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Quarter 3 2017 | Volume 2 | Number 3



solutions inspired by NATURE

Excipients to maximise the functionality of medicines Africa’s scent seekers and

genderless fragrances

Conserving water

with silicone defoamers

“ Hair Aficionados Curly & coily. Wild & manageable. Shiny & sleek. Hair has its own individual personality. Understanding multi-ethnic hair, developing tailored scent and care concepts, that’s how we’re offering just the right formula for every individuals crown and glory. We interweave our knowledge about hairy trends and type-specific hair care with our deep hair expertise and are thus facilitating permanently gorgeous and healthy hair.



Quarter 3 2017 | Volume 2 | Number 3 PHARMACEUTICAL & COSMETIC REVIEW AFRICA


6 Engen adds value with 24-hour pharmacy 7 Placecol launches in Botswana, Namibia and Swaziland

8 New decorative effects using hot stamping



25 Better living through scent with Symrise 26 CPL Aromas increases its CAFOD donation 27 Research on scent deposition onto hair

The first multipage label was introduced in the ’70s.



12 Wacker saves water with silicone defoamer 14 Eliminate odours with Tego Sorb


28 Labelling and its enhanced functionality 30 Future proof assembly concept from Omron


16 Excipients that maximise medicines’ functionality

18 Advantages of using an alcohol-resistant matrix former


Pyrotec PackMedia’s Fix-a-Form leaflet labels ensure protection throughout the value chain

Reduce bitterness with galenIQ


Clariant tailors its solutions for Africa

Prevention is better than cure


A unique approach to tailoring 22

P C Africa | QUARTER 3 2017 |





What’s your

competitive edge? I

n Africa, the demand for beauty

GalenIQ from Beneo, which has proven

products is met by regional and

taste-masking capabilities.

international brands and manufacturers.

Labelling is the topic highlighted in this

Editor: Abby Vorster +27 (0)11 877 6038 Assistant Editor: Aarifah Nosarka +27 (0)11 877 6209 Layout & Design: Kirsty Thomas ADVERTISING Sales Executive: Carla Melless +27 (0)83 260 6060 Sales Executive: Anita Raath +27 (0)82 976 6541 Sales Executive: Candida Giambo-Kruger +27 (0)71 438 1918 INTERNATIONAL SALES Germany/Austria/Switzerland: Eisenacher Medien Erhardt Eisenacher +49 228 249 9860 Italy: Ngcombroker Giacomo Rotunno +39 370 101 4694

Consumers typically expect high quality

edition’s packaging feature. Increased

offerings that are both reliable and

legislation and demand for detailed

affordable. To better understand and

product information present many

meet consumers’ needs, it’s important to

packaging challenges in the cosmetics

be close to the market you’re serving. This

and pharma industries. Thanks to supplier

strategy is highly evident at supplier level,

innovation, there are now solutions

with companies like Clariant South Africa

available to overcome these labelling

Circulation Manager: Felicity Garbers +27 (0)21 701 1566

strategically adopting a close-to-market

challenges. On page 28 you can find


focus in various African countries. Clariant

out more about how Pyrotec Pack-Media

General Manager: Dev Naidoo

offers a tailored cost versus performance

has transformed the multi-page label

strategy, which you can read about in the

concept into workable and value-adding

Publishing Manager: Natalie Da Silva +27 (0)11 877 6281

skin care feature on page 22.

solutions for beauty, personal care and

Production Controller: Rae Morrison

pharmaceutical products.

Art Director: David Kyslinger

The continent’s pharmaceutical industry is another hot bed of opportunity,

My team and I would love to hear

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according to Frost & Sullivan, stating the

from our readers – please send

industry is expected to reach a business

an e-mail to abby.vorster@

opportunity of US$45 billion by 2020. This to

growth is propelled by a convergence

share your feedback on the

of changing economic profiles, rapid

magazine or tell us about

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urbanisation, increased health care

the new developments


spending and investment, as well as the

within your company.


cumulative incidence of chronic lifestyle diseases. Our pharmaceutical focus on

Enjoy the read!

Bridget McCarney

page 16 is a ‘must read’ if you’re looking


for powerful solutions for manufacturing

John Psillos

medicines. Meggle’s extensive portfolio of


excipients, including its newest micronised

Irna van Zyl

inhaler excipient, are discussed in detail,


along with the innovative filler-binder,

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Pharmaceutical Cosmetic Review Africa is published by New Media Publishing four times a year and circulates to manufacturers, packers and distributors of pharmaceuticals, health products, cosmetics, detergents, soaps, toiletries and allied products. The journal is an up-to-date source of reference for company directors, factory and production managers, marketing executives, engineers, import agents, buyers and research personnel. While precautions have been taken to ensure the accuracy of its contents and information given to readers, neither the editor, publisher, or its agents can accept responsibility for damages or injury which may arise therefrom. All rights reserved. © Pharmaceutical Cosmetic Review Africa. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means, photocopying, electronic, mechanical or otherwise without the prior written permission of the copyright owners. Pharmaceutical

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| QUARTER 3 2017 | P C Africa


H&R has been trusted by top global brands for products of superior quality and consistency for nearly 100 years.

Our product range: Petroleum jellies White oils Waxes Specialty productsÂ

113 Trinidad road, Island View, Bluff, Durban 4052, South Africa

+2731 466 8700

NEWS Engen’s pharmacy-service station concept at its Hurlingham branch in Nairobi, Kenya



as it provides total containment, protecting

established manufacturer of pharmaceutical

operators from any harmful dusts or fumes. High-


products such as paracetamol, folic acid,

quality stainless-steel contact parts enable easy

Engen recently launched its first pharmacy

domperidone and furosemide, supplying more

cleaning – these aseptic pharma screeners can

in Kenya at its highly successful Hurlingham

than 150 niche drugs to the Asian pharmaceutical

be easily dismantled and assembled without the

branch in Nairobi.

market, South Africa, Europe and the USA.

need for tools.

Selling over-the-counter and prescription

Established in 1974, Sri Krishna Pharma has

Fitting the Russell Compact Sieve with the

medication, the pharmacy is yet another

five fully-equipped GMP manufacturing facilities in

Vibrasonic Deblinding System ensures these

source of convenience for consumers.

India. The organisation is also the only company

powders can be screened on finer meshes

in the world to have a USFDA-certified facility for

without compromising flow rates. This powerful

valued customers in the Hurlingham area,

the manufacturing of folic acid. When expanding

mesh deblinding technology applies an

entrenching Engen as a destination of

production at one of its facilities, the company

ultrasonic frequency to the mesh, breaking the

choice. It aligns perfectly with our aim as a

sought a high-quality pharmaceutical screening

surface tension to prevent the fine particles from

company of strengthening our core business,’

solution. Having purchased Russell Finex

blinding or blocking the mesh screen. This not

says Engen Convenience sales and marketing

machinery previously, Sri Krishna Pharma once

only results in consistent product quality and

manager, Damon Giraudeaux.

again relied on this company to provide a solution.

increased production rates, but also prevents the

‘This is a real value-added service to our

While pharmacies and service stations

Production at its Uppal factory was being

may not immediately appear to be a perfect

up-scaled to include the manufacture of

fit, he says Engen saw the potential in Kenya

paracetamol. During its manufacture, a

and this combination has now become a

homogeneous product is made by blending

reality. ‘In fact, we’ve already identified four

various pharmaceutical powders to provide the

further sites’.

perfect uniform mixture. The product must then

This customer-first focus, along with the

be screened before it is packaged, to ensure

need to do more with less, while partnering

foreign or oversize contamination is removed.

to achieve better returns, came together with the pharmacy-service station concept.

says: ‘We are very conscientious when it comes to product quality at all stages of

Giraudeaux, adding that Engen is

manufacture. Therefore, we required sieving

investigating other countries where the

equipment capable of achieving exceptional

concept will be viable.

quality standards, as well as high production rates. Russell Finex was very helpful in

Africa, understanding market needs – and

acknowledging our requirements and identifying

responding to them – is vital.

a suitable solution.’ Due to the nature of sieving active

to drive down costs to serve, by identifying

pharmaceutical ingredients, mesh blinding can

additional real estate space and determining

often be experienced when screening these

how it could be best utilised.

pharmaceutical powders.

The project was a joint effort between the

With more than 80 years’ experience

Engen head office in South Africa and Engen

supplying aseptic pharmaceutical screening

Kenya, and it took months of negotiations

solutions to global customers including

and legislative legwork before being ready to

Pfizer, GSK, Wyeth and Sanofi-Aventis, Russell

break ground.

