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ABSTRACT: The academic discussed LENR-Cold Fusion effect itself has been virtually accepted by mainstream science: Energy produced with basically free “fuel” + equipment & operation cost. Although unadmitted by creative interpretations, thermodynamic over-unity or Persistent Current/motion is officially observed in quantum level nano circuit, beyond Shockley-Queisser limit efficiency solar cell, non-linear optic/laser/ spintronics, time crystal, & magnetocaloric effects and others. Academic taboo with extracting photon or electron fluctuation in vacuum, Maxwell's demon, affirming quantum ratchet, Casimir force harvesting micro electronic device, & violation of 2nd law are finally discussed at mainstream journals. No publicly endorsed LENR device exists, but 1MW electricity generator "Ecat" has been claimed to be sold with pre-conditions.、 Low cost resonance/magnet based major emission reducers with 10%+ extra efficiency, solid state thermo Electric/thermo PhotoVoltaics heat-to-energy systems, & highly efficient Waste-To-Fuel/Energy systems with Catalytic, SuperCritical water, Cold or Steam Plasma mechanics are starting to make inroads quietly. Above changes might foreshadow first full science review of recurring inventors' hyper energy efficiency claims & small commercialized installations: e.g. 1-Extracting nano oscillation/radiant energy as industrial electricity, 2-Harvesting DC reverse voltage power instead of using force to cancel it(Back EMF), 3-Resonance catalyzed HHO/Oxy-hydrogen gas, also as mileage booster, 4-Electromagnetic or cold plasma pulse/vortex creation in confined water/inert gas, 5-Compressed air & COP>1 heat exchanger converted to mechanical power, 6-Catalyzed emulsion fuel with far beyond 50% H2O, 7-Hydrocarbon increased by std photocatalyzed O2 Nanobubble water & fuel emulsion, when infused with CO2 in room temp/pressure. +variations, 8-Combining underwater air floating force & down gravity, 9-Propellantless drive, 10-Hydrodynamic cavitation heater, 11-Betz limit excess hydro/wind turbine, 12-Pyromagnetic self running heat producing trash decomposer, etc. They often seem to run on mechanics & accompanied by common side effects current official physics cannot explain(explained by Torsion physics or pre-Heaviside Maxwell equations), low cost, & are convertible to superior new techs that can replace majority of propulsion, weather, medical, nuclear remediation, time dilation, psychology, algorithm, & key mining-industrial-farming processes -IF fully peer reviewed in science.、 Recent paradigm shift might warrant disruptive official in-depth research on such technologies in conjunction with claimants. Every 10-20yrs cycle, there have been waves of collective signs that a majority of establishment group attempts to gradually release unlimited resource based “Open System” type technologies & to reduce disruptive tech debunking. This time around the result might be far more drastic than before. Overall, mainstream commercialization of unlimited energy production is inevitable & it risks economical restructuring. - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


p06 Science accepted high efficiency generators & free energy harvesters

p55 Solar, Wind, & Hydro power efficiency beyond official science limit 、 . p74 Still under-utilized vast Biomass, Waste-to-Energy, & Hydrocarbons

p110 Ten categories of inventors' seeming “over-unity” claims

p139 Commercialization attempts

p149 Law of Thermodynamics interpretations, “Dissident” scientists

p153 Scalar “wave”, Standing wave resonance, Torsion field..

p186 Terahertz & Far Infrared waves, “No light” Photo Catalysis, ORMUS..

p212 LENR/Cold Fusion update, Losers & Gainers by its success

p227 Ramifications if LENR gets official mainstream approval

p231 Inventor "free energy" tech acceptance has far more impact?

p264 Zeropoint Energy losers & gainers, Future energy prospects - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada



This presentation primarily focuses on less known but latest science consensus forming technologies on strict effect basis, while some of highest efficiency low cost techs contradict predominant view, especially of Wikipedia & Western mainstream media/NGOs. Hence attendants/readers are recommended to re-assess the data from own perspective.

Regarding Controversial But Future Critical Technologies Discussed: ■ Term “Free energy” or “Over-unity” in this presentation is defined as seeming as if: -1 Drawing of more energy than exerted to generate -2 Continuous motion without energy input -3 Using free material generally not considered as fuel、 ■ Inventors-scientists-witnesses: their claims might involve higher likelihood of: -4 Fabrication, reliability exaggeration, or statistical error chance of observed effect -5 Significant quality gap between inventions, yet -6 At least above collective majority seems to consistently produces claimed effects

Currently more detailed reference list is being produced & will be published separately: The research is updated based on reviewing academic papers & journals, books, speeches, presentations, patents, lab/commercialized product testimonies/complaints, publications & public records of NGOs/media/research institutes/think tanks/military/space & gov't agencies/industry associations. Most effects quoted have accumulative-consistent evidence from unrelated era & source, but mechanics listed are hypothetical. Commercialized company/products are shown in Boldface Navy. Due to space constraints, referenced individual names are given with max 3 letters of first name with entire last name(except some non-Western names), & company names are listed in a way that is findable by internet search. - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada





Main academia/media in mid-late 1800s forecasted commercialized free energy by early 1900s(Anthony+), 1- Free Ground Earth Battery regularly demonstrated self charging or inducing electricity capacity in low moisture, also power generation efficiently of two-points-voltage gap depends on location(Snow, Lockwood, Wilkins, Dieckmann, Strong, Bain, Edard, Haworth, Bear, Mellon,Hicks, Cerpaux, Garratt, Lamont +); invention rush for telegraph use, Along with strong claims of pre-dated telephony & wireless(Meucci, Stubblefield, Tesla+), 2- Very low cost Vaccumized Air/Compressed Air engine/residential-industrial system, Trompe/Water Pumps also widely used in France etc(Rix, Mekarski, Hardie, Hoadley, C Hodges+)

Non earth battery free energy claims mixed: General lack of information to tell degree of actual physical effects from fabrication, some can be valid, Involved mainstream scientists till early 1900s, yet no widely known commercialization

Science legal 1&2 disappeared from schooling/research while other types of free energy & repeated side effects in combination didn’t fit with “science package” then & now; gradually became irrelevant/pseudo science, which matched major business-financial lobby interest then 6


Same mechanics & side effects were repeated by unrelated inventors, but linear progress was often limited to recent Western academia(LENR, Cavitation), Also Russia-Soviet had some development(Cavitation, Torsion, Ion heater, Ultrasonic, EM pulse) at official level.

Boiled down to 10 or so base mechanics(p110-138) with similar tendency: a➢ Often energy is ”triggered in” by rapid change in pressure-voltage-spin, pulse, plasmamagnetic field, cavitation, transmutation, anomalous electron movement causing/caused by standing wave resonance, or antioxidant prone "field effect", linking to quantum coherence b➢ Manifest as anomalous cooling/heat, water hammer, vibration coupling, electrical breakdown, spike, surge, implosion, spontaneous corona discharge, ball lightning, vortex, harmonics, similar to Electron Avalanche, Field Emission effect etc, treated as short circuit etc c➢ Above is seemingly influenced by geophysical/cosmo-physical elements, often avoided by extra energy use or design change, & its side effects might also contradict “science law” d➢ "Static Electricity" is actually like high voltage, can flow, & useable for industrial electricity e➢ Strange mainstream insistence on defending clear flaws in Electromagnetic Induction law

i.e. not closed system?; some "free energy" techs’(p110-138) efficiency fluctuates, by timelocation, altitude, humidity, orientation etc; similar to ground-earth battery(p6), In rare cases thoughts/emotion seems to affect(O Carr, J Keely, Ra Ring, Th Ludwig, Dan Davidson,Vogel, Seelhofer, R Schild+)

Occasional rift:1- Mainstream Western scientist vs 2- Inventor, sidelined & Non-Western scientist(Russia, China+), Some mainstream scholars in West as exception(Austria, Italy+)



FREE ENERGY TYPES; increasingly actively commercialized (indicated by navy color letters), ■ MICRO CURRENT ENERGY HARVESTERS(technically dated turbine based smart water meter water flow harvester[also gas meter], or across the board full mainstream use wind & solar type micro current generator is not covered in this presentation(eg indoor use calculator). Generally negligible as industrial power. Most of them are commercialized after yr 2000. Used for switches, sensors, meters(structural integrity, industrial, logistics, transportation, equipment), IoT(Internet of Things), remote monitoring segment use etc: Perpetually Powered Systems. Often auto Wireless Transmission function is built in as one of key benefits. This is currently one of most rapid progress energy generation efficiency & use in commercialization along with industrial use solid state electrical generator from heat, electronics manufacturing, solar power, & energy saving waste water/desalination process.

Focus in this application is to have sufficient power generation for the device and not necessarily high efficiency. Devices only produce very small power but there are relevancies & relations to other much larger macro scale "energy harvesting" mechanics covered in presentation. Some mechanics with relatively easy industrial electrical generation potential in this segment are marked as #

Often use of metamaterials(engineered structure to increase wave-vibration resonance amplifying for harvesting etc), even MEMS(MicroElectroMechanical System) now works in very low freq. of under 30hz with S shaped cantilever etc(Huicong Liu +), or increase wide band reception compared to resonance devices with only small number of limited frequencies are harvested. 8 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


-->>continued: FREE ENERGY TYPES; increasing actively commercialized exceptions, ■ Micro Current Energy Harvesters:

Often ROI comes at first time replacement of battery or fizzled wire for sensors especially in remote or difficult to reach locations. Many devices combine multiple mechanics to maintain required electrical supply level. Free energy harvesting micro devices are generally not frequently reported in newspapers or energy saving publications due to micro electrical nature, but products are available for very wide range of sensoring/actuating applications. Some cases there is no differentiator to long lasting battery system(eg self charging tire sensor for non-commercial vehicle). Many companies sell "Evaluation Kit" to test out. Following 1-14 main methods are listed as general representative energy scavenging methods.

■1# Low temperature dif.(1-20°C) Thermoelectric device(industrial type generator version at p43-46): easily made as garage project with high performance Seebeck effect parts(A Makosinski+) & commercialized for consumer market prior to current industrial use micropower in 1990s and withdrawn(Citizen Eco-Drive Thermo, Seiko Thermic), more recent consumable types(Fujitsu, Yamaha had test products, Vodaphone: PowerPocket+), Latest consumer watch market debut (Matrix Industries+). Can be woven into fabric(KAIST South Korea+)(Gr Moriarty+), mass produceable by easy printing(AIST Japan+).



—>>cont: FREE ENERGY TYPES; ■ Microcurrent Harvesters: ■1 ThermoElectric:、

Relatively significant penetration for mainstream industrial monitoring use last several yrs(Micropelt, EnOcean, Laired Technologies, Marlow Industries, Perpetua Power Source+), fair number of bio sensor focus companies(MC10 inc+), thin micro device for wearables(Thermogen Technologies+), but super high density harvester by combo with solar in wristwatch format is shelved?(EnergyBionics Carbon: Ebersold+). Low cost printed super thin material that is capable of micro current to industrial size electricity conversion from heat(Otego GmbH+). Overall this sector is filled with many players existing in West. •

■2# Piezoelectricity(material directly produces electricity when deformed, most widely commercialized in microcurrent generator types), Often use Barium Titanate (BaTiO3) or Zinc Oxide (ZnO), PZT: Lead zirconate titanate. Following elements are often relevant to majority of microcurrent generation by ambient scavenging(other than piezo methods)

●Usually takes cantilever of bimorph or unimorph(one electricity producing piezo layer) generator with magnetic tip to interact with fixed two magnets of above & below. To maximize resonance tuning of wide range or many frequencies(to amplify energy harvesting), multimorph/multilayer or cantilever array located side by side row is arranged. - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada



—>>continued: FREE ENERGY TYPES; ■ Microcurrent Energy Harvesters: ■2 Piezoelectricity: ●But for non-linear frequency harvesting(non-repetitive vibration) focus, resonance might be avoided: Stochastic Bi-stable or Multi stable, cantilever with magnetic tip to interact with one magnet at fixed position that is same "height" as extension of cantilever. Also might use buckled beam with with both ends clamped with middle. •

Parametric resonance(not set to narrow frequency resonance emphasis but incorporating non-linear movements: non periodic one time only unique arbitrary motion is ok) type non linear inductance-capacitance of piezo vibration: eg Velocity Damped Resonant Generator(VDRG) by EM damping, Coulomb Damped Resonant Generators(CDRGs) by electrostatic damping. Can be combined with other methods such as electromagnetic induction.

Generally wide range of vibration is harvested as energy(ReVibe Energy, Mide Volture, Arveni fr+), Battery combo emphasis(Linear Technology+), Switch focus(Algra Group+), Automobile distance warning(Ceratec Engineering Corporation+), Automatic parking space broadcaster (ParkHere GmbH), High power density(MicroGen Systems MSM, AdaptivEnergy RLP, 8power+), Footsteps use for surveillance device(Pavegen+), AAA battery self charging battery or 10sec shaking 3mins lighting LED flashlight was taken out of market quickly(ブラザー工業) Large industrial power is possible: 200kw+/km production at busy hwy became possible with multi-stacked structure(Edery-Azulay/Innowattech), Polyvinylidene Fluoride(PVDF) based flexible Piezoelectric - FerroElectric(electrically polarized material) polymer woven 11 fabric + photovoltaic coating(El Siores /FibrLec).


—>>continued: FREE ENERGY TYPES; ■ Microcurrent Energy Harvesters: ■2 Piezoelectricity: Others: Wearables(Flexous BV - Kinergizer+), Tire sensor for transport or mining trucks (Transense, SilentSensors+), Spray paint on surface to make it a generator ( eh/), PVDF based /pyroelectric/thermoelectric & Piezoelectric functioning soft thin polymer film (Kureha Kagaku), Self charging by human motion Small flashlight(株式会社スライブ– 圧電素子+) Pacemaker sensor from heartbeat(KAIST, smart-MEMPHIS Silex [enhanced harvesting by MEMS PZT: Lead zirconate titanate]+), People movement surveillance by step-in mattress tracking (東リ イーテリア), SOME OF OTHER PIEZO, PIEZO LIKE MECHANICS, or SYNERGIZED COMBO: i -ElectroStrictive Polymer(change shape or lengthen under electric field or vice versa, significant degree of actuation occurs by electricity applied & used for artificial muscle) for much increased efficiency(Mcknight & Mcginnis+) even if electric field needs to be generated for power harvesting, likely already in military use for much higher macro level power generation. ii-Simiar to above "i" but very soft super stretchable Dielectric Elastomer is low cost material and useable for wave/hydro energy(Softgen Univ Auckland+): 1w per human step range. 0.1mm thick elastic rubber paper like "power generating rubber" with 2 to 10 times higher than conventional piezo material(Ricoh), 、 iii-Radio Frequency harvesting by piezo system with cantilever system(Mahmoud Al Ahmad+), iv-Far more minute level vibration sensitive Nanostructure or NanoWire/NEMS (NanoElectroMechanical Systems) can be much more efficient than conventional piezoelectric (KAIST: Keon Jae Lee+), v-Other mechanical combination are explored and deemed to have advantages: Shape Memory Alloy(SMA, by temperature change)(p54), Magnetic Shape Memory Alloy(MSMA)(AdaptaMat Oy: MSMA without piezo combo),



—>>continued: FREE ENERGY TYPES; ■ Microcurrent Energy Harvesters: ■3 ElectroMagnetic Induction from vibration or motion: magnet oscillates on cantilever/spring with coil wrapping it around to generate electricity from ambient sound or vibration(Perpetuum, Adamant jp, Star Micronics, MicroStrain +), using oscillating move/EM field of outside of device using rotating or vertical motion(Joulefusion+), Focus on low end 5hz frequency recovery for spotting personnel & harvesting energy in office/factory(Mono-wireless+): eg walking sound on carpet. Random directional motion into rotational energy to drive generator, similar to gyro mechanics(Witt Energy+): this company aims for industrial size generator. Human motion based battery charger for phones(AMPY Live Charged), 、 ■4# Ambient & purpose-broadcasted RF wave frequency Harvester & Rectenna: Harvests electromagntic wave usually Radio Frequency range & convert to DC electricity(This section deals up to 10Ghz. As for 10-30,000Ghz range Rectenna[Terahertz & Far InfraRed], see p50 •i for industrial sized electricity generation). Some can only Harvest from purpose intended directed broadcaster-receiver set, as well as inadvertent 10m range 3rd party strong signal(Cymbet EnerChip, ZF Switches & Sensors, Nowi Energy+). 、 But actually far away ambient radio wave(from WiFi, wireless phone, power line, lightning or RF range electric motor noise etc) harvester did exist from yr2000s(RCA Airpower, withdrawn twice after media debunking, probably consumer directed marketing exaggerated their reaction as happens often for disruptive energy tech), and now available again(Drayson Freevolt, PowerCast Corp, Nikola Labs+), Much more robust battery charger for dual mode low frequency EM field & high frequency WiFi wave( Resonance based amplified industrial level electricity harvesting is approved by Philippine' gov't(Ism Aviso) but western media level pseudoscience. Multiple invention "free energy" engineers often includes this method(Moray, Tesla+). Note higher freq Thz/FIR level industrial power harvesting is officially science approved(p50).



—>>cont: FREE ENERGY TYPES; ■ Microcurrent Harvesters: ■4 RF wave Harvester: There are wide range of RF scavenging methods available but technology is really simple especially for non micro sized system(eg see below Crystal radio): Generally lab recovery efficiency to electricity as of 2016 is at least 70%+ and some are reaching unity level: "Full absorption" idea or 90+% recovery already at single Ghz range frequency and continues up to Thz/FIR(Almoneef & Ramahi, Emr Karakaya, Fur Dincer +),(but media level pseudoscientization of this claim occurs). Crystal radio set up(one popular type is antenna coil and inductive tuning coil[no antenna is also possible], speaker is usable without outside power) has wide band harvesting capability & many home made large device can have much higher than micro device harvesting capability.

Some focus to increase power by Ultra-broadband EM induction or PiezoElectromagnetic or multiple vibration mode EM induction, etc(EnerBee+)

HIGH VOLTAGE POWER LINE scavenging: Near field high power line's EM field flux directly or, Additionally generating vibration with interaction of device magnet with EM field to harvest extra energy from piezoelectric effect(Hosseinimehr & Tabesh+) etc, for self powered electric current transmission monitoring purpose: mostly Wireless Powerline Sensor(Sentient Energy IBOLT, USi Power Donut+), low power 3amp working(Aclara Tollgrade LightHouse), or advanced monitoring(INCON GridSense Line IQ, Lindsey Transmission Line Monitor+): This application is full mainstream use in some regions/industry power monitoring segments while almost none in others. -->>cont:14


—>>cont: FREE ENERGY TYPES; ■ Microcurrent Harvesters: ■4 RF wave Harvester: HIGH VOLTAGE POWER LINE scavenging: Underwater submerged power line harvesting(Dyden Corporation+): this company also makes usually minute current limited ElectroStatic Induction harvester boosting with resonance use for 6-12V max 6W workable constant harvesting(from 500kv, 6.5m away AC line). House level voltage line monitoring(Panoramic Power+). Harvesting from high power line is also easiest method as capacitive coupling as well as RF crystal radio reception method, some seem to illegally "steal or burrow power" from semi far field(10-50m) away with home made device. Same induction can be made from near radio station transmitter,、 Also this induction of fluxing/changing magnetic field enables Power Factor Correction device can reduce not only Apparent Power billed industrial electricity, but even Actual Power billed residential electricity cost(p170), but latter effect is still pseudoscience in Western mainstream. YET, basically same mechanics based super high efficiency induction power harvester from Florescent light inverter, to operate surveillance camera & video transmission both is quietly commercialized in Japan for last 10yrs(Nippon Denki - NEC),

EARTH MAGNETIC FIELD(Geo Magnetic field:GMF) or RELATED AMBIENT LOW FREQUENCY RESONANCE(7-50hz) use as base mechanics: can be very large dimension(1-1000m long) Electrodynamic Tether can generate significant industrial electricity by fast moving conductive long wire against earth magnetic field(Tether Unlimited+), But this mainstream explanation might not be main reason for its workability: less to do with GMF but generally more to do with voltage gradient in troposphere, & solar wind-cosmic ray is fluctuating GMF & existence of highly charged air particles with extreme temperatures at 15 thermosphere(where tether is mostly used)? -->>cont:


—>>cont: FREE ENERGY; ■ Micro Harvesters: ■4 RF wave Rectenna: Geo Mag Field(GMF): Tire equipped coil generates micropower as car is driven & tire rotates(Infineon Technologies AG). One manufacturer commercialized self charging LED flashlight claiming by GMF interaction but seemingly over promising fast chargeability to cause low ratio customer satisfaction(ADGEX ELFE): harvesting method is not explained clearly, and static GMF advertising might be more of a gimmick, and bulk might come from tapping RF waves or even ambient vibration. This type of products are well within easy commercialization by using mainstream science approved or tacitly non-debunked GMF energy harvesting mechanics in multiplication. Some such examples are given in following a-f:

a-Medical sensor energy harvester(Ferro Solutions Inc: Jiankang Huang, O'Handley et al), b-Amplification of general ambient electric field time variance harvesting: Alternating conductive and dielectric layer film coupled by capacitor of resonance RLC circuit (ResistorInductor-Capacitor)(Tao & Owhadi): similar mechanics as "Orgone energy" layering(p250)、 c-Even conservative mainstream science group admits solely GMF based static electrical generation is possible by use of electro-conducting cylindrical shell of manganese zinc ferite(Chyba & Hand+), d- Schumann freq level resonance focus amplifying, using Casimir oscillation amplification type capability: Quantum Oscillator(see next page "f"), e-Actually most of self charging Flashlight type device energy scavenging can come from non earth resonance: high power line(50-60hz etc), or radio wave(0.5-30mhz)/wifi(2-4ghz) induction etc, or completely different harvesting methods can be combined. -->>cont: 16

SCIENCE-ACCEPTED “FREE ENERGY” 10 CASIMIR FORCE & NANO OSCILLAT. —>>continued: FREE ENERGY TYPES; ■ Microcurrent Energy Harvesters: ■4 RF wave Harvester: EARTH MAGNETIC FIELD/GeoMagnetic field(GMF):、 f-1 This might be deemed as side information but minute oscillations like even Casimir force(vacuum fluctuation, Zeropoint energy relation) is measurerable by microcantilever(Mohideen+), Successful Casimir force driven device since 2001 is completely ignored even by scientific media(Fed Capasso: Lucent Technologies/Bell Lab+): basically Casimir force is consistently harvestable as energy by MEMS/NEMS(NanoElectroMechanical Systems)(Dum Caruntu+), Casimir force is reversible by NEMS(D Lopez[ANL]+), Casimir and van der Waals forces are agreed to be main reason for stiction failure of MEMS cantilever(Mic Serry+). Needs proper consideration for its major role in nanogenerator design(Raf Ardito+): e.g. when membranes work in vacuum without capillary forces(Jian-Ning Ding+): this is media level debunked complete common sense for device makers.、 f-2 Progressive end of mainstream academics get patent on MEMS or nano polymer used Casimir force extraction KWh level electrical generator with some mainstream funding(Jovion Corp: Moddel & Haisch). Similarly, Casimir cavity's energy gap bet inside & outside should be able to be used for energy extraction as well as gravity control?(Calloni & Di Fiore et al+)

f-3 "Nano" Oscillation based Brownian Ratchet or Ambient Thermal noise harvesting are all workable: Minority conservative end of mainstream academic stance or media level science asserts still such nano level oscillation is impossible to harvest as ratchet rotation even if oscillation exists(R Feynman+), but it is actually extracted as energy by rectification(Astumian+). Now experimental results on various quantum fluctuation is finally accepted in academic papers as 'true"(p232) 17


—>>continued: FREE ENERGY TYPES; ■ Microcurrent Energy Harvesters:

■5# MagnetoStrictive Material(MsM) creates magnetic field when changes its shape, hence causes time varied magnetic field with vibration, & this is picked up as electricity by coil around it(Ferro Solutions Inc, Moritex Corporation, Shonan-metaltec), Epoxy covered high impact useable generator(Tohoku Steel+), Batteryless wireless mouse by thermoelectric harvesting combo(Seiko Instruments+)

Galfenol based(alloy of iron and gallium) or Terfenol's latest version is order of magnitude more efficient vibration energy harvester(20-30% range as a result) than conventional piezoelectric material & material lasts much longer due to no degradation or becoming brittle due to piezo vibration(Tos Ueno+).

Similar Ferrofluid based energy harvester is also deemed highly effective: while effectively absorbing vibration,

■6 Electrostatic Induction from vibration: Generally power is produced by conversion of oscillation to changed positioning or distance between electrodes: varying capacitance. Some involve electret(dielectric material with semi permanent electron polarization state). Can be very low cost with no magnets or piezo material(Omron - THHINK Wireless Technologies - Konishiyasu+), Walking motion sensor by unique rotating generator by use of electret(Hokuriku Electric Industry) -->>cont: - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada



—>>continued: FREE ENERGY TYPES; ■ Microcurrent Energy Harvesters: ■7# TriboElectric NanoGenerator (TENG): TriboElectricity/Contact Electrification is utilized as newly announced tech in 2011(Zhong Lin Wang). Harvest energy effectively in wide bandwidth from both minute contact electrification & electrostatic induction, Invention increased usable efficiencies from less than 1% to max 50-60+% in few yrs from both regular & irregular motions, with near future industrial power application:

Unique mechanics: for example, leading devices often have multiple power generation modes: •

i-two different material based electrodes surface-touching & detaching, ii-sliding, iii-direct skin contact, rain drop or air flow etc on device surface(single electrode mode), iv- "Free standing layer": Pair of symmetric electrodes is located below a dielectric layer, and the size of the electrodes and the gap distance between them are of same order as size of the moving layer, & when this layer approaches or distances electricity flows between electrodes. -->>cont: - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada



—>>cont: FREE ENERGY TYPES; ■ Micro Harvesters: ■7 TriboElectric (TENG): Initially there was a major technical challenge: power could not be used as is for micro device since power is generated as AC(alternative current) and intermittent, hence required a battery/capacitor. But due to TENG's high voltage with low amp(i.e. high impedance), there was problem to connect effectively with capacitor(low impedance, hence lose most of power without storing).

This impedance mismatch problem was solved by two capacitor system to run micro device from non linear motions like intermittent human tapping, also deployed with other tribo mechanics: Hybridizing with EM induction or piezo polymer etc(纳⽶新能 源有限公司+), 30x30cm walk-on people traffic pad that costs $20, generates up to 10W by each step(Touchlight Innovations: Swa Pujari), Shifting business focus into tribo from piezo type product line(北京微能高芯科技有限公司 +), Wide range of tribo mechanics & functions has been successful at least experimentally: Water inside pencil size TENG for human motion type non-linear stimulation(Dong Sung Kim et al), Enclosed vibration harvester functionable under water or in snow, Cylindrical rotating types, Transparent version to generate power from rain drops to complement solar cell to maintain electricity generatin during rain day & night(Li Zheng et al). Some organizations focus on trying out new applications in commercialized environment including low maintenance air filter(Beijing Institute of Nanoenergy & Nanosystems: Zhong Lin Wang - 王中林). -->>cont:



—>>cont: FREE ENERGY; ■ Micro Harvesters: ■7 TriboElectric (TENG):

Triboelectric–Pyroelectric–Piezoelectric hybrid cell nano generator(Yunlong Zi+), TENG is low cost & also suitable to harvests air-water flow/ wave(Yuanjie Su+), Wind recovery Flutter-Driven Triboelectric Generator(Jihyun Bae[SAIT:Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology]+). Preventing metal corrosion while generate energy at water-metal contact area(Xiaoyi Li+)(see p24 on how water movement on device generates power instead of kinetic motion) or as human clothing(Sang-Woo Kim+) etc

LIGHTNING POWER HARVESTING(though this is macro scale and TENG unrelated): Not only thunderstorm but snow/sand storm should be also linked to triboelectricity effect(RJ Latham, EY Tkachenko+): Triple layered structure to increase recovery of lightning power to 20+% and with battery to work as a energy system from lab test(Jeong Min Baik: UNIST), Inventor's small lab test results(Ste Leroy+), Field tested small scale device(Mohd Farriz Basar[UTeM]+) etc, this is western media debunked. Also there seems to be some similar element to Orgone effect: p250-6. -->>cont: - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada



—>>cont: FREE ENERGY TYPES; ■ Micro Harvesters: ■7 TriboElectric (TENG): TriboElectric electricity generation is done in more flexible way in higher efficiency than most other methods with easy scalability to mega size - even to the extent to become significant enough world wide electrical source along with conventional ElectroMagnetic Induction Generator(EMIG), also will be suitable for Self powered desalination, Self hydrogen production etc(Zhong Lin Wang, Guang Zhu+)、 1m2 of Electrical Double Layer(EDL: two parallel layers of electrons formulate between water and solid matter) mechanics can sustainably produce 0.46kw/ of power(Jinsung Chun et al), Modulation of EDL to generate power(Jong Kyun Moon, YoungJun Yang+) or 1m2 of best single layer material can produce up to 1.2kw.

Unique Western mainstream treatment on TENG is that this tech hasn't been debunked from day 1 by media despite other similar degree of economically paradigm shifting performances are usually discredited or ignored(most disruptive element of TENG industrial power generation is deemphasized) hence poses more growth potential than other high efficiency mechanics such as Magnetothermal, EM wave heat harvesting(FIR/THZ), or ReverseElectroWetting generator in this micro generator segment. Significant backing of Chinese State and a university in US(Georgia Tech) -->>cont: 22


—>>cont: FREE ENERGY TYPES; ■ Micro Harvesters: ■8# Small water flow or even Thermal Ionic fluctuation ONLY in still water can be harvested as electricity by Graphene/CarbonNanotube etc(or TriboElectricity-II, cross over with Triboelectric TENG but with mechanics more focused on Ionic movement(also see p26 ■10 Ambient thermionic movement). Not commercialized and less cohesive development. This effect has been discussed amongst academics since 2001

Various experimental devices with Ionic Liquid or deionized water used generators both with basically same results: Most common type of a-Pure water movement on graphene etc generates power by charge separation: when water droplet moves on flat surface/ micro channels droplet is positively charged and matter surface is negatively charged causes electron to flow(Siowling Soh, Soon-Hyung Kwon, VI Petrik+), Single wall graphene has much higher power than double/triple etc(Sha Ghosh+), Water-ethanol mix in graphene form(Wenbin Huang et al+). b-Salt/Ionic liquid(conductive) on graphene etc mechanics is only slightly different from deionized water; friction is generated between water flow and ions(Nik Koratkar+), ionic liquid is conductive but graphene conducts electricity faster than electrolyte(ionic liquid) so electricity still flows through prepared circuit with asymmetric electrodes etc.(Sta Skafidas, Weijie Kong+), Can also work as varying capacitance based electrostatic generator,

Water evaporation driven ElectroScavenging effect generator by charge separation & power harvesting(Rub Borno+): this also relates to advanced non cloud seeding weather modification(for more details go to this link [four levels of..]and search "ElectroScavenging"), -->cont: 23


—>>cont: FREE ENERGY TYPES; ■ Micro Harvesters: ■8# Thermal Ionic move harvested:

Thermal Ionic movement only, no kinetic or vibration power used: 50-80°C "hair electrodes" cause proton hopping(Bri Tulachan+), or Electricity at room temperature by thermal motion of ions in STILL LIQUID instead of by FLOWS of the solutions by Monolayer Graphene(Graphene Battery): •

Electron is emitted by interaction of graphene & cation, then it flows along graphene to electrode(Zihan Xu, Guoan Tai+). This particular theme, participated by state backed Chinese TENG research groups is practically free energy tech, & was not debunked in West but quietly discontinued on official level. This room temperature Thermal Ionic movement energy harvesting/generation is not taken up by inventor type groups.

*Also Note TriboElectric related effects has mainstream disputes amongst what causes/ how electron transfer occurs.

■9# Reverse Electrowetting power harvester: Reverse ElectroWetting On Dielectric(REWOD), Related to ElectroWetting process which can transport liquid with electricity by modifying the surface tension of liquid especially on hydrophobic surface(film, dielectric etc), This differs from similar looking effect causeable by ElectroMigration which gives force to move water. 24


—>>cont: FREE ENERGY TYPES; ■ Micro Harvesters: ■9# Reverse Electrowetting harvester:

This effect is listed in micro power segment here to indicate common elements with TriboElectricity process, but REWOD research is currently more focused for high density power production with large input(e.g. human kinetic power) for more of flashlight or higher power use level(e.g. 10w produced with battery set per shoe for human walking). Far more efficient than conventional piezoelectricity, Most efficient energy harvesting method at this time for human steps or car traffic type power generation(along with tribo effect TENG device).

New mechanics are invented with recent mainstream backing: Use of Atomic Layer Deposition(ALD), Capillary Microfluidic device achieves 65% electric generation efficiency(Jak Kedzierski et al), Bubbler type(Instep Nanopower: Krupenkin & Taylor et al), Coating surface film with Al2O3 to increase capacitance etc.

PERPETUAL MICROSEISM/MICROBAROM HARVESTING: in very high density(Tsung-Hsing Hsu+). Another "science legal free energy" capability, but this harvests sub 1hz level super slow oscillation as energy(takes more than 1 second per cycle: earth hum, weather or ocean wave triggered "perpetual tremor"). Tribo TENG has similar capability. Much lower density(efficiency) harvesting is possible with piezo etc. Naturally not officially pursued given high economical disruptiveness along with industrial electricity harvester from 1-Casimir force, 2-Room temp thermal ionic movement only, 3-Earth Magnetic Field - Schumann resonance, or 4-Tall antenna based voltage gradient tether. But now 5-FIR/THZ frequency thermal radiation is in process of commercialization by mainstream embracement! (p50) 25


—>>continued: FREE ENERGY TYPES; ■ Micro Harvesters: ■10# Ambient temperature & magnetic field driven Thermionic device:(GN Hatsopolous, Xinyong Fu & Zi Tao Fu[“magnetic demon”]+): use of 90° cross wise laid magnetic field to cause Hull Cut Off type threshold to control electron movement from one electrode to the other in one direction to generate cooling effect in a vacuum tube to cause thermionic emission, hence indirect use of ambient temperature with originally magnet triggered energy supply to generate minute electricity. •

Despite still majority's mainstream academic denial, this maxwell's demon type effect should be valid based on various science valid combo effects(Cyr Smith+): (Nottingham cooling effect related), Also this is possible in known system like Aquaporin(Liangsuo Shu, Yingjie Li+), Linked to ■8 Thermal Ionic movement electricity harvesting: both seem to be too disruptive complete "free energy" type to get official research going.

■11# Carrying electrical current by Spin current related methods, or by fractionally charged quasi-particle in quantum hall effect regime(as opposed to conventional charge current), seem to strongly imply overunity(Cyr Smith+): 1-Spin rectification at Larmor precession freq to control spin to produce DC current(YS Gui+), 2-Spin Battery: EMF (Electromotive force) of spin origin generated by static magnetic field in magnetic tunnel junction(S Maekawa+), 3-Spin current related Reverse Seebeck effect is much higher thermoelectric harvesting from heat than conventional solid state generators. Also see "Orgone"/"Orgonite" p250-6. 4-Spin wave tech relation to Torsion field application(GJ Bugh+), & gravity tech(Frolov+) 26


—>>continued: FREE ENERGY TYPES; ■ Micro Harvesters: ■12# Properly grounded electricity conductive kite or rod extracts atmospheric electricity(Beccaria, G Richmann, Dalibard, De Romas+), Use of "static electricity": actual flowing of unbalanced electric charge. Effect itself is easily replicated by amateurs, can easily lead to macro power generator, almost entirely ignored by recent mainstream for commercialization or research(, 、 ■#13 Kinetic Power Harvester: Mostly by human or car/train traffic. Human motion(nPower PEG+), Military focus(Bionic Power+): to charge battery etc., 1hr walking range to charge phone by hydraulics(Walking Charger - Energy Harvesters LLC+),1minute hand crank generates 11-23mins of useable LED light(Envirofit Empower Duo+). Automobile slow down zone power harvested by magnetic induction(Underground Power SRL+), or by scalable Hydraulic liquid, piston, & pressure accumulator units fed to electric generator for power production to beyond 100kw+ range(KinergyPower+), Also piezo effects are used but as of 2016 cost is higher than conventional methods for industrial power.

■14 Ground/Tree/plant Electricity harvester(Barbosa, Bryan, Karavas: Voltree, Helder: Plant-e+), Wireless system to transmit plant info to computer is workable only for short distance currently(Seiko Instruments, Ritsumeikan Univ Electronic & Computer Engineering dpt+)


SCIENCE-ACCEPTED “FREE ENERGY” 21 NON-HARVESTING SELF GENERATORS —>>continued: FREE ENERGY TYPES: ■SELF GENERATING(non harvesting) MICROCURRENT DEVICES ■i Permanent Tourmaline electrode electrolysis(Kubo effect), or ■ii Self generating micro-current minerals: Acos Terahertz Face Roller(Kun Sasaki+). 、

■iii Persistent Current(perpetual current) in Nano Ring: Mesoscopic quantum phenomena, Mainstream quietly approved but energy generator development research avoided. Observed in nano ring structure metals in still state is up to 1-2 orders of magnitude larger(over-unity, in addition to perpetual current itself!)(KB Efetov+) than any wishful mainstream theory allows to be(Pri Mohanty+) & it demonstrates unknown time dependent fluctuations, deemed phase coupling/phase coherence to be critical factor(Mar Büttiker+). Instantly commercializable Macroscopic Persistent Current is almost entirely ignored but virtually science approved(C van der Wal, Hir Koizumi+), Violation of 2nd law?(Čápek, Da Sheehan+) •

■iv also Zamboni Pile/Duluc Dry Pile(Battery) of certain set up(eg Oxford Electric Bell) or what is called Orgone also self-generates ElectroMotive Force or "self-flows" unlimited microcurrent when layers of different electric potential matters are pressed together wedged by dielectric material(electrically neutral/blocks electron flow, but allows electrostatic/polarize to develop dipole moment) in addition to chemical type reaction(limited), but perpetual current effect of "iv" is often pseudoscientized even above i - iii effects are mainstream approved as "science legal", also similar "erroneous" over-unity claims were made by top physicists back when battery was invented(Volta+), -->>cont: 28



■ Solar Chimney: Initial high cost, mainstream selectively quoting high LCOE(Levelized Cost Of Electricity), less electricity produced at night, many side benefits: Hyperion Energy, Enviromission+, Claims of more efficient, far less land use versions from pilot tests, ■ Salinity Gradient Solar Pond: Ormat+, suitable only with low cost land near salt water, tech & maintenance unstandardized,

■ WATER MIXTURE TYPES: ■ a Water-Oil emulsion fuel: Massive gap in fuel saving ability, also depends on type of boiler/engine used for: 1-25%(beyond this % is "science illegal":see p130-132), Cuts emission(PM 10-80%, NOx/SOx 10-50%), There is significance as one of few official mainstream instantly large scale useable "partial free energy tech" & commercialization exist world wide but remains low key in most nations: rarely referred even by cleantech media, minimum public funding for research in West. 、 Groups of Western Mainstream (WM) business establishment promoted Emulsion Fuel under "excuse" of emission decrease(with no reference to fuel saving) in 2001-2003. Some are still offered(Lubrizol PuriNOx, Pirelli Gecam, Total Aquazole +), while others withdrew(Shell, BP, Chevron) 29


—>>continued: FREE ENERGY TYPES; ■ Water mixture: ■ a Water-Oil emulsion fuel: A few companies serving world wide mainly for diesel but some also gasoline market: ◆Europe(Eco Energy Holding AS, IncBio, E•Fuel SA, Toeps innovation+), ◆North America(Nonox, Fierce Fuel Systems, Next Alternative Inc+), ◆Japan(AIT Emulsion, NanoFuel co+),

◆Operations in Russia openly serve mainstream(Теплоэнергоремонт-Москва, Vodmazut Раптех, «Энергосберегающие технологии» «ЭСТ» -, МЕССКА, ◆Middle East(4C Technologies+), ◆India(Creatnet Technology Pvt +), ◆South Korea is unique amongst Western ally to openly focus at government level(CoxOil kr, Green Hitech kr, Sampower kr+), ◆Other Asia(Solar Emulsi PT Pertamina, Singapore Emulsion Fuel+), ◆China is mainly served by own state company inhouse & Taiwanese companies(Comaxima Eco-Green Technology, Shine Bond 夏邦科技股份有限公司 +), Sector Base: Finally mainstream maritime industry open debut by European back up: Quadrise MSAR, in Asia: Monohakobi. Tech Variation: ● Biofuel Emulsion(Gruppo Forini +), ● Works down to -30°C storage(SulNOx Fuel Fusions),

Equipment can be expensive & actual cost saving is often on par or less than far lower cost best performing magnetic flowing fuel treatment device, or Far InfraRed or Torsion Wave emitting mineral/matter/fluid wrapped around fuel line with 5-15% saving range(this is pseudoscientized at media level & superficial science level),(p114) -->>cont:



—>>continued: FREE ENERGY TYPES; ■ Water Mixture Types: ■ b Coal-Water Slurry(CWS): 30-50% H2O(also note regular coal itself may contain high water content), Historically competed against oil seriously then "lost" along with plant alcohol fuels(US Prohibition), electric cars/hydrogen cars(all 1880s-1930s)/, Has by far the most significant short term potential as partial "free energy" tech. At boiler/gasification, thermal efficiency is coal+20% while fuel vol itself increases, storage & transferability made easier as liquid fuel, Lower emission(CO2, NOx, SOx) than Diesel fuel boiler, Can utilize unrecovered fine coal, or coal sludge/tailing, to turn environmental hazard into revenue fuel product.、 With its mainstream approved status, this almost forgotten low tech can exert enormous influence on shorter term energy market & geo-econo-political situation: largely dormant massive coal reserve evenly distributed world wide can made into diesel equivalent with 1/2-1/4 of cost to destroy “fossil fuel” supply shortage, liquid fuel market price, & existing crude oil refining/sorting system. Potential to replace entire diesel/heavy oil supply if modified special engine type(no nozzle wearing etc) is introduced(eg Micronised Refined Carbons(MRC) consuming DICE: Direct Injection Carbon Engine: US gov't backed program(also GE, GM etc participation) bet 1970s-2000s, recently Australia [CSIRO & many Australian coal companies])

US: Unsuccessful gov't participated movement to promote CWS to replace majority of higher priced imported oil in 1980s. Also clean coal burning IGCC(Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle) power plants in US are using coal water slurry for boiler feeding (wet feed gasification to produce extra H2)(CB&I E-Gas, Texaco-GE) though almost never reported. Regular fuel use US CWS system installer:(ecoTECH Energy, AuraSource Inc+)



• •

—>>continued: FREE ENERGY TYPES; ■ b Coal-Water Slurry(CWS): China: is tech leader & CWS is high profile tech nationwide led by state companies:

(中国煤炭科工集团有限公司 - China Coal Technology & Engineering Group Corp, 山东能源集团 : Shangdong Energy Group, 兖矿集团 Yuankuang Group - 水煤浆气化及煤化工国家工程研究中心 ! Slurry Gasification and Coal Chemical Engineering Research, 浙江先创新能源技术 发有限公司 - Zjxianchuang, 北京国承瑞泰科技股份有限公司 GCPMC, ! jf NAIC+),


Low grade coal focus: High moisture content lignite slurry( 林市科达煤炭化学研究院有限公司 林西部煤炭技术研究中心: Yulin Western Coal Technology Research Centre+), Low grade fine ! ground mix for emission reduction focus(中煤科工清洁能源股份有限公司 cctegce+), Taiwan ! (Neofuel tw). Also leads to Hydrotermal combustion of coal(SuperCritical water).

