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July 2017 | Volume 44 | Number 7

More than just a chemical supplier

A sunny outlook on UVÂ protection Suppliers to partner with on CAMs compliance Innovative alternative preservation technologies




July 2017 | Volume 44 | Number 7

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Protecting the pout


Actives to protect hair and skin against oxidative stress

MatsiMela breaks the cycle of generational poverty

New extracts from Sederma target blue light irradiation



Meet the 2017 entrants


Formulating lipsticks with effective sun protection

Pure Aloe Vera now available in South Africa

New active launched to guard the circadian cycle

A look at cruelty-free sun protection trends

Novel route to protecting skin from UV-related ageing


Pump solutions for the pharmaceutical industry

The importance of advanced checkweighing systems


Multifunctional cosmetics additives from Schülke

Achieve broadspectrum protection with the Jeecide series


Labelling compliance maintained with Rotolabel

CombiLac produces robust tablets

Health supplements tap into a vein of vitality

Wrapsa is geared for CAMs manufacturing

Getting the message across legally with Pyrotec

Edelweiss Pharmaceuticals is open for business

Innovative nutraceutical products from Gnosis

The road to

improved compliance 30

41 W IE V E R g Packagin




Volum July 2017 |

e 43 | Number

7 www.pharma

The beauty of 360° labelling

43 Industry Insight

The ins and outs of biodegradability

44 Inks & Coatings

What to consider when selecting inks

46 Labelling:

Shrink Sleeves

 Keeping abreast of international technology developments

inks How to select job for your print Debunking lity biodegradabi ns misconceptio


P C Review | JULY 2017 |




Transforming the future of manufacturing


he manufacturing sector in South

in the market to develop SPF lip protection

Africa has the potential to turn

products to ensure better protection for

the tide on unemployment, yet it

this often overlooked part of the face. New

has shed half a million jobs since

ingredients and actives to defend skin from

1989 and its share of GDP has shrunk

the damaging effects of UV-related ageing

significantly. Andre De Ruyter, chairman

and the path to formulating vegan sun care

of the Manufacturing Circle and CEO of

products are also discussed.

Nampak says there is a direct correlation

Achieving compliance in the

between lagging manufacturing and job

complementary medicines (CAMs) and

losses. Despite this, he has some viable

health products industry is the topic of

solutions to transform the sector’s future.

this month’s pharmaceutical focus (page

A favourable tax rate for new investments,

30). Labelling solutions, the importance of

such as cosmetics industry start-ups, is

GMP compliance in CAMs manufacturing

one suggestion he made at the recent

and where to source traceable, quality

Manufacturing Indaba. This involves ‘tax

ingredients are among the interesting reads

holidays’ of between five and seven years

in this feature.

to stimulate new business and enable job


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creation. The Map to a Million initiative

is growing with every edition. In this month’s

is another route to transformation. It

PACKAGING REVIEW (page 41), she


is a collaborative effort between the

looks at what is driving developments in

General Manager: Dev Naidoo

Manufacturing Circle, Packaging SA, the

the speciality labelling segment of shrink

Chemicals & Allied Industries Association

sleeves. Ink selection tips and a report from

and Plastics|SA with the goal of creating one

Plastics|SA on the misconceptions

million jobs. The details of this initiative are

of biodegradable packaging

discussed in this edition on page 49.

are also published.

The entrants of the 2017 Pharmaceutical Cosmetic Review/Symrise New Product

Competition are also featured this month.

Keep warm and enjoy the read.

Turn to page 8 now to learn more about

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the brands that are putting their new


products to the test in the ‘Oscars’ of the

Aileen Lamb

cosmetics industry.


Emerging trends in the science of sun care

Bridget McCarney

are revealed on page 12. We explore a gap



Dr Trevor Baillie

Past-President, Society of Cosmetic Chemists SA

Prof Dr Aubrey Parsons


Consultant, Cosmetic Solutions

John Knowlton Professor Emeritus, Faculty of Health Sciences, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University

Prof N T (Raj) Naidoo Pharmaceutical Cosmetic Review is published by New Media Publishing 11 times a year and circulates to manufacturers, packers and distributors of pharmaceuticals, health products, cosmetics, detergents, soaps, toiletries and allied products. The journal is an up-to-date source of reference for company directors, factory and production managers, marketing executives, engineers, import agents, buyers and research personnel.

CEO of the National Association of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

Vivian Frittelli P C Review is the official journal of: CTFA - The Cosmetic, Toiletry & Frangrance Association of South Africa NAPM - The National Association of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers


| JULY 2017 | P C Review

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passion for pumps

Pharmaceutical Pump Range CIP/Hygienic Pumps Self-draining capability Purified water process pumps Suitable for high or low viscosity

Shear sensitivity liquids Abrasive fluids handling Certified pumps

Verder Pumps SA (Pty) Ltd • Tel.: +27 (0)11 704 7500 • •


A woman from MatsiMela’s supply chain who benefits from the company’s social development initiatives

BREAKING THE CYCLE OF GENERATIONAL POVERTY EMPOWERING WOMEN AND men to be economically self-sufficient is a core focus

Protecting hair and skin against UV damage

of MatsiMela Home Spa, a South African skin


members benefit, which leads the company to

concern among consumers, can cause skin

believe it is making a difference in the lives of over 100 people.

lesions, hair damage and photo ageing. UV

care brand launched in 2005. The company’s predominately women-driven team is inspiring. Its skills levy is used to ensure staff training and upliftment within their respective positions occurs regularly. According to MatsiMela, for every person the company employs, another four family

It is also highly focused on local empowerment and sources all its raw materials from South

rays are a primary cause of fine lines, wrinkles

African companies, which in turn support local farmers that produce its African Ubuntu oils

and loss of skin’s elasticity. Visible light and

and extracts. Its suppliers source oils from over 30 farmers throughout southern Africa and

infrared (IR) radiation also contribute to

surrounding islands. They work at grass roots level with the farmers to develop a sustainable,

this process.

commercially viable supply of high quality oils.

To avoid premature skin ageing, particularly from exposure to sunlight, it is advisable to enhance the natural antioxidant system of both the skin and hair. Chemyunion, represented locally by Chemgrit Cosmetics, presents two innovative solutions to protect skin and hair against oxidative stress.

Environmental and social impact are always taken into consideration, particularly where fair trade is concerned. Many of the women producers within MatsiMela’s supply chain have gained financial independence, resulting in them being able to send their children to school. MatsiMela offers functional, practical and cost-effective wellness and spa-type products for in-salon and at home use. It plans to continue to source natural ingredients from rural communities to support and grow upliftment projects within southern Africa.

Hidrahair O2 is a natural complex of Tocols and Ferulates from Oryza sativa, Glycine soja, and Elaeis guineensis. These compounds present antioxidant activity in the form of lipid protection, protecting hair against photo degradation. Colourimeter efficacy tests prove Hidrahair O2’s ability to protect hair against colour photo degradation by up to 92.3 percent and to maintain the hair surface, even after long periods of exposure to sunlight. It is indicated for conditioners, shampoos, hair tonics, gels and lotions. Melscreen Buriti FG is an oil extracted from buriti fruit (Mauritia flexuosa) pulp, which is rich in carotenoids and tocopherols. These powerful antioxidants are capable of neutralising free radicals while the fatty acids contribute to the

Sederma addresses

screen-light ageing IS OVEREXPOSURE TO the light emitted from

is huge, which is why Sederma has identified

computer and cellphone screens a new form

three plant cell culture extracts to reduce the

of pollution? Beyond the dependence, experts

damaging effects of blue irradiation on the skin.

believe blue light irradiation emitted by screens

Thanks to advanced research and testing, these

can impact our health and consequently the skin.

products have been demonstrated to protect

Consumers’ perception and their awareness

skin against the harmful effects of screen light by

of the danger of screen light are on the rise.

neutralising toxic oxidation factors and reducing

The market potential for screen light protection

the inflammatory potential in skin cells.

regeneration of the stratum corneum lipids and restructuring the protective lipid layer. In vitro efficacy tests on DNA protection (Comet Assay) have proven Melscreen Buriti FG reduces DNA fragmentation by 35 percent compared to a positive control. This shows its ability to protect DNA from UV radiation damage. It can be used in sunscreens, creams, lotions, cream-gels, body and facial oils, bar soaps and creamy body washes, and is compatible with chemical and physical UV filters.


| JULY 2017 | P C Review

The blue light emitted from screens falls in the middle of the light spectrum , between UV rays (from the sun) and infrared rays (from heat), and can have a damaging effect on the skin


DIARY 2017

ood f





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P C Review | JULY 2017 |




C os m

c al






et ic




Ph a rm


w v ie Re T I O N I



It’s competition time!




Brands are once again putting their new products to the test in the ‘Oscars’ of the cosmetics industry. Entries closed for the 2017 Pharmaceutical Cosmetic E R 2017 N AL N L WI Review (P C Review)/Symrise New Product Competition on 9 June and we’ve received 18 submissions of various ranges and individual products.


or 10 years, P C Review and Symrise – the competition

available on the South African market, an opportunity to showcase

sponsor – have been encouraging innovation in the

their stunning new products. The awards evening, which is taking

cosmetics industry with the New Product Competition. Its

place in October, has become a highlight on the industry’s

aim is to give local and international brands, which are

calendar and a must-attend event.

HERE ARE THE 2017 ENTRANTS Skoon: Retinin Resurfacing Moisturiser

Cherubs: Eco-Care makeup remover Cherubs Eco-Care makeup remover facial wipes will be put to the test in the range category. These biodegradable wipes from the trusted local baby care brand are suitable for all skin types. They are are available in the following variants: •n  ormal in packs of 24 and 60 wipes •d  ry/sensitive in packs of 24 and 60 wipes, which are dermatologically endorsed •o  ily/combination in packs of 24 and 60 wipes. The packs of 60 wipes are finished with a cliplid to prevent moisture loss, while the 24s are marketed as travel packs.

dr.dermal: Repair Balm, Total Rejuvenation Eye Cream and Texture Correction Lotion dr.dermal has launched three new offerings, entered individually. The Repair Balm is a nutritive and advanced repairing balm fortified with a wide range of powerful ingredients. The eye cream is designed to address wrinkles, dark circles and under-eye puffiness. Formulated with lactic acid and glycolic acid, the Texture Correction Lotion offers advanced exfoliation in a soothing, nourishing base.


| JULY 2017 | P C Review

Skoon has entered its Retinin Resurfacing Moisturiser. This is the skin care brand’s ‘dream cream’ for controlling blackheads and hormonal breakouts. It is formulated with IconicA (a powerful, stabilised form of vitamin A), PerfectionPeptide P3, White Willow Bark, Marula Oil and Mastic Gum to help skin return to looking healthy, balanced and clear.

RégimA: SpaZone range RégimA proudly presents the new high-tech RégimA SpaZone range of facial and body treatments for in-salon and at home use. Every product in this range is formulated with a unique new patented dynamic ingredient categorised as a ‘second skin’ active. RégimA SpaZone consists of the following products: Luminosity, Peptide, Clarifying and Anti-Ageing Masques; Face and Body Enhancing Serum; Luxury Body Enhancer; Slimming Sculpting Solution; Silhouette Contouring Complex; Neck and Breast Masque; Body Gel; Active Facial and Body Oils; and an Instant Facial Lifting Serum.

Woolworths: The Longmarket Barber Range The Longmarket Barber range by the Woolworths Good Beauty Journey incorporates a blend of specifically chosen ingredients. The formulations are designed to create high quality grooming options that cater for the needs of the contemporary South African man. The products include a shaving cream, aftershave balm, beard oil, hair and body wash, shave and body soap, hair wax, and an exfoliating face wash.

Marple Skin Care: Marple Skin Care: Marple équilibre Marple équilibre Marple Skin Care has entered its prestigious range, Marple équilibre, which is scientifically formulated for sensitive skin with African indigenous oils, Niacinamide and Vitamin B3. The range is positioned at addressing even skin tone concerns. It includes day and night creams, a body lotion, hand cream, face wash, shower gel and a toner.

NEW PRODUCT COMPETITION Placecol: Illuminé Retinol Serum Six Sensational Skincare: Six Man Six Man, by Six Sensational Skincare, is for the distinguished gentleman who takes care of himself. This range of three grooming products includes a deep cleansing shaving face wash, moisturising cream with anti-shine benefits and a beard oil – which is a best seller. The beard oil is a skin booster and beard conditioner in one due to its unique blend of sweet almond, wheatgerm and grapeseed oils that are complemented with vitamin E.

The Placecol Illuminé Retinol Serum is the newest offering in this range of award-winning professional skin care products. The serum is formulated with two key actives: Hydroxypinacolone Retinoate and Jojoba extract to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and improve skin’s texture. The retinoid active is said to be nonsensitising and more stable than retinol, while the Jojoba is soothing and non-greasy.

Schwarzkopf Professional: BC Fibre Force Bond Connector Service & BC Repair Rescue Nutri-Shield Serum

Leading international hair care brand, Schwarzkopf Professional is entering a range and one individual product. The range is its newly developed BC Fibre Force Bond Connector Service for strengthened hair. There are in-salon and at home use products in the range, including a bonding cream, connector infusion, fortifying shampoo, primer spray, sealer and a mask. The BC Repair Rescue NutriShield Serum is the individual entry. It replenishes the hair structure while protecting it against the damaging effects of UV rays and heat.

Essel: Aesthet Acne Gel Aesthet Acne Gel by Essel is an effective acne cream, which is formulated with micronised benzoyl peroxide (BPO). This ingredient is recognised for treating mild and moderate acne. Aesthet Acne Gel contains a nonirritating form of micronised BPO. This is the smallest of BPO particles (less than 10 microns) available on the market. Due to its minute particle size, the BPO penetrates pores deeply and kills bacteria quickly with less irritation. It is clinically proven to be safe and effective on sensitive skin.

Skinderm range The Skinderm range is a simple collection of effective skin health products, targeting consumers’ personal skin issues using the latest scientific know-how. All the products in this range are based on a unique skin living complex, which reactivates environmentally challenged skin. The range consists of Pure products to cleanse, Elixirs to optimise, and Daily Diet products to moisturise and hydrate the skin.

