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April 2018 | Volume 45 | Number 4

Innovative products and solutions for pharma and nutraceutical formulations

What you missed at #PCRConference2018!


Cold process materials for your formulations Trends, ingredients and technology for OTCs

‘My experience at Bonpak and Scentlab has been wonderful. The products are affordable compared to other companies in the industry. Also, equally important is the consistency in the quality of products we receive like the alcohol compound, which enhances the trust and reliability of these companies. I am truly a satisfied customer’ – Mzuqhamile Mbangi, Instil Perfumes.

The best quality at the best price A strong and positive affiliation between three independent companies has created a one-stop shop of distinction for cosmetic brands and entrepreneurs. Management at Bonpak, Enterprise Ethanol and Scent Lab in Gauteng has more than 80 years combined industry knowledge, which is applied to find custom solutions their customers. Sourcing fine fragrances, ethanol for your

not only create an enabling environment -

brand, product or range – it is what keeps

perfume base, packaging and brand design

a central point where customers can find

customers returning and drives sales.’

solutions at competitive prices, within a

solutions for their packaging, fragrance and

The dynamic trio of companies also

central hub, is possible. How? Through the

ethanol requirements – but also eliminates

has a strong African profile. This allows

affiliation between Bonpak, Enterprise

the hassle of having to source products

it to transport with ease items with high

Ethanol and Scent Lab. Customers can tap

and ingredients from different locations.

compliance criteria, like ethanol, to any

into the service and expertise each company

Also, being able to work with trusted and

destination on the continent. Compliance

offers individually, while benefitting from

proven companies like these demystifies the

and safety consulting is available to ensure

the collective symbiotic relationship

process. Testing facilities are available for

that companies are compliant with the law.

established between the three companies.

customers to validate the grade of products,

Being flexible in trade means that there are

ultimately ensuring a premium product.

no restrictions in sourcing products globally.

one ethos: to continually grow customers’

Scent Lab is willing to test any product and

‘We can source globally and package locally,’

businesses by helping them achieve

together with Bonpak and Enterprise Ethanol

according to the owner of ScentLab.

premium quality at affordable pricing within

offer advice to customers on how to get the

their market segment. The synergy has

best quality at the best price.

Each of these companies work towards

worked well for the existing customer base,

The companies work with hard facts and

Despite rapid growth, the three companies have never compromised the efficiency and convenience with which they

which finds value in sourcing everything

use economies of scale to make sure the

serve their customers. ‘Global sourcing,

needed to develop a product from a central

customer’s demands are met or exceeded

inventory, flexibility and total solutions or,

hub of the three affiliated companies.

while creating a consistency in product

in short, a GIFT, is what they collectively can

that will boost their clients’ reputation

deliver – consistently offering the customers


as a manufacturer of a reliable, quality

the best advice, quality products and

Bonpak, founded and owned by Ray Bondi,

product. ‘A consistent product range in

solutions that will fit their needs,’ states the

is the largest glass and plastic container

terms of quality is vital to the success of any

director of Bonpak.

distributor to the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries. Enterprise Ethanol supplies 99.9 percent pure ethanol on a large scale, while Scent Lab supplies fine fragrance aroma compounds as pure A-grade perfume oils on a global scale. Bonpak’s ability to support bottle and logo design via an in-house design team rounds off the professional services available to customers. ‘We create an enabling environment, a central point where customers can find solutions for their packaging, fragrance and ethanol requirements at below market prices.’ The belief is that these three companies

Growing our business for our customers business

Bonpak’s continued success is based on efficient service delivery, vast product offering and determination to meet its customers business desires through investing in understanding their needs. The company also works closely with its customers to help them achieve their ambitions in the market. Market solutions: • flexible pricing • broad product range and available stock • Certificate of Conformity (COC) and Certificate of Analysis (AOA) accredited • able to service large quantity orders.

Scent Lab is able to procure the highest quality compounds for the best price from various sources. This ensures the best pricing for the best quality for its customers. Scent Lab does not conform to the clichéd agency agreement thus enabling the company to secure the optimum overall offering for its customers. Market solutions: • competitive pricing • innumerable quantities • expert advice on mixing, formulating and packaging of perfume products.

An obsession for a pure product and efficiency is at the core of Enterprise Enthanol’s business practices. The company has thousands of satisfied manufacturing customers, from perfumers to pharmaceutical manufacturers, which use its ethanol daily in their products. Its low-cost business model as well as efficient storage and drumming plant are modern and lean, allowing the company to pass the benefit onto the customer in the form of low prices – historically on average, customers save 16.7 percent on their ethanol spend. Market solutions: • product appropriation, denaturing to the clients’ requirements in line with local excise laws • cost-effective pricing • short lead times for delivery of drummed product across South Africa • compliance and safety consulting available to ensure regulations are met • a tank installed and managed at customer’s premises • bulk management systems | |

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April 2018 | Volume 45 | Number 4

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Rain Africa celebrates Fair Trade Guaranteed status

SAMRC to develop African Genomics Centre

Farmovs-Parexel acquired by the University of the Free State


Efficient for effervescents

Flexible solutions


What’s new in South Africa


Ashland and IMCD SA’s interactive hair care seminar

Highlights from the P C Review conference


for controlled environments


Introducing The Cosmetics Chef…

Symrise meets cold-process needs with Dracorin GOC

Local contract manufacturer shapes its international appeal


OptiPEA – a proven natural ingredient for pain relief

Naturally derived emollients and emulsifiers from Savannah

How to compress effervescents with Romaco Kilian

Cama launches flexible line for personal care industry

New patch for pain care

Seppic introduces the dedicated wesource brand Make a splash in formulations with coconut water


Albex Noflush helps consumers save water


Sodium ATB-base polymer for all-purpose cleaners

Flexible solutions for controlled environments

Alcohol-based surfactants from Protea Chemicals

Hugo Beck ensures hygiene standards


| Volum April 2018

e 44 | Number


W PackagingREVIE


Supplier brand owner synergy www.pharma

for success

42 Installation Zippy Labels ramps up production with 11 new machines

44 Bottles, Tubs & Jars


How to achieve success with your suppliers

Adapt to trends and industry developments

ss Airple umps A ND mini packasy lead the w ace How surfen ion hances fluorinat c packaging plasti

48 ASSOCIATION NEWS The latest news from the HPA, SAAFFI and Coschem

ls installs

Zippy Labe nes 11 new machi

P C Review | APRIL 2018 |



From the editor




cold process approach


re you wondering what all the

and Protea Chemicals’ alcohol-based

hype is about cold processable

surfactants for hard surface cleaning.

emulsifiers and emollients in the personal care industry? Well, it

If you missed out on attending this year’s P C Review Beauty Trends & Innovation

makes perfect sense to opt for cold process

conference, we’ve included a roundup of

materials to reduce your manufacturing

the event on page 14. Another formulator

costs and implement leaner and greener

is featured this month on page 18. Conny

production methods. As a formulator,

Obberauter aka The Cosmetics Chef talks

surely you want to skip the unnecessary

about how she’s empowering people to

steps to achieve your goal of building a

craft their own beauty products using

unique product? Now you can, with the

natural and organic ingredients as well as

cold process materials highlighted in the

a kitchen blender.

Personal Care feature in this edition of Pharmaceutical

Cosmetic Review. On

There is a lot of interesting content instore for our pharma industry readers in

Editor: Abby Vorster +27 (0)11 877 6038 Assistant Editor: Aarifah Nosarka +27 (0)11 877 6209 Layout & Design: Kirsty Thomas Contributors: Charmaine du Preez, Peter Heyn, Sally Harvey ADVERTISING Sales Executive: Carla Melless +27 (0)83 260 6060 Sales Executive: Anita Raath +27 (0)82 976 6541 Sales Executive: Candida Giambo-Kruger +27 (0)71 438 1918 INTERNATIONAL SALES Germany/Austria/Switzerland: Eisenacher Medien Erhardt Eisenacher +49 228 249 9860 Italy: Ngcombroker Giacomo Rotunno +39 370 101 4694 Taiwan: Ringier Trade Media Sydney Lai +886 4 2329 7318

page 28, you can read more about how

this edition. We look at over the counter

Ecocert approved Dracorin GOC from

products and their associated processing

Symrise, IQL’s Soldoc PG 410 and Soldoc

technologies and ingredients in the

PGPR polyglyceryl esters and Vantage’s

Pharma Focus on page 19. We discuss

Distinctive Coconut Water can contribute

equipment, garments and accessories for


to substantial energy and production

controlled environments in this month’s

General Manager: Dev Naidoo

cost savings, fewer CO2 emissions and a

Cleanroom Control feature.

reduced environmental impact. Dwindling water resources have resulted

In our regular PACKAGING REVIEW section, we highlight industry trends and

in an upswing in waterless cleaning

developments in the Bottles, Tubs and Jars

products. In the Home Care feature on

feature (page 44) and celebrate Zippy

page 24, we share the story of Albion

Labels’ revival with its most recent string of

Brands’ latest innovation, Albex Noflush,

installations (page 42) at its new printing

which neutralises the smell of urine,

facility, after enduring a devastating flood

allowing consumers to ‘let it mellow when

in November 2016.

yellow’. We also highlight a range of solutions for household cleaning products,

CIRCULATION Circulation Manager: Felicity Garbers +27 (0)21 701 1566

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Enjoy the read.

Aileen Lamb

including Chemical Initiatives’ ready to use


concentrated dispersion for liquid laundry

Bridget McCarney

detergents and dishwashing products,



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Dr Trevor Baillie

Past-President, Society of Cosmetic Chemists SA

Prof Dr Aubrey Parsons

John Knowlton

CEO of the Generic and Biosimilar Medicines of Southern Africa

Professor Emeritus, Faculty of Health Sciences, Nelson Mandela University

Vivian Frittelli

Prof N T (Raj) Naidoo

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Consultant, Cosmetic Solutions

| APRIL 2018 | P C Review

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Opt for Verderflex hoses for extended hose life


SOME HOSE PUMPS have short lifespans but Verderflex offers extended hose life beyond that of its competitors. Hoses fail for one reason – fatigue. ‘Although there can be many reasons for hose failure, fatigue is one of the main seasons. Speed, discharge pressure and temperature are all influencing factors that increase hose fatigue,’ says a representative from Verder Pumps. After eight to 12 million cycles, a hose will fail to return to its spherical shape after compression. This is evidenced first by a reduction in flow, then physical deterioration of the hose. Verderflex’s Dura pump series has several design features that provide longer hose life than competitor products. Three times more nylon reinforcing fibers are input into the hose during the manufacturing process. With more fibres, the compression load is spread reducing stress per fibre and extending fatigue life. According to Verder Pumps, it is the only manufacturing that includes additional nylon reinforcing

Fair Trade Guaranteed


status for Rain Africa HANDCRAFTED BATH, BODY and home care brand, Rain Africa’s Fair Trade accreditation with the global World Fair Trade Organisation based in Europe is one of its greatest accomplishments. It’s not easy to achieve this kind of global accreditation and to maintain it, ongoing auditing and continual improvement plans and accountability are required. Ultimately, Fair Trade accreditation requires unwavering dedication to its principles. Every two years, members are assessed and reviewed by the organisation and their piers which includes onerous scrutiny on every level. Subsequent to the auditing process, Rain has been awarded Fair Trade Guaranteed status, which is the highest level of Fair Trade Accreditation. Rain Africa’s employees are extremely proud of the company’s Fair Trade Guaranteed status

fibers in its hoses, which are handmade to the correct tolerances and do not require any machining. Verderflex hoses are made with 100 percent EPDM, giving them increased temperature resistance and preventing a liner weak point. The Dura pump incorporates an air-gap design, also unique to Verderflex. While the gearboxes in traditional-style hose pumps are flange-mounted to the pump housing, Verder uses a torque arm connection to ensure a physical separation exists between the pump and drive. This prevents heat that builds up in the drive from being conducted into the pump housing. ‘Superior Verderflex hoses are available for many competing pumps,’ the representative concludes.


Verder pumps.indd 1

2018/03/27 9:07 AM

P C Review | APRIL 2018 |



2017 a record

breaking year for biosimilar approval

The number of biosimilars first approved between 2013 and 2017 in the US, Japan, or the EU



THE AFRICAN GENOMICS Centre – a first for South Africa – is already under construction at the South African Medical Research Council (SAMRC) head office in Cape Town. In February, SAMRC cemented its collaboration with the Beijing Genomics Institute (BGI), signing a formal agreement that guarantees an exciting future for this state-of-the-art research facility. BGI is at the forefront of the global scientific progress on genetic science and DNA sequencing, while South Africa has identified an opportunity through this partnership to build the country’s capacity for whole human genome sequencing. ‘The development propels South Africa into a new era of medical research and means that we join a small, but growing, group of countries that are pioneering this type of innovation,’ says Professor Glenda Gray, SAMRC president. The signing ceremony took place on 16 February on top of Table Mountain in Cape Town. Prof Gray comments: ‘This novel field of research harnesses the science of genomics for personalised medicine. Knowledge of the DNA sequence has become an important part of understanding disease. By establishing the sequence of an individual’s genetic material, it is

THE NUMBER OF first approvals for biosimilars in the US, Japan, or the EU has increased significantly in the past two years, breaking the stagnation of the three years prior. In 2017 a new record was set for the number of first approvals in a single year, according to GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company. The FDA alone approved five new biosimilar products, seeing the number of approved biosimilars in the US rising from four to nine. This includes two products for Oncology use: Mylan and Biocon’s Ogivri, which is a biosimilar to Genentech’s Herceptin and Amgen and Allergan’s Mvasi – a biosimilar to Genentech’s Avastin. The European Medicines Agency (EMA) approved eight new biosimilars, including biosimilars of AbbVie’s Humira, Genentech’s Rituxan, Herceptin, Eli Lilly’s Humalog (insulin lispro injection), and Eli Lilly’s Forsteo. With 23

possible to identify mutations which are specific to that person. These genetic tools will help us understand South Africa’s diverse gene pool and convey insights on treatments for common diseases like diabetes.’ The centre will be a vital national asset, able to contribute to better understanding factors that impact on the health of South Africans and inform strategies to improve their response to diseases. This means conditions that contribute to the heavy disease burden in the country – such as hypertension, stroke, heart disease, diabetes and cancer – can be diagnosed faster and more accurately. Treatments can also be delivered in a more targeted, effective and costefficient way. Dr Li Ning, BGI’s chief development officer said the collaboration will strengthen bilateral relations between China and South Africa, as both countries have contributed to the facility in terms of research capacity, funding, equipment and other infrastructure.

additional unique drugs currently in pre-registration, GlobalData believes this trend of biosimilar approvals will continue in 2018.

