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On behalf of the board of directors for the Sun Country Amateur Golf Association, I’d like to welcome you to the 2010 SCAGA New Mexico-West Texas Amateur Championship at Butterfield Trail Golf Course in El Paso, Texas. This tournament brings together the top amateur players within New Mexico and West Texas as they try to claim the top position in the Sun Country AGA. This year I am extremely excited to have the event hosted at Butterfield Trail, as it is considered one of the top newer facilities in the country. This championship is rich in tradition and history with past winners having earned over $29 million on the professional circuit. Some of the most notable past champions include Rich Beem, Tommy Armour III, Bart Bryant and D.J. Brigman. The association is in its 34th year with membership and tournament activity continuing to grow throughout New Mexico and West Texas. This championship, along with every other event hosted by Sun Country, would not be possible without the dedication and support of our volunteers, staff members, club personnel and participants. We are proud to continue the excellence of the New Mexico-West Texas Amateur Championship. Good luck this week,

Ronne G. Mercer President Sun Country Amateur Golf Association


12:00-5:00 p.m. 6:30 p.m.

Registration SCAGA Champions Dinner (Invitation Only)


6:30-10:00 a.m. 7:00 a.m.

Registration Tee times begin


7:00 a.m. Tee times begin 36 Hole Cut - Low half of the field 7:00 a.m. App. 5:00 p.m.

Tee times begin Awards Ceremony

STAFF and TOURNAMENT OFFICIALS Matt Williams - Executive Director Dana Lehner - Tournament Operations, SCSPGA Heather Jabczenski - Intern Sam Winters - PJ Boatwright Intern Swede Berglund Len Fisher Wade Hampton Dick Thorpe

Bill Elrod Carroll Hall Satish Kamat


Past Amateur Champions RICH BEEM - $9,267,718 Played collegiate golf at New Mexico State University. Beem won the New Mexico-West Texas Amateur in 1992 at Picacho Hills CC. Beem turned professional in 1994. His career took a further leap forward when he won The International in Castle Rock, Colo., in 2002, then the next week won the PGA Championship at Hazeltine National, one of golf’s four major championships.

BART BRYANT - $9,671,650 Played collegiate golf at New Mexico State University. Bryant won back to back New Mexico-West Texas Amateur titles, in 1984 (Santa Teresa CC) and 1985 (Rio Rancho CC). In 2005, he won the Memorial Tournament and the season ending Tour Championship to finish ninth on the money list. His performance also propelled him into the top 50 of the Official World Golf Rankings that year.

TOMMY ARMOUR III - $9,458,248 Played collegiate golf at the University of New Mexico. Armour won the New Mexico-West Texas Amateur in 1980 at El Paso CC. He has two PGA Tour victories, winning the 1990 Phoenix Open and the 2003 Valero Texas Open. His Grandfather, known as “The Silver Scot”, won the U.S. Open, British Open and PGA Championship.

D.J. BRIGMAN - $672,991 Played collegiate golf at the University of New Mexico. Brigman won two New Mexico-West Texas Amateur titles, in 1996 at Coronado CC and in 1998 at Painted Dunes GC. Brigman has one professional victory on the Nationwide Tour, winning in 2003 at the Permian Basin Charity Golf Classic.

MADALITSO MUTHIYA Played collegiate golf at the University of New Mexico before turning professional in 2005. Muthiya won consecutive New Mexico-West Texas Amateur titles, in 2003 (Picacho Hills CC) and 2004 (Links de Santa Fe). He finished second in the 2006 Zambian Open and joined the Canadian Tour in 2006. That same year, Muthiya came through qualifying to become the first Zambian to play in the U.S. Open.


Past Amateur Champions TIM MADIGAN

Currently plays collegiate golf at New Mexico State University, where he won the 2010 WAC Championship’s individual title, setting a course record of 14-under par. Madigan won the New Mexico-West Texas Amateur in 2008 at Tanoan CC.


Sanchez won the New Mexico-West Texas Amateur title in 2005 at New Mexico State University GC. He is one of the most decorated players within the Sun Country Golf Association with over 10 championship victories, including three from 2009 alone.


Played collegiate golf at the University of New Mexico, and is now making a run as a professional. Geyer is the reigning champion of the New Mexico-West Texas Amateur, winning in 2009 at Paa-Ko Ridge GC. In 2006, Geyer was one of 28 players to qualify for both the U.S. Public Links and U.S. Amateur.


Saunders won the New Mexico-West Texas Amateur in 2006 at the University of New Mexico Championship GC. He is a recent graduate of the University of New Mexico where he earned recognition as 2009’ 2009’s Mountain West Conference Golfer of the Year and Mountain West Conference Tournament individual medalist.


Played collegiate golf at the University of New Mexico, and is now making a run as a professional. Putnam won the New Mexico-West Texas Amateur in 2007 at Santa Teresa CC. He is also the 2009 SCAGA Match Play Champion, and carries two SCAGA 4 Ball Championship victories in 2007 and 2009.