Sorbet: Man Facial Care range Sorbet has entered its new Sorbet Man Facial Care range and its Salon Skin 3-in-1 Cleansing Micellar Water. The men’s facial care range includes a two-in-one face wash scrub, shave gel, shave cream, pre-shave oil, SPF15 moisturiser and post-shave balm. The Micellar Water cleansing product is formulated with purifying micelle molecules that hydrate the skin while lifting any oil, dirt and makeup impurities, leaving the face fresh, clean and moisturised.

Zinplex Tattoo This range of three creams is aimed at protecting valuable body art. The Mild Cleanser is specially formulated to clean the newly tattooed area, effectively and gently removing surface oils and dirt. The Restoring Gel includes a unique combination of revitalising ingredients to help enhance skin’s healing process. The Zinplex Tattoo Protective Cream contains shea butter, deep moisturising materials and peptides to assist with strengthening skin’s structure.

Bellabaci: The Genies The Genies by Bellabaci is a range of six body care treatments for silky soft, cellulite free skin. Circuflow Genie helps with poor circulation, spider veins and water retention. Aches and Pains Get Lost Genie aids the body natural repair mechanism to combat pain and discomfort. Cellulite Be Gone Genie is an award-winning cellulite cream, while Stress No More Genie is formulated to enhance your wellbeing. Bye Bye Bellie Blues Genie promises total comfort for belly blues with its all natural and fast acting formulation.

P C Review | JULY 2017 |



Your trustworthy consumer care product provider Protea Chemicals, a division of Omnia Group, has a wealth of experience and a reputation for excellence in the distribution of speciality and functional chemicals in sub-Saharan Africa.


ore than just a chemical

renowned in both national and international

supplier, Protea Chemicals

markets as a leading chemicals distributor.

specialises in value-added

The enduring relationship the company has

chemical solutions, which

fostered with local and international

touch consumers’ lives on a daily basis. Quality products, supported by strong and reliable local and international suppliers, enable Protea Chemicals to be one of the leading companies in almost every sector of the chemical distribution market. Beyond personal care products


manufacturers makes it a lucrative partner for sourcing a variety of commodity and

Protea Chemicals – a reliable provider of raw materials and ingredients for consumer care products, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals – has sites in South Africa, Namibia and Kenya.

and cosmetics, the company has a presence in various industries including food and beverage chemicals,

speciality ingredients. ‘Protea Chemicals benefits from synergies in its various segments. This allows manufacturers of pharmaceutical, cosmetics and home care products to source a

comprehensive basket for all their chemical requirements to build a chassis formulation,’ comments Rossouw.

water treatment, engineering, paints and inks, textiles, plastics, rubber, chemical

Consumer Care Markets

manufacturing and formulation, petroleum

Protea Chemicals is a major supplier to several

and lubrication, packaging and paper, and

southern African consumer care market

animal feed.

segments, including baby care, decorative cosmetics, hair care, male grooming, naturals,

Protea Consumer Care Led by Leanne Rossouw, the

care product manufacturers, Protea

within Protea Chemicals has

Chemicals is recognised for the supply of

regionally focused teams covering

technically advanced emulsifiers, emollients,

personal care and health care. The Protea Chemicals brand is

| JULY 2017 | P C Review

A partner of some of the biggest personal

Consumer Care industry sector

the sub sectors of home care,


skin and body care, and sun care.

conditioning agents, rheology agents, surfactants, stabilisers, pearlising agents, humectants, speciality polymers, sterilising




Protea Chemicals is launched with the express


purpose of building

The company establishes

consecrates its position as a

a national chemical

bulk tank distribution centres

leading business in national

distribution business.

in all major regions.

and international markets.

Protea Chemicals





The Omnia Group, a JSE-listed entity,

The company forms focused


acquires Protea Chemicals. This

business units in the

is acquired by

development is instrumental in moving

speciality and bulk trading,

Malbak, a holding

the Protea Chemicals brand forward and

and industrial sectors.

company specialising in

upwards to new heights.

packaging and distribution

Under the management of Omnia, the

of products and services.

company becomes increasingly focused and directed.

The Protea Chemicals Consumer Care team

technologies aimed at significantly increasing the lifecycle of consumer products and, in turn, diminishing environmental impact.

Additional value-added services Protea Chemicals offers a variety of supplementary value-added services throughout the development chain, with raw material supply being supported by additional formulation guidelines,

The Protea Chemicals brand is renowned in both national and international markets as a leading chemicals distributor

information on industry trends and skilled technical support for the personal care, home care, and health care sectors. In terms of logistics, the company provides: • product management and logistics solutions • technical assistance and support from suppliers • fl exible supply options • application development support and assistance. For supply chains, it offers: • a full-service shipping team for inbound logistics • in-house national warehousing and distribution systems • efficient local delivery solutions.

agents, fragrances, and waxes (both natural

In addition to these comprehensive value-

and synthetic).

added services, Protea Chemicals continues to

The company is also an agent, stockist and

strive towards bringing more value to local and

distributor of a wide range of raw materials,

international markets through local manufacturing

including plant butters and oils, plant extracts,

in major hubs. This is to provide liquid blends, as

active ingredients, preservatives, sweeteners,

well as petroleum jelly and white oils. •

amino acids, vitamins and disinfectants for and on behalf of many major international producers. In collaboration with its extensive customer and agent base, Protea Chemicals actively promotes

Protea Chemicals –

P C Review | JULY 2017 |



Protecting the pout

There is a definite gap in the cosmetics industry to develop mid-market lip care sun protection products that effectively protect lips from the harmful effects of UVA and UVB rays. Abby Vorster reveals why. undetected, Visser says squamous

products and can be formulated into

cell carcinoma can metastasise,

various lip care applications.

spreading to other parts of the body


by way of the blood or lymphatic

UV filters and blends

vessels or membranous surfaces.

The Innovation Company, represented in

The Skin Cancer Foundation also reports that in the United States,

he lips are an often-overlooked

South Africa by Fourchem, is a leading supplier of pre-dispersed mineral UV filters.

site for non-melanoma skin

squamous cell carcinoma and basal cell

cancer. They are the site where

carcinoma occur most frequently in fair-

about the subject of sun

two of the most common skin

skinned males over the age

protection for the lips. He says

cancers – squamous cell carcinoma

of 50. ‘Studies have shown

there is a growing need for

and basal cell carcinoma – can occur.

that males in the United States

lip care products formulated

Dr Willie Visser, head of dermatology at

are three to 13 times more

with UV filters, particularly

Stellenbosch University and the recipient of

likely to develop lip cancers,

in Australia where non-

the 2016 L’Oréal African Hair & Skin research

likely due to occupation-

melanoma skin cancers are

grant, says: ‘Squamous cell carcinoma is

related sun exposure

the most common cancers.

particularly common on the lower lip, which

combined with greater

is more prone to sun damage than the

tobacco and alcohol use’.

upper lip. Early signs of sun damage are

Its MD, Alain Saintrond is also passionate

‘TiO2 is the best UV filter for lip care sun protection

Unfortunately, lip care

often evident on the lips of surfers, farmers

products currently on the

and labourers, who work outdoors.’

South African market, which

products and, as it is present Dr Willie Vis ser

in so many shades, it has a dual function,’ comments

are formulated with UV filters,

Saintrond. ‘Our Creasperse UV products

cancers start in squamous cells. These are

generally claim a relatively low SPF of 15.

are ready-to-use pre-dispersed mineral UV-

the thin, flat cells lining the lips and oral

‘Those with a higher SPF of 30 or more are

filters. These are compositions of nanofine

cavity called squamous cell carcinomas. If

premium and relatively expensive,’ he

TiO2 or ZnO dispersed in photo-stable lipids.

According to, most lip

Table 1: Lipstick SPF50

adds. Dr Visser recalls a

Each pre-dispersion combines two sizes of

zinc ointment, which used

nanofine TiO2 crystals.’

A: UV absorbers

50% Uvinul Easy

to be on the market. He

B: Emollients

5% Cetiol MM 3% Cetiol SB45

says this provided a good

and lip glosses, Creasperse UV dispersions

source of sun protection

C: Emulsifiers

9.5% Lameform TGI

are mainly used to provide SPF with high

for the lips. However,

UVA protection. Creasperse UVB, UVB/UVA,

E: Sensory enhancers

10% Candelilla Cera 2.5% Cera Microcristallina (Paramelt) 3.5% Polyethylene (Honeywell)

considering the demands

Broad UVB, UVA/UVB and ZN 700 offer UV

of modern consumers,

protection without interfering with colour

F: Film formers

8% Cosmedia DC

this zinc ointment may not

shading during product application. The

meet their needs in terms of

Innovation Company also offers SPF in vitro

sensory perception.

photostability and zeta potential testing free

G: Preservatives, actives, perfume

0.5% Covi-ox T90

H: Others

2% Chione HD Crisp Gold S230V 2% Chione Snowfall White S130D 2 % Chione Super Red 434Z

I: Water BASF’s Uvinul Easy provides formulators with a unique solution to produce a lipstick with SPF protection rather than developing the product from scratch


| JULY 2017 | P C Review

Fortunately, the cosmetics industry has evolved to offer formulators pre-blended

In colour care applications, like lipsticks

of charge to customers that are formulating with its Creasperse UV products. BASF’s Uvinul Easy is also ideal for use

dispersions, which are

in a lipstick formulation claiming SPF

perfect for high-SPF, non-

protection. This material is a combination of

whitening sun protection

UV filters, emollients and emulsifiers, which

SUN CARE Figure 1: Images from the Photobiology Laboratory depicting wear patterns of sunscreens and makeup after an eight-hour interval. These show the lips are an area where sun protection wears off most

is easy to formulate with and offers an SPF of between four and 50, depending on the concentration used. For example, 30 percent Uvinul Easy equals SPF 30. By simply adding water to Uvinul Easy, a fine oil-in-water emulsion is achieved. Formulators will then need to add thickeners, a film-former and pigment (among other ingredients) to create an effective sun care lipstick or lip balm (see formulation guide in Table 1). According to BASF, Uvinul Easy offers absolute photostable UVA protection with the flexibility to adjust the sensory parameters of the formulation by adding light and volatile emollients, sensory powders and fragrance.

Ensuring effective UV protection Whether or not they are formulated with


UV filters, lipsticks, lip balms or lip glosses


wear off and therefore need to be applied regularly for adequate protection. Evidence from a study on facial

CR (Canfield, USA), the research team

Their research was presented in a poster

– including Professor Beverley Summers, Lee-

at an IFSCC conference in 2014, highlighting

sunscreen wear-patterns conducted by

Ann Raaff, Lebogang Kgatuke and Marlize

the possible need to rethink facial day care

the Photobiology Laboratory points to the

Lategan – showed how the presence of

regimes. ‘Sunscreen products manifest with

vulnerability of lips (see Figure 1). Using

sunscreens on the face could be detected

a range of colours and different degrees

UV-light photography taken with a Visia-

visually with ultraviolet light.

of opacity with the UV lighting mode of the

Créations solaires®

CREASPERSE® UV DUO Two Is Better Than One » Range of ready-to-use pre-dispersed mineral UV filters developed for sun care products

» Minerals UV filters are dispersed in a synthetic or natural photostable emollient:

CREASPERSE® UV DUO AF is based on Alphaflow®, a pure, hypoallergenic and inert emollient. CREASPERSE® UV DUO VS is based on Vegetable Squalane, an entirely natural emollient. CREASPERSE® UV DUO IH is based on Isohexadecane, a soft and slightly volatile emollient.

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P C Review | JULY 2017 |


SUN CARE Visia-CR. The purpose of this study was to examine wear-patterns of facial sunscreen over the period of a routine eight-hour day in healthy female Caucasian volunteers,’ the poster reads.


consumer appeal. A woman is far more likely

When heading outdoors, most to frequently apply a consumers take great care in applying a lipstick with a ‘killer’ good sunscreen all over their bodies, yet their lips are usually overlooked. The skin colour and silky texture on the lips is much thinner and more than she would a delicate than the rest of the face and chalky paste. is therefore much more vulnerable Besides oil and to damage by UVA/UVB rays. pigment, waxes remain Source:

The study showed (among other things) that touching the

the basic component of a lipstick, according to KahlWax.

esters, which Saintrond says ‘are best suited to very dry skin areas and therefore ideal for lip care formulations’. Red lakes pigments can also be added to lipsticks as they increase UVA protection and even SPF/UVB. The Innovation Company’s Dedraflows photo-stable, ultra-soft emollients can enhance the spreadabilty of a lipstick while offering a wide range of sensorial perceptions. It also offers an ISO 16128 photo-stable

face around the mouth, eyes and nose

The company’s high quality waxes,

emollient range, which is ideal for use in SPF

increased sunscreen loss. In addition, skin

which are available locally from

lip balms.

areas that are most vulnerable to actinic

Savannah Fine Chemicals, are ideal

damage, being the upper lip, brows,

for lipstick formulations. These include

lip balms claiming an SPF must be tested

nose and wrinkles, are precisely the areas

sunflower seed wax (Kahlwax 6607L)

according to SANS 1557/IAO24444 or 24443

where product wear was most notable.

and carnauba wax, which is sold in

for UVA claims. •

The Photobiology Laboratory’s team

two variations: organic carnauba wax

could conclude that, for effective UV

(Kahlwax 6642) and a high quality

protection and when sun exposure

standard carnauba (Kahlwax 2442L).

is likely, sunscreens must be carefully

Martina Heldermann, technical

applied and re-applied at regular

director at Kahlwax, says: ‘Due to its

intervals throughout the day.

chemical composition, carnauba wax is easy to emulsify, hardens stick

Ingredients to aid innovation So, it’s important to develop a sun protection lipstick or lip gloss with strong


| JULY 2017 | P C Review

Like all sunscreen products, lipsticks or

preparations and imparts gloss.’ The Innovation Company recently launched a new range of sterol wax

BASF – Fourchem – Kahlwax – Photobiology Laboratory – Savannah Fine Chemicals – The Innovation Company –


Nature’s remedy for optimal skin health Pure Aloe Vera for skin and sun care applications is now available in South Africa. Terry Laboratories, represented locally by CIM Chemicals, shares reasons why its raw material is industry leading.


erry Laboratories has been

hour window is the only way to ensure

leading the Aloe Vera industry

the product is preserved at its peak.

by Organogenisis, IVA and IITRI, Terry

for more than 35 years. The

The company maintains it is the only

Laboratories’ Aloe Vera gel proved

company began with a simple

Aloe concentrate manufacturer with

to be non-toxic to basal keratinocyte

this capability.

growth. In addition, the Aloe Vera gel

vision to produce the highest quality

proved to accelerate basal keratinocyte

Aloe Vera on the market. Today, it continues to lead the way in innovation with its NaturLock and Cryo dry processing methods. These methods not only help to protect the Aloe Vera, but are said to also make it more biologically active than other Aloe Vera products on the market.