Russia & ex-soviet: Relatively active use(Амальтеа-Сервис vodougol, КОТЭС Cotes-Group+): Rather surprising US controlled Ukraine gov't has declared CWS as national energy priority with Chinese financial back up(Ukrheat+).、 Rest of world: CWS is overall even lower profile commercialization than emulsion fuel with very small # of players considering its science legal status(EET CWS, JGC, Kawasaki Heavy, Cynergi Holding SA+), Often small one-man show type operation or main business is other engineering(Advanced Coal Water Slurry Technologies, LeMar LLC,

Likely due to its very disruptive nature of abundant energy, scientifically approved status, CWS and Emulsion fuel are both carefully ignored by major Western environmental NGOs & mainstream entities. 32


■ Atmos clock+(C Drebbel+), use of self oscillating Torsion pendulum - Electro-mechanical transducer, ambience change, can combine with Foucalt pendulum element, ■ Bacteria generator; Self-Charge Electrochemical Bio-capacitor (Pankratov+), Microbial Fuel Cell(MFC) (Cambrian Innovation, Emefcy EBR +) or its “overunity” electrolysis (Microbial Electrolysis Cell - MEC), 1-2$ range material based DIY self producing no running water "moist soil based" MFC for 3rd world villages(Aiden Lab), Magnetotactic Bacteria based types etc., ■ ”Levitron”type, or ”Drinking Bird” generator,、 ■ Hydrodynamic heater(TEKMASH, CT Systems+), (also see p92: G Ivanenko, Bespalko+), inconsistent “Self running” ability but happens often, valid mainstream science until it becomes overunity, ■ Temperature based volume changing ultra sensitive Phase Change Material (PCM) driven Hydraulic Motor: SOLO-TREC(J Jones & Y Chao), ■ Atomic/Nanogenerators, 24hr Infrared Solar(Hong Liu+), Particulates(Da Yurth+), Atomic Hydrogen Welding(Langmuir), Negative electrical resistance carbon fibre(De Chung+),、 ■ Some “free energy” actually costs more than existing system such as Blue Energy: Reversed electrodialysis, Pressure Retarded Osmosis(PRO)/Osmotic power, Hydrocratic ocean energy. Combined low pressure high flow desalination with additionally electricity generated by removing ions from seawater with Molybdenum Disulfide(MoS2) nanofilter(Nar Aluru+): 30-50+% electricity cost saving. But further efficient if osmotic pressure is used(Moh Heiranian+) : can become efficient free energy generator while making drinking water from ocean(not officially demonstrated). Also pure power generation-wise, Capacitive (mix) energy extraction by Double Layer Expansion(CDLE)(Br Logan+), or by Donnan Potential(CDP), and Two stage PRO(Wei He+) might become super low cost in future 33


SIGNIFICANTLY LOWER COST TYPES: i.e. beyond grid parity if commercialized as electricity generation, often same treatment as ”free energy”(p79-106); many stopped researches, stay microscale, suddenly retracted without explanation, some suspected internal only corporate use, Selective, under-exaggerated, outdated data for efficiency & cost performance in mainstream reporting contradicts manufacturer or academic/ field-lab data(particularly in fast advancing tech like Wind/Ocean energy or semiconductor related Solar cell & solid state devices as well as MEMS, etc, But again now emerging commercialized exceptions, ■ Non UV H2 Photolysis from water by Sn3O4(H Abe+), many other “artificial photosynthesis”s,

■ 50-200%+ increased efficiency engines(Myers, Ogle,Covey, Pogue, Castellini, Brandt, La Force, Hatton, Caggiano, Belland, Purushottam Pipaliya, Holland, Ch Brown, Fish+) by cam timing, spark plug, carburetor+), Specific angled screen in carburetor “accidentally” improved 50% mileage in 1960s(Ford), but model was soon “recalled to correct it back” to factory spec(Pantone+). Pneumatic engine(“science illegal” version, p91-94): Peugeot 208 Hybrid Air(40km/litre, 94mpg), Tata & MDI-lu(Negre), both being shelved, Some non electric Japanese cars mostly sold only in Japan(35km+/l), Volkswagen XL1(100km/l, 250 test units only) & discontinued Lupo(35km/l). In1920s mainstream predicted 80mpg norm with test cars performing 100mpg+(Byr Wine, Al Wallace, Bru McBurney+), Now available 95% efficient Shinsei Electrostatic Motor, - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada



—>> cont: SIGNIFICANTLY LOWER COST TYPES(& Grid Parity): ■ Regenerative Shock Absorber normally brings negligible 5% range car mileage efficiency(eg ClearMotion, hydraulic motor runs to generate power) but in certain specific electrical energy needs application it could bring substantial saving.

■ ElectroDynamic Tether: mainstream approved idea as only limited use in space environment as lowest cost tech(long conducting wire[mainly 500m plus for large power but works from 1m] moves along earth magnetic field etc to generate electricity), Can be used to replace fuel with free electricity for low orbit satellites and even ultra high elevation flight if air craft propulsion re-configuration is made(plasma, ion thrust etc) with high elevation cruising(BE Gilchrist, Jam McCanney+)/(Boeing - Tether Unlimited). But actually generates full time "free energy" on earth surface: by likely triggering imbalanced static electricity to flow, Works at on-ground still-earth vertical environment with graphene/nanocarbon use(

■ Super efficient Phase Change Material(PCM) for housing: to release or absorb heat at preset temperature: BioPCM, DuPont Energain, PCM injected wood: Enertia Home, Combine PCM with Vacuum Insulation Panels(VIP) to provide certain packages/boxes perpetual free cooling or heating depends on outside temperature transition: va-Q-tec AG+



—>> cont: SIGNIFICANTLY LOWER COST TYPES: ■ Portable ammonia maker from H2O+air by compression cycle etc for engines(J Fleming), ■(N2H4)Hydrazine Fuel Cell: small, no precious metal, easy high power fuel(Daihatsu co), ■ Aluminium Air Battery:1700km+ run range 100kg weight for electric cars(Phinergy), ■ Galvanic Reaction Salt Water Cell: (Hydra Light+)Very slow reaction design, Currently for small phone charge type power level, about 1/30-50th cost of regular 2A battery, with conistent voltage and current, ■ Thorium:US in 70s, Uranium took over, nuclear plant use, far less radiation, re-starting (India, Russia, China, US, Norway, Israel+), portable(Dratch +), ■ Biofuel(Ethanol) from cellulose only(inedible plant, grass straw, tree branches, broken trees etc), Some produce with <1/2 cost of retail petrol of high fuel price nation(Kawasaki Heavy - within 2weeks of intending commercialization, key board members + CEO fired, and project shelved), others also announced tech success without commercialization intention since 2006(Taisei Kensetsu & Sapporo Beer, Honda+), as often happens in Japan, domestic only or 3rd world use intention seems to have no problems(Kita-Akita city forestry coop, Sumitomo Forestry, Mitsui Zosen+): But stagnant commercialization situation started to change world wide since around 2014(see Biomass: p71,81,82) 36 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


—>> continued SIGNIFICANTLY LOWER COST TYPES: ■ Coal based Gas/Oil/Direct power: Natural gas like CENfuel(Lloyd & Turner ) & Low Temp Coal Carbonization: LTC, Rexco(Karrick), Improved Bergius method, Micro active at Sasol+, Similar Lurgi process active in China(70+ plants), EM wave/Ultrasonic use(M Kawabata+), Low fume DCFC (Direct Carbon Fuel Cell, DEHPL+) mechanics avail since 1890s(W Jacques +), A few of IGCC (Integrated coal Gasification Combined Cycle, usually said to be more expensive than regular coal combustion, but high efficiency low cost data can be hidden by high startup cost etc): more on gasification see p45-46, p60-65, ■ Super high density Enzymatic fuel cell(YH Percival Zhang)、 ■ Certain customized Geothermal heating: Heat Pump, Gradient Energy Harvesting etc: e.g. Discarded oil well-mine EGS(Sologen), Downhole heat exchanger use, 300m deep closed loop in high heat area useable even without heat pump cost etc, Also much lower cost Hydrothermal Spallation drilling is offered but soon "went out of business"(Potter Drilling): ■ Cooling use OTEC(Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion) near some water areas(Sea Water Air Conditioning)(Makai, Bluerise nl+), In some super high cost power small island OTEC do become lowest energy cost by improved Kalina Cycle(Xenesys), PCM used OTEC engine,

■ Betavoltaics types: Tritium Light or Battery(P Brown+), Zinc sulfide or Radium Paint + Solar Cell, Optoelectric Nuclear Battery(Kurcharov Inst+), Radioisotope Generator(NASA+): mininuclear heat converted to electricity by thermoelectric device. ■ Hydrothermal vent power extraction: large scale indicated by test success, ■ Orimulsion: Water(30%) emulsified bitumen by Venezuelan state corp: broke "taboo" of not making bitumen emulsion for road pavement/sealant use 37


—>> continued SIGNIFICANTLY LOWER COST TYPES: ■ Exotic configurations: Limited to pilot success; • Advanced Compressed air energy storage by additional full recovery of both Heat compressed & Cold air released, • Pneumatic engine(Negre+, “illegal” version: p91-94), • Magnetic Energy Recovery Switch (Shimada+): “legal back EMF(electromotive force)”, • Water-carbon rod low powered electric arc gas: AquaFuel(H Eldridge, W Richardson, Rug Santilli),

■ Exotic Hydrogen Production methods • Aluminium based metal alloy & water “Hydrogen fuel cell” lab results as all similar mechanics but mostly uncommercialized eg:、     i Slow oxidizing low cost focused alloy pellets(B Froats), ii Rapid shock cooling-heating as catalyst to “crack” oxidized film of nano aluminium particles to reactivate(Dynamix-Muroran univ: Mas Watanabe+)+, 、 iii Use of Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH) as catalyst(not consumed) to prevent/delay aluminium oxidation (Hy-Energy: Erl Andersen)+, iv Undisclosed catalyst accelerates pitting of aluminum powder surface to prevent/ delay passivation(AlumiFuel: Jas Anand+), v Chloride ion use pitting to dissolve oxidized film(Hydergy India: AVK Reddy+), - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada



—>> continued SIGNIFICANTLY LOWER COST TYPES: ■ Exotic Hydrogen Production methods • Aluminium based metal alloy & water “Hydrogen fuel cell” eg:、 vi Aluminium alloy with gallium/lithium etc which prevents/slows oxidized layer from fully covering aluminum(HydroAlumina: Ge Woodall, Chemalloy: Freedman+), vii CatalyticCarbon and aluminum in 80°C hot water + DC pulse(not electrolysis) to prevent almost all aluminium oxidation, this on-board generator makes 110L/ minute of H2, low quality-dirty-sea water ok(Phillips Company 4T: Haw Phillips)

• Nanoparticle coated H2O electrolysis (Dopp+), • Ultrasonic H2 generation from water with non-oxidizing nanocrystal: ZnO fibers + BaTiO3 dendrites (Xiaochun Li), • Molecular Molybdenum Persulfide catalyst H2 dissociation from water(JR long+), • 84% efficiency pure water Electrolysis by Cathode 35Mpa high pressure Solid Polymer Electrolyte use, fluctuating power input workable like wind(Honda R&D),

■ HEAT RECOVERY: unless otherwise stated generally 100-1000°C temp difference is used - often which power generation is proportional to. Also leads to emission reduction: part of mainstream focus in many, particularly Western nations, while almost ignored in some others: - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada




■■ 1. Kinetic Power Generators based Industrial HEAT RECOVERY as Electricity: Often as industrial CHP(Combined Heat & Power), or Combined Cycle at power generator: common installation in at least as new system in Chemical, Pulp & Paper, Wood, Petroleum Refining, Metal, Gas turbine/Nuclear power generation industries, use of Regular •a-d

•a Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG)(Nooter/Eriksen, Alstom, GE +) most large mainstream industrial conglomerate types offer as first round of heat recovery as Combined Cycle with 10-20% range additional electrical recovery(of original electrical conversion % ratio). Low grade heat primary or secondary recovery process of HRSG "left over" heat by conventional Organic Rankine Cycle(ORC- use of low boiling temp stronger turbine power organic compound medium instead of water) generally used from 80°C+ (INTEK GMK GmbH, Turboden, Triogen BV+), but there are significant differentiation and performance difference for this mature tech. With (further) 2-10%+ electrical gain, or 70-95C previously discarded water or hot spring water can produce power by 20-70kw potential module(Ishikawajima Harima, Electratherm+): optimization focus(Granite Power Granex+), on board ocean freight power generator from diesel engine heat(Opcon Energy System+), -->>cont: 、 40


—>> con SIGNIFICANTLY LOWER COST: ■■1. Kinetic Power Generators based HEAT RECOVERY as Electricity : •a Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG):

But some specialists(2G Energy AG+) might improve/replace ORC/steam RC process with less often used Radial Flow Organic Rankine(Exergy SpA, Cryostar SAS +), Axial & radial mix turbine(Aqylon+). 、 Often, not always, substantial yield improvement is made by following: Kalina Cycle(ammonia & water mix medium)(Kalina Power - Enhanced Systems Technologies - Global Geothermal), or more specialized use customizable its 2nd generation(Kalex Systems), or similar OTEC purpose Uehara Cycle(Xenesys - 佐賀大学海洋エネルギー研究センター), Others: ORC with Rotary Heat Engine works from 25 vs 40°C temp difference(Davinci-mode jp), Trilateral Flash Cycle(TFC)(Ian Smith+), CO2 SuperCritical Brayton(no phase change)(Net Power LLC, Sandia NL+) or CO2 SuperCritical Rankine Cycle(phase change at 31°C)(Echogen Power Systems+) etc. Possible to generate DC electricity when closed CO2 flow is placed near certain dielectric(?) material from triboelectric effect(Infinity Turbine): similar to already known but not commercialized ORC + Liquid Metal MHD effect. -->>cont: 、 41


—>> cont: ■■1. Kinetic Power Generators based HEAT RECOVERY as Electricity: •b Stirling Engine(Qnergy - Ricor Cryogenic, Microgen Engine+) heat recovery efficiency significantly differs depends on company from 10-30%(Free Piston type is higher), remote equipment operation(Stirling Technology Inc RemoteGen+), also efficient cooling(Twinbird jp, Sunpower Inc+). Can be offered as residential fuel cell type set up by feeding gas/oil: Micro CHP, •c Deluge Engine(Hageman) runs from 30°C diff, •d Others: thermoresponsive material and Osmotic power use Osmoblue(E Dahan +)works from 30°C temp difference,、 ■■2. Mainly Solid State Harvesting device: & similar Industrial HEAT RECOVERY as Electricity, lower cost than gas turbine/combustion engines or steam generators(J Fairbanks+) in certain situations, device efficiency indicated in following "•a-l" is deemed highest possible figure unless otherwise stated. In some cases general operating rate can be much lower: -->>cont:、



—>> cont: ■■2. Mainly Solid State Harvesting device: based Industrial HEAT RECOVERY as Electricity:、 •a Thermoelectric/Seebeck-Pelletier effect: Thermoelectric heat pump using n & p type semi conductors, it uses temperature gap between one end to the other to generate power. Used in Soviets since 1940s, in West for military/ space after '60s, western mainstream use of conventional models. Actually 5kw range generator was claimed with operating efficiency of 10% for commercialization before yr2000 but retracted(Jade Mountain), Often on lower temperature range 50-600°C, some are max 300°C level use.

But much higher performance seems to exist by use of carbon nanotube or nano structure etc though unclear if those super efficient models are openly marketed: Evident Thermo, [acquired GMZ tech which claimed max 43% efficiency], Komatsu/KELK’s 40% rating, Japanese peers Likely slightly lower(Yamaha, Toshiba+), max 20% possible at 300°C range(AEInnova+), suspected similar level(O-flexx+). Alkali-Metal Thermal-to-Electric Converter (AMTEC)by C-TEC Nano Conversion at least 20% range, 15% range(Je Snyder +), Reverse Spin Hall - Spin Seebeck Effect use: wrappable plastic like spin current generator at least 10times conventional efficiency with much lower production cost(Nippon Denki+), -->>cont:、 43


—>> cont: ■■2. Mainly Solid State Harvesting device: based Industrial HEAT RECOVERY as Electricity:•a Thermoelectric(TE):、 Though other solid state devices are generally 20%+ as std model, including sterling engine, TE's ease of use and super compactness is often advantage. And even supposedly conventional 2-8+% operating efficiency device can generate at least up to 1KW range in many cases and space saving energy recovery with success track record. Often specific efficiency is not disclosed, some might have much higher rate. Large # of companies offer TE devices(Romny Scientific, Melcor, TECTEG, Gentherm, Экоген Ecogen, RGS Development Thermagy+), Some are High temperature(600°C+) capability focus for generally higher efficiency aim, Run high power requirement meters & switches(НПП Квант+), Steam heat use(Kryotherm+), 1KWh range generation from large truck diesel engine exhaust is possible(Hi-Z Technology+), Flue exhaust or flare heat from chimney(Alphabet Energy+), Electricity from heated tire(Goodyear BH03).

50-150°C workable wrap-around style sheet of carbon nanotube + plastic(Sekisui Chemical+), Low temp 60-100°C hot spring water flow placed next to 5-15°C cold spring water wedging thermoelectric sheet to generate power for >0.5kwh use per 3-4 pairs of water pipe with cold-hot reverse flow(water pipe is 5-10cm diameter, with latest commercially avail technology): a few dozen of projects exists in Japan. 5 x 20 x15cm size heatpipe used forked device emit 15w with 70-80C difference if device recovers with 3-5% efficiency(Yos Takefuji: Ai-Cynap) -->>cont:、 44


—>> cont: ■■2. Mainly Solid State Harvesting device: based Industrial HEAT RECOVERY as Electricity:•a Thermoelectric:、 Cost effective cooling(Aisin - Toyota, Z-max jp+), 2-3 times more efficient than conventional Thermoelectric cooler(Phononic): Phononic has potential to replace majority of existing type refrigerators by lower cost.

Note Pelletier cooling has also precise temp control, no maintenance & far longer lasting, soundless operation compared to conventional compression refrigeration. Engine heat recovery to save air conditioning etc of 5% fuel mileage saving overall(VolksWagen+) Also space commercialization etc of Radio Isotope Thermoelectric generation exists but generally has beyond harmful level radioactivity emitted in near field,

Self generating electricity from heat to fan the woodstove chamber to save 30-50% of regular wood cooking fuel and eliminate most of smoke in 3rd world use(Philips Domestic Appliances and Personal Care BV: van der Sluis), or additionally it charges battery for portable small cooker(BioLite Energy+). -->>cont:、 45 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


—>> cont: ■■2. Mainly Solid State Harvesting device: based Industrial HEAT RECOVERY as Electricity:•a Thermoelectric:、 Free standing type woodstove fan is widely available: If 2 or more combined use of high power low temp activation types in certain room shape or air flow configuration it can save 15-30% heating cost but most come with low Curie temperature(loses effect of thermoelectric) at 300°C range(SmartFan ie, Valiant Accessories+). Generally more powerful sterling engine type fan(some rotates) saves more though starting temperature is high(Valcan Stove Fan, Warpfive Stove Fan), Campfire cook stove phone charging(JikoPower+)

•b ThermoGalvanic Cell/ThermoElectric Cell/ThermoCell(DIFFERENT FROM Solid State ThermoElectric device): This is not semiconductor but made of electrodes and liquid electrolyte(redox ion) to function as enclosed thermoelectric device by temperature dif between electrodes within cell, also there is time lag in effects to use as battery without no heat input for short time. Basically works permanently as long as there is temp difference. Low key image & mostly forgotten since 1980s but now some seem to show similar significant effectiveness as best performing Solid Thermoelectric cell at 50-200°C low temp range(ATC - Australian Research Council[Ted Abraham], Tsukuba Univ[Kobayashi & Moritomo et al]), New much thinner flat Carbon Nanotube CNT use(Renchong Hu+), CNT & Aerogel-Based ThermoElectrochemical Cell(Yong Hyup Kim +) -->>cont:、 46


—>> cont: ■■2. Mainly Solid Harvester based HEAT RECOVERY as ELECTRICITY: •c"MagnetoThermoElectric", Thermo Magnetic Motor, Curie Engine etc: At least two of following three combined energy generation mechanics are used: @1 Ferromagnetic material(become magnet when gets close to it and retain magnet state somewhat even after removed[hysteresis]) "motor" is placed between heated magnetic and cold heat sink, and it oscillates back and forth by thermal demagnetization at Curie temperature on heated magnetic side and remagnetization inducing cold sink side: this vibration between heating and cooling states are recovered as electricity via piezo effect or/and electromagnetic induction for micro devices. @2 Losing and gaining magnetic field in time-variant oscillating manner is used to generate electricity. Also for rotating motor type: @3 Kinetic rotation motion is converted to power.

Despite some mainstream media and "science blog" debunking, recent academic documents and other witnesses indicate this is also one of highest efficiency amongst mainstream approved heat recovery tech, also can be good combo with solar energy for heat recovery(Prime Photonics+). Water based 20°C temp difference workable system(Swiss Blue Energy AG), Opportunity to synergize further for even higher efficiency with Pyroelectric effect(produce electricity from rapid temperature change oscillation), and Shape Memory Alloy/Polymer(heat or magnetic): applicable to micro and industrial size power generation both. 47


—>> cont: ■■2. Mainly Solid State Harvesting device based HEAT RECOVERY as ELECTRICITY: :

•d Thermionic device(electron discharged from one electrode to other as collector across vacuum when there is temp difference between them), super high temp use, NASA used 12% efficient device in 1976, 25% range at 1500°C in 1960s in Soviet block(Orlinov & Stafanov et al), then disappeared from civilian market.

But now Carnot limit far exceeding(lately this is not necessarily auto pseudoscientization treatment) MicroPower Global device exists: ex-ENECO inc, Sevastyanenko, Kucherov,& Hagelstein: LENR researchers) 40% range? at 250-600°C: Beyond Carnot Limit should be explainable by current science(Joh Roßnagel+), Single Layer Graphene use would boost 40%+ at below 700°C(Shi-Jun Liang+),

•e Pyro-electric(oscillating temperature to generate electricity), also nanogenerator for micro device exists(PENG): PyroElectric generator often requires temperature alternating device to cause rapid temperature oscillation to activate effect. New mechanics are improving effectiveness: Self heat-cool alternating polymeric PyroElectric Nanogenerator by water vapor, without any energy using heat alternating device(Fengxian Gao et al), 30% efficient by MEMS use(Sc Hunter/ORNL+), Nanowire use(Wenxi Guo et. al+) can be hybridized with piezoelectric generator(Ju-Hyuck Lee+), Heatpipe use for rapid temperature change transfer to increase efficiency(Dan Zebek+), 48


—>> cont: ■■2. Mainly Solid State Harvesting device based HEAT RECOVERY as ELECTRICITY:、 •f ThermoAcoustic(heat is recovered to cause air molecule massive excitation type standing wave effect in confined space, then create temperature difference & electricity generation), 300°C max. 20%+ efficiency electricity conversion(Etalim, Aster Thermoacoustic+), Gas combustion use instead of existing heat recovery but still comes far ahead of conventional system cost(, High performance cooling from heat(SoundEnergy BV, Cool Sound Industries+)、 •g High performance unconventional heat pump: 30% extra energy saver for various heat movement generally not achievable by other systems: Fisonic Cavitation(Fisenko). CO2 Heat Pump "EcoCute" for hot water generation: part of industry or residential standard in some nations/regions(eg Japan) somewhat less to much less installation in other nations for its 10-20+ % more saving in some situations compared to regular heat pump(Denso, Sanden+), Claims of COP >8(Mayekawa+): defacto 800+% efficiency. This is one of several state backed energy related tech promoted in Japan: Some tech prospered like this while others mysteriously suddenly disappeared till recently(eg SuperCritical water). Non toxic CO2(R744) can be also used in similar way for refrigeration with less restrictions by environmental laws. Pure cooling without heating combo has been deemed no cost saving over conventional medium system, but some industrial sized systems are actually emerging as energy saving TransCritical CO2 Refrigeration Cycle by unique combination of elements(Carnot Refrigeration+),

•h Micron-gap ThermoPhotoVoltaics: MTPV corp(DiMatteo+); generally ignored Near Field TPVs efficiency is upto a magnitude ahead of mainstream Far Field TPVs, Jx Crystals TPV: Jx Crystals (Fraas) already measured 35% efficiency in 1989, 49 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


—>> cont: ■■2. Mainly Solid State Harvester based HEAT RECOVERY as ELECTRICITY: •i Ambient EHF(Extreme High Frequency), Thz(Terahertz), FIR(Far InfraRed) Rectenna (0.1-30Thz) by nano material use: Likely most disruptive science approved under-explored heat recovery as EHF-FIR-Thz range EM radiation of heat harvesting by Frequency Selective Surface(FSS) nanostructures & resonance amplifying(Redwave Energy, Univ Manchester+): usually focused on industrial heat <300°C, for industrial size electricity generation with much higher efficiency than other solid state devices. EM overall density is much higher in this range than lower RF waves in addition to easier high % harvesting quality. 、 Metamaterial(manmade specific geometric pattern) or SRR(Split Ring Resonator enabled broader band reception should significantly improve efficiency especially at Extremely High Frequency range harvesting up from 0.001-1Thz range(Parc Xerox+), But generally 70-80+ % conversion range should be possible & without heat-cooling maintenance concern like thermoelectric. In addition, FIR Rectenna(FIR absorbing Optical Rectenna) technically allows microcurrent harvesting perpetually 24hrs since everything emits FIR wave at above 0K(-273C). Also see various anomalous effects in this EM radiation range(p186-195),

•j Some high heat generating Fuel Cells can build in CHP to boost efficiency past 90%+ (heat included) level: ■PAFC(Phosphoric acid): Fuji Electric+, ■MCFC(Molten Carbonate): FuelCell Energy+, ■SOFC(Solid Oxide)Bloom Energy, Ene Farm/Kyocera - Osaka Gas Toyota, Sunfire GmbH+, Ene Farm is for house based unit, its SOFC is at 52% electrical efficiency & produces lower cost power than retail price and can be sold to grid(Japan only), ■PEMFC(Proton Exchange Membrane): Ene Farm/Panasonic+, 50


—>> cont: ■■2. Mainly Solid State Harvester based HEAT RECOVERY as ELECTRICITY: •k Paintable heat recovery system can significantly benefit: Thermo Diode Coating(Ne Chernoff) or Spin Seebeck - Reverse Spin Hall Effect Paint: Surface plasmon effect use dielectric material's spin current generator, & use of magnon + phonon resonance would further improve efficiency(Ei Saito), Ultrasonic spray coating hetrojunction Perovskite solar cell of 11% efficiency(AT Barrows+), Also ferroelectric Perovskite's multi-energy response ability hasn't been explored(SolarPyroElectric-PiezoElectric): eg KBNNO. 、 •l MHD & Faraday effect application: Electrical generation increases if high temp electroconductive waste heat exhaust or hot molten salt like flow is passed by MHD device prior to existing system extraction. Self powered Magnetic Flow Meter by opposing magnets separate charges in conductive water & picked up by opposed electrodes to cause electron flow(OMEGA Engineering+), but this industrial level energy harvesting tech is mostly ignored by mainstream.

■■3. Heat Recovery as HEAT, can save indicated % of entire related heating system: •a Condensing Scrubber: Direct contact heat of exhaust fume to water with possible 5-15% range extra saving(while cleaning air) compared to conventional heat recovery from the same source. Can exceed 30%+ compared to no action at all(Babcock & Wilcox, Bionomic Industries QSense, Valmet+). Use of heat pump amplifies saving(Condens Heat Recovery Oy, Caligo Industries+), most significant consistent mainstream use in some Nordic nations.、 •b Venturi-Orifice steam trap: Loss in steam system is often taken for granted at boiler or industrial systems. But they can save 5-25% of energy, while additionally eliminating costs for related maintenance or mechanical systems with fast payback of 0.5-3yrs(Enetrap jp, Thermal Energy International, Delta Steam Systems, Ingrid Wernicke Industrieservice+). Similar less degree of saving is possible with commonly available steam eductor/ejector or venturi auto feeder/mixer. 51


-->cont: ■■3. Heat Recovery as HEAT, can save indicated % of entire related heating system:

•c CHP: Combined Heat & Power/Cogeneration can more than double efficiency with conventional tech use, well established in some nations(Denmark, Finland, Russia, Netherlands+), many ex-soviet & its allies+, while surprisingly low use in others(Japan, France, Sweden+). Often as centralized District Heating System, this set up allows all types of new heat recovery like Solar thermal, biomass to incorporate later on): Also further efficient Combined Cooling, Heat & Power (CCHP, Trigeneration, use of absorption chiller) when there is also cooling need,

•d Heat Pipe application: Low or no maintenance heat pipe(capillary driven liquid-vapor phase change circulation system with inner side and outer side within a sealed vessel) is often still underutilized super efficient heat conductor for various industrial/residential heat energy saving applications (5-1000times copper)(Aavid Thermacore, ...... +) 鞍山鞍明实业有限公司, 常州⻰腾光热科技股份有限公司 • +..................................................................... that enables transfer of heat in recoverble shapes(eg Vapor Chamber to make it possible to use conventional flat thermoelectric device otherwise unrecoverble, or Heat Pipe to rapidly transfer heat & coolness to maximize thermoelectric power generation. They are hard to quantify as % recovery improvement) 52


-->>cont: ■■3. Heat Recovery as HEAT, can save indicated % of entire related heating system: •d Heat Pipe application:

Heatpipe is also able to do its secondary recovery heat use etc to save energy up to 40% or more in surprising # of cases if fully exploited from conventional system: eg HVAC air conditioning, particularly dehumidification(wrap around cooling coil on cooling and passive reheating) on any scale(Heat Pipe Technology inc, Advanced Cooling Technologies+). Yet it is notable this is defacto mandatory application in other industries like electronics, specific manufacturing-chemical process, aerospace etc for effective cooling and heating. Some of more advanced application like no fan required cooling outperforms fan used cooling in electronics with no electricity use(eg Calyos SA, Nofan Computer, Compulab Airtop, Sparton Rugged Electronics+) is not utilized for energy sector

■■4. Heat Recovery as TORQUE, Shape Memory Alloy(SMA): Nitinol engine(Nickel-Titanium Shape Memory Alloy, expands when cooled): “Negative fatigue” temperature shapeshift metal with significant torque, Order of magnitude increased durability to steel springs, US Navy link(Rid Banks, Sandoval, Ginell, McNichols, Hochstein, A Johnson+), - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada



-->>cont: ■■4. Heat Recovery as TORQUE, Shape Memory Alloy(SMA): Nitinol engine: 、

Due to cooling needs, Nitinol engine is more suitable for small unit based system. Active movement to commercialize in 1970s but disappeared after. As happens for some disruptive energy use, Shape Memory Alloy(SMA) is widely used & encouraged for other applications such as medical, dental, aerospace, robotics, structural integration other than energy use. Also there is some energy saving element at various automatic actuation at set temperature etc. •

Can be made simple system to produce energy with much lower cost than existing heat recovery tech. Less disruptive format mainstream Nitinol based generator debut(Exergyn), Some private type trials with solar air heating/desorption chamber for 24hr "perpetual free energy system" demonstrations made(Kimton Gravity Engine, Kellogg's Research Labs, Actment jp+), General Motors(GM) got US gov't grant in 2009 with Dynalloy & HRL Laboratories along with patent for car exhaust heat recovery but news disappeared.

Tech effect for power generation suitability is scientifically mainstream approved but occasional main media level pseudoscientization effort exists. Shape Memory Polymer tried for some micro energy harvesting, eg ElectroActive Polymer by wind or oscillation(TU Delft, Bayer AG+). Also it is notable Nitinol is activatable in much wider temperature now with -200 to +150C range: eg Fe-Ni-Co-Ti(Daido Univ- Daido Steel - 形状記憶合金の吉見製作所 +). SMA can be also almost no electricity use cooling by heat absorbing state under certain conditions(Seelecke & Schütze +) - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada



■ SOLAR: Rapid cost dropping(most competitive LCOE[Levelized Cost Of Electricity] is on par with std Wind: <6cents/KWh), as of 2016 certain solar electricity generation techs indicate past grid parity: lowest cost at LIMITED direct sun avail remote areas, individual house, high cost nations(eg Europe), high day time cost(eg Japan), or remote islands(eg Vanuatu, Hawaii). Fastest advancing major energy tech due to direct link with microelectronics, computer, semiconductor, spectroscopy, laser-optics, photonics, nanotech, space: many are linked to inventor “free energy”、 Open discussion & active pursuing of how to “violate” Shockley-Queisser limit(S-Q limit) & quantum efficiency COP>1, by theoretical/experimental level at mainstream academic with corporate/NGO/Gov’t sponsored. Although academic & socioeconomical ramification is much bigger, this is a sharp contrasted attitude towards wind[Betz Limit], nuclear remediation(p251) or thermodynamics[2nd law, p149],

And this mainstream handling method of S-Q limit can be applied/simulated to the way of embracing inventor tech classic level over-unity electricity/energy extraction, as LENR-Cold Fusion gets officially accepted, but this requires powerful Western interlocked mainstream sponsor back up which is fractured support at best currently: excess S-Q is far less disruptive for business structure. - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada



—>> cont ■ SOLAR: But Direct Solar Heat(solar thermal) application is universally lower cost in most of the world up to high latitude Southern Scandinavia or Middle of Western Canada.

Following solar pages list up potential cost reduction ideas, also some techs are installable as lowest cost energy in some areas (*Note: due to photovoltaic’s high tech nature, production process, choice of material & how it is used affect costing much more than most other energy tech but this report doesn’t cover it) ■1. Over S-Q limit Single Junction(SJ) Photovoltaic Solar Cell(SC): Significant number of SJ cell Shockley-Queisser Limit 33% exceeding efficiency at lab level experimental claims or strong indications/theoretical ideas discussed at conference without criticism/risking loss of job, articles pass mainstream journal editorials, and embraced by influential business/NGO/Gov’t lobbies & funders, Examples: i Light concentrating property Standing Nanowire (Krogstrup, Fontcuberta i Morral+), ii Solar Thermo-PhotoVoltaic(STPV, thermal upconversion: absorb heat and re-emit it as extra photon for capture; Boriskina +)(also see p49 •h) with specific geometric emitter-absorber combo(Rephaeli +), —>> continue - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada



—>> continued- ■1. Excess S-Q SJ Solar cell: iii Multiple Exciton Generation(MEG) by Quantum Dot Solar Cell:(Nozik, Oc Semonin, Ra Ellingson+):• Electron avalanche effect triggering(Br Parkinson, W Tisdale+), •Beyond thermodynamic efficiency limit Electron Carrier Multiplication?: Tuneable Quantum Dot(also does instant photon capture before disappears) to make photon disappear into vacuum, then reappear(p232■) with Electron/exciton multiplying effect: singlet fission effect, “7 excitons at cost of 1”/ Quantum efficiency COP=7(& indication on over-unity like actual electricity yield?), linked to Population Inversion - Self Powering Laser(VI Klimov, RD Schaller+ : US Gov’t at Center for Advanced Solar Photophysics [CASP]), Similar replication at NREL(H Brody), Outside US(BL Oksengendler+),

iv Plasmon types: •Surface Plasmon Solar Cell(use collective oscillationresonance of electron) to trap light & increase absorption(Mi Burns+), Plasmonic Photonic Enhanced Solar Cells(Microcontinuum) •Plasmonic enhancement of Dye Sensitized SC: DSSC)(Co Andrei+), Even combine DSSCs + collection of high capacity Triboelectric Nanogenerators(TENG) for human random motion harvesting + supercapacitors(F-SC) in all fibre shaped mode in clothing(Zhong Lin Wang), •Plasmonic nanostructure with upconverter-doped dielectric core(A Atre+), —>> continue 57 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


—>> continued- ■1. Excess S-Q SJ Solar cell: v Infrared/Teraherz wave Capture: Note this tech is already working in other applications but not applied to solar energy use due to disruptiveness? •24hr solar(Solterra Solar: Squires & Jabbour+), •Lead selenide nanocrystals to convert Infrared ray to visible photons for increased capture(Bardeen+), •Trap infrared photon to directly generate electricity(Fr Meseguer+), •Infrared capturing nano solar rectenna(optical rectenna) arrays made by atomic layer deposition(Br Willis), Upright nano antenna maximally tuned to specific sun light infrared frequency(Bar Cola), Similar mechanics(Microcontinuum, CoolCAD Electronics+)

vi Others: vi-a Down conversion(split 2x too high energy photons for band-gap into two lower energy photons to recover both), vi-b Hot Carrier Solar Cell(Le Bris+): keep low heat transfer from electron to phonon, vi-c Intermediate Band Solar Cell(Yo Okada+) with “photon ratchet” for extra light recovery, vi-d •Single Junction Tandem Solar cell(Wl Walukiewicz+), •Perovskite oxides photo-ferroelectric material to function like Multi-Junction cell(An Rappe+), vi-e Piezo-phototronics(3way coupling: piezoelectric-semiconductorphotoexcitation effects) used for beyond thermodynamics limit?(Zhong Lin Wang+), —>> continue 58


—>> continued- ■1. Excess S-Q SJ Solar cell: vi-f If cost is low, high performance Solid State Device (p42-50) can replace photovoltaics to generate electricity up to 50 times more than photovoltaics per same area(Ka Matsubara+), vi-g 60-70% level efficiency Solar MHD lab success by superconducting type magnet(Concentrating Solar Power Utility Inc+)

vi-h Larger than unity” thermodynamic light efficiencies, when cooling involved (cold electricity link?[supercurrent “plus”]: p110-113): • Part of mainstream in Soviet-Russia since 1930s(SI Vavilov, YP Chukova, Yu Slyusarenko+); related to “over unity” anti-stokes excitation from lattice energy(Letokhov+), laser cooling +, • Converting lattice vibrations into infrared photons(Raj Ram+), • Solar cell illuminated by circularly polarized light generates charge/spin currents far more than spin polarization of carrier density(I Žutić, Ja Fabian+), also link to various photon related time dilation effect), vi-i Quantum efficiency COP >1, Singlet Exciton Fission cell(Congreve, Ma Böhm+),

vi-j Infrared & Heat absorbing Iron oxide based Charge Ordering RFeO4 solar cell(Green Ferrite: Na Ikeda) in which electric dipole depends on electron correlations(not covalency, ie controllable by spin?), 24hr power generation, and COP>1 indication, seemed commercial ready but shelved? 、



—>> continued- ■1. Excess S-Q SJ Solar cell: 、 vii Heavier on theory: •Fill factor(FF, Available power at the maximum point) modelling shows higher limit for Organic Solar Cell(VA Trukhanov+), Nanostructured cell limit doesn’t apply(Yunlu Xu+), •Combine Upconversion & MEG(Shpaisman+), • Application of Photonic Bose-Einstein condensates(BEC) to concentrate, amplify, store light etc. •Some algae-bacteria’s photon-to-charge conversion ratio is close to 100%(FH Alharbi+), •But S-Q limit seems to come from non-empirical data(& new data after 1960s excluded) & based on 2nd law of thermo-dynamics without substantial data back up(Bolin Liao+), which has (ignored) contradictions (p149-151) and considered as more of conditional reference by many even in mainstream level, at least privately.

