly good at creating pictures with words, the kind of vivid imagery that stays in the reader’s mind. They learnt about descriptive writing techniques and used interesting vocabulary to intensify everything described, cramming in details, sounds and smells to really bring their descriptions alive. Persuasive writing techniques were also explored. And poetry. Poetry has never been far from our thoughts, whether it be reading it, writing it, or performing it. Our Year 7 students definitely grew in confidence when reading aloud, readily volunteering for roles in Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ and savouring the aural quality of the imagery as they imagined the magic of the fairy world and evaluated different types of love. By the end of term they had really developed their understanding of devices of language and structure and how to shape an argument to answer questions in a formal essay. They wrote emotive poetry on the theme of love, and perfected their formal letter writing skills for various purposes, not least as a tool to deepen their understanding of the characters in the play.

Year 8 students were put through their paces in the Summer exams but they welcomed the challenge! They began to apply techniques to tackle unseen texts with success, and to adapt their writing to suit different audiences. They showed wonderful maturity in using their independent and collaborative learning skills to prepare for their leavers’ assembly for which they conducted their own research, devised quizzes and demonstrated incisive journalistic skills when interviewing their teachers! They also performed in the assembly with aplomb, showing awareness of their status as role models for all the younger members of the Prep School. Events that we will treasure this term include the Book Fair, kindly organised by Miss Alexander, the whole school ‘Drop Everything and Read’ event and first class LAMDA performances, supported by Mrs West. Another highlight was listening to the speeches written by Head Boy, Dan W and Head Girl, Zoe W, who delivered them with gravitas on Claremont Day. We wish them and all of our Year 8s the best of luck at senior school and we look forward to welcoming everyone back for the Autumn term, when National Poetry Day will be the inspiration for a whole school writing competition.


Keeping Council This term, the School Council Reps have been superb role models, providing a vital link between the Senior Leadership team and the children in their Form groups when it comes to sharing feedback and ideas for making our school an even better place to learn. They have consulted with Mr Bunker on suggestions for improving play areas and the flow of the school day, and even put forward new menu suggestions for Chef John and his brilliant catering team to consider. It has not always been easy to meet due to Covid restrictions and the council has been limited with what it has been able to action, but the children have remained united in their determination to keep going and do their best, and have appreciated Mr Bunker’s involvement in the discussion sessions they have had. Thank you to all our Student Council Reps this year, you continue to be true ambassadors for the school. And thank you to Madame Osborne for all your wise words and for helping to facilitate these important meetings. Student voice plays a central role in the direction of our school and long may that continue. S CH O O L CO UN CIL R E P S 2 0 2 1 Year 2 - George R and Summer H Year 3 - Eden N and Lyla S Year 4 - Marlon M, Ola W and Freddie H Year 5 - Milo K and Joseph C-S Year 6 - Cutler B, Amarissa G, Jia J and Miles N Year 7 - Elizabeth K, Ethan W and Charlotte K Year 8 - Max W and Rufus H

Hats off to... Ella, at the ripe old age of 5, wanted to donate her hair and raise money for The Little Princess Trust. The trust is one of the largest charity funders of childhood cancer research in the UK. A wonderful gesture from a very compassionate girl. We loved your new bob Ella!



In May, Year 7 and 8 pupils took part in the UKMT Junior Mathematical Challenge. It’s a 60 minute test that encourages mathematical reasoning, precision of thought, and fluency in using basic mathematical techniques. Congratulations to Dan W for winning the Best in School Silver Award and Lyall M for winning the Best in Year 7 Bronze Award. Other bronze winners were Eva G, Archie K, Felix N, Tess R, Monty W, Oliver H, Zoe L, Tom W and James S. Just before lockdown, Eva (Year 3) brought in conkers for pupils to plant. Eva planted three in a pot that remained on the patio throughout last winter. Not much happened for a while, but lo and behold, every conker germinated into a young sapling! Eva has now planted her three new horse chestnut trees in the far field and with some help from Miss Holmes, future generations will be able to collect conkers there in decades to come. Great work Eva!


