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UAKER talk AUGUST 2017

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elcome to a new school year and another chance to #ExperienceNP. The Quaker Experience empowers our students to grow, discover, thrive, and critically think. It is both personal and diverse. Each one of our students is at the center of their Quaker Experience. With over 100 clubs and extracurricular activities, we can connect your child both socially and academically. Our caring, professional staff support our students by defining their passions and experiences while achieving at a high level. This year will bring a continued commitment to increasing instructional

technology use in our district. We are not simply replacing traditional paper and pencil learning with a computer; we are working to transform the entire student experience and prepare today’s students for a future that has yet to be defined. Collaboration, communication, and critical thinking are emphasized for all students. The student experience at New Philadelphia City schools is unique and sets our district apart from any other. #ExperienceNP is possible thanks to the support and dedication of our amazing students, staff, parents, and community.

Quaker Talk - Aug. 2017


New Philadelphia City Schools A note from the superintendent… From the Desk of the Treasurer…

Dear Quaker Community Members:


elcome to the 2017-2018 school year! I am very excited for the upcoming school year and the many successes it will bring to our nearly 3,200 students. I hope you have enjoyed a safe, healthy and restful summer vacation with family and friends. Last year we focused our efforts on achieving a well-rounded program that focuses not only on the academic growth for our students, but also on social and emotional development of every child. Dave Brand Our primary goals were to create equitability in the Superintendent of Schools elementaries, enhance communication, provide a stronger gifted education and a more well-rounded rigorous curriculum. We are excited and proud to offer an enhanced student experience through expansion of our strategic plan - The Quaker Compass. The opening of the school year will include a message to all staff on the importance of continuing the type of education valued by our community and is outlined in the Quaker Compass. This year we will continue to enhance each student’s personalized educational experience, and allow our students to maximize their full potential. This endeavor cannot be accomplished solely by what happens in the district. This is an effort that requires a strong partnership between the school, parents and broader community. This is what has led, and will continue to lead, to the amazing experience afforded to the students of New Philadelphia. Thank you for your continued support of New Philadelphia City Schools.

Welcome back and see how you can #ExperienceNP! Go Quakers!

Dave Brand




The New Philadelphia Board of Education has a permanent improvement levy on the November ballot. Due to the unique timing of an expiring bond, the proposed replacement levy will cost taxpayers slightly less than the two taxes currently being paid. The levy will only apply to permanent improvements such as: buildings, infrastructure, and other capital assets with a minimum of a five year life. There are currently two levies being paid. One is a permanent improvement and the other is for a bond issue that was approved in Julie Erwin 1990. The expiring bond was created to rebuild Treasurer the high school after a fire in the library of the high school. Twenty-seven years later, the district desires to maintain the building and be prepared for major maintenance systems that may need to be replaced in the coming years. The district prides itself on the quality and maintenance of all of the buildings district wide and ongoing permanent improvement funds, helping ensure their upkeep and provide reliable learning environments for our students. It’s not often that a Bond issue will stop collecting at the same time that another levy is available to be placed on the ballot. The opportunity is now to save taxpayer dollars while allowing the District to fund its future capital needs. Collection for the two current levies for a 100,000 home ............................. $43.61 Propsed collection for the Nov. 2017 ballot issue for a $100,000 home ........$35.00 Proposed savings to the taxpayer for a $100,000 home .................................. $8.61

Parent Portal

No more duplicating back-to-school forms… New Philadelphia Schools have replaced many of our duplicate paper forms with digital forms. These electronic forms, accessed through the district homepage at www.npschools. org, are designed to help simplify the process for our families and will ensure all appropriate staff members have accurate student information. OneView will save you time and improve efficiencies. In future years, families will be able to simply log into the Parent Portal to revise and correct student information from the previous year, without starting the process over each time. A letter will be sent home to each parent explaining the new process and your child’s ID number. Once you have

completed the online forms, you will have access to your child’s schedule. If you do not have access to a PC, tablet or phone to complete your forms, or if you need assistance in completing forms, the Board Office (248 Front Avenue) will be available for all parents K-12 on Tuesday and Thursday mornings in August from 9-Noon. Please contact Kathy Joseph, District Registrar, for assistance with any issues you have accessing the portal (330.364.0600). As always, your support of New Philadelphia City Schools is very much appreciated! We are looking forward to a safe and successful school year with your child(ren).

