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Initiatives to Employ Resourceful Brand Protection Strategies Brand erosion is feared by every genuine business. There have been numerous incidents of brand erosion due to surreptitious and illegal online frauds. Laws are flouted openly and it is very difficult to pin the main source or suppress their illegal operations. The availability of online auctions and ecommerce sites has provided the fraud companies with a powerful vehicle to launch their activities causing severe damages to the genuine companies. Genuine businesses are always under the threat of thefts of copyrights, patents and trademarks which is then utilized for mass production of goods without any values. Every year the pharmaceutical industry loses millions of revenue due to the production of counterfeit goods. These goods are in high demand as they are very low priced and serve as lucrative bait for the unsuspicious customers. The innocent customers who are unaware of the impotency of these fake goods purchase the goods without realizing that they are consuming medicines that are highly toxic. The genuine companies are at a loss as they are unable to stop these counterfeit operations. To secure your business against malicious threats you need solutions that are dependable and equipped with remarkable capabilities to track, monitor and control all illegitimate activities. The solution should have the facility to provide you with real-time information so that you are aware of all online movements and can employ remediation measures without any delays to avoid massive damages. It should deploy intelligent and intuitive processes for investigating and identifying the fraudsters with comprehensive and concrete proof. The solutions should also provide you with effective legal enforcement measures to uproot their operations NewMomentum offers the best online brand protection solutions that work efficiently to identify the counterfeit rackets and impose stiff measures. The cost-saving solutions have provided admirable services for effective counterfeit detection, and provided many businesses an opportunity to rebuild their operations and recover their lost reputation. These solutions provide immense support with consistent real-time monitoring and reporting of online activities thus helping businesses to make decisions accurately and quickly. The software provides you with complete information about the fake sellers classifies them and ranks them based on their level of risk. It effectively captures the violators’ information and displays the listings posted by them. Momentum’s anti-counterfeiting solutions provide high visibility and flexibility which helps in keeping a control on the business process and be aware of the surroundings. It also runs a random analysis of companies, regions and time etc. With the progressing times the business environment is becoming more hostile. You need extremely competent and innovative techniques to keep you always alert and ahead of the others. Many have suffered painful losses in terms of revenues, profits and reputation due to lack of insight. The effects of online frauds are visible to all. Simple yet effective practices help you to maintain a secured and flourishing business. Click here for more on Counterfeiting

Initiatives to Employ Resourceful Brand Protection Strategies