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Quarter 2 2018 | Volume 3 | Number 2


Improve your quality control with standardised solutions

Personal care innovation and cutting-edge ingredients

Injecting success into Africa’s pharma supply chains

“ Hair Aficionados Curly & coily. Wild & manageable. Shiny & sleek. Hair has its own individual personality. Understanding multi-ethnic hair, developing tailored scent and care concepts, that’s how we’re offering just the right formula for every individuals crown and glory. We interweave our knowledge about hairy trends and type-specific hair care with our deep hair expertise and are thus facilitating permanently gorgeous and healthy hair.


Quarter 2 2018 | Volume 3 | Number 2




Croda SA hosts successful customer event in Kenya

KahlWax innovates with tea and phyto waxes

GMP compliant coating technology from Romaco

Africa is warned about rising pollution levels

Proteins from Croda proven to protect curly hair



Omron reveals new ways to optimise production

11 EVENTS Seminar planned for Africa’s home and personal care markets A bigger and better show forecast for Propak West Africa

14 QUALITY CONTROL Reasons you should never skip stability testing Afrox’s HiQ gases comply with quality standards

17 PERSONAL CARE New offsite warehouse for Aerosol & Cosmetics Works Use coconut water to reduce water usage in your formulations Meet men’s needs with these bold and masculine scents

Focused supply chains help achieve national health goals


26 PACKAGING Quality coding solutions offer a return on investment


A look at Imperial’s new world-class facility

Global brands help strengthen Africa’s healthcare supply chains

Make a splash with coconut water

More bang for your buck 26

P C Africa | QUARTER 2 2018 |





Partnerships remain a proven

EDITORIAL Editor: Abby Vorster +27 (0)11 877 6038

strategy for success


Assistant Editor: Aarifah Nosarka +27 (0)11 877 6209 Layout & Design: Kirsty Thomas ADVERTISING Sales Executive: Carla Melless +27 (0)83 260 6060

frica presents an amazing mass of opportunity and in most industries, demand far outweighs supply. Yet it’s not easy to achieve long term strategic business goals on the continent. Making it big in Africa is a major achievement for any international

Sales Executive: Anita Raath +27 (0)82 976 6541 Sales Executive: Candida Giambo-Kruger +27 (0)71 438 1918 INTERNATIONAL SALES


Last year, IMCD South Africa made some bold statements about its African growth strategy.

This year, the company has made a series of noteworthy achievements in East Africa, validating those statements made in 2017. Its regional office, IMCD Kenya is featured in this edition of P C Africa with a focus on its unique positioning and infrastructure to meet the needs of the East African personal, home care and pharma markets. Turn to page 12 now to read more about how the company is building its success. Another aspect that plays a major role in guaranteeing a brand or product’s success in

Germany/Austria/Switzerland: Eisenacher Medien Erhardt Eisenacher +49 228 249 9860 Italy: Ngcombroker Giacomo Rotunno +39 370 101 4694 Taiwan: Ringier Trade Media Sydney Lai +886 4 2329 7318

the market is quality control. While there are various facets of quality control, stability testing


is a critical parameter of product development. On page 14, we share an expert overview of stability and other testing methods crucial to ensuring your product functions as intended in

Circulation Manager: Felicity Garbers +27 (0)21 701 1566

the market and does not, for example, become contaminated before its expiry date.


If you’re looking for new and innovative ingredients and solutions for your personal care

General Manager: Dev Naidoo

water, which can be used as a replacement for deionised water in personal care formulations.

Publishing Manager: Natalie Da Silva +27 (0)11 877 6281

We also look at the scent trends for men’s hair, body and shower products.

Production Controller: Rae Morrison

products, the feature on page 17 has all you need. There is an interesting read on coconut

With the growing interest in natural ingredients, more and more Ethnic care brand owners

Art Director: David Kyslinger

and manufacturers are looking to improve their formulations with plant-based ingredients.


Natural waxes, like the ones from KahlWax featured on page 20, are an ideal

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option to

give O/W emulsions aqueous soft gels a creamy and homogenous texture. Hydrolised pea and vegetable proteins are also interesting natural ingredients for hair care products. Featured on page 22, these proteins have been proven to hair’s structural integrity. The industry wide approach of P C Africa would not be

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complete without our regular coverage of the packaging sector.

Aileen Lamb

With traceability continuing to be a challenge in Africa, this feature


on page 26 looks at how GS1-128 barcodes are set to become the

Bridget McCarney

globally accepted coding standard, along with the solutions


needed to implement them on packaging.


Enjoy the read!

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| QUARTER 2 2018 | P C Africa

Converting by- products into appealing products application. H&R has been offering customized solutions for almost a 100 years. We have built a remarkable brand through supplying products of consistent high quality and offering class- leading services. We remain a trusted brand name for many international brands supplying personal care, skin care and hair care products. Our offerings include a diverse range of mineral white oils, bio- based oils and petroleum jellies that are suited for applications into cosmetics. We’re connecting industries through- out the globe; see how we can connect your business to the global markets.

113 Trindad Road, Island View, Durban 4052, South Africa Tel: + 27 (0)31 466 8700 Fax: + 27 (0)31 466 8716 E- mail:


Croda hosts successful customer and consumer events in Kenya THE COMPANY IS investing heavily in the region with a state of the art Centre of Excellence in South Africa, a newly opened office in Nigeria and subsequent new offices set to open in Kenya and the Ivory Coast by the end of 2018. Because Africa is a diverse continent, the company believes a more granular and regional approach is required for successful and sustained market entry. This approach is proving positive for the company with the successful culmination of its first seminar and consumer focus group in Africa. The two day seminar took place at the Ole-Sereni Hotel in Nairobi, Kenya. ‘It’s unique location along Kenya’s National Park, perfectly complimented our East African experience as well as the customer entertainment we had lined up for the poolside cocktail event,’ says Chantel McCallum, Croda South Africa’s marketing manager. Orkila – Croda’s distributor in the East African region – assisted the South African team with organising the event. Customers from Kenya, Uganda,

AFDB AND UNIDO JOIN FORCES TO ACCELERATE AFRICA’S INDUSTRIALISATION IN MAY, THE African Development Bank (AfDB) and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to step up collaboration to boost industrialisation on the continent. ‘The bank launched in 2016 its Industrialisation Strategy for Africa 2016 to 2025, which was the outcome

Tanzania and Ethiopia were invited, with more than 60 customers attending. ‘In

of collaborative work with UNIDO and the United Nations

fact, on day two we had additional customers arriving – as in typical African

Economic Commission for Africa. The signing of the present

culture – the word had spread,’ she adds.

MoU is key to our strategy’s implementation,’ say AfDB

The seminar provided an overview of Croda South Africa with technical and

president, Akinwumi Adesina. ‘The bank already benefits

market related presentations on hair and skin care. The company also hosted

enormously from UNIDO’s expertise in developing policies,

a consumer focus group in Nairobi in collaboration with a brand owner and

programmes and knowledge tools, which support our

manufacturer from the region. The team interviewed 17 women and one man,

member countries to industrialise.’

who is a trichologist.

In 2017, the bank allocated US$1.2 billion to industrialise

‘The response and insights were exceptionally helpful and quite different from my South African experience,’ McCallum explains. ‘We’ve identified the top needs from the region which will be compared with the needs identified in South Africa. Together they will lay the foundation for additional projects in our Centre of Excellence in SA.’ Croda South Africa’s next African seminar and consumer focus group is scheduled to take place in Nigeria, in early November.

Africa – which is one of the bank’s high five development priorities – mostly to projects for financial sector operations. The new agreement facilitates the bank and UNIDO cooperation on joint activities of shared interest in areas such as agro-industry development, circular economy, ecoindustrial parks, investment in innovation and technology, enterprise development, trade and capacity-building and access to finance, among others. ‘Achieving Africa’s industrial potential will not happen by chance; strong partnerships such as the one our two organisations have now formalised are key,’ comments

The Croda South Africa team with the consumer focus group attendees



PZ CUSSONS, THE consumer goods manufacturer headquartered in the UK, is set to roll out a fiveyear plan to introduce several new products into the Kenyan market. According to an online report on Business Daily Africa, PZ Cussons launched three upgraded beauty and skin care products in Kenya at the beginning of June, kick starting its African growth strategy. The company’s MD for East Africa, Sekar Ramamoorthy says PZ Cussons took one year to work on the new products and invested heavily to develop petroleum jelly with shea butter and Venus pure glycerine. Reports also reveal the company has plans to introduce these new products in other regional markets, including Rwanda and Uganda, before the end of 2018. ‘This is a five-year journey that we have begun with the introduction of an additional three products,’

Philippe Scholtès, MD at UNIDO. ‘This partnership will create significant opportunities and facilitate our work together towards the operationalisation of IDDA III (2016 to 2025).’ The two entities have already initiated working level collaboration including within the framework of UNIDO’s flagship Programme for Country Partnership (PCP) model. This helps synchronise development efforts and mobilise resources to support countries in accelerating industrialisation. The bank and UNIDO recently undertook a joint mission to Morocco as part of the initial development of the PCP and will continue exploring cooperation opportunities in ongoing PCPs in Senegal and Ethiopia. Collaboration has also been initiated to establish staple crop processing zones in some African countries. The MoU was signed by Adesina and Scholtès in Busan, the Republic of Korea, alongside the annual meeting of

Ramamoorthy told Business Daily Africa. ‘We will be developing new products that are more affiliated

the boards of governors of the AfDB Group which were

to consumers’ needs by continuously studying the market and being more adaptable.’

themed, ‘accelerating Africa’s industrialisation’. The signing

To support the new product ranges, PZ Cussons invested in new technologies and installed a worldclass research laboratory at its HQ in London, UK.

ceremony was attended by African industry ministers, representatives of regional member states, development partners and private sector executives.


| QUARTER 2 2018 | P C Africa


Hot melt coating device with hygienic design ROMACO INNOJET’S GMP compliant hot

the IHD devices are positioned to ensure

melt coating device is designed specifically

full visibility and are suitable for swab

for pharma manufacturing. The IHD series for

testing. Once the device has been

processing hot melt coatings can be supplied

cleaned, it can be opened up quickly

as a laboratory or pilot scale machine.

and easily for inspection.