New Philadelphia City Schools • 248 Front Avenue SW - New Philadelphia OH 44663 • 330 364 0600 •

Quaker Talk - Aug. 2017


Back School '17-'18 Press Release CLASSES BEGIN: Thursday, August 24, 2017 (Grades 1-12) KINDERGARTEN: August 24 – Kindergarten Parent Orientation Day August 25 – Phase-In Kindergarten (Students A-M) August 28 – Phase-In Kindergarten (Students N-Z) August 29 – First Full Day for Kindergarten STUDENT TIMES: Pre-School: AM – 8:30 AM - 11:45 AM Pre-School: PM – 12:30 PM – 3:45 PM Elementary: Doors Open 9:00 AM Elementary Tardy Bell at 9:15 AM Elementary Dismissal is 3:45 PM Welty Middle: Doors Open 7:35 AM (Class time: 7:48 - 2:42) High School: Doors Open 7:35 AM (Class time: 7:48 - 2:42) ORIENTATIONS: OHSAA Fall Sports Parent Meeting – August 7, 2017 – 6:00 PM Welty Auditorium All High School & Middle School Fall Sports, Cheerleaders and Qt's Parents must attend this meeting. High School - Freshmen Orientation & New HS Student Orientation will be held August 10, 2017 at 6:30 PM in the Welty Auditorium. Parents & Students are welcome. Welty - Sixth Grade Orientation for All Sixth Graders will be held August 21, 2017 at 6:00 PM in Welty Auditorium. Welty - Grade 7 & 8 Orientation will be held August 22, 2017 5:30 PM in Welty Auditorium. Elementary Schools Meet The Teacher – August 23, 2017 at 6:00 PM (Central, East, South, West and York Elementary) High School Open House – August 29 – 6:00 PM

SCHEDULES & ELE. HOMEROOM ASSIGNMENTS: All Welty and High School student schedules will be available through the new “on line” Parent Portal. Instructions will be mailed home the week of August 1. Elementary Parents will also receive information about the new Parent Portal system, and will receive the teacher assignment once forms are completed on line. IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR NEW STUDENTS: The District now offers “Centralized Registration.” All NEW Students K-12 are to register at the Front Administration Office (248 Front Avenue SW-New Philadelphia) 330-364-0600. Hours are M-F 8:00 AM-3:30 PM – Third Floor. See Kathy Joseph, Registration. OnLine Registraton Forms are available at IMPORTANT: The following information is needed at registration: birth certificate, immunization records, proof of residence, and court records (if applicable). BUS ROUTES: Letters will be sent home with transportation information to all parents on or before August 7. If you have not received notification after that date, please contact the Transportation Office at 330-364-0622. To make arrangements for transportation for your child, a registration form is available in the Transportation Office (248 Front Avenue SW). Bus students are transported from one pick up location and returned to one drop off location. Transportation is provided for students K-12 living one mile from their school of attendance. A consistent schedule for the year must be arranged with the Transportation Office. When a student needs alternative transportation arrangements, the parent or legal guardian is responsible for transportation. If anyone other than the parent/guardian is to pick up or drop off your elementary school agechild, a written note must be sent to the building principal.

