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New Palace Films and Beautiful Confusion Films Present

a film by Tom Huckabee Wednesday, December 16, 2009

synopsis “What does Ed Franklin want?” Itʼs a fair question. Sarah, Edʼs ex-girlfriend, wonders why he shows up out of the blue, asking to borrow $50. But it isnʼt the small loan request that gets her curious. Edʼs brought along his Granny after sneaking her out of a Texas nursing home, driving a thousand miles to Arizona, headed for Los Angeles. Heʼs also got an angry posse on his tail – his Dad and brothers. They want Granny back. The chase begins innocently enough when Ed Franklin (Gabriel Horn), a twenty-something actor carving out a career in Hollywood, comes home to Fort Worth for the holidays. His mom Jean (Morgana Shaw) is warm and welcoming, but the ruler of the clan, Rex (Mark Walters) seems a little too cool, too cocky, while older brother Steve (Bryan Massey) is just plain hostile. Youngest brother Davy (Tyler Corrie) is Edʼs closest confidant, but has his own problems – he recently got busted for selling dope. Into this Texas tableau comes Granny (Juli Erickson), allowed to visit the family for Christmas. Her nursing home is close by, but leans towards “maximum security.” Granny hates it. Ed sees how miserable she is. Grannyʼs tried to escape before. Everyone blames this on her not being quite right in the head, but Ed knows this feisty lady best, having been sent to live with her from the age of eight onwards. He wants to bring Granny back to Los Angeles to stay with him. Rexʼs response? No way is his mother going to California. Edʼs response? With Grannyʼs enthusiastic approval, he springs her from Cherokee Rose Manor and they make a run for it. What does Ed Franklin want at the moment he speeds away with Granny? “Ed wants attention. Period.” says Gabriel Horn, “Maybe an answer or two from Rex about the failed relationship with Granny.” Juli Erickson adds, “I think what Granny is looking for is plain and simple…Rexʼs love.” Ed and Grannyʼs long journey across prairie and mesa to the California desert, earns them, and the entire Franklin clan, some hard-won wisdom about family, loss, and love.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

about the production “Carried Away” doesnʼt just have an unconventional story line. How this movie got made, and made so well, is equally extraordinary. After earning a film degree in Texas, writer and director Tom Huckabee spent most of his adult life working in the industry in Hollywood. He honed his production skills running lifelong friend Bill Paxtonʼs company, American Entertainment. He wrote his own screenplays, but never saw them made. Returning in 2006 to Texas, he served as Artistic Director for the Lone Star International Film Fest, and met a group of fired-up filmmakers who inspired him to finally helm a long-shelved script. Huckabee financed it almost entirely on his own, joking, “I wanted no one to blame for the outcome but myself.” The budget, by Hollywood standards – even independent film standards – was miniscule: $250,000. Huckabee had to be smart. He got the best actors – maybe not famous (yet) – but uniformly excellent, and his entire crew went beyond the call of duty. He attracted this kind of talent and tenacity because of the quality of his script and the strength of his vision.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Director’s Statement Tom Huckabee will replace this text once he writes his own. Twelve was also an experiment in it is a largescale, high-concept thriller we were able to execute in an inexpensive, stream-lined manner with all digital technology – a Hollywood story at digital prices. Because of the pick-up-and-shoot element of DV, many of our elaborate action sequences were shot on the fly; our cast and crew would literally just show up at real New York locations and dive right in, much to the astonishment of unsuspecting passersby.  This manner of shooting adds greatly to the immediacy of the film, a very far-out science fiction story told in a very real New York City. A further opportunity provided by the digital medium was that Twelve was amongst the first features to be work-shopped on the Internet before achieving its final form.  Scenes from the film were posted on a website for viewers to download even as the picture was still being shot.  Feedback on message boards helped shape the movie as it was being made.  The responses from viewers on the web became an integral part of the process, and influenced major changes, including the addition of a major characters several significant plot developments.  All of these elements combined give Twelve an immediacy and a connection with its audience that would never have been possible before the advent of digital filmmaking technology.  I feel very luck that Twelve is part of a new wave in film – the digital wave.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

cast Gabriel Horn (Ed)

Tyler Corie (Davy)

Night Crawlers, The Consultants, Redemption

Brotherhood, Dear Jane, Mad Bad

Jennifer Sipes (Sarah) Tree of Life, Earthling, The Young and the Restless

Juli Erikson (Granny)

Morgana Shaw (Jean)

Barney and friends, Harold and Kumar, Inspector Mom

Rising Stars, Missionary Man, Home Fries

Brian Massey (Steve) Year One, W, Prison Break

Mark Walters (Rex)

Adam Dietrich (Gregor)