The Big Move...


he big story this term was, of course, the move to the wonderful new Early Years and Pre-Prep building, and the much anticipated reopening of the outdoor swimming pool for PE lessons. The children couldn’t wait to move into their new home, find their new pegs and lockers, decorate their work trays and explore the sheltered outdoor playing areas. The air conditioning was a particularly wellreceived feature during the summer heatwave! Adorning the main wall in the entrance is a wonderfully colourful collage inspired by ‘The Golden Rules’. Through the PSHE curriculum, and assemblies, Pre-Prep children spent time revisiting the rules and worked together to decide on which ones they felt were the most important and worthy of a place on the wall. They chose; We are gentle, We look after property, We listen to others, We are honest, We are kind and helpful, and We work hard. Once settled into their new home, the gradual lifting of government restrictions meant some much loved events and outings could return to the timetable. One of those was the Beach School Activity Day, which was highly anticipated

by all. The weather was glorious as everyone piled into the minibuses ready for a discovery mission to the seaside. It was a wonderful day of learning that reminded everyone just how fortunate we are to be based so close to the beach. This was immediately followed by the Adopt an Animal Fundraising Day, during which Pre-Prep children took part in a number of activities to raise money for their Drusillas Zoo Park animal adoption. The day was a huge success with the children raising a whopping £205 for the cause! When the time came to choose their animals, the children presented information and fun facts about their animal before inviting everyone to vote for their favourite with a 2p coin, and second favourite with a 1p coin. By the end of the voting, Roxy the Bactrian Camel was assigned to the Nursery, Maja the Red Panda to Reception Class, Angkor the Binturong to Year 1 and Coco the Miniature Donkey to Year 2. A trip to Drusillas Zoo then gave everyone the opportunity to meet their adopted animals in person!


CR AF T CL UB Mrs Ghattas and her eager team of crafters have been very busy again this term. Here they are with their beautiful Olivia Owls, which they made from felt. CLAR E MO NT DAY Claremont Day once again provided an opportunity to celebrate our children’s successes. Huge congratulations to those who received awards this year.

The term concluded with a busy week of transition sessions between staff, pupils and their families. It was wonderful to see so many excited children, looking forward to the next stage of their Claremont journey.


Summer holiday anyone? #spiritofclaremont

All for one and one for all. Eco Warriors are out in force. #greenflagschool #bettertogether #whatevertheweather #spiritofclaremont

Bathed in glorious sunshine, Pre-Prep children take to the field for their Sports Day.

Congratulations to the Colts team for securing the win for Sparta. #welovecricket

Happy Claremont Day!

Life’s a beach for Pre-Prep as they look ahead to the big move... #newadventures


Our #Year8s have been researching #climatechange this week. They discussed ways to reduce their impact on the planet and created some fantastic projects on their findings.

Our Year 8 cricketers represent Claremont Prep for the last time. Well done girls, for a great term. Onwards and upwards... #thisgirlcan #seniorschoolawaits

Prep school musicians are treated to an unexpected performance by Young Musician of the Year Sheku KannehMason and his sister Isata courtesy of @hastingspianoconcerto and @fairlighthallgardens. THANK YOU #luckykids #welovemusic

We are following Sacha Dench on her #RoundBritainClimateChallenge with Conservation without Borders! We’re making our pledges (on recycled paper!)

We take our hats off to Claremont Day races....sorry, we’re keeping our hats ON for Claremont day races! #claremontsports #hatsforbatons #spiritofclaremont

What a fabulous first week for the children in the new Early Years and Pre-Prep building... #newadventures #roomswithaview


Hooray for ! y a D s t r o p S A

ll of the Prep School enjoyed the welcome return of Sports Day! The sun was shining, the sky was blue and it was the perfect day for the children to show off their athletic, long jump, javelin, shot put and high jumping skills. Pupils cheered each other on and supported one another as the Houses battled it out for the final crucial points, to the sound of Mrs West’s animated commentary from the pavilion. With perhaps an equal number of whoops and cheers, the traditional ice cream truck was warmly welcomed midmorning by all the children, who lined up patiently with their orders at the ready. Thank you to our fabulous FOCS chair

Tricia Edwards for organising and to Mr Bunker for ensuring that staff didn’t miss out on a sweet treat! It was fantastic for the children to be able to participate in this well-loved annual event again (we hear it is one of Mrs Edmunds personal favourites!), and the children certainly gave it their all. Congratulations to the winning house Athens. The following week it was Pre-Prep’s turn to take to the playing fields. Once again,the sky was blue and it was just the right temperature to ensure a fun morning of competing. The children demonstrated some excellent skills in running, throwing and jumping - it was wonderful to see them all trying their best and cheering each other on. Our Year 8s also came down to lend their support, which gave the younger ones an extra spring in their step! Well done Pre-Prep! Next year we hope to invite parents to join us once again with their picnics and deckchairs. Current parents can enjoy many more photographs of Sports Day 2021 by visiting the Parent Galleries on our website

Click to watch




#thisgirlcan Highlights include.... • Skye C’s super accuracy when throwing down at the stumps against Skippers Hill. • Charlotte K’s wicket keeping perseverance despite minor injuries against Saint Ronan’s. • Emily S’s super sharp fielding against Vinehall.


irls cricket at the prep school this term has been hugely successful. Each player has worked so hard to develop their bowling and batting skills. I feel incredibly proud of their progress and everything they have achieved across the term. Huge congratulations goes to the U11A team for winning the Claremont Cricket Festival Cup in June. The 1st VIII haven’t had an easy ride, but their effort and commitment as a team has been inspirational. Congratulations to Tilly P for captaining the team and keeping spirits high through some challenging times. The U9 and U8 teams were also able to represent Claremont and play cricket matches against other schools for the first time, which they thoroughly enjoyed.