LUNCHES & LUNCH PRICES will remain the same from last year: BREAKFAST: $2.25 - for Elementary LUNCHES:, $2.50 – for Middle & High School, Ala carte is available at Welty Middle/N.P.H.S. The “Grab n Go” breakfast program cost is $1.25. *Free and Reduced Lunch/Breakfast Forms are now available on-line. Buildings will have forms on hand, see building secetary. High School Cafeteria now offers a Deli Center with healthy wraps, latte’s and specialty sandwiches. Parents may pay for lunches in advance. Visit the pre-pay website at: and through the new Parent Portal. STUDENT FEES: Kindergarten................ $20.00 Grade 1.......................... $20.00 Grade 2......................... $20.00 Grade 3......................... $20.00 Grade 4......................... $20.00 Grade 5......................... $20.00 Grades 6-8.................... $50.00 Grades 9-l2.......... Actual Costs PRESCHOOL: South Preschool Students will now be attending South Preschool Center (located at 518 Church Ave SW). West Elementary and East Elementary centers will not be moving locations. Phone 364-0619 for more information. Parent Orientation is August 24 and 28. Schedule will be mailed to parents. The First regular Day for Preschool students is August 29. Pre-School: AM – 8:30 AM - 11:45 AM Pre-School: PM – 12:30 PM – 3:45 PM SUPPLY LISTS: Our district homepage: MEET THE TEAM: August 18, 2017– 6:00 PM – Quaker Stadium – free entry with a school supply! Meet all Fall Sports Teams – Band – Delphian – Cheerleaders and QT’s! Make sure to follow New Philadelphia City Schools on TWITTER & FACEBOOK.

Quaker Talk - Aug. 2017


New Philadelphia City Elementary Schools 2017-2018 Supply List Central, East, South, West & York KINDERGARTEN #2 Pencils - 1 pkg. Crayons - 24 count - 2 boxes Glue Sticks - 8 Eraser Large, Pink Scissors Colored Markers Colored Pencils Dry Erase Markers - Black, chisel tip set of 4 - 2 packs GRADE 1 #2 Pencils - 1 pkg. Crayons - 24 count Glue Sticks - 6 Eraser Large, Pink Scissors Composition Notebook Colored Markers Colored Pencils Supply Box Dry Erase Markers - Set of 4 GRADE 2 #2 Pencils - 2 pkgs. Crayons - 24 count Glue Sticks - 4 Eraser Large, Pink Scissors Composition Notebook Colored Markers Colored Pencils Supply Box Dry Erase Markers - Set of 4 Highlighters - Yellow - 2 Spiral Notebook, wide-rules, 70 pgs 2 Pocket Folders w/Prongs 5 different colors GRADE 3 #2 Pencils - 2 pkgs. Crayons - 24 count Glue Sticks - 4 Eraser Large, Pink Scissors Composition Notebook Colored Markers Colored Pencils

Supply Box - shoe box size Dry Erase Markers - Set of 4 Highlighters - 2 Notebook, wide-rule - 2 Pocket Folders w/Prongs 5 different colors GRADE 4 #2 Pencils - 2 pkgs. Crayons - 24 count Glue Sticks - 2 Eraser Large, Pink Scissors Composition Notebook Colored Markers Colored Pencils Supply Box Dry Erase Markers - Set of 4 Highlighters - 2 Notebook, wide-ruled - 2 Pocket Folders w/Prongs 5 different colors GRADE 5 #2 Pencils - 2 pkgs. Crayons - 24 count Glue Sticks - 4 Eraser Large, Pink Scissors Composition Notebook Dry Erase Markers - Set of 4 Highlighters - 2 Notebook, wide-ruled - 2 Pocket Folders w/Prongs 5 different colors

TEACHERS WISHLIST… If you would like to donate any of the items listed below for your child's classroom the teacher's would appreciate it. • TISSUES • ANTIBACTERIAL WIPES • PAPER TOWLES • BAGS: SANDWICH, QUART, GALLON & 2-GALLON

*If you wish for your child to have their own set of earbuds, please feel free to send in a pair with your child’s name on them. **PLEASE NO MECHANICAL PENCILS

State Of Ohio: Immunization Requirements For 2017-2018

7th grade - Tdap (tetanus booster) and MCV (meningitis) vaccinations. 12th grade - MCV (meningitis) vaccine.Two doses of the vaccine are required unless the first dose was administered on or after the age of 16. We are providing early notification in order to provide you ample time to make arrangements with your physician or the New Philadelphia Health Depart-

ment to have these required vaccinations completed. Please provide proof of immunizations directly to the school nurse (sports physicals are kept separately by the athletic department). Students, who are not in compliance with this state mandate, will be excluded from school and all school related activities.