In all three cases of in vitro research


Guaranteed quality and consistency Terry Laboratories products are produced from

Aloe Vera in its purest form is said to ‘works wonders for sun damaged species. Its 10X skin’. Aloe juice has proven effective gels contain more in removing harmful toxins associated polysaccharides above with sun damage. It’s also a super 150 000 Daltons and moisturiser, which helps prevent its polysaccharide 200X wrinkle formation. Source: powder is 60 percent more

Aloe Vera is a natural substance that contains an

that the higher the concentration of Aloe Vera gel, the larger the increase in basal keratinocyte regeneration.

the Aloe barbadensis

active than the competition. These claims are based on

estimated 200 biologically active

tests backed by the International Aloe

molecules. Together, these active

Science Council.

substances perform as an ‘orchestra’

regeneration. The research indicates

Good for sun care products On 24 May, Terry Laboratories received GMP certification for its Aloe Vera liquid concentrates, powders and oil emulsions. The company’s Aloe Moist gel product is ideal for use in after sun and sunscreen products. The gel soaks easily into skin to increase its moisture. Its Shealoe, a combination of Aloe Vera and Shea Butter whipped together in

‘We’re producing the purest Aloe

equivalent quantities, can be used as a

with their biological activities

Vera raw material on the market,’ says a

finished product or incorporated into skin

complementing one another’s individual

representative from Terry Laboratories.

moisturisers, creams, and most topical skin

therapeutic value. This biological activity

‘We continually invest in our production

care products. •

degrades rapidly after harvest unless

and manufacturing processes so we’re

the Aloe is stabilised within two hours.

able to guarantee quality and maintain

According to Terry Laboratories,

consistency. We are confident you won’t

processing Aloe within this critical two-

find anything even close to it.’

CIM Chemicals – Terry Laboratories –

National Chemical raw material suppliers for the personal care, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries

Brad: 060 583 5324

P C Review | JULY 2017 |




the circadian cycle guardian Working together, BioSpectrum and Clariant have determined how to effectively combine powerful berry extracts to address the damaging effects of excessive UVB exposure. The result is a cocktail-like ingredient, Varrier, which acts as a guardian of the circadian cycle.


ccording to the World

Strong growth in sunscreens

lasting protection during sport and

Health Organization (WHO),

Concerns surrounding the damaging

water activities. As a result, ingredient

small amounts of ultraviolet

effects of UV exposure are driving growth

producers are innovating to develop

radiation are beneficial to

in the global sunscreen

humans and essential in the production

ingredients market.

of vitamin D. UV radiation is also used

Euromonitor International

to treat several diseases, including

projects the market will

psoriasis, eczema, jaundice and

grow by one third to reach

rickets, but the WHO stresses this type

40 000t by 2020.

of treatment must take place under

These days, consumers

careful medical supervision due to the

using sunscreens seek

significant risks linked to excessive UV

protection against all

radiation exposure.

types of environmental

‘Prolonged human exposure to solar

aggressors, including UV

UV radiation may result in acute and

radiation, pollution, infrared

chronic health effects on skin, eyes

and blue light. This requires

and the immune system,’ the WHO

products to be formulated

notes. While sunburn is the best-known

with a higher sun protection

acute effect of this type of exposure,

factor (SPF), which usually

long-term UV radiation is also known

implies the use of more UV

to ‘induce degenerative changes

filters, antioxidants to act

in skin’s cells, fibrous tissue and

as free-radical scavengers,

blood vessels leading to premature

botanical extracts, and film-

skin ageing, photodermatoses and

forming polymers to protect

actinic keratoses’.

the skin. Consumers’ sensory

Varrier has an incredible antiwrinkle effect after only two weeks of use, and an even better effect after four weeks

demands also need to Figures 1, 2 & 3: Protection of skin circadian rhythm from low-dose UVB - mPer2


| JULY 2017 | P C Review

new, synthetic polymers as well as lighter emollients. Clariant International – in conjunction with its South Korean partner, BioSpectrum – is at the forefront of these developments. In May 2016, Clariant completed a strategic investment in BioSpectrum, which develops and supplies natural active ingredients. The chemists, scientists and researchers at this company recognise the benefits of modest amounts of UV radiation. They also fully comprehend the potential negative effects of too much UV exposure. UV radiation from the sun is a key enemy of the skin.

be met. They want non-sticky, lighter

Excessive exposure can cause skin cells

sunscreen textures that offer longer-

to die, prompting the release of some

SUN CARE cytokines, which in turn can trigger skin irritation. Another, lesser-known result of overexposure is

more than 1 800 plant

the circadian cycle and aggressions

species have been

related to UVB light rays.

formed from volcanic

Positive test results

eruption. To help

the deregulation of skin’s

address issues related to UV

Clinical trials have shown Varrier has an

circadian cycle.

exposure, the family owned

incredible anti-wrinkle effect after only

business developed Varrier,

two weeks of use, and an even better

Disrupting the body clock Humans have a biological clock of about 24 hours, informing us when to sleep and wake up. Circadian rhythm is regulated by gene expression. Morning genes

a unique ingredient

effect after four weeks.

made up of four natural berry extracts. Fragaria chiloensis

UVB rays. IL-6 cytokine synthesis has

(strawberry) has an acidic nature

been measured to confirm the anti-

that enables the removal of

irritation potential of Varrier, as well

excess sebum in the skin. Strawberries are also a source of vitamin C and

and Cry – increase during

contain dietary fibre.

heterodimer with Cry and acts to inhibit Clock/Bmal. Evening genes Clock/Bmal complex activate Per/Cry during light phases.

vulgaris (barberry) has bacterial and anti-

to the nucleus during dark phases and

Barberries are largely

inhibits Clock/ B mal.

used in homeopathy

it is day or night, which helps skin

effective results. Varrier was tested to evaluate the potential

UVA is ultraviolet radiation between 400 and 320nm wavelength; UVB is between 320 and 290nm wavelength. This means the shorter the wavelength, the higher the energy of radiation.

anti-fungal, antiinflammatory properties.

controller, works to tell skin whether

skin damage. Both showed highly



Thereafter, Per/Cry complex translocates

The circadian cycle, or internal clock

as its antioxidant properties, to assess how well the product prevented further

– expression levels of Per daytime activity. Per forms a

The ingredient also has the potential to prevent skin cell death caused by

and help to improve the body’s immunity.

for cells to express both mPer2 (morning gene), and Bmal1 (evening gene) – both of which are produced in a normal circadian cycle. When disruption occurs, either or both mPer2 and

Morus nigra (mulberry) has

Bmal1 are not expressed, which

understand what to do at certain times,

powerful properties, including skin

leads to accelerated skin ageing. UV

such as synthesise molecules. When

whitening, anti-oxidation, anti-

exposure was shown to deregulate this

disrupted by UV light, the circadian

ageing, anti-wrinkle and immunity

natural cycle. By combining UV and

rhythm is deregulated and genes are

improvement. Mulberries are rich in

Varrier, both mPer2 and Bmal1 showed

no longer well-expressed, making skin

nutrients such as anthocyanin, K+,

significant improvement and skin

much more vulnerable and prone to

Ca2+ and vitamin C. They also contain

ageing decelerated.

accelerated ageing.

a vast number of anthocyanins – 22

Berry extracts play key role BioSpectrum derives most of its

When used in conjunction with

times more than grapes and 10 times

low-dose UVB, tests showed Varrier

more than black beans.

improves the expression of mPer2 linked

Lycium chinense (goji berry) has 22

to the circadian cycle. In fact, the

specialised ingredients from natural

minerals and 11 amino acids, and is

level of expression recovers to its initial

products and extracts of exotic Asian

rich in antioxidants. These berries are

state before UV treatment (see Figures

plants, particularly those native to the

also an excellent source of vitamins

1, 2 and 3). The circadian cycle is

Jeju Island in South Korea. This is where

B1, B2, B6 and E; natural plant-based

equalised and returns to a normal level

protein and

of expression. The result is a decrease

iron; and beta

in premature skin ageing.

carotene. They

A total of 31 female volunteers

stimulate the

aged 51 (+/-4 to 6 years), participated

release of the

in a clinical study in South Korea.


These subjects applied a treatment

human growth

containing two percent Varrier on their


faces, daily for four weeks. Researchers

are used to

then used a 3D skin-imaging system

treat skin

to visually assess crows’ feet on


the subjects’ faces. All the wrinkle

and help

parameters decreased by about six


percent after just two weeks of use, and


by about 10 percent after four weeks. •

These fruit extracts play a role in controlling

Clariant – activeingredients

P C Review | JULY 2017 |



Beyond green to


The demand is growing for cruelty-free brands that nourish and protect the skin. Pharmaceutical Cosmetic Review finds out more about the ins and outs of vegan beauty and sun care.


ith the vegan diet

and witnessing cruelty to animals was

what I wanted. DHA is derived from sugar

becoming mainstream,

my trigger.’

cane and sticky. We needed to ensure

consumers are also

the product dried quickly enough for a

Balancing natural and synthetic

pleasant tanning experience but not too

into their fashion and beauty choices. The

The Tan Lab sunless tanning range is

quickly that colour longevity was affected.

crux with vegan beauty is not only cruelty-

formulated with both synthetic and

To balance this and the ultimate colour

free but also that formulations must be

Ecocert approved natural ingredients.

need, we used as many Ecocert approved

free from animal-derived ingredients such

The latter requires that a minimum of 50

ingredients as possible.’

as waxes, fats, oils, keratin and collagen.

percent of all plant-based ingredients in

incorporating this principle

the formulation and a minimum of five

Gorgeous and cruelty-free

scientist, says vegan skin care and natural

percent of all ingredients, by weight, must

Optiphi’s Protect the Canvas SPF30 is the

skin care are two different things. ‘You’ll

come from organic farming.

professional skin care brand’s vegan sun

Leandri van der Wat, optiphi’s R&D

find that most natural skin care ranges

The synthetic ingredients include

care offering. ‘You don’t get animal

are vegan friendly because they are

active tanning ingredients DHA and

derived sun-filters that are approved

formulated with plant-based ingredients.

Erythrulose, as well as Lactic Acid

for use – they are all synthetic,’

However, natural doesn’t always mean

for its mild exfoliation properties.

comments Van der Wat. ‘As a result,

vegan, because natural products often

The certified natural ingredients

the quest for vegan sunscreens

contain beeswax-derived emulsifiers

are Ecocert approved Pentavitin,

is to ensure the base formula is

or waxes.’

which delivers instant and deep

vegan friendly. So, we opted for

Shannon Mathie from The Tan Lab

hydration, and Ecocert approved

synthetic and natural (plant-based)

followed both the vegan and natural

Caprylic Triglyceride to repair skin

ingredients in this formulation.’

approach to develop her range of

and prevent moisture loss. Spirulina

sunless tanning products. ‘Creating

– a micro-algae extract – is also

consumer group, Mathie says

a brand using ingredients that are

included for its antioxidant benefits.

they are powerful when united. As

Mathie says she initially set out

consumer awareness grows, so too

not tested on animals was a personal

While vegans may be a minority

requirement of mine from the outset. I run

to develop a range that was 100

will the need for quality cosmetics

an outreach programme in Mozambique,

percent Ecocert approved. ‘But I

that meet the needs of the cruelty-

sterilising and treating animals in need

found the end result was not exactly

free beauty movement. •


| JULY 2017 | P C Review


Stopping the clock

with Micah chemistry

A new chemistry based on fused-ring cyanoacrylates promises a novel breakthrough in anti-ageing science and product development. Hallstar, represented locally by Millchem, reveals more about this fresh path to skin protection in UV-related ageing.


ROS) and free radicals. The light-induced ROS and free radicals lead to oxidative stress, wreaking havoc on proteins, lipids and DNA,

used-ring cyanoacrylates chemistry

and causing negative changes in skin’s structure,

(commercially known as Project Micah), offers

function and appearance.

a novel path to skin protection. To appreciate the new chemistry’s potential, it’s important to

While antioxidants may ‘hunt’ the ROS before damage occurs and active ingredients may

understand UV photoreaction. Sun exposure is hardly

counteract gene expression, transcription and

the only factor that causes accelerated and long-

translation, their effects are limited and variable.

term skin ageing. Diet, exercise, genetics, stress and lifestyle factors such as smoking all play an important

Next generation chemistry

role in skin’s ability to remain elastic, even toned and

The fused-ring cyanoacrylates family of chemical

relatively free of wrinkles and fine lines. However, it

compounds offers a highly promising, entirely new

is well documented and universally accepted that

paradigm within anti-ageing chemistry. This platform

the most damaging factor is longer UV wavelengths,

eliminates one of the key causes of UV-related ageing

which cause burns, mutations, skin cancer and

by preventing the formation of damaging light-

premature skin ageing.

induced ROS and free radicals.