This technology is suitable for coating and

The Romaco Innojet IHD series

granulating pharma products with hot greases

successfully avoids cross-contamination

and waxes.

owing to its hygienic design with no

A key development priority for these CIP capable devices is GMP compliance, particularly

The technology allows pharma

regarding the validation of cleaning processes.

manufacturers to reap previously

All sealing points, gaps and enclosed spaces

unattainable benefits of hot melt

have been eliminated. Flange connections have

coatings. Unlike aqueous alternatives,

also been reduced to a minimum.

hot melt coatings are solvent free.

The hot melt coating flows through straight

The Romaco Innojet IHD 5

dead spaces.

The southern African agent for Romaco is

tubes to prevent any build-up of product

Integrated Packaging Systems, which is based in

residues. All product-contacted surfaces inside

Cape Town, South Africa.

P C Africa | QUARTER 2 2018 |


NEWS The Merck Foundation’s Dr Kelej, pictured centred in red, surrounded by Africa’s future oncologists who are receiving training at the Tata Memorial Centre in Mumbai, India

Governments get serious about plastic ban THE EAST AFRICAN Community (EAC)

because we cannot police all the

must adhere to Chapter 19 of the Treaty

borders. We will revive the initiative

for the Partner States by co-operating

ourselves because common market

in all issues relating to of environmental

will not work without a standardised

and natural resources management.

packaging of goods,’ Munya added.

EAC is a regional intergovernmental


organisation comprising six partner

Robert Orina, chief enforcement officer at the National Environment

states. These are Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda,

Management Authority said the

South Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda, with

organisation recently nabbed banned

its headquarters in Arusha, Tanzania.

plastics at the Busia border that came

In the EAC Polythene Materials Control Bill of 2016 there is a legal framework

from a firm in Uganda. ‘Early this month, a bus conductor

for preservation of a clean and healthy

was arrested at the Uganda border with


environment through prohibition of the

432 000 pieces of plastics. Another person

Foundation commits to building cancer care capacity

manufacturing, sale, importation and use

was arrested in the same place with

in Africa and Asia through its partnership with India.

of polythene materials.

300 000 plastics,’ Orina explained.

This initiative is a part of the foundation’s Merck

According to reports, in June, Peter

He blamed the lack of proper

Cancer Access Programme, initiated to increase the

Munya, the EAC cabinet secretary,

laws between East African

limited number of oncologists across Africa.

said the Bill was passed but has

Community countries.

In May, the foundation signed an MOU with the

never been assented to by member

‘We have EAC legislative assembly bill

Tata Memorial centre, a premier cancer centre

states. Yet, Rwanda has succeeded in

on plastics ban. The problem is that apart

in India, to provide a fellowship programme to

banning plastics.

from Rwanda that has clear polices and

candidates from Africa. Dr Rasha Kelej, CEO of Merck Foundation,

‘We are working with partner states to have a ban since it is the most ideal

enforcement strategies, other countries do not have,’ Orina told The Star in Kenya.

comments: ‘We are delighted to formalise our collaboration with the Tata Memorial centre under the umbrella of newly launched Merck Foundation. We started our collaboration in 2016. Since then, we have provided more than 30 African doctors with one-year oncology fellowship at the Tata Memorial Centre. We believe our partnership with India has a long way to go and together we can play a vital role in Africa and Asia. The Merck Foundation strongly believes building capacity is the right strategy to


improve cancer care since a lack of professional

AS THE SECOND most polluted continent, Africa must

skills is a key challenge in Africa and other

take the responsibility and opportunity to pioneer

project on Lake Malawi/Nyasa for Malawi, Mozambique

developing countries.’

world-leading waste management methods. This

and Tanzania.

Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE) is also a partner of the MoU to provide an embryology training programme for Africa and Asia. As a result,

must be done to avoid an environmental and socioeconomic disaster, experts warn. Environmental scientist, Dr Tony Ribbink, who spoke

He is also the former director of the World Bank GEF

He added that Africa is in the process of pioneering new methods and activities to counter plastic pollution. ‘Industry is also becoming more committed to

the Merck Foundation – through its Merck More

at the PET Recycling Company (PETCO) AGM on 7

sustainability and finding solutions where previously

Than a Mother campaign – launched the Merck

June, echoed this message. The AGM took place in

there appeared to be none.’

Embryology Training Programme in partnership with

Midrand, South Africa.

the MAHE. This training involves a certified course in assistive reproduction and embryology. ‘We are pleased to partner with the Manipal Academy of Higher Education in India to provide hands-on practical training to develop

Ribbink, CEO of the Sustainable Seas Trust, believes

South African bottlers, which are voluntary members of PETCO, are increasingly assisting with the

while there is a certain amount of gloom and doom

drive to improve recycling rates. Annual PET plastic

surrounding the pollution problem, a lot of good is

bottle recycling increased to 65 percent of all bottles

also being done. ‘As the second most polluted

produced in the country in 2017. This amount is up from the 55 percent in 2016, according to recently

a platform for embryologists in Africa and Asia.

continent, Africa is in clear danger of

This will help increase the number of standalone

taking top spot unless responsibility for

embryologists and improve access to cost-

the crisis is shouldered at all levels,’

2017, which created 64 000 income-generating

effective fertility care in developing countries

Ribbink said.

opportunities for recyclers and waste collectors. Those


| QUARTER 2 2018 | P C Africa

This equates to 2.15 billion bottles recycled in

who partook in what is termed the ‘circular economy’

where the lack of trained and skilled health personnel is a main challenge,’ Dr Kelej adds.

released figures.

Dr Tony Robbink

freed 578 000m3 of dwindling landfill space.



The easy integration

of software and equipment, operating

of software and

concepts for the pharmaceutical shop

equipment using PAS-X

floor or big data and analysis were all

MSI plug and produce

points of focus for Werum IT at Achema.

is another benefit. The

The industry trade show for the global

machines on the plant

pharma industry took place in Frankfurt,

floor and Werum’s PAS-X

Germany, from 11to 15 June.

can communicate

‘A manufacturing execution system

directly with each other

(MES) is the first and most important step

via a standardised,

for pharma and biotech manufacturers


planning to digitise their production,’

interface. It allows for

said Lars Hornung, senior director of

the integration effort to

global sales and marketing at Werum IT

be reduced by up to

Solutions. ‘With live demos and interactive

75 percent.

presentations, we informed customers of

Innovative operating concepts are

Werum IT Solutions presents new remedies for the digital pharma factory, at Achema

With its solutions for enterprise

the latest innovations around our PAS-X

also set to improve pharma production

manufacturing intelligence, Werum showed

MES and electronic batch recording, KPI/

and increase its efficiency. Together

how pharma and biotech companies can

OEE, track and trace and finite scheduling.

with its partners, Werum is developing

generate knowledge from their production

A world first is PAS-X – our market-leading

solutions to integrate these concepts into

data. This will enable supervisors and

MES as a cloud-based solution. It allows

its manufacturing IT solutions. At Achema,

factory managers to obtain deeper insights

pharma and biotech companies to save

visitors learned more about the use of

into their production in real time to use as

resources for their own IT data centre and

augmented reality and wearables in the

a basis for well-informed decisions and to

concentrate on their core business.’

pharma production.

optimise processes.

Minerals for your Beauty Mineral Salts for Cosmetic Applications ◆ Body Care ◆ Hair Care ◆ Oral Care ◆ Nutricosmetics

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Africa Home and Personal Care Markets 26 to 27 September

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Radisson Blu Gautrain Hotel, JHB, South Africa

East Africa HBC Expo 27 to 28 September Safari Park Hotel, Nairobi, Kenya


| QUARTER 2 2018 | P C Africa


Attend Africa Home & Personal Care Markets


Bigger and better in 2018 The majority of exhibitor stands have been sold out for Propak West Africa 2018, which takes place in Lagos, Nigeria, from 18 to 20 September.


rganisers, Afrocet Montgomery confirmed that 89 percent of the floor is allocated to various industry companies, bringing together senior packaging and print professionals from across the region. The expectation is that this event will be the

biggest one held to date. Krones, Snetor Chimie, Piovan, Beaumont Aromatics and Pan-Asia Tech confirm that the news is of no surprise. This follows the year on year growth experienced and the annual increase in the number of

n 26 and 27 September, CMT Events will bring together leaders and decision makers from the

companies represented. ‘We are extremely happy with the show’s progress so far. With a few

South African and Africa’s personal care, cosmetics

months ahead, we are confident the exhibition will sell out completely.

and home care industries for a two day conference

We are working hard to bring to life new features and a world class

and expo.