Welty Middle School 2017-2018 Supply Lists 6th Grade Assorted Highlighter Pens Ruler (inches & centimeters) Loose leaf notebook paper (1) Pack 5x8 lined note cards – for Language Arts (1) Pack 3x5 lined note cards – for Social Studies (*) Pencils (multiple packs or please replenish ea. 9 wks.) (1) Pack Colored Pencils (12) (1) 4-Pack of multi-color dry erase markers (low odor) (1) Zipper pouch (1) Pair of Scissors (3) Glue Sticks

(2) Rolls Scotch Tape (4) 1 inch Binders with dividers (4) Packs Insertable (8-Tab) Tab Index/ Dividers (1) 24 Pack Crayons (1) Box of Kleenex (optional) (1) Roll Paper Towels (optional) (1) Plain White T-shirt in your child’s size for Science (Please put their name on the inside label) (1) Pack Red Pens (1) TI 35 Calculator (1) Set of ear buds (1) Pack Post-It Flags (1) Bottle Hand Sanitizer (optional)

School locker locks are included in your school fees. If you lose your lock it will cost $6.00 to replace. (Your lock follows you through high school) EXPLO CLASSES: 1 Binder and 1 Pack of Dividers Art - #2 Wooden Pencils (1 Pack) BAND: 6th grade - Standards of Excellence Book 1 CHOIR AND GENERAL MUSIC: 1 Box of Tissues GATEWAY TO TECHNOLOGY: (1) 1” Binder and (1) Box Zip Lock Bags…any size is fine PHYSICAL EDUCATION: CLOTHES TO CHANGE IN TO: GYM SHORTS, T-SHIRT & TENNIS SHOES HEALTH: (1) 2” Binder OR (2) Pocket Folders

7th Grade 5 Assorted Highlighters Loose leaf notebook paper (multiple packs… bring a new pack each nine weeks) Pencils (multiple packs…bring a new pack each nine weeks) Erasers Pens (red, blue, black) 1 Pack Fine-tipped Colored Markers

1 Pack Colored Pencils (12) Scissors (2) Glue Sticks (4) 1 inch or 1-1/2 inch Binders (4) Packs of Dividers – will need 12-16 individual dividers (1) Roll Paper Towels (optional) (2) Boxes of Kleenex (optional) Calculator: TI-34 Multiview

Students will use the same lock as last year….if lost it will cost $6.00 to replace EXPLO CLASSES: 1 Binder and 1 Pack of Dividers Art – #2 Wooden Pencils (1 Pack) Choir - (1) 2 Pocket Folder to leave in Choir Room BAND: 7th grade - Standards of Excellence Book 1 and 2 GUITAR: Everybody’s Guitar Method Book 1” 3 Ring Hard Cover Binder & 5 Tab Notebook Dividers PHYSICAL EDUCATION: CLOTHES TO CHANGE IN TO: GYM SHORTS, T-SHIRT & TENNIS SHOES HEALTH: (1) 2” 3 Ring Binder OR (2) Pocket Folders

8th Grade (5) Assorted Highlighters Loose leaf notebook paper (2) Packs Lined Index Cards (1) Protractor Erasers (2) Glue Sticks Pencils (multiple packs… bring a new pack ea. 9 wks) (2) Pens (red)

(1) Pack Colored Pencils (12) (1) 2 Pocket Folder with prongs (1) Zipper Pouch (3) Packs of Dividers (8Tab) (3) 1-1/2 inch Binders (2) Boxes of Kleenex (optional) (1) Roll Paper Towels (optional) Calculator from last year TI-34 Multiview - if lost, it will cost $16.00 for a new one