Finex analysed Sri Krishna Pharma’s unique

Drikus Kotze, general manager of Engen’s

requirements and supplied three 900mm

international business division says while

diameter Russell Compact Sieve units with the

opportunities to boost customer experience

Vibrasonic Deblinding System. The enclosed

are everywhere, one needs to be quick off the

system is ideal for the pharmaceutical industry

mark to take advantage of them.


| QUARTER 3 2017 | P C Africa

The Russell Compact Sieve is a highcapacity pharma screener, capable of achieving higher throughput rates compared to conventional machines

A Bhaskar Reddy, assistant general manager

‘The first site was identified based on

The concept also aligns with Engen’s efforts

while reducing downtime to clean the mesh.

of purchasing and stores at Sri Krishna Pharma,

demographics and location,’ explains

To achieve commercial success in

loss of good product and damage to the mesh

The solar lamps will provide light for children to enable learning when it’s dark



New engineering head for ACG

THE AWARD WINNING Placecol skin care range is

‘We are also currently working on a new service

launching in various Edgars stores in in Swaziland,

concept to launch the upgraded Placecol brand into


Botswana and Namibia. In South Africa, the range

the Edgars group in South Africa. This will be a shop

integrated manufacturing solutions

is available in more than 70 of Placecol’s own skin

in a shop concept, operated by our franchise salon

for leading pharmaceuticals

care clinics, aesthetics centres and spas.

owners and this process will be subject

and nutraceutical companies,

to a successful pilot phase, before we

has hired Richard Stedman as

proceed with the roll out.’

group CEO for its engineering

‘The upgraded Placecol skin care range is considered to be one of the

There are two basic skin care ranges

business units. ACG serves

best skin care ranges in the

in the Placecol skin care basket of

customers in 100 countries

world and we are very excited

offerings: the ‘green’ or ‘butterflies’

through its network of 15 global

to launch our Placeol brand

range for consumers younger than

manufacturing facilities.

into our neighbouring countries.

40 and the Placecol Illuminé skin

We have also started to export

care range for consumers over 40.

Stedman will manage the entire

the Placecol skin care range to

Placecol Illuminé won the 2016

engineering business that includes

Mauritius,’ says Esna Colyn, CEO

Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic

products and solutions for

Review/Symrise New Product

granulation, capsule filling, tablet

Competition and was named the

presses, tablet coating, blister

of Imbalie Beauty.

E sna C


Debbie Wolfendale, executive director of Imbalie Beauty, adds:

most innovative skin care brand.

In his role as group CEO,

packing and cartoning. Karan Singh, MD of ACG,

Standard Bank appoints new

comments: ‘I am extremely pleased to have Richard as part of my

chief executive in the DRC

leadership team at ACG. He has

THE FINANCIAL SERVICES provider has appointed Amedeo Anniciello as chief executive in the

contributed to

Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), subject to regulatory approval.

the success and

The Kinshasa-based operation provides a strong geographical link for Standard Bank’s multinational clients across its African footprint of 20 countries to the opportunities in the DRC. ‘Anniciello brings global banking expertise as well as local and African risk insight required

invaluable experience in managing engineering businesses and has significantly

profitability of the companies he has been

by global corporates and African businesses seeking to access African opportunities,’ says

associated with. I

Sola David-Borha, chief executive, Africa regions at Standard Bank.

welcome Richard

The DRC is Africa’s second largest country, combining abundant hydro energy potential

to ACG and look

with a wealth of mineral resources. This exceptional potential continues to attract global

forward to his

investment, especially from global multinational companies.

guidance and

‘The DRC represents a substantial opportunity for the Standard Bank Group. We are increasing our capital and investment locally, and introducing the latest versions of our group

counsel.’ Stedman

IT platforms to help reshape our 25-year-old business and drive

adds: ‘ACG is a global supplier

growth,’ continues David- Borha.

for pharmaceutical solutions

Anniciello is particularly excited by Standard Bank DCR’s

Richard Stedman

and products, with a loyal

innovative operation, which he believes is perfectly positioned

customer base and superior

to leverage the second wave of investment into Africa.

quality engineering solutions.

‘Beyond the important minerals and energy opportunities lies

The opportunity is to leverage the

a rapidly emerging retail and local service industry with

breadth and capability of the

the potential to transform both the DRC and the region,’

ACG engineering companies to

he comments.

provide enhanced solutions for

‘Standard Bank is delighted to welcome Anniciello and looks forward to benefitting

our customers.’ A seasoned executive with

from his extensive experience and deep

extensive experience across

insight into African and global corporate and

multidisciplinary functions,

investment banking,’ David-Borha concludes.

Stedman will be based at the ACG offices in Kandivali, Mumbai.

P C Africa | QUARTER 3 2017 |


NEWS The innovative hot stamping foil creates new opportunities for design, colours and metallisation on Surlyn

First-ever automated-briefing programme for drivers

exposure to the latest industry technology. It also provides


then with opportunities for growth and development,’ states

DUPONT AND THE Leonhard Kurz (Kurz)

project required expertise and energy

chief strategy officer, Cobus Rossouw.

group recently combined their expertise to

from all partners. The challenge was in

develop new decorative effects using hot

the development of a foil specifically

the automated-briefing programme across all its operations.

stamping for Dupont’s Surlyn, an ionomer

suited for efficient heat marking, even at

Already running with great success in Tanker Services’

resin that provides clarity, toughness

low temperatures.

Fuel & Gas division, this pioneering project consists of a

and versatility.

IMPERIAL LOGISTICS HAS achieved a first in the African transport industry with the launch of an automated-briefing system for drivers. ‘This ground-breaking initiative is reducing the operational risk in Imperial’s operations, while expanding employees’

Tanker Services, a division of Imperial Logistics, is rolling out

comprehensive system on which every driver’s personal and

According to the companies, it took

decoration, which gives the cap a truly luxurious feel with outstanding tactile and surface qualities.’ This technically complex

Kurz is experienced in complex projects and took on the challenge of further

professional information is stored – from driving certificates,

several months of R&D to meet this

developing the foil. Stéphane Royère, head

licenses and training updates to driver ratings, incident

technological challenge.

of industrial products at Kurz, explains:

reports, medical details and chronic medication. Self-

‘We are constantly working on new

‘For us, the challenge was twofold. To

briefing ‘kiosks’, much like the self-service check-in counters

material developments and decorative

obtain a good adhesion of the film at low

at airports, have been installed at Imperial’s sites for drivers

effects for Surlyn,’ explains Maria Carcolé,

temperatures while retaining the high

to access the self-briefing portal. ‘Where drivers would

EMEA marketing leader for perfumes and

gloss of the material. After comprehensive

previously interface with a controller, they now clock into

cosmetics at DuPont.

testing under various conditions, and with

the self-service portal and brief themselves on the system,’

She says it takes careful screening of

precious help from DuPont, we developed

market trends and needs, coupled with

a solution specifically dedicated to hot

active collaboration along the value chain

stamping of Surlyn, ensuring a perfect

first. ‘It will not allow the driver to clock in unless he has had

to develop innovative solutions that help

rendering on the material, producing

the required 12 hours’ rest. If he is taking chronic medication

leading brands create imaginative and

excellent smoothness and surface finish.

for a condition like diabetes, for example, it will ask the driver

unique packaging.

It is a small revolution that opens up

Rossouw explains. Developed by Imperial, this system is a transport industry

questions to ensure that he has taken his medication.’ This biometric system is operated with the driver’s

‘In this project, hot stamping allows us to obtain a coloured or metallic high gloss

unprecedented design and decoration opportunities for cosmetics brands.’

fingerprints, and Rossouw reports that Imperial has found staff are more willing to declare facts and answer questions during the self-briefing session than they might be when sitting face-to-face with a supervisor. ‘If a driver has forgotten to take his medication, it is easier for him to be open with the self-briefing portal. An issue like this would be flagged, the driver would have a session with a controller, and the problem can be quickly and easily remedied.’ For drivers, the system is providing them with computer skills and boosting their self-esteem. ‘Our drivers are very proud to be able to tell their family members that they are now using computers at work.’ The same system and kiosks are also being used for post-trip driver debriefing by Imperial, with great  success.


| QUARTER 3 2017 | P C Africa

SETTING A NEW BENCHMARK IN WEST AFRICA THE AGROFOOD AND plastprintpack West Africa exhibition is set to take place from 5 to 7 December at the Accra International Conference Centre in Ghana. The event is described as a great opportunity for producers of process and packaging technology, and surrounding West African countries to get together and network. Official national pavilions from Algeria, Belarus, France and the Netherlands have confirmed their attendance. The event, organised by the German trade fair specialist, Fairtrade, will feature leading exhibitors from 10 countries. According to the VDMA German Food Processing and Packaging Association, Ghanaian imports of process and packaging technology increased by 10 percent in 2016 with a €77 million increase. West African imports also grew by 10 percent, which amounted to €557 million. Last year, Ghanaian imports in the plastics, printing and packaging sectors rose sharply: • p lastics technology, up by four percent, rose to €23.4 million • p rinting and paper technology was up by 32 percent to €22.4 million • p ackaging technology grew by two percent to €30.1 million. It is no surprise producers of process and packaging technology will have big business opportunities and growth in the West African region. The event has the support of the Ghanaian Ministry of Food and Agriculture, the Ministry of Trade and Industry and the Delegation of the German Industry and Commerce in Ghana.

