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Protect Your Brand Trademark with Innovative Online Fraud Detection Solutions Ecommerce is in a flourishing stage now with numerous websites doing great business all over the country. This enables customers to access products that were otherwise unavailable. However, with the good news, there is a bad too. Ecommerce boom and success has given rise to online fraud and forgery that makes many companies and enterprises lose their original brand name and image. From the customer point of view, users do not receive their value for money as they are given faulty goods and products. This is particularly true in case of a grey market situation where legitimate product is sold in illegitimate sites with attractive discounts so that they sell fast.

Importance of Online Fraud Detection Solutions The best way to combat fraudulent activities online is by adopting efficient online fraud detection techniques. Numerous organizations are resorting to such solutions in order to detect trademark violations that are on the rise now. Today, there are leading market players dealing in online fraud detection techniques that help users to monitor a diverse range of sources that includes auctions, grey market sites, B2B sites, and many more. Once the fraud is detected then the suspected information is evaluated and prioritized and is offered to the manufacturer.

Online Fraud Detection Applications If you want to prevent internet fraud then you need to adopt the best detection solution that is available in the market. The best solutions available comes with a web based reporting and mining technology that offers organizations a visibility beyond their supply chain into a global market sphere. Furthermore, it offers them with prioritized actionable inputs concerning any kind of internet fraud. These solutions also help organizations to monitor and fight gray market sales, combat counterfeits against original products and retrieve margins that were lost to channel violations. The modern day service providers of online fraud detection solutions offer customers trademark protection and by preventing internet fraud with advanced features such as :•

Improved SaaS-based anti-counterfeiting software solution

Advanced search capabilities, which monitors the Internet daily.

Application of human intelligence to further assure data integrity

Prioritization for suspects based on client criteria

Users with the help of these solutions can monitor a vast array of sources round the globe that includes B2B web portals, auctions such as Tao Bao, EBay and Alibaba. Every brand has an image and good will that it wants the customers to align with. Fraudulent activities result in spoiling this image and good will. Hence, every brand must seek to know its violators and in turn combat them with innovative solutions.

Protect Your Brand Trademark with Innovative Online Fraud Detection Solutions