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Detect Your Online Defaulters and Combat Them Used appropriately the internet is one of the most innovative medium one can have. In fact, the latest online trade and ecommerce sites bear testimony to this fact. At the same time, internet when used illegally leads to fraudulent activities such as grey market sales, counterfeiting and other types of internet fraud. With so many online shopping websites flourishing in the marketplace today, it is essential to curb the rate of internet fraud. This would help to eliminate false and duplicate goods entering the market, helping original products to reach the consumers. Negative impacts of Internet Fraud Counterfeits not only effect the brand reputation and bottom-line of the customers, consumers also feel cheated as they are getting counterfeit products. Organizations need to take proactive steps to prevent internet fraud, so that the original brand names do not face any brand erosion or monetary loss. Industry solutions for preventing internet fraud Today top notch companies have come up with innovative online fraud detection solutions that help a brand to combat counterfeiting and other online hazards. These solutions monitor a wide selection of sources that includes B2B websites such as Tao Bao, e-Bay, Alibaba and other types of grey market mails. It offers analyzed and identified suspect information to users in an “easy-to-use� dashboard or through email alerts on mobile. This visibility analysis attained helps a company to respond proactively to online frauds. Other advanced features that help in online fraud detection are:An improved SaaS –based anti-counterfeiting software solution High-end search techniques that monitors the internet on a regular basis Applying human intelligence to ensure data integrity Prioritizing suspects depending on client specifications Leading service providers in online fraud detection solutions have also designed innovative web mining and reporting techniques. This helps organizations to gain visibility beyond their supply chain into the global, open market space. Along with actionable data concerning any kind of fraud, advanced fraud detection solutions enable companies to regain lost margins due to channel violation and improve their lost brand reputation. You can take immediate action against violators by tracking the distributors or channels responsible for supplying the faulty goods to the gray market sources and take automatic enforcement actions and auction site shutdown.

Hence, in order to secure your brand from all these negative effects, it is essential to resort to effective online fraud detection solutions.

Detect Your Online Defaulters and Combat Them