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Four Levels of Clean, Low Cost, Less Known Water Technology for Industrial / Commercial / Agricultural Applications Environmentally Friendly, Economical, Effective Water Cleantech for The Future BEN RUSUISIAK NEW NATURE PARADIGM TECH ANALYSIS ! VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA, UPDATED NOV30, 2016

ABSTRACT: This presentation covers some of low cost, water related commercialized cleantech that is underutilized or not commonly known to exist at all, in areas of 1-Environmental cleaning, 2-HVAC improvement, 3- Energy extraction, 4-Industrial processes, 5-Drinking water generation, 6-Geoengineering, 7-Desalination & wastewater treating, 8-Selective bio-enhancing, rust prevention etc. Some of them are convertible for a use in field of energy, medical, biology, weather modification, material science with similar advantages. 〠One of such effects not fully explainable by chemistry, yet officially utilized by some non-Western ally nations, is prolonged "water structure", or/& active electrical charge holding capacity of ions in water. There are multiple treatment methods that can cause sustained unique capability in plain water for at least 4-5 days and used without added chemical or solutes. e.g. a-As detergent for commercial kitchen, butcher or heavy oil removal, b-Non fouling industrial cutting or washing fluid, c-Hospital operation room, or food industry equipment disinfectant, d-Medical: oxygen/hydrophobic drug delivery, skin disease/infection/organ, & upto conventionally incurable chronic disease. e-Plant/animal growth increase, Enable brackish water feeding, Removing animal residence odor, f-Increase strength of concrete, ice, paper, g-Enhance flavor of pasta, coffee, bakery, h-Low emission fuel making from subgrade incombustible hydrocarbon, i-Display chemical or mineral effect without chemistry present in water. Some exceptionally electrical-active water seems to even function as "phase catalyst" and used as "plain water concentrate" for similar or more robust effects by dilution.〠Such Scientific Status gap in water tech by nations is fairly common and it affects research funding & market share of effective processes. e.g: water treatment by Time variant magnetic field & Rotating/Concentric Electrode, Far InfraRed waves, Hydrodynamic Cavitation, Sub/SuperCritical water, Non Anthraquinone H2O2, Emulsion fuel, Cold fusion, Resonance H2O decomposing, Acoustic Pulsed Fire Dewatering, Electro-Scavenging effect for rain generation & Cosmic Ray based climate change idea. One reason for discrediting is they might co-display scientifically & economically disruptive seeming thermodynamic over-unity & nonlocal phenomena. But low cost effective way to displace chemical based system also have been supported in West: Electrooxidation/coagulation or multiple ways of AOP including Ozone was backed by European groups & they are now supporting Plasma Activated Water, Thermal Hydrolysis, Membrane Distillation, & various Nano Filtration etc. Others are accepted but only for certain use: ElectroOsmosis/Poration, Metal ion, 3chamber electrolysis, Vacuum superheated steam, Steam eductor etc. Overall, previously science contested low cost clean water tech is increasingly & rapidly adopted even by multinationals, often accompanied by firm back up of mainstream media, science, & tech awards. And unless spread of this new paradigm stalls soon, limitation based "closed system" belief of society will fundamentally shift to no-limit "open system" before 2030.


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p10 Crystallization: Template sssddAssisted, Fluidized Bed etc p21 Ozone & UV etc p41 SuperCritical Water etc p45 .. . p61 p67

Ultrasonic, Cavitation effect, Pulsed Combustion Drying Nano/UltraFine Bubble etc PhotoCatalytic water etc

p91 Electrolyzed acid water etc p118 Plasma Activated Water p126 Electrolytic + Venturi etc p141 .Magnetic Water treatment p157 p181 p190 ……..

“Phase Catalyst” Water Torsion field/Scalar Wave Far InfraRed, Bioceramic, Minerals treated etc

p221 Pumpable Ice Slurry p228 ElectroSpray etc p235 ElectroHydraulic effect

p245 p268 p288 .

p291 Ion projection p298 Ferrous/Ferrate Ion water p310 Vacuum Saturation/DDW, . Steam Jet Ejector/eductor

p338 Plant Polymer & Micelle p343 Rain Related Weather …….. Modification p358 Water Technology List

Solar Desalination etc SuperHeated Steam etc Magnetic Resonance Freezing & Thawing



This presentation might not always reflect the views of mainstream group, particularly of western media, large NGOs, & wikipedia; hence attendants/readers are recommended to reassess the data from independent perspective: Listed commercialized claims include that are contradicting mainstream science law or effectiveness acceptance level, while empirically deemed to produce effects repeatedly. "Cleantech" here includes "clean chemicals" that are non residual: Ozone, Hydrogen Peroxide, Peracetic Acid, Plasma/ElectroChemical reaction etc

Compared to other industries, water technology tends to have wider & varied mechanics to achieve intended physical effects: Labs, schools, even conservative mainstream, or mundane looking companies often use their own effective unique processes not widely known. Many of what is covered here are selected technologies known as effective in some sectors or by small # of consumers but not by other sectors.、 Currently more detailed reference list is being produced & will be published separately: The research is updated based on reviewing academic papers & journals, books, speeches, presentations, patents, lab/commercialized product testimonies/complaints, publications & public records of NGOs/media/research institutes/think tanks/military/space & gov't agencies/ industry associations.

Due to space constraints, referenced individual names are given with max 3 letters of first name with entire last name(except some non-Western names), & company names are listed in a way that is findable by internet search.

12 page long Water Technology Effect Comparison Grid List is located at the end of presentation.


How to Read Tech Detail Explanation Texts .

Technology claims are explained in details in each of 66 dedicated section in coming pages. Example of “Hydrodynamic cavitation” below ■ Tech effects Code used in tech lists(located at end of this presentation) are headed by Boldface purple letters as on the right. Code might refer to either or both of a-effect of static water product, b-process effect itself on water rather than water's effect on matter. ■ Commercialized tech claims are listed in(Blue Letter +), and “+” within bracket means other unnamed companies also claim same effect. ■ “*” at example D4* indicates particularly effective application.

■ 11’Hydrodynamic cavitation: WM Accepted effect: J(BOD reduction, Advanced Oxidizing Process, toxin/oil field waste water/sludge decomposing) (, For ballast water(Globallast ua+), Enhanced oil recovery- additional hydrocarbon quality improvement(Arisdyne+),

Sometimes WM Disputed effect, A(Descaling), HVAC application(HyCator, VRTX Technologies+), Pipe cleaning(Group Konstanta «МАНГУСТ»+), Dairy product flow pipe descaling is WM rejected(TEKMASH+): B(anticorrosion of water pipes), C(Algae removal)(CT Systems ua+), D4*(New…. 5



66 Under utilized Water Technologies: #1-26

66 Technology names: Well established mainstream application might be omitted from effect explanations. Same techs are listed twice.

1-Crystallization: TAC(Template Assisted), FBC(Fluidized Bed) 2-Pulsed Power, 3-KDF, 4-Metal Ion, 5-Natural Acid, 6-Ozone, 7-UV, 8-Aeration/Anaerobic, 9-Sub &SuperCritical Water/Thermal Liquefaction 10-Ultrasonic, Sonic Cavitation water, Acoustic Pulse Fire Drying 11-HydroDynamic Cavitation, 12-Spiral Vortex flow, Rankine Vortex 13-Nanobubble-UltraFineBubble, 14-PhotoCatalytic Water treatment

15-Electro Deionization(EDI) & Capacitive De-Ionization(CDI) 16-Electrolysis Alkaline water, 17-Electrolysis Acid water 18-Electrolysis Acid-Alkaline mixed, 19-Boron Diamond Electrolysis 20-Electro Phoresis/migration/reclamation, 21-Fulvic Acid water 22-Nano Material Used Filter, 23-Plasma Activated Water(PAW)/H2O2 24-Electrolytic Metal Alloy & Venturi, 25-ElectroStatic treated water 26-Electric field pulse - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


66 Under utilized Water Technologies: #27-47

27-Time Variant Magnetic Field treatment & Rotating Magnetic Field 28-“Phase Catalyst water” or “Catalytic Water” 29-HHO & Hydrogen dissolved water

30-EM & Other Antioxidant type Micro-organism activated water 31-Torsion field & Subtle field treated water

32-Scalar wave & phase conjugated paired wave treated water 33-Mineral, Bioceramic, FIR/Thz wave treated water 34-Vacuum Freezing, 35-Vacuum Flash Vaporization/Vacuum Distillation 36-Water jet, 37-Water Emulsion, 38-Pumpable Ice Slurry 39-Sabatier Reaction & Hydrocarbon production by CO2 + H2O

40-Electro Deposition/ElectroWinning, Plasma Electrolyte Polishing 41-ElectroSpray, 42-ElectroPoration, 43-Electro SonoPhoresis 44-Electro Hydraulic effect, 45-ElectroDialysis/Bipolar Membrane 46-ElectroFloatation, 47-ElectroHeating - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


66 Under utilized Water Technologies: #48-66

48-Nitrogen & Carbon Dioxide infused water 49-Solar Distillation, Solar Water treatment, Atmospheric Water Collector 50-SuperCritical Water(also SubCritical, Low Temp Hydrolysis, Steam Plasma)

51-SuperHeated Steam, 52-Degassing/Degassed pure water 53-Biochar/Classic Carbon + UV treated water 54-Slow Acoustic Pulse wave, 55-Nano Material Treated water 56-NanoFiltration water

57-Electric & Magnetic Resonance Freezing-Thawing 58-Ionizing Projection in air-mist 59-Ferrous Ferric/Ferrate Ion, Its oscillation treated water, Iron Sulphate water 60-Vacuum Saturation heating or cooling & Deuterium Depleted Water 61-Membrane Distillation/Pervaporation 62-Mineral, FarInfraRed, High Pressure treated water, Deep Sea Water 63-Other “Anomalous Processes”: from overunity energy to "ORMUS" making 64-Plant NanoPolymer applied water, 65-Rain Related Weather Modification 66-Atmospheric Water Generator - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


1‘Crystallization: Effect Accepted by Western Mainstream(WM) as valid

■ 1‘Crystallization: Crystallizing water dissolved matter to recover certain material as solids, in this section a-Template Assisted Crystallization, b-Fluidized Bed Crystallization are covered(For Freeze Crystallization see section 34').

a-Template Assisted Crystallization: TAC; This particular naming is branded & used in English speaking nations but other names/no particular names used in other nations. Water treating resin bead media with special surface triggers nucleation pattern of dissolved elements

WM Accepted effect: A(Scale prevention in water pipe) Calcium Carbonate: CaCO3 etc crystallizes in microscopic scale when it passes TAC media so that it remains in water instead of depositing onto the water pipe wall as hard scale formulation.

B(anti-corrosion in water pipe): rarely this claim is made as most companies in this category are focused in core Western Mainstream(WM) market, but it is possible some of TAC media might be triggering additional effects by WM unapproved mechanics such as i-charge creation by ceramic beads hitting each other, or ii-some kind of non-lightphotolytic process or metal ion, iii-some media contains metal, magnet particles, or FarInraRed emitting bioceramic which has same effect etc. Pipe descaling effect seems to be much faster than magnetic or electric field types Might be less effective at heavy solutes contained. Commercialized examples: Watercryst, Nextfiltration, OneFlow +


1‘Crystallization: continued 2

b-Fluidized Bed Crystallization(FBC)/Pellet Reactor: Crystallized pellets of various minerals/heavy metal etc are recovered or reused(eg Calcium Carbonate: CaCO3[Calcite] etc) at drinking water or wastewater processing. This method often involves chemical dosage but non-chemical cleantech option exists.

WM Accepted effect: A(Scale prevention in water pipe), By water softening effect combined with resource recovery: fine sand/silica/calcium on a fluidized bed become nucleus for inorganic material to continue crystallizing to pellet size for recovery & utilization, Substantial installation in Netherlands but in most other hardwater countries especially Americas it remains underused or not used at all. Deployed at small to large drinking water treatment facilities(Hydro-Elektrik GmbH, Veolia Actina, Reststoffenunie Waterleidingbedrijven BV, Symphonic water solutions+): cleantech option is non injection of low impact chemical(Caustic soda NaOH, Lime CaOH2) to raise pH for enhanced crystallization. Lime pellets recovered are used for fertilizer/steel/cement/construction industry application.

New calcite nucleus(not sand) pellet growth for higher quality lime for increased return(Waternet nl+), - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


1‘Crystallization: continued 3

-->>cont: b-Fluidized Bed Crystallization(FBC)/Pellet Reactor:

■Unlisted effect(Resource or toxin, heavy metal recovery): in addition to water softening purpose, FBC's ability to crystallize solutes in water is used for wastewater cleaning combined with resource recovery. This method often deploys chemical dosage, but some companies can use cleantech method of non chemical dose or it is all recovered for reuse hence no effluent is produced(Century Water Systems, Everclear 萬年清環境工程股份有限公司 +). Phosphorus Recovery: (Royal HaskoningDHV - Crystalactor+), add magnesium dosed for crystallization of phosphorus but all recovered for fertilizer use (Mitsubishi Kakoki, PHOSNIX - Hitachi Zosen+), But unlike other processes, for this purpose, there are many innovative method that must always use low dose chemical/polymer for flocculation(hence not covered in this research) that are as or in some cases more effective/lower cost.

P(Sludge reduction), S(separation of waste & toxin): as a result this enables separation of unprocess-able elements, & reduces sludge to be handled at rest of wastewater process & make more entire system to function more effectively (particularly Anaerobic Digestion) by providing concentrated sludge feedstock. - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


2’Pulsed Power : Effect Accepted by Western Mainstream(WM) as valid:

■ 2’Pulsed Power: Strong Electromagnetic field pulsation causes water and dissolved ion molecule behavior to be affected:

For some effects like pipe scale prevention, official WM acceptance occurs only in Pulsed Power categorization while other much lower cost system with essentially the same mechanics tech are pseudoscience treatment:(actually the portion of higher H2O2 type Reactive Species are generated with Pulsed Power via plasma generation in water but this is often not mentioned as difference by WM). Such as 25’Electrostatic 26’Alternating Electric field, 27’Alternating Magnetic field, and to some extent 24’Electrolytic metal ion and venturi do generate some micro plasma by some of effective models. High powered pulse is easier to make microplasma or even larger plasma in water(for some unclear reason certain weaker power systems seem to be able to make one also: frequency? waveform?)

Only difference is high cost of device, frequency(in some cases) & how much high power is used to generate the effect. It might be beneficial for seller of similar tech products to use Pulsed Power as branding name for WM acceptance, which might seem to happen with some weaker power using devices. 13

2’Pulsed Power : continued 2

WM Accepted effect: A(Descaling), B(unti-corrosion), C(algae stifling) by altering electric charge of CaCO3 type elements so that it would continue to be suspended in water instead of attaching to pipe walls, or stifle germs activity, High power devices also caused by shockwaves to rupture cell walls, Also effective in fouling control by different mechanics but same microplasma type generating Microwave induction(Onvector+), also widely known to increase microwave plasma induction by ultrasonic wave, H(oil water separation, demulsion), J(Waste water cleaning), P(Sludge reduction or odor remove), H2(Dewatering), See section 42’Electroporation for more of above “J”,”P”, “H2”effects,

Commercialized eg: (Dolphin WaterCare, Griswold Water System, Genesis Environmental Service co+)

As generally in West, this type of contrast often happens to coincide when existing tech lobbying is strong enough to deny tech validity of lower cost same effect technology across different industry sectors(eg: energy industry; Water emulsion of unburnable oil into low emission fuel, medical industry: Vaccine, Cancer treatment exclusive only valid treatment while clearly documented more effective much lower cost techs are legally banned from quoting evidence and witness). - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


3’KDF: Effect mix of Accepted & Disputed by Western Mainstream(WM):

■ 3’KDF(Kinetic Degradation Fluxion): Media with copper-zinc formulation, some relation to 24’Electrolytic metal water treatment, Works by triggering electrochemical oxidation reduction(by copper and zinc in the media) to water for CaCO3 etc to remain in solution. Also ion reaction for bacteria stifling effect. Often used with Activated Carbon or a part of many filtering in a drinking water system. Stand along system usually need backwash every month or more, Usually piggy backing other media or filters combined in treatment system: WM Accepted effect: C(Algae germ stifling)

Sometimes media Disputed effects, but WM science accepted: A(antiscale of pipes), B(anti corrosion), Commercialized eg: (CuZn Water, TowerClean, H2O Concepts +) - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


4’Metal Ion: Effect mix of Accepted & Disputed by Western Mainstream(WM):

■ 4’Metal Ion: Metal ions of Silver/Copper/Zinc to dissolve into water, WM Accepted effects: C&D(Algae germ stifling as process or as water), N(Food detergent),

Sometimes WM media level Disputed: A(Descaling water pipes):(BrightWater Environmental +)

■Weaker effects: Result is stronger in as "full effect" when offered by certain specific mix of metal ions(often to do with silver: see "colloidal or ionic solution" at section 63') or some kind of "EM wave amplification" types offered by some companies. Effect gap in this area depended on technology might be significant. This seem to include metal ion itself becomes or/and surrounding water into biologically active resonance state with selective bioenhancing controlling ability: H(oil water separation), K(Dirty lake, river, ocean water cleaning, fish enhancement): significant result in smaller sized pond, but effect is weak in ocean or flowing river:

Commercialized eg:(Cromwell Environment Technologies, Nevoton, Ocion, Procare Water Treatment, AquaSmarter VALTECH, Exterminator Pond+), Unique Silver ion + H2O2 mix for augmented effect of "stabilized" hydrogen peroxide(Roam Technology Huwa San - BioXeco, Sanosil AG, +) or catalyzed?(Hei Hungerbach): WM sometimes insist Ag should decompose H2O2.

■Unclear but seemingly similar mechanics: Specialty electroplating process of nickel which reacts to water, for significantly increased germ killing even over silver(Kobelco KENIFINE): can be applied to paint as powder, surface is too hard to scratch away. 16 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada

5’Natural Acid: Effect mix of Accepted & Disputed by Western Mainstream(WM)

■ 5’Natural Acids: Here only a few of them are highlighted from large # of acids that can be referred to as naturally fast degradable(hence no toxin): acids synthesizable from natural ingredients(but usually chemically produced for commercial purpose including ingredients).

Some are fully generated by natural environment or bio organism. Due to no residual this qualifies as water cleantech. Also see Hypochlorous acid(HOCl) at section 17' & 18'Electrolysis, 19'Fulvic acid(C14H12O8). Very widely used H2O2 is not covered in this presentation.、 i- Citric Acid(C6H8O7): Commercialized eg (NuvoH2O, eH2O, Precision Dynamics+). Standard process in oil refining/degumming, but underutilized usage as follows:

WM Accepted effect: D(general cleaning), in rare cases product is used without chemical mix on commercial scale. -->>cont: - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


5’Natural Acid: continued 2

-->>cont: i-Citric Acid:

Disputed for commercialized benefit by some media or conventional water treatment company linked articles, Effects are widely accepted as valid for historical traditional manual home type applications but far less # of academic documents to officially approve practicality for commercial use, while some industry linked “credible” groups deny it’s effectiveness. Many chemical scale or other water related treatment methods combine citric acid with other chemical/mechanics.

A(Descaling), as chelating agent to soften water by reacting with CaCO3 type scale elements, H(oil-water separation), M(Spray, soak water to last food, less mold), N(Food detergent), Y(Insectcide, herb stifler),

Weaker effect: B(Decorrosion or rust prevention), F(Laundry detergent as water), i.e.: effective only in narrower range of situation. - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


5’Natural Acid: continued 3

ii--Peracetic Acid(C2H4O3)(PAA, Peroxyacetic acid): Full std process in many industrial applications with very large volume used, but significant regional/industrial segment acceptance gap with particularly low level in consumer use or water treatment related application. Might require modification in flow system installation due to high metal corrosivity. Basically a mix of vinegar and hydrogen peroxide. More maintained oxidation ability with organic matter mix, also effective at lower temperature operation. Even now occasional cleantech debunking occurs & described as "harmful residual chemical" by a small part of mainstream or cleantech promotor by lumping together with other chemicals that are toxic. Some large commodity Hydrogen Peroxide(H2O2) producers actively participate for specific end use.

WM Accepted effect: Many offer cross-over effects: A(Descaling), useable for heavy scale depositing situation(Evonik DEGACLEAN+), C*(algae-germ killing),(Vetoquinol HYPEROX+), D(general cleaning, disinfectant)(Химитек +), F(Laundry detergent as water)(Belinka Perkemija PERSAN+)

J(cleaning wastewater)(USP Technologies, Solvay Chemicals+): low initial infra cost and simple operation advantage, Strong enough to have effective results on oil field fracking water (PeroxyChem VigorOx, Ecolab NALCO Champion+), 85-100% water recycling as a • +..................................................................... module system(Organo jp, 水ing リンサー排水回収システム ARRoWS® +), additionally even hot water heat is recovered for use(Kurita), L(drinking water generation), usually for domestic stock/animal(Agraplan Peraclean, Tevan Panox+), -->>cont: 19 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada

• •

5’Natural Acid: continued 4 -->>cont: ii--Peracetic Acid:、 M*(Spray on seed/crops to disinfect)(Jet Harvest, PERAgreen Solutions+), N(Food detergent)(Enviro Tech Chemical Services, Миссия "Лега"+): •

Strong oxidizer, Fast complete degradation, freezing point -40C. Many effects are quite potent after high dilution & used in some industrial disinfection over toxic chemicals even when it is not issue, while underused in other sectors. There is added synergy by pretreatment effect for UV. Many also offer in powder form to be diluted by water for use(Atomesbio BIOXY+),

■ Other H2O2 based Peracetic acid variation(Freebac+), H2O2 + Formic acid => Performic acid(CH2O3: freezing point -18C)(Kemira DesinFix+), Other acid mix:(Novus ACTIVATE wd +): there are many other variations that are biodegradable and low cost. Also Most products are transported & stored before application, but there are 25-40% less cost Peracetic Acid onsite production upto 30% range concentration type grades from various chemicals(Peracetic Acid Systems+), while Water & Air based onsite production is much lower cost(Eltron Water IMPAACT+)(max 3%[30,000ppm]) with negligible vol catalyst

■ Other Natural Acids that are mainly limited to DIY type use: small scale utilization with some of prementioned situations, and it is possible to use cost effectively in many situations as is or by blending with other natural acids, but in most industrial situations mixed with chemicals: eg Ascorbic Acid(C6H8O6: Vitamin C), Acetic Acid(CH3COOH: Vinegar) etc. 20

6‘Ozone: Effect mix of Accepted, Disputed, Rejected by Western Mainstream(WM)

■ 6‘Ozone: Part of std process in early stage water disinfection, but rare to replace chlorine as final stage drinking water treatment before circulation mainly due to regulations(Xylem Wedeco+). Despite some WM claims of opposite, cost can be already lower than chemical tech in majority of cases.

Also when not isolate Ozone only effect, other byproduct radicals coproduced & its synergy seem to magnify effect(can be 2-20 fold more effective with likely by Hydroxyl generation[OH•]): there are many other ways than UV to produce: ■ Electrolytic Ozone Generation(Biotek-Ozone), ■ Spiral vortex water ozone generator (, ■ Platinum based coating(with Ir, Ru or Rh) of Titanium electrode (Tanaka Kikinzoku+) etc, ■ Concentrated supersaturated ozone dissolved in water by bubble size & pressure control etc (BlueInGreen, AirTree Ozone+). ■ Plasma/Corona discharge in water(Ebara EJK jp, Ozomax inc+): often in pulse mode, ■ Emphasis on duel insitu sterilization by two choices with H2O2(Teknomar+), also see 19’Diamond Electrolysis, ■ Catalyst based Ozone(Ozontech Systems AB+): some effective ones seem to be ozone water exposed to corona/plasma discharge, ■ Ceramic based Ozone & likely other reactants co-producing(Medklinn+) 、 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


6‘Ozone: continued 2

WM Accepted effects: In some nations not widely deployed:

C&D(Algae-germ stifling process, or as water short term): Ozonated ice/Ozone ice is rarely used application outside of prolonged fish preservation(O3-Matic, KoronaOzon+), Claims WM unapproved max 20ppm ozone dissolved (ワイズカンパニー オゾン水)  I(grease trap cleaning, kitchen odor removal):(Kanplakun, Oxytech GmbH+), Long lasting Stabilized Aqueous Ozone(Tersano), Low temp Medical Sterilization(TSO3+), Partial agriculture pesticide replacement while crop growth is enhanced by increased oxygen supply(AgOzein, AgO3 nz+), Wine industry(Pacific Ozone+), Semi pseudoscientized effective dental treatment(healOzone+), 、 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


6‘Ozone: continued 3

-->cont: WM Accepted effects:

J(AOP:Advanced Oxidation Process waste water treatment etc): organic mater is decomposed instead of absorbtion type process like filtering which requires another process (also see 7'UV), Ozone type AOP often involves H2O2, OH-(Hydroxide ion), 1 3 Singlet Oxygen([ O2]: excited state, regular ground state is triplet[ O2]) etc coproduction of Electrolytic related activity which generates OH•(hydroxyl radical), but there seems to be other multiple ways of OH• production that is not understood/agreed upon(Silver Bullet Corp+).、 AOP is offered by so many ozone providers & electrolyzer set ups but still underutilized in many sectors/nations: i-Some combine cavitation from Ultrasonic & Hydrodynamic to significantly further augment effect for high flow AOP(OZONIX Ecosphere Tech+), ii-Multiple reactive specie production effects for mega size/strong wastewater oxidation(Ozonia - Degrémont - SUEZ, TrojanUV+), iii-Competitive in pulp & paper bleaching(ZeTrac Valmet - Metso+), iv-Ground remediation(Kerfoot Technologies+), iv-For Produced & Flowback water at Oil industry(atg UV+), v-Ground remediation by pulse mode injection of Ozone & H2O2(Applied Process Technologies APTwater+), vi-Nanobubble Ozone increases effect when organic material attaches to negative electron of finebubble surface(Sumitomo Seimitsu Kogyo+), vii-Mini AOP portable device(Ozo-Pen+), viii-For ocean water fishpond, large hot spring baths(Toyo Valve ピュアキレイザー+), 23 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada

6‘Ozone: continued 4

-->>cont: WM Accepted effects: Occasionally claimed effects: Under-explored regularly claimed effects, H(effective in water oil separation), M(spray on food to make last longer), N(food detergent, Ozone/Ultrasonic can combine to increase effectiveness), R(metal precision, high tech parts washing): Wafer, semiconductor, LCD(liquid crystal display), photomask parts, ozone nanobubble infused water is most effective washing fluid in some parts(MKS Instruments, Nomura nms, Ovivowater +), W(degassing) E(Industrial type cleaner), S(coagulation, toxin separation)

Sometimes Disputed effects, A(pipe scale prevention by stifling biological element), Strong AOP insitu reactive specie mix for drastically reduce or eliminate chemical blowdown (Ozomax inc, BWT Coolzon, OzoCan+),+), B(corrosion prevention)(Ozone Elettronica - De Nora+). - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


6‘Ozone: continued 5

Generally WM media Rejected effects, significantly lower cost version by Ozone use and already major commercial use in some regions:

F(laundry, detergent as water or process, effective in cold water use(unless washing load is very dirty[then use lukewarm], Ozone dissolved type is more effective than direct air ozone injection, Some still uses reduced small amount of detergent to activate its effect): eg PureWash, Guardian Manufacturing, Air Trona +): Often plasma type method is used(can involve UV pulse), co-producing H2O2, Hydroxyl Radical etc, some combine other pseudoscientific methods to increase effectiveness(eg Magnetic water: EcoWasher+), Nanobubble use(Cwtozone+), Validity confirmation of low cost and effectiveness is sometimes avoided by WM academic while still appealed as complete pseudoscience at main media(targeting consumer market), but amongst scientists and industrial sector this tech is a common sense and regularly used, - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


6‘Ozone: continued 6

-->>cont: Generally WM media Rejected effects, significantly lower cost version by Ozone use and already major commercial use in some regions:

Z(Plant growth enhancement[aside from disinfection] by irrigation): Mainly Plasma Activated water/Electrosprayed water containing Ozone or separately ozone water makes plant robust while reducing needs for pesticide(develop resistance), Some insist effect is only due to extra oxygen(Oxion Inc+), Enhancing roots(Novozone ltd+), Something more than just delivering extra oxygen & its effects(Mountain High Water, Academical interpretation is soil quality enhanced with electrolyte concentration and more absorbing softer soil even clays, UV irradiation might be additionally required(Han Steffen+). Additionally saves water also(Climate Control Systems Inc, Creative OZ-Air pvt+), This effect resembles Phase Catalyst Water production methods(see section 28', also 23'Plasma Activated Water, 41'Electrospray )

Unlisted effects: ■ Water oil emulsion fuel etc production: Rotating Electrode(also Concentric Cylinder Electrode or vortex swirling type electrode)use 25% more efficient ozone generator use(Inpal net+) - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


7‘UV UltraViolet ray: Effect mix of Accepted, Disputed, Fully rejected by Western Mainstream(WM)

■ 7‘UV, widely deployed effect, Not always same effect as 6‘Ozone tech due to some UV types incorporate various reactive species generation(H2O2 etc leading to Hydroxyl Radical production: strongest "nonchemical" type oxidizer) for disruptive level effect(WM media sometimes unapproved).

Also as effect itself one fundamental difference is UV simply disinfects, but Ozone has oxidation capability, while UV exposure of Ozone generates amplified disinfection ability with Hydroxyl generation. But especially on effective versions, exact detail on i-catalyst, ii-what reactants are co-produced, or iii-what chemical interaction & types of oxidizing takes place in their reactions seem to be both secret & unclearly identified at the same time. Even cost for non-AOP/regular type UV is increasingly becoming lower cost than chemical system overall by various tech advancement & environmental regulation:


7‘UV: continued2

-->>:various UV techs:

■i Electrodeless UV lamp by microwave/plasma use for instant turn on & off, light direction flexibility, adjust light, low heat etc: (Severn Trend Denora, MEC co Ltd +), ■ii similar benefits in LED UV/UV-C LED/Excimer UV(laser like concentration to focus on selectivity): (Aquisense, Aquionics, Acuva Technologies, RayVio+), often significant effectiveness dependence on UV equipment makers, and sometimes owned by them, Original UV inventor offering water treatment is rare(U-VIX+), ■iii Unique quartz inlined water pipe to continuously reflect UV light in very effective way combined with ultrasonic transducer to prevent scaling(Atlantium+),

■iv Non water contact easy maintenance UV lights surround transparent wastewater pipe with self cleaning turbulent flow(Enaqua Grundfos+), ■v Vertical reactor & flow control(Ozonia aquaray SUEZ+), ■vi Further stronger high powered UV pulse(in some cases takes 1/30-40 time of continuous UV)(Xenex, Excelitas, econos 環境対策+),.


7‘UV: continued3

-->>:various UV techs:

For AOP Level strength: ■i Hydrogen Peroxide H2O2 coproduction and eventual Hydroxyl radical generation seems to be one of key factors for high effectiveness(compared to Ozone only, far stronger effects produced by synergy with other insitu produced reactants) as repeated often in 7'UV & 6'ozone section, including Photo Fenton Reaction(Enviolet+), but also ■ii some irradiate Ozone water with UV for significantly amplified effect(Sen Lights UZON+), ■iii TiO2+UV - Photocatalytic combo,

WM Accepted effect: C(bacteria stifling at pool etc), J(AOP process or/and disinfection): Commercial pool doable with on par or superior effects(DEL Ozone+), Ballast water(Alfa Laval, Hyde Marine, BIO-SEA/BIO-UV+), 29

7‘UV: continued4

-->>cont: WM Accepted effect:

Super high performance officially pre-made enough vol of Hydrogen Peroxide(H2O2) feeding for waste water treatment combo with UV system exists since 1990s(ULTROX, Vulcan - Calgon Carbon Perox-Pure+) which was often shelved by buyouts & other methods etc, but actually many seem to be capable of further disruptive water+air based insitu production of low concentration H2O2 with UV combo(Eltron Water PeroxEgen+): this tech's effectiveness is sometimes WM debunked as "UV cannot penetrate well even slight turbid water". Shirt pocket carried mini device(SteriPen), While Sometimes WM Disputed effects are: A(pipe descaling) by production of H2O2, Ozone, Hydroxyl(Silver Bullet Water+): this company also claims Singlet Oxygen production as a cause. Occasionally claimed effect of above temporarily decomposed water functions as E(Industrial cleaner), ■ Weaker occasionally claimed effects S(Coagulation, toxin separation). ■ Other commercialized eg: (UV Pure, Phonix Science and Technology, LG Innotek +) 、 WM Fully rejected: Prolonged UV treatment combined with other processes(pressure, distillation-condensation repetition, temperature, cavitation, electrolysis) produces electrically active capacity holding or bioenhancing effect water(Penta AquaRX+): 30

8‘Aeration, Aerobic Bacteria, Anaerobic Digestion: Effect mix of Accepted, Disputed, Rejected by (WM)

■ 8‘ Aeration & Aerobic Bacteria Activation(See ♛Anaerobic Digestion 6 pages later): Also see 30'EM, 13'Nanobubble/Finebubble/Microbubble

Air or oxygen as dissolved in water is circulated so that aerobic bacteria is activated to consume organic waste faster. Most std process in many parts of drinking water & waste water treatments, but not in other processes. There are less deployed but notable combined stronger claims with Ultrasonic, Microbubble(down to more effective Nanobubble/Ultrafine Bubble) for enhanced effects.

WM Accepted widely used effects: C(Algae stifling) different elements can make the process ineffective, S(Coagulation), H(oil-water separation): std process, J(waste water cleaning): Although activated sludge process with separate aeration & settling tanks are starting to become common amongst existing sewer waste water treatment system, Membrane BioReactor: MBR(faster processing & smaller space taking, scalable sizing) is already mainstream standard on new installation level(Bio Microbics+). Some claim to function with 1/2 size of regular MBR tank size(Kubota+), 、-->>cont:


8‘Aeration, Aerobic Bacteria, Anaerobic Digestion continued 2: Aeration & Aerobic Bacteria 2

-->>cont: WM Accepted widely used effects: J(wastewater aeration):

Other competitive low cost effective aerations by: i- selecting bacteria that needs less oxygen(American Water NPXpress+), ii- very high oxygen retention & large biofilm area generation: Membrane Aerated Biofilm Reactor:MABR(Emefcy, GE water ZeeLung, OxyMem +), aerating nano ceramic "gill"(BioGill), similar?(Microvi), iii- deep vertical underground shaft with separate up/down controlled flow to maximize hyperbaric oxygenation(NORAM VERTREAT), ivpressurized oxygen feeding with rotating ceramic membrane disc that diffuses fouling(Grundfos BioBooster+), v- Aerobic and Anaerobic processes take place alternatingly(AtlasEnergyTech Baswood BioViper+), vi- Simple containerized highly adoptable non reactor type single-pass treatment by advanced composite polymer material enhanced biofilm & filter media system(Island Water Tech REGEN), -->>continued 32

8‘Aeration, Aerobic Bacteria, Anaerobic Digestion continued 3: Aeration & Aerobic Bacteria 3

-->>cont: WM Accepted widely used effects: J(wastewater aeration): Other competitive low cost effective aerations by:

vii- Unique low maintenance tray based compact Air Stripping system(not packed tower which is mainstream in many nations[Tonka Water, Layne Christensen+]) that removes almost all toxic VOC: Volatile Organic Compounds (QED Environmental Systems, Carbonair+), viiiSupersaturated /concentrated air or oxygen dissolved in water by bubble size & pressure control etc(BlueInGreen+) ix- Combination of aeration and hydrodynamic cavitation(株式会社ネクストリー+) ■ This is not really aeration, but at about 10% size of equivalent performing conventional primary treatment settling tank with 1/2 power use with improved overall performance by Rotating Belt Filtration(screen belt) is still not well propagated in some markets(Hydro International Hydro MicroScreen, Blue Water Eco MAT+), same mechanics with sludge dewatering added(Salsnes Filter) -->>continued 33

8‘Aeration, Aerobic Bacteria, Anaerobic Digestion continued 4: Aeration & Aerobic Bacteria 4

-->cont: WM Accepted widely used effects: J(waste water cleaning): Membrane BioReactor(MBR): In addition to smaller tank, 20-30% less energy use & low CAPEX by aerobic granular sludge generating quicker setting(Royal HaskoningDHV Nereda): initiated by Delft Univ.(There is slight disputing on effectiveness at media level)

Although some universities in West pioneer new water technology commercialization, This group from Netherlands has most frequently been the driving force of bringing in previous pseudoscience into WM as science legal effects. Often when they publish western unapproved but non western nations granted effects, suddenly it becomes "discovered" & other western scientists can officially start studying it for the first time.

L(Drinking water production): Slow Sand Filter(SSF) by biofilm effect(schmutzdecke) has been long used as very effective low cost method with essentially only cost is occasional sand cleaning. Mostly replaced by "new conventional" methods since around 1950s by exaggerated media ineffectiveness appeal, lack of profitability (when this system is sold compared to other mechanical-chemical types) & short term land sales profit in low cost land area, and genuinely higher cost in super high land cost area.


8‘Aeration, Aerobic Bacteria, Anaerobic Digestion continued 5: Aeration & Aerobic Bacteria 5

-->> cont: WM Accepted: L(Drinking water production): Slow Sand Filter(SSF) by biofilm effect(schmutzdecke): Its high effectiveness in removing heavy metal to undesired bacteria is not fully WM explained. *Also effective as activated sludge combined waste water treatment is now becoming underutilized status on new installation basis, replaced by another bio process MBR(Membrane BioReactor).

Given established economic system, more suitable to install new in poor nations with low cost land that doesn't disrupt local overall business structure. With mechanical sand cleaning system, low cost labour is no longer essential. Cost competitiveness diminishes in long freezing season area(BioSand Filter - Manz Engineering, Bushproof, South Asia Pure Water Initiative+), Often due to low profitability(too cheap) notable NGOs handling rather than prv companies(similar phenomena to solar desalination or atmospheric water collector)(DHAN Vayalagam foundation +), but some eco conscious Western companies are taking up again(Osmo Sistemi+)

J(waste water cleaning): effect in sludge digestion by some high aeration methods has WM media occasionally Disputed portion as to whether non-conventional aeration methods are much more effective than regular aeration types. In certain applications/situations some are reported to demonstrate disruptively increased effectiveness in following types: Spiral aerator type(Pax Water Technologies+), Z(bioenhancement, extra plant growth)(Seair inc+) -->>continued - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


8‘Aeration, Aerobic Bacteria, Anaerobic Digestion continued 6: Aeration & Aerobic Bacteria 6

-->>cont: J(waste water cleaning): WM media occasionally Disputed Portion: Bottom up spiral vortex bubble aerator(Hanasaki Bussan Neo Tornado+), Bottom up slow pulsed air seems to save 50-95% of energy(mostly towards the latter) with low maintenance no moving parts mechanics & variety of unconventional favorable side effects(Pulsair Systems, Pulsed Hydraulics inc, Geyser Pulse Pumps +): this tech is widely used for a long time by military types and many mainstream organizations in specific segment

Oloid aeration for surface floating device( likely the most effective in exclusive surface aeration tech, BioCeramic contained microbe use(BioCleaner+), Cavitation Jet(DynaSwirl+), Some unidentified bacteria combo seem to have pseudoscientifically effective results(Sludge Solutions International+), Adding infused microbubbles & ultrasound(Blue Frog System+): for smaller nanosized Ultra fine bubble aeration(Anzaimcs+) see 13’Nanobubble. For Vortex types see 11’HydroDynamic Cavitation & 12’Spiral Vortex Flow. For Aerobic/Anaerobic digestion also see 30’EM.

Generally WM Rejected effect: D2(Human preferred selective herb-insect removing),

Unlisted Effect: Unusually low energy use(80-90% less) effective aeration & decomposing of waste water when rapidly changing pressure was applied as liquid travels to & out of rotating treating drums via settling tanks: Bio-Disk Rotating Biological Contractor 36 (‫ל‬.‫ט‬. ‫ החברה לאיכות הסביבה‬E.P.C. ltd Bio-Disk+)

8‘Aeration, Aerobic Bacteria, Anaerobic Digestion continued 7: Anaerobic Digestion(AD)

♛Anaerobic Digestion(AD)(Anaerobic AnMBR): microbes consume waste content in water to produce methane gas(natural gas) in absence of oxygen, which can be used to produce power, some water treatment operations are net electricity exporter. Pre-treatment like mild hydrolysis etc increases digestion effectiveness

WM Accepted effects, widely used in some nations, J(wastewater cleaning) specifically ammonia oxidation/decomposing: Anammox Process(Anaerobic Ammonium Oxidation)(Paques nl, Kurita, DEMON GmbH, Hitachi+), likely similar(Microvi). 、 Also as four element combined effect of: J(waste water cleaning)/ P(sludge reduction)/C2(plant growth promote matter generating)/ G2(energy fuel production): CHP(Combined Heat & Power) use often at least to heat AD tank. There are installation gaps by nations & industry/sector of full mainstream use to under-utilization. -->>cont: - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


8‘Aeration, Aerobic Bacteria, Anaerobic Digestion continued 8: Anaerobic Digestion(AD) 2

-->>cont: WM Accepted effects: J(waste water cleaning)/P(sludge reduction)/ C2(plant growth promote matter generating)/G2(energy fuel production):

FOR WASTEWATER TREATMENT: One of std process in: Food/Beverage etc industry related process anywhere in world(Paques nl+) or North West Europe in all sectors including public waste water treatment,(Veolia Exelys-Biothelys, Hydroitalia - Colsen, WABAG, Hager+Elsaesser). Algae assisted(Aquanos, MBD Energy, Algae Enterprises+), even portable type available(Ennesys FREEWATERBOX). Microbubble/Nanobubble CO2 infusion might increase up to 2wice gas production(Perlemax+): this also seems to apply to algae productivity 、 US/Canada have lower municipality water installation & technically capable service companies located there mainly install industrial/farming clients or overseas cities for this specific process system(GE Water, WOG group, ADI Systems+), many nonwestern nations utilization is low.

For light wastewater from beverage/meat/dairy processing types, new even significantly lower cost tech is advancing(NVP Energy+): e.g. Low temp anaerobic digestion(<20°C) with no aeration requirement, super high sludge digestion, low maintenance, 85%+ biogas concentration -->>cont:


8‘Aeration, Aerobic Bacteria, Anaerobic Digestion continued 9: Anaerobic Digestion(AD) 3

-->>cont: WM Accepted effects: J(waste water cleaning)/P(sludge reduction)/ C2(plant growth promote matter generating)/G2(energy fuel production):

FOR LIQUID INVOLVED HEAVIER TO SOLID WASTE: Compared to municipality waste water treatment, heavier solid waste content agricultural or process integrated industrial waste water has lot higher rate of installations: sophisticated mid-large power generation system in Germany(10,000, less extent to other NW Europe, further less in other advanced nations)(EnviTec Biogas, BTA international, Krieg & Fischer Ingenieure, OWS nv+): often smaller type of gas only use: some nations like Brazil/Middle East etc, but particularly in India/Pakistan(4 million+)(Biotech India, Beta Pak Biogas+), China with state backed DIY type system(40 million+),

Though volume differs by methods, still significant amount of byproduct Biogas Digestate needs to have a way of disposing as sales channel or self consumption route : Agricultural co-application(for farming far enough from the city area due to the smell), Combustion/gasification fuel, Cellulosic ethanol processing etc - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


8‘Aeration, Aerobic Bacteria, Anaerobic Digestion continued 10: Anaerobic Digestion(AD) 4

-->>cont: WM Accepted effects: J(waste water cleaning)/P(sludge reduction)/ C2(plant growth promote matter generating)/G2(energy fuel production):

SMALL SIZE APPLICATION: In some other parts of world it is little used while rapidly increasing deployment in others. Septic tank can be converted to be methane recovery system(BiogasPro Agama+). Movable house gas making device suitable for Western environment(HomeBiogas+),

■ Unlisted effect: Recovery of Phosphorus from waste water before or during cleaning process to increase treatment efficiency or AD process itself, often recovered as struvite, some methods might combine with conventional recovery method of adding chemical magnesium/calcium for crystallization or pH adjustment NaOH(HydroItalia-Colsen ANPHOS, Rephosmaster, Ostara, Swing-w, CNP AirPrex, Herning Vand - Aarhus Vand Phosphor+), Bacteria(Polyphosphoric acid) use might be more cost effective?(Organo, Kurita+) or Algea use?(Claras Water Recovery+). Also non water related process or recoverable-reuseable chemical use(ie still cleantech) from wastewater sludge ash(REMONDIS TetraPhos +) or pyrolysis based treatment(Hitachi Zosen+) seems to be lower cost - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


9’SuperCritical Water: Effect mix of Accepted, Disputed, Fully rejected by Western Mainstream(WM)

■ 9’SuperCritical Water(SCW)(also see more at section 50'SuperCritical Water which includes related low pressure low temp Hydrolysis, This presentation also categorizes lower temperature Subcritical & Hydrolysis lumped together): There are many mainstream fully endorsed tech applications in variations. Especially catalysis used & lower temperature - pressure used hydrolysis types are common in specific industrial segment(biomass anaerobic treatment, toxin decomposing, solid waste, Chemical/Pulp/ Paper, Pharma, Oil refining industry etc) but lot less so in others, Might involve close to 100% efficiency Hydrothermal combustion/Hydrothermal flame in the process. Coal Water Slurry element use is led by China which is sort of taboo to use in mainstream west business.、 WM Accepted effects: A(descaling pipes), all salts are recovered, like heavy concentration phosphorus from municipal wastewater?, J*(BOD reduction, Advanced Oxidizing Process-AOP, toxin decomposing/depolymizing/SuperCritical Water Oxidation: SCWO),(SCFI Aqua Critox+), Particular focus on problematic wastewater(Aquarden+), Currently rare large municipal scale waste water sludge treatment(SuperWater Solutions), Also China's SCW is primarily for this purpose (except Coal Water Slurry & IGCC coal power generation with added H2 made from water): (陕⻄万丰能源环保科技有限公司 Shaanxi Wanfeng Energy Environmental Protection !Technology, 新奥环保携创新技术有限公司 Xinao Group, 碧流天能 Blue Energy +),


9’SuperCritical Water: continued 2

—>> cont: WM Accepted less commercially viable effects:

H2(Dewater-drying food/organic matter),(Nomura-genesis +)as superheated steam, also this process enhances deoxydizng effect(in expanded vapour form there is almost no oxygen left) as opposite of its well known oxidization.

L(Drinking water generation[non desalination]+); only cost viable in limited situations

WM media occasionally Disputed, effects, it is on way to mainstream media acceptance also, Complete WM science, G2(Energy-fuel production: hydrocarbon/Char): in often most cost competitive manner out of organic waste-trash or biomass including cellulosic/Iignin types as full depolymerization with minimal need of pre-separation, or sometimes less shredding(Licella - Ignite, REG Synthetic Fuels, Steeper Energy, GreatPoint Energy, Genifuel+), Algae specialized (NIWA-Solray-Muradel+): some are direct liquefaction, others are via Sub or SuperCritical Water(SCW) gasification: Sewage sludge gasification is done very quietly by mainstream now(Meta Water+)


9’SuperCritical Water: continued 3

WM Fully rejected as occasionally claimed effects: Many of proprietary type so called “Healing” type or “Catalytic” type water seem to involve trade secret rapid heating/cooling often under high or low pressure than atmosphere in specific precision order/ pressure/temperature/duration combination as main process, many are treated in Subcritical realm.

This seems usually augmented/accompanied by either : Hydrodynamic cavitation, EM wave treatment (mainly UV, ELF, EHF, Thz), Plasma discharge, Vaporazing-condensing, Electrolysis, certain mineral(often FIR emitting or "electrically perpetually active" types like Tourmaline, or negatively charged Bentonite etc) or biopolymer or bio enhancing type herbs or bacteria mixing prior to the treatment,(see 62-63’General Summary of Anomalous “Vitalizing Effect Water”), -->> continued - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


9’SuperCritical Water: continued 4

-->> cont: WM Fully rejected as occasionally claimed effects: Many of proprietary or “Catalytic” type water:

Effects: Sealed water claimed to last up to 5yrs for its effects, and produced water is used as concentrate for 10-1000+ times dilution: D(Algae germ stifling as water), Z(Plant/animal grow larger-faster with water), B2(Less plant water needs), C2(soil desalination effect), D2(selective human prefered herb-germ-insect enhancing), E2(flavor enhancement), F2(human/animal skin, bio function enhancement),

Unlisted effects: ■ This type of water process has effect of -“imprinting” or copying process of mineral or magnetic property into water or vice versa. Certain water with copied qualities of some mineral can be further “pasted” on to 3rd party solid matter): eg of heating-cooling as key process in this type of water: (Enjoy VivoPlus)?, See details including commercialized examples at 28’Catalytic Water. - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


10‘Sonic, Its Cavitation, Acoustic Pulsed Fire Drying: Effect mix of Accepted, Rejected, Fully rejected by(WM)

■ 10‘Ultrasonic, Sonic Cavitation & other Acoustic effects; See also ♛Acoustic Pulsed Fire effect on later pages in this section 10, Ultrasonic effect doesn’t necessarily accompany Sonic cavitation effects, Each service/product tend to specialize in specific different areas:

WM Accepted effects: A(Anti pipe scaling effect)(Грандэнерго, Nanjing Hanzhou Technology+), B(anti-corrosion) by Acoustic signal to cause disturbance for preventing Elements precipitation to pipe walls, C(Algae, bacteria, germ stifling)(H2O Bio Sonic, Thomasonic UK+) by shock wave, heat, and generation of H2O2 or Hydroxyl radical, Some claim no cavitation/harmful sounds is produced for animals(LG Sonic Cameleon Technology+): specific frequency seems to exist for undesired algae - Usually Electroporation effect(see section 42’ElectroPoration) or ElectroAcoustic effect generating electric field by "vibration friction" of solute/colloidal ions: Because this transverse EM field coincides in same oscillation as longitudinal acoustic wave, it's standing wave like resonance phenomena, Hence significantly improved effect can occur at specific Ultrasonic range(EMCS Industries+) -->>cont: - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


10‘Ultrasonic, Sonic Cavitation & Acoustic Pulsed Fire Drying & other Acoustic effects: continued 2

—>>cont: WM Accepted effects:

E(Industrial type heavy cleaner)(Спецмаш ультразвукового оборудования, НПО «ЗЕЛТ» ua+), Paint stripping(Pratt & Whittney PurePulse +), or 90%+ water saving cleaning(Ultra Wave - StarStream+), Most “dip-in type” top line devices come with oscillation or up-down motion option to prevent sonic frequency based “uneven clean zones”(eg 40khz creates it every 19-20mm), or • by frequency changer(Rion-tpe+), Often vacuum combined (Aqua-c アクア化学 • ソニック・フェロー株式会社 +), Adjustable cavitation quality (Sonicfellow ....... +), Enhanced cavitation cleaning in vacuum(Sharp UC-600AV, Pureron Japan, Miuraz jp, UCE Ultrasonic+)

F(Laundry & washing): residential use portable device(Volcano Turbo Wash+): Industrial multiple chamber vacuum-ambience dual type - std process use in electronics etc but not so in many other industries(Sakura Seiki, MasusanTec, Clean Technologies Group+), Resonating ultrasonic frequency at projecting source before water hits washing target(, M(energy production enhancing): biofuel production improvement(Sonotronic de+), -->>cont:、 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


10‘Ultrasonic, Sonic Cavitation & Acoustic Pulsed Fire Drying & other Acoustic effects: continued 3 —>>cont: WM Accepted effects:

I(Oil water separating) & J(Waste water cleaning, Oil, toxin recovery): by promoting faster degredation(Ultrawaves GmbH+), Mainstream use but only in some nations in Europe. Ballast water treatment by oxygen removal by inert gas combined with self generating ultrasonic oscillation(ColdHarbour Marine+), UV combined for increased decomposing matter & UV light cleaning effect both(Svarog UV+), Enhanced oil recovery(Progress Ultrasonics Group+), Replacement of water filtering solids(FloDesign Sonics+), Industrial wastewater cleaning by cavitation(, Nlegin ru+) •

Also unique solutes atomization-separation from water as same-elementnanoclustered-powdered-form("ultrasonic drying"/ "steamless drying") with low temperature(keep flavor & nutrition) & at least 40% less cost of conventional heat based drying while certain separation is much larger saving(NanoMist Technologies+): also low cost "ultrasonic wet scrubbing" or ethanol separation in works.