CLR Chemisches Laboratorium’s administrative and manufacturing facility, located in Berlin, Germany

Dr Li Ning and Prof Glenda Gray at the signing ceremony


GMP CERTIFICATION EFFCI CERTIFICATION FOR Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for Cosmetics Ingredients (Standard 2017) has been awarded to CLR Chemisches Laboratorium, an IMCD South Africa principal. Dr Stefan Borchert, president and CEO of CLR, comments: ‘The GMP certification reinforces the sustained development of CLR’s integrated management system. This already encompasses our quality management (ISO 9001:2015), environmental management (ISO 14001:2015) and social responsibility (SA8000:2014) systems. Obtaining the EFfCI GMP certification is an important milestone for us. Customer confidence in our products has historically been extremely high. The certification justifies that and provides a means to enhance our factory’s hygiene levels and quality standards of our factory and production processes even more. Our new production and laboratory facilities, which will be launched later this year, will strengthen our position in the cosmetics active ingredients market. We are happy to say that we are in a continuous process of growth and improvement.’


| APRIL 2018 | P C Review

Representatives from the UFS and FARMOVS at the contracting signing. From left are Farmovs MD, Chris Sutherland; rector and vice-vhancellor, Prof Francis Petersen and senior director of research development, Dr Glen Taylor Image credit: Johan Roux


FARMOVS-PAREXEL ACQUIRED BY UFS new medicines for a variety

employees, who are highly

of diseases and illnesses.

skilled and experienced, as

Prof Petersen comments:

is the management team,


will see the UFS owning the

‘Farmovs is an excellent

which will remain intact

State (UFS) acquired 100

largest Phase 1 clinical

state-of-the-art clinical

under the leadership of MD,

percent shares in Parexel’s

research business in South

research facility. This is an

Chris Sutherland.

Bloemfontein-based clinical

Africa which from now on will

exciting new venture for the

research business, Farmovs-

be known as Farmovs.

university. I am extremely

the UFS to become actively

It is Prof Petersen’s vision for

proud of what we have

involved in the South African

important clinical

achieved and thankful to

National Clinical Research

chancellor, Prof Francis

research for the global

the Farmovs management

Capacity Building Initiative

Petersen and the university’s

pharmaceutical industry

team for its cooperation

with Farmovs becoming a

senior leadership group

which enables the marketing

and for taking the Farmovs

clinical research centre of

concluded the deal with

of affordable generic

staff through the process

excellence. ‘This is something

Parexel International,

medicines in South Africa

with enthusiasm.’

new for the UFS, the

a global innovator in

and elsewhere in the

biopharmaceutical research

world. It also supports the

UFS Bloemfontein Campus.

with more of an industry

services. The acquisition

development of important

It consists of 148 full-time

impact,’ he adds.

Parexel on 7 March. Rector and vice-

The business conducts

Farmovs is located on the


challenge now is to expand

Over time, an investment in plastic pallets can save you money. Perfect for exporting, Fried plastic pallets comply

FRIED PLASTIC PALLETS, South Africa’s trusted

can be harmful to the surface on which they are used

with legislation and no kiln dry or methyl bromide is

supplier of plastic pallets since 1995, has a variety

or to anyone using the pallets.

used. The plastic is also free from splinters, mould or

The plastic pallets are available in different

of quality plastic pallets suitable for all industries.

pest infestations.

The company’s business model consists not only of

materials, including virgin plastic(s), recycled high-

importing and supplying new plastic pallets, but also

density polyethylene, polypropylene, polyethylene

locally manufactured plastic pallets.

and recycled polyolefin. A Fried plastic pallet can be recycled after its useful lifespan.

Its plastic pallets can endure extreme temperature

The Fried Hyg-i7.1 pallet is hygienic and clean, with the following weight bearing capacity: static five tonnes; dynamic 2.5t and racking 1.25t

These sustainable pallets also

variances without compromising their integrity and durability. Fried plastic pallets are durable, re-usable

offer longevity. The price of plastic

and easy to clean, at up to 90°C using high-pressure

pallets is in most cases higher

cleaning. They are put through stringent testing and

than the price of wooden pallets,

lengthy trials to ensure their high-quality, weight-

however plastic pallets are likely

to last up to1 10 years of multiple10:51 trips. AM bearing performance. They do not contain screws that Remancos P&C 177x65mm Quarter page copy.pdf 2018/01/29


Remancos Nature is our business |

Formulation Development In-house Laboratory Stability & Safety Testing Blending & Filling

• • • •

Production Manufacturing Plant Creative Product & Graphic Design Team Bottle & Packaging Sourcing Marketing Consulting


we make your dreams a reality. Tel : +27 11 791 3757 | Cell: +27 745 648268 | Fax : 086 547 1959 ADDRESS:

Unit E2, Metropolitan Park, Wakis Ave. Strijdom park, Jhb. 2196 South Africa Email:

P C Review | APRIL 2018 |



ood f



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| APRIL 2018 | P C Review

STREET Bubbly and bright skin care

Afriderm has launched a trio of new products, including a micellar water, a one step cleanser and a brightening bubble mask. The skin care brand is sold exclusively at Edgars and specially formulated for pigmented and African skin tones. Unique ingredients in Afriderm products include Octadecanoic Acid for its even skin tone benefits, Lilac Extract to reduce sebum and Sodium Lactate

Mother’s Day limited edition

Sorbet has launched four hand and nail creams in a limited edition tin for Mother’s Day. The beautifully packaged offering is available this May (for a limited time) at Sorbet Salons, Sorbet Nail Bars and Sorbet Dry Bar stores nationwide. Each 30mℓ tube boasts a unique scent and complementary floral design, including cherry blossom, tropical flowers, wild flowers and lotus paradise.

and Potassium Lactate to defend against dry and ashy skin. Visit www. for more information.

Night time beauty

transformer Theravine’s new Tri-Active Hydrating Night Cream is formulated with a unique Trimoist three-step moisturising system and Niacinimide (vitamin B3). It provides moisturising and anti-ageing

Fizz up

your daily intake

benefits, improves skin firmness and helps prevent a loss of skin elasticity. Beautifully packaged in black with foiling and tactile finishes, the night cream is now available online at and from professional spas and salons.

NRF Health has added a convenient tube of buffered vitamin C effervescent tablets with bioflavonoids, to its popular and affordable range of vitamin C supplements. Each pack contains 10 effervescent tabs that dissolve easily in water. The product is available at all major wholesalers and claim to provide the required daily intake of vitamin C for children and adults.

Perfect for problem skin Oxy has introduced a Sensitive Daily Moisturiser with SPF15 to complete its offering for problem skin. The new moisturiser promises to keep skin soft and moisturised while controlling excess oil. It is formulated with Salicylic Acid and Tea Tree Oil with the added benefit of sun protection. The packaging was designed by PMAC in Cape Town and the suggested retail price is R72.95 for a 150mℓ tube.

P C Review | APRIL 2018 |



Happy hair

Solutions for natural, healthy locks A healthy hair journey is what most men and women want. IMCD South Africa and Ashland hosted an interactive seminar in February to market ingredients and solutions targeting the needs of natural and relaxed Ethnic hair. Bloggers, brand owners and manufacturers attended. to transform the efficacy, usability, allure, integrity and profitability of its customers’ hair care products. Ashland’s global marketing manager for hair care, Dave Popplewell, shared new insights into hair care trends in the US, giving attendees a good idea of what to expect in the local market in the coming months. ‘Observing


IMCD South Africa’s personal care team with representatives from Ashland


n South Africa, hair care blogs and analyst reports show consumers are clearing out their cabinets,

ditching products formulated with harsh chemicals. Evenes Ruth Mafupa, writer and editor of

how dermo-cosmetic brands have been gaining popularity in the US, hair care brands are also

Ashland’s FiberHance bm solution heightening their remedial is another great ingredient for African claims as consumers take a hair. Curly hair is prone to breakage, but more holistic approach to this unique product can be used to help their wellbeing, viewing hair strengthen hair from within. While it can be used in various applications, such as an extension of the skin,’ as mousses, sprays, hair colour and he commented. bleach treatments, Ashland has plans Popplewell says consumers to test the efficacy of FiberHance perceive free-from claims as bm solution in a relaxer the biggest indicator of natural formulation.

the Natural Sisters blog, loves helping African consumers find ways to manage

and/or organic hair care products. Products with the presence of oils also

their kinky curly/coily hair and to embrace,

appeal to consumers looking for natural and

celebrate and nurture their natural hair.

gentler offerings.

There is a lot of common terminology used including ‘texture envy’; ‘looser, neater hair’;

WHAT’S ON OFFER FROM ASHLAND? Sustainable and natural

‘natural curls’; ‘hair strengthening’ and ‘long

Ashland produces a number of ingredients

and healthy, natural hair’ to name a few.

in its biotHAIRapy range, which are natural

on Natural Sisters and other hair care blogs, Natalie MacGregor, business unit manager: pharma and personal care, at IMCD SA, shows seminar attendees how one of the Ashland products performs on hair


These hair care needs are on Ashland’s radar, as the speciality chemicals company seeks

| APRIL 2018 | P C Review

Hair care formulators who attended the seminar

David Khumalo talks about the noticeable benefits of the anti-frizz cream formulated with AquaStyle SH-100



CLEANSING CONDITIONERS AND CO-WASHES 1. T he formulations are typically conditioner based. 2. Instructions for use replace those of shampooing. 3. The texture and feel are conditioner like i.e. the product is smooth with lots of slip. 4. Claims include sulphate-free, silicone-free and paraben-free. 5. P roducts cleanse without stripping, condition without build-up or weighing down hair. Source: Ashland

Stylist Khumalo shows how AquaStyle SH-100 helps define the curls of natural African hair

• excellent high humidity resistance • smooth comb-through

or naturally derived. These can be used in

• no tack upon drying

various hair care products, including shampoos,

• no flaking.

conditioners, treatments and styling products.

Ashland and IMCD South Africa put the new

The biotHAIRapy platform offers solutions to

styling polymer to the test in an interactive hair

improve formulations that are

care demo led by David Khumalo,

free from, for example, sulphates

Henkel South Africa’s R&D testing

and silicones etc. The platform is

and salon studio manager.

backed by extensive information

Khumalo used an anti-frizz cream

on sustainable sourcing and

formulated with two percent

sustainability audits to meet

AquaStyle SH-100 to style a

customers’ needs in this regard.

model’s natural hair. He said the model’s hair felt silky and smooth,

Included in the BiotHAIRapy

and the product did not leave

biofunctional platform for hair

any residue on his hands or the

is a series of five offerings, each targeting a specific aesthetic benefit and inspired by key biological markers. The Hair Stemness System,

Eric Jan De ’s Feij, Ashland technical leader, ME A

model’s scalp. Khumalo gave the antifrizz cream a high score of

based on rice protein, may help

five for spreadability, four for

mitigate the stress factors known

manageability, five for no

to compromise hair growth capital. The Hair

residue, four for initial hold and five for its curl

Fullness System, based on corn protein, may

memory boosting properties. •

support better intercellular communications – a process essential for hair density. The Hair Keratin System, based on yeast extract, may contribute to structural proteins required for stronger, healthier-

Ashland – IMCD South Africa – www.imcdgroup. com/worldwide/south-africa

Two South African hair bloggers who attended the Ashland IMCD South Africa hair care seminar A seminar attendee checks the comb-ability of a bleached and coloured hair tress, which has been treated with ChromoHance 113 Polymer

looking strands. The Hair Melanin System focuses on hair colour while the Hair Detox System has been developed to support ageing hair.

High shine, beautiful style Ashland has also launched a new styling polymer, AquaStyle SH-100. This advanced, patentpending, styling polymer provides long-lasting hold under humid conditions. Primarily targeted at crystal clear gels, it enables easy pick-up from the jar and smooth distribution on hair. Studies also show it provides excellent shape memory with no flaking or tackiness. AquaStyle SH 100 can also be used in spray gels, cream gels, waxes and pomades, as well as non-aerosol mousses and sprays. The consumer benefits of AquaStyle SH-100 polymer include: • g ood initial stiffness • durable, all-day hold

P C Review | APRIL 2018 |



Digital strategies, networking and compliance While regulatory compliance was the initial draw card for a vast amount of the delegates that attended the P C Review Beauty Trends & Innovation Conference, the importance of a strong digital strategy became non-negotiable during the event. By Abby Vorster


a broad spectrum of speakers with broad appeal to all employees working in personal care, from marketing and packaging to formulating. ‘In the 20 years that I have worked in personal care, your conference was by far the most interesting and relevant that I have ever attended,’ she commented. One of the speakers, John Knowlton of


Cosmetic Solutions, applauded the P C Review rilliant speakers, fantastic and relevant

team for taking the initiative to host such a

content, and a great deal of excellent

necessary event. His talk on Creativity in the

feedback are what made the inaugural

Workplace to Drive Innovation was one of the

P C Review conference a massive

most celebrated on the conference programme.

success. The event took place on 22 February at

He got all the delegates thinking about their

the Media Park auditorium in Johannesburg with

work environments and how much freedom they

90 delegates attending the full day programme

have to be creative and innovative and whether

and seven exhibitors showcasing their ingredients

they are trusted in their capacity to try new

and packaging solutions during the tea and

things. ‘There is a direct correlation between a

lunch breaks.

creative work environment and business success,’

The programme featured an array of topics,

Knowlton explained. ‘But employees need to be

including how to maximise social media with

trusted to take risks, they also need idea time to

the right content discussed by Elena Protulis

exploit their creativity, suitable resources and the

of Proél Consulting, how to drive innovation

freedom to debate ideas in order for innovation to

in the workplace, e-Commerce tips shared

take place.’

by Ordinary Skincare’s Robert Rae, regulatory 2

compliance, formulating for Africa’s millennials,

Insight to innovate

consumer insights, finance and franchising in the

Having insight into consumers’ preferences,

professional skin care industry discussed by Esna

perceptions and their shopping habits is central

Colyn of Imbalie Beauty and great case studies on

to a brand’s success. Nielsen has some of the

digital marketing victories were shared by Michael

most relevant and up to date data on the South

Gullan of G&G Digital.