Students will use the same lock as last year….if lost it will cost $6.00 to replace EXPLO CLASSES: 1 Binder and 1 Pack of Dividers Art – 1 Pack #2 Wooden Pencils Choir - (1) 2 Pocket Folder to leave in the Choir room BAND: 7th grade - Standards of Excellence Book 1 and 2 GUITAR: Everybody’s Guitar Method Book 1 1” 3 Ring Hardcover Binder & 5 Tab Notebook Dividers GATEWAY TO TECHNOLOGY: 1 – 1” Binder and 1 Box Zip Lock Bags Any Size PHYSICAL EDUCATION: CLOTHES TO CHANGE IN TO: GYM SHORTS, T-SHIRT & TENNIS SHOES

Quaker Talk - Aug. 2017


AP Capstone™ Beginning with the 2017 - 2018 school year, New Philadelphia High School will implement AP Seminar, the first of two consecutive courses that make up the AP Capstone program. Students who successfully complete Capstone in addition to four other AP courses of their choice will earn an AP Capstone diploma. AP Seminar is a skills-based course in which students will practice critical thinking as they work through the research process. Using the QUEST framework, students will become educated consumers of information. Through project-based learning, both individually and in teams, students will develop research questions, effectively evaluate sources, synthesize ideas, and communicate their arguments. Students will read current texts to evaluate multiple perspectives of real world issues. They will develop arguments, and listen to others during discussion, and debate as well as present their ideas through multi-media presentations. Collaborative learning is pervasive throughout the course. Each day students will be actively engaged in discussion and research. During the first semester, students will learn skills through four inquiry units: Image and Identity, Wealth and Poverty, Power and Inequality, and Food. Students will start the year learning about the Growth Mindset and how to incorporate it into their daily lives. They will utilize goal setting and journaling to measure their progress. Texts for the course will include Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell, Nickel and Dimed by Barbara Ehrenreich, Hidden Figures by Margot Shetterly, and The Jungle by Upton Sinclair. During the second semester, students will focus on their performance tasks and end-of-course exam.

Performance task #1 will be a team project and presentation. Groups of students will collaborate as a team to identify a problem or issue. Each team will develop a research question and conduct preliminary research. Teams will then identify approaches, perspectives, or lenses and divide responsibilities among themselves for individual research that will address the team’s overall research question. Each individual will complete a written report. As a team, students will complete a multimedia presentation to communicate the conclusion, solution, and/or recommendation of their research. Performance task #2 will be an individual research-based essay and presentation. The College Board’s AP Program will annually release stimulus materials representing a range of perspectives focused on a single theme or topic. Students will use stimulus texts to identify a research question on their own. Students will then conduct research, analyze, evaluate, and select evidence to develop their argument, followed by a formal presentation and defense of their conclusion. Students will be given a minimum of 30 school days to complete this task. The AP Seminar end-of-course exam consists of three short answer questions assessing analysis of an argument in a single source document and one essay question assessing students’ skills in synthesizing and creating an evidence-based argument. Scores from all three assessments will be used to calculate students’ final score for the course. At the end of the year, students will begin their transition into AP Research, the second course of the AP Capstone Program, which will be implemented in the 2018 - 2019 school year.


Quaker Talk - Aug. 2017



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Quaker Talk - Aug. 2017


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Quaker Talk - Aug. 2017


New Philadelphia Internship Program Student Testimonials New Philadelphia High School in cooperation with Allied Machine and Dover Chemical have completed the first year of the New Philadelphia Internship Program. This Pilot Year program allowed students to have the opportunity to apply classroom learning experiences and interact with professionals to greater enhance their knowledge of diverse career areas. Three New Philadelphia High School students have been provided the the opportunity to consolidate and apply the learning from their high school coursework into a meaningful and relevant on-the job experience. The current placement of students focused on students with engineering interests. These students committed 250 contact hours to the business partners over the academic school year to inquire knowledge into the career field, skill attainment, skill application, and a capstone project based activity upon completion that consolidates the overall learning experience. The New Philadelphia City Schools is currently expanding the program to serve the future career needs of our community. The addition of another business partner, Union Hospital, will now allow the school district to provide experiences for students in the Allied Health Science professions. The State of Ohio has identified sixteen career clusters of need. They are listed as followed: 1. Agriculture, Foods and Natural Resources 2. Architecture and Construction 3. Arts, A/V Technology and Communications 4. Business Management and Administration