Direct and molecular damage

example endogenous poryphyrins, the chemistry

Amino acids, lipids and other endogenous

stabilises and balances energy conditions within skin,

substances in skin are poor absorbers of radiation

which includes the potential to stabilise skin’s own

above 290nm and the vast majority of UV photons

retinol. The fused-ring cyanoacrylates quench the

are directly absorbed by DNA and RNA. Absorption

excited photosensitisers by accepting energy transfer.

by these molecules causes single-strand breaks

The quenching then returns the photosensitiser to

or ‘nicks’ in the DNA, which is an attempt by the

ground state, eliminating the possibility that a singlet

body’s repair system to excise DNA and remove

oxygen molecule and subsequent ROS and free

pyrimidine dimers (pre-mutagenic lesions) caused

radicals will be generated. No structural or functional

by the photochemical reaction. This process in

changes occur within the extracellular matrix. In

turn activates enzymes that result in cell death and

this scenario, UV-induced skin ageing is not only

inflammation, and ultimately the degradation of

prevented or repaired, but also does not occur at all.

By acting directly on skin’s photosensitisers, for

skin’s appearance. At a molecular level, endogenous chromophore

‘With this chemistry, the energy among the complex of molecules is changed, and there is no

molecules (melanin, porphyrin and riboflavin)

way the porphyria will transfer the energy to produce

absorb UV photons and enter an excited state. At this

singlet oxygen,’ says Paolo Giacomoni (PhD),

singlet excited state, these skin photosensitisers must

biochemist, atomic physicist and former director

transfer the charge or energy to oxygen or substrate,

of research at both Estée Lauder and L’Oréal. ‘This

causing harmful reactive oxygen species (1O2, or

is important and unique – for a molecule not to

It’s about you, naturally We care about nature, that’s why 90% of our products are based on renewable sources

We ensure our products are safe for you to use We deliver on our products’ promised performance Evonik Africa (Pty) Ltd IBG Business Park, Midrand, South Africa t +27 11 697 0724 |


| JULY 2017 | P C Review

SUN CARE quench but rather hinder singlet oxygen – is a longawaited breakthrough.’

‘The fused-ring cyanoacrylates do not seem to generate the same harmful side effects as other chemistries and

Efficacy and implications

products,’ comments Giacomoni. ‘The

In early testing with blind-analysis, the fused-ring

energy must still be dispersed, but it is

cyanoacrylates chemistry platform prevented 93

done through typical channels in ways

percent of light-induced ROS and free radicals from

that do not generate free radicals.’

forming in UVA-irradiated ex vivo porcine skin1. Porcine

Fused-ring cyanoacrylates chemistry

skin was selected for the test as it closely mimics

has the potential to redefine how

the physiology of human skin. Additional testing is

the public and cosmetics industry

underway to determine whether the chemistry also

understand and experience UV-

produces significant improvement in collagen and

induced ageing.

elastin protection. Based on a blind market research survey

As fused-ring cyanoacrylates chemistry continues to be tested, it will

78 percent of scientists and dermatologists agree there is a need to prevent oxidative stress more effectively in the UVA region 

conducted by the Gerson Lehrman Group,

be up to beauty and personal care

industry response to the chemistry’s potential has

companies to create a new anti-ageing

been strong:

story that captures the chemistry’s

•7  8 percent of scientists and dermatologists agree

true potential and differentiates it from traditional

there is a need to prevent oxidative stress more

prevention products. •

effectively in the UVA region • 88 percent agree there is a need for new topical antioxidants2. The chemistry has also been proven safe based on Hallstar’s early testing. The fused-ring cyanoacrylates are negative in Ames, HRIPT and HET-CAM tests, and longer-term clinical trials are expected to provide even more safety data.

REFERENCES: 1. Gematria Test Lab. Berlin, Germany 2. E xcerpt from blind market research survey conducted by Gerson Lehrman Group. Project Micah– Phase 1 Interim Update. Hallstar. (2014). Chicago, IL.

Hallstar – Millchem –

P C Review | JULY 2017 |



Pump solutions

for pharma applications

Verder Pumps South Africa (Verder SA), a supplier of pumps solutions, emphasises the importance of the standard peristaltic pump for the pharmaceutical industry.


production line. These systems are based on the Cleaning-in-Place (CIP) principle. This is an automatic concept that occurs without having to open or dismantle process equipment such as

erder International has proven

casings meet the Ingress Protection 66

tanks, pipes, heat exchangers and filling

success in the pharmaceutical

standard, which makes them ideal for

and mixing machines. The fixed CIP

industry, which has led to Verder

high pressure wash-down environments.

system contains several tanks in which

SA confidently entering the local

In aseptic pumping conditions, the

the cleaning liquids are brought to the

market. The company consists of Verder

peristaltic pumps are also ideal, as the

correct temperature and concentration.

Pumps and Verder Scientific, both well

sterilisable tube is the only contact part.

The system is permanently attached

known in the pharmaceutical industry, with

The pumps minimise process validation

to the process line and can clean

the latter being represented by Monitor and

needs, ensure total containment

Control Laboratories in South Africa.

of fluids and the isolation of

The pump manufacturing company, Verder Pumps distributes Verderflex’s

active cultures. The Vantage 5000

Vantage 3000 and Vantage 5000 ranges of

pump has touch screen

standard peristaltic tube pumps, which offer

technology and an

precision pumping and dispensing solutions

intuitive operating system,

for pharmaceutical manufacturing, as well

which is easy to use and

as the well-known hygienic pump brand,

offers the operator a user-

Packo Pumps. Elaine van der Westhuizen, Verder SA’s

multiple installations.


Verder Pumps will be showcasing its pharmaceutical solutions at Lab Africa – taking place from 15 to 17 August at the Ticketpro Dome in North Riding, Johannesburg.

friendly menu structured with visible colour-coded on-screen

marketing manager, notes the Packo Pumps

status alerts and alarm indicators. The

meet the industry’s stringent hygienic

Vantage 3000 is a smaller unit, which

requirements with specialised casting to

provides for lesser flow rates.

avoid leaks and cross contamination. ‘Our

The CIP Packo pump offers a hygienic pumping solution,

Verderflex recently installed a

designed to adhere to the strictest standards to reduce contamination risk. The CIP pump range can increase productivity as it can be cleaned faster, offers a longer installation lifespan

and lesser standstills. It is also easy to move, connect and operate.

Focus on efficiency The Verderair diaphragm pumps are the

pumps solve all the challenges that come

Vantage 3000 dispensing tube pump

best solution for applications that require

with high or low viscosity, shear sensitivity

at Alliance Technical Laboratories (ATL)

more than fluid transfer. The complete

liquids and abrasive fluids. They are

in Suffolk, England. At ATL, hygienic

range of Verderair, Verderair Pure and

versatile, automatic units with sophisticated

bags are filled with a sterile media for

Verderair hi-clean air operated double

dosing programmes.’

meat and other food packaging. The

diaphragm pumps are the most efficient

company must regularly and accurately

pumps of their kind on the market.

The applications are ideal for small-scale production and can be remotely operated by external sensors for feedback control.

Pumping liquids and dosing chemicals

dispense chemicals and other fluids.

‘Verder Pumps SA offers the

Previously, this was a labour-intensive

best cleaning and self-draining

manual task and prone to human error.

capability across its range of pumping solutions products,’ Van der

The Verderflex dosing pumps have a quick

Automatic cleaning and hygiene solutions

tube changeover, which is useful when

Packo Pumps, a brand represented

dispensing a range of different chemicals

by Verder Pumps, designs and builds

or dosing different batch sizes. The pumps’

cleaning systems for the complete


| JULY 2017 | P C Review

Westhuizen concludes. •

Verder Pumps South Africa –


Checkweigher plus metal detector– double safety! Go for double safety: the GARVENS metal detector and checkweigher combination checks whether products are “on-weight” and free of metal contamination in one process. The advantages are obvious: central article data editing at the weighing terminal of the checkweigher quick and easy article changeover rejection of off-weight and metal-contaminated products Hygienic and compact design


Johannesburg: Tel: (011) 553-2300 • Cape Town: Tel: (021) 914-0393 Durban: Tel: (031) 701-4705/6 • Port Elizabeth: Tel: (041) 365-5168 e-mail:


The balance between

precision and productivity Markus Schade

from MettlerToledo Garvens provides insight into advanced checkweighing systems and the important role they play in measuring overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) in manufacturing environments.


ynamic checkweighers on packaging

traced and documented over time. So, OEE can

lines have long been standard

deliver valuable efficiency information, which helps

quality control instruments in the

manufacturers identify areas for improvement.

pharmaceutical and food industries.

When connected to other line components and the

Checkweighers and OEE

company’s data monitoring network, they not only

Advanced checkweighing systems play an

simplify quality management processes, but also

important role in measuring OEE. By measuring the

become valuable tools for increasing OEE.

weight of each pack, dynamic checkweighers can

Using OEE to assess production lines is a well-

monitor at high speed the fill levels of every product

established performance evaluation method for pharmaceutical manufacturers. Developed as part of the total productive maintenance concept,

on the line. This can be used to monitor over


time the performance of a line’s filling systems, to help manufacturers take corrective action if products

Mettler-Toledo supplies product are being continually under or inspection solutions for the performance and quality of a overfilled. They even provide pharmaceutical and food industries. production line and summarises complete operating data Within this multi national company, the it as a single key performance recording with statistics, counter four business units: checkweighing; indicator (KPI). This allows the figures, diagnostic messages, metal detection; x-ray and vision outcomes of changes to the error messages and alarms, inspection form the product inspection division of production line – like availability, and Organisation for Machine Mettler-Toledo. performance and quality – to be easily Automation and Control, or OMAC, OEE takes the availability,

machine status. This information can help A checkweighing system from Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection installed on a packaging line

manufacturers monitor the condition of their lines. With these benefits in mind, the concept of checkweighing systems connected to a networked data monitoring system feeds comfortably into Industry 4.0. This is the global manufacturing megatrend, which sees smart technology increasingly being incorporated into production lines to enhance efficiency. Yet many manufacturers still don’t have the tools and systems in place to support data monitoring connectivity of this nature, relying instead on traditional methods such as paper and USB sticks. Adhering to these more traditional methods has its disadvantages. They are time and team-intensive and prone to human error. In worst case scenarios, they can even increase the risk of violating documentation and due diligence requirements.

Achieving basic connectivity Taking the disadvantages of traditional data monitoring into account, it is imperative manufacturers do all they can to take the initial step towards connectivity, which can be done by implementing an automated documentation process on production lines. Such processes allow line operators to access and monitor data from their systems in real time and even from remote locations. Ensuring the checkweighers installed on the line have


| JULY 2017 | P C Review

PROCESS & MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGY universally compatible interface connections (such as RS-232 or CL20, or fieldbus interfaces, like DeviceNet or Profibus) can help streamline this connectivity process, as they can enable the systems to communicate with others in the network. There are checkweighers on the market that can be connected via OPC UA and DA. These allow for easy and secure data exchange with the central monitoring system at SCADA, MES, or ERP level. Checkweighing systems that support established industry standards like PackML, such as those provided by Mettler-Toledo Garvens, can be easily networked with other checkweighers, as well as with other systems on the production line. These systems are available in South Africa from Microsep.

A dynamic checkweighing system in pharma manufacturing is standard in quality control

The concept of checkweighing systems connected to a networked data monitoring system feeds comfortably into Industry 4.0

Taking things further Once the checkweigher is connected to the


company’s IT network, additional integration

for preventative and

steps can be made to connect it to a master line

predictive actions. For

control or ERP system. Software solutions, such

example, automated

as Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection’s ProdX

notifications on the

data management software (also distributed by

performance of

Microsep), can be used to connect checkweighers

individual machine

together for improved data monitoring efficiency.


This allows other product inspection equipment,

helps operators identify which parts are

such as metal detectors, x-ray and vision inspection

worn and need replacing during scheduled

systems, to be incorporated into the network. The KPI

maintenance, which assists in minimising the risk of

information from the line’s entire product inspection

unscheduled downtime.

system, including product rejections and changes

Checkweighers installed on packaging lines

can be collated and stored in one place for

with functions like feedback control also facilitate

future analysis.

increasingly intensive interaction with production

ProdX can be used to connect Mettler-Toledo

systems installed upstream. For example, if

Garvens’ checkweighers to systems from other

checkweighers register a consistent tendency to

manufacturers via ERP solutions such as SAP

overfill or underfill products, they can automatically

and Oracle, or other middleware solutions. This

transmit a signal to the respective filling system to

enables data transfer from the production line

adjust portion sizes. This remedial action can help

for manufacturers to analyse in a single, central

minimise product waste and the likelihood of product

location. Using this approach to data management

rejects in future.

not only simplifies the performance monitoring process for manufacturers, but also helps guarantee

Optimising line performance

due diligence by storing verification documentation

By providing additional OEE data, checkweighers do

in one place.

much more than deliver quality control at the end

Through networking checkweighers and other

of a line. They can play an active role in controlling

product inspection systems, manufacturers can

and correcting upstream ongoing production

change configurations and settings from a single,

and supporting manufacturers to enhance the

central user interface, rather than having to make

performance and efficiency of their production lines.

changes separately. Machine operators can also

Checkweighers also assist manufacturers in

transfer centrally stored product KPIs and thresholds

delivering on their promise to provide customers

easily to all production facilities and connected

with the high-quality products they expect,

systems. This can speed up product changeovers

while minimising operating costs and protecting

significantly and minimise downtime, ultimately

profit margins. •

boosting productivity. Proactive device management optimises equipment availability by providing operators with

Microsep –

ABOUT Markus Schade is the head of Market Management SBU Checkweighing at Mettler-Toledo Garvens, based in Germany. He has more than 17 years’ experience in automation and control engineering for industrial systems. Schade also has professional experience in electrical design and automation and holds a degree in electrical engineering.

P C Review | JULY 2017 |




Total germ count is approximately 108 to 109cfu/

products and people Ongoing discussions about traditional preservative actives are driving interest in novel ways to keep cosmetics microbiologically stable. Schülke & Mayr’s (Schülke) Sensiva PA and Sensiva SC lines of multifunctional cosmetics additives help maintain microbiological stability and can be sourced in South Africa from Savannah Fine Chemicals.


ormulators are looking for new

combination with various

ways to keep their products

traditional preservatives,

microbiologically stable, such as

such as Phenoxyethanol,

modifying the pH value or water

MIT and Phenethyl

activity of a formulation, using chelating

Alcohol – boosting their

agents or multifunctional materials,

antimicrobial properties.

as well as opting for more protective

106cfu/ml per test organism in the sample. Experience has shown that a product without growth of microorganisms after six

microbiologically stable for 30 months.