African personal care and cosmetics market,

Caroline Lambert, product development at

which Kim Reddy, director of consumer insights at

Lee-Chem Laboratories said she found the talks

Nielsen South Africa, shared with the conference

extremely interesting and very relevant. There was

delegates. She said growth has slowed in



| APRIL 2018 | P C Review


EVENTS colour cosmetics as a result of economic

function, brands should focus on creating

pressures. Innovation in eye cosmetics has

moments rather than specific products.

also slowed yet it’s gaining ground with lip and

Key to comply

face cosmetics. ‘The path to purchase has also become complex due to digitisation and personalisation trends,’ explained Reddy. ‘As a result, pre-store digital engagement has become a priority for beauty brands, with 14 percent of sun care shoppers driven by couponing sites and social media and 13 percent of cosmetics shoppers driven by social media and brand sites.’ Leandri van der Watt, R&D

Percy Sibanda of L’Oréal South Africa’s talk


on compliance in the South African cosmetics industry was not only necessary but also well

received. The crux of the The South African personal care matter with regulatory issues shopper will easily switch brands is that all brand owners, from but not stores. They are more willing to switch brands because of promotions entrepreneurs and SMEs within their store of preference and will to large corporations and trial different or new products driven multinationals, are required by word of mouth, store broadsheets to comply. and other media, especially Sibanda explained the television. Source: Nielsen regulations transcend all Consumer Insights

manager at Skin Rejuventation

platforms, including print, online,

Technologies, also shared insight, but this

social media and direct marketing and

time into formulating for Africa’s millennials.

the need for safety assessments, carried out by

She referred to them as ‘Afrilennials’ (a term

an appropriately trained person, will affect how

coined by Student Village), and debunked

brands place their products on the market.

common misbeliefs and provided a new perspective on this influential consumer group. ‘Afrilennials matter because they are

Cosmocovigilance, like pharmacovigilance, will also play a big role. The responsible person, as the holder of the most detailed information

obsessed with their appearance and

on the product placed on the market,

recognition. They spend big on hair care

has a legal and ethical obligation to help

and 51 percent of them say they are “very

when asked.

interested in fashion and beauty”,’ she

As the result of the success of the event

explained. Her top five tips to consider when

and delegates’ feedback, the P C Review

formulating for Afrilennials are:

conference will become an annual event on

1. B  e authentic, pick your message and stick to

the industry’s calendar. Details of the 2019

it i.e. Ecocert, Fair Trade and Vegan etc. 2. Focus on individuality, millennials are loyal to brands that resonate with their


conference will be communicated during the course of the year, so keep an eye on all of our


platforms for more information. •

unique preferences. 3. B  e driven by a cause, create a product with a conscience, be it social, environmental or economical.


2 3

4. D  on’t settle, be remarkable – spend the extra months required in the lab in order to perfect the sensorial properties of your product. 5. S hareabiliity – because millennials care more about the experience than the specific

4 5

6 7


E xhibitor, Bret Protti from Impress Pac chatting to Adrienne Cohen from Fino Cosmetics John Knowlton Julian and Yvette van Dyk from Van Dyk Pharmaceuticals, Erica de Kock from Unicare Ingredients and Dershana Valla from the CTFA M erck South Africa’s table top exhibition stand Caroline Lambert talking to exhibitor Lynette Swart from Unicare Ingredients M ichael Gullan E xhibitors Sue Ottley (Meganede), Carole Sommier (Silab) and Megan Jones (Meganede) Leandri van der Watt



P C Review | APRIL 2018 |



A leading producer of calcium carbonates Are you looking for high purity calcium carbonates for your pharmaceutical and nutraceutical formulations? Omya, through its association with CJP Chemicals, is bringing its innovative solutions to the South African market.


mya International is

Omyapharm 500-OG

and can be compacted into tablets via dry

headquartered in Oftringen,

This versatile FCC pharmaceutical

granulation. Tablets manufactured with

Switzerland and offers high

excipient is award-winning and can be

this excipient combine high porosity and

purity calcium carbonates for

used in multiple applications such as orally

hardness, properties generally inversely

use in pharmaceutical and nutraceutical

dispersible tablets (ODTs), tablets, granules

proportional and crucial in ODTs. The

formulations. Omyapure 35-OG is the

or capsules.

retained high porosity of Omyapharm

first natural calcium carbonate to obtain

500-OG tablets allows faster water uptake,

It can be used as a carrier for oils

a certificate of suitability as an active

and other liquids, can be loaded up to

which leads to reduced disintegration

pharmaceutical ingredient (API). More

55 percent w/w (55g of oil onto 45g of

time that is half of the market formulation

recently, Omya’s new generation of mineral

Omyapharm 500-OG). The excipient can

benchmark4. Current market formulations

excipients, Omyapharm functionalised

be used to convert oils and other liquids

also require high-priced packaging as a

calcium carbonate (FCC), won the CPhI

into compactable powders. It can also

result of the friability of tablets. The high

Best Innovation in APIs and Excipients

be used as a highly efficient filler-binder

hardness achieved in ODTs formulated

award for its versatility and unique

in dry granulation. At lower compression

with Omyapharm 500-OG allow for the use

surface properties, which bring distinct

levels, Omyapharm 500-OG tablets reach

of regular tablet packaging and reduces

performance features.

a tensile strength comparable to or

manufacturing costs significantly.

higher than tablets Figure 1&2: The unique surface properties of functionalised calcium carbonate (Figure 1) compared to natural calcium carbonate (Figure 2) give Omyapharm its unique performance features

Figure 1

formulated with other

Omyapure 35-OG

reference excipients . In

This is first natural calcium carbonate to

addition, at increasing

obtain a certificate of suitability as an API. In

compression pressures,

keeping with its tradition of quality and focus

the decrease in porosity

on regulatory affairs, Omya became the first

of Omyapharm 500-OG

producer of natural calcium carbonate to

tablets was significantly

achieve the certificate of suitability (CEP/

less than in reference

CoS) in accordance with the European

excipients tablets .

Pharmacopoeia as an API by the European



Omyapharm 500-OG has been successfully

Omyapure 35-OG is manufactured

integrated as a carrier

under ICH Q7a and meets international

in gastro-retentive

standards. In its natural calcium carbonate

drug delivery systems

portfolio Omya also offers products for the

(GRDDS) and in

nutraceuticals market compliant with E170

particles with muco-

and FCC.


adhesive coating

Calcium carbonate contains close to 40

for colonic target

percent calcium, making it an excellent

delivery systems3.

source of this nutrient. Omyapure 35-OG

The pharmaceutical Figure 1

Directorate of the Quality Medicines.

natural calcium carbonate can be used

excipient is

in pharmaceutical and nutraceutical

revolutionary for

applications such as antacids, as a natural

manufacturing ODTs

source of calcium in osteoporosis treatment,

via a dry granulation

in mineral supplements and in combination

process. ODTs are

with vitamins. Omyapure 35-OG is suitable

a popular dosage

for liquid and solid dosage forms. In

form because

suspensions, its low particle size ensures

they encourage

physical stability which is key for the correct

patient compliance

dose intake. In tablets, a wet granulation

among paediatric,

step is required prior to tabletting.

geriatric and psychiatric patients. Omyapharm 500-


| APRIL 2018 | P C Review

Good combo for bone health As the principal component of bones,

OG can be mixed

calcium is the most abundant mineral in

with a disintegrant of

the human body. It also plays a key role in

choice and the drug

maintaining the proper function of nerves


Omya’s pharmaceutical and nutraceutical laboratory

Table 1: Tablet formulation (Omya)



(see Table 1).

Calcium (from CaCO3 and Ca5(OH)(PO4)3)

319 mg

The formulation

Vitamin K2

68 μg

contains two of

Vitamin D3

8 μg

Omya’s proprietary


and muscles. As our bodies are unable to produce their own calcium, a regular dietary intake is

With approximately 8 000 employees, Omya has a global presence in more than 180 locations in over 50 countries. Omya is proud to be represented in South Africa by CJP Chemicals.

calcium ingredients – Omyapure 35-OG as the active ingredient and Omyapharm 500OG as an excipient – as well as vitamins K2 and D3 to improve calcium absorption and

is produced to comply with the most stringent regulatory and quality standards of the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industries. The company supplies added value products and services from responsibly sourced materials to meet the needs of current and future generations. •

deposition in bones.

CJP Chemicals – Omya –

content of calcium documented

R&D and technical support

among all calcium salts, calcium

Omya’s pharmaceutical and

carbonate is a solution of choice when it

nutraceutical laboratory at its


comes to calcium supplementation.

headquarters comprises a laboratory

1. Stirnimann et al. (2014) International Journal of Pharmaceutics

essential. With one of the highest

A recent publication reviewing dietary

for mineral development and an

surveys performed in South Africa

application laboratory for solid dosage

between 2000 and 2015 concluded that

forms. Cutting-edge equipment –

calcium intake of men and women in

including fluid-bed technology, a roller

all the reported studies was below the

compactor and a rotary tablet press –

dietary reference intake of 1 000mg

allows for high-quality pharmaceutical

per day .

R&D and technical customer support.


Omya has developed a nutraceutical concept for bone health supplements

With more than 130 years of expertise, Omya’s portfolio of natural minerals

466: 266–275 2. Eberle et al. (2014) European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 58: 34–43 3. Preisig et al. (2015) International Journal of Pharmaceutics 487: 157–166 4. S tirnimann et al. (2013) Pharmaceutical Research 30:1915–1925 5. Mchiza, Z. J., Steyn N. P., Hill, J., Kruger, A., Schönfeldt, H., Nel, J. and Wentzel-Viljoen, E. (2015). A Review of Dietary Surveys in the Adult South African Population from 2000 to 2015. Nutrients, 7(9):8227-8250.

Omya Consumer Goods

Omyapharm Innovative multifunctional mineral excipient · Highly compactable and porous · Fast disintegration for ODTs · Tablets with high mechanical strength · Highly efficient carrier Winner of the CPhl “Best Innovation in APIs and Excipients” award

Contact in RSA:

Official Distributor for RSA

2-A1802545 COG_Pharma_177x130.indd 1

03.04.18 18:57

P C Review | APRIL 2018 |



‘ I opted for basic ingredients instead of fancy

emulsifiers and managed to make a good shampoo using

castile liquid soap’ Conny Oberrauter from CIO Consulting loves playing around with different ideas and ingredients. Her latest idea – The Cosmetics Chef – essentially enables anyone to craft beauty products using natural and organic ingredients. WHAT DRIVES YOU TO DEVELOP INNOVATIVE PRODUCTS?  Whether it’s using a different ingredient or approach – I am driven by thinking there is always a way and that things are always possible. I also love being at the lab bench. Producing a formulation on paper is one thing, but you don’t really get to understand the formulation unless you’re watching it evolve as you make it. Most of my ideas come to me while I’m making a formulation and questioning

the outcomes. I watch trends in other

their existing

industries and often think of how they


could be applied to cosmetics and what

and I like

the benefits would be. Innovation doesn’t

this revival

only come from the formulation. The

of older

simplest innovation could be packaging,

ingredients. You

a process or application.

don’t have to reinvent the ingredient, simply finding other uses for it


is innovative.

I have a Coschem Diploma and a BBA in marketing management. I started as


a compounder at B&L Products. The first

In January 2017 I launched a new concept

product I made was a simple carbopol

and in November, published a recipe

gel and it blew my mind. I was trained

book called The Cosmetics Chef – Crafting

to colour match and got exposed to

Cosmetics in Your Kitchen. I included

the development side of things. I then

theory in the book to explain the science

moved to Amka Products and started my

behind cosmetics and provide a glimpse

R&D career as a lab assistant. I worked

at the life of a cosmetic scientist. I also

on Amka’s colour range and got to

wanted to educate my readers on the

experience all its other products and then

real stories surrounding controversial

moved onto the supply side. However, the

ingredients and not just the marketing

more my career advanced

myths. All the recipes can be produced

the further I moved away from

using a Thermomix or basic blender,

the development bench.

so I had to work hard to overcome my

I didn’t enjoy admin and

perception that you need sophisticated

desk duties that come with

equipment, raw materials and a lab

managerial positions, so I

working environment to produce quality

was propelled to starting

cosmetics. I opted for basic ingredients

my consulting journey and

instead of hundreds of fancy emulsifiers

made sure I still got to play at

and managed to make a good shampoo

the bench.

using castile liquid soap. The recipes are designed to be made at home and either


Natural ingredients are

used by the DIY’er or given as gifts. They are not designed to be manufactured for retail. I’ve tested all the recipes and the non-food based ones do have a reasonable shelf life. The first products I

usually my main focus though I like to find

made over a year ago are still stable and

a balance between natural and synthetic.

looking good. They are well formulated but

I am interested in the microbiome trend

still only meant for home use. It’s been an

and curious to see how far it will go. The

incredible journey and so far, the response

more cosmetics advance, the blurrier the

to the book has been amazing. I have a

line becomes between medicine

lot of exciting plans on the cards for The

and cosmetics. I also love seeing

Cosmetics Chef, so watch this space. •

the new claims developed using old and traditional ingredients. Suppliers are starting to explore new benefits of


| APRIL 2018 | P C Review

The Cosmetics Chef –


OptiPEA: a safe and reliable pain relief solution

PEA, often described as a pleiotropic compound, is a ‘magic shotgun’ capable of modulating numerous complex systems by hitting different important cellular targets simultaneously. OptiPEA from Innexus Nutraceuticals can be used as an effective pain relief active ingredient in dietary supplements.