■2. Under S-Q limit? Photovoltaic Solar Cell: but still significant cost reduction methods, commercialized or prototype lowest cost products, some redundant: i 25% field efficiency SJ silicon cell(Solvoltaics+), ii Optical Rectification nonsemiconductor cell(Ste Rand+), iii Consolidated solar cell(M Baldo), iv Low cost thin film/organic solar cell by light trapping: classical limit 15x exceeding nanophotonic type: by resonance for full absorption (Shanhui Fan+), or by Fullerene C60(Sunpower C60)/Coherent Population Trapping(CPT), Electromagnetically Induced Transparency(EIT) link,、



continued- ■2. Under S-Q limit? Solar Cell: v Titanium based spray DSSC solar cell is 10% efficiency but cost is <1/5 of others(Showa Titan, seems shelved)


Holographic solar cell:(Solar Bankers, Bifacial added Prism solar cell[G Rosenberg]), vii Nanostructured solar cell: Increase surface area to trap more light, less recombination- Solar Brush by Bloo Solar, viii Low cost thin film/DSSC with High outside light low efficiency but low indoor light high efficiency(20% +): 3G Solar, ix Enhance light harvesting by trapping, quantum dot relation etc by use of Cavity QuantumElectrodynamics (Mi Calic+), x Would solar cell application of Circular Photogalvanic Effect(circularly polarized light) & Spin Galvanic Effect(spin polarization) have significant efficiency potential(eg at Gyroscopic Quantum well+)?

•■3. Concentrated

ThermoPhotoVoltaics, Cost uncompetitiveness challenge: But some might have significant low cost potential: eg Morgan Solar(J-P Morgan), SolarCube(Gr Watson), REhnu(Ro Angel), Other cost lowering elements eg: Micro-Optic Solar Concentrator(Ja Karp+), Stretched Lens ArraySLA light concentrator(M O’Neill)+ --cont ->> 61 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


continued-■3. Concentrated ThermoPhotoVoltaics: For efficiency only: Mainstream ignored aerospace targeting Boeing-Spectrolab’s Multi Junction solar cell CDO-100-C3MJ/C4MJ is average efficiency 38.5/40 % in 2009/10 for terrestrial market, and sells to civilian companies(OEM?), SolAero-Emcore was 37% in 2007, Hybrid concentrated PV & thermo-acoustic engine(Northrop Grumman), MicroLink’s specialized dual-junction solar cell works at 400°C, PhotoElectrowetting/Optofluidics sun tracker by Teledyne, etc.


to their space industry sales, there might be classified more robust products. Civilian market focused companies’ R&D lab efficiency is 45% level in 2016 (Spectrolab linked Amonix-Arzon Solar, Lattice-Matched solar cell by Solar Junction +), * What happens if Optical Vortex Soliton & Self-Focusing element is applied?

•■4. Non

Std Concentrated Solar Power(CSP), i 30%+ field efficiency Dish Stirling(parabolic), (CSPs drop performance as much as 85-90% at rain or cloudy weather), lowest cost available solar in sunny area: Rippaso Stirling Hybrid, Cleanergy, United Sun Systems -all linked to Sweden, Schlaich Bergermann & Partner -Germany, US Majors participated in 1980s-90s but withdrawn(McDonnell Douglas, Cummins), No water use, Much less land needs(2.5ha/mw) with Module based 10-50kw installation, <5cents/KWh range cost is on par with lowest cost by non mega hydro. ii Solid State Energy Harvesting device: or high efficiency combined cycle can lower cost than Stirling: eg •Photon enhanced thermionic emission(Melosh), •Others(p42-50)




continued ■ SOLAR: ■5. Standard CSP: can be currently <6-10cents/KWh, Molten Salt storage type can supply power almost 24hrs with significantly increased cost(Calcium & SuperCritical Fluid experimentally lower cost), Ongoing further cost reduction, eg: i Skyfuel’s Heliostats by low cost film instead of mirror, ii UltimateTrough collector by Flabeg Solar, etc,

•■6. Unique

niche specific installation solar cell: low efficiency(5-10%) but attachable/ wearable/textile Organic PhotoVoltaics(Samsung, Mitsubishi+) for convenience, by low cost material/manufacturing: from Hetrojunction, Dye Sensitized(DSSC) to Perovskite use, Thermoelectric/fibreoptic textile with 3-5% level(NASA+), Polymer coating on hardsurface to make it a solar generator(ZeoFRET - Optiacal Additives+), Super high efficiency(beyond S-Q?) transparent liquid coating on glass or smooth surface material with less than 1yr ROI(SolarWindow Technologies): also makes flexible solar cell glass


panel charging fan driven wood cooking stove to save 40-60% of wood & eliminate most of smoke for 3rd world user's comfort(African Clean Energy+), Hand portable set of solar panel with battery pack for large TV, laptop(SolarWay+), even powerdrill, microwave oven useable(Ecoboxx - SolSave+): becomes by far the lowest cost power in many parts of low developing nations. This would be disruptive if openly endorsed for recreational market in advanced nations. 10-80hr solar based LED light small device with one day charging (Solarbuddy, Waka Waka Light, SunFire Solutions+)63


—>> continued ■ SOLAR: ■7. Solar thermal/heat: Disruptively low cost, often forgotten, instantly applicable with 50%+ efficiency with existing tech use, For residential, commercial, industrial(Industrial Heat Process, at least 60% of electricity is used to generate) application as co-heat source: i Solar Air Heating, Very scalable, •Can be combined with Solar Thermal Collector: SolarWall(J Hollick)+, •Low tech dessert area heating and cooling by Trombe Wall(M Dabaieh+), ii Solar thermal by hot water collecting: Enerworks +, •Extensive District Heating system incorporation & heat storage in Denmark(Marstal, Brædsrup+),

iii Rare but most efficient(70%+) combined PV & Solar thermal unit type by hot water recovery while cooled temperature improves PV cell performance: eg Technique Solar(D Thoroughgood), Solar Angel etc . Concentrated thermal at 80% efficiency(IBM), Similar concept with housing construction element added more energy produced than used home idea can be cost competitive depends on solar panel costing(Sonnenschiff-PlusEnergy-Heliotrope[R Disch], Övolution, “Sous-le-Soleil”, ArchiBlox+) -->>cont - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada



—>> continued ■7. Solar thermal/heat: iv Solar Heat for Industrial Process(SHIP): suitable for low/mid temp needs, iv-a Cooking: Scheffler reflector etc use, pasteurizing, cooking(Tss-India+), advanced parabolic or vacuum tube use(SunFire Solutions+), solar tracking system with heat storage tank movable to chosen location of cooking(SUREST International), iv-b Various Industrial: washing desalinating, drying, cooling, bleaching(Megawatt Solutions, Clique Solar ARUN, Trivelli Energi+), higher efficiency Linear Fresnels used Chromasun Micro-Concentrator, iv-c Utility: Gas-steam turbine augmenting or reduce start up time, Integrated Solar Combined Cycle(ISCC): Yazd Solar Energy +, iv-d Solar Thermal EOR(Enhanced Oil Recovery): Novatec Solar, GlassPoint+,

Solar thermal is applicable to most industries except Metal-Smelting(high temp system must be custom made) types, Cost justifiable even when heat storage is needed, Different temp types: •Basic Standard Flat Plate Collector(<80°C) (Apricus+), or Evacuated tube (<100°C), But simple external non-tracking reflector added 200°C performance is possible(Artic Solar), Often heat pipe is used for effective/efficient rapid heat transfer, •Mid temp system: Parabolic Trough or Linear Fresnel Collector(<400°C), -->>cont: - - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada



—>> continued: ■7. Solar thermal/heat: •CSP(<600-800°C), Up to 3500°C system exists but non commercial: Le Four Solaire d’Odeillo PROMES, produced H2 by non catalyst pure heat from water, Or Большая солнечная печь in Uzbekista(lasting 45+yrs; Some CSP system might last much longer than std rating of 25yrs, also some Photovoltaic cell would last 50yrs+ with 25% less initial capacity: i.e. Cost of certain device can be much lower than publicly discussed). 、 Instead of mirror, Solar Pumped Laser with Fresnel lens using Chromium doped Nd:YAG (Yttrium aluminium garnet) crystals or variations to increase light absorption efficiency by a few fold(PD Reusswig+), and using its heat for super efficient solar hydrogen making (Kaz Imasaki+), added efficiency if seawater's magnesium generates heat(Tak Yabe+)、 ■8. Other fundamentally different mechanics type, Practically untouched by mainstream, but national labs/space agencies seem to involve, some indication of “over-unity” solar under right conditions: i Maglev Vertical Axis Mendocino Motor: V3Solar(C LaDue), Array of AC current producing multiple spinning solar cones with “mutual counter rotating amplifying effect”?, ii Solar Liquid Power(D Linman), iii Diffused light workable Superconducting paint(C Bolaños), similar 85% efficiency steam generating carbon foam(Ha Ghasemi) 66


—>> continued: SIGNIFICANTLY LOWER COST TYPES(Grid parity) ■ WIND ENERGY, Wide range of under deployed different mechanics/tech available, extensively tested by labs & smaller scale models to back up claims, even mini turbines more efficient than larger conventional, but often way past grid parity: much lower cost than all conventional energy tech, only in specific locality and not universally, but some are <4cents/KWh, Following listing includes many commercialization failures/ bankruptcies due to being new: product quality issue & failing to capture “unconventional” wind effect in half of installed sites, sometimes highlighted as proof of non std wind tech invalidity in wind energy media or “industry expert” blogs,

Almost no participation by largest ranking wind power majors, Majority of following wind tech indicates science illegal performance of Betz limit(59% efficiency) exceeding up to 4 times(vortex, venturi coanda type effect funnels “extra wind”, also limit might not apply to nonHAWT[Horizontal Axis], etc), hence frequently called exaggeration/ miscalibration, Often a-Fundamentally different mechanics from conventional wind tech, b-Works with higher & lower wind level, c-Quieter, d-Very space efficient, e-Reduced or no bird/bat accidents. Some are f-Specialized in small scale, g-Longer lasting and less maintenance, h-Simpler mechanics, i-Involved with aerospace industry (eg DAWT- Diffuser Augmented Wind Turbine, Delta Wing, Use of mechanics of Sailing directly against wind or faster than wind speed+), indicated in Boldface Navy is actively being commercialized: following 1-17 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada



—>> continued: ■ Wind: • 1 Advanced VAWT(vertical axis wind turbine: Darrius & Savonius combo etc, material integrity improvement continued from past wind farm failures(Yih Ho Pao+): Turbina VAWT(Mi Tesic), Luethi Wind(M Luethi), Sambrabec Catavent - ERD qc(Obidniak),

• 2 Large VAWT types: Agile Power(Bahnmüller), Terra Moya(R Taylor), Mass Megawatts(Jo Ricker: Multi-Axis Turbo system & MMW augmenter), New Millenium Wind(Drew Thacker, high profile with contracts- suddenly retracted), Wind Harvest International(B Thomas), •3 Maglev VAWT by Senzhen TYPMAR, Regenedyne(Choi & Jenkins), Mag-Wind(Rowan, later charged as fraud, typical event when inventor type free energy tech is commercialized p140-142), •4 ”Unconventional rotation” type: Windpods (Attey), •5 Turbine engine type: Stormblade Wind(Jovanovic), Hush Wind Turbine(Ar O’Connor), •6 Different blades or bladeless: Saphon(Aouini), de Archimedes (Ruijtenbeek), SpiralAirFoil(Parker & Noonan),

•7 Specific Shaped Fluid dynamic effects: i Tesla Turbine: Tesnic(Ho Nica), spins with same speed as wind, extremely strong with high wind, close to 100% efficient, ii Magnus effect Rotor ship(Flettner) by Enercon E-ship1, but Rotor type oscillation wind generators are only marginally lower cost than conventional, iii DAWT: Airsynergy(J Smyth), iv Spiral magnus cylinder blades: Mecaro(Nob Murakami), needs electricity to initially activate generator, -->>cont: - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada



—>> continued: ■ Wind: •7 Specific Shaped Fluid dynamic effects: v Venturi rotor: Energy Ball Vindkraft,(van der Klippe), vi Conical Helicoid: Windstrument(Cl Clark), disruptively scalable, vii Rectangular building roof edges: Anerdgy WindRail(Sv Koehler), viii Others: BERWIAN wind concentrator (In Rechenberg), “3D wind turbine”: Nheolis (Haddjeri, French govn’t backing), Warp ENECO(Weisbrich),

•8 Airborne wind: majors(eg Google) participating: Altaeros(Glass), KiteGen(Ippolito), Ampyx(Koning & Ruiterkamp), e-kite(van den Brink), TwingTec(C Houle), Ocean freight “free wind” propulsion SkySails, •9 Omni directional: Katru IMPLUS(Sureshan), •10 Wind-solar hybrid(Skywolf/WindTamer: J Brock), Blue Energy(Melchior: structured & self cleaning solar surface),

•11 Basic spiral convection & vortex effect, mostly by active engineers + mainstream academics + large corporate/Gov’t backing, Upright vortex or Along steep mountain contour pipe: Vortex Engine(Michaud), Tornado Wind Energy TWECS(Ja Yen), Windhamster(Jü Schatz), Microwave projection triggered tornado generator(Sl Tepic), Other research pre 1960s: (Cheng Ting Hsu, Nazare, Ma Haug, Be Dubo, Ma Menard+), After 1990s:(Stiig, Ma Tanner, Bubnov, Ra Menard, Ar Glezer, More common among Russian & Chinese academics+),



—>> continued: ■ Wind, •12 Downward vortex by water spray(P Carlson+), Sharav Sluices(Zaslavsky, Guetta, Israel Gov backed), side effect use for desalinating water, •13 Horizontal, large version of vortex tubes(De Oliver), Vsquare Wind(Ro Freda, US army link), Sheerwind INVELOX(Allaei), •14 Mini size vortex: Western Co Fotovoltaici(Gachechiladze & Cimini), • Convection Mill model(AR Bennett, A Holmes), can be interpreted as ambient permanent free energy

•15 Boundary Layer, Coupled Vortex Effect(Paraschivoiu, Daibiri+), Only small improvement but universal wind turbine performance booster adopter: Leviathan Wind Energizer(D Farb), •16 Oscillation based, no rotation, easily installed literally anywhere, highly scalable: Altenera BreezeBee(Mo Kaplan), Even more efficient Standing Wave causing Resonance freq. crossover type of: Self exciting vortex shedding Zephyr Energy Windbeam(Dy Thorp+), Aeroelastic flutter: Windbelt/Windcell/Humdinger(S Frayne), sold only under certain special conditions, some already copied: Wolt Wind Energy. If resonance creation is aimed (avoided by regular turbine for device integrity reason) it might further improve efficiency as seen in other techs. Also PiezoTriboelectricity(p19-22),

•17 Portable & foldable wind generator: Natural Power Concepts(J Pitre, US military link), Micro Windmill(Sm Rao), Ventus Folding Wind(Kuckir), 15-100cm diameter scalable & space fillable interconnected light turbines generates useable power from 2m/sec: MotorWind(Gambarota) 70


■ Hydro/Tidal/Wave, Some are much lower cost only in remote towns or private power generation, •1 Fundamentally conventional turbine operated super low cost hydro: eg Hydro-Québec, Manitoba Hydro, Three Gorges Dam+,

•2 Underwater tidal flow, Low head hydro, some regular hydro turbine, while majority is similar to vertical axis Darrieus wind turbine like: Benkatina(D Farb), Mako Turbine SeaUrchin(M Urch), Beck Mickle Hydro allows full weight of water power capture with 70% range efficiency instead of regular premature turbine rotation (Gilmartin & Cattley), ORPC(Gorlov Turbine used), New Energy EnCurrent, Strom-Boje(F Mondl), Hydrovolts (Da Roth), Izumi si(V Markovic), Hydrocat, Larger scale: Verdant Power(D Corren), More efficient large scale Sundermann Turbine tilts power blades as rotate - vertical version of above Beck Hydro: Many of above are easy installation- no damming/digging, Often easy relocation, some show Betz law violation efficiency. Also large hydro dam equivalent in ocean: Large to mega scale tidal: Blue Energy Canada(Bar Davis, Mar Burger+).

Easily the most effective in ocean energy segment by MHD(MagnetoHydroDynamic) generator by wave move(Liquid Metal type) or tidal move both(Scientific Applications & Research Associates, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa a Institute of Electrical Engineering Chinese • 中国科学院电工研究所Academy of Science+): this type can be easily demonstrated its low cost & high • 李然 +), Desalination plant left efficiency(Koslover, Rynne, M.F.M.A Majid, Yan Peng, Li Ran over high salt content effluent flow salt water MHD(KSB Aktiengesellschaft+) -->>cont: - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada



->>cont: ■ Hydro/Tidal/Wave: •3 Use of both wave surging & webbing for power: Greenwave Energy, Use of highest & lowest point with in a set of wave scalable system: MotorWave(Gambarota): also can work as a floating connected "trompe"s to pump water to high land.

Mainstream group supported unique wave energy RO water desalination device or waterwheel power generator (Atmocean): works by high floating capacity water surface buoy connected by vertically moving shaft to submerged floating anchor(seafloor unfixed) to function as water pressure pump as 15 or more networked units. Inertial vertical axis above-water gyroscopic generator whose rotation matches with wave oscillation frequency to create 50-100+% more efficiency than most other wave generators(Aar Goldin, H Kanki - Hitachi Zosen+), 300-500% more efficiency than conventional wave power by Heart valve like Phase-dumping control spring mechanism to match & amplify wave motion(CorPower Ocean AB - NTNU): this anomalous claim is backed by sufficient vol of experimental results.

No-moving parts wave: Reverse MagnetoStriction/Villari Effect use iMEC Oscilla Power, Kutlo jp+): oscillating shape of ferromagnetic material generates time variant magnetic field to generate electricity -->>cont: - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada



->>cont: ■ Hydro/Tidal/Wave:

•4 Non Turbine, highly scalable, low speed workable: Vortex shedding oscillation VIVACE Vortex (Bernistas),

Electroactive Polymer Artificial Muscle/Dielectric Elastomers electric generation on any moving water(Kornblush+),

Nano Fibre Piezomaterial use(Huifang Xu+), Also combo of Piezo & Triboelectricity recovery for doubled effectiveness: contact electrification of water with PDMS film with patterned pyramid array(Zhong Lin Wang et al)(p19-22): Tribo methods recover electricity by liquid contacting and moving on generator surface(water is negativevly charged & device is positively charged).

•5 Liquid pipe flow electricity recovery 5-100KWh: Lucid Energy(Schlabach+), Rentricity, Use of venturi to increase speed/energy harvest: HyPER(NR Prasad), Hydroventuri(Geo Rochester): overunity like effect,

•6 Also completely different far more efficient mechanics system exists but pseudoscience treatment due to use of "non-existent" effect or over unity efficiency(p104): eg HHO OxyHydrogen gas use MHD power generation. - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada



■ Biomass: Heavily related to human habitat/cultural activities with enormous energy potential even without major technological paradigm change, and usually not perceived as such, but often becomes Lowest cost energy when apply different sets of energy criteria. α- Even simply by use of conventional tech, •i Applying different cost structure as by-product(eg Fuel from cellulosic content of plant, Sugar Cane Bagasse, Wood chips etc. High energy required waste water treatment reduces energy needs 30%+, might even net energy, •ii Minimum human living condition byproduct(Energy produced from Waste or Landfill Gas removal), •iii Regional or Operational based: Sawmill residue burned with cost is now made into Pellets for income, •iv Reevaluating existing criteria of energy(Peat, Gas Hydrate+):、 β- Long researched tech with official breakthrough declared types, Some of well known energy industry disruptive techs are entering into mainstream approved commercialization during 2013-2015. This would also gradually reinforce idea of far more energy availability than demand for entire world if combined,、 •v Cellulosic ethanol - second generation biofuel, •vi Sub-SuperCritical Water or Hydrothermal Liquefaction(related tech is marked as "✔", often mainstream approved lowest cost tech for biomass/organic waste energy production, feedstock can be as low as 2-4% to self sustain decomposing process, other methods are mostly at least 20% & up, also process can be completed as short as in seconds rather than conventional methods of hrs[combustion etc], days & weeks[AD], very low emission and CO2 is easily recoverable), Hot Plasma Gasification of all organic waste, Cold plasma treatment of liquid waste/gas cleaning: to produce various liquid fuel, solid carbon, & gas. 74


-->cont ■ Biomass & others lowest cost energy in some situations: 、

Biomass related technologies are categorized 1-4 as follows in this presentation, but there is a large degree of cross over: •1 FOREST RESOURCE, •2 AGRICULTURAL, •3 SOLID/LIQUID MUNICIPAL-INDUSTRYAGRI WASTE: to Gas/Methane, Gasoline, Diesel, Ethanol, Crude Oil, Compressed or as is fuel, Bio Coal, •4 OTHER BIOMASS: Seaweed/Algae/Peat: As is or processed、


•1 FOREST RELATED: Largest vol use in biomass, ✔1a Non-industrial private wood burning/firewood use, particularly in non developed nations is deemed very large but no precise figure agreements, many nations allow access for logging or growth debris by private individuals freely or by license, Very low efficiency heat use,

✔1b Industrial extra wood fibre recovery: There is extensive recovery of forest by thinning plantation as well as harvesting entire tree(including branches), and sometimes stump & root: Finland harvests more than 1 million m3/yr in recent years, some synergy with peat harvesting, increase minimum 10% of wood vol, much less extent but still done in Sweden, Baltics, UK. Also general above ground wood debris recovery from forest is lot higher in North West Europe than most other regions. Infra set up with first certain duration of "investment period" is needed. 75


-->cont: •1 FOREST RELATED: ✔1c Wood Gasification & Power generation: Net energy gain compared to simple combustion, cost itself had been higher than conventional combustion in the past due to technical & uptime issue but situation is rapidly changing in last 2-3yrs. Some are CHP(Combined Heat & Power)/Cogeneration.、 ◆LARGE SIZE power plant application(~10-150MWh~) by overcoming tar, corrosion, plugging issue etc, predominantly North West European companies, due to the size primarily Fix Bed Updraft, or Entrainment, Circular or Bubbling Fluidized Bed(Foster Wheeler - VTT, Vølund, Nexterra, Valmet, Andritz Carbona, Outotec, Metso+), Cleaner emission by Steam Fluidized Bed✔(Repotec GmbH, Bosio si), Likely the largest installer in the near future with increasing success ( 光凯迪新能源集团有限公司. ): high • profile company in China with nation's President visitation in 2011 & 13, while its presence & success is little known in west. *(✔indicates Sub/SuperCritical Water related tech)

◆MID SIZE(~0.5-20MWh~): some are very compact size. ●Scandinavia(Meva Energy, Weiss A/S, Cortus Energy WoodRoll, Gasek+), ●DACH: German Speaking Countries(Christof Industries GmbH+), heat pipe use for 35% electrical efficiency under 1MW(agnion Entrade), Enhanced hydrogen production by superheated steam injection ✔(Güssing Renewable Energy GmbH+), ●Other Europe (Xylowatt NOTAR, Greene Waste to Energy, Torftech, Biomass Technology Group BV+), ●North America(Chiptec, PRM Energy Systems, KMW Energy, Thermogenics Gasification +), ●Asia(Chongqing Welluck Trading, Ankur Scientific+), -->>cont:



-->cont: •1 FOREST: ✔1c Wood Gasification & Power generation: ◆MID SIZE: 、 Full pyrolysis(starved oxygen gasification) mechanics type that produces biochar byproduct(Phoenix Energy, Splainex+): Fuel/gas extraction wood Pyrolysis is often smaller scales or mini DIY types, and usually not competitive with other wood gasification methods. But it is often competitive for plastic-tire processing to produce liquid fuels. Also superior method for non-fuel biochar/activated carbon/carbon black/ as main production.

◆SMALLER SIZE(~100-500KWh~) & often CHP, many are containerized system module base for scalability. Some devices start requiring higher feedstock selectivity to achieve efficiency: only ideal material of <15% moisture of uniform sized chip, no dust, no high mineral content etc. 、 ●Scandinavia(Biosynergi Proces, Volter +), ●Western Europe(Spanner Re², URBAS, Arbor Heat & Power, Holzenergie Wegscheid, Uniconfort+), high efficiency achieved by pellets use with down draft(& stationary fluidized bed)(Burkhardt GmbH), pyrolysis element use(KÖB Viessmann+), ●Japan is usually tech savvy but lags behind in Wood gasifying(Yanmar, ZE Energy Inc, Chugairo Kogyo+), 、 ●Other areas (Community Power Corporation BioMax, Biogen corp ltd, Carbo Consult & Engineering+), Single unit 400KWh size by downdraft bed(this method generates clean gas but traditionally very picky for feedstock)(PHG Energy), some are heat generation focus(Infinite Energy Pvt, Advanced Climate Technologies), ->>cont:



-->cont: •1 FOREST RELATED: ✔1c Wood Gasification & Power generation:

◆MINI SIZE POWER generator(~10-200KWh~): Recently often CHP equipped sophisticated residential to small community/industrial use electrical generator is offered(Entrade, All Power Labs, HERZ Energietechnik+): less ash, more compact etc.、 ◆MINI SIZED HEAT only device: usually unrefined or DIY type system particularly at developing nations, but increasingly sophisticated devices are offered, and generates lowest cost heat by large margin in certain micro & macro regions: ●Europe(Kraft und Wärme aus Biomasse, GUNTAMATIC, Wallnöfer Walltherm, ATMOS - Jaroslav Cankař a syn+), some pellet boilers are also efficient by regular combustion by CHP 25% electricity generating Stirling Engine(ÖkoFEN+), or pellet gasifying-direct combustion switchable(ETA Heiztechnik GmbH +), ●North America(Skanden Energy, Kuuma Lamppa Manufacturing+), ●Others(Associated Engineering Works Gasifier+), 、 ✔1e Pellet: A form of "free energy" utilization or value adding in forest industry by use of sawmill & forest residual, Can become cheapest fuel avail in some areas, in some markets entire low grade logs can be more profitably used to produce pellets instead of lumber/pulp manufacturing. Major producers(Pinnacle Pellet, JSC Vyborgskaya cellulose, Enviva, German Pellets, Härjedalens Miljöbränsle+). Top producing counties(US, Canada, Germany, Sweden, Latvia, Russia+), Large consumers(UK, Italy, US, Germany, Sweden+), Top importers (UK[heavy for power generation], Italy, Denmark+), Roughly 50-50type breakdown use for residential heat vs industrial(ash yielding bark contained etc). Latter volume might fluctuate rapidly by electrical generation pellet use policy. Some producers use ✔ Steam Explosion for cell weakening and densification(also see p49 Torrefaction , p56,57 Hydrothermal carbonization)78


-->cont: •1 FOREST RELATED:、

✔1f Biomass Briquettes: Usually non-industrial size production unless part of large pulp/ peat/lumber/composite wood operation(often in Russia+): by shredding and compressing when stock is dry enough(moisture <16%), some are stand alone with 20,000ton+/yr scale with other biomass(Biocoal co in, KGN Biofuels+), System providers:(WEIMA Maschinenbau, Briquette-Machine, C.F. Nielsen+), Generally speaking this sector's leader is India, where product is called "biocoal" which is confusing with torrefied pellets. 、 ✔1g Forest Residual to Cellulosic Ethanol & other Liquid Fuels: There are many combinations but main types are: i -Enzymatic Hydrolysis based, some pretreatments include classic sulphuric acid, alkaline to low cost Sub/Supercritical water etc:(Chempolis, St1 biofuels, Borregaard, Sekab, 真庭市 - Mitsui Zosen, dins堺 大栄環境+)、 ii-Gasification + reforming + Fischer Tropsch can process whole wood fibre including lignin: (UPM-Kymmene+), Lower cost with steam gasification✔(Woodland Biofuels+), Small scale rotary kiln use gasifying(Micro Energy Japan+), Likely world's first 10,000ton/yr level biomass feed commercialization in 2013, feedstock is mix of wood, plant, trash etc( - 光凯迪新能源集团有限公司) 、 iii-Pyroysis based: produces electrical power & heat while generates liquid fuel(BTG Bioliquids - Empyro BV, Fotum+), Mega "test" facility(Karlsruhe bioliq), Largest operator in in this type with international locations(Ensyn Technologies) iv-Sub/SuperCritical water(SCW) treatment element(all SCW related tech is marked ✔ in biomass section): Process whole wood fibre ✔(Licella - Ignite Energy Resources, Steeper Energy, BTG World - BTG Biomass+), Steam Thermolysis✔(Concord Blue): -->>continued79


-->> cont: •1 FOREST RELATED: ✔1h Torrefaction,: Torrefied Pellets/BioCoal: Lower temp 200-300°C range oxygen-less process of dry material with final product with 70% of original mass with 90% of energy potential retained in compressed form: increase per volume heat capacity, hydrophobic (nonhygroscopic), overall lower cost than pellets per energy produced as delivered. Also various other benefits(eg easy grinding for co-feeding with coal, less abrasion of engine if used as coal water slurry fuel than conventional coal etc), some bio-binder pretreatment & palletizing before heat processing generally has better quality.

Not as economically disruptive as 2nd Gen bioethanol due to solid nature. Longer presence in Western Europe, particularly in Netherlands(Blackwood Technology, Torrcoal+), Other nations(Arbaflame, Arigna Biofuels, Torrec+), Euro Major's participation(ANDRITZ, AREVA+), Largest producers are in US with over 200,000ton/yr capacity(Zilkha Biomass, New Biomass Energy), but generally North America operations have newer participation with same level production cap. as Europe(Diacarbon, Airex Energy, Solvay Biomass), Some claim no indoor storage needs for rain(Arbaflame, HM3 Energy+), non western producers are rare(BioWindbell Technology+) 80


-->> cont: •1 FOREST RELATED: ✔1i Pulp mill Black Liquor(BL) enhanced utilization: BL is by far the largest energy source(efficient pulp mills are net power generators) and core process medium in chemical pulp process that repeatedly gets cleaned & burned its lignin & hemi cellulose as pulpmill's energy source during operation: i -High energy Lignin as oil: for fuel & chemical raw material(LignolRenFuel+): lab type environment generation, dedicated large plant doesn't exist, ii-BL Gasification: Replace Tomlinson boiler by PulseEnhanced Black Liquor Gasification(ThermoChem Recovery International), or regular Gasification, & other ways of more energy recovery, option for biofuel etc(Chemrec se, Babcock & Wilcox+),

✔1j Cooking Woodstove in Developing Nations,: 40-60% range of their wood use saving compared to conventional 3rd world stove with significant positive health effect by removing most of smoke & done in less than half duration (Mbaula Green, RocketWorks, Aprovecho+), Some are geared for larger kitchen cooking stoves(EnviroFit+), or advanced nation's recreational market focus - saves 80-90% fuel compared to open fire cooking & removes most of fumes(StoveTec, Ecozoom, SilverFire Rocket+)

•2 AGRICULTURAL Cellulosic Ethanol: Non food crop plant portion(also called advanced ethanol, 2nd generation biofuel etc): politically larger social ramification than forestry feedstock biofuel. This has been commercialized many times prior but frequent untimely events from losing money, to suddenly financial backers withdraw, or projects halt with no clear reason given etc. Most techs are actually higher cost than existing fuel, but a few are lowest cost in some situations, or depended on feed stock cost calculations. -->> continued 81 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


-->> cont: •2 AGRICULTURAL NON CROP PLANT PORTION Cellulosic Ethanol: 、 Finally after 2014, some consistent operations have been established, while many others are still on pilot production by using 3rd party system(without own facilities, not listed here): tech use is redundant with prior listed "1g Forest Residual". 、 ✔2a Enzymatic Hydrolysis: Far less fuel recovery % & slower than other processes. i -Introductory type Cellulosic Ethanol: by "bolted on" to existing food stock ethanol plant: corn kernel fibre processing to increase extra 5-10% of ethanol production(Cellerate-Syngenta, Edeniq +), only 3rd party line production but claims < $1/gallon(< $0.265/litre)(GeoSynFuels), ii-Regular stand alone type Ethanol production, some use catalytic pretreatment: (Clariant, Inbicon, Iogen ca, Zeachem, American Process, Bioflex - GranBio, Beta Renewables, Abengoa Bioenergy+), Largest 2nd generation bio ethanol operation as of 2016(Dupont), Largest overall bio ethanol maker participates (POET llc), Starting outside of Europe/North America(Raizen, Henan Tianguan, Shandong Longlive+), Rare SuperCritical water(SCW) pretreatment tech provider ✔(Renmatix)

✔2b Gasification + Steam Reform or/& Fischer-Tropsh: (Ineos+), some methods produce liquid fuel 3-4times more than above Enzyme method per given stock, orders of magnitude faster processing by direct synthesis with metal catalyst(Sekisui Chemical, Mitsui Zosen+), same efficiency with many Sub/SCW methods. Very minor utilization: eg Superheated steam✔(Sundrop Fuels+).



•3 MUNICIPAL WASTE(MSW), Liquid Waste, INDUSTRIAL WASTE, AGRICULTURAL ANIMAL WASTE (this presentation treats animal fat/cooking oil as part of existing fuel & it is not discussed), also cross over with wood:

✔3a Anaerobic Digestion(AD) - to produce Biogas/Methane: by bacteria consuming waste. Also note at least some of microorganisms are electrically active(mainstream science accepted idea: Geobacter etc) and produce also anomalous field with various antioxident & electrical effects(rejected idea).、 Completely mainstream tech and widely used as default process in many nations/sectors to produce "free" energy while infrequently used in others. 、 i -Sophisticated large sized Bio methane production(engine feedable), to Electrical generation systems with various scales: Largest types(STRABAG Umweltanlagen, Axpo Kompogas+), Mid to large size installation: (OWS nv, EnviTec Biogas, BTA international, PlanET-Biogas, IES BIOGAS, BTS Biogas, Xergi +), Smaller types(WELTEC BIOPOWER, ENSPAR Biogas, Schmack Biogas, CH Four Biogas+), Focused on upgrading biogas systems(Malmberg Gruppen+), Specialized for biogas engine(SCHNELL Motoren +) -->>cont - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada



-->> cont; •3 MAINLY NONWOOD WASTE: ✔3a Anaerobic Digestion(AD) : i Biomethane、 Many installations operate like farming coop, for this type of sophisticated system Germany has highest installation(10,000units) & most power generation per capita: followed by rest of Europe(UK, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Czech, Sweden etc), Less extent in North America, or rest of world, UK strength is also in sewage biogas & Landfill Gas, 、 ii -Less sophisticated mini to small sized type has long been actively offered, particularly in India/Bangladesh area(Biotech India, Beta Pak Biogas, Puxintech+), ■Also significant family/housing based DIY type system in some nations around the world(eg Deenbandhu units in India: 4million+, Ban quản lý Dự án Khí sinh học installed 0.1million+ in Vietnam etc), ■Energy security conscious China's national policy installed DIY type system in rural community at least 40million units(though fair portion of them might be in dormant or high downtime state). 、 ■Professionally made home based system sold(HomeBiogas, Bsustain, Vivesty +), also septic tank replacement or converter types(BiogasPro Agama+), Not AD but fancy ethanol production type home unit operates with very limited feedstock(Micro Fueler),、 -->>continued - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada



-->> cont; •3 MAINLY NONWOOD WASTE: ✔3a Anaerobic Digestion.:、 iii-WasteWater processing by Anaerobic Digestion: Biogas from sludge processing, usually with various pretreatments including hydrolysis, alkaline etc, Some largest scale is like 100,000 ton+/yr level(Cambi, Veolia Exelys/Biothelys+), Others(Hager + Elsaesser, WABAG, ADI systems inc, Terax nz, Jeongbong kr, Hydroitalia - Colsen, Eliquo BV, Paques nl, Anaergia+).

Methanogenic & Electrogenic microbe based methane & electricity generating waste water cleaning system:(Cambrian Innovation: works for fermentation residue type wastewater), or wider range process capability Electrogenic Bio Reactor(Emefcy): Microbial fuel cell mechanics. Note highly effective low cost cell wall destruction/cell lysis(in a way similar degree to SCW) by electroporation/electric pulse is often left out from mainstream discussion of enhanced biofuel recovery from wet sludge(Vogelsang, OpenCEL Trojan+). Microbubble/Nanobubble CO2 infusion might increase gas productivity up to 2wice as conventional method(Perlemax+). Also see p65 Wet Air Oxidation.

✔3b Plastic to Oil: After recycling, still about 130million tons/yr disposed world total, a fraction of which(but rapidly increasing) is made into fuel. Even if 90% of all plastic is converted with 70% efficiency recovery to fuel (PVC[Polyvinyl chloride] & PET[Polyethylene terephthalate] is 30-40% range recovery even rest of plastic can be 90%), it would make up negligible 1-1.5% of world oil consumption. -->>continued



-->> cont; •3 MAINLY NONWOOD WASTE: ✔3b Plastic to Oil:

But substantial benefit to the plastic to fuel converting operation or community that owns it, generally unreported in west but active operation world wide, more in oil shortage China and India etc, than in west. 、 Large Western mainstream corporations so far infrequently involved and even when do, they often avoid direct involvement & work through subsidiaries or as joint venture.、 i -Pyrolysis: Oxygen deprived heating causes generation of liquid fuel, gas, and char. Most system can only take selective plastic(usually no PET & PVC), some can recover fuel with all types of plastic but most of cases oil quality suffers beyond 3-5% range PET/PVC and emit toxic fume, corrode or clog process line. Many system can only produce "crude oil", and need further processing to use as gasoline or diesel replacement. Some system has adjustment to change recovery ratio of oil vs char: when focused to generate fuel, tires are generally weightwise 30-40% recovery to fuel, plastics are 60-90% level. -->>continued 86


-->> cont; •3 MAINLY NONWOOD WASTE: ✔3b Plastic to Oil: i -Pyrolysis:

It can be adjusted to have lower fuel produced with higher char/carbon recovery(agriculture etc use). All infeed material needs to be shredded.、 ■ This leaves currently only handful of devices/operations that can take a-all plastics, b-final direct gasoline-diesel equivalent/boiler useable oil without violating emission criteria(Klean Industries, Blest+): usually custom ordered type system needs to be made with premium price for corrosion-clogging control, & chlorine separation etc. But Wada method allows all plastic with no customization(Hokupere yukakangen+), Also Toshiba Created 50% PVC feedable device in 1990s and shelved it.

■ Can make gasoline-diesel equivalent fuel If no PET/PVC is in feed stock(Royco Beijing+), ■ Large number of installations(HuayinEnergy, Beston Plastic, Shangqiu Ruixin Environmental, Klean Industries, Cynar Plastic, KingTiger group,, Some European market targeted devices come with CHP(GB Pyrolysis+), High profile portable small device, with large devices has option of processing PET & PVC(Blest), Can process unsorted plastic and other waste(Green Light Energy Solutions+), ■Zero emission claimed system(Ecomation Oy +), ■ Rare mainstream corporate involvement (Agilyx), -->>continue 87


-->> cont; •3 MAINLY NONWOOD WASTE: ✔3b Plastic to Oil: i -Pyrolysis:、

■ More focus on less saturated Carbon Black market by specializing in tire processing (Reklaim+), Reduced toxic fumes, improved moisture handling, & overall improved liquid fuel production by low temperature operating Vacuum Pyrolysis(Gecco Holdings+), 、 ii -Catalytic Depolymerization: Depends on catalyst often similar strong effect as SubSuperCritical water(SCW) & categorization is sometimes fuzzy(ReCycled Refuse International, Pyrocrat Systems LLP, Enviro-Power Pte +), Rare Western mainstream positive exposure + with successful continuous operation in US(PK Clean), •

✔3c Hydrothermal Carbonization(HTC)/Wet Pyrolysis/Hydropyrolysis(often for wood): "primitive" version of SubCritical water treatment: can process all organic matter(carbon involved: biomass, wood/municipal/industrial waste) with high moisture over 3-10hrs in 200-300°C with generally 5-10times atmospheric pressure to decompose feedstock to mainly recover BioCoal(variations like biochar etc is possible with higher temperature)、 Industrial focus✔(CarboREN - SunCoal, Loritus, Antaco, Ingelia SL+), Smaller sized installation ✔(Grenol GmbH, Oax-eco+), also option of making hydrocarbon chemical ✔(AVA-CO2), Wastewater focus as raw material✔(TerraNova Energy, Aqua Enviro+), Slightly different Catalytic HydroThermal Polymerization(lower temp & pressure, less CO2 & decarboxylation reaction) of biomass which requires no binder for pelletization ✔(PCS Biofuels). *(✔indicates Sub/SuperCritical Water related tech). -->>cont: 88


-->> cont; •3 MAINLY NONWOOD WASTE: ✔3c Hydrothermal Carbonization:、

HTC installation level/Production capacity is much smaller than Torrefaction(competing dry version of this process), particularly out of Europe. There is a mainstream Dutch govn't backed movement of converting marshland fast growing weed into fuel but progress being stopped since 2013: TORWASH(Energieonderzoek Centrum Nederland: ECN). 、 ✔3d SubCritical/SuperCritical water treatment(SCW)/Hydrothermal Liquefaction/ SuperHeated Steam: Can adjust parameter to gasify heavily or treat non-liquefied portion for the second round process. High % liquefaction might require certain mineral catalysis(usually recoverable).