Taking place at the Radisson Blu Gautrain Hotel Sandton, in Johannesburg, South Africa, Africa Home & Personal Care Markets

conference programme to ensure that September exceeds expectations for all in attendance,’ says regional director for Afrocet Montgomery, George Pearson.

will address the following topics: • c onsumers’ diverse hair care demands including afro/curly/ natural hair • h ow fast the laundry detergent category is set to develop and in which format • r egional focuses on South Africa, East Africa, North Africa and West Africa • b rand owners’ development plans, procurement challenges and expectations • technology innovation, sustainability and trends in raw materials and ingredients

REASONS TO ATTEND The exhibition is expected to draw 4 000 visitors over three days from more than 30 countries worldwide. This year’s show will offer unparalleled trade opportunities for all attendees. There will be onsite networking events and a conference that will provide added value with its daily free-to-attend sessions. Leading experts will discuss the latest issues affecting the market. They will also provide exclusive insights. The schedule for the conference will be announced in the coming months leading up to the show. Propak West Africa 2017 was a sell out with the entire hall space

• p ackaging design trends to fit African consumers

occupied and the conference moved off the floor for the first time. This

• c hannel review in the digital age.

was to allow the maximum capacity of exhibition booths. There was a total

TOP SPEAKERS CONFIRMED Experts from L’Oréal South Africa; PZ Cussons Nigeria; Euromonitor International; Vantage Specialty Chemicals; Botanica Natural Products; The Cosmetic, Toiletry & Fragrance Association of

of 3 261 attendees and 135 companies exhibiting, whilst 30 companies were represented. The event is supported by IOPN, the World Trade Centres Association and Manufacturers Association of Nigeria, among others. Entry into the show is free. Attendees can register online in advance

South Africa (CTFA); and East African Lion Brands Industries have

to avoid queuing on the day. Visit for

confirmed to speak at the conference.

more information or to sign up for show updates, including when

The conference programme and more expert presenters will be

registration opens. •

revealed in due course.


Afrocet Montgomery –

Africa Home & Personal Care Markets is open to suppliers and producers from across the beauty, personal care and home care value chain. These include HPC brand owners, ingredients producers/suppliers, natural oils suppliers, packaging suppliers, formulators, consultants, CEOs, VPs, GMs, directors, business head, brand managers, business development managers, country managers, supply chain directors, sourcing/procurement directors and managers, R&D teams, sales and marketing managers, brokers and distributors. Visit for more information about the conference or to register for the event. •

Previous West African event in Nigeria

P C Africa | QUARTER 2 2018 |



Trusted, equipped and reliable

IMCD Kenya has developed an excellent reputation among customers for its one stop shop solution. The company offers a broad range of speciality chemicals and food ingredients. P C Africa looks at what makes this company a reliable supplier.


o expand IMCD’s existing

the multinationals and leading

like the Triple Action Scalp Fluid

operations in Africa,

manufacturers in Nairobi and

formulation featured in Table 1.

the company acquired

surrounding areas are our

Chemicals and Solvents

customers,’ says Abdi. ‘We have an

relaxer products. There is a notable

in 2016. Today, this operation is

excellent reputation for providing

shift away from sodium hydroxide,

known as IMCD Kenya, which has

reliable ex-stock supply. We offer a

also known as lye, to calcium

established a strong position in the

one stop shop solution for a broad

hydroxide, which offers a milder

East African region.

range of speciality chemicals and

action on the hair and scalp.

food ingredients. Our customers

Based in Nairobi, IMCD Kenya distributes ingredients to the personal care and cosmetics, home care and I&I, food and pharmaceutical industries, serving Kenya and the neighbouring markets of Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Ethiopia. It also benefits from the robust international network and cross-fertilisation of technical expertise and market knowledge of IMCD to realise its

Manufacturers are still producing


‘The male grooming category is

enjoy solid technical support

another interesting one to watch

from our technical sales team,

and, of course, we still receive

which is extended to the IMCD

requests for skin lightening products.

application labs, particularly

Yet there’s a definite move away

the Ethnic Care Centre of

from hydroquinone towards safe

Excellence in South Africa and

ingredients that don’t damage the

our key principal suppliers.’

skin,’ he comments. A light and pure complexion is


perceived as a sign of beauty in most parts of the world, including

In the East African market, the

Africa. Belides ORG from CLR

Ethnic hair care category is

Chemisches Laboratorium, an

a major growth vector. Abdi says

IMCD principal, is a natural skin

there is a lot happening in terms

lightening agent derived from

manager, Faisal Abdi, heads the

of product development with a

Bellis perennis, the organic daisy

IMCD Kenya office and is supported

general move towards products

flower. It is suitable for any skin care

by several technical sales

formulated with natural oils. The

formulation developed to provide

managers who are responsible for

natural hair care movement is

an even and luminous complexion

the various business units.

growing with consumers embracing

and radiant skin.

full business potential. The company’s commercial

their curls and afro hair. This is

‘IMCD Kenya is a market

The action of the active is based

leader in the industries it serves

seeing an increased demand for

on a potent, multifaceted reduction

including personal care. Most of

products that aid manageability

in the activity of melanocytes. Belides

and nourish and nurture the scalp,

ORG influences different cellular

Table 1: Triple Action Scalp Fluid


Ingredients (Trade Names)

pathways involved in melanogenesis, Ingredients (Inci Names)

Water A





% w/w 81.99


Xantham Gum


Trisodium Citrate Dihydrate

Sodium Citrate





Decaglyn 1 L

Polyglyceryl-10 Laurate


Vitamin F Forte

Linolei Acid, Linolenic Acid


Tocomix L70-Ip

Tocopherol Rich Extract, Sunflower Oil


Follicusan Dp

Water, Alcohol Denatured, Panthenyl Ethyl Ether, Milk Protein, Lactose, Inositol, Acetyl Cystein, Acetyl Methionine, Sodium Citrate, Citric Acid



Water, Phragmites Communis Extract, Poria Cocos Extract


Optiphen 200

Phenoxyethanol And Caprylyl Glycol


Naoh 10%

Water, Sodium Hydroxide


| QUARTER 2 2018 | P C Africa

encompassing the reduction


COMPANY FOCUS of cellular signalling, tyrosinase transcription, tyrosinase activity and melanosome transfer. These actions lead to even pigmentation and make age spots less visible. CLR’s in vitro results demonstrate that Belides ORG acts as a functional ingredient at different stages of melanogenesis. By influencing pathways of action before, during and after melanin synthesis, Belides ORG effectively reduces skin pigmentation.

EXTENSIVE INFRASTRUCTURE IMCD Kenya is unique to its sister companies in South Africa and the other parts of Africa whereby it manages its warehousing and

Kenya also has its own personal

industries, with the addition of an

distribution in house. The company’s

care manufacturing companies,

infrastructure is extensive, with

which are well equipped with

a modern warehouse, fleet of

automated technology and

our success by offering customers

vehicles and administrative offices

produce products to high standards.

comprehensive support along with

located in Nairobi. Since the 2016

Then there are medium and smaller

the reliable supply and formulation

acquisition, the warehouse has

sized brand owners producing

development for which IMCD

been upgraded in terms of its

products in house, much like South

is known globally. We are also

systems and processes, which was

Africa. The only way the industry

strengthening our human resources

followed by IMCD Kenya securing its

differs is there are no personal care

by recruiting more individuals to

ISO certification.

contract (third party) manufacturers.

boost our already strong technical

Nairobi is also home to a robust

sales team and leveraging on the

‘More than 90 percent of our

industrial science business unit. ‘We will continue to build on

customers are based in Nairobi,

informal market, commonly known

technical resources of the IMCD

which puts us in an ideal position to

as Jua Kali, which means ‘hot/

group,’ he adds.

maintain key customer relationships

fierce sun’ in Swahili. These small

through on time and in time delivery

businesses or artisans serve many

continue its African expansion

of raw materials and samples,’ Abdi

industries, including personal care,

using a highly strategic approach.

explains. ‘For the other 10 percent

cold mixing shampoos for example

This will be done organically and

of customers in outlying areas, we

in temporary shelters, kiosks or

outsource distribution.’

in the open. While Jua Kali is not

Nairobi is a major industrial hub for the East African region. Abdi says the majority of multinational

through possible acquisition targets 1

heavily regulated, Abdi says it’s a strong market.

personal care manufacturers, like


Beiersdorf and Unilever, are located

IMCD Kenya has maintained

in the region, along with global

a strong position as a leading

pharma manufacturer GSK and a

distributor serving the home

joint venture between Aspen and a

care and I&I, personal care,

local pharma company.

pharmaceutical, food and nutrition


The company will strive to



in regions where product gaps and

IMCD Kenya’s commercial manager, Faisal Abdi

opportunities have been identified and in hubs presenting an agile supply chain model and storage

An exterior view of IMCD Kenya’s administrative offices located in Nairobi

strength to support IMCD’s ‘just in time’ approach. •

IMCD Kenya –

IMCD Kenya’s warehousing infrastructure


P C Africa | QUARTER 2 2018 |



Protect your brand

and deliver on its promise

Stability testing is a critical part of product development yet it is often overlooked to save costs. Robyn Brown of Botanichem looks at why this test method is important for your brand. Even though it costs money, stability testing will guarantee a return on your investment in the long run.


he cosmetics industry is

reputation in tatters with the

packaging or if there is a change

one that is built not only on

resources spent on the finest

in regulations.

the foundations of scientific

raw materials, packaging,

research and innovation, but

manufacturing and

tested such as pH, SG, viscosity and

marketing wasted.

odour and appearance, speciality

also on smoke and mirrors, promising miracle solutions for perfect skin and

Stability testing is there to ensure a

Apart from the normal parameters

products such as soap can be tested

hair and often promises ageless

new or modified product meets the

for weight loss and aerosol cans

beauty. If there was ever an industry

intended physical, chemical and

can be tested to ensure uniform

that needs to make sure it can

microbiological quality standards

spray-ability. Performance tests also

deliver on its promises and that the

as well as the functionality and

need to be conducted on certain

products it produces perform above

aesthetics when stored under

high-end creams, to ensure the level

and beyond expectations, the

appropriate conditions.

of active ingredients is still stable at

cosmetics industry is probably it.