P(Odor removal as process, sludge reduction)(Dewaco Finnsonic, VTA Austria GmbH, Oviowater Sonolyzer+) direct shockwave destroys some organism, also seems to be by increased Hydroxyl with certain frequency, W(Degassing) with certain frequency, -->>cont:


10‘Ultrasonic, Sonic Cavitation & Acoustic Pulsed Fire Drying & other Acoustic effects: continued 4

—>>cont: WM Accepted effects: H2(dewatering, drying): generating standing wave amplifies the effect, 50% range energy & time both saving, no temperature increase to the dried medium or substrate: ink, paint, glue etc,(Heat Technologies Inc+), close to order of magnitude for grain, fish, wood, cotton, pharmaceutical etc(Акустика ресурс, U-sonic ru +)

Unlisted effects: ■(matter destruction, boring holes)(VLN-Tech+), ■(less pain thorough root canal cleaning)(Sonendo+), ■(Barnacle growth prevention)(Hunter Technologies+), ■(Std process of flaw detection can be applied for pipe or water container situations by use of Immersion Transducers): std process in some industries but not all(Olympus-ims+), ■(Part of Std process in Oil In Water Monitoring [OIWM]): but underexplored in other applications (Mirmorax+), same use with ultrasonic self cleaning sensor system(ProAnalysis Argus+), ■(Emulsion fuel)(Hielscher, Vodmazut Раптех, ЦЭТ Гидротопливо+), ■(Water meter)(Kamstrup+), core mainstream industrial use, underused in residential in many nations, ■(Transporting matter including water or up-in-the-air liquid mixing)(ETH Zurich: Dan Foresti+, Tokyo Inst of Tech: Ken Nakamura), still max 4kg transport level ability for industrial application, ■(Car "wiper")(Toyota, Asahi Glass, McLaren+) 、 Generally WM Rejected effect, Claims are made in connection with hydrodynamic cavitation devices which generate standing wave acoustic oscillation, M(spray soak treated water to make food fresh longer, less mold), Less often claimed effects: Z(plant-animal grow faster with larger crops, promote fermentation/decomposing), 、 WM Fully rejected or treated as fraud, less often claimed effect, A2(desalinating water) (SonCav+) 48

10‘Ultrasonic, Sonic Cavitation & Acoustic Pulsed Fire Drying & other Acoustic effects: continued 5

Subsection: ♛Pulsed "Acoustic Fire" Drying effect: This acoustic effect generally seems to be a result of standing wave generation by pulsated firing at 200-300Hz range, generating various anomalous effects yet quietly accepted or ignored by WM for some reason except thermodynamic violating segment of the tech:

WM Accepted effects: G2(Energy efficiency increase), H2(Dewatering/drying): Here treated water doesn't help efficiency but the manner water is dried off powder etc indicates unusual efficiency & speed in comparison to conventional spray drying or Ultrasonic spray drying,

Pulse combustion generates sonic sound energy shock waves & this standing wave causing sound seems(requirement for effectiveness) to accelerate drying by breaking bonds between water and matter, also far wider range of matter & size can be dried since there is no nozzle to spray used like in conventional spray drying: eg Ink drying, Production of Pulp & Paper, Gympsum& OSB/Fibreboards, or even in advanced drying system like rotary kiln. Speed of drying is in certain aspect is about 50-100 times faster with about 1/10-100 of energy used for fire control itself(ignored and not debunked by WM), while there is very little heat incurred in dried material even fire itself is 1000°C range, hence useable for protein/enzyme drying. Pulsed fire often becomes self sustaining with no outside power used hence power use for overall fire related function at this point is none. If precisely calculate all of this, it would be difficult to deny "over unity" efficiency - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


10‘Ultrasonic, Sonic Cavitation & Acoustic Pulsed Fire Drying & other Acoustic effects: continued 6

-->>continued: ♛Pulsed "Acoustic Fire" Drying effect: G2(Energy efficiency increase), H2(Dewatering/drying):

WM Fully rejected : Same "G2 & H2" effect description but from here it is realm of WM rejection: Exaggerated efficiency version of & relation to Pulsed Jet Rockets mechanics which is also conventionally not fully explainable. Also “air flow” caused by this "pulsed standing wave acoustic fire" seems to be “charged” so that this air itself dries other medium much faster than regular air, even 99% moisture matter is driable instantly. Drying effectiveness and sound itself affected by geometric structure of drying area also - Resembling concept of pseudoscientized propellantless microwave cavity drive used for space travel by Roscosmos and NASA. There is another side of similarity which is thermoacoustic effect.

Majority of this tech operators claim similar range of pre-mentioned effects:(Heat Technologies Inc, PulseDry, Pulse Drying Systems+)

Also some additionally claim alter the shape of particles as they are dried: instead of default globule shape, can make rugged patter for better adhesive capability when sprayed on(Wave Dry+) - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


11’Hydrodynamic cavitation: Effect mix of Accepted, Disputed, Rejected, Fully rejected by (WM)

■ 11’Hydrodynamic cavitation: Rapid water vortex, pressure drop, or turbulence involves cavitation, solutes or microorganism cells in water are ruptured/oxidized in various degrees depends on process by impact of colliding, imploding, shockwave, sometimes accompanying acoustic standing waves, sonoluminescence, production of H2O2, Hydroxyl & UV ray,

Process might involve Venturi, Orifice effects, as well as Ultrasonic(Hydrosonic) phenomena caused by water movement generating standing wave like effects with very low energy use(sometimes accompanied by self running effect[ie: perpetual motion, pseudoscientized]), or claims of microplasma generation very similar to Electrohydraulic effect or Rotating Magnetic field/ Rotating Electrode effect(active Torsion field), Spin type is often well beyond 1000RPM, some close to 10,000RPM range, Certain element of SubCritical water is involved: -->>cont: - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


11’Hydrodynamic cavitation: continued 2

WM Accepted effects: H(Oil water separation)(Global Adavntech+), J(BOD reduction, Advanced Oxidizing Process, toxin/oil field waste water/sludge decomposing)(, For ballast water(Globallast ua+), Enhanced oil recovery- additional hydrocarbon quality improvement(Arisdyne+), synergy with UV for even more disruptive level of large volume industrial water AOP(Western Magnum CAV-OX, OZONIX Ecosphere Tech+), same effect with Cavitating Jets(DynaFlow+)

P(Odor remove, sludge reduction): by killing microbes(by cell lysis, ozone, H2O2 etc) & decomposing matter. Some high pressure homogenizers' effectiveness seem to derive from venturi/orifice type cavitation effect(Crown Disintegration Evoqua, Microsludge+), can be used for dewatering(VRTX Technologies+), W(Degassing & Deoxygenation):eg (Vortex Energy Saver+) is installed in water heater system to save 20-30% cost saving- This is surprisingly WM approved(UK govn’t), -->>cont: - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


11’Hydrodynamic cavitation: continued 3

-->>cont: WM Accepted effects:

G2(Energy production, Heat recovery) by pressure drop weak cavitation element water spray into flue gas(Condensing Scrubber: direct contact heat recovery and cleaning exhaust) is long mainstream with majors participation(Valmet, Babcock & Wilcox, Hitachi Zosen Inova+), but generally underutilized. Smaller specialized companies offer(Bionomic Industries QSense, Thermal Energy International, Air Treatment System Srl+), Advanced combustion air humidification with heat pump combo(Caligo Industria, Condens Heat Recovery Oy+): also Western Mainstream(WM) unapproved effect in later pages

Sometimes WM Disputed effect(easy to obfuscate & deny effect by at Western mainstream “test lab” level by changing vortex pattern or speed), Top performers' HVAC effect seems extremely potent, simple, and low cost: A*(Descaling), HVAC application by stripping CO2 hence precipitating CaCO3(HyCator+), Pipe cleaning (Group Konstanta «МАНГУСТ»+), Dairy product flow pipe descaling is WM fully rejected(TEKMASH+), B(anticorrosion of water pipes)(VRTX Technologies - EcoWater CHC), C*(Germ killing & Algae removal)(CT Systems ua+), Beverage process(HydroDynamics - SPX Flow+), L(Drinking water generation+), X(Lower redox value), - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


• •

11’Hydrodynamic cavitation: continued 4 -->>cont: Sometimes WM Disputed effect:、 Occasionally Claimed: D*(Algae germ killing, disinfectant as drinkable water)(Waterbotruff+), Generally claimed to work more like water filter as Oxidation destruction occurs, Certain heater device also produces range of effect similar to strong time variant magnetic field treated like water effect, K(Dirty water lake, river cleaning), N(Food detergent), S(Separation of undesired particles in waterflow by controlled cavitation)(Hydro International, Vorsana+), Oil-water separation(Connex Water, Alfa Laval - S and P Flex+),

Unlisted effect: ■i Cavitation Underwater Cleaner: Removing growth/ debres on underwater hard surface (Limpieza Purotecnica SA, Cavitech Denizcilik, Sugino Machine+): shockwave and timely cavitation as fine bubble hits the surface with much faster cleaning/far less paint peel off, much less power use than conventional mechanical/hydraulic/jet methods while safer to users(link to jet nanobubble). Use for tankers, commercial ships, offshore oil industry, underwater structure cleaning, recreational etc,


• •

11’Hydrodynamic cavitation: continued 5 -->>cont: Sometimes WM Disputed effect: Unlisted effect:、 ■ii Oil water emulsion(КПМ Кавитационная, CavitroniX+), Hydrodynamic cavitation itself and it's produced ultrasonic(hydroacoustic) wave use (Spektrultra Спектр+), ■iii ultra fast mixing/degassing-deaeration by vacuum planetary + centrifugal mixer of quasi concentric same directional rotation of 500-1000rpm each(hence inner spin can be upto equiv of 1000x1000?)(similar to hydrodynamic cavitation degree movement with oscillation-resonance): for semiconductor & precision manufacturing(air removing), pharma, ceramic, chemical, various emulsion(Kakuhunter, 株式会社EME+), added ultrasonic use(Thinky Corporation+)

Generally WM Rejected effect, O(Remove odor of dairy farm by feeding water), U(Stronger cement, ice, paper, gypsum board etc):(Watreco-Realice+), Quality snow making with vortex followed by venturi water release(Steinbach Alpin+), V(Faster boiling, alcohol separation, more heat conductive),

Occasionally claimed: Q(metal working fluid, cutting fluid), E2(Enhance flavor bakery/pasta/coffee etc)(CTI Nanotech+) - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


11’Hydrodynamic cavitation: continued 6

WM Fully rejected occasionally claimed effect:

G(Toilet, stain, odor, remove by water), Z(Plant, animal grow largerfaster, promotes fermentation, Catalyst to ferment food, drink, manure), (Vidyo Dimitrov Fluid Power+), Humus or peat type soil is "digested" to quickly become organic fertilizer more effectively and lower cost than chemical types(Kodan Tarim+): same effect as Electrohydraulic water treatment. But when consider extra oxygen and nitrogen is dissolved then that itself partially explains enhanced plant growth irrigation effect by venturi type injectors(Mazzei Venturi+),

A2(Salt water desalination):(, ДЭВА Dewa Pulse, +), so far local mainstream accepted(but most likely debunked if went full mainstream) unique air-water mix vortex(not really hydro cavitation) for possibly lowest cost commercialized ocean water desalination in West(Micronic Technologies MicroDesal-MicroEVAP), -->>cont: - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


11’Hydrodynamic cavitation: continued 7

-->>cont: WM Fully rejected:

B2(Less plant water needs, soil water fast absorption and retention), D2(Human prefered herb-insect-germ enhancing),(Biokavitus+), G2(Energy production, combustion assistance): this includes commonly claimed “overunity” effect of efficiency beyond 100% performance for much lower cost heating system(Юрле-К Yurle, Graviton-M+), or dairy product processing system while generating overunity heat(ТЕКМАШ TEKMASH+), also Biofuel production(HydroDynamics+), Used for emulsion fuel generation(section 37'), Efficient HHO gas production(saltwater electrolyte use, eg seawater) & saturated or dry steam production(Cavitation Energy Systems). •

WM approved portion of “G2”: 1-Water emulsion upto 15% range for fuel saving(Vortexfuel ua эмульсия+), 2-Different mechanics of SuperCavitation enables supersonic travel within water: various military group use - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


12’Spiral Vortex flow: Effect mix of Accepted, Disputed, Rejected by Western Mainstream(WM)

■ 12’Spiral Vortex flow/Flowform: Much slower & uncovered open flow version of gravity led hydrodynamic flow as well as slower than hydrodynamic cavitation fast flow for non moving parts fast large vol separator:

WM Accepted effect: S(Coagulation/separation of toxin/waste/sand etc): industrial sand or solid impurity removal(Lakos+), Storm water particle separation is widely used standard process in some areas but not in others(Kristar, AquaShield AquaSwirl+), similarly for V(Faster boiling, alcohol separation, more heat conductive): Oil separation(Contech VortClarex, TerreStorm+): it comes from one end and water from the other end. Generally ineffective for emulsified water, but some spin faster/ adjust pressure to work some degree of emulsion oil or 5μm droplet separation down to 5-10ppm is possible(Ultraspin Technology+), 3way oil-water-solids separator(Enviro Voraxial, Clear Water Plasma+), W(Degassing), 、 Unlisted effect: ■Fast cooling effect: Use of Rankine Vortex to "chill on demand" drinks in round container including carbonated ones by spinning in cold water/ice slurry, from room 25°C to 5°C range in 60(cans)-400(bottles)secs to save energy (V-tex cool, CooperCooler, SpinChill+), much faster than Peltier devices, or freezer. - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


12’Spiral Vortex/flowform: continued 2

■Use of vortex flow dynamics to improve even fibre dispersion & uniform fibre direction setting at Hydraulic Headbox/Flowbox at papermaking machine to increase recovery, paper strength, and save water/material(Vortigen - Fluidics Microforming Systems / CK Aidun) - what happens if combined with magnets/FIR stock treatment?

WM Disputed effect: Generally explained by improved aeration and some sort of WM denied “vitalizing effect” by pulsating rhythmic vortex flow, or voltage difference generated between water and rock/wall just aside of water flow. P(Odor remove, sludge reduction by process)(Muddy River Technologies, Vortex Flow Inc+): combined vortex down and up in phase conjugate manner for faster effect (Mixaerator+), Unique combination of aerobic bacteria film full of long pipe with periodical moderate sudden pressure reduction venturi for tankless wastewater treatment(Biopipe Global AG),

● Weaker effect, A&B(Descaling & Anti corrosion)(Chesterton Vortex Divison+), C(Algae germ stifling)(Bertil Pettersson Plus & Minus+), D(Algae germ stifling as water), I(Grease trap clean, kitchen odor removal,Catalyst to ferment food, drink, manure): aerobic bacteria activation, K(Dirty river water clarity or fish growth enhancement in flow)(Living Water Flowform+) -->>continued - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


12’Spiral Vortex/flowform: continued 3

-->>cont: WM Disputed effect: ● Weaker occasionally claimed effect M(Spray-soak treated water to last food, less mold),

Generally WM Rejected effect, E2(Flavor enhancement on pasta, soup, coffee etc) (Prime Inventions+) Weaker effect: J(BOD[Biological Oxygen Demand[ reduce, AOP[Advanced Oxidizing Process], toxin/oil field/waste water): linked to last pages’ “P” type odor removing effect, O(Remove odor of dairy farm by feeding animals), Z(Plant/animal grow larger, faster nutritious, promotes fermentation), B2(Less plant water needs, higher soil water absorption), C2(Plant grow in salty water, Soil desalination), D2(Human preferred animal-plant-bacteria etc enhancement), F2(Human/Animal skin-dental enhance, medical boost): WM rejected claims of above are collectively made/implied for many devices(Pejosan, Alive Water, Grander Water+): note they are often additionally equipped with other WM unapproved effects such as FarInfraRed emitting minerals, or “subtle energy oscillating” medium(actually measurable by some spectroscopy)

Large majority of devices combine other WM labeled “pseudoscientific” processes: 27’Magnetic, 31’Torsion, 32’Scalar, 33’Bioceramic etc. Often “new age” connotation implied when marketed to household use products - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


13’Nanobubble: Effect mix of Accepted, Disputed, Rejected by Western Mainstream(WM)

■ 13’Nanobubble, Ultrafine bubble, Fine bubble, Microbubble: Bubble size & name is rather vaguely applied or differing definitions: but generally 10-300nm+ for nano and -1-50 µm(1,000-50,000nm) for micro bubble as indicator. Sometimes "hidden under" name of DAF(Dissolved Air Floatation)- nanobubble doesn't float & stay in water, while microbubble disappears-implodes with cavitation(with hydroxyl radical generation). Effects differ by bubble content: mainly use of Air, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Ozone, CO2, Helium, Inert gas. Production method: Generally following methods are applied- some are related to the cause of other bioactivating unorthodox effects: Vortex & Hydrodynamic cavitation, High pressure gas injection, Gas mixed superheated steam injection, Venturi, Acoustic Cavitation, Electrolysis, Electric Pulse - Microplasma, Conductive Nanoceramic etc.

WM Accepted effect: A(Scale prevention), C*(bacteria-algae stifling process by bubbling): Killing virus without corroding effect on metal( ), Ballast Water treatment(Gascon, HondaKiko+) by at least partially with impact of bubbles’ cavitation, Calcium etc broken down & kept in solution by Hydroxyl generated, but most major effect is likely to do with double-layer type chargeelectron-current effect: negative ion around bubble to give electrons or generate hydroxyl. Vitalizing larger bioorganism or stifle rust but tends to kill virus.


• •

13’Nanobubble: continued 2 -->> cont: WM Accepted effect: E* (Industrial type heavy cleaner, particularly effective for IT industry type use precision parts /semi conductor cleaning),( deemed most effective washing medium in some applications(See section 48’Nitrogen & CO2 infused water), Also done in other methods to increase effectiveness(section 58’Ion Projection,): charging particles to reduce zeta potential (by nanobubbles surrounding it), combining Ultrasonic(Ultrasonic-Labo+), Self cleaning mechanics of bathtub etc(Mitsubishi Electric microbubble EcoCute self-cleaning+), 、 Commercial or residential interior cleaning by amplifying negative electrical charge of nanobubbles by electric field to trigger electroporation effect on germs(Tennant ActiveIon - Orbio ec-H2O Technology+): effective disinfection. Also probably hydroxyl radical is created as bubbles burst in the process(though manufacturer doesn't claim it), Orbio's cleaning effect is by regular negative charge "sucking" of ultrafine bubbles with positive charged dirt- this unique tech mechanics is completely WM science legal but selectively pseudoscientized by WM media(even court system took media science's "advice") in Europe and North America both probably business lobby's damage control(of this 30,000+ location validated tech) action due to Tennant's mainstream status? - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


• •

13’Nanobubble: continued 3 —> continued WM Accepted effect: J*(Waste water cleaning) Combine electrolysis to have electroflotation effect(Tokai-nsi+), but even regular Ozone infusion method is deemed quite effective(Toa electronics group, Aisan ecomax• アイサン工業 +), floatation methods(Nippon Steel Sumikin+): Use of find bubble range - super fine bubble or Nanobble doesn't float. M*(Spray-soak-dip in- to last food, less mold, Deoxydized Nitrogen/CO2 bubble water for long term fish/seashell stock keeping(Nanox Co Ltd+), Use of Oxygen nanobubble to freeze & revive some fish etc,), N*(Food detergent)(イオンナノ水, ESサービス+), P*(Odor & sludge reduction) by oxygen aeration(3-4times dissolving of normal aeration), is good, but Ultrafine ozone bubble lasts up to 12hrs(Hikari-Kurie, Nac-nmg Foamest, Sionix+), Q*(Metal working fluid, cutting fluid, cleaning nano debris off knives to make it last longer, also very effective including splash reduction effect),(, R(Clean metal precision equipment parts), S(Separation of toxin/impurities): by flocculation(, T(Even dyeing, paint production), W(Degassing, detoxication), ■Unlisted effect: Fast dissolving of gas with water(NanoTera Group+)


13’Nanobubble: continued 4

Japan mainstream use but as sometimes WM Disputed effect, or under exaggerated capability, probably this would have been treated as full pseudosicence if claims were from Russia or China: D*(Algae germ stifling water, The nanobubble & its effect remains in water for at least several days), Vortex aeration style(Tec-kak+), when sealed nanobubbled Ozone continues to exists in water for 6months(Opt Creation Inc+), possibly H2 also(both pseudoscientized by WM), Low pH Ozone infused to minimized metal corrosion- using Diamond electrolysis?(Naturescompany jp),

F(Laundry detergent effect),(Mitsubishi Electric+), Effective with pet bathing when Ozone is used(     アイレックス オゾンペットシャワー +), G(toilet clean, stain on wall etc)(Ligaric+) including odor removal, which is suitable as water is faster drying than regular water, Food detergent(Idec Izumi+), H(Oil-water separation): Can break demulsion, Lower cost with improved separation than conventional types: (BLdynamics, Tec-Kak+), microbubble size is more effective in large volume industrial set up -->>cont: - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


13’Nanobubble: continued 5

—>>continue WM Disputed:

K(Dirty smelly lake/river/sea water clarity increase), F2(Human animal skin/dental/enhance, insect bite treatment, bioenhancement against disease, cell protection etc),(Anzaimcs+), significantly higher warming capability over regular hot water(Micro-bub+)

Occasionally claimed Y(Insectcide & herb stifler),

Weaker effect: L(Drinking water generation[non desalination]+); more often used as one key part within a multiple processes treatment method, Also as single process is viable in more limited situations, V(Faster boiling, alcohol separation, more heat conductive(Anzaimcs+), G2(Energy production, combustion assistance, efficiency improvement +): Emulsion(Malufuku+), Ocean freight water friction reduction for additionally better gas mileage(Aura-tec com+), H2(soil consolidation, geosynthetics) earthquake reinforcement etc(SatoKogyo jp+) - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


13’Nanobubble: continued 6

—>>continue WM Disputed:

Unlisted effect: ■ Significant advantage in food processing(Idec Izumi+), ■ Acidity control by CO2 nanobubble injection(TechCorporation jp+), ■ Large sized microbubble reduces residential water use by 20-30%(TanakaKinzoku +), ■ Medical absorption tracing, ■ Omission of expensive high pressure & high temperature reactor possible in some cases: bubble cavitation effect combined with something else causes same chemical alteration effect usually requires expensive set up & high energy: eg room temp/pressure generation of super low cost artificial hydrocarbon creation from H2O & CO2(see section 63' "Anomalous processes & effects" iv- "Fossil Fuel")

B(anticorrosion)but effect seems weaker.(Greensuwon+)

Generally WM Rejected effect, Z(plant/animal grow larger-faster, and increased nutrition value as irrigation water, less smell of cattle residence, promotes bioenhancing type fermentation, Catalyst to ferment or decompose food, drink, manure)(, +), Fertilizer effect by nitrogen nanobubble?(Ok Engineering finebubble+), Ozone finebubble(Blue Planet Environmental+), Significant chicken egg production & quality increase(HUCK UFB jp+), fish enhancement, reviving dying fish(Nikuni jp, REO 研究所+), - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


14’Photocatalytic water treatment: Effect mix of Accepted, Disputed, Rejected by Western Mainstream(WM)

■ 14’Photocatalytic water treatment, mainly Titanium Dioxide TiO2, some Tungsten Trioxide WO3. Cu doped TiO2 might be most catalysis producing under UV for commercialized models. H2O reacts to make Hydroxyl radical, H2O2. This applies not only to water filled surface but air cleaner mechanics(not on tech list) by catalyst applied surface contact airborne water/ moisture creates Oxidizing agents,

Despite wide publicity actual commercialization is relatively rare outside Japan: UV light based effect on producing Reactive Oxygen Species(ROS: hydroxyl radical[OH•], Hydrogen Peroxide[H2O2], Superoxide Anion[O2*−] etc), or Reactive Nitrogen Species(RNS: Nitric Oxide[NO] etc), is WM media approved, but media & some NGOs/Gov'ts sometimes make other versions(Electrolysis, Plasma arc/pulse with-without UV, Photocatalysis, Nanobubble, Ultrasonic, Hydrodynamic Cavitation etc) pseudoscience: “visible light”- eg: UV light is not required(WM science legal) or “no light”(some illegal) photocatalysis, - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


14’Photocatalytic: continued 2

This slow deployment of tech might be a reasonable move as full effect validation at WM media can be more disruptive than many other tech effects for wide applicability and displacement of existing more expensive chemical based tech(which also creates additional clean up industry):

WM Accepted effect: B(anticorrosion of water pipe) by C(killing bacteria & removing biofilms),works well as self cleaning(due to photocatalytic hydrophilicity effect) surfacing in permanently dark area by combining with Platinum etc(WM unapproved)(EcoKimera, Zen-World AirPlot+), Swimming pool applications to replace Chlorine: (This is WM media unapproved) (Newmarins,, (Medical focus on hospital floorwall-window to clothing fabric-curtain-bedding(, Filter combined with other "elecrocharging"matter like electret or electroconductive polymer for strong disinfection( +), Smog cleaning by coating on pavement & tunnel wall (フォトロード工法 photo+), - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


14’Photocatalytic: continued 3

-->>cont: WM Accepted effect: G*(Laundry detergent, Self cleaning toilet-glass-wall etc, many work with visible light, not necessarily UV light as catalytic process)(also WM rejected no light product exists: silver etc combined), Quite effective in some situation as is due to continuous hydroxyl production, from waste water to pool disinfection, Hospital wall-floor disinfection (Seiwa Inc Kogyo),

Paint or Spray on surface to make self cleaning by water once applied liquid dries, effect lasts from 0.5-5+ yrs, non-binder use type hardsurface coating claims 10-20+yrs,(, Gaera hikari, Nakaya-se, Cata-Rise+) including high traffic soft surface: car seats, fabric, clothing, glass etc, also effective in room walls-carpets-celling for smoking and perfume odor removal. This will only substantially reduce but still needs cleaning especially in no natural rain area. Self cleaning house(PanaHome Kiratech+). Carry on laundry ball(洗濯美人, 洗濯トリニティー+), (Toilet stain, odor removal by water), Special coating onto high water traffic surface urinal.(Toshiba ReneCat, TOTO Hydrotect+) Can be very effective. Also after market coating for Urinal/bathtub(GGC-eco Titanium+) - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


14’Photocatalytic: continued 4

-->>cont: WM Accepted effect: H(oil-water separation): also demulsion by photocatalytic reaction to alter oleophilic filter to oleophobic -no commercialization found. J(BOD reduction, AOP of waste water, toxin/oil field water water cleaning), cheaper replacement of chlorine, killer hydroxyl disappears quickly and can be used for drinking/food process(CatalySystems+), Light industrial waste water(R-Energy jp+), TiO2 containing ceramic reacts when irrdiated by UV, but this is amplified due to self electricity generating Tourmaline is contained(日本バインダー工業 SUPERZERO +), Combined ultrasonic to increase effectiveness(this part WM disapproved), (Titanystar+),

Dioxin & PCB decomposing specialty (, Industrial/pesticide storage with Toluene and Xylene etc leaking, Housing Formaldehyde(MaryshoSangyo jp +), Ballast water treatment combined with other processes(Headway OceanGuard +), Circulating water for fish farms(Fish-agro ru+)

M(Spray-soak-dip-in to last food or less mold, clean air), platinum based types has high capacity to absorb vegetable rotting ethylene gas but there is also additionally some kind of WM unapproved “residual bio-vitalization effect (Fuji Kihan Titan 不二機販), - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


14’Photocatalytic: continued 5

—>>continued: WM Accepted effect: M(Spray-soak-dip-in to last food or less mold, clean air):

Air cleaning(water mist is involved so included in this water tech presentation) is a major std application in Japan, it is not pseudoscientized but rather ignored or quietly installed without major reference to it by many other Western ally nations: No filter replacement, can use indoor lights: walls-glasses-filters-clothing-floorurinal self washing-deodoring-germ-killing-oilmist-decomposing capability(Showa Denko+),

Some of no bonding agent used photocatalytic material(doesn’t peel off) or no UV requirement types are much more effective than others(but these types are WM science level approved, media unapproved), and there are antibacteria metal ion fused no light requirement types that are super effective(Fujico HardFacing MaSSC+),(WM generally ignored-rejected outside Japan), Because this air cleaning includes decomposing mold and Ethylene(C2H4), food in closed room last 3-4 times longer(Air-cleaner Seiwa Kogyo+)/cut flower storage or transportation(TankaFresh, Daikoh Kaizoukun+), Light stand & air cleaner/ airborne germ decomposer(, Combined with humidifier for “room cleaning”(Hitachi クリエア+) -->>continued


14’Photocatalytic: continued 6

—>>continued: WM Accepted effect:

N(Food detergent),

L(Drinking water generation[non desalination]+); categorized "weak" only because it takes more time than other processes, but effect itself is firm and strong. Used as key part of process sometimes but stand alone photocatalytic type water purifier commercialization doesn’t seem to be allowed at this time: except small portable carrying/military type(Puralytics). •

This is a much simpler technology compared to other photocatalytic applications: coat any plastic or glass containers with non toxic photocatalyst but ALL mainstream producers stops production during very high demand before 2013 or keep putting off new commercialization while calling it “very promising technology”(Panasonic Water Purification, メデタンク+),


14’Photocatalytic: continued 7

—>>continued: WM Accepted weak effect: P(Odor remove, sludge reduction by process): weak effect on turbid water or no light reaching matter surface even for pseudoscentized stronger effect “no light” photocatalytic types, This application has similar track record to a”L” Drinking water: from around yr 2000, commercialization has been discussed yet no mainstream group came up with a system, currently seemingly only used part application of UV light reaction AOP type, not sun light or even LED light using types(Takemura-SS,, Gyrecat+),

G2(Energy production- H2 produced from water with light), this research is not aware of commercialization

Unlisted effects: ■ Mold Prevention including in high moisture or constantly wet surface(MarushoSangyo jp+), ■ Non fogging window(Asaka Riken Rinko+), - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


14’Photocatalytic: continued 8

WM Disputed effect: Rare claims: A(pipe descaling) by changing solutes nucleation in water, D(as algae germ stifling as water),

Generally WM Rejected effect, Occasionally claimed, When made by Nano Titan Fine Particle Bombardment(FRB) on platinum or ceramic surface: oxidizing quality yet also strong andioxidannt quality(Fuji Kihan Titan). FPB fusing effect of platinum & titan causing anomalous effect?, K(Dirty lake smell cleaning, fish enhancement), O(remove odor of dairy farm by feeding water to animals), X(Lower redox value water, “alkaline effect”), Y(Insecticide, herb stifler), Z(Pant/animal grow larger, faster, nutritious, less smell, increase fermentation, Catalyst to ferment food, drink, manure/decompose), E2(Enhance Flavor of bakery/pasta/coffee/rice/soup), - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


15’EDI & CDI: Effect mix of Accepted, Disputed, Rejected by Western Mainstream(WM) ■ 15’EDI & CDI: Electro De-Ionization(demineralizing thru membrane), & CDI: Capacitive De-Ionization (porous electrode absorbing ion); WM Accepted effect: Widely used for Pure water production- sometimes competitively used for L(Drinking water generation[non desalination]+)(eg combined with water spiral: BWT SEPTRON+), A2(Salt water desalination)(eg WiseWater Pte, TGH2O, HydroNovation +), many commercialized techs are competitive in low(<10,000ppm) salinity only, Advanced low Capex-Opex high salinity application far beyond sea water(35,000ppm) level(Atlantis technologies+): Radial Deionization with ultralong fast treating water flow(upto 10m) supercapacitor pair with dielectric spacer in a Concentric Tube. •

But actually several mostly uncommercialized techs are much lower power use: eg1: by tuning the applied voltage frequency into natural frequency of filtering structure to cause standing wave resonance( This tricky-not always repeatable(resonance freq & its intensity seems to differ by various elements)but exact mechanics is used for many types of over-unity energy devices including water based H2 producing devices(see 29'HHO, 63' Other Anomalous Effects[water based energy generators]). eg2: No membrane/resin using micropower electrogradiant generator WaterChip based desalination(Okeanostech): For other range of super low cost desalination being shelved or actually quietly installed see 10'Ultrasonic, 11'Hydrodynamic Cavitation, 56'Nanofiltration, 61'Membrane Distillation.


15’EDI & CDI: continued 2

• •

-->> cont: WM Accepted effects, A2(Salt water desalination): •

eg3: Combo of EDI & RO type tech for heavier salt content effectiveness: High Efficiency Electro Pressure Membrane(EET Corp+)

Effective Industrial water desalination by combo of RO, EDI and Nanofiltration elements(ElectroChem Saltworks Technolgies+),

As weaker effect, in rare cases used for A(Descaling effect)(QUA group+), B(De-corrosion), C(Germ stifling, Bacteria removal), P(Odor remove, sludge reduction by process) as a side use. G2(energy harvesting) with CO2, research level only(Hamelers+),

Other commercialized eg: (Evoqua, Vertex Hydropore, Aqua EWP+ )

Media level occasionally Disputed its cost effectiveness: J(some of heavy metal type toxin or part of wastewater cleaning) but innovative ElectroStatic Deionization(ESD) demonstrates significantly lower cost effect than conventional ROs etc for certain water cleaning task(Enpar Technologies)- similar mechanics to last page's radial deionization, Some are robust enough to treat light industrial/laundry wastewater, or cooling tower water at low cost(Voltea capDI+), Customizable specific mineral salt removal(AquaOmnes+)

Generally WM Rejected: Z(Enhanced growth, nutrition, of plant-animal, fermentation catalyst), C2(Plant growth in salty/toxic water, soil enhancement) 76 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada

16-18’General Electrolysis Introduction

This whole presentation has more than 14 categorized sections of Electrolysis related tech processes, but here specifically referring in relation to electrolysis in section 16’Alkaline water, 17’Acid water, 18’Mix water(one chamber anode-cathode undivided water flow). There are many variations that produce different water qualities, commercialized applications, effect lasting abilities, varied effectiveness even for the same chemical or pH component.

Generally speaking, electrochemical process discussed in sections 16-18 requires only negligible amount of salt (NaCl), or Potassium hydroxide(KOH) etc, to be added in water to electrolyze, or simply regular chlorinated tab water suffices(Membrane can work as electrolyte to electrolyze pure water also). Amount of electrolyte is low enough to often qualify as fresh water with salt content <0.1% or <0.05 (definition depends on country), most of them are max <0.2% (Ocean water is average 3.5%: 35,000ppm NaCl). -->> continued - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


General Electrolysis Introduction 2(for section 16-18)

Water effect differs due to variation of Electrolysis mechanics: ●Chamber separation membrane type(eg bioceramic mineral polymer etc), ●Electrode materials, ●Temperature, ●# of chambers, ●Duration, ●Different Electrolyte use, ●Voltage gap between electrodes, ●Air pressure, ●pH, ●Background EM radiation intensity & frequency, ●Pre-treatment(eg Magnetic, Acoustic or EM wave[UV, MW, FIR, Thz] Vortex, SuperCritical, Cavitation, Electrolysis etc), ●Original infeed water content(same drinking water by region actually significantly differs) etc. Large # of undetermined/unagreed mechanics and water effects exist at Western Mainstream & fringe level both.

Tech gap in Electrolysis by affiliation/nations is not like other regular water tech division between Western ally vs non Western: Significant technology acceptance gap amongst Western ally nations: Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, & frequent Western science "law" ignoring Russia/China etc vs rest of the world including many in West. Additional large gap between formal science and WM media approved science by latter rejecting some of former when seemingly economically disruptive. - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


General Electrolysis Introduction 3(for section 16-18)

◆A - ACID WATER, Main effect element contents: i-NaClO/NaOCl: Sodium Hypochlorite(Sometimes called Acid, but actually Alkaline water), Called bleach when dissolved in water in high concentration, Most typical "Chlorinated drinking water", ClO⁻ in water works as germ killer, mainstream production method of NaClO is caustic soda(Sodium Hydroxide) with chlorine gas reaction, but in-situ electrolysis is faster and no storage needed and often much lower cost(this rather basic shifting stage from mainstream chemical reaction method to low cost electrolysis production of "even mixed" Sodium Hypochlorite is defined as innovation in large majority of world, but this disinfection water is broadly considered as obsolete technology in most applications in advanced Japan market(also it can produce minute amount of Trihalomathane when reacts with organic[carbon] material) and generally replaced by Hypochlorous acid.

ii-HClO/HOCl: Hypochlorous acid(Acid water), much more effective(5-100times, in some cases using as low as 0.5ppm) than NaClO in killing germs but used much less often by electrolysis in most of world, Second most common "Chlorinated drinking water", Mainstream making method is to feed solid Calcium Hypochlorite: Ca(ClO)2, or concentrated Sodium Hypochlorite(bleach) into water with pH adjustment. -->>cont - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


General Electrolysis Introduction 4(for section 16-18)

-->>cont: ◆A - ACID WATER, Main effect element contents: ii-HClO/HOCl: Hypochlorous acid(Acid water):

Electrolysis only HClO water can be divided into three categories(see next page). Additionally, sprayable disinfection HClO product made from NaClO by reducing pH with added/infused CO2(Nankai-youzai+), HCl(Comosy jp+), Citric Acid(Unifeed jp+), additive mixed Calcium Hypochlorite(Sdplanet Clinicalwater +), etc in stabilized manner as bottled product or on-site generation device. Furthermore, chemical Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate (C3Cl2N3O3Na) etc can be dissolved in water in low solution to produce equivalent HClO water( Unlike dissolved NaOH in water vs Alkaline water, Chemical diluted HClO vs Electrolysis produced Acid water seems to demonstrate same effectiveness with former being lower price in very small vol use(but chemical diluted ones have inconsistent stability, with usually much shorter water effect lastability).

Next page's list compares various HClO types vs NaClO vs tap water disinfection quality. High Cl content NaClO is often considered beyond cleantech category. - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


• •

General Electrolysis Introduction 5(for section 16-18) -->>cont: ◆A - ACID WATER: Comparison of HClO water categories vs "innovatively produced" & fairly widely used ●NaClO●, vs Tap chlorine water. Note Free Available Chlorine(FAC) shifts Cl2 <-->HClO<-->ClO⁻ by pH Chemistry/ Water type

HClO, Strong Acid HClO, Weak Acid HClO, Subtle Acid

Cl ppm official actual 5-2060 5-2060 510-30, 20-80 50-200 -2000 50-200 -2000

NaClO+CO2/ HCl etc, Acid ●NaClO●, Alkaline NaClO, 0.2Tap chlorine 0.5-5 water

Cl Other Germ smell main killing by & rust relvant applying, effect element spraying strong Cl2, H⁺, strong O2 medium O2 strong weak

O2, H2(1 strong chamber)

HClO very very strong strong very ClO⁻, H2 weak strong weakvery weak


almost none

E-lysis cham ber devide 2-3

Main pH Stability Skin, electr , effect drink olyte lasting dama ge NaCl, <2.7 very mild KCl poor 2-3 NaCl, 2.7- medium weak KCl 5.0 none or HCl, 5.0- good none 3 NaCl, 6.5 KCl none NaCl 4-7 poor strong none chemi cal dosing



good in strong high pH


poor out none of tap 81

General Electrolysis Introduction 6(for section 16-18)

◆B - ALKALINE WATER: Main effect element contents: iii- NaOH in water as Na⁺, OH⁻: ie Different from mere water diluted Sodium Hydroxide: many commercialized/academic/lab claims. But even in Japan, mainstream large companies avoid dealing directly(work via subcontractors) with widely used pH13 water, and producers often market it only domestically - e.g: •

●Some of equivalent Na⁺ OH⁻ 0.15-0.2% dissolved electrolyzed water is pH13.113.8, or its production device sold(but water diluted NaOH must be 0.5mol(2% solution) to be pH13.7, and 0.05mol(0.2%) should be no higher than pH12.7) ●Some pH13 water doesn't burn skin at all and barehand useable(science illegal effect) etc: dissolved ion & water is Electrically activated? ●There seems to be several different types of electrolysis mechanics to produce such high alkaline water: One representative type is by repeat feeding of circulated water that is re-entered & re-electrolyzed from inside of 4 sided membrane electrode "alkaline water only chamber" to flow outward( - Neo Electrolysis Technology): One-man portable device is capable of pH1.6-14(needs 0.7% K).

v-H2, molecule Hydrogen claimed to stay much longer as dissolved than WM allowed by in water, - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘

General Electrolysis Introduction 7(for section 16-18) Another example: Even same pH & name types of electrolyzed water has different quality as indicated below based on production chamber types(std typical models only, there are exceptions)

Cham Processed ber water type divi sion none Electrolyte is dissolved in water: NaCl, KCl(more expensive) etc, 2


Effect Rust effect Stability & on metal Lastability with NaCl use Acid-Alkaline water Less stable, Rust prone mixture. Or only/mainly & shorter water with cathode functions by low effect due salt voltage use to electrolyte presence same as above Ion passing membrane same as same as dividing into 2 rooms with above above each has electrode operating

Direct Chance of Power Intend pH non useful use & ed control byrun cost effect products Small Weak no low amount of er Cl2/NaCl, than 3 chamb er

Often purewater use. Only dissolved ion comes into final product

some yes

How it works

Cathode+membrane, & Anode+mambrane work as divider. Electrolyte chamber in between

Stable & longer lasting

Much less rust prone water, no salt or chlorine,


high Small amount of Cl2/ Trihalome thane/NaCl Much less low or none of above

Weak er than 3 chamb er Strong er than above 83

General Electrolysis Introduction 8(for section 16-18) OTHERS: Even standard electrode and voltage difference use electrolyzed water product or water treatment service can be uniquely effective(ie excludes Ozone production etc): eg •

Use of "Split second existence" of H2O2, O2⁻, •OH around electrodes for water treatment

Molecule Oxygen, Hydrogen, or their ions, often in micro/ nanobubble size(very dense extremely long lasting double layer).

Full mainstream use(medical, dental, food processing, farming, industrial factories, public facilities - transportation sanitary, restaurant, retail, hotel etc) in Japan, S Korea, Russia, China etc. Bathing for medical use is additionally DACH nations & others approved. Large volume use is super low cost in-situ production. - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada



General Electrolysis Introduction 9(for section 16-18)


But consumer type products marketed in West is mostly limited to "alkaline water" or "ionized water" for personal ingestion(rare exceptions eg Simple Science LLC+). House-consumer cleaning or disinfection purpose device/water has been usually ignored and even industrial use is minimally covered by coordinated WM media although actually utilized to some extent at mainstream industrial business, There might be an agreement to allow industrial use in rest of West but not for consumer application yet: Marketed as ECA ElectroChemical Activation water(eg Aqualution, EcoLogic Solutions, Clarentis, GenOn Technologies+), medical use outside of Japan in West is starting(Aquaint UK+), some sell along with other clean tech disinfections like ozone(Prominent Dulco Lyse+), this model resembles other new technologies(eg Power Factor Correction for electricity saving is WM approved only for industrial/commercial use and they still insist on holding residential/housing nominal metering saving as pseudoscience).


Also Notable: Three chamber based or AC current based electrolyzers contain only ion but no NaCl or Potassium(K) etc, this stabilizes pH of Alkaline and Acid water, and makes long lasting concentrate liquid in a bottle possible - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


16’Electrolysis Alkaline water: Effect mix of Accepted, Disputed, Rejected by Western Mainstream(WM)

■ 16’Electrolysis Alkaline water: WM Accepted effect: W(Degassing, Deoxygenation), WM media Disputed effects: B(unti corrosion); no salt 3 chamber type is useable for minor rust proofing alsogenerates "membrane" on metal surface, D(Algae germ stifling as water, Disinfectant),(Zaohnet, Ecostdown, Ksp-hd jp +), less than pH13(usually 12.5) types are less effective than acid water,

E(Industrial type heavy cleaner, Cleaner concentrate):Clean water tech but most types are hazardous to touch till pH comes down, No rust worry metal cleaner(doesn’t work on Aluminium etc), one time clean method saves time, particularly effective in oil cleaning*, - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


16’Electrolysis Alkaline water: continue 2

-->> cont: WM media Disputed effects: E(heavy cleaner): Clean water tech but most types are hazardous to touch till pH comes down, No rust worry metal cleaner(doesn’t work on Aluminium etc), one time clean method saves time, particularly effective in oil cleaning*,

• pH12.5+( レック株式会社, 超電水アクアクリーン +), but 0.1-0.2% Sodium Hydroxide NaOH equivalent water or its production device for pH13.0 is • (強アルカリ電解水 JuJu sold in large number .. ........................+), some are even pH13.8 (株式会社K&K, 株式会社ガイア+),

Generally 10times water diluted & reducing 1pH(eg pH13 to 12) for house hold use, Usually last 6-12months with less than 0.5ph difference but liquid bottle needs to be capped after each use, not on open container. Also often diluted water must be used within 3hrs or effect loses(but many exceptions), can spray & one time only wipe clean on hot temperature oily area without burning smell or catching fire like chemical cleaner, Small bottles are often more expensive compared to chemical detergent, - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


16’Electrolysis Alkaline water: continue 3

WM media Disputed effects: F(Laundry detergent as water)Usually combo with reduced use detergent is most effective, faster drying, cold water effective, 30% or more faster job(, one consumer targeted machine debuted in Japan with high effectiveness then later versions significantly declined washing quality then disappeared, M(Spray soak to last food, less mold)(ピュアステラ+), N(Food detergent)(アルカリ電解水クリーナー 水ピカ+),,

Q(Metal working fluid, cutting fluid, surfactant); no spilling cleaning or decomposing fluid by heat & friction, no fire risk, germ-foul free, no fluid quality change by microbes, but need to be ph13< to be effective full replacement for oil/hydrocarbon cutting fluids (Cooltech jp+) R(Clean precision, semi-conductor type equipment parts); only for 3 chamber no salt/electrolyte water- only ions dissolved(Amano Maintenance Engineering, E-wash HelClean+), S(coagulation, toxin separation), X(Lower redox value water: Oxygen Reduction Potential[ORP]),

Occasionally claimed effect: K(Dirty smell lake water cleaning), - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


16’Electrolysis Alkaline water: continue 4

WM media Disputed effects: Weaker occasionally claimed effect. When pH13.1-13.5 product is applied without dilution it might be strong enough effects- but cost uncompetitive compared to Acid water, Plant Micelle or chemical detergents etc):

G(Toilet stain odor remove by water), pH13> Alkaline water is generally not good enough for alkaline scale-stain cleaner as stand alone use, Y(Insecticide, Herb stifler),

Z(Plant/animals/fermentation growth, nutrition increase), In situ production medical electrolyzer(Fujiiryoki jp+), Proprietary h2 production lasts 3months in sealed aluminium container also strong medical results (, E2(Enhance flavor of bakery/ pasta/coffee etc),(Panasonic alkaline cooking+) - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


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16’Electrolysis Alkaline water: continue 5

Generally WM Rejected effect: F2(Enhance human/animal bodyfunction/skin condition, dental/medical),(Nihon Trim+), Home use electrolyzer machine acid side water is useable also(Takaoka Toko, Enagic Kangen, AkvaYav+) good effect in certain internal organ disease, non 3-chamber type water with poor filtration used for medial cure might have minor negative effect if consumed several yrs in row after cure: This is a rare case of officially approved in Japan but majority of rest of western ally pseudoscience: seems to be by strong medical industry lobby. Anomalous style AC current electrolyer with proprietary frequency itself makes catalytic ability(see 28’Catalytic water) effect ( water is used by 10times dilution, also anomalous white power deposits (Ormus?). Portable Hydrogen water making device(HYXIA Hydrogen Techno, ワールドアライアンス 新透水サーバー+), G2(Combustion assistance): water used for pyrolysis increase hydrocarbon output: (Izumrud Water+).

Other Nonlisted effects: Reduced surface tension: often well below 60dyne/cm vs regular 73 at room temperature(ZyoutaiseiGyosui+), Some mineral or ink dissolved in water literally disappears(occurs at Catalytic like water[see 28’Catalytic Water]), - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


17’Electrolysis Acid water: Effect mix of Disputed & Rejected by Western Mainstream(WM)

■ 17’Electrolysis Acid water: There is a significantly different range of water quality in this category: effect lastability/strength, rust tendency, skin/ingestion reaction, or chlorine content etc - eg: difference bet Hypochloric acid vs Sodium Hypochlorite. For details see sub-section called "General Electrolysis Introduction" located before section 16' Electrolysis Alkaline water

WM Accepted but sometimes WM media Disputed effects: C*&D*(Algae germ stifling as process/water, disinfectant water) both very effective(Comfosy Haccpper, AquaCharge, Parkson MaximOS+), Oil industry focus(Ecotreatments+),

J(AOP equivalent effect)- by normal non-plasma inducing electrolysis does't produce much Ozone: but some equivalent exists like stand alone ballast water treatment with no filter use(TechCross+). Strong effect by self cleaning Concentric Tubular Electrolyzer/Concentric Cylinder Electrode(seems to demonstrate rotating electrode, rotating magnetic field, or hydrodynamic cavitation type strong effect especially if water is caused to flow in spiral naturally by the electric current)(Evoqua seaCURE+): mainstream companies don't claim it, but this must also cause some other strong oxidation other than Hypochrorus acid effect(Titanium Tantalum Products Limited HYPOPAC+). This strong effect is also created at acid-alkaline water mixed regular wastewater flow situation. - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


17’Electrolysis Acid water: continued 2

-->>cont: mix of WM Accepted /media Disputed effects: J(AOP equivalent effect) Concentric Tubular Electrolyzer/Concentric Cylinder Electrode:

Also this double to multiple layers of cylinder(s) within a cylinder design mechanics seems to share common element with a-"overunity electricity production device"(no water is used)(H Aspden+), b-Beyond thermodynamic 2nd law HHO/Hydrogen gas production(by far the most common design)(S Meyer+),、 "Orgone" energy : c- One of most anomalous "engine operating energy" eg"Joe Cell"(Booker, P Stevens+), also this seems to show "Orgone" related effects, d-Distant aerial electroScavenging type effect causing Orgone(directional device): (above "a-d" are automatically treated as fraud by WM). Many of this multiple concentric layers design's same effect can be also found in stacked flat plate type or cube type(wedging dielectric material between metals) closed system in Orgone generator mechanics(also consistent claims on bioenhancement as well as mental clarity). .

Platinum(expensive) & Titanium based various coating allows effective ozone production electrodes(MIOX, Takana Kikinzoku, Sanyo Denki+),or see(section 19'Boron doped diamond), Sand disinfection device(Torabest jp+) - Ben Rusuisiak, Vancouver BC, Canada


17’Electrolysis Acid water: continued 3

-->>cont: Sometimes WM media Disputed effects: M&N(spray to food for lasting freshness, food detergent),(EwaterSystems+), Spraying as humidifier & air Cleaning + germ killing + static reduction at cattle housing, manufacturing plant, product storage etc(Hokuty Apiamist, Klarion Spraying System+), Housing use, hospital etc by(Sanyo Denki, Bisansei, ステリパワー+),

Y(Pesticide/germicide), mostly on site production by electrolyzer: (Hoshizaki, Aquaox BV+), some are Unipolar type electrolyzer(Envirolyte Industries/ Omnilyte+), making inroads in mainstream at still under developed North America/Western Europe market(Eautechnologies, MIOX, Radical Waters+), generally as strong or stronger than chemical insecticides but no effect in some of pests/germs unlike effect adjustable insecticide(by mixing different chemicals),

Usually needs 1.5-2times as frequent spray required than chemical types for agricultural use, but user has no need for mask or protector use or separate storage, often combined with conventional pesticide or diluting. -->>cont: - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


17’Electrolysis Acid water: continued 4

-->> cont: WM media Disputed effects: Y(Pesticide/germicide): Some organic farms combine other “pseudoscientific pesticides” such as Metal Ion or Effective Micro-Organism contained water(see 30’EM) for complete clean tech only pesticide success(notably Parsley, Strawberry+).

To avoid salt in farming field, either use of KOH(Potassium Hydroxide),K2CO3(Potassium Carbonate) electrolyte or 3 chamber NaCl electrolyte. Often targeted to have low Cl(max 20ppm) and some simply electrolyze tap water chlorine(0.5-4ppm) for "activated HClO(Hypochloric Acid)" for application(media pseudoscience as tab water cannot/must not be able to replace pesticide)(Yi Shan Electronic Industrial, Shinkobensen Cela, Aqua-club jp aqua system +),

G(Toilet stain odor remove by water), Z(Plant growth enhancement, doesn’t work for fermentation) is only effective at growth of roots and at early seeding stage(Kowa-Tec jp, Bakhir ru+). - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


17’Electrolysis Acid water: continued 5

WM media Rejected effect: E(Industrial type heavy cleaner): this is only for nonNaCl containing usually made from 3 chamber electrolysis. Cleaning mechanics differs from Alkaline, very effective removal of germs*(Migtech ru, Morinaga Milk +) or certain scale deposit removal. If there is too much impurity to clean effect is lost(when contact organic material it gets easily neutralized). Often used in combined washing method at industrial applications: Alkaline wash first then followed by Acid water, then 3rd time by Alkaline water.(TechCorporation jp+), Most of non-Japanese suppliers’s conventional 2 chamber water is unsuitable for its NaCl content & corrosiveness to the metal.