Some observed history of abrupt withdrawal from this tech by many companies in similar way as by other "real disruptive tech". Processes all plastic or all organic waste with high fuel recovery very quickly with low cost, Biomass and Waste to Energy for this process is often all feedstock mixable, hence no particular focus on plastic etc only✔(Genifuel, Asian Giant Engineering, GRT GROUP SA, Greentech solutions grts jp, Sustainable Waste Power Systems+), Low tech/temp/pressure steam explosion pretreatment(Coramexport cz[190C, 12bar]+), Partial use of catalysis required HydroPyrolysis✔(D4 Energy) ->cont: - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada



-->> cont; •3 MAINLY NONWOOD WASTE: ✔3d Sub/SuperCritical water treatment(SCW):、 ■Some SuperHeated steam devices can take large load with less or no infeed stock shredding with little extra time needs✔(Messe-hp jp+): But produce large amount of char along with oil, Can produce biocoal at low cost✔(Rematec jp+). 、

■Wastewater sludge application by SCW type is mostly focused on decomposing while efficient energy production might be more of minor focus✔(Innoveox, 3V Green Eagle+), currently largest scale municipal wastewater SCW treatment✔(SuperWater Solutions), SCW for wastewater treatment is China's focus(also coal water slurry enhancement and ICGG): .................................................................................................................................................................k..... ✔(陕⻄万丰能源环保科技有限公司 Shaanxi Wanfeng Energy Environmental Protection ......................................................................................................................................... .............. Technology, 新奥环保携创新技术有限公司 Xinao Group, 碧流天能 Blue Energy+), ........................................................................................................................................................................ Liquid or solid toxin focus might recover energy as minor by-product if tried✔(Hanwha Chemical, Techno-EMI, Aquarden - Waterox+), Also see Wet Air Oxidation(p65)、 ✔3e Direct Combustion(DC) of MSW: Here only MSW(Municipal Solid Waste) type DC is discussed since other feedstock(biomass etc) is already very prevalent as existing tech i -Electrical Power production:(Instead of burying trash into landfill), Well developed technology to specifically handle Waste mix, many in North West Europe also produces CHP. Sometimes criticized for high NOx/SOs emission, but in many G7 type level nations it is usually far below regulation requirement,

Electrical power generation efficiency is often quite low with 15-20%(eg: emission & ash reduction focus in Japan), still overall not high: 20-30+ %. Most conventional large scale combustion system(Stoker & reverse grate: Martin GmbH, Keppel Seghers, Hitachi Zosen INOVA+), Also of general biomass focus, -->>cont:



-->> cont; •3 MAINLY NONWOOD WASTE: ✔3e Direct combustion of MSW: i -Electrical Power production:

Due to large system existence, some European trash market demand exceeds supply: Sweden & Germany purchases/imports trash from other EU nations. 、 ii-SRF/RDF: Compressed cube shaped & packaged combustion boiler feedable trash(Sita UK, BMH Technology+), SRF(Solid Recovered Fuel) has EU standard based, while RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel) can be any burnable waste(NOVAGO+)

✔ 3f Gasification: "Value added" combustion with options of making liquid fuels/chemicals/ storage: i -Conventional type: ■Fluidized Bed 500-600°C low temp & lowest emission for large industrial operations with ash vitrification(Ebara, Mitsubishi Hvy), integrated with zero waste cement plant complex CKK process(Kawasaki Hvy), 、 ■Coal added to "fudge" efficiency to 32%(JFE), ■Had good growth till 2000s but lost to newer tech competitors recently(Thermo Select+), ■Crop waste sector gets attention(ICM inc, Frontline Bioenergy+) ■Flexible feedstock including coal mix (Energy & Environmental Research Center, Eisenmann SE+), ■Mid size catering(Kinsei Sangyo, Energos+), ■Smaller scale or containerized mini community/mining camp etc WtE gasification-treatment system(Waste to Energy Canada, Ostrand jp+), ■Ultra High Temperature Gasification/ Pyrolysis types are claimed to be much lower cost but in consistent results so far(PyromexPowerHouse Energy)、 91 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


-->> cont; •3 MAINLY NONWOOD WASTE: ✔ 3f Gasification: "Value added" combustion:、

ii-Sub-SuperCritical Water gasification(SCW) : done quietly since early 1980s in Japan✔(Mitsubishi Kakoki, Mitsubishi Nagasaki Machinery)(US operators seem to have gone underground at that time), or recent participation✔(Hydromethan, Gensos nl, Osaka Gas+): SCW can be more easily turned to liquid fuels, directly, or by reforming. Also a few of ✔marked companies in biomass section of this presentation seem to offer some form of Hydrothermal combustion of coal while Chinese state companies' in-house system seem to be leading by combining Coal Water Slurry element(p31,32). On the other hand, across the board water tech advanced Russia is blocking many innovative academics' much more disruptive hydrodynamic cavitation related advanced SCW tech, almost no native Russian commercialization offered? 、 iii-Complete thermal oxidation: of all organic waste with no emission ie no chimney needed(Zeros inc/Ste Clark), microplasma link(p95) •

✔3g Gasification+Reforming/Catalytic conversion to Liquid fuel(GTL: Gas to Liquid), Methane to gasoline etc: Close relation or often same tech as wood/Coal to liquid fuel: Succeeding commercialization on & off since 1940s(Germany, Japan+), then extensively in 1960s-90s South Africa: at one time almost all gasoline was made from coal via Fischer– Tropsch(F-T) process(Sasol+), More recent entry(Accelergy, Fluor, Thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions+), Also mini scale operation from 1970s in west with same/similar process for coal liquefaction or methane to gasoline type process(Shell, Exxon Mobile+): ->> continue - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada



-->> cont; •3 MAINLY NONWOOD WASTE: ✔3g GTL - Gas to Liquid: Coal to liquid fuel link:、 Other after yr2000 commercialization examples: Sasol active outside of S Africa, Large Gas To Liquid (GTL) refinery: PetroSA. Underground Coal To Liquid process: small scale(Linc Energy - Carbon Energy, Emerging Fuels Technology+). Sub-SCW & F-T✔(REG Synthetic fuels+), Most of Coal to Liquid tech(CTL) is Indirect synthesis, ie: ICTL. 、

China is prioritizing CTL(BRICC• 北京煤化工研究分院-煤炭科学技术研究院有限公司煤化工分院 . .......... ............................................................ ,.• Group .com ........... , Jincheng Anthracite Mining Group 内蒙古伊泰集团下属公司 Jincheng....,,,,mjk Anthracite Mi n+), also Direct Coal Liquefaction: semi pseudoscience 山西晋城无烟煤矿业集团有限责任公司 in western media level(Shenhua Group• 神华集团 gggss ,.CCRI•sksgskssgskgssssfddsdsd 煤炭科学技术研究院有限公司 , Yanzhou Mining Group 兖州煤业股份有限公司 +) Western mainstream media/govn't/NGO generally didn't introduce the tech till around 2012 in connection with biomass related subject. Although various GTL techs differ from each other, produced Waste based liquid fuel become lowest cost fuel in many regions and mildly disruptive(most companies persist in emphasizing "small scale") & somewhat game changing since this reinforces public perception it can apply to: a- all organic mass: forest, plant, b- lower cost than conventional liquid fuel would be widely available since various syngas or methane can be processed(natural gas, coal gas, CoalBed Methane+):(Enerkem, ThermoChem Fulcrum Energy, Biofuels Power, Velocys, CompactGT, +), -->> continue



->> cont; •3 MAINLY NONWOOD WASTE: ✔3g GTL - Gas to Liquid: Qualifies as largest producer of 2nd gen biofuel as of 2016?- biodiesel left over glycerine gasification & reforming, i.e. not direct cellulose use(BioMCN), additionally even CO2 as fuel source(LanzaTech+), GTL tech has support from major Western local governments, international corporations/mainstream group recently to indicate another official wider availability of energy source, Small trailer portable device(Maverick Synfuels)、 ✔3h Less Conventional Gasification or Liquefaction: i -Hot Plasma Gasification/Gas Cleaning: Original use was high energy use expensive toxin decomposition or metal recovery from waste, but plasma assisted gasifying becomes cost competitive. This is now "conventional" plasma tech: widely known key players (Plasco, Alter NRG -*Westinghouse, Advanced Plasma Power -*Tetronics +), less known successful installations(*InEnTec, Peat International, CHO Power -*EuroPlasma, BellWeather Gasification Techonologies, *Phoenix Solutions Co +), Long lasting induction based electrodeless RF plasma torch(*Applied Plasma Technologies, High Temperature Technologies Corp -*Tekna Plasma +). * indicates original tech developers 。 ii-Steam Plasma: less fume than hot plasma, much lower CAPEX & OPEX: portable size, plasma gas is water/steam: more like low energy use SuperCritical water(SCW) based gasification: Strong oxidizing effect(ie moisture insensitive, no NOx or Dioxin). But mostly pilot type commercialization as industrial unit since current focus is mostly on full decomposition rather than fuel generation✔(PlasmaAir AG, Foret Plasma Lab, Strebl Energy+), Rare energy/gasification focus exists✔(Green Science 그린사이언스, Plazarium+)



-->> cont; •3 MAINLY NONWOOD WASTE: ✔3h Less Conventional Gasification/Liquefaction: 、 iii-MicroPlasma: Related to a string of highly economically disruptive effects(Torsion field)(see p173-8), and Official Western research in dealing with organic material by this tech is avoided, Effects generated by: ● Rotating Magnetic Field( Экология ECOUOM+), linked to Motional Electric Field possibly with gravity and ambient electricity generator effect(p252 k) ● Rotating Electrode(НАУЧНО — ПРОИЗВОДСТВЕННЫЙ ЦЕНТР «ПЛАЗЕР»+), ● Self running alternating magnetic field oxygen treating PyroMagnetic Furnace wasteto-energy decomposer(ZeroMozJapan, T.H. ELEMA ENG. CO, Jimdoシンエイメタルテック+ Gasification is quite effective but that part is not commercialized, Minor heat utilization from trash "incineration". Some PyroMagnetic Furnace is completely self running & no exhaust/chimney with no outside power needed, & pseudoscientized but has useful effects like radiation remediation(p251,252) or torsion field(p153-185), decomposes dioxin even process generates only 300-400°C heat: full of "politically incorrect scientific effects" to be avoided by academics.、 Currently commercialized focus is for mostly fertilizer generation, complete organic trash decomposition down to magnetized ash with almost no exhaust fume(indoor use ok). Ash has uncommon bioenhancing effects. This microplasma effect for non-organic matter(metal) is more widely used(Bmax+) but overall still ignored tech.



-->> cont; •3 MAINLY WASTE: ✔3h Unconventional Gasification/Liquefaction: 、

iv-Cold Plasma(CP) gas reforming-cleaning-gasification(Electric/plasma arc discharge in water): Usually for wastewater, Unlike hot plasma, CP has ionization in electron only and not in molecules(little or no thermal motion/pressure): and can accompany nonlinear oscillations & other anomalous Torsion field/resonance/Electrohydraulic type effects. Very low power use, less fume than hot plasma, usually lower cost process than any mainstream equivalent methods(except occasionally SCW methods, see below),: Usually container/trailer portable gasification system✔(MagneGas, TopLine Energy, AdaptiveArc, FabGroups - HydroQuebec+), Both solid & liquid waste✔(Enersol Technologies, Xfuels+), GlidArc use:(PowerCan 200, Mill Hand Thailand+), *note CP effects are in process of being accepted into Western acceptance, *MagneGas seem to demonstrate HHO Gas(p82-88) like quality while being made from wastewater, also their lab data shows "over-unity energy release" effects. •

v-Sub-SuperCritical Water(SCW)/Thermal liquefaction-depolymerization(above either 374°C or Pressure 221bar-22.1Mpa- 3250psi[221times sea level], technically anything over 100°C with ambient pressure or higher is for "sub", but usually lot closer to SCW level: Highly potent and can gasify/liquify/decompose any organic matter at low cost ✔(Biomass Technology Group BV, GreatPoint Energy, AltacaEnerji, Earth Wind & Fire Technologies+), Or can make biochar or value added 5-HMF (HydroxyMethylFurfural) ✔(AVA-CO2+), *(✔indicates Sub/SuperCritical Water related tech) -->cont 96 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


-->> cont; •3 MAINLY NONWOOD WASTE: ✔3h Less Conventional Gasifying/Liquefaction: v Sub-SuperCritical Water(SCW): 、 SCW and cold plasma tech is fully science approved, yet has disruptive efficiency in many applications, Often use of catalysis(KOH, K2CO3, Ni etc). Need accurate temperature & time control to maximize liquid fuel recovery instead of decomposition into water & CO2 etc. Energy generation application is treated extremely low key & often avoided at mainstream level. Only mainstream SCW for energy use is as turbine rotation medium. 、 One high profile company rather mysteriously lost large $, or entire industry suddenly drops whole business en mass with no clear explanation(Changing World Technologies, Dozen mainstream companies in Japan in early yr2000)(For details see water tech report [click here] and search "ORGANO"), Yet re-surging quietly in mainstream Japan: eg sewage water sludge superheated steam gasification✔(Meta Water, Chugoku Denryoku +), Also used for AD pretreatment of solid or liquid waste(Gekkeikan+),、 Wet Air Oxidation is used for WasteWater treatment: regular municipal, industrial, oil industry caustic water etc. Slightly different from & more "primitive" mechanics than SubCritical water process by use of bubbling reactor to inject oxygen/air with lower pressure than SubCritical water method, also generates slightly higher amount of emission(still minimum), ✔(Veolia Water Athos, Bertrams ch, Wetox nz, Merichem - Kenox +), Used as pretreatment✔(Granit Technologies SA+), but note many SCW oxidation (SCWO) process also injects oxygen.、



-->> cont; •3 MAINLY NONWOOD WASTE: ✔3h Unconventional Gasifying/Liquefying:、 ■ Also lab success exists, of cellulose liquefaction with Phenol, Glycerol, Butane etc as SuperCritical medium. 、 vi-Catalytic Depolymerization(or might rely partially on hydrothermal process) (Greenbase Sepadu, Green Power Inc, Alphakat, Nexxoil, BFCC - Biodiesel Technologies s.r.o, Mercurius Biofuels+), seemingly low cost & effective, possibly even simpler than SCW. Almost completely ignored by mainstream West.、 vii-Super low cost Solar Thermal use Gasification(Al Weimer+), viii-Molten metal gasification method: Steam is also injected to work like supercritical water reaction as low cost disruptive tech ✔(HydroMax Diversified Energy+), pilot plant(Ze-Gen), Hydrogen production only with water & organic material ✔(Western Hydrogen+), ix-Some unique type of Pyrolysis can be price competitive if byproduct is profitable(Pyrolyzer Spirajoule+), 1MW scale system(Джулинда Технолоджи+): From small residential furnace to commercial sizes Pyrolysis share in heat generation is higher in CIS nations than most of west

✔3i Landfill Gas(LFG): 50%+ of LFG is recoverable methane, generated by oxygenless anaerobic decomposition of buried organic waste. Although energy production is negligible as a whole macro scale(eg UK deemed 6TWh/yr level, 0.2% of entire power needs), if consider toxic gas removal process as cost, then LFG becomes significant "free" energy in local landfill area. Also at some locations it becomes lowest cost energy as is. Methane carbon footprint reduction has various incentives & benefits. -->> cont: 98


-->cont: •3 MAINLY NONWOOD WASTE: ✔3i Landfill Gas(LFG):、 UK, US, Canada leads in energy recovery from Landfill Gas:(Cambrian Energy, Viridor, DTE Biomass, CLP Envirogas, Infinis, Republic Services, LFG Technologies, Biffa, Progressive Waste, Ener-G+). At those most advanced nations, it is deemed overall 15-50% of methane gas is recovered for power generation: eg UK is does recovery at 80% of landfill sites as flared or power/heat production, with 50-70% of that is actually used for power generation combustion, Continental Europe & Australia is active(Green Gas International BV, Landfill Gas Industries+)

Fair portion of gas is let off as flaring(burning) even there is LFG management system in place(Hofstetter BV, GC Environmental, Comcor Environmental +), Some small old landfill sites can also recover energy (Deponigas ApS+), Much higher utilization % at large landfills, Power generation needs proper gas filtering of siloxane, H2S etc(Unison Solutions, Xebec, PpTek, SulfaCHAR, Prodeval +), recovery around 30-35% range with large majority Reciprocating Engine special flexible power generator(Siloxa AG, GE Jenbacher - Clarke-Energy+), 1MW+ capacity(can produce more than 1MW per hr) type system can use Gas Turbine, a few add CHP for higher recovery, or profitable Landfill gas to liquid fuel is a pilot+ level commercialization(Renovare Fuels, Velocys+)

Note: Current waste disposal on land fill is close to none in Germany, Netherlands, Sweden etc, more 3-5 nations with 5% range: those nations are not focused on LFG recovery as future energy source. 99 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


•4 OTHER BIOMASS,: ✔4a Oil bearing Algae: Mainstream groups emphasizes price parity is far away, but some of pilot type commercialization/full commercialization product seems to be lowest cost in some selected cases while cost is coming down rapidly: α-LOW COST ELEMENTS: its high caloric content, order(s) of magnitude higher oil yield per growth area than many biofuel crops, or artificial indoor farming(Solazyme+) with efficient-fast-economical & easy harvestability-processing, outdoor system types utilize unproductive sun exposed warm land, might prefer human-undesired quality water(waste, toxic, sea/brackish)、 β-PROCESSING EASE: Most of utilized algae have no lignin & very little cellulose content, processing is mainly to do with algae lysing(what happens if electroporation effect is used?) which is far simpler & lower cost than other biofuels even with conventional treatment methods. Extraction process after initial biocrude stage can be fit to conventional petroleum type processing system which reduces cost, also gives refineries control of pricing in case biocrude becomes much lower cost: non distruptability during energy cost reduction steps : eg Sapphire Energy vs Tesoro, Phillips 66, Algae.tec + Algenol vs Reliance Industries, Cellana vs Neste, Solazyme Industrials with own refinery.、 γ-COST DERIVATIVES DEPEND ON VALUE ADDING FACTOR: Becomes lowest cost fuel if processing is done at locations with high cost energy availability, or fuel portion within algae oil grade separation can be cost-adjusted with higher priced separated grades from the same run: eg fuel grade vs higher value Omega3 etc -->> continue100


-->>cont: •4 OTHER BIOMASS: ✔4a Oil bearing Algae:

Some companies are making vaguely or clearly defined commercialized offering (Abca BioSolutions Pvt, UniVerve, Qeshm Microalgae Biorefinery BAYA fuel, TereGroup, Bio Fuel Systems SA+), Notable recent cautional public remarks amongst producers since 2014 about commercialization, especially in US. 、 Some works in conjunction with waste water cleaning & CO2 sequestration as algae growth "fertilizer", when this cost is considered, it becomes lowest cost fuel in most places(also in some cases it would net some energy availability after water processing)(MBD Energy, Algae Enterprises, Ennesys+), Possibly ignored in mainstream due to super low cost High Rate Algae Pond tech ✔(NIWA - Solray Energy nz - Muradel Oil), Easy low cost fast process by recovering oil/pellet/ briquettes for steady production(, also enhanced algae growth by CO2 feeding in microbubble/nanobubble(Perlemax+)

Additionally one can say cost is naturally low since they utilize well known lowest cost processing actions(amongst experts) that are for some reason most of time overly avoided in other fuel making or agriculture processes: 1-naturally all plant enhancing CO2 feeding, 2- Sub-Supercritical water type treatment(some use it in addition to or exclusively algae cell wall degrading oil extraction by enzymatic/chemical/ultrasonic/ supercritical CO2 or alcohol/electroporation-electric pulse etc methods).

101 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


-->> cont: •4 OTHER BIOMASS:、 ✔4b Peat: Overall severely underharvested except locally overharvested Ireland & Baltic sea region: consumption against growth is negligible. As a renewal resource level, it is recoverable worldwide at very least 120-150million tons/yr (2010-13ave world production 40million). Even by carbon tests showing of annual peat growth of 0.7-2.8mm with "massive overproduction"at Baltics, Near city area North America & Europe in last 70-150yrs+, either peat growth is higher than mainstream accepted figure or so is recoverable volume in these region, or both. Also at some large peat resource nations it is almost completely unused or not even officially listed(Congo, Brazil, Papua New Guinea+), Bog-Wetland & Extreme North conservation movement is helping to stop peat from entering into world fuel market(also this might successfully prevent land Gas Hydrate extraction) .

But if Peat is considered non-renewable as ruling Western mainstream group claims(mainly American led group is overriding mainly European lobby like IPCC that calls peat green fuel) actual world Peat volume availability is similar to Coal reserve but much cleaner fuel, which would cause severe overflooding of energy supply to trigger disruptions in energy pricing & infrastructure if fully exploited. -->> continue

102 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


-->> cont: •4 OTHER BIOMASS: ✔4b Peat: Hence seemingly for various political & economical lobby reasons it is currently not harvested to even close to the capacity, or used for other purposes even if peat is usually lowest cost fuel available eg Canada, Russia at 1/20 level harvesting against growth •

Higher margin gained when sold as Growing Media for exports(Latvia[Laflora lv+], Estonia[Sangla Peat AS+], Lithuania[Rekyva+]+), Almost all production goes to Horticultural or other industrial related markets (Canada[Lambert Peat Moss, Sun Gro Horticulture, Earth Care Products SPHAG SORB+], Germany[Klasmann-Deilmann+], UK[Northern Peat & Moss Company+]+), Often 2nd largest world Peat producer nation Sweden is mainly(but not mostly) for local energy use(Söderenergi, Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget+), also Finnish backed group involvement there(Neova bioenergi),

Although revenue is lower than growth media use, fair portion produced for fuel(Ireland[Bord na Móna]+), Share with garden market use & specifically as stove briquettes(Ukraine[Volyntorf+], Belarus[Торфобрикетный завод Лидский+], Russia[ЗАО "ВяткаТорф"+]+), Sometimes subsidized(higher margin to sell to garden substrate market) to secure large volume electricity generation(Russia, Finland[6% of total power is peat, 35% world peat production share][Vapo Oy, Turveruukki Oy Oulun Energia, Kuopion energia, Vaskiluoto Voima+], 50%+ in some regional power generation, can reduce SO2 emission of coal when mixed), Some small production nations are using peat exclusively for fuel/electricity generation on local basis(less than million ton/yr)(Indonesia, Rwanda[HQpower Rwanda], Brundi+)



■ Under-Utilized Methane Unconventional extraction method of regular Natural Gas: Unclear differentiation from existing Natural Gas. Magnitude of supply volume seems to far exceed existing reserve of conventional hydrocarbon hence highlighted here as occasionally lower cost energy

●1 Methane Hydrate-Clathrate/Gas Hydrate: Confirmed to be located mostly either offshore near continental shelf area ocean bottom, or Permafrost land underground in polar regions(Messoyakha gas field: Gazprom Neft: only publicly known full time large volume operation), or in high altitude permafrost region(Qiangtang Basin China+). Crystalized Methane combined with water in specific geometric form, as mantle derived methane surfacing into ocean/near surface is trapped in water under high pressure and low temperature. This ice like formation can remain so under pressure at substantially above 0°C temperature(mainstream approved idea). Recoverable accumulation is so far found to be 100m to several kilometres thick.

General mainstream consensus available volume at least exceeds entire conventional hydrocarbon resources(some "economically incorrect science" use nations such as China/Russia projects order[s] of magnitude higher). Highly disruptive information as this can undermine profitable "peak oil" appeal & cause overflooding of energy market if extracted in mass. Although current test overall production cost is higher than Natural Gas from deep ocean, land base extraction can be already on par or lower due to shallowness, & this will likely easily go lowest cost in high fuel cost regions as full operation occurs: -->> continue



-->> cont: ■ Under-Utilized Methane : ●1 Methane Hydrate-Clathrate/Gas Hydrate:

Most of gas hydrate or a portion of ocean bottom hydrate can use conventional drilling & extraction related methods, No need for economically & environmentally expensive fracking, Shallower depth than many natural gas wells: depth is 100m+ range in Arctic, 500m+ in other regions etc, land or water. But so far indication is drilling might need to be moved to nearby area quicker than regular gas wells if based on existing technology - if same tech is used higher cost? Studying the past track record shows, if exploiting this resource is important to mainstream group they would usually come up with "revolutionary" new technology in few years (eg fracking for Shale oil or deep well developing methods etc.). Currently officially applied or tested main methods are Thermal injection(hot water/steam), Depressurization, & CO2 replacement methods etc.

Temporal wells: Ignik Sikumi(US), Mallik(Canada), Atsumi Peninsula 400m off Coast (Japan), Permanent types;(Mount Elbert)(US), all negligible production volume (0.01million m3/day range): Some of known participators: ConocoPhillips, BP, Vnnigaz Gazprom «Газпром ВНИИГАЗ», Oil and Natural Gas Corporation of India, GNS Science, German gas hydrate initiative, 日本メタンハイドレート調査 JMH, JAPEX 石油資源開発,

广州海洋地质调查局, 中国地质调查局, 가스하이드레이트 사업단 Gas Hydrate R&D Organization

Also smaller private operators participation: Hydrate Resources Corporation+

105 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


-->> cont: ■ Under-Utilized Methane :

●2 Coalbed Methane(CBM)/Coal Seam Gas(CSG): Started as coal mine de-gasification program for safety in 1980s in US. Natural gas contained in highly porous coal molecule structure & seams in relation to bacterial action/generation(speed of CH4 production seem to widely vary by conditions), also fair volume of Methane would be additionally produced by injecting CO2 into the coal bed which bacteria reduces (removing oxygen) to Methane for future yield(Golding-Rudolph-Esterle+): (see Abiotic oil p258-263)

As of 2014 close to 2% volume of Natural gas production world wide with US is more than its 80% share, helped by government back up. Mainstream western media's CBM availability idea is often about 1/20-100 of Natural gas volume reserve, but full scientific consensus projects rather on par volume with conventional Natural Gas: Western media often quotes fringe segment of mainstream(somehow main media never calls them pseudoscience) that ignores massive oil & other hydrocarbon availability world wide at publicly known & less known sites in order to still advocate peak oil idea.

Natural gas would be likely gradually shift to CBM in the future as main gas source. CBM promoters emphasize on it is able to stop methane escaping for carbon foot print reduction, or gas is actually overall even less emission(sweet gas) containing than conventionally extracted natural gas, while preventor groups focus on repeat of fracking water issue etc. -->> cont 106 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


->> cont: ■ Under-Utilized Methane :●2 Coalbed Methane(CBM)/Coal Seam Gas(CSG):

Some new production areas would be lower cost than existing energy source despite extra water handling issue: Much shallower depth etc. Different types of technology (eg altered type hydraulic fracturing is already used in Australia) might be needed to fully tap its potential:

Main coal reserve nations have large potential: i.e. US(ConocoPhillips, Consol Energy, Bill Barrett Corporation+), Canada(Ember Resources, BP Canada+), Australia(QGC Pty - Shell, Arrow Energy+), Russia is less likely to develop major volume soon given current large production of Natural gas(Газпром промгаз Gazprom Promgaz+), Germany: their definition of CBM & CMM(Coal Mine Methane) is mixed as a large portion of it comes from closed coal mines(STEAG New Energies+), India(Essar+), China is likely to have most incentive to develop in mid term with strong state involvement(PetroChina, China United Coalbed Methane Corporation -• 中联煤层气有限责任公司+), while some privates attempt to expand(Green Dragon Gas, AAG Energy+)

●3 Coal Mine Methane: When coal is mined, methane is emitted & vented as hazard, but not recovered when yield was inconsistent or mix of other air(20-60% CH4) etc, but now this "free energy" is starting to get recovered more - this also makes the gas lowest cost in some situations(Energy Developments, GreenGas International BV, Shanxi Jincheng Anthracite Coal Mining Group Co Ltd•/ 山西晋城无烟煤矿业集团有限责任公司+ ). Often CMM doesn't include high consistently yield methane streams because it becomes its own well. 107


Senior Western scientists followed academic protocol for peer review 1-LENR-Cold fusion: Low Energy Nuclear Reaction -1989, Heat generates as H2 (hydrogen) in water interacts with catalyst(Ni-nickel, Pd-palladium etc) at electrolysis when stimulus applied(heat, current, resonance+)(Pons, Fleischmann), Unexplainable side effects: of helium produced(partly similar to nuclear fusion) but very minute neutron/tritium/x-ray, and no gamma ray 2-Cavitation: Micro bubble fusion / Sonoluminescence / Acoustic-ultrasonic cavitation— 2002, Extract energy from imploding & light emitting bubble in liquid by acoustic wave excitation, “Semi science legal” mechanics(Taleyarkan et al+)

■ Both linked via “solid state fusion” phenomena elements ■ Many repeated previous mainstream claims(LENR since 1925, Cavitation 1978, but above were observed by “top mainstream scientists” triggered first serious review、 ■ Mainstream fusion: some systems cost hundreds of million$+/yr(also p133-135) -ICF: Inertial Confinement(US National Ignition Facility+) -MCF: Magnetic Confinement(ITER- Tokamak, 30+ others) 、 ■ LENR & Cavitation quickly “proven false”, “No results” fusion$ criticized, yet “COP>1” Hydrodynamic + Sonic Cavitation was already commercialized in Ex-soviet nations(p92) and scientists win national invention award(Kazakhstan+ : V Kuchin+)



■ Similar physics law breaking mechanics & “anomalies” both at LENR-Cavitation & inventor techs, but latter more openly admit ■ Past main academics explain related mechanics(Webb, Kelvin, TJJ See, Dirac, Faraday, Whittaker, W Crookes, Poynting, Loschmidt, Kaluza, Maxwell, Myshkin+) ■ Covert compartmentalized inventor type “pseudoscience” including gravity field propulsion(Bushman, Car Rosin, Rob Wood, W Pawalek, J Black,McCandlish, D Morris+)

■ LENR-Cavitation both seem to have similarity to inventor tech. As of 2016, some of their scientists still ignore inventor type tech believing there is no validity in non academic peer reviewed data while increasing number is suspecting its link. ■ But almost all of following pages’ inventor type techs were investigated in depth or developed & a few commercialized(eg Potapov, Mustafayev+) by Russian/ex-Soviet university/institute academic: significant diversity allowed unlike West(many worry about no future promotion, not getting grant, or sometimes even losing job when openly discuss outside of set narrative in scientific "indisputable facts" or even geopolitical info) •

Science in Russia even in Soviet times, while data access from West was often restricted, was generally more free than West including less compartmentalization. But Soviets banned genetics, cybernetics(mind control link, deemed classified), & non-marxist philosophy/economics by reasoning “bourgeois pseudoscience”. Sociological data was also falsified/classified for counter intel purpose against West 109


Micro sized private/commercialized use, often multiple mechanics devised by single inventor: most of following 1-11+ category has 100+ inventors claims、 1-Non-moving coil - Radiant energy/Ambient Electricity Inducer(Chernetski, Hendershot, Tesla, Baumann,Craig, Hyde,Thrapp,Adams,Gritskevitch, Moray, J Murray, Hartmann, Flynn, SE Jones & Kraut, DL Smith, Perez-Torres, PJ Kelly+), Often transformer like setting of pair(s) of coils with Magnet/Ferromagnetic core or Bifilar coil in specific position against EM field(opposing, orthogonal+), or Configured to trigger resonance, or some are simple RLC circuit type, with separate source & load batteries in circuit. Might involve high voltage + no electricity (p153-167, Relation to Scalar “wave”, Radionics, Antigravity-:Godin, “Gene altering”: Lu Bürgin+),

Less disruptive micro electricity generation "out of nothing" has been common sense in Non-western "pseudoscientific nations", since impossible to debunk ignored by western scholar and science media(p23,24, p26-28): eg Generation of electricity from limitless thermal motion of ions across a two dimensional silicon surface at room temperature(Guoan Tai+) - can make "solarless cell"

After repeated & on-going demo mainstream debunking Commercialization started: Steorn Orbo, 110 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


-->>1-non moving coil Ambient, 2-“Magnetic Motor”: 2-“Magnetic Motor”- often Counter ElectroMotive Force(CEMF)(Back EMF) in DC Motor Harnessed (TechnoKontrol TK Omega RF5000: Ant Romero), Others(Watson, Schappelle, Kawai, Reed, Heins, Ide, Parendev, Roshcin, Kenyon,Tracy, Tewari, Reed, Christie & Brit, Steinmetz, Ward, Sumaruck+), This is more disruptive version of mere CEMF reduction(Chr Wanlas+) tech. Antigravity effect involved(Cyr Davson & Kar Schappeller+), Used as a part of circuit as high performance all around Power Factor Correction device(works for current lag, waveform distortion, harmonic issues, works for AC power)(Roto Verter: H Torrez+), but actually many devices in this category functions as "battery power factor corrector" by "optimizing" battery performance、 Often spin of magnet imbedded rotor(can be DC pulse timed: Torsion field; p153-185), similar to monopole magnet(Fauble),which in itself rather simple to make(Seike+) but still pseudoscienced, while gradually academic level report is allowed to publish(Tatara & Takeuchi+), Cold electricity(supercurrent) harvest by causing Townsend discharge/Electron avalanche breakdown in open air(Magratten),

Can cause weather change(Dav Wells+), EMF by electron spin at static magnetic field by time-varying magnetization in magnetic tunnel junction(zinc-blendestructured MnAs nanomagnet: Pham Nam Hai +) -->>cont:、

111 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


-->>1-non moving coil Ambient, 2-“Magnetic Motor”: ➢ Common in 1&2: Often separate source power & charge battery/ capacitor used, Some need external power. Bypassing regular “selfcancel dipole power circuit” in order to keep asymmetry & electron flow, Energy output exceeds input when reach threshold level, 、 ➢ Often claimed anomaly in 1: mix of Regular & Cold electricity: (Obolensky+), ●“Electron Vortex” idea: a-Ball lightning as its manifestation, b-Electrons can be in vortex form by default(Tewari+), c-Tesla Coil as electron vortex generator, ●Positive & Reverse energy: Bulb lights up in water, White light, Rapid battery charge, Fix some dead batteries, Can be single wire(Zenneck wave relation?, also see p163) & wireless connection, Voltage with 0 current(easy excuse to call it fraud since only resistance is measured but no current is measured), Invisible force radiates -->>cont: 112 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


-->>1-non moving coil Ambient, 2-“Magnetic Motor”:、 ●Device transforms/extracts ambient-thermal energy as electricity in endothermic form from environment: Absorbs heat(instead of regular electricity's dissipating heat), Device can go below 0°C, Scalar "wave" link(p153-167), Cone-toroid-pyramid shape circuit seems to help, Often capacitor based high DC voltage pulse trigger, Spark gap, Intentional spike/ ferroresonance (choking effect, also can happens when reg current is switched off) starts rapid inflow: sort of like dielectric breakdown. Seems to coincide with Electrical Resonance but more than just impedances cancel each other out: something extra "comes in". Industrial size ambient electricity production seems to link to phenomena that is currently avoided as disruptive by regular electricity use mainstream power electronics: resonance/harmonics/spike etc. (though these mainstream power factor correction is mainly about AC current, and power generation here is DC)

●Transverse wave vs Longitudinal wave - “negative entropy”(negative resistor: Ga Kron+), Macro equivalent of 100%+ quantum efficiency by multiple-exciton/ electron effect

113 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


3-“Overunity” H2-HHO-Brown’s gas production(Klein, Zigorous, Lawton, F Wells, A Blue, Rhodes, Ste Ryan, Raju, Pantone,Pacheco, S Chambers, Kanarev, Y Brown, Gre Vezina, Eaton+), Commercialization fully exists mainly as on-board Hydrogen/HHO generator for combustion enhancing to match maximum limit in Faraday's laws of electrolysis level: mostly scaled down 10-25% gas saver(eg HHO HFS Pty, WaterToGas, Hydrotechnix, HodPros, CVHHO: 200+ companies), Water emulsion fuel combo(Cynergi Holding SA+)

North American mainstream market targeters are finally starting from Canada with 15-20% range saving while a few still stick to vague tech explanation(Blutip Power, Empire Hydrogen, dynaCERT, Innovative Hydrogen+). Generally HHO devices produce more saving than no maintenance needed often super low cost/low Capex-Opex Magnetic or FarInfraRed(FIR) wave emitting solid state device fuel treatment(Multimag pl, Fuelmax lv, MAGNETIZAGUA SYLOCIMOL +), rare German TÜV passed 15% fuel saving(even if official narrative is pseudoscience) device(Maratech ag TiziCALOR), or nano FIR ceramic in oil additive(Ceramic Power Liquid+), micro EM field/FIR wave of certain "form" by laminated layers of different electrical potential minerals to augment combustion(Nanotech-beam SatoCompany+), Plasma induced improved aerodynamics(Plasma Stream). Until quite recently, openly explained HHO effects at mainstream level used to get debunked & companies went out of business in N. America(CHEC hydrogen+), while they have been getting mainstream support in Europe(h2gogo, Creoproject+). Now ELSEVIER accepts academic report that claims HHO gas is saving 50% gas at HCCL(Homogeneous charge compression ignition) engine - e.g."A new technology to overcome the limits of HCCI engine through fuel modification"(BW Bahng+) -->>cont:



Huge price gap with same quality: Non-western major corp. involved(Norinco+), Rare 30-60%+ saving claims, some standing wave use(Shinko-Trans, Giriraj Electronics, last company also claims resonance use low cost Hydrocabon production(also see p258-263), Even 2% saving is “impossible” in Mainstream West: “cannot save fuel by making ‘fuel’ from running engine”, due to “unbreakable universal law”(p149-151), Saltwater Hydrodynamic cavitation based HHO gas production self sustaining engine combustion process(Ric Aho+)

■ Typical auto “HHO fuel cell": 12V powered 6-7 flat stainless steel plates per “stack”, +- unseparated electrolyzer, assisted by EFIE(electronic fuel injection enhancer), PWM(pulse width modulator), MAP(manifold absolute pressure sensor), Distilled water + KOH electrolyte, Gas “bubbler” etc, -->>cont:

115 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


■ So far “water only run car”(ie overt Faraday law violation) type services never continue operation: some claim to have repeated visits or phone calls & “told not to”(Boyce, Rasmussen, B Williams, S Meyer, Pantone+). But this research finds exceptions: one company's water generator claim matches with numerous historical characteristic expression of actual tech and might not be fraud(GDS technologies Canada), and finally core western mainstream linked group is quietly launching allegedly overunity type similar resonance chamber based hydrogen production(Joi Scientific: T Kennedy & R Koeneman)

■ 100% water run cars aren’t really by electrolysis?- eg: ●Sympathetic resonance of entire set with standing wave(similar effect with molecular hydrogen in a LENR patent[Airbus]), ●Dielectric breakdown of water occurs at some level, ●Cold electricity by high voltage capacitor spark trigger(p110-113), ●Resonating cylinder cavity(p127,128), ●Plate gap <1mm, ●Venturi/vortex air or water mist sucked in at intake(0 energy use), ●Magnetizing gas/water, ●Cavitation, ●Oscillating EM field etc, ●Some even prefer deposits on electrode(S Cramton+), ●0 electricity/0 electrolyte use: radio waves etc: •

Water often seems to decompose by something else rather than by energy: "information?", Hydrogen bond angle altered?(J Ellis+), Ambient energy used to loosen bonds?, Also link seems to exist with LENR-Cold Fusion & Sonoluminescence Cavitation(M King+), -->>cont:



■ HHO related water anomalies: High voltage pulsed water can explode: overunity like & strange phenomena generating Electron Charge Cluster(A Ilyanok+), similar Shock Electrodialysis(M Bazant, RM Crooks+), Plasma discharge in SuperCritical Water(Kaz Terashima+), Electrohydraulic Effect(insufficiently explained by mainstream: Graneau, Verdoold+): Desalination effect, Generates EM field, double cavitation shockwaves, ultrasound, ultraviolet, x-ray, Significantly increase rock-soil-peat nutrient(Cifanskis+) & water permeability to plants, Instantly alter metal structure, Chemical catalyst+ (Yutkin, Bekaev+), •

It's used for precision high end manufacturing(eg Bmax, Fujico CPC process, Trakonta - Траконта +), or from industrial rock to kidney stone crushing etc.(Similar to possibly torsion field related Magnetic Pulse Forming [, PST Products+]) Other anomalies: Radioactivity remediation(V Roth+), More energy than available gas(And Michrowski+), “Vitalized” water+. -->>cont:

117 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


■ Range of unconventional effects: Not really hydrogen; Water with extra H2 bond or electrons?; Burns in vacuum or underwater(no air intake/exit), Burns sprayed liquid water in open air(linked to Electric arc has more power in mist/water than in air[Frungel+]), •

Adheres to matter, Pressured back to water, Heavier than air(hydrogen is much ligher) - can be poured(G Wiseman+),

Flame is electrical plasma rather than burning, High powered laser like effect with far lower input: makes metal rust resistant/glazes concrete(eg Best Korea Brown+), Cold flame 130-280°C (no bond breaks unlike when H2 burns at 2000°C+), Direct flame doesn’t boil water(B & T Lang+), -->>cont:

118 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


-->>cont: Direct flame doesn't even boil water:、 ■ But Incinerates at 1600°C, Vaporizes Tungsten(3400°C): burns at subatomic level? Nuclei Superdeformation link?- Ormus connection? (p196-210), •

Disrupts molecule bond(electron breaks off water molecule at matter reaction causing heat(Eckman+), Implodes in pure form(Suartt, Knudston+), Mix is Explosive: HHO+H2: can call hydroxy/oxy-hydrogen, 、 Much higher quality & almost fumeless faster metal cut + alien matter welding, surface cleaning, ampoule filling etc(Epoch Energy +), “Improved version” of Injection/Water Shield/Steam Plasma cutting,

