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Section Rules, Student Rights and Responsibilities Graphic Design | Media | Photo Imaging As a student in TAFE, you have the right to:     

Be treated fairly and with respect by TAFE staff and fellow students Learn in an environment free of discrimination and harassment Pursue your educational goals in a supportive and stimulating atmosphere Have access to counselling Privacy concerning TAFE Commission records or documents that contain personal information  Have ready access to assessment procedures and progressive results

By signing the enrolment form you agree to:         

Treat other students and TAFE staff with respect and fairness Not engage in plagiarism, collusion or cheating in any assessment event or examination Be punctual and regular in attendance Submit assessment events by the due date or seek approval to extend the due date Return or renew library books on time Observe normal, safe practices, e.g. wear approved clothing and protective equipment Refrain from swearing Not smoke in covered areas Take every precaution to prevent the introduction of viruses to Institute computers

Behave in a responsible manner by not:       

Littering, harassing fellow students or staff Damaging, stealing, modifying or misusing property Being under the influence of alcohol or drugs Spitting Bringing weapons onto TAFE premises Engaging in any behaviour which could offend, embarrass or threaten others Illegally copying software licensed to TAFE NSW or South Western Sydney Institute, or installing any software, including games and shareware, onto Institute computers

Our Section would like students to       

Turn off or turn to silent Mobile Phones in class Not watch Youtube or other videos not relating or in research topic No food and Drink in classrooms No adding software, add-on, games to section computers DO NOT Download movies/ music from internet Be responsible for their own equipment (label) and files. Do not copy or hand in work that is not your own

If, as a student, you fail to comply with the responsibilities, penalties may apply. For more information see 2013 student service guide at

Section Rules 13/07/2013

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