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Brand Monitoring – Monitor Your Brand’s Social Presence If you happen to chance upon any reading material about social media brand monitoring, it is likely that you would suggest, every brand must be aware of the social dialogue that goes round concerning them. However, the question “why” one requires this monitoring is often overlooked. However, one assumption would be that clients sometimes are not able to figure out the implicit benefits of monitoring. Why you need Online Brand Monitoring? In this virtual world, you are being spoken about online in various social media platforms. However, certain aspects that you might consider are as follows:•

Recognize brand detractors – Once you deploy brand-monitoring methods, you will be able to locate effortlessly the angry or dissatisfied customers. Therefore, you can address the issues and try to resolve it.

Welcome brand advocates – Apart from brand detractors, there are people who are your brand advocates, speaking good about your products and services. It is essential to be in contact with them and generate an ongoing positive dialogue.

Understand where and how your customers talk – If you can figure this out, then you can feature your brand t and encourage the audience in a positive interaction.

Get people’s feedback for your ad campaigns – As you speak about your ad campaigns online, you will be able to generate mass feedback about the same and can determine its success.

Addressing the issue of brand dissonance – Does your customers exactly think of your brand as you do? If not, then you might be facing brand dissonance. Online brand monitoring allows you to address this as you interact with the audience.

Identifying competitors, you were not aware of – Online brand monitoring helps you to recognize competitors of whom you were previously unaware. This information helps you to position your brand better and carry out marketing initiatives with greater efficiency.

If you want to achieve this and attain other benefits, then we suggest you resort to effective brand monitoring and online brand protection solutions offered by eminent service providers these days. The benefits that you would attain from these solutions are•

There is automated supervision of internet activity through intelligent search agents

Application of human as well as technology-based analysis to guarantee data integrity


Retrieval of data down to the individual and production level listing

For advanced results, you can seek help from the MAP monitoring solutions that will secure your brand from any channel violations. Furthermore, it helps in monitoring online pricing and provides actionable, prioritized data concerning violations to inbox.

Brand Monitoring – Monitor Your Brand’s Social Presence