This is similar to Pulsed arc Water Plasma(Мультиплаз-Multiplaz) effects. Far more gas produced than H2 by same energy, hence much lower cost. -->>cont:



■ Mix well with most conventional liquid & gas fuels in industrial boiler-furnace(eg Aquygen+)+: Cut emission(50-85%+, less effective on NOx), Engine & exhaust system cleaner(eg E&E HHO+), more power,

■ Rare but consistent seemingly credible claims of water only run cars(S Meyer, Dingle, Cornish,Yogev, Garret, Leaich, Estevel, Waqar Ahmed, Valentin, Mohd Ali, Abd Shukor, M Suematsu, Khan, P Lowrie, Rusetel, Bordeianu, Ghu Sarwar, TP Edirisinghe, Purushottam Pipaliya, Ric Azevedo +), varied mechanics, some can run with dirty water, most insist on resonance as key element. •

Sub form; “acoustic vibe” claim Ohmasa Gas: clustered HHO”, Flame 700°C, Liquid at -180°C(O2:-183°C H2:-240°C), Higher fuel cell performance than H2? Little risk of explosion, Can run combustion engine in vacuum/space, Easy low cost <10kg/cm2 or 143psi storage, Larger molecule ie less leaking, same indication from SG Gas,

Even more rare methods of overunity H2 or HHO gas making claim that are lab tested- eg: No catalyst applied optical pump excited UV radiation treatment of water vapor in resonant cavity(Leslie Reach) etc. Signs of resistance by some stronger 3rd world gov'ts(eg India, Pakistan+) of not suppressing this & other "free energy" tech(eg The Economic Times - Tewari - Kirloskar Electric) & acting indifferent to various Western establishment pressure to weed it out. 120


4-Plasma or “Virtual power” Inducer-Exploder-Imploder with inert/ noble gas/water inside(Papp, Britt, Rohner, Ke Rauen, Ray, Correa, Clem, Pantone, Schaeffer, Neil, Valkinburg+):

Vacuum-Ambient energy, EM pulse, or some resonating thrust power extracted in a container/engine/cavity, to exert power with or without moving parts, Vortex energy?, Joe Cell link(Booker, P Stevens+), Einstein had initial Reich’s Orgone energy(anomalous effect accompanied micro current & electric field self generation by specific combination of conductor & dielectric material) confirmation but stopped(Mallove+),

Often MHD/LMMHD (Liquid Metal) resembled mechanics: some kind of ionization/excitation/plasmafication of inert gas is involved. Exact mix ratio of Water/Air/Steam/Oil/ or various Noble gases is used as “energy substrate” in closed container, Also “activated Nitrogen” can be used?(RJ Strutt+), -->>cont:

121 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


-a Often works as rapid compress-expand cycle pulse(also ionized noble/inert gas emits bio enhancing light/scalar type & EM waves simultaneously:J Jirard, Or Fitz+) in sealed or pressured fuel less engine setup: ion oscillated, triggered plasma energy from Zeropoint field? Electron Charge Cluster(oxymoron)?, But electrons attracting each other at superconductivity state is science legal(Cooper pair+), LENR-Cavitation-HHO link(K Shoulders, Jin, Fox+),

-b Use of extra “non linearity” type power just like happens with water hammer-cavitation in steam/water system?, Usually this phenomena causes design to be adjusted or use extra energy to eliminate the effect,

-c Some have mutli-layered resonant cylinder: collect “power” & send to engine

122 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


5-Some Air Vacuum/Compressed Air or Steam Engine, Temperature Gap Amplified (Heat)Energy Exchanger/Vortex Tube/Hydrodynamic Cavitation Heater, Hydraulic pumps claim occasional “perpetual motion” depended on run(Ler Rogers, Frenette, Minto, Davey, Yeter, Pope, Eskeli, Cahill, R Meyers, Truitt, Willimczik, Tesla, Hill, Karimov, Troyan, Von Platen, Azarov, Alexeiv, Obadan, Potapov+), a few are consistently overunity,

Similar to 4 without plasma, Often involves abrupt change in cavity, (pressure<->vacuum: air flow - some oscillates, temperature, evaporation, reheating released cold air), System is low maintenance with less moving parts, Ambient heat converted to mechanical motion(Ke Rauen+), Anomalous “gap” in energy used vs harvested to break LOTD (Low Of Thermo Dynamics)? Also if calculated airflow kinetic energy recovery of some devices, it breaks Benz Law: SheerWind-INVELOX (Allaei). Can involve steam or venturi, -->cont: 123 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


—>>continued-5-Compress air-Hydrodynamic Cavitation: ■ Active full commercialization: Disguised but practically free either power generation or hot water(eg FlowGroup), COP>1 heaters: Ion Heater(Stafor+), Similar results with Vortex Induction Boiler(Юрле-К Yurle), Vacuum Radiator(Отопление-ГВС.РФ). ■ Cavitation/Hydrosonic devices: eg Fisonic(pump resonated by geometric two flow mix, similar to Ranque-Hilsch vortex tube), Warmbotruff, Graviton-M, ДЭВА Dewa Pulse etc (spinning rotor/water to pulse) feature overunity pressure or heat, Western based companies also claim(Cavitation Energy Systems+), but most of them no longer publicize it(Hydro Dynamics, ECOP Wärmepumpe+), Space type use “superconductive” heat pipe: eg Qu Tube (NASA),

■ COP ISSUE: But when efficiency is measured based on affected area(eg COP on Flash Evaporation Cooling), commonly sold air conditioning-fridge-heat pump efficiency goes COP>3(300%) as “official common sense”, some 6 or 7: This area seems highly fudged under a disguise of "ambient energy" and energy generation link seems to be avoided by mainstream, while electric power based mainstream group produced MAGNETOCALORIC refrigerator has same level of overunity effiicency(Cooltech Applications+), Also note there has been a same tech refrigerator commercial ready announcement by mainstream Japanese companies since 2006 but will they be finally allowed to put it on market?- Toshiba, Chubu Electric[COP 4+]+). All of these effects seem to be fudged to justify Thermodynamic 2nd law(or its interpretation)with selectively applied incoherent logic: this category 5 techs seem to include conversion of this overunity into continuos mechanical motion. -->>cont: 124


->>cont.-5-Air Vacuum/Compressed Air Engine, Heat Exchanger etc on overunity element

■ Technically, if COP>5 heat device is combined-looped with already existing >20% efficiency Solid state heat-to-electricity recovery device, then it creates "energy out of nothing": ThermoElectric, ThermoAcoustic, ThermoPhotoVoltaic etc(p42-50)

■ Same way as in heat pumps, another overunity Population Inversion(Thz Ultrafast EM Pulse link, E Paspalakis+) is also openly "allowed" by LOTD; in Laser(optical cavity resonance) it is even precondition, but again power generation by its use is mostly mainstream avoided. What if we call magnetic motor as "Magneto Thermodynamic Population Inversion"?

■ ”Advanced No-leak” Hydraulic Ram(TG Allen[Hydrautomat], Kutienkov +/no incoming water pressure) water lifter, used in mainstream till 1930s -->>cont: 125 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


->>cont.-5-Air Vacuum/Compressed Air Engine, Heat Exchanger etc on overunity element

Deemed by some as part of core mechanics in category-5 A-“Temperature gap of outside device vs thermodynamic pressure vortex cycle inside”, “1st & 2nd LOTD contradiction”, “Perpetual motion of second kind” effects, эффект Крапивина (Krapivina effect), Mainstream in Russian physics(Smenkovsky, Kosinov, Filippov, Tsyolkovskiy, Oparin, Yakovlev, Lazarev, Buynov, AV Shubnikov+), others(Kondepudi+).

If it is Thomson Effect, why compressed heated air released & cooler than pre-inserted temperature?, COP>1 by “Compressed air + heat created”. Kinetic energy by ambient heat & pressure(S Robertson, J Scott, Lindemann +), At right pressure & geometry, overunity steam heat/pressure is norm(Sychikov+)

B-”Unseen energy” tends to “show up” or flow from low or negative pressure, voltage etc to high, or at vortex outer to centre(Schauberger, H Iijima+), Vortex flow or rapid ambience gap sneaks in vacuum energy by “leaking through“ space?



6-Some of Reactionless, Propellantless Drive tech claims overunity effect: Shawyer(EM Drive China Academy of Space Technology: CAST), He Serrano, Menshikov, Tajmar, Gui Fetta(Cannae drive: Cannae Inc-NASA), also NASA claims part of laser in resonance chamber seems to travel superluminally - producing "warp bubble"? - Linked to Time Dilation, Ath Nassikas(Superconducting Thruster, works only at <70K, no fuel needed like Hall Thruster), Ro Cook, BR Thornson, Shipov etc(Inertia Drive by off centre rotator, not overunity); all witnessed by numerous physicists/engineers multiple of times: so semi commercialized while still pseudscientized or "controversial-ized" at the same time - could this be another model for LENR commercialization?

Scissoring Gyro, Geometric wave Resonator Cavity(EM) or pulsing against space, Standing wave resonance accompanies. Also related Ambient noise use microwave domain resonance based Electrical Soliton Oscillator(soliton is pulse like wave propagate in water-plasma-optical fibre etc with maintained shape, balancing nonlinearity & dispersion on Nonlinear Transmission Line[NLTL]) is self starting and self sustaining(D Ricketts+). Participators are inventors + space agencies + private contractor mix.

Matter can move with no external input when asymmetric momentum of virtual photon enables vacuum to generate a net directional force(Al Feigel+), while mainstream approved Magneto Optic Effect shows different energy level depends on circular polarized light's spin direction(asymmetrical/non-reciprocal effect): Faraday Rotation. Mechanics Using “vacuum fluctuations of virtual plasma”? = Zeropoint Energy(ZPE), Electrokinetic force?, -->>cont: 127


■ Additionally “pseudoscientific” by breaking conservation of momentum “law”: Propulsion by asymmetry(unbalanced forces) of geometry cavity or magnetic field flow.

■ Also directly links to other inventor type free energy mechanics or vacuum energy extraction theoretical modelling(Da Cole, R Forward+), like Cavity Quantum ElectroDynamics(drives quantum computer), Stochastic ElectroDynamics (allows quantum effect on classical environment- covers "geo-economically incorrect scientific effects": room temp superconductivity, or Scalar wave relation[p153-166] etc),、 Due to mainstream Western institutions like NASA got results on it, major effort for damage control by mainstream media/blog for debunking

128 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


7-Gravity or Centrifugal Force + Magnet(motor)(Dal Simpson, Ren Ribeiro, Ewert, Cha Campbell, J Bedini, Rutowski, V Milkovic, AlKhooss, Ucros, PK Raghuprasad+), Practical some large size various models exist(eg 20x7x10m piston type) but no open commercialization.

Requires precision: timing, weight balance, some by “gravity shielding”, Also SMOT - Simple Magnetic Overunity Toy model(G Watson, Finsrud+) type “perpetual motion” in closed loop displayed but low cost energy generator is currently impractical,

Also rather rare Gravitational Induction in Form of Electricity-(H William Wallace, ME Boyd+) similar to ambient energy extraction(p110-113)

129 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


8-Some Hydrocarbon-Water Emulsion Fuel Techs claim 50 to almost 100% of H2O as fuel, i.e. water burns, not mere disperser/atomizer: C +H2O --> CO+H2, or HHO Cavitation/HHO tech link(p76, 82-88)(Pillai, Dellschau, R Gunnerman, VS Afanasyev, Capra, Franch, Enricht, Al Globus, Cottell, Chambrin, Kurata, Hommoh, Baranov+), Diesel is easier, Often produced on site, not pre-made, Some can be also used as catalyst, Rare high level academic claimed photocatalytic & nanobubble infusion based emulsion itself causes CO(reduced CO2) & H2 mix to be "copied" to hydrocarbon(Tad Imanaka, p259).

Active full commercialization is limited to low end level 50-75% water mix (eg Fukai Soken, Eneco-hd+), Some superior tech companies attempt mainstream penetration with 50% range water mix product & abruptly change course(Next Alternative inc+), brought anger from establishment?, 30%+ emission cut - less effective than HHO(p114-120), -->>cont:

130 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


->>cont.-8- Hydrocarbon - Water Emulsion Fuel: ■ Emulsion is well funded academic research for almost all relevant applications(except almost non-existent for emulsion fuel in most of west). Discrete large corporate/diesel backing/own development: Kawasaki Hvy, NYK etc. Less discrete: Caterpillar has been most openly active in sponsoring emulsion fuel including paradigm changing "pseudoscientific range 50%+ water" types which was retracted from market quickly: A-55(R Gunnerman). Rare event for major Fortune 500 corporate to involve.

Actually this inventor also produced 70-80% water version, with requirement to engine modification- but this engine design issue comes back to numerous engineer inventions with 50-200%+ more efficient engines that are shelved: see p34 - major mainstream taboo to research. And from Gunnerman invention lineage, only Gas+Oil mix 10% fuel saving new composite fuel was allowed to commercialize fully(Advanced Refining Concepts). -->>cont:

131 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


->>cont.-8- Hydrocarbon - Water Emulsion Fuel: Various combo mechanics for fuel making, Sometimes differ from science legal emulsion:、 ➢ Mechanical: ●High pressure, ●Nanobubble, ●Sonic & Hydrodynamic Cavitation (venturi, including high pressure homogenizer) & spraying, ●Simply repeating emulsion process with each time 50% water addition with same combustion power per unit, ●Sub-SuperCritical water treatment based “instant” emulsion(water becomes superlow dielectric constant to easily mix with non-polar solvent), ●Acoustic, ●Often seems to be one step double emulsion Water-in-oil-in-water(w/ o/w), (o/w/o), or Gas in water in oil(g/w/o), (g/o/w) - even multiple types, 、 ➢ EM wave: ●Magnetization, ●Electrolysis, ●Resonance, ●Lenard Effect, ●Torsion “information wave”, ●Rotating Magnetic Field, ●FIR irradiation or emitting ceramic, ●Photo excitation/photocatalysis ➢ Others: ●Minerals, ●Plant polymer or some kind of nano-micelle(Tannic acid, Saponin mix+), ●Bioceramic process, ●Water-fuel bonder,

Some claim direct water-fuel co-feeding, or ”transmute” water to fuel, 132


9-Super Compact Fusion: Dense Plasma Focus/Lawrenceville Plasma Physics(Lerner), Infra cost 0.1% of mainstream fusion, no radiation, use Boron, no H2 isotope, Inventor tech link, US Navy backing, Almost mainstream, Experimental success results since ’09, yet difficulty getting funds, Other aneutronic fusion: Bussard- EMC2 success shelved?, Russia involved private US company big name funded Tri Alpha: really only 0.5milli second sustained fusion?,

Long sustained fusion including conventional thermonuclear with suspected possibility for Net Energy Gain(Max Planck Institute: Wendelstein 7-X[uses combined mobius strip like Stellarator], Lockheed Martin- Farnsworth link, B Maglich: Migma cell, Chinese Institute of Physical Science: Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak+),

Official Energy Positive: National Ignition Facility(NIF US) in 2014 is often quoted as first time ever, but JAERI/JAEA(Japan)/Hitachi/Toshiba had repeatable & sustainable practically Q=1.25 success at ITER JT-60 since 1998 but often interpreted as invalid due to actual tritium was not used. Improved JT-60SA(inductive coil, longer pulse) is officially under construction since 2013 till 2019(as of Feb 2016 still 90% complete) ->>cont: 133


-->>cont: 9-Super Compact Fusion: JAERI/JAEA: Note new JAERI/JAEA system is being built to test how long it can gain energy continuously with how much more than Q>1.25, not to test whether if it can produce more energy than input. European JET had unofficial success in 2004? but then shutdown for major upgrades...

Considering Western mainstream debunking/selective ignoring of overwhelming accumulating evidence of economically inconvenient non mainstream LENR or Fusion like mechanics since 1925, even Huemul Project(R Richter) in 1950s Argentina could have also achieved Q>1 fusion?

Other types with large funding are not reported to have net energy gain: Various magetized types etc. Even home made sustained fusion itself can be made, particularly low powered super compact Fusors(Farnsworth invention), (Jam Edwards, Ta Wilson+). Other types: eg Dusty Nano Fusion(Gyö Egely)+ -->cont:

134 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


-->>cont: 9-Super Compact Fusion: JAERI/JAEA:、 Also given various anomalous pseudoscientific effects often claimed, & continuing very expensive funding of largely non-performing projects at facilities, it might be reasonable to speculate fusion research is partially or mainly involving unofficial hyper-dimensional physics experimentation by testing various high powered rotating plasma/non-neural plasma type effects(exaggerated effect of rotating lights[which might cause time dilation] or microplasma, rotating magnetic field[p178-179]) : "manipulation of spacetime fabric".

Miniature version of CERN LHC capability(informally confirms extradimension portal but refers to be only by collision[Mik Lamont+], not by rotation )(Aref'eva & Volovich, also other pseudoscientific nations' mainstream scientists admit, while willing Western peers deny)? 135 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


10-Underwater Air Buoyancy Power Generator, “Pneumohydraulic” Engine:(J Kwok, GM Singh, Ribero, Dobrokhotov, Grigoriev, Schrade, Elistratov, W Travis, Spiteri-Sargent+)Often large sized 5-30m Water tank(s) in hight, Repeat cycles of air container floating- sinking(Air input at the bottom, which floats up & release air at the top, then weight causes container to sink by gravity),

Other types include air floatation mechanism use water pump to generate water fall - under which water turbine is placed for power generation etc. Energy outputinput ratio 3 to 20:1, Air heating/cooling or compression-expansion elements might be involved, or ambient energy sneaks in like compressed air engines?

Non western mainstream endorsed; Science legal except its over-unity, even ultra mainstream Energy Globe Award winning!(Gozo-Spiteri below), this news is naturally completely ignored along with similar prior examples by main media/ academia/enviro NGOs, presumably due to economy/business consideration background, but even left out by many “free energy” research groups. This mechanics’ claims are far less attempted compared to other “utterly illegal” techs, Active commercialization & pilot projects(eg Rosch Innovations, SpiteriWasserpumpe+) -->>cont:



11- Other mechanics don’t fit to 1 to 10 category; Less replicated, some science legal(also p8-27): Ambience types: a-Crystal/geometry/pyramid electro inducer (Trawoeger, Grandics+), b-Graphene & Carbon nanotube(CNT) generator, c-Alpha Voltaics: α-particle emitter isotope cell(M Meyer, Mace+), d-Negative Static Resistance Self Oscillator(Sweet+), Electrical Soliton Oscillator (D Ricketts+), Gyrator or Negative Impedance Converter can to generate power(T Kuipere, Gra Gunderson+),

e-EM wave to power converter & charge battery, often Barium Titanate use(DeGeus, M Reid+), f- Aerial static-ground current flow extractor/Ambient Electrostatic Motor(Lea, Britten, Matchett, Plauson+), “illegal” version of tree/ earth only battery or atmospheric electricity extraction, g-Self heating resonating or electricity amplifying solid or layered ceramic(Win Lambertson+), h-Given # of “free energy” claims by plasma, vortex, cavity resonance, pulse, flow dynamics, too few MHD claims(Gritskevitch+): classified for weather mod/ space weapon/air-liquid flow & shockwave control(JP Petit+)? -->>cont: 137 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


—>Cont 11- Other mechanics: Water types: *some of below are mainstream academic virtually approved* a-Instant H2(also p38-39): Sealed inert gas chamber with Amalgam-Alluminium based alloy(ER Anderson), Ceramic membrane(Bakhir), Monopole magnet (Ehrenhaft), Nano Geometric shape Aluminium (S Khanna*+) +, b-Urine (NH2)2CO or Saltwater Na++Cl-+ H2O “overunity" gas(Gamgee+),

c-Sun light using 24hr working battery: ci-Galvanic-corrosion-overunity water cell(Cater+), “self charge-separation” water effect, unlike most Water Powered Clocks, cii-Bat Gen: Melanine based photo-electrochemical self-renewable cell(Solis-Herera),

d-Magnesium-saltwater battery charger(Greenivative Super G-Mag), e-Hydrodynamic cavitation electrical generator(Grander+), f-10,000volt Lenard Effect(Kelvin*+)- linked to ElectroHydroDynamic Electrospray aerosol charge & ElectroScavenge - ElectroFreezing effect based weather modification, g-Resonance water pump(Bentley, Bellocq, Dickinson+) gauges more water lifting than energy applied, h-Magnetic-vacuum water freezer/boiler at room temp.(I Siegel+)



■ "Free energy" demo usually witnessed, some thoroughly tested by mainstream scientists on personal or military/aerospace/intel capacity, not academic, using high-bandwidth digital oscilloscope+.

Pulse triggered device or cold electricity is difficult to measure its performance, Most of volt & amp meter only claims quickly found to be errors(PG Bailey+), but a few turn out “unexplainable”, Then testing scientists avoid public comment or say “It appears the effect is true”. Local media or sometimes even national media covers positively: “This will change the world, Surely Nobel prize if real !”- but often never reported by media again.

■ Inventor tech blanket debunker & lab duplication failure quoted even in alternative energy field ■ These events are ALWAYS ignored by high ranking "reputable" tenured mainstream academics that allows peer review; ”perpetual motion or energy is against physics law”, “if it’s real we would’ve known it within last 200yrs+, hence such effect cannot exist”

139 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


Free energy researchers(Vesperman, Bearden, C Walter, Frazier, Loder, Aftergood, Tutt, Joe Garbon, R Nelson, D Kenyon, J Manning, L Pea, Bird, Germano, PJ Kelly, Don Kelly, Decker, O’Leary, Elswick, Jo Eisen, S Hasslberger, Br Ostrowski, Jam Robey +) finds typical scenario when inventors attract investor funds for mass production:、 ■ Suddenly investigated as tax/Securities and Wire Fraud(US) due to “complaints”, or Impostors using inventor name with false claims(Two common phenomena at attempted commercialization), Assets seized, Fines, Active follow up by debunkers often specialized in discrediting any claims divert from non-mainstream narrative,

■ Mainstream authority & “grass roots” coordinated frequent criminal charges, “confirmed” mental disease labelling, or scandals against “pseudoscience” energy/ medical is statistically unusually common when succeed(K Trudeau, Web Kehr, P Binzel, W Travis+). Same event occurs when high public/corporate rank or media person etc “does not go along with overall plan”: some of this is a part of classified standard Intel used practise?(Austin Fitts, Je Ventura, Sus Lindauer, Jo Rappoport+)、 ■ Valid legal process if define “pseudo science” as hoax-scam, or fake charges as “real” which is a std process in certain cases if not necessarily tech related(Kirakou+),



->> cont; free energy commercialization prosecuted: For more prominent ones; ■ National media calls it as “pseudoscience”, & investors/local media cancel, ■ Inventor helpers start fighting, funds/equipments/documents start missing, ■ Backers also warned as financial-industrial security threat by (un)identified groups

■ Suddenly classified as national security risk; Tech confiscation(by Govn’t division, Intelligence agency, Private security company, Unidentified armed group, or SWAT team) with or without warrant, told to go to jail etc if discuss this event/technology, Police & media usually ignore intervention request(in some way justifiable, but process criteria, decision maker, responsibility, involved party unclear), this occurs world wide, not just in West, but happening less and less recently: reduced debunking or suppression of disruptive technology is observed in most industries(exception Medical+) -->>cont: 141


->> cont; free energy commercialization prosecuted: For more prominent ones;

■ With/without patent, large energy users, not producers, tend to buy inventions, ■ Their own free type tech invention disappears (Hamburg@Ford, G Low@NASA +), ■ Some inventors continue, without commercialization, micro private based use, ■ Litigation, No$, Order/supply cancels, patent bought, military-intel hire, etc+, ■ But now changing: Although mainstream ridiculed or ignored, recently non electromagnetic(non scalable type or only partial free energy device) are increasingly allowed to fully commercialize.

Some researches of both mainstream/fringe type firmly conclude "suppression" comes only/mostly from oil companies but this doesn't often apply:

142 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


->> cont; free energy commercialization prosecuted: For more prominent ones;

● In Western situation often energy using companies or energy unrelated NGOs behave to stunt research/commercialization, or purchase & shelve it, while even opposite- promotion of free energy- is observed for smaller/private Western oil companies(Ton Craddock[Craddock engineering inc]+), Or pretending to promote but actually subverting after all with slight disinfo or other subtle means?("Steven J Smith"+) ● Large oil companies in West actually tend to fund/develop low cost energy tech and disruptive inventions seem to be patented and shelved, while mildly effective types are commercialized. Western military & contractors companies behaves similarly.

● Non-Western state owned large oil companies seem to nurture wide range of low cost energy techs including "pseudoscience" & fund their research(eg: Indonesia, Malaysia, Venezuela, Iran, UAE, even Western ally Saudi Arabia etc). ● Discouragement of super low cost energy tech(while promoting conventional alternative energy) seems to be rather coming form Western based network of some large corporate groups working together with various levels of Govn't, Intelligence Agencies, Private Security companies, Western Oil companies NGOs, Media. 143


Rare cases of prominent politicians, scientists, personnel, magicians vow to testify for validity of invention(Tesla, Moray, Trombly[UN delegates], Newman, Gray, Br DePalma, T G Allen, H Coler, Ran Mills, Tewari+)

Actual criminal case seems more likely with no tech details/independent auditing, no inventor face, photo/name/address/video interview is publicized: •

a- Fake web sales, b-Valid inventor stretching claims / $mismanagement, c-“Grass roots” or fake invention to discredit/divert free energy movement(ignored by usual tech invention replicators), d-High profile group in “free energy” community collect$ to purchase/ develop new tech yet keep postponing/shelving it

Yet small # of emerging high profile groups seem to function coherently not only for “tech disclosure” but for whole geo-econo-social open system movement with little influence by Western mainstream(eg Thrive movement+) 144 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


Similarly, scientists assure en masse non-existence of gravity field tech(also see p252-256), ignoring several 100s of official military/ engineer testimony of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena evidence without investigation, citing indication never exists(Ri Haines, Weygandt, Keyhoe, N Pope, De Brouwer, Jo Callahan, Lovekin, Guerra, La Warren, Wi Smith, Hillenkoetter, Nat Twining, D Phillips, Ch Halt, Ro Salas, Er Walker, Symington, Pa Jafari, R Dedrickson+)

Callers for investigation labeled “fringe theorist” or “pseudo scientist”, losing or compromising academic career(Ja McDonald, O’Leary, Friedman, Hynek, Ro Baker, Mi Salla+), while existing allegations of “trusted” senior academic is on contract with “certain group” to debunk non-std science(Sagan, D Menzel, Ed Condon & Ro Low+) 145 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


■ “Reputed” labs/schools/publications have strong tie with “reputed = large” scientist group-NGO-corporate, often disallow to test/publish “certain kind of” new science or experiment data as “it would break the law”(Ge Pollack+), ”Blacklisted” academic can be banned from student interaction at schools, mainstream science journals & conventions etc(B Josephson, Sarfatti+)、 ■ Most large corporate research/Govn’t div has a strain whose member is fully aware of/engaged in physics law breaking performance energy(& other) techs but by secrecy contract(allegedly linked to National Security status) mainstream academic/media is never officially informed(Rug Santilli, Da Yurth, Myr Evans+): scientific corruption

■ Alleged tenured dismissal, faculty/university warned of funding cut if member studies “non-std-science”(B Martin, Jo Mack, CDF-Galtieri, Delborne, MW Ho, Hal Arp+), or for geopolitics study most critical issue to be avoided(Chomsky vs Jam Tracy): former prof as opposed to latter one is a more of controlled opposition & gate keeper?(Ant Hall+), science is "policy driven" sponsored by corporate groups(Dav Lewis+)



■ Reduced chance for grant/promotion if contradicts above root assumptions even though unrelated to research theme, Differs in non-western nations(Russia, Brazil+, eg China’s Montagnier funding), or military or space agency in West(usually classified?)

• Self-endorsed circular logic; underfunded experimental research success & theory is blocked from peer review without Western corporate-NGO/media/gov’ back up, but mainstream rejects it, reasoning “it lacks peer review”,、 • This combines with occasional selective peer reviews when claims are “proven false” & claimers lose funding/job, by only based on replication failures & ignored all successes(Mi Schiff+). This stops most researches, but even failure process itself is dubious; eg. Firmly alleged data change to block LENR funding(Mallove+)

147 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


➢ Free energy inventor has never been investigated officially by modern Western full scientific protocol. In turn declared to media: “In our entire history, free energy validity has never been found“, "if we were every wrong, why so many people believe us?", ”It’s a proven scientific consensus” 、 ➢ Influencers can use system to create scientific reality by solely selected convenient evidence(T Gold, Huyghe, McClenon+), Decisions made by use of non-scientific/empirical paradigm(Schwinger, Kuhn+), Unprecedented pseudoscience suddenly valid at geo-political events even if all experimental evidence disproves(Ri Gage, Cr Roberts, Da Ganser, BK Partin, Nie Harrit, SE Jones, Kev Ryan, Jud Wood, DR Griffin, ADM Moorer, Dav Gapp, Chr Bollyn+)

➢ This is commonly observed, not exception, across science: Water, Monetary, Gene, Consciousness, Human origin, Peak oil(Bakken formation+), Biotic only hydrocarbon (p258), TopQuark, Big bang, Climate, Biophoton, Ancient edifice/ civilization, Archeology, Giants & Dwarfs, Medical (p235-244), Advanced tech on Moon/Mars(Brandenburg, Carolotto, Van Flandern, M Bara, J Escamilla, Ir Shapiro, Vasin, Chatelain+), History of tech-medicine-geopolitics + 148


■ 1ST LAW: Energy cannot be created or destroyed- only change forms ■ 2ND LAW: Energy always evens out to create a neutral entropy state ■ 1+2: Mainstream interpretation: Must not appear to generate more energy than it is used; Even some of LENR/Cavitation scientists subscribe to ■ Taboo of questioning even interpretation itself of the law in main academia & in turn media, in rare cases scientists group up to appeal for law reformulation, sometimes they are described as “delusional, crackpots”

Inventors & small # of mainstream scientists point out flaw/contradiction in (LOTD)law of Thermodynamics),(Da Sheehan, Heyrovská, Sachs, PD Keefe, PT Pappas, G Pellegrini, X Fu, Nikulov, Graeff, Čápek, L Gordon, Denur, Coffey, Molnar, D’Abramo, Garamella, Tim H Boyer, Allahverdyan, Semura, Crosignani, Ale Kaivarainen, M Devereux, Nieuwenhuizen, Dubonos, Bok, Špička, Mar Comings +): 1st law is ok, but 2nd law only covers Closed System; It is more of a rule of thumb from statistics;

There is no “overunity”- energy is everywhere; Any matter over 0K emits EM wave thermal radiation anyways; QuantumElectroDynamics etc. Even biological muscle energy generation seems to clearly exceeds what Adinosine Triphosphate(ATP) can produce(AV Hill, M Dydyńska+)—>>cont:

149 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


■ Mainstream Closed System: “0 outside” energy, no “perpetual” motion, VS , "Dissident" Open System: unlimited ambient & vacuum energy, earth is permanent mega capacitor, constant sea-air move, earth-moon-star orbit, lightning; 、 ■ Law selectively applied: Mainstream's Michelson-Morley, Brillet, Hils+ VS more extensive or unselective Dissident's Miller, Silvertooth, D Marett, M Grusenick+. Their results are opposite(DeMeo, Allais+),

■ Mainstream tends to conveniently select an interpretation of Sagnac effect etc, why laser-deployed much more accurate interferometer still continues to show “aether”?: Dynamic Casimir effect has been officially accepted since 2011(CM Wilson+), Points to existence of “dynamic” aether, radiant energy, self organizing 0pt vacuum, or higgs field with force+,、 ■ Prevailing idea seems to be based on unproven(disproven) assumption only current physical reality exists, or TOTALLY ISOLATED from other realities/vacuum: either case it self-contradicts own closed system idea. Far fetched? mainstream interpretation on: Fluxing vacuum, Inverted Population, Brownian motion, Particle angular momentum, Stars curving-torsion, all perpetual —>>cont: 150 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


->>continuing closed System:

OR, need “Reverse LOTD”, to make overall sense of the law: Original Maxwell Equations made sense, but altered by Heaviside, Hertz etc: New version kept transverse wave & dropped “unmeasurable” longitudinal electrical wave & 0 vector vacuum EM potentials+(Reed, Myr Evans,Trupp, Ter W Barrett, Grimes, Crowell, Cohen, Bok, Morris, Hen F Harmuth, Jeffers, Jefimenko, Flower, Labounsky, Meszaros, Vigier, Ciubotarju, Lehnert, S Marinov+),

EM wave could be created from this potentials, hense it could be the base of physical reality(Olariu+), & involves “twist” or toroid in the process(Betrami, F Peat+). Indications of financial-industrial group might have staged Heaviside to do so along with rewriting of electrical engineering text books?(Wil Donovan, Da Pond+), -->>cont:

151 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


->>continuing closed System:

This ignored wave seems to link zeropoint(ZPE)/free energy extraction: TORSION(Microlepton)-Field/SCALAR(only magnitude & no direction, eg phase conjugated state, often at situation where mainstream claims no magnitude exists)-Potential; unlimited “information & energy info” carrier that manifests physical effects. Also related to Magnetic & Electric fields somewhat like their inter-relation: Torsion/Scalar themselves are interrelated:

Torsion theory appeared in 1910s(Cartan), formal experiments & application started in 1960s Soviet(Kozyrev+), in modern era ECE theory covers(Myr Evans), Yet 1900s notably in France similar non-locality, biofield/spinfield, & mind effect creation was observed(Luys, Baraduc, Tesla, Radiguet, Ch Ross, Blondlot+), At that time, these effects were explained as related mechanics as dowsing(Bovis, Simoneton, Kervran, Franklin & Maby+). In 1950s UK/US remote non-local radionics was mainstream accepted in same way. Historically most Torsion-Scalar inventions were made via “try & success” result, not pursued based on theory(except in Soviet/Russia after 1980s)

152 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


TORSION field -SCALAR "wave" distinction criteria is arbitrary to this presentation: due to their "pseudoscientific status" there is no universal official definition, naming or differentiation amongst experimenters and researchers !

SCALAR Electric solenoid coil, electric frequency

COPY/ IMPRINT ! EFFECT FIELD MORE Mineral one flat layer after another with metal, OFTEN aluminum, orgone • PROJECTED Electric screen or electrical wave form phase BY conjugated ! Between magnets/ magnet zone

TORSION Rotating magnetic field, Rotating electrode Molecule spin spin interaction i.e. any matter emits field Specific geometry has strong effects: pyramid, hexagon etc Focused certain state of mind with emotion

! MORE Active standing wave, hologram Electron emitting or movement; carbon, OFTEN SIDE electrostatic, antioxidant bacteria EFFECT ! OF Non local wave frequency reading & projecting FIR or Terahertz range EM wave •

Here they are differentiated by tendency of : 1-Copy/Imprint mechanics of chemical or mineral quality to other matters, 2-Deemed field projection method, and 3-Frequently noticeable side effect phenomena. But there are many cross over effects and difference might not be meaningful or strictly relevant. 153 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


TORSION - SCALAR: Common characteristic examples: 1-Co-exist with, but quality differs from EM field, 2-Non-local/linear, Timeless(Lavrentiev+, 3-Interstellar communication (Shkatov & Zamsha+, Zubow-Zubow-Zubow+ [neutrino], TT Brown+[electrogravitic communication]),

4-Cause template effect:(D Roth+); eg1 “water memory”(Peschka+), eg2 “Organ transfer memory”(Pau Pearsall, Gar Schwartz+), Heart as brain?(R McCraty+), or it is consciousness based?(La Dossey+)- Data match is far beyond statistical correlation in some % of case but very little research is done due to unavailability of organ information in most nations, 5-Bio enhancement (Bergstresser+), medical effect on tumours by rotating magnetic field(Wal Rawls Jr+), 6-Mind effect (Shipov+), 7-Very fast ceramic processing,

8-Blade cuts better(Drbal, M Kawakami+)(Pyramid-magic ru+), 9-Can halt electronic device function without damage(Rus Roy+), 1000s of such anecdotal stories when approached by antigravity craft(T Good, Hakdogan, V Chernobrov+), usually sporadic engine or motor mulfunction but some occurred at entire district level,

154 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


->>continuing TORSION-SCALAR BOTH examples:、 10-Some type of unusual electron flow, gathering, "conjuring" effects seemingly triggered by negative electron movement causing various physical phenomena(Hutchison+)

11a-Improve Hi-Fi sound quality & standing wave musical instruments(J Suehiro+):、 b-Also note mainstream idea of longitudinal acoustic standing wave objects levitation by trapping between its nodes - here anomalous gravity cancellation effect by Torsion-Scalar does the same by longitudinal EM standing wave nodes trapping?,

c-Similarly, certain coupling of man made ULF(Ultra Low Frequency) infrasound standing wave(as opposed to travelling wave) can cause matters’ lattice structure to absorb it/trap its energy & resonate in such a way it might either disintegrate or levitate depending on relationship with matters’ characteristic phonon frequency? 155


->>cont: TORSION-SCALAR BOTH examples: 11-standing wave related elements:、 d-"Pulsed Acoustic Fire" Drying: Standing wave sound generating Tuned Pulsed Firing(around 200-300Hz) seems (resonance is requirement for effectiveness, also fire can be controlled by standing wave range sound itself) to cause/accompany self-sustaining firing without any power required for boiler(Fulton Boiler+), unlike conventional firing boiler, requiring 1/100 of energy for firing related power use.

Pulsed Combustion Spray dryer sometimes requires 20-50% of energy to perform drying water off powder with 1/10-1/100 of time compared to conventional spray dryer, while keeping dried medium temperature low so that some protein or enzyme can be dried even under 500-1000°C heat system(PulseDry+): what happens if MagnetoHydroDynamics is added?. 、 This “sound charged air” by acoustic standing wave dries flat medium(ink on paper, pulp & paper etc) with notable improved efficiency compared to regular air(Heat Technologies Inc HTI+)



->>continuing TORSION-SCALAR BOTH examples: 12-CD disc with “quantum energy sticker” or touching by the sticker causes altered sound quality when played by stereo, 13-Higher power efficiency & “repair effect” of electrical device ●i-via special Power Factor Correction device filtered electricity supply(works for lagging current & harmonic related distorted waveform issues both i.e. pseudoscience in west, but this also works by Far InfraRed wave projection, electron emitter, or well timed rotating motor device etc without using capacitor nor harmonic filter, p170) or ●ii-simply by filtering power causes nearby combustion engine's efficiency to improve(F Neubauer+), or ●iii-via activating device being near air/fluid intake/oil/fuel of combustion engine(Ohatrin: АФ Охатрин+), 14-Or car engine/braking/balance improves as device placed at driver seat area(M Wakabayashi+),

15-Overunity like - EM wave unaffected unorthodox qualities caused by Circularly Polarized Wave & Light: coil(Shang Chi Jiang, Marletta, W Kaminsky, J Reisert+), also high light rotation generates time dilation, 16-Sort of Magnetoacoustic Electrostatic wave equiv. in nonplasma region, Neutrino link,

17-Propagate thru matter without affecting, Information flow field, or transfer information only & not energy(Ale Kaivarainen+), 18-Simliar to Split-ring Resonator function for all matters: linked to Phase conjugating/time reverse elements, magnetic field could trigger oscillations “out of thin air”, - continue ->> 157 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


->>continuing TORSION-SCALAR BOTH examples: 19-Vacuum as its carrying medium?, Objects in physicality also “exist” in vacuum as Torsion-field/Scalar-potential; Gravitational-Nutrino wave link(Perebeynos, Fujii+), 20-Used with Quantum Mechanics for nonlocal unconventional effects (I Caesar, V Sims+), or locally as bioenhancement-medical effect, use of resonance-standing wave-Larmor frequency(Rol Binder, Wolf-D Kessler: ONDAMED),(S Haltiwanger+), If unique oscillation frequency is identified or photo(photon)scanned, possible to disassemble or ”conjure” chemical, nutrients, plemorphic bacteria etc as its quality & physical effects(not actual matter) & electricity: molecular level control(T Paladino[SelfHealGo], +)(also p164-167),

21-Measured by: Magnetic sensor inside Faraday cage, Barkhausen Effect, Radionic equipment, Torsion field generator(Kravchenko, M Krinker+), GeigerMüller detector(Wil Reich), Kirlian photo(Certified medical equipment in Russia etc[pseudoscience-fraud in West]: captures bio “electrophotonic glow”), Indirectly via water test methods (Krasnobryzhev+)(eg mainstream spectroscopy, or Drop Picture Method+ etc), MRA(Weinstock+), Biofield meter(Bu Payne+), Psychics/Dowsers,、



->>continuing TORSION-SCALAR BOTH examples:

22-Torsion/Scalar devices can alter(ie hamper or facilitate depends on configuration): coherence or order in electron flow, microelectrical biosignalling, or coherence of bioorganism oscillation(Far InfraRed frequency).

Some devices work as protector: seemingly "block" scrambling incoherent(or bio-incoherenct) EM field(near strong electronic device or broadcasting tower, geopathic zones etc),

A few devices apparently convert it into "bio-digestable energy pattern" by using the energy itself: Function as biobooster instead of protector, But effect of each device seems to vary significantly,

Also some bioorganisms/individuals seem to demonstrate "scrambling electron digesting mode" to thrive from "hazardous" EM field patterns while others are unable to do so and lose body balance & have negative symptoms or perish. Also see Hormesis effects(p253,254) 159


Torsion/Scalar or Far InfraRed/Teraherz wave emitting self-oscillation tech devices are often marketed with “New Age” image: "Magic stick, Cosmic pendant" (p161 -6, p194-C) & p250-6, indicate some of base mechanics) etc.