Whilst stability testing needs to be

Yet, when it comes to product

carried out primarily on new product

end of shelf life. The actual tests conducted will

development, manufacturers,

development, it is also critical to

also depend on the product or

regardless of size, have found their

repeat new stability tests should you

package. For example, if the product

dream products can become their

change an ingredient or supplier,

is a water in oil emulsion or an oil,

worst nightmares. When these products separate, become contaminated or leak, consumers take to social media to share their complaints, leaving a manufacturer’s


move to a new production

Stability testing involves the laboratory testing of cosmetics products in different environments or storage conditions for a set period, in order to simulate what will happen to the product during its life cycle. At selected intervals, samples are evaluated for various physical, chemical and performance characteristics, to see how they have changed.

you would not conduct pH testing.

site, change equipment

If the product being tested is a solid

or a manufacturing

there would be no need to test pH,

procedure, scale up

SG or viscosity. However, pH could be

production from a

conducted on a 10 percent solution

smaller to larger

– so it is important the protocol is

batch, implement new

decided prior to testing.

TYPES OF TESTING Basic stability testing starts off very simply to see how a product behaves in the short term as a predictor for longer term stability. This includes freeze/thaw testing, centrifuge analysis and microscopic evaluation. Samples are held in hot environment for a short period, for example, a week, to see how they fare. If that stage is passed samples progress to a more standard protocol of four degrees Celsius, room temperature and 40° Celsius conditions over 12 weeks, which is equivalent to a two year shelf life. This is the recommended shelf life for a typical cosmetics product. These accelerated stability tests are normally used to put product on the shelf quickly, but they should


A laboratory technician documents the results of a stability test for quality assurance and to ensure full traceability

| QUARTER 2 2018 | P C Africa


not replace real time stability where

• if you aren’t sure if the fragrance

you validate that the accelerated

is going to change in the product

stability testing does in fact give you

over time.

the shelf life you have claimed on

However, outsourcing of stability

your packaging. Real life stabilities

should be carried out when an

should be carried out so that if you

independent result is required,

claim two years, you can prove the

such as first production runs for

shelf life actually is two years.

used in conjunction with the high

Whilst stability testing is a good

temperature storage testing.

predictor of shelf life, it is not an

Usual temperatures at which

The type of stability testing required depends on the product itself and its packaging

a customer or if you do not have the equipment or space to store specific samples.

exact science. So, extending the

products are stored during stability

testing period to 18 weeks does not

testing is refrigeration temperature

necessarily guarantee a 36-month

(four degrees Celsius), ambient

testing, but guidelines are given by

shelf life.

temperature (25° Celsius) and 35

ISO, the International Organisation

Microbial challenge tests

to 45° Celsius. Going above 35 to

for Standardisation. The value in

are conducted to ensure the

45° Celsius is not compulsory but

stability testing lies in being able to

preservative system you are using

testing at 50° Celsius is a good

confidently put a product on shelf

can withstand contamination from

indicator that, if a product is stable

which will remain stable and deliver

storage and product usage, when

at this temperature for 14 days, the

on the claims and promises made

consumers put their fingers in the

chances of it remaining stable for the

on its packaging.

product or leave it in a sunny warm

full 12 weeks at 40° Celsius are quite

room. Once again, real life stability

good. Emulsions, however, will melt

guarantee to the consumer that it is

testing should be used to prove

at this temperature so that is why it is

delivering a quality product that the

the preservatives are still working,

not a compulsory parameter.

consumer can trust. •

and that no microbial growth or

should be conducted along

the two year period – if that is what

with formulation stability testing.

is claimed.

Compatibility testing is there to

Freeze/thaw testing is required

Botanichem –

ensure that no reaction occurs

by the United States and is suitable

between the product and its

when a product is going to be

packaging and that the product

subjected to extreme variances in

doesn’t leak from the packaging

temperature. A cycle is run for five

when placed in various orientations.

days where the product is frozen for a 12-hour cycle followed by exposure


to 40° Celsius heat in an oven for

Stability testing can be conducted

12 hours.

on site for the following situations:

Some companies use centrifuge

•w  hen making up prototypes

analysis where a product is put in the period to validate a certain shelf

Stability testing is a manufacturer’s

Packaging compatibility

contamination has occurred over

centrifuge at 3 000rpm for a certain

At this stage there are no specific regulations governing stability

• if a secondary source provides you with samples • if you are checking the stability of a

life in real life. This test seems to be

fragrance in a product that has a

widely accepted but should still be

high or low pH

ABOUT Robyn Brown has been involved in the cosmetics and toiletries industry for over 20 years. She has a national higher diploma in microbiology and has worked extensively with the South African Society of Cosmetic Chemists (Coschem), having earned her diploma in cosmetic science cum laude through the society. Brown has a wealth of knowledge in ingredients, product formulation, stability testing and regulatory matters. She is particularly passionate about plant-derived ingredients, which support sustainable product development, fair trade and the global trend towards natural and safe products.

Stability Testing Services, a division of Botanichem, offers a well equipped onsite laboratory for independent stability testing for the cosmetic industry. Stability testing is vital to ensure your product maintains its intended physical, chemical & microbiological quality. We offer: • Stability Testing • Regulatory Labelling • Formulation • Product Information Files for Export FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT ROBYN OR LINA. 011 425 2206 OR 011 425 2648 /

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HiQ – the high value

industrial safety offering Precision matters at Afrox. Hans Strydom, the company’s technical services manager for special products and chemicals, talks to P C Africa about its meticulous HiQ range of innovative solutions and how they are tailored to suit customers’ speciality gas and equipment requirements.


t Afrox and all other Linde

the basis for the HiQ

companies around the world,

60 range. These gas

HiQ is the global brand for

mixtures are designed

a specific range of made-

to have a shelf life of

for-purpose gases, gas mixtures and

up to 60 months, as

associated products that comply with very

opposed to previous

high purity and quality standards.

generation mixtures

Afrox HiQ speciality gases include pure

that could only be

scientific gases, made-to-order scientific

guaranteed for

carrier gases and mixtures and calibration

36 months.

mixtures for certifying the accuracy of


moisture and any hydrocarbon contaminants. In the petrochemical industry, samples of a fraction from the distillation of crude oil, such as diesel, petrol or natural

gas, are analysed. The chosen fraction

instruments. They also cover a host of


special purpose mixtures for safety, R&D at

When it comes to the calibration of safety

chromatography column. It then goes into

scientific laboratories and health facilities

critical measuring equipment, the purity

the mass spectrometer, which produces a

and are used in the petrochemical, energy

level of the calibration mix represents

chromatogram from which every constituent

and mining industries.

true value.

element of the sample, including all of the

gets vapourised and separated on a

Argon, carbon dioxide, helium, nitrogen

To calibrate these instruments, the

and oxygen are the high purity atmospheric

calibration gas utilised must accurately

gases that feature at the starting point of the

mimic the polluting gas the instrument

to a database of substances, so all the

HiQ product range.

needs to monitor. Getting the measurement

constituents and their percentages are

wrong can be costly, with potential fines.

immediately identified. If the instrument is

the source gases must be of exceptionally

Low ppm HiQ calibration gas mixes, many

calibrated for a particular substance mix,

high purity. ‘We talk about gas purity levels

of which are manufactured at Afrox’s state

then tiny quantities of the contaminant of

in terms of a number of nines. A five nines

of the art gas operations centre (GOC)

interest can be found. In this instance, Afrox

(N5) purity for example is 99.999 percent

facility located in Germiston, South Africa,

is currently working on a very toxic benzene/

pure, which means it has an impurity level

offer customers legislative compliance,

toluene/xylene calibration gas.

of less than 0.001 percent or 10 parts per

consistency, accuracy and cost savings.

For use in HiQ gas formulations, each of

million,’ Strydom explains.

In addition to the calibration gases for

impurities, can be identified and quantified. The result is automatically compared


environmental and safety monitors, Afrox

HiQ gases are also widely used by water

six nines (N6) purity levels, which contain

HiQ gases are widely used as carrier gases

utilities that use GC-MS to pick up any

less than 1.0 ppm of contamination. This is

for gas chromatography-mass spectrometry

dangerous pollutants such as volatile

(GC-MS) instruments. These are used

organics and other carcinogens in their

in laboratories and testing facilities to

water. Samples are taken of the river water

For modern HiQ gases, Afrox now offers

A gas chromatography-mass spectrometry instrument, which is used in a laboratory or testing facility

determine the exact constituents

coming in, the water being processed as

and contamination levels

well as the treated drinking water being

of substances.

delivered to consumers to ensure safety

Applications include drug detection, environmental analysis,

levels are being met. ‘We thrive in situations where researchers

fire and explosion investigations

are looking for solutions tailor made

and the identification of unknown

for African conditions, for dealing with

substance samples.

mosquitoes and malaria, for example,

The company offers HiQ helium

as well as for a host of biochemical and

for GC-MS instruments. While the

health applications, such as IVF treatment,’

purity of the carrier gas is crucial

Strydom reveals. •

to the accuracy of the result, the instruments themselves are also very sensitive to oxygen,


| QUARTER 2 2018 | P C Africa

Afrox –


Aerosol & Cosmetics Works

spreads its wings

A leading South African private label manufacturer, Aerosol & Cosmetics Works, is expanding at a notable rate. The company recently purchased a new off-site warehouse and streamlined its manufacturing facility for improved productivity.


n 1 June, Aerosol

to the Western Cape economy,

& Cosmetics Works

where it has created 173 semi-

inaugurated its new

skilled, skilled and technical

2 000m2 warehouse

jobs for people from the region.

and training facility, equipping its

Their positions range from

employees to apply and improve

manufacturing operations and

the company’s just in time stock

product development to services

system as well as unique SKU

and administration. Of the current

location processes.