DIARY 2017







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P C Africa | QUARTER 3 2017 |



The beauty

that lies within

Cirebelle is a leading African manufacturer and global supplier of innovative wax-based solutions for the personal care industry. Its high purity and premium quality grade wax ingredients are suitable for use in lotions, lip care, bath and body products, colour cosmetics, hair and skin care products. By Abby Vorster


recognised global

Cirebelle conducts R&D,

Fischer-Tropsch (FT) natural gas

leader in advanced

manufactures, tests and supplies, to

to liquid process and the CireNat

wax technologies,

leading global brands, a range of

ranges are derived from sustainable

Cirebelle has developed

natural and synthetic wax-based raw

natural sources such as beeswax,

into a thriving research and

materials. The company has invested

candelilla, carnauba, and joboba.

development driven innovator in

significantly in its capabilities to

the wax industry. According to

produce quality products, which

process includes filtration,

include exfoliating spheres, waxes

purification and modification to

and SoftSpheres. The CireWax

ensure the exceptional purity of

synthetic waxes originate from the

our waxes for use in personal care

the company, it continues to

Cirebelle’s versatile waxes are used primarily in personal care applications yet they are also being developed for use in the nutrition, pharmaceutical, industrial and agricultural industries.

retain a leading position in the southern hemisphere.

‘Our multiple-step production

and other applications. Continuous and thorough quality control is maintained throughout the manufacturing process to ensure consistent, high quality waxes for our customers’ ease of mind,’ comments Dr Liesl Keulder, Cirebelle’s technical manager who recently joined the business from a leading multinational cosmetics company.

NEXT LEVEL ENCAPSULATION Cirebelle’s SoftSpheres are technologically advanced, selfhydrating wax spheres, designed to be soft enough to smear onto the skin with ease, leaving it feeling smooth and supple. The company has invested heavily in advancing the quality and benefits of its SoftSpheres in a variety


| QUARTER 3 2017 | P C Africa


Table 1




% w/w






Cirebelle 505

Synthetic Wax


White Oil

Mineral Oil


Petroleum Jelly



Lipo GMS 470

Glyceryl Monostearate SE


Mascol 16/98P

Cetyl Alcohol


Microcare PEHG

Phenoxyethanol & Ethylhexylglycerin


CBSOF Green (Vit.E)

Sorbitan Stearate (and) Synthetic Wax (and) Polysorbate 60 (and) CI 77289 (and) Tocopherol Acetate



Body cream with CBSOF Green (Vit E)

of applications. As a result, it has developed

support to

a series of formulation guides (see Table 1

its customers.

for an example), in which SoftSpheres can

‘We work together

be included.

with innovators and manufacturing partners to

These SoftSpheres have been stability tested over a period of two to three

produce proof of concept

months in a wide range of pHs and at

products that are ready

elevated temperatures. Considering the

for market. We can also

harsh African climate, this level of quality

support brand owners

control is ideal for manufacturers on

and formulators test

the continent. The stability testing also

their products for various applications using our

validates the suspension activity of the SoftSpheres, that they don’t clump, their

for use as effective

ability to swell slightly in an emulsion


and that they break easily when applied

exfoliators and

to skin.

a sustainable

‘Encapsulating active ingredients within a stable wax matrix is the most exciting thing about our SoftSpheres,’ says Dr Liesl Keulder.

alternative to polyethylene beads. The smooth,

‘This capability helps overcome complex

spherical beads

formulation challenges when working

ensure gentle

with actives and assists with the targeted

exfoliation and can

introduction of the active to the desired site.’

be used regularly.

Cirebelle uses a unique technology


Exfoliation helps

state of the art laboratory.’ Cirebelle completed the final stage of installations within this laboratory in June, putting the company in a position to provide outsourced analytical services to customers throughout southern Africa. Its capabilities are vast, ranging from ingredient

for the encapsulation process and has

the skin look smooth, even and radiant,

and product specific competencies to

carried out extensive trials in this regard

whilst imparting a softer and suppler feel.

R&D and technical expertise to assist

using African oils. This R&D also includes

Since exfoliation removes the outer layers

customers with formulations and new

stability tests to ensure the encapsulated

of dull, dead skin cells, it also increases

product development.

active does not leach from within the

skin’s cell rejuvenation rate.

SoftSpheres. ‘We’re constantly working on

Cirebelle waxes can also be supplied

Cirebelle also offers solutions for blending and product standardisation.

our encapsulation technology to see how

in the form of a solid wax mass for use as

This is a crucial factor in validating the

we can improve it,’ she adds.

a moisturisation agent or an emollient.

quality of one’s product.

These innovative wax-based ingredients

‘The high melting waxes are ideal for

The company’s goals going forward

can add a sensorial element to a product,

adding body to a formulation while the

are to work with innovators and product

which is highly desired by consumers. They

waxes with a low melting point offer a

owners to develop their formulations and

also add value by increasing a product’s

silicone-like slip, hydrophobicity and can

products and to supply them in an easy to

aesthetic appeal as they are available

be used as rheology modifiers,’ explains

use format. It is also moving ahead with its

in any colour and can be customised

Dr Keulder.

plans to diversify into the pharmaceutical

according to an individual theme or a brand’s needs.



and nutritional industries with the development of an additional range of exciting and innovative solutions. •

Thanks to Cirebelle’s expertise and

The CireNat and CireWax FT wax spheres

leading position in the industry, it is

ranges are available in spherical format

ideally equipped to provide formulation

Cirebelle –

P C Africa | QUARTER 3 2017 |



Sustainable defoamers and how they aid

water conservation

Foam formation is desirable in washing and other industrial processes, yet too much foam can be problematic. Wacker shares the reasons why it’s beneficial to use silicone defoamers and how they are contributing to saving water in Africa.


hether the process

A drawing that illustrates how and when the defoamer kicks in

is washing, manufacturing paper, refining

crude-oil or processing textiles, foam forms wherever surfactantcontaining products are used and processed. To a certain extent, foam is desired when washing clothes provided the machine’s drum doesn’t overflow. ‘In many industrial processes, too much foam can impair production and cause significant product- and quality-related problems. Uncontrolled foam formation is a particularly serious

applications, including household

problem that requires appropriate

and personal care products,


countermeasures. In most industrial

pulp and textile manufacturing,

Wacker has an extensive portfolio of

segments, this is why defoaming

agrochemicals, the life sciences,

defoamers to suit a wide variety of

agents are essential as process

paints, surface coatings and

industrial applications. The Silfoam

aids and additives in derivatives

printing inks, in construction and

brand unites a broad portfolio of

and downstream products,’ says

adhesive materials and industrial

highly effective defoamers. Silfoam

Dr Klaus Pohmer, director of global

and municipal wastewater

products control foam formation

business and process development

treatment. Thanks to their good

and ensure a smooth and efficient

performance silicones

spreading properties, silicones are

production process. In modern

at Wacker. In 2016, the sector for foam-control agents generated sales of more than US $3 billion. The largest gains were seen in emerging markets such as China, India, Latin


exceptionally effective foamcontrol agents.

The pharmaceutical industry uses foam-control agents in the manufacture of drugs or as active ingredients (e.g. in anti-flatulents).

