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News Online Xchange (NOX) is the official monthly business newsletter of New Media Services Pty. Ltd. It serves to give up-to-date information on the products and services under the NMS brand, as well as news involving the Web and Mobile industries.

Mobile Apps Trends 2011: The year of localization, integration and awesome handheld imaging 2010 saw the emergence of real-time alerts for mobile via push notifications. Now say hello to 2011, the year that allowed your check-in status to be visible all across the social media board, edit your office presentation while on the train, and add all sorts of filters to your phone cam pictures to make them look like they were taken in the 50's. Below are the top trending mobile trends that if left ignored, makes your smartphone so 2010.

1. Localized Search & Deal Updates How is it possible that your friend keeps getting all the best deals in your neighborhood? Maybe because he finds out about them 5 seconds before you do. Location-based technology was considered as an innovation as it can be seen as a cheap alternative for companies wishing to advertise local-based updates and alerts. An example would be Chicago-based daily deals website Groupon, who has joined forces with Loopt, bringing mobile-phone customers discounts based on their physical locations.

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2. Integration with Dropbox and Other Cloud Services It would be nice to put last minute touches to that awesome report of yours on your commute to work, right? If you have an app that supports Dropbox, or 1Password, then that's possible. App developers have taken advantage of the APIs provided by companies like Dropbox and in building in-app support for cloud storage and file access. In a nutshell, the document that you wrote on an iPhone or iPad can later be retrieved and edited on an Android device, a Blackberry, a laptop or even on a desktop, and the other way around.

3. Once-click access to Tumblr, Twitter, Flickr, Facebook &Foursquare Right now, the norm is to share, check-in information and status to a variety of different networks. Why type in in the same sentence 5 times when you can updated all your social media accounts in one click? Thanks to a growing number of companies that use OAuth, its now easier for developers to add support for the most popular social networks out there.

4. Front-Facing Camera Apps Today's standard in smartphones and tablets: front and back cameras. In addition, such apps now allow the user to his own real-time photo as an in-app avatar or integration of video chat support. Moreover, a front-facing camera has now inspired app developers who might not otherwise have bothered with camera integration as part of their app feature. An example will be the iGotYa iPhone app. This is a very useful tweak, which allows you to track who was trying to use your iPhone in your absence. iGotYa uses the iPhone's front facing camera to take the picture of the person trying to use your phone and then uses GPS to record the location information and then sends it to your email address.

5. Photo and Video Filters Photography has always been a popular mobile app category and mobile phones are consistently the most popular cameras in existence.

Admittedly, a digital, low level photo filter shouldn't make a big difference in how often an app is used, but it does. Take a look at the latest mobile apps lead by Instagram, Hipstamatic and PicPlz - they all stand out because of its use of filters and photo effects than can be applied to images before they are shared. Source:

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Video filters are now starting to gain momentum as well, so expect a whole sew of faux-vintage videos to hit YouTube anytime soon.



2012 IN MOBILE APPS Get your smartphones ready!

Market researcher and analyst Gartner, Inc. has identified what it believes will be the most important mobile applications in 2012. They've pinpointed that winning mobile apps will have unique features that cater to the mobile environment rather than act as a mobile extension of their online peers. To quote Sandy Shen, research director at Gartner: " Mobile applications will be a highly competitive marketplace that attracts the interests of many stake holders. Increasingly, mobile applications will define the user experience on high-end devices and device vendors that proactively integrate innovative apps and technologies at the platform layer that will have the competitive edge." Here are Gartner, Inc.'s top ten consumer applications to take the mobile app market by storm come 2012:

1. Location-Based Services (LBS)

2. Social Networking Mobile social networking is the fastest-growing consumer mobile app category. Social network platforms are fast becoming portals, transit hubs and cloud storage for increasing amounts of messaging and e-mail traffic, videos, photos, games and commerce.

Build a Cool Profile Make New Friends Location is one of the main enablers that deliver service users based on their context. Gartner expects the total user base of consumer location-based services to reach 1.4 billion users by 2014.

Always Be In Touch

LBS take into account the user's location, personal preference, gender, age, profession, intention and so on, which offers a more intelligent user experience than basic location services can.

Build a List of Favorites

3. Mobile Search

Share Private Content

4. Mobile Commerce

Visual search is usually related with product search to enable price comparisons or to check product information. To bring mobile search to the next level, the app would allow users to take actions based on the result, such as making a call or reservation, buying a ticket, placing an order, and so on. Gartner strongly advices search providers to build the experience around mobile to allow users access to immediate results and to take actions, given the short time span users have.

5. Mobile Payment Although near field communication (NFC) payment will be included in high-end phones from 2011, Gartner does not believe that it will become mainstream before 2015. In order to get consumers on board, payment solution providers need to address easy-to-use for users and ease of implementation for customers without compromising security.