173-employee workforce, 169 are

The new warehouse is located about 150m from the manufacturing plant in

of previously disadvantaged designated groups. Apart from personal care

Beaconvale in the Western Cape.

products, the company is a

This means the company will now

leading producer of aerosols.

have two centres, each focused

Aerosol manufacturing requires

on a different requirement yet

a semi-skilled to technically

aligned to one goal of exceeding

and professionally qualified

customer satisfaction.

workforce. Comprehensive

Mark Woods alongside Terrence Fillies, owner of Aerosol & Cosmetic Works

or efforts of our employees, some things, like targeted growth, do take time.’

training is a key component of


manufacturing plant will

ensuring the company’s systems

Since 2012, the company has

continue to address and serve

and procedures stay relevant to

seen an annual increase in its

the cosmetics, personal care

international trends. ‘Our supplier

product ranges and sustained

and aerosol product needs of

relationships, their support

volume growth is predicted for its

customers, while its warehouse will

and commitment enable us to

product offering.

ensure on time deliveries.

constantly improve the status

Aerosol & Cosmetics Works’


Aerosol & Cosmetics Works is

at Aerosol & Cosmetics Works. ‘It

proud and excited to celebrate

is in my nature to always want to

its growth with the opening of the

The Beaconvale facility is

create something new out of

Aerosol & Cosmetics Works’ first

nothing. Without research

focussed manufacturing plant

and long hard hours of

since the business opened its

effort, there is no such

doors in 1990. It represents the

thing as a quantum leap

company’s economic commitment

Each and every employee of

quo,’ says Mark Woods, director

– no matter how great the talent


new facility. ‘We are continuing our growth in South Africa

as well as developing our With its streamlined footprint into Africa. We manufacturing plant and know and trust that our new off-site warehouse, services and contribution Aerosol & Cosmetics Works is make a difference. We expected to increase its annual have invested significant manufacturing and distribution capacity of 12 million time and resources in units of personal care our people, facilities and products. procedures and we look forward to developing our business and creating increased value to our customers for decades to come,’ Woods concludes. •

Aerosol & Cosmetics Works –

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Make a splash

with coconut water

Coconut water is very trendy and for all the right reasons – it’s hydrating, detoxifying, cost-effective and protects against glycation and free radicals. It’s also been proven to decrease signs of mottled hyperpigmentation.


antage’s Distinctive

benefits and protection from

Coconut Water is

environmental aggressors and

made from the cold-

free radicals.

processed juice of

differentiation. In personal care

Coconut water contains

ripened coconuts. By exclusively

cytokinins that help promote

using a feedstock of cold-

cell growth. Distinctive Coconut

processed coconut water

Water from Vantage is highly

concentrate, valuable nutrients

cost-effective and can be used in

and antioxidants are retained.

skin and hair care products and

This provides even tone skin care

colour cosmetics. It can be easily

applications, they are believed to be a key component in providing effective cell renewal when used in skin and hair/scalp treatments. Kinetin has been found to induce the synthesis of repair enzymes and to protect against

added with medium propeller

oxidative stress. Its antioxidant

mixing either in the beginning of


properties protect the outer layers

the formulating process or after


of the skin from free radicals while

phase combination, depending

it reduces wrinkles and erythema

on the type of formulation.

and improves skin texture.

The ideal pH range for systems

Incorporating coconut

AFRICA’S WATER SYSTEM is being over-exploited, and the

containing Distinctive Coconut

problem is getting more difficult and costlier to fix. Because many

Water is between 4.0 and 8.0. In

skin care products are made with distilled water, personal care

skin care, Distinctive Coconut

manufacturers can contribute to saving this precious resource by

Water is recommended for use in

using Vantage’s Distinctive Coconut Water in their formulations.

products that provide revitalisation

Distilled water is also hypo-osmotic and can draw vital fluids

and moisturisation.

and nutrients from the skin’s cells, which can dehydrate them,

water into your personal care formulations can have a beneficial effect on the skin, hair and scalp

electrolytes, amino acids, vitamins,


restoring skin’s hydration. The calcium, potassium, sodium,

Coconut water contains kinetin and

phosphorus and magnesium found in coconut water are very

kinetin riboside, which are purine

similar to human plasma making it an ideal and osmotically

derivatives and part of a family of

balanced solution for skin. These electrolytes also help normalise

plant hormones called cytokinins.

cell function.

These substances actively promote

Chemsystems, Consumer Specialities division, is a trusted distributor and local manufacturer of speciality and commodity raw materials into the Personal Care and Homecare industry offering: • Glycerine • Propylene Glycol • Antiperspirant Actives • Emulsifiers • Emollients • Esters • Rheology Modifiers • Hair Polymers • Proteins • Emulsifying Waxes • Sunscreen Actives

ChemSystems.indd 1


| QUARTER 2 2018 | P C Africa

• Range of Surfactants • Silicones and Silicone additives • Preservatives/Biocides • Conditioning agents • Concentrated blends such as body lotions, conditioners, antiperspirants etc. • Botanicals • Actives

replacement for water. It is nature’s most perfect water as it contains

causing stress and inflammation. Coconut water is ideal for

cell division, cell growth and

while serving as an excellent

cytokinins, and minerals to replenish hydration, fortify and fine tune skin’s every day functions. •

Vantage Specialty Chemicals –

Thureya Sarlie Tel +27 (0)11 922 1636 Email Shonna Twynham Tel +27 (0)11 922 1600 Email AECI Chempark, 200 Bergrivier Drive, Chloorkop, Kempton Park, 1624

2018/06/21 2:03 PM


Scents for the

experimental man


Sweet orange, thyme, fennel and crushed green leaves, fig and cut green apples, fresh ginger, salty sea elements and subtle woody tones are very popular fragrances for face and skin care products, while hair care fragrance trends range from clean

asculine scented hair, body

comes to how their grooming products

woody notes of sandalwood and cedar,

and shower products initially

are fragranced. Men are looking for

crisp citrus and fresh juniper berries to

needed to either smell sporty

sophistication, so fragrances need to be

white musk, grapefruit, ambergris and bold

with citrus and Fougere notes,

expressive, current and distinguished. The

Fougere tones.

spicy with woody musky tones or refreshing

scent of a product needs to express a man’s

with fresh green subtle spicy notes. Yet these

personality, which often means a product

elements and combinations would not

days, fragrances should be tailored to suit

line needs to offer at least three differently

have been considered for use in male

each product and its application.

scented variants per application category.

grooming products.

smell bold and masculine while face and


augmented experimentation with new

skin care products must smell fresh and

Fragrance trends for beard care and

scent blends, but also heavily invested

cleansing and hair care products, sporty

shaving products include notes of tobacco

in creating fragrances that emotionally

and revitalising.

leaves, wood sap, clove buds, warm honey,

connect the user to the specific product

carrot seed, ouds, leather and powdery

and its application. •

Beard care and shaving products should

The product range for men and evolution of fragrances for male grooming products

leathers, dry amber, vanilla, tonka bean,

have mushroomed over the past couple

pink pepper and modern spicy tones mixed

of years. In South Africa, we find men are

with floral Bulgarian rose and oriental florals,

becoming more experimental when it

which add a modern twist.

Previously, most of these scent

06 Agencies is not only focused on

06 Agencies –

P C Africa | QUARTER 2 2018 |



New natural wax

is consumers’ cup of tea Tea Wax, a by-product of tea production, is a new natural wax from KahlWax with unique properties for hair and skin care products. This soft, creamy and medium-low melting wax is highly compatible with most common ingredients and easy to incorporate into any formulation.

a finished formulation. It provides

attributes of healthy skin. Yet

good oil-binding capacity with very

the hot, dry and humid climatic

polar and non-polar emollients

conditions in the various regions

and works remarkably well with

in Africa can negatively affect skin

paraffin oil.

through dehydration, impaired


Because of its medium-low drop melting range from 60 to 66° Celsius, Tea Wax is perfect for

barrier function and increased water loss. To determine the ability

colour cosmetics where it provides

of Tea Wax to prevent TEWL,

excellent pay-off and smoothness.

an O/W emulsion with three

It also gives low viscous systems

percent Tea Wax was applied

such as O/W emulsions and

to the inner forearm (defined

he leaves and buds of

aqueous gels a soft, creamy and

test area) of 12 volunteers. TEWL

Camellia sinensis are used

homogenous texture.

was determined by means of

Adding a small percentage of

to produce tea. While

Tea Wax gives a characteristic

this plant is native to East

natural tea scent and flavour to a

Asia, the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia, today it is cultivated worldwide in tropical and


formulation, making it suitable for use as a natural fragrance ingredient.

Tea Wax can significantly raise Its fragrance is also the viscosity of an O/W emulsion, easily masked with leading to an extremely creamy and perfume oil. known for their waxy dense formulation. This makes it ideal The recommended layer, which protects for emulsified hair rinses, conditioners and masks. It can also be formulated usage level of Tea them from mould, in a W/O lip balm with a refreshing Wax in a formulation parasites and loss of tea flavour, a skin softening body is one to three moisture. This layer of butter or a super rich yet percent. The greater wax is removed during non-waxy natural hair the concentration of this processing. Tea Wax has a conditioner. wax in an emulsion, the more very soft texture due to its high subtropical regions. Tea leaves are

a Tewameter. One hour after applying the Tea Wax O/W emulsion, the decrease in TEWL was statistically significant (see Figure 1).