Exemptions Include: Pacific Coast Team Challenge Cup Team Invitations Recieved: Sunnehanna Amateur Championship Southwestern Amateur Championship


Past Amateur Champions

1977 1978 1979 1980 1981 1982 1983 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009

Les Fletcher Mark Pelletier Mark Pelletier Tommy Armour III John Fields Don Hurter Tony Hildalgo Bart Bryant Bart Bryant Kevin Sivage Terry Budzinski Paul Marmolejo Paul Marmolejo Christian Pena Murry Van Gundy Richard Beem Steve Valdez Steve Valdez Greg Robertson DJ Brigman Mark Watkins DJ Brigman Mario Navarro Jr. Ben Darwin Javier Delgadillo Tyler Symons Madalitso Muthiya Madalitso Muthiya Lee Sanchez Steve Saunders Brandon Putnam Tim Madigan Nick Geyer

Rio Rancho CC Coronado CC University of New Mexico GC El Paso CC Rio Rancho CC Coronado CC Rio Rancho CC Santa Teresa CC Rio Rancho CC NMSU Golf Course University of New Mexico GC Vista Hills CC New Mexico Tech GC Santa Teresa CC Paradise Hills CC Picacho Hills CC New Mexico Tech GC Painted Dunes GC Taos CC Coronado CC Pinon Hills Painted Dunes GC Isleta GC Four Hills CC Painted Dunes GC Championship GC Picacho Hills CC Links de Santa Fe NMSU Golf Course Championship GC Santa Teresa CC Tanoan CC Paa-Ko Ridge GC


This medium length hole starts with a large waste bunker guarding the lake. The uphill second shot hits to a green that is protected by a smaller bunker on the left side. To avoid the hazard and the low depression left of the green let the ball feed in from the center or right side.


Par 3 226 Yards

This breathtaking par 3 has a huge native waste bunker short left of the green and with a prevailing head wind could play as one of the more difficult par 3’s on the course. There is plenty of play space to the right of the green for the conservative player to avoid trouble.

543 Yards

The dogleg left 2nd hole has a typical cross wind from the golfers left to right which will play into the strategy of the second shot. The large waste bunker on the left side of the fairway near the green will create a challenging second shot for the golfer who may want to go for this green in two.


Par 4 363 Yards

This shorter length par 4 plays to the east and on the right day, with help of the prevailing wind, can be reachable by the big hitters. The smaller green is surrounded by bunkers on the left and right side and should not be taken lightly for its simplicity.



Par 5


Par 4 476 Yards

The ideal tee shot on this longer par 4 is to favor the left side of the fairway for the optimum angled second shot to the green. The large 110 foot deep green sits above a large bunker that starts all the way back at the landing area.


433 Yards



Par 4


Course Tour


Par 5 600 Yards

The ideal tee shot is to hit at the right side fairway bunker with a slight right to left ball flight which will split the two bunkers. This golf hole will not be reached by many because of its length and the complexity of the green surface.


Visually from the tee there seems to be little amount of area to play from because of the foreshortened waste bunker that blocks the approach. Fortunately, for the golfer there is a large amount of play space around the green that can not be seen from the tee.



Par 3 170 Yards

This 170 yard par 3 plays over an “oasis” like waste bunker that is 25 feet below the green. One will want to make sure they avoid this hazard and either hit the green surface or bail out to the approach area short and right of the green.

453 Yards

The ideal tee shot is to favor the right side of the fairway to have the best angle into the green on the second shot. The second shot plays through pinching natural vegetation to a medium sized green that has a bunker on the front left.


Par 4 433 Yards

Off the tee, the player should favor the left side as the right fairway is blocked out visually to the green by a pinching native dune hillock. The downhill second shot hits to a green that has a bunker on the left side and lower swales surrounding it.



Par 4


Par 4 403 Yards

This medium length hole has a fairway bunker on the left side that will protect arrant shots from going into the lake from off the tee. The green does not have any bunkers but could cause difficulties especially when the pin is in the back left upper deck.



186 Yards



Par 3



Course Tour

Par 4 456 Yards

On this dogleg left hole, long strikers may have a chance to run the ball up close to the green. This smaller green nestles below a strong native mesquite sand dune that is part of bunker that is short left of the green.


Course Tour



Par 4 510 Yards

As one of the most difficult par 4’s, the landing area has a large bunker starting just past the dogleg on the left and continuing all the way to the green. The large contoured green also has a bunker on the right side that is normally into the prevailing making the approach shot a complicated one.

520 Yards

As the shortest par 5 on the course, the tee shot plays over a continuation waste bunker that connects to #13. One will want to play on the right side of the fairway to get the best view of the green. The green is the smallest on the course and is surrounded by bunkers on both sides.


Par 3 233 Yards

Sitting at the highest point on the site this tee shot plays downhill 35 feet to a very large green. Once the golfer will encounter the largest green on the course that is very receptive to the high ball flight that will be coming in from the tee.



Par 5

Par 4 343 Yards

The fairway splits around a native mesquite sand dune on the left center of the golf hole. If one would want to reach the 343 yard green in one shot they would want to favor the left side which is a direct shot to the green but has a narrower width of fairway.



This medium sized par 4 plays slightly uphill to a plateau fairway with a bunker on the right side. One will want to favor the right side near that bunker to have the best position for the approach shot. The second shot plays over a large waste bunker on the front left of the green.