‘Their extremely low surface

detergents, they control foam formation to prevent washing machines from foaming over. In

tension, which is even lower

the textile industry, Silfoam foam-

than that of a surfactant

control systems must withstand

molecule, enables silicones

temperatures of up to 130°C,

to spread out at the interface

as well as acidic and alkaline

between the liquid and air,

environments. The petroleum

America and Japan. Besides

thereby displacing the foam-

industry also relies on Silfoam where

water- and oil-based products

stabilising surfactant molecules,’

specialty self-dispersing grades

and polyethylene oxide and

comments Dr Pohmer. ‘This results

for non-aqueous systems keep

polypropylene oxide copolymers,

in a local weakening of the foam

foam formation under control at

silicones are among the key foam-

lamella – a chemist would call it a

temperatures as high as 400°C

control technologies with a market

stabilising, surfactant-containing

and more.

share of about 40 percent.

liquid layer – which ultimately

Silicone defoamers are used in a diverse range of industrial


| QUARTER 3 2017 | P C Africa

Silfoam products are chemically

causes the lamella to rupture and

stable and can be combined

the foam to collapse.’

with many non-silicone-based

WACKER Developed New Defoamers Which Cut Down the Foam HOME CARE from the Suds When the Laundry is Rinsed defoamers. Thanks to their high

defoamer defoamertechnology technology only builds on modified amino silicone fluids. critical temperature profiles. Silfoam takes effect when the pH

from outset, the delayed

Delayed defoamers reduce number of rinse cycles.

foam-control agents can also be

value of the detergent

used with both structured and non-

drops. ‘In hand washing,

structured wetting agents.

this is typically the case

 1 to 2 rinse cycles instead of 3 to 4  This saves time and reduces water consumption by 50 percent

DELAYED DEFOAMERS IN HAND WASHING Many people in Africa and Asia

when the detergent is diluted, i.e. rinsed. Once

so they do their washing by hand,

starts to work, the foam withimmediately R = (CH2)3-NH-(CH 2)2-NH2 collapses. and R* = hydrophilic group The result is amazing –

making this process a daily chore

instead of three to four

for half the world’s population.

times, the washing now

do not have washing machines


the defoaming agent

 Adding water during the rinse cycle dilutes

the detergent solution only needs rinsing once  Reduced pH activates defoamer also makes heavy use of resources. or twice, thereby reducing Foamtocollapses during rinsing by 50 The foamneeded begin the rapidlywater consumption ‘Hand washing is not only tiring but

washing process must be rinsed

percent. This can save up

with large amounts of water. This

to 20ℓ of water per wash


Desired foam creation during hand washing

Foam Level

WACKER’s thermal stability, they aredelayed ideal for

Rinse Rapid foam collapse during rinse cycle

Hand wash detergent without defoamer with delayed defoamer Time*

Time and water savings

load,’ he explains. The kicks in during the rinse cycle and helps to save water.  The delayed defoamer Delayed defoamer hand laundry

is arduous and time-consuming

work,’ adds Dr Pohmer. Wacker has

delayed defoamer technology from

now developed a foam-control

Wacker is a true advancement in

Unlike a machine wash, where

resource. It makes hand washing

the foam-control agent prevents

easier while directly helping to

the detergent from over-foaming

conserve water (see Figure 1).

Figure 1: The delayed detergents have been on the defoamer kicks * Duration of a complete hand wash cycle is about 15 minutes. market in Africa since 2016 and in during the agent that makes it a lot easier to countries where people primarily rinse cycle are currently being rolled out in and helps to New Sustainable Antifoam Agents for Consumer Applications rinse the foam from the International washing. Press Workshop wash2017 by –hand and water is a scarce 0 Dr. Klaus Pohmer, WACKER SILICONES, March 15, 2017 save water selected Asian countries. •

Wacker –


Buyer’sguide 2017/2018

The directory for manufacturers of food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, toiletries, packaging and the printing industry


Buyer’sguide 2015/2016

Available online: P C Africa | QUARTER 3 2017 |



Targeted odour removal What is that smell and how do I get rid of it? Using Tego Sorb, Evonik addresses these questions often asked by consumers, effectively removing formaldehyde from new cars and kitchen malodour from refrigerators.


multitude of air freshener

The functionality of most odour removal

Figure 1). Evonik collaborated with one of its

systems are available to

products is based on a mechanism that

industry partners in automobile production,

consumers, ranging from

has certain limitations. Conventional

assessing the malodour removal efficacy

traditional candles, liquid and

methods, such as masking an odour with

in a panel test by comparing the internal

gel-type dosing systems to electrically

perfume does not address the source

air quality of cars fitted with Tego Sorb gel

operated plug-in devices. This diversity

of the problem and could even make it

systems and those without after one week

can make it difficult for consumers

worse by interacting with pollutants and

of conventional use.

to find the right product to effectively

generating unhealthy substances such as

remove malodour.

cyclodextrin. Perfume molecules can also

was that the air quality was significantly

A source of unpleasant smell might,

The positive feedback from panelists

surround the source of the smell, preventing

improved in the cars fitted with the gel

for example, be caused by the aroma of

the odour from escaping and once it is

application compared to cars without.

garlic, stale vegetables, raw fish and meat

completely saturated, they leak the bad

This proved that the malodour reducing

stored inside a refrigerator. Brand new cars

odour. Charcoal is another conventional

properties of Evonik’s technology is well

can also give off an unpleasant aroma.

odour removal method, yet it has a limited

perceived by consumers.

With Tego Sorb, Evonik offers a unique

absorption capacity and doesn’t last long.

which captures unpleasant smells

zinc complexes of Tego Sorb interact with


fast, removing them from the ambient

odorous items to generate a stable and

Typical kitchen odours are composed of

environment. It irreversibly binds

non-toxic complex. This method eliminates

organic acids, aldehydes, nitrogen and

the odours and transfers them into

the odour onceand for all since the

sulphur-based substances in different

nontoxic substances.

reaction is irreversible.

concentrations and varying levels of

technology based on zinc ricinoleate,

Unlike these conventional methods, the


Consequently, hydrogen sulfide can serve as an example to demonstrate

There are several

the malodour absorbing efficiency of

hundreds of kinds of

air freshener systems based on Tego

indoor air pollutants. Of

Sorb as its odour threshold is very low

these, formaldehyde

and consumers already perceive small

is one of the worst. This

concentrations of odour from food storage

volatile, colourless gas

as unpleasant.

with a distinguishingly

Figure 1: The efficiency of Tego Sorb Conc. 50 gel versus market products in eliminating formaldehyde

perception thresholds.

In cooperation with a Chinese company

penetrative and irritating

based in Shanghai, Evonik recently

odour is found in

introduced an odour absorber system

applications for interior

for refrigerators.

decoration, furniture and new cars. It can cause significant

The results of an efficacy test, carried out using a standard and commercially available Dräger-detector, showed an

harm to the human

approximate twice as efficient hydrogen

respiratory system,

sulphide removal from air for a refrigerator

nervous system and the

air freshener device based on 1.5 percent

reproductive system.

Tego Sorb Conc. 50 and activated carbon.

The zinc containing

This was compared to the next best market

components in Tego Sorb

alternative (see Figure 2).

can absorb formaldehyde

As a result, Evonik´s Tego Sorb

and completely neutralise

technology based on zinc ricinoleate

its toxicity. According to

helps to irreversibly remove malodours

test results, Tego Sorb has

that are not only unpleasant but also pose

been proven to reduce

potential risks to human health. •

formaldehyde by 60 Figure 2: The efficiency of Tego Sorb Conc. 50 gel versus market products in eliminating hydrogen sulphide


| QUARTER 3 2017 | P C Africa

percent within 60 minutes of application (see

Evonik –

The world of lactose. Global, individual, expert. From Meggle.

24–26 October 2017 Messe Frankfurt, Germany Booth 110F32

GMP/GDP certified

As one of the pioneers in the development of excipients for direct tableting, MEGGLE has more than 50 years of experience and offers a broadbased and detailed portfolio of lactose products for any application worldwide. The benefits speak for themselves. And for MEGGLE:

HEAD OFFICE GERMANY: Phone +49 8071 73 476

– Innovative product range – Leading quality systems – Fully implemented GMP/GDP system – Global partner network – Customers in more than 100 countries Lactose from MEGGLE – the experts in excipients.

AMCHEM PTY. LTD. Pretoria, South Africa Phone +27 (0)12 686 7082

PHARMACEUTICAL FOCUS//Tabletting & Encapsulation

A powerful tool in medicine manufacturing The selection of excipients is important in tablet manufacturing due to the impact it has on the risk and performance of these medicines. Experts from Meggle discuss how the company’s broad product portfolio of excipients maximises functionality.


any factors play into the success of an excipient. Besides the chemistry fulfilling pharmacological

pre-requisites, a successful excipient

NEW MICRONISED INHALER EXCIPIENT INHALAC 500, Meggle’s first inhalation-grade lactose, exhibits extremely small particles combined

pharmaceutical ingredient

with high quality and safety to meet individual

• v ersatile application as ‘fines’ or co-agglomerate.

dry powder inhalation formulation requirements.

As a micronised lactose, InhaLac 500 is suitable

The product is available in Africa from Amchem.

for ternary DPI formulations as an ultra-fine lactose.

According to the company, it is the finest grade

The addition of micronised ‘fines’ improves drug

available in the InhaLac product family. The

product performance. This can be related to

micronisation process leads to a very small particle

several known effects such as the buffer effect, or

size distribution, with 90 percent of the particles

saturation of high energy active sites. Due to the

being smaller than 10μm (x50 ≤five μm). This allows

high cohesiveness of the micronised material, it

a versatile application in the field of dry powder

alters the fluidisation behaviour of the powder blend

inhalation products.

and creates agglomerates.