Traditional preservative booster Developed in response to the need to reduce the amount of traditional preservatives in a cosmetics formulation, Schülke introduced Sensiva SC 10, which is based on two multifunctional components. These

Schülke is one of the are Caprylyl Glycol pioneers of modern hygiene and Ethylhexylglycerin. and preservation with 125 years’ Sensiva SC 10’s unique experience in these respective properties make it suitable fields. The company develops, for use in a wide range produces and sells over 220 products in more than of cosmetics applications. 80 countries. It combines the excellent

reduction tests and

Sensiva PA 20 is a multifunctional

count of approximately

inoculation cycles can be considered


Germ count

packaging options.

ml, which equates to a germ

preservative challenge

cosmetics ingredient consisting of Phenethyl

tests have shown Sensiva PA

Alcohol and Ethylhexylglycerin. It combines

20 can inhibit the growth of Candida

properties of Ethylhexylglycerin with the

the excellent skin care and deodorising

albicans, Pseudomonas aeruginosa,

moisturising and antimicrobial benefits of

properties of Ethylhexylglycerin with the

Staphylococcus aureus and Aspergillus

Caprylyl Glycol.

antimicrobial properties of Phenethyl Alcohol.

niger, contributing to a formulation’s

The latter is a nature-identical fragrance

antimicrobial stability.

ingredient, which is effective against typical

skin care and deodorising

It can either be used to contribute to a formulation’s antimicrobial stability

Using the Schülke KoKo test method, a

or to improve the efficacy of traditional

germs found in cosmetics formulations.

mixture of bacteria, yeast and mould is

preservatives, such as parabens

Ethylhexylglycerin is a well known booster

inoculated six times, once a week, into

or Phenoxyethanol.

by Schülke, which continues to hold the

the test material with the goal of keeping

Germ count reduction tests on

patent for the use of Ethylhexylglycerin in

the test material germ-free for this period.

Methylparaben in combination with

Figure 1&2: Sensiva PA 20 can contribute to the microbiological stability of a cosmetics formulation, inhibiting the growth of Staphylococcus aureus and Aspergillus niger

Aspergillus niger

Staphylococcus aureus

ATCC-No. 16404

ATCC-No. 6538





10 104

105 104

cfu / ml

cfu / ml


103 102 10 1

1 0



24 h

48 h

blank value 0.1 % ethylhexylglycerin 0.9 % phenethyl alcohol 1.0 % sensiva® PA 20


103 102 10

| JULY 2017 | P C Review

72 h

168 h




24 h

48 h

blank value 0.1 % ethylhexylglycerin 0.9 % phenethyl alcohol 1.0 % sensiva® PA 20

72 h

168 h

PRESERVATIVES Sensiva SC 10 in O/W emulsions have

stage of product development. Besides

multiplication of odour-causing bacteria.

proven Sensiva SC 10 can enhance

their main benefits, multifunctional

It also boosts the efficacy of traditional

traditional preservative actives. Test

cosmetic ingredients such as glycols,

preservatives and acts as an anti-microbial

organisms included Aspergillus niger,

fatty esters or fragrances have a certain

stabiliser when used in combination with

Candida albicans, Staphylococcus

antimicrobial efficacy and are growing in

other cosmetics ingredients.

aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and

popularity as a result.

Escherichia coli.

The combination of Sensiva SC

One example is Sensiva SC 50 – a

50 with either Phenoxyethanol or

globally approved, versatile and

Methylisothiazolinone is protected by

Versatile multifunctional additive

multifunctional additive, which is

Schülke patents. •

These days, preservation or microbiological

As an emollient, it improves skin feel

stability should be considered at an early

and reliably inhibits the growth and

also an effective deodorant active.

Savannah Fine Chemicals – Schülke & Mayr –

Figure 3&4: The antimicrobial efficacy of Methylparaben is accelerated by Sensiva SC 10.

cfu / ml 107 106 105 104 103 102 101 0 0

Candida albicans



24 h

48 h

72 h

Escherichia coli

cfu / ml

168 h

107 106 105 104 103 102 101 0




24 h

48 h

72 h

168 h

P C Review | JULY 2017 |



Safer, broadspectrum protection Jeen’s Jeecide series of preservative ingredients was developed in response to the demand for alternatives to parabens, formaldehyde-donors and phenoxyethanol. Jeecide AA and Jeecide AA Plus are available in South Africa from Chemsystems.


he Jeecide series consists of two globally

certified formulations due to the wide acceptance of

approved broadspectrum preservatives,

the three components of which it is comprised.

which are suitable for use in a range of applications from cleansing and body care

products to skin care formulations. Jeecide AA is an easy-to-use liquid blend of Benzyl

of Benzyl Alcohol, Benzoic Acid and Sorbic Acid. The balanced ratio creates synergistic improved

Alcohol, Benzoic Acid and Sorbic Acid formulated in

performance as a preservative blend across a wider

balance to meet the preservation needs of various

pH range than typical limited acidic systems.

personal care products. These include shampoos, Figure 1: Jeecide AA tested in a formulation at pH five with positive results

This liquid blend can function across an enhanced pH spectrum versus the individual capabilities

Jeecide AA functions as a broadspectrum anti-

conditioners, skin care serums and most creams and

microbial agent by utilising the Benzyl Alcohol as a

lotions. It is particularly useful in natural and organic

bactericide in controlling gram-positive and gramnegative bacteria. The balanced Benzoic Acid and Sorbic Acid work at controlling and suppressing the growth of bacterial organisms as well as moulds and yeasts. All components of Jeecide AA are widely used preservation agents, which are accepted and endorsed in most natural and organic products and programmes. The blend has carefully balanced ratios, which optimise performance and create additional synergies for improved function on a wider pH spectrum.

Solution for challenging applications Jeecide AA Plus is an enhanced, easy-to-use liquid blend of Benzyl Alcohol, Benzoic Acid and Sorbic Acid formulated with Pentylene Glycol to create a synergistic, balanced preservative composite for personal care products. As a carefully balanced blend, Jeecide AA Plus delivers powerful protection with equally strong results as Jeecide AA, yet it uses a lower threshold of Benzyl Alcohol, and Benzoic and Sorbic acids.


| JULY 2017 | P C Review

PRESERVATIVES This powerful composite can therefore be used at a higher percentage in formulations while remaining at or below the maximum acceptable limit for

Figure 2: Jeecide AA Plus tested in a formulation at pH five with positive results

preservatives in more challenging applications, or for more challenging preservation needs. The blend utilises USP/NF grades of Benzyl Alcohol, Benzoic Acid and Sorbic Acid, which are free from pytrogen/endotoxins and other contaminants. They also all meet USP/NF and EP requirements.

Challenge tests with positive results The preservation efficacy of Jeecide AA and Jeecide AA Plus was tested in sample emulsions at one percent. A standard USP <51> protocol was used to monitor the reduction of microbial count, following inoculation, using gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, yeast and mould. To test the efficacy of the preservatives at various pH levels, the formulations were adjusted to pH three, five and seven prior to testing. The results of the challenge tests at pH five are shown in Figures 1 and 2. All samples met the passing criteria for all microorganisms at all pH levels. The results revealed there were no less than 2.0 log reduction in bacteria from the initial count at 14 days as well as no increase in bacteria from the 14 day count at 28 days. There was also no increase in yeast and mould from the initial count at 14 and 28 days. •

Chemsystems – Jeen –

Jeecide® AA Series

Globally Approved Broad Spectrum Preservatives High Functional • Easy to Use • Non Toxic JEEN preservatives are proven effective against bacteria, yeast, and mould. TYPICAL APPLICATIONS: • Shampoos and Conditioners • Hand Soaps • Creams and Lotions • Sunscreens • Serums and Treatment Products • Wet Wipes • Color Cosmetics Containing Water Johannesburg Thureya Sarlie Tel +27 (0)11 922 1636 Email AECI Chempark, 200 Bergrivier Drive, Chloorkop, Kempton Park, 1624

“Our expertise, your solution”

Chemsystems, a division of AECI

P C Review | JULY 2017 |



The road to

improved compliance When it comes to compliance, it is important to consider the physical characteristics of labels for health supplements and complementary medicines (CAMs), as well as the information printed on them.

character, with EV one electronic image is compared to another, or a printed sample is compared to an electronic image. This solution offers a significantly faster, easier and more accurate method of inspection. EV systems usually consist of a scanner (flatbed or roller), powerful computer and

When one considers the number

patented software, which do the actual

of health supplements making use

comparison. The basic requirement is that

of self-adhesive labelling, it’s clear

the software meets FDA requirements,

many products are inherently at risk

including 21 CFR Part 11 and Good

of contamination.

Manufacturing Practice compliance.

Certified materials for peace of mind

computer systems have a collection of technological and procedural controls

Due to the complex chemical

to protect data within the system. All

composition of adhesives, it is vital

computer systems that store data, which

the label manufacturer partners

is used to make quality decisions or

with a trustworthy and reliable

reported to the FDA, must be compliant

material supplier while ensuring

with 21 CFR 11. In laboratory situations,

the necessary safety standards

it includes any laboratory results used

and certifications are in place.

to determine quality, safety, strength,

At Rotolabel, only low migration,


Simply put, 21 CFR 11 requires closed

efficacy, or purity. In clinical environments,

FDA-approved adhesives are used to

it includes all data to be reported as part

produce pharmaceutical and cosmetics

of a clinical trial used to determine quality,

labels. Only materials that have passed

safety, or efficacy. In manufacturing

ace-stock, adhesives, inks

ISEGA ISO3826 testing and comply with FDA

environments, all decisions related to

and varnishes all play a role in

regulation 21 CFR 175.105 are considered

product release and product quality

compliance from a physical

suitable for this application.

are included1.

standpoint and in meeting

the necessary specifications for pharmaceutical and cosmetics labelling. Any time a label is applied to a container

By verifying the use of low migration adhesives, inks and varnishes, the pharmaceutical manufacturer can avoid having to allocate resources to migration certification.

As Rotolabel is already a preferred supplier to pharmaceutical manufacturers, the company recently invested in a GlobalVision electronic verification system at both its production plants located in Cape Town and Johannesburg. This

the possibility of

This allows for faster


product approval

customers, due to the increasing concern

exists due to the

and time to market,

globally of product recalls as a result of

permeation of

as well as peace of

incorrectly printed packaging.

chemicals. The

mind in knowing the

Rotolabel is proud to be the first label

most likely cause

products are safe

printer in South Africa to have invested in

of contamination

for consumers.

this technology, which puts the company in

would be the adhesive because this portion comes into direct contact with the packaging. With manufacturers moving away

Electronic label verification information printed on the label is compliant. Electronic verification (EV), which is essentially a proofreading

PVC and PET packaging, it is becoming

or comparator system, is one way to

increasingly important to consider the

guarantee compliance. Instead of

migratory properties of the adhesive.

manually comparing items character by

| JULY 2017 | P C Review

an ideal position to not only offer accurate label inspection but also peace of mind to its customers. •

It is also important to ensure the

from glass and using more HDPE, LDPE,


investment was driven by its pharmaceutical

REFERENCE: 1. Introduction to 21 CFR Part 11; information/resources/introduction-to-21-cfr-11

Rotolabel –


Next generation

co-processed excipient Tablets have collectively served the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical markets for more than 200 years. This dosage form has evolved over time with manufacturers seeking to offer consumers a more pleasant experience when taking tablets.


irect compression (DC)

tools in producing complementary

frequently used formulation ingredients.

tablet manufacture

medicines and pharamaceuticals,

During production, reduced raw material

has become a popular

which has led to the establishment

testing is required due to its ternary

production option because

of a regulatory framework involving

combination. A reduced number of

European Pharmacopoeia, United

excipients also translate into lesser material

it provides the least complex and most cost-effective process

States Pharmacopoeia, and the

to produce tablets as compared to other tablet manufacturing approaches. Manufacturers can blend APIs with the excipients and compress, making dosage forms


International Pharmaceutical Excipients Council (IPEC).

technology and the use of modern tabletting equipment

Design (QbD) concept being easily established. Nowadays, this is demanded by the authorities.

Meggle’s Wasserburg pharmaThe route to dedicated production facility robust tablets demonstrates the company’s complete When compared range of lactose production to an equivalent capabilities, including sieving, admixture of individual milling, agglomeration, spraydrying and co-processing. ingredients, CombiLac

simple to produce. DC

attributes, which leads to a Quality by

shows improved compaction

CombiLac is designed for DC and may be used in other formulation development approaches, such as dry granulation. Stability tests on the excipient have been performed according to ICH guidelines and an ongoing stability programme has been implemented.

properties providing robust tablets with minimal friability. It

Compliance and sustainability

require excipients and APIs to

assures rapid, hardness-independent

Meggle’s pharma-dedicated

form a compactable mixture with

tablet disintegration for effective API

manufacturing site in Wasserburg,

excellent flow-ability and low particle

release, and features powder flow

Germany is certified according to DIN

segregation tendency.

characteristics necessary to enhance

ISO 9001:2015. The company has also

dosage form weight uniformity and

implemented GMP according to the joint

Functional coprocessed excipient

throughput in DC.

IPEC-PQG Good Manufacturing Practice

CombiLac is an integrated, lactose-

disintegration at high tablet hardness

based, co-processed excipient with

is desired. Its disintegration is quick

extensive functionality. It is specifically

and independent of tablet hardness.

has also implemented GDP according

designed to ease the development

A co-processed excipient consisting of

to the IPEC Good Distribution Practices

and manufacture of oral solid dosage

lactose and MCC shows a significant

Guide for Pharmaceutical Excipients.

forms. It consists of 70 percent alpha-

disintegration time dependence on

Both IPEC standards have been certified

lactose monohydrate, 20 percent

tablet hardness, challenging the limits

according to EXCiPACT for manufacturing,

microcrystalline cellulose (MCC) and

of immediate release formulations. Corn

testing, storage and distribution of lactose

10 percent white, native corn starch,

starch, as a traditional disintegration

and co-processed excipients used as

with each ingredient conforming to

agent, may be helpful by ensuring

pharmaceutical excipients or claimed

Ph.Eur., USP-NF, and JP compendia

rapid water uptake, either in a classical

for pharmaceutical use. The company

requirements. The three individual

physical admixture or incorporated

also invests considerably in raw material

components are integrated into a

into a co-processed excipient

resource sustainability, production

mono-particulate structure, which is

(either CombiLac or StarLac), but

standards and efficiency, and is actively

inseparable by physical means.

at the expense of tablet hardness.

engaged in environmental protection.

