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Anti-Counterfeiting Solutions Ensure Brand Protection The Internet with its technological upgrades has provided the business world a wide scope for expansions. After globalization, the enterprises, in their attempt to meet the cut throat competition prevalent in the industry, have today forayed into the world of electronic commerce or e-commerce. This gives the organizations a myriad of opportunities to market their product and services effectively. The social networking sites, emails, blogs and auctions sites offer immense possibilities for brand promotions. However, these marketplace and auctions sites are also routes taken by the cyber criminals for their malicious activities. The cyber criminals employ methods such as phishing, search engine manipulations, traffic diversion, domain kiting, pay per click scams, counterfeiting and others to attack an organizations brand reputation. Moreover, irrespective of the industry sector, counterfeit activities not only erode the brand reputation but also adversely affect the profits and revenue, thus seriously impacting the brand equity. Though technology with its innovations has provided opportunities for organization to expand into new markets, the tremendous growth of e-commerce has also opened up venues for internet fraud. Anyone with basic computer skills and eye for marketing techniques can open online stores to sell counterfeit or illegal products. With counterfeits becoming widespread, genuine manufacturers are the most affected lot. They tend to lose large revenues to these wily tricksters. The pharmaceutical industry and the electronic industry are the major sectors mostly affected by the counterfeiting activities. The online auction sites act as refuge for these counterfeiters by facilitating free marketing options for these products at low prices. Since counterfeiting has the potential to damage any type of business, organizations need to address this issue with efficient anti-counterfeiting solutions, customized as per the organizations products and services as well as industry requirements. Thus business houses need to cater for anti-counterfeiting strategies that would provide means to check counterfeiting. For the anti-counterfeiting strategy to be effective, enterprises need to take vigorous steps to protect their trademark along with their products and also engage with trade groups to help enterprises tackle counterfeiting issues. However, online monitoring is considered the most effective method to handle counterfeits and gray market activities. Proactive online monitoring helps to track suspected auction sites and provide alerts to the organizations in case of any counterfeiting activity. Though preventing counterfeiting activities is not as easy as it sounds, robust anti-counterfeiting solutions will facilitate brand protection and help enterprises to focus on core issues. Thus anti-counterfeiting solution should be one that would constantly monitor online pricing lists, discount percentages and the quantities sold for each product. Read also on: online fraud protection

Anti-Counterfeiting Solutions Ensure Brand Protection