Miss Hurst’s stand out batters:

Miss Compton’s stand out bowlers:

Olivia S

Aven E

Eva C-S

Sophia G

Sophia S

Matilda B

Skye C

Amarisa G

Ava E

Esme P

Anna B

Tilly P

Overall it has been amazing to return to matches and bring competition back into sport in the spirit of Claremont! Well done all and enjoy the summer. MISS COMPTON


Hurstpierpoint Athletics Year 4 and 5 children competed in the annual Hurstpierpoint Athletics meeting this term and we had some fantastic results. Skye C, Freddie H (Year 4) and Freddie H (Year 5) all qualified to compete in the county competition against the strongest prep school athletes in Sussex. That’s fantastic! The day started with Freddie (Y4) finishing 4th in his 75m heat and qualifying for the final. He then had to rush straight off to compete in the High Jump, where he jumped his personal best height of 1.21m, which was also the best jump and the WINNING jump in the competition. Well done Freddie! Freddie H (Y5), who ran extremely well on Sports Day, competed in the 300m race, which is a very tough race and finished a fantastic 4th place with a time of 54.95. Freddie finished 8th overall which is a brilliant result! Skye C was to follow in the 300m girls race and she finished 2nd overall, with a time of 55.90. She then took to the High Jump and jumped so well that she went on to win her competition with a height of 1.19m, Excellent results Skye! Claremont finished the day with two high jump wins, a 300m second place and a 75m finalist. A great effort from everyone!

Activities Week With Summer exams over, Activities Week kicked in and saw pupils exploring a range of activities designed to help develop some essential life skills, such as first aid training from Claremont’s nurse Marty, and important online and real world safety workshops from the local police. Advanced cyclists took on the woodland tracks, while the intermediate groups practised skills and drills on the astro. Olympic Judo coaches Chris and Ben showed pupils how to pin each other to the floor and the orienteering activity gave pupils the opportunity to explore the grounds, using teamwork and compass skills to find the flags. It was a super action-packed week full of opportunities for the children to let their hair down after exams, challenge themselves and try something completely new. Roll on next year!


Year 8 Week Away

Next stop... Senior School!


Claremont Day... I

t was wonderful to be able to host our beloved Claremont Day once again. With a few alterations to the usual programme everyone was extremely grateful that we were able to get together on the field and celebrate some of the many achievements and hard work of our pupils, staff and support teams. Mr Bunker and Mr Perrin handed out prizes and in between the many musical and dramatic interludes, Mrs Edmunds and Mrs Ackerley, they had the opportunity to share their unique insights into the academic year just passed, and some of the things we have to look forward to in the near future. It was here that we said a fond farewell to our Year 8s, who have been so resilient and cheerful throughout this rather strange and uncharted period. They are a fantastic group of young people and there is no doubt that they will continue to achieve great things as they embark on their new senior school journey. A big congratulations to Athens House, who took home the winning cup this year. Well done!

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From Mr Dickie have collectively addressed these challenges together, often struggling and striving as we have tackled new things, been endlessly creative and open to experiences and technology we have not faced before. The successes of the year have often been of that nature, moments when individuals or the community have exceeded what anyone thought possible. While individuals are mentioned on occasion, the reality is that the year has been a collective success that all in the community can draw pride from.


t has been a year like no other. A year when the sports fields fell silent, where the language of blended learning, Kahoot and Zoom entered our vocabulary, where lockdowns kept us apart, often indeterminate periods and where masks and ‘social’ distancing shaped our interactions when we were together. Like any year there have been highs and there have been lows yet, for all of the challenges that the pandemic period has thrown at us, there has been a steely determination from all in the community to push on through, a resilience amongst the student body and unstinting commitment from staff. I am absolutely sure that we are considerably stronger as a school, as learners and as facilitators of learning, than we were prior to March 2020. It has been humbling to see the way in which we