almitoylethanolamide (PEA) is a naturally occurring bioactive lipid that offers a genuine nutraceutical alternative to

problematic pain relief drugs. OptiPEA, launched at Vitafoods Europe 2018, is said to be the leading PEA raw material available. It is sourced sustainably from RSPO-certified palmitic acid and manufactured entirely in Europe using a patented production process. All other PEA is manufactured in Asia. Samuel Zonneveld, CEO at The Netherlands-based Innexus, comments: ‘Because of the difficulties in treating chronic pain, it is not uncommon for sufferers to take matters into


Not all palmitoylethanolamide is created equal, according to Innexus. For this reason, the company has invested extensive resources in sourcing, OptiPEA is: producing and testing • roundtable on Sustainable OptiPEA.

their own hands. In addition, problems resulting from sustained use of opioids – both pharmaceutical

Palm Oil (RSPO) certified •m  anufactured according to GMP in FDA inspected facilities

What is PEA? This is a bioactive functional lipid that belongs to a class of molecules known

as fatty acid amides. PEA is a naturally

occurring compound found in plant and animal cells. It has anti-inflammatory as well as pain-relieving properties,

pain-killers and non-prescription drugs –

• ISO 9001:2008 quality assured

are becoming ever clearer. Unlike most

This high-quality synthesised PEA

of these, PEA doesn’t have any negative

makes use of the body’s own

side effects. Yielding consistently positive

defence mechanisms and is an ideal

results in replicable research since

nutraceutical for patients with chronic

its discovery in 1952, its efficacy and

pain and inflammation. It has been

safety have been documented in over

subject to a full spectrum of chemical

manufacturers, OptiPEA can be sourced

658 scientific articles. PEA represents a

analysis and clinical research, all of

directly from Innexus. It has a consistent

natural and effective alternative to these

which point to its efficacy, safety and

and minimal purity of 99 percent. The fine

drugs, and one that is suitable for long-

total lack of side effects. As well as its

powder has a crystalline structure, which

term use.’

safety for end consumers, OptiPEA

makes it suitable for different applications.

provides guaranteed reliability for

Oral supplementation with PEA offers

business partners.

an interesting alternative or worthwhile

Safe and effective Today’s consumers are well-

By using highly sensitive methods of

and acts as a protective and repairing molecule supporting the self-healing ability of the body.

For South African brands and

complementary strategy in the treatment

informed; they demand and deserve

analysis, Innexus is able to characterise

of a large number of disease states,

transparency. Innexus offers full,

the complete composition of its

especially chronic pain, inflammation and

transparent documentation for OptiPEA

raw material. Its PhD chemists know

degenerative diseases. •

to manufacturers and brand owners of

the brand’s PEA in detail and are

dietary supplements, which can benefit

meticulous and strict when it comes to

from the appeal of a branded, quality

quality control, product release and

ingredient for consumers.

product analyses.

Innexus Nutraceuticals –

P C Review | APRIL 2018 |



Turn sensitive powders

into efficient effervescents Tabletting effervescent products is challenging. With the right technology, these tablets can be processed rapidly and safely in line with a product’s requirements. Peter Heyn, technical marketing at Romaco Kilian, discusses the company’s ideal solution for compressing effervescent formulations with maximum efficiency.


hildren are particularly fond of

lubricant supply system sprays the punch tips and

effervescent products because they fizz.

die walls during production, so prior mixing of the

The pharma industry provides numerous

lubricant into the product is not required. Much less

products in effervescent tablet formats,

material is needed for external lubrication. Harder

particularly over-the-counter medicines like pain

tablets can be achieved as a result and overall

medication, vitamins or antacid medications.

product quality is improved. What’s more, external

The administration of water-soluble drugs

lubrication protects both the product and machine

is especially recommended for children, the elderly or patients with difficulties swallowing or sensitive stomachs.

The consumer benefit is realised when administering effervescent tablets. Those lubricated

Effervescent tablets are a fundamental part of the

by an external system have a smoother surface,

wide range of pharma dosage forms available on

contain less magnesium stearate and don’t leave a

the market. They offer many consumer benefits, but

grease film when dissolved in water.

manufacturing and processing these hygroscopic products presents complex demands. These tablets

Cool machines

are naturally sensitive to air, light and moisture. Many

Extremely low temperatures are essential to process

of the active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and

temperature sensitive medications. The process

vitamins processed in effervescent formulations are

temperature of the tablet presses in Romaco

easily affected by heat. They also tend to be friable

Kilian’s KTP X series is kept at a constant level below

and break. All these factors must be considered

30° Celsius. To reduce heat input, the compression

when tabletting effervescent powders. The Romaco

rollers have been fitted with smooth-running bearings

Kilian KTP 590X tablet press is tailor made for

and the gear of the fill shoe is mounted externally. A

this specification.

special cooling ring, situated underneath the dietable, acts as a thermal barrier. The temperature in

Gentle compression

the service area is also lowered by efficiently cooling

Effervescent tablets are naturally prone to unwanted

the torque drive.

air pockets and capping, which is why the tabletting

The brake magnets play a crucial role too by

process takes place in three steps. The Kilian KTP

eliminating frictional heat and protecting the

590X single-sided rotary press is equipped with

material. So there is no need to install an additional

three separate compression stations. The first tamps

cooling unit when tabletting temperature sensitive

the powder. Then the tablets are pre-compressed

products. ‘Cool’ is one of the three hallmarks of the

and converted into finished products in the main

Kilian KTP series.

compression unit. The use of Kilian 28/41 tooling simultaneously extends dwell time, resulting in harder tablets because there is more time overall for deaeration. This prevents the tablets from


subsequent bursting.


The fill shoes and

effervescent tablets with a new name and redesigned packaging. New Vita-thion Extra contains adenosine triphosphate for sustained natural energy throughout the day and ginseng for increased capacity for work, concentration and enhanced natural resistance. Additional active ingredients include vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to assist in maintaining a healthy body and skin.


by reducing the tablet ejection force.

| APRIL 2018 | P C Review

Effervescent powders are hygroscopic with poor flow properties. paddles of the tablet press must be designed to enable efficient filling and uniform distribution in the die. The powder can also be lubricated with magnesium stearate to prevent the product from sticking to the tooling. An external

PHARMA FOCUS//OTCs Fast off the mark If effervescent tablets are to be manufactured efficiently, retooling and cleaning times must be

The swing-out die-table offers easy access to all components

optimised. For this purpose, the product contact format parts in the tablet presses have been systematically reduced by Kilian. The die-table, tablet chute and fill shoe can be swung out for easy access to all components. Format changes can be completed without any additional tools and the start-up dosing control, based on the filling, shortens the run-in times and avoids material loss. The overall equipment effectiveness of the tablet press can be significantly improved under these conditions. Depending on the formulation, the Kilian KTP 590X achieves an output of up to 290 000 effervescent tablets per hour while, with mono or bilayer formats, the single-sided rotary press manages a maximum hourly output of 511 200 tablets.

Clean performance Manufacturing effervescent tablets is an extremely dusty process. A hygienic design is important to keep unwanted dust formation in check. The compaction, retooling and service areas of the KTP 590X are strictly separated for this reason. This design prevents tablet dust from entering the machine compartment or, in the opposite direction, machine oil from contaminating the product. The patented punch bellows surround the upper and lower punches and protect the tablets from black spots. The closed system, made from elastic synthetic material, is ventilated by holes in the die-table. It is affordable to purchase and inexpensive to maintain. The fill shoe and tablet chute of the press are fully washable and easy to clean. The concentration of particles in the production environment is greatly reduced by the dust-tight tablet chute. Romaco Killian’s hygiene concept ensures reliable processes and reduces the risk of cross-contamination to a minimum.

Safe processing Once the effervescent tablets have been compressed, they must be processed in line with product requirements. Owing to their chemical and physical properties, effervescents are not stored in a buffer container but transferred directly to downstream packaging machines. A special transfer station developed by Romaco

The Kilian KTP 590X achieves an output of up to 290 000 effervescent tablets per hour

conveys the fragile tablets from the press to the primary packaging unit. Tablets are fed from the press scraper directly to a Kilian conveyor belt running at high speed. Tailbacks of tablets at the press discharge are prevented by acceleration, enabling products to be removed and separated gently. This facilitates selective sampling,

Tablet presses in the Romaco Kilian KTP X series boast hygienic design

including dust aspiration and breakage elimination, before the tablets are distributed by a rotary table to the conveyor belt of the primary packaging machine. Effervescent tablets are normally packed in strips or tubes. The Romaco Siebler brand includes heat-sealing machines and tube fillers. Together with the Kilian presses, these two product lines form


a functional unit for manufacturing and packing

Peter Heyn is responsible for hosting and organising technical training sessions for Romaco employees and agents. In 2001, he began his career with Romaco Kilian as a service technician. Since then he has held various positions within the company, including product manager and area sales manager.

effervescent tablets. Romaco’s effervescents portfolio is optimally complemented by Promatic cartoners and case packers. These and other Romaco solutions are available in South Africa from Integrated Packaging Systems. •

Integrated Packaging Systems – Romaco –

P C Review | APRIL 2018 |



Beat pain with a patch


To offer consumers a comprehensive pain care solution, Mentholatum has extended its Deep Heat patch offering with three new specialised variants. is seeking a soothing, discreet, effective and

he demand for drug free pain

convenient solution for her period pain. She

management therapies is growing. This

wants to be able to go about her daily routine

according to Lisa Bell, Deep Heat’s brand

with little discomfort. To alleviate period pain and

manager, who says: ‘Consumers want

discomfort, Deep Heat’s innovative Period Pain

convenient, affordable, safe and long-lasting

Patch offers long lasting, deep penetrating heat

solutions for their pain. They want to be able to go

therapy. Women will experience soothing relief

about their daily routine with little discomfort.’

from muscular pain and menstrual cramps for up

Deep Heat’s line extension includes the Period

to 12 hours.’

Pain Patch, Neck & Joint Patch and a Warming

This patch is shaped for discreet and optimal

Belt to soothe lower back pain. ‘Deep Heat

comfort so it can be worn unnoticed under

Patches are easy to use and provide a simple

clothing. It is air activated and begins to heat

yet effective way to manage pain. The deep

once opened. Odourless and ultra-thin, the patch

penetrating heat therapy increases blood flow

is applied directly to the skin and has a long-

which supplies oxygen and nutrients to

lasting adhesive to keep it firmly in place.

reduce pain in joints and relax sore muscles,’ Bell explains. Deep Heat Patches comprise a soft but strong non-woven breathable fabric. The patches arrive fully finished from Mentholatum’s supplier and are prepacked to go straight on shelf. ‘This process is extremely efficient,’ she says.


After use, the patch can be effortlessly removed without discomfort.

The global non-opioid pain patch market was valued at US$3 750 million in 2015 and is expected to reach US$4 983.3 million by 2024, rising at a CAGR of 3.3 percent between 2016 and 2024. Source: www.

‘The packaging for the patches

Discreet pain relief The new patches also meet the need for non-invasive yet effective relief from lower back pain. Research shows the elderly is most vulnerable to pain and injury in the lower back region.

The growing economic and social

was designed locally by PMAC. The

burden of work injuries and musculo-

pack design is minimalistic and modern,

skeletal pain play a key role and can be the

it maintains the strong Deep Heat brand identity

result of poor posture, repetitive movements or

and on shelf presence.’

prolonged immobilisation. ‘For consumers with muscular

Convenient for women

back ache, pain and tension, Deep

Menstrual pain can be limiting for

Heat’s new Warming Belt releases

many women and is one of the

deep penetrating heat for pain relief

most common gynaecological

up to 12 hours,’ Bell adds. ‘It is air

complaints in women of

activated and begins to heat once

reproductive age. Traditionally,

opened. When applied, the elastic

applying a hot water bottle to

belt’s four large heat cells are in direct

the lower abdomen can ease

contact with the skin and supply an

the symptoms but this can be

even distribution of heat to the affected

cumbersome and restrictive. In the UK and USA, period pain patches have increased in

Lisa Bell

area. Light weight, odourless and nonstick, the Warming Belt is secured with a soft Velcro strip for a perfect one size fits

popularity. ‘Research has shown that the

all approach to pain relief. It is discreet and can

period pain patch is an effective alternative

be worn comfortably under clothing.’ •

to taking oral medication, it provides fast pain relief and supplies continuous low-level heat to the lower abdomen,’ Bell comments. ‘The South African woman


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Local innovation

lets it mellow when yellow Toilet flushing remains among the biggest wasters of potable water. To help the Western Cape reduce its water consumption, Jaco de Villiers, project developer and quality control manager at Albion Brands, developed Albex Noflush. By Abby Vorster


he environmental impact that comes with

then meet Capetonians’ water saving needs.

every flush has become a harsh reality in

Albex Noflush is manufactured in house at Albion

the Western Cape. While residents have

Brands, a 60-year-old business. The company

managed to reduce their water usage

also produces the Albex Bleach range, Nostain

to 522 million litres per day, the City still requires

Colour-Safe Fabric and Upholstery Stain Remover

Capetonians to reduce their collective usage to

Range, Polagric Dishwashing Liquid and Spic n

450 million litres per day, or 50ℓ per person.

Span All-Purpose Cleaner range.