SUPERIOR SENSORY BENEFITS Emulsions form the base of skin care formulations. They are seemingly simple, yet complex systems, which allow formulators to combine otherwise immiscible ingredients into effective, commercially desirable products. They also facilitate the delivery

number of hydrocarbons and is

yellow the emulsion will be. If an

of hydrophilic and hydrophobic

therefore comparable to beeswax.

exact colour is required for a given

ingredients to the skin and offer the

product, KahlWax recommends

advantage of designing custom

substantial and its impact is similar

the use of airtight and non-

made formulations for various skin

to an emollient. While it doesn’t

transparent packaging.

types or conditions.


the success of a product depends

High water content in the stratum

mainly on its sensorial attributes,

corneum and low TEWL are key

which are best assessed by

Tea Wax makes emulsions more

influence hardness, Tea Wax does increase the creaminess of Figure 1: TEWL study results of three percent tea wax in an emulsion

While emulsions are important,

the consumer. To establish the sensory benefits of Tea Wax, KahlWax conducted a sensory evaluation study with 20 volunteers using a descriptive skin feel analysis. The protocol involved a paired comparison between an O/W emulsion containing three percent Tea Wax and an O/W placebo with three percent MCT oil. The volunteers had to score a specific parameter on a scale of one to five, with one being an indistinct characteristic and five, distinct (see Figure 2).


| QUARTER 2 2018 | P C Africa

ETHNIC CARE Figure 2: The sensorial profile of tea wax (6614) compared to a placebo

WHAT’S THE BUZZ ABOUT BEESWAX? ALTHOUGH BEESWAX IS the world’s best known and top selling natural wax by volume, its use in the cosmetics industry goes against the global trend towards developing products that are free from animal derived ingredients. There are also growing concerns around animal cruelty in the production of beeswax. This is because the bees are subjected to a lot of smoke when harvesting in order to reduce stinging – particularly in Africa where bees live wild and are said to be highly aggressive. In response to market demand for a natural beeswax alternative, KahlWax has developed 2225 Phyto Wax. This new, vegan friendly wax is ideal for brands looking to improve their formulations with natural, plant-based ingredients. This is especially true in the Ethnic care category where beeswax is used often and consumers prefer products formulated with The web chart shows the

African region. The company’s

natural ingredients.

comparison of scores between

distribution footprint is growing

Phyto Wax is based on a blend of plant-based waxes and

the verum and the placebo,

on the continent while its head

additives. Berry wax provides a silky and soft skin feel, similar to

which is set to zero. The

office is based in South Africa, in

a classic emollient, while the high amount of sunflower seed wax

volunteers noticed a change in

Johannesburg with regional hubs

gives it good oil binding capacity ideal for enhancing viscosity.

several parameters especially

in Cape Town and Durban. •

overall skin feel, viscosity and enhanced absorption. Savannah Fine Chemicals is KahlWax’s exclusive distribution partner for the southern

The wax has a discreet, neutral fragrance and is a light yellowish cream colour. It has been tested in various formulations

KahlWax – Savannah Fine Chemicals –

and was proven to be a good functional equivalent to beeswax. Typical applications for 2225 Phyto Wax are rich W/O skin care emulsions, stick preparations and hot poured products.


ALL-NATURAL & VEGAN BEESWAX ALTERNATIVE Our brand-new Phyto Wax is a blend of plantbased waxes and additives with a discreet, neutral scent and a light yellowish cream color. It is easy to incorporate into any kind of formulation and provides a silky skin feel while enhancing viscosity and spreadability of emulsions. Phyto Wax is a perfect choice for rich W/O skin care emulsions, stick preparations, and hot poured products like hair wax, cream blush, mascara, and anhydrous lip and body butters. WWW.KAHLWAX.COM |

2018-06 Ad_PC Africa_KahlWax.indd 1

08.06.18 11:54

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Proteins proven to protect hair The quest for beautiful, healthy hair is ongoing. Maintaining its feel, shine, softness and overall aesthetics is also highly desired by consumers. Croda demonstrates the benefits of protein on virgin and relaxed African hair using tensile and cyclic fatigue testing.


uman hair is composed

African hair is very curly and

of keratin proteins (65 to

has the highest fragility across all

penetrate the hair cuticle whereas

95 percent), water, lipids

ethnicities, therefore any chemo-

higher molecular weight proteins

and other components.

mechanical insults exacerbate

have film-forming attributes that

this condition.

repair and protect the cuticle.

The hair fibre is 50 to 100µm and

weight proteins are small enough to

composed of three morphologic

Scientists have focused on the

components: the cuticle; cortex

physicochemical properties of hair


and medulla. Of importance

to develop products that alter its feel,

Croda has embarked on R&D

is the exogenous lipid layer on

shine, colour and overall aesthetics.

projects on the efficacy of proteins

the cuticle, which consists of

Proteins and their derivatives are one

on hair and skin. Its investigations

18-methyleicosanoic acid (18-MEA). This lipid modifies the tribology between hair fibres while its absence influences the sensory perception of dry hair and difficulty in combing. Chemical treatments, UV exposure and everyday


grooming can deplete 18-

class of active ingredients

include different proteins from

designed to impart some

various sources and in a variation

of these attributes. The

of molecular weights. In one study

use of protein in hair

the company demonstrates the

products has been cited

influence of protein derivatives on

to strengthen the hair

the mechanical properties of virgin

shaft, moisturise, add

and relaxed African hair based on

shine and for antistatic

tensile and fatigue/cyclic testing

purposes. Investigations

data. Hair tresses were treated

have also established

with a conditioner containing the

MEA from the hair surface, leaving it

that proteins affect hair texture and

respective protein at one percent

unprotected and prone to damage.

cortical properties, which have

(see Table 1 for the formulation). The

Though chemical treatments and

implications on hair fibre integrity,

control specimens were treated with

styling are used to enhance the

strength and flexibility. Low molecular

a conditioner without any protein.

appearance of hair, they also contribute to a substantial amount of

Figure 1: Break stress of virgin and relaxed hair treated with proteins. The asterisks indicate treatments with a statistically significant (p≤0.05) difference compared to the control

chemical and mechanical damage. This leads to the degradation of hair’s structure and mechanical properties. The fibres become weak and more susceptible to breakage over time, which is undesirable. Hair fibre damage occurs via mechanical or chemical means or by a combination of both (chemo- mechanical)1. Table 1: Conditioner formulation



% w/w

De-ionised Water


QS to 100%

Incroquat CTC-30

Centrimonium Chloride

Crodacol CS50

Cetearyl Alcohol


Hydrolysed Pea Protein or Silk Amino Acids or Hydrolysed Vegetable Protein PG-Propyl Silanetriol

Euxyl PE 9010

Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexyglycerin


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5.00 4.50 4 to 4.5 (as supplied)


ETHNIC CARE Figure 2: Weibull survival probability plots of virgin and relaxed hair with respective protein treatments

subjected to load cycling, where the damage is progressive and localised. The cyclic data is subsequently fitted to a cumulative Weibull distribution. Figure 2 shows the Weibull, survival probability of the fibres. After treatment an increase in the survival probability was observed, indicating the proteins improved the resistance of fibres to failure. Figure 3 displays the Weibull characteristic lifetime α and shape parameter ß in both the virgin and relaxed hair obtained from the analysis of the cyclic data. The Figure 3: Weibull characteristic lifetime a and shape factor b from the cyclic fatigue of virgin and relaxed African hair and their respective protein treatments

Weibull characteristic lifetime α is defined as the number of cycles required to break 63.2 percent of the fibres tested. The higher α value in the fatigue test indicates the hair fibres are more resilient. The second parameter in the Weibull analysis is the shape factor ß. An increase in ß indicates a reduction in the number of early breaks6. What does this mean for the consumer? It suggests hair fibres would have improved resistance to breakage during every day grooming such as brushing, combing and styling. This also corroborates the break stress data showing the protein derivatives truly have a restorative benefit to the hair.

The protein derivatives investigated

For instance, a decrease in break

With this study and using tensile

are Crosilk Liquid, silk amino acids

stress/strength would infer structural

and cyclic fatigue data, Croda has

(150 Da), Hydrosativum P – hydrolysed

damage to the cortex.

proven that protein derivatives in

pea protein (1 500 Da) and Keravis PE – hydrolysed vegetable protein


PG-propyl silanetriol (1 800 Da).

Through tensile measurements, hair

These hydrolysates have all been

damage and restorative processes

demonstrated to penetrate the hair

can be studied. Figure 1 presents

fibre and improve the structural

the break stress values of virgin and

integrity of the cortex, with excellent

relaxed hair, both treated with the

water binding properties.

protein derivatives. There is a general

Tensile strength is determined

increase in break stress indicating the

by straining the hair fibre to failure.

hair is more resilient. In the case of

Information about fibre failure such as

relaxed hair, the degree of damage

failure stress and strain, yield strength

and restorative properties of the

and strain, modulus and work of

protein derivatives are evident.

rupture is determined from tensile

While stress-strain tensile

measurements2,3. It is well-established

measurements are important, they

that tensile properties are sensitive

may not be a true depiction of

to changes in the fibre as a result of

everyday consumer grooming. To

chemical treatments4. The hair fibre

study the wear and tear properties

is a complex protein structure. Its

of hair fibres, cyclic fatigue testing

mechanical properties are governed

was employed. Cyclic fatigue testing

by multiple bonds such as ionic,

is a more realistic simulation of

covalent, hydrogen and hydrophobic

hair grooming and shows bigger

bonds. Tensile testing is used to

differences between samples

evaluate the extent of damage

than the conventional tensile

chemical treatments have on hair.

measurements5. In this test the fibre is


| QUARTER 2 2018 | P C Africa

hair care formulations improve the integrity of the cortex and hair’s resilience to every day grooming. •

Croda –

REFERENCES: 1. Bhushan, B. (2008). Nanoscale characterisation of human hair and hair conditioners. Progress in Materials Science, 53(4), 585-710. 2. Serup, J., Grove, G. L., & Jemec, G. B. (2006). Handbook of non-invasive methods and the skin. CRC press. 3. Pregoretti, A., Traina, M., & Bunsell, A. R. (2009). Handbook of Tensile Properties of Textile and Technical Fibres. 4. D  aniels, G., Nicholson, S., Grant-Ross, P., & Tamburic, S. (2016). An ex vivo comparison of the tensile strengthening properties of protein derivatives on damaged hair. IFSCC Magazine. 5. Hornby, S. B. (2001). Cyclic testing: demonstrating conditioner benefits on damaged hair. Cosmetics and Toiletries, 116(4), 35-40. 6. Everaert, E. P., Zhang, S., Tran, D., Kroon, B., Zhang, G., Thompson, B., & McMullen, R. L. (2016) Strengthening the Hair Fibre from Within: Repairing the Cortex of Damaged Hair. IFSCC Magazine.