It has been 10 years since the doors of Claremont Senior School opened. Starting a school has its undeniable challenges, banana skins to negotiate and doubters to persuade. Success in the classroom is a currency which has considerable value and Claremont has made extraordinary strides in this respect. While we are not, and never will be, an academic ‘hothouse’ what we can now claim is that every student has the opportunity to fulfill their potential, regardless of their abilities. The academic progress for the school is clear for all to see and this has been one of the real highlights of this year. Despite the obvious challenges of time away from school, students and teachers have been determined and unified in their desire to maximise their opportunities. A Level & BTEC results were the best the school has ever had with 81% of all grades coming in at A*-B. It was particularly pleasing to see the success of BTEC qualifications where an astonishing 88% of results were graded at Distinction* or Distinction (the equivalent of A*/A). Over the past few years the academic team have looked to expand the offering in the Sixth Form to reflect the diverse nature of our student body. BTECs in Creative Digital Media, Sports Science, Dance and Business have offered assessment routes that have allowed students to access some of the top universities and courses in the land. Student outcomes remain the most important measure for us as a school and this year 89% of students are heading to their first choice institution. Students such as Grace de Wilde and Charlie Saunders, stalwarts of the school for many years, head to Loughborough University. Lucy Owen will be studying Film at Leeds University, Naomi Sinclair and Lea-Lyne Rongier both


head to Exeter to study Psychology and History respectively while John Langridge heads to Queen Mary to study Politics. These are just a small sample of the wonderful range of destinations that even included a football scholarship in West Virginia and an ESports degree in Staffordshire! For the first time we also saw students heading for degree level apprenticeships, a new addition to the scene that looks destined to become increasingly popular. Harvey Monk heads to a Construction apprenticeship while Emilia Suggit was accepted onto a Civil Service apprenticeship. We are hugely proud of every member of this cohort who, together, represent so much that is good about our school. GCSE results were also some of the best in the school’s short history as the Year 11 cohort overcame the immense challenges of the past eighteen months. By every measure there were advances with the top end results seeing the most significant rise. Close to half of all results were graded at 9-7 ( A**/A*/A in old currency). Again, our school is showing itself capable of getting the very best out of all of our students. Students such as Elizabeth Staley, Lekan Ibrahim, Rachel Waters, Tom Liggett and Toby MurrayBrewster all achieved above and beyond their predictions and one could name many, many others in the same breath. We speak often at the school about ‘good struggle’ and this cohort are the living embodiment of this, showing resilience and persistence in the dark months of lockdown and emerging in the summer with what was due to them. Again, our pride for their achievements runs deep. Working with technology has been a theme throughout the year and departments have been hugely creative in their utilisation of a variety of tools. The Performing Arts department in particular were incredibly active, producing online concerts, dance shows and radio dramas as they continued to show themselves to be capable of producing material of the highest quality. A particular highlight of the year was the Claremont Extra podcast, a weekly addition to the life of the school which showcased an assortment of talent. I looked forward to a weekly visit from the

podcast team to record my ‘quote of the week’ and keenly anticipated the latest installment of the radio drama. These innovations did not distract the Performing Arts team from still putting on some fantastic moments in the Space Theatre, to include some extraordinary devised pieces of original drama which certainly impressed the judging panel for this year’s Independent School of the Year Awards.. My enduring memory of the year is one that embodies some of the great strengths of the school, and points to an exciting decade ahead. In May the school’s entry for the ISP Film Festival was released.‘Betcha’ was a short film produced and created by three incredibly talented students: Tino T, Lucy B and Bella G. A gripping and dark tale of revenge, it tackled difficult subject matter with style, intelligence and bravery. Themes of diversity, equality and the burden faced by young women have been dominant in society and our school in the past year. This film showed how to tackle difficult issues in a way that was engaging and provocative. Up against more than 30 films from schools across the world, ‘Betcha’ claimed one of the major awards. It was a great moment. This sort of initiative represents the forward thinking, deeply creative and intellectually demanding activity that can define the School as we move forward. It is probable that the pandemic will forever cast something of a shadow on the successes of the past eighteen months. Yet the Claremont community can be proud that it has, ultimately, not let the dark days obscure the huge progress made by so many individuals in the school during this time. The future is bright and it is in the hands of a generation who have emerged bolder and more ambitious from the experiences they have gone through. Claremont has never been stronger, buoyed by its partnership with ISP and looking ahead with confidence and anticipation.

Ed Dickie Senior School Headteacher

Subscribe to Claremont Extra Claremont Extra Podcast has proved to be a huge success. Each episode is student led and they are responsible for all elements of the radio show, from scheduling, planning and recording interviews to creating jingles and soundbeds. Available on itunes and soundcloud


Lights, Cameras, Action ISP Film Festival 2021 MUSICIANS INCLUDED: Elena B: Violin