One way to reduce consumption is to only flush your toilet when necessary. This is made easy with Albex Noflush – an environmentally friendly and biodegradable toilet water Jaco de Villiers

neutraliser made from multistrain Bacillus spores, a blend of six specific enzymes and plantbased surfactants. ‘One spray of Albex Noflush in the toilet bowl neutralises urine and leaves


Albex Noflush has received an

Albex Noflush has the added benefit of cleaning the toilet bowl as the enzymes in the formulation actively break down the uric acid. This prevents a yellow ring of urine from developing in the toilet bowl when the consumer does eventually flush.

behind a fresh scent and blue colour,’ De Villiers explains. ‘You can save 6 800ℓ of clean water with every 500mℓ bottle of Albex Noflush. One bottle has an 860 spray capacity, giving the consumer 860 uses The refurbished filling machine from Labeline, installed at Albion Brand’s premises in Paarden Eiland, Cape Town

Quick to react

before having to replace the bottle.’ Because the formulation is enzyme based, it actively neutralises the smell of urine. The bacteria feeds on the protein in the urine, making Albex Noflush the ideal product for this

overwhelming response in the market. ‘At the end of 2017, there was minimal demand for the product. We hadn’t marketed it much because we didn’t have the capacity for mass production,’ De Villiers explains. ‘Initially we sold a few hundred packs, but nothing compared

to the flood of orders we received when we reopened after the festive season shutdown on 8 January.’ Albion Brands reacted fast and installed a filling machine to increase its capability to manufacture high quantities. ‘We’ve grasped this opportunity and learnt a lot in terms of how to quickly and efficiently react to market demand. In February, we installed a refurbished eight head stainless steel rotary

application – the longer it gets to

filling machine from Labeline to automate

feed on the urine the better the

our filling process.

product performs.

Albex Noflush is packaged in a HDPE spray bottle supplied by Bowler Plastics.

Planet first, people second The Albion Brands’ team developed Albex Noflush in October 2017. ‘Our goal was to

The labels are printed by All4Labels and the triggers are sourced from Blakelin Plastics. The product is available in two variants, original and lavender, and sold at retail and wholesale chains throughout

formulate a biodegradable and

the Western Cape, at most major retailers in

environmentally friendly product,

Port Elizabeth and was recently launched at

so we use plant-based surfactants

selected retailers in Gauteng. Albion Brands’

sourced from Green Worx, a South

next move is to launch Albex Noflush nationally

African Green Tag certified company,

and in Africa, where water systems are also

and Bascillus, a genus of gram

becoming overburdened. •

positive bacteria, which work together to break down the nutrition in urine and block the odour,’ he comments. As an avid fisherman and environmentalist, De Villiers set out to first protect the environment and


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Blakelin Plastics – Bowler Plastics – Green Worx – Labeline – All4Labels –



Need an ideal allpurpose cleaner? hemInit FG 691 is a sodium

ChemInit FG 691 generates a

ATBS-base polymer typically

pseudo-plastic profile. The gel

proposed to thicken

structure is easily broken-down

aqueous solutions for

under shear and then

household cleaning and institutional

returns to its initial value.

and industrial applications, even at

The polymer is also

a low pH. It is supplied as a ready-to-

efficient for emulsion

use concentrated dispersion, so no

stabilisation and the

premix and a neutralisation step are

stable suspension of

not required.

solid particles.

Usual viscosity is obtained at two percent dosage in pH range of two


to nine, a minimum dosage of three

The sodium ATBS-

percent or less is recommended with high

base polymer can be

electrolytes concentration.

used in lime scale remover,

all-purpose cleaners, bathroom cleaners and acidic toilet bowl


cleaners. ChemInit FG 691 is also suitable for liquid laundry detergents,

Chemical Initiatives supplies liquid dishwashing a range of specialties and locally products, sanitiser manufactured surfactants for the cleaners, glass and home and personal care segments. The company’s manufacturing capabilities surface cleaners, include the sulphonation of LAB and auto-care products alcohol ethoxylates and the conversion and polishes. • of tertiary amines, alkanolamides as well as other liquid or liquid and liquid with Chemical Initiatives – solid blends.

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Alcohol-based surfactants for

effective cleaning products


eodol alcohols and their

Neodol ethoxylates are non-ionic

derivatives are precursor

moderately foaming surfactants

molecules for surfactants.

formulated into laundry powders

Neodol-based surfactants

and liquids, dishwashing liquids and

are used in many leading detergent,

hard surface cleaners. They are often

cleaning product and personal care

derivatised before use in formulations.

brands worldwide.

The ease of ethoxylation and sulfation

The Neodol range and its derivatives

by conventional means makes the

are manufactured by Shell Chemicals

derivatives suitable for a broad spectrum

and distributed throughout sub-Saharan

of surfactant applications.

Africa by Protea Chemicals under the

The following market specific

local trade name, Sezodols. The products

Neodol ethoxylates are available from

essentially replace Nonylphenol Ethoxylates

with both even and odd numbered

Protea Chemicals:

such as NP 6 and 9, which have a poor

carbon chains.

• Neodol 91-5, 91-6 and 91-8 (C9-11

biodegradability and eco-toxicity profile.

alcohol) for hard surface and I&I

range in bulk and packed products.

Shell’s principal alcohol grades resold by Protea Chemicals

Supply chain solutions for these products

• Neodol 91 (C9-11 alcohol) for hard

Protea Chemicals offers the Sezodol

are available from the company’s expert shipping and logistics team.

surface and I&I cleaning applications

for household detergents and personal care. •

• Neodol 25 (C12-15 alcohol) for laundry

Offering excellent product qualities for various applications, Neodol alcohols are

cleaning applications • Neodol 45-7 (C14-15 alcohol)

and personal care applications • Neodol 45 (C14-15 alcohol) for

high purity, high linearity primary alcohols

Protea Chemicals –

household detergents and personal care

SEZODOLs, a range of alcohol ethoxylates for the home care sector

Several grades available from Protea Chemicals for hard surface cleaning, degreasers, personal care and detergents

Leanne Rossouw: Industry Sector Manager Mobile: + 27 (0)76 683 5615 Tel: +27 11 821 3310 Email: General Enquiries:

Protea.indd 1


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Trust built on consistent supply of tailored solutions. H&R is a global trusted brand that offers a wide range of products for the personal care, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries and also offers tailor-made application solutions for a wide range of market segments. We at H&R have found a way of supporting the markets we serve by offering new bio-based sustainable raw material produced with low carbon footprint. We have developed and launched an exciting new PIONIER range of natural oils and petroleum jellies to meet the needs of the environmentally conscious. Contact us to find out what solutions we can offer you.

113 Trindad Road, Island View, Bluff 4052, South Africa

+27 (0)31 466 8700


Easy to process Dracorin GOC

The demand for cold process materials is increasing as manufacturers search for ways to reduce costs and implement greener production methods. Symrise’s Dracorin GOC is an easy to process liquid emulsifier for natural cosmetics and sensitive skins.


racorin GOC is an anionic,

PEG-free formulations. According to

ingredients and UV filters in significant

liquid o/w emulsifier for cold or

Symrise, Dracorin GOC has broader

amounts, acts as a natural chelating agent

hot emulsification. It has high

formulation potential than similar emulsifiers

and has proven skin tolerability, even for

purity, is free from undesired by-

on the market.

sensitive skin.

in foods. It is especially recommended

Endless benefits

on vegetable, renewable feedstock and

for sensitive skin and shows very good

Dracorin GOC is easy to process because

Ecocert approved, making it suitable for

emulsifying ability with both polar and non-

of its liquid form. This emulsifier is effective

natural cosmetics.

polar oils. Dracorin GOC stabilises emulsions

at low dosage levels and has an excellent

with low and high oil content (10 to 40

capability to build cold processed o/w

after sun lotion to demonstrate the ease of

percent) and preferably should be add to

emulsions, even without homogenising.

handling of Dracorin GOC. The formulation

products and approved for use as emulsifier

the oil phase of the emulsion, although it can be added to the aqueous phase. It can be used over a wide pH range from 4 to 9 or as co-emulsifier for


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The emulsifier is 100 percent based

Using Dracorin GOC in personal

Symrise developed cold processed o/w

is available on request. •

care products results in low viscous o/w emulsions with a rich yet light skin feeling. It also allows the incorporation of active

Symrise –


Invested in building brands and

empowering people

Serendipity Toiletries is the ideal contract manufacturing partner for local brands with international appeal. The company specialises in Ethnic hair care products, bath and body care, anti-ageing skin care, toiletries, fragrances, and sun and lip care products.


‘We employ 120 people; 50 are permanent and the remaining 70 are short term contract workers,’ says Madelein Steyn, operations manager at Serendipity. ‘Most of our employees have been with the company from the start.

ince 2010, Serendipity Toiletries (Serendipity)

They have worked through

has been making its mark as a flexible

the ranks and now hold

and reputable contract manufacturer. Its

senior positions, positively

customer base includes local companies,

influencing the ongoing success of the business.’

multinationals and international brand owners like The Somerset Toiletry Company. Personal care and bath and body products that

The company’s staff turnover is minimal because each employee is valued and never exploited. This is verified in the annual ethical and social audit

are exported to the UK, USA, Canada and Australia

conducted by one of Serendipity’s local customers,

account for approximately 30 percent of the

which is a major retail chain.

company’s total turnover. This means that Serendipity

from concept to delivery of the finished product.

being e-mark registered and ISO GMP 22716 certified.

‘We provide formulation development for local and international markets, perform stability/micro testing

customers as an experienced and reliable partner,’

on all products, source new packaging and because

says Andre Theron, MD of Serendipity. ‘We strive

we don’t have in-house brands, we don’t compete

to exceed our customers’ expectations through

with our customers.’

innovation and go the extra mile to research, design,

The fully automatic lip ice machine at Serendipity Toiletries

Steyn says Serendipity offers a turnkey operation

is fully equipped to service export markets, including ‘We have developed a reputation among

Serendipity Toiletries’ dedicated team of manufacturing and packing personnel

Theron adds: ‘We are committed to customer

create and deliver superior quality beauty products

confidentiality and providing high service levels,

at a fair price and on time, every time.’

which is why we have so many long-standing customers and a number of new ones, which

Flexible and fully equipped

are set to take Serendipity into its next phase

Located in Pretoria, Serendipity is home to various

of development.’ •

state-of-the-art processing and packing equipment, a selection of manufacturing vessels, ample warehousing space and a R&D stability lab. It also has the ability to perform micro testing.

Serendipity Toiletries –

• Contract manufacture of bath/body/beauty/anti-ageing products • We have no brands of our own and therefore do not compete with our customers • Offer a turnkey operation from concept to launch of all products • Formulation development for local and international markets • Perform stability/micro testing for all products • Source new packaging locally and internationally • Sun protection

Tel: +27 (0)12 803 7999/+27 (0)12 803 0761/+27 (0)83 285 8830 Email: |

Serendipity.indd 1

2018/04/05 12:07 PM

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Cold process emulsifiers for natural products

Natural personal care products have gone from niche to mainstream. For cosmetics and personal care, IQL offers a wide range of naturally derived emollients and emulsifiers, which are available in South Africa from Savannah Fine Chemicals. These products are based mainly on vegetable and other renewable raw materials.


he personal

small droplets and prevent the oil and water

care industry

phases from separating.

continues to move towards

natural products and

polyglycerol ester-based ingredients meet these

naturally derived

requirements, combining natural emulsification

ingredients are

systems and high-performance properties.

preferred in most

Prepared from natural resources, Soldoc

markets. Industrial

PG 410 and Soldoc PGPR are multifunctional,

Química Lasem

natural-based ingredients for modern personal

(IQL) is actively

care formulations. These Polyglyceryl Esters are

involved in the R&D of

biodegradable, safe and free of 1.4-dioxane

vegetable alternatives

and any of its precursors. They are excellent

for personal

alternatives for polysorbates, PEG and linear

care products.

alcohol ethoxylates.

This European

They create stable, long-lasting emulsions with


an incredibly diverse range of ingredients. They

producer was founded

are also easy to formulate and cold processable

in 1947 and provides

due to their liquid form. Soldoc PG 410 and Soldoc

solutions essentially for cosmetics and personal

PGPR offer improved skin feel, a bright product

care and industrial use.

appearance, pleasing texture and appealing

IQL says the importance of the right emulsifier

The desired sensorial properties of a product influence the choice of emulsifier

product applications.

in an emulsified system is generally recognised by the

Non-ionic emulsifier

texture, stability and safety

Soldoc PG 410 is a PEG-free non-ionic emulsifier

profile of the finished product.

based on natural raw materials, used in o/w

Emulsions are the most common

emulsions with a particular light aqueous skin

type of delivery systems used

feel. It helps form bright white creams and

in personal care products.

lotions with a light texture, good emolliency and

They enable a wide range of

pleasing after- feel.

ingredients to be quickly and

This emulsifier does not increase a product’s

conveniently delivered to the

viscosity. It functions as a self-emulsifying system in

skin and hair. The best-known

oil formulations, like bath oil concentrates, which

cosmetics and personal care

spontaneously emulsify when added to water.

products are based on emulsions in creams or

See Table 1 for an example of Gelified Bath Oil

lotions. In these emulsions, small droplets of oil are

formulation using Soldoc PG 410 as a key ingredient.

dispersed in water (o/w) or small droplets of water


Nowadays, the desired sensorial properties of a product influence the choice of emulsifier. IQL’s

This efficient emulsifier can form stable emulsions

are dispersed in oil (w/o). Since water and oil are

in a wide pH range from 4.5 to 8. It is compatible

incompatible, emulsifiers are added to produce

with the most commonly used additives, as well as

| APRIL 2018 | P C Review

PERSONAL CARE active ingredients. The product is easily employed

Table 1: Gelified Bath Oil

as a primary emulsifier and can be used in more



w/w %

consistent creams in combination with secondary

Emolid CC


up to 100

emulsifiers or with consistency waxes where a higher

Waglinol 3/9280

Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride


viscosity is required.

Tegobetain F K B 5

Cocamidopropyl Betaine


Soldoc VF 4/18 HG

Pentaerythrityl Tetraisostearate


personal, hair, sun and skin care applications, such

Soldoc PG 410

Polyglyceryl-4 Caprate


as facial care and body care products, conditioners

Soldoc EB 29

Isostearyl Isostearate


and shampoos, body washes and sun protection

Macadamia Oil

Macadamia Integrifolia Seed Oil


and after sun products.

