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Seniors Leave Their Mark

The class of 2012 paints the fieldhouse and stores their memories on its hallowed walls Page 2

Fall 2011

Photo of the Month

Hannah Schrenzel is featured with a stunning photo from Bear Mountain, NY. Page 4-5

Photographers of the Month

Three students who have taken their talents to the next level. Page 7


PERSPECT iVE When White Turns to Green Seniors paint just about everything in sight...including themselves



by Mike


get paint on the


As the seniors from New Milford High School ascended towards the Field House, anxiety grew within each of them. “This is the official start of our senior year,” exclaims Mary Costa. Mary didn’t stay too clean, but more than enjoyed the day.


Pictures worth a thousand words! Can you tell by this photo that Sophie Ogata is just a little bit happy! While on a shoot outside the school, Sophie modeled for friend and photographer Mo Hertz.

Beautiful Bees You would think we would stop seeing bees but nope, Karina Montemar captured this beautiful bee in its natural habitat. The Court Yard at New Milford High School has been a wonderful place to capture exciting images.

Flowers in the Mist Senior Kasandra Appice captured these amazing blooms once again in the courtyard of New Milford High School. Kasandra has been photographing scenes on a more serious level and will be featured in our next publication.

Smile for the

Butterfly Kisses Spring may have come and gone but the Fall still brings beautiful butterflies in the New Milford Junior Court Yard by evidence of this monarch butterfly gathering nectar from this flower. Junior Kaysee Orozco took this photo as part of her assignment.


Photo by Mo Hertz

Just What is our Perspective? Behind every photograph is a story; an emotion that touches everyone that views it. Every photographer captures a photograph differently, yet how they feel within every moment can be seen in their work. As we look through the arch to the right, many people will view it differently. Are we looking at an arch outside the school or are we looking through the arch outside? Are we wishing we were out there or are we glad we’re warm inside? Only the photographer knows, yet to many it may not seem that important.

Photo Melinda LaMonaca

How do you view photography? What is your perspective? Do you look for the emotion or bask in its simple beauty? Do you wonder what the photographer was looking for or was it a lucky shot? The students of New Milford High School now have the opportunity to take a photography class and capture their own hidden moments and feelings through that of a camera lens. A picture is worth a thousand words and a photographer has a million feelings. Are there moments hidden in their photographs or are there photographs hidden in their special moments? You decide.

Let’s Reflect for a Moment While on a class outing to Bear Mountain, New York, students and teachers alike hiked and photographed throughout Bear Mountain State Park. Pictured is Hessian Lake. Photograph by Hannah Schrenzel

PERSPECT iVE What is it we think we actually see. Could our eyes deceive us?

Just wait a second

To most, a second is a short period of time, but to a photographer, it can be an eternity. Here are some night time long exposures.


or Treat? Once again, the seniors of New milford High School let it all hang out for Halloween this year. Looking up top, is it a Banana or a Plantain? And check out “Little Red” with all the wolves!

For many people, one second out of one’s day is almost meaningless. To a photographer, it is the difference between getting a great shot and getting nothing at all. But maybe, just maybe, a second or two to a photographer can give unexpected results. Pictured to the right are extended time photos taken at night by some of our students. The effects created gave new meaning to the word “neon” and has inspired many to try similar techniques. Photographs by Melinda LaMonaca Pam Yachouh

Photographs by Mr. Pevny

CLASS TRIP During mid-November, at the height of “Leaf Watching” season, the students of Mr. Pevny’s Digital Photography class spent the day photographing the sights up at Bear Mountain. They were accompanied by History teacher Joe Manzo who gave a wonderful lecture on Hessian Lake.

Emily Gregor

Emily Gregor

THIS MONTH Feature Photographers

Mike Khan took on the dangerous assignment of photograhing the seniors painting the fieldhouse.

THIS MONTH Feature Pet

you send a camera home with a girl who has to “dog sit” her dog? No need to wonder anymore. Sophomore Alexandra Rodriguez (or A-Rod as she decided to dress up her dog Auggie as a candy cane. 150 photos later here is one of her results. Kind of

The students had a recent assignment to film white objects on white backgrounds. They were asked to bring in objects and use and create any light available. The “Pearls” seen left was chosen as “best in show.” by the classes. Photo by Angelic Thomas

THIS MONTH Black & Whites

Ever wonder what happens when

is affectionately known by others),

White on White

Karina Montemar took several of the photos featured in this issue. Some of her pictoral “still lifes” come to life inside.

looks like she’s posing, doesn’t it?

Black and white photography has stood the test of time and is still admired by many. It is an art form all its own. Pictured to the right is a still life with wonderful texture. Below is a photo taken of the Bear Mountain Bridge during the Fall

Photographs by Kasandra Appice Charley Sternberg

Photograph by Alexandra Rodriquez Emily Gregor set out to conquer Bear Mountain and almost froze to death, but by the end of the day, her photos captured the moments.

Kevin Guce

Emily Gregor

Karina Montemar

Staff Photographer

Staff Photographer


Photo by Cherilyn Conner

“Every picture tells a story, don’t it?” This past Fall, the New Milford Knights participated in numerous extracurricular events. Whether it was a Fall sport, a Powder Puff football game or simply becoming a super fan, the Knights came out in force. Through all this, it has been the responsibility of the Photography students to photograph many of these activities. Once photographed,

Staff Photographer

they join with the yearbook post production department to edit the photographs for publications such as a digital journal or yearbook. It is our hope here at New Milford High School that this practical experience will help us produce “well-rounded” students that we can all be proud of. Go Knights!

Staff Photographer

Staff Photographer

Staff Photographer

Photo by Reggie Lozada