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Maintaining Your Business Credibility with Anti-Counterfeiting Solutions Brand reputation is a certificate of quality and reliability for any organization. When customers buy your products merely on the basis of your brand name they trust you and know that they will get good value for their money. The relationship with your customers is a delicate one. You will continue to earn high profits as long as you meet the expectations of your customers. A small incident is enough to spark controversies and negative publicity for your business. And if you do not take timely action it can lead to large financial losses and loss of brand reputation.

The counterfeit industry literally weakens your hold in the market by misusing your copyrights and trademarks to manufacture duplicate and ineffective products in bulk. Your company is also at high risk when there is high demand for specific products that fall short in supply. You tend to lose market share as you are unable to protect your brand reputation, while the counterfeiters will continue to enjoy the returns at your expense.

The innocent customers believe that they are purchasing genuine products and do not realize that they have been victimized. Counterfeit products are affecting almost every sector ranging from breakfast cereals through to pharma, defense, automotive and electronic goods and have caused injuries and sometimes even death for some unsuspecting customers. The customers are unable to comprehend that it is the work of the counterfeiters. It is also difficult for you to identify the fake products and shut down their network as they do not have any fixed location to carry on their operations.

In a report, Gartner Analyst, Avivah Litan, stated that companies who incorporate anti-counterfeiting solutions in their brand protection efforts are the ones who are taking proactive action to protect their customers. She believes organizations should let their customers know they’re making an effort to keep counterfeits off the market.

However, you can now protect your business from the counterfeiters by deploying automated anti counterfeiting solutions.

This anti-counterfeiting software tracks all activities on online auction sites

and market places with real-time and consistent monitoring services. It provides detailed and correct pricing information. The solution prioritizes violators according to the damage they can cause to the brand reputation, for the organizations to take immediate action.

The solution provides you with real-time reports through the dashboards and provides


support and ensures an end-to-end online fraud detection process. The solution can be customized to meet the requirements of the business. It has a capability to set the criteria for tracking and detecting the sources according to the industry standards. It means that the solution can be set based on either high volumes or high discounts that are specific to your industry to track the illegal activities. Once these activities are detected the service can send cease & desist and DCMA letters and online auctions are shut down automatically.

Without anti-counterfeiting solutions, brands will continue to be affected; hence with proper solutions in place counterfeiters will be aware that they cannot meddle with your organization's brand reputation anymore. Read Also On: Grey Market, Anti-Fraud

Maintaining Your Business Credibility with Anti-Counterfeiting Solutions