✔ But discreet industrial-commercial success worldwide, Openly endorsed/ studied by main corporate/gov’t/academic in Russia/India/China/Thailand etc, ✔ Ignored or called fraud in West, yet “Substantial fringe” use in DACH: German speaking(majors backing?: Stuttgart Univ?, Schott AG?, Austrian med assoc?+), fair amount of private medical use in US, Canada, UK+, Isolated fringe market but unique strong effect product inventors in Japan etc. Usually web or MLM sales. ✔ Most Actively Commercialized from Russia/DACH/US. Valid tech use in product is indistinguishable on surface from many less or no effect device,

SCALAR “Wave” & its effect generated by electromagnetic(EM) field that is “simultaneously created & cancelled in the same circuit”: Occurs in 1-8 conditions: 1.Phase conjugate wave pairs(also linked to 3d reality as “visible EM wave: light” hologram as fundamental perception at neuroscience[P Marcer, Ed Mitchell, K Pribram+]), 2.Identical EM waves “out of phase symmetry” to each other or polarized: “Self Cancelling” wave, -->> cont:

160 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


-->> cont: SCALAR “Wave” & its effect generating conditions:

3.Mutually opposed direction equal waves, 4.Certain shape, geometry, matter, or its pair, 5.Directed polarized multimode EM radiation via cavity(Cornwall+), 6. Orgone: Layers of varied electrical potential metals compressed & wedged by dielectric/insulator material(neutral to electricity but reacts to electric field) with apparent micro EMF (electromotive force), microcurrent & micro EM field generated (often seems to be in FIR range) - similar to Tourmaline. Often used for "energy pendant" type products(Tonomura, Kolztov+), This "dielectric field" idea seems to have been mysteriously de-emphasized/disappeared(Dollard, GH Steinmez+)

7.Twisting two copper wires in a ring-toroid form(Sli Sperling, Bri Besco+): "Tensor field generator"

8.”Zero EM field” in-between buffer zone(some link to Meissner effect & Superconductivity - eg; Two resonantly tuned EM coil pairs close together creating a repelling interference pattern and EM field, or Between opposed magnets or current(VA Milyaev+), gravity anomaly(eg Oregon Vortex?+),or Coiled toroid even without electricity, -->> continue

161 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


—>>cont. SCALAR wave 8.”Zero EM field”: Mainstream calls this "zero energy" since only scalar potential exists (magnitude, “voltage”) & zero vector(direction,“current”), But energy do exists(or violates 1st law, AB-Effect), and remains - propagates as POTENTIAL wave(Myr Evans, Ehrenberg, Vlaenderen, Eckardt, Bischof, Leus, Monstein, Siday+), Also macroscopically measured(Caprez, Varma+), Vector potential measured as biologically active(Trukhan, T Kawaguchi, Rampl, Ia Lyons+) 、 ● These Pairs of EM waves occur at matter/medium/cavity, & create spontaneous oscillations at multiple specific “scalar” frequencies(i.e. medium’s Characteristic Vibration/ Normal Mode/Phonon/Natural Resonance Frequencies/Harmonic Frequencies: usually same for Mechanical Resonance(ie Longitudinal wave: Acoustic, Orbital+)、 or occurs at EM Resonance(ie Transversal wave: Optical, NMR, Schumann+), 、 ...and they seem to relate directly to “free energy”(possibly by extraction of vacuum energy?)(p79-81) & occur in integer multiples. This oscillation/vibration wave bounces back & forth within medium to form non moving looking Standing Wave (Quasiparticle, Phonon). Linked to sonication effects(p248),、 ● This standing wave vibration is Scalar Resonance; a clear example when Scalar field/wave is operating/created, eg: pulsing Cavity resonator/Bifilar-flat coil/Mobius-Caduceus strip+, Doesn’t “travel in line but creates field”, Time reversible, 5th field, also same pattern as DNA. Similar effects are commonly observed, experimented, and discussed for nano device, semiconductors, & solar cell photonic excitation, Secondary Harmonic Generation(SHG) etc at mainstream ->>continue 162


—>>cont. SCALAR wave 8.”Zero EM field”, Standing Wave: Re: Scalar wave- Note there is no wave propagation in "Scalar" definition, but this term is used to express spread of energy or "energy info" allegedly even at Zero EM field type condition.

Examples of allegedly this wave coupling linked anomaly: also related to “overunity”, vacuum etc. in following: 1-4, 5(A-E): 、 1. Cold Electricity link(R Stiffler+)(p110-113), 2. Can send or extract electricity wirelessly to the target, sometimes oscilloscope undetected if co-resonates(Tesla, S Jackson, Ha Muller+), 、 Similar Resonance based Single Wire Power Transmission by unclosed circuit(Russian Institute for Electrification of Agriculture/Всероссийский институт электрификации сельского хозяйства - виэсх, University Dubna/ Университет «Дубна» и «ЛайвНет» +), Same mechanics can be used for wireless power transfer or single wire of including generally non conductive medium: laser/wood/water etc(DS Strebkov, AI Nekrasov, VS Abramenko/ ДС Стребков, АИ Некрасов, ВС Авраменко+), Its open circuit remains cold and at least an order of magnitude larger power transfer per wire is possible in semi superconducting manner, system building & maintenance cost is much lower than conventional method, particularly if low cost nanocarbon fibre is used for power transmission(possibly provided by likes of: VI Petrik, Rosnano, CurTran+)、 Above is completely different from Single Wire Earth Return(SWER) method which is closed cuircuit by grounded earth working as return path, but even this "orthodox unconventional" method saves installation & maintenance cost for distant farming type use while fluctuating voltage poses some challenges(Mauncell AECOM, Ergon Energy+)-->>continue



—>>cont. SCALAR wave 8.”Zero EM field”, Standing Wave: Re: Scalar waveAlleged wave coupling linked anomaly: related to “overunity”: 、 3. Ultra distance, non-linear & time traverse communication(Zubow-ZubowZubow, Tesla+), 4. or is it different mechanics version of on-site-locality only based binary digital signalling "System on a Chip"(SoC) to directly control not just electronic machinery but also biofunction and organic matter decomposition(deemed not torsion/scalar): АттоСофт(Хесин Алексей Ильич)?、 5. Radionics mechanics; i.e. following ●A-E ●A- Mechanically enhanced “voodoo”, dowsing, instant pre-diagnosis, ●B-i-”Non local” version of Time Domain Electromagnetic Method (TDEM) or Further advanced level of already science illegal commercialized tech by use of Soviet tech based microlepton(torsion)field(eg Leaf and Stone Resonance, Microlepton GeoVison, Georesonance+)(AF Ohatrin[Охатрин]+). This can be explained in conventional terms as use of each mineral's resonance frequency: Magnetic Resonance Coupling. Also slightly similar smaller area covering unconventional ground radar tech(Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave: Geophysical Assessment and Investigation Association) : -->>continue

164 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


->>cont. wave coupling: 5. Radionics mechanics: B-i: 、 Can deploy from ANY distance via wire/wireless (Holography/Quantum entanglement); Every object or point/cell reflects “whole universe”, yet it has own unique scalar wave frequencies(& EM field freq.), also each specie/type has group frequencies, & they are included in every part of entity(hair, saliva, photo etc). 、 So possible to have intentional effect non-locally by sampling this holograph wave, & manipulate it by wave matrix(EM field) & re-transmit to the target: “Forward phase” mode to enhance target function or copy sample’s effect on target, or “phase reversal” mode to hamper/destroy target. (P Tomkins, Pe Kelly, H Lovel, WJ Hale, BA Rockwell, J Gallimore+)

B-ii-Once identify correct Frequency & electromagnetically record it in wave form, physical effect is replicatable by a re-emitting this copied computer software oscillation(eg- Mind-bio integrity & coherence boosting, J Fridenstine+), or Sensing biological state or mining exploration of target by b scanning them(de la Warr, Don Paris+) -->> continue 165


->>cont. wave coupling: non-local 5.Radionics - B 、 B-iii-(eg-c Broadcast specific nutrients-minerals needed for plant crop as info wave to increase agri yield; von Reichenbach, Y Kronn+) (, (eg-d farm removes pests by placing pesticides on area photo, then modulate into wave form & transmit; mainstream use in 1940s by US State Gov Farm Bureau PA, AZ, CA+, Dow Chemical, UKACO+; Knuth+),

Significant trial success in 1970s Eastern Canada with largest prv land owner was “classified”(And Michrowski+), some prominent Canadians politicians promoted it as “best way to replace all chemicals”(Che William Carter, Mar Norrie+) but results data debunked,

Modern era very low key services: Crop Services International(Phi Wheeler), Quantec(von Buengner), Kybertron, Kelly Research Technologies, QuantumAgriculture(Hu Lovel+), Slightly differently done but state backed small use in Russia/Soviet+(Lomonosov, Bobrov+), Русноинком wltech(Podchufarov), China seems to be quietly researching, Some farmers do own radionic farming by using some popular device(SE-5+), Mostly human focus(SelfHealGo+) 166


->>cont. wave coupling: non-local 5.Radionics - B B-iv-Same mechanics used for cell phone/TV/radionic broadcasting by modulating info-voice into wave & send it on a set frequency carrier then it is resonated by cell-TV dial/person, insect etc on same freq. to receive info wirelessly: It’s no magic ●C- Tests with significant results but stays as test & no data disclosed officially: Enhance forest(Pet Moscow+), Decompose toxin, Disinfect Area, Save fertilizer/ pesticide/chemical(only virtual use), “Virtual lipo suction”, Locate missing matterpeople, Remove or plant forensic evidence, Military use- no site visits needed ●D- Works depended on operator: Electric radionic machine works unplugged,    ●E- Radionic scalar diagram on paper only, mind based?(Hieronymus, J Campbell+), ●F- What happens if perfectly run location frequency on matter & resonate it (teleport?, ME Boyd), human freq over machine(symbio?), a specie embryo freq over others seems to produce results(PL Ighina, KG Dzang+),

OTHER SCALAR QUALITIES: Vortex connects EM & Scalar wave(Mayl, Tomilin+), Elementary particles interact with both Scalar/EM waves(J Dea, Pulver, Mi Wolff, Imlauer+), commonalities with DNA -Helix,

Commercialized SCALAR tech(eg: Aquapol, 90.10., Q-Link, GeoWave, EESystem, Wave Genome, Quantec, Plate Koltsov КФС, Dessert Greening, α-Genius, Neurophone, MEDEA 7, Pulsedtech, BioCharger, Terafight, Water Energizers, SevSports, FIOS-Greenbox, ISEE Energywatch +) 167


TORSION field theory(space-time is curved but also twisted & creates torsion): Weissenberg Effect hint, Naturally seen oscillation-spin-spiral in; Low-filled hose water & Boundary layer flow(D Rapoport+),Karman Vortex Street, Honey coil effect, spiral Eddy current, Electrorotation, Quantum spin wave(as opposed to spin wave), Gyromagnetic-Electrogyration effect, Faraday’s rotation, All interrelate from atom’s angular momentum, to star/planet rotation - Coriolis/Rossby Effect- vortex- implosioncarved spacetime - rapidly spinning black hole. Also Torsion field effects are actually confirmed in variety of ways by full mainstream science in fragmented compartmentalized manner(eg Electric Poling, Electric Field Induced Softening, Dielectric Breakdown, Persistent Current effect, Nanofluidics etc, while effects like Laser Structuring is officially limited to surface effect but defacto approving matter depth alteration: eg Second Harmonic Generation of glass by Laser pulse(Jiyeon Choi+)、 TORSION Field effect generated by: 、 1-Spin Positioning/Polarization(Tam-Happer Effect) of particle-electron: any matter generates, 、 2-Emotion boosted clear thoughts, i.e. “subjective in nature, with objective physical basis”(Chernetsky, Thorns+) as weak field, exceptions: Trivedi Effect, Bronnikov Method, BengstonResearch, China state research + :、 —>> cont 168


-->>cont: TORSION Field effect generated by: 2-Emotion boosted clear thoughts:、 ■ Strong field effect on bio organs & matter: molecular change, enhance growth, reduce pests, holographic perception, alter DNA etc, 、 ■ Mind effects indicated by Kirlian photo(can instantly indicate biohealing effectiveness) & physical data: Induction of magnetic fields over meridian points, Thermal energy projection to objects, Psychokinetically moving objects(& teleportation/materialization), Chemical transmutation, Seed rapid growth/reversing ripening in 5-10mins, Revitalize roasted seeds etc: •

(Chulin Sun, Reshetnikova, Kulagina, [UV Gulyaev], K Nishino, Yan Xin, Kuleshova[Godik], Zhang Baosheng, Ma Manning, Dea Craft, Zé Arigó +),

Some conduct public instant healing demo of minor impediments(Eri Pearl+), Some experiments show even non-super psychic types can change pH of water by 1 by focused thought(W Tiller[psycho energetic science]+), ■ Harribance Effect: mind reading, far above future prediction(time probability reading) accuracy involves brain's magnetic anomaly(Che Alexander, Ric Broughton, Persinger, Venkatasubramanian+), 、 *It is notable Russia generally utilizes psychics far more openly at mainstream, but "charismatic type" with many followers is often suppressed(Gri Grabovoi, Nic Levashov +) —>> cont

169 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


-->> cont: TORSION field effect by: 2-Emotion boosted clear thoughts:

ADDITIONALLY:3-13; 3-Photograph(p164-167), 4-Antioxidant producing microbe mix in sealed container(anaerobic bacteria mix) generates anomalous field: extra biogrowth, repel pest-mold-rust, improve combustion-electrical efficiency, acoustic effect, radiation remediation, cement strength increase & its chloride & water absorption decrease+(EMJ jp+),(Ter Higa+), EMJ product contains electrically active metal reducing Shewanella(electron conductive bacterial nanowire), but sometimes also Geobacter species?, 、 This field also has electrical "overunity" Power Factor Correction(PFC) tendency and share commonality with other mechanics with low cost or Actual Power charged residential electrical bill saving(not just for Reactive Power penalty based industrial PFC) effect by: 1-Far InfraRed wave based(Keseco+), 2-Energy harvesting by Magnetic Induction from mainly(what else? ambient static? any change of EM field?)reactive power caused magnetic field(PowerShaver USES+), 3-Phase conjugating EM wave Scalar/Torsion element(Focstac Maximus+), 4-Electron emitting device(Maruko Denshi+), 5-Permanent magnet rotor(Roto Verter+): They often work for both A-Induction related lagged current, B-Nonlinear electric device caused wave form distortion & harmonic effect without using capacitors or harmonic filters: auto voltage & waveform balancing. But lack of data as to if this can be synergized with conventional PFC saving. -->>cont:



-->> cont: TORSION field effect by: 4-Antioxidant microbe mix: PFC:、 Residential meter usually doesn't reflect on lag/harmonics correcting effect but last page's pseudoscientized devices actually seem to reduce net electricity use of many devices. All effects in this "4" occurs with even Buried porous solid biochar(not glued NaraTanka 奈良炭化工業, Iyashiro 炭素 • ..............................................................+), sawdust)(OrgaHexa, Same effect further by super high pressure 3000°C 90day processed "carbon balls"(Ohki-Techno Carbon Wave+), Prolonged specific frequency laser treated lattice structure metals re-emits Torsion field? to have same effects(アポロ Synm+), Also can be produced by plasma or electron-discharge directly to organism or indirectly in a closed room(Eij Maruko+) Greentechno らいぞう, Фирма «ПЛАЗМАС», Yusing TBA-HT4+). This subtle (....................................... electron effect completely differs from High Power Electron Beam impact ionization(see next page-6)

Strong seed charging effect for prolonged growth without light & water(BTL Research: Levengood & Talbott), Similar mechanics to alter DNA or revert back from GMO(FIOSGreenbox), currently most widely accepted yet remaining low key agricultural and food industry application service by electron emitting method(JemSys jp+): For all of above effects see p249-250- 5, eg A&B, there is also some link to Orgone(p250-251),

5-Angular momentum of rotating matter, vortex(V Kotelnikov+), -->cont: 171 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


-->> cont: TORSION field effect generated by: :、 6- Fine Particle Bombardment, FPB(Super low temp Hardfacing like Supersonic Very Fine Particle Shot Peening that “fuses” with surface) of UV photocatalyst TiO2 on metal-ceramic enables improved combustion or bio enhancement field effect directly or via water passes through it(decomposes water to Hydroxyl, yet overall antioxidant). This effect is similar to semi- science legal accelerated High Current Electron Beam impact ionization that alters some matter(eg surface solid matter altering to air molecule fusing etc).

7-Some geometry shapes; Pyramid (Parr, Krasnoholovets+), angle change affects physical effects(Vit Groisman+): Many facilities in Russia, Numerous mainstream Russian scientists see need for research(G Lozino-Lozinskiy+), large scale pyramid is rare in West(Jim Onan[Gold Pyramid House] +), also US military, infrared thermography shows anomalous temp. distribution.

Other shapes: Flat triangle(S Iwasaki+, at right angle, delta wing vortex like subtle power generated), Hexagon or cylinder tube(Grebennikov, S Nomura+), Cone(Frings), Ring(Kar Wagner+), Golden ratio, Fibonacci sequence (Shaktparonov+), Water placed on Flat Holofractal graphic or Flower of life printed sheet(bioenhancing effect)->cont



-->> cont: TORSION field effect generated by: 8-Self running pyromagnetic organic waste decomposer(mostly 3x3x5m type size) by "charging/micro-plasmafication of flowing air(at least oxygen) by its alternating magnefic field treatment. 、 Seems to emit only low heat(300-500°C) yet with almost no fumes(indoor useable) produced at heat generating efficiency close to unity and feedstock is almost completely decomposed despite low temperature process. Ash has magnetic & bio-activation properties. It decomposes PCB, medical waste at pseudoscientifically low temperature and yet even almost no dioxin produced. See p94 for details.

9-Spin ordering oscillation state(Y Medvedev+), 10-Semantically written words(Speransky+), & its biophotonic effect(T Stanciulescu+), 11-Shaking, vibrating, hitting etc, 12-Geophysical objects: earth etc(SA Vasiliev+): Foucault's pendulum anomaly during at solar eclipse even it is located underground(Allais+), even some mainstream labs admit effects. -->>cont: 173


-->> cont: TORSION field effect generated by: 13-EM field(reverse Barnett Effect)(eg; Radio equipments, Electric noise via coil/Benveniste, Wittmann+), Spiral/circular EM process structure itself (Tesla, Haitao Zhang+), Alternating magnetic field(K Komatsu, Y Tkachenko+): i.e. Spinning magnets/pyramid have particularly strong effect: eg Aspden effect (Yurovitzky+),

14-Mainstream approved geometry phenomena is related to torsion effect?: extension of “Diamond vs Char differing only by geometric structure” - mostly nano scale(Chirality, Atom mutual positioning, Spinspin interaction. Isomers[same chemical with different structure]: Molecular geometry, Electronic structure & geometric relation of StereoElectric Effect), 、 Seems related to or cross over with Steric and Electronic nano effects: eg1 Casimir force (ZPE, quantum energy flux) inducement is affected by Anisotropic-Geometric factors(A McCauley, AW Rodriguez, K Milton+), Quantum vacuum flux accelerated by certain geometry(J Maclay, Hacyan +),, eg2 Same with singlet fission, -->>cont:



-->> cont: TORSION field effect generated by: 14-Mainstream approved geometry phenomena is relation to torsion effect?: eg3 monochromatic light can generate DC electrical currents with carbon nanotube(cylinder with hexagon wall)(Mo Shapiro+), Graphene (hexagon) also has thermoelectric response to light, Anomalous characters of helical nanocoils: Self winding screw by microwave(Sei Motojima), 、 eg4 -Ultrasonic Consolidation (welding) frequency affected by geometry(J Gilbert+), Metamaterials tunable by geometry/positioning, Many water related examples: eg5 H2 generating non-sacrificial “nano aluminium alloy” from H2O(AW Castleman+),

eg6 Hydrophobic graphene/carbon nanotube turns hydrophilic at Single layer vs thicker, by UV-FIR wave irradiation, Extended Capillary action: Self-pumps/ sucks up water(& electricity generation) or molten metal with 130° extra angle entry(S Hendy+), also Speed of water flow is 1000times+ violation of Hagen– Poiseuille equation /Fluid Dynamics “law”(Majumder+), Similar effects when water is between two graphene sheets(And Geim+), Graphene confined water can phase change as ice form by electric field strength(Guanghong Wei+): Casimir effect link?, Also affects water molecule structure, or “sucks up ions”, >>cont: 175


-->> cont: TORSION field effect generated by: 14:, eg7 Water saturated soccer ball shape Fullerene-C60 makes surrounding water molecules to be structured & function as “convenient” & strong antioxidant(neutralize radicals & decompose toxins but when excessive to organism) even after boiling(GV Andrievsky, VN Khvorostinka+), also C60 can fully contain molecular excitons, etc

TORSION Field wave quality(available info in West often limited to Akimov/Shipov's, but large # of academic researchers including likely largely classified less known academics'(AF Ohatrin[Охатрин], Yur Mashoshin[Машошин]+) psychotronic & bio effects(negative or positive depends on frequency/geometry), hydrocarbon enhancement, underground super deep mineral or structure detection studies. There are papers(10,000+) in Russia, Ukraine+, & recent in China, eg; 1-25: 1-Geometric element: ●i- Axial symmetry, ●ii-Best effect on porous matter; wood, brick etc(Nasonov+), ●iii-Geometry enhanced supercooled water production capability(V Uvarov+),

2-Gravity element: ●i-Link to High Frequency Gravitational Wave(HFGW)?(Murad+): Generated by pair of masses acted upon by equal & opposite force changes or sudden move, double helix, & Detection involves “synchro resonance”, phase conjugation etc. ->> continue 176 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


->>cont. Torsion field wave quality: 2-●i HF Gravity element: Many identical effect applications for gravitational wave as Torsion field proposed; from spin-spin interaction, communication, geo-engineering, time dilation effect, energy, anti-gravity, to weapons(RML Baker, RC Woods, Dehenen, Ning Li+). In China & Russia mainstream idea including GW detection/ generation since 1970s(Rudenko, Menski, Gusev, Braginsky, Grishchuk, Fangyu Li, Mengxi Tang+), use of charged capacitor(Howowanec+), Completely ignored by mainstream West(not even debunked) which claims “first ever GW detection” is only in 2016 by LIGO -MIT), but effects are applicable to surveillance etc & likely partially classified under NATO national security like antigravity etc.

2-●ii-Even links to general Low Frequency mainstream Gravitational wave? A-“Non matter” can also generate, B-Unimpedable longitudinal wave, COscillation of space-time etc, ●iii-High efficiency vertical propulsion with no inertia(MA Lobova+), Khrunichev Space involved?, ●iv-Kozyrev Mirror for moving objects(fall slower: eg1 counter clock spin gyroscope in North hemisphere/ Hayasaka, Polyakov, Br DePalma+, eg2 adding built-in secondary rotation amplifies effects/Tsiriggakis & Provatidis+, eg3. repulsing magnets/Bushman, Alek+), ●v-Clearest effect at polar regions vs equator(D Savage+), ->> cont 177 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


->>cont. Torsion field wave quality: 3-Spin/Rotation element: Indirect “Spintronics" of all solids & fluids i.e. affect spin states, from subtle molecules spin interaction to intensive rotating magnetic field:、 ●i- Change crystallization:■-1 Increase matter density(Kurikom, Furseya+), ■-2 Link to Spin Wave, Continuous Symmetry, Magnonics(ie properties decided by geometry structure, rather than composition/band matrix) etc, 、

■-3 ■ Generates micro-plasma, "deoxidize yet decompose" & clean wastewater with overunity like efficiency (MV Mishenko+), use of Rotating Electrode(Globecore ru+), or by metal FPB(Fine Particle Bombardment)/WPC Treatment: Fuji Kihan Titan(Y Miyasaka+), What happens if high power rotating plasma(eg mainstream magnetic confined fusion etc) is used?, ■-4 Alter quartz crystal frequency(Akimov+), 、 ■-5 Emulsion:(НАУЧНО ПРОИЗВОДСТВЕННЫЙ ЦЕНТР «ПЛАЗЕР», Hammel su+), ■-6 Quickly decomposing matter to fertilizer:(«Жигулёвские удобрения», Экология ECOUOM+), ■-7 Change magnetizability, or thermal & electro-conductivity(Sokolov+), ■-8 Barnett effect(ferromagnetic material becomes magnet during fast rotation without magnetic field), Or newly mainstream approved Circular polarized light causing Optical Magnetization Reversal via Inverse Faraday Effect(Stanciu & Hansteen+). •

●ii- Detected by: Metatron (Nesterov), Thermometer mercury, Quartz piezoelectric oscillation,

178 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


->>cont. Torsion field wave quality: 3-Spin element: ●iii- Super low energy use metamaterial making; 10-50milli watt: “information does the job" instead of energy?(Trefilova, Tarasenko, S Chernov+): information = energy?. Engine can be driven by purely quantum information(Sang Wook Kim et al). In relation, some further postulate "meaning", more than information, is closely linked to "matter" as a part of reality composition(B Josephson, Ile Yardley, Kar Barad+): explains Subjectivity (idea exists only as counter idea-contrast, Quantum paradox(they don't pre-exist interactions but emerge as part of entangled relation) etc. 、 ●iv- Rarely used but part of mainstream industrial process of Rotational stirring & (Time Variant) Rotating Magnetic Field esp. at resonant frequency(also used for “free energy motor” p110-113, other examples in "●i" of last page, Or gravity effect[p252 k]: Motional Electric Field link) for:

■αSemiconductor & Metal production(Strengthen & alter steel surface/ structure[Shpilman+]), Same effect in ElectroDeposition by "Micro-MHD"(R Aogaki+), Increase copper corrosion resistance & ductility (Maksimova+), grain alloy effect, Semisolid metal casting, particularly Thixo-Rheocasting(Ch Vives+), Opportunity for major metal production cost reduction and quality improvement(Mayboroda+), ■β Magnetic Pulse Welding/Forming(eg Magneform, Dana+) link?- not just shockwave effect?,、 179 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


->>cont. Torsion field quality: 3-Spin element: ●iv-:Rotating magnet: ■γ Magnetic refrigeration(with magnetocaloric effect), mainstream ignored but actually run with overunity effect(PD Keefe+), compared to conventional fridge: much lower cost to make & maintenance, less energy consumption, Less noise & vibration, No refrigerant - safer ■ δ Alters bacteria cell quality & bio activity(Kar Fijałkowski+), : effects are conventionally not fully explainable, 、 ■ λ Significant change of crystal quality especially surface quality & hardness depended on different magnet rotating frequency(B Fragoso+)(EB eclab jp,, & Data match with surface change of matter by other types of torsion field (Kuznetsov+). Shaping metallic glass by EM pulse(Geo Kaltenboeck+), Even static EM field can effect matter in some situations: eg Unconventional elastic softening of matter by EM field(Nakanishi & Yoshizawa+), same as Electro-thermo poling(p161, 6-●vii), But also similar effect with ultrasonic: eg 700 -800°C range cast treated with certain acoustic frequency 5mins to reinforce aluminium strength(Tec-eye jp Techno eye+),

●v-Parameter of molecule spin structure extended to physical superspace(Wheeler, MA Markov+), ●vi-Create/influence: from spin-spin interaction upto gravity field(Terletskiy, H Wallace, Torr & Li, Ry Uchiyama+), ●vii- Effective in nanotechnology/polymer manufacturing(J Xingliu+), ●viii- Counter Rotation can cause local gravity effect; i.e. time space warp effect (Kozyrev+)- due to General Relativity law 180


->>cont. Torsion field wave quality: 4-Non Local element: ●i-Sheldrake’s Morphogenic Field?, ●ii-Travels to “past & future”, Fifth force (Myshkin+), ●iii-Most powerful non-classified Torsion generator?(L Sprink, Ravatin), or CERN type collider can be used to create counter rotation with astrophysical size torsion field effect?

5-Bio Activation element: ●i-Biofield-spinfield equivalent (F Brown, Hruby+), ●ii-Like EM wave, each matter/living thing has its “favourite & unfavorite” torsion wave frequencies, and former has bio enhancement, latter detrimental effects(B Stahovskiy+), ●iii-Suspicion on DNA activation effect?, ●iv- Some torsion generators need user specific calibration like radionic device, ●v- Bioenhancing effect(K Shellcross+)

6-Matter Activation element: ●i-Reduce viscosity of hydrocarbon(Golod+), ●ii-Radioactive matter remediation(Kinderevich+), ●iii- Spontaneous capacitor charging (Golod +), ●iv- Solid matters’ weight can be changed & do so nonlinearly when torsion vibe offered(Lavrentiev+) , ●v- “Overunity” heat production, ●vi- Plasma & ball lightning link, ●vii- Self heat generating ceramic production(Yurth+): Determines degree of "EM wave phase matching" of ceramic/other matter with Electric poling/Electro-thermal poling, or equivalent effect certain laser pulse or regular EM pulse form, with possibly mechanical pressing/ stretching combined. Basically same process is now even western mainstream approved: EM field use to migrate charge in ceramic/glass(Feng Chen, Jen Thomas, ChaBum Lee+). Also relation to dielectric breakdown of ceramic, or Electric Field-Induced Softening(electric field lowers heat use to form glass). i.e. Valid science as long as not used for free energy etc. 181 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


->>cont. Torsion field wave quality:

7 "Copy & Imprint" element-Torsion field emitting function of specific spin frequency(Info Carrier of chemistry-physics in its absence) can be copied & pasted like magnetization (one method is to place solenoid coil around original target to digitally record its frequency, then re-emit it to target in same set up in coherent EM field exposure of the frequency to paste/ record), or others include ”Residual or ghost” effect: Change quality of mass by “info carriers”; imprint onto medium’s molecule spin oscillation eg:

●i-Water only: A--”Alcohol” to get drank with no side effects(Kleinert+), B-Tan lotion as a Drink:eg Osmosis Skincare(B Johnson), C-“Water based DNA Polymerase” Chain Reaction- PCR(A Tedeschi+), D-“Medicine“: Markov phytococktail, Infoceuticals: (Surochinski+), but also useable as undetectable Sports Doping(Palyushev+), E- Replication of frequency to “less structured” water from treating device with lattice structure that is "oscillation memory etched" by prolonged laser pulse exposure: Merus ring:(Kar Wagner, U Holst+), —>>cont

182 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


->>cont. Torsion field wave quality: 7 Copy & imprint element; ●ii-Matter;a-Copy medicinal effect to plain powder tablets(Dulnevym+) b-Duplicate surrounding’s spin oscillation of organism thru fluid (Aliyev+), c-Enclosed water in solid container to trigger whole uniform resonance: Compensatory Magnetic Oscillator(Fillip-Robin+)+, d-Copy or alter crystallization of fluid solutes, e-Mineral/ceramic/steel carries “fertilizer info” & water to “multiply” it: Penergetic(Plocher+)+, f-Combustion/electrical efficiency wave emitting ability to another matter,

●iii-Others; α-“Haunted site” or Psychometry imprint, β-Imprint effect can be pre-conditioned/amplified by *Schumann resonance in background(+-7.8hz as base freq., ELF- Extremely Low Frequency EM wave:),(Montagnier, G Vitiello+), Also it triggers “free energy extraction”(B Bass, N Wootan+), NOTE: * is quasi Standing Wave resonance in a Massive Cavity/waveguide covering entire Earth surface upto Ionosphere 80km+ above: Considering what small cavity does to rocket(p95,96) etc, It should have large influence on earth & habitats, & It is to be influenced by planets in solar system: -->> continue 183 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


->>cont. Torsion field wave quality: 7 Copy & iowanprint element; ●iii-Others; β-Imprint effect & Schumann resonance:

This is Russian mainstream level idea, also western military/science discussed but media usually ridicules: optional or covert capability of below i & particularly ii :

i -Schumann Resonance Control as huge geo-engineering switch (Eastlund, Bil Hayes+), by EM ELF wave amplified from ionosphere working as “long wire antenna” by projecting ELF modulated UHF-EHF pulse wave to it from ground (Streltsov, V Sorokin+) etc, at SURA, EISCAT, SPEAR, CRIRP, SuperDARN, GWEN, HIPAS, NERC MST, NEXRAD, JORN, SBX-1, upgraded new HAARP etc, or unknown compact facilities/radar stations/ships/radio transmitters/unused 15km+ long power lines: usually need freq. etc adjustments from regular use. Augmentable by electroconductive aerosol spray, or satellite reflector. Other methods: High altitude nuclear EMP, Wave coupling, EM acoustic wave [Scalar], Laser +), 184 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


->>cont. Torsion field wave quality: 7 Copy & iowanprint element; ●iiiOthers; β-Imprint & Schumann resonance:、 ii -Directly enhance/alter brain & bio-functioning of animals/human, Strong phase coherence with cerebral activities at 3-30hz range(Koenig, Sidrov, Persinger, Robescu, GJF MacDonald, R McCraty +/ also NASA+), hence “people-influencing” type option exists. And this option seems to have been exercized by Soviet against West in 1970s/80s(Igo Smirnov, Puharich+) 、 Also not Torsion but similar brain insert operated various functions are claimed, Some are partially mainstream approved: ■Brain wave based mind reading or via computer only communication/computer brain interface(Tos Yamazaki, Kai Miller, Al Cowen+), Personal identification to replace finger print by "brain print"?(Sar Laszlo+) 、 ■Transcranial direct current stimulation(tDCS) use for knowledge uploading to brain(Mat Phillips+), ■Mind-Controlled Prosthetic Arm(Nat Crone+)



■ TERAHERTZ WAVES: Although it is EM wave(transversal), Terahertz(Thz, T-ray)'s effects resemble Torsion wave(longitudinal)'s in many aspects, and sometimes actual distinction might be blurred, interchangeable, or irrelevant.

Thz(0.1 or 0.3 - 3, 10, or 30Thz) has also been called Millimeter wave(mmw)/Extremely High Frequency (EHF):(0.03 or 0.1 - 0.3Thz) prior as established name. Some speculate name fudging-change was used by Western medical group & backers to appeal to the mass "Thz hasn’t been used for medical cure(see below) but only good for medical & industrial scanning”: Usually Thz naming is segregated from Millimeter/EHF,

while Torsion wave is western science denied, conventionally nonmeasurable vector-less wave created by various methods but one way is phase conjugated pair of waves -->>cont: 186 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


-->>cont: ■ TERAHERTZ WAVES:、

Torsion vs Thz SIMILARITY 1: Enhanced Electrical/Combustion/Bio Activity etc: as ignored/pseudoscientized mmw effect(also happens at FIR[Far InfraRed] waves): fringe Japanese research(even with multinational takeover[under "Japan xxx Trust"], Japan’s tradition continues for their mainstream conglomerates to have some relationships with them as technical sub-contractor to develop “pseudo-scientific” products & it is fair scale commercialized but usually only domestically, exception: eg Phiten+). This effect is mainstream approved in Russia/China/South Korea+, 、 A- Wide range of Medical & Bio benefits(as EHF therapy, "Subtle energy" in torsion, etc), Tissue regeneration, DNA & matter altering, Mind related effect anomalous Industrial process at specific mmw frequency(Epov, Devyatkov, Kirichuk, Strelnikova, XW Du, L Jin, Kulipanov,Q Wu, T Sugi, Jul Brooks+) eg Emerson Effect. Western mainstream researches some of it(T Globus, Gelmont+) but publicly declares minimal bio benefit. —>>cont: 187


-->> cont: Torsion vs Thz SIMILARITY 1: Enhanced Electrical/Combustion/ Bio Activity etc:、 B- Low subtle energy which is emitted by all matters, & its high activated state is associated with increased negative ion presence: ●i- To activate electron movement or/& ●ii- To neutralize excess positive ion or oxidation state of matter/water, ●iii- Certain magnetic field generates FIR/THZ wave

C-Non-linear resonance, D-Bio molecule resonance is located in Thz region, i.e. effective bio coherence creator & indicator(Gurel+), E-Astronomical distance H2O, N, C etc detection,

F-Instantly affect H bonds & solutes molecule in H2O(Havenith+), G-Dielectric Relaxation occurs in water with no electric field, H-Similarly, causes Kerr & Franz-Keldysh effects(Novelli+) -“virtual” e-field?,

I-Useful for metamaterial making, J-Quantum hall effect relation(Sarfatti, Shimano+), 188 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


Torsion vs Thz SIMILARITY 2: Idea itself(not processing method) of “imprinting Thz wave” to water or silica type matter for wave re-emission: Similar copy principles are: A- Surveying or scanning takes large energy, but just like catalysis, self oscillation takes no external energy, B- Needs to adjust imprint carrier frequency to matter’s absorbable resonating level C- Spin polarity change, D- Alter lattice structure when resonated by prolonged pulse or incoherent/different wave exposure, E- Oscillation template effect: cause new resonance to other matter(Vollmers, M Tanaka, Shin’ou, Shima+), sort of like science illegal simpler way of Negative Index Metamaterial making, F- Some of wave re-emission effect causes self micro energy/electricity generation,、 Torsion vs Thz DIFFERENCE: "Effect" transferring/imprinting methods, or some effect characteristics- eg: A- Thz doesn't seem to have “solenoid coil around imprint media” , or prolonged resonating laser pulse exposure on lattice structure method like Torsion, B- Some T-ray effect quickly fades, or easily loses by x-ray/microwave irradiation, D- T-ray treated silica melts snow faster than untreated one by FIR/Thz wave emitting, Some products demonstrate every time: Can it be more aptly explained than by Quantum Melting macroscopic effect/"Lindemann ratio gap"?, ie macroscopic example of quantum fluctuation/ZPE,(also p16,17)、 C- Thz wave is blocked by metal: limited imprinting ability, but Torsion wave penetrates all matter, E- Some bio effect of FIR/Thz imprinted device seems much stronger than Torsion imprinted matter, F- Thz can increase insulation factor & reduce water condensation on glass(Muneta+) -->>cont: 189


-->> cont: Torsion vs Thz DIFFERENCE: G- Characteristic Thz imprinting processes: ●i-Use water as medium(K Hatanaka, K Masumoto+) to copy high FIR/Thz emitting mineral/herb to solid matter by: mixing mineral/herb & would-be-wave-emittingdevice-material in same pressurized container with water in it as "recording medium”: •

eg Sub/SuperCritical water type pressured and high temperature situation, simultaneously or immediately followed by exposure to Constant Electric field-EM wave(mostly in UV, Microwave, FIR, Thz, ELF/ULF range or light frequency- or also their short pulse exposure), Distillation & condensation, Accentuated sudden change of conditions, Repetition of process over and over.

●ii-But sometimes mere soaking/coating matter with "oscillating water" under ambient pressure & temperature also seems to do the temporary job,

●iii-Can get same effect by simply coating nano particles of certain Thz/FIR emitting minerals like titan without above imprinting process, done by semi-nano-shot peening to fuse with substrate matter(Y Hirata+), ●iv-Thz methods seem to make matters bioactive more effectively than Torsion: Plastic, Fabric, Rubber, Paint, Feather, Micro crystals, For details see report[Four level of Low Cost..] and look up "Phase Catalyst Water" -->> cont:

190 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


■ TERAHERTZ(vague definition: 0.1 or 0.3 - 3,10, or 30Thz) vs FAR INFRARED(3-30Thz), vs "CHARGED "CARBON, vs ELECTRON EMITTER、 Thz vs FIR SIMILARITY: A-Cross over frequency, B-Partially Science illegal medical & bioactivation effects(substantial enough to replace part of mainstream medical with low cost if publicly endorsed), C-Self micro electric current generation effects(media level pseudoscience),、 Thz vs FIR DIFFERENCE: Imprinting method: FIR(Far InfraRed) wave or its bio-mineral info imprinted Ceramic, Fibre, or Plastic sometimes differ from Thz copying method(, gaiapower jp,, Akatsuka FFC, WorldKlass, Biopower gear+), A-In Thz, Super/SubCritical water treatment is used more often, while in FIR, Mixing & Baking method seemed to be more predominant: Original bacteria or mineral to be imprinted is baked with ceramic at 1000-1300°C, so living organism is supposedly dead, yet its “information”, or FIR oscillation, & generated ion is emitted from copied matter/device for 1-5yrs, or max 20yrs +, B-Thz uses mineral nanoparticle fuse method more frequently than FIR(material is “fused” with substrate, not surface layered coating).