450 Yards




Par 4

Par 5 566 Yards

The finishing hole is a stunning par 5 that has a downhill tee shot into the prevailing wind to a landing area with stacked bunkers on the right side. If the player gets in the right position off the tee, they may gamble and hit over the lake onto the green that sits on a peninsula surrounded by water.



Eugene Country Club ~ Eugene, Oregon ~ July 27-30, 2010 The Sun Country Amateur Golf Association is a proud member of the Pacific Coast Golf Association. The Association selects a three-person team to represent the association annually. The SCAGA selects a three person team for the Pacific Coast Championship annually. The SCAGA Championship committee selects the team in the following way: • Reigning New Mexico-West Texas Amateur Champion is exempt • The remaining two competitors are chosen by the committee by specifically looking at "open" Amateur events for all players those being theNMWT Amateur, SCAGA Match Play, US Amateur HISTORY OF THE PACIFIC COAST AMATEUR CHAMPIONSHIP Although its present history dates only from 1967, the Pacific Coast Amateur Championship's roots make it one of the oldest amateur golf championships in American history. The modern era of the PCGA occured following a meeting of representatives of several golf associations throughout the western United States at Pebble Beach in November, 1965. The objective of this meeting was to start a golf championship with the stature that would attract the attention of the USGA and display the ability of amateur golfers in the western United States for possible Walker Cup Team selection. The Pacific Northwest, Northern California, Southern California, Oregon and Arizona golf associations participated in the inaugeral PCA Championship at Seattle Golf Club in 1967. Today, 18 member Pacific Rim golf associations comprise the Pacific Coast Golf Association. FORMAT CHANGES A significant change to the championship's format occurred in 1997. This change made it possible for golf associations throughout the international golf scene to become a part of this storied event. When the 31st annual competition began on July 29, 1997, at Makena Resort's South Course in Maui, Hawaii, the emphasis was on team play and scores were counted from all four rounds. This format change opened the door to include teams of three players representing other national and regional associations, as well as member associations of the PCGA. In 2002, Trustees of the PCGA voted to return to the tournament's original format, a move spurred in large part by the fact that the USGA does not recognize results from team competitions in making selections for Walker Cup squads. The Pacific Coast Amateur is now an individual competition with all competitors playing 72 holes without a cut being made. The Morse Cup competition continues to be held in conjunction with the championship, but only PCGA member associations are allowed to have teams. Among the prominent individual champions are many who have played on Walker Cup teams: Dr. Ed Updegraff, Mike Brannan, Ron Commans, Mark Pfeil, Lindy Miller, John Fought, Mike Gove, Billy Mayfair, David Berganio, Jr., Todd Demsey, Randy Sonnier and Jason Gore.


INVITATION ONLY The Sun Country Challenge Cup is an annual competition between the Sun Country PGA and the Sun Country Amateur Golf Association. The event features the top 16 players and top four senior players from both associations in a 36 hole competition. Widely regarded as one of the highest honors available in the region, the Sun Country Challenge Cup is the most intense event on the Sun Country schedule. The SCAGA Team is selected by the Championship Committee of the association. The selection process is as follows: EXEMPT PLAYERS INCLUDE: • Individual Overall SCAGA Event Champions since previous Challenge Cup (SCAGA Spring Stroke Play, SCAGA Match Play, SCAGA Public Links, NMWT Amateur, NMWT Mid-Amateur) • Individual Overall Senior Event Champions (NMWT Senior Amateur) • Any SCAGA member advancing to the Match Play portion of a USGA Championship or qualifying for a US Open or Senior US Open • Top 10 players on current year's SCAGA Player of the Year Points List (as of two weeks prior to event) • Top two players on the current year's SCAGA Senior Player of the Year Points List (as of two weeks prior to event) • Reigning SCAGA Amateur Player of the Year and SCAGA Senior Amateur Player of the Year If there are remaining positions to be filled or if there are more exempt players than positions, the SCAGA Championship Committee shall select the players for the positions. The Championship committee looks at the following factors when selecting members for the team: • Recent performance and participation in SCAGA and USGA championships • Player’s demeanor and ability to represent the SCAGA admirably • Age of competitor (the committee tries to incorporate a minimum of four mid-ams, and two junior amateurs)

TOURNAMENT HISTORY 1965-2009 Amateurs - 14 Victories

Professionals - 28 Victories



SCAGA Women’s Championship

July 24-25

New Mexico Tech GC Socorro, N.M.

Taylor Made/Adidas/Ashworth

August 8-9

Isleta Eagle GC Albuquerque, N.M.

Challenge Cup

August 16

Sierra del Rio GC T or C, N.M.

NMWT Mid-Amateur

August 28-29

Paa-Ko Ridge GC Sandia Park, N.M.

SCAGA Senior Championship

September 18-19

Rainmakers GC Alto, N.M.

SCAGA Team Championship

October 16-17

Sonoma Ranch GC Las Cruces, N.M.

Players Championship 1-800-346-5319

2010 New Mexico-West Texas Amateur  

NMWT Amateur Championship Program