D2*(skin, dental treatment, medical)(Perfect-Perio, Oculusis, Puricore, Adept water BacTerminator+) is usually more effective than conventional medical treatments,

Some stay away from referring to use of "just water" and make explanation vague under "proprietary technology". Awkward Western Gov’t approved(but media "correcting its mistake") medical effects: Skin related,(Nipponintek+), Tattoo skin care focus(Electrasyn), Digestion organ related( - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


18’Electrolysis Alkaline-Acid mixed: Effect mix of Accepted, Disputed, Fully rejected by Western Mainstream(WM) ■ 18’Electrolysis Alkaline-Acid mixed. Here it covers somewhat unique versions of standard type water processes that are not necessarily widely used in all situations/ applications.、 WM Accepted effect: S(Coagulation, toxin separation): i -Electrocoagulation: Prior to WM official acceptance, electrocoagulation had long been demonstrated effectiveness by "pseudoscientist" or by ex Soviets since 1900s. Past debunking was based on selective focus on devices produced large sludge vol, needed high use of electricity, electrode fouling/passivation/deposition build up, performed erratically etc. This "fact" was exclusively accepted by media, and seemingly unclear exact mechanics helped their discrediting effort,

But after yr 2000 some major acceptance push seemed to have taken place for this disruptive tech by mainstream European groups and their media by actually somewhat diverged from US/Canada media-industrial groups. Then some of effective version was more or less highlighted & whole tech was officially accepted(Powell Water Recovery, McKay Creek Technologies+), This might have significance that WM actually is willing to introduce lower cost effective technologies at expense of existing profitable systems with wide spread consequences. -->> continue - Ben Rusuisiak, Vancouver BC, Canada


• •

18’Electrolysis Alkaline-Acid mixed: continued 2 ->> cont. WM Accepted effect, S(Coagulation, Separation): i -Electrocoagulation: Significance of WM acceptance its effectiveness: •

1- Electrolysis was officially accepted as very low cost & effective performance tech for most types of waste water treatment: Ion seeding/ dissolving from long lasting electrode & electric current to break colloidal/ ion solutions & emulsion to precipitate, while other effective methods of electrofloation and electo-oxidation effects(H2O2, Ozone, Hydroxyl) can all take place simultaneously. 2- By newly approving this long resisted “unknown mechanics tech” with major ramification, this demonstrates a possibility/recent precedent of “both scientific & media level legalization” of other currently pseudoscientized versions of electrochemical water effects.

Wide range of low cost effects application: Radioactive isotope removal(F&T water solutions+), Somewhat rare focus on heavymetal recovery for drinking water cleaning (ElectroChemical Arsenic Remediation: Sus Addy+), Wastewater arsenic removal(BakerCorp+), oil water separation/demulsion(WaterTectonics +), Heavy metal(AVANTech+) -->> continue: - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


18’Electrolysis Alkaline-Acid mixed: continued 3

->> cont. WM Accepted effect, S(Coagulation, Separation): i -Electrocoagulation: Some unique type within this major std process but evolving process of electrocoagulation(solid powder coagulant use types are not included, coagulant metals can be used as electrode instead) are listed here. There are many cross-overs with highlighted techs in other sections:

Some of unique types/methods: ●i- Scale(calcium, magnesium etc) precipitation on electrodes for cooling water scale prevention ( Also ecological artificial reef creation method: see 40'ElectroDeposition. ●ii- Unique flow/water contact of electrode/solid polymer electrolyte/no anolyte(Axine Water+). ●iii- Adjusted electric pulse from solenoid wire around pipe to neutralize charges of suspended solutes to coalesce(FlowMarkWater+), same with water passing specific magnetic field(IRANDOC+): both weaker effect. ●iv-Super low power use coagulation(Igaden+). -->> continue: - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


18’Electrolysis Alkaline-Acid mixed: continued 4

-->> cont: WM Accepted effect: S(Coagulation, Separation): i -Electrocoagulation:

●v- Rotating electrode(basically same as rotating magnetic field /strong torsion field effects if rpm is high) for increased coagulation activity(Boydel, Avivid Water+): What would happen if additionally place rotating magnetic field? There are very widely used full mainstream lab-academic type device with such specific capacity(Rotating Disk Electrode: RDE, Rotating Ring Disk Electrode:RRDE), but many experiments are done at only 50-200rpm range, usually needs 5-10,000rpm to have anomalous effects. ●vi- Varied electrolysis based mechanics to recover phosphate from wastewater: From human urine(Novaquatis - NoMix toilet+), Dairy farm: Rephater, Residential housing size FePO4 recovery(Fujiclean jp+), ●vii- Silica precipitation for descaling cooling tower pipes(Water Vision Inc+), ●viii- Various other mineral resource precipitation from water (ElectroSynthesis+) also see ElectroWinning below. 、 ii -ElectroWinning(See 40'ElectroDeposition/ElectroPlating): Although this is complete mainstream or the most core part of many metal smelting/production process(Gold/Silver/Zinc/Copper/Aluminum etc), it is underused in mining wastewater effluent cleaning + metal recovery purpose. - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


18’Electrolysis Alkaline-Acid mixed: continued 5

-->> cont: WM Accepted effect:

G2(Energy generation): ●i- Electrolysis is used as base mechanics for widely researched fuel cell technology, Most of them do not use enough water to qualify to be in this presentation but if heat recovery was fully used in addition to electricity generated, a few types qualify as lowest cost energy tech in limited application & geographical area: PEMFC(Proton Exchange Membrane(Ene Farm Panasonic +) in Japan's residential use,

●ii- Conventional electrolysis hydrogen production, but onboard H2 generator for increasing automobile gas mileage is WM science illegal(see 29’HHO-H2), -->> continued - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


18’Electrolysis Alkaline-Acid mixed: continued 6

—>>cont: WM Accepted effects: G2(Energy generation):

●iii- Another this tech utilization method is Cold Fusion(Low Energy Nuclear Reaction(LENR)/Lattice Assisted Nuclear Reaction etc), currently most high profile & disruptive water tech that is entering into mainstream defacto approval:

“Base model LENR”(there are vast range of variation particularly if include “fringe inventor type” claims) is Palladium-Platinum electrodes electrolysis in Deuterium heavy water “burns” hydrogen and excess heat created in “overunity” manner. Additionally unpredictably generates various precious metals transmutation phenomena(this is also WM generally rejected effect). Further, there is a string of various related “low cost” disruptive tech applications from this model, for details see other report: [Less Known, Low Cost Abundant Energy Technologies..] - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


18’Electrolysis Alkaline-Acid mixed: continued 7

—>>cont: WM Accepted effects: G2(Energy generation): ●iii- Cold Fusion: After around 2014 active debunking is even ceased by WM media, and they are currently rather passively ignoring it with occasional appealing for tech's unsuitability for commercialization potential. There were several commercialization attempts but only one tech leader company seems to be offering service-and is understandably for severe ramification they are the only WM debunked main player company in cold fusion currently(E-Cat - Leonardo Corporation)

WM media Disputed effects: C(Algae germ stifling): works as disinfecting effect for farm feed water(WaterKub52+), M(spray soak to last food longer), some used for large entire cattle/chicken residence interior spraying for large scale disinfecting, N(food detergent), by Hypochlorous acid(HOCl) or Sodium Hypoclorite(NaClO, more common out of Japan) effect: Voltage and electrode makes difference for germ killing content.

Occasionally claimed effect; A(Descaling), by depositing scale on electrodes instead of pipes(Global Environmental Solutions ltd+), AC three electrode style with no deposits accumulating also to kill germs(Reiken Inc+), B(Decorrosion/Derusting), High frequency AC current Electrolyzing or rust proof & anti scaling(ハイドロサナ+), - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


18’Electrolysis Alkaline-Acid mixed: continued 8

—>> cont: WM media Disputed effects Occasionally claimed:

Some combine with Metal Ion, J(AOP, water/toxin cleaning): wastewater/toxin decomposing, i -ElectroOxidation(EO), sterilization primarily by H2O2 or Hydroxyl radical(NeoPure Technologies, Owatec Group Oy+), Some use high power to decompose all solutes in water to obviate light wastewater process needs for coagulation. Singlet Oxygen main use for high selectivity & less corrosion to equipment(Clean Chemistry PeroxyMax+). Close relation to Electrocoagulation(EC) but this definition is without coagulants producing - direct oxidation/decomposing, potentially one of most disruptive tech with high capacity oxidation and hydrogen peroxide & other "clean chemical" radical specie production and strong enough to make fracking produced water involving oil operations competitive. Combo of EO & EC for enhanced & speed up cleaning compared to EC only with lower overall power use(Global AdavanTech+), Widely deployed WM accepted ElectroCoagulation/ElectroOxidation effect is not covered as independent section in this presentation. Plasma effect: when thin wire cathode is on water surface, in right conditions it would produce plasma[contact glow discharge electrolysis], at lab level effective waste water handling by AOP process that precipitates impurities(ProcontrolSL+),

Disruptive Advanced Ground Water ”Electro Bio Remediation” of entire contaminated soil/ Electro Reclamation by in-situ Electro Fenton(Elgressy+), . - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


18’Electrolysis Alkaline-Acid mixed: continued 9

—>> cont: WM media Disputed effects Occasionally claimed: J(AOP, water/toxin cleaning): wastewater/toxin decomposing:、 ii-Concentric Tubular Electrolyzer/Concentric Cylinder Electrode. Causes fast rotating flow or water like hydrodynamic spiral. Sometimes there seems to have robust effect similar to rotating electrode treatment or hydrodynamic cavitation(see section17'Acid water).

Cost advantage in environment remediation at right condition is very large, More in sections 42’Electroporation, 20’Electro Phoresis & Electro Migration, Electro Kinetics. All of this also further link to pseudoscientized HHO gas(Oxyhydrogen gas) generation as strong general remediation & soil vitalization effect. - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


18’Electrolysis Alkaline-Acid mixed: continued 10

WM Fully rejected effect: X(Lower redox value water),(, by AC pulse shock wave from electrodes to generate nanobubble size H2/O2(, some “vitalizing effect” water involves mixed electrodes water treatment and water remains low ORP value for several months when sealed in container, This element is also used as part of 28’Catalyric Water process,

E2(Flavor enhancement of food, drinks) Wine, Juice, Milk flavor enhancement(Innovate-dt com+),

F2(Human/animal skin/dental/body function enhancement/Medical): claims of long lasting Hydrogen dissolved in water up to 6months in sealed container, in addition to large amount of experimental results of significant bioenhancement/medical effects due to H2 neutralizes ·OH & other effects(mechanics disputed amongst experimenters)(Miz Company+). Stanger/Galvanic bathing is DACH nations and Japan widely approved effect hence difficult to completely pseudosientize: only WM disputed level effect(Paracelsus de, 小西電気 Konishi Electric+) - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


18’Electrolysis Alkaline-Acid mixed: continued 11

—>> continued: WM Fully rejected effect: F2(Medical type effects):

Activation” of water by electrodes into drinking water container with resonance, different changeable metal electrodes for various metal ion dissolving option(OLI-DYN+), some water have highly electrically charged/bioactivated “Catalysis function”

Many of semi “phase catalyst type” water, or water based products presumably use duel electrode in single water container or flow(hence Alkaline-Acid mixed),(also see 28’Catalytic water, 33'Mineral BioCeramic Far InfraRed, 9', 50'SuperCritical Water, 63'Other Anomalous water) as semi permanently activated state water. Some of water product examples on next pages are alkaline or acid only types: -->> continue - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


18’Electrolysis Alkaline-Acid mixed: continued 12

—>> continued: WM Fully rejected effect: F2(Medical type effects): semi “phase catalyst type” water/water based products: 11 •

Production process can be repetitions of various proprietary type long duration electrolysis involving fluctuation of heat/pressure/EM wave/Static high voltage electric field etc(ASEA water, DNR inc Animal Therapy Systems, ECPI water+), Often claims of inonized or “activated” state of water/Oxygen(Rpa Biotech, GP8, Oxygen SuperCharger, WaterdesignWD, RealWaterUs, R-Garden - Vitamin O+), Activated molecular hydrogen(IonAqua cz +) (links to 29'H2 & HHO water), Cell like function(Life Force Water+), Far InfraRed use(AeroFresh Water+)

Unlisted effect/tech: ■Pure Water electrolysis without massive energy: by use of solid polymer electrolyte membrane, Initially patented by GE in 1970s, and improvements made after. Rather clumsy scenario of continued WM pesudoscientization, while many labs/companies are continuing to use this method on regular basis since 1980s: to produce cost effective high capacity pure H2, or Ozone etc(, Organo jp, Kobelco, GS Yuasa+): at least in 3rd world and Japan it is used openly. - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


19’Boron Doped Diamond Electrolysis: Effect Disputed by Western Mainstream(WM)

■ 19’Boron Doped Diamond Electrolysis; Diamond made electroconductive by doping, Due to high over voltage difference it has very high capacity & instantly generate O3(Ozone) & H2O2(Hydrogen Peroxide) rather than O2(Oxygen), Super efficient high volume of O3 is produced continuously with effective power ratio, Very little erosion of electrodes, Usually by far the most efficient AOP method, Because of disruptive nature of full spreading of this tech could take for a long time. Currently mostly just ignoring at media level than debunking.

WM media Disputed effects: A(antiscaling) by Hypochlorite, B(anti corrosion), C(algae germ killing). J*(AOP)- very effective Electro Oxidation, some unique applications include ship Bilge water decomposing as a portable device, L(Drinking water generation[non desalination]+), N(Food detergent).

Weaker effect: M(Spray-soak to last food longer): germ killing agents neutralized quickly

Commecialized eg: Element Six/Electrolytic Ozone Inc[De Beers Group],, De Nora Permelec, Advanced Diamond Technologies, Terragon WETT, Ai Denshi Kogyo +) - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


20’Electro phoresis: Effect mix of Accepted & Disputed by Western Mainstream(WM)

■ 20’Electro phoresis, Electro migration, Electro Reclamation:(also below ♛) Use electric field to move particles of charge potential difference(no charge needed for Dielectrophoresis), molecules/bacteria depended on size and charge. Use for medial drug delivery and related tests or DNA/ biological research is core mainstream application(not on tech list),

♛ Electro-Osmosis: Use electric field to move liquid by charge potential across a solid porous matter(soil, rock, masonry, concrete etc), or nano scale matter(capillary tube, membrane), Widely used for medical or lab related technology. Various degrees of under-utlized use in different sectors/ applications,

♛ Electro-Wetting: part of Digital Microfluidics, Applying electric field to finetune-alter water's surface tension. Also can mean changing substrate's (water contact surface) hydrophilicity to influence behavior or state of water located on the substrate(move it around, change shape of droplet etc). This process can be reversed to harvest electricity by movement of water on the 109 substrate.

20’Electro phoresis, Electro migration, Electro Reclamation, ElectroWetting continued 2

Both E-Phoretic & E-Osmosis effects are even accepted for basically same mechanics of oil enhanced recovery, while they experience strange scientific disputes only in soil/concrete/ masonry related effectiveness. But WM approval would affect construction/digging of buildings and roads/embankment, geoengineering & civil engineering market, as well as other large scale industrial business.

WM Accepted occasionally claimed effect: H(oil-paraffin separation from water)+, J(waste water cleaning, oil field cleaning): Oil field Enhanced Oil Recovery(EOR): (ElectroPetroleum, Geoox dk+), Oil field remediation focus: (ElectroKinetic Solution+), S(coagulation/toxin separation), G2(harvesting electricity+): Reverse ElectroWetting use(Instep nanopower+), Often appearing similar but actually different Tribo Electric harvester(Beijing Institute of Nanoenergy & Nanosystems+), Lot more efficient than PiezoElectricity. H2(dewater sludge, soil, Geosynthetics): Food use is WM approved, while masonry, water ingress proof use is sometimes debunked(HydroTech Asia, ElectroKinetic Limited, Lectros, Structural Technologies+), but US military endorsed(Drytronic de), But adding to this ElectroPoration makes more than x2 improved dewatering with less energy cost(see end of section 42'Electroporation). Also "fraud treatment" lower cost version exists in later pages

■ Weaker effect: L(Drinking water generation[non desalination]+), in most situation not cost competitive as stand alone process at this time,


20’Electro phoresis, Electro migration, Electro Reclamation continued 3

-->>cont: WM Accepted effect: ■Unlisted effect by ElectroWetting effect use: ●i Switch devices on and off by water's reaction to EM waves including visible light: (illumina Advanced Liquid Logic+), ●ii EM wave adjustable Liquid lens, suitable for rapid frequent focus change(Varioptic +), Liquid Lens Camera(PixeLINK+), ●iii Track sun movement like plant flowers do to maximize solar power generation (PhotoElectrowetting/Optofluidics sun tracker: Teledyne)

WM Disputed effects: A2(Desalination), C2(plant growth in salt, toxic water, soil enhancement),By Electro Remediation: (Terrancorp - Lasagna process +): salt, toxin or water content can be removed with minimum or no digging/moving of soil but might take longer duration than conventional method, yet cost is a fraction, Possibly further improved effect by use of Vacuum Enhanced Electrocoagulation[reduced pressure changes solubility of hydrocarbon](Ground Effects Environmental Services +). Some toxin decomposing(Elgressy+) Some WM fraud treatment version works wirelessly with no electricity used see next page -->>cont: - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


20’Electro phoresis, Electro migration, Electro Reclamation continued 4

-->>cont: WM Disputed Weaker effect: Z(Plant growth enhancement, enriching soil): carry beneficial microbes/particles to desired surface, Actual effect should be strong, but often inconsistent effect due to undeveloped nature of tech, Also see 42’Electroporation

WM Fully rejected or called Fraud version of A2(desalination), of soil or porous matter, S(coagulation/toxin separation), H2(dewater sludge, soil), also not listed application but related to Geosynthetics: some companies win WM uninfluenced local technology prizes: Above “S” & “H2” effects to be done much cheaper by light user: Wirelessly tuned accurate frequency EM wave projection(Damp Prevention & Control - Electrosqua, ECODRY, Osuszanie, MURAG Aquamat, Dinant Vochtbestrijding+), Cases of moisture won’t come back after some kind of phase conjugated wave treatment?(DOMODRY+), reduce energy cost of building(Ursa doo +).

More disruptive version is No electricity is used at all yet with same effectivness (Aquapol, Dry Floor Stick+): deemed to work by Scalar wave mechanics. Earthquake prevention measurement(GeoSierra+),

Unlisted WM approved effect: ■ElectroRotation(Eddy current cause particles to swirl) to measure certain bacteria or contaminants degree in water or various diagnosis - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


21’Fulvic Acid: Effect mix of Disputed & Rejected by Western Mainstream(WM)

■ 21’Fulvic Acid: used often with iron powder & char, sometimes Humic acid:, High vol FIR wave emitting, Photo- reaction causes H2O2 production & trigger Photo Fenton reaction to make Hydroxyl, Then by-product Ferric Ion(Fe3+) is reduced to Ferrous Ion(Fe2+) again to repeat water cleaning chain reaction: better effect under the sun. Also other similar microbes work other mechanics than Photo Fenton.

WM Disputed effects: L&P(Outdoor pond/lake/river/ocean beach odor remove) (,, Z(Plant-animal growth enhancement, fermentation promotion)(based on above “L” &“P”)(Eaudemerus+), due to dissolved • 無有産研究所 +), Mass production for industrial ion is promoting nutrients absorption?( market(Furubo Net+), D2(human prefered environment creation),

Less often claim as I(grease trap cleaned) by sponge type device oozes fulvic acid to decompose oils - but mechanics unclear,

Weak effect claim as J(waste water cleaning), X(lower redox value water)

Generally WM Rejected effect: F2(human animal skin enhancement, medical(BLK Beverage Inc+), Skin improving shampoo further charged by electrostatic projection(Fulvio-Japan+), Peat bath(this is WM reluctantly approved due to long European tradition)(Moorbad Gmös+): contains fulvic/humic acid with other minerals.


22’Nano Material Used Filter: Effect mix of Accepted, Disputed, Generally Rejected, Fully rejected by (WM)

■ 22’Nano Material Used Filter/(also see 56’NanoFiltration)Nano Carbon membrane/Graphene tube etc/Nanopolymer/Nano metal/ Buckypaper filtered-soaked water: it is mainstream approved anomalous effects often seemingly related to water molecule structure change or solute ion absorbing capability i.e. at least for temporarily redox value can change.

WM approved effect of graphene(naturally hydrophobic[water repelling] but suddenly rapid water flow is created when narrow cylinder shape tube is made by it) has 100-1000times permeability than regular RO filters(Reverse Osmosis)- super effective water filter product viability announced but not launching at this time(Lockheed Martin+),- i.e. in slow filtration process there is no need to use energy to pressurize filter like RO(Jef Grossman+), There are many other academic claims on similar effects at WM level - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


22’Nano Material Used Filter: continued 2

Graphene or many other nano material is prone to be “electrically active”: thermoelectric response to light, generate hydrogen in contact with water with no oxidization? at certain nano geometric shape(AW Castleman+), Hydrophobic graphene/carbon nanotube turns hydrophilic at single layer vs thicker when UV-FIR wave irradiated. Extended Capillary action: Self-pumps/sucks up water(S Hendy+), and speed of water flow is violation of Hagen–Poiseuille equation /Fluid Dynamics “law” by a few orders of magnitude(Majumder+), Also affects water molecule structure or “sucks up ion”: i.e. disruptive fast water filter

Some nano techs water borne germ killing ability is not ion element use, but by physical cell wall punctuation: by combo of nano formulation of “dagger” shape and bacteria/ virus pulling electrostatic force to works as disinfectant surface of solid matter(applied to wall, table, carpet etc) (Qore Systems Amosil-Q, Nano Global Corporation, Strategic RS, Rotunda Cleaning +). However one branch of mainstream approval of an effect within science sometimes does not have same interpretation in other mainstream branches often up to WM media to decide reality. Furthermore, even science accepted level claims can be often “downgraded to” controversy level by interlocked Western mainstream media. Some basic function as Graphene filter is WM approved, but only as experimental basis and commercialized products are often pseudoscienctized based on assumption: “if most advanced science cannot do it yet, others can never do it”: - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


22’Nano Material Used Filter: continued 3

WM Accepted effect: A(Descaling), can filter scale building Calcium/ Magnesium ions, L(Drinking water generation[non desalination]+), But WM is not very willing to approve toxic oil field water effects(Sandbox Resource Solutions+), same effect but no mechanical pressure needed for filtering and filter washable for reuse, also Track Membrane is structured in such a way produces Antioxidant water(Electro conductive polymer, or nano electret type matter, mineral, magnet sprayed on)(Petros Water NAQWA, Nerox Water, Trackpore ru+), Resorcinol polymer made(ГЕЙЗЕР Geizer+) has same effect, S(Coagulation/Toxin separation)

WM Disputed effects: are also claimed by filter makers: K(Dirty lake/river water cleaning ), M(Spray soak to make food last longer), N(Food detergent), P(Odor removal as filter process), V(Faster boiling, alcohol separation, more heat conductive), X(Lower redox value water), A2(salt water desalination)

Weaker effects: H(Oil/water separating, ), Y(Insecticide, herb stifler) - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


22’Nano Material Used Filter/Nano Carbon membrane: continued 4

22’Nano Material Used Filter/Nano Carbon membrane WM Rejected effect: Many non Western nations don’t hesitate to claim all of the following(Институт Физиологически Активных Соединений -, Claim related to Structured Water- eg Fullerene(C-60) trapped water initiates structure and spreads the entire water container and maintains after boiling(GV Andrievsky, VN Khvorostinka+), and D(Algae-germ stifling, disinfectant); Bacteriacide effect filer, Z(Plant/animal grow larger faster, assists fermentation, Catalyst to ferment food, drink, manure decompose), B2(Less plant water needs, soil water fast absorb, & longer retention), E2(Flavor enhancement of soup/pasta/coffee+), F2(Human animal bioenhancement): Medical claims(ЦЕНТР СОКОЛИНСКОГО - Center Sokolinski+)

WM Fully rejected effect: D2(Human prefered herb-insect-germ enhancement): filter most toxin but keep bio-beneficial minerals, affect spin quality of filtered materials, remove Tritium: High Reactivity Carbon Mixture(minor transmutation?- labeled fraud/ insane- likely some kind of electrical reaction common to graphene-nanocarbon filters: Golden Formula Holding+),

Other commercialized: “Spin selectivity reversible chemical reaction with graphene[Fullerene])”(Svetla Water, Bionomic Technologies+) - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


23’Plasma activated water(PAW): Effect mix of Disputed & Generally Rejected by Western Mainstream(WM)

■ 23’Plasma activated water(PAW) or Electric arc/Pulsed Corona treated water(also dielectric barrier discharge, contact glow discharge, pulsed plasma etc) can be also called Plasma treated Electrolyzed Water etc, There are diverse range of Plasma/Electric discharge in water:

They are mostly Cold Plasma(Non Thermal Plasma/Non-Thermal Atmospheric Pressure Plasma[also some are high pressure or vacuum environment set up]), or can be called as "Micro Plasma": Energy of electron is much higher than ion's: Non-Equilibrium Plasma:

i-Occurring at surface, ii-Inside bulk water, iii-Treated in droplet forms, vi-Steam-vapor form(see section 50’SuperCritical Water -Steam Plasma) or v-plasma generated without electrodes by certain wireless EM frequency oscillation/induction(Customized Water Systems+) etc. There are wide range of mechanics but often DBD(Insulating/Dielectric Barrier Discharge, can be low cost power use high voltage short pulse) is one of preferred methods for water effects. - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


• •

23’Plasma activated water(PAW): continued 2 One of most potentially disruptive water tech with wide ramifications: Non-Thermal Plasma treated water can be called an euphemism version of Super Low Cost Hydrogen Peroxide(H2O2) / Direct Hydroxyl Radical(OH•) production method(too disruptive to call it spade as Hydrogen Peroxide production/Disinfection industry is too big to suddenly replace):、 WM officially approved prolonged(several days) disinfection effect of this "plain water" is explainable by presence of H2O2 until it all decomposes into H2O and O2(decomposition also often generates OH•[hydroxyl radical]), Also in other cases seems to produce OZONE(O3) & H2O2 simultaneously which generate high portion of OH•, & this short lived(nonresidual harm) strongest "nonchemical" oxidizer is very disruptive if easily available as needed. Also NO and N2+ are produced and would increase the effect.

But there seems to be other elements for this effect than just H2O2/OH•. Very energy-electricity efficient, and applicable to other industries of non-enegy relation. This plasma effect might be slightly different from time variant electromagnetic field(electric pulse) or pulsed power through dielectric insulators, but closer toor same as Electrohydraulic effect: direct plasma discharge with shockwave effect. - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


23’Plasma activated water(PAW): continued 3

Similar to Plasma Steam but PAW is more like biomimicry of thunderstorm water: Ambient air is split into reactive nitrogen, or oxygen, in addition 0.5-4% vapor in air & rain water produces H2O2 which triggers Hydroxyl radical also. And this method of water activation has long lasting effects(up to 7days approved by WM).

These water effects have been claimed about 70yrs by inventors, sidelined western scientists and Russian mainstream academic and finally met WM academic approval quietly after around 2011. This is a rather crucial step that someday likely trigger approval of severely pseudoscientized string of unapproved water effects represented in 28’Catalytic water and others. - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


23’Plasma activated water(PAW): continued 4

Note: some effects in this section 23 refer to Cold Plasma arc discharge action itself in water(or electric arc), rather than activated water quality itself like in other sections. 、

Due to new WM(Western Mainstream) approved status, many organizations focus on research on PAW water quality but not only a few are actively commercializing (VitalFluid BV, Waterplasma eu, Helix-pls, AIC Chile, Intellectlabs, Advanced Plasma Solutions - APS+). As overt naming of plasma based in-situ vapor Hydrogen Peroxide production tech has expanded only in medical application(but often named Plasma Sterilization without water/vapor/ hydrogen peroxide reference) & little advertised openly in US/Canada(where "H2O2 scare"[Sterrad] was created and main marketshare of its production became not in-situ even for medical use[Steris+])a somewhat more in Western Europe, & furthermore openly promoted in other newly advancing nations & BRICS etc.(Stericool, Renocem, PMS Healthcare+), While low cost massive OH• production version seems to be perpetually in research mode treatment by mainstream large corporate(Mitsubishi Electric, Toshiba+) - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


23’Plasma activated water(PAW): continued 5

• ! •

Only few of widely used industrial process hot or cold plasma technology companies or less used energy related cold plasma application companies are also entering water treatment market(Advanced Plasma Solutions, AdaptiveArc+). Note: unlike hot plasma(HP), cold plasma(CP) only excites electron & little or no ionic thermal motion/pressure force occurs. WM often ignores but CP can accompany significant nonlinear oscillations & various anomalous effects similar to low cost Torsion field types or other resonance effects, many of them debunked at least on WM media level.

Low pH 3.5 or redox potential remains upto 7days after treatment at WM science approved level, though inventors and Russian version is more like 0.5-5yrs(Arios plasma+). Some anomalous water producing inventors use plasma activation effects, but most of them combine other processes in addition:(see sections18’Electrolysis mix, 28’Catalytic water, 50’, 9’SuperCritical, 7’UV etc) - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


23’Plasma activated water(PAW): continued 6

WM only media occasionally Disputed effect: A&B(Descaling & anti Corrosion of pipes)(OnVector+), H*(oil water separation, demulsion)(ElectroPetroleum+), Oil field use combined with Superheated water, also uses1/3 of water than conventional method(Ecotech EOR+),

J*(advanced oxidizing), Because of its ability to cause electrohydraulic effect, it has strong synergetic effect with AOP type processes, Photocatalytic, Fenton[H2O2 & Fe3+/Fe2+ by different mechanics] etc: (‫ טכנולוגית‬AquaPure, Wapulec Oy, ....... , Mitsubishi Electric, NSS Kyushu, ClearWater Plasma • 制電工業 +), 1% electricity use of conventional plasma's(Tubular Plasma Reactor SymbioPlasma+), Cold Plasma/Non-Thermal Plasma(NTP) water treatment often as portable service(Helix Pls, GlidArc, Magnegas, Pellucid Water+), some uses vortex motion of water as treated for max contact(Onvector Plasma Vortex, Symbios Technologies+), low as 40°C(terraplasma GmbH), Main water product is Ozone in super efficient low OPEX(Primozone+), House to industrial scale swimming pool use with ozone & radical specie mix to obviate chlorine use if regulation allows(Prozone Water Products+) -->>cont: - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


23’Plasma activated water(PAW): continued 7

-->>cont: WM only media occasionally Disputed effect: J*(AOP):

Cold Plasma/NonThermal Plasma is potentially very disruptive tech for low cost effectiveness, generally most common commercialization application in this tech category(also see “G2” energy production, on next page),

L(Drinking water generation[non desalination]+), M(Spray soak to make food last, air cleaning): air disinfection with various ways to make Hydroxyl radical, often Hydrogen Peroxide in excited form involved as a starting point of the chain reaction, also wet scrubbing replacement/large space odor removal by water droplet treatment for Ozone-Hydroxyl(Vapex Hydroxyl, Parkson OHxyPhogg, Winixcorp+), public place hand air cleaner with disinfection built in(American Dryer eXtremeAir+), Entire room can be disinfected with in 90mins with treated mist(TOMI Environmental Solutions SteraMist+), N(food detergent), as occasionally claimed effects are: Q(metal working fluid), R(industrial semi conductor type parts, metal cleaning),

Unlisted effects: CarbonNanotube production(Фирма «ПЛАЗМАС» +) - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


23’Plasma activated water(PAW): continued 8

Generally WM Rejected effect: E(Industrial type cleaner), F(laundry detergent as water), G(toilet, clothes stain removal), X(Lower redox value), Y(Pesticide, herb stifler), Z(Plant and animal grow faster, fermentation promotion), inventional accumulate nitrogen from air to make liquid fertilizer(Advanced Plasma Solutions): but growth fostering is easily mainstream science explainable by O2 produced from decomposed H2O2 .

G2(Energy production while wastewater is decomposed), actually effect itself is in "occasionally disputed” category but academically problematic occasional water + trash "energy overunity like" effect is rejected(XFuels, Glidarc, TopLine Energy, Magnegas+): Cold Plasma tech: Magnegas & others allow most organic waste to energy in very high efficiency by portable type device at much lower cost than other waste to energy or decomposing tech, while processing itself or produced hydrocarbon is below catalytic converter requirement in emission level: practically free energy. This level of disruptive tech is now openly allowed with multiple of mainstream group backing(eg Lincoln Electric, Miller Electric, NY-FL fire dpts+), despite some Western Mainstream(WM)'s rejection, hence it bodes well for possibility of “free energy” type technology introduction further in the future

Also Hydrogen like Magnegas shows similar qualities to HHO gas: a-Easy storage without leak, b-Metal cutting is plasma like performance, c-Anomalous adhesion to other matter, dHigh solubility in liquids, - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


24’Electrolytic Metal Alloy + Venturi: Effect mix of Disputed, Generally Rejected, Fully rejected by Western Mainstream(WM)

■ 24’Electrolytic Metal Alloy + Venturi treatment: (also related ♛ Static Electricity Ionized Water subsection at end of section): Much less studied than time variant magnetic water treatment but very similar effect observed in often stronger degree, Consistent theoretical claims on electrical static/ ionizing effect produced by alloy core and metallic cylinder outside - some devices need earth grounding(RSI Team Green+).

And this is presumably affecting water or dissolved minerals’ molecule behavior(electrostatic charge) for various effects, and combination of metal water friction followed by Venturi Cavitation with sudden pressure drop as key process. With significant backlash-debunking from WM mainstream backed groups most devices have money back guarantee 2-12months. Effect is too obvious to ignore and barely keeping pseudoscience status by consistent effort by Western mainstream institutions, some of them “accidentally” confirm their effect and later retract. Full mainstream tech in many Non-West nations. - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


24’Electrolytic Metal Alloy + Venturi treatment, Static Electricity Ionized Water: continued 2

WM media disputed effect: C&D(Algae germ stifling as process & as water): (Fre Flo Water+), virtually accepted at science level due to electrolyte of Zinc or Copper can cause those effects even water passes quickly, L(Drinking water generation [non desalination]+), used as part of filtration processes, but stand alone is uncompetitive,

Generally WM Rejected effect: Some devices need replacement of metal electrolytic parts from 3months to 5yrs, while others are non-sacrificial type. Flowing pattern to create turbulence greatly differs by manufacturer. Sometimes combined with A&B(Scale removal, anti corrosion/rust) claims(SilkWater ‫משביח מים ביתי‬, IOREX+,

B2(less water required by plants), some of mechanical explanations given for this effect are altering ionization of electrolyte or charge polarity of water molecule, hence it becomes more suitable to be absorbed by plants(this effect is usually associated with "clustering effect" or water structure, or cell like water), •

This research, & both mainstream/debunked fringe water scientists tend to see idea of "small cluster" as cause of increased cell permeation-hydration is less probable than "charged water i.e. negative electron attached, or reduced state, charge gradient" effect),


24’Electrolytic Metal Alloy + Venturi treatment, Static Electricity Ionized Water: continued 3

-->> cont: Generally WM Rejected effect: C2*(Plant grow in salt/toxin water/soil enhance/desalination), strong effect and mainstream use within some sector in western nations(eg Dry brackish water aquifer Australian farming area) despite damage control denial effort by WM. Mechanics might be also that "ionized water" has improved performance of plant metabolism even with NaCl water content.

Weaker effect: E(industrial cleaner), F(Laundry detergent as water)(Vibrant Water Purification System+): weaker compared to Ozone but enhance detergent ability with cold water, and at certain light washing no detergents in rare cases, Q(Metal working fluid, cutting fluid or surfactant), J(Toxin neutralizing, waste water cleaning): Not as AOP, but fairly consistent(but not always)experimental/anecdotal user indication on altering of Chlorine effect. This claim is also made on magnetic/electric water treatment etc and seems to be due to some kind of ionization effect HClO to increasingly turn to ClO⁻ regardless of pH(pseudoscientific effect).

Occasionally claimed as N(Food washing liquid)


24’Electrolytic Metal Alloy + Venturi treatment, Static Electricity Ionized Water: continued 4

WM Fully rejected effect: despite seeming pressure against it, some Western Academics and local Govn’t authorities often quietly endorse fairly significant & consistent agricultural effects: X(Plant animal grow largerfaster with more nutrition, less smell cattle/chicken residence or excrement etc), D2(Human preferred herb-insect- germ- enhancement) by feeding water in the area

Other commercialized eg: (CareFree Water Conditioner, Morill Industries, PHT Water Improver, Zeta-Core USA, SoftWater Conditioners, Ejax, HydroDrive+)

Variation examples: Silver use(Wold-unwelttechnoologie+), Equally effective but sacrificial anode(Aquabion+), Or needs monthly anode change & specific North-South orientation for best effect(Solavite+), One of the largest in this category with 200,000units+ installed(ScaleBuster+), Heavy industrial focus(Scale Ban India,+) - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


24’Electrolytic Metal Alloy + Venturi treatment, Static Electricity Ionized Water: continued 5

Sub Category ♛ Static Electricity Ionized Water treatment: eg1: To create same range of effect as Electrolytic Metal & Venturi but no metal alloy used. Commercialized examples are rare: One of theoretical claim explanation is: Friction between water and inside “gate”(Carbon, Aluminium, Epoxy etc, or some kind of Electrolet) generates certain electron flow into water perpendicularly to its flow to create effect. Commercialized eg: (, Suprion AquaFlow, νG7- NewG7+), Similar to "fresh water version" of Leyden Jar like mechanics.

eg2: Detergent effect: Seems completely different/unrelated but similar purported mechanics: Powder based non chemical detergent water “electrolyzed Sodium Carbonate” NaHCO3 in which fish can live: (バジャン ライトウエーブ)

eg3: High voltage ElectricPulse projected in water soaks soil, activates plants and causes same range of effects as Electrolytic treatment (Narasaki-Int - 崎研究所+),

eg4: High voltage with no current exposed seeds 24hrs significantly(not necessarily in water) “alters gene expression”(Unlisted effect, complete WM pseudoscience or fraud)(Chiba-Geigy, FIOS GreenBox): - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


25’Electrostatic treatment: Effect mix of, Accepted, Generally Rejected, Fully rejected by (WM)

■ 25’Electrostatic treatment(also see 26'Electric Pulse), Here definition is high voltage “stick” coated with dielectric material inserted in water flow, Often combined as sub process to amplify main effects(, Hkapc Ion Stick+). In this section other types of electric pulse with similar effects are included.

WM Accepted effect: H(Oil-water separation) see “H2” below, S(Coagulation, separation of particle/toxin etc): (Endress+Hauser, FlowMark Water+), metal flocculant/colloidal particles seeded from electrode etc to alter repulsing static charge to attraction, fully mainstream electrocoagulation application(induction might generate microplama). The fact WM media approves this effect which is in direct relation to next page’s debunked “A: Antiscaling effect” shows its inconsistent logic applied, Generally expensive mainstream offered effect is mostly media approved while same mechanics device is debunked when device price is far less, H2(Dewatering of sludge, oil, masonry etc): widely utilized application of Electrostatic Desalting/Dewatering at crude oil refining process(Electrostatic Coalescence)(Cameron, Prosernat+) : causes water in oil to oscillate with electrostatic and make water droplets acceleratingly larger for easy recovery - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


25’Electrostatic treatment: continued 2

WM generally Rejected effect: A(descaling),(PermaClean Water, ELECTROchem,, +), this electrostatic repulsing of molecules to prevent scale deposit effect is completely WM science approved common sense while it remains strong debunking target by some WM media- to which academic abstain from openly criticizing.

C&D(Algae bacteria stifling by process, or as water)(Also see 42'Electroporation)(Envirovision jp • イノフェルト +) some claims by pulsating electrostatic -changing electric charge suffocate algae-microbe cells by sticking together, while repelling off pipe wall of silica type solutes. Micro voltage device can "superactivate" already electrical negative superfine/ nanobubbles and applied nanobbule water works as disinfectant with electroporation effects(Tennant - Orbio - Water Star+), Micro Voltage electromedicine device can be discharged into water(equivalent strength as most Electrostatic) with selected frequency to kill all microbes(ParaZapper +): since it is illegal in many western nations to state what non-mainstream approved medical devices can do, some advertise as water treatment device, - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


25’Electrostatic treatment: continued 3

-->>cont: WM generally Rejected effect:

M(spray water to ionize air that contain hydroxyl to disinfect germs): (Talya Water, Gatrimon Orodox+), O(remove odor of housing by feeding cattle water): (FujiKeiSokki 電子水+) Occasionally claimed effect: B(Pipe corrosion/rust prevention/ fouling)(Zeta Rod+)by naturally causing dissolved microbes to repel each other, X(Lower redox value)

WM Fully rejected effect: Z(Plant, animal enhancement, catalyst to ferment food, drink, manure):(Customized Water System CWS, WaterChangers+), unlisted application but conventional wood drying can be enhanced 20-30% by spraying treated water over itclaimed to increase ion-electron activity. Also reduce oxidation during the process, This “Z” category effectiveness increases when ground has biochar buried(, - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


26’Electric field, EM pulse: Effect mix of Accepted, Disputed, Generally Rejected, Fully rejected by Western Mainstream(WM)

■ 26’Electric field, Electromagnetic/Electric field pulse(also see 25'Electrostatic) etc, treatment; variant frequency electric field affects water crystallization by likely ionization/excitation of molecule or its bonding. Major pseudoscienzation of this tech along with Time Variant Magnetic Water Treatment tech at WM media & academia level until recently, Cost difference of using this tech against chemical/conventional tech use is large in terms of device, maintenance, man power cost.

Yet there seems to be significant performance/effectiveness gap between manufacturers in this tech, due to lack of own standard device test protocol or industry association: any company can just wrap wires from frequency generator or magnet around the pipe and present as a product

Commercially viable effect is at least 75% of case in properly installed std modern device:, some seems to be over 90%. Unworkability can be due to excess water temperature, strong external magnetic field presence to hinder effect, water is static (major issue with magnetic treatment, but does affect electric pulse type also to less extent), super high hardness-salt content etc, but still some causes are unexplainable as even those supposedly unworkable situations it works about 1/2 of time. - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


26’Electric field, EM pulse: continued 2

It has been “vogue” in WM science publication to emphasize failed device function(about 40% of paper showed insufficient or no effects, while most Non Western nations’[Russia, India, Slovenia, Iran, China, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia etc] academic reports are practically 100% success rate, then talk about how to improve performance & application), type of academic approach abstained from publishing if it were WM accepted tech in order to avoid criticism & keep the job.

But in strict sense WM approved tech of spectroscopy research or crystallization of calcite deposit scale form altered to aragonite repeatedly showing & fully accepted water/scale quality difference after magnetic or electric treatment for at least since 2005. Also ortho Hydrogen's high activity vs Para Hydrogen and magnetic reactivity of former is WM science approved along with Oxygen reactivity: - hence this water effect is practically undeniable. Just like Cold Fusion for energy(see 18'Electrolysis Alkaline-Acid mixed), still overt conveniently selective scientific debunking data is supported sometimes,

Electric type of device is most widely sold and used in residential market, usually stand alone technology devices. Most makers provide 3-12month money back guarantee, some industrial application types mandate preconsultation/site visit prior to purchase. Similar to Time Variant Magnetic Water treatment device, effect and price range differs considerably. - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


26’Electric field, EM pulse: continued 3

Often price and performance level doesn’t match. Likely three most important performance elements as 1-AC frequency, 2-its coverage width, & 3-wave form. Some advanced or commercial/industrial application devices has separate frequency intermixed for scaling, bacteria killing(and different species) etc, Most of them has AC pulse emitting two coils wound in solenoid pattern, It is often assumed two coil should generate coupling effect in standard set up.

Compared to some of other electromagnetic, plasma or “subtle energizing” type water tech devices listed here, there is lot less claim or focus on bioenhancement effect water by electric field frequency water devices. ➢ Those who tend to claim more often are: 27’Magnetic/24’Electrolytic/ 33’Mineral BioCeramic & FIR(Far InfraRed) & Thz(Teraherz) wave oscillation/ 31’Torsion field/32’Coil Scalar Wave emitter/ 11’HydroDynamic Cavitation. ➢ Those tend to claim less bioenhancement are: 26’Electric Field, Electric Pulse, ElectroStatic, 41’ElectroSpray, 44’ ElectroHydraulic - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


• •

26’Electric field, EM pulse: continued 4 WM Accepted effect: H(oil-water separation, Demulsion): ElectroCoalescence, Use of Dielectrophoresis effect: by applying Electric field(EF) to body of emulsified liquid, Pulse is more effective than uniform EF. Main use is for deep water petroleum extraction, or cleaning hydrocarbon fuel instead of only using expensive heating, chemical etc: •

Vessel Internal ElectroStatic Coalescer: VIEC(Wärtsilä+) & Low Water Content Coalescer: LOWACC(Aibel AS+), Compact types(Statoil, FMC Technologies, Fjords Processing AS +), also focus on biofuel(Origin oil - Origin clear+): Mainstream use in hydrocarbon extraction, but not widely used in other industries. 、 Also can create opposite effect Emulsion(oil water mix): ElectroEmulsification in flowing droplets in electrospray(see section 41') type setup, Uniform Electric Field applied instead of pulse. Suitable for small volume production.

WM media disputed effect: J(BOD reduction, waste water cleaning): by germ stifling/killing. Based on 42'Electroporation(lysing), 13'Nanobubble bursting or Microplasma triggering hydroxyl radical, H2O2, UV effects etc. 、 WM media Rejected effect: A(scale prevention), Most common application, many targets residential market(Eddy Water Descaler, CalConditioner, LittlePlumber, ScaleBan, 4DeepBlue +), Ultrasonic resonance causing frequency band for increased effectiveness(Go Green Technologies, +), In china EM water treating device is offered as a part of water treatment or HVAC system(, Hwktgs,、 137

• •

26’Electric field, EM pulse: continued 5 -->>cont: WM media generally Rejected effect: A(scale prevention)、 ■ Targeting commercial/industrial sector(SmartFlow eu, UbcalIndia, Koshin-Chem Zeta Wave+), Oil industry specific(MPK-VNP, AGT Soft Wave Inc, Weatherford ClearWell,+), Also works for struvite scale at wastewater pipes/motors(ScaleWatcher +), Significant local government & industrial installations and testimonial in a country/large corporate whose official science calls it pseudoscience(Desincal+)、 ■ Target both Industrial and Residential focus: (Kejingyuan, Life Science UK, +), Major Western mainstream organization sells quietly under occasional criticism(BWT group, WaterCat - Hidrocat+), Wide range of govn't facilities & industrial(Термит etch+)、 ■ Likely more than 100,000 units sold, Some are more than million units: (ScaleBlaster, Hydropath - HydroFlow - AquaKlear, Aqua-Rex : Water-King, Valcan Descaler+) 、 ■ Claims sine wave form is more effective(ScaleManager, FlowTech Systems, +) ■ Combination of magnetic and electric pulse :( ■ Ozone combo(FlowMark Water+): actually large portion of effect comes from economically disruptive H2O2 produced insitu? Vortex flow precedes(DropSon, Bauer-WT +), Frequency programmable(Universal Water Technologies, +) - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


26’Electric field, EM pulse: continued 6

-->> cont: WM media generally Rejected effect: Occasionally claimed: B(corrosion & rust proof):(Calmat +), various sophisticated programming frequency configurations for erratic industrial process water flow(EZV spol+), C(Algae- germ stifling as process)(АкваЩит+), sometimes algae killed by cell walls ruptured at certain device’s accurately set frequency, but most devices don’t have accurate frequency or frequency power is not strong enough. Also extra water permeation through cell walls rupture for lysing effect(also see 42’ElectroPoration). Note WM approved high power version(categorized as 2’Pulsed Power) devices often rely their cell wall breaking by shock wave factor rather than subtle electroporation-. K(Dirty smelly lake water cleaning/clearing), S(Coagulation), Usually AC oscillating frequency needs to be adjusted for bioenhancement effect vs descaling effect as separate unit or frequency adjustment mode;

B2(less plant water needs), C2(Soil desalination, plant growth with salty/toxic water), D2(Human preferred herb-insect-microbial enhancement), E2(Flavor enhancement of bakery, pasta, coffee etc), For beer (CellarControl - Hunter Technologies+), Wine(Aropur eu, Innovative-dt+), F2(Human/animal skin, dental, bio enhancement, Medical)(Vi-Aqua+) - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


26’Electric field, EM pulse: continued 7

-->>cont: WM media generally Rejected: weaker effects & less often claimed: D(Algae/ germ stifling as water), E(Detergent water effect): some type claims to have electrostatic effect causing to charge water solutes(Maxim-Water jp), M(spray-soak to make food last longer), N(food detergent), O(remove odor of dairy farm by feeding water to animals), P(Sludge reduction or oder removal of water), when electroporation effect causes certain undesirable type bacteria to die vs pulse happens to enhance human favorite bacteria’s activity?- seems there is different band range frequency between them, most devices are not set up/targeted to do this but a few apparently have some effects, T(even dyeing, paint production), U(stronger cement, ice, paper, gypsum etc), V(faster boiling, alcohol separation, more heat conductive), W(degassing, deoxygenation), X(Lower redox value), H2(Dewatering effect): not commercially targeted by weak power device found for this use(see 2’Pulsed Power, or 42’Electroporation)

Effect WM Fully rejected: Z(Plant animal grow larger-faster-nutritious, Catalyst to ferment food, drink, manure),(Sirox Cleantech, Viaqua, Tathastu Services, Aqwatech, Harmony-bg eu +), Remote controlled frequency change & radionic type element combined targeting agricultural sector(Plant Horizons Technologies), Use of unique low frequency range(HydroSmart au +), - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


27’Time variant Magnetic Field water treatment: Effect Accepted, Generally Rejected by (WM) In this section 27’Time variant magnetic water treatment, Some details of geopolitical background is given in as an example of how non-standard low cost technology is allegedly treated by Western Mainstream(WM) groups. In addition to pure economic incentives, Their collective behavior suggests likely involving a few key members within following organizations: Academia-Gov’t Scientists-NGOs-Corporate-Industry Sponsored Groups & Backers, Media-Wikipedia-National & large local Gov’t, -Military. They often seem to demonstrate interlocked scientific lobbying capabilities.、 This story is applicable to other, low cost, clean water related technology development. Also at least partially applicable to some non water industry segments: when low cost tech can replace existing technologies: Energy, GeoEngineering, Communication, Psychology, Medical, Mining, Various Industrial Process, Environmental remediation, Agricultural, and Military-NationalSecurity-Intelligence-Space-Commercial Banking,. For details see report: [Cold Fusion & Analysis of Other Controversial Claims...] 、 ■27’Time variant magnetic water treatment; Two main types are discussed here: ●i-Water moving past between mutually repulsing & pole reversing magnetic field with sufficient speed to cause certain kind of ionization or “activation” effect in moleculesbonding structure of water & solutes, Water structure effect is actually WM confirmed since 1960s by MRI machine(Fre Cope, Ray Damadian+), ●ii-Confined water & dissolved matter is exposed to fast rotating magnetic field(several thousand rpm+) to cause 141 microplasma like phenomena in water(often very strong effect) ->> continues

27’Time variant Magnetic Field water treatment: continued 2 Historical tech status ●i- Until 1990s, up to 30%(recently max about 15%) of cases, effect by magnetically treated water in pipes scale formation seemed insufficient to none at industrial/commercial/agricultural applications even when established device manufacturers' product was used. This might to be due to insufficient PRECISE knowledge or inappropriate installations as to exact mechanics of how it works and what prevents effect etc. Many corporate users prefer to keep their “secret combination water recipe & application”, added to the fact this is publicly unannounce-able pseudoscience to start with still in many situations. In strict WM academic level hypotheses still vary while effect is long been taken for granted and practical focus has been about the mechanics or effect amplification/utilization when fund is available. Yet full mainstream use electromagnetic water flow meter(mag meter) clearly shows commercialized use of Faraday effect: charge separation when non-deionized water flows angle to magnetic field. 、 ●ii- Though to lot less extent than water pipe descaling, waste water treatment method was devised in Soviets & utilized also in China by treating confined water with Rotating Magnetic Field/Motional Electric Field(Torsion field/gravity effect link) which generates effects like electrolysis, cavitation, ultrasonic oscillation, electrohydraulic phenomena within water(often 20mm like metal pin is mixed). This decomposes waste water, separate heavy metals, while enhances fermentation amongst range of other pseudoscientific effects, speed, & low energy use. This effect never seemed to raise interest amongst "fringe" type consumer groups in westso it was simply ignored and never debunked by WM. While quietly used by some Western companies. 142

27’Time variant Magnetic Field water treatment: continued 3, Historical tech status 2

-->> cont: ●ii- Rotating Magnetic field(RMF) type: Its has much stronger & drastic effect due to prolonged Magnetic field exposure accompanied by microplasma generation(ie more like plasma induction effect). Product using Rotating Magnetic mechanics are marked with * . Effects of RMF/Spatially Motional Electric Field(including claimed to demonstrate gravity shielding effect) have been disputed and recently avoided largely in western academics probably due to "overunity" ambient electricity production capacity and gravity related mechanics: for more details go to other report [Cold Fusion & Analysis of Other Controversial Claims...] and look up "unshieldable moving magnetic field"

In west, mainstream low cost disruptive tech funding often comes for debunking method creation & not much for actual technology development, while encouragement for low cost tech is usually given in non West gov't, non-multinational NGOs(Russia, China, India etc) and 3rd world(Middle East, Indonesia etc).

For some low cost & potentially disruptive technologies, there seems to be two groups of science established in West: A-Actual effect using technological commercialization, B-“Discussion level of science” or “debunking specialist” type to publish one time debunking experiment in order to prevent it from widely recognized at public announcement of installation/open admission of money saving results at WM media. Latter group seems to be usually better funded and widely interlocked


27’Time variant Magnetic Field water treatment: continued 4, Historical tech status 3

Yet magnetic water treatment debunking groups were not well organized during 1940-1990s: Mainstream Govn’t lab, Military experimental groups, notably of United States published conflicting conclusions/announcements/test results on magnetic water effectiveness: Some Gov't bureaucrats took for granted tech efficacy and recommended its wide applications & more research funds spending while others insisted effect is dubious & no funds to be spent.