The benefits of InhaLac 500 include: • micronised material with high cohesive properties

is responsible for safe and efficacious

• s imilar size range as an active

Thanks to its minute particle size, it is perfectly suitable for use in soft spherical pellet formulations.

drug delivery, regardless of the route of administration. A long tradition in

powder inhalation carrier. It may be applied

processes. Its agglomerated lactose

pharmaceutical practice often stands

as a lyophilisation aid, tonicity agent,

grades followed this trend early on by

for profound material characteristic and

tablet binder, tablet and capsule diluent,

economising the individual, formulation-

process knowledge. High and versatile

or in coating solutions. It may occur in

based granulation step on a large scale.

functionality may also implicate a superior

hydrous and anhydrous forms and different

Subsequently, co-processing two or more

potential of innovation. In addition to

steric conformations.

compendial ingredients was recognised

cellulosics, DCP, starches and modified

as a powerful tool, enhancing the

polyols, lactose fits perfectly into this


scheme. Lactose serves a vivid palette of

Meggle, represented throughout southern

company could offer a remarkable portfolio

applications, functional categories and

Africa by Amchem, has followed several

of lactose-based combinations, expanding

material properties. In addition to utilisation

approaches to address challenges

functional purposes from immediate to

in solid oral dosage forms prepared through

in pharma manufacturing. Besides

modified release.

various granulation processes and direct

ensuring consistent and reliable excipient

compression, lactose is used in intravenous

performance for a broad product range,

strategies is focused on the design of

parenteral preparations and as a dry

there is great demand to streamline

functional synergies, the reduction of

performance of its parent components. The

Meggle’s contribution to these modern

Oral care

In partnership with

Binder Superior Disintegrator

Consumer Specialities

With almost 30 years experience in the production of polyvinylpyrrolidone product range, BOAI NKY Pharmaceutical is a leading manufacturer with expertise in oral solid dosage-formulation techniques and in current drug-delivery trends, including drug solubilization and bioavailability enhancement. NKY product range includes: GBL, 2-P, NVP monomer, PVP K Series, Copovidone, VP/VA Copolymer series, PVPP, PVP I complex, vinyl ether intermediate and PVM/ MA copolymers. With the established R&D Centre and Technical Research centre, NKY is committed to bring new solutions and value to enhance customers product’s performance.

Coating pore-forming

Chem Systems.indd 1


| QUARTER 3 2017 | P C Africa

Thureya Sarlie, Commercial Contact Mobile +27 (0)83 457 6575 Tel +27 (0)11 922 1639 Email

2017/09/19 9:13 AM

PHARMACEUTICAL FOCUS//Tabletting & Encapsulation unwanted variability in performance –

collected knowledge within the product

which represents a core principle of QbD – performance and efficiency, as well as cost in use. Practical advantages are seen in the reduction of raw material control procedures, warehousing and providing valuable manufacturing processes. The trend towards tailor-

history exists. Under exceptional


conditions, Meggle can share scientific-based excipient performance

A new role of knowledge, as specific collaboration has modifications, or noncome into play from a evident risks, helping manufacturer’s perspective customers to identify risk, where excipient sourcing incompatibilities, or other has become an issue of quality and R&D. non-common issues. The

made excipients is emerging,

company is also proactive in

due to formulation or patent

discussions and evaluations to

reasons. Thanks to Meggle’s longstanding expertise in toll manufacturing and its established procedures, the company is equipped to fulfill customers’ expectations.


give exemplarily proof of the safety and harmless toxicological profile of lactose.


demand and new functionalities, while significantly reducing regulatory burden and development time. CPEs also reduce unwanted variability while exhibiting desired functionalities.

EXCIPIENTS OF THE FUTURE Sooner or later the line between active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and excipients will blur. The superior understanding of an excipient’s pharmacology and the API-excipient interaction will increasingly impact dosage form, stability and individualised therapy schemas of future medications. Continuous, optimised high-volume processes will enable the manufacture of pharmacologically and economically

The excipient industry already follows

based tailor-made solutions with

two pathways: the introduction of

designed performance, leading to

Meggle has deep insight into formulators’

completely new chemical entities (NCEs);

robust formulations.

prospects. The company can provide

a new chemical grade of an existing

additional data, for example, during

material and/or a meaningful physical

manufacturing as summary statistics,

combination of established excipients

statistical relevant IPC data or data on

by a unique transformative process. This

attributes beyond the certificate of analysis

leads to engineered particles also known

or pharmacopeia requirements, or within

as CPEs. The latter has been proven as

the QbD construct. Full traceability of

an elegant way to create synergies in

Excipients are also expected to take on more responsibility in formulations. •

Amchem – Meggle –

galenIQ™ – the bulk filler-binder. Great choice. Great taste.

• galenIQ™ is pharma-grade Isomalt (Ph. Eur., USP-NF, BP, JP) that makes medicine taste pleasant.

Our Sales Network Partner in South Africa:

• The filler-binder with sweet sugar-like taste. • Due to its multifunctionality your best choice excipient to be used for a broad variety of dosage forms.

Our team of experts is available for your product development with galenIQ™. Please contact us: ·

P C Africa | QUARTER 3 2017 |


PHARMACEUTICAL FOCUS//Tabletting & Encapsulation


is better than cure Gattefossé demonstrates how to mitigate the effect of alcohol on drug release from sustained-release (SR) tablets using an alcoholresistant matrix former, Compritol 888 ATO. This excipient is both effective and straightforward to use. (ADD) is referred to as ‘a rapid release of the entire amount or a

significant fraction of the drug from a SR dosage form in the presence of alcohol’. This phenomenon can cause serious risks for patients and has led to the withdrawal of several medicines from the market.

Figure 1: The effect of hydroalcoholic media on the release kinetics of theophylline tablets produced using direct compression with Compritol 888 and MCC (F1) or Compritol 888 and lactose (F2)


drug released (%)


lcohol dose dumping




The USA FDA now recommends

F1 - 0.1N HCl: 40% EtOH

that the effect of 40 percent

F2 - 0.1N HCl: 40% EtOH


alcohol on the drug release from SR

F2 - 0.1N HCl

dosage forms be evaluated during

F1 - 0.1N HCl

formulation development (Friebe et


al. 2015).




Alcohol dose retention (ADR)





time (h)

describes the opposite situation to ADD when the presence of alcohol prevents drug release resulting in patients not receiving the required

release from SR tablets in hydro-

in the matrix, drug release is driven

alcoholic media.

by diffusion. As such, the solubility of

Compritol 888 ATO combines

therapeutic dose, which can also lead to safety issues.

THE BENEFITS A robust formulation is essential to prevent variations in drug

– like diluents and APIs – will affect

SR matrix agent. Drug release from

the drug release dynamic. Selecting

this matrix is diffusion controlled

the right diluent is essential to obtain

and not driven by swelling and

the desired drug release profile,

erosion. This facilitates simple

both in the presence and absence

product design, including clear-cut

of ethanol.

modulation of drug release and high reproducibility. Furthermore,

Table 1


0.1N HCl

0.1N HCl:40% ethanol

Effect of alcohol on solubility

the Compritol 888 ATO matrix is not sensitive to physiological variations such as pH, digestion or alcohol,


11.5 (37°C)

31.6 (37°C)


and enables the production of bio-

Bupropion HCl

286 (37°C)

396 (37°C)


pharmaceutically robust tablets. Its


32.3 (37°C)

15.3 (37°C)


multi-functionality promotes product

Ethyl Cellulose (EC)

Practically insoluble

Freely soluble


optimisation in many processing



Microcrystalline cellulose (MCC)


Compritol 888 ATO

0.02 (37°C)

Di Calcium Phosphate (DCP)



250 (40°C)

techniques and provides scope

0.026 (37°C)





Solubility (mg/mL) in ethanol-free and ethanol-containing acid media


for innovation in the development of solid oral dosage forms. When Compritol 888 ATO is the only

60 (37°C)

| QUARTER 3 2017 | P C Africa

other ingredients in the formulation

several advantages when used as a

release retarding agent

THE ASSESSMENT The robustness of Compritol 888 ATO SR matrix to alcohol is demonstrated using three model drugs with different solubility in water and ethanol media (see Table 1). It shows the variable solubility in alcohol of the model drugs and standard diluents. This variability needs to be mitigated by the appropriate selection of drug and diluents

PHARMACEUTICAL FOCUS//Tabletting & Encapsulation Figure 2: The effect of hydro-alcoholic media on the release kinetics of niacin tablets produced using direct compression with Compritol 888 and DCP (F3) or Compritol 888 and EC (F4)

Figure 3: The effect of hydro-alcoholic media on the release kinetics of bupropion HCl tablets produced using direct compression with Compritol 888 and DCP (F5)

lactose, which has a noticeably reduced

PHARMA with increased solubility in ethanol (EC), noSOLUTIO variation in drug release is observed. BEYOND Bupropion HCl solubility is moderately increased in the presence of alcohol. When EXPECTA

solubility in ethanol, no ADD is observed.

formulated with DCP, which has a reduced

and formulation design to prevent ADD

presence of alcohol. When formulated with

or ADR.