Since no chemical modification

CombiLac is ideal when rapid

In CombiLac, high tablet hardness

Guide for Pharmaceutical Excipients and USP General Information Chapter (1 078). Meggle is a member of the IPEC and

Amchem is the approved distributor

occurs during co-processing and

and low disintegration time have

of Meggle’s products throughout

individual chemical identities are

been balanced.

southern Africa. •

maintained, CombiLac is considered a physical blend of individual ingredients. Co-processed excipients are now recognised by authorities as important


| JULY 2017 | P C Review

Meggle believes ready-to-use CombiLac is an ideal choice for manufacturers that demand the robust, time saving development of

Amchem – Meggle –

CombiLac®. Best of both: compactibility and disintegration. From Meggle.

GMP/GDP certified

MEGGLE’s monodispersed combination of alphalactose monohydrate, MCC and starch is the world’s first high-functionality, triple co-processed excipient. It is specifically designed to ease oral solid dosage form development and manufacture, and is highly suited for direct compression (DC). The benefits speak for themselves. And for CombiLac®:

– Excellent compactibility – Excellent flowability – Fast, hardness-independent tablet disintegration for effective API release – Low friability – Overcomes individual ingredient compaction and handling limitations CombiLac® from MEGGLE: Combining the best of both.

AMCHEM PTY. LTD. Pretoria, South Africa Phone +27 (0)12 686 7082

HEAD OFFICE GERMANY: Phone +49 8071 73 476


A BOOMING health supplements market This market in South Africa has tapped into a vein of vitality that has seen unprecedented growth in recent years. This is according to Pharma Dynamics’ survey results, which reveal the growth is largely driven by consumers’ increased interest in healthy living and reducing their risk of illness.


2022. It is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 8.8 percent over the next five years. The vitamins and supplements market in South Africa has also increased from R2.9 billion in 2014 to R3.8 billion in 2016, and is growing at a healthy rate of 13.5 percent per annum. Of the 54 percent of consumers, who participated in Pharma Dynamics’ poll and who haven’t cottoned onto the trend,

he South African pharmaceutical

42 percent felt they didn’t need to supplement;

company, which also produces immune-

22 percent said they’re confused about which

boosting supplements, revealed that

brand to buy as there are so many to choose

almost half (46 percent) of South

from, while 18 percent cited the high price tag

Africans take a daily health product to boost

as a deterrent.

their immunity and overall wellbeing.

Too much to choose from?

Nicole Jennings, spokesperson for Pharma Dynamics, says in the past year, consumers

Jennings says the diverse nature of

spent more than R48 million on immune-

supplements can be somewhat of a minefield

boosting supplements.

to consumers as they come in pills, capsules,

‘People are more interested in overall

Nicole Jennings

tablets, liquid and powder form, in various

wellbeing and vitality than ever before. They’re

dosage and formulations. Some can be

consulting the internet before and after visits to

classified as foods, while others are classed as

the doctor to learn more about their condition

medicines, which also makes it difficult to know

and to find solutions to their health concerns.

what is worth buying and what isn’t.

They also view spending on nutrition and supplements as an investment in their health. ‘It’s a global phenomenon, linked to an ageing population that is becoming more aware of the nutritional dimensions in their lives and the need for quality of life. Our research shows the older you get, the better you tend to take care of your immune system. Almost

‘Dietary supplements can contain a


combination of vitamins, minerals and/or phytonutrients, which are naturally occurring chemicals

South Africa’s sports nutrition market has become more mainstream, fuelled by protein usage for sports and weight management. Sales of herbal and homeopathic supplements grew by nearly 17 percent in 2016 and weight-loss supplements like Garcinia Cambogia have gained huge popularity. Source: Insight Survey

60 percent of young adults who participated in our survey said they

in fruits and vegetables, which may provide additional health benefits. A vitamin per se may be a type of chemical compound that is a vital nutrient for an organism to function optimally,’ she adds.

Consumer trends and preferences

don’t rely on health supplements to boost their

Boosting immunity rates particularly high on

immunity, while those who are middle-aged

consumers’ health wish list, with more than

and older say supplementation is essential,’

65 percent of survey participants already firm

she notes.

believers in the benefits of supplements, such as reducing their risk of catching a cold.

Local and international market growth

immune-boosting supplement first thing in the

According to a 2017 report released by

morning; 69 percent favour a tablet or capsule,

Zion Market Research, the global dietary

while 21 percent find the refreshing taste of

supplements market was valued at US$132.8 billion in 2016 and is expected to reach US$220.3 billion by


| JULY 2017 | P C Review

Most (85 percent) prefer to take their

an effervescent tablet in a glass of water appealing. A small majority (five percent) opt for powdered mixes. •


Geared for CAMs


he Medicines and Related

by SAHPRA, is ISO 9001-2008 and ISO

Substances Amendment Act

22000:2005 accredited and fully GMP

No. 72 of 2008, which came into

compliant. The laboratory is in the process

effect on 1 June, fundamentally

of being upgraded with the goal to

shifts the medicines regulatory

achieve ISO 17025 accreditation.

regime in South Africa. Items such as complementary medicines (CAMs) and

Industry leading services

health supplements are included in the

CAMs’ brand owners seeking to partner

Amendment Act, and will have to be

with Wrapsa can rest assured they

registered with the South African Health

will be working with one of the best

Products Regulatory Authority (SAHPRA) to

manufacturing facilities in the business.

be sold in South Africa.

‘We offer specialised services that include

This is set to have a far-reaching impact

compilation of data required for medicines

on CAMs and health supplements’

registration – which will be extended to

brand owners as their products must be

CAMs and health supplements – validation

manufactured in a GMP approved facility.

assistance, and the acceptance

Wrapsa, southern Africa’s largest

of raw materials and packaging

independently owned bona fide

components on a firm or consignment

pharmaceutical contract manufacturer,

basis,’ explains Jannie Nel, Wrapsa’s

is geared to produce CAMs and health

responsible pharmacist.

supplements. The company holds a

Being a pharmaceutical manufacturer,

license from the Medicines Control

the company’s facilities meet the

Council (MCC), which is being replaced

requirements for CAMs manufacturing.

Production and packing Along with the promise of quality, flexibility and strict confidentiality, Wrapsa is equipped to produce liquids (including syrups, suspensions and emulsions); creams, ointments and gels; powders and granules; uncoated, film-coated and sugar-coated tablets; as well as capsules and caplets. Its packing capabilities include blister and strip packing of tablets, softgel caps and capsules; sachet filling of liquids, powders, cream and ointments; tube filling; shrink wrapping and filling creams, powders and liquids; flowpac or pillow packing and tablet or capsule packing into containers. The company is also home to an MCC approved aerosol filling plant, which conforms to local industry requirements and is a member of the Aerosol Manufacturers’ Association of South Africa. •

Wrapsa –

Since 1983

Contract manufacturer to the


CAms & Health Supplements industries


Tel: +27 (0) 12 653 0347/8 | Fax: +27 (0) 12 653 0857

P C Review | JULY 2017 |



Getting the message across legally


Pyrotec PackMedia’s Fix-a-Form leaflet labels ensure protection throughout the value chain

Pyrotec PackMedia offers a complete concept-to-application service of cost-effective, practical and innovative labelling solutions. These not only enhance a product’s visual appeal but also meet current legislative communication requirements.

ncreased legislation and consumer demand

to include usage guidance or legal clauses in

for product information presents many

numerous languages,’ notes Loubser.

packaging problems for brand owners

medicines (CAMs) and health products industry.

Re-sealable laminated booklet labels

But with Pyrotec PackMedia’s informational Fix-

These versatile re-sealable laminated booklet

a-Form booklet label, space is increased many

labels are used across many different markets

times over to accommodate mandatory text such

where manufacturers often need to display

as dosage instructions, contra-indications and

safety guidance, contents and other legally

product descriptions.

required information.

and manufacturers in the complementary

When it comes to product marketing and promotional information, the company’s

Peel and reveal labels

promotional Fix-a-Form booklet label yields

Often used by supermarkets and in the food and

phenomenal results for on-pack promotions and

beverage industry, peel and reveal labels lend

doing what most communication mediums

themselves to on-pack promotions. With these

cannot – driving purchases in store.

labels information such as a unique competition

‘With a formidable array of multidimensional label options available from

SMS entry code or tear-off coupon is concealed for the consumer to reveal post purchase.

Pyrotec PackMedia, marketers with distinctive

Concertina leaflet labels These can be opened, extended and re-closed


as required if re-seal functionality is incorporated.

across all

Loubser explains: ‘They offer a striking and

industry sectors

cost-effective way to impart information and

can choose from an arsenal of onpack solutions,’ says Pyrotec PackMedia’s national sales manager, Jacques Loubser.

instructions, and can accommodate words and images. Because these labels are suitable for virtually any size and shape of product or container, they are widely used across many industries. One example is the food and beverage industry where manufacturers want to provide nutritional details, recipes and other information.’

Safe, secure and compliant

Booklet labels Simple to open, easy to unfold

Wet peel labels

or flick through, the company’s

Designed to peel and re-seal, wet peel labels

booklet labels provide an

provide a means to keep product information

unrestricted amount of extra

with the container so it can be accessed

label real estate. They are widely

repeatedly. This means they are suitable for

Pyrotec is an ISO9001-accredited

used across varying industries

products where users must frequently refer to

organisation, which is audited

where extensive instructions

usage instructions or safety advice. ‘Importantly,

regularly by its pharmaceutical

or detailed legal information

these labels are water and chemical resistant,

customers for GMP compliance. Strict

is required to be kept with the

and don’t tear because they are laminated,

access control is also maintained at

product. ‘Companies from

so lend themselves to industries where liquid

its facility to ensure finished Fix-a-

the pharmaceutical and

might run down the packaging. It’s for this

Form labels are safe from theft.

agrochemical sectors use these

reason that we have seen them used extensively

The company also has documented

labels extensively, and there’s

by customers in the personal care industry,’

pharmaceutical printed waste

increasing demand for them from

Loubser concludes. •

disposal procedures to provide

many other sectors, including

customers with peace of mind.

CAMs and cosmetics. Another benefit is that they offer the space


| JULY 2017 | P C Review

Pyrotec –


More uptime

New 1100m ribbon reduces changeovers and improves cost per print

Save on consumables Ribbon save print mode â&#x20AC;&#x201C; reduces ribbon consumption by 20%

High speed Printing

USB connection USB port for transfer of images

Up to 1000 mm/s in full 300 dpi resolution

Save on power

Power consumption reduction up to 50%

CALL US TO HELP YOU SAVE TIME & COST! Cape Town 021 787 9600

Johannesburg 011 611 1820

Durban 031 700 1481

Port Elizabeth 041 487 0601

Mpumalanga 071 361 7840

24/7 Helpline: 0800 202 574



Thriving and

open for business


delweiss Pharmaceuticals is growing, according to its

In 1996, Gibson diversified into tabletting and encapsulation for

Keeping up with market demands Edelweiss Pharmaceuticals is a modern business with expertise in current market demands such as the formulation of SLES-free, PEG-free, paraben-free and petrolatum-free products. Its team can also advise customers on the use of

owner and CEO, James


natural ingredients and has extensive

Gibson, who started

medicines (CAMs).

expertise in African herbal medicines and

the contract manufacturing

Although this area of the

essential oils.

business 24 years ago. He

business was recently

has fond memories of his first

sold to Afriplex, Edelweiss

capabilities and market knowledge,

contract, making nappy cream

Pharmaceuticals’ contract

Gibson says Edelweiss Pharmaceuticals is

for a pharmacy, which was

manufacturing services for

customer-centric and very flexible.

also when he installed his first

the formulation, stability

manufacturing equipment. ‘On New Year’s Day in 1994, I remember stirring

James Gibson

In addition to its excellent formulation

Its 2 500m2 manufacturing facility is

testing and manufacture of

situated on a beautiful lake in Capricorn

creams, ointments, liquids

Park, Muizenberg, in the Western Cape,

and powders is alive and well.

and is GMP compliant.

nappy cream in a great big

‘We’re particularly active in

vat in the sweltering heat. I’d purchased

the CAMs, personal care and

an industrial mixer for making creams

nutraceutical areas, and the business

and in those days, I used to do everything

is growing,’ he comments, ‘especially in

myself. Since then, the company has

CAMs creams and ointments, nutritional

expanded substantially and now provides

powders and hair and skin aspects of

employment to about 45 people.’

personal care.’

Looking forward, Gibson has plans to upgrade the manufacturing plant and further modernise equipment. •

Edelweiss Pharmaceuticals –

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We are Sartorius in South Africa Tel 011 315 5444 |


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Contract manufacturers for the pharmaceutical and complementary medicines markets Hersol Manufacturing Laboratories is a registered company specializing in manufacturing and packing of complementary medicines for third party companies within the local South African market. Founded in 1980, Hersol adheres to a Quality Management System which embraces current Good Manufacturing Practices in accordance with Medicines Control Council requirements.

The new 5 cubicle dispensary and sampling facilities

Hersolâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s extensive facility features a fully equipped Laboratory to ensure quality of raw materials and finished products. It has modern manufacturing facilities for blending, granulating, compressing & coating tablets as well as encapsulating capabilities. Hersol has state of the art on-site packing facilities, including a recently introduced blister packing machine. In addition, Hersol has facilities to manufacture and pack syrups, creams, gels and ointments. Leadership at Hersol is upheld by a highly competent Management Team with vast pharmaceutical subject matter knowledge and experience in staff motivation so as to achieve a superior product.