Later years(1990-2013) debunking group prevailed and uniform harmonious reality was projected as interlocked Western official scientific reality for ineffectiveness of magnetic water treatment. “Non-multinational-interlocked” smaller corporations have been usually free to install devices, while large corporations often abstain from talking about their “secret installations”. 144 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada

27’Time variant Magnetic Field water treatment: continued 5, Historical tech status 4

And for latest years(2013-), other various cost efficient disruptive water technologies have been approved by mainstream(eg Diamond Electrolysis, Plasma Activated Water etc), and new official approval might come soon to previously pseudoscience treatment tech such as magnetic or electric field water along with FarInfraRed water treatment devices or ozone use nodetergent cold water washing etc, allowing for mainstream public mass to gradually adopt into new technology.

Historically: there are a few well known(within the segment) widely deployed strains of patented advanced magnetic water settings/flux capability/ manufacturing methods: eg1 Soviet mainstream technology which went to some of Australian, US and UAE operations(Tkatchenko+), eg2: “Fringe science” US inventors/scientists came up with similar flux magnetic technologies(Kulish-De Palma-Shivo) and used in several of very large vol selling products world wide, eg3: Inventors did not widely commercialize the tech but improved & utilized by some Polish companies(Moriya & Miyata) and further researched seriously multiple large car manufacturers and academics. - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


27’Time variant Magnetic Field water treatment: continued 6, Companies & products

Magnetically treated water effects, if not the degree, are often very similar or identical with: 11’HydroDynamic Cavitation/24’Electrolytic/26’Electric Field, Electric Pulse, ElectroStatic/ 31’Torsion field/32’Coil Scalar Wave/33’Mineral BioCeramic & FIR(Far InfraRed) & Thz(Teraherz) wave oscillation/41’ElectroSpray/44’ ElectroHydraulic technologies, also electrical active type 55'Nano Material, 56'Nanofiltration tech except filtering capabilities: ,

About half of device in the market is combined with other supplemental technologies, or magnet is worked as supplemental or other key technologies. Many nations outside of DACH, Nordic, Japan, or Anglo-American types, devices are more frequently sold as part of comprehensive industrial/commercial water treatment or environmental enhancement product lines.

Some are well established large volume sales, likely at least 100,000 sales up to 1millon plus units,(Superior Water Conditioning, PolarInt no, BP Group БП групп, Magnetizer - GMX, Filtermat nl - CEPI +)

▶ SEGMENT FOCUS ■1 Residential focus(AquaMax SRL, Aqua Israel, Magmini jp, НЕОМАГ - Neomag, NakipOFF - “НакипOFF”+) ■2 Commercial focus(AquaMag ch, Mediagon ch, Runga ru, МВС КЕМА-МПАВ+), ■3 Industrial focus(UDI-MAG, Enecon EneFlow, CleanAirTech ca,, +) 146

27’Time variant Magnetic Field water treatment: continued 7, Companies & products 2

■4 Agricultural focus(Delta Water Solutions, Jnysh com cn, Aqua-Correct de+), ■5 Niche focus: Oil & Gas industry: usually inline direct magnet contact or venturi design (Scale-X au, Flo-Rite Fluids inc, RFG Petro, FluxIndia, Magtekinc+), Pulp-Chemical-Steel industry(Koken-Ltd Ecobeam, +), Super high temperature pipe(Akua Manyetik Kireç+), Solar water pipe(Purion Water Conditioner+), Swimming pool(Pure Water Ionizador de Piscinas+), ■6 Military Focus: (Завод Молот-Механика+), ■7 Medical focus: (Magnetizagua SYLOCIMOL, Fuji Keiki+) ■8 Waste water treatment focus offered by fast rotating magnetic field(2000+rpm) *(Globecore ru, Aquapromspb,*

▶ General wide range use coverage(Descal-A-Matic, FluidForce com, JaTech fr, Eniris ru,, Магнитный активатор Amina, Ekosu, +)、 ▶ Some companies won Western mainstream innovative technology award(AkwaMag, Oakwoode - AquaPhyd, AquaUnique dk, AquaVital at, Movagro, Akra pl, Infracorr Sp +) ▶ Also focus on other pseudoscientific magnetic product: Magnetic fuel treatment for 3-10% gas saving, 30-50% general emission reduction(Reneval Hungary Kft, SuperMagnit kz, Magnet-tool Magiko, Profi-Magnet hu +), extremely rare Western official institution German TÜV passed effect as 15% fuel improvement(Maratech AG TIZICALOR), some non Western ally nation's govn't test usually all products pass the test. - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


27’Time variant Magnetic Field water treatment: continued 8, Companies & products 3

▶ PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE: 10% crop increase or less water needed for farming use(Movagro), 5% boilder fuel saving by magnetic fuel & water treatment(Arionic+), same for 10%(Vosges-Italia), $100,000 reward if academics can prove device doesn’t work(MultiMag pl)

▶ UNIQUE CONFIGURATIONS: Wire grounding required for electron transfer(Scale-Buster cn, +), RO with magnet inside to reduce scaling(Graham Tek Reverse Osmosis+), Water treatment coagulation and trapping by magnet(Spaw-Test pl +), Geometric considerations(Purak eu +), Pipe flow divided into multiple magnetic exposure lines(PrimaCalc +) ▶ IN-LINE DEVICE FOR DIRECT MAGNET CONTACT claiming stronger effects for given configuration(, Ekom si +)

▶ ADDED OTHER MECHANICS: Vortex(Algarid, Omni Water For Life, BeonTech de +), Venturi(ITmastion - Meckling’s MHD Systems, GieWasser+), Electrolytic(FilterWater Direct+), Subtle Torsion - Scalar Wave(Aqua Lyros, Aqua Sinus Plus +), Metal Ion(AquaDynTech+)Far InfraRed(Viox co jp, フォーチュンナイン株式会社 +),



27’Time variant Magnetic Field water treatment: continued 9

WM Accepted G2(electricity/energy production): Faraday effect can generate electricity when conductive water flows vertically to magnets, Slightly similar to MHD effect. Self powered Magnetic Flow Meter(OMEGA Engineering+) by pair of magnets on opposed sides of water pipe, when water flows charge is separated & to be picked up by opposed electrodes to cause electron flow. Completely ignored for major power generation potential. Most Faraday effect water meter is ElectroMagnet type which doesn't generate net power.

●Weak Effect: H(oil-water separation), generally seem to assist existing system to recover oil in coagulated form but as minor effect. Some are getting stronger results by featuring "magnetostatic coalescence" effect(EXPORTech Company, Eco1st Technology Separation Enhancer +), Others use magnet/ferromagnetic particle as nucleus for water/oil droplet & later collect together. -->> cont: - Ben Rusuisiak, Vancouver BC, Canada


27’Time variant Magnetic Field water treatment: continued 10

WM media generally Rejected effects: A(Descaling): most frequently focused application except in agricultural industry (MagnaTek Water Conditioners, Anti Ca++, CSV Optimus ba +), Usually very difficult dairy production line scale prevention(ЕТВТехнология плюс +), Dental scale prevention(Weltecnet+), Some specialized brand seems to be able to significantly reduce or eliminate scale as long as regular shutdown inspection is conducted at even dairy processing or sugar production plant pipes(MundiMex+), Medical application by blood vessel plaque removal by specifically accurately configured magnetic field(AML Superconductivity & Magnetics), RO desalination scale prevention(NuWater+),

Paraffin descaling: oil pipe scale prevention (Химсталькомплект, Separation Enhancer Eco 1st, Oil-tic Лантан, Incompneft+), Most challenging way-beyond chemical capability type use is often in-house or engineering firm customized or R&D devised(PETRONAS+): but this info seems usually unpublished, -->> cont: - Ben Rusuisiak, Vancouver BC, Canada


27’Time variant Magnetic Field water treatment: continued 11

-->>cont: WM media generally Rejected effects: A(pipe scale prevention):

Also depends on set up certain coagulation occurs. Scale prevention effect is complete mainstream science(not media) accepted tech, but even at generally new tech willing Western oil industry they tend to abstain from use openly, core use in Russia and some other nations,

B(anticorrosion, rust prevention/removal),(Jspkk Japan System Kikaku, Kanasugi-Syoukou, Perma-Trade+), B2(less water needed for plants, faster yet longer water absorption by soil(MundiMex+), C2*(plant grow in salt water, soil enhance, desalination):(MorePlant+): salty water plant growthcommercially harvested up 13,000ppm,) (MagneticEast, Rosoobgir+)This is often deemed as most cost effective available method- particularly in Farmers in ME & South America, D2(human preferred herb-insect-germ enhancement)

■ Less often claimed: C(algae germ stifling) • ....................Wfluquan, (Donglimbk,, 磁水处理器 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


27’Time variant Magnetic Field water treatment: continued 12

-->>cont: WM media generally Rejected: F(improving flavor of pasta, coffee etc): (Elisirproductor, ROSS - РОСС УМОВ+), Wine effect seems to be weak compared to electric field’s specific frequency setting: (ЕТВ-Технология плюс +), E2(enhancement of flavor in coffee-pasta-rice etc)(AquaTechniques fr, HydroLux info+), U(stronger cement, gympum, ice bonding strength etc), Improve paper density & strength(Beijing Jiacheng• 北京佳成英杰公司 +) as water passing magnet type(Максмир-М+), stronger effect by fast rotating magnetic field *( Экология ECOUOM+)*,

Occasionally claimed weaker effect D(algae stifler as water, disinfectant): (Panox jp +), E(Industrial type heavy cleaner), F(laundry detergent as water): usually only reduce detergent use, some light wash makes detergent unnecessary: (Гидромагнитная система ГМС 20+), Magnetic Laundry Ball:(WasserFix, MagneticLaundry, Dipro Clean, MagnetBall net+), G,I,&K(Toilet stain/odor, Kitchen odor, grease trap cleaning, dirty smelly lake water clarity increase/cleaning):(, Hydrocarbon esp diesel fouling prevention(Metalsinter filtros+), M(spray soak to lad food longer, less mold): (, N(food detergent), O(remove odor of dairy farm by feeding water to animals):(Mag Tech PVT+), S(coagulation/toxin separation)(Nicaro+), —>> continue magnetic treatment


27’Time variant Magnetic Field water treatment: continued 13

WM Fully rejected effect: J(waste water, toxin cleaning): removal of heavy metals, or bio waste or peat converting to fertilizer with much less water use, time, & cost than conventional methods *(«Жигулёвские удобрения», Экология ECOUOM+)*, if this stronger rotating magnetic field effect is introduced to Rendering industry, low temp hydrolysis(100-120°C level) can be largely replaced & many other disruptive effects in other applications.

Also comparatively weaker flowing water effect through static magnetic field(also electric pulse treatment etc) has repeated claims on perceived chlorine smell reduction/removal. This is likely due to some kind of ionization effect is causing dissolved HClO in water to increasingly turn to ClO⁻(less smell and weaker germ killing effect) regardless of pH(pseudoscientific effect) -->> cont - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


27’Time variant Magnetic Field water treatment: continued 14

-->> cont: WM Fully rejected effect: T(even dyeing, paint production)(Junyutong cn+), V(faster boiling, alcohol separation, more heat conductive):(Evolu-Tech Mag-O-Pure, +), W(degassing, deoxygenation)(EkoMag cz,+)

X(lower redox value water); some mainstream explanation associates degassing and higher heat conductivity, Z(plant animal grow largerfaster with more nutrition, less smell of animal, catalyst to ferment food, drink, manure etc) (MagnaPower Mexicana+),

A2(desalination):by separating ionic elements during intense rotating magnetic field(torsion field) effects(Chonquing Univ Electrical Eng. dpt, Kazan State Univ Power Eng. dpt+) *Emulsion, Bioenhancement, Desalination by Torsion field (Rotating magnetic field is mainstream science in China, Russia and other nations less influenced by West) -->> cont - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


27’Time variant Magnetic Field water treatment: continued 15

-->>cont: WM Fully rejected effect: F2(human/animal skin, dental & general bio enhancement, insect bite,): (Magnolith de, Magna-Tek+): effect degree significantly seems to differ by EM frequency generated/device, Treated water Fish growth is strong consistent effect for intended device, but for salt water there are several incidents(out of 10,000+ successes) of entire fish stock died when applied to ocean water,

General bioenhancement effect by EM wave etc treated water: Effect indication comes via different methods than numerously claimed field results on direct extra growth volume: There are various mainstream lab level claims(Pau Héroux+) on some specific frequency within a wide range of EM spectrum(from ELF/Schumann, visible light to FIR/Thz) that has effects: ▶

▶1 Wave itself or water(treated by that wave freq) enhances Adenosine Triphosphate(ATP) or Biophotonic Activities(debunked by seemingly medical aligned WM lobby) -->> cont - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


27’Time variant Magnetic Field water treatment: continued 16 -->> cont: WM Fully rejected effect: F2(general bio enhancement): ▶2 Plain water treated by specific frequency ELF EM wave(copy) can formulate DNA from plain water: Water based Polymerase Chain Reaction(Del Giudice, Luc Montagnier +), 、 ▶3 Some mainstream water test methods like ATP actually match results of various Western Mainstream pseudoscientized "subtle energy" water test methods(Drop Evaporation/Drip picture/Drop picture methods[Swenk & Kröplin], Gas Discharge Visualization GDV[Korotokov, Rabe+], Color Plate[Die Knapp], Ice Crystallizing[*Emoto & Nemoto, Braun & Steinmann, +], Dispersion Staining, Darkfield Microscopy, Polyurethane Activation[VI Vysotskii+] etc) *Note Emoto is sometimes quoted as a "scientist", but he publicly stated he was "artist", and others used his methodology of water testing with more scientific protocol, 、 ▶4 General magnetic water treatment enhances bio effects, but each matter/entity's specific standing wave causing natural frequency, not strength, seems to exaggerate effects, and same improved efficiency is observed in water treatment(coagulation, desalination etc), water decomposing, and to non water effects like combustion, refrigeration etc(all WM unapproved)、 ■ Unlisted effects: Emulsion *(Hammel su,, AfuelSystems+)*, - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


28’”Catalytic water”, “Phase Catalyst” water: Effect mix of Disputed & Fully rejected by Western Mainstream(WM)

■ 28’”Catalytic water”, “Phase Catalyst” water: (also similar to 63'Other Anomalous processes): Vitalize effect creating water: water shows higher “activation state” to function as a kind of “phase catalyst” to alter states of other medium(matter or dilution water or bio organism).

Indications of “electronically or ionically energized” state water lasting for upto several years with range of pseudoscientific effects: eg

●i-lightly shake 200ml bottle creates vortex and lasts for 10seconds each time,

●ii- Place clearly visible dye and color disappears after stirring, ●iii- Conductive: light bulb turns on submerged with live wire dipped in the water away from the bulb, ●iv- diluted solution prolongs life of cut flowers 30-100%+ compared to control(easily distinguishable by testing together with regular water), this type of effect occurs in Mineral, Bioceramic - FIR & Thz, Magnetically etc treated water half the time & some nanocarbon but effect is stronger & consistent in "catalytic water" -->>cont: - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


28’”Catalytic water”, “Phase Catalyst” water: continued 2 Prolonged state of highly structure water?: From academic lab results there are indications this type of water is exaggerated effect version of prolonged effect of "Structured Water"(Wol Ludwig, L Montagnier+), "Water Memory" effect(Jac Benveniste, Fedyakin & Derjaguin+), "Water as Signal Carrier"(RI Bender, Yur Kronn, Rol Conte[Beta Radiation]+): •

Above water effects used to be Western Mainstream(WM) full pseudoscience status until around yr2000 with repeated intense campaign including WM approved magician but now "promoted to disputed state" with practically undeniable level of WM data accumulations similar to the way Cold Fusion (18'Electrolysis Alkaline-Acid mixed) has been replicated. New concept of this type of water includes charge storing "Fourth Phase of Water"/EZ Water(Ger Pollack), "Cell water" like Structured Water(Yamashita & Makino+), Intracellular water(Mar Chaplin+), Water in cells indicates - accommodates non-local cell communication/quantum effects(Stu Hameroff+),

Their effect & production method claims indicate representative key “anomalous elements” of alleged enhanced electrical activities, bio organism vitalization & memory effect of water. And 24 technology examples are given in next 5 pages, followed by grid pattern "Phase Catalyst Water" tech comparison lists,, Also not in this list but ORMUS contained water has different type of phase catalyst effect: 63’Other “Anomalous Processes & Effects”(p328-331) 158

28’”Catalytic water”, “Phase Catalyst” water: continued 3

Here are the itemized short description of 26 examples of phase catalyst like water (followed by grid pattern listings 5pages later). Basically products are used by dilution with regular water. Some weaker effect water needs to be as is use. Other catalytic or semi catalytic types are listed under other tech catagorization(Electrolysis, UV, SuperCritical Water, Torsion, Scalar etc)

▶Regular catalytic effect water 1-Santa Mineral(K Furusaki): Ultrasonic, Electrolysis, Thz wave treatment to copy matter quality into another via water 2-Minimal Catalyst MICA(K Hatanaka): Sub/SuperCritical water repeat heat-cool, pressure high-low, hydrodynamic cavitation, mixed with minerals, to copy matter quality into another via water 3-Aydo-AquaElix Water(A Doyuk): Possibly mineral involved electrolysis or high temperature pressure distillation - condensation or hydrodynamic cavitation type combination repetition?- use as detergent, water proofing, toxin neutralizing etc

4-Heizungsblut-Heating Blood,(N Lübbke): Mix of mono ethylene & propylene glycol, potassium & ammonium acetate, Nanosilver, & unknown corrosion inhibitor, to have high heat conductivity altering structure of water - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


28’”Catalytic water”, “Phase Catalyst” water: continued 4

5-Double Helix Water(Shui Yin Lo): Mix of argon gas, high voltage electrolysis with resonance, venturi cavitation then sit for 24hrs, to have various antioxidant and medical effects 6-BioWater(Wilfley & Broby): Some type of electrolysis involved?- to have cell water like function 7-Cellfood-NuScience(E Storey): D2SO4: Sulphuric acid by deuterium, to increase delivery of O2 and H2 to cells, 8-Alpha Omega Labs(G Canton): Electrolysis as main process?- to make “permanently” hydroxyl radical producing water,

9-Photonic Ionization Manipulation Augmentation(PIMA)(M Benza): Alter atomic characteristics of minerals in water for water purification, 10-Clustered Water(L Lorenzen): Distilling & passing vapor through magnetic field, infrared light, add mineral & biopolymer and compress & decompress to have bioenhancing water,

11-Wayback Water(D Nelson): Laser applied water in phase conjugating manner? as main process?- high cell permeating water, 12-Karl Maret water Bio-Com: Water nubulization, hydrodynamic cavitation, all with minerals or oxygen injected, Water becomes highly cell permeable - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


28’”Catalytic water”, “Phase Catalyst” water: continued 5

13-EMbalance(K Masumoto): Copy antioxidant or bioenhancing or FarInfrared wave emitting mineral and bacteria into plastic by SubCritical Water imprinting process 14-Revitalized Biogenic Water(Viktor Inushin): Hydrodynamic cavitation sets water molecules to be in receptive state then “inject” specific EM resonance frequency for desired effect: for specific homeopathic remedy imprinting etc    

15-Eauduvisage Divinia Water(S Sedlmayr): Microwave fed resonating cavity where water is distilled & condensed under specific EM frequency irradiation: for bioenhancing water, 16-Oxygen Elements Max: Electrolysis? for bioenhancing and various medical effects, 17-CAW Willard Water(J Willard): Use of some calcium & magnesium ion reaction in relation to alkali metal silicate & lignite-peat to be mixed for electrically charged state, for bioenhancing water 18-John Ellis Water: Rapid repetition of heating-distilling-condensation, then UV exposure. Rare case of catalytic type dilution useable water making device itself is sold, not water product: Bioenhancing, disinfection water, somewhat Deuterium depleted - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


28’”Catalytic water”, “Phase Catalyst” water: continued 6

19- AquaNew Watt-ahh(Gourley & Suartt): Prolonged water bubbling with HHO gas, to make bioenhancing skin healing water 20-VIVO Cluster Solutions 4VIVO: Rotating magnetic field, intense light, high temperature with trace minerals, bioenhancing and medical effect 21-ASEA RENU28: Very low power continuous electrolysis or electric field exposure with trace minerals, Electrical reducing/oxidizing property of water triggers cell bioenhancement effect by redox signaling

22-American Biotech Labs/SilverSol(Moeller et al): Conventional colloidal silver making with electrodes in water but 10,000v AC treatment for a prolonged duration: Water turns to perpetually electrically activated state with Ag4O4 form silver is integrated into water structure (or promoting it, like C60 does) with no silver precipitation that causes Argyria, only 5-40ppm silver used, bioenhancement & disinfection by electron exchange, & self resonate at Thz frequency: Medical intended but also effective for industrial use 162

28’”Catalytic water”, “Phase Catalyst” water: continued 7 ▶Regular catalytic effect bottled water & weaker effect on-site making device 23-PiWater(Yamashita & Makino): Ferrous ferric ion/Ferrate ion & various minerals causing reaction as catalyst as base, for bioenhancing & various effect copying effects. 24-Adya Clarity Water - Themarox(A Shimanishi): specific combination of mineral ions & colloids mix, for bioenhancing.、 ▶Weaker phase Catalyst water usually used without dilution 25-NORMAQUA -, Self vibrating piezo oscillation device from water flow energy(Hydrodynamic cavitation), then in turn influence water quality with resonance?- for bioenhancing water, Prolonged treatment seem to strengthen effects. 26-MRET Water(I Smirnov): Specific subtle frequency emitting polymer combined with LED and magnet in a portable device; to make non-dilutable bioenhancing water,

Next 4pages are repeat of above 26 tech explanation with more detail、 ▶Deemed strong effect but insufficient details(not included in following list): 27-Aviso Water(I Aviso): Some type of EM wave or static discharge in water. - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


Phase catalyst type water commercialized examples, Products are often in unprofessional manner, but inter-referenced data indicate probability of their claim validity. Some of them are not officially in business.

PHASE CHANGE CATALYST TYPE WATER - 1-REGULAR EXAMPLES - 1/4 Technology how to make claimed/ how to make/ Claimed how it utilized---> indicated works v--Effect claim 1 Stanta Mineral/ Ultrasonic, Electrolysis, Thz water & minerals dissolved Koichi Furusaki oscilate in FIR/Thz frequency on its own semi permanently Sub/SuperCritical water, 2 Minimal Catalyst MICA/ repeat heat-cool, pressure Kenji Hatanaka high-low, Hydrodynamic cavitation, mixed with minerals 3 AyDo-AquaElix/ unclear: mineral involved Ayhan Doyuk with electrolysis, high temperature, hydrocavitation etc?

Claimed/estimated Effects how Application/Effects, not Application/Effects, it works necessarily claimed not necessarily claimed Copy specific bioenhancing ph11 water can be bioenhancing paint to effect FIR/Thz frequency to applied to skin apply to surface, other medium so it will emit glass, fibre, cement, etc water & minerals dissolved Copy specific bioenhancing gas mileage, electrical bioenhancing, oscilate in FIR/Thz frequency on effect FIR/Thz frequency to efficiency enhancing ring antioxident effect paint its own semi permanently other medium so it will emit to apply to surface, glass, fibre, cement, etc Most effects created by 1/100 cleaner concentrate, electroconductive drinking water -1/1million dilusion into regular hydrocarbon manipulation, fire without shorting or production by mixing water convert oil into fertelizer proofing, water proofing, toxin electrocuting organism, with dirty water, neutralizing anti freezing

4 Heizungsblut - Mix of Mono ethylene & Heating blood / Propylene glycol, Potassium Norbert Lübbke & Ammonium acetate, Nanosilver, & unknown corrosion inhibitor 5 Double Helix Mix argon gas, high voltage Water/ Shui Yin electrolysis with resonance, Lo venturi cavitation, then sit for 1day 6 BioWater/ Some type of electrolysis? Wilfley & Broby

Structure of water molecule is activated so that has very high conductivity. Dilution is 1:1

Unknown inhibitor is triggering most major effect?

Red colored water used for heating medium and saves 10-30% energy cost

electrical dipole interaction via internal E-fields of ions to cause water cluster to have a permanent E-dipole moment Dilution 1/100 level. Ions of molecule is “charged”, to convery it’s vitalized form into-->

Dilute with regular water by 100times or so?

Various antioxident & medical bioenhancement effects

nutrients or organism’s metabolism to improve function, Cell water type function ->

7 Cellfood NuScience/ Everett Storey

When diluted into water, cell exothermic reaction takes place water like function occurs. Also to provide oxygen and some ionizing effect takes place hydrogen to the individual cells

to increase nutrients Skin conditioning, absorption, as well as Rearranging molecular its assimilation to structure. organism Bioenhancing, medical, skin improve etc

D2SO4 :Sulphuric acid by deuterium instead of hydrogen: instead of H2SO4

Anti-corrosion, sludge, steaming and antifreeze effect in water pipe


PHASE CHANGE CATALYST TYPE WATER - 1-REGULAR EXAMPLES -2/4 Technology how to make claimed/ how to make/ Claimed how it Claimed/estimated Effects utilized---> indicated works how it works v--Effect claim 8 Alpha Omega Labs/Greg Caton 9 Photonic Ionization, Manipulation Augmentation( PIMA)/Mark Benza 10 Clustered Water- Enjoy Vivo Plus/Lee Lorenzen 11 Wayback Water/Dan Nelson

Application/Effects, not necessarily claimed

Application/ Effects, not necessarily claimed anti-microbe, disinfectant, Bioenhancing, diluted water becomes pH Preservative effect, 1.6 to 2.0 level Medical effect

Electrolysis as main process? Dilution 1/100 level.

Activated state concentrate "permanently" hydroxyl producable water with hydronium ion- H3O (or H+)

Change atomic characteristics of minerals dissolved in water to cause precipitation by photonic EM wave pulse

and separate by vortex for water purification or desalination. Supposed to be similar to Lorenzen Clustered Water

Water purificiation, Various liquid based desalination, & some chemical production without chemical reaction with at far large vol of byproducts less power needed, nor additional chemicals

Distilling & passing vapor over EM field, InfreRed light, condense, add mineral+yeast, compress-decompreee- & repeat, --> so this biopolymer Type of phase conjugated laser applied to water? with certain resonance, vortex and some nano particles used

--> & mineral quality is imprinted or creating bio frequency resonating type of activated water.

--> Nano clustered(structured) form of water in bio enhancing manner is maintained in certain way. Repeat the process several times. Concentrate's effect lasts for months

Enhanced metabolism & cellâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s clecrical activities, assimilation of nutrients to cells,

increased PH, biologically structured water causes cellular communication & nutrient absorption, high oxygen satuation, low CO2 solubility imprint the effect to target plastic under 200c,

new state of physical, chemical and biological properties, significantlty affect colloidal systems ->

Dilution by 1/100 level, Very efficient hydration with small amount of water.

12 Maret Water/ Water nubulization, hydroBio-com /Maret dyanmic cavitation 25000rpm & Gabor for prolonged time, all with minerals or oxygen injected at certain timing, ->

Recondensation & stabilization by EM pulse, and repeat process 1-2days. Dilutable.

13 EMbalance/ Katsuhisa Masumoto

: Pressurize Low redox potential water(EM material & other mineral dissolve water see 30â&#x20AC;&#x2122;EM) with plastic raw material beads to ->

Copy function of antioxident & bioenhancemnent effect of mineral and bacteria into plastic by SubCritical water imprinting process ->

Quick production of effect lasting water of anti-oxidants, super-oxygenated etc

Bioenhancement & very high hydration effect by drinking

Plastic: fibre/container/ exterior cover/bag etc to have anticorrosion, antioxident, bioenhancing, antibacterial, ethelene suppressing,

-> leading to creation of unique chemical combinations for pollutant/toxin coagulation etc fermentation increase, smell removal, high electrical conductivity, medical - imprinted 165 effect lasts 15yrs+,

PHASE CHANGE CATALYST TYPE WATER - 1-REGULAR EXAMPLES -3/4 Technology how to make claimed/ how to make/ Claimed utilized---> indicated how it works v--Effect claim 14 Revitalized Hydrodynamic cavitation Then EM resonance to Biogenic Water/ “erases” its memory & sets imprint various Viktor Inushin moleculars to receptive frequencies. Dilution 1/150 state to receive new use. frequency projection. ->

Claimed/estimated Effects how it works

Application/Effects, not necessarily claimed

Unstable water promote greater chemical activity, & make it assimilating into the cells

Varous bioenhancement effects, oxygen activation, homeopathy use

Application/Effects, not necessarily claimed

15 eauduvisage/ Microwave fed resonating Divinia water/ cavity where water is Steve Sedlmayr distilled & condensed at specific frequency 16 Oxygen Electrolysis? Elements Max/ oxygenmiracle

to generate for corrosive or Dilution with regular water for bioenhancing effect by use. Also moderately affecting H-O bond? Deterium Depleted Water generation(130ppm level) General activated- catalytic Bioenhancement, metabolic type water, free radical catalyst: increase nutrientscavenger: free electron mineral absorption. Drug donor, dosage reduction for same effect

Bioenhancement, much faster cure of concrete with stronger bonding,

corrosive effect to plastic/metal

, Detoxifying effect. Wound & skin healing, Airport x-ray machines and other electromagnetism has no effect difference(usually>

-> does for this type of water), Bacteriostatic, coagulation, Oxygenation, redox type water, medical

17 Willard Water/ John Willard

Use of some calcium & magnesium ion reaction in relation to alkali metal silicate, sulfated castor oil,--> 18 John Ellis Rapid repetition of heatingWater distilling-condensation & UV exposure 100times. Rare catalytic dilution type water making -> 19 AquaNew Watt- Many hours of bubbling ahh/Gourley & water with HHO gas Suartt (electrolyzed gas with higher ionizing capability than H2),

lignite-peat to be mixed & agitated mildly(no super high pressure or temperature or cavitation types) device itself is sold instead of final water product. 1/100 Dilution with regular water causes activation of other water. HHO gas mixed with deionized water(pure water) under high pressure to bind together ->

- > structure in colloidal solution & hence water itself. Concentrate to dilute 10-100times

Disinfecting, bio enhancement and extra plant/animal growth

-> increase cell permeation, Unofficial purchase by various labs, moderately Deuterium Depleted Water(130ppm?), Bioenhacing, skin healing, bug bite soothing, disinfectant, detergent, ->

disinfection, effect last at least several days in open container

Rotating Magnetic fields, 20 VIVO Cluster Solutions/ 4vivo intense light, high temperature and pressure with trace minerals

Antioxidant, enhance water cell permeability & mobility inside: increased hydration of cell

with moderate tempera-ture range of -10 to 100C, involves some distillation. Aiming to cause electrically strongly charged micelle -> Bioenhancement, removal of plant disease, medical effect, skin conditioning, pesticide effect when sprayed on plants, --> “polarized water”, lower boiling and freezing point, increase coagulation, less electrical resistance, Redox potential -400 level,

general bioenhancing effect and medical application

stimulate metabolism by higher dissolving metabolites in blood, at the cellular level


PHASE CHANGE CATALYST TYPE WATER - 1-REGULAR EXAMPLES 4/4 Technology how to make claimed/ how to make/ Claimed Claimed/estimated Effects Application/Effects, not utilized---> indicated how it works how it works necessarily claimed v--Effect claim 21 ASEA Renu28/ Proprietary selective ion --> reactive/reducing agents High temperature or -> mechanism of living Norton & exchange membrane to be trapped manner. microwave doesn’t alter its organism(redox signaling). Samuelson separated chamber 0-30v Trace of sodium based electrical property. Triggers This effect mechanism is low power electrolysis on magnesium fluorosilicate, metabolic or bioenhancing pseudoscientized by continuous basis to stabilize > phosphate, & chloride. effects by electron transfer--> seemingly medical lobby. 22 SilverSol/ Silver electrode with --> part of integrated water -->i This is because unlike --> by two electron hole American 10,000volt discharge in structure & enhance conventional colloidal or ionic structure of Ag4O4. -i.e: Biotech Labs/ aerated pure water: low it(similar to C60 in water) in silver function of one time only “permanent” or much Moeller, range 5-40ppm of Ag4O4 perpetually electrically electron scavenging function longer duration of Holladay, form silver becomes---> activated manner -> to be permanently repeatble--> disinfection, or Christensen bioenhancing effects. PHASE CHANGE CATALYST TYPE WATER - 2-REGULAR EXAMPLES & WEAKER EXAMPLES BOTH OFFERED 23 PiWater/ Ferrous ferric ion & various --> For housing use -> magnetic field, ferrous ferric activation specific in Yamashita & minerals causing reaction downgraded non dilutable ion key element. Heavy duty combination with minerals & Makino as catalyst as base for version has filters(coral version is diluted for use causes bioenhancing concentrate & ---> sand, activated carbon, 10-100times ferrous ferric ion effect rust proof, medical calsium, bioceramic etc of effect, anti oxidant, specific combo with -> presersative effect, 24 Adya Clarity Specific combo of minerals combined minerals. No Combination of minerals are -> with mineral in it? - like Water - Thebut mainly contained in processing, to create opimized? or some sort of other activation processes. marox/ biotite granite(black mica anomalous vitalization geophysical elements acivate General bioenhancement, AsaoShimanishi etc), or sulfic acid stably.-> effect. Use by 1/10 dilution. the water-> anti-scaling, corrosion-> PHASE CHANGE CATALYST TYPE WATER - 3-WEAK CATALYST EXAMPLES Ultrasonic wave produced Accelerating water faster movement of water, 25 NORMAQUA Self vibrating piezo / oscillation device from alters intermolecular crystallization, Reduced antioxident & water softening water flow energy, which in water “bond oscillation” cement setting time & like effect, higher pH, bio turn influence water quality or breaks it. Effect lasts increased strength, enhancement, faster with resonance? only for 5days after coagulation, turbidity capillary suction, extra treatment. No dilution removal, descaling. Less oxygen carrier to body, -> surface and flow tension--> Molecule Resonance Effect On site made water by with Light Emitting --> similar to the inter26 MRET water/ Igor Smirnov Technology: MRET. specific “subtle Diode(LED) and magnet in a cellular water or cell water to frequency” emitting portable device. Water is be easily absorbed by them. polymer combined-> structured into a manner--> No dilution ->

Application/Effects, not necessarily claimed Improvement of skin condition, general bio enhancement, athlete performance, Also due to stable stuctured part of water no precipitation that can cause Argyria

effective hydrophotic drug delivery, slightly lower freezing point. Base of many anomalous industrial application products -> coagulation, effects for farming/ industry/commerce applications alter some chemical & microbial process, disinfection, somewhat neutralize toxin, degassing, ->ie in situ production. Bioenhancing, while antibacterial effect 167

28’”Catalytic water”, “Phase Catalyst” water: continued 8

GENERAL SUMMARY OF VARIOUS “CATALYTIC WATER” TYPE CLAIMS ▶-HOW THEY ARE VIEWED BY DIFFERENT ACADEMIC GROUPS: Although there are lack of peer reviewed type documentation to strictly cover this type of water, many reports & a few conferences discuss some fraction elements of such phenomena(eg Conference on the Physics, Chemistry and Biology of Water, Conference on Cold Nuclear Transmutation and Ball-Lightning). Effects are more frequently reported by non Western mainstream level(often by ex Soviet blocks nations, China/Taiwan, Malaysia, Iran, Cuba, Middle East, India, Pakistan, South Korea) as well as by sideline treatment G7 type Western ally nations’ water scientists(yet “significant” fringe in Austria, less so but still notable in Switzerland, Germany, Italy, France, Japan). A few established influential mainstream academics are venturing/advocating on open science acknowledging or reporting the similar effects(Ger Pollack, Monteignier+).

Standard WesternMainstrean(WM) tech effect interpretation in water technology seems to allow more “deviation from norm” than others such as medical, energy, or archeology and academics have more leeway to research/report openly. Also water tech in each Western Ally nation has more divergent consensus reality than single uniform scientific reality such as energy or archeology. Same can be said for WM media created their version of scientific reality. - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


28’”Catalytic water”, “Phase Catalyst” water: continued 9

▶-GENERALLY CLAIMED OR SURMISED PROCESSING METHOD FOR WATER EFFECTS: Combination claims of: ●i-cooling & heating or/and high & low pressure, ●ii-EM wave treatment: Terahertz, Far Infrared, UV, ELF, Laser form, and equivalent acoustic wave, ●iii-Electrolysis with combination of anomalous electrodes, or DC pulse frequency(can be high power DC intermittent) or AC, ●iv-Hydrodynamic or Sonic cavitation, sometimes under specific EM field irradiation

●v-Confined under high pressure or/and heat with bio polymer or minerals(often self electrical generating types such as Zeolite, Tourmaline, Shugnite, Nanocarbon etc) ●vi-Frequency treatment setting might be with treated medium’s natural frequency to cause standing wave resonance or phase conjugated self cancelling wave(Scalar wave), ●vii-Sub/SuperCritical water, ●viii-Solenoid EM wave for copying effects, or high power rotating magnetic field(Torsion field), -->>cont: - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


28’”Catalytic water”, “Phase Catalyst” water: continued 10

-->>cont: ▶-GENERALLY CLAIMED OR SURMISED PROCESSING METHOD FOR WATER EFFECTS: ●ix-Use of specific mineral or spring water, or Ferric Acid, Calcium Chloride, Magnesium Sulfate etc to cause some type of catalytic reaction to electrically activate colloids/ion/water molecules(creating certain maintained water molecule structure with continuous electrical or “subtle” oscillation), eg Iron Sulfate is prone to bioenhancement effects.

●x-Anomalous electroconductive nano filter or Semiconductor/LED(Light Emitting Diode) exposure, ●xi-Combo of certain dissolved mineral in filter or membrane: “inorganic enzymes” creating effect, ●xii-Several to dozens of times repetition of same process combo, some done in rapidly changing manner(eg pressure, temperature), seems to be important to “memorize” or “imprinting” to water, as well as sometimes water sits under certain static voltage electric field for prolonged time. Majority of catalytic type water uses treatment up to 1-72hrs range, ●xiii-.While some are only using mild mixture, temperature, pressure mode within atmospheric range - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


28’”Catalytic water”, “Phase Catalyst” water: continued 11

—>> continued GENERAL SUMMARY: ▶-CATALYTIC WATER QUALITY EXAMPLES; ✔ Super low ORP value(eg -500) and stay for yrs, ✔ Some kind of “permanent charge” is “fixed on”, to hold high content oxygen or hydrogen for prolonged time(6moths and longer), ✔ Cell water like liquid that sometimes seems not only able to carry scientifically unapproved high amount of oxygen or hydrogen, but also have body absorb excess "illegal" amount of nutrients, hydrophobic material(drugs), oxygen etc

Good common sense indicates such pre-stated ideas must be dismissed out of hand, but this author’s research into accumulating different types of “pseudoscientific” or related “geopolitical misinformation claims” seem to indicate common threads: when some of them do appear to be valid & reproducible(at least by other inventor types), certain interlocked networks of key personnel seem to be funding/lobbying in inter-referenceable structure to discredit non-mainstream low cost effective ideas. (more details look up “Academic protocol 2” in report [Less Known, Abundant Energy Technologies...] - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


28’”Catalytic water”, “Phase Catalyst” water: continued 12

Often claimed/commercially used qualities, usually diluting by 10-1000 times:

Only sometimes WM Disputed effects: C&D(algae & germ stifling as process or as water, H(oil water separation & demulsion): some of water products demonstrate, while others have emulsion effect. This research has not looked into this effect very deeply, M*(spray or soak to last food longer), F2(human/ animal skin, dental enhancement, medical effects): (Giawellness ca, Zunami, STC life com, Do Coop NeoWater+)

WM Fully rejected or Fraud treatment effect: K(dirty smelly pond water clarity increasing, cleaning), L*(Drinking water generation[non desalination]+), mix 1-5% with dirty water to cause coagulation type reaction & neutralizing effect to generate drinkable water, In some cases in 1-2mins mixing suffices,

N(food detergent), Z(plant/animal grow lager-faster with more nutrition, catalyst to ferment food, drink, manure/or decompose), D2(human prefered herb-insect-germ enhancement), - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


28’”Catalytic water”, “Phase Catalyst” water: continued 13

Occasional/less often claimed effect A&B(descaling of pipes & corrosion prevention), used by mixing catalytic water in pipe flow, E*(Cleaner concentrate)this is often very effective in industrial application use water, F(Laundry detergent as water), H*(toilet, stain, odor, remove by water), O(remove odor of dairy farm by feeding water to animals), Q(metal working fluid, cutting fluid as is or mix with existing non water cutting fluid), R(clean precision equipment parts and metals), S(coagulation/toxin separation)- depends on each type of “catalytic” water and what to mix with, sometimes coagulates while others dissolve,

T(even dyeing of fabric, paint production), U(stronger cement, ice, paper gypsum etc), V(faster boiling, alcohol separation, more heat conductive), X(low ORP value water), some stay for yrs in sealed container(eg -500, anti-oxydant), B2(less plant water needs, soil water fast absorbing, and longer retention), C2(plant grow in salt/toxic water/ soil enhancement or desalination effect), E2(Flavor enhancement of bakery/pasta/soup etc), G2(Combustion & electrical efficiency enhancement): by either spraying the water or some cases simply placing the water near by operating electric or combusting device - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


28’”Catalytic water”, “Phase Catalyst” water: continued 14

Other effects not named on tech lists, usually Non-Western mainstream lab, or Non Western Govn’t entities validated, which mysteriously almost never possible to duplicate by western peers: ■i Holds high content oxygen or hydrogen for prolong time(6moths and longer) ■ii Long term preservative liquid concentrate, ■iii Water proof or fire proof liquid to apply on surface, ■iv Fire extinguisher(deoxidant), ■v ”Cell water like” quality; effective drug carrier, ■vi Strong coagulation effect, while others have instant “dissolving-eliminating effect” like stronger version of UV photocatalysis ■vii ”Anomalous superheating effect” by microwave

Also further “outrageous claims” such as ■viii ”nuclear spin altering”, ■ix Radiation remediation(not entrapment, rather elimination/ transmutation/neutralization”), ■x ”Electrically activated water“perpetually” emit weak electric field, Far Infrared or Terahertz wave, and can transfer this quality to certain solid matter, hydrocarbon etc for measurable commercialized effect, ■xi pH11 water bare-skin toucheable - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


29’HHO:& H2: Effect mix of Disputed & Fully rejected by Western Mainstream(WM)

■ 29’HHO or Oxy-hydrogen infused/bubbled water or in “air” form: Produced by water electrolysis, deemed to have mixture of HHO & Hydrogen: ● WM media Disputed Hydrogen water effect(completely science legal): E(heavy cleaner, industrial washing fluid+): Hydrogen nanobubble infused water combined with certain ultrasonic frequency, is most effective overall minute particle washing fluid for precision machinery parts: (Kurita jp, Organo jp +), Hydrogen & Ozone are often made in pairs by electrolysis, in some cases Hydrogen portion is sold as “healthy water” whose bioenhancing effect is validated(WM pseudoscientized: see”F2” later within this section) significant effects. ● WM Fully rejected HHO effect(existence disapproved): The quality of HHO gas portion clearly differs from Hydrogen: it not hydrogen; Heavier than air(h2 is much lighter), Burns in vacuum or underwater, Burns sprayed liquid water in open air, adheres to matter, Pressured back to water, Cold flame 130-280°C (no bond breaks unlike H2 burning at 2000°C+), Direct flame doesn’t boil water, but incinerates many metals at 1600°C, and Vaporizes Tungsten at 3400°C, Implodes in pure form

Above inconvenient scientific law violating & business disruptive effects seem to be causing WM scientific funders to stay away from official research. Gradual unofficial acceptance at European WM steadily progressing(h2gogo, Creoproject+), rare science reality split between Europe and North America.


29’HHO: continued 2

—>> continued, WM Fully rejected:HHO effect: Most prominent claims are fuel related. There are over 50 or so water only combustion for automobile driving claims(Da Dingle, Cornish, Yogev, Garret, Leaich, Estevel, Waqar Ahmed, Valentin, Mohd Ali, Abd Shukor, Khan, P Lowrie, Rusetel, Bordeianu, G Sarwar, TP Edirisinghe, M Suematsu, Ry Ohmasa, Ste Ryan+), but some inventors claim to be told not to commercialize(Sta Mayer, Boyce, Rasmussen, B Williams+). Most of this high efficiency(often overunity) Hydrogen production method is related to resonance effects and not really electrolysis. But finally there are recent some groups with mainstream backed commercialization starting by using this super low cost standing wave effect(Joi Scientific+), (more details see [Less Known Abundant Energy Technologies...])

While 10-20% gas saving technology is allowed world wide(HHO HFS Pty, HHO rs, WaterToGas, Hydrotechnix, HodPros, CVHHO, FuelCat, Hycruse, HydroxSystems, HydroMoving+), rare 30-60% claims(Shinko-Trans+), There is less acceptance in North American mainstream(pseudoscience) in contrast with Europe, but some Canadian companies are quite recently openly targeting larger corporate businesses(more lucrative large vehicle/equipment engines, generators, bunker market etc)(Empire Hydrogen, Blutip Power, dynaCERT, Innovative Hydrogen+). Emission reduction is 30-50% level. Claims on improved emission reduction by use of combined use of Nanobubble generation(K-nikou jp+). Some companies offer performance based money back guarantee - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


29’HHO: continued 3

—>> continued, WM Fully rejected:HHO effect: ➢For housing fuel consumption reduction(HHO-Heating-System+), Natural Gas mix specialized: (Ohmasa gas+) ➢Industrial process with generally higher quality finish with much lower energy combustion & far less or no fumes: Metal/Concrete Glazing: (Best Korea Brown+), Metal cutting and welding: (Epoch Energy+), Engine and exhaust cleaning(E&E HHO+), ➢Bio enhancement, medical:(AquaNew Watt-Ahh+)

Incidentally, some of electrocoagulation/electroflotation/electrooxidation tech might have a capability to generate overunity like HHO/H2 production with a tweak based on their existing high capability?(Xogen?, Axine Water?, Clear Water Plasma?+): presence of certain configuration/ resonance/electrode/flow set up, and suspected dielectric breakdown of water occuring. While quietly mainstream backed group is finallly launching resonance based "hydrogen" production method for industrial market(Joi Scientific)

General Effect Claims: D(Algae/germ stifler as water, disinfectant), X(lower redox value water, alkaline effect), G2(energy production, combustion catalyst), Z&B2(Faster plant & animal growth, less smelly aminal, less water needs, catalyst to ferment), I2(skin improvement, insect bite soothing), F2(human animal skin-dental enhancement, body function, medical effect): for Hydrogen effect by anomalous electrolysis to keep it dissolved over 3months in a bottle(H4O jp+), Electrolyzer medical device(Altech-corp jp +), or pseudoscientific high dosage 3-4ppm(max WM limit 1.6ppm) of H2 dissolved in water(Moridenshi+),

Weaker effect: S(coagulation, toxin separation) - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


30’EM:& other Micro-organism activated water: Effect mix of Accepted, Disputed, Rejected, Fully rejected by(WM)

■ 30’EM- Effective Micro-organism(Anaerobic bacteria) (also see 8'Aerobic/ Anaerobic digestion): combination of selected antioxident type human preferred environment creating bacteria/microbe collection liquid used by dilution of 100-1000 times for water related applications. Started in Japan but remain pseudoscience there and mainstream acceptance is in some 3rd world nations & some officially backed by the state(India, Thailand, Malaysia, Peru, Cambodia etc) for its low cost and little disruption of existing higher cost tech system competing. At this category other microbe based low cost tech is also included.

Large scale commercialization in diversified applications of all effects below is done as DIY(do it yourself) instruction by non-WM influenced independent NGO: (EMRO Japan)

WM Accepted effect: G2(Energy generation), Microbial Fuel Cell: Electrogenic Bio Reactor(Emefcy EBR): more of municipal water focus. Electrogenic & Methanogenic microbe based methane generating waste water cleaner(no heavy metals):(Cambrian Innovation EcoVolt, Waste2Watergy+) food & beverage industry focus,、


30’EM:& other Micro-organism affected water: continued 2

sometimes WM Disputed effects(Aerobic bacteria): J(BOD, Waste water treatment): Fed in combination with Aeration and last 5-10yrs: (Biocleaner+), Oil clean up/decomposing:(GreasoLux +), Petroleum field:(Micro-Bac+), Lake Cleaning:(Keeton Aquatics+), River cleaning: specifically use of Bacillus subtilis Natto: ( +) Z(plant-animal growth larger-faster with more nutrition); explained as enzyme has positive effect, catalyst to ferment food, drink, manure etc), Other DIY type easy free recipe:(マイエンザ MaiEnza+), Weaker effect N(food detergent): depends on food detergent’s antioxidant quality might affect taste

WM generally Rejected effect: ●Both:C(algae stifling as water), K(dirty smelly water cleaning, fish enhancement), ●Anaerobic:G(toilet stain, odor removal by water), M(spray-soak to last food, less mold), O(remove odor of farm by feeding water to animals), F2(human animal skin-dental-body function enhance) - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


30’EM:& other Micro-organism affected water: continued 3

WM Fully rejected Effects: ●Anaerobic: Y(insecticide & weed stifler), C2(soil enhancement, plant growth in salt water & desalination): Ocean seawater flooded farm land recovery(Japan, Thailand etc) of EM is consistently far more effective/faster and far lower costs than conventional methods , D2(human preferred germfermentation-herb-insect enhancing),、 Weaker effect ●Both: F(laundry detergent as water), S(coagulation, toxin separation), ●Anaerobic:E(cleaner concentrate/ Industrial cleaner), X(lower redox value)

Unlisted effect: ●Anaerobic:■ EMRO Japan’s research in conjunction with unnamed several mainstream university labs finds sealed normal water bottles wedged between EM bottles get “charged”, or sealed EM bottles placed in four corners generate various "field effect" inside square area for bioenhancing, pesticide, electrical machine & combustion improvement, cement strength increase, or antioxidant effects, ■ Radiation remediation, EMRO Japan's product contain electrically active Shewanella species, but might also do Geobachter, There are many indications well activated EM has “28’Catalytic” water level abilities. Also Electrogenic & Methanogenic microbe based methane generating wastewater cleaner(no heavy metals) - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


31’Torsion field/Subtle field treated water: Effect Fully rejected by Western Mainstream(WM)

■ 31’Torsion field/ Subtle field treated water :WM Fully rejected effect: Since existence of this field is WM rejected, all effects in this section is pseudoscience. Strictly speaking it is postulated even spin-spin interaction of atom itself creates certain field that affects physicality, It is a part of mainstream science in Russia and some of ex-soviet blocks(Ukraine, Kazakhstan, China etc),

Additionally, prominent torsion field effects are thought to be made by ➢1 Geometric structures from nano level(eg overunity energy effect is WM fully approved) to macro level(eg pyramid), as well as ➢2 Rotating magnetic field(2000rpm+) as intensive effect on metals, water solutes or micro organism like virus(metal manufacturing effect is WM approved except by media), but subtle on water itself or most larger bio organism or ➢3 Similarly certain time variant electric field frequency exposed to matter or water(eg energy efficiency improvement, or bio enhancement).

This phenomena field is deemed to be same type of force field as created by ➢4 “Phase conjugated mutually cancelled ElectroMagnetic wave form” as “longitudinal EM wave”(Shipov, Akimov, Thorns, S Kernbach, D Paris+). Some might call Subtle Energy. (for details click here-> [Less Known, Abundant, Low Cost Energy...]) 181

31’Torsion field/Subtle field treated water: continued 2

—>> continued WM Fully rejected effect: Other similar effect causing phenomena is witnessed by ➢5 High Far InfraRed or Terahertz Wave oscillating device/mineral/antioxidant microorganism, ➢6 High activation of field electron movement caused by geometrically placed calibrated certain carbon or biochar, ➢7 Direct electron, or micro cold plasma emitting device or weak static electric field of certain frequency, ➢8 Extremely Low Frequency Electric field equivalent to Schumann resonance etc.