5. Education and Training 6. Finance 7. Government and Public Administration 8. Allied Health Sciences a. Union Hospital 9. Hospitality and Tourism 10. Human Services 11. Information Technology 12. Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security 13. Manufacturing 14. Marketing, Sales and Service 15. Science, Technology, Engineering and Math a. Dover Chemical b. Allied Machine 16. Transportation, Distribution and Logistics

The New Philadelphia City Schools is grateful for the opportunity to partner with both Dover Chemical and Allied Machine. These partners have provided opportunities for the students to understand the relevance of academics in relation to what it takes to be successful in the workplace. The long term goal of New Philadelphia City Schools is that we will continue to partner with additional local businesses to create opportunities to develop our local workforce needs and to greater enhance our community through our greatest asset, our students. If there are questions in regard to student opportunities or further business partnerships please contact Mr. Kevin Wolf, Assistant Principal at New Philadelphia High School.

Richard McEwan - Dover Chemical “As far as my future goes, I can definitely see this occupation being a career path for me - so far, the work makes a lot of sense to me and from what I can tell, the salary would leave me pretty comfortable as well. The only challenges for me so far have come in the form of all the new terms and chemistry related words that I haven’t been exposed to in the classroom yet. I am fully acclimated and comprehending everything that is going on, and I have been able take things that I learn in the workplace to school with me in my school subjects (chemistry, specifically). I am grateful for the willingness and efforts of Scott and the rest of the guys that I work with everyday for providing me with this opportunity, as well as making this experience a success for me." Mitchell Pipes - Allied Machine “Currently I am working in the design department where I am learning how to use the program Pro/E. This program allows the design engineers to make a 3 dimensional model of their tools before they are created to make sure they meet customer specifications. I am very interested in this career partially because I have had experience with a program similar to Pro/E and I have been enjoying the work. I believe this could be a potential career option for me.”


330-364-1213 330-339-4001 fax 330-339-4004 1385 Oldtown Valley Rd. SE, New Phila, Ohio 44663

Quaker Talk - Aug. 2017


“Central Elementary School… Where Students Shine!” The 2017-18 school year looks to be an exciting one for the students, faculty, and parents of Central Elementary School. Our theme for the upcoming year is Grit! We as a staff have worked diligently to develop a Grit! and Growth Mindset implementation model based on the award winning book by Angela Duckworth, as well as the research of leading educator Carol Dweck. We will be utilizing a wide variety of strategies and activities to nurture our students to have a Grit! and Growth mindset. That is, we will ask our students to value great effort, a commitment to practice and perseverance, and recognition that learning takes place over time. Even if a skill is not yet mastered, it will be acquired through a commitment to a Grit! And Growth attitude. As a reminder to our students of the keyword yet, each classroom will have a plush toy Yeti to adopt as a member of the class! Along the way, we will also be utilizing the E+R=O model made famous by the Focus 3 leadership organization and the work of Tim and Brian Kight with The Ohio State University football team. Students will learn about how Events that occur in their life, and how they Respond to those events will yield either a positive or negative Outcome. We are so excited about our amazing plan and commitment to ensuring each child realize the fullness of their potential through a commitment to Grit! and a never quit attitude. We will reward great effort and perseverance as these are critical life skills for future success!


- First grade teacher Brittany Booth poses with her class Yeti as part of the school's Grit! theme for 2017-18. As a kick-off for our 2017-18 theme, parents and students are invited to attend a special assembly on the evening of August 15 with Jim “Basketball” Jones. In addition to his amazing ball-handling skills, Jim will be sharing his thoughts on developing a Grit! Mindset. This should be a fun, exciting, and informative way to jump-start our new school year and set a tone for success! We look forward to a great response from our school community! As always, we at Central Elementary School look forward to the promise of a new year! Got Grit? We do!!!