Handling of Raw Materials when weighing and dispensing is handled in accordance with Medicines Control Council guidelines

Hersol is registered with: t South African Medicines Control Council t South African Pharmaceutical Council t South African Department of Health t Health Product Association â&#x20AC;&#x201C; HPA t Cosmetics, Toiletries and Fragrances Association t FDA Food Facility

Hersol Manufacturing Laboratories (Pty) Ltd tel: +27 11 614 6631/2

fax: +27 11 614 4615




Innovative nutraceutical solutions Some of the most scientifically advanced active ingredients for nutraceutical and pharmaceutical applications are the result of Gnosis’ R&D and GMP manufacturing expertise. This advanced biotechnology company is represented in South Africa by Enna Industrial Ingredients (Enna).


lfred Musper, MD of Enna,

and are seeing positive results. There

recently hosted Marco Lattanzi,

is growing interest in our Quatrefolic

Gnosis’ area manager for the

product, which is a fourth-generation

EMEA region, in South Africa.

folate, as well as our VitamK7, S-adenosyl-


Cosmetic Review

caught up with Lattanzi during his visit to find out more about the innovative products from Gnosis. ‘The core focus of our business is

methionine, and Mythocondro products,’ comments Lattanzi. Gnosis Quatrefolic is said to be the only form of folate that crosses the blood-brain barrier. This active ingredient is suitable for

developing raw materials for nutritional

use in nutraceutical products that address

and pharmaceutical products. We use a

consumers’ prenatal, lactation and cellular

fermentation process to produce APIs for

heath needs. According to results of a pre-

the pharma and nutraceutical markets; our

clinical in vivo study, Quatrefolic showed a

products are also used in the cosmetics,

plasmatic (6S)-5-MTHF concentration peak

veterinary and agricultural industries,’

(Cmax) about three times higher than that

Lattanzi explains.

of folic acid.

Although Gnosis is relatively new to South Africa, through its association with

Optimal, natural vitamin K2

Enna, the company is already making

Several studies indicate that vitamin K2 can

headway locally. ‘We’ve been promoting

act as a modulator in calcium metabolism,

our business in South Africa since 2015

taking it from the bloodstream where it

can result in calcium precipitation and ensuring it is deposited in the bones. Vitamk7 (Menaquinone 7), exclusively manufactured by Gnosis, is the active isomer of vitamin K2 with the highest bioavailability and longest half-life in the blood. The company performed clinical trials with successful results to determine Vitamk7’s efficacy. The first was an in vivo study on its effect on the gamma carboxylation of ostecalcin, while a second was a PGE-2 synthesis in bone forming osteoblasts in vitro study.

Non-animal Chondroitin Sulfate In line with its focus on innovation, Gnosis has in depth knowledge of global market demands. The company has noticed a rise in demand for plant-based alternatives to ingredients initially derived from animals. This is due to several reasons, including heterogeneity and batch to batch consistency. Gnosis’ Mythocondro is the first non-animal Chondroitin Sulfate (CS) produced using patented fermentationbased manufacturing process. ‘The result is a controlled, reliable and reproducible source of CS with high purity,’ Lattanzi adds. Clinically tested, well characterised and environmentally friendly, Mythocondro is set to address address the growing demand of an ageing population suffering from a variety of degenerative joint conditions. The ingredient also has anti-inflammatory activity and is proven effective in pain relief. •

Purveyors & Distributors of innovative Speciality Chemicals and Food & Beverage Ingredients. Serving the South African Personal Care, Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical and Food & Beverage Industries.

Enna Industrial Ingredients CC P.O. Box 1926 Randburg 2125 Phone: 011 791 1309 e-mail:


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Proudly represented by Enna II in South Africa

Enna Industrial Ingredients – Gnosis –


PackagingREVIEW July 2017 | Volume 43 | Number 7

The beauty of 360° labelling

How to select inks for your print job Debunking biodegradability misconceptions


Passionate about packaging WHEN SHOPPING, CONSUMERS choose

indicates growth of this market will

the essentials and sometimes non-

reach more than US$13 billion within the

essential personal care items


next three years. You can find out more

without giving a second thought

about material choices and the latest

to the intricate procedures

equipment for shrink sleeves on page 46.

behind getting the packaging

Also be sure to have a look at the

on shelf. I was once one of

industry talk on page 43 where South

those consumers before being

African plastics industries join forces

exposed to the industry. One

to dispel general misconceptions

packaging medium that

surrounding biodegradable packaging.

stands out for me is shrink sleeves. This market has

I hope you enjoy this edition.

picked up steam over the

The Truking Group management team at Romaco’s booth

past few years. A report by Markets and Markets

Assistant Editor

research company

AT INTERPACK, ROMACO showcased 15 machines to industry professionals in conjunction with its new owner, the


ensure affordable beauty still

patterns, which give each

Zell’s classic Supersoft tube cap

has a premium look.

product its unique appeal while

Utilising special

keeping a recognisable design

with a marble-effect finish is

innovations and the launch of a new product line attracted numerous visitors to the exhibition stand. Two days before the Germany event, Deutsche Beteiligungs announced the sale of Romaco to Truking in Changsha, China. The new owners, among them Truking founder and chairman, Yue Tang took the

helping meet dual demands for

masterbatches, the marble

quality and convenience in the

effect is obtained by adding

personal care industry.

chosen colours to the cap base

perfectly into the market trend

colour during the injection

for uniqueness and meet brands’

a good chance to get to know each other

moulding process.

needs for differentiation and

better in an informal setting – and for

personalisation,’ comments

Romaco to display its excellence in the

The need to create a positive consumer experience with personal care products means

Owing to their different melt

throughout the range.

Chinese Truking Group (Truking). Seven

‘The new exciting colours fit

opportunity to pay a two-day visit to the Romaco booth. ‘After our intensive negotiations, it was

both packaging convenience

flow index, the colours of the

Julia Hartwig, sales manager

presence of the new owners,’ says Paulo

and ease of use are becoming

innovative masterbatch melt

of personal care at RPC Zeller

Alexandre, Romaco CEO.

crucial. This concept has led to

time are delayed, creating the

Plastik Zell.

an increase in the use of plastic

marble effect. This random

tubes, where closure innovation

distribution of the additional

is an important element in

colours creates

the success of packs for


These caps can be designed according to the colours of a

and packing pharmaceutical solids

printed tube with a combination

were among the machines displayed.

of up to seven colours.

The KTP 590X was the company’s

skin, face and hair care applications. It is equally important to

Three packaging lines and nine standalone units for manufacturing

Marble effect caps for personal care tubes

newest addition to its successful KTP series. This machine was premiered by Romaco Kilian. This single-sided rotary press for bi-layer and effervescent tablets was sold to a Korean pharmaceutical manufacturer directly at the exhibition. The laboratory scale Ventilus V 5 from Romaco Innojet with the IHD 5 hot melt device, is now available for the first time in a GMP design. Four of the exhibition machines were configured with remote assist, Romaco’s Industry 4.0 technology, for demonstration purposes.


| JULY 2017 | Packaging Review


Know your plastics Plastics|SA and the South African Plastics Recycling Organisation (SAPRO) share concerns about the misconceptions surrounding biodegradable packaging.


he general perception is that

It is however, not the case with

degradable plastics will dissolve

biodegradable additives that are

and disappear over time,

added to traditional plastics, e.g. oxo-

compared to conventional plastics,

biodegradable materials. In this case

which will be around forever. However,

the material is still marked as a PE-LD

the organisations say this is not the case.

and contains a biodegradable additive.

Biodegradability does not imply there is no harm to the environment, as this type of material does not readily decompose in a landfill. These plastics decompose under the combined influence of abiotic factors like UV light,

This will contaminate the recycling

DID YOU KNOW? Biodegradability is not determined by raw materials but by the nature of the material.

water, heat and biotic living organisms such as bacteria, fungus, and algae. There are two stages. The first is where materials lose cohesion and disintegrate

stream, and may lead to a failure of products as degradation occurs. It will hinder market acceptance, further leading to reduced value of recycled material in South Africa. Although decomposable packaging is proposed as a

solution to litter problems, from a technical and behavioural standpoint, it cannot be regarded a general solution. The biological degradation without

into fragments. Secondly, organisms

the required conditions such as

metabolise fragments.

microorganisms, temperature, and

Materials that are not certified as biodegradable are not metabolised by organisms. These may pollute the environment for longer periods. Biodegradable plastics are not visibly different from ordinary nonbiodegradable plastics. To differentiate one from the other, there should be clear markings denoting whether a material or product is biodegradable or designed for composting. These types of plastics can be manufactured from fossil (nonrenewable) resources as well as from biomass (renewable resources).

PROLONGED RECYCLING Can biodegradable materials be included with other plastics for recycling? Yes, as long as they are clearly marked. Plastics recyclers have sorting mechanisms in place to sort different plastics prior to recycling as different materials cannot be recycled together. The biodegradable material will be selected for a different recycling stream or composting.

humidity can take up to several years. It may add to the litter problem in the country in spite of consumers’ belief that

biodegradable plastics disappear ‘quickly’ in the environment. Bio-degradable plastics often leave a larger carbon footprint. The cost of these packaging materials are often much higher than that of traditional plastics.

BEHAVIOURAL AND INDUSTRY CONCERNS Preventing litter requires a combination of awareness. More money and resources should be spent on educating the public about recycling and establishing proper recycling infrastructure. Plastic recycling is an integral part of South Africa’s economy. Last year 264 758t of plastic was collected and recycled. Recycled plastic waste is used to make new long-term plastic products. The plastics industry remains concerned about the impact of degradable additives, once plastics are recycled and used in second and successive applications. Another concern is this type of packaging is composed of non-renewable fossil fuel-based inputs. There is little difference in energy and resource usage when compared to conventional disposable packaging. If it is meant to break down in a landfill environment, products will not be recovered through waste management and recycling initiatives. This will result in a loss of resources, which is the calorific value of plastics. There are products that are not recycled where compostable and biodegradable materials have a role.

CRUCIAL FACTORS It is crucial that environmental claims are backed by sound science and standards. All environmental claims such as biodegradability, compostability or bio-based content are in compliance with appropriate standards such as ISO 14021. Plastics|SA and SAPRO emphasise that market requirements remain a determining factor in choosing the plastic grade with the desired property profile. •

Plastics|SA – South African Plastics Recycling Organisation –

Packaging Review | JULY 2017 |



Choosing the right ink Rich Dunklee, global

market segment manager at Nazdar Ink Technologies, discusses considerations when selecting inks, how to find suitable ink suppliers and ensure batch consistency.


he main aspect of ink selection is

certain key characteristics such as colour,


understanding what you need from

resistance to scratching and chemicals,

A great resource for advice and

alternative inks.

and odour; they are not identical.

information are references from existing

For wide-format solvent or UV plug-

Speaking as a representative of a

users. The printing community is made up

and-play inks, the considerations may

manufacturer with nearly 100 years’ ink

of good people ready to help one another

be ease of use and price. For grand-

development experience, no alternative

and share information. If the products you

format UV, primary concerns include

ink is always going to be a complete

are considering are as good as the claims

insufficient performance characteristics, like

match across all properties. The key is

made, people will speak up. Keep in mind,

adhesion or chip resistance.

figuring out which properties are very

like products, social media is not always

important, and which are less critical.

100 percent reliable. Get information from

Many users admittedly like the OEM ink they are using, but simply want to reduce

more than one source and take overly

consideration is price versus value. There


are many ink manufacturers or suppliers

When assessing a

claiming to have inks identical to that of

manufacturer’s claims,

OEMs, especially in the wide-format market.

ask the supplier to provide

While some have products very close in

substantiation and test results.

their consumables spend. In this regard, the

glowing or highly negative reviews


My take on ‘close in colour’


By choosing wisely, a business can benefit from OEM ink quality at a lower price.

may be different to yours. Ask

into perspective.

SOURCING NEW INKS If you are looking for a new ink because there are deficiencies in your current ink, ask the supplier to provide information

how their assessment was measured

on how their products address those

and the basis on which their claims

specific faults and for testimonials from

are made.

their customers who have overcome

No product is 100 percent

similar problems.

reliable, not even the OEM’s.

In the unlikely event the supplier

Ask for statistics on

or distributor representative does

ONE OF THE most persuasive arguments

failure rates to ensure

not seem to be knowledgeable

used by printer resellers is the invalidation of

you know what you are

about the products – which

warranties and service contracts if alternative

dealing with and have

they should be – contact the

inks are used. The printer manufacturer cannot

recourse to complain if

manufacturer directly for answers.

be expected to clean up the mess should poor

it appears the products

Ink suppliers know their products

quality alternative inks damage the printer.

you are receiving are

better than anyone, and will find inks

However, this blanket approach plays on the

failing more often. Ask

fear of being left stranded should issues with

how the manufacturer

the printer arise once a switch of inks has

performs quality

occurred. It is important to understand the

control, if any manufacturing

difference between a manufacturer’s warranty

process standards are followed, and the

and an extended warranty.

method of quantifying its batch-to-batch consistency claim.

A variety of inks


| JULY 2017 | Packaging Review

Rich Dunklee

that meet your exact needs. If they don’t, it’s time to look elsewhere. •

Nazdar Ink Technologies –


Keeping up with couture PACKAGING REVIEW shines the spotlight on material choices, advanced equipment and specifications for different technologies used in shrink sleeving – a speciality labelling process that is driving developments in the personal care industry.


he shrink sleeve process is complex,

of the container type and

from label design to final application.

geometry. Test sleeves are

Richard Howlett, shrink sleeve

used to ensure the shrink

product line leader at Accraply, says to

sleeve conforms to the

produce a quality product suppliers must

often – exotic geometry

consider each step, from beginning to end.

deployed. This allows for

The first step, which is container and film selection, involves detailed analysis

the identification of the appropriate material to be used on the pack.


