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FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ABOUT THE PROPOSED NEWPORT MUNICIPAL SWIMMING POOL Q: Who would own and operate the proposed pool? A: The pool will be owned and operated by the City of Newport. Q: What is the proposed location of the pool? A: The proposed pool would be attached to the south side of the Newport Recreation Center next to the City Hall. Q: How much would the new pool cost to build? A: The architect’s estimate for construction of the pool is $7.97 million. Q: How much would the new pool cost property owners? A: The cost to property owners would be approximately $.45 per $1,000 of assessed value of a property, and approximately $90 annually. Q: Where would parking be located and is there sufficient parking? A: The existing parking around the facility would be reconfigured and increased to accommodate routine use of the facility. Q: What temperature would the pools be? A: The warm water pool temperature will be approximately 89 degrees, and the temperature of the lap pool will be approximately 82 degrees. Q: Will any additional staff be required to operate the new pool? A: No additional staff will be required, and the current pool staff will be transferred to the new pool. Q: What would happen to the existing pool? A: The city will close the existing pool and use the building for other purposes or surplus it. Q: If the bond measure passes, when would the new pool be ready for use? A: The new pool would likely open in the summer of 2016. Q: Will the new pool have a water slide and an environmentally friendly (green) roof ? A: Neither of these features are budgeted, but could be added if sufficient funds are made available.

Newport activity guide fall 2013  

Fall / Winter 2013 activity guide and calendar for the Newport Recreation Center.

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