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Newport Covenant Community Groups Updated 10/13/11




Sunday 9:00am10:30am

Keith Ritzmann/Mark Gardner keith@ritzmannenterprises.c om

Meets @ church

Sunday 10:30am12:00pm

Sharon Neal/ Nancy Ritzmann nancy@ritzmannenterprises. com

Meets @ church in youth room

Sunday 4:00pm5:30pm

Adam Anderson

User’s Guide to Newport Meets @ church

Tuesday 6:30pm8:30pm

Gloria Hardy/Marlene Heppner

Newcastle Neighborhood

Wednesday 7:00pm-9:00 pm

Berly Molina

Focus on basics of Christianity Meets @ church

Wednesday WNL Youth 6:00pm8:00pm

    

Thursday 6:00pm

Max Starks

Young Adults meeting at Luther’s Table in Renton

Friday 7:00am8:15am

Dan Miller & Mark Toretta

Mighty Men meet in the church library.

Friday (1st & 3rd) 6:30pm

Begins Friday, 10/21 Heidi & Gordon Goins

Meets in a home on the south end.

Middle School Guys - Andy Robblee & Michael Saunders High School Guys - Max Starks & Jerry Aiken 7th-9th grade Girls - Kelcey Kiehn & Ellen Brenden 6th grade Girls - Linda Peterson & Leslie Hergert 10th-12th grade Girls - Diana Ponten & Alyssa Jones

Newport Covenant Church

Community Groups are Newport’s primary place where you can gather to be known and live like Jesus in and among our community. These small communities are typically made up of 6-12 people, and can meet in homes or offices throughout the week. These communities can have many different purposes as they study the Scriptures, pray, offer mutual support, encouragement and discipleship, and find unique ways to reach out to others in our community. Community Groups usually meet weekly, but they emphasize the ongoing relationship between the members of the group in everyday life. Our desire is that everyone at Newport will be a part of a Community Group and become effective and productive in their faith in Jesus Christ. Community Group Leadership Training on Mondays at 7pm is for anyone interested in leading a community group. This training course is designed to prepare a leader to lead people in the process of disciple making in a small group setting. Contact Pastor Adam for more information at

To join a Community Group, fill out the Community Group Connect Card located at the information table found in the Welcome Brochure. For more information about a specific group, email the group leader.