The procedure that follows is prepress. This is where the design of the shrink sleeve is finalised. There are grid films and

The process further includes slitting,

software available in the market to assist in

seaming, inspection, and sheeting

the prepress step.

steps. A forming and seaming machine

Shrink sleeves are printed using all the

converts the flat printed material into a

be in line with global trends and standards. The

primary print technologies: gravure, flexo,

continuous tube of shrink sleeves in roll

company recently hosted a label expert from

offset and digital. Beyond the choice of

form. If the sleeve is destined for manual

Amsterdam to provide insight into international

print technology, special consideration

application, the roll of converted material

criteria to streamline and synchronise its printing

needs to be given to the inks used as

is taken to a sheeting machine. The shrink

processes with global manufacturing standards.

shrink sleeves present a unique challenge

sleeve sheeter cuts the continuous roll

This assists Siyakha in providing clients with

for inks. That is, to adhere to a substrate

to the required cut-length and can add

products of the highest universal standard.

that will shrink by as much as 80 percent,

perforations, if desired. If the sleeve is to

post printing.

be automatically applied then it generally

Your specialist automation partner As a partner in all your automation requirements we offer personal solutions, knowledge and expertise. Whether your automation requires a simple and economical solution, or your target is advanced, highspeed control, you can find what you need in Omron’s line-up of quality products and solutions. Omron Electronics ZA 011 579 2600


| JULY 2017 | Packaging Review

LABELLING: SHRINK SLEEVES ensure repeatable cut length and material placement accuracy at high speeds. Sleeve materials made from polyvinyl

Each zone is provided with front and rear full width, clear view access doors for a glimpse inside the tunnel. Easy-to-

chloride (PVC), polyethylene terephthalate

read numerical indicators indicate steam

glycol (PETG), oriented polystyrene (OPS),

distribution and metering in each zone. •

or polylactic acid (PLA) material can be run depending on the needs of the particular application and bottle shape. As a result of the patented fully adjustable cutter assembly, the only change part on the VF650 is the product mandrel.

ABOVE The Graham | Sleevit ST504 steam shrink sleeve tunnel LEFT A representative from the Amsterdam label expert alongside employees from Siyakha

EASY TO MAINTAIN ROTARY APPLICATORS Accraply’s RF150 and RF250 shrink sleeve

Accraply – Siyakha Imperial Printing –

Insight into common shrink sleeve films

applicators are particularly compact and operator friendly models. They can be

Specifications and material choices

used to apply full body or tamper evident

for shrink sleeves:

bands to a variety of container shapes and

•P  VC films have good shrinking

sizes. Containers made of plastic, glass or

capabilities. They have clear and

passes through an inspection step, before

metal can be handled at speeds up to 150

precise rendering, are transparent

being deemed ready for high speed

(RF150) or 250 (RF250) per minute.

application and shrinking lines.


Shrinkable material is cut to length and

and cost-effective. • PETG, though more expensive than

synchronously applied at conveyor speeds

PVC, is a resistant film with excellent

for the best possible material-to-container

transparency. It has a high shrinking capability up to 80 percent.

The Accraply shrink sleeve Model VF 650

placement accuracy. The RF Series

is best suited for round and cylindrical

applicators can easily be customised to

containers. The labels are applied to

suit the exact requirements of any project

undergone a stretching process

empty or filled containers made of glass,

using standard, compatible modules.

consisting of orienting fibres in

• OPS is a low-density film that’s

a certain direction. This is the

plastic, metal or even paperboard.

direction in which the heat shrinking

The system is designed for heavy-duty


operations required by high volume

The Graham | Sleevit ST504 steam shrink

producers. It can apply shrink sleeves on

sleeve tunnel can be supplied as part

up to 650 containers per minute. It also has

of a full sleeving system with an integral

a ‘no tools’ adjustment for fast and easy

conveyor or as a single item incorporated

It provides a more frosted look than

product changeovers.

into an existing conveyor.

other types of film. It is believed to be

‘The small footprint, simple operator

The fully adjustable steam lance system

will occur. OPS is used for containers that can easily be compressed. • PLA has good shrinking qualities.

the most environmentally friendly

interface, and minimal machine

can accommodate multiple lances in

film that can be composted owing to

maintenance makes this model one of the

each zone. This enables precise and

its structure, which comprises plant

most cost-effective machines for high-

repeatable set up for complex shaped

materials. The retraction processes

speed applications,’ Howlett says.

products. Owing to its modular approach,

involve low temperatures, which use

the tunnel is flexible and can be adjusted

less energy.

It features sophisticated controls for the cutting carriage and servomotors, which

to suit demanding applications.

Packaging Review | JULY 2017 |



Turning the tide on waste

Clean-up and Recycle SA Week will take place from 11 to 17 September, with various cleanups planned in neighbourhoods, at water sources and beaches around the country. cleanup collaborations on this day, by partnering with the Let’s Do It! Africa campaign and the WESSA Tourism Blue Flag Project – a National Department of Tourism funded coastal conservation and youth development project – to support or implement several registered ICC events stretching from the west to east coasts of South Africa. This collaborative effort will mark one year to the big World Clean-up Day on 15 September 2018. ‘We are definitely seeing an increase in the number of cleanups being organised inland at rivers, streams and other water sources as the public is realising trash travels. All litter eventually finds its way Keeping our oceans and the environment clean and waste free are everyone’s responsibility

to our country’s oceans and onto the beaches,’ says Steyn.

ne of the highlights of this annual



environmental awareness event,

One of the highlights of Clean-up

Approximately 75 percent of ocean litter

will be the 21 International

and Recycle SA week is South Africa’s

is derived from land-based waste. Without

Coastal Clean-Up Day (ICC) taking place on

participation in the International Coastal

effective waste collection, an avalanche of

Saturday, 16 September.

Clean-up Day – the world’s biggest annual

debris will enter the ocean. To prevent this,

Clean-up and Recycle SA Week is

volunteer effort for ocean health. The event

Plastics|SA encourages all South Africans

an annual initiative of the local plastics

sees thousands of people flock to beaches

to participate in this year’s Clean-up and

industry, supported and endorsed by the

to pick up and remove litter found in the

Recycle Week SA activities.

various packaging streams and retailers.

marine environment.



Each year, close to 120 000 volunteers

‘Ocean Conservancy is the international

‘At its core, ocean trash is a people problem – perpetuated by the often-

participate in cleanup activities, which

coordinator of the ICC, but Plastics|SA

unwitting practices industry and people

take place along roadsides and rivers,

coordinates the beach cleanups that

adopt over time. It affects human health

at schools, and in residential and illegal

take place in the three Cape provinces,

and safety, endangers marine wildlife and

dumping areas. The initiative is supported by

as well as various river cleanups taking

costs states and nations millions in wasted

provincial governments, local municipalities,

place inland. We are proud to partner with

resources and lost revenue. This year we

environmental organisations, businesses,

members of the KZN Marine Waste Network

are celebrating our 21st anniversary of

schools and communities.

who take responsibility for coordinating

being involved in the International Coastal

cleanups at all the major beaches in

Clean-up Day. In human years, we would

awareness of the social, environmental and

KwaZulu-Natal. To date, nearly 12 million

now be considered an adult and must

economic benefits of recycling. During this

people have been part of the world’s

adopt adult ways. Our sincere hope is

time, we encourage communities, schools

biggest volunteer effort to protect the

that South Africans will mature in the way

and businesses to cleanup the areas where

ocean, and South Africa is a major part of

we consider litter by realising the impact

they work, live and play by collecting litter

this success story,’ adds Steyn.

our actions have on the environment. We

‘The aim of this week is to increase

and ensuring it gets recycled,’ explains Douw Steyn, sustainability director of Plastics|SA.


| JULY 2017 | P C Review

This year, Plastics|SA is also a proud supporter of one of the biggest national

can turn the tide on waste if we all work together,’ concludes Steyn. •


A great opportunity for job-rich growth The Map to a Million Initiative is a collaborative effort between the Manufacturing Circle, Packaging SA, the Chemicals & Allied Industries Association (CAIA) and Plastics|SA. Together, these associations have set a goal to create one million jobs by strengthening and growing the manufacturing sector.


‘Industry is currently identifying

invest much more in skills and equipment

investments that could be made by

to be globally competitive. We must get

manufacturing firms and

a lot better at the fundamental skills of

what needs to be resolved,

running a factory, planning

unblocked or addressed

production and maintenance,

for these investments

optimising inventory and run

to take place. These

lengths, while always meeting

include education

customer requirements,’

and labour, structure

reads a report from the

of society and the

Manufacturing Circle on

market, infrastructure,

its website.

governance and red tape, manufacturing value chains and

Andre de


REGIONAL REVITALISATION De Ruyter is also coordinating the

international trade,’

Vaal Triangle Rejuvenation Project.

he explained. ‘Following this, a public

This initiative is set to strengthen

sector engagement process will take

industrial activity to protect and grow the

place to align industry investment

many large and small firms that make

in job creation with the key areas of

up the chemicals, steel, fabrication and

focus required.’

related sub-sectors in the area.

The process will be iterative, including

‘We are currently identifying ways to

recommendations towards the

revitalise the region, which will include

Industrial Policy Action Plan (IPAP) from

motivating for a supportive regulatory

a policy point of view, while initiating

framework to encourage new investment

anufacturing in South Africa

working groups to implement tangible,

in the area,’ he commented.

presents one of the greatest

concrete deliverables.

avenues for job-rich growth.

The Manufacturing Circle has also established an Agro-Processing Working

However, the Manufacturing Circle


Group to engage with the Department

says studies indicate that South Africa’s

The Manufacturing Circle has

of Trade and Industry on support

manufacturing sector is lagging other

developed the Manufacturing

mechanisms required from government

emerging markets. For South Africa’s

Excellence Programme together

and the reciprocal undertakings needed

stage of development, manufacturing

with the University of Pretoria’s

from industry to grow the sector. The

could contribute double its current

Gordon Institute of Business Science.

association’s approach involves the

percentage to GDP. If manufacturing

The programme aims to address

assessment of different value chains in

were to contribute more

and remedy the lack of

substantially to the share of GDP for the country’s stage of development, an additional one million jobs could be created. Speaking at the Manufacturing Indaba,


According to De Ruyter, manufacturing’s contribution to GDP has fallen from 24 percent in the early ’80s to 15 percent in 2016.

manufacturing skills at middle management level. ‘We

which its various members participate, as a proxy for dynamics in the industry. Visit for

believe that South African

more information about the association

manufacturing needs to

and its various initiatives. •

which took place at Emperors Palace on 27 and 28 June, Andre de Ruyter, CEO of Nampak and chairperson of the Manufacturing Circle, said the sector has the highest multiplier factor in job creation with 3.4 times social returns for the same private returns in mining. This is one of the reasons why the initiative is being implemented.

P C Review | JULY 2017 |


Tea time

Optical illusion

Are the diagonals parallel? You bet they are!

Sudoku 3


7 6

5 9


Anita Raath


7 8



Sales executive

+27 (0)82 976 6541



Carla Melless Sales executive

6 8 9

+27 (0)83 260 6060








6 Biotech Chem Chempure............................................... CIM Chemicals........................................ CJP Enna Industrial Fourchem................................................ Hersol Manufacturing IMCD.......................................................


| JULY 2017 | P C Review

Candida Giambo-Kruger Sales executive

+27 (0)71 438 1918 Moco Packaging................................... Plastics SA.............................................. Protea Chemicals................................. Savannah Fine Siyakha Imperial Vantage Speciality Chemicals.................. Verder




Supplier of cosmetic and personal care ingredients.

Visitors to the Society of

Ingredients include; Bioferments, Botanical Extracts, Delivery

Cosmetic Chemists’ website will

Systems, Enzymes, Functional Actives, Silicones, Emollients,

find information on membership,

Emulsifiers, Meadowfoam Seed Oil & Derivatives, Abyssinian and

educational programmes

other Oils, Shea and other Butters, Aliphatic Hydrocarbons, Lanolin

(specific details pertaining to the

& Derivatives

Cosmetic Science Diploma), as well as the society’s objectives

Tel: 010 595 9690 Email:

of promoting professionalism and higher technical skills in the cosmetics and toiletries industries.

COSMETIC INGREDIENTS Ingredients include: African oils I Hyaluronic acid I Treated pigments I Treated inorganic sunscreens I Encapsulated organic sunscreens I Plant

Glass distributors & importers of specialist glass bottles and

and animal proteins and specialised protein derivatives I Brown

closures. We are official distributors for Consol Glass. Dalgen is

seaweed I Natural actives and rheology modifiers I Anti-dandruff

your one stop packaging shop, specialising in pharmaceutical &

agents I Concentrates

cosmetic containers. We are able to service all areas in Africa.

Tel +27 (0)31 569 4288 Fax +27 (0)31 569 4294 Email or



For over 40 years Formpak has supplied specialised processing,

Novopak is a plastic packaging

packaging and printing machinery to the pharmaceutical,

company that specializes in

cosmetic, plastic, glass, chemical, food and dairy industries.

manufacturing a complete range

Tel +27 (0)11 828 8870/1/2 Fax +27 (0)11 828 8880 Email or

of cosmetic and pharmaceutical tubes, including printing, hot foiling and various caps. We also manufacture Bottles and Jars.

Tel +27 (0)11 865 5632 Email



Look Good Feel Better, a global cosmetic industry programme

Your No. 1 industry leader

offers support to cancer patients focusing on emotional and social

for the most comprehensive

needs and well being.

ranges of both synthetic and

At 2 hour interactive workshops held in oncology units across

natural colours – used in food,

SA, cosmetics are used as tools

pharmaceutical, cosmetic and

to address visible side effects of

industrial applications.

treatment to assist patients to

Tablet coatings – manufactured,

restore self-esteem and face the

supplied and marketed globally

world with confidence.

under our trade name PHARMASPEC™ - FC

Moco Packaging is well established as one of the largest stockists of specialised cosmetic and pharmaceutical packaging in South Africa. The extensive range of high-quality plastic and glass containers and accessories is obtained from local and international sources. Our own moulds enable us to satisfy almost all packaging requirements at excellent prices. Printing and frosting facilities are available. Keeping up to date with modern technology ensures that we procure a variety of new packaging items and components.

Tel: (011) 624-3493/4 | Fax: (011) 618-3622 Email: | 18 Auret Street Jeppestown 2094 | P.O. Box 15773 Doornfontein 2028

Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic Review - July 2017  

This magazine explores developments in UV protection and formulation advice for producing sun care products. It also looks at solutions to m...

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