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Can’t stop my grind You don’t know my struggle Therefore you can’t judge my hustle Everyday it is a battle I shouldn’t have to fight & tussle I feel z-ro when he says you gets no love But I’m god’s child so your girl will rise above Don’t judge me cause there is more to me than you’ll ever know Just remember I’m a lady even when I start to flow I get Nicki when she says she got to go hard I know the games dudes play So I will pull that playa card If you real you wouldn’t judge a book by its cover I’m fat cakes baby there will be no other Get like me never You can try but you can try and won’t succeed If Your man loves you why he say I meet his needs I don’t want to diss I just want to make my music God blessed me with this talent so of course I’m going to use it I don’t want to rap I just think of rhymes If you on that kid tip I’ll quit and kill you with the same lines each time!!!

Can't Stop My Grind  

Just a rhyme on my life, Shintasia Moore aka Fat Cakes aka Hurricane Tasia aka Tay Breezy, WE FLAW-C ENT.