Furthermore, effects similar/same as torsion field can be also produced by ➢9 Solid matter or liquid that was previously treated & new oscillation qualities are “imprinted or pasted on, This often involves either ■ high pressure temperature water with original copy and pasting medium together, or ■ Two dimensional Flat concentric circles or 3d solenoid coil around treated medium or water etc to record oscillation to computer then same method to paste back(Solenoid is presented in 32’Scalar wave section), ➢10 Water treating devices categorized under this "torsion field mechanics" refer to ones with lattice structures are "oscillation memory etched by prolonged laser pulse exposure" and this frequency will be constantly remitted with no outside power (eg Far InfraRed wave or even some micro electricity actually emits perpetually with ambient temperature energy level of 273K+[0C]: WM science approved but media ignored efffect) to affect water by prolonged laser pulse exposure. -->>cont: 182

• •

31’Torsion field/Subtle field treated water: continued 3 —>> continued WM Fully rejected effect: Water treating device:、 Some of “Water treatable device” are not necessarily geared for water, often a bioenhancing plate with water use is very minor. Water specific treatment device can be a ●i - plain geometric stainless steel or fibreglass etc with lattice structure that contains activated oscillation "memorized" to re-project it to water, and alters water quality, seemingly at ion/electron/electrical charge/mineral matter repulsion level, as it flows past treatment device or simply located in non-flowing static form. Often used for hydrocarbon mix water descaling etc. Other water treatment device generates similar but weaker effects are: 、 ●ii -FIR or Terahertz wave emitting plant extraction or mineral or catalytic water treated electrically active device- there is a duplication/cross over in distinction of torsion and FIR-Thz device(note Thz bioenhancing effect is science approved but discussion is usually avoided amongst WM, maybe partially due to its strong bioenhancing element, so in order to avoid its competition with mainstream medical) 、 ●iii -certain 3d geometry or ●iv -2d geometric printed matter attached to water container at side or at bottom- but latter effect "iv" seems to be much weaker than other types. There are water quality tests that show some effects in "iv", but lacking industrial application testimonial(residential new age type exists). One working example of 3d geometry is different electric potential matters layered to induce permanent micro current/EM field/FIR wave in such a "form" to have major physical effect ●v - Also they have fundamentally same effects as Time variant magnetic field or Electric field treated water. ->> continue, 183 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada

31’Torsion field/Subtle field treated water: continued 4

—>> continued WM Fully rejected effect: COPYING EFFECTS:

COPYING EFFECTS: Torsion field treatment, 32’Scalar wave treatment or 33’FIR wave & mineral, 9', 50' Sub-SuperCritical water, have capability to copy specific subtle oscillation frequency into another matter. This capability is applied for commercial purposes mainly to process water, some other liquid such as hydrocarbon, or solid materials like stainless steel, fibreglass, ceramics, plastic, clothing, housing wall, athlete training wear, fabric, or medical use devices etc.

These overall pseudoscienctized copying methods can be interpreted as semi-permanent partial shifting of normal mode vibrational frequency of one item to another: Involved matters/Torsion-EM waves become "same species" during copying to enable frequency imprinting? Cause bond angle or length to change absorption frequency? i.e. equivalent of Coupled Vibrations effects/Fermi Resonance/Electronic effects, and Supercritical water method causes Hydrogen bonding change?

COMMERCIALIZATION: Most products have been Commercialized with “new age” tone, but some are also used for industrial, agricultural, commercial water treatment purpose in discreet manner. Following effects caused by Rotating Magnetic Field type is marked by*

Money back guarantee is usually shorter due to probable faster more robust effect than magnet? but some are 6months+:(Biopol Biosa+), Same application pattern as magnets: Some sell both water treatment device & hydrocarbon efficiency increase/emission reducer device(BE FuelSaver+), Use same mechanics for water treatable device & Electrical efficiency improvement effect device(Maxii Energii +), -->>cont: - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


31’Torsion field/Subtle field treated water: continued 5

—>> continued WM Fully rejected effect: water treating device: COMMMERCIALIZATION:

New age oriented static water treatment device is actually often for medical type use and produces weaker effect(take longer time like 1-5hrs), but also can be used without water by direct contact(AqvaDisk ru,, Neoguard Life, +) or even some fractal pattern printed(photonic signal emitting etc), But some seem to have fairly large commercial and industrial users(Bhado-Bihadou, Planet-tachyon +), Geometric structure for bioenhancement via feeding the water remained in the structure: (Pyramidoflife com+)

Tech combined with others: Vortex(, Metal Ion(UMH at+), Confined “Permanently” charged water is in device to reinforce matter lattice structure oscillation as frequency emitter/ copier(Grander Water, Compensatory Magnetic Oscillator+) Confined “Charged Oil” in a device instead of water(urquellwasser eu+), Copying & Pasting oscillation done via water with rotating magnetic field: (BioIT+)

Most common application is A&B(descaling, de-corrosion/rust of water pipes): (Wellan2000, SialexRing, Merus-Ring, VWP Water, EnerCat +): This application is mainly industrial process and oil industry, Some new age types (,) C(algae germ stifling process): (Menalit ch, Biovita be, *Inpal net*, "Quantum Chongqing Institute of Medical Development" 重庆天基权量子医学发展研究院 +) - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


31’Torsion field/Subtle field treated water: continued 6 —>> continued WM Fully rejected effect: treating device: Other less frequent occasionally claimed use is H(oil-water separation): deduced from various weak effect by magnetic water treatment & stronger effect by rotating electrode/magnetic field, K(dirty/smelly lake clarity, fish enhancement): (, EOS 2000 System+), M(spray on food to make it last):(Fostac ch, Biogenic AquaFlow+),U(stronger cement, gypsum etc), (Aqua-blue de, * Экология ECOUOM*+),、 Z(plant/animal growth enhancement, catalyst to ferment food/manure):(AquaKat, Swissquella ch, *Chrysalis Energies*+) Y(pesticide): Only applicable as rare application made for water, but distant non-local agricultural/Industrial use in very discreet manner due to significant military application & massively lower cost than conventional methods, not even openly debunked, most of transaction is done unofficially & privately by “engineering & consulting” service company(SE-5, Crop Services International, Quantec, Русноинком wl-tech, Palanido Scalar Energy+),、 B2(less water for plants, more for animal, soil water absorption & retention increase): (Penergetic, ** +), D2(Human prefered fermentation-herb-insect enhancement):( lebenskraftwasser, Vitaltron ch+), E2(bakery pasta flavour enhancement): (Ojas de, Organo de +)

F2(skin conditioning, bio enhancement, medical use):(Baubioenergy de+), Some are more specifically set customized oscillation of certain matter/herbs/minerals as part of medical remedy by advanced “copying & pasting” function: (, InfoCeuticals, Vital Force Techcnology, IC Medicals+), Medical but specifically radionics focus: (, +), Identify each person’s best “frequency” and record it to water for personalized bioenhancement:(Atox eu+).


• •

31’Torsion field/Subtle field treated water: continued 7 -->>cont: WM Fully rejected Effects: F2(bio enhancement, medical use):、 ▶Torsion/Scalar element related HOMEOPATHY: Use of plant "oscillation" duplication by vigorous manual hydrodynamic cavitation(shaking) & dilution repetition: similar basic method to "phase catalyst water". Various sub elements like EM wave/Electric field use.

But some specific personal skill level based Homeopathic practises ("subtle" resonance frequency based) are known to be far beyond mainstream medical effectiveness with low cost in large portion of chronic disease(B Gray, Geo Vithoulkas+) including serious types like advanced pancreatic cancer(Aradeep Chatterjee, Pra Banerji+), but performance radically differs by each practitioner(Raj Sankaran, Abh Patil+).

Vaccine application is also known to be more effective with REALLY almost no side effect at all, 2-3% range of mainstream cost, & shorter preparation time(Gus Bracho+): i.e. cannot be approved officially as not fraud in West's current medical industry structure & clout.

Part of mainstream debunking includes its high priority in personal mental state, or they conclude same cause has variety of different symptoms depends on patient. Because of their extensive focus on mental state it can be considered as part of resonance state, while similar significant results were also claimed by other types of mental "resonance" focus therapies (German New Medicine[Hamer], Flower method[Ed Bach], Orgone energy[W Reich]+).


31’Torsion field/Subtle field treated water: continued 8

-->>cont: WM Fully rejected: F2(medical use): Homeopathy: Lower cost, more effective, no side effects at life threatening chronic disease:

More often mainstream semi accepted and highlighted versions are known to be less effective types or placebo equivalent(Edz Ernst+), while certain minority establishment groups publicly admit "subtle resonance" method(European Royalties +). Yet it is notable top performing non-mainstream medical methods are under strong pressure to under-claim or not to claim to public interview(beyond Homeopathy users) their actual cure effect in west.

Some weak effect in D(algae stifling as treated water):(Aquaquant+), F/G/H(various cleaner, oil separation, and detergent effect): (,, J(water cleaning, toxin neutralizing), weakening chlorine smell of tap water etc, O(remove odor of farm by feeding animals water): (Rayxwell, Terafight+),

Unlisted tech effects: ●Snow crystallization enhanced:(Lohnert snowplus +), ●Mineral is “charged” and water nearby carries the charge to plants: (Vitawass de, Plocher de +), ●Air cleaning effect by partially ionizing water molecule in air(electrostatic attraction) around the device by permanent microcurrent flowing layered structure of different electric potential materials that generate EM field/FIR irradiation in certain 188 "form"(Nanotech-beam SatoCompany+)

32’Scalar wave, Phase conjugated EM wave pair: Effect Fully rejected by Western Mainstream(WM)

■ 32’Scalar wave, Phase conjugated EM wave pair treated water: This presentation refers Scalar as i-solenoid (spiral) or phase conjugated pattern(twin self cancelling pattern) coil around water pipe(ie cylinder shape) or cylinder water container used, ii-Certain frequency generated by use of electricity field or as "copy and pasting" of other matter’s oscillation: eg water based DNA Polymerase Chain Reaction(Alb Tedeschi, Del Giudice, Luc Montagnier +), iii-Metal cylinder accumulated “subtle energy infused” water, often cotton wedged in layers. Like 31’Torsion, entire effect is WM Fully rejected

Deemed basically same mechanics as 31’Torsion field treated water. Effect should be identical to 31 Torsion field, but tech list displays minor effect difference due to separate application focus by small overall sample of commercialized/research operators/inventors.

Commercialized eg: Industrial use: (WaterEnergizers,, New Age type residential: (TriVortex, WeberBio B-harmony, Memon-Online, QuWave+), Frequency imprinting(, Medical:(90.10. +),

Also used for non cloud seeding weather modification(WM media level fraud treatment), see Section 65’Artificial Rain.


33’Mineral/BioCeramic treated or FIR/THZ wave water: Effects all from Accepted to Fully rejected

■ 33’Mineral/BioCeramic treated or FIR/THZ wave water: (also separate ♛ Silica dissolved water later in this section), for FIR/THR emitting element of this water in general has strongest bioenhancement or other anomalous effect next to those discussed in section 28’Catalytic water, Mineral/chemical/microorganism baked in ceramic that holds “subtle” oscillation wave semi/ permanently in Far InfraRed(FIR) to Terahertz(Thz) range.

Certain mineral combination also emits FIR/Thz waves as well as subtle electric charge. Though often called fraud in West, prementioned measurability of Terahertz/FIR vibration frequency fundamental to most mineral or living organism is approved by WM science. Yet for some reason this oscillation of bio enhancing range is not supposed to bring any actual physical effect according to some WM media science coverage. -->>continued - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


33’Mineral or BioCeramic/FIR-THZ wave treated water: continued 2

-->>cont: Bioactivation effect:

Additionally right combination of minerals or their electrical properties in bioceramic seems to cause “phase catalyst like reaction” in water or matter exposed to the water(section 28’Catalytic water), and can be used as cleaner concentrate etc. Hence it seems possible certain mineral spring water can be almost catalytic type highly electrically charged bioenhancing type water, 、 Fair portion of mainstream portable regular water filter system or main water supply combines with Reverse Osmosis or others to utilize various ceramic, media or mineral, 、 Some of them include high FIR emitting or bioenhancing or electrically active minerals(eg Tourmaline etc) to substantial degree though such expression or exact make up of ceramic or media might not be advertised - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


33’Mineral or BioCeramic/FIR-THZ wave treated water: continued 3

Different mechanics examples for BioCeramic type water & devices: Mechanics are all WM Fully Rejected or Fraud treatment.

1Some water treating devices are are suspected of FIR/Thz wave oscillating container based water treatment system(Santewater?, Flaska eu?+)

2 Water oscillation quality used torsion field like energy emitting eg “AQUAMETALS”(Hydro Colloidal Metal) with fabric/plastic to be processed together to imprint “subtle energy” emitting quality for commercialized products (bioenhancement, medical, combustion-electrical improvement):(eg Phiten): probably one of rare somewhat mainstream academic backed “pseudoscience” of “subtle energy” tech(Kyoto Furitsu Med Univ, UCLA, Massey[NZ]), same mechanics are used to make some of new age “magic energy pendant” type products or some of matter “vitalization" process"(cream, fabric, plastic, rubber, metal, feather, tape, building material, glass, paint, liquid, sand, rock, ceramic, concrete, detergent-soap etc):(Trinox jp, SantaMineral, Minimal Catalyst MICA, 人工鉱石 MSTAR +), - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


33’Mineral or BioCeramic/FIR-THZ wave treated water: continued 4

—>>cont: eg of BioCeramic type water & devices WM Fully rejected mechanics & effects: ▶ Examples of FIR-Thz Oscillation use via Ceramic Structure i-water oil emulsion enhancement for fuel production(, ii-Custom effect imprinting(, iii-Water based disinfection paint(, iv-High insulation or “overunity” insulation paint(GAINA Insulating paint+)(oil based) is also related,

v-Water based paint applied on engine or electric device to increase electrical or combustion efficiency / reduce emission(, vi-Static reduction in air or within machinery, reducing jamming, metal rust or mold where some strong FIR based water treating device is located(AquaGaia net+), plus mosquitos repelling effect from water device(Aquxite-f+): same type of this “field effect” is observed in some “electron projection device" . (58’Ionizing projection), bottled antioxidant microorganism are placed in squares(30'EM) or where torsion field(section 31’) is propagating - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


33’Mineral or BioCeramic/FIR-THZ wave treated water: continued 5

—>>cont: eg of BioCeramic type water & devices: WM Fully rejected mechanics & effects: ▶ FIR-Thz Oscillation use via Ceramic Structure: On academic level FIR/Thz wave is bio enhancing(WM approved), and this oscillation effect is thought to be “copied” to molecular bonding quality/angle of water by the devise to oscillate in that frequency for a prolonged time(Ja Osugi, Ko Furusaki, Ke Hatanaka+), Increased cell permeation of water in general, Aquaporin permeability(Kitagawa+). This research and deployment both are almost exclusive to Japan but some exceptions(Redwaveglobal+)

Pre-mentioned “outrageous” claims in this section 33’ are commonly made by top performing device makers or their bioceramic suppliers, Some of water treatment intended bioceramic balls are simply made from certain specific area’s rock formation or volcanic soil/rock powder(Nagano Ceramics, MinoGanryo+)Some use the powder directly for farming enhancement. Other bioceramic products often includes minerals with visible light range reacting photocatalytic powder(often with zeolite), self electricity generating Tourmaline(both WM science approved while WM media unapproved), Blackmica(also see end of this section 33' "Silica water") to specific ionic reaction intending Ferrous Ferric minerals/Ferrate ion generation- but details are withheld by manufacturers as “secrete recipe”. Many device makers have own formula to custom process at ceramic ball manufacturers or produce it by themselves. 194

33’Mineral or BioCeramic/FIR-THZ wave treated water: continued 6

—>>cont: eg of BioCeramic type water & devices WM Fully rejected mechanics: ▶ FIR-Thz Oscillation use via Ceramic Structure: Other bioceramic includes fulvic/humic acid, living bacteria(often EMRO Japan’s product), biopolymer of “potent herbs” in baking process to “imprint” its quality in ceramic so that during water treatment the device can “paste” its quality to water.

Food preservation products made by same process?(Freshy - SolarSand+), Food product preservation effect is due to affecting water within food(Platinum Photon +):FIR by nature causes resonance in standing wave form with water within matter(Tos Komuro+), Laundry ball with FIR emitting bioceramic & mineral(Biocera kr, SmartKlean laundry+), Water treatment specific device that wraps around pipe for vitalization effect(Jts-Kansai,,, Akatsuka FFC+), Bioceramic h2 making device( +). Effect is often depended on copy-paste effectiveness and original combination of potent FIR/Thz minerals.

Regardless of mechanics acceptance many effects are WM Accepted: L(Drinking water generation filtering[non desalination]+): Weaker effect: used as key process of vitalization with filtering media, Stand alone filtering by ceramic ball is usually insufficient. - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


33’Mineral or BioCeramic/FIR-THZ wave treated water: continued 7

Only sometimes WM Disputed effect: E2(flavor enhancement of pasta, soup, coffee etc), H2(dewatering), drying by InfraRed: Key base factor(also WM science approved) is 2.5-30μm FIR range EM wave is linked to most of non-metal physical matter resonance frequency & can cause various exaggerated effects. Also wave length can be controlled and directed(NGK Insulators+), water's resonance frequency can be targeted, Widely used standard process method is less effective mechanics and frequency range, Ignored or debunked rare FIR resonance tuning version is much more effective

FIR wave method works as a kind of bioenhancing version of microwave drying; causes oscillation in matter but often in ideal own standing wave frequency: Even moisture, Faster result & energy efficient, Low temperature(room temp) process, No convection wind mandatory, Needs less space, Higher quality drying finish, Flavor enhancement for food, Easy temperature control, Vacuum workable(non-oxydized drying)(, Human undesired germs selectively stifling effect(WM rejected), -->cont - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


33’Mineral or BioCeramic/FIR-THZ wave treated water: continued 8

-->> cont: Only sometimes WM Disputed effect: H2(dewatering), Rarely used Effective FIR drying methods in many nations/sectors:、 For some products overall 50-70% range of time & cost saving:(resonance frequency of dryer and drying medium needs to be matched or require wide bandwidth wave projection), Also note certain bioceramic or cotton based carbon fibre based drying heater is upto 50% more efficient than conventional ones(Meiho OrgaHexa+),

Most advantage seem to be in food related products(Catalytic Drying, Suntechno-Kuga, Kanekokk+), also for paints but more often in Near Infrared range(, Symach Robodry+), Also used for general industrial products(Ymkco jp+), Printed material or glue(Nissei-Oval+), Low temp Lumber drying(Is-tomoe jp+): Some FIR wave is produced by catalysis of hydrocarbon, other by heating ceramic with specific wave emitting properties by temperature.

WM often rejected "far more than unity" heat generation when combine FIR with superheated steam drying is more or less common sense in food processing in Japan but products don't state that effect(日本食品科学工学会 Jsfst+), -->>cont、 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada ■


33’Mineral or BioCeramic/FIR-THZ wave treated water: continued 9

-->> cont: Only sometimes WM Disputed effect:

■Unlisted Weak Effect: Emulsion effect in static uniform FIR irradiation by bioceramic WM generally Rejected effect: A&B(Descaling, and corrosion prevention of pipes)(jbishinsen+), Ceramic balls hitting each other to create electric activity in water for effects, this is a relatively common explanation for various FIR effects(sanix SCプロテクター+), C(algae germ stifling as process),(Pursanova+), J(Advanced Oxidation Process): FIR range ceramic reacts with 5ppm level chlorine water to produce H+ & various reactants (directly- indirectly) likely including all of H2O2, Superoxide radical O2•, Singlet Oxygen([1O2], as opposed to ground state regular triplet oxygen[3O2]), Hydroxyl OH• (Mechanical ceramics/ Meca-Cera Catalyst/ Mechacera System+), or self electro generating Tourmaline and other minerals(Minoganryo iomix+) N(food detergent) (, Q(metal working fluid[MWF], cutting fluid or oil mix): bioceramic balls within flow of cutting fluid to make it last longer, also effective in anti-fouling (片倉工業 セラパワー +), Z(plant-animal-fermentation booster)(Kiko Technology+), F2(Medical, skin improvement & bio enhancement):(Medical cure of mineral water is mix of WM rejected to WM media only disputed status): Mineral dissolved in water in certain crafted combination for ingestion or skin application(Cosmic-water net, M-taito +), -->>cont: 198 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada

33’Mineral or BioCeramic/FIR-THZ wave treated water: continued 10 -->>cont: WM generally Rejected effect: F2(bio enhancement):、 Large # of pure spring water(often called "Mineral Water") is used with repeated effects, even in traditional western ally(Europe/Japan),(, Tlacote Spring, Fonte Essenziale!+), or in "new Western ally" nations with little/no medical industry related intimidation or prosecution(Polyana Kvasova Поляна Квасова, "#$%#&'( Borjomi, DONATMG, Минеральная вода «Лужанська» Luzhanska,, even more so in Non West(Essentuki #4/#17 etc Ессентуки № 17+)

■ Occasionally claimed; F3(dewatering, drying, water ingress): water medium copied FIR effect feather products hold water repellant effect(, Ionic reaction causing ceramic for molecular hydrogen dissolved water(Plasmapraxis+), much faster drying for food/grain, suitable for preserving enzyme(Sushka ua, Компания Агрохит+) - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


33’Mineral or BioCeramic/FIR-THZ wave treated water: continued 11

WM Fully rejected Effects: G(toilet stain/ odor removing water), B2(less water needed plants, soil water absorption & retention increase)(Saiseiko+): 10-30% less water needed.

■ Occasionally claimed effect: E&F(industrial cleaner, laundry detergent), Double layer forms between water and silica based ceramic ball for increased electrical activity(Elce N-Jisui+), K(dirty smelly lake water cleaning, fish enhancement),(Taikoind+), M(spray soak to last food), O(remove animal odor by feeding water),( +), S(helps coagulation in some situation), U(Stronger cement, ice etc), V(faster boiling, increased heat conductivity), X(lower redox value water making), C2(soil enhancement and desalination), D2(human preferred fermentation-germ-insect enhancement),

Weaker effect: D(disinfectant water, algae stifling as water), - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


33’Mineral or BioCeramic/FIR-THZ wave treated water: continued 12 ♛ Silica dissolved water

♛ Silica dissolved water: This subsection explains basically majority of mineral(non metal) seems to be related to noticeable bioenhancing Far InfraRed wave emitting directly, or via contacted water at right conditions: Silicates are most abundant mineral in earth crust(Oxygen is overall #1- as bound form with minerals). As most abundant mineral rock types, even some mixed Feldspar has strong FIR effects. Some Silicate examples are given here:

WM Accepted: J(Wastewater cleaning): by combination of nanosilica/colloidal silica confined bacteria(Minnepura[Alp Aksan] +), usually not claimed but from "alternative physics view" bacteria functionality might be actually significantly enhanced by in contact with silica or silica field, in addition to silica functionality?, Also see later page in this section MegaHydrate. L(Drinking water generation filtering[non desalination]+), highly "nano" porous Diatomaceous Earth filter(DE) can cause a range of FIR/THZ type pseudoscientific water effects, but even ignoring that, this method is not well known(& not even debunked) to be highly effective "ancient conventional" water purification method, and vacuum filter type is actually lowest cost in many situations: sort of exaggerated situation(effect & cost both) of Slow Sand Filter: "Hidden" disruptive water tech that is openly available. - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


33’Mineral or BioCeramic/FIR-THZ wave treated water: continued 13 ♛ Silica dissolved water 2

-->>cont: WM Accepted: L(Drinking water filtering):

Actually this is mainstream widely used industrial beverage process water filter use or for swimming pool etc but rarely applied in profitable commercial drinking water production as low cost one item only filtration: Often fringe new age type connotation use, carry over mainstream use from the past or poor 3rd world installation(Doulton water filter, Separmatic Systems, DIAMIX Aqua - Акватрол+)

WM media Disputed Effects: Z(plant growth enhancement): easily soluble & absorbable Sodium silicate(Na2SiO3), or diluted to form Silicic Acid: Si(OH)4 (Silamol - Roam Technology+), D2,E2,F2(human preferred type germ-insect enhance, soup/pasta etc flavor improve, human skin and medical effects), There are wide range of academics & commercialized claims for Diatomaceous Earth direct application or filtered/dissolved water effect both for plants & human, except some mainstream sector this info remains unknown. Some in OrthoSilicic acid form: but they are rare as water dissolved claims(AlbaMineralWater). - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


33’Mineral or BioCeramic/FIR-THZ wave treated water: continued 14 ♛ Silica dissolved water 3

-->>cont: WM Disputed Effects: Z,D2,E2,F2(plant, animal, human enhancement & food flavor effect):

Silica(quartz/flint) dissolved water sold as listed effects in previous page claimed as bottled water(geoSilica is, Apa-corp jp, UnzWater, Albamineral hu+), Tab water filter use(Минерализатор воды природный «Кремень», Kremniy info,, Hannater com+), Office type water machine with filter(Akvapit by+): but claims are based on silica's mineral effects and almost no FIR based claims. Also claims silica is containing higher % of "ORMUS" for bioactivation effect(see 63’Other “Anomalous Processes & Effects”).

There might be fair amount of push back & forth between Western medical industry & backers(Germany & US main) and other European/Japan group promotors of their traditional medicine types: eg broadly attacked by Anglo American media campaign even by "trusted health conscious gurus" after growing into by far the largest US #1 silica water importer while it is prevented from making bioenhancing/medical claims(Fiji Water) due to legistration to pseudoscientize its effectiveness by seemingly medical related lobby. At strict academic levels, & Non-Western nations generally have official agreement about significant medical & general bio activation effects of silica water as common sense.


33’Mineral or BioCeramic/FIR-THZ wave treated water: continued 15 ♛ Silica dissolved water 4

WM Fully rejected Effects: Some colloidal silica with anomalous bioenhancement claims: "Silica Hydride" contains/carry electrons in colloidal structure to neutralize radicals when ingested(MegaHydrate, MicroHydrin): Same as use of electron trapping effect of semiconductor(Silica)? •

The inventor of this tech(Pat Flanagan) has a history of claiming wide range of economically disruptive unorthodox tech effects with unusual explanations that are out of mainstream physics/chemistry belief system; often lack adequate conventionally termed explanations, hence easily met with frequent WM orchestrated discrediting including charge of being insane/fraud, resulting lack of credibility. This research investigated several of his invention claims in water and other area applications, and tech mechanics explanation doesn't seem to be always valid(or this researcher couldn't understand it), But actual physical effects of his inventions are at least partially confirmed valid and precise as claimed, and some of his inventions indeed were classified & others seem to be still so under US national security.

*Note there are ideas made by alternative research all fluorine and alumina is always poisonous in water but there are consistent empirical evidence they are sometimes beneficial in some situations as some "top performer" mineral water contains them.


34’Vacuum Freezing/Ice Freezing: Effect Accepted by Western Mainstream(WM)

■ 34’Vacuum Freezing/Ice Freezing : WM Accepted effect: Well developed for combined use in pharma, chemical industry etc but rare stand alone use as: Eutectic Freeze Crystallization, This is obscure perception mainstream tech but currently one of most disruptive tech if fully installed for Desalination & Water cleaning purpose,

M2(desalination): At some locations/conditions much lower cost to operate than Reverse Osmosis if tech is fully established but this desalination method development is sporadic or halted(active 1960-80s: Colt Industries, AVCO Corporation+) or in limited private operation, even lower cost(30-85+%) in above 0 temperature time:

i-lower initial capital, ii-Much less energy use, iii- little corrosion/fouling, hence less maintenance & little to no chemicals cost, iv- Highly scalable and flexile to change operation size, v- Operable in varied salinities or oil,

Some use Clathrate/Hydrate for freezing(Koppers company+), Even more efficient type(most efficient type) can be by combining Flash Vapor(below) element. - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


34’Vacuum Freezing/Ice Freezing: continued 2

-->cont: WM Accepted effect: Media level WM says officially “too much technical challenge to be viable yet”, but WM academically often supported for significant viable advantage over existing systems. Actually even partial process use in salt separation can be much lower cost. (IDE Technologies, CroDesalination Oberzom +), good tests results and some pilot or small scale commercialization occurred but no major scale system marketed. Others still wait for funding: (EH2 Solar+), Often related to 35’Low Pressure/Vacuum Flash Vaporization

P2(water cleaning, same mechanics as desalination) This has two types: ● α:Use of natural outdoor cold temperature type ● β:Temperature effect is artificially created & used as indoor system -->>continued - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


34’Vacuum Freezing/Ice Freezing: continued 3

—>> continued: WM Accepted effect: ● α:(EFC separations BV, Snowfluent Northern Watertek+,) Spray waste water in air when temperature is substantially below 0°C,

Many benefits, eg: instantly pH raises at least 1.5, hence ammonia turns to gas, which in turn triggers ammonium phosphate(instant fertilizer), or with less ammonia phosphate combine with other cations. This process continues as snow melts in the spring and HN3 all dissipates etc, similar effect with Cyanide, Arsenic compounds. This super low cost process is rarely used/invested even in sustained sub freezing point nations, even after the tech won mainstream award, despite fair amount of push by some of Western mainstream groups, there are signs of "more powerful key players" are blocking this WM approved tech validity info from reaching public spot light, yet some of mining companies, farmers, and Non Western nations etc are using this tech.

● β: (Eskom, Blu-Ruby hybridICE, EFC Separations BV+): Freeze crystallization itself under electrically generated set up is also much lower cost than conventional waste water treatment in many situations: This method is also quietly installed in Non Western Nations with some Europeans back up. - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


34’Vacuum Freezing/Ice Freezing: continued 4

—>> continued: WM Accepted effect: Q2(food preservation): Standard process in vegetables & flowers but can be applied to other unused product applications with significant savings:(Desmet Ballestra, ColdMax Europe+), Additional effect by slowing down germ growth(Aston Foods, BCH Limited+), combination of vacuum cooking and rapid cooling(Cetravac ch, Blentech+), This technology is officially called “Vacuum Cooling”, compared to other methods like forced air etc, product is far more rapidly cooled down in uniform temperature within entire sealed storage space regardless of product shape to below or around zero point(super cooling), Reduction of pressure enables to start boiling water at around 2-3°C for rapid cooling.

U2(Increase energy efficiency): eg Vacuum Steam Stripping operation of deodorizing/refining Vege Oil much more effective by directly freezing steam (EcoFreeze Graham-Mfg+), Fair cost reduction but far improved quality/price of food/wine/milk/herb etc processing(GEA Messo PT Icecon+): less oxidation, more enzyme recovery etc, F3(Efficient drying): Exact same scenario as previous "P2" at Freeze Thaw Dewatering of Sludges, ● This is not freezing, while vacuum drying is fully mainstream tech, but this low temp low cost process commercialization seems to be notably lacking just for biomass fuel production(Altentech), pelletizing added(Thermal Energy International), 208

35’Vacuum Flash Vaporization/Vacuum Distillation Effect Accepted by Western Mainstream(WM)

■ 35’Low Pressure/Vacuum Flash Vaporization/Vacuum Distillation/Flash evaporation: Can be linked to 34’Ice/Vacuum Freezing. Also widely used but rare stand alone or major use in:

M2(desalination): Easily built in as part of very low heat recovery in existing factory/ generator station etc. Often private use or test operations: as low as 26-32°C:(Kerala/ Karunya State Council for Science, National Institute of Ocean Technology of Chennai, Passarell Desalination +). At 45°C:(Inst. of Ocean Energy Saga+), Not on tech list but low cost high temperature vacuum freezing is widely used - but not for freeze desalination. 、 P2(Wastewater cleaning): sometimes lowest cost solution: Vapor Compression Evaporation-Distillation/Mechanical Vapor Recompression(MVR): low grade heat water goes through venturi/orifice to made into steam partially at low temp, then that steam gets compressed to generate heat(ie far more than COP>1: overunity) and this heat is used to raise liquid temperature itself to enable efficient low cost recovery of water, also often uses vortex flow/hydrocyclone for efficient solids separation(ENCON Evaporators, PureStream, Salttech DyVaR ZLD+), W2(Oil separation): various module based system removes oil emulsion(VACUDEST ClearCat - H2O GmbH+), Reduces/solves shortcomings of cleaning off solvent after industrial washing(VAC Aero+) - Ben Rusuisiak, Vancouver BC, Canada


35’Vacuum Flash Vaporization/Vacuum Distillation: continued 2

■ Claims not on tech list: ■1 Gold & Silver Separation from other ores: "Acidless Separation(ALS)" by 0.01bar(1/100 of atmospheric pressure) vacuum decompressed low level moisture based Vapor/SuperCritical Water(along with other air molecules?) works as mineral differentiated pressure yielding separator medium at above 1000C(heated by magnetic induction in decompression chamber) and redepositing in cluster. •

Vacuum Distillation based metal separation has been accepted science in Russia & China quite naturally since sublimation rate of each mineral & vapor pressure exerted on each mineral is different((Yongnian Dai+), and this is finally quietly accepted in Western Europe groups and not even openly debunked(, IKOI srl, «Ренова» Екатеринбургский завод по обработке цветных металлов - «ЕЗ ОЦМ-ИНЖИНИРИНГ »+)(Александр Хлебников+). This is almost automated operation in addition to super low cost and fast processing. - Ben Rusuisiak, Vancouver BC, Canada


36’Water jet: Effect Accepted by Western Mainstream(WM) ■ 36’Water jet: M3(Cutting and boring holes), often can function with only water(no abrasives mixed), generally 60,000psi-4000bar pressure: (DynaFlow Inc, Kmt Waterjet Flow International - Shape Technologies +), Very mainstream tech but in some sector it is under utilized even if it can be lower cost and good quality effects: Nanobubble use for cavitation shock wave & ion effect for much cleaner cut and with less metal cracks compared to abrasives used:(Kumamoto IDM+), Boring concrete with less cracking rate: (Fujiks+), I3(General cleaning including metals), Hydrodynamic cavitation high pressured water jet nozzle for efficient cleaning/paint/oil peeling(ООО "КПМ" Кавитационная+), ■ Unlisted effects: inside pipe cleaning, scale removal - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


37’Water emulsion: Effect Accepted by Western Mainstream(WM) ■ 37’Water emulsion: major std tech in food/cosmetics/ pharmaceutical(also not really emulsion but ♛Coal Water Slurry is discussed in later pages in this section): K2(Energy generation or efficiency improvement): Emulsion Fuel: important tech as one of few mainstream approved "partial free energy" generation methods, Some pre-made water emulsified fuels last up to 6months.、 Significant effectiveness gap exists for oil water emulsion: Generally science accepted level of 1-20% fuel saving with 10-80% emission reduction,(higher figure for PM[particulate matter], lower for NOx & SOx), differs by engine/boiler types & original fuel. Most of listed example companies here are higher performance types.

If some of sub-grade unburnable hydrocarbon or refinery residual (bitumen-asphalt) is upgraded to fuel then it can be counted as practically 100% saving, -->>cont: - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


• •

37’Water emulsion: continued 2 -->>cont: K2(fuel efficiency improvement): Emulsion Fuel: Majority of science legal version of emulsion fuel is same or less cost saving level as WM media & willing academic pseudoscientized high performance fuel treatment by •

i-Time variant magnetic field(torsion field) & electric field, ii-Far InfraRed (FIR) wave or wave emitting mineral or lattice structure matter(based on wave imprinting), iii-HHO gas on-board generator, iv-Certain frequency range of electric pulse, v-Place next to robust bioenhancing type bottled antioxidant microorganism, vi-Nanocarbon dispersed engine oil, general fuel additive etc. These are fully valid science in China, Russia & majority of 3rd world. Additives are widely used by commercial operations in West.

In comparison, emulsion fuel or its equipment tend to be somewhat to much more expensive hence except top-performance emulsion, best performing magnet/FIR devices save more cost(0 maintenance etc), combination of multiple methods sometimes have added synergy saving effects. -->>cont:


• •

37’Water emulsion: continued 3 -->>cont: K2(fuel efficiency improvement): Emulsion Fuel: Magnets etc vs Emulsion: Only small # of companies are offering, but they are spread out world wide(similar to weather modification tech status). There was a fairly clear sign by a part of Western Mainstream (WM) business establishment to promote Emulsion Fuel under "excuse" of decreasing emission(with no reference to fuel saving) in 2001-2003. But dominant WM groups, mainly US & Germany based ones resisted and largely ignored since. Current emulsion system building offers are made by relatively non-mainstream type smaller companies in West.、 ◆ Europe(Eco Energy Holding AS, IncBio, E•Fuel SA +): Italy is most active, ◆North America (Nonox, Next Alternative Inc, Industrial Sonomechanics, Fierce Fuel Systems+), Bulk of Americas is served by US companies. 、 ◆Russia: many companies operating at mainstream level (ТеплоэнергоремонтМосква, МЕССКА -, Раптех Vodmazut, «Энергосберегающие технологии» «ЭСТ» -, +), Also Ukraine(Nano oil Ukraine+), ◆Middle East(4C Technologies +), ◆India(Creatnet Technology Pvt +), ◆Japan(AIT Emulsion, NanoFuel co +): also active market but mainstream groups tend to hide their use, ◆South Korea: unique case amongst Western ally to openly focus on government level (CoxOil kr, Green Hitech kr, Sampower kr+), ◆Other Asia(Solar Emulsi PT Pertamina+), -->>cont: - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


• •

37’Water emulsion: continued 4 -->>cont: K2 Emulsion Fuel: System offering companies: ◆China: Much more focus in Coal Water Slurry & Coal To Liquid/Gasification, Some state companies supply inhouse but also Taiwanese companies operate (Comaxima Eco-Green Technology, Shine Bond 夏邦科技股份有限公司+). SECTOR BASE: ● For Ocean vessel focus: (Monohakobi, ЦЭТ Гидротопливо, TecnoVeritas+), ● Finally open debut in mainstream maritime industry(Quadrise MSAR) with major European back up, ● Western Mainstream Automotive sector still sell or use after sudden debut in 2001-2003(but often difficult to obtain), "Purely" emission reduction tech or / possibly dumb down version(Lubrizol PuriNOx, Pirelli Gecam, Veolia Transport, Total Aquazole +), others withdrew(Shell, BP, Chevron)、 TECH VARIATION: ➢ Combo with HHO gas(Cynergi Holding SA+), ➢ Biofuel Emulsion(Alternative Petroleum Technologies, Gruppo Forini +), ➢ Works down to -30°C storage(SulNOx Fuel Fusions), ➢Fringe market serving smaller companies seem to get away even with science illegal 50-70% fuel savings (Eneco-hd, Fukai Soken+). -->>cont: - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


• •

37’Water emulsion: continued 5 Coal Water Slurry -->>cont: K2(fuel efficiency improvement): Emulsion Fuel ♛Coal Water Slurry(CWS): pulverized coal with 30-50% water, major emission reduction of CWS vs coal: Thermal efficiency increases about 20% from regular coal while fuel volume itself also increases: Easy storage & transferability. Plus CWS beats diesel/heavy oil competition with much lower price: potential to entirely replace it if modified engine is introduced(eg DICE: Direct Injection Carbon Engine), Almost equalling heavy oil on thermal efficiency at current tech level, emission wise PM is higher but SOx/NOx is lower. Not exclusive but one of effective ways to utilize often unrecovered fine coal or coal sludge, to turn environmental hazard into revenue: "free energy"、 There is a significant geopolitical strategic implications in not spreading this mainstream approved relatively simple low tech: about half of global conventional hydrocarbon reserve is coal(as WM idea), and stock is available evenly world wide:

This concept happens to at least partially match with a few leading Western policy think tank's philosophy since 1970s: Stifling already lowest cost coal utilization(by scientific & enviro-political methods) had effectively established the base for energy shortage, but propagation of CWS seriously risks energy non-shortage/non-crisis/ regional stability: strategic war or export sanction against few nations will be made ineffective -->>cont:


37’Water emulsion: continued 6 Coal Water Slurry 2

• •

-->>cont: K2(fuel efficiency improvement): ♛Coal Water Slurry(CWS): Nation based trend: ✔ In China, media widely talks about it as national priority, use is by far the largest scale in world(more share than world coal production itself [45%]). Often as state company inhouse or top project management companies participate.

(中国煤炭科工集团有限公司 - China Coal Technology & Engineering Group Corp, 山东能


源集团 Shangdong Energy Group, 兖矿集团 Yuankuang Group - 水煤浆气化及煤化工国家 工程研究中心 Slurry Gasification and Coal Chemical Engineering Research Center & 兖 ! •

矿魯南化⼯有限公司 Yankuang Lunan Chemicals, 浙江先创新能源技术

发有限公司 -

Zjxianchuang, 北京国承瑞泰科技股份有限公司 GCPMC, jf NAIC+), High moisture content low ! end lignite slurry focus (

林市科达煤炭化学研究院有限公司 -


中心: Yulin Western Coal Technology Research Centre+), Low grade fine ground mix for

! emission reduction focus(中煤科工清洁能源股份有限公司 cctegce+),Taiwan(Neofuel tw). •

✔ Fairly active use at CIS nations(Амальтеа-Сервис vodougol, КОТЭС CotesGroup+), Rather surprising US controlled Ukraine's Gov't since 2014 is making CWS as national energy policy with Chinese financial back up(Ukrheat).

-->>cont: - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


37’Water emulsion: continued 7 Coal Water Slurry 3

-->>cont: K2(fuel efficiency improvement): ♛Coal Water Slurry(CWS):

Other Nations: ✔ In West & rest of the world, CWS is overall very low key commercialization with very small # of players for science legal tech(EET CWS, JGC, Kawasaki Heavy +), acoustic mix enhancement(ecoTECH Energy, AuraSouce Inc +), Often small one-man show type operation or main business is other engineering (Advanced Coal Water Slurry Technologies, LeMar LLC,

Fairly consistent concerted effort of western science, media & NGOs to create energy shortage reality: 1-various pseudscientization of unfavoured disruptive techs, hydrocarbon reserve volume statistics, & how "fossil fuel can be created" abiotically or by CO2+bacteria. 2-Exaggerated, or allegedly fabricated, or solution blocked selective environmental problems attached to large resource reserve, & many other types of massive untapped energy source. But this has been greatly helping mainstream endorsed type of alternative energy propagation. 、 **In US 1980s, there was a momentum & unsuccessful govn't participated (but not much by media, NGOs & corporate)effort to promote CWS using world's #1 reserve domestic coal to replace majority of consistently higher priced imported oil(also at some allies). Yet often clean coal burning IGCC (Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle) power plants in US are actually using coal water slurry for boiler feeding(wet feed gasification to produce extra H2)(CB&I E-Gas, Texaco-GE), this is almost never reported by media. -->>cont: - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


37’Water emulsion: continued 8

—>> continued K2(Energy generation):

Research to increase water content in emulsion or calls for installing device to reduce emission at mainstream level has been responded by coal industry lobby & related few academics while ignored by Western environmental infrastructure funding or influential mainstream tech promotors.

Emission reducing emulsion tech does not only "increase" existing fuel, but also can create new fuel out of non-burnable sub-grade hydrocarbon: fuel refining residual or natural bitumen/asphalt can be quickly made into fuel(Orimulsion, discontinued) instead of emulsified bitumen for limited pavement/construction use, to possibly significantly increase overall useable hydrocarbon from Venezuela, Canada, Russia. Same for low grade(low carbon & high moisture) unburnable lignite/brown coals upgraded by CWS. This tech might have become geopolitically high risk subject since it is WM approved science, hence not debunkable: discussion of emulsion fuel seems to have been carefully avoided by Media, NGOs, Mainstream Energy experts in West, while there is a few Western Academia continue researching - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


37’Water emulsion: continued 9

There are many more disruptive water based energy techs than emulsion that are practically WM undebunkable if unselectively investigate field industrial applications and mainstream corporations' own patents, or non-western academic papers: ●i HHO, ●ii Ammonia production from air, ●iii Self deoxydizing aluminium powder based hydrogen production system, ●iv Floatation + gravity power, ●v Nitinol Engine, ●vi Water ionic movement battery, ●vii Phase changed material based on slight water temperature gap, ●viii WM avoided subtle temperature activating thermo-electric device, ●iv Betz limit exceeding performance hydro turbine, ●x Cold Fusion, ●xi Hydrodynamic cavitation, etclast 6 of above exhibits WM science illegal over-unity or perpetual mobile effect, but almost all of disruptive energy technology ventures fail for various reasons(See other report [Less Known, Controversial Abundant, Energy Technologies...]),

I3(Metal cleaning): no poisonous elements: (Bez Laboratories inc - GE +), For non metal cleaning, & often non water component is used, but precision & static sensitive plasma screen parts cleaning by microemulsion is effective: (Lion specialty chemicals, NSclean+) - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


38’Pumpable Ice Slurry: Effect Accepted by Western Mainstream(WM)

■ 38’Pumpable Ice Slurry: Usually minute % of Ethylene, Sugar, Salt is mixd as additive, Very mainstream tech and application in majority of following use also, but some sectors it is underexplored use compared to bulk ice: Q2(food preservation): Ice wraps around product without airpockets: Heat removal is much faster/uniform than other forms of ice or many other methods, to halt microbial activity, discoloration etc, (Sunwell+), Fishing boat slurry making machine from seawater(Icelings net, NorthStar Ice+), Vegetable cooling and preserving(TRJ refrigeration inc+), Low cost ice making by Orbital Rod Evaporator method (Ice Synergy+), Venturi like turbulance low pressure using high capacity ice slurry maker(,

R3(Thermal energy storage, refrigerant): R718 refrigerant: (ILK Dresden+), There is hydrate water ice slurry which is not quite all water, but significantly lower cost and effective. Often no modification required for HVAC system application, Use of off peak hours low cost power to make ice(ZIEGRA Eismaschinen, Beluga Technology+), Beluga is water only without additive, Not pumpable ice but in some situations Flake Ice becomes most efficient water storage medium. - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


38’Pumpable Ice Slurry, 39’Sabatier reaction etc: Effect Accepted by Western Mainstream(WM)

-->>cont: R3(Thermal energy storage, refrigerant): Note following “only sort of clean water tech” is not fully WM approved as valid effect: Hydrate water slurry with higher temperature phase change is more suitable for HVAC use(By mixing small % of non lethal chemical[TBAB: Tetra-Butyl Ammonium Bromide hydrate crystal, freezes at 8°C, melts at 12°C] ) is twice as efficient than water ice only for HVAC use,- also slurry behaviour can be controlled by Ultrasonic or LF EM wave(JFE Steel)

Unlisted effects: Ice Pigging to clean inside of various pipes(Suez-environnement+)

■ 39’Combination of: Sabatier reaction/High temp. electrolysis/Fischer-Tropsh & other related processes(CO2 reduction to CO etc) HO2 & CO2 based hydrocarbon fuel production:

There is widely no accepted one name to describe this whole combo processes. Cost is lower only if consider “free” excess electricity was used to generate fuel. Many different versions of applicable technology steps have been existing since 1925: but mostly use biomass or coal as raw material focus for hydrocarbon fuel production: Many declared commercialization of water+CO2 to fuel based on this mechanics yet shelved over the years, often due to high cost; system is suitable only as excess electricity storage system at current costing. -->>continued


39’Sabatier reaction etc: HO2+CO2 fuel: continued 2

WM group generally calls this tech unviable and should not focus on such low potential system(eg: Hitachi Zosen, JAXA, SNL-INL, Air Fuel Synth’s, NewCO2Fuels, Doty Energy etc), This treatment trend by WM is same for low cost energy tech(Catalytic Depolymerization, Pyrolysis, SuperCritical Water Depolymerization etc), Similar pattern occurs as what is appearing to be a standard process to inventor type “free energy” technology claims even after they pass academic on site validation and small private use installations.