East Elementary

One of the beliefs at East Elementary, who is a “Leader In Me” School, is that every student can be a leader. During the 2016-2017 school year, the staff at East Elementary created a weekly Shine Time assembly. Shine Time quickly became a whole school assembly that motivated students to be leaders, as well as a time to celebrate the accomplishments of both students and staff.

Individual students were recognized for their work in their classrooms and their leadership throughout the school. The students who participated in the talent show were recognized and the achievement of a building wide recess goal was celebrated. We also honored our secretary, Mrs. Watson, for winning the Support Staff Employee of the Year award. Shine Time is a new tradition that we look forward to continuing in the upcoming school year!


Quaker Talk - Aug. 2017


Gifted Opportunities Continue to Expand This fall will once again bring an expansion to the gifted services that are offered at New Philadelphia City Schools. This follows a year where opportunities for elementary students, identified as gifted, had already been dramatically increased. It also continues to underscore the commitment that New Philadelphia City Schools truly meets the needs of all students by providing a personalized learning experience. Beginning with the 2016-2017 school year, gifted students in grades 3, 4, and 5, who met the service criteria were bused to magnet classes, located at South Elementary, for full-time instruction by three gifted intervention specialists. For the upcoming school year, we are adding an additional class. Mrs. Karly Ross will join our current gifted staff and will be teaching third grade. We will also continue to have a 4th grade self-contained class as well as two classes at the 5th grade level. “We are thrilled to be able to expand our gifted services at the elementary level. We believe that by continuing to provide quality services and educational experiences for our younger students, we are paving the path for increased opportunities and achievement for these students as they get older,” shares Chief Academic Officer/Gifted Coordinator, Amy Wentworth. Students seem to agree. This is what one had to say about his experience in the magnet class last year, “I feel amazingly challenged to the limits, and I am very happy about this so I can push

New To the District?

New Students K-12 may now register at the Front Administration Office (248 Front Ave SW New Philadelphia).

LIVING WAX MUSEUM - Fourth and Fifth Grade Students at South Elementary participated in the school’s annual “Living Wax Museum”. The “Living Wax Museum” is a collection of visual displays where students come to school dressed in costume, portraying significant individuals such as athletes, inventors, or historical characters. Students learn a great deal as they prepare for their presentation. They research their character learning all about their life, write a biography and prepare a backdrop along with a costume for their presentation. Parents and visitors are then welcome to walk around and tour each student’s exhibit. Students work very hard on this project and are very proud as visitors learn from their exhibits. The “Living Wax Museum” is something both students and families look forward to each year.

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myself.” Another student agreed, “Every night when I go home, I can’t wait for the next day.” When gifted students transition to Welty Middle School, additional opportunities are available to them there, as well. Gifted English Language Arts and math classes are offered to both 6th and 7th grade students. Students in the 8th grade have the opportunity to take high school level courses. This helps prepare those capable students to be ready to take advanced coursework, either at a college or Advanced Placement (AP) level prior to graduating from high school. The expansion of gifted services at the elementary level helps make these opportunities available to a greater number of New Philadelphia students.

330-364-0600 Hours are M-F 8:00 AM- 3:30 PM- Third Floor. See Kathy Joseph, Registration

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EST. in 1924 - Phone: 330-339-5067 • Fax: 330-339-9088

Quaker Talk - Aug. 2017


Veteran employee preserving wood flooring in classrooms At New Philadelphia City Schools, our Buildings and Grounds staff works hard all year long to maintain safe, secure and clean environments in each of our buildings for our students to learn and succeed, but no time of the year is more important than during the summer break. One project that started last summer and continued this summer was in Welty Middle School. Custodian Chris Born, who will be celebrating his 39th year, took on the project of removing carpet in three classrooms each year and restoring the wood flooring. This project includes ripping up the carpet, scraping all the glue, sanding and eventually waxing is not as easy as it might sound. Admittedly, Chris has taken the process from last year and learned from certain aspects which has allowed him to be more efficient this year. By restoring the wood flooring, it allows those classroom floors to be more effectively cleaned in less time than it would by sweeping carpet each night.