MCC, the formulation shows ADD. However, when theophylline is formulated with

THE EVIDENCE Formulations were prepared assessed for drug release in presence of alcohol or not

Niacin solubility is reduced in presence

(see Figures 1, 2 and 3). Compritol 888 ATO

of ethanol. When formulated with DCP,

is used as the only sustained-release agent

which has a reduced solubility in ethanol,

in all of the formulations. Theophylline

the formulation exhibits ADR. However,

solubility is strongly increased in the

when niacin is formulated with a diluent

solubility in ethanol, the drug release is unchanged in the presence of ethanol. •

We know h value for yo

Gattefossé –


value for your business We know how to create value for your business


P C Africa | QUARTER 3 2017 |


PHARMACEUTICAL FOCUS//Tabletting & Encapsulation

A smart ingredient

that delivers compliance The taste of a medicine is an important compliance factor for certain patient groups, including children, the elderly and those with chronic conditions. Beneo says choosing the right filler-binder can enhance overall palatability significantly.


THE SACHET TREND Due to its cost-effectiveness and time saving benefits, dry blending of all ingredients without further processing is the most favoured method of drug preparation. Dry blends can be used in

erman company,

bitterness of a quinine hydrochloride

compression and compaction processes

Beneo’s galenIQ is the

solution. In comparison to maltitol,

or simply filled into capsules, bottles or

pharmaceutical grade of

mannitol and sucrose, the addition of

sachets. The sachet trend is already

Isomalt – a disaccharide

galenIQ (grade 721) in concentrations

becoming evident, with line extensions

alcohol derived from beet sugar.

as low as three to six percent w/w led

of well-established brands increasingly

GalenIQ has a sweetness and taste

to a significantly higher reduction in

moving into sachets and stick pack

profile very close to sucrose because of

bitterness. It is therefore not surprising

packaging. This is because dry blends

its source material. With its well-balanced

that galenIQ is the excipient of choice

facilitate a convenient and fashionable

sweetness, the filler-binder has no

where taste matters.

form of drug delivery.


mixtures for oral application, it is important

When developing these powder

significant off-tastes or aftertaste. GalenIQ reduces the bitter taste of APIs, masks the unpleasant taste of

This filler-binder from Beneo, which

that bulk excipients fulfil the necessary

ingredients such as plant extracts and

is represented throughout southern

requirements, such as excellent flowability,

contributes to a palatable, pleasant

Africa by Savannah Fine Chemicals, is primarily considered to

taste profile and mouthfeel in the final pharmaceutical or nutraceutical product. A recent comparative study has shown that galenIQ considerably suppresses the


be a soluble solution for tablets and powdered products. However, the past 10 years have

Isomalt (galenIQ) is proven it to be a monographed in leading truly multi-functional pharmacopoeias (USP-NF, excipient. GalenIQ Ph. Eur., BP) and is approved has been used to coat in both Japan (JPE) and China (with an Import solid dosage forms, Drug License). as a component in hot melt extrusion processes and, most importantly, it has improved the taste of many medicines, even in liquid applications. The galenIQ product range

low hygroscopicity, high physical stability during mixing and high dilution potential and content uniformity, to name just a few.

TECHNOLOGICAL BENEFITS With well-defined particle size distribution, galenIQ 720 and 721 provide outstanding flow and mixing properties. This fillerbinder is the perfect excipient for easy tabletting because of its excellent compactability and high dilution potential. At the same time only low compaction forces are required to achieve high tablet hardness. Agglomerated galenIQ is a white, odourless and water soluble material with a unique morphology. The porous

comprises different grades that serve

and large surface areas enable high

a broad variety of dosage forms.

concentrations of active ingredients to

Besides the agglomerated grades

be incorporated without compromising

720 and 721 for direct compression

the flow properties of the final mixture.

and dry blend applications, the 800

These surface structures also prevent

series offers special powder grades of

segregation, even in very low dose

different solubilities and particle size

blends, throughout the whole process,

distributions for wet granulation, roller

ensuring the homogeneity of the

compaction and other agglomeration

mixture and subsequently the required

processes. Sieved grades for starter

content uniformity. •

pellets (galenIQ 960), for pan coating and syrups (galenIQ 981) as well as for medicated confectionery (galenIQ 990) complete the range.


| QUARTER 3 2017 | P C Africa

Beneo – Savannah Fine Chemicals

Contract manufacturers for the pharmaceutical and complementary medicines markets Hersol Manufacturing Laboratories is a registered company specializing in manufacturing and packing of complementary medicines for third party companies within the local South African market. Founded in 1980, Hersol adheres to a Quality Management System which embraces current Good Manufacturing Practices in accordance with Medicines Control Council requirements.

The new 5 cubicle dispensary and sampling facilities

Hersol’s extensive facility features a fully equipped Laboratory to ensure quality of raw materials and finished products. It has modern manufacturing facilities for blending, granulating, compressing & coating tablets as well as encapsulating capabilities. Hersol has state of the art on-site packing facilities, including a recently introduced blister packing machine. In addition, Hersol has facilities to manufacture and pack syrups, creams, gels and ointments. Leadership at Hersol is upheld by a highly competent Management Team with vast pharmaceutical subject matter knowledge and experience in staff motivation so as to achieve a superior product.

Handling of Raw Materials when weighing and dispensing is handled in accordance with Medicines Control Council guidelines

Hersol is registered with: t South African Medicines Control Council t South African Pharmaceutical Council t South African Department of Health t Health Product Association – HPA t Cosmetics, Toiletries and Fragrances Association t FDA Food Facility

Hersol Manufacturing Laboratories (Pty) Ltd tel: +27 11 614 6631/2

fax: +27 11 614 4615




A unique approach to tailoring African consumers have their own specific needs and desires when it comes to hair and skin care. Clariant is paying attention to these demands with a unique cost performance strategy to ensure its innovative skin, hair and personal care products are relevant to the African market. By Abby Vorster



espite its leading

Clariant’s distributors operating

global positioning,

throughout the African market.

providing focused

Nicol Meyer, country manager

regional technical

of Clariant South Africa explains,

support is important to Clariant to

‘While Clariant continues to

grow its market share in Africa.

fulfill its strategy to serve the South African market, we

Kumaren Naidoo, Clariant South Africa’s business unit head for

n Kumare Naidoo

industrial and consumer specialties explains: ‘Using the smart molecules

To capitalise on these

and market insight fed through from

opportunities, the company

our sales team to the application laboratory based in Eubsa, Turkey,

sells both directly to African

Clariant is equipped to develop

customers and via distributors,

market relevant formulations that

which have extensive expertise

are balanced in terms of cost

in regional African markets. ‘Our distributors are an extension of Clariant, so strict

plays an important role in the

criteria apply when selecting the

development of solutions for

right ones,’ she adds. ‘We also

small to medium-sized customers located in South Africa. It is also

provide technical support to our

Nicol M eyer

distributors via the application laboratory in Turkey.’

used as a training facility for

Clariant’s current focus areas

Table 1: Formulation guide




include various East and West






Q.s. 100

Aristoflex Velvet

Polyacrylate corssploymer-11





Plantasens Natural Emulsifier HE20

Cetearyl Glucoside, Sorbitan Olivate



Aristoflex AVC

Ammonium Acryloyldimethyltaurate/VP Copolymer


One example of a formulation that

Plantasens Abyssinian Oil

Crambe Abyssinica Seed Oil


the African skin care category is




Clariant’s Radiant Beauty Balm (see

Isodecyl Neopentanoate



Table 1 for the formulation guide).

Plantasens Natural Vitamin E



Gatuline Age Defense 2

Water (and) Juglans Regia (Walnut) Seed Extract





formulation or product, which

Perfume Ulysse



is backed by clinical testing for

Citric Acid

Citric Acid

Q.s. pH 5.5

efficacy and claim substantiation,

Radiant Beauty Balm


various African countries that

the organisation.’

centre based in Frankfurt, Germany,

The application lab in Turkey


the South African border at hold great opportunity for

developed by Clariant’s innovation

and performance.’


are actively looking beyond

| QUARTER 3 2017 | P C Africa

African countries with Nigeria in the pipeline.

can be tailored to the needs of

How it works is Clariant’s R&D experts, at its application lab in Turkey, take an innovative

and tailor it to African consumers’


skin or hair care needs using a

lipid barrier and is responsible

cost performance strategy. ‘The

for the good spreadability and

performance of the tailor-made

stability properties of this oil. The

formulation is then compared to its

Omega 6 helps reducing TEWL and

European premium equivalent to

maintaining skin’s barrier function.

establish a pattern that balances

It also shows superior spreadability

performance and cost for the

compared to other vegetable oils

African market. We’ve had great

and emollient esters. •

success using this strategy with customers in the Ivory Coast and Ghana in both the skin and hair

Clariant –

care categories,’ comments Naidoo. He says organic oils, like the Plantasens Abyssinian Oil, are seen as premium products in the African market and hold great value in terms of their relevance to consumers on the continent. This particular oil is cold-pressed, natural, sourced from the sundrenched African highlands and filled with benefits only the African earth can provide. Plantasens Abyssinian Oil has a unique fatty acid composition not seen in other natural oils. Its


Various Ethnicities have different skin properties, which may explain the disparities seen in dermatologic disorders and provide insight into how to manage these disorders. According to researchers Naissan Wesley and Howard Maibach, most evidence from six out of eight studies indicates that TEWL is greater in dark skins (African and Ethnic) compared with white skins, such as Caucasian and Asian.

