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CPD_nws#1:Understanding Black Histories CPD_nws contains further information about the Local History CPD programme for Teachers delivered as part of Say It Loud 2012. Designed to allow participants to evaluate their skills + professional development needs in a teacher friendly environment, this programme will focus on the use of Black History as a cross-curricular tool. 24/10 - Session 1: Understanding Black Histories 31/10 - Session 2: Exploring Your Learning Styles 07/11 - Session 3: Exploring Your Teaching Styles 14/11 - Session 4: Teachers as Model Learners 21/11 - Session 5: Developing Your Own Curriculum 28/11 - Session 6: Developing Your Own Manchester Curriculum Venue: Z-Arts, 335 Stretford Rd, Manchester M15 5ZA Cost: £5/session Booking(s): please call 0161 232 6089 or email Tailor made sessions can be arranged for a group of teachers or community practitioners, a school or a local organisation.

:Understanding Black Histories (24/10, Z-Arts, 5pm - 7.30pm) This introductory session will focus on chronological understanding + the use of local history as a tool to explore Black Histories. Participants will look at the extraordinary evolution of Manchester as a city through a series of short interactive activities which should give them the opportunity to re-assess their knowledge of history. Understanding Black Histories will close with a discussion on the teaching of Black Histories from a local perspective. It will also include an analysis of the following webpage: Malcolm X Activist (Revealing Histories)

:Further Reading (1) Malcolm X in Manchester + Sheffield by Marika Sherwood (2) Lessons For Localism – The RSA Area Based Curriculum by Louise Thomas (3) Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today. Malcolm X

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Newsletter accompanying Say It Loud's Local History CPD programme for Teachers.