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Prevention of Counterfeit Risks with Approved IP Protection Solutions Risk management has become one of the essentials for an enterprise engaged in product manufacturing. With widespread incidents of fraud and malpractices no business is safe. With the increasing competition the dependency on technology is increasing, and so are the risks. Sales channel security is a common issue but if correct protection measures are not taken businesses can suffer fiscal losses. The internet has become a favorite haunt for criminal activities. The tech-savvy fraudulent companies know how to take advantage of technology and use it for their gain. When the products are sold by these fraudulent companies are used by the customers they cause a lack of confidence in the genuine enterprises. The fake products that are sold at cheap prices in bulk quantities are a hit with the customers, hurting the genuine businesses reputation while the counterfeiters enjoy the profits. Further when these products fail it is the genuine companies that are blamed for manufacturing these cheap quality goods. All this does not affect the counterfeiting as they continue their operations till some mishap occur, and then they disappear without a trace. These counterfeit businesses have so far been elusive and difficult to track down. Now enterprise risk management and fraud detection software is available that has the ability to find these illegal operations online. It has intuitive capabilities to track all online activities and single out the fraudulent companies by monitoring their sale prices, the discounts they are offering and the quantities they are selling. It provides real-time monitoring facilities that assist the business in being informed about the latest developments. The enterprise risk management solutions demonstrate their worth by detecting the illegal activities of the counterfeiters. New Momentum has provided these services to a number of product manufactures. The IP protection methodologies have proven successful in a number of instance of counterfeit / gray market sales. The solutions have not only rewarded the businesses with enhanced revenues but also managed to reduce the number of illegal product listings. Know more about: online fraud detection and Anti-Counterfeiting

Prevention of Counterfeit Risks with Approved IP Protection Solutions