How adaptive algorithms create new ways to optimise production Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the engineering sector is gaining momentum. This is owing to increased processing power and the availability of increasing volumes of data. Omron offers innovative solutions to automate factories.


HOW TO DESIGN AND INTEGRATE AI According to Omron, algorithms integrated in the machine’s control system create the framework for real-time optimisation, at the machine, for the machine. In contrast to edge computing, where individual manufacturing lines or sites are analysed using limited processing power, the AI controller used by Omron, features adaptive intelligence. It is closer to the action and learns to distinguish normal patterns from abnormal ones for the individual machine. The AI controller integrated in the Sysmac platform, which is a complete solution for factory automation, features modules for control,

n the case of the advancements required for Industry

motion and robotics, image processing and machine safety. These

4.0, such as predictive maintenance and networked

are primarily used in the manufacturing process at the points where

efficient production, the use of adaptive algorithms offers

the customer is experiencing the greatest efficiency problems such as

enormous potential.

bottlenecks. The processes gain intelligence based on previous findings

Many manufacturing companies realise AI presents an

opportunity to increase Overall Equipment Effectiveness

and improvements that have been made and subsequently drive holistic optimisation of the entire manufacturing process. •

(OEE). This results in combined reduced costs with increased productivity. Many of the AI solutions advertised on the market, which

Omron –

are often cloud-based, have significant requirements in terms of infrastructure and IT. These solutions also work with an overwhelming amount of data that is laborious and timeconsuming to prepare and process. The question of added value often remains somewhat murky for providers, who cannot determine whether and how the investment in AI will provide a return. System designs for the engineering sector are generally

Achieve flexible production with integrated robotics solutions

both complex and unique. As a result, it is not a matter of simply transferring learnt experiences from other machinery as may be the case for mass-produced products in the consumer goods industry. The majority of systems are generally so complex that it is not possible to map out the entire system mathematically and maintain costs at an acceptable level. It is Omron’s view that a ‘black-box approach’ is more common. The available data in these systems for typical AI algorithms is underdetermined. A reliable operation can only be confirmed through testing, optimisation and over-dimensioning. Delta Parallel robot Quattro and Hornet

Single solution The guiding principle behind the Sysmac


platform is the use of one controller for the entire

Articulated robot Viper

SCARA robot eCobra

Mobile robot LD Series

The new Omron Robotic Automation enhances the most demanding manufacturing lines. Realize faster line start-up & change-over, implement easier to use technology & vertical line integration, and facilitate faster data capture & analysis to increase your in-line efficiency. Our industrial robotics range from articulated, SCARA, and DELTA to collaborative (mobile) robots that optimize the handling of varying lot sizes and diverse products, formats and qualities. Achieve flexible production with integrated robotics solutions that give you a competitive edge! Discover how to improve your flexible production, contact us: +27 (0)11 579 2600


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More bang for your buck You can include the correct readable and traceable codes on your packaging by capitalising on precision, quality solutions. These will not only ensure easy tracking of your products but also better the return on your investment.


GS1-128 barcodes are


above a sequence of numbers.

represented in

becoming more popular. This

It includes a 12 digit-encoded

Africa by Pyrotec

is attributed to the keenness

UPC-A. A compressed seven digit

PackMark, released

of retailers and wholesalers to

encoded variation, UPC-E, has

a white paper that looks at

respond swiftly to product safety

been created for smaller formats.

whether GS1-128 barcodes are

issues and improve profitability

on track to become the most adopted global standard for packaging. With so many barcodes to choose from, each is made up of a unique symbol that performs specific functions for tracking


through increased pallet splitting and automation. These barcodes have

Markem-Image, founded the capabilities for a in 1982, first developed comprehensive analysis continuous inkjet technology. at the point of purchase, With this printing method, the during distribution and printer doesn’t make any physical contact with the production, which is what item being marked. makes them popular. ‘GS1-128 barcodes have

products throughout the

first choice for products sold internationally. Globally accepted, EAN barcodes include an additional digit on each variant, which enable countries around the world to be included in the system. EAN-13 is the original format, while EAN-8 is the compressed format for smaller product packaging.

been around since 1989. The

supply chain.

interest they’re now generating

The symbology of a barcode lies within its technical details. These

stems from increased pressure

are the width and quantity of

and expectations from

bars, character set and encoding

government and consumer

method, which, in other words, are

groups regarding traceability and speed of response when

the black and white lines seen on barcoded packs.

The European Article Number (EAN) barcode is often the

The SmartDate X60

something goes wrong,’ says Steven Keddie, Markem-Imaje


America’s, lead author and engineering manager. The technology available to optimise inventory levels

printing on corrugated cartons

and match supply to demand

because it maintains high

better positions companies to

print tolerances.

extract value from the extra

barcode. It can be encoded with

GS1-128 barcodes.

alphanumeric or numeric only coding. It is extremely reliable and widely used globally. The GS1-128 can be encoded with additional

There are two types of

information such as lot numbers

barcodes, either linear

and expiry dates to improve

or 2D barcodes, which

supply chain traceability and

meet the needs of the

efficiency. This barcode is ideal

packaging industry.

for the shipping and packaging

These available in

industries as an identification code

various formats.

for containers.

Universal Product

| QUARTER 2 2018 | P C Africa

Code 128 is a high density linear

information available through



A 14-digit barcode, the ITF-14 barcode is commonly used for

There are a variety of 2D

Code (UPC) is the

barcodes. Quick response (QR)

original barcode format.

codes consist of black modules

This linear code is made

spread across a white square grid.

up of a strip of black

They offer fast readability, large

bars on a white space

storage capacity and can support


different data sets.


They make tracking and identifying products easy, using cameras and smart phones. Once a QR code


is scanned, it

printing process that has largely replaced hot stamping and other traditional analogue printing techniques. The reason is

instantly links

mainly attributed to this techniques cost reduction.

to a website or

It works by creating high quality and high definition marks,

page that provides product information or

codes and images through a transfer of ink onto a flexible

purchase options.

substrate from a coated ribbon. This ribbon is covered with a wax resin compound, or just resin, depending on the

DataMatrix barcodes have

coding requirements.

black and white modules spaced over a grid. They are similar to QR

Both companies are deepening

TTO printheads have small resistors that swiftly and

codes. The benefit of DataMatrix

their existing partnership to

accurately heat the print area. Relevant colours are transferred

barcodes is their smaller footprint,

develop the next generation of

to the surface of the substrate. The fast on and off action is

making them effective for logistics

Mark & Read applications for

precise, ensuring the heat doesn’t damage the substrate.

or where product whitespace

global FMCG companies. Their

‘Thermal transfer printers can be used for continuous or

is restricted. These types of

R&D and commercial teams will

intermittent printing. This technology is suitable for an array of

barcodes hold large amounts

be working more closely together

challenging applications. These extend to prices, date and time

of easily accessible data usually

to integrate printing and reading

codes, barcodes, QR codes, logos and mandatory information,’

scanned using cameras or

solutions in the future. They will

says Brandon Pearce, Pyrotec PackMark’s GM.

smart phones.

collaborate at regional and

MaxiCodes are image devicereadable symbols for tracking and managing shipment packs.

Designed for the most demanding, high volume applications,

global levels on opportunities and

Markem-Imaje’s SmartDate X60 from Pyrotec PackMark delivers

projects in the packaging market.

high resolution thermal transfer printing at ultrafast speeds.

This unity will ensure products

They appear similar to QR and

work seamlessly to provide

DataMatrix barcodes. These

quicker and more accurate code

Its long life thermal printhead can print 300dpi codes on flexible packaging film at more than 350 packs per minute. Additional benefits of the SmartDate X60 include excellent

codes comprise dots arranged

verification. Manufacturers will

quality printing using full resin ribbons and improved quality

hexagonally in a grid. Because

also benefit from a more intuitive

on difficult applications. The system’s long life thermal

of the way they are scanned,

user experience, from setup to

printhead and its digital ribbon save print mode reduce ribbon

from virtually any orientation, it’s

full- production.

consumption by 20 percent.

possible to include primary and

‘We are excited to combine

The standard 1 100m ribbon reduces changeovers and

secondary messages that include

our Mark & Read solution and

improves cost per print, while an image adjustment feature

many data types.

proven Cognex’s vision solution,’

allows images to be adjusted on the user interface without the

says Vincent Vanderpoel, CEO of

need for a laptop.

PDF417 codes are more effective than other 2D barcodes because of the vast data they

Markem-Imaje. This combination will allow both

can store. These rectangular

companies to capitalise on their

shaped codes can be adjusted

major customer references. It will

by setting the width to determine

also help them minimise rework

the height of the data. PDF417

due to missing or unreadable

codes can be used for many

text and barcodes and reduce

applications, including on

waste from using incorrect data in

labelling for hazardous materials.

printed messages.

NO BETTER WAY TO ACCURACY A Mark & Read automated Cognex camera and Markem-

The SmartDate X60 has power saving features reducing power consumption by up to 50 percent and an IP protection kit for the installed SmartDate X60.

‘The system will assist in avoiding scrapped product due to incorrect packaging materials used on the production line,’ adds Vanderpoel. Robert Willett, CEO of Cognex,

Imaje printer verification solution

says new capabilities are being

together have helped companies

built to improve global standards

confirm the right code is correctly

for printing product quality. •

printed on packs. This system reduces unnecessary waste and helps ensure non-coding related recalls run smoothly.