Argan Oil

Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil


Rosehip Oil

Rosa Canina Fruit Oil


Soldoc PG 410 can be used in a wide range of

Vegetable-based emulsifier Soldoc PGPR is a PEG-free emulsifier based on vegetable raw materials, suitable for w/o creams and lotions with a brilliant white appearance and pleasant application properties. This emulsifier can produce stable, fluid, low viscosity emulsions, which spread easily and give a light skin feel. It is naturally derived and is compatible with a wide number of oils and other common ingredients. Emulsions obtained with Soldoc PGPR present interesting sensorial benefits, such as: •a  brilliant white appearance and pleasant skin feel • light and smooth cream textures • good emolliency and a smoothing after feel without any occlusive effect

This moisturising and soft gel develops into an oil texture on skin contact. With water, it generates a slight white foam

• excellent emulsion stabilisation properties. The efficient emulsifying power of Soldoc PGPR provides stable w/o emulsions. It is effective with polar and non-polar oils, imparts excellent high and low temperature stability, is supplied in a liquid form and offers easy and reproducible emulsion processing. This versatile emulsion can be used in various personal, skin, sun, body and facial care products as well as colour cosmetics. •

IQL – Savannah Fine Chemicals –

•g  ood spread-ability and no tackiness

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Step change in secondary packing innovation


application and multi-layer collations. This IG complete robotic line comprises two in line robotic units. It can collect products in primary packaging on two lanes, mixing the different packs in several layered

he Cama Group’s robotic

systems are built for easy cleaning, are safe

configurations according to the customer’s

applications feature optimal, fast

and offer increased accessibility thanks to

requirements and placing them onto a

and gentle-handling solutions

their ergonomics. Their flexible, modular

special conveyor that leads to the loading

that have been proven non-

configuration suit machine and factory

unit. On each lane, the infeed rate is

damaging. Its special Smart Vision

layout requirements, while their cabinet-free

120 products per minute (total infeed rate is

System optimise the management of

technology and optimisation of floor space

240 products per minute). At the same time,

the product by automatically selecting

are additional benefits.

a Cama phasing unit positions empty trays

products according to a pre-established

The BTG systems have also been

under a three-axis robot, which loads the

dimension and arrival speed. This complete

engineered for energy saving and offer

layered product collations from the special

flexible line for the personal care industry

user-friendly, fast and tool-less changeover

conveyor into the trays. The loaded trays

showcases Cama’s latest breakthrough

along with reduced start-up time

finally run on the conveyor up to the line

generation (BTG) systems. These systems

after changeover.

out-feed point. •

have impressive features, which is why

One of Cama’s new BTG systems

Cama has been able to make a step

is a complete robotic line that packs

change in innovation in secondary

flowpacks of personal care items in multi-

packaging machinery.

Engineered for hygiene Higher hygiene standards are achieved with the BTG systems because there is no hollow body or horizontal surfaces. Water, dust and dirt retention do not occur as a result; there are also no tie wraps. Contamination is easily identifiable. The


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Cama’s new BTG complete robotic line system

Cama –


New customer-centric brand of actives from Seppic Wesource is Seppic’s new dedicated brand for its actives derived from plant-based chemistry, marine biotechnologies and botanical extraction. The brand seeks to meet consumers’ needs for more natural and organic ingredients in personal care products.


ccording to Seppic, a CJP Chemicals’ principal, the wesource brand aims to give customers a better

understanding of and consistency in

with innovation, we create solutions that truly empower beauty.’

Beauty across geographies Seppic perceives beauty as a variable concept across geographies. According to countries and cultures, the quest for beauty can translate into a pursuit for youth, glow, purity, or clarity of skin. So, Seppic has developed a full range of actives targeting these different beauty expectations. In the wesource plant-based chemistry category, the company offers Aquaxyl, Timecode, Fludipure 8G and Sepitonic

Image courtesy of Ryan Moreno and Seppic

M3.0. This clinically validated range of actives focuses on moisturising and restructuring the skin. The botanical extraction category presents ethically harvested and purified plant extracts from Madagascar. The

its diverse active ingredients portfolio.

actives include Subligana (new), Teca, Madecassoside, Heterossides and Rosabora. The marine biotechnologies category connects brands and manufacturers to the magical world of underwater ecosystems. Celebrity, Celtosone and PF Antileukine 6

dedicated services and technical, scientific


and biological expertise.

DID YOU KNOW there are 13 000 macroalgae

and skin brightening benefits.

Wesource is both inspiring and powerful by offering customers vibrant stories;

Mariane Tavares, Seppic’s marketing

species identified worldwide but only 50 of

are some of the marine biotech actives from Seppic, offering anti-ageing, hydration The wesource brand reflects the curiosity

director, comments: ‘With wesource, we

them are used in cosmetics? Seppic’s

and passion of Seppic’s teams, which are

are highlighting our scientific expertise

researchers are exploring the precious and

always learning from nature. It combines

and sustainable innovation to offer clients

inaccessible biodiversity of macroalgae by

the company’s scientific expertise and

active ingredients with proven efficacy,

cultivating very rare species in its laboratory.

its knowledge of cosmetics markets to

inspiring stories and unique solutions that

This creates a unique collection of isolated

support customers around the world with

meet consumers’ needs. When it comes

cell species that are identified for unique skin

personalised services. •

to beauty, we believe there is no greater

properties. To meet industrial scale demand,

inspiration than life itself. To us, active

Seppic is equipped to multiply the cell species

science is being curious about the world.

without any harm to natural biodiversity.

Inspired by the materials of life, combined

CJP Chemicals – Seppic –

+27 11 494 6700

CJP Chemicals.indd 1

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Make a splash

with coconut water


oconut water is very trendy

even tone skin care benefits and protection

for all the right reasons – it’s

from environmental aggressors and

hydrating, detoxifying, cost-

free radicals.

effective and protects against

Coconut water contains cytokinins

glycation and free radicals, preventing

that help promote cell growth. Distinctive

accelerated ageing. Incorporating coconut

Coconut Water from Vantage is highly

water into your personal care formulations

cost-effective and can be used in skin

can have a beneficial effect on the skin,

and hair care products and colour

hair and scalp while serving as an excellent

cosmetics. It can be easily added with

replacement for water. It is nature’s most

medium propeller mixing either in the

perfect water as it contains electrolytes,

beginning of the formulating process or

amino acids, vitamins, cytokinins, and

after phase combination, depending

minerals to replenish hydration, fortify and

on the type of formulation. The ideal pH

fine tune skin’s every day functions.

range for systems containing Distinctive Coconut Water is between 4.0 and 8.0.

Cold processed

In skin care, Distinctive Coconut Water is

Vantage’s Distinctive Coconut Water is

recommended for use in products that

made from the cold-processed juice of

provide revitalisation and moisturisation. •

ripened coconuts. By exclusively using a feedstock of cold-processed coconut water concentrate, valuable nutrients and antioxidants are retained. This provides


| APRIL 2018 | P C Review

SAVE WATER, CHOOSE COCONUTS SOUTH AFRICA’S WATER system is being over-exploited, and the problem is getting more difficult and costlier to fix. Because many skin care products are made with distilled water, personal care manufacturers can contribute to saving this precious resource by using Vantage’s Distinctive Coconut Water in their formulations. Distilled water is also hypoosmotic and can draw vital fluids and nutrients from the skin’s cells, which can dehydrate them, causing stress and inflammation. Coconut water is ideal for restoring skin’s hydration. The calcium, potassium, sodium, phosphorus and magnesium found in coconut water are very similar to human plasma making it an ideal and

Vantage Specialty Chemicals –

osmotically balanced solution for skin. These electrolytes also help normalise cell function.

Flexible solutions


for controlled environments


odular cleanrooms evolve

and soft-wall cleanrooms for self-contained

with business, so they

yet free-standing units, which grant mobility

can be reconfigured

when needed.

to accommodate new

‘Whenever a small and pure workplace

processes, grow as you grow or be

is needed, but no permanently installed

dismantled and relocated.

cleanroom is available, our mobile

‘Our unique modular cleanrooms are ideal for pharmaceutical, chemical,

laminar flow units are the perfect solution,’ Kuiken explains.

cosmetics, food, electronic, optic and mechanical manufacturing,’ says

The DIY and total options

Beert Kuiken of Octanorm South Africa.

The self-assembly cleanrooms have a

‘Traditional cleanrooms formed part and

rather simple approach: do it yourself.

parcel of the fabric of an existing building.

The cleanroom kits, consisting of modular

However, our unique modular cleanroom

wall and ceiling elements, are quick and

systems form a simpler, more sustainable

simple to assemble. The pre-assembled wall

solution by locating freestanding structures

elements, which are easily mounted on site,

within existing rooms. This creates localised

save both travel and assembly expenses.

clean areas to achieve a range of

Thanks to the flexible grid sizes, your

ISO 14644-1 classification environments.’

individual wishes are easily integrated in the early planning stages.

Scalable solutions

Service hatches are used for a safe, quick

The company offers table-top or

and space-saving transfer of documents

freestanding laminar flow units, self-

and materials between cleanrooms of

assembly cleanrooms kits, service hatches,

different classes. They guarantee utmost

A softwall cleanroom

safety when introducing materials and tools etc. into the cleanroom. Softwall cleanrooms offer a well-protected work area defined by a PVC strip curtain on four sides. With adjustable feet for static units and castors for mobile units, the softwall unit comes in a variety of sizes. Assembly and dismantling of the unit is quick and easy, offering a truly mobile cleanroom environment. •

Octanorm South Africa –

Lumnia . The first and only electronic fly killer to use LED technology. Low energy LED lamps: 3 year life span consuming less energy

Get in touch with us!

0800 736 86545 or

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DuPont™ Tyvek® IsoClean®

garments and accessories for controlled environments


uPont™ Tyvek® IsoClean® garments have a long history of use in cleanrooms due to their excellent barrier to particles, microorganisms and waterbased liquid chemicals. Made from DuPont™ Tyvek® flashspun HDPE, they offer an ideal balance of protection, durability, comfort and contamination control. DuPont™ Tyvek® IsoClean® garments are available in many styles for different cleanroom and controlled environment applications, and are packed and certified to meet European and global requirements.


• the lowest level of particle shedding within the DuPont portfolio • minimising the risk of cross contamination, two-way protection and resistance to wear and tear • Processing and packaging that meets your specifications: - CLEAN–PROCESSED and STERILE – sterilised by gamma irradiation (SAL 10 -6), - processed to minimise particle shedding and double-packed in an ISO 4

cleanroom in a dual barrier packaging system - STERILE – sterilised by gamma irradiation (SAL 10 -6) - BULK – non-processed and non-sterile for less critical environments • Suitable for use in cleanrooms up to GMP Grade A (ISO Class 4/5) • CE certified and conforming to the European PPE Directive • Tyvek® IsoClean® garments (option code DS) comply with requirements for Category III (Type 5-B and 6-B) personal protective equipment and meet ISO 16602 for global requirements

DuPont™ Tyvek® “IsoClean® garments

are available in many styles for different cleanroom and controlled environment applications

• Tyvek® IsoClean® accessories (option MS and selected non-processed bulk models) comply with requirements for Category I PPE • available in variety of designs, including coveralls, gown, bouffant, hood, boot cover, sleeve and frock etc.


| APRIL 2018 | P C Review


Tyvek® IsoClean® (option codes CS, MS and DS) garments and accessories are most typically considered for use in ISO Class 5 to 8 cleanroom environments. However, use in ISO Class 4 and 9 environments may also be considered depending on the needs of a particular application. In all cases, garment choice depends on evaluation of, among other attributes, garment design and processing, as well as the needs of specific applications.

CONTACT For more information and details of authorised distributors in your region, contact: Loren Pearson DuPont Protection Solutions Sales and Marketing Manager Chemical Industrial Clothing Sub-Saharan Africa Tel: +27 (0)11 218 8654 Mobile: +27 (0)82 377 6765

DOES YOUR PROTECTIVE CLOTHING PROVIDE TOP CLEANLINESS AT EVERY USE? DuPont Tyvek IsoClean single-use garments and accessories provide highest level of cleanliness and help minimize crosscontamination risk as they are clean processed and packaged in a facility that handles only new garments. TM






They are not subjected to multiple cycles of wearing, laundering and sterilization as reusable solutions so their performance is known and consistent - every use, every time.

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Hygienic and air-tight for petri dishes

Demand is increasing in the pharmaceutical and medical goods industries for flowpack machines that ensure the highest degree of air-tightness. Hugo Beck offers solutions to address this need.


lowpack machines are ideal for packaging applications where a

hermetic seal is a prerequisite to ensure the hygiene of the final product. Hugo Beck – a leading manufacturer of horizontal flowpack, film packaging and postprint processing machines


For this application, stacks of 10 petri dishes are taken standing from the production line

The number of petri dishes required by labs and manufacturers and passed to a is seeing a sharp increase, particularly buffer section. They in emerging markets. This is driven by the are then turned growing demand for increased hygiene through 90° with standards and sterile packaging. Hygienic a handling system packaging is vital in order to meet stringent cleanroom standards, with and transferred to a 100 percent air tightness and finger chain system. multiple packaging layers to A desiccant is also laid protect the dishes.

– guarantees complete air-

on the stacks to ensure

moisture protection. The first

incorporated by separate flowpack X-D machines. These and other machines from Hugo Beck are available in South Africa from Arctec Graphics.