GOLDEN QUAKER PASS - Citizens (65 years and older) or disabled retirees who reside in the New Philadelphia School District are entitled to a free general admission pass to New Philadelphia Home Athletic Events (excludes Phila/Dover events). This pass may be picked up at the New Philadelphia Board of Education Office located at 248 Front Avenue SW from 8 AM â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 3 PM. Chris Born is just one example of the hard working staff that is behind the scenes, but is instrumental in being the foundation of providing the right environment so each of our students can have the best experience possible at New Philadelphia.

Meet the Team Night Everyone is invited to Meet the Team August 18th 2017 -6:00pm at Quaker Stadium- Free entry with a donated

school supply! Meet all Fall Sports Teams- Band- Dephian- Cheerleaders and QTs.!

INSURANCE SEE US FOR ALL YOUR INSURANCE NEEDS! 2146 E. High Ave., New Philadelphia 330-339-4211 â&#x20AC;˘ Fax: 330-339-3858

2016-2017 Review The 2016-17 school year was a busy and exciting time. We built upon the traditions of the past while stimulating growth through our Strategic Plan - the Quaker Compass. We continue to strive to offer vast opportunities for each child while ensuring a personalized learning experience. In New Philadelphia City Schools, students achieve excellence with hard

work and dedication to learning and improving. We are proud to be State and Nationally recognized for our excellence in the academics, arts, and athletics. It is the full commitment from administration, staff, educators, parents, students, and people like you that make a difference in our District! Thank you for your time and support.



Quaker Talk - Aug. 2017


Every Student Is Different Every student is different. Every student has different needs and learning styles. New Philadelphia City Schools is committed to personalizing the learning experience for each and every student. With the support of Chromebooks, online resources, and innovative instruction, our students are seeing the benefits of student-centered learning. Putting students at the center allows for teachers to provide individual and small group academic support. Today’s students are solving problems, collaborating with peers, and managing their learning. The stakes are high for our students, their learning experiences should prepare them for future opportunities that will require strong communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity skills. Joyce Morrell, a sixth-grade teacher, explains; "Technology integration is using technology to engage students, enhance learning, and expand opportunity. The resources become one of

the means to meet the learning goals by allowing students to collaborate, pace themselves, and take control of their own learning. Students also have the opportunity to work one-on-one with their teacher and collectively with peers." -Morrell Welty Middle School starts another year with providing sixth and seventh-grade students each with a Chromebook. Canvas, the online classroom management tool, is growing in popularity. Our high school and middle school students will access their class lessons and resources anytime, anyplace, when logging into Canvas. The Middle School language arts teacher, Brooke Nicol has appreciated the benefits of Canvas; "Canvas allows students, as well as teachers to interact on a whole other level. Group work, differentiation, Tiered assignments and assessments are all possible through Canvas. It gives students immediate feedback to allow for remediation or acceleration all ac-

West Elementary students are ready to LEAD! cording to their learning style." -Nicol Google Apps are transitioning the K-5 students into the digital world. Google Classroom and Google Drive enhance student collaboration and allow for strong teacher-student relationships. Our district-wide team approach is empowering student learning. We are providing continued education to staff and resources for students. The 20172018 school year is an opportunity for students to be inspired to create, collaborate, and find a passion for learning.

West students are ready to take goal setting and learning to a whole new level this year! We are prepared to keep track of our learning with our Leadership notebooks and will be working on meeting the goals we set. We will continue our leading by helping others and sharing the success of our school! It is always a great day at West with the students working hard. OUR MISSION STATEMENT IS: We are leaders that make wise choices Everyone shows respect for each other Solving problems as a team Together we work to show pride We are spirited Quakers!

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Quaker Talk August 2017  
Quaker Talk August 2017