Natasha S: Bass Guitar

Sebastian S: Trumpet

Austin Rl: Drums

Jemima B: Piano

Lucy B, Bella G, Tino T: Vocals

William M: Piano

Mrs Smith: Music Production

With the assistance of Sarah Cakebread, Natasha Smith, Sarah Fretwell and Poppy Payne the planning ended and production began; the smoke machine arrived, costumes were fitted, Mr Dickie’s office was hijacked and Poppy dusted off her goggles to film underwater! There were lights, cameras and a lot of action. The result was a professional production demonstrating (yet again) the skills of Claremont students. No film festival would be complete without an Awards Ceremony and the ISP Film Festival was no different! At the end of the programme, the ISP Film Festival Awards Ceremony took place and films received awards across six categories: Best Picture, Best Acting Performance,


n January 2021, ISP launched the first International Film Festival, providing Claremont students with the opportunity to take part in a short film competition along with 32 other schools across the globe. ISP created an interactive and collaborative online learning space to share learning material from industry professionals in order to equip the crew with the skills they needed to plan a production. The Claremont ‘all girl’ crew was made of Lucy B, Tino T and Bella G. Over a four month period they all took to the directors chair and came up with a creative solution to the title ‘I wish I hadn’t done that’. It was a huge challenge for a small group to learn, plan and deliver a production (especially under covid conditions) in a short amount of time, but they combined their strengths and created ‘Betcha’. Discussions centred around the fear women faces when they walk, run or work alone, so the creative angle the girls took was to produce a short film that represented women from three different decades who were being ‘watched’. The film takes a dark turn as three men who are perceived as watching the women, would soon discover ‘ they wished they hadn’t done that’ as the women gain back control of their lives. Once the idea had taken shape, the crew commissioned the musical talents of Joe B to create a new arrangement based on Cell Block Tango from Chicago.

Best Sound Editing, Best Original Script, Best Cinematography Best Production Design. As the curtains close on the 2021 ISP Film Festival we look ahead to 2022 and the next cohort of future directors, producers, editors, actors.


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Duke of Edinburgh The Silver students explained why the Bronze group had never had it so good...

‘You think this is hard..when we went to the Ashdown forest there was ice in our water bottles in the morning!’ Although the expedition is often the most talked about and memorable section of the award criteria, students must also complete six months of volunteering and demonstrate progress in both a skill, and physical activity. Special mentions go to Charlotte W, who made and put out birdhouses and feeders to support the local bird population, Alicija K who ran a homework club for prep school students, and Jemima B who volunteered at her local church to help maintain the garden and grounds, in addition to making and selling christmas cards to raise funds. At the time of writing, Marcus R and Mary W had now completed their Silver awards, whilst Sam C and Daniel H had completed their Bronze. Congratulations to everyone!


ronze award students, and those pursuing five silver awards, together covered over 130 km of footpath in Kent and Sussex over three weekends this year. There is no preparation for how challenging it is to walk tens of kms on consecutive days in the pouring rain carrying 15kg on your back, only to find you’ve been walking in a circle for the last hour, and are further from camp than when you started!! It is a real challenge, and consequently the sense of pride and achievement on completion is immense.

“It impressives me every year how students can dig so deep, and just keep going even at the bleakest moments. There is no doubt that students never forget those nights under canvas, and there is shared camaraderie amongst the students across the year groups” Miss Hurton


Performing Arts


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BETH ECKHOFF The Dance department was unable to host its annual dance show in a theatre this year, so the decision was made to hire a professional film crew and ‘go on with the show’ virtually! Year 11 GCSE and Year 12 BTEC Diploma students had been working on their examination pieces throughout the academic year, before bringing them all together in a wonderful end of year dance showcase to present to the Examination Boards for grading, and for the rest of the school to enjoy. The show also featured work from some of our Year 10 GCSE dancers and some Co-Curricular programme pieces. Rehearsals began during lockdown with students joining Google classroom to learn routines which they literally couldn’t wait to piece together back in the studio. Under incredibly challenging conditions, the students worked tirelessly to produce the show and it has been an absolute joy working with each and every one of them.

Drama SARAH CAKEBREAD The work produced by the Performing Arts department at Claremont serves as a constant reminder that in our short 10 year history, Student Voice, Leadership and Inclusion are firmly embedded in our School’s DNA, and in an extraordinary year of change, they have continued to drive us forward as a learning community. Happening upon an original idea by chance and running with it, rather than following a tried and tested ‘process’ in pursuit of one has empowered our young performing artists to think beyond themselves and follow creative paths of expression through Music, Dance and Drama that have, and continue to be quite transformative in terms of their educational and emotional needs. Full company, big budget theatre productions are inevitable crowds-pleasers, but as the role of our teaching team increasingly becomes a guiding and facilitating one, the results and long term impact of this way of learning on the lives of our students are consistently positive and sometimes, even deeply moving.

‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ community outreach workshop was originally produced for theatre but it was quickly adapted for radio during lockdown to enable local primary schools to still take part in the workshop from afar. This collaborative project brought together the Music, Art and Drama departments and featured original music composed by our Year 11 students. We focus on the whole person in the performing arts, everything that a student is, everything they stand for and against, their interests, their cultures and experiences all feed into the work that they produce and how they reflect upon the work we create. This was particularly evident in the original devised theatre students produced this year. They tackled gritty issues such as child kidnapping, sexual harassment, war, abuse and addiction, and found creative and impactful ways to breathe youth, creativity and diversity onto the stage. I was delighted that the students’ work was recognised by the Independent School of the Year Awards 2021 judging panel, as at the time of writing, we were one of just 6 Finalists in the Performing Arts category.


Music JULIO D’E S CRI VA N C O M P OS IT ION WE B IN A R Just before Easter, GCSE Music students took part in a webinar with Julio d’Escrivan, composer and senior lecturer at the University of Huddersfield. Julio showcased some of his work, and discussed how to progress as a composer in the often challenging and competitive music industry. SH EK U KANNE H - M A S O N W OR K S HOP AT FAIR L I G H T H ALL In June, Year 10 Music students participated in a music workshop at Fairlight Hall. After watching an amazing performance by cellist Sheku Kanneh-Mason and his sister, pianist Isata Kanneh-Mason, they had the opportunity to ask both of them questions about their musical careers and practice tips. Sheku spoke of his main influence in music, cellist Jacqueline du Pré, as well as what life was like growing up in a large, musical family. YEAR 5 S E NI O R S C HOOL E X P E R IE N C E - M U SIC Year 5 students learnt and performed chord progressions, bass lines and melodies in their Senior School taster lesson with Mrs Smith. YEAR 7 S E NI O R S C HOOL E X P E R IE N C E - M U SIC TECHNO LO G Y Year 7 students unleashed their creativity in the Music Technology taster with Mrs Smith, using BandLab to compose EDM-inspired beats and synth riffs. VIRT UAL CL ARE M ON T F E S T Although ClaremontFest had to be cancelled this year, Mrs Smith didn’t want that to be the end of it! So, throughout the last week of term various performances were published to Instagram for all to enjoy. If you missed them, catch up here: @Claremont_Performs SPEECH DAY Speech Day included a variety of amazing performances from across the Performing Arts, both pre-recorded and live. Students enjoyed a collection of short tunes from the Flute Trio, an hilarious monologue from ‘Jonesy’ by Tom Wells performed by Paddy (Y9), spoken word poetry written and performed by Tino (Y10), a Stephen Schwartz medley performed by Senior Choir, and to end the celebrations a performance of ‘Flying Free’ by Claremont Choir (combining Prep Choir, Senior Choir and Staff Choir).


Click to watch Many congratulations to the Performing Arts department who at the time of writing has been named a Finalist in the Independent School of the Year Awards 2021. SPEECH DAY

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Art & Photography Another term of Covid restrictions may have confined the presentation of GCSE and A Level examination pieces to the digital world, but the quality and intensity of the students’ work was as extraordinary as ever...

The resilience of our many talented creative artists this year also inspired the introduction of a brand new Speech Day award ‘The Stewart Cup for Creative Graft’


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Back to the Classroom


ssistant Head (Student Welfare) Rebecca Hurton talked to So Magazine this term about how students have coped with their return to the classroom after spending the best part of the previous term in Lockdown. “The news has been awash with negative terminology describing the impact of the pandemic on teenagers, often referring to them as the ‘lost generation’, and we have seen many of our own students struggle with the isolation of lockdown, particularly during the second wave.

Overwhelmingly, we have been deeply humbled by our students’ resilience, with many reporting their anxiety levels alleviated by simply returning to school, but we have also invested in a bespoke pastoral support programme to include ongoing assessments and questionnaires that flag any hidden vulnerabilities some students may continue to have. That way we are able to explore and apply strategies that promote positive mental health and wellbeing, as well as keep students on track educationally. We are also lucky to have considerable flexibility in the length of our school day to be able to offer additional support to those students in need, to include weekend workshops and theatre rehearsals to ensure performances match the professional standards we have all come to expect as the norm from our creative departments. As a community, the pandemic has given us cause to reflect on our school values, and the importance of maintaining our culture of Kindness and Inclusion. Our students have been instrumental in driving this culture, and so we will continue to nurture a safe learning environment where they always feel heard and able to admit when not everything is OK. The students have also taken the lead in establishing an Equality and Diversity commission, completing an initial audit and making recommendations so we can seek to get better at ensuring all the values of the modern world also guide our actions. For Mental Health week earlier in the year, our Heads of School led a series of activities to help keep us all together from afar. These included group yoga sessions, a family quiz to raise money for Combat Stress and a challenge for the whole school community to collectively travel 40765 km, the distance covered by the famous Phileas Fogg. For some it will be a longer road back to normality, but if we keep talking and remain kind to each other and ourselves, we are more likely to get there together”


