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Say No to Grey Markets with Enterprise Risk Management Solutions With every manufacturer and marketer aiming to make profit in this highly competitive market, the possibility of having a grey market scenario is common. Products that generate from these markets can be expensive and damaging as counterfeits to a manufacturer.

How do products reach the grey market? Generally, products reach the grey market when an authorized channel gives out the products and goods to unauthorized dealers that sell the goods at heavy discounts. Sometimes these products are old goods that might have been disposed off because of fresh models that made their way into the market. The grey market sales problem hurts the sales of legitimate channel goods and affects the distributor loyalty. Brand Protection service providers of grey market solutions have introduced SaaS based software application, having a propriety search ability that helps you to detect the price at which products are sold globally. With this information, you are able to take the necessary steps against the violators. Enterprise risk management solutions offered by renowned service providers help you to fight grey market hazards effectively. The solutions offer their users with 24 x 7 real-time monitoring of sources that are out of reach through conventional methods. Today, channel violation and counterfeit listing go in and around the Web instantaneously, only automated solutions can put a check to all the violators. At the same time, these service providers offers various brand protection solutions that consists of investigation and enforcement services that help to curb down the violators without having to invest in time and money building an internal team to address this issue. Grey market products can prove detrimental to an organization’s bottom line. With appropriate solutions to fight the grey market, you are able to retrieve lost revenues, brand image and reputation, and market share just by tightening the product chain. At the same time, there are counterfeit detection solutions that help you to track down the violators responsible for introducing counterfeits into the grey market.

Say No to Grey Markets with Enterprise Risk Management Solutions