191 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


-->> cont: Thz vs FIR DIFFERENCE: Imprinting method: These overall pseudoscienctized copying methods can be interpreted as semi-permanent partial shifting of normal mode vibrational frequency of one item to another: Involved matters & Torsion-EM waves become "same species" during copying to enable frequency imprinting? Cause bond angle or length to change absorption frequency? i.e. equivalent of Coupled Vibrations effects/Fermi Resonance/Electronic effects, and Supercritical water method causes Hydrogen bonding change?、 Minerals used in imprinting or its "frequency copy": Guerite, Silica, Maifan, Tourmaline, Shungite, Saugin, Tenko-seki, Limonite, Zeolite, Magny+, Also wide range of herbs are used.、     Thz/FIR bioactive/bioenhancing effect itself is actually science approved and only occasional western media labeled pseudoscience:(2.5-30μm FIR range EM wave is linked to most non-metal physical matter resonance frequency & has various unorthodox bio effects upon prolonged irradiation, this is easily testable by using super-mainstream IR spectroscopy to check wave absorption peak of living organism): ->> cont



-->> cont: Thz vs FIR DIFFERENCE: Imprinting method: ■ CARBON/CHAR & COLD PLASMA/ELECTROSTATIC DEVICE: Similar bioenhancing effect is measured and commercialized by mechanics of being exposed to ultrahigh pressured compressed carbon powder: Ohki Techno Carbon Wave(Tak Ohki)+, or Burying specially processed solid hardwood biochar underground or mixed in concrete/building material:(OrgaHexa+), or "negative ion" effect, Microplasma/ Electrostatic projection:(Maruko Denshi 丸子電子, JemSys jp 株式会社ジェム+), Different appearance & effect but Orgonite has same base mechanics(p250)

Also note: ●Japan has “major fringe” level of new age type products by using Thz/ FIR, ●Bioceramic FIR oscillation range is linked to medical use “Rife devices” frequencies(Sh Vissman+), ● FIR devices can be resonating with bio-organism in standing wave form(Tos Komuro+)(p235-244).

■ MISIDENTIFICATION: This presentation might misidentify Thz vs FIR vs Torsion etc product mechanics due to their similar effects, & sellers' evasive mechanics explanation: 、 A) Some devices contain all three capacity processed materials, B) Frequency crossover happens bet. Thz & FIR wave,->> cont

193 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada



C) Last page's high electron absorbing carbon material combined with electrically active minerals(eg Tourmaline), and electron repelling metals or electron projecting devices has same bioactive effects(MetalMega jp+) by causing "perpetual electron movement": This mechanics also links to "orgonite" for weather effects(p250,251) •

D) Photocatalysis also has similar “anomalous versions” (mainstream use but largely confined to Japan): mainly Tungsten Trioxide(WO3) or Titanium Dioxide(TiO2) with FPB(p172) treated, doped-modified etc. There are No-UVrequired(science legal) or even No-light-required(part illegal) "photocatalytic" devices.

Their function area/capability sometimes exceeds each of Thz, FIR, Torsion effects when effects re combined with them(eg Ecoprize jp, Seiwa inc Kogyo, GAINA insulating paint, Platinum Photon, Fujico HardFacing MaSSC, フォトロード工法 Photo+), ➢ Water related: EOS-2000 System, Dry Floor Stick, BioIT Water, Lohnert Snowplus, Aqvadisk. -->>cont

194 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


Other Commercialized TORSION tech eg: ➢ Others: Device IGA-1, MAXiiMUS, Эм пластик/EM Plastic, Shoo!Tag, Lifewave Patch, Generator series Ehmi, Bhado/Bihadou, Chrysalis Energies, TorsionPia, Progress Industrial Systems, TimeWaver, Гамма 7 + ➢ Terahertz: Freshy/SolarSand, Santa Mineral, Spinor Stella, Minimal Catalyst MICA, Yav-1/Явь-1, エコマイル Ecomile Thz, テラヘルツ Q-seal + Some political leaders, pro athletes etc known for above medical tech use

Example of Potent “Magic Cards” mechanics: Muti-layered ferro/ paramagnetic symmetry sheets with bioceramic, herbal, cotton, aluminium, silica, some plants(eg Rudraksha) etc or its vibe, processed by phase conjugated wave for prolonged duration(or EM Thz wave?), to alter atom spin structure to create a monopole magnet like "vacuum gate", or scalar wave emitter?(Dav Wagner?, Tonomura, Koltsov+). More conventional wording to explain is layers of different electrical potential electroconductive & dielectric materials/insulator, would generate micro current/micro EM field/micro FIR wave irradiation for bioenhancement effect(Sat Moteki+), but in some cases this "subtle energy" effect can be allegedly disproportionally large scale: This idea links to "Orgonite" idea with weather effects(p250-251) -->>cont:



ORME: acronym of white powder that is claimed to be "Orbitally Rearranged MonoAtomic Element"(Patent: Dav Hudson) /ORMUS/ WhiteGold Powder/M-State Matter of metal/Monoatomic Gold/Primary Matter/Powder form of gold etc:

Has a string of inconsistent yet very unusual claims. Various indications it was identified prier to 1980s in Soviet Russia, or ancient India, also likely each product seems to be actually significantly different with shared basic qualities of unusual electrical properties. Fairly large number of esoteric type producers in West in connection to pharmaceutical element. 、 It might reveal fundamental nature of officially unknown super low cost physics mechanics: 1-Sustained room temp SuperConductivity, 2-Compact low temp/low energy fission, 3- Compact low temp/low energy Transmutation, 4- Physical conjuring/materialization effect? 5- New state of matter at room temp, 6- Occasional extraordinary heightened biofunction & mental clarity, 7- Potential link to Scalar/Torsion field type effects:

196 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


■1: ORME/ORMUS invention(Dav Hudson): Some std scientific protocol based experiments seem to exists but practically no officially published paper in direct relation(Puthoff?, J Milewski+), claimed to be unidentifiable inert matter by leading universities'/labs' Elemental Analysis by conventional Arc/Spark Optical Emission Spectrometers (burning lasts 15-20sec), or other varied results show mix of silica + calcium, bentonite(in itself has some bioenhancing claims) type or often other elements like precious metals.

Measured by unconventional Soviet method of customized 300sec types & after 70seconds it shows to contain Palladium(Pd), Platinum(Pt), Rhodium(Rh), Ruthenium(Ru), Iridium(Ir), Osmium(Os). Conventionally only identifiable as "errors": inert mater with mass/weight/chemical element seem to change by time/ magnetic field etc at same temperature/pressure. Due to fundamentally different quality it is not even usual well coordinated mainstream debunking target or no clear trace of classified research found etc、 Many ORMUS related claims have few replications even by inventors, but at least unconventional & pseudoscientific low cost methods of producing non-metal like powder from conventional metal is replicated frequently, some by commercial producers though methods are not disclosed 、

197 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


■2: ORMUS Material characteristic claims: i -Rapid matter evaporation effect, or "becomes EM(light frequency) wave or particle" under direct sun light and certain EM wave irradiation(some call it weight/density changing, or even claim “dematerializing”), Also conventional matter in contact with ORMUS also might have levitation effect. There are fundamentally different types of anomalous EM properties found by lab tests (Pat Bailey+), Higher concentration in fresh volcanic ash, salt water, some soil+、 ii-Evaporation might start with levitation effect(ie superconducting?)(D Nance+), or can be "explosive vanishment with flash of light" when dry. Some rapid effects accompany gamma ray emission(Dav Hudson+), low temp fission? 、 iii-White powder, oily form and might be different state of metal(including heavy metal - yet bioenhancing)(Ma Pitkanen+) Product might be mineral mixed in with conventional material(powder of silica, calcium carbonate+)(Bar Carter+),、 iv-Bioactivation effect on plants/animals when ingested(And Noack+), frequently much more than majority of other pseudoscientized effects of 10-20% improvement level(magnetic water, Far Infrared wave irradiation etc), close to likes of Sonic Bloom types(p263). Quantum coherence type effect biologically & electrically: Quasiparticle, Superconductive -->>cont:

198 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


-->>cont: ■2: ORMUS Characteristic claims:、 v-Far more additional mental clarity & enhanced brain wave function to what is accompanied with general bioenhancement (Dav Kane+), Significantly increased rate of lucid dreams, including for those who didn't even remember most dreams prior(Bar Carter+), Rare producers passed clinical tests & professional witnesses (Alphalearning Institute+) (Etherium Gold - Aulterra / Harmonic InnerPrizes)+, also EM scrambling wave neutralizing effects, or affecting DNA favourably(G Rein+), More like a part of spiritual practise to be qualified for ingestion to get positive physical effects(Chr Emmons+), Anomalous bio effects including significant medical cure type tests attribute to ORMUS' unusual EM wave properties(Dra Iliescu+), 、 vi-"5th state of matter", "atomically collapsed state"(J Milewski): regular periodic table elements seems to become largely non reactive(chemically neutral), but reacts to some magnetic field & might transmute into a different matter(K Rohla+). 、-->>cont: 199 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


->>cont: ■2: ORMUS Characteristic claims:、 vii-Significant resemblance to ancient document/culture’s Alchemy/ Chrysopoeia or Philosopher’s Stone idea:

Had long been part of "mainstream science" but clear historical record of occult(R Ingalese+) & secret society involvement(Fra Albertus+), substantial occult connection(Hel Blavatsky+), sometimes officially banned by some gov'ts until 18th century but top physicists/ chemists(Isa Newton, Rob Boyle, Hen Brand+) of the era were significantly engaged(Lau Gardner, D William Hauck+): •

Super longevity of human life, extraordinary mental ability, medical cure(RA Bartlett+), communication - "voice of God", Anomalous type of low temp transmutation not even claimed by fringe modern academics(whole low temp method is pseudoscientized: p256-259): gold <-> white powder etc(EJ Holmyard+). 200 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


->>cont: ■2: ORMUS Characteristic claims: viii-Rare attempt for industrial application by disaggregation of metallic structure into nanoclusters & remove valance electrons/close electron shell structure: "orbital re-arrangement"(same condition is created by mainstream idea of nuclei superdeformation) & induce electron paring: untigravity, overunity energy production by frequency resonance at lab level success(coupling of clusters with "zeropoint field")(Gravity Control Technologies: Vik Rozsnyay+): they claim to be additionally attempting "deliberate matter materialization", and "instant long distance communication". Also similar claim of zeropoint/vacuum field based instant seemless/rivetless 3d materialization method of manufacturing(Ste Greer+), one of Hutchison effects shows resemblance & presumably also subtle electric field based psychic materialization 、 ix-ORMUS ingestion might show exaggerated version of: already mainstream claimed Electron Tunnelling effect's at biological system contribution to bioenhancement(Del Guidice,+), hence biological superconductivity(EH Halpern, MW Ho+). Also powder itself claimed to have tunnelling effect when expelled by certain magnetic field(Bar Carter+),



■3: Mainstream science phenomena with seeming link to ORMUS claims:、 i -Simple observation effects & similarity: ◆a-Superconductivity expels magnetic field(Meissner Effect): Also ORMUS is well known to be expelled by magnetic field, many people claim to have seen tunnelling effects(Bar Carter+), ◆b-Widely accepted that colloidal gold or nanocluster gold has strong photothermal effect(high electron excitation by photon absorption): ORMUS banishing with lights, ◆c,-Nanoparticle/nanocluster Gold being anomalously magnetic might be related to "perpetual current"(Rom Gréget +): perpetual electricity, superconductive? Nanosize metals show various unusual properties but nano gold tends to have more of it & with unknown inconsistencies by conventional measurements(Vla Tuboltsev+), Same trend in bio-medial effect.、 ii-SuperAtoms & Nano/MicroClusters: ✔a-SuperAtom: multi atoms of one or more element(s)(microcluster, nanocluster) with “mono-atomic” characteristic that behaves like completely different element: Catalytic ability, melting point, or particle structure change etc(Kim Yamamoto & Tak Imaoka+), -->>cont: 202


->cont:■3: Conventional science phenomena linked to ORMUS? ii : SuperAtoms: ✔a:

Often depends on specific resonance, nanogeometry, or # of atoms(eg Na, Al[Al13 is most common: Shi Kanna & AW Castleman], Pt[T Herrmannsdörfer, R König+], Au:Gold[H Häkkinen+] +). ie: Regular bulk metal characteristics of crystalline alters significantly at nanocluster. ➢At nanocluster made up of same # of atoms, its particle structure demonstrates muliple solid-to-solid phase changes as temperature gradient shifts etc(RC Benirschke+), one of most stable structures is icosahedrons(at least for gold nanoparticles: Hyunsik Kim+), this also applies to water structure(Mar Chaplin+),、 ✔b-SuperAtom in other words: ➢Strong bonds with closed electronic shells(ie inert) by small # of multiple atoms(usually less than 200) as if they are in a single atom’s electron cloud(nano particles -> nanocluster): "Monoatomic" behavior, ➢“Magic clusters”, ➢Homogeneous character of atom clusters, ➢Nanosize particles of metallic elements, -->>cont: 203


->cont:■3: Conventional science linked to ORMUS? ii : SuperAtoms: ✔b:、 ✔c-In some cases SuperAtoms indicate cooper pair formation(electrons won’t get knocked away from the path: superconductivity) at still mostly less than 150K(-123C), but some cases possibility to be able to raise it to room temp(Kresin & Ovchinnikov+) in future, 、 ✔d-Metallic nanoclusters phase-change into non-metal quality: ➢Surface plasmon resonance disappear(no longer metal?), ➢Subnanocluster demonstrates “overunity” like catalyst/alloying effect (increased % is clearly more than surface area expansion(Yas Shimizu, Hid Yasuda+), ➢Gold becomes catalyst(van Bokhoven+),

iii-Super/Hyperdeformation of Nuclei: Some superdeformed nuclei(particle accelerator generated off-centre collision of two nucleus, doesn’t last long) of more than 2:1 ratio off sphere diameter of atom might demonstrate superconductivity, and higher energy high spin state, can even fission(A Sandulescu, RK Gupta+), quantum tunnelling(S Leoni, Lopez-Martens+): Would superdeformation itself promote electron paring(cooper pair)?, Also occurs at diatomic molecules(Den Bonatos, Daskaloyannis+). -->>cont: 204


-->>cont:■3: Conventional science phenomena linked to ORMUS? iii: 、 Transmutation: This method can be used mainstream-science-legally (via nuclear reactor or particle accelerator) to make Gold from Bismuth, Mercury etc, many other elements are transmuted by this way(lead to gold is still media level pseudoscience), but cost is much higher than mining

ORMUS achieves same particle excitation by unconventional super low cost methods?(Sewell Ward+)

iv-"Disappearing Polymorphs": mainstream approved conventional idea of "exact same" method of manufacturing specific crystalline structure from same material yields different, inconsistent crystallization results, some changes structures after once crystallized(Dunitz & Bernstein+): finally becoming science approved idea. Also confined water can form three kinds of ice phases(phase transition into amorphous, hexagonal, rhombic bilayer ice) at room pressure, depending on the E-field strength: differently from high pressure based crystal(Zhenyu Qian+). -->>cont: 205 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


-->>cont:■3: Conventional science phenomena linked to ORMUS? iv:

ORMUS can be clearly affected by some household level electric appliances if less than 0.1m vicinity, Its researchers often claim geophysical, cosmological or weak EM wave/field related factor or even producing person's personality, mind, can significantly affect final product outcome(D Nance+): Seeming inconsistent phase changes seem to occur even when treated by supposedly exact same conditions/ material,、 v-Cavity resonance of visible light freq EM wave based Room Temperature Bose Einstein Condensate(BEC) produced by trapping polariton(standing wave photon): quasiparticle(single unit behaving group of particles/Bosons)(Aya Das et al), Coupling bet electron–hole pairs & photon field(JD Plumhof, Thi Stöferle+), At 2016 Even room temp Supercurrent(macroscopic quantum condensate) is measured in BEC quasiparticle/Magnon/Quantized spin-wave by heat induced phase gradient wavefunction shift with laser pulse(DA Bozhko et al, semi disputed on interpretation): is it really only heat causing it as mainstream insists or also certain wave form pair of specific EM pulse frequency can affect?、 Many other ways at low temp photon BEC creation (Mar Weitz+): Quantum coherence. Also similar mechanics to Time Dilation Effect 、 206


->cont:■3: Conventional science phenomena linked to ORMUS?、 vi-Super minute second Room Temperature SuperConductivity is already mainstream approved: infrared laser pulse modifies/shifts lattice structure to remove electrical resistance to enable high-temp superconductor(And Cavalleri+), or via "metastable" Metallic Hydrogen which is finally semi mainstream approved(Silvera & Dias)、 vii-Two dimensional superconductivity maintained even at ultra-strong magnetic fields; due to quantum mechanical wave of electrons not cancelled by three dimensional dilution: wave reinforcement is done by restricting electron standing wave layer to one electron thick(And Lebed+), 、 viii-DNA superconductivity(Ali Kasumov, Pjo Garjajev+): Still debunked in West due to Russian connection? But DNA nanowire mix superconductor is officially approved(Ale Bezryadin+), ix-Anti-Matter?

207 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


Some of accumulation/production methods of ORMUS/like material or GOLD from it(also p257): ■A- Magnetic repulsion & vortex form water to trap ORMUS from spring or ocean water(Miracule Water, CherokeeGold+), much less/no yield from processed salt/pure water、 ■B- Chemical process of Metal by H2O2/HCl, or of Sea water by raising pH upto 10.75 with NaOH etc,、 ■C- Continuous heating of certain soil or organic/non organic matter, ■D- Condensing from air/flue gas and subsequently Gold(Дашкова Анастасия Викторовна/Амурский научный центр Дальневосточного отделения Российской академии наук - AV Dashkova/Russian Academy of Science Far Eastern Branch+)、 ■E- ORMUS related Silica/Glass + Microwave based disruptive orders of magnitude lower cost "pseudoscientific" Gold production method(Mar Burger, J Milewski+), some attempted commercialization(Blue Eagle Alchemy+) then quickly retract,(Other "pseudo alchemy": p256-259)

208 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada



-->> cont: Some of accumulation/production methods of ORMUS/like material or GOLD from it:ă&#x20AC; â&#x2013; F- Relation? i-Electrolysis use: đ&#x;&#x201D;šMetal slurry & white powder accompanied with ball lightning by Plasma torch of distilled water with resonance or mobius-figure8 strip(Vachaev, Egorov, Pavlova), Water might become visibly viscous after prolonged mobius strip circulation with extraordinary bioactivation effect(Shi Seike+),ă&#x20AC; đ&#x;&#x201D;šBy DC Electrolyzer: HydroPlasma: Revitalized Biogenic(Vik Inushin),đ&#x;&#x201D;šGANS: GAs in Nano Solid State - most similar to ORMUS in this "F" category, also they emphasize mental "attitude" during production(M Keshe: seems valid but several contradictory & inconsistent claims),ă&#x20AC; đ&#x;&#x201D;šHHO fuel cell white deposits partially not conventionally identifiable?, or Accidental but frequent production of "mysterious white powder" by AC Electrolyzer ( Hid Hayakawa), -->>cont:ă&#x20AC;

209 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


-->> cont: Some of accumulation/production methods of ORMUS/ like material or GOLD from it: ■F- Relation?:

ii-Nano gold: Fairly common mainstream academic/industrial production of colloidal gold or gold nanoparticles seem to demonstrate similar effect as ORMUS/"Monoatomic Gold" on biofunctioning, DNA, & electrical effects,

At current undeveloped stage ORMUS is sometimes recommended to self produce for own consumption since there is no std method to confirm if final product is genuine: ■Generally not possible to strictly differentiate from other matters/minerals/metals in powder form, ■Observing production method is critical identification method as product itself is supposed to change its quality, ■ Unknown mental state and intent of producer when collected(some prominent researchers-producers seriously think mind affects product effectiveness by experience) ■Establishing producers' association

210 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


■ “Free energy” extraction thoughts by inventors & dissident scientists: ● How do new stars get energy for explosion? ● Discounted Planck’s resonance hypothesis, ● Still denied Unruh Effect ● Repeatedly recorded but ignored nuclear explosion test over-unity effects, ● Aharonov-Bohm Effect ignored in electrical engineering, ● 100volt/meter charge dif. at ground, Hand made electrostatic reaches 10,000v ● Sonoluminescence Cavitation-by Casimir force (ZPE)?(Schwinger+), ● “Energy induction”?: Shubnikov–de Haas-van Alphen, Hall Effect(Q-oscillation) ● Atom’s Electron orbitals are standing waves?(Mi Wolff+) ZPE field entrance?+, ● Science legal micro generators(p15-17, p24,26,27), macroscopic Persistent Current generating metals etc, a few of which are even commercialized(p28) ●Officially approved photon extraction specifically from ZPE field(p232), ● Weren't there often more crystal radio/foxhole radio receivers during pre WW2 than with power transmitted? 、 ■ Mainstream skeptics exclusively skeptical only about non-mainstreamers; ● Why believe in groups who only question those who question authority?(Mathis +), ●“Pseudoscience is like jailbroken iphone”: shouldn’t exist & to be admitted, ● Scientists promoted by proving existing idea, not by questioning it from wider view, important to avoid “controversy” which is easily created by large media & backers: 1-Compartmentalized ignorance, 2-Priority on fast profit, grants, career+



LENR is in “Virtual” acceptance of its effects by mainstream scientists: academically not beneficial to deny 3000+ peer reviewed reports. Different hypothetical phenomena names exists: LENR, LANR(Lattice Assisted Nuclear Reaction), CANR(Chemically Assisted Nuclear Reactions), CMNS(Condensed Matter Nuclear Science) etc., Resonance based Widom-Larsen theory seems to be in lead.

• Some scientists focus on trivial effects & unreliability/impracticality as energy source, Conservative groups ignore publicized data & speak as if nothing changed since 1990 (Koonin, Seaborg, Morrison+): quoted/topic ignored by many US-Anglo mainstream NGOs & media(last gate keeper?), but increasingly accepted by Science/non-English lang. media(non western, Europe), Sutble but rare Wikipedia split by language(eg Dutch/German vs English) • “Official” acceptance might come upon agreement on mechanics: how to overcome coulomb force(electrostatic repulsion), Helium transmutation in low temperature etc

212 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


• Wide range of variation/proprietary tech details, particularly with heat generation: Nanoparticle/film coating, Acoustic cavitation/Sonoluminescence(often with notable radiationneutron effects), Gas phase, Glow discharge, EM pulse +

• Known 10+ LENR patents granted in the world -This in itself unrelated to mainstream approval but important when tech is high profile & in major publicized debut state

• Usually ignored but many similarities with inventor energy techs: Endothermic effect(occurs with cold electricity), Faraday's low breaking over-unity hydrogen production(HHO): (T Mizuno+), Commonly observed(if measured) transmutation effects. 213 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


Considerable overall public presence by Italian(largest European power importer) and American nationals, US Navy, but high likelihood of many unknown covert/clandestine/classified related research & deployed application involving corporate, govn't agencies, & military groups.

Active research at major corp(Toyota & Aisin, Vattenfall, ENEA, NASA, National Instruments, ST Microelectronics, Boeing, Nissan, Airbus, Mitsubishi Hvy+), At least participated in some level(Shell, US Navy, Chubu Electric, Saipem, Siemens+)

Mainstream linked research group(SRI, Elforsk-Energiforsk, Continuum Energy Tech, Technova, Kurchatov Ins+), multi billion investing company(Sunrise, Cherokee, Vanterra-TEM, Woodford +), gov’ts(US, Italy, Sweden, Russia, Japan, China, Ukraine+), official recognition by world largest financiers(BlackRock+), unnamed co.: Volvo? ABB? Gates foundation & geopolitically more neutraldiverse Breakthrough Energy Coalition(possibly conservative Western establishment unfavored)?+

214 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


As of June 2016: Commercialized LENR generator is not mainstream endorsed/reported as valid. But applying examples of other fringe inventors' various high efficiency power generators, it is probable that a dozen companies could have been running certain type of projects/prototypes/ covert sales with a hold up for open full commercialization?: 1-15

1- E-Cat: Energy Catalyzer/Leonardo Corp(A Rossi: Italy)& their associates continue: a- to claim/indicate expanding pilot & commercial projects(at least 20-100 or more units sold?), b- Web sites: & Green: Australia)- order taking web pages(mostly mainstream ignored) have been active for a few yrs, marketing to industrial users, Mar 2016 Dispute over nonpayment of contracted funds with close US collaborator Industrial Heat after yrs who suddenly now claims "e-cat doesn't work"

■ Warranty is COP>6 for 20yrs, Conditional sales: Require “routine duediligence process & compliance” by seller set criteria(non disclosure clause tied even to Western intel/military consent?- due to fundamental paradigm changing nature?), But actual efficiency is more like COP>20-50?, -->>cont.

215 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


-->>cont: 1- E-Cat: ■ Industrial Units: i-1MW electricity generator, ii-Heat generator, and ”Current release is gathering useful data to feedback in preparation for the mass production which is planned to start late 2016 to early 2017”, ■ Residential units, Direct Electricity generator(Ecat-X), Mini 100W portable device(QuarkX): pending release, ■ Replication claimed (Ja Cole, Parkhomov+), ■ Targeted by persistent discrediting work of some LENR research insiders,   

2 Brilliant Light Power - Suncell: ex Blacklight Power(Ran Mills, US) insists mechanics is not cold fusion or LENR, claims prototype/commercialization ready since 2008 with no products sold, They have been receiving highly unusual mainstream responses (following ■ a-f) as “pseudoscientific free energy tech”: Compared to several 1000 inventor tech investigated, treatment of this tech shows signs of US (Western) establishment group split. It is possible some kind of preparation took place to allow official “free energy”(with this tech) from late 1990s but stopped:

■ a-Distancing self from “Cold Fusion safe net”, yet Well funded by major mainstream investors (total 80million+) & US grant, seems to have escaped fraud charges/asset freezing/tech classifying/ “accidents”(common for high profile inventor pseudoscientific tech) over 20yrs, -->>continue



-->>cont: 2 Brilliant Light Power: ■ b- Mainstream scientists who debunked their tech became quiet when warned of lawsuit! (R Park, Ph Anderson, Kaku, Pa Grant), ■ c- Top university/industrial academics risking carrier by endorsing(Te Copeland, Ja Push, He Weinberg, A Marchese, Ramanujachary, Ra Booker, R Maas+), Univ academic replicated (PM Jansson: Rowan univ, Ge Kroesen: Eindhoven +), while various major groups across west make strong effort to criticize(NASA, Nobel laureates+),

■ d- US Patent was approved once then withdrawn after, ■ e- Top industry people participating, Sales pre-agreement with large industrial customers, ■ f- Trace of significant Wiki “editing war” with over 3000 changes at company wiki entry: “pseudoscience debunkers” are well funded/manned and has extremely strong clout in wiki & usually wins easily(fringe editor often banned with no clear reason), but in “blacklight power” entry inventor side also seems to have clout or can afford to have many editors banned, -->>continue

217 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


—>>Cont: 2 Brilliant Light(ex Blacklight Power): Mechanics explained clearly as a part of comprehensive new classical quantum physics theory: similar invention assertion/theory made by others(de Geus, R Carroll, Ma Goldes+) ■ Atomic hydrogen reacts to various catalyst and reduced to lower than grounded state of energy(less than zeropoint energy state) called “Hydrino”, as hydrogen electron orbit shrinks. This reduced energy state allows energy release: Heat, Photon(light). This is one of their fully pseudoscientized claims but 2016's mainstream confirmation of Time Crystal(Nor Yao+) backs it up partially for "perpetual" movement at ground state(but no energy recovered) ■ Combination of many catalysts, Some of disclosed ones: Potassium, LiH, NaH etc

3 Brillouin(Godes: US), claims prototype stage with simpler mechanics & precision temperature control, Major lab link(Los Alamos, SRI): Licensed in South Korea/Canada, 4 Phonon Energy(merged with Greek-Canadian Defkalion?)(US), Little publicity, Aerospace target? Ecat mechanics? 5 Nanortech-Jet(Swartz: US), successive consistent “overunity” production well over 10yrs -->>cont:



6 Toyota-Aisin-Technova(Japan & multiple European locations), 7 Mitsubishi Heavy Industries(Iwamura+: Japan), Transmutation/ nuclear remediation focus? Surrogating research for other major Japanese corporates?

8 NASA(Bushnell, J Zawodny+ : US, Space), 9 US Navy-SPAWAR,(Mosier-Boss+): "Nano Nuclear Reaction", Link to several univ., Purchased Ecat units?, Officially terminated research, Multiple division research could continue in classified manner/ compartmentalization. Not necessarily for energy use?

10 Energetics Technologies(Israel-US), no recent LENR info after moved to US 11 Kresenn(Ovidi, Celani: UK-Italy) 12 NICHENERGY(Piantelli: Italy) Stated commercial ready in 2013, 13 ST Microelectronics(Mastromatteo+: France-Italy) little public info, 219


14 Purratio-AquaFlame(R Reichmann: Germany), low key but some western patent granted, also indicated commercial ready, 15 Clean Energy Technologies Inc(JA Patterson: US), replicated by academics: G Miley(Lennuco), D Cravens, Q Bowles, little publicity/action after inventor died,

➢ Other organizations generally not expected to have prototype/pilot projects or not even thought to be in LENR business, but never know… 1-Etiam(Soininen: Finland), 2-TSEM(La Gatta: Italy), hosted recent LENR conference, accompanied Bill Gates to ENEA lab visit, US Navy link,、 3-Lennuco(G Miley: US), 4-Thunder Fusion(Rug Santilli- mainstream scientist(twice nobel nomiee) yet highly knowledged in various “pseudoscientized” invention effect industrial application, energy tech & overall physics-chemistry: US): Magnegas, Remediation, Concave lens telescope to detect Antimatter or “Invisible Terrestrial Entities” of first kind, & second kind(possible some relation to “Rods” or “Space critters?: J Escamilla, T Jonestroem, TJ Constable, J Bro Wilkie+) etc, 5-CIAE(China)+ —>>cont:



➢ Mostly ignored low budget or “garage inventor” treated types, often use different mechanics, eg: “real pseudoscience” HHO gas etc, & claim to repeat outrageous side effects, 6-Proton21(Sta Adamenko: Ukraine), Extensive professional documentation & theory, 7-Many Hydrodynamic Cavitation companies claimed & commercialized, openly marketed in ex-soviet as overunity devices(p91-94), 8-Bingofuel(JL Naudin: France), 9-Leopoldo Pirelli High School(U Abundo: Italy), 10-H-cat(Ju Church: US), 11-Деметра-Гея (Trenchev-Borisov: Bulgaria, commercialized then retracted), 12-Bolotov-Mordkovitch (Ukraine), 13-Ecowatts (C Eccles: UK), several univ. academic endorsed, went underground?, etc

● What happened to various groups with LENR related tech with well witnessed results and disappeared?(eg Hyunik Yang & Koldomasov: PiezoElectric based) ● Why isn’t there much mainstream high profile research as of 2016 in Germany, UK, Canada, Brazil, Israel, India, US Marine/Army/Airforce, DARPA, Russia/China military etc?, ● Also some researchers link LENR to small scale pure nuclear fusion(without fission) bomb for high altitude/war/underground/ magnetosphere-ionosphere-geo engineering/space use(Del Guidice+)



Key is to broadcast success at major industrial name /government client sites, yet there are signs for deemphasizing this in order to smoothen gradual economic transition?

Although in micro scale, there are already small commercializations of “free energy” tech available. None of those commercialized products are FULLY MAINSTREAM EMBRACED as of June 2016, Mainstream still debunk even marginal 5-15% level residential energy bill saving(only Actual Power is charged: i.e. implies slight "overunity" effect) or low cost actually science legal Far InfraRed wave based Power Factor Correction or(p170-4) Magnetic/FIR fuel treatment. But this might be natural considering it took 100yrs for electric car, 40yrs for thorium power generation to just return. Hydrogen car hasn’t even really come back for almost 100yrs.

Projected 20yrs to replace large majority of higher cost(hydrocarbon or green) electricity generation system after first full open “free energy” marketing, while other uses & industrial process could remain in various forms

This can trigger large realignment of business, financial, Geo political structure world wide, Losers vs Gainers?

222 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


Oil, N-gas, Coal related; Infra, Storage, Transport, Chemical process(eg “free” electrolysis of water & cryogenic air for nitrogen to make Nitrogen fertilizer/Ammonia, Chemical separation “by freely compressed air” operated Vortex tube) : Need to lower cost, develop new industrial process & product, end-use R&D(eg mix with HHO, use Super Critical water for refining/liquifying, Use shallow CoalBed Methane or Gas Hydrate etc)

Conventional Green Energy : Need unused fundamentally different/modified concepts - mechanics, Specific niche for: Time-Location-Positioning-Raw material-Non EM enviroment needs etc, Once failed tech or pseudoscientized tech should be revisited, examples: -->>cont:

223 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


-->>cont: Conventional Green Energy: 、 ■ WIND(need more than just large aeroelastic blades/direct drive generators. If invested sufficiently, technically easy for majors to develop new techs), eg: WhalePower(F Fish), Riblet film tech, HoneywellWindtronics(Im Mahawili), D Selsam, Large maglev rotor - VAWT, Extreme weather: Icewind(Asgeirsson), Contra-rotating turbines(Counter inertia & mutual recovery of turbine wind), Sweep Twist Adoptive Rotor, Hydrostatic Wind turbine, Sway Turbine(Ey Borgen), Regenerative braking(Ena Yelkapan+), etc, see also p37-40 、 ■ SOLAR: Schabflander’s Ga+Al type solar cell hydrogen electrolysis combine, Use of High performance ThermoElectric device for solar heat conversion etc, see also p67-71 、 ■ Biomass & WtE- eg: Full use of Sub/SuperCritical water for liquefaction & gasification, Cold or Steam Plasma, Hot Plasma gasification with MHD power recovery etc 224 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


Larger more important ramification of related vested interests: Investment funds, Collaterals, CDS, Tax revenue, Science-Media credibility, Peer Review “science exclusion system”, Enviro-Energy NGOs & Research funding、 ■ Industries: Environment, Carbon, Gov’t infra, Big Energy Storage-Transmission. Precious metal would be made cheaply by science legal heat/collider based transmutation with "unlimited free energy". Construction & Civil Engineering can use unlimited energy based Electro Remediation, Electro Osmosis-migration based Geosynthetics to obviate digging/chemical industry services ■ Future business opportunities; no lack in water availability/food production etc: “Limited supply” price fluctuation derivatives/shorting profit & financial weapon Financial-Intel-Military-Industrial alliance leverage: Oil reserve currency => international trading & finance currency, Energy & carbon derivatives, Less wars & debt; Spiral loss of resource stock asset & world economy influence tool、 All industry loosely Interlocked Western geo-econo-political-media-NGO-super wealthy alliance aiming for limited resource paradigm based technological world population control(eugenics, technocracy, CO2 exclusive climate change etc) by mutual financial injections, benefits, & various interventions, Above high wage jobs & stakeholders 225


■ Countries: Import oil/gas dependent, Non 1st tier member of world banking system, IMF/WB debt ridden, ■ Fresh water shortage regions: easy low cost water by “unlimited” desalination(electrodialysis, distillation etc), Atmospheric water generator(dry weather working type: eg AirwaterGreen), ElectroScavenging effect based Rain generation: eg Meteo Systems, Unlimited deep digging for unlimited water eg Primary water institute(note these commercialized effects are duly pseudoscientized) ■ Smaller unit communities, remote location, “independent & unaffiliated” private & public companies, Farming ■ Hydro-carbon material based manufacturing other than fuel refining, Transportation: Tourism, Mining, Commodities, Trading ■ Both slants in energy intensive process industries can benefit lower cost: Coal-Gas-Oil : BF Steel, Cement-Lime, Petrochemical, Glass, Food, Clay+ Electricity : DRI-EAF Steel, Aluminium, Chemical, Textile, Industrial gas+ Both heavy : Pulp-Paper, Fertilizer, Mining ■ Fuel Cell if incorporates HHO(PEFC test results), Small Energy Storage

Financial group? Media orchestrated energy stocks shorting?



Disruptive tech co-existence tech model α&β: commercial product/company eg; ■ Energy Related: Marginal saving magnetized fuel(Algae-X, Arionic+) - Torsion/FIR(BE Fuel Saver, Ökodrive PowerPlus, Superzoil+) & Air flow control(Plasma Stream), High saving Power Factor Correction(Gesper Systems, Schlautech Ecosmart, Pacs Energy+)、 ■”0 light Photocatalyst”: Fuji Kihan Titan,Titanystar, Selfeel, Hitachi platinum fridge+ ■ NonCloud Seeding Climate Engineering: i-Hail Cannon(Eggers, Inopower+), ii-Pulsed Infrared-EM wave, & ionizing(Meteo Systems, Toyer Rainmaker+), added use of Satellite(Aquiess), iii-Orgone/Scalar types can be extremely powerful(p250 -1A),(eg Etheric Rain Engineering+), ■ Water: Magnetic(Polarint no, Mediagon +), Electric Pulse(Planet Horizons+), Torsion(AquaKat+), Catalytic metal alloy(Agra Tron, Aquabion +), with Resonating spiral(νG7 - NewG7+), Vortex (Watreco, Grander Water+), Mineral bioceramic(Dileka, Saiseiko+), Laundry(pureWash, Xeros Wash+), Hot water herbicide (Cardley Wave, Weedingtech+), Aeration(, Sub/Supercritical water toxin disposal(General Atomics, SCFI+), Desalination (SonCav, Vorsana+), Ozone (EOI SB100+), UV(steriPEN+), Rankine Vortex fast cooling(SpinChill, V-Tex Enviro-cool)、 ■ Agri: Biowash(Hesser+), Sonic Bloom, EM(Higa), Mebiol, TreeTPee, Groasis, Tal-Ya ■ Oil-Gas Industrial Process: Electric(MPK-VNP Techprom+), Magnetic(RFG Petro, ScaleX MFC+), Torsion(Enercat, Wellan2000+), Plasma Resonance(EcoTech EOR+), ■ Others: Alloplant, AmosilQ, Grancrete, Nevoton, IncreWeld, Graphenano, Consumer useable compact Near Infrared Spectrometer(SCiO, ASD+), Hypnosis etc



Very small # but steadily growing users of inventor tech (p110-138), esp. for “part free energy” on-board HHO, emulsified water, FIR/Magnet fuel treating devices(Far exceed 0.01% market share in some nations eg China, Bulgaria+), Ion & Cavitation heater, yet other “full free energy” techs are mostly in low practicality as raw tech phase prototype:、 ■ No standardized review, association, No full Western mainstream endorsed open commercialization, inventors isolated, tend to believe to be “first” in world when numerous similar claims in past, mostly small power < 30KWh: Foster ground for deception, ■ Often Sole inventor is a sales rep & tech server, might have “out of box” communication manner, business style, beliefs(S Allan) ■ No local support due to non-“public consumer physics” nature ■ Some of confirmed working techs are still not replicatable by 3rd party ■ Cases of stock traded co/public institution prosecuted by use of “pseudo science”

■ But experienced buyer concern of “science contested energy” is now similar to already commercialized “free energy techs”(p110-138), indicated in Baldface Navy), 、 ➢ Previous focus was to differentiate 1-Fraud, 2-Works occasionally, vs 3-Works Normally ➢ Now: to tell gap in Performance, Price & Reliability between inventions: i.e. heat & vibration durability, reliable service, operation instruction & warranty works, ➢ Companies conduct low-cost unofficial pilot projects on $ back guarantee basis



Would it lead to inventor tech academic review?: Inventors had long been isolated & self taught in development, but are finally starting to turn to information exchange, open sourcing, mechanics disclosure & tips

1-Ambient power inducer(eg: Kapanadze, Lindemann, Aar Murakami +) 2-Magnetic motor back EMF(Keppe, Hamel, Ainslie, Bedini, Stovbunenko+ 3-Rapid HHO-Brown-H2 gas production(H-Cat, GEET, Ară Gabriel-Neculai+) 4-LENR(RWGresearch+), 5-Hydrodynamic Cavitation(PP Fominskiy+), 6-Pyramid(Trawoeger+) ■ Web(free-energy-info, Rexresearch, Panacea-Bocaf, Peswiki, Energetic Forum, American AntiGravity+) ■ LENR cold fusion related updates(lenr-coldfusion, cold fusion times +) ■ Often fragmented, unprofessional looking/style presentations

✔ Some inventor tech seem to be backed by mid-sized corporate/3rd world gov’t, installed at pilot projects, military tests+;(e.g. Hidro?, Rosch+) ✔ LENR acceptance can cause it to surface as official production of multiple “free energy” mechanics & it can suddenly become “norm”? 229 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada



Mainstream tech: Cavitation progress(Nanospire +)& LENR link, ICFusion experimental success 2013(more energy produced than consumed to initiate), new low cost Magnetized Target Fusion(also option for anomalous rotating plasma effect generation)

Inventor tech(p110-138): Top 3(Ambient electricity, Counter EMF, HHO) most un-regulatable & disruptive, portable, lowest cost, Or Back EMF reduction tech to legalize first but not more disruptive harvesting tech. Also HHO, Aneutronic Fusion, & Plasma in noble gas can be looked first with closer link to LENR, 50%+ Water emulsification for obvious ease, Would Russian-Ukranian type commercialized over-unity cavitation device be accepted?