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Today, mobile commerce is more of an extension of e-commerce but in a smaller form factor and with a more streamlined experience. However, over the next few months nearing 2012, Gartner expects the emergence of uniquely mobile functions, such as the ability to "check in" to a store to alert a retailer that you are there, or the ability to add items to a shopping cart simply by taking a photo of an item or bar code in the physical store.




6. Context-Aware Service Context-aware applications provide improved user experiences by using the information about a person's interests, intentions, history, environment, activities, schedule, priorities, connections and preferences to anticipate their needs and proactively serve up the most appropriate content, product or service. Mobile carriers, along with handset manufacturers, should provide expanded location services to include, among others, directory assistance, mapping, advertising and privacy controls.





8. Mobile Instant Messaging (MIM)

7. Object Recognition (OR)

Gartner expects MIM to attract consumers to new types of unified communication (UC) clients, provided by over the top (OTT) service providers such as Skype. Additional information from Juniper Research states that the number of MIM users will exceed 1.3 billion by 2016. When Research In Motion (RIM) released its own version of MIM via the Blackberry Messenger (BBM), it has taken the mobile world by storm and introduced another stream of communication for mobile users. BBM is unique in that it functions almost entirely over a data connection, meaning you can send messages without requiring a data plan provided that Wi-Fi is available.

High-End devices have increased sensor and processing capability that enable sophisticated applications to recognize the user's surroundings, including specific objects of interest By providing easy-to-use interface, more apps will come to the market with enhances capabilities by 2012. 9. Mobile Health Monitoring

body weight heart rate glucose body weight blood pressure

Recent developments on this app has now taken out its "exclusive to Blackberry users only" status as app developers will now be able to integrate BBM into their apps with the release of the Blackberry Messenger Social Platform SDK 1.0 for Blackberry Java final version. Recently, Apple has joined Blackberry in providing an IP-based messaging application, which is proprietary to the device through the iMessage application. iMessage is considered a key feature for the iCloud digital storage and synchronization service. 10. Mobile Video



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inhalation registration ECG Monitorpeakflow

Mobile Health Monitoring has the potential to become an integral part of chronic disease management and part of the daily health routine for millions of consumers worldwide. Tactio Software, for example, develops iPhone applications that help people manage their health. To date, 1.2 million users have downloaded their TargetWeight for Adults and TargetWeight for Teens apps, and they consistently rank among the top 50 mobile health applications in 50 countries. The growing number of manufacturers developing next-generation healthcare devices such as scales, pedometers and blood pressure and glucose monitors that can collect and transmit all sorts of data over a wireless network is an added factor in the continued emergence of Mobile Health Monitoring applications.

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Mobile phones with larger screens and media tablets offer the ideal platform for video consumption and with careful marketing and consumer education, Gartner believes that carriers and content providers would be able to drive mobile video usage in the coming years. (cont. on Page 5)



According to the Screendigest website, 20th Century Fox is planning to launch full feature length movies for Android devices to be distributed as a free complement to Blu-ray editions via sideloading. Included in that said report, BBC Worldwide, which is the commercial subsidiary of the BBC announced over 12 million application downloads on smartphones and tablets in 2010, out of which 9 million were generated from the Lonely Planet travel apps. In the 2010/2011 financial year, BBC Worldwide digital sales - including mobile - grew 8.1%. On the Mobile Video Chat side, mobile video sharing company BlipSnips recently introduced the latest version of its iPhone app, adding a whole slate of new features to its app, from sharing mobile videos on social networks, including geolocation support and the ability to tag your friends within the timeline of the video, and link comments to action while its happening. Mobile video sharing is fast becoming a crowded market, thus innovation is a key factor in getting ahead of the competition. Sources:,,,,,,

Dail� Dea� Site� an� Mobil� App� A match made in digital heaven The concept of having an online daily deals available to the masses has been such a hit, just ask Chicago-based Groupon, which is now part of a multi-billion dollar industry.


Mobile Business Acquisition on the Go

If launching your own website has seemed to play a significant part in launching your company, current market behaviour dictates that having awesome mobile applications for the iPhone and Android devices has proved to be as crucial. Take note that Daily Deal services rely on impulse buys and the ability to capture potential customers in the exact time and location of their choosing. A perfect example would be announcing happy hour through a smartphone push notification when a prospect is passing a bar. The idea of capturing your market right then and there is the goal. Groupon The company's hope of raising billions in an IPO could hinge on the success of its Groupon Now service, available as iPhone and Android applications. Groupon Now is a location-based instant gratification, and consumers in Chicago and select markets across the country are taking advantage of multiple deals near them that are offered (and expire) at different times of the day. Poggled being funded by the people behind Groupon, it was able to raise $5.6 million because of its laser focus on one particular area - drink specials! Their apps both support the iPhone and Android phones. DealRadar DealRadar is a handy app and website that broadcasts deals from several providers that are happening near you. Currently, it's only available as an iPhone app. Dealavue The developers behind Dealavue say they focus more on their mobile apps than their website. This allows them to have creative promotions like sending push notifications for cheaper cellphone options just as a customer walks into a rival store.

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