Hygiene guaranteed During the sterilisation process, a label that changes colour is added, helping users to verify that sterilisation has taken place and ensure the petri dishes meet the required hygiene standards. ‘Air-tightness of the petri dish packaging was an essential requirement for this project,’ comments Timo Kollmann, Hugo Beck’s sales director. ‘This, alongside the need to wrap a wide range of different pack sizes and bundles, means our flowpack X-D machines with their unique personalisation set-up and capability to integrate within existing production

tightness in packaging applications with

flowpack wrap is then added, together

environments, are delivering perfect results

its flowpack X-D range. This technology

with an easy tear cut on the seal to

at speeds of up to 200 cycles per minute.’

was recently specified by a global

aid opening, along with a hanging

Other optional features of the

manufacturer of petri dishes to pack a

hole within the transverse seal. Two

Hugo Beck flowpack X-D range for

wide range of sizes and bundle variants.

further flow wrap layers can then be

pharmaceutical goods and cleanroom applications include automatic film changing, packaging under modified atmosphere (MAP) and the functionality to automatically cut and apply desiccant or oxygen absorber bags. Optimal cleaning and hygiene are also ensured through the use of stainless steel and protective safety glass guards. •

Hugo Beck’s flowpack X-D enables the safe and reliable air-tight packaging of pharmaceutical products such as petri dishes


| APRIL 2018 | P C Review

Arctec Graphics – Hugo Beck –


April 2018 | Volume 44 | Number 4

Airless pumps AND mini packs lead the way How surface fluorination enhances plastic packaging

Zippy Labels installs

11 new machines


Practical packs thrive AIRLESS PACKS, WHETHER in a bottle or jar, offer a number of benefits, including ease of use and precise dosing. A report by Transparency Market research predicts the global market for airless packaging will reach US$6.34 billion, progressing at a CAGR of 5.5 percent to 2024. Smaller, more practical mini packs for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics are creating a new frontier owing to their convenience and functionality. Plastics have become the ubiquitous material of the modern cosmetics economy because of their unrivalled cost and practical properties. According to The World Economic Forum, the use of plastic has increased twentyfold in the past half-century and is expected to double in the next 20 years. To keep up with market trends, it’s a good idea to incorporate smarter packaging design. This should include critical elements, one of which is designing for recyclability. You can read more about this on page 46. The 12 winners holding their certificates

Enjoy the read!

Assistant Editor

MONDI PRIORITISES CLIMATE CHANGE MITIGATION THE GLOBAL PACKAGING group has joined the ranks of global climate leaders by signing up to Climate Savers, the World Wide Fund for Nature’s (WWF) climate leadership programme for businesses. Mondi has commited to reduce its specific production-related greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to 0.25t CO2 per tonne produced by 2050. This commitment and others made as part of its participation in the flagship programme are in line with the climate science targets required to limit global temperature rise to under two degrees Celsius. The group’s participation in Climate Savers is an extension of a strategic global partnership between Mondi and WWF, which started in 2014. The

PROJECT BUTTERFLY CREATES RECYCLING AMBASSADORS PUPILS FROM MASHEMONG Primary School in Tembisa have been recognised as the top plastic waste collectors in their community in the Dow Packaging and Specialty Plastics’ Project Butterfly clean-up competition and environmental learning day. The aim of the competition was to educate and encourage learners to take an active role in keeping their surroundings clean. It also provided a platform for collecting plastic that can be reused. In collaboration with waste collecting expert, Destination Green – a Project Butterfly partner, each child collected kilograms

partnership focuses on promoting environmental stewardship in the packaging

of waste at source. The plastics were collected, sorted

and paper industry. In joining Climate Savers, Mondi commits to working to

and distributed to local recyclers.

further reduce GHG emissions across its entire value chain and to positively influence the packaging and paper industry as well as its policy makers. Members of Climate Savers aim to transform businesses into low-carbon

As a part of the recognition, the winners were invited to a day of fun and learning. Starting at the Dow Innovation Centre in Johannesburg, they received a certificate and prize for being the top collectors.

economy leaders. Peter Oswald, CEO of Mondi Group, says: ‘As a global player in the packaging

Dow South Africa representatives shared interactive

and paper industry, we are part of an energy intensive sector. Since 2004,

presentations around the importance of recycling,

we’ve managed to reduce our specific CO2 emissions by 38 percent by

becoming recycling ambassadors in their community

focusing on operational and energy efficiencies. We joined the WWF Climate

and the many benefits and uses of plastics and

Savers programme to reinforce our long-standing commitment to climate

packaging. Students were then taken to the Sci Bono

change mitigation and to demonstrate to the rest of our industry that using energy efficiently is not only necessary for the environment, but also good for business. We are proud to confirm A Mondi water treatment plant in South Africa

our commitment to the science-based target needed to keep global warming well below two


| APRIL 2018 | Packaging Review

Discovery Centre. ‘I am so excited to be a Project Butterfly Ambassador and I am already encouraging my friends and family to pick up waste in our community and start recycling plastic because it is really valuable and you can reuse it,’ says winner, Kabelo Magopa. Javier Constante, Commercial VP EMEA at Dow Packaging & Specialty Plastics says through this project, the company aims to teach the leaders of tomorrow the value of our planet’s resources.

degrees Celsius

The project also aims to create young recycling

for our production-

ambassadors, who will lead impactful and positive

related emissions.’

change within their communities.


Pelchem improves plastic integrity with fluorination Brand owners in the personal care industry could be struggling with panelling of their plastic packaging. This occurs in untreated plastic when the walls become compromised and the sides of a bottle for example look as though they have been ‘sucked in’. Pelchem’s fluorination is the perfect solution to give strength to plastic and prevent panelling.


lastic has become the material of choice in the 21st century for personal, home and skin care products. High density polyethylene is one of the most popular choices for plastic packaging yet its incompatibility with certain solvents, enzymes and active ingredients is a limiting factor. Pelchem, the Pelindaba-based fluorination expert, says that when an incompatible solvent is packed into a HDPE container, the solvent permeates through the container walls, resulting in a loss of content and a deterioration in the mechanical properties of the container. This effect is referred to as panelling, and can be prevented with fluorination. Surface fluorination changes the polarity and surface characteristics of the polymer. By treating the polymer with fluorine gas, it alters the polymer’s surface properties by partially substituting hydrogen atoms found on the surface of the polymer with fluorine atoms. The result is a fluorocarbon barrier layer, which prevents solvent permeation and fragrance loss. There are a variety of chemicals that prefer to be packaged in fluorinated containers. However, this is not an all-inclusive list:

DID YOU KNOW? Fluorination is FDA safe because it causes a permanent modification to the plastic.

acetone; kerosene; auto additives; lubricants; charcoal lighter; plant growth products; cleaners; surfactants; degreasers; solvents; d-limonene; terpenes; electronics chemicals; trichloroethylene; essential oils; toluene; flavors; wax or polish; fragrances; wood preservatives; gasoline; herbicides; insecticides and paint thinners.

ADVANTAGES OF FLUORINATION Fluorination is the method of choice even for thermosensitive plastics. The treatment is applied at steady, low temperatures, usually at room temperature, avoiding local temperature peaks. The fluorination process is highly effective in modifying the outer layer without adversely affecting the properties of the core layer. No other method can achieve such a targeted effect. Fluorination offers the following advantages: • reduced permeation and softening of container walls • prevents panelling and loss of product through container walls • improved safety through containment of flammable liquids •p  revents product Unfluorinated discolouration, odour emissions and loss of fragrance

ADDITIONAL CAPACITY Pelchem plans to install an additional fluorination chamber that is due for commissioning in the second quarter of 2018.

• improved adhesion properties for printing and decoration finishes on the plastic container • process generates minimum waste and adheres to the Atmospheric Pollution Act.

THE BETTER ALTERNATIVE Fluorinated plastic packaging is 100 percent recyclable and a cost-effective yet superior option for dangerous goods when compared to metal tins and glass. While panelling concerns can drive brands to consider packaging alternatives such as metal or glass, plastic containers, even fluorinated plastics, are still more cost effective than metal or glass. Like glass, plastic can be clear or opaque depending on the demand. It also maintains its integrity like metal, making it ideal for transportation or handling. Another advantage is weight. Plastics are considerably lighter than both metal and glass packaging. Acetone, essential oils, surfactants, d-Limonene, fragrances and solvents are some of the personal care ingredients that can cause Fluorinated panelling in HDPE packing. If you’re formulating products with these ingredients and want to ensure pristine packaging with an extended shelf life for your products, contact Pelchem for all your fluorination needs.

Tel: +27 (0)12 305 4444 Mobile: +27 71 352 2429 E-mail: Website:

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A BRAND NEW OLD KID on the block Zippy Labels can provide high quality short and long run self adhesive labels in line with market trends for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. The tune-up is attributed to the installation of the company’s new versatile complement of machinery.


he South African printer recently had

The Thomas family are grateful for

a number of technologies installed at

the assistance Zippy Labels received

its new premises in Germiston. These

during the recovery process.

are the HP Indigo WS6800 Digital printing

‘We are thankful for the

press, an MPS EF 340 multi substrate flexo

compassion, patience and

press, two Rotocon Ecoline RCSI- 330 slitting

understanding of our clients and

inspection rewinders, a Mark Andy P3 and

the efficiency, support and good

the Nyloflex Combi F2 state of the art plate

service provided by all our suppliers

processing unit.

in our time of need. The kindness

‘Installing a diverse range of equipment

and support of our fellow competitor

makes it possible to meet various needs

label companies who printed for us

and demands, in spite of how big or small

while we relocated are admirable.

the request. This can be done in the shortest

This helped us fulfil customers’

possible timeframe without compromising

orders whilst setting up the new factory.’

on quality,’ says Maryke Thomas, co-owner of Zippy Labels, a family business.

The MPS EF 340

understand the urgency in meeting clients’

Had it not been for the loyalty and tenacity of staff who endured a lot of stress during

been advantageous. ‘We implemented a

been reinstated.

more streamlined workflow and introduced

In November 2016, a flood destroyed the

new procedures, quality control and ink

company’s entire factory. In spite of the


devastating loss, it did not destroy the

The company prides itself on a hands on

family’s passion for printing.

approach, which is the main reason for Zippy

‘It is part of our being. We took our business, printing knowledge, experience attained and restarted,’ she comments. The new beginning has been a blessing

management systems to cut waste levels

Labels’ success. ‘Printing self-adhesive labels using multi-

Go to

to detail. We are extremely driven and continually strive to manufacture the highest

an entire factory with brand new state-of-

quality labels whilst remaining economically

the-art equipment and have the added

competitive. Our clients are predominantly

advantage of 23 years’ experience in

from the FMCG sector,’ says Kevin Thomas,

the industry.’

Maryke’s husband. ‘It is imperative to




| APRIL 2018 | Packaging Review

Zippy Labels is committed to moving facility and equipment even more.

faceted technology requires attention

443 MARTIN CRESCENT GERMISTON 1401 T: +27 11 452 7708

and increase operational efficiencies.’ forward and modernising and improving its

in disguise. ‘We have been provided with


Following the flooding disaster, he says the move to more compact premises has

the disaster, the company would not have


delivery date requirements.’


focus/2190 to find out more about the machinery on Zippy Labels’ floor. •

Zippy Labels –

Moco Packaging is well established as one of the largest stockists of specialised cosmetic and pharmaceutical packaging in South Africa. The extensive range of high-quality plastic and glass containers and accessories is obtained from local and international sources. Our own moulds enable us to satisfy almost all packaging requirements at excellent prices. Printing and frosting facilities are available. Keeping up to date with modern technology ensures that we procure a variety of new packaging items and components.

Tel: (011) 624-3493/4 | Fax: (011) 618-3622 Email: | 18 Auret Street Jeppestown 2094 | P.O. Box 15773 Doornfontein 2028


Supplier brand owner

synergy for success Every brand wants the best packaging with a perfect print for its products. This can be achieved by working together with your suppliers and keeping the lines of communication open. PACKAGING REVIEW reveals how one brand owner continues to achieve brilliance with its packaging and printing suppliers. By Abby Vorster


io-Kinetic is a professional hair

between the various product

the art colour coating plant, which allows

care system used in salons

categories. ‘The metallic colours

Bottle Printers to offer decoration with a

throughout South Africa. The

are difficult to print and there is

difference. ‘We specialise in vignetting

range of products was developed by

zero tolerance on variance, but

too, offering multi-coloured finishing on

PHS Cosmetic, a company launched

we achieve a quality print every

glass bottles,’ he comments.

by Dirk Schoeman in 1995. PHS Cosmetic’s national sales manager, Dawid Schoeman, spoke to PACKAGING REVIEW about how the company works closely with Action Plastics and Bottle Printers to provide locally produced hair care products of international

time,’ says Richard Irwin from


Bottle Printers. ‘It’s these small details that are

stylists and consumers. ‘PHS continues to enjoy

machine that does LED curing onto

central to a brand’s

glass. Richard says it’s a first in South

success and at

Africa and more energy efficient. ‘We

The Bio-Kinetic range of professional Bottle Printers we hair care products is salt-free. While this understand this.’ is a relatively new claim in industry, BioKinetic has been formulating its products without Sodium Chloride for the past 23 years because BOTTLE PRINTERS salt is a dehydrating agent and known to The company’s strip the hair of its moisture content. This plastic division and its unique sales strategy have given boasts a three level Bio-Kinetic a leading edge in the professional hair care market. multi-story factory

quality to hairdressers,

Bottle Printer’s most recent addition to its glass division is a multiple colour

where the company does rotary foiling and printing on plastics in either

have never had an instant LED curing machine before. With this new machine Bottle Printers can offer better, more hard-wearing solutions to customers,’ he explains.

ACTION PLASTICS A supplier to various industries, Action Plastics’ packaging is most prominent in the personal care and cosmetics industries. The company is located in

an annual growth rate of about

conventional or UV inks, using

Sebenza, Edenvale, where it does blow

12 percent. With our growing

silkscreen or pad printing methods, in

moulding, injection moulding and PET

quantities, we have been in a position

one to six colours.

bottle production.

to purchase packaging direct from

Bottle Printers has a second

Though Bruce Frewen purchased

Action Plastics, which recommended

plant located in Bramley View,

Action Plastics from its previous owner

Bottle Printers for all our printing

Johannesburg, where it prints on

three years ago his relationship with PHS

needs,’ says Dawid. ‘We’ve been

glass with organic and high stove

Cosmetic dates back more

working with both suppliers for more

enamel/ceramic inks as well and

than 15 years.

than 10 years and continue to benefit

does silver and gold metallic printing.

from having a chain of people to rely

The glass division also has a state of

on in terms of excellent service and quality products.’ The Bio-Kinetic range is diverse with offerings for various concerns. The product categories are packaged in Action Plastics’ Boston range of HDPE bottles, its HDPE jars and in its five litre Polycans. All of the packaging is decorated using silkscreening at Bottle Printers’ plastic division, situated in Kyalami Business Park, Midrand. Different metallic colours are used on the packaging to distinguish


| APRIL 2018 | Packaging Review

Bruce comments: ‘We offer a very


The double cavity blow moulding machine installed at Action Plastics in 2016

wide range of products including bottles, jars, polycans, buckets, caps,

One of the many printing machines at Bottle Printers

blow moulding machine. This has allowed Action Plastics to produce superior quality

closures and various dispensers. Our

work and mould manufacture through

products and offer better pricing to

customers are many and varied,

reputable suppliers.’

its customers. •

from spaza shops, individual brand

Action Plastics is highly versatile

owners and contract manufacturers

and has a flexible approach to doing

to global cosmetics brands. We also

business. In 2016, the company increased

offer custom moulding and, if needed,

its production capacity with a state-of-

we can assist with product design

the-art, energy efficient double cavity

Action Plastics – Bottle Printers –

Supplied by Sensetek

Tel 011 608 4944 | Fax 011 608 4948 | Email

Sensetek.indd 1

2018/03/28 7:54 AM

Packaging Review | APRIL 2018 |




there’s a solution for your brand’s needs The slow economy has seen the emergence of many small to medium-sized businesses over the past two years. These brand owners typically require smaller sizes and quantities of packaging which is placing new demands on suppliers. PACKAGING REVIEW investigates these and other trends in the bottles, tubs and jars segment.