K2(energy production): Some of above listed companies are likely producing it in-house. Commercialization seems to be very low key likely due to conceptually disruptive(CO2 used as fuel stock and loses its constraint-control mechanism), i-Methanol as "abiotic fuel" production by use of geothermal power etc & CO2 from volcano(Volcanol - Carbon Recycling Intrenational), Room temp/pressure methanol production via photocatalytic reduction of CO2 with water(Mitsui Zosen Plant Engineering+),

Currently limited form of ii-liquid fuel commercialization by mainstream: (E-Diesel - SunFire Audi+), Sort of "common military knowledge" at least US Navy(NRL electrolytic cation exchange module "demo") has been using CO2 as feedstock for their submarines. iii-Hydrocarbon plastic from CO2 & H2O via methanol(Mitsui Kagaku+), by heat recovery use, mostly low key internal use only

Unlisted effects:■(Reduce water storage needs for space ship crew): O2 required for breathing is made by H2O electrolysis, hence breathed out CO2 can be made into H2O by this reaction. For more disruptive low cost type go to (PhotoCatalyzed O2 Nanobubble oil-water emulsion infused by CO2 at room temp/pressure) at section 63'Other Anomalous Process - iv 223

40’Electro deposition/Polishing: Effect Accepted by Western Mainstream(WM)

■ 40’ElectroDeposition, ElectroPlating(also pulsed), ElectroCoating, ElectroRefining (Also see sub category in this section ♛ElectroPolishing, ♛ElectroWinning) are types of electrolysis: use electricity to deposit dissolved metal ions in metal form onto target electrode in water, or clean it off electrodes: part of tech in this section is not clean tech- uses toxic electrolyte & emits heavy metal effluent but included in presentation in order to present this type of different water related commercialized effects:

Also this tech is fully deployed mainstream use: T2&H3(Metal rust proofing, less wasted ion deposition, metal recovery, nano laminating): (IMO Oberflächentechnik, Bestgalvanik ru, Niklaus-sa +), Strong paint evenly depositing: (Nihon parkerizing+), or custom processing service:(Гальванических Platings, Sec-ms com +), Yet depends on industries & application, some types are rather underexplored or rarely used: Layered metal production far stronger than regular metal(Modumetal+), same mechanics for bearing production(Mahle gmbh+), also academic level many similar commercialization candidates discussed(Eli Podlaha+),

Unique use of minute low electricity accretion effect based green ocean geoengineering: Depositing Calcium Carbonate(CaCO3)/Magnesium Hydroxide(Mg(OH2)) main mineral around conducting wire for artificial reef creation to prevent seashore line erosion & foster sealife(Biorock Process, GeoCorail, Nippon Corrosion Engineering+). Well endorsed by mainstream but officially not easily available service - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


• •

40’Electro deposition/Polishing: continued 2 -->>cont: Part of H3(less wasted ion deposition): Pulsed ElectroPlating/Pulsed Plating/Pulsed ElectroWinning/Pulsed ElectroDeposition: When pulse is applied there is anomalous effectiveness in energy efficiency, metal strengthening, altering crystallization etc(frequency & waveform dependent): Used by specialty companies & majors for specific purposes but often underused outside of semiconductor/PCB(Printed Circuit Board)/ electronics manufacturing(Plating Electronic, MacDermid Enthone, Dynatronix+), Reversed Pulse focus for even wider range of crystallization(Dutch Reverse Pulse Plating+): largest conglomerate types' use are often "company secrets"(General Motors+): Effective at various nanometals/ nanowires manufacturing methods with significant use at least academic level but less often publicly discussed corporate use.  、 Also opposite of deposition use as ♛Electro Polishing/ElectroRefining to uniformly clean off metal surface, polish, & passivate. Reduced surface adhesion. Can improve machine/medical implants parts performance, reduce surface fouling, scale building etc. Far ahead of other methods in detailed metal pattern cleaning,

but same mechanics Plasma Electrolyte Polishing/Electrolyte Plasma Polishing is further far superior: no phosphoric acid, all clean eletrolyte use, several times faster process and much more detailed smooth quality, metal parts can stay below 100°C during process: Being the Russian/ Belarussian tech it is still hardly used outside of ex-soviets & China despite significant machinery industry etc advantage(Plasmacraft Электролитно-плазменная, Plasotec, НПП Технологии и Предложения, +) - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


40’Electro Winning/Electro Deposition: continued 3

-->>cont: Part of H3(less wasted ion deposition): ♛ElectroWinning(EW)/ElectroExtraction/Electrolytic Refining/Electrolytic Metal Recovery(EMR): also categorized as part of HydroMetallurgy. Chemically reduce metal ions to form solid metal on cathode. Although one of oldest mainstream electrolytic process & usually the most core part of metal smelting/concentration/ production step to recover/adsorb/concentrate many metals from pregnant aqueous solutions-electrolyte(Gold/Silver/Copper are easier with positive electropotential while Zinc/Cobalt/Lead etc are harder with negative electropotential[Aluminum process uses no water]), it is underused at mining, PCB recycling, or electroplating wastewater stage effluent cleaning + metal recovery purpose combined partially due to conventional EW's ineffectiveness at low ore concentration. And at the Western Mainstream media level this is still often treated as "revolutionary new technology".

i-FLATPLATE TYPES: Combine Ion-Exchange resins and stripping them with EW hence no resin regeneration(i.e. cleaning, often uses chemical itself to do so) is needed(Gekko Systems+), copper focus: after Solvent extraction and ElectroWinning(SX/EW) process wastewater(Fluor+), PCB recovery, Jewellery etc sector focus(Precious Metals Processing Consultants+), -->>cont: - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


40’Electro Winning/Electro Deposition: continued 4

-->>cont: Part of H3(less wasted ion deposition, Metal recovery from wastewater): ♛ElectroWinning(EW)/ElectroExtraction/Electrolytic Refining:

Market focus in Russia is often more on wastewater treatment than metal process(НПП «Медиана-Эко», "ГидроСтройПроект" gsp-bmt, Компания «ЛВ-Инжиниринг»+),

ii-CIRCULATING FLOW: Generally significantly more effective than conventinal flat plates ●Vortex Water Flow around Cylinder Electrode: for high efficiency performance(prevent target metal ion depletion zone formed around electrode) down to 10ppm(emewCorporation +),

●Cyclic Electrowinning/Precipitation CEP: super efficient ability to selectively remove copper, iron, zinc, lead etc & potentially still profitable process as low as 5ppm by effective Spouted Electrode, Hydrogen overvoltage control, pH etc handling(Eltron Water ElectroWinner), Nickel & Cobalt wastewater strength - likely pioneer of swirling tech(De Nora+), China is generally advanced along with other water tech by taking on rotating water tech (陝西Elade 新材料技術有限公司, 浙江科菲科技股份有限公司 Ke-Fei+),

**Electro Winning itself is cleantech, but depends on how to regard entire mining process that includes grounding ores, leaching(dissolving minerals, cyanide[a Carbon-Nitrogen compound by triple bond] is used particularly for gold and silver) and Electro Extraction, it might not fit to clean technology category. - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


41’Electro Spray: Effect mix of Accepted & Rejected by Western Mainstream(WM)

■ 41’Electro Spray, ElectroHydroDynamic Atomization: Actual water application in this tech is mostly minor, also see 58’Ionizing projection: WM Accepted: J2(emulsion), Microfluidics. Electrospray for Taylor cone/ emulsion drops creation, std process, uniform DC use. Also Thin-film coating of foods by spraying effectively emulsified water-oil, or Effective drug delivery: (SprayBase+),

K2(charged water spray enhances combustion 10% range more than regular sprayed water): This research has not found reliable commercialized claims but it is a generally known phenomena for experts:(Kar Hendratna+), while less effective(5% range combustion increase non-electrically charged spray water has been commercialized(M-power BMW, Aquamist-Direct+)

O2(hydroxyl radical production, bacteria killing etc), D3(Drug-hydrophobic matter solubility, carrier), E3(Wet scrubbing), often seems to be more effective than conventional water only types due to use of electric charge, Also superior performance than regular Electrostatic precipitator, ”Ionized” wet scrubber(Verantis+) (also Air cleaner, Affect air moisture such as fog reducing), 228

41’Electro Spray: continued 2

—>>continued WM Accepted: H3(Efficient paint spray depositing to significantly reduce paint cost, Ion depositing): standard process in auto painting etc but not in others(Graco inc, Electro-Spray, Mesac jp+), On-site painting at environmentally sensitive location eg restaurant, food store(ElectroPainters+): but need extra process for recessed area painting, water moisture contained in food stock is used in food coating process:(Gemafoodcoating +), Also: Foliar feeding for cost effective niche farming, Pesticide applied evenly and on target to leafs to save costs, Best to finely atomize water spray:(Martigani, OntargetSpray+,), Some increased effectiveness claims by adding Ultrasonic spray,

O3(Electroscopy: Chemical analysis): Electro Spray Ionization: Liquid chromatography–mass spectrometry etc: (NewObjective +), More versatile Desorption Electrospray Ionization: (Prosolia)

Unlisted effect: Nanofibre production by Taylor cone - Electrospinning: (Electrospintech, Nanonc+), - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


41’Electro Spray: continued 3

Generally WM Rejected effect; S2(bio enhancing way to feed water to plants): Related to ionizing/activation of water molecules?: Fairly common knowledge amongst experimental researchers and farmers(Bas Wainwright+): doubly effective in addition to foliar feeding for niche farming as charged water sticks to leaves instead of dropping to the ground,

Not electrospray but similar presumable mechanics: very strong effect on acoustically treated water spray, or water spray on acoustically treated plants: combining with plant preferred harmonic resonance audio while water spray onto plants have significant repeatable plant growth effects: frequently 1.5-3+ times growth(WM Fully rejected or Fraud):(Sonic Bloom+): There is no experimental data found whether electrified spray additionally increased crops in this method. Same mechanics as differently termed Electrostatic spraying:(also see 25’Electrostatic), F3(weather modification): see section 65’Artificial Weather - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


42’Electroporation(Cold Plasma): Effect Accepted by Western Mainstream(WM) ■ 42’Electroporation: (can be interpreted as Cold Plasma/NonThermal Plasma effect) (also see 26’Electric Pulse), Use of generally AC electric field/pulse to increase membrane permeability to pass through various particles/liquid/chemicals/minute organism etc- This section refers to cell membrane in relation to bioenhancing by increased permeation or its cell membrane breaking effects. Following Medical/DNA uses are mainstream widely known application, works in or out of water. S2(Bioenhancing): Introducing new DNA to cells(ElectroTransformation), C3(Transmembrane-skin blood test/ water gaging), D3(hydrophobic drug+ solubility/ carrier/permeability increase)、 Somewhat WM media only disputed effects(complete WM science): L2(Biofuel extraction): by affecting DNA and enhancing fermentation:(Syngas Biofuels Energy) or simply break the cell wall(Irreversible Electroporation): (OpenAlgae, OpenCEL Trojan, Vogelsang+), joule heating emphasis for enhanced wall breaking(Eltron research+), 、 Unlisted effects: Dewatering or nutrition extraction from food/juice/dairy(eg sugar, protein, enzyme, high quality milk-juice-food etc):(Diversified technologies, May Ruben Hieco, НПЦ Плазма,, フロンティアエンジニアリング, アキュサイト+), Internal use (Pokka Sapporo, 協同乳業+), -->> cont: 231

• •

42’Electroporation(Cold Plasma): continued 2 —>continued WM Accepted: tech's disruptive nature for food use:、 This type of WM science legal technology is potentially very disruptive since it can’t be debunked as using mainstream science, This tech extracts more nutrition, some case no killing of temperature sensitive high value enzyme, significantly reduce coloring & heating smell etc, with much lower cost & shorter time(1/10-1/50th), and can kill specific undesired germ with its unique pulse frequency,

Hence it can replace current high energy using pasteurization process and end product having nutrition much more intact to compete with fresh food- ie make it more difficult to have seasonal price fluctuation benefits), might need time lagged partial step by step mainstream introduction, in a way same micro electric mechanics as NanoFilter effect -->>cont: - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


• •

42’Electroporation(Cold Plasma): continued 3 —>continued WM Accepted: tech's disruptive nature for food use:、 Furthermore, i-when this becomes mainstream, it would be difficult to continue to debunk resonance based virus killing for medical use, ii-But actually there is enough empirical evidence of significant medical effect outside virus related chronic disease(and very low cost) (For more see this report and look up "Rife": [Cold Fusion, & Other Controversial Energy Tech Claims...] )

Similarly: Waste water cleaning effect, Medical undesired cell removal/ killing, or precision surgery: (AngioDynamics NanoKnife +)

Industrial dewatering: significantly enhance existing ElectroOsmotic/ Phoretic method by adding what already exists a-high pressure & b-joule heating, c-moving water& micro matter thru microchannels by adding ability to break small bacteria cell walls in sludge etc(basically adding poration effect takes only frequency adjustment of electric pulse): Instead of moisture content 80% at best by pressure only, this brings it to below 50% while using lot less energy(Ablewater jp, Kurita jp, AWエンジニアリング 電解活性汚泥処理法 +)


43’Electro-SonoPhoresis: Effect mix of Accepted & Disputed by Western Mainstream(WM)

■ 43’Electro-SonoPhoresis, Electro Ion-to-resis: sound and electric charge to move elements in water, can do so through membrane/skin without using syringe or cutting: WM Accepted: Y2(pH acidity control), D3(hydrophobic drug +solubility/carrier/permeability increase)

WM media level Disputed effect: C3(Transdermal-skin blood test/water gauging): no need for syringe injection, or physical blood taking- all done through the skin. ● Unlisted effect: Dental application: natural mineral re-depositing to fill tooth decay:(Reminova) ● Medical application: Acoustic and electric oscillation added for various bioenhancement effects(WM rejected), WM approved for some pain relief, oversweating hands/feet therapy(Hidrexusa+),

But currently almost ANY low cost tech to compete expensive disease treatment is fully WM rejected or treated fraud.

Seems to need specific accurate frequency to be effective for chronic diseases. Also detail mechanics are disputed amongst promotors. - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


44’Electro-Hydraulic effect: Effect mix of Accepted, Disputed, Rejected by Western Mainstream(WM)

■ 44’ElectroHydraulic effect; shock like high voltage zapping in water causes various effects, WM interprets as purely shocking effect(temporarily 1000bar+), ignoring production of not only hydroxyl(then later as H2O2), but x-ray, metal molecule structure changing etc: Most of effects except drilling is identical as Rotating magnetic field(part of Torsion field) effect(see section 27'Time Variant Magnetic Field)

WM Accepted effect : Y2(pH acidity control), B3(soil-sand oil extraction/separation): This is rather disruptive effectiveness applied to Enhanced Oil Recovery. Originated in Russia(Yutkin) & re-packaged/upgraded recently as a new tech(Molchanov+), and funded by affluent group for world wide application: hence this part of effect is fully WM accepted:(Ecotech EOR, Novas Energy, BlueSpark Energy+): part of Pulsed Plasma/Plasma Pulse,

Similarly: M3(powerful boring or severing, cutting effect), drilling deep by powerful Pulsed Plasma(it covers non water use also): this effect attracted major funding after WM approval(GA Drilling+), Same tech with space application (Zaptech+), This is basically same tech as large industrial rock shuttering application - which also became science legal in West but stays obscure without big funding(Tetra-Corporation,, Small portable scale device(VLN-tech+) - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


44’Electro-Hydraulic effect: continued 2

Many of Electrohydraulic effects are unexplainable on shock factor only, hence some are WM media Disputed effect: Russia/Ukraine and ex-Soviet nations use more commonly: O2(Hydroxyl radical production- AOP) & P2(Water filtering by coagulating some elements in water, hence purifying/disinfecting/cleaning effect): these effects are often byproduct and not chief purpose: •OH etc producing above O2+P2 combo effect rare commercialization of ElectroHydraulic water electrooxidation(Clear Water Plasma+): highly economically disruptive overunity type efficiency electron avalanche causing standing wave - acoustic pulse/cavitation accompanying to generate wide range of oxidants in abnormally large amount with little electricity use - also portable system.

Q2(food preservation effect water), V2(low redox potential), by electrolysis looking device abruptly creating shock in water(, - This effect of water is sustained at least several days; linked to Plasma Activated Water(electrical discharge in water). Virtually “science legalized” since PAW has been WM approved since around 2010

Unlisted but instant molecule structure changing type effect of Metal forming:(Bmax, Trakonta - Траконта+): this is not necessarily water related. N3(shutters small kidney stones): (Medispect+), ■ Unlisted effect but fractured bone fast & accurate repairing(Sanuwave+) - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


44’Electro-Hydraulic effect: continued 3

--> cont: WM media Disputed effect: Occasionally claimed disputed effects: M2(Desalination effects), Only academic level claims(M Bazant, RM Crooks+): "Micro" Shock Electrodialysis, again same effect as Rotating magnetic field.

Generally WM Rejected effect, Also formally pseudoscientized in West, only approved in some of ExSoviet & Russian allies, in some nations as soon as Western infrastructure was invested in post Soviet this effect was pseudoscientized(Czech+): K2(Energy generation): dicomposes water into hydrogen far more effectively than conventional methods(H2 Energy Renaissance+), related to cavitation & shockwave effect. S2(Bioenhancing water production, including significant nutrient absorption function, conversion of peat to fertilizer), Academic & project level offering(Se Cifanskis+), U2(significant “overunity" like shockwave effect involving cavitation): linked to Electron Charge Cluster effect?(high voltage pulsed water explodes)(A Ilyanok, Pe Graneau+): - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


45’Electro Dialysis/Bipolar Membrane: Effect mix of Accepted & Disputed by Western Mainstream(WM)

• ■ 45’Electro Dialysis: Electrolysis with ion selective membranes inserted, option of occasional reversing process(membrane cleaning) makes it last longer without downtime of operation,

■ 45’Electro Dialysis by Bipolar Membrane (Electrolysis with no electrodes, system has water in separate channels and voltage applied in one channel and water is split through membrane due to voltage difference: Splits water with no oxidation or reduction - no byproduct/ waste, less fumes. Effective separation of acidic(hydroxide ion: OH-) and alkaline(Proton: H+), ion-mineral type material: "Electro-Acidification":

WM Accepted effect: N2(Demineralizing, by separation of water from minerals): mainstream use for food industry(dairy whey is std process), pharma, chemical, water treatment etc, Efficient chlorine production(CDI Tunisia+), P2(water filtering/purifying/ disinfecting/cleaning/waste water)(Shang Dong Sdtianwei+) Y2(Acidity control) (Fumatech+) Lab type environment, Wine industry use(remove tartrate): (Oenodia STARS, Sunactis+) etc •

Other commercialized eg: (RWLwater, GEwater, Mega cz RALEX, Astom-corp, AkzoNobel +)


45’Electro Dialysis/Bipolar Membrane: continued 2

WM Disputed effectiveness: Science approved mechanics: M2(Desalination effect):for ●Regular ElectroDialysis: unlikely as near future major commercial viability(BlueEnergy - RedStack+), But Solar power run small installation or surplus energy use can be power cost justifiable(Deukum de), Also combining RO Desalination discharged high salinity water with regular sea water in Reverse ElectroDialysis(RED) to generate low salinity water feedstock for RO operation while electrical energy is generated to save 30% range overall power(Chuyang Y Tang +) ●Bipolar Membrane ElectroDialysis: cost superiority is fully WM science approved(not media), China leads the way in use of bipolar membrane desalination in various State owned corporations but details seem to be scant, This is often is the case for their use of various Western-designated- pseudoscientific-techs(China National Bluestar 杭州水处理技术研究 +)

Unlisted effect of Bipolar Membrane: ■ Radioactive material removal(Azotom ru+): doesn't have to be Russian or Chinese bipolar membrane to show effectiveness but often taboo to mention effects in West, ■ CO2 sequestering by Sodium hydroxide production(only competitive as surplus power use) or ■ CO2 production(Eisaman+), PEMFC(Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cell) efficiency improvement - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


46’Electro Flotation: Effect mix of Accepted & Disputed by Western Mainstream(WM)

■ 46’Electro Flotation:(Often part of ElectroCoagulation[not listed as section in this presentation due to being major std process] and no clear distinction, see 18'Electrolysis mix)(electrolysis to generate micro bubbles of hydrogen and oxygen which carries impurities to surface): (e2Metrix, Polyeco gr+), Small bubble or Microbubble generation for increased effectiveness: (EnviroChemie, Xogen, BLDynamics, Aquaexpert ru+): Note Nanobubble /Superfine bubble doesn't float and eventually "disappear" with cavitation likely to cause coagulation

WM Accepted effect : L2(biofuel/oil extraction/ waste to energy/charcoal with no emission), P2(water filtering/purifying/disinfecting/cleaning/waste water), Y2(consequently pH can be changed)

Weak effects: B3(soil-and oil extraction/separation in some situations)

WM Disputed effect: W2(remove oil, salt, deoxidizing elements in some cases) - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


47’Electro Heating: Effect Accepted by Western Mainstream(WM)

■ 47’Electro Heating:(Electrical Resistance Heating): electric current is passed through water-soil, & resistance encountered causes heating, which generates various effects: Electrochemical, Hydroxyl radical types, Hydrolysis etc. Same set up Electro-migration(ion), Electro-osmosis(water) etc but Electro-heating uses AC current.

B2&L2(soil-oil extraction/separation)(biofuel/oil extraction/ waste to energy/charcoal with no emission): soil remediation: (TRS Group Inc, InSitu Remediation Services, McMillan-McGee +),

Weak effect: O2(toxin decomposing) - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


48’Nitrogen or CO2 infused water: Effect mix of Accepted & Disputed by Western Mainstream(WM) ■ 48’Nitrogen or CO2 infused water: ▶ NITROGEN water: WM Accepted effects: Q2(food preservation water):( +), Food lasting 50% longer over regular ice: (Showareitou+), Nitrogen reacts with dissolved Oxygen to remove it out of water, T2(metal rust prevention): circulating pipe or unused cooling tower corrosion prevention also(Tofco jp+), •

Unlisted effects: ■ Ballast Water or producing oxygen deprived circulating water:(Gazcon+,) ■ Industrial washing, in some specific situations nanobubble nitrogen water has prefered quality:(Kurita jp+), ■ Pure water preservation: by filling closed container’s air portion to prevent CO2 or O2 to be dissolved into water(Toyoshima denki+) - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


48’Nitrogen or CO2 infused water: continued 2

▶ CO2 water: WM Accepted effects: Y2(pH control)(PanGas ch+), or by nanobubble infusion(TechCorporation jp+), Regulate water balance of desalination(AES Arabia+)

Weak effect: K2(Energy material extraction): also useable for other chemical production: accelerate hydrolysis from cellulose to monomer sugar.

Unlisted effect: ■ Industrial washing: While preventing static electricity from generating during semiconductor type static sensitive precision equipment parts(Matsubo Kobelco, CSVG eu, Akrionsystems+). Also some Ocean Tankers would use this system to use non-static water to reduce risk of explosion. ■ Food flavor enhancement by cooking or soaking certain food(Sinyu Giken+)

WM Disputed effect: S2(bioenhancement), Medical effects: WM is continuing its attempt to debunk: "there is no WM journal listed articles(often alternative type therapy articles are rejected- particularly superior results than mainstream ones)", yet existing alternative publications are ignored. Bathing for increased blood circulation, pain relief, skin conditions etc. generally needs 1000ppm minimum(1g/litre) dissolved. Since western ally nations DACH and Japan approved, it is very difficult to openly pseudoscientize by rest of west. some are resort type set up offers, (NeoChemir, Esundheitsressort, CO2behandlung, Kaikoukai 偕行会グループ, gozenyu 長湯温泉+). - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


48’Nitrogen or CO2 infused water: continued 3

-->> continued: ▶ CO2 water: WM Disputed effect: S2(bioenhancement):

Also promotes pH change and increased absorption of nutrients of farming crops(Showa Denko+), this is different from even stronger significantly increased plant growth & nutrition effect by infusing CO2 gas in green house(WM accepted effect)(used only in certain nations, others ignored possibly due to Man made exclusive CO2 based global warming idea tax promotion benefit structure?). Plant growth increase(often combined with Ozone water)(Mountain High Water, Seair inc+)

Unlisted: ■ Quicker extraction process of toxin from contaminated soil by injection(eg Trichloroethylene: C2HCl3)(Hazama Ando+), ■ Not only pipe scaling prevention, & removal of algae/rust but also actual perceived effect of nonchemical water softener as calcium is dissolved in CO2 water(Solucalc+), ■ Super low cost Oil-Water separation by Nitrogen microbubble infusing(Seair inc+) - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


49’Solar Distillation, Solar Water treatment: Effect Accepted by Western Mainstream(WM)

■ 49’Solar Distillation, Solar Water treatment & Atmospheric Water Collector, Fog Collector: Often product is difficult to obtain, especially for latter two types, sometimes only available as design for DIY project, Fringe NGO(many large mainstream one won’t support) run project oriented. (see 2 pages later ♛),

WM Accepted: M2(Desalination), ●1 Solar Still usually has disinfection function by UV effect, scalable and drinking water can be lower priced at least (note standard cost calculation puts out conventional system to often look much lower cost in comparison to free solar tech but there are many exceptions) upto mid sized city supply but only at high sun area with large nearby free space available:(F Cubed Solar), most successful largest Solar Still commercialization type,

Other Solar Stills(SolAqua, AquaDania Waterstillar +), Solar cell electrical component built in(Desolenator+), Agricultural set up desalination with some germ killing system (SeawaterGreenhouse), Thin plastic layered tower structure use water collector with minor electricity use for 0.5m3/day per module(Altela), Some high capacity small scale pilot works mostly small sized commercialization(MaxWater Desal +): exceptions Brackish water desalination capability of 200m3+/day by Aqua4 Concentrated Solar Still(Waterfx), -->>cont: - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


49’Solar Distillation, Water treatment, Atmospheric Water Collector, Fog Collector: continued 2

-->>cont: WM Accepted: M2(Desalination):

Other types than solar still: ●2 Multiple Effect Humidification use: Makes 5m3/day containerized unit, & for wastewater cleaning units(TerraWater). 50m3/day capacity: (Mage Water Management gmbh+),、 ●3 Non-porous three membrane purifier units: (Solar Dew+), Solar based projects operating in different locations(, Most available commercial products are <20m3/day range units(Photon Solar+), ●4 Solar based use of Membrane Distillation:(SolarSpring, Aquaver+), ●5 Low Temperature Thermal Desalination(LTTD), only half a dozen installation in India by the state(National Institute of Ocean Technology of Chennai): Generally lower cost than RO when deep ocean 400m is available within 2km range or 15°C temperature difference exists under same conditions(size etc)- at current relatively undeveloped stage energy use is already about same as RO but much lower maintenance cost,->>cont: - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


49’Solar Distillation, Water treatment, Atmospheric Water Collector, Fog Collector: continued 3

-->> cont: WM Accepted: M2(Desalination): ●6 Solar Driven Adsorption Desalination, can functions as low as 30°C, though commercialization type is focused on industrial heat or used as extension of distilling desalination system use (Medad Technologies, KACST)

Historically, solar distillation use declined after industrial distillation or Reverse Osmosis took over with media PR when cost was initially higher - then eventually greatly reduced. Yet in many large land available isolated small scale/community with low cost labour available sunny weather locations, solar type remains lowest cost, P2(water filtering/purifying/disinfecting/ cleaning/waste water): (Solvatten+), Portable pasteurizer bag using photocatalytic reaction(Puralytics+), - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


49’Solar Distillation, Water treatment, Atmospheric Water Collector, Fog Collector: continued 4

-->> cont: WM Accepted: M2(Desalination): Unlisted method/effect: Ion exchange bridging can be used with “ThermoIonic” method to desalinate water by solar distilled higher salinity water pool & use it in combination with 3 other pools. This is "automatic self perpetuating mechanics" needing no energy to desalinate water by use of one way only ion passing membrane with multiple bridging among pools: this program seems dropped after making public announcements of commercialization intention(Saltworks Technologies+)

♛ Atmospheric Water Collector(Non electrical), Natural condensationevaporation use, Some are commercial capacity if large land is available but often not easily available in straight forward manner: Large collection capacity(0.1m3-100litre/day per 10m tower):(Warka Water), Another large collection method with own bottled water selling for its ionic or vitalization effect water(Agua de Niebla de Canarias), There are various other designs devised but often lack of funding for commercialization(Dropnet Imke Hoehler+), - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


49’Solar Distillation, Water treatment, Atmospheric Water Collector, Fog Collector: continued 5

-->> cont: WM Accepted effects: ♛ Atmospheric Water Collector: Dessert greening or dry region agriculture use round box placed around as a cover to plants/seedlings to collect some condensed water & prevent evaporation of soil(Groasis, TreeTPee, Tal-Ya+), Deeproot of plants directly fed water with same mechanics(DRIPS Project+), this type of system seem to generate significant bioenhancing - extra plant growth effect, All quite disruptive & WM embraced.

♛ Fog Collector, Normally mesh based fog catcher, Suitable in certain remote small community with no rain dense fog area(eg some high altitude areas in Northern Chile), but needs specific spot for maximization and needs most volunteer type maintenance work, very erratic water yield fluctuation, Product not easily available from stores or even manufacturers: (Fog Quest, Opur fr[Special hydrophobic film use], Technion - Watair+)(Geared only for plant or tree growth),(FogHive+)

■ Unlisted tech but there are some container unitized solar run RO based water purification system (Tranz Water Systems+), - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


50’SuperCritical water(SCW) & Others: Effect Accepted & Disputed by Western Mainstream(WM) ■ 50’SuperCritical water(also SubCritical Water, & Hydrolysis, also called Hydrothermal Liquefaction etc), (also see 9’SuperCritical Water): (see next pages ♛on SubCritical, HydroThermal Carbonization(HTC), Hydrolysis, Steam Plasma), high pressure with temperature above boiling point state of water, above 374°C/ 221bar-22.1Mpa- 3250psi[221times ambient pressure]: WM Accepted effect: J2(Emulsion): advanced emulsion or/& salt crystallization: SuperCritical Hypothermal Synthesis/Hydrothermal Polymerization: eg Synthesizing Organic-Inorganic Nanoparticle production(Itec-es jp, Promethean Particles+), or Gemstone/Quartz crystallization from SiO2 reacting with NaOH, Na2CO3 etc is mainstream process in this specific application(Tairus, Tokyo Denpa, Silmaco+), but rare in other types. Instant nano emulsion(株式会社AKICO+) K2(Energy generation): depolymerization of most trash/wastewater sludge to produce fuel, hydrocarbon made has much less emission prone SOx or NOx contained, Also soon competitive H2 production from wet trash: L2(biofuel/oil extraction/ waste to energy/charcoal with no emission),(AltacaEnerji, Biomass Technology Group BV, Earth Wind & Fire Technologies, Concord Blue+), Enhanced Oil Recovery(JOGMEC+), Rare pretreatment for Anaerobic Digestion(Renmatix), O2(extremely effective Advanced Oxidation Process),


50’SuperCritical water(SCW) & Others: cont'd 2, SCW only 2

—>> cont: WM Accepted effect: W2(remove oil, salt, deoxidizing cooking[when it comes out automatically becomes oxygen depriving superheated steam to atmospheric environment]), B3(soil-sand oil extraction/separation), I3(metal cleaning/ metal-mineral recovery from trash): also phosphorus recovery from waste water(Feralco Aqua Reci, AVA-CO2, SCFI - Aqua Critox+), J3(efficient power production at turbine): Supercritical Water Cooled Reactor (SCWR): Use of Ultra-SuperCritical water/ steam(593°C, 240bar, but Advanced USC pilot run is well over 700°C) for power station turbine application, usually mega scale:)(Mitsubishi Hvy, Hitachi, Toshiba, Babcock & Wilcox, IHI jp, Doosan Heavy, Alstom, Foster Wheeler +)

Occasionally claimed effects: M3(cutting or boring holes), Q3([low temp subcritical water only]: hot water herbicide),

Weaker effect: M2(Desalinate): effect can be lower cost only in special situations like zero liquid discharge requirement situation: only academic reporting & tests(AGJ van der Ham+), U2(increase energy effectiveness), comparatively with other effects only slight improvement - see “J3”. - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


50’SuperCritical water(SCW) & Others: cont'd 3 SCW only 3, Western Mainstream(WM) treatment

-->> cont: WM Accepted effect: Water treating mechanics, including easier SubCritical water tech is not new, and mostly low tech/low cost set up requirement(except anticorrosion element in SuperCritical), also frequently much lower process cost & capable of MUCH faster Environmental Remediation & Energy Generation from biomass/trash.

Its disruptive nature to existing economical & geopolitical structure can be one of main reasons for limited commercialized examples(besides “J2 & “J3” category) at mainstream level:

Many different confusing names are created & maintained at mainstream level to segment this sector so that it becomes difficult to collectively gather data on research & commercialization of this technology: SubCritical - SuperCritical Hydrolysis, Catalytic Depolymerzation, Superheated Steam - Water, Thermal Hydrolysis, Hydrothermal Liquefaction, Advanced Oxidation, Hydrothermal Oxidation, Wet Oxidation, SuperCritical Water Oxidation, HydroPyrolysis, Hydrothermal Combustion, Pressurized Hot Water Extraction, HydroThermal Depolymerization - Gasification - Flame, SuperCritical Gasification ... - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


50’SuperCritical water(SCW) & Others: cont'd 4 SCW only 4, Western Mainstream(WM) treatment

-->> cont: WM Accepted effect: Officially core mainstream type WM linked, or WM corporate SCW technology users: (eg TurboSynthesis, NASA GRC [US], SCFI - Aqua Critox, Innoveox, BTG World - BTG Biomass [Europe], Hanwa Chemical, Ilshin AutoClave, Asian giant engineering+[South Korea/Taiwan], Nitto Kotasu+[Japan])

Direct Military link: Parsons, General Atomics, Applied Research Associates, Inc, Bechtel +, There are many defence related companies with patent in SCW tech with no officially advertised applications: very effective in toxin/chemical weapon destruction, This application is used worldwide, not just west.

Segmentation of truly disruptive techs that at least partially contain WM approved effects are fairly common, eg for water tech: Magnetic, Electric field, or Electrolytic water treatment for industrial-agriculture-commercial building use, Bacteria based large scale environmental remediation etc, eg for non water: Thermo dynamic over-unity effects, Resonance anomalous or bioenhancing frequency effects, Non-local & standing wave effects etc.

Also in SCW, there is often mainstream avoidance to openly discussing this tech for energy generation from organic materials, Yet compared to energy and medical area, water technology is opening up faster for previously taboo type or pseudoscience designated techs, seemingly driven by European led established companies & backers


50’SuperCritical water(SCW) & Others: cont'd 5, SCW only 5

BASIC TECHNOLOGY BACKGROUND EXPLANATION: SuperCritical fluid tech base has been built in 1970s in US and Germany, and SuperCritical CO2 took off as major/standard industrial process.

SCW standardization in worldwide business seems to have very large macroeconomical ramification(trash to fuel, toxin decomposition, unburnable fuel upgrading etc). And probably something else for military type applications? Basic prototype started in US as PERC, LBL process in 1970s/80s pilot run, while deemed "commercialized" for space agency activities & military in at latest in 90s(Eco Waste Technology), Shell has pilot plant(HTU process) but never openly commercialized to produce new hydrocarbon from “too low grade to use as fuel” resources(primarily located in Venezuela, Canada, Russia): Incidentally here Canada is a Western Ally, but key Canadian Oil Sand criticizing green NGO activity seems to stem from Non-Canadian oil producing interests or its backers.

The tech took off in Japan mainstream with Gov’t & large corporates openly promoting from 90s but rather suddenly stalled around 2006 at mainstream: most of top selling large companies with most # of patents drop all official product lines: (Organo jp, Mitsubishi hvy, Toshiba, Kurita Kogyo, Komatsu+) -->cont - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


50’SuperCritical water(SCW) & Others: cont'd 6, SCW only 6

—>>cont TECH BACKGROUND: SCW history in Japan: Those companies are either to continue “internal use” or unofficial sales within Japan, or dropped most product lines: (Kobe Steel+), or scale down to sell table top size device as “research purpose only”: (Toyo Koatsu+), But Small or fringe companies in Japan or North America continue to offer their device in discreet way: (Xtrudx, Rematix, Suzuki Shoko 鈴木商工,, 高圧システム+), - while China offers on fully mainstream level(as happens for many other disruptive techs) for mainly waste/toxic water process - SuperCritical Water Oxidation(SCWO):

(陕⻄万丰能源环保科技有限公司 Shaanxi Wanfeng Energy ! Environmental Protection Technology, 新奥环保携创新技术有限公司 Xinao Group, 碧流天能 Blue Energy +), -->>cont: - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


50’SuperCritical water(SCW) & Others: cont'd 7, SCW only 7


In Russia, their various very advanced SCW tech(linked to Hydrodynamic cavitation and even antigravity/strong transmutation like claims?, similar to V Schauberger's?) at academic level has practically no commercialization - indication of too disruptive to bring out in public?、 Amongst Western allies, only in 2015 quiet official pilot project started on mainstream level for hydrocarbon recovery from bitumen from Canada(JGC), yet in segmented manner that is usually called many different ways other than SCW, it is quietly & slowly but steadily implemented even in energy related area from Europe and Australia since around 2013.

Unlisted effect: ■ Automatically WM media pseudoscientized radiation remediation(Daioh Shinyo Co+), yet mainstream academic groups confirmed effects(Minzhang Lin+) - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


50’Sub-SuperCritical water(SCW) group con'd: 8 ♛SubCritical Water ♛SubCritical Water:Generally bulk of this tech can be categorized as a-Similar temperature range with slightly lower pressure(eg 250-450°C, 180-200bar) as SuperCritical: basically mostly same effects(few differences are electroconductive, some salts precipitate etc) but takes longer time, with lower cost material can be used for device(less super corrosive oxidation power) or b- Lower temperature with much lower pressure (180-250°C, 20-60bar): basically same effect with additional further time consuming, often cross over with following section “51’SuperHeated Steam”, This presentation generally labels methods using further lower temperature with similar to ambient pressure as Hydrolysis(often 100-230°C, 1-5bar) process.、 Also note there are unclear differentiation used by the industry between Low temp Low pressure SubCritical water with 51’SuperHeated Steam(used as open ambient pressure or close to it with usually 110-250°C(depends on application temperature goes up to 800°C+, but it could be called SuperCritical Water also), or term Hydrothermal treatment can refer to all of 50’& 51’tech、


50’Sub-SuperCritical water(SCW) group con'd: 9 ♛SubCritical Water 2

WM Accepted effect: J2(Emulsion), K2(Energy generation): Hydrothermal Gasification(Hydromethan, Osaka Gas, Gensos nl+), L2(biofuel/oil/nutrition extraction/ waste to energy/charcoal with no emission): (Techno-EMI, 3V Green Eagle, Sustainable Waste Power Systems +), Algae focus(Muradel), catalysis required "HydroPyrolysis"(D4 Energy), SubCritical Water Extraction of polar & non-polar compounds can be done separately - suitable for food nutrient extraction(Celabor, Mazza innovation PhytoClean+): much faster than low temp hydrolysis listed in later pages. Also see Enhanced Oil Recovery at 51'SuperHeated Steam B3,

O2(effective Advanced Oxidization Process): Decomposing toxin: (Iga kunitomo+), Medical waste:(Red Bag Solutions+), Metal recovery: (.......................... 三泰環境システム Santai-gr+), Some company's "secret" customized recipes to increase Oxidization ability might include things like electrolyzed acid water as catalyst(electrolysis of subcritical water is possible since electro conductive- unlike supercritical where salt precipitates): (Ecle-Field jp+), it also demonstrates overunity like efficiency electrolysis, no h2 or o2 generated etc., -->>cont:


50’Sub-SuperCritical water(SCW) group con'd: 10 ♛SubCritical Water 3

-->>cont: WM Accepted effect:

P2(wastewater decomposing: usually go together with energy generation in SubCritical) some devices are set up to go into SuperCritical level for faster/effective process(GRT GROUP SA+), W2(remove oil, salt, deoxidizing cooking[steam came out to atmospheric environment only]), B3(soil-sand oil extraction/separation), I3(metal cleaning/ metal recovery from trash), J3(efficient power production at turbine) Occasionally claimed effects,

M3(cutting/boring holes), Hydrothermal Spallation Drilling: Fast, high temp operable, "side wall" formulation by hydrothermal flame blasting, no blade, easier debris recovery due to buoyancy in water, Anomalous effects?- super high temperature water in deep hole pressure to create either: Sub or SuperCritical water, or even Hydrogen, or HHO gas? HHO can cause transmutation effects(existence is WM rejected). No takers of commercialization licenses issued by mainstream academics(MIT, ETH Zurich etc)? One high profile company tried is "out of biz"(Potter Drilling), But wide acceptance might cause a string of severe disruptions(much lower cost that can largely replace drill bits in majority of deep drilling, and even more deep hydrocarbon and Geothermal heat easily available with lower cost etc) -->>cont: - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


50’Sub-SuperCritical water(SCW) group con'd: 11 ♛SubCritical Water 4 ♛HydroThermal Carbonization.

-->>cont: WM Accepted effect: Q3(water only herbicide; Hot water/boiled/low temp subcritical water only),

Weaker effect: U2(increase energy effectiveness), Unlisted effect: radioactive material separation from soil(, remove heavy metal from soil( jp+), Fertilizer recovery from trash(Greentech solutions grts jp+)

♛HydroThermal Carbonization/Wet Pyrolysis: Same effect as SubCritical water but main purpose is specifically to produce Bio Coal since 2007/08(Lignin/Brown Coal equivalent quality) from organic waste and biomass. When compared to dry pyrolysis or Anaerobic Digestion(AD) Carbon recovery(90%) cost is much lower, & compared to AD it produces large heat(exothermic, same as dry pyrolysis) during the process, but might not be as valuable as dry biochar. Overall production volume is much smaller than competition method of water uninvolved dry version Torrefaction. Also slightly different but unique catalytic HydroThermal Polymerization(lower temp & pressure, less decarboxylation reaction/CO2 produced) of biomass requires no binder to pelletize(PCS Biofuels),、 U2(increase energy effectiveness) as WM Accepted effect in Europe, WM sometimes Disputed in North America: It is promoted in mainstream level in Western Europe while effectiveness is sometimes media level pseudoscience along with some willing scientists in North America (rare Atlantic ocean science split). -->>cont. - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


50’Sub-SuperCritical water(SCW) group con'd: 12 ♛HydroThermal Carbonization 2

-->>cont: ♛HydroThermal Carbonization/Wet Pyrolysis: U2(increase energy effectiveness) WM Accepted in Europe, Disputed in N America:

Might be working as a precursor/introduction to full Sub/SCW acceptance, Temperature range is often said as 200-300°C with low pressure 5-10bar/ 0.5-1Mpa/75-150psi at European mainstream but actual range seems to include significantly higher pressure and temperature types for the same final product aim while they are not necessarily called by the same name

Industrial size focus(CarboREN - SunCoal, Loritus, Antaco, Ingelia SL+), smaller size installations(Grenol GmbH, Oax-eco+), Production of high value added Hydroxymethylfurfural(5-HMF) for chemical/hydrocarbon industry(AVA-CO2), Waste water focus(TerraNova Energy, Aqua Enviro+), Focus in Eastern Europe & Russian market(NIREX Bio Uhlí, АБОНО Abono +), Dutch initiated movement to turn all growing weeds into fuel stalls: TORWASH(Energieonderzoek Centrum Nederland: ECN)

Unlisted effect: Easy phosphorus recovery from wastewater sludge(AVA-CO2+) - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


50’Sub-SuperCritical water(SCW) group con'd: 13 ♛Low Temp Hydrolysis ♛Low temp/pressure Hydrolysis: In this section, broad range of similar processes are categorized in a lump: 、 ◇ Wet Air Oxidization: this usually means sludge type matter to be decomposed by injecting air in pressure chamber with 150-300°C range like SubCritical water, often Bubble Column Reactor is used to infuse air/ oxygen, 、 ◇ Thermal Hydrolysis here covers generally low end 120-230°C including sudden pressure drop at end of process: but could mean entire SubCritical Water range of higher than100°C & above atmospheric pressure. In this presentation "Hydrolysis" generally refers to 120°C- 230°C range(with catalysis it could be lower): minimum temperature required to have decomposing(Shinko-mfg+),

But note each larger system is more or less custom made so each is unique. Easiest/lowest cost set up system in this section 50'. Often std process in some industries while completely void of use in other industries or segments. - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


50’Sub-SuperCritical water(SCW) group con'd: 14 ♛Low Temp Hydrolysis 2

♛Low temp/pressure Hydrolysis:

WM Accepted effect: I3(phosphorus recovery), might work with reduced minimum acid/chemical use(Cambi - KREPRO), K2/P2(Energyfuel production, while waste water cleaning is done):

●a Sludge decomposing Wet Air Oxidation/Thermal Hydrolysis type, often combine anaerobic reaction: This is potentially disruptive technology(can lead to Sub/SCW water) currently fully embraced by WM(Academic and corporate engineering docs-patents since 1960s indicates tech leading US groups shelved it but Europeans split with them and developed their own systems and widely installed in Western Europe). Generate heat/electricity/fertilizer revenue or closer to energy break-even of solidwaste/wastewater processing facility. Yet much less "disturbing" compared to Cold Plasma Waste to Energy system(eg Magnegas, see 23'Plasma Activated Water) -->> continued - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


50’Sub-SuperCritical water(SCW) group con'd: 15 ♛Low Temp Hydrolysis 2

-->> cont: WM Accepted effect: K2/P2(Energy-fuel production, while waste water is cleaned): ●a Wet Air Oxidation(WAO)/Thermal Hydrolysis(TH):

●a-i WAO: many commercialization use is for pre/after treatment of Enzymatic process of wastewater, but some are useable as stand alone process: (Veolia Water Athos, Bertrams ch+), Some use catalyst(Wetox nz+), and low pressure(<150psi) with even less than 100C workable & bordering with vacuum distillation(Eltron Water+),

Oil Refineries(Merichem - Kenox, Paramount Limited, Zimpro Siemens, AquaDynamics ch+): they often use metal catalyst to increase efficiency, In Chemical & Pulp-paper industry oxidation system is mandatory/prototype(Linde, AirProducts+), Toxin decomposing(Cyanide Destruct Systems+)

●a-ii HT: Usual purpose is to speed up Anaerobic Digestion by short duration process like 30mins, often involves rapid decompression process for cell rapture(Steam Explosion: SE): Large installations of 100,000ton/yr dry sludge capacity (Cambi THP, Veolia Water Exelys/Biothelys +), also significant penetration by smaller players(Terax nz, Jeongbong kr, Hydroitalia - Colsen, Eliquo BV+), Steam Explosion can be used for other purposes eg(significantly enhanced wood pellet making, or chip digestion at dissolving pulping process etc)(Coramexport cz, Valmet, Arbaflame+), or regular hot water based Biological Hydrolysis from heat recovery(GE water+) - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


50’Sub-SuperCritical water(SCW) group con'd: 16 ♛Low Temp Hydrolysis 3

-->> cont: WM Accepted effect: K2/P2(Energy-fuel production, while waste water cleaning is done):

●b-Catalytic Depolymerization/Thermal Hydrolysis element(but tech details are unclear & might not use water element): Claims made are at most 1/2 cost(usually much less) of existing hydrocarbon(no refining need, & much less fume generating) useable as is for cars as produced in raw form out of the system: Very much paradigm changing type tech since this tech is basically science legal(Green Power inc, GreenBase Sepadu, Alphakat+), Or less disruptive only plastic processing or cellulose only types(eg Sumitomo Forestry +),

Incidentally, if Industrial hemp is similarly grown & processed this way in mega volume it can displace few other sectors. Hence it is reasonable this tech is allowed but ignored by media/NGO/Gov't to have smooth gradual tech transition, otherwise it could significantly destabilize economic system. - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


50’Sub-SuperCritical water(SCW) group con'd: 17 ♛Low Temp Hydrolysis 4

-->> cont: WM Accepted effect:

L2(fertilizer/protein/nutrition extraction): from biomass or sludge:(Lystek+). Often part of std process in food stock & fertilizer industry rendering to efficiently recover otherwise wasted cattlestock/chicken/fish etc leftover including bone/skin/feather/some excrement, due to weak disinfection feature diseased stock is not included for food production(Rendertech nz, Haarslev+), Fuel production from plastic waste(Eicoh+), Lower energy use Alkaline Hydrolysis(Bioliquidator+), P2(waste water cleaning)

F3(efficient-fast food stock drying+): fast large food stock drying as part of std process method(Anco Englin+), recovery food stock from fish processing(Multivector no+),

Unlisted effects: Key value extracting std process in overall food stock processing/Rendering(Valleyproteins, Darling International, TEG Environmental+), Advanced risk material processing(Sanimax+) - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


50’Sub-SuperCritical water(SCW) group con'd: 18 ♛Steam Plasma ♛Steam Plasma: Can be called Plasma Hydrolysis, Similar to SuperCritical Water in a way, strong oxidation to breakdown organic matter to CO2 & H2O, yet do in atmospheric pressure. Fair amount of influence from: (Institute of Plasma Physics - Czech AS+) •

lower startup and operating cost, cleaner by-product than air based plasma process(eg NOx, Dioxin), or much more so than conventional combustion types, some projects are focused on processing PCB( polychlorinated biphenyl) or fluorinated materials(Nishinihon Kaden Recycle+)

WM Accepted effects: K2(Energy generation): Plasma Enhanced Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle(Green Science 그린사이언스), L2(biofuel/oil extraction/ waste to energy/ charcoal with no emission), O2(effective Advanced Oxidization Process)

Mobile device offers decomposing accumulated hazardous waste(Strebl Energy Pte PyroGenesis, Plazarium+), while certain nations have blockage from commercializing by law(helix-pls+),

Temperature ranges from 1000°C, some process can get up to 9000°C(PlasmaAir de+), Vortex process added Plasmawhirl(Foret Plasma Labs+), Others: (httcanada+),

Unlisted effect: Some also make effective low cost portable plasma torch for welding, cutting etc, easy home use with far less fumes than regular much larger welding device(MultiPlaz Мультиплаз, Plazmosvarka+): arc column stabilization by use of water-vapor vortex? 267

51’SuperHeated Steam: Effect mix of Accepted & Disputed by Western Mainstream(WM)

■ 51’SuperHeated Steam, sort of equivalent to “50’, 9’SuperCritical water”: WM Accepted effect: K2(Energy extraction/generation: Production of extra hydrogen by feeding steam into gasifier), From small scale biomass type(Güssing Renewable Energy GmbH+) to Largest scale industrial coal gasification enhancement by IGCC(CB&I E-Gas+), L2(biofuel/oil extraction/ waste to energy/charcoal with no emission): almost SuperCritical level process, for equiv 70,000ton/yr coal fuel production(Rematec jp+), Steam is injected with molten metal to work like supercritical water reaction(HydroMax Diversified Energy +), pilot plant(Ze-Gen), Biochar production:(Kankyo21, Makitech jp+), O2(Hydroxyl production Advanced Oxidizing Process, toxin decomposing): some in-situ destruction some toxin is collected from ground and decomposed off site(Nishimatsu, TerraTherm+),

P2(water filter/purifying/disinfect/clean waste water): Disinfection as drying is std mainstream process in some sectors(GEA Barr Rosin, Enrich de+), custom process dryingdisinfection(Nippon Funmatsu+), Soil disinfecting:(Cm-regero-industries, Takezawa-web jp+), Also see "steam cleaning" 2p later under "unlisted effect"

Z2(Fast & efficient heat conduction within confined space- ie sealed storage(TLV+)(regular steam in open space is opposite). ● Fast, energy saving, no dripping, high quality food defrosting(, ● Some of effective heating, heated location's curbed mold growth might be due to its Far InfraRed(FIR) wave emitting effect? (SEテクノ株式会社, Ohkuradn-inc+), 268

• •

51’SuperHeated Steam: continued 2 —>> cont: WM Accepted effect: Z2(Fast & efficient heat conduction within confined space: ie sealed storage(TLV+)(regular steam in open space is opposite). ● Fast, energy saving, no dripping, high quality food defrosting(, ● Some of effective heating, heated location's curbed mold growth might be due to its Far InfraRed(FIR) wave emitting effect?(SEテクノ株式会社, Ohkuradn-inc+), B3(soil-sand oil extraction/separation): Enhanced Oil Recovery(EOR):(eSteamOil, Vinci Technologies +), EOR by solar energy superheated steam:(Frenell de, Novatec Solar+ ), F3(efficient & fast drying): Std mainstream process in some of food processing sector(BMA AG, SwissCombi, Okawara mfg+), High quality wood drying(Brunner Hildebrand+), Some food products experience no case hardening of skin while disinfected also, heat energy can be recovered for 30-50% saving than conventional methods, particularly effective on beet pulp drying(Enerdry ApS+), Little need to align parts for heat exposure to dry for non-warping materials due to saturated dry steam effect. Fast heating in closed space: heating food during carrying in carts(株式会社アイエス is-h+), I3(metal cleaning/ metal recovery from trash): Recovery: (Mitsubishi Nagasaki Machinery+), Very fast metal cleaning: (MHI-inc, Chubu Electric+), J3(efficient power production at turbine) (See “J3” at section 50’SuperCritical Water), - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


• •

51’SuperHeated Steam: continued 3 —>> cont: WM Accepted effect: Q3(water herbicide): no chemical, barely above 100°C range steam: (DynaSteam, WeedTechnics+), Foam hot water type:(Weeding tech, Cardley Wave+), Large industrial/commercial type device: (WaveWeedControl+), 、 ■Unlisted effect: ●1(Production/activation of Activated Carbon from Biochar) (Tigg Activated Carbon+), ●2(Metal surface processing):1200°C capable(Tokuden-upss+),

●3(Garment, General house interior, Steam cleaning, Carpet cleaning & disinfection+), Steam Cleaner by use of low end Superheated steam temperature 100-180°C at tip, to kill fungi-germ-bacteria & loosen dirt by fully exposing to max temperature in closed area instantly due to saturated steam(, Reliable Corporation, LadyBugSteamCleaners+). Some devices come with vacuum function(OspreyDeepClean+). Also nonchemical effective & lower cost replacement of chemical cleaner-disinfector for hospital/dentistry/food-beverage-wine industry equipment(Dupray ca, Rea UltraVapor, Menikini+), - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


51’SuperHeated Steam: continued 4

—>> cont: WM Accepted effect: ■Unlisted effect: ●3 Steam Cleaner/disinfecter:

Further augmented disinfection by hydroxyl radical/electroporation effect producing electrolytic venturi treatment of superheated steam(TANCS Advanced Vapor Technologies)(also see 24'Electrolytic Metal Alloy & Venturi). Some major players in Europe stopped guaranteeing steam temperature range of many of their products, and fair number of manufacturers make 60-100°C tip temperature device with often much less disinfection capability are not included here.

■Weaker effect: S2(bioenhancing effect): (Marubun Seisakusho, Simox fr, +): also this has primary purpose strong effect of soil disinfecting. U2(increase energy effectiveness of high powered turbine): core mainstream std process

WM media Disputed effect: W2(remove oil, salt, deoxidizing cooking, elements, preserve[vitamin C enzymes etc]): Industrial sector(Hosokawa Micron, Fuji Electric+), Taste enhancement(Nomura-Genesis+), Home or commercial cooking(Sanyo Healsio jp, Hitachi, Toshiba+): more nutrition preserved compared to regular heat cooking:


52’Degassing/Degassed Pure Water effect Accepted by Western Mainstream(WM)

■ 52’Degassing/Degassed Pure Water: Usual mass use standard processes methods are by vortex, heated stirring, membrane, vacuum pressure, helium,

Less often used/underexplored methods/purpose: ultrasonic degassing(Hielscher +), Degassing adjustable device since too big bubbles or no bubbles hinder ultrasonic washing process(Otari-datuki access21+), Some device can dewater relatively porous material in 5mins range, various industrial process:(ERC jp +), boiler circulation purpose(Miuraz jp+), medical purpose:(Reflex de+), Ballast water use (Mitsubishi Kakoki +),

WM Accepted effects: T2(rust reduction/prevention), oxidation prevention, for boiler circulation, stifling algae mold in water, U2(increase energy effectiveness), in conjunction with speed up process time, & defect reductionquality enhancement: Medical use( manufacturing(Liquicel+), /Food industry(Bauer-water+)/ Biotech use(Biotech Degassi+), Beverage industry: infusing and degassing(Alfatek srl+) - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


52’Degassing/Degassed Pure Water: continued 2

—>> cont WM Accepted effects: Use of vortex vacuum with vortex tube like function device(Yokota Manufacturing+), Y2(pH control)(Centec+), K3(Process device precision) see “O2”, L3(make Capacitive Deionization more effective): removal of CO2, O2(enhance precision measurements): (Sulzer+), Precision water related gaging/research, spectroscopy etc(Shimadzu+), Q2(Food stock preservation): by removing oxygen, applied in limited sealed sample situations only,

Weaker effect: Z2(Fast/efficient heat conducting in sealed space)

Unlisted effects: ■Industrial washing, Make cavitation much more effectivedisinfection effect to strengthen, ■High permeability into target medium, ■ Repeat-water-circulating for pipe scale prevention(Chiyoda-Electric+), ■Flavor enhancement of food processing by increased permeation by degassing water(Sakurajp+), Wine quality improvement: usually part of infusing/degassing or displacing different types gasses(MathesonGas+), Beer, primarily CO2(Corosys+), - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


53’Biochar/Classic Carbon + UV: Effect mix of Accepted & Disputed by Western Mainstream(WM) ■ 53’Biochar/Classic Carbon + UV:(calling “Classic Carbon” here to differentiate with section 55’Nano Material treating) Largest promotor is Biochar specific type NGOs that are internationally networked with some mainstream backing: (biocharinternational+), There are significant underexplored effects(often not water related) in mainstream biochar, yet there is further large effect gap between those and some of fringe group biochar production & usage method •

eg: Material purpose sorted & treated 600-1200°C solid wood carbon is each used for different applications”: difference of porous honeycomb size, structure durability, thru or nonthru pores etc. Their commercialized claim(not really water related) effect and durability seem superior to Activated Carbon- likely at least partly due to the way it is used(Maruko-Denshi, NaraTanka 奈良炭化工業 +),.

WM promoted biochar can be produced from biomass by pyrolysis without generating CO2(unlike SuperCritical water decomposition), which has economical incentives around its sequestering. Activated Carbon filter is a part of widely used standard water treatment system, especially at fine filtration at last stage of public drinking water production.. - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


53’Biochar/Classic Carbon + UV: continued 2

WM Accepted effect: P2(water filter): Removal of certain organic chemicals(eg hydrocarbon related) & non organic(eg chlorine) as absorption filter Granular Activated Carbon(GAC)/Pulverized Activated Carbon(PAC). Often a part of various filter system, Grass roots or biochar movement NGO group promotes use of biochar for water filter by usually offered by “non-mainstream” type or DIY focused suppliers(Wesionline, Nextchar, Terra-Char+),

Activated Carbon is a major part in std process of mixed hydrocarbon & other contaminant removal from water, or commercialized for general water filter. Some of larger producers of solid wood biochar might be selling “top grades” to some of “fringe” group high price bidders(Haycarb, Fujian Yuanli, Carbon activated corp+): they don’t value coal or nonsolid wood biomass based ones.

WM (only occasionally) disputed effect: O2(Hydroxyl production): Waste water treatment as decomposing element in addition to filtering effect of biochar: (Carbon-terra eu.+), P2(Bioenhancing effect): Some companies claim high grade solid wood biochar based filter actually increase “vitalization” effect of water: (Hitousui, N-t-c jp+): This seem to have wide range of degree depended on raw material for biochar and processing method.


53’Biochar/Classic Carbon + UV: continued 3

-->> cont: WM (only occasionally) disputed effect: P2(Bioenhancing effect): Variant forms/age of "carbon", in addition to nanocarbon, occasionally seem to produce significant bio-active-water, some seemingly by electro conductivity effect.