Friday Night Lights, American Outlaws, Varsity Blues

Whisky Sour, The Killer始s Reprieve, NinetoFive

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

TOM HUCKABEE DIR/WRITER/PRODUCER Tom Huckabee is an award winning writer, director, and producer with 28 years experience in the film business. He is a graduate of the RTF department at the University of Texas at Austin, where he directed The Death Of Jim Morrison, nominated for a student academy award, and Taking Tiger Mountain, a 35mm feature starring Bill Paxton, distributed by Horizon Films. Also, during this time, he founded the Austin Film and Video Society and the Texas Film Festival.! He was a part-time employee at Lucasfilm for ten years, while also writing and/or producing features, commercials and documentary television. In 1997 he served as associate producer and music supervisor on Traveller, starring Paxton, Mark Wahlberg and Juliana Margulies. In 1998 he solidified his long-time association with Paxton by heading up the actor’s American Entertainment Co. underwritten by Walt Disney Studios. During a sixyear tenure he originated, packaged and developed projects with some of Hollywood’s most successful producers, including Ron Howard at Imagine Entertainment, Ron Shelton at Revolution Studios, Robert Zemeckis at HBO, Jon Turtletaub at Touchtone and Jonathan Mostow at Destination. In 2001 he executiveproduced the award-winning Frailty, starring Paxton, Matthew M c C o n a u g h e y, a n d P o w e r s Boothe, released by Lion’s Gate. !In 2007 he moved back to Texas where he served as the artistic director for the first annual Lone Star International Film Festival. Wednesday, December 16, 2009

JAMES JOHNSTON PRODUCER James Johnston has been making independent films for about eight years, primarily as a writer, producer, and director. His works include Merrily, Merrily, Deadroom, GDMF, and co-Producer on the theatrically released feature Ciao. Recently James wrapped production as Producer on the feature film St. Nick and new short, Receive Bacon. Along with Carried Away, music videos for acclaimed bands, The Theater Fire, and Bosque Brown are on the horizon. He did not attend a traditional film school, but instead took his first fateful step towards filmmaking by volunteering to work on an ultra low-budget film. From there, he kept working on films in various roles and this is how he gained real world, hands on experience and collected a great group of friends and collaborators that he works with on a regular basis. In addition to filmmaking, Johnston is on the QCinema International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival Board of Directors and on the Advisory Board and Programming Committee for the Lone Star International Film Festival. When not working on films and festivals, he is Executive Chef and co-Owner of the award-winning vegan restaurant, Spiral Diner & Bakery. Johnston currently resides in Fort Worth with his wife Amy McNutt, two cats, and a bunny.

crew GABRIEL HORN CO-PRODUCER Gabriel Horn has been working in the entertainment industry for the past 15 years as an actor, writer, and producer with credits including, The Consultants, Night Crawlers, Buttercup, Once Human, Little White Boy, Tuck Everlasting, The West Wing, Boys Don’t Cry, Leap of Faith, and Walker Texas Ranger. Gabriel graduated from KD Studio Actors Conservatory in Dallas, Texas in 1998. He formed The New Palace Theater in 2003, which produced live music and theater and later, switched to film production with New Palace Films, LLC. Gabriel currently lives and works in Los Angeles, California where he secures film distribution relationships and pursues the funding and development of high quality, entertaining, feature film and television projects.

JENNIFER FLOYD CO-PRODUCER Jennifer Floyd has worked in finance for over 6 years as a licensed Loan Officer by the State of Texas Department of Savings and Loans. Jennifer first teamed up with Gabriel Horn (producer/actor) while working as a Business Manager for The New Palace Theater where she developed the “Take a Seat” fund-raiser, which raised significant funds for the operation of the theater. Jennifer has had great success as a real estate investor and entrepreneur and has received several professional awards in her career. Jennifer has been producing for the past 4 years and is a partner in New Palace Films, LLC. Her film credits include; The 56’ Fire Documentary, The Wild Blue Yonder, Periphery, On Second Thought, and Shoot Out of Luck and Fighting with Anger. She has worked on back-to-back film projects with the music legend, Willie Nelson. Shoot Out of Luck is set to release in 2009 and Fighting with Anger recently won Grand Jury Prize for Best Male Actor at the New York International Film & Video Festival. Her teamwork on the Short, On Second Thought, helped to receive a Bronze Award at Worldfest Houston 2008. She and her family currently reside in Los Angeles, CA.

RON GONZALEZ–DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY Ron Gonzalez has spent the last 15 years in the film business serving as an award winning cinematographer, editor, director, and actor. Mr. Gonzalez helped produced the first High Definition television series pilot in the world called “ Texas Tales & Legends” in 1999 and was senior editor for the HBO co-produced film “22”. In 2004 Ron served as DP and postproduction supervisor for the pilot television show “Quality Time” for ABC Family. Ron has edited and DP’d for many networksincluding ABC, FOX, HDNET, DISCOVERY, TRAVEL, FINE LIVING. He most recently just finished filming with 2 time Oscar winning director Barbara Kopple on a documentary for the Disney Channel. Ron recently produced and DP’d the film Nightcrawlers, The Imposter, Hold, and The Other Side of Paradise, and The Lawn Boy. He received a film degree from Full Sail Film School in Orlando Fl, where he graduated second in his class and received numerous awards for his short films. Ron has served on staff at the Art Institute of Dallas as a lighting instructor.

Writer/Director/Producer         Tom Huckabee Producer                                 James M. Johnston Co-Producers                         Gabriel Horn                                                Jennifer Floyd Director of Photography         Ron Gonzalez Production Designer              Joel Farrell Art Director                             Adam Dietrich Location Sound Michael Gonzalez Post-Production Supervisor   Michael David Weis  Sam Crutsinger Casting Directors                   Toni Cobb Brock                                                Sally Allen Editors                             Benjamin Wilbanks                                         Sam Crutsinger Sound Design Mark Menza Composer Curtis Heath Music by The Theater Fire 16:9/1080p/Color/Stereo/100 minutes

Contact Tom Huckabee 323-868-5639

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


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