AIRLESS PACK PROTECTS PRECIOUS INGREDIENTS PROBIOTIC SPECIALIST AND international brand, Yun Probiotherapy is using the Magic Star airless dispenser and Vario overcap from RPC Bramlage for its new skin care range. Yun’s products are free from regular preservatives and emulsifiers so they require a

ackaging is probably the single

packaging solution that keeps them protected

largest collective purchase a

and in premium condition until required.

cosmetics or pharma manufacturer

The injection moulded propylene Magic Star

will make. Costing and branding are traded

dispensers in 50 and 200mℓ sizes provide the

off against the potential sale of the product.

ideal mix of functionality and style, combining

Today, more than ever, eco-friendly and

effective protection of the contents with reliable,

modern solutions also wade in on the

accurate and controlled dispensing. The design

brand owner’s decision when it comes

also ensures the dispenser can continue to

to packaging.

operate smoothly, even if air is trapped in

Linda Blake from Blakelin Plastics says: ‘Cost is a major concern and we have

the container. The dispensers are decorated with a self-

certainly seen an increase in the demand

adhesive label, with three coloured bands.

for smaller size packaging.’

The top grey and white layers are consistent

These start-up companies typically

throughout the range in keeping with the Yun

gravitate towards small quantities and

branding, while the bottom layer is colour

sizes. The growth in personalised cosmetics

coded to identify the different treatments in the

and medicine has also contributed to

range. The stylish clear Vario overcap completes

the demand.

the family look for an eye-catching premium

While this segment of the market generally looks for packaging suppliers with


| APRIL 2018 | Packaging Review

presentation on shelf.

BOTTLES, TUBS & JARS no minimum quantities as

travel pack sprays in 10mℓ

a requirement, like Blakelin

glass bottles are set to

Plastics, start-up brands still

grow by 33 percent in the

want the look and feel of

near future.

high-end packaging.


Packaging producers

RECYCLABILITY OF PLASTICS PLASTICS SA SAYS a working group, including representatives from Plastics SA, Sustainability Retailers Forum, the Plastics Recycling

and suppliers are faced

‘Another emerging trend

Organisation and Plastic Converters Association,

with a balancing act that

is airless packaging,’ says

is trying to find a way to increase the level of

Laurens. Leading cosmetics

plastics recycling.

can be challenging; this

Annabe Pretor ius

includes bottles, cans,

and personal care brand

tubes, pouches, bags, jars,

owners and manufacturers

Through this working group, the industry is committed to reducing the amount of plastic waste

ampoules and syringes in primarily plastic,

have already moved towards

that ends up in landfills, the environment and

metal and glass containers. According to a

airless packaging.

oceans. Plastic waste remains a valuable resource

recent report from Research and Markets,

‘Airless solutions mean that each pump

and in line with the circular economy principals,

plastic is still the material of choice for

sees the piston rise and push the product

it must be collected for recycling and re-used in a

cosmetics packaging because of its

up, thus creating a vacuum as the product

durable product. The following recommendations

versatile nature.

is dispensed,’ he explains.

have been agreed upon by industry associations,

Airless pumps allows the consumer to use up at least 95 percent of the contents in the bottle, which means very little product wastage

Airless packaging saves not only on

brand owners and packaging producers:

space, but also on the overall amount of

• design with recyclability in mind

packaging material used. Airless pumps

• limit the amount of fillers used in the

allows the consumer to use up at least 95 percent of the contents in the bottle, which means very little product wastage. This type of packaging is available for jars, bottles, tubes, airtight compacts and even lipsticks

manufacturing of plastic products • use correct on-pack labelling to convey the recyclability status of the product • enter into partnerships to ensure separation at source for waste management companies

and pens. It gives a sophisticated look to

• ensure quality and recycling input and output

products, giving them a high-end finish.

• engage in ongoing consumer education.

Young Pioneer, sales manager, David Laurens agrees that the demand for


smaller sizes is growing, with five, 15

Pressure on companies to comply with

companies that has pledged to make all its

and 50mℓ packs still being the most

industry waste management plans has

plastic packaging ‘rechargeable, refillable,

popular sizes.

seen a definite move towards the stocking

recyclable and compostable’ is L’Oreal.

of eco-friendly packaging solutions. In

Amcor has also pledged to significantly

has seen an increase in demand for

December, the National Environmental

increase its use of recyclable material.

sample sized products, reports www.

Management: Waste Act, 2008 (Act No 59 To meet

of 2008) Section 28 Notice was published in

Recyclers Organisation (SAPRO) will be

consumer demand, some beauty brands

the Government Gazette. Each packaging

hosting a workshop in April on designing for

are decanting expensive products like

waste stream will have to submit an Industry

recyclability as a drive to create a forum for

fragrances into smaller bottles for resale

Waste Management Plan to the Minister by

packaging product designers and recyclers

at lower prices. These brands predict that

September 2018.

to find better solutions.

The rise of YouTube makeup tutorials

Global brands have vowed to produce Trigger and mist sprays; lotion, cream and foam pumps and other cosmetics packaging from Blakelin Plastics

Locally, the south African Plastics

‘Reducing landfill should be a priority

recyclable packaging or to increase their

for everyone serious about recycling. This

recycled content by 2025. One of the

means packaging manufacturers should develop packaging solutions that are valuable to recyclers. Increased operating costs and shrinking markets for recyclable material are ongoing issues for recyclers,’ explains SAPRO’s Annabe Pretorius. She says that recycling companies are continually looking for better sorted and cleaner materials to hold onto their profit margins. With steady markets and a greater awareness of recyclable material, manufacturers could be persuaded to use materials of higher recycling value. •

Blakelin Plastics – Young Pioneer –

Packaging Review | APRIL 2018 |



HPA continues to

engage with government GET SOCIAL WITH THE HPA THE ASSOCIATION HAS launched a new Facebook page to educate the public about the association and health-related subjects. The platform is also being used to inform consumers, professionals and the industry about the new regulations that severely affect the industry at large. Visit www.facebook. com/HPASouthernAfrica and like the page to keep up to date with the HPA.


Confidently African

seminar highlights

SAAFFI’s 16th annual seminar and workshop took place on 6 March at Bytes Conference Centre in Midrand. The event promotes a bright African future for the fragrance and flavour industries with intriguing African content.


ith sub-Saharan Africa having the largest number of water-stressed countries of any region, Nick Tandi, programme manager at Strategic Water Partners Network’s presentation on the African water

scenario was more than fitting. By 2030, he said if no changes are made to water usage and supply, there will be a 17 percent gap between the amount of water needed for domestic and industrial purposes and what we actually have. ‘Water scarcity is a supply chain risk,’ commented Tandi. ‘About 93 percent of South African companies identify a direct operational risk linked to water shortages, which translate into other regulatory, physical and reputational risks.’

TRENDS IN FOCUS aria Ascencao, HPA chairperson, has clarified

The seminar programme included a number of trends presentations, because

the erroneous report by Natural Medicine

market trends, from consumer and personal care to food and beverage, have

World on 26 February, which incorrectly stated

an impact on business.

the Health Products Association (HPA) was involved in

Gary Boast, sales director at Nicola-J took a confident stroll through African

legal action against the SA Health Products Regulatory

flavour trends. Chris Slabbert, business development and marketing manager at

Authority (SAHPRA).

IFF looked at what’s next in Africa, sharing the company’s annual Trendsformed

Ascencao confirms that, in line with the association’s strategy, the HPA is not taking legal action against

presentation. Johrinda van Rensburg from Chemgrit SA shared fragrance trends for the rainbow nation.

the SAHPRA. ‘The HPA’s strategy to fully engage with government


remains firmly on track. Our goal of seeking a practical,

Ibikunle Olatunji, senior manager at PWC’s Africa Desk returned to the SAAFFI

workable solution for the CAMs/HS industry is at an

seminar to discuss new developments in doing business in Africa. There is a lot

advanced stage. We will therefore continue working

of innovation happening on the continent which is seeing African home-grown

towards fair CAMs/HS regulations to preserve an industry

brands taking the world by storm.

which millions of South Africans rely on daily for a healthy lifestyle,’ she comments. The HPA is aware of the legal challenge by the Alliance of Natural Health Products Association (ANHPA) and other

Olatunji also touched on the issue of free trade. ‘Africans doing more business with their neighbour. This is because there are many trade blocks in Africa,’ he explained. World Bank statistics look good in terms of economic growth in Africa. African

stakeholders and has communicated that it is ready and

bosses are optimistic about economic growth and that it will improve over the

willing to help find a workable solution to be implemented

next 12 months. ‘Over-regulation still a major concern among these CEOs, with

expeditiously should the government agree to negotiate

terrorism now ranked the second biggest concern, along with geographic

with the CAMs/HS industry.

uncertainty and cyber threats,’ commented Olatunji. •

The HPA has already drafted such a resolution and framework in the form of the ‘listing/screening’ system, initially agreed to and then rejected by the Medicines Control Council in 2012. This framework is currently being revised to incorporate an electronic notification and registration system and will be ready for presentation when required. In the interim, the HPA will continue to collaborate and engage with the Department of Health and SAHPRA, as well as with national and international alliances and associations, including IADSA, CRN, ITG, SMASA, ANHP, MCA, THO, TNHA and others, aimed at creating a strong and united drive for a workable regulatory framework for the CAMS/HS industry.


| APRIL 2018 | P C Review


The business of MAKING SOAP


Soaps became mainstream mass market products in the 19th century and are a shopping basket staple in South Africa. Coschem hosted a soap bar refresher on 14 March to share knowledge on soap manufacturing technology, ingredients and market trends. By Charmaine du Preez


uren Naidoo from Quality Products discussed various

aspects of soap making and the history of soaps in Medieval times. Soap is formed with alkaline substances and fats and, depending on the different carbon


soap is produced. Longer chain

Delegates who attended Coschem’s soap bar refresher

can also cause murkiness, so De Jager advised to use this ingredient with care

Historically, a kettle and splitting in your formulation and process was used to produce soaps. to use water based Nowadays, an amalgamator and colourants to avoid extruder are used for vegetable based bleeding. She also said soap bar manufacturing because fragrances can be used most companies have moved away from tallow as a result at between one and two of industry regulations. percent, depending on cost

chains, either a soft or hard

Berdine De Jager, Suren Naidoo, Sid Palmer, Charmaine du Preez and René Spada

and advised that too much oil acts as a defoamer in soap making.

fatty acid molecules produce a hard

of essential oils, textures and claims. She suggested an innovation like the Clarins Double serum

soap, which is difficult to dissolve in



water. Softer soaps that lather easier

A composition of basic oils, indicating

with turmeric

are produced using shorter chain fatty

carbon chain distribution and melting

as an ideal source of inspiration for

acid molecules, like coconut oil. The

points of saturated and un-saturated

innovation in the soap bar category.

chemical process occurs when an

fatty acids are required for soap bar

Spada also chatted about the trends

alkaline substance reacts with the fats

making. This is according to Sid Palmer,

surrounding the use of unique actives into

and oils is called saponification.

who discussed soap bar technology.

a soap bar formulation to impart a cooling

Palmer said the unsaturated fatty acids,

or warming sensation.

GLYCERINE SOAP The basic processing of glycerine soaps was unpacked by Aurora

the C12, C16 and C18 carbon chains, contribute to shape and lather. He also explained the chemical

EMOLLIENTS Although Beverley Gardner from Symrise

Glycerine Soaps’ Berdine

structure of a soap bar, different

was taken ill, her presentation on emollients

De Jager. Key ingredients

manufacturing methods and

used in soap was still shared at the

in this process include

some pitfalls that can occur,

refresher. One particular emollient was

glycerine, stearic acid and

such as cracking, mush,

highlighted for its proven ability to reduce

grit, hardness, translucency

cracking and improve skin feel and lather.

surfactants, which are melted together with fragrance

and odour.

and colourants before

The ingredient is backed by test data from in vivo and consumer studies, which were

the lye is added. De Jager


shared to substantiate the following claims:

explained that your vessel

René Spada from Evonik

• it reduces cracking intensity of soap bars

should be heated to 90 to

presented marketing

110°C in glycerine soap

concepts and trends on soap

making, before adding

bars sourced from Mintel. She

and improves their appearance during the application cycle • it has no adverse impact on the amount

the additives. If your soap

mentioned a decrease in

bar cracks, the ratio between

interest on soap bars with

• it provides a rich and creamy lather

the fatty acids and lye is

liquid soaps becoming

• the skin feels less tight after washing.

of lather

incorrect; you can add a bit

popular and looked at

For more information about upcoming

of palm kernel oil to the batch

some of the international

seminars and social events, send an e-mail

to correct the problem. Lye

category trends, like the use


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pharmaceutical, cosmetic and

to address visible side effects of

industrial applications.

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Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic Review April 2018  

Our April edition explores ingredients, technology and new product development in the pharma OTCs category. We also look at equipment, garme...

Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic Review April 2018  

Our April edition explores ingredients, technology and new product development in the pharma OTCs category. We also look at equipment, garme...