✔ 1 Lignite with catalytic minerals(Micelle Catalyst Willard Water+), ✔ 2 Shungite as is(Shungitnpk+): both Russian/Chinese mainstream academic validated. As burial underground all carbon forms seem to exhibit varied degree of anti-oxident electron activation type effects(extensive in some biochar and shungite when "calibrated"),

✔ 3 Microcurrent generated by carbon pressed against differing electric potential metals wedged by dielectric material often produces electric field type bioactive region(as one of many Orgone energy generation methods). Depends on set up, this self generating perpetual micro EM field has disproportionately large directional effect on ElectroScaventing/ElectroFreezing and dispersing microdroplets: fully pseudoscientized weather control/modification effect(for more see 65'Precipitation Based Weather Modification) - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


53’Biochar/Classic Carbon + UV: continued 4

-->> cont: WM (only occasionally) disputed effect: P2(Bioenhancing effect):

✔ 4 Processed "high grade" biochar under super high pressure under supercritical type environment?(Ohki-Techno),

✔ 5 Some New age type devices use high temperature processed biochar(high positive ion absorber) mixed with high Far InfraRed emitting mineral, and positive ion releaser metal particles, and can work as "water vitalization device"(Metalmega jp), also used for industrial purposes quietly by mainstream companies in Japan domestically. 、 ✔6 Fair portion of mainstream portable regular water filter system or main water supply combines with Reverse Osmosis or others to utilize various ceramic, media, mineral, that contain carbon/biochar or use activated carbon/nanocarbon filter, some of which have high FIR emitting or electrical activity to substantial degree though they might stay away from such expression or discuss exact make up of types of biochar. - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


54’Slow acoustic pulse wave: Effect Disputed by Western Mainstream(WM)

■ 54’Slow acoustic pulse wave: WM disputed effect: Causes pseudoscientific- more than WM calculated permeation effect to C3(extract oil from soil/sand, particularly effective and cost competitive in porous structures); very slow pulse of more than second increment:(Wavefront Technologies), combustion type activity made pulse(Svarognpo ru), Commercialization is rare. Also similar type of non-commercialized patents. Some academic discussions take place on this anomalous effect particularly in Russia.

Somewhat similar mechanics increases under ground penetration for ground soil/water remediation effects by pulsed mode injection of compressed Ozone gas & Hydrogen Peroxide(APTwater PulseOx+): also possibly Hydroxyl Radical formulation is enhanced.

Are above effects something to do with acoustic wave being matched with integer number of resonance frequencies of high pressure porous structure? - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


55’Nano Material treated water: Effect mix of Accepted, Disputed Generally Rejected, Fully rejected by Western Mainstream(WM)

■ 55’Nano Material treated water: (also see 56’Nanofiltration), as Nanotube, Graphene or Fullerene of Carbon or other materials. some “soluble” or built into water structure often on lab level, Also aligned nanotube membrane increase permeability(at lab level, carbon nanotube is up to 10,000times faster than conventionally maximum efficiency). Most effects except general filter function of nanocarbon water was full pseudoscience with only Russians/ Chinese talking about it in past but now being upgraded towards WM approval status soon as WM is starting to confirm similar effects: They are mostly research level & there is little commercialization. ,

WM Accepted effect: Widely used normally as P2(Water filter); see 56’Nanofiltration

Unlisted sometimes WM approved effect: ■Water repellant surface effect or ability to make electronic device water proof: Nanocabon can be coated/bonded to most substrate by pulsed radio-frequency(RF) plasma etc:(p2i+), but plasma surfacing itself to make matter hydrophobic is widely used standard process. ■Some water filtered by graphene membrane with diamond combined shows corrosive effect(similar effect as quality generated and kept at ambient temperature by other 28’Catalytic type water), This disruptive effect seems to have been surprisingly WM approved recently as this result was published in mainstream WM magazine by academics(Loh Kian Ping+), Carbon Nanotube trapped water can have different phase change temperature: "frozen" at 105°C or higher(Mic Strano et al) - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


55’Nano Material treated water: continued 2

Only sometimes but WM Disputed effect, M2(Much more effective Desalination membrane than RO): Adding ion releasing porous nanoparticles to membranes to double permeation of RO membrane(LGWaterSolutions NanoH2O), Graphene coating of membranes(G2O Water), CabonNanoTube(CNT) filter(Porifera inc, Tortech Nano, Nagare, Naoasis Technologies,Shezan Labs+). Increasing "Ion Sieving" effect based desalination such as Graphene Oxide Membrane(Kal Vasu+) is getting mainstream approved now. Even more effective Rotating Carbon Nanotube Membrane filter desalination(Hualin Wang+): microcurrent causes CNT to spin fast by electron wind(ElectroMigration) effect. This no pressure required super fast filter permeation tech can gradually replace high energy using RO system.

Also treated water’s electrical or other properties of water alters: X2(Lower freezing point), Z2(Increased heat conductivity). Currently same WM media is approving this WM science claim while still making fun of Russians/Ukranians who has been making same claims, partly because they openly confirm validity of homeopathy to alienate interlocked Western industry-academia-media-Govn’t groups?

▶Other commercialized eg: (Institute of Physiological Active Compounds, Svelta+), -->>cont:


55’Nano Material treated water: continued 3

-->> cont: Sometimes WM Disputed effect Unlisted Effects: eg1: H2 generating non-sacrificial “nano aluminium alloy” from H2O (AW Castleman+), eg2: Hydrophobic graphene/carbon nanotube turns hydrophilic at Single layer vs mutilayers by UV-FIR wave irradiation, eg3: Extended Capillary action: Self-pumps/sucks up water(& electricity generation)(S Hendy+), Its speed of water flow is 1000times+ violation of Hagen–Poiseuille equation or Fluid Dynamics “law”(Majumder+), Also affects water molecule structure, or “sucks up ions”, eg4: Water saturated soccer ball shape Fullerene-C60 makes surrounding water molecules to be structured & function as “convenient” & strong antioxidant(neutralize radicals & decompose toxins but when excessive to organism) even after boiling(GV Andrievsky, VN Khvorostinka+), also C60 can fully contain molecular excitons,

WM generally Rejected:Occasionally claimed: I2(Increased solubility), Q2(Food stock preservation water), S2(Bioenhancement): This ranges from 3d geometric fullerene contained water to nanotube(hexagon net tube) and shape of carbon molecular structure seem to effect also, at academic level “nanocarbon structured water” fed bioorganism have some bioenhancement effects(Bonaccorso+),

T2(metal rust reduction) , V2(Low redox potential water): D3(hydrophobic drug carrier, permeable to cell): This effect is also tricky one for interlocked groups with medical industry interest since it would benefit as drug carrier, but it would also show significant nutrition/ oxygen permeation effectiveness as it would improve patients condition without drugs 281 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada

56’NanoFiltration: Effect mix of Accepted, Disputed, Generally Rejected, Fully rejected by Western Mainstream(WM)

■ 56’NanoFiltration:(also see 22’Nano Material Used Filter), In many ways it is completely mainstream tech but some other ways it is clearly underused. Generally referred as single digit nanometer filtration(1-9nm), Similar effect as 55’Nano Material treating. Typically passes monovalent ions i.e. by ionic size, also charge etc. But can to some extent customizeable selectively pass certain solutes or set directionality of flow by size and charge(RO rejects all: one fixed way only by outside force): ie can function like biological ionic channels or super low cost desalination if designed(nanopore size needs to be property arranged with specific material, also at Carbon Nanotube case, water permeability is up to 4-5 orders of magnitude faster than allowed by conventional science law: sometimes media debunked) if designed. And importantly all of this disruptive base idea is approved by WM and active research continues wold wide. Some of advanced use currently are more often for labs and pharmaceutical(MetalMembranes+)

Wide range of claims from mainstream academics to sidelined engineers/scientists, particularly non-west related(China+). Often key for anomalous effect is by Use of: ✔1 Various types of metal/silicon nanowire, ✔2 Janus particle(nano sized, have duel hydrophilic and hydrophobic side) used membrane, also to some extent Charged Nanofilter Membrane types, ✔3 Nanocarbon/Carbon Nanotube/Inorganic Nanotube or electro-conductive polymer, ✔3 Mixing/doping/coating certain nano or fine metal element such as Silver/Copper/Zinc etc, ✔4 Metal membrane(some advanced tech can make pores down to nano or smaller size, with through straight even hole with super high flux rates, can be made to suit extreme conditions). ->>continued 282 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada

56’NanoFiltration: continued 2

Also due to this high electroconductivity, it might kill all virus if designed optimally for it(electroporation). These electric or charge based Nanocarbon mechanics link to pseudoscientized bioenhancing effect of “water activation” methods(magnetic, FIR wave, Electric pulse, catalyzed water etc) - as they also have similar effect & light diffraction quality etc

WM Accepted effect: N2(demineralizing effect), mainstream use: e.g. demineralization/concentration of whey/lactose at Dairy, filtering dye at Textile, or sugar at Beverage industry is preferable to EDI, Ion exchange, or RO. Mega membrane players involved are also expanding to underutilized use(Koch Membrane, GE water, Toray Membrane, Dow Chemical+), some are specialized focus in specific major use industry but also aiming for underused area(Reda Spa, Lakta-service, Milktech ru, Компания "KINGS FOOD"+): often enables straight reuse of wastewater, e.g. laundry water reuse etc. Many offer portable containerized/on skid portable units(Lifestream Watersystems, Degrémont Technologies, Newterra, Kriva Rochem+), Entering nanosize as ceramic membrane(Cerahilix+) -->>cont: - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


56’NanoFiltration: continued 3

-->>WM Accepted effect: cont: P2(Waterfilter): can displace existing system with low cost, likely lead by Europe with China: Often water passing filter with electro-conductive material is treated by self generated electricity/microplasma for automatic disinfection by hydroxyl etc, as home use(Vontron+), • 北京碧水源科技股份有限公司 +), When combined with counter top device(Origin Water regular microfilter, system recycles water to save 90% of shower water with sufficient disinfection even at residential level(Orbital Systems AB). Use for Reverse Osmosis for longer lasting effects(LT Technologies, EcoChem International, SnowPure, GEA filtration+): generally preferred minerals remain unlike RO. Chlorine exposure proof polymer based filter(Anfiro), State backed production to decrease import(Rusnano), Fibreglass bonded with electropositive nanoparticle/fibre for faster waterflow trapping(Argonide NanoCeram+)

Effective enough to make oil exploration water drinkable directly after filtering(Vibe inc Sandbox Resource+), Commercial water cleaning e.g. Agricultural or general industrial wastewater(Microdyn-Nadir, Inopor, Synder Filtration, Инженерные системы Мембранные, Enviropark ru+), Pulp & paper(Aslan technologies+), Also various academic researches on customizable filter by spraying different mineral nano powder onto base membrane intending for different purposes(Mor Endo+),Nanomanget sprayed nanofilter to replace pool's chlorine use if regulation permits(, airborne moisture germ trapping & killing(Toshiba CAF-D4+), Pretreatment of RO desalination(Filtroxrus+) -->>cont: - Ben Rusuisiak, Vancouver BC, Canada


56’NanoFiltration: continued 4

-->> cont: WM Accepted effect: P2(Watefilter): When combined with existing filter system, it further augments performance(eg acoustically filtrated carbon nanotube filter, permeation is not driven by conventional pressure or even gravity). Well adopted by space agency or military, also seems coagulation component to be capable of recovering at filter(eg; extra oil recovered while filtered water is instantly drinkable).

Nanofilteration used Forward Osmosis(FO) effect(FO is not at all exclusive to Nanofilters, neither is below commercialized example) is lowest cost in some limited specific situations: Use of osmotic power, by clean water side of membrane having higher solutes content than dirty water side of membrane. Hence little to no power required while causing far less membrane fouling. 、 Cost competitive set up is made by use of draw solutions that are easily recoverable/separable/ reuseable by temperature change etc for cost reduction, so even by combining with RO, it might still reduce costs, nutrition is kept during concentrating process(eg juice) without heating(Oasys water, HTI water, Modern Water, Forward Water Technologies+), use of Carbon Nanotube filter for additional significant saving(Porifera). Mechanics example of FO: NH3 & CO2 bubbling in water produces salts with very high osmotic pressure(NH4HCO3 etc) but easily separated/ recovered when applied low grade heat. Also in certain natural situation it might be suitable(eg dirty water cleaning to discharge into ocean, located next to desalination reject water channel, or making heavy sugary beverage etc). - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


56’NanoFiltration: continued 5

-->> cont: WM Accepted effect:

L3(run CDI more efficiently, removing CO2), W2(remove oil, salt, deoxidizing cooking, elements, preserve nutrients): combo use of hydrophobic/oleophobic element use to filter various elements: (NacoTech+), use of nano carbon activation process: (NanoCarb), hydrophilic type for dye removal & water softening(MemTech), effective due to ion recovery(AMS Membranes+),

Sometimes WM Disputed effect: M2(Desalination effect): academically it is mainstream but probably too abrupt & disruptive(much higher permeability, far less fouling, far lower energy use for filtration etc compared to RO membrane, by advanced salt ion management by adding certain material in filter) for industry structure to bring out in highlighted way for commercialization(eg Perforene Lockheed+), So less known companies commercialize first:(EconoPure+), Good potential for combined low pressure high flow low cost desalination with additionally electricity generated by removing ions from seawater with specialty Molybdenum Disulfide (MoS2) nanofilter(Nar Aluru+), Even more efficient if osmotic pressure is used(Moh Heiranian+), Various disruptive Nanofiltration application topic is widely discussed its practicality by WM academia. -->> continue - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


56’NanoFiltration: continued 6

-->> cont: Sometimes WM Disputed effect: M2(Desalination effect): Aquaporin based filter claims to use 1/2 of energy cost of RO(Mangrove Membranes Inc Applied Biomimetic, Aquaporin dk+): actually it should be much less than 1/2 due to little to no energy required, maybe due to its filter's fragile nature? Facilitated diffusion/ion-charge gradient difference based, Also other ion channeling biomimicry filters under research. Again various nanofilters can do this type at lab levels: Use of electrical Double Layer & charging nanopores of filter to electromigrate/separate salt ions.

Unlisted effect(Descaling pipes & corrosion prevention)(AquaClear LLC, WEHRLE Umwelt, Shivam Water Treaters +) Occasionally claimed Generally media type Rejected effect: I2(Solubility increase of treated water), O2(Hydroxyl radical production), Currently clumsy set up as this is basically WM approved effect

WM Fully rejected: Same effect claims should be made between Nanofilter & 55’Nano Material treated water, but probably due to small number of claimant samples(less than 50), claims shown on the list are not identical. As for effectiveness approval level by WM, finished product filter has more severe debunking than nanocarbon. (Also See these in reference to 22’Nano Material Used Filter), Q2(food stock preservation water), S2(Bioenhancing water), T2(metal rust reduction/ prevention), V2(Low redox potential); it can be other way around(hydroxyl production) depends on set up, A3(Deuterium Depleted Water production),

Weak effects J2(emulsion)


57’Electric & Magnetic Resonance Freezing/Thawing: Effect mix of Accepted & Generally Rejected by (WM)

■ 57’Electric & Magnetic Resonance Freezing/Thawing: WM Accepted effect as obvious for freezing application: Q2(food preservation).

Effect of this technology is in hanging state in mainstream. Western ally Japan widely installed this while rest of West(including Wikipedia in all languages also in Japanese) is still often pseudoscientizing it, hence creating a market void in other Western nations, yet even some mainstream group in rest of west is quietly installing. - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


57’Electric & Magnetic Resonance Freezing/ Thawing: continued 2

—>> cont: WM Accepted effect: Magnetic/electric field oscillation(often multiples of frequencies are emitted) to prevent freezing at below 0°C temperature, This supercooling state is followed by “quick & even freezing” over critical temperature range that can otherwise break cell walls of food by water expansion, this seems to be due to small clustered ice crystals formed from water molecules, also some effect in electroporation of breaking germ/bacteria cells(thinner-much weaker than food cell walls).

WM Rejected effect: P2(disinfection, suppress low temp active bacteria): (Marche-machinery, Proton-Group net+), some combine “visible light photocatalysis” to kill ethylene(C2H4): (Hitachi Shinku Chilled +), R2(Able to freeze & defrost raw fish, meat, or even some salad & keep intact cell structure): food appear fresh as if freezing never took place, U2(consistently show much lower energy cost from user feedback): -20°C range fridge works on par with -60°C types: (Nice01- Akiyama-Denshi+), U2(often food lowers redox potential):(Daiwa Reiki Kogyo+), X2(lower freezing point)


57’Electric & Magnetic Resonance Freezing/ Thawing: continued 3

-->>cont: WM Rejected: Unlisted effects: ■i-High grade food conservation duration is extended up to 3times compared to conventional freezing tech(Abi-net Cell Alive System, Depak jp+), Same mechanics can be used to create ■ii-Supercooled water fridge for beverages(Boscom jp, Mars Company jp+),

As noted prior its ■iii-Magnetic resonance frequency itself can be adjusted to cause bioenhancement effect on plants & animals via electrically activated water exposed to the relevant frequency, or enhanced directly by projected • 炭素 +) ■iv-Flavor improves as frozen & stored some nearby EM field,(Iyashiro duration: (Maruko Denshi+), ■v-Not publicized but organ transplant type application used?

Generally all of this section’s effects are equally claimed by most manufacturers listed here. For consumer refrigerator market, key players in Japan are selling same above supercooling effect device with different mechanics - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


58’Ionizing projection in air-mist: Effect mix of Accepted, Disputed, Generally Rejected by (WM) ■ 58’Ionizing projection in air mist or Mist ion/electrostatic/electron projection(This is not “fully water technology”; Many devices have only minor use of airborne water for ion projection in air or moisture as target of ion). 、 Weak power micro electron projection types have basically same effect as 25’Electro Static treatment of air-mist, in clean tech segment it competes with UV air treatment,14’Photocatalytic treatment(or combination of both), 17’Electrolyzed Acid water spray, 41'ElectroSpray. *But mid & high power accelerated High Current Electron Beam(HCEB)(Electron impact ionization)(also available on X-ray range) has rapid matter/water altering or decomposing effect, mainstream use in pharma and polymer/metal dry process but under deployed for food or water. Its ionizing radiation level is high enough to be bio beneficial & far below hazardous range. Note HCEB effect description is bracketed by * marks. For radiation benefit explanation go to another report [Tesla, & Other Controversial Energy Tech Claims...] & look up "radioactive material".

WM Accepted effect: I2(solubility increase), Q2(food stock preservation), *HCEB is used for food pasteurization(Tecleor, Comet AG ebeam, Сибирский центр электронно-лучевой обработки, РОНИК+), Due to very high initial cost of setting up the system, custom processing services are offered (Iotron Impela,, SureBeam Middle East, Sadex+), while some rather recommend their high penetration high radiation gamma ray from cobalt or x-ray service option(Steris+), Some offer portable service(Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics+),)*, H3(effective paint spraying, ion deposition): Painting preparation by static adjustment: (EXAIR Ion Air Jet+). ●Weaker effect: J2(emulsion), 、 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


• •

58’Ionizing projection in air-mist: continued 2 Sometimes WM Disputed effect: E3(air cleaner, fog reducing, wet electrostatic precipitator): some effective industrial wet scrubbers charge only water mist etc(Cloud Chamber Scrubber - Tri-mer+), Contact Electrification applied air cleaning from use of new TriboElectric Nanogenerators(Beijing Institute of Nanoenergy & Nanosystems), also deodoring effect, Extremely effective construction site etc dust/smoke capturing "open air electrostatic wet scrubber system"(Kajima Kensetsu マイクロECミスト+) : This completely std mainstream industrial process effect which is also called “Electrostatic Air Filter” has interesting treatment by certain mainstream groups:

-They might selectively interpret effect and actually dispute effectiveness: eg “the process is proven to cause harmful effect with regular use”, or simply calling “ineffective" by quoting only rare failed test of less effective type device used yrs ago etc.

-Sign of specific mainstream group sponsored debunking appeals, often targeting consumer market. This type of media led campaign tends to create scientific contradiction. Tech is usually much lower in electricity cost than alternative method and filter is often washable for reuse. - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


58’Ionizing projection in air-mist: continued 3

—>> cont: Sometimes WM media Disputed effect std mainstream industrial process: E3(air cleaning- disinfecting): a-Some devices focus to projecting ion “only one way” to kill germs(by hydroxyl) for precision required industrial room or residential purpose, some less refined type of this model collect dusts instead of repelling each other and dust occurs on floor. Frequent target for exaggerated ozone harm appeal by some WM media, Hybrid type with Photocatalysis(Andes Biomicron+),

b-Focus projecting ion to charge air particles then such it in to attach-collect by charge polarity: (Plasma Cluster - Sharp+), or

c-General commercial /industrial types; particles pass thru ionizer and electrostatically treated to carry a charge, then drawn to their opposite charge filter-electrode and cleaned up: Electrostatic Air Cleaner(Five Seasons Electro Air, Trion air, Rydair+), effective for cigarette smoke “sucking system” by combining activated carbon filter & vortex(Tornex jp+),


• •

58’Ionizing projection in air-mist: continued 4 —>> cont: Sometimes WM media Disputed effect std mainstream industrial process: E3(air cleaning- disinfecting):、 d-Heavier cleaning can be done(particularly for less than 1μm size particulates) by Wet Electrostatic Precipitator types(power use less than wet scrubber but more expensive to install), often segment specific: (EnviBat, AH Lundberg, Napco Separation +), Dry Electrostatic Precipitator also uses some water elements, much larger market than wet types: (Alstom, GEA+),

Yet some electrospray/ionizing projection water type wet scrubber claims lowest overall cost for combined installation and operation including sub 1μm & PM 2.5 performance: (CleanMarine no, Tri-Mer+), They are much more widely used than usually segment targeted wet types. Experimental vortex used increased effect claims(Vorsana+) 、 e-Use breathing process regenerative(no specific process needed) ion adsorption media to selectively retain moisture and heat indoor while ventilate dirty or toxic air(TED 熱技術開発+), f-*High Current Electron Beam(HCEB) projection has strong flu gas decomposition & alteration effect; eg making fertilizer(Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics, Томский технологический комплекс пастеризации/стерилизации сырья пищевой промышленности, 上海互联环保工程技术中心 Chinaep net +)* - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


• •

58’Ionizing projection in air-mist: continued 5 —>> cont: Sometimes WM media Disputed effect std mainstream industrial process: O2(disinfect-decompose toxin/germs in flowing or bulk water or wet sludge, AOP) as *High Current Electron Beam(HCEB) is exceptional case and WM Accepted effect(Iwasaki Denki, ScanTech Holdings,, АО «НИИЭФА», EB TECH Co Ltd, CGN Dasheng Electron Accelerator+), Note China seems to have a significant # of "pilot installations" facilitated by state and academics that are fully functioning as accelerated electron beam water treatment system* 、 But the same effect is WM Rejected when micro power electron ionizing projection is used: O2(disinfect germs primarily by hydroxyl of moisture or water spray):(Sharp PlasmaCluster, Panasonic NanoE, Microniser+), this effect is also WM science std accepted idea usually unapproved by WM media and industry lobby publications. Incidentally, this type of lobbying to create scientific reality itself sometimes appears to be also standard practise for interlocked mainstream "allied" groups.

S2(bioenhancing): by electron/ion/spark/microplasma/microlightning projection (only marginally water mist related), “Human preferred” fermentation quickens(but undesired mold tends to decrease), water soaking permeability increase, food in area lasts 30%+ longer, Growth increase for Plant(20%)-fermentation(2-3times), relation to "Orgone" effect(Yusing TBA-HT4, Plasma Фирма «ПЛАЗМАС», Greentechno らいぞう+), (also see 65'Precipitation related Weather Modification) T2(metal rust prevention), U2(increase energy effectiveness): electric equipment efficiency & maintenance, V2(low redox potential), I3(metal cleaning): Negative ion blow dryer: (中遠電子+) -->>cont: - Ben Rusuisiak, Vancouver BC, Canada


58’Ionizing projection in air-mist: continued 6

-->> cont: WM Rejected:

● Weaker effects: R2(freezing raw salad/high grade food): doesn’t freeze itself but assists effective freezing, W2(remove oil/salt, deoxidized food), X2(lower freezing point), Y2(acidity control), Z2(fast & efficient heat conducting)

● Unlisted effects: ■ Electron air curtain” “Electrification Screen System” that shuts out smell/smoke/oil particle/dust/germs from clean odorless room while door or widow is fully opened - by projected ion flow in any direction required vertical/diagonal/ horizontal(Silkroom jp, AirFresh jp, Panasonic aircurtain+)

Unlisted WM Fully rejected: ■ Effect occurs in same closed space when electron/mist is projected from intended type of device listed at bottom: Manufacturing process improve - not just types of electrostatic painting turn over efficiency, but regular mechanical friction heat reduce due to static drop in same room — leading to higher product quality, Flavor enhancement all food displayed in a room, Kill germs, Reduces undesired insects & pests occurring, Decreases moisture content of closed room. -->>cont:


58’Ionizing projection in air-mist: continued 7

--->>cont: Unlisted WM Fully rejected:

This seeming electron phenomena also occurs at surroundings of torsion field generator(Rotating magnetic field & other causes), strong antioxidant producing mineral(see section 33’Bioceramic & Mineral) or active microorganism in sealed bottles(30’EM). Majority of effects in this section 58’ is amplified when it takes place where hardwood high temperature processed(600-1200°C+) biochar(non glue) is strategically buried or mixed in building material,:(Maruko-Denshi, ShinseiDenshi,,, linked to "Orgone" effect(65'Precipitation Related Weather Modification).

■ Long distance effective WINDLESS electron projection static removal by balancing repulsing effect by separating anode/cathode electrodes to decrease dust related precision product defect by 90%(TRINC jp+)


59’Ferrous Ferric/Ferrate ion, or its oscillation only: Effect mix of Accepted, Generally Rejected & Fully rejected by(WM)

■ 59’Ferrous Ferric ion dissolved(eg Fe2Fe3Cl5) or ”its oscillation” treated water(Ferrous is +2 oxidation state iron, Ferric is +3, Bivalent-Trivalent Ferrates, also see ♛ Iron Sulphate Fertilization in water for later pages in this section:

WM Accepted effect: Q2(Advanced Oxidation- AOP): Ferrous ion related strong oxidation effect of various versions of Fenton Reaction(with H2O2 to generate Hydroxyl as likely cause for effective disinfection, but something also seems to be anomalous with Ferrous ion ability) exists and extensively studied by academics but low key industrial application for water(US Peroxide +), compared to moisture-water containing ground remediation(Vertex Environmental Inc, InSitu Oxidative Technologies - ISOTEC+): even upto Chelate use high pH version, to self H2O2 generating Electro Fenton(Boron Dope Diamond electrolysis etc), Photo Electro Fenton(UV/ Solar etc), Sono Electro Fenton, or rare Hydrodynamic Cavitation Fenton(AG Chakinala+) etc.

WM Rejected At WM unacceptable level, some type of “activation” or “ion/electron excitation”, occurs and works in such a way to generate various bio enhancement effects: Some devices use its “bioceramic memory”, others very slight ion dissolves in water as it passes through device to trigger electrical activity in water: Similar to Weaker effect version of “28’Catalytic water”, and sometimes stronger & longer lasting effect than majority of “26’Electric/ 27’Magnetic field treated water”, Cross over with “33’BioCeramic & mineral combination water” or “21’Fulvic Acid water“, Used often combined with other “vitalization” type filters: - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


59’Ferrous Ferric ion/Ferrate ion dissolved, or its oscillation only treated water: Continued 2

WM Rejected effect(but generally media level): I2(solubility increase), J2(emulsion), T2(rust reduction/prevention), V2(low redox potential),

WM Fully rejected effect: S2(bioenhancing): can place fresh water and ocean fish both together in slight salty water, This effect is also regularly demonstrated in “13’Nanobubble”, or “28’Catalytic water”. 、 ■Comparatively weak effect: Q2(food stock preservation water), X2(low freezing point), Y2(acidity control), Z2(Fast & efficient heat conducting within sealed space), D3(hydrophobic drug+ solubility/carrier/permeable), F3(efficient & fast drying/ wood by spraying the water on surface): Strong electric activity of water seems to affect wood surface to depart moisture from cell structure- stronger version seen in some of 28’Catalytic water

Unlisted effect: ■Medical application: hydrophobic drug carrier, increased cell permeability, Some western medical groups continue to use this water without publicizing results(to keep reputation, medical license etc), ■For bioenhancing microorganism search(whether it grows well in it or stifled)(Ter Higa+)


59’Ferrous Ferric ion/Ferrate ion dissolved, or its oscillation only treated water: Continued 3

—>> cont: WM Fully rejected effect:

Commercialized eg: Strong effects of Ferrous Ferric ion reaction type water is fairy consistently claimed by manufactures of device/water: (πWater PiWater or its licensees []), there are various water claimed to be using similar PiWater “recipe”, or first originator (Wonyong Tamara Water+), US FDA approved pseudoscientific water as dietary supplement(Wonyong Vital Organic Water V.O.W)(#2030950) Diplomatic Immunity?(South Korean product). Unique "Ferrous-Ferric Chloride" bioceramic water(Akatsuka FFC): this tech is partially mainstream academic backed: Harvard univ etc. Some are ion dissolving type: (, 無有産研究所+), ■Related strong combitnation effect of Coagulation/Oxidention/ Disinfection/Bioenhancement for lake/drinking water/wastewater/ballast water exists by Ferrate ion(FeO4)2⁻ generator as initially mainstream highlighted but later practically media ignored effect if not rejected(Ferrate Treatment Technologies+): but actually strong industrial and military applications


59’Ferrous Ferric ion/Ferrate ion water: Continued 4 ♛ Iron Sulphate Depositing in large body of water ♛ Iron Sulphate: Depositing in water/Ocean Fertilization(FeSO4, or FeSO4.7H2O): As std process FeSO4 is used for Drinking or Waste water treatment(coagulant), Hydrometallurgy, or Part of aquaculture feed mix. Incidentally even certain toxic heavy metal effluent can be now processed by unique mainstream approved low cost proprietary photochemical hydrometallurgy to produce very potent Iron Sulphate type liquid fertilizer(GOLD’n GRO) and other reuseable silver & silver glass slag products with zero waste & zero liquid discharge(Itronics+), Note this is related to Ferrous Ferric Ion tech but not fully combined "Ferrous Ferric" ion(Fe2+ & Fe3+) type, WM Rejected cost effectiveness of below S2 claims at media level, At mainstream science it is disputed level, & at strict specialized science undeniable (below1) or at least it clearly works majority of the time at large volcano eruption ash deposit level(2), cost effectiveness is unknown or questionable(3):、 S2(bioenhancing & increasing population): •

claims:1-phytoplankton increase, 2-Fishstock increase, 3-CO2 sequestration due to phytoplankton increase:

Mainly Iron(II)/Ferrous Ion (Fe2+) to fertilize certain selected body of water in ocean/lake for:(1st claim)Phytoplankton increase(seemingly usually at least x2times, very effective to distribute at low iron offshore surface area, but often lasts only short duration). Phytoplankton Increase is significant level in all of dozen in-situ mainstream group trial of 0.5-120ton size conducted in poor iron surface water area by FeSO4 scattering(NIWA, LOFAFEX, EisenEx, CROZEX, SERIES, 301 Ironex +). -->>cont:

59’Ferrous Ferric ion/Ferrate ion water: Continued 5 ♛ Iron Sulphate Depositing in water 2

-->>cont: WM Rejected claims at media, S2(bioenhancing): of 2nd claim:

Based on FeSO4 depositing consistently showing explosively increased phytoplanktons in low iron surface water region, theoretically it is probable correctly-timed increase of fish food leads to(food chain reaction takes phytoplankton -->zooplankton -->fish stock): (2nd claim)Fish stock increase & its biofunction(probably very effective but not enough actual data to firmly back up, also variables unknown) •

● Only one publicly known major trial is made, which coincided with abrupt record level 10-20 fold fish return results then declining as expected due to no scattering since(2013/14: Fraser River etc Canada)(Haida Salmon Restoration Corporation, Ocean Pastures Corp +), Some times also Iron Oxide is used. ● Selected test sites had iron deficient surface off shore ocean/lake environment with already sufficient phosphate & Nitrogen level, hence it is likely single major condition for explosive phytoplankton growth(Jo Martin & Ste Fitzwater+) ● Limited but also lab type data indicates volcano ash(heavy iron) triggers explosive growth of phytoplantkon(Sve Duggen+) - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


59’Ferrous Ferric ion/Ferrate ion water: Continued 6 ♛ Iron Sulphate Depositing in water 3

-->>cont: WM Rejected claims at media, S2(bioenhancing): of 2nd claim: Fish stock increase:

Volcano ash(heavy iron) falling on ocean/lake/river seems to trigger its short term explosive plankton growth & followed by fish population growth, while negative long lasting environmental impact of above doesn't seem to be major(Rus George, Pet Gross+), Examples: •

■1912 Katmai USA: At least 2 times growth but can be much more (GA Rounsefell+), ■1956 Безымянный - озера Азабачьего Камчатка/Kamchatka Russia: same growth level as Katmai(Базаркина ЛА, Бугаев ВФ+), ■2008 Kasatochi USA: 10-20times(Tim Parsons+), also numerous tests on fresh volcano ash lab environment grows algae, trees, or agricultural crops with significantly increase growth for 1-2yrs after feeding. ■There are several other academic & anecdotal stories related to some of other larger volcano eruptions: Aleutian islands, Chile, Kamchatka. Yet results are not uniform - each volcano mineral content is not the same(Cli Oppenheimer+), -->>cont: - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


59’Ferrous Ferric ion/Ferrate ion water: Continued 7 ♛ Iron Sulphate Depositing in water 4

-->>cont: WM Rejected claims at media, S2(bioenhancing):

(3rd claim)CO2 sequestration by thriving phytoplankton(There is clear effect, but probably not cost effective) •

● Extremely large volcano's intermittent long duration ash depositing causes prolonged massive phytoplankton bloom with clear CO2 reduction(JL Sarmiento+), ● When scale is smaller it is lot more difficult to measure & attribute to CO2 reduction like dramatic effect of fish increase(Rob Hamme+),

● Volcano eruption cases when significant effect is clearly observed (Agung - Indonesia, Pinatubo - Philippines, etc), indicate: •

A- Unlike fish increase type eruption, its CO2 reduction seems to need locally catastrophic volume of ash/iron dispersion & cost being prohibitory, B- Causes fair amount of lasting environmental damage due to its scale C- Effect could be largely to do with land plants' very prolonged enhanced growth rather than plankton photosyhthesis? - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


59’Ferrous Ferric ion/Ferrate ion water: Continued 8 ♛ Iron Sulphate Depositing in water 5 RISK FACTOR

—>> cont: WM Fully rejected effect: S2(bioenhancing):

RISK & VALIDITY ASSESSMENT A-C: A- Interlocked Mainstream Group's standard process of across the board debunking method:

i-Majority of large Western media or most of Mainstream funded large environmental groups ignore most or all of tested positive tech results in official western academic data listed in this section for volcanic ash & FeSO4, hence easily claim "there is no evidence this works at all" with quotes of willing debunking scientists, then furnishing it with words like "devastating", "largest geoengineering experiment" "contravened UN convention" to encourage public to not even consider possible effectiveness. •

Interlocked environmental groups seem to be specialized in this strategy to ultimately prevent over-supply of low cost resources of all types while ignoring effective alternatives, hence often creating shortage and commercial benefit to establishment group over all. -->>cont: - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


59’Ferrous Ferric ion/Ferrate ion water: Continued 9 ♛ Iron Sulphate Depositing in water 6 RISK FACTOR

—>> cont: WM Fully rejected effect: S2(bioenhancing): RISK- A:

ii-Other mainstream groups partially admit academic data and say "unlikely it works, but even if it it did..", then list more of possibly going wrong exaggerated scenario that are not actually seen than workable scenario like: acidification, irreversible destruction of environment etc.

iii-Incidentally, other western mainstream initiated and managed geoengineering projects like climate intervention project of different types world wide(on public record), are entirely ignored by them or call it "there is no such thing exists" hence abstain from criticism while successfully create a reality, in which much larger mainstream led geoengineering becomes mere theory for a majority of western public who exclusively believes in WM media. (For details, see other report and look up "Only Man made CO2 causes catastrophic global warming" : [Tesla, & Other Controversial Energy Tech Claims...] -->>cont: 306 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada

59’Ferrous Ferric ion/Ferrate ion water: Continued 10 ♛ Iron Sulphate Depositing in water 7 RISK FACTOR

—>> cont: WM Fully rejected effect: S2(bioenhancing): RISK assessment:

B- Less limited i.e. wider data sourcing than WM(western mainstream) & its evaluation leads to somewhat different risks/evaluation conclusion:

iv-Effect of large volcano eruption on fish increase has been "tested" with seemingly no major long term negative effect, but artificial Ferric ion dispersion has been done only in super small level(0.5-120ton), hence large scale impact of mono nutrient chemical dispersion is really inconclusive (volcano ash has mix of phosphate, iron, silica, manganese etc, and even has another pseudoscientific idea of seeming very strong bioenhancing effect causing ORMUS[section 63']).

v-It is plausible there are variable cases when rapid increase of phytoplankton does not lead to increased fish stock or even zooplankton(combo element with other nutrients in water, location, timing & duration, sunlight duration, fish travelling route vs temperature & ocean current change etc): highly likely it requires strong skill & know-how: like casting bait & net that involves hit & miss - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


59’Ferrous Ferric ion/Ferrate ion water: Continued 11 ♛ Iron Sulphate Depositing in water 8 RISK FACTOR

—>> cont: WM Fully rejected effect: S2(bioenhancing): RISK:

C- But biggest risk of this tech seem to be:

vi-Along with some other low cost effective technological processes, mainstream endorsed success of this tech would bring too much & too rapid large negative impact on economic system, geopolitical balance, and key stake holders that are largely controlling them. There are various indication of interlocked/coordinated/teamwork effort by western establishment groups to increase influence of key resources management by creating shortage which economical structure follows naturally: 1- fresh water, 2-food, 3-heath & medical, 4-energy, 5-banking

World fish stock supply is 100-120millon ton/yr, while all world wide meat stock is 250-300millon ton/yr, hence food market would collapse if fish increases even just to 200% with basically same base operating cost. If increase amounts to 300-500%, this largely natural catch protein could completely devastate the food market pricing, controlled food production(GMO etc) and destroy food stock control system & shortage idea. -->>cont: 308

59’Ferrous Ferric ion water/Ferrate ion: Continued 12 ♛ Iron Sulphate Depositing in water 9 RISK FACTOR

—>> cont: WM Fully rejected effect: S2(bioenhancing): RISK: C- Biggest risk:

Fair portion of increased fish stock by this tech would go to current food importing or starved low agri tech nations, where various interlocked group members with technological & financial stronghold, IMF/WB lending and compulsory economic restructuring contract(to suit western establishment's control of those nations)etc would have lot to lose abruptly. This research finds some large portion of interlocked groups are accommodating for low cost technological change but official endorsement of this particular tech might cause the loss too suddenly even for those "white hat groups"'s tolerance standard.

This type of geopolitically risky relative low-tech(eg Coal Water Slurry, Various water based over-unity energy production, Practically free medical effect far stronger than mainstream methods for majority of chronic disease) might be better off to be practised quietly without endorsement by "credible" people at this time. •

Temporal win-win scenario: If allowed unofficially, this benefits fish growth operators & knowledged group of people "who foolishly believe it works" while establishment can continue to keep food stock etc control world wide with little such tech deployment, due to most people still only believe in mainstream news approved tech. 309

60’Vacuum Saturation heating or cooling: Effect mix of Accepted & Fully rejected by Western Mainstream(WM)

■ 60’Vacuum Saturation heating or cooling & Related processes: Many vacuum related water technologies are used as fully standard process in some industries while almost forgotten in other industries or residential applications. WM Accepted effect: widely used process due to lower temperature(lower energy use) water evaporation: M2&N2(helps desalination process & dimineralization) by low temperature, lower energy use vaporization secondary/ tertiary step as std process in distillation, B3(soil-sand-oil separation from water)-

Standard process in some industries(Pulp & Paper, Petro processing, Chemical) but much less often used in other areas: Z2(fast-efficient heat conducting), •

This process can often replace hot/cold water based heating/cooling: Conventional heating via hot water occurs by heat-giving from water towards target medium, hence accomplished temperature tends to be uneven, but saturated steam is same temperature in closed system so whole heating is faster in even temperature(saves 10-30% of energy, same applies for cooling process) This usually means higher & consistent product quality with less rejects in manufacturing: - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


60’Vacuum Saturation heating or cooling: continued 2 Steam Jet Ejectors/Eductors etc 1

—>> continue: WM Accepted effect: F3(cooling effect or faster & even heating-cooling): (TLV, Lalonde Systhermique, KCPC jp +), Food industry benefits, also nutrition & flavor enhanced: (Miuraz jp, Marutaka50 +), I3(metal cleaning): Applies to all washing by flash vapour by sudden change of pressure(Aqa-T jp+)

UNLISTED EFFECTS: Vacuum generation itself is often done by various mechanical process, but sometimes can be “automatically” done by use of mini Vacuum creating Venturi Effect pipe which has explosive pressure changes in the flow by narrowing and widening in the pipe(Bernoulli’s law). It uses motive medium(moving steam or water)’s kinetic power to have various effects that replaces mechanical needs There are various types of devices using this mechanics with no moving parts, depended on how/where flow constriction devices are shaped, differed feeding medium. Some are cross over names of same function:

DEVICE TYPE-A: Steam jet vacuum system, Eductor, Steam Jet Ejector/ Injector(feeding/syphoning/mixing), Steam Jet Cooler/Heater, Steam Desuperheater(cooling), Thermocompressor(heat-pressure adjusting), Venturi with Orifice Steam Trap(release condensate[water] from steam flow) etc,


60’Vacuum Saturation heating or cooling: continued 3 : Steam Jet Ejectors/Eductors etc 2 —>>cont: WM Accepted Unlisted effects: Vacuum creating Venturi Effect Devices: DEVICE TYPE-A: Automatic effects, with no moving parts, to replace conventional mechanical device: 、 1-mixing(of different material by sucking power), 2-chemical reaction(by pressure change & mixing), 3-solid matter feeding(done by mechanical feeder in conventional setups), 4- increasing or decreasing temperature or pressure(by injecting steam or releasing flow), 、 5-separation(of liquid from steam, particles etc) especially when combined with(another vacuum producing) vortex process or draining, no moving parts, to save maintenance time, 6- release condensate(water) from steam flow in varied loading(often multi stepped throat), yet do so more effectively than moving part device, 、 7-self trigger, self cleaning backflush filter(Suitable for remote locations, no power required or hard to reach area installation, applicable to extreme temperature, pressure, or corrosive environment if proper material is used for device construction): all 1-7 saves some to significant % of energy & mechanical/ maintenance cost compared to conventional system -->>continued


60’Vacuum Saturation heating or cooling: continued 4 : Steam Jet Ejectors/Eductors etc 3 —>>cont: WM Accepted Unlisted effects: Vacuum creating Venturi Effect Devices: DEVICE TYPE-A: 7-self trigger, self cleaning backflush filter, no moving parts: •

Commercialized eg: ■Services offered often in conjunction with engineering firms, system inspection-survey, device distributors & manufacturers: (Schutte & Koerting, Nitech-vac, FoxValve, NCIweb net +), ■Major advantage in food industry with faster lower cost process, nutrition/flavor preservation & enhancement: (OAL group Steam Infusion+), ■Venturi+Orifice steam trap(separate and drain condensate water from steam system) might have significant energy saving effects depends on set up(Delta Steam Systems, Anchor elite Enercon, Ingrid Wernicke Industrieservice, enetrap jp, GEM thermal energy, Steamgard+): needs a suitable diameter nozzle, ■Self Cleaning filter: Invented in 1990s but patent expired and sold by many companies worldwide, practically industry std in many areas but still forgotten by some(Bernoulli System AB, Aytok filter, Orival+)

DEVICE TYPE-B: More advanced device with little use across the board, accommodate entire steam/hot water heating system’s energy saving or steam-water cooling/heating both at same time from opposite side of the tube as by pressure motive based auto effects. Automatic effects: Ranque-Hilsch(Vortex) Tube(Nex-Flow+), Fisonic Device(Fisonic+) - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


60’Vacuum Saturation heating or cooling: continued 5 : Deuterium Depleted Water(DDW) related

Western Mainstream(WM) media generally Rejected Effect: A3(Deuterium Depleted Water-DDW production: Water contains about 150ppm[0.015%] of Deuterium[Hydrogen or Protium isotope form with neutron, is making up H2O] normally but when this is generally less than 125ppm it is called DDW): (Langvey ru, Qlarivia, Extralko Kft, Raan ro +), (they are DDW final product makers, not DDW producing system builder),

Generally WM approved method of DDW making is distillation repetition, but more effective & most often used commercial production of vacuum saturation distillation/ vacuum distillation method seems to be disapproved at WM media level as pseudoscience. Other production methods include most well known Girdler-sulfide, Electrolysis, Oxidizing(water- hydrogen, sulfide-hydrogen), Oxidizing membrane filtering, or Freezing separation by using their different temperature quality of D2O from H2O.

More on Deuterium Depleted Water(DDW) quality: Freezes at 3.8°C, boils at 101.4°C at 0m level, 20% more viscous, most dense at 11.6°C[reg water 4°C], 10% heavier. WM disapproved DDW bio effects: Normal plants suffer growth first but soon regain normal growth while plant’s tumour continuously subdues(Paduraru+), Tumour of animal subdued(CM Petruş, Gor’kova+), Same for human effects(Gáb Somlyai, Hongqiang Wang +): These effects are consistent(70%+) and fairly dramatic for humans(Preventa hu+), Also works for skin condition(CaliVita, Dermaflora+) - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


60’Vacuum Saturation heating or cooling: continued 6: Deuterium Depleted Water related 2

—>> continued: WM media Rejected Effect: A3(DDW production): Due to fairly simple process and strong medical effect, large amount of DDW can be produced and available practically for free(regular water price) depends on process as by-product of heavy water production at nuclear facilities.

Considering general activities of WM medical industry(investment ownership, interchangeable board members etc interlocked with other WM businesses, media,etc), it might be natural that those effects are debunked or ignored, while other nations have differing reactions: •

China: Nationally funds DDW cancer cure research, searching/finding 100ppm level DDW in high altitude glacier mountain flows etc. Russia :Gov’t passively ignoring but DDW therapy promoted without suppression, Hungary & Romania are split: nationalistic type media/ NGO tends to promote & pro west multinational type tends to debunk - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


61’Membrane Distillation/Pervaporation: Effect mix of Accepted & Fully rejected by Western Mainstream(WM)

■ 61’Membrane Distillation(MD)/Pervaporation of water: Hydrophobic membrane used in MD has liquid phase water blocking quality but allows vapour phase water to go through,

Fairly disruptive tech(possibly obviates or reduces some electricity needs of water desalination/distillation/water filtration because 40-80°C sun heat or low grade heat recovery would suffice for the process, while extreme vacuum methods allow down to 2-3°C vaporization, also technically easy to operate(much less scaling & fouling problem etc), ie low cost maintenance. Yet this tech might be appropriate to introduce widely before further lower cost disruptive tech to be introduced(not necessarily in water but low cost energy tech etc).

This factor might be causing gaps in ways this tech is promoted in the world: even differed amongst Western ally nations(eg Germany/Netherlands ahead, while US behind- and commercialization news is under-reported in AngloAmerican media), while in China some even consider it as “conventional” water processing method - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


• •

61’Membrane Distillation/Pervaporation: continued 2 WM Accepted effect: P2(oil and gas recovery):(DeltaPore, Polymem ru, Ube KosanNikkaki,, +), Very low official activity from US (discussed often by mainstream companies but no widely advertised actual deployment), M2&P2(desalination, water filtering): also industrial or oil field water cleaning (Memsys, Keppel Seghers /Hellebrekers Technieken[memstill], PetroSep, KmX membrane, Johnshine cn, Kymem com+), Forward Osmosis combo:FOMD(Blue-technologies nl), Cost effective submerged MD(, Sanomo cn+), Even lower cost Vacuum Multi Effect MD(Aquaver, Horizon-fluid 多效真空膜蒸馏技术+), Solar energy use types(Industrial-solar de+), Low grade heat recovery of ocean vessel on various projects. Even more disruptive setting can be made by carrying salt water in a pipe in hot dessert area: hence only non-salt vapor passes for plant irrigation: test succeeded with water >35,000ppm(more than sea water) salt with occasional pipe cleaning(dRHS Irrigation - M Tonkin), not commercialized.

WM Fully rejected Effects: S2(bioenhancing): Some graphene like MD filter causes unique effect, there are numerous effect reported on 55’Nano Material & 56’NanoFiltration, 22'Nano Material Used Filter, no commercialization found for this purpose - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


62’Mineral + Far InfraRed + High Pressure Treatment type: Effect mix of Rejected, Fully rejected by Western Mainstream(WM)

■ 62’ Mineral + Far InfraRed + High Pressure Treatment type: (also includes Deep Sea Water as sub category), 9’, 50’Super or SubCritical water process might be often combined: somewhat redundant with 28’Catalytic water:

WM media generally Rejected effect: V2(Low redox potential water), Weak effect: R2(High grade raw food or raw salad freeze storage), after soaking in the water freezing enhanced, O2(Advanced Oxidation): FIR range ceramic reacts with 5ppm level chlorine water to produce H+ & various reactants (directly- indirectly) including H2O2, Superoxide anion(O2[-]), Hydroxyl(Mechanical ceramics/ MecaCera Catalyst/ Mechacera System • セイスイ セラミック +), or self generating by Tourmaline and other self electricity generating minerals(Minoganryo iomix+)

WM Fully rejected Effects: S2(BioEnhancing): fermentation increases, promotes overall health of plant/animals etc, In addition to combination of certain minerals’ conventionally accepted chemical claims, there seems to have FIR type extra “subtle” vitalization energy effect for bioorganism(see 33’Mineral & BioCeramic treated water), - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


62’ Mineral, Far InfraRed, High Pressure Treatment type: continued 2

—>>cont: WM Fully rejected Effects: S2(BioEnhancing): Commonly found in Catalytic to Torsion field, or Magnetically treated water, Also the way minerals are fully dissolved in water would make it more permeable to human organism. Award winning fermentation(Izu Deep Sea Products coop• - 伊豆深層水活用組合+), G3(“Oscillation” imprinting quality to matter):(EMbalance+)

Weaker occasionally claimed effect: Q2(food stock preservation water), T2(metal rust prevention), X2(Low freezing point), Z2(Faster heat conducting water), D3(Hydrophobic matter/drug solubility carrier), F3(Efficiently drying porous matter by spraying on)

Other commercialized eg:(Kiwater, 4vivo+): Their production process focus is REPETITION of high pressure build up + releasing(or high temp + low), also imprint the effect is caused by this method by mixing matter & water:(Minimal Catalyst MICA+), - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


62’ Mineral, Far InfraRed, High Pressure Treatment type: continued 3: ♛Deep Sea Water(DSW) 1

♛Deep Sea Water: WM generally Rejected effect S2(BioEnhancing): High pressure water treatment with mineral applies to Deep Sea Water: Water mostly from 200-1500m depth range(mostly 1000m or shallower(currently deepest regular supplier is panablu kr) that is usually desalinated(salt is sold separately for high end market) while minerals were kept in water for human consumption, basically long term high pressure treated high mineral content water.:

Often nation's state based promotion group sponsored NGOs work in conjunction (Shinsousui, Twdowa,, Medical use(Ako-Kasei+), Many others attempt to incorporate with academics but data not yet • (台肥生技股份 Taiwan released(Watervis kr+), General bioenhancement, fertelizer +), Cosmetics/Skin care: (Kung Long Biotech+), Fermentation:(Dsw Dongrun Biotech+), but some companies worldwide, & most of US-Hawaiian Deep Sea Water manufacturers appeal to Deep Sea perception based mineral water without specific bioenhancing claims:(Kona Deep, Destiny Deep Sea Water, Hawaii Deep Blue+), Deep Sea Water Mineral powder(明王物産 Meioh). Infra building leader in DSW procurement(Fukasal, Taisei+) -->>continued


62’ Mineral, Far InfraRed, High Pressure Treatment type: continued 4: ♛Deep Sea Water 2 —>> cont: WM generally Rejected effect: S2(BioEnhancing): Deep Sea Water: Large volume producer(, combined with energy generation(Ocean thermal energy conversion[OTEC]) to lower cost(NELHA - Koyo-sha 高陽社), Deep sea water from pacific undersea volcanic region might contain fair amount of natural SuperCritical water continuously produced and circulated from Hydrothermal vents, Bioenhancement effect itself is validatable(by academic papers etc: Chia-Hua Kuo, Ren Quinton, Shang-Ta Wang, Shan He+) from mostly in Taiwan/South Korea groups & some medical applications, but some commercial water effects seem exaggerated using Deep Sea Water perception without industrial/agricultural application field results, This research speculates weaker effects compared to other mineral infused in high pressure product(eg 28'Catalytic water) might be desalination methods(also 2200m deep water is superciritical pressure while average ocean depth is at least 3600m). Often their water quality reasoning(eg all Hawaiian deep water came from glacier melt, 200,000yrs old water etc) might not be actual physical effects.