Omega 9 reinforces the natural

Crest Chemicals

For all around Beauty you can trust. T. +27 (0) 11 254 3433 | M. +27 (0) 83 297 0655 247 15th Road, Randjespark, Midrand, 1685, South Africa PO Box 4280, Midrand, 1685, South Africa

P C Africa | QUARTER 3 2017 |


Attend the P&C Review 2018

Beauty Trends& Innovations Conference

• Eight beauty and personal care experts in one inspiring day • One unmissable session on marketing a beauty brand in 2018 Other topics to be presented at the conference: · R&D, creativity and innovation · The dos and don’ts of E-commerce · How to keep your product in business? · Regulations and legislation Date: Thursday, 22 February 2018 Time: 8:30am until 16:00 Venue: Media Park Auditorium, Auckland Park, Johannesburg, South Africa Early bird Tickets Released! Book before 31 October and save! Early bird special: R 795 per person including VAT Tickets booked after 31 October: R995 per person including VAT You will receive a full breakdown of the day once you have booked and paid for your ticket as well as a breakdown of all the speakers. Send an email to for more information



A new era for scent and care

in Madagascar a few years ago which now forms part of the company’s multi-facetted sustainability strategy. Through long-term partnerships whereby products are bought directly from farmers, Symrise could secure and guarantee long-term supply,

Symrise has launched a new story line for its fragrance division. This is part of the company’s strategy to become a preferred and indispensable fragrance and ingredients partner to its customers around the world.


maximum traceability and the best yield. In turn the farmers are ensured an income to pay their children’s school fees, and they receive training among other benefits. The Madagascar Naturals

he launch of the new story

entrepreneurs and innovative

portfolio is set to grow in

line – ‘better living through

scientists. They have been used

the next few months with

scent’ – coincided with

to create some of the most

the introduction of four new

the introduction of its new

emblematic fragrances that

naturals: Vetiver, Pink Pepper

De Laire fine fragrance offering and

have shaped the perfumery

Leaf and Berry, and Red

Madagascar natural ingredients.

world, including Bois des îles

Citronella. The following seven

Tarek Anbar, Symrise’s regional sales director of fine fragrances for Africa, Middle East and Turkey

by Chanel (1929) and Femme

Vitessences will also be added

Rochas by Rochas (1944).

to the portfolio: Coffee Flower,

Each of the new bases is

Hazunta Modesta, Datura

joined the company’s team in South

a blend of high quality raw

Flower, Champaka, Frangipani,

Africa to launch the campaign

materials, fine natural oils and

Tukoarina and Vanilla Speciale. •

and new offerings to its South

an exclusive captive. The De

African customers.

Laire collection includes:

PLEASURE WITH A PURPOSE ‘Better living through scent’ is set to

captures the soul of succulent red berries • Miel Essentiel DL, a white gourmand signature with

into a new era. It highlights the

floral undertones

disciplinary collaboration at the global company along with its

• Ambre 84 DL, an avantgarde amber • Cuir Velours DL,

ability to create sensorial fragrances

a nude leather

that enhance beauty benefits.

with noble floral

The new story line elevates the division to the next level of

powdery notes • Noir Prunol DL, which is

fragrance creation providing

a fresh take on the iconic

consumers with products that

candied plum scent.

improve their beauty and wellbeing.

Symrise –

• Rouge Groseille DL, which

drive Symrise’s fragrance division rich heritage and unique cross-

Tarek Anbar

Symrise is eliminating the use of child labour in Madagascar by training 78 farmers on the island. It is also training adolescents to become farming technicians at three rural colleges created in 2014. About 100 teenagers per school go through this programme each year.

improving the living conditions,


income, health and education of

The new Madagascar Naturals

Symrise’s partners throughout the

portfolio from Symrise is focused

supply chain.

on backward integration where

Better living is also focused on


people, nature and education benefit. On this beautiful island, the company has so far

Based on 220 years of fine fragrance

commercialised three unique

heritage, the new De Laire bases

natural ingredients with finest and

are timeless, contemporary and

most exquisite scents. These include

recognised by perfumers and

Queen Vanilla, Grand Cru Ginger,

customers around the world. These

and Golden Cinnamon.

iconic blends were first developed by the De Laire’s, who were visionary


Symrise initiated a unique and active sourcing model

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Providing hope for a better future


In the extremely poor and remote district of Ngoula in Niger, CPL’s funding helped establish a health care clinic providing free treatment to children under the age of five and for pregnant and breast feeding mothers. For the over 16 000 people living in Ngoula, the nearest hospital is located

PL Aromas

of the world. CPL Aromas is

has been

pleased to confirm this donation


as we know the funds will get

at supporting the rights of Arab women

to those people who need it

by working with CAFOD’s local partner

the most.’

WAC Ma’an to provide a unique support

with CAFOD,

the Catholic Agency for Overseas Development, international fragrance


house has made

In the past 12 months, contributions

charitable donations

from CPL Aromas have been

since 2000. The

each year to support the agency’s valuable work. Earlier this year, the company confirmed

At the Ngoula health clinic in Niger, Kadija and her son benefit from the generosity of CPL Aromas

an increased donation

80km away. In Israel CPL’s donation was targeted

system. This helps them access employment opportunities and understand their labour rights. Elsewhere, the fragrance house is helping to fund projects in Nicaragua and

targeted at six specific projects

Cambodia, and in Peru where CAFOD’s

across the world chosen by

partner Solidaridad is supporting women

members of the Pickthall family.

from the impoverished shanty settlements

The 2016 projects included a

of Lomas de Carabayllo near Lima to

programme in Malawi to provide

develop their skills in running their own small

of £240 000 for 2017. Group CEO, Chris

high quality HIV testing and counselling

Pickthall comments: ‘The extraordinary

in association with CAFOD’s partner, The

work of CAFOD continues to have a

Lighthouse Trust, which was equipped to

support for these projects with the increased

transformational effect on the lives of the

conduct 87 246 HIV tests in the Lilongwe

funding for 2017 providing CAFOD and its

poor and needy in so many deprived areas

district of central Malawi.

partners with additional resources. •


| QUARTER 3 2017 | P C Africa

businesses to earn a sustainable income. CPL Aromas intends to continue its


Longer-lasting fragrance is just a shampoo away


any consumers select their shampoo based on smell. Unfortunately, that scent usually doesn’t last long

on hair. However, a team of international scientists has discovered a new way to help fragrance ‘stick’ to hair longer. Fragrances are one of the most


The group identified a cyclic peptide that could bind to hair under shampooing conditions, which means a low pH and in the presence of surfactants. The peptide was then connected to the two popular delivery systems: a microcapsule and a pro-fragrance model polymer. They found the peptide efficiently deposits both types

expensive shampoo ingredients, but most

effective, they still don’t help fragrances

of systems onto hair. The researchers say

of these floral or fruity smelling compounds

adhere to the hair for long periods.

that for the polymer and microcapsule

evaporate rapidly or are easily washed

tests, those that were bound to a peptide

are used. Currently, manufacturers try to


achieve longer-lasting smells in products by

Professor Harm-Anton Klok from the

compared to those without a peptide. This

incorporating delivery systems. One such

Polymers Laboratory LP at the Swiss

increased deposition resulted in a stronger

system is pro-fragrances in which a polymer

Federal Institute of Technology in

fragrance smell on hair for up to 24 hours

is attached to the scent compound and

Lausanne; Dr Andreas Herrmann,

after shampooing. •

broken off once shampooing starts.

principal scientist of materials science at

Another is encapsulation of the scent

Firmenich and their colleagues are now

compound with polymers. Although these

looking at ways to promote the deposition

approaches have been shown to be

of scents onto hair.

away when surfactants, such as shampoos,

were loaded about five and 20 times more efficiently onto hair respectively,

Firmenich – Polymers Laboratory LP –

Tel 011 608 4944 Fax 011 608 4948 Email

Sensetek.indd 1

2017/03/02 11:50 AM

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Relaying important information with ease Increased legislation and consumer demand for product information present many packaging challenges for the information driven pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. To alleviate these issues, labels address insufficient packaging space by offering a platform for the inclusion of pertinent product information.


in developing countries. The WHO

product throughout the entire value

estimates that while the incidence

chain – a host of anti-counterfeiting

of counterfeit drugs is less than one

features can be added.

percent in developed countries, the

They increase the space, many

percentage is much higher in some

times over, which is usually available

developing ones.

for mandatory text such as dosage

The organisation advises

and product descriptions, often in

products by:

multiple languages.