Would this relax the aversion of funding mainstream science approved solid state device into full high profile national level media endorsed research? : ThermoPhotoVoltaic/ ThermoElectric/ThermIonic/PyroElectric/TriboElectric, Metamaterial based or Cantilever oscillation ambient electricity harvester, Water random ionic movement harvester, All EM & acoustic wave converting Rectenna, & other nanogenerators (p9-27)

Would this promote zeropoint energy extraction(Jovion corp+)? - Energy flux in vacuum at Zeropoint(0K, -273°C, 0 electrical charge) is science consensus, But tapping energy is still minority theory despite numerous repeated demonstrations even by mainstream(p232), (Piestrup, Turtur, Fed Capasso, Haisch, Rueda, Clarke, Yilmaz, Puthoff, Pinto, Moddel, Da Cole +), Regardless at this rate, many mainstream methods across the board would continue to get closer to free energy status anyways from solar, wind, hydrogen production etc? -->>cont



Inventor tech(p110-138) seems to be more linked to ZPE extraction, & as “Dissent idea”■: ■ Gravity, inertia, mass is EM like vibration effect of Self Organizable(spin) wave energy in vacuum field; where basis of matter, information exist(C Swanson, Schempp, Jahn, Bohm, Baud, Lazlo, Wheeler, G Rein+), physical reality is based on information(A Zeilinger+), 、 ■ Looks overunity, only if ignore vacuum-ambient-static energy, Can be tapped: EM energy-dipole is asymmetrical between pos-neg in weak interaction; it is Not Always Random, Flow in a direction without any input (Haken, Lee&Yang, Pregogine, D Solomon +),(various inertia drives p127). Also long accepted CP violation(violate Charge Conjugation & Parity/symmetry invariance) & currently finally in process of being acceptance *Time Reversal Asymmetry(confirmed by BaBar-Belle-CERN in B Meson system) can be tricked to produce "free energy"(photon interaction/optical isolator, heat ingredient dif), rather than "to prove 2nd law"? *Note Arrow of Time reversal topic is still resisted or fudged/avoided, as otherwise "energy overunity"/negative entropy becomes official、 ■ Torsion/Scalar connection to vacuum; shown by repeated effects(p153-185) ■ Terahertz wave produced by same Ultrashort pulse like “ambient free energy”(p110-113) ■ Russian academics extract plasma discharge from vacuum but ignored (Chernetzki, Frolov+), ■ Even Western mainstream voltage flucuation from vacuum since 1980 is still ignored(Rog Koch+), -- cont—>> 231


ZPE linked inventor tech(p110-138): now ■“Dissent idea” is joined by Increasing number of mainstream groups' approved idea(science media reports as "real"): ■

■ Western Science approved Photon observation in vacuum(Nori+), Its extraction success from vacuum(Delsing, Lähteenmäki+), It was sampled by EM field vacuum fluctuations(Riek+), also similar effects at p16,17. ■ Antigravity effect by Repulsive Casimir Force(vacuum/ZPE energy) at nano level:(Intravaia+), At least MEMS(Microelectromechanical systems) should be able to run by Casimir force(Bordag, Mohideen, R Forward, A Gusso+), ■ Casimir force can be controlled by a charge(Klimchitskaya, Mohideen+) ■ Resonance frequency EM pulse can cause superluminal travel(Lijun Wang, R Gauthier+), ■ COP>2 Thermoelectrically pumped Light-Emitting Diode(Par Santhanam+), ■ Direct sample of Electric field Vacuum fluctuations(Alf Leitenstorfer et al)

Inventor tech often links to Scalar/Spin-Torsion wave/resonance effects at its energy trigger, or take far less energy to do matter’s state changing/new creation/ stabilizing, compared to conventional methods(Shironosov, Blekhman, Filatov, Poincare+) --cont—>> 232 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


✔ Hence inventor tech official approval is more disruptive than LENR for academics, but practical physical effects are far more so for Western business/ economy & large corporate infra: Inventors can “adjust frequency“ to other beneficial effects in personal/micro use: •

Wil Reich: Weather & Psychology, Searl/Tomion: Gravity, Kanzius: Medical, Gariaev: DNA, Schauberger: Water, Pa Flanagan: Geometry, P Callahan: Farming, Ebner: Gene expression change, Boyce: Radiation +

✔ Inventor tech acceptance could cause their related low-cost effects to be also officially investigated on tenured level academics widely, and..

✔ This might ultimately lead to Western mainstream acceptance of paradigm shifting resonance effect(Create nonlinear physical & biological systems, Can confine matter in nonuniform EM field with no external feedback: Laverov+, . Or ●Scalar/●Torsion wave idea; unlimited Energy Inducer & Info Carrier/ Holder without physicality at quantum level: Energy might be “appearing” as matter = oscillation, haze, potential, or blinking in & out of existence)

233 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


●Scalar; Its phase conjugation is “0energy”, like vacuum & sets up for “every point” to reflect a whole just like in optics; i.e. hologram, Vacuum energy extraction, Gravity, DNA link, Negative Index Metamaterial uses resonance frequency for negative resistance/permittivity/left handed wave+,

●Torsion; Matter can carry information OF other matters; Chemistry effect without matter, “Homeopathy of all things” idea, Effect by unique resonance frequency( & spin resonance etc) of specific matter in its absence- Mostly unknown due to extensive debunking or ignoring by mainstream eg: Less rapid effect yet much lower cost & overall significantly more effective(for chronic disease than mainstream medical) resonance dependent Homeopathy("resonance based vaccine"+) when advanced version is applied(Bil Gray, Geo Vithoulkas+): sometimes their focus on mental state can be considered as part of resonance state, while relatively significant results were claimed by other types of mental state "resonance" focus therapies(German New Medicine[Hamer], Flower method[Ed Bach], Orgone energy[W Reich] +). More often mainstream accepted and highlighted versions are known to be less effective types, while certain establishment groups publicly admit "subtle resonance" method(European Royalties+). Yet it is notable generally top performing non-mainstream medical methods are under strong pressure to under-claim their actual cure effect in west.

Other effects includes Empower organism, Cloaking effect, Transmute mass, Practical magnetic monopole +



1-7 Low cost-Capex-Opex/effective/unexclusive resonance related technologies & situations, tend to greatly compromise existing business structure 1-Resonance/Amplitude modulated freq. Medical(Gurvich, Gordon, Tesla, W Pawluk, Lassek, R Ziesenis,Matsuura, SR Michael, Kavouras, Morton, Burr, A Abrams, Keymer, G Lakhovsky, Fr Morell, Kaali & Lyman+), Use can be related to acupuncture points,


of mainstream exclusively believing mass & debunking activities both are seemingly caused/lobbied mainly by AMA type mainstream medical group & their investors but there are two fundamental key factors in resonance based medical: •A:

Resonance to vitalize/rebuild living person’s coherence of healthy body cells & human assisting bacteria/virus, which share similar natural frequencies: wave does not need to be strong, B: Resonance to destroy incoherent unhealthy cells(eg cancer) & harmful bacteria/virus to living person: strength might range weak to strong, Depends on carrier wave effectiveness to body tissue hidden sections? Also "beneficial" or "harmful" effect has individual variation, not uniform effect by virus/bacteria、 235 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


1-Resonance Medical Rife tech: ■ eg: Mainstream Top US medical institutions’ doctors & some delegates attended a banquet dedicated to "End of all diseases” by R Raymond Rife in 1931, after experimental highly scrutinized mainstream test on 16 human subjects 100% cure success in 3months of terminal stage Cancer/Tuberculosis, preceded by many empirical events(mainstream reported: LA Times, Popular Science, Science Magazine, Journal of Franklin Institute +), & numerous rat tests success prior and device used in various clinic showed about 90% cancer cure rate(RT Hamer, Ja Couche+),


research was well funded & participated by part of mainstream group(Mil Johnson, Ar Kendall, P Macomber, RW Moss, EC Rosenow, Wil Coolidge, H Timken, Al Foord, AC Bridges +) —>> cont

236 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


1-Resonance Medical Rife tech: After positive mainstream news, extremely well funded AMA(American Med Association: backed by large investors & industrial groups, commercial bankers seemed to have taken control during 1920-40s) first tried to purchase patent or take over the company but failed, then followed up with threats/bribes(Mor Fishbein[Ben Cullen, Be Comparet+]+)and media led debunking, also Rife’s colleagues clearly started to sabotage operation & product quality(P Hoyland+ linked to AMA),


10yrs mysteriously most prominent med researchers & doctors denied they ever knew Rife(this was a AMA std strategy for all allopathic competitors: particularly against more effective and lower cost techs)(J Heinerman, Ausubel, Gar Null+), Basically same trend emerges in rest of West after WWII, This pattern quite resembles in advanced successful lower cost energy company situation . - ->> cont

237 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


1-Resonance Medical Rife tech: After positive mainstream news, extremely well funded AMA(American Med Association: backed by large investors & industrial groups, commercial bankers seemed to have taken control during 1920-40s) first tried to purchase patent or take over the company but failed, then followed up with threats/bribes(Mor Fishbein[Ben Cullen, Be Comparet+]+)and media led debunking, also Rife’s colleagues clearly started to sabotage operation & product quality(P Hoyland+ linked to AMA),


10yrs mysteriously most prominent med researchers & doctors denied they ever knew Rife(this was a AMA std strategy for all allopathic competitors: particularly against more effective and lower cost techs)(J Heinerman, Ausubel, Gar Null+), Basically same trend emerges in rest of West after WWII, This pattern quite resembles in advanced successful lower cost energy company situation . - ->> cont 238


1-Resonance Medical: Rife tech: Operation method: A- Set Low Frequencies wave to kill specific cell/virus, then amplify & B- Transmit them inter-resonatingly on tissue penetrating Acoustic or High Radio Frequency Carrier Wave


eg1: If amplitude/frequency mode matches, transmitted square wave& receiver virus oscillate together in locked in phase(entrainment) to de-vitalize/destroy it, due to their much weaker outer wall compared to body cells’(acoustic effect in addition to electroporation) eg2: Shared group resonance frequency of bioenhancing virus/bacteria & animal cells -vs- freq of unwanted virus significantly differs hence only harmful virus die at similar oscillation


All virus related disease, including at least majority of cancer shows effect by solely this method(eg: RR Rife produced & removed cancer freely in mice by using virus, Also witness on US military/intel possess cancer virus as bioweaspon since 1960s[JM Baker, Ed Haslam +]), —->> cont 239


1-Resonance Medical: Rife tech: Operation method:Effect eg:


Certain square/sine/sawtooth wave oscillation resonance seems to create bioenhancing effect more than same frequency of other wave forms. Is it done by augmenting membrane potentialcharge or opening ion channels in cells for them to “breathe better”(Mic Davis+), or cell membrane permeability increase?, eg5: EM oscillation charges up transmembrane potential voltage(high cellular pH), or increases ion permeability(PT Pappas +) for vitalization: electroporation stimulates body cells, while killing virus by breaking their thinner cell walls


effects themselves seem consistent, but actual mechanism or resonance amplitude requirement explained by many seem to apply only in certain situations and sometimes contradictory —->> cont




1-Resonance Medical: It is not generally known but often in West, purpose intended Resonance medical product advertising is prohibited(stating intended device use, displaying user manual, testimonial quoting, effect validation lab test result, being publicly endorsed by others, particularly for mainstream profitable disease remedy, even verbally mentioned word “cure” sometimes was recorded and targeted for raid/ seizure): hence this creates following favorable situation for mainstream medical: First timer web site visitor without strong knowledge reads unclear evasive explanation with statement “research & experiment purpose only[of what?]” and often convinced irrelevant for medical cure purpose


Some effective devices don’t have any advertisement/web and sell only privately/through naturalpaths(eg not necessarily related to Rife tech, but according to mainstream ignored published academic data, naturalpaths often achieve highest cancer cure rate with top performers commonly exceeding 90%[Col Huber+]). -cont—>>


241 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


1-Resonance Medical: mainstream policy results:

While in West doctors are often prohibited from using(instantly lose license) Rife type device hence some use it secretly like “Soviet era banned private printing machine”- or just use for family members & friends at home. eg Rife device, Radionics(p164-167),



based “purpose unclear advertised products“ exist. A few are lab tested or well referenced for wide range of injury & disease/pain alleviation/virus stifling including antibiotic immune germs(Ant Holland+), domestic pet flea removal(but main labs usually only release failure of cancer cure & refuses to release success data): some effects are mainstream approved as”minor effect”(for non chronic disease) -cont—>> 242 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada



1-Resonance Medical: ■1 Basic type device - eg: ParaZapper(Hu Clarke+), Sota Bob Beck microelectro device(Beck & Torlage), Lab experiment tests on Rats to successfully “regrow limbs”(Beck),

Some companies also make much more extensive non-contact & some whole body treatment type Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field(PEMF)/Pulsed Plasma or light device to create Far Field upto 9meter diameter (Rife’s Ray Tube device was Near Field only) - notable medical cure effect difference on terminal stage patients given up by mainstream therapy: eg: Photon Genius (Skilling), Pulsedtech(J Holman), ResonantLight(Don Tunney+), BioCharger(J Girard), BCX Ulra, GB4000(J Garff) + Mopa, Non local radionics combo use device: Spooky2(J White) etc., finally sign of mainstream approval via Western Military connection: ElectRx/DARPA


Non Rife type EM devices: Equally practically 100% cure animal test terminal cancer by Priori: French Govn’t backed in 70s(time reversal phase conjugate wave use - Scalar). Other seemingly less but still much more effective than mainstream method includes TV screen Scalar, EM wave: EHF(Extremely High Frequency), FIR, Terahertz in various wave forms etc -->cont:





1-Resonance Medical: ■3:


almost all are lacking lab type strict protocol experimental results, & many on market seem ineffective outside of narrow range of applications (Nen Sylver, Bar Lynes+), Generally they are unorganized protocol-system as a whole due to mainstream debunking/ban(N Sheely+),、 Large effectiveness difference for similar products(Dav Bourke+): eg for Rife type device: poor carrier wave, limited wave form-range choice or frequency accuracy etc, Many make “we are the only effective device” type of claims, Yet overall best performing devices seem to produce less results than Original Rife device of 70yrs+ ago(New cancer type with unknown frequencies emerged?) Strong medical catalyst derived from Rife idea: eg: BX Protocol(Dew Smith)


Incomplete less developed PEMF versions’ effectiveness discussed in modern medical journals in rare occasion? (Ca Blackman, CF Costa, Ne Filipovic, JW Zimmerman+),



2-Low temperature/low energy nuclear radiation remediation/elimination(ie excluding science legal but unfeasibility-labeled accelerator-driven Subcritical Reactor): unreleased virtual mainstream tech(Mitsubishi, Hitachi, Purdue & Birmingham univ., CERN+ /Frolov, Rus Roy, Kervran, Keller, Resnick, P Brown, Sta Adamenko, H Renner, Barker, Hawkings, Y Brown, Minzhang Lin +/ large # of world wide patent & methods listed - not just resonance:

●Plasma, Bacteria, Ozone, HHO, Nanobubble, Alkalized water, Magnetization, SuperCritical Water, Cold electricity, Torsion field, Laser, Wide range of microbes, Gamma ray/photon bombardment+; ●Local Fukushima gov/evacuee endorsed radiation decontamination pilot success is barred by national & international media-academia-government when technology is directly applicable to nuclear waste elimination/ transmutation(Higa, Takashima, Tazaki, Fukai, C Sano, Haneda, Ueda, PP Fominskiy, Ry Ohmasa, Sugihara,Iwata, H Iijima+/“violate law” of short-term almost indestructible radioactivity by low energy process or in low temp. -->> cont

245 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


-->>cont: 2-Low temperature/low energy nuclear radiation remediation/elimination(● Local Fukushima community endorsed tech barred when too effective & too low cost:、 Yet an expensive exclusive method is officially western mainstream approved in form of acute radiation cure and Japanese govn't is obliged to have contract with this foreign company (Pluristem Therapeutics) whose nation's security company had core involvement in 311 nuclear accident itself(this info is completely avoided by Japanese or world mainstream press)while ignoring all domestic much cheaper or free unexclusive solutions -Would this pattern take precedent in "free energy" approval process also?:

Mainstream ignores/debunks cheap solution while buy expensive exclusive tech as only way available which majority of public exclusively believe(Also see "Harmonious free energy disclosure scenarios" p227-232) -->> cont

246 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


4-Industrial & Environment process; commercially used, ■ “Structured” water: a few in here is science legal: Magnetized(Kronenberg, P Kulish+), Geometry (Ib Karim, P Mols+), Nanobubble (Hir Onari, Ka Chiba+), Vortex, Venturi(Dan Winter+), Electrolyzed(San Shirahata+),

HHO gas infused(Rob Gourley+), Resonance(Aus Darragh, Bru Tainio +), ”Information” treated(Ale Glogg, Pet Pejot+), Ceramic activated (Hyoung-Tag Jeon+): REDUCED: algae, scaling, plant watering, mortality, odour, rust, fertilizer, salt in soil, detergent, INCREASED: bio yield, cement bond, cut fluid lasting+), Electric Pulse/Magnetic Resonance Freezing: defrosted organ transplant, fresh salad(Nor Owada, Tom Godai+), Pulsed De-Icing: Air craft wings, Freeze-rained power lines, Fast ice making(Petrenko+), For unconventional water tech info go to this link[four levels of..] -->> cont

247 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


-->>cont: 4-Industrial & Environment process; commercial use: ■ Resonance, non-water: Ultrasonic/acoustic eg: Chemical Sonolysis, Material cutting- handling-extraction, Kill/locate/enhance/identify specific bio-organismmineral, Nano cleaning, Light metal welding, Dewatering-desalting, Water filter effect, low temperature "drying" at lowest energy cost: commercialized mainstream approved effects, often can enhance existing methods(Peshkovsky, Kaz Matsuura+), All science legal •

Audible Sound eg: Agri yield increase(JC Bose, Pe Weinberger+), some with Effect often far more than 10-20% increase by likes of enhanced fertilizer: Sonic Bloom(D Carlson)(mostly science illegal). EM wave resonance eg; Some electrostatic generator, Tree battery, or Geometric configuration wiring directly used for improved plant growth (Geo Lakhovsky+),(some legal)

Acoustic standing wave utilizing in-the-air matter/water mixer or acoustic noncontact transporter up to 4kg range material in industrial process line(ETH Zurich: Dan Foresti+, Tokyo Inst of Tech: Ken Nakamura+), -->> cont

■ Cold electricity (p110-113): underwater/cold temperature lighting, high cap. computing/data storage with no overheating trouble,

248 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


-->> cont: 4-Industrial & Environment process; ■ Out of light range all EM wave spectrum reactant Catalyst: •

i-Self disinfecting, Static, or Condensation proof: filter-clothes-paint-glass-toilet. ii-Self Cleaning: car-solar panel-wall-floor. iii-Toxin/smog decomposing: pavement-container-tunnel+(Morito, Taoda+), (Science legal)

■ “Phase Transfer Catalyst” water, illegal, “Self EM field generation” or “Thz like wave emitting” water, Rapid chemical processor, Water/Fire proof by drying after "water coating", Cleaner concentrate, Dissolve/coagulate toxin+(Doyuk, SY Lo, K Furusaki+), ■ GDV/Kirlian: illegal: Bio/product quality check during process, Business team relationship or herb effectiveness of specific person - animal emotion & body condition projection reading.

5-Farming process; ■ Earth EM Field Funnelled “Fertilizer” researched & used openly till 1950s(C Allon, Theroux, GW Crile, Saxton-Burr+): Plant Magnetotropism/Electrotropism: strictly science accepted but miraculously "not applicable to" farming crops, ie no research funds given:、 eg A- stabilize ground electricity flow to increase plant-animal growth while reduce pestsgerms-mold; done by buried solid wood charcoal-biochar (hardwood, 800-1200°C process, non-glued), copper plough & wiring(H Yagi, T Uno, Y Tachibana+), can combine with electrostatic generator for significant results(Maruko Denshi,, soil charge polarity balance is the key for plant growth(Back To Your Roots Soil Solutions+), -->> cont 249


-->>cont:5-Farming process; ■ Earth EM Field or Electron projection devices/minerals: eg B- Above "eg A" effect & improved electrical efficiency, lower moisture, material(both organic & inorganic) integrity lasts longer when food storage, electric equipment or food processing operated at location where char is buried underground (Narasaki-inst)(Eij Maruko+), eg C- Magnetic Frost Guard(DeLand) by steel bar, magnets to reduce plant freezing,、 eg D- Plug-in electricity for same effect(D Wechsler, Van Doorne, V Blackman+), Also pests can be selectively fend off while no effect on human preferred animals/bugs(Maruko Denshi, Shoo! Tag+)(debunked by mainstream but non aquatic type of collective Passive Electrolocation/ Electroreception ability seems to exist: certain groups of living things might share common preferred frequency range) and kill undesired mold or plant disease selectively(Hid Toyota+), eg E- Similarly bioenhancing effect by achieving electrically neutral state with “grounding” for potted plants, domestic animals/human(C Ober, Koniver, St Sinatra, Yos Matsuda+),

■ Radionics-Homeopathic agri: non-local resonance use & DNA activation, illegal.

6-Non cloud seeding weather control: Science illegal: Scalar wave (A): Orgone Energy: (Polifka, DeMeo, J Strick, TJ Constable, G Ritschl+). Generates perpetual microcurrent by placing different electro-potential metals wedged by dielectric material (compression adds extra piezoelectric effect): often take forms of quartz or copper solenoid, & involve directional geometry or pipe. Depends on set up, this might generate anomalous long distance projection(1km+ upright) of "subtle" EM field or scalar/torsion field type anomalous "region" with disproportionately large influence: ●Electrofreezing/electroscavenging/ionizing, or ●"Cloud gathering or dispersing domino effect" on surrounding area. 250


-->>cont: 6-Non cloud seeding weather control: (A): Orgone: Also clears out smog, air born chemical & metal spray(Wil Reich, D Croft+): link to bioactivation effect(p193), Discretely commercialized(Orgonise Africa+)、 (B): Ionizing/Heating: Strict science level is it valid but at "surface" level general academic & media level pseudoscience: Various scale projection antenna can be used for focused EM/ Scalar type high power electric field generation triggering more conventional (compared to orgone) electroscavenging effect in high altitude(p227 ■) against various layers of ionosphere, or likely widely sprayed metallic particles & various polymer types(debunked at western media but officials/military is starting to admit) at high altitude +: for details click here [Eco Friendly...] for other report and look up "Precipitation related Weather Modification". 、 Also relevant to consider empirical likelihood(mainstream ignored) of electric based comets/ Electric universe idea that can plausibly extract electricity at super low cost?(Jam McCanney, Imm Velikovsky, Tesla+), while seemingly free energy unextractable less disruptive version is much more highlighted at most alternative media & even some times mainstream(Thornhill+).

7-Geosynthetics & stone-concrete capillary/porous moisture & water flow control: by electric pulse wave, without direct contact to the medium(hence unexplainable by mainstream Electroosmosis/Electro-migration/Electro-kinetiks): “wireless electro-omosis”(Ga Pavledova+): Dinant Vochtbestrijding, Domodry, Ecodry de, Murag Aquamat+, Even no electricity, ambient Scalar wave use: Aquapol, Dry Floor Stick +, 、 8-Electrodeposition/Electroplating metal making: Western science approved: far higher strength & rust resistance metal plate: Modumetal(C Lomasney), Bearing: Mahle GmbH+



9-Anti-gravity: science illegal from 1958ish: often claimed elements with redundancies: a-Counter-rotation, b-Rotating Superconductor(Modanese+)/ Mercury(Ed Fouche+)(6000-50,000rpm+, but contradicts GR: "Gravitomagnetic London Moment"), c-High voltage spinning disc or embedded magnet(O Carr+) d-High voltage Crystal(Kowsky & Frost+), e-Diamagnetism/Dielectric (repulsion), f-Standing wave acoustic(not overunity claim like others), g-Electrostatic (eg cloud up in air, not just thermal effect), h-MHD, i-Electrogravitics(TT Brown+)(& Ion wind, differs from pure EHD-ElectroHydroDynamics), j-Asymmetrical pulse etc,、 k-Motional Electric Field: Rather curious but almost completely mainstream ignored(except in astronomy) often unshieldable Moving Magnetic Field/Flux Cutting/Spatially Motional Electric Field Induction➊(differs from Spatially Fixed Time Variant E-Field Induction➋/Flux Linking, so there are 2 distinctive inductions, actually Faraday Disc demonstrates "type1"[GI Cohn+] & 3 distinctive E-fields including Electrostatic E- field❸, all with fundamentally different characters, but mainstream only acknowledges latter two types[Rong Chen, Par Moon & D Eberle Spencer+]) strongly indicates gravity mechanics: Presumably charged particles of atoms function as magnet to induce Motional Electric Field & hence gravity effect(Hooper, Kyl Klicker+)(with differentials of negative/positive charge) or some kind of "perpetual force" existence. -->>cont: 252


-->> cont: 9-Anti-gravity:

This Motional Electric Field also seems to be generated with no moving parts or inducted even when total magnetic flux is zero(phrase conjugated EM wave equivalent): Its associated magnetic flux moves with the charge, hence Motional Electric Field surrounds the charge even when "it is not moving".

Many top aviation companies tacitly admitted gravity field effect validity till mid 1950s(General Electric, Boeing, Bell Aircraft, Grumman, Hughes, Lear, Lockheed, Douglas, Glenn Martin, Sperry Gyroscope+) (Wil Lear, Law Bell, Ans E Talbert+):

They commented close to light speed travelling by gravity field creating "frictionless boundary layer"(super cavitation equivalent in air) or zig zag movement with no inertia force by local gravity cancellation. -->>cont:



-->>cont: 9-Anti-gravity:、

Canadian gov't run "Project Magnet" was reported then to be on same advanced level despite current debunking. Mainstream papers/mags, & even kids science books openly talked about flying cars by 21century. •

Free energy generation involved in some(eg1: Motional Electric Field is known to generate electricity including when total magnetic flux is zero[i.e. linked to solid state electricity generator], eg2: Extremely high voltage generations can be involved, eg3: Science legal “counter rotating light beams” of Ring Laser Gyroscope-RLG can achieve refractive index overunity[K Inagaki+] etc). Also majority of prior claims can be explained/achieved by somehow rearranging atomic spin-spin alignment/interaction(torsion field)(p153-185) or its EM field effect(repulsion-attraction) of any matter, including surrounding air molecules -->>cont: 254


-->>cont: 9-Anti-gravity: All censored & became pseudoscience by 1959(Uhouse, R Dean, TT Brown, Alek, La Violette[B2: Northrop], N Cook, Roschin, Goodall, CB Jones+), this accompanied even backtracking already established Inertia drive to be pseudoscientized(Ro Cook, BR Thornson+), and main media, NGOs, top academics all dutifully obliged without questions just like modern days, but many strong theoretical or experimental gravity field generation claims obviously exist(Cha Carew, De Aquino, L Bell, Tajmar & de Matos, Cox, Ro Cook, Moore, Dimitriou, Anastasozki, B Sorensen +),

Even Gyroscope has very clear repeatable effects(San Kidd, E Laithwaite+), also anyone can repeatedly test two gyroscope with same spin produces twice angular momentum(AM) & precession, while opposite spin has zero AM and zero precession, Some mainstream western scientists actively involved in on-going classified projects?(Dou Torr, Jos Vargas, Ming Yin, Tim Datta+), some, after daring high profile official remarks on significant weight lifting success , completely disappeared from public(Ning Li+). While countless pilot/military "flying saucer or orb" witness still tends to be ridiculed, ignored, or categorized as "mysterious extraterrestrial craft", and it rarely goes further than that in mechanics investigation at mainstream(p145).

One important distinction can be made for gravity tech by power magnitude difference: While they are all "anomalous" or extreme claims from mainstream perspective, Most claims are barely lifting or lighten weight of just dozen grams-kg range(P Murad, N Rognerud, Ron Kita, Eug Podkletnov+), while a few are claiming ton level of weight with seemingly similar original/ starting power use(Searl, Hollingshead+),-->>cont: 255


-->>cont: 9-Antigravity: Power magnitude dif within Gravity tech: Same magnitude gap is found in "free energy tech" claims: Some are barely making small "overunity" electricity or heat, while others are claimed to be generating large KW of electricity from "nothing". Is this difference due to in relation to "space-time tear" effect?、 At least some of antigravity crafts witnessed worldwide are likely manmade with part-time such capacity: might be amongst known or thought to exist crafts: "TR-3B"? Aurora?, X-33A?, XH-75D? etc- these technical type whistleblowing gets additional severe "inside alternative researchers' debunking"?(Ed Fouche, Mic Wolf+ )

10-”Alchemy”, Low temperature & low energy Transmutation, Nuclear or various inorganic synthesis i.e. use of other means than Nuclear Reactor or Particle Accelerator: Practically undeniable,- more or less limited to Western media backed fringe 1980s mainstream science level pseudoscience. Complete Russian/China mainstream, Still relatively ignored in mainstream West: most researchers know validity but stay quiet to keep the job, but increasingly some in West ignore warning and do experiments(often related to LENR) and openly talk about repeated results: A-D -->>cont: 256


->>cont: 10-”Alchemy”, Low temperature Transmutation, Nuclear or various inorganic synthesis, ■A Precious metal+ at Cavitation(hot temp), HHO-LENR/Cold electricity(low), similar status to directly linked Cold Fusion(Miley, Kushi, François, Jovivitsch, Russell, LeClair, Bazhutov, L Larsen, F Wilkinson, VI Petrik, Iwamura/Mitsubishi, DARPA, Toyota+), Multiples of significantly different methods successfully experimented,:

eg Mercury bet. high voltage iron electrodes creates Silver+(Nagaoka+), also Hg link to superconductivity & antigravity(Majorana+), Acoustic resonance only in water(Ry Ohmasa+), Microwave use(J Milewski), Commercialized Gold production by phonon/EM resonance or microbes(Joe Champion, commercialized & later retracted+), (BT Isotopes /Sakhno & Kurashov): Russians operating out of neutral Switzerland - largely ignored by mainstream(another Russian low cost gold recovery tech also see p208-■D ) , But now mainstream officially approved idea of Carbon can be “transmuted into” magnetic by various means(Ohldag+),

■B Biological transmutation(Kervran, von Herzeele, Baranger, Komaki, Lauwes, Vysotskii, Goldfein, Kornienko, Prout, Vauquelin,Samyolenko, Zundel, Ta Mizuno,+), "No food eating human" lives by transmutation?(H Ratan Manek+) or Non food & no water takers(Prahlad Jani+), How about semi non-breathing human?(Samadhi: Ke Arakawa+),

-i Non magnetic material into magnetic(Gyö Egely+), ridiculed before but now science legal and simply ignored by same people, -ii Gold & other precious metal production(Gardea & Torresdey +), -iii Medical Isotope production(BT Isotopes /Sakhno & Kurashov): claims 5-10times lower costing than conventional reactor/cyclotron made types. There might be a case of usually lot less tech suppressing(compared to West) Russian state(«В/О «Изотоп», «Росатом») to be partially involved in stifling successful commercialization due to direct competition? 257


->>cont: 10-”Alchemy”, Low temp Transmutation, Nuclear or inorganic synthesis,、 ■C Not transmutation, but some are underground bacteria produced hydrocarbon(ie not "fossil fuel"): ●Injecting CO2 in underground Coal veins to generate new Methane faster based on bacteria's oxygen reduction effect(Golding-Rudolph-Esterle+), or modified less disruptive interpretation of "bacteria digests coal to make methane"(Luca, Ciris Energy)

●A few small oil well is confirmed to be bacteria produced and faster regeneration of natural gas/oil well by use of bacteria(Oleomonas sagaranensis) as western mainstream science. Methane production by dozen type of thermophilic archaea & CO2 in underground 50-100°C level temperature & pressure(5MPa, 50 times atmospheric), Pilot project success indication but likely being shelved, also media ignored(Inpex, Chugai Technos+): Simply inject CO2 with designated microorganism in ground(no need for coal seam) and Hydrocarbon is produced if there is no oxygen(Tad Imanaka, Mas Morikawa, Tom Sato, Kaz Fujiwara+), This is official position of AIST Japan: there is science split between Japan(+ other regular "pseudoscientific nations" like China, Russia etc) & rest of western allies' academics, media level pseudoscience. *Incidentally above researches also find hydrogen-producing thermophilic bacteria from left over oil well seem to have marginal effect in Enhanced Oil Recovery(EOR). 258 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada •


->>cont: 10-"Alchemy", Low temp Transmutation etc,、 ■D Hydro carbon mainly as Abiotic oil, bacteria generated or “transmutant”,: ie likely majority is Mantle derived: eg: Measured isotopic depletion/enrichment of carbon/ hydrogen for C1 to C4 N-Alkanes & isotopic ratio shows abiotic very clearly(ie strictly academically speaking only[not economically], it is completely science legal)(Liuping Zhang, Krayushkin,Kutcherov, Simakov, Karpov, Gorvachev, Nefjodov, J Kenny, Porfir’yev, Chekaliuk, Dolenko, Kudryavtsev, Klochko+): 、 ●”Can’t have both ways of no-life-hydrocarbon in Titan(far more than on earth), Jupiter, Saturn, comets, some moons +, yet all oil is biological”, ●Even in mainstream science, some of Gas Hydrates in deep ocean is officially admitted to be abiotic for some yrs(but "trusted Western media" corrects "academic mistakes"),、 ●HIGHLY DISRUPTIVE & RARE EVENT(this could have become equivalent to Pons & Fleischmann Cold Fusion incident of Japanese Abiotic oil version but didn't evolve due to poor mainstream exposure): Western ally nations' high level academic publicized low cost abiotic high quality hydrocarbon(no NOx/SOx, as is useable for cars) 5minuteproduction-method at 1/30 level of high gasoline cost of Japan - semi "free energy".

This announcement news was picked up by 1 of 3 major Japanese media networks and article was instantly removed, also from general public availability of mainstream academic publication lists in Japanese, but later resurfaced in English -->>cont:

259 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


->>cont: 10-Transmutation, ■D Hydro carbon mainly as Abiotic oil or “transmutant”: ●HIGHLY DISRUPTIVE EVENT、 Invention was published as: "An efficient way of producing fuel hydrocarbon from CO2 and activated water"(2015, Imanaka & Takemoto, Ritsumeikan Univ,). Debunkers insist this is simply a hoax done by some 3rd party. But actually mechanics is not particularly unique(except no heat & pressure involved, see next two page for examples), and inventor seems to be still allowed to continue lecturing/presentation on low key basis in Japan though without using media or not even with own web site. •

Entire process is done under atmospheric pressure & room temperature: 1-Nanobubble O2 injection into water, 2-Treat it with UV light standard photocatalytic reaction by TiO2 to "activate water"(unstable state): later CO & H2 produced, 3- Mix this water vigorously with automobile grade hydrocarbon to create micelle/emulsion, 4- Infuse CO2 gas in this emulsion liquid, 5-Hydrocarbon identical to feedstock is recovered in additional 5-10% of original volume consistently, entire process takes 5mins. Next 2pages show eg of similar mechanics but with higher cost process -->>cont:



->>cont. 10 Transmutation ■D Hydrocarbon mainly as Abiotic oil or “transmutant”: ● Less disruptive version is mainstream allowed to discuss/publicize: ■ ■ In situ & lab creation of Methane- Hydrocarbon by iron salts, calcium-magnesium carbonate, water in high pressure heat & various frequency vibration (JY Chen, Goncharov, Kolesnikov, Ancilotto, HP Scott+), ■ or from CO2 + H2O by photocatalysis of TiO2 or Bismuth vanadate BiVO4(Seng S Tan, Piumetti, / Toyota Central R&D+),

■ Power storage of Electrofuel as “Fossil Fuel” Syngas produced also from CO2 + H2O by syntrolysis/mainstream Fischer-Tropsch process/ Sabatier reaction since 1925 /1902, or CO2 reduction to CO by Cu etc(E-Diesel: Audi - Sunfire GmbH) ■ Similar mechanics for methanol as largest commercialized "abiotic fuel" production by use of geothermal power etc, H2O + CO2 from volcano(Volcanol - Carbon Recycling International), -->cont

261 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


->>cont. 10 Transmutation & inorganic synthesis, ■D Abiotic oil or “transmutant”: ● less-disruptive versions:

■ and sort of "common knowledge" at least US Navy(NRL electrolytic cation exchange module "demo") has been using CO2 as feedstock for their submarines, Room temp/pressure Methanol production via photocatalytic reduction of CO2 with water(Mitsui Zosen Plant Engineering+) offering quietly only in Japan and as subsidiary of a large company? Hydrocarbon plastic from CO2 & H2O via methanol(Mitsui Kagaku+): mostly low key internal use only. Solar-wind power(or residual) based water electrolysis & CO2 biocatalytic synthesis(Archaea) to generate Methane(ElectroChaea+) as Power To Gas electricity storage.

But vast majority of large # of commercialization plan is still on hold: In civilian US, UK, Israel and Japan - last of which is geopolitically weak & US controlled in energy, financial & several other issues(eg Japan-U.S. Joint Committee, US Intel linked govn’t-court-police-religious-media group key members; H Segi, K Hatoyama, Uekusa, Mut Mabuchi, H Yabe, Magosaki, Onizuka, Kaz Hamada, Mi Schaller+), similar or higher efficiency tech has been kept being shelved(a few selected examples: Hitachi Zosen, JAXA, SNL-INL, Air Fuel Synth’s, NewCO2Fuels, Doty Energy, Liquid Light, Sandia CR5 Sunshine to Petrol+), -->>cont:

262 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


->>cont. 10 Transmutation & inorganic synthesis, ■D Abiotic oil or “transmutant”: ● less-disruptive versions: 、 Other types, ●Cyanobacteria + sun light based(Helioculture): Joule Sunflow,●New one step CO2+H2O conversion to hydrocarbon at 180°C(F MacDonnell+), ●Cu nanoparticle embedded high texture, Ndoped carbon nanospike film catalyst used electrochemical conversion of CO2+H2O to ethanol at room temp/pressure(Ada Rondinone et al), ●Palladium electrode electrolysis of CO2 infusing water with pyridinium catalyst to produce methanol(Lin Chao): many others exists. But likely this on-hold status will change in few yrs as cellulosic ethanol will be produced world wide?

♛ Transmutation-ORMUS-Vacuum linked?(appear<-> disappeareffect, AntiGravity- Superconductivity effect, also bioenhancing), Electron-charge-cluster?, Electron paring? Super high energy state of atom? Superatom: Acting like Dimensional shift? Torsion field? Monoatomic?(see p196-210)

263 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


LOSERS ■ Pharmaceutical, Hospital, Medical Equipment, Insurance, Chemical Industries, ■ Nuclear waste handling-storage, Large farming corporations, GMO, Conventional fertilizer & herb/insect/fungicide manufacturers, ■ Financial derivatives(crop & resource prices, weather etc: eg: weather & resource price as semi-manmade to become official)、 ■ Other inter-related academia & industry: Chemistry, Biotech, Manufacturing+ ■ Precious metal mining, Donation & public$ of industry NGOs, R&D •

Above indirect & other direct "free energy losers" would spread wide across all industries: hence “super low Capex-Opex energy” tech is clearly unprofitable, risky, and damaging to most large investors or funds which also have substantial participation by regular citizen’s investments or pension funds. So from existing financial & business model, mainstream endorsement of “free energy” appears a self destructing act for most of Western influential affluent or even middle class group -->>cont 264


-->>cont: LOSERS: ■ Classified tech defence & aerospace co. + associates: loss of gov’t contract exclusivity & tech lead from non contractor competitors ■”Black Program” beneficiary & Gov’t-Intel-Military-Prv backers; will be more difficult to continue using some of “parascientific classified" techs without being questioned/prosecuted or it would be widely used for public consumption ■ Related jobs, Businesses, Program stakeholders,、 GAINERS ■ Alternative-natural medicine industry, Emergency injury surgical ■ Nuclear power generation, Manufacturing, Small scale agriculture, Consumers, ■ Independent communities, Low income regions, ■ Countries: Majors- BRICS, Iran, Argentina, Ukraine+/ Small- Serbia, Hungary, Ecuador, Bolivia, Eritrea,Burma,Haiti, Sudan, Nicaragua+: due to geo-econo political lobby element sometimes related to Western and local oligarchs, regardless of current government alliance

With such large risk & high probability loss of assets & influence, what needs to occur to justify such truly disruptive paradigm altering technology to be openly mainstream endorsed? Could man made exclusive CO2 idea one of them?



Mainstream official LENR approval can significantly accelerate related zeropoint type unlimited energy techs. And this in turn would trigger a new mainstream paradigm of unlimited resource based "Open System of Reality", from limitation & exclusivity based profitable “Dead-end, Closed System of Reality”.

But stock traded corporation employee to seek not to maximize profit can be “crime”, and fundamental supply-demand economics is based on limitation assumption,

Hence concurrent release or indication of new information risks destabilizing economy & social order. Plus there seems to be probably powerful anti Open System type networks exist that control classified tech. Given the situation, the direction mainstream group is taking as a whole to lead the world is perhaps a decent one, with balanced compromise amongst power players.

Therefore mainstream LENR downplay while allowing commercialization can be a safe transitional strategy.

266 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


● One of effective social movement can be official discussion of censored technology: need to review Deciders, Criteria, Content of Classified tech(Aftergood, Valone, Tyler, Vaughan, Martens, Schulz, Lee, Marks, Howells, La Violette +): there is very little information available except the fact far beyond 1000 patented tech(energy, medical etc) are prohibited from being disclosed due to "National Security" reason.

■ e.g in 1970s US: target for Secret Order Act when photovoltaics efficiency 20%, engine type 70%, also “High Energy Batteries” “Fuel Conservation” “Pollution Reduction” tech etc is listed, Recent witness on medical & vaccine tech, inventor is not allowed to say if served with an order itself.

Unconditional blanket witness amnesty/protection(eg South African change) is suggested for whistle blowers. 267


THIS REPORTS' AUTHUR ALSO WRITES ENERGY TECHNOLOGY REPORTS which analyses further highly speculative questionable claims & related controversial info including of various tech lobby groups- Cold fusion, Tesla, Torsion field, Scalar "wave", “Free energy”, Zeropoint energy... = Really All Pseudoscience?: 、

ALSO WATER TECHNOLOGY REPORTS - Four Levels of Clean Low Coast Underexplored Water Technologies: 、

268 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada

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