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Online Brand Protection to Fight Cyber Squatters Internet has brought about immense opportunities to showcase your brand online not only in the domestic market but also across the globe. This has also brought with it unimaginable levels of brand risks and increased level of counterfeiting of goods and intellectual property. Is Internet Fraud on the increase? Did you know? 

That your brand maybe being used on the web to divert sales

Online fraudster's maybe phishing your web traffic for personal information via hidden site text.

That your online business partners may not be in compliance with your digital information?

Registration of domain name very similar to your brand name

Unauthorized use of logo or trademark

Redirection of website traffic to fraudulent and often objectionable content.

With Web continuing to become more and more dynamic part of every organization, they need to become more aware and anticipate exploits and brand counterfeiting that can tarnish their reputation and negatively impact their business operations, hurt sales and reduce overall consumer trust. This is why online brand protection has become so important and the need to consolidate domain names and putting in place a series of protective measures has become mandatory. Despite the fact that new threats to brands surface regularly, many enterprises don’t have an all-inclusive strategy in place to deal with these threats. Considering the amount these companies spend on promoting these brands, they should wake up to the fact of the harm that counterfeits can cause to their bottom-line and what can be done to address them. Hence simplify the overwhelming task of policing and taking action on trademark infringements, counterfeiting and IP across the Web, using brand protection solution. Whether you are just beginning to assess the impact of cyber-squatting or have been fighting this problem for years these solutions can have a long term affect. Using the right brand protection solution can: 

Protect your investment on brand and Intellectual property.

Protect your brand from cyber squatters.

Prevent grey market offenders from profiting from misusing the brand.

Shutdown offending listings on marketplace sites, and track success in these efforts

Monitors globally on an everyday basis for any scope of illegal activity

Conduct test buys to affirm unlawful product sales

Protect your brand from illegal content

Thus using online brand protection software with proper analysis can provide detailed information at the product and seller level that allows your company to make informed decisions based on risk, vulnerability, damage and abuse online on where to spend your brand protection dollars most effectively. Click here for more on counterfeit detection

Online Brand Protection to Fight Cyber Squatters