• examining the packaging’s condition • looking out for spelling mistakes or grammatical errors • checking the manufacturing and expiry dates

ubstandard, spurious,

instructions, contra-indications

consumers’ check for counterfeit

• ensuring the details on the outer

When it comes to product marketing and promotional information, Pyrotec PackMedia’s Fix-a-Form booklet label yields phenomenal results for on-pack promotions and doing what most communication mediums cannot

falsely labelled, falsified

packaging match the dates

– driving purchases in store. The

and counterfeit (SSFFC)

shown on the inner pack

company also offers an array of

medical products are by

• ensuring the medicine looks

anti-counterfeit and anti-tamper

their very nature difficult to detect

correct, is not discoloured,

labelling options for cosmetics

and often designed to appear

degraded or has an

labelling, which include:

identical to the genuine product.

unusual smell.

• deliberately incorporated

This is according to a factsheet


produced by the World Health Organization (WHO). In some cases, SSFFC medical products may not cause an obvious adverse reaction but will fail to properly treat the disease or condition for which they were intended. In other cases these may be toxic,


The first multipage label was introduced in the ’70s.

containing either fatal levels of the wrong active ingredient or other toxic chemicals. The WHO cites that the extent

With the vast amount of mandatory information required on pharmaceutical packaging, manufacturer to ensure that

specialist inks can be applied to

drug usage information is

the labels. For example, inks that

presented to patients in a way that is easy to understand and use.

react to light or heat to make print features appear or disappear,

For pharmaceutical products, labelling extends far beyond being purely functional. Packaging

unknown because counterfeiting

rather an essential component

is difficult to detect, investigate

of positive patient outcomes and

and quantify. However, what is

part of a multilevel approach to

known is fake drugs are found

defeating counterfeiters. ‘Research shows that multi-page


self-adhesive leaflet labels, such

organisation, which is audited

as Pyrotec PackMedia’s Fix-a-Form

regularly by its pharmaceutical

booklet label attached directly

customers for GMP compliance. Strict

to primary packaging is far more

access control is also maintained

likely to be read by patients than

at its facility to ensure finished Fix-

a loose leaflet inside the pack,’

a-Form labels are safe from theft.

comments Timothy Beattie, Pyrotec

The company also has documented

PackMedia’s general manager.

pharmaceutical printed waste disposal

Besides these labels ensuring the information provided by the manufacturer remains with the

| QUARTER 3 2017 | P C Africa

matrix codes. In addition to these, a choice of

should not be an afterthought but


legible through a magnifying glass • complex holograms and 2D

it is the responsibility of the

of counterfeit medical products is

worldwide. They are more prevalent

print imperfections • the use of microtext, which is only

procedures to provide customers with peace of mind.


or are reactive to a coin being

other sectors, including cosmetics.

rubbed over the surface to reveal

Another benefit is that they offer the

key information.

space to include usage guidance or legal clauses in numerous


languages,’ notes Loubser. •R  esealable laminated booklet

Pyrotec PackMedia’s overt and

labels – Versatile booklet

covert labelling solutions give

labels, these are used across

cosmetics’ manufacturers an

many different markets where

opportunity to raise their game

manufacturers often need

against fraudsters.

to display safety guidance, contents and other legally

Cosmetics products come in

required information.

all shapes and sizes and often pose a packaging and labelling

•P  eel and reveal labels – These lend

challenge of marrying together

themselves to on-pack promotions

obligatory regulatory information

where information such as a unique

with practical yet eye-catching

competition SMS entry code or tearoff coupon are concealed.

packaging. The booklet labels

•C  oncertina leaflet labels – With

are designed specifically to meet the challenges of small or

the ability to open, extend and


re-seal these labels as required,

labelling requirements. They offer the advantage of being a concertina-


tailored to meet manufacturers’ requirements. ‘There is no losing with these labels – they are securely attached to either the product itself or its outer packaging. Not only do they allow a company to include up to 120 pages of product information, they also add to the aesthetics of the packaging by making it less cluttered,’ says Pyrotec PackMedia’s national sales manager, Jacques Loubser. All genuine cosmetics’ producers can benefit from being able to protect their market from counterfeiting. The company believes its multipage Fix-a-Form booklet labels combined with anti-counterfeiting labelling solutions offer the ideal foundation for manufacturers to protect their

these labels offer a striking and cost-effective way to impart information and instructions. ‘They can also accommodate words and images. Because these labels are suitable for virtually any size and

style pull-out information pack, which can be

if resealability is incorporated,

shape of product or container,


they are widely used across many industries. One example is in the food and beverage industry where

Pyrotec PackMedia’s offering

manufacturers want to provide

extends to:

nutritional details, recipes and other

•B  ooklet labels – These are

information,’ says Loubser.

simple to open, easy to unfold

•W  et peel labels – These labels

or flick through and provide an

are designed to peel and reseal,

unrestricted amount of extra label

enabling product details to stay with

real estate. They are widely used

the container and be repeatedly

across varying industries where

accessed. This means they are

extensive instructions or detailed

suitable for products where users

legal information is required to be

may have to frequently refer to

kept with the product. ‘Companies

dosage instructions or safety advice.

from the pharmaceutical and

They are water and chemical

other industries use these labels

resistant. They don’t tear because

extensively, and there’s increasing demand for them from many

Pyrotec PackMedia’s Fix-a-Form leaflet labels ensure protection throughout the value chain

they are laminated and lend themselves to industries where liquid might run down the packaging. The company offers a complete concept to application service of cost-effective, practical and

profits and brand integrity while

innovative labelling solutions to

ensuring maximum peace of mind

enhance the visual appeal of

for consumers.

goods and meet the legislative

Loubser says with a formidable array of multi-dimensional label

communication requirements of products. •

options available from the company, marketers with distinctive requirements can choose from an arsenal of on-pack solutions.

Pyrotec PackMedia –

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Future proof assembly concept

for high-end shavers

The production of shavers is under immense cost pressures while trade offers for these devices are quite large. In combination with factors like quality and design, the purchase decision is also affected by the price.


nlike most razors produced, Phillips’ high tech shavers are assembled in Drachten in the

Netherlands and not the Far East. To remain competitive, the company’s shaver production operates from two sites, one in China and the other in Drachten.

tech shaving devices demands the


highest level of quality whereas standard shaver models rely on

Omron has about 36 000 employees worldwide working to provide products and services in more than 110 countries and regions.

mostly manual labour. This demand for a high quality assembly process has made the Drachten plant turn to automation for its production. The company outlined a requirement for an assembly

The China facility produces 20 billion

solution that demanded more than

shavers with two shaving heads

just the foresight of the construction

annually while the other plant’s 1 500

engineers. The company insisted

employees produce close to 8 billion

on a guaranteed future level of

devices with three shaving heads a year. The assembly of the high

The Omron Adept solution

performance of their equipment. ‘We wanted to implement a future oriented assembly concept. With regard to the total investment, we wanted to feel certain that the equipment would still be able to economically produce shavers in 10 years without knowing how the shaver of the future will look at all. Flexibility was requested continuously,’ says Sietze Bremer, senior industrial sourcing specialist at Philips.

when nobody is sure how these items will look and work in the future? Omron Adept had the right solution. Bremer explains: ‘We count on Omron Adept completely when expanding equipment. The Viper 6-axis robots s650 and s850 as well as the Cobra SCARA robots s350, s600 and s800 are predominantly equipped with the vision guidance and inspection package, AdeptSight and arrive, already tried and tested in existing lines. The robots impress with their precision, speed and availability, and perform tasks with the high accuracy that is required.’ Matthias Schaller, head of robotics at Bremer Werk für Montagesysteme says flexible feeding systems are key components for the intelligent assembly automation, especially relating to the sustainability of the company’s equipment. When the integration of the new lines are complete, more than 200 robots and 70 Adept Anyfeeder systems will provide the frictionless assembly system for the shavers. A majority of the robots on the existing lines were already equipped with vision guidance and all new machines are scheduled to have a vision system. •

FLEXIBLE COMPONENTS How would one have machinery built capable of assembling products

Omron –

Your specialist automation partner As a partner in all your automation requirements we offer personal solutions, knowledge and expertise. Whether your automation requires a simple and economical solution, or your target is advanced, highspeed control, you can find what you need in Omron’s line-up of quality products and solutions. Omron Electronics ZA 011 579 2600


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passion for pumps

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Shear sensitivity liquids Abrasive fluids handling Certified pumps

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