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New Road Methodist Church, Mount Street, Great Bridge

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March 2018


Regular Activities Deton’8 (Wednesday - 5:45 till 7:15pm) Junior Church (Sunday - 10:45am till 12pm)

Sunday 11th March - Mothering Sunday Thursday 15th March - Management Committee Meeting (11am) Thursday 15th March - Messy Easter - Tea-Time Church (3pm till 4:30pm) Saturday 24th March - Great Bridge Market Outreach (9am till 12noon) Sunday 25th March - Palm Sunday Wednesday 28th March - Deton’8 Break Up Thursday 29th March to Sunday 15th April - School Holiday Friday 30th March - Good Friday Sunday 1st April - Easter Sunday Wednesday 18th April - Deton’8 Return

Contact Information Simon Williams Children’s Worker 07855 915115


Minister: Rev. Denise Williams (Tel: 0121 520 2237)

For Baptisms, Weddings, Funerals and Room Hire please contact the minister.

What’s Been Going On? Friends, Having had snowy conditions around us currently, I was in a shop over the course of the week and overheard some asking “Since when do we get snow in March?” - quite regularly I believe. But, I was reminded of the fact that it is only through asking questions that we find out about the world us and develop our understanding of it. I also couldn’t be help but being reminded of Simon Peter. Simon Peter started life off as a fisherman - not seen as an important job - but, yet when Jesus asked Simon Peter to follow him, Simon Peter agreed and became one of Jesus’ disciples. For me, Simon Peter is an important person as he often asks those questions that the other disciples are either too scared to ask or hadn’t thought of which, always leads to interesting conversations and stories from Jesus. As well as this, Simon Peter often acts or says things before his brain has had chance to process what he is doing through which, leads to some interesting things happening such as walking on water. With both of these Simon Peter and the other disciples always learn something about the nature of God and Jesus. Jesus further reminds us to become child like through his encounter with children when we says:

“Let the...children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven” (Matthew 19:14, ESV)

Not only are young children inquisitive about the world and ask lots of questions - sometimes we cannot answer - but ‘they are not interested in the adult concept of status. Jesus [within this passage] says that we will never amount to much in the kingdom unless we look at the world in the same way (Mann, 2013:84). My challenge to us all this month is to live this passage out and to become more inquisitive with our faith and not let our adult concepts of status get in the way our relationship with Christ. God Bless, Simon Williams Children’s Worker New Road Methodist Church

Report to Church Council At the Church Council meeting on Monday 26th February, Simon presented a report about the children’s work happening at New Road over the last year. As part of this report, Simon presented some recommendations to the council which are available to view in the flyers at the back of the church or the full report is available online at: (flip snack) Junior Church On Wednesday 21st February, the children from Junior Church, had a trip to see Wesley Methodist Church’s pantomime ‘Goody Two Shoes’. All of the children who attend the trip enjoyed themselves with plenty of munching on sweets, booing at the evil witch and dancing. Thank you all of the Junior Church staff for making the trip happen. Also, during their Sunday morning sessions, the members of junior Church have been exploring Jesus’ transfiguration, Jesus’ time in the desert and how Jesus told his disciples to take up their cross and follow him. They have also been completing various activities and games to help them explore the challenging themes that come up during lent. Tea-Time Church The next tea-time church is: Messy Easter Thursday 15th March 3 till 4:30pm Join us for Easter fun, crafts, games and activities. We will also be celebrating Tea-Time Church’s 3rd Birthday. if you are unable to attend please hold the event and the families that attend in your prayers. Deton’8 Over the last half-term Deton’8 have been exploring some of the heroes from the Old Testament and looking at what we can learn from their lives. Within the final session of the half-term, we shared some thoughts about how what we say can hurt people but, more importantly, how when we put this online, it can stay there. Simon showed this through sharing some of his status that had been on Facebook for 10 Years. If you would like to help with any event at New Road, (even if it is for half an hour) please feel to get in touch with Simon.

What’s Been Going On? - Continued Leading upto Easter, the members of Deton’8 are going to be exploring the events of Holy Week, and what they mean to us today finishing the series with the glorious news of Easter morning. Education Work Within the month of February, we had several visits to Great Bridge Primary School. On Wednesday 28th February, we visited Year 2 to share with them a lesson on the Christian holy book. It included a whistle stop tour of all the books in the bible as well as explaining to them that anyone can read the bible anytime and that you don’t have to be anyone special to read it. On Friday 9th February, we visited Year 3 where we led a lesson on what Christians believe about God. all of the children where engaged and enjoyed this lesson with many children asking some interesting questions about God and what Christians believe. Finally, before half-term, we finished our series of lessons with Year 5 with two lessons on the events of Holy Week, particularly: Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday. This unit of work with Year 5 has been in preparation for their Easter play at the end of this half-term (Thursday 29th March).

Prayer Points Please hold these within your prayers: ~ Pray for our market outreach that people will hear and know the true meaning of Easter, also thank God for this opportunity to outreach within Great Bridge. ~ Pray that the local community - both those that live and work here - will know the peace of Easter and what it can bring to their lives. ~ Pray for the members of Junior Church that they will have a meaningful experience of Easter and that this would develop their relationship with Christ. ~ Pray for the children and their families that attend Deton’8 that they will continue to attend and hear the wondrous news of the Gospel.

Children's Newsletter (March 2018)  
Children's Newsletter (March 2018)