Senior School Experience T

‘Taster Day’

his term, Year 7 students visited the senior school for a taster day experience like no other. Vlad, “everyone’s favourite impaler” was discussed in Global Perspectives, digital chocolate bar ad campaigns were produced in Media Studies, original compositions were created in Music Tech and cunning money making schemes brought out the hidden entrepreneur in everyone. Later, the students enjoyed their first Psychology lesson with the help of Mrs McNally’s ever-popular teaching assistant, Harvey (the Bunny). They learnt how psychologists observe and record behaviour using behavioural categories, time sampling and event sampling. The students were then rewarded for their efforts by having a cuddle with Harvey at the end of the lesson! Year 5 students also enjoyed their day at the Senior School. As well as trying their hands at some new sporting pursuits, they joined Miss Stewart in the art studio to experiment in the style of artist and illustrator Phillip Dennis. They discussed Dennis’s colourful work, later emulating his style using a mixture of felt tips and fine liners. As they grew in confidence they then began adding colour, pattern, texture to their animal masks, some even in unrealistic colours.

“I was particularly impressed with Year 5s manners and focus in lesson as well as their mature understanding of colour and pattern.” MISS STEWART


Happy Campers


appy campers in Year 9 laughed in the face of some very soggy conditions to trailblaze a two-day camp at The Hub ahead of Year 10s arrival.

Camp kicked off with an outdoor ‘Escape room’ style challenge that saw the teams scouring the countryside for hidden clues to reveal the combination for a mysterious padlocked box. Working in pairs, the students then spent some time honing their foraging and outdoor fire making skills before heading into an afternoon of watersport mayhem steering megasubs and kayaks down the River Rother. Woodfired pizzas at The Hub followed by toasting marshmallows over the campfire proved the perfect end to a very busy day. After a night under canvas, Day 2 on camp proved just as action packed as Day 1 but all the students returned to school unscathed after a second day spent warring with Nerf guns, being big kids on inflatable assault courses, taking part in various rugby and football matches and one on one battles with giant cotton buds. Well done to Mrs Owen and team for organising such a fabulous adventure for the students - and particularly those teachers who made it through the four days without all those creature comforts!

“Excuse me! Where can I find the way to kayaking down the river Rother? And what about solving my way out of an escape room? And I might like to learn how to make a fire from scratch? Fear not dear friend, that would be just Day 1 of the Claremont School Year 9 & 10 Camp at The Hub. Oh and I don’t suppose you’d like to finish with a bonfire and a wood fired pizza? You’re welcome!” MR NAPLETON

“Down on the camp, the pygmy goats, Shirley and Miss Little Horns bleated, “Let the games commence!” And so began a day of gladiatorial combat, obstacle courses and nerf gun wars. After lunch, it was the turn of the Houses to go head to head. “May the best team win.” the goats cried. And they did!” MRS HEMSLEY


A Taste of the Future


his year saw our biggest and best ever “Futures Week” to help Year 12 discover more about the many exciting and learning and career opportunities open to them when they leave Claremont. Students were guided through the process of setting up their accounts to apply for university and all the elements they would need to really make their applications stand out. Students were also shown how to successfully navigate through the 35,000+ university courses now available to today’s school leavers to identify the right ones for them! We were delighted to welcome the Head of Admissions for Medicine from Imperial College, London who gave some detailed insight into what today’s universities look for. As well as UK universities, overseas universities were also high on students’ enquiry lists along with the many degree apprenticeships, which continue to surge in popularity. Our successful ‘Employability Workshops’ run by our long standing collaborators Inside Knowledge, looked at presentation skills, time management, communication and how to write the perfect Personal Statement. Students then enjoyed a morning either sight-seeing in historic Rye or windsurfing and stand-up paddle-boarding at Rye Watersports. They were then challenged, in teams, to plan and cook a nutritious meal on a budget of £5 – the winning team served the judges an outstanding chicken

and rice stir fry that ticked all the boxes for nutrition, flavour, presentation, price and the all-important clear-up at the end! On the final day, students were challenged to plan and execute their own ‘Make A Difference’ day. Ideas included organising beach cleans and litter picking; volunteering for a food bank and clearing

footpaths of nettles and brambles. Boarders spent the day at Clyde House clearing an area for football and digging and planting a new flower bed for future boarding students to enjoy.