Mineral combination itself might generate certain bioenhancing structure in water. - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


62’ Mineral, Far InfraRed, High Pressure Treatment type: continued 5: ♛Deep Sea Water 3

—>> cont: WM generally Rejected effect: S2(BioEnhancing): Deep Sea Water: Mineral combination itself without pressure also generates bioenhancing structure in water?

For plant bioenhancing it is only occasionally disputed by WM media level: Science level common knowledge 3-16% diluted as is seawater of any depth with fresh water(1:5 to 30 ratio) can trigger extra growth/nutrition effect in many plants: Tomato, Cucumber, Pumpkin, Leek, Green Pepper, Potato, Sweet potato, Rice, Orange, Grape, Onion, Olive, Pineapple+. At least to do with mineral combo but might also involve microbe effects. As for commercialized examples, farmers develop own proprietary formula(,, JA山武郡市 海っ子ねぎ, 佐賀西部コロニー Saga +), But commercialized Sea water agriculture service is not well organized or professionally well presented (Cgnf-Hawaii, This situation resembles other "free type" tech know-how commercialization: heavy DIY requirements. Also diluted sea water irrigation is insufficiently covered by academic research, instead studies are more focused on how 35,000ppm undiluted salt water or 1:1-3 ratio can be managed to grow conventional fresh water crops(simply reinforces seawater = detriment for plants), or merely comparing 10% seawater equivalent salt only(3500ppm) water feeding compared with regular water, but "non mineral Brackish water" or "pure salt dissolved water" vs diluted ocean water usually have very different plant growth performance.


63’Other “Anomalous Processes & Effects” mix of Accepted, Rejected, Fully rejected

■ 63’Other processes with anomalous water effects, or Water related information: There are basically unlimited combinations & additionally their order of processing methods to claim various WM unapproved water effects: This section is partially redundant with section “28’Catalytic water”, & effects are explained Under “■” heading in red color.

WM Accepted : This is not anomalous but mostly forgotten mechanics of generating incessant water level change & snap-open flood gate to prevent scale build up or clogging of sewage system(Aquobex, Tellus Utilities HYDRAPULSE+)

WM Rejected or WM Fully rejected ▶ Electrolysis based combo process:might use anomalous electrodes, unique DC pulse frequencies, its voltage, or use of AC & its frequency, or waveform), sometimes in prolonged plasma discharge form in water, or high voltage short pulse.

Augmentation methods include: Distillation-condensation/High-low pressure repetition, UV treatment, Hydrodynamic Cavitation, Entire process done under certain EM field[high voltage exposure can be upto 72hrs], Some “catalytic” types are often mixed with certain known bioenhancing minerals before the process

■ O2 or H2 is dissolved beyond WM science legal volume or dissolved duration for sports performance to bio enhancing(, Aquahydrate, Oxygen Super Charger+), Note some of WM pseudoscientifically regarded water seem to keep extreme pH for yrs and used for industrial application (See16’Alkaline Water), - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


63’Other “Anomalous Processes & Effects” mix of Rejected & Fully rejected continued 2

—>> cont: ▶ Electrolysis based combo process: ■ Medical application types: Top performers usually seems to be quite potent: empirical evidence shows some of their effect is consistent & significantly beyond conventional drugs with no side effects, and more of phase catalysis type water(section 28’, use by dilution with other water),

Claims of water is semi-permanently holding electrical charge, keeping its “memory” even after microwave or boiling treatment or boiling: “Redox reaction signalling “water: some type of charge transfer from this type of electrically active water triggers CellMitocondria bioenhancement/metabilic process like superoxide dismutase(SOD)'s timely proper function(WM rejected idea, but explains wide range of various "electrically active" water's bioenhancing effects)(ASEA Renu28, AnimalTherapySystems+), Specifically charged Oxygen(Vitamin O), Due to WM unapproved pseudoscientific medical claim majority of them are severely prosecuted,

In most of Western ally nations of G7 types, it is often illegal to not only explain how any WM medical unapproved product would function to have disease remediation effects(hence how to use/consume to have positive effects), but also quoting validating evidence or testimonials, or reviewed positively by other web sites etc(reviewer is free to do), Records of mentioning "cure" based on repeated results automatically resulted in operation raid/seizure/confiscation 324

63’Other “Anomalous Processes & Effects” mix of Rejected & Fully rejected continued 3

▶ Electrolysis or seeming electrolysis set up with standing wave resonance of electric field/acoustic field •

▶ Electrohydraulic based combo process, might involve Hydrodynamic cavitation(both of which sort of originated from Soviets) or HydroAcoustic effects •

■ “Overunity” producing energy effects. There are many claims & unofficial mainstream lab validations but almost all of them are not officially recognized so in West(Meyer+), or at best pilot based non-open commercialization(Ohmasa Gas+), - See other report for details[Less Known, Low Cost, Abundant, Energy Technologies..]

■Water oscillation improves energy efficiency by placing it near combustion device(new-energy21ru+), ■Converts peat or some minerals into nutritious element for plants(Cifanskis, Yutkin+): well known for those who engage in the tech

▶ Electric pulse, or field ■ Electronically “Record & Paste” the oscillation of water/liquid to another matter/liquid, Pure water is sourced, some water is vortex processed to “erase memory”, & EM wave and heat to “imprint deeper”(RevitalizedBiogenic+) •

Often used for Homeopathic(human and animals), also Radionics(plants, animals, some humans): (Infoceutical +), 325

63’Other “Anomalous Processes & Effects” mix of Rejected & Fully rejected continued 4

▶ Mind effect to change ionic state of water, some are actually sold informally. Certain person's mind can altering pH by 1(10times hydrogen ion concentration) etc: there are many such empirical claims but usually strict repeated experimental data is lacking, yet some exception by mainstream academic(Wil Tiller+), Needless to say completely WM ignored... If this effect is approved, this can be used even as a weapon to kill people or living things by changing pH. And big part of psychic development training is believing that they can do it. For other mind effects go to this other presentation[Tesla, & Other Controversial Energy Tech Related Claims...] and look up Trivedi effect, or Tiller, or Mind-EM-Scalar

▶ Colloidal or Ionic solution: stable aqueous colloidal dispersion that deemed to accompany mechanics: ■ Claims are related to bioenhancement & disinfection effect both for plants, & animals: i-Colloidal micelles in water increase absorption of nutrients for plants, while cleaning off dirts, pesticides & germs(see 64’Plant Polymer), ii-extra ionic activities & bioenhancement effects after treatment. Also Colloidal Silver’s high zeta potential(electrostatic repulsion between particles in water) for various significant virus killing medical effects, Similar effect in C60-Fullerene( Less extent in other minerals(Copper, Zinc etc).

Colloidal silver water generator(collgen2, Thesilveredge, SilverHealthInstitute, +), Final products exists but much more expensive(Purest colloids, UtopiaSilver, Argonika Аргоника Коллоидное серебро+), One product behaves more like “catalytic water” (American Biotech Labs): see section 28” Catalytic water 326

63’Other “Anomalous Processes & Effects” mix of Rejected & Fully rejected continued 5

▶ Unlimited volume of deep fresh water: This is a highly unprofitable & devastating info(for business & its backers) of promoting easily obtainable deep fresh underground water that surpasses even ocean water volume. Similar to abiotic oil/methane idea type large impact with both related to mantle driven resources(for detail see other report with a link given in 2 pages prior).

Actual witness and historical drilling industry common sense indicates on pure scientific level it is undeniable but unlikely to change on short term as official reality at mainstream West(Nordenskiold, Ste Reiss, Gra Pearson, Ste Jacobsen, Pa Pauer+), (Primary Water Institute+), even data from lower and upper mantle mineral/rock content (Post-Perovskite[under superpressure Enstatite MgSiO3] etc) indicates at least 5-50 times water than ocean exists within earth(Kei Hirose, Mot Murakami, Jun Tsuchiya, Mookherjee+) this is top mainstream academic idea in Japan & it's becoming more or less common sense at strict academic level in West: rise of conflict in unlimited fresh water vs need for shortage creation.

This seem to be a high priority pseudoscientization target by Western media/ govn't/NGO/corporate led groups over the years without sufficient evidence displayed.


63’Other “Anomalous Processes & Effects” mix of Rejected & Fully rejected continued 6

▶ ORMUS produced from water: ORMUS is bastardized name of ORME: acronym of white powder that is claimed to be "Orbitally Rearranged MonoAtomic Element"(Patented: Dav Hudson) /WhiteGold Powder/M-State Matter. Although purportedly there are numerous ways to collect/produce this matter from most mineral, soil, metal, air, fumes etc, one of most often utilized method is from water.

Generally refers to white powder form inert matter with inconsistent(each matter might be different element mix or/& same matter has alleged pseudoscientific time variant weight-element changing qualities as inert matter) but highly unusual characteristic claims in material science & ElectroMagnetic realm(Pat Bailey+) that might be revealing fundamental nature of officially unknown super low cost physics mechanics. 1-Sustained room temp SuperConductivity, 2-Compact low temp/low energy Atomic Fission, 3- Compact low temp/low energy Transmutation, 4- Physical conjuring/materialization effect? 5- New state of matter at room temp, 6Occasional extraordinary heightened biofunction & mental clarity, 7- Potential link to Scalar/Torsion field type effects


63’Other “Anomalous Processes & Effects” mix of Rejected & Fully rejected continued 7

-->>cont: ▶ ORMUS Water: Identification method: There are practically no mainstream science published paper to chemically describe what this is. Allegedly conventional Arc/Spark Optical Emission Spectrometers elemental analysis(burning elements15-20sec) showed either "no matter", or silica, calcium carbonate (CaCO3), bentonite types etc., Yet when analysis burn is lengthened over 60seconds then it starts showing differing elemental characteristic of various precious metals: Palladium(Pd), Platinum(Pt), Osmium(Os) etc.

Bioenhancement claims for animals or plants sometimes range from darkening hair, rapid detoxification & health recovery, distinctively improved intelligence, altered brain wave, quick on uptake, mind focus, to several times extra plant growth/cropping: sometimes goes far beyond magnetic or FIR treated water etc type 10-20% extra growth claims(Bar Carter). Indication of biological quantum coherence. - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


63’Other “Anomalous Processes & Effects” mix of Rejected & Fully rejected continued 8 -->>cont: ▶ ORMUS Water: 、 Due to chemically unidentifiable nature of matter, currently completely and validly ignored by mainstream. Yet rare cases some products(dried ORMUS) are clinically tested for effects & professionally witnessed(Etherium Gold Aulterra : Harmonic InnerPrizes)+, also they pass tests for EM scrambling wave neutralizing effects, or affecting DNA favourably(G Rein+)

Some of water based production methods are commercialized on personal use scale: 1- Magnetic repulsion & vortex form water to trap ORMUS from spring or ocean water,(Miracule Water, CherokeeGold+), much less/no yield from processed salt or pure water 2- Raise pH of Sea water by adding NaOH etc upto around 10.75 3- Relation? Metal slurry & white powder produced accompanied by ball lightning from Plasma torch of distilled water with resonance or mobiusfigure8 strip(Vachaev, Egorov, Pavlova), Water became visibly viscous after 90days+ mobius strip circulation under certain condition(Shi Seike+). - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


63’Other “Anomalous Processes & Effects” mix of Rejected & Fully rejected continued 9 -->>cont: ▶ ORMUS Water: 3- Metal slurry generation:、 By DC Electrolyzer: HydroPlasma: Revitalized Biogenic(Vik Inushin), GANS: GAs in Nano Solid state, also they emphasize mental "attitude" during production(Keshe: some validity with several contradictory & inconsistent claims), or Accidental but frequent production of "mysterious white powder" by AC Electrolyzer( Hid Hayakawa): claims powder is other than Calcium Carbonate or conventional matter.

Some claim reasons for vitalizing effect of water is "partially" manifested effect of ORMUS - but due to the nature of this matter, there doesn't seem to be a way to validate it. 、 Overall, ORMUS claims seem to contain some valid anomalous physical effects, but most importantly due to its alleged "ever transmuting" effects(eg changes by room temp magnetic field), it would be less likely to be taken up at mainstream even compared to other unapproved technologies while fringe groups might continue to advance its application. For more details see other report [Less Known, Low Cost, Abundant Energy Technologies...] & look up "Far-Out ORMUS" 331

63’Other “Anomalous Processes & Effects” mix of Rejected & Fully rejected continued 10 ▶ "Scientific law" breaking efficiency Clean Water based energy generators : Some water related mechanics are claimed to produce energy in a way that is prohibited by overall science: α-overunity effects of COP>1, or β-,Betz Limit(59% efficiency as maximum possible for flow dynamics related power generating turbine), Although this only applies to certain flow form turbine, "the Law" is used in stretched interpretation to debunk anything over this efficiency. 、 .i Underwater Air Buoyancy Power Generators, “Pneumohydraulic” Engine: There were 15 or so strong effect claims((J Kwok, GM Singh, Ribero, Dobrokhotov,Grigoriev,Schrade, Elistratov,W Travis+), open commercialized products are very rare: Often 5-30m sized Water tank(s) in hight, Repeat cycles of successive vertical train of chained air containers floating- sinking(Air input at the bottom, which floats up & release air at the top, then weight causes container to sink by gravity)(Rosch Innovations, Gaia Energy) Other types include air floatation mechanism use water pump to generate water fall - to which water turbine is placed for power generation(Spiteri-Wasserpumpe); - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


63’Other “Anomalous Processes & Effects” mix of Rejected & Fully rejected continued 11

-->>cont: ▶ Pseudoscientific efficiency Water based energy generators :.i Underwater Air Buoyancy Power Generators, “Pneumohydraulic” Engine:

Scandalous ultra mainstream Energy Globe Award winning(naturally completely WM media ignored, instead of criticizing to draw attention). Energy output-input ratio COP>1-20, Might involve air heating/cooling or compression-expansion cycle that increases energy efficiency further.

Non western mainstream Gov't or scientists endorsed(Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Indonesia+); since there is no overt unknown or apparent hidden mechanics virtual science legal, only problem seems to be "philosophical/religious"(cannot believe overunity): tested Western academic only privately admit device works(in order to keep the job). But actual much more serious problem is likely geopolitical (unlimited energy production). - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


63’Other “Anomalous Processes & Effects” mix of Rejected & Fully rejected continued 12

-->>cont: ▶ Pseudoscientific efficiency Water based energy generators: ii Hydro/Tidal/Wave electrical generators. Depends on situations following devices might at times or on continuous basis allegedly perform with efficiency over Betz limit or even COP>1 level. But those devices actually don't fit to Betz law definition's water flow capture form(Benkatina+), Seems to be shelved or permanent pilot project? (Mako Turbine - SeaUrchin, Beck Mickle Hydro, Sundermann Turbine): Tilting turbine blades allows full weight of water power capture instead of regular premature turbine rotation, vertical orientation, or maglev frictionless rotation types,

Some highly scalable easily installable non turbine: Oscillation Based generators demonstrate above type efficiency: Vortex shedding oscillation (VIVACE Vortex), or Electroactive Polymer Artificial Muscle/ Dielectric Elastomers electric generation on any moving water(Kornblush +), or by Nano Fibre (Huifang Xu+), or Piezo-Triboelectricity etc - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


63’Other “Anomalous Processes & Effects” mix of Rejected & Fully rejected continued 13

-->>cont: ▶ Pseudoscientific efficiency Water based energy generators: iii- Some Aluminium Based Metal Alloy & Water “Hydrogen fuel cell”: produces more hydrogen than takes energy to release it from water on continuos basis by "Aluminium Oxidation Film Cracking"(pseudoscience since this causes overunity effect):(also see 29'HHO, H2): ■CatalyticCarbon and aluminum in 80°C hot water + DC pulse(not electrolysis) to prevent most aluminium oxidation, this on-board generator makes 110L/ minute of H2, low quality-dirty-sea water ok(Phillips Company 4T),

Other Aluminium Oxidation Removal mechanics don't seem to be in active open commercialization:: ■Sealed inert gas chamber with amalgam-Aluminium based alloy(ER Anderson), ■Ceramic membrane (Bakhir), ■Monopole magnet (Ehrenhaft), ■Nano Geometric shape Aluminium (S Khanna+), ■Rapid shock cooling-heating as catalyst to “crack” oxidized film of nano aluminium particles to reactivate(Dynamix-Muroran univ: Mas Watanabe+)+, ■Use of Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH) as catalyst(not consumed) to prevent/delay aluminium oxidation (Hy-Energy: Erl Andersen)+, ■Undisclosed catalyst accelerates pitting of aluminum powder surface to prevent/delay passivation(AlumiFuel: Jas Anand+), ■Chloride ion use pitting to dissolve oxidized film(Hydergy India: AVK Reddy+), ■Aluminium alloy with gallium/lithium etc which prevents/slows oxidized layer from fully covering aluminum(HydroAlumina: Ge Woodall, Chemalloy: Freedman+), etc - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


63’Other “Anomalous Processes & Effects” mix of Rejected & Fully rejected continued 14

-->>cont: ▶ Pseudoscientific efficiency Water based energy generators: iv- "Fossil Fuel" generated by TiO2 UV-PhotoCatalyzed O2 Nanobubble oil water emulsion infused by CO2 in room temperature & pressure (Strict science wise hydrocarbon has been confirmed produced by abiotic method(at many planets, comets, moons) or bacteria in coal etc, but remains media level pseudoscience(for details see other report [Less Known, Low Cost, Abundant Energy Tech...] & look up "Abiotic Oil")

Unlike some other "free energy" claim mechanics done historically by 100s to 1000s of inventors world wide, this particular range of very similar claims are known to be made only by several groups, but inventors/scientists are mainstream corporate(Toyota etc) and leading microbe based hydrocarbon production research scientists in Japan.

Lowest cost invention in this category was published as: "An efficient way of producing fuel hydrocarbon from CO2 and activated water"(2015, Imanaka & Takemoto, Ritsumeikan Univ). This particular paper was simply taken out of general public circulation & mainstream media reporting, and generally debunked as "hoax made by 3rd party". •

Unlike currently high production cost of science legal CO2 & H2O only hydrocarbon production(liquid fuel) method, this doesn't involve high pressure, temperature, or reforming process: production cost is about 20-30$/bbl equiv, takes around 5mins to produce, zero NOx/SOx, and can be instantly fed as gasoline to cars. 336

63’Other “Anomalous Processes & Effects” mix of Rejected & Fully rejected continued 15 -->>cont: ▶ Pseudoscientific efficiency Water based energy generators: v -Galvanic-corrosion-overunity water cell(Cater+): for water clocks, “self chargeseparation” water effect, This type of mechanics is in a dilemma as notable large number of replications by Chinese speaking academics working in US universities in conjunction with Chinese universities to validate mechanics: ie "De facto Western Mainstream approved pseudoscience", There are many sub types and likely in use in military type: 、 Small water flow/Thermal Ionic movement in water harvested as electricity by Graphene/ CarbonNanotube, Harvesting unlimited ionic thermal motion in water with asymmetric electrodes, or water in nanotube dragged to flow directionally by an external electric field to generate electromotive force(EMF) etc,(Pe Král, S Gosh, Zihan Xu, Jun Yin, Seung Ho Lee, VI Petrik, P Dhiman, Hui Cao, Jianwei Liu, Koratkar+), 、 vi -Also Reverse Electrowetting power harvester is WM de facto approved effect: (Krupenkina+): 、 vii -Resonance water pump(Bentley, Bellocq, Dickinson+) gauges more water lifting than energy applied 、 viii -Ultra sensitive Temperature based volume changing Phase Change Material (PCM) driven Hydraulic Motor in lake/ocean: SOLO-TREC(J Jones & Y Chao) : For other water related energy technology or energy tech in general, see other report at last page's link - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


64’Plant Polymer: Effect Mix of Accepted, Rejected, Fully Rejected by Western Mainstream(WM)

■ 64’Plant based Polymer/Colloidal Micelle/Nano particle applied to water: Plant based colloidal “mineral” or polymer, with water applied for end use. WM Accepted unlisted effect: Cleaning agent: $might not be low ■ Oil cleaning or hardwater useable detergent: causes nano emulsion effect, electrically neutral, much more effective for oils than many conventional detergents, also generally claimed to be superior effect in many applications on industrial/housing use: Some residential focus (Bio-Neat+), General Industrial(Gemtek, Natural Soap Formulas+), Marine(Global-green uk+), Oil & Gas industry(Inventek Colloidal, Green Earth Technologies+)

■“Plant Wash”: Kills pests/bacteria off living plants(but not harmful to humans)(This part Western Mainstream rejected) & Washes dirt, pests, or pesticide by spraying over then later by rain/water spray.: - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


64’Plant Polymer applied to water: continued 2

WM Rejected effect claim: Q2(water preservation): by stopping from evaporation, generally reduced by 10-30%+ for lakes, swim pool is higher, Monolayer type thin floating cover over large body of still water to prevent water evaporation from lakes/ponds, Also keeps cooler/hotter temperature of still water in pool/hot tub.

Plant polymer monolayer(Made up of Calcium Hydroxide: Ca(OH2), Stearyl Alcohol, Cetyl Alcohol) floats on water and mutually repulsing by ion charge to kept dispersed to cover entire water surface: Swim pool focus(Doheny, Lochlor+), Larger operation with many customers(Sunsolar, NaturalChemistry +), Mosquito stifling by monolayer prevents its water surface contact (Aquatain+), Evaporation prevention of lake or drinking water reservoir(WaterSavr - Heatsavr+), Mainstream US academic backed industrial large lake water preservation market(Moreaqua+) with much higher saving claims - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


64’Plant Polymer applied to water: continued 3

—>> cont: WM Rejected claims: U2(increase energy effectiveness): at heated pool or temperature preservation against ambience air temperature, same mechanics as claims on prior page “Q2”.

S2(bioenhancement of plants): Foliar Feeding effect: Claimed by Plant Polymer based plant wash. Colloidal micelles of plant polymer increases photosynthesis & absorption of nutrients by cleaning off dirts, pesticides & germs from plants, but also seem to reduce water’s surface tension & increase plant cell wall permeability causing some significant bio growth, Additionally is it possible also some type of nano structure effects similar to nanocarbon/ silica? - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


64’Plant Polymer applied to water: continued 4

—>> cont: WM Rejected claims: S2(bioenhancement of plants):

(Biowash, Shuklaashar Argo-Clean, AgriSolv, NanoGreenSciences+): Effect including actual crop’s merchantable duration lasting longer due to vitalized state of crops, There seems to be significant extra growth gap average depends on manufacturers product or applied location: this might be by some exaggeration, but also might indicate some product performance difference & location suitability.

Extra growth range(often 15%+, can be much higher), Overall benefit when properly applied seems too large to openly sell by mainstream group at this time. Companies with larger capital tends to approach only cleaning market while fringe tends to focus on extra farming growth. Some are targeting both industrial washing & agricultural growth agent(ecoSolv Technologies+), house clean use & residential gardening type both(KDgoldrtu+) - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


64’Plant Polymer applied to water: continued 5

—>> cont: WM Rejected claims: S2(bioenhancement of plants): Unlisted effects: Plant freezing prevention(claims of significant savings by avoiding loss)(Envirea CropClean+)

WM Fully rejected effect: J2(water emulsion): Effect itself is WM approved but emulsion degree isn't. Exact recipe of micelle is unknown. There are mild emulsion capable of science legal 30% water & hydrocarbon fuel mix by plant extraction use as one of main components(saponin etc), but not necessarily as exclusive agent. There have been 20 or so of fairly high profile claims with socially/scientifically/militarily accepted witnesses also on science illegal 90% or more of water was mixed with hydrocarbon or simply with plant micelle only to become fuel used by plant extraction used emulsion.

Some were simply placed in water and waited for reaction in static state. All claimants of over 90%+ water fuel emulsion claimants were arrested or prosecuted in some manner before repeating the initial confirmation of lab test. Some of the following 50%+ emulsion claimers seem to have plant polymer as emulsifying agent(Pillai, Dellschau, Gunnerman, VS Afanasyev, Capra, Franch, Enricht, Al Globus, Cottell, Chambrin, Kurata, Hommoh, Baranov). [For details see other report and look up “Emulsion”] - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


65’Rain related Weather Modification: Effect mix of Disputed, Generally Rejected, Fully Rejected by (WM)

■ 65’Precipitation related Weather Modification/Climate Engineering: Unlisted tech claims: Also all effects are at most acceptable level still WM Disputed - but in strict relevant mainstream science level some are defacto accepted & actively developed by academia: ◆a Cloud Seeding of most basic type: Project small amount of only mildly toxic(WM calls it poison but might be bio beneficial in small dose) type silver iodine based small solids from plane(1-5g/km2 per spray) or in smoked form launched from ground to high altitude to alter & increase nucleation/ condensation pattern of vapor in existing cloud

Actual size of operation seems to be much larger(US & China’s official figure is range of $100millon/yr budget) than admitted & multilevel (national to local gov’t, army, airforce & private farm/dam/ski hill owner. Also affluent speculators?, & strong evidence of some classified black-projects that include weather mod: see other report and look up "man made CO2" [Cold Fusion, & Other Questionable Energy Tech Related Claims...]) than openly discussed at mainstream level. 343

65’Precipitation related Weather Modification: continued 2

—>>cont: WM media Disputed : ◆a Cloud seeding: 40-50 nations involved. Non-Western nations are mostly open about their belief in effectiveness of technology by disclosing results, while Western ally nations has two tiered reality: actual academic research(often not even classified) vs media/NGO actively debunking it.

Some nations are mostly self sustained/completely doing it independently from other nations’ services(eg: US, Israel, Russia, China+), In majority of nations, state organization is heavily or exclusively involved rather than private companies(eg Thai Bureau of Royal Rainmaking, Agency for Assessment and Implementation Technology (BPPT) of Indonesia, Turkish State Meteorological Service, Indian institute of tropical meteorology CAIPEEX, Agricultural Insurances Organizations(OGA) - Οργανισμός Γεωργικών Ασφαλίσεων(ΟΓΑ), Korean National Institute of Meteorological Research, Programme Al Ghait de Moroc, +) while often private companies are hired to do the job by them, particularly from US. - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


65’Precipitation related Weather Modification: continued 3 —>>cont: WM media Disputed :◆a Cloud seeding tech effects: ◆i-Increase chance of rain when there are already clouds, sometimes seem to cause more than expected large precipitation by triggering extra nucleation(Just Clouds, Nawcinc, Weather, more effective lower cost method by using drones(Desert Research Institute, Kyathi Climate Modification Consultant+), Occasionally consistent 70% level rain increase cloud seeding claims(usually 10-20% range)( would use different techs? •

Some of less-conventional type of cloud seeding is likely to be more cost effective: • いであ株式会社 - IDEA eg Completely hazard neutral Solid Dry ice aerosol( Consultants +), Radioactive aerosol(Ște Mărăcinean+), Probably most consistently effective in seeding only tech of Liquid CO2 spraying at -5°C(Nor Fukuta, Osa Morita, Tai Maki+), Hygroscopic Salt was sometimes alleged to have 50%+ range increase in South Africa(G Mather, Deo Terblanche+), Atomized water spray(electrostatic charged?- see 28’Catalytic water) in Brazil seems to have good track record with European water tech award winning(ModClima br), Regular iodine seeding but Lower cost smoke generator on ground use only(Tokyo Metro Gov’t of Waterworks+), OR extra stimulation methods: European Atomic Energy Community type Ultrasonic standing wave excitation of aerosols?, or unclassified US military ionization of sprayed aerosols? 345

65’Precipitation related Weather Modification: continued 4

—>> cont WM media Disputed effects: ◆a Cloud seeding tech effects: ◆ii-Prevent or decrease size of hail by increasing number of condensation/nucleation to minimize farming crop damage or car maker or port felicity with non overhead storage: mainly "Anti Hail Rocket": launched from land by small dispersing projectiles(Antigranizo br, Cloud-Seeding.Info, +), some are closely related to military contractor types(,, !"#$% - Delta+), Some ex Soviet nations are quite relied on this process for crop protection under state government funded program(Moldova, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Kazakhstan etc ), ◆iii-Fog dispersion by solid CO2(, or liquid CO2(Ken Wakimizu+) as lower cost and effective method

WM generally Rejected ◆b Hail Cannon: hail prevention effects: Actually same nucleation mechanics as Cloud seeding but without physical nucleation media projected: caused by shockwave ejected upright in vortex form to reach cloud forming area to cause disturbance hence many nucleation points were created and only small drop of snow or water falls(Eggers Hail Cannon,, Inopower be+), unclear why this same mechanics tech is vigorously pseudoscientized than regular cloud seeding, possibly due to much lower costing? - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


65’Precipitation related Weather Modification: continued 5

WM Fully rejected unlisted effects: ◆c Electrical or ion projection from ground: Related to “Catalytic effects of Ionized aerosol” for precipitation generation, Much simpler and far lower cost: WM academic usually ignored. The pattern of “rain formation by ionization” discussion generally disappeared in WM weather/climate modification group after 1960s shows similarity to other Western Ally NATO group classified technology under National Security(Pet Kirby+)(US White house weather mod advisor H Orville, U.S. Naval Institute Proceedings: Adm. Raborn, +)

Certain geometrical mode antenna or frequency projector is used from a ground, Can trigger continuous charging of ground level aerosol-dust, and it raises upto cloud by heat convection and electrical charge repulsion(like “heavy” cloud whose negative bottom is hypothesized to be kept staying up the air against negatively charged earth surface). Part of mainstream in Russia, also considering cloud electrification effect or rain drop charge generation(Ber Vonnegut[but only his iodine silver is WM discussed] +), condensation of nuclei by ionization or charge(Kar Aplin +), many weather specialists in west are aware of effectiveness in this advanced lower cost, & more effective version(can make cloud first, then rain unlike cloudseeding).—>> cont - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


65’Precipitation related Weather Modification: continued 6

—>>Cont: WM Fully rejected effects ◆c Electrical- Ion projection: Many of negatively charged aerosols then, end up stimulating ice particle formation of cloud, with larger momentum effect than cloud seeding (Meteo Systems, Also others suggest “hybrid method”: cloud seeding method with “electrically charged water” to spray from plane(VN Kozlov+), or from ground by magnetic repulsion(Yur Tkachenko+),

This is because: Ion projection somehow significantly enhance charged cloud droplets coalescing(Ra Chambers+), Electrically charged aerosol scavenged by cloud droplets(Phi Kauffman), or scavenge of particles by electrified drops(Eva Barker+) - similar to cosmic ray ionization effect?(Hen Svensmark, MI Pudovkin, J Kristjánsson+). When charged, molecular clusters condense much faster & atmosphere has lower nucleation barrier(Fangqun Yu+),

Atmospheric Electric Field effect(Bhattacharyya+), Media only disapproved, defacto WM science accepted Electroscavenging & Electrofreezing effect(Bri Tinsley, Zhang Meng, Fer Galembeck+), Triboelectric effect related to snow-air or even moisture containing sad storm interactions(EY Tkachenko, TB Jones+), Triboelectricity/Electrification of sand & snow storms should be linked to thunderstorm (RJ Latham+). Hence earth climate is fundamentally determined by Sun's heat and electrical activity due to Electric Universe basics(Jam McCanney, Imm Velikovsky+) 348

65’Precipitation related Weather Modification: continued 7

—>>Cont: WM Fully rejected effects ◆c Electrical- Ion projection:

Because Western mainstream’s man made CO2 exclusive global warming idea is foundation of current business & geopolitical structures- admitting this tech effect also might indicate Earth or Sun’s activity is the main climate cause: This is because WM science already approved that molecular ions & charged aerosol particle is created by 1-Natural earth radioactivity-EM radiation 2-Earth’s charge gap between its surface & ionosphere, 3-Cosmic ray ionization:(Harrison & Carslaw+),

Hence this presentation speculates this is unlikely to be openly admitted by WM media & interlocked Western groups including Gov’ts even if academically fully approved(already more or less defacto accepted along with many other disruptive ideas): eg- selective “spin” made by Western media on CERN CLOUD experiment to fundamentally alter interpretation (increasingly common phenomena recently). For other multiple WM contradictions on this issue, look up “CO2 exclusive” in [Cold Fusion, & Other Controversial Energy Tech Claims..] 349

65’Precipitation related Weather Modification: continued 8

—>>Cont: WM Fully rejected effects ◆c Ion projection to alter weather: Although heavily pseudoscientiezed by WM(compared to cloud seeding), empirical data shows:

i-Ion projecton method has higher success rate, ii-Higher yield & longer effect duration(seemingly weeks),(Australian Rain Technologies+), iii-Non rain weather generation is equally relatively easy: Even non western gov’t officials are much less willing to admit larger success of this method compared to conventional weather mod( Many ionizing operations seem to function as semi clandestine type, due to military relation?(IonoGenics+), Also seem to relate to highly destructive military technology that are relatively easy(& low cost) to modify,


65’Precipitation related Weather Modification: continued 9

—>>Cont: WM Fully rejected effects ◆c Ion projection to alter weather: Empirical data shows:

iv-Same method is used to disperse fog within an hour from airport/ski hills etc: ie for comprehensive area moisture management (,, or combine with conductive aerosol dispersion to fasten the process(Feldman & Puzenko +), This method of fog dispersion was openly used in US till 1960s. This indicates there is a various geoengineering effects relation(see this other report and look up “geoengineering”: [link here]

◆d Laser projection from ground causing condensation of large enough rain drop nucleation via plasma: effective in thin clouds like Cirrus(Jér Kasparian+), Also on various unofficial level, it is strongly sepeculatable that super high pulse of laser form or regular form of microwave from various radar stations, or private or military ships around the world seems to be able to electronically & conventionally affect cloud formation in very large area by using reflection or absorption by ionosphere or metal particle aerosol - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


65’Precipitation related Weather Modification: continued 10 —>>Cont: WM Fully rejected effects: ◆e ”Scalar Wave”(◆i- Electrically neutral or a pair of identical mutually cancelling, or standing wave - resonance generating wave caused by ElectroMagnetic wave,;also note laser is basically a resonating standing wave form of EM wave and it might multiply effect by generating laser based scalar wave. ◆ii- This wave/or similar character to it seem to be also naturally generated under certain setups) based effects: "Orgone Energy". Can be also called Torsion Field etc. “phase conjugated” EM wave in certain geometrical set up creates various anomalous effects including water. This tech can also cause electronically active phenomena: ionizing molecules of/or giving electrons to bio organism, metabolism enhancement, while stifling human unpreferred germs- hence associated pests. Likelihood of entire effect validation & part of technical aspect is classified at least in West(For details look up “Torsion” in a report(link in last page) - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


65’Precipitation related Weather Modification: continued 11

—>>Cont: WM Fully rejected effects: ◆i- Scalar wave effect has close relation to “Electrical or Ion projection”: Certain overunity electricity generator phase conjugating pair of HighFrequency AC current discharge or even low DC power into cloudless sky has both cloud forming & droplet combining avalanche effect, high voltage multiple standing wave pulse generator discharge to create certain kind of ionizing/plasma phenomena, which propagates further into cloud by ionic chain reaction type/heat convection(Wil Haight, PJ Paustian+)

◆ii-"Orgone Energy" is projected/routed from naturally generated source(all its signal measuring devices are basically treated as delusions or its variation), still seem to create significant effects in generally larger area and sometimes much longer lasting effects than conventional weather engineering tech. Seems to be quite effective in clearing smog or chemical/metallic aerosol spray(Wil Reich, D Croft, S Daphna-Schloss, G Ritschl+), Also there is a further much lower cost variant method with cylinder pipes with use of “clean” water flow pointing the target: (DessertGreening, OrgonLab, Orgonise Africa+), Some are taken by airplane with much higher cost but possibly with more dramatic effects(Etheric Rain Engineering +) - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada


• •

65’Precipitation related Weather Modification: continued 12 —>>Cont: WM Fully rejected effects:、 ◆i- Scalar vs ◆ii- Orgone: Following differentiation is only specific to this presentation as there is no widely agreed definition as usually happens to WM rejected technology, •

i- Scalar here refers to self cancelled opposite form pair of EM wave or produced "field" by grid based electricity use which can be up to high power projection.、 ii- Orgone here refers to micro EM field produced by no battery or no plug-in electricity used self generating microcurrent(i.e. media level pseudoscience due to "free energy") by different electrical potential metals or carbon is placed together wedged/squeezed by dielectric material(neutral to electricity but reacts to electric field/electrostatic). This perpetual current generated micro electric field might show disproportionate ability to affect large regions upto several km in troposphere to cause avalanche like "domino ElectroScavenging" or "cloud dispersion effect" when set in certain directional manner as geometric or copper/ metal pipe device.

Both of i & ii cause various common Western Mainstream unaccepted phenomena including bioenhancement, and many of which seem to link at least partially to a range of anomalous water effects from magnetic water, electric pulse, ion projection, to electrospray.


66’Atomospheric Water Generator: Effect mix of Accepted & Disputed by Western Mainstream(WM)

■ 66’Atmospheric Water Generator:(Air to water generator), WM Accepted effect: conventional method is by condensing air moisture into water by sudden air cooling to below its dew point temperature. Only in some segments of industry/region is standard use and rare use in others.

Some of lower cost device with 3cents/litre or less? (Ambientwater, SplashWaterForLife+), Some can lower the cost by combining with air conditioning system, Can operate efficiently at 30% moisture in air?(Ecoloblue, Islandsky+), - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


66’Atomospheric Water Generator: continued 2

—>> continued: WM Accepted effect: Large volume unit up to 50m3/day(Ocean Breeze AC+), More of office dispenser type(, Focus on water quality by adding “vitalization”(WM disapproved) element(Konia Water Products+),

Not many players are placing emphasis in 3rd world regions (WaterMaker India,,, Adderhill+)

Some military application focus(Watair+), additionally - possibly the lowest cost in conventional methods(Water-Gen+)

Media level WM Disputed: Academically accepted: Less than 20% moisture content, or some can even operate below freezing temp effectively, Heat based condensation mechanics, preconditioning inlet air for higher dew point temp etc Much lower cost than conventional AWG device even for smaller size(AirwaterGreen, Watergenics Inc+) - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Analysis, Vancouver, Canada



• •

Next 13 pages are quick-view listing of under-utilized water technology described in the presentation

THIS REPORTS' AUTHUR ALSO WRITES ENERGY TECHNOLOGY REPORTSLess Known, Clean, Low Cost, Abundant Energy Technologies & Related Game Changing Applications: linkedin_aug02

ALSO ENERGY TECH REPORTS which analyse further highly speculative/ questionable claims & related controversial info including of various tech lobby groups- Cold fusion, Tesla, Torsion field, Scalar "wave", “Free energy”, Zeropoint energy Extraction... = Really All Pseudoscience?: newnatureparadigm/docs/energy_2017-july11 - Ben Rusuisiak: Specialty Cleantech Research, Vancouver, Canada


How to Read Water Technology List . .

sample example —>>

Technologies are presented in lists like on the right: Tech names are itemized by numbers horizontally, & Effects are by alphabets vertically

12 Accepted/ Disputed/ Rejected/ Fully spirl rejected by WM. *means very effective. vortx flow v--Effect claims Tech utilized-> D A Descaling D B de-corrode, rust D C algae germ stifling D D “ as water, disinfectant E Heavy cleaner/Cleaner concentrate

13 nno bub ble

14 phto cata lysis

A D D A A A D* D A*

15 EDI & CDI

16 E-ly sis alkal



17 E-ly sis acid

D* D D* D R

Example of how to read the list ■(13)Nanobubble water has (A)Descaling, (C)algae germ stifling, (E)Heavy cleaner effects as Western Mainstream:WM Accepted effect, 、 ■(16)Electrolysis alkaline water treatment has (B)de-corrode or de-rusting, (D)Algae as water, disinfectant, (E)Heavy cleaner concentrate effect as Western Mainstream(WM) Disputed effects.

■ “Thin letter”(A vs A, D vs D, R vs R, F vs F: ) means “comparatively weaker effect”, ■ When asterisk* is accompanied: A*,D*,R*,F*, the effect is particularly strong, ■"WM" is abbreviation of "Western Mainstream" 358

First tech effect comparison 1-1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Accepted/ Disputed/ Rejected/ Fully Cry Puls KDF me natu ozo UV aera supr tal ral ne tion criticl rejected by WM. *means very effective. stliz pow tion er ion acid wtr v--Effect claim Tech utilized-> A Descaling A A D D D D D A D D B de-corrode, rust A A D C algae germ stifling A A A A A A D A A A D â&#x20AC;&#x153; as water, disinfectant F E Heavy cleaner/Cleaner concentrate A D D R F laundry detergent as water or process G toilet, stain, odor, remove by water D A H Oil-water separation, some can demulsify A A I grease trap clean, kitchen odr remove, general cleaning A A J Cleaning waste water/oil field/toxin, AOP A A A A* K dirty smelly lake/river/sea water clarity, fish enhancement D L Drinking water generation(non desalination) A A M spray-soak to last food, less mold, preserving D A N food detergent A D A O remove odor of dairy farm/animal feeding R R P sludge reduction or odor remove by process A A Q metal working fluid(MWF), cutting fluid or mix/surfactant

10 11 ultra Hydro so dyna nic cavit

A D* A D A D* D* A D



D R A A* R

First tech effect comparison 1-2 12 13 spirl nno Accepted/ Disputed/ Rejected/ Fully vortx bub rejected by WM. *means very effective. flow ble v--Effect claim Tech utilized-> D A A Descaling D D B de-corrode, rust D A C algae germ stifling D D* D â&#x20AC;&#x153; as water, disinfectant E Heavy cleaner/Cleaner concentrate A* F laundry detergent as water or process D G toilet, stain, odor, remove by water D H Oil-water separation, some can demulsify D D I grease trap clean, kitchen odr remove J Cleaning waste water/oil field/toxin, AOP R A K dirty smelly lake/river/sea water clarity, fish D D enhancement D L Drinking water generation(non desalination) D A* M spray-soak to last food, less mold, preserving N food detergent A* O remove odor of dairy farm/animal feeding R P sludge reduce or odor remove by process R A* Q metal working fluid(MWF), cutting fluid or A* 360 mix/surfactant

14 phto cata lysis

15 EDI & CDI



A* A A

16 E-ly sis alkal

17 E-ly sis acid

18 E-ly sis mix

19 dmd E-ly sis

D D D D D D* D D D D* D R D D D

20 E-ph ores migr

21 ful vic acd

22 nno Fil ter





A A D D D* A D R D D R A









First tech effect comparison 1-3 23 24 Accepted/ Disputed/ Rejected/ Fully plasma Erejected by WM. *means very effective. activa lytic ted wtr ventri v--Effect claim Tech utilized-> A Descaling D R B de-corrode, rust D R C algae germ stifling D D â&#x20AC;&#x153; as water, disinfectant D D E Heavy cleaner/Cleaner concentrate R F laundry detergent as water or process R G toilet, stain, odor, remove by water R H Oil-water separation, some can demulsify D* I grease trap clean, kitchen odr remove J Cleaning waste water/oil field/toxin, AOP D* K dirty smelly lake/river/sea water clarity, fish enhancement D L Drinking water generation(non desalinate D M spray-soak to last food, less mold, D preserving N food detergent D O remove odor of dairy farm/animal feeding P sludge reduce or odor remove by process Q metal working fluid(MWF), cutting fluid or D 361 mix/surfactant

25 Esta tic

26 Efield puls

27 mag netic wtr

28 cata lytic wtr

29 30 H2- E HH M O

31 tor sio n

32 33 coil FIR ce sca ramic lar mineral

R R R F F F R R R F F F R R R D R F F R D F F* F F* R A A A A F D F R F R

F* D*











First tech effect comparison 2-1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Crys Puls K me natu ozo U aera super ultra Hydro Accepted/ Disputed/ Rejected/ Fully rejected by WM. *means very effective. talza pow D tal ral ne V tion critic so dyna tion er F ion acid al wtr nic cavit v--Effect claim Tech utilized-> R clean precision equipment parts/metals A S coagulation/separation of waste/toxin A A D A D T even dyeing, paint production U stronger cement, ice, paper, gypsum, metal R V faster boiling, alcohol separation, more heat conductive R W degassing, deoxygenation A A A X lower redox value water; â&#x20AC;&#x153;alkaline effectâ&#x20AC;? D Y pesticide, herb stifler D Z plant/animal growth, nutrition, catalyst to ferment R A F R F A2 water desalination F F B2 less plant water needs, soil water fast absorb & longer retention F F C2 plant grow in salt water/soil desalinate-enhance F F D2 human prefered herb-insect-germ-enhace R F F E2 flavor bakery/pasta/coffee/rice/soup F R R F2 human/animal skin/dental/enhance, medical F R G2 energy-fuel production, combustion assistance D A F H2 dewater sludge-food-masonry, water A A A ingress proof, soil consolidation, geosynthetics


First tech effect comparison 2-2 Accepted/ Disputed/ Rejected/ Fully rejected by WM. *means very effective. v--Effect claim Tech utilized-> clean precision equipment parts/metals coagulation/separation of waste/toxin even dyeing, paint production stronger cement, ice, paper, gypsum, metal faster boiling, alcohol separation, more heat conductive Degassing, Deoxygenation lower redox value water; â&#x20AC;&#x153;alkaline effectâ&#x20AC;? pesticide, herb stifler

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14 phto cata lysis

15 16 EDI E-ly & sis CDI alka

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W A X Y Z plant/animal growth, nutrition, catalyst to ferment A2 water desalination B2 less plant water needs, soil water fast absorb & longer retention C2 plant grow in salt water/soil desalinate-enhance D2 Human prefered herb-insect-germ-enhance E2 better flavor bakery/pasta/coffee/rice/soup R F2 human/animal skin/dental/enhance, medical G2 energy-fuel production, combustion assistance H2 dewater sludge-food-masonry, water ingress proof, soil consolidation, geosynthetics 363





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First tech effect comparison 2-3 23 24 Accepted/ Disputed/ Rejected/ Fully rejected pla E-ly sma tic by WM. *means very effective. actv vtri v--Effect claim Tech utilized-> R clean precision equipment parts/metals D S coagulation/separation of waste/toxin T even dyeing, paint production U stronger cement, ice, paper, gypsum, metal V faster boiling, alcohol separation, more heat conductive W degassing, deoxygenation X lower redox value water; â&#x20AC;&#x153;alkaline effectâ&#x20AC;? R Y pesticide, herb stifler R Z plant/animal growth, nutrition, catalyst to ferment R F A2 water desalination B2 less plant water needs, soil water fast absorb R longer retention C2 & plant grow in salt water/soil desalinate-enhance R* D2 human prefered herb-insect-germ-enhace F E2 flavor bakery/pasta/coffee/rice/soup F2 human/animal skin/dental/enhance, medical G2 energy-fuel production, combustion assistance RD H2 dewater sludge-food-masonry, water ingress proof, soil consolidation, geosynthetics

25 Esta tic

26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 E- mag cata H2- E tor coil FIR field net lytc HH M sion sca cera puls O lar mic





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Second effect comparison 1-1 34 35 36 Accepted/ Disputed/ Rejected/ vacu Fla wtr free sh va jet Fully rejected by WM. ze por v--Effects / Tech used-> I2 solubility increase J2 emulsion K2 energy extraction/generation L2 extract fuel/oil/fertelizer/protein/char/waste M2 desalinate A A N2 dimeneralizing O2 hydroxyl production/ AOP/toxin decompose P2 disinfect/purify/clean wastewater A A Q2 food stock or water preservation A R2 freezing raw salad high grade raw food storage S2 bio enhancing - some long lasting effect T2 metal rust reduction/ prevention U2 increase energy effectiveness, A V2 low redox potential W2 remove oil/salt, deoxidizing, keep VitC A X2 low freezing point Y2 acidity/pH control

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Second effect comparison 1-2 46 47 48 E-flo E- N2/ Accepted/ Disputed/ Rejected/ Fully rejected by WM. *means very tat hea CO2 effective. v-Effects / Tech utilized-> ion ting wtr I2 solubility increase J2 emulsion K2 energy extraction/generation A L2 extract fuel/oil/fertelizer/protein/char/ A A waste to energy M2 desalinate N2 dimeneralizing O2 hydroxyl production/ AOP/toxin decompose A P2 water filter/purify/disinfect/clean waste A water Q2 food stock or water preservation A R2 freezing raw salad high grade raw food storage S2 bio enhancing - some long lasting effect T2 metal rust reduction/ prevention U2 increase energy effectiveness, more shockwaves, V2 low redox potential W2remove oil, salt, deoxidizing cooking, D elements, preserve vitamin C X2 low freezing point 366 Y2 acidity/pH control

49 50 51 52 53 54 55 solar supr super De bio slow nano distil, criti heat gas char- sound carbn fog cal steam ing carbn pulse water




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Second effect comparison 1-3 56 57 58 59 nno mag ion feros Accepted/ Disputed/ Rejected/ Fully rejected by WM. *means very fltra reso pro ferric effective. v-Effects / Tech used-> tion freez ject wtr I2 solubility increase R A R J2 emulsion A R K2 energy extraction/generation L2 extract fuel/oil/fertelizer/protein/char/waste to energy M2 desalinate D N2 dimeneralizing A O2 hydroxyl making/ AOP/toxin decompose R R P2 water filter/purifying/disinfect/clean A R A waste water Q2 food stock or water preservation F A A R2 freezing raw salad high grade raw R* food storage S2 bio enhancing - some long lasting F R F T2 metal rust reduction/ prevention F R R U2 increase energy effectiveness, more R* R shockwaves, V2 low redox potential F R R R W2remove oil, salt, deoxidize, cooking, A elements, preserve vitamin C X2 low freezing point R Y2 acidity/pH control

60 61 62 63 64 vacm mem minral var plant satur brne press iou poly heat distil ure-fir s mer

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Second effect compared 2-1 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 vacu Flash wtr wtr ice sa E-de E- E-po E-so Accepted/ Disputed/ Rejected/ Fully rejected by free va jet emul slu bati posi spr rat no ph sion rry er tion ay ion oresis WM. v-Effects/Tech used-> ze por Z2 Fast & efficient heat conducting within sealed space(steam itself is opposite) A3 Deteurium Depleted Water B3 soil-sand oil extraction/separation C3 transmembrane-skin blood test/ water gaging A D D3 hydrophobic drug+ solubility/permeable A A A E3 air cleaner, fog reducing, wet scrubber A F3 efficient & fast drying A G3 copy & paste matter quality to another H3 paint spray, ion deposit/nano fibre making, nanoplating A A I3 metal cleaning/ metal recovery from trash A A J3 efficient power generation on turbine K3 process device precision, L3 run EDI and CDI more effiicently- remove CO2 M3 cutting/boring holes A N3 kidney stone, industrial rock destroying, bend metal instatnly O3 enhance diagnosis- spectroscopy etc A P3 store thermal energy/refrigerant A 368 Q3 water only herbicide

44 45 E-hy E-dia drau ly sis lic



Second effect compared 2-2 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 E-flo E- n2/ solar supr super De bio slow nano Accepted/ Disputed/ Rejected/ Fully rejected by WM. *means very tat hea co2 distil, criti heat gas char- sound carbn effective. v-Effects/Tech utilized-> ion ting wtr fog cal steam ing carbn pulse water Z2 Fast & efficient heat conducting within sealed A A D space(steam itself is opposite) A3 Deteurium Depleted Water B3 soil-sand oil extraction/separation A A A A D C3 transmembrane-skin blood test/ water gaging D3 hydrophobic drug+ solubility/permeable R E3 air cleaner, fog reducing, wet scrubber F3 efficient & fast drying A G3 copy & paste matter quality to another H3 paint spray, ion deposit/nano fibre making, nanoplating I3 metal cleaning/ metal recovery from trash A A J3 efficient power generation on turbine A A K3 process device precision, A L3 run EDI and CDI more effiicently- remove CO2 A M3 cutting/boring holes A N3 kidney stone, industrial rock destroying, bend metal instatnly O3 enhance diagnosis- spectroscopy etc A P3 store thermal energy/refrigerant 369 Q3 water only herbicide A A

Second effect compared 2-3 56 57 58 Accepted/ Disputed/ Rejected/ Fully nno mag ion fltra reso pro rejected by WM. *means very effective. v-Effects / Tech utilized-> tion freez ject Z2 Fast & efficient heat conducting within sealed space(steam itself is opposite) A3 Deteurium Depleted Water F B3 soil-sand oil extraction/separation C3 transmembrane-skin blood test/ water gaging D3 hydrophobic drug+ solubility/permeable E3 air cleaner, fog reducing, wet scrubber D F3 efficient & fast drying G3 copy & paste matter quality to another H3 paint spray, ion deposit/nano fibre making, A I3 nanoplating metal cleaning/ metal recovery from trash R J3 efficient power generation on turbine K3 process device precision, L3 run EDI and CDI more effiicently- remove A

59 60 61 62 63 64 feros vacm mem minral var plant ferric satur brne press iou poly wtr heat distil ure-fir s mer


M3 cutting/boring holes N3 kidney stone, industrial rock destorying, bend metal instatnly O3 enhance diagnosis- spectroscopy etc P3 store thermal energy/refrigerant 370 Q3 water only herbicide





65 artifi cial rain

66 air wtr gener ator

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Along with in other technology fields, previously not accepted technologies, some of which has been widely used for commercialized applicati...

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