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A Review of NewNow 3200mAh Power Bank for Samsung Galaxy S4 i9500 and HTC One M7 801e

Battery life is a problem with most of the popular smartphones nowadays. Even flagships from Apple or Samsung won't last more than 1-2 days if used extensively, simply because they weren't made to be used a lot without any recharge. So what happens if the battery level drops to extremely low levels exactly when you have an important call to receive?

Something to Help You Get More NewNow Battery Juice This is one of the not-so-pleasant situations out there, but it can certainly happen. I own both a Samsung Galaxy S4 and a HTC One M7 and even though they both have impressive battery life, sometimes it happens that I wish for at least 1 extra day of charge so that I can play more games such as N.O.V.A. 3 / Modern Combat 4 or simply talk more with friends.

It was only few weeks ago that a friend told me about the New Now 3200 mAH Power Bank replacement battery so I decided that it would be worth a try, as I won't have to carry the charger with me so often. First off, I bought the battery case for my HTC One M7. Well, after the first few days I can say I was truly impressed!

My Experience with New Now 3200mAH Power Bank for HTC One M7 I can easily squeeze 3 days of battery life out of my HTC One M7 if I don't play heavy games or don't use the Wi-Fi a lot. However, I thought that I could get a lot better with the aid of a replacement battery.

This is why I bought the New Now 3200 mAH. And now I can say that this battery is a real life saver, especially when it comes to going in a trip or school without having recharged the battery beforehand. Simply put the case in place and it will immediately start recharging your phone's battery. Press the power button twice and it will act as a standalone battery!

My Experience with New Now 3200mAH Power Bank for Samsung Galaxy S4 I was so impressed with this replacement battery that I simply had to buy one for my other phone too! The battery life on my Samsung Galaxy S4 is somewhat similar to the one on HTC One M7 (maybe a little lower if I play a lot), but with the aid of this case I can almost double it!

This is very convenient for me as I do not have to take so much care of recharging my phones as I used to before. I would recommend the New Now 3200 mAH to everyone looking for a quality replacement battery!

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A review of newnow 3200mah power bank for samsung galaxy s4 i9500 and htc one m7 801e newnow 0616