Congratulations to Bodiam House on winning the Alternative Sports Day’ Cup... #spiritofclaremont

Miss Hurton makes friends with the locals on DofE expedition Day 2.. .#bff

The Class of 2021 has one last school hurrah ...washed down by a few bubbles! #endofanera #nextadventure

The last day for our A Level Artists. Good luck on your next adventure and keep in touch! #endofanera

Top ATL performers from Year 10 win a place on a Rewards Day trip to the Battle of Britain Airshow at Headcorn Aerodrome where they watched some exquisitely choreographed Battle-of-Britain era aircraft displays... #pointsmakeprizes

Year 10 GCSE Music students attend an inspirational workshop with former ‘BBC Young Musician of the Year’, the uber talented cellist Sheku Kanneh-Mason MBE and his sister, pianist Isata #weareinawe


Year 9 happy campers

Huge congratulation to Academy players Clem and Izzie who both trialled at Brighton & Hove in June

Spanish students salsa their way out of Year 11...#thatfridayfeeling

Congratulations to the very first Winner of the ‘Stewart Cup for Creative Graft’. Loving your work Lucy! #spiritofclaremont

Six of our top Prep and Senior School swimmers are put through their paces in five Masterclass sessions with Ed Baxter and Harriet West. What an amazing opportunity! #luckykids #giftedandtalented #weloveswimming

Congratulations to our fantastic Year 11 students who in the most challenging of times celebrate a terrific set of GCSE results. #proud #happydays #spiritofclaremont


Claremont in the House T

he Wooden Spoon was a close contest this year between Pevensey and Camber with in the end, only 18 points in it but unfortunately Camber came up short. Commiserations to Head of House Mr Rasalingam who very graciously accepted this award on Speech Day with a promise that he and his students would come back fighting in the Autumn. The House Cup, or to use its more formal name ‘The Thomas French Jewellers Cup’ was hotly contested between Scotney and Bodiam but having won the House Tutor League five out of six times this year there could really only be one winner. Congratulations to Bodiam! “We are all winners. We couldn’t have won this without competition from the other Houses. Well done Bodiam - Best castle, best House” Anselm dePleave - Head of Bodiam Many Congratulations to Bodiam who also secured their victory at this year’s ‘Alternative House Sports Day’ with some outstanding displays of physical agility and pro-Bodiam propaganda cheerleading techniques designed to agitate the opposition. “Someone definitely needs to knock Bodiam off its perch next year” Mr Dickie

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The Final Word F ROM T H E H E AD S OF HO U S E CH AR L I E


We were all born to be creative, courageous and talented in our own unique ways using our independent characteristics to create bright futures for ourselves. That brightness is not just in some of us, it is in everyone, and if we allow our own personal brightnesses to shine we unconsciously give other people the ability to find their own lights’ That is what we believe the Claremont School community is all about. Enabling every individual who is bright, bold, creative, courageous and talented, lights to shine.

One of the first lectures Mr Dickie gave me was to explain that during a students’ time at Claremont they turn from a child into an adult, they go through one of the most difficult journeys of their lives, but as a result each student becomes a fully grown, responsible, more mature adult. I’d like to say Charlie and I have achieved that even though Charlie still hopes to grow a few more inches. Charlie and I and all our fellow Year 13 students will leave through the senior school gates for the last time this term - an important stage in our lives when we finally complete the transition from childhood to adulthood.

To all the students of the school, whether you are from the local areas in East Sussex and Kent, from France, Ethiopia, the Bahamas, Germany or Indonesia or any of the other 24 countries you come from, I say to you all, a huge congratulations for getting through the past 473 days of our lives and coming out of them having seen the world from a whole new perspective. Remember you are all brilliant, gorgeous, fabulous and talented. Do not fear your ability to shine bright.

Charlie Naomi have been outstanding Heads of School, showing great character and resilience in their leadership duties throughout the pandemic. They have been instrumental in driving forward ingenious ways to raise money and keep our community talking and together from afar during the long period of lockdown isolation, to include the launch of the Virtual Claremont Pet Show which we feel sure will make a joyous return next year! Goodbye and Good luck Charlie and Naomi - come back and see us soon! CON GRATU L ATION S TO OU R N EW H EADS OF SCH OOL FOR 2 0 2 1 / 2 2 Head of School: Maddie Baszczak Deputy Heads of School: Bella Galagher and Archie Willson

Charlie started Claremont in the Nursery and has come a long way since his days in the mud kitchen. Charlie will be making his way to Loughbourough University in the autumn to study Geography and Economics.

Charlie and Naomi field questions from prospective parents and students at the live Senior School Virtual Open Morning Webinar.

‘Class of 2021’


t, s i t r a n a e c n O ist! t r a n a s y a w l a

Claremont Connects New Alumni community network...

Coming Soon! 2019

Celebrating achievements, connecting with old friends and sharing the wealth of experience and skills we have amassed as a community. .

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