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Counterfeit Detection -An Efficiency Enhancer for the Pharma Industry Counterfeit detection is not as simple as it seems, and is even more complicated in the online market. How can pharmaceutical and medical enterprises ensure the safety of their customers who purchase product online? There are service providers who have introduced ant-counterfeiting solutions that help in counterfeit detection. The key components of the same are listed belowThe solution searches the internet proactively for counterfeits and simultaneously applies human intelligence to ensure total data integrity Enables pharmaceutical and medical organizations to bring down the percentage of fake drugs significantly in the market by recognizing syndicates and networks high volume counterfeits Innovative counterfeit detection solutions and methods have advanced search techniques that assist in detection in a diverse range of industries apart from the medical brands. Let us have a look at the way the entire process works. Potential clients and customer submit their products and goods to the service provider. These products are the ones that the organization is concerned about or is case-sensitive in some way or the other. For instance, price details and so on. The criteria of suspect or concern are specific and individual for each industry. This means, in a high-tech industry generally goods sold at a heavy discount of 50 percent and beyond are the suspects, as compared to the medical industry, where cost is not the major criteria. Rather, the suspects here are the percentage of products that are sold through unidentified channels. The technology solution therefore recognizes the high volume counterfeits and suspects. The anti-counterfeiting solutions offered by popular service providers helps organizations to objectify their enforcement attempts in the apt places and helps in bringing down the percentage of counterfeits. Simultaneously, it helps in revenue generation; manage the brand reputation of your company in an organized manner that in turn leads to greater customer satisfaction. Click here for more on Counterfeiting

Counterfeit Detection -An Efficiency Enhancer for the Pharma Industry