Pyrotec PackMark –

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PHARMA FOCUS//Supply Chain & Distribution

Facility expansion

reveals unrivalled pharma supply chain resources Imperial Logistics has unveiled a world-class expansion at its Centurion facility in Gauteng, South Africa. The upgrades include more state of the art, pharmaceutical compliant storage space and a new, faster picking methodology.


s a leading healthcare supply

‘It was imperative the design included

numerous challenges. Since the average

chain company, Imperial

spill containment in the event of a

temperature of a cold room is five degrees

Logistics is perfectly positioned

sprinkler system discharge, as well as an

Celsius, advanced materials handling

to optimise its service to clients

HVAC system to ensure temperature levels

equipment had to be sourced to operate

allowing it to get life-saving medicines

within the warehouse remain constant

at these temperatures. A conventional

to the people of Africa faster and more

between 18 and 25 degrees Celsius,’

fire prevention system could not be used

cost-effectively. This is according to the

states Barton.

as the water in the pipes could freeze. So,

company’s healthcare strategy executive, Dr Iain Barton.

The fire suppression and smoke

a dry pipe system was created. Product

extraction system to service the new VNA

stored in these two zones includes rare

warehouse includes water tanks with

vaccines, so a one-hour, fire rated

August 2016, with the demolition of

a storage capacity of 775 000ℓ, 12 000

enclosure was designed to surround and

existing buildings to make space for the

sprinkler heads and smoke extraction fans

effectively protect the cold rooms.’

redevelopment. ‘The main challenge the

capable of extracting 84m³ of smoke per

project team faced was Imperial Logistics

second from the building.

The expansion project kicked off in

had to stay operational 24/7, 365 days a

Various eco-friendly features were also

ROOM TO GROW Now that phase one of the Centurion

year throughout the entire project. Being in

implemented, including LED lighting that

build is complete, Imperial Logistics has

the pharmaceutical industry, service levels

will achieve a monthly energy saving of

moved its sister company, Pharmed

with existing clients had to be maintained,’

about 30 percent.

on site creating a two tiered offering of

he stresses.

distributor and wholesaler. Pharmed is a

were enforced in the areas that remained


operational and stock worth more than

One difficulty faced in the design of the

to independent healthcare professionals

R1 billion had to be protected.

new VNA warehouse was to ensure the

to benefit end patients.

Unwavering health and safety regulations


floor construction adhered to the strict

complete healthcare provider. It focuses on bringing reliable and effective solutions

‘Our business needed additional

requirements of international standards

capacity following its diversification

and authorities. This is to ensure the

into the pharmaceutical wholesaling,

One phase of the project consisted of the

specialised materials handling equipment

medical devices and animal health

construction of a 9 000m² very narrow

functions properly in the picking aisles.

markets. We now have room to grow,

aisle (VNA) warehouse that caters for

Another concern was the geotechnical

to expand and enhance the unrivalled

the following:

restrictions throughout the entire site.

healthcare capabilities that we deliver,’

• storage of 30 000 pallets • a dispatch hall with 10 doors with dock levellers • a high-tech 8 000 parcels per hour shoe sortation system

Two cold storage warehouses were

Barton concludes. •

constructed during the expansion – one newly built and the other a refurbishment of the existing cold storage facility. ‘The design of these two facilities posed

Imperial Logistics –

• a 928m² bonded store with space available for 1 420 pallets. Barton explains VNA is the term used to describe a warehouse design that consists of standard pallet racking or APR with picking aisles not more than two metres wide and storage heights ranging from 13 to 19m. Specialised materials handling equipment is required to service each pallet location so Imperial Logistics sourced VNA turret trucks from a leading manufacturer based in Germany.


| QUARTER 2 2018 | P C Africa

Imperial Logistics‘ revamped VNA warehouse has a height of 25.5m to the eaves

Gallagher Convention Centre

Johannesburg, South Africa

SEE LOCAL & INTERNATIONAL PHARMA COMPANIES AT SAPHEX 2018 SAPHEX is now established as the “go-to” pharmaceutical manufacturing event in South Africa, and is a fixture on the calendar of key pharmaceutical professionals who attend to see best-in-class product and service suppliers, and too access peer-driven papers at the sister content-rich conference. The exhibition brings together all the key suppliers to the region’s pharmaceutical manufacturing base, exhibitors presenting a full range of APIs, excipients, and drug formulations; pharmaceutical packaging solutions; processing machinery and equipment; laboratory equipment; and clean room technology. There really is every reason to secure your place at SAPHEX as soon as possible, and no reason to delay. Register Free today (limited free of charge conference places apply)

50+ Countries 1 st - 2 nd November, 2018 Gallagher Convention Centre, Johannesburg, south Africa

2,500+ Visitors

2 x Free Conferences

150+ Exhibitors

Learn more:

PHARMA FOCUS//Supply Chain & Distribution

Focused supply chains

help achieve national health goals By harnessing the power of global brands and entrepreneurs on the continent, Africa Resource Centre is strengthening supply chains in Africa to ensure greater access to medicines and healthcare. By Abby Vorster


oca-Cola, like

the main reasons why access

chocolate, beer and sim cards, can be

found in the furthest and poorest parts of Africa, yet the availability of critical medicines and medical supplies is restricted. Trip Allport, MD of Africa Resource Centre (ARC), says poor infrastructure and a lack


is restricted.

and human capacity are some of A nurse from a clinic in the Dar es Salam District, Tanzania, dispenses medicine to a patient, Optuna John. Since Project Last Mile launched in 2010, the distribution system of Medical Stores Department has expanded to include delivery to more than 5 500 health facilities

involved reversing the trend of vaccine stock unavailability across Nigeria. According to a 2016 NIC/ MICS survey, only three out of every 10 children are immunised in Nigeria. Brokering states and private sector partnerships, ARC and the

Allport was speaking at

foundation are playing a pivotal

the SAPICS conference,

role in strengthening vaccine cold

Recent analysis shows that weak which took place in cold chain infrastructure and an Cape Town, South inefficient vaccine distribution system are among the key immunisation Africa, from 10 to 13 programme challenges in Nigeria. June. His presentation This could impact the survival of the centred on advancing nation, which depends heavily on Africa’s transformation the quality of healthcare given to children under the age of by tapping into the five (i.e. 20 percent of the capabilities of some of total population).

of efficient strategic planning

Mile. One of their recent projects

chain infrastructure in Nigeria. This is being achieved by tapping into the capabilities of The Coca-Cola Company and its bottling partner, the Nigerian Bottling Company. Leveraging entrepreneurial expertise in the region is also a key focal point of the ARC, such as using

the biggest global brands,

Coca-Cola’s business partners in

like The Coca-Cola Company.

Nigeria to contribute to a marked

Since 2010, its logistics, supply chain,

improvement in maintaining a

distribution and marketing expertise

functional vaccine cold chain.

have been used in a public-private

‘Ultimately, more children will have

partnership funded by the Bill &

access to effective vaccines at the

Melinda Gates Foundation. Called

point of care,’ he explains.

Project Last Mile, this initiative helps ability to get vital medicines and


healthcare supplies to hard to reach

Allport believes other multinational

countries in Africa. The Coca-Cola

FMCG companies like Unilever,

Africa Foundation, The Global Fund

Johnson & Johnson and Procter

and USAID are also involved in Project

& Gamble could help strengthen

Last Mile.

healthcare supply chains on the

African governments maximise their

It sees government agencies

continent. ‘Because it’ll take more

benefit from private sector expertise

than collaborating with The Coca-

in terms of how to forecast demand

Cola Company to solve Africa’s

for medicines and vaccines, to

access to healthcare challenges,’

better market the availability of

he comments. ‘We also need to tap

such commodities and ensure cold

into academia in the future to uplift

chain equipment is maintained

talent for improved supply chains

properly for storing certain

that enable access to medicines

pharmaceutical products.

and healthcare. In South Africa, the University of the Witwatersrand


and Stellenbosch University are

Allport says ARC regularly

access, while MIT in the United States

collaborates with the Bill & Melinda

is driving its own study.’ •

conducting research on improved

Gates Foundation on Project Last Coca-Cola lead cooler technician, Maxwell Ayisi (right) and Ghana Health Service refrigeration technician, Livingstone Modey (left), repairing a dual gas/electric cooler used to store vaccines at a clinic in Peki Dzake in the Volta Region of Ghana


| QUARTER 2 2018 | P C Africa

Africa Resource Centre – SAPICS – The Nigerian Bottling Company –

Your global partner for premium quality products

Pharma For the pharmaceutical industry we produce active ingredients and excipients for oral and injection applications (e. g. for infusion and dialysis solutions, oral rehydration salts, tablets or capsules and many more). Biotechnology Cosmetics We supply raw materials and mixtures for the biotechnological production of enzymes and for the production of monoclonal antibodies and different recombinant products.

Kirsch Pharma South Africa (PTY Ltd.) Tel: +27 (011)-392-5171/2 Fax : +27 (011) 392-5130 Email: Website:

Nutrition In the field of special nutrition we offer ingredients and raw materials for the production of infant nutrition, nutraceuticals and dietary foods. Cosmetics We supply active ingredients, excipients and raw materials, among others for the production of ointments and creams for dermatological and dental applications. Veterinary On behalf of the veterinary industry we produce active ingredients, excipients and special feed additives for oral and injection applications.

Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic Review Africa Q2 2018  

This edition of P&C Africa is centred on new developments in the Ethnic care category, quality control solutions, coding and marking in the...

Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic Review Africa Q2 2018  

This edition of P&C Africa is centred on new developments in the Ethnic care category, quality control solutions, coding and marking in the...