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NEWS: Genes for Africa: tailoring treatments to match diversity PRODUCT: Next-level titration with Metrohm’s OMNIS | LAB SPOTLIGHT: SANAE IV


As Wirsam Scientific celebrates our Golden Jubilee we cannot help but be grateful. This is a moment to pause and reflect on the journey and the people who have helped to make this possible. We would like to pay a tribute to the founders, Peter and Tufty Wirsam for their determination and vision. Thank you to our employees who have loyally served Wirsam Scientific over the years. To all our partners, thank you for your support. But most importantly thank you to all our customers, the researchers, scientists, professors, technicians, field workers, engineers, doctors, visionaries - you are the reason why we are here and why we love what we do. Fifty years later, we are still young, fit and growing!





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LAB SAFETY AND HYGIENE 24 Volatile gas transfer

NEWS 5 Genes for Africa: tailoring treatments to match diversity

WEIGHING EQUIPMENT 27 Aczet moisture balances

8 Beer, grub and machines at fdt Africa 2018

CHEMICALS & REAGENTS 28 Super pure solvents

INDUSTRY NEWS 10 Local science and technology news SCIENCE NEWS 13 Largest ever brain-aging study points finger at schizophrenia, weed

30 41

TITRATION 30 Omnis modular system PRODUCT AND SERVICE INSIGHT 33 Pipetting robots

LAB SPOTLIGHT 14 Research on ice: SA’s Antarctic science lab

STRANGER THAN SCIENCE FICTION 36 Far-out news from the edges of science

ANIMAL KINGDOM 20 Caprids, corvids and cockroaches

PRODUCT DIRECTORY 37 Comprehensive list of lab products.

SPACE NEWS 22 Space: the final battlefield?

COMPANY DIRECTORY 40 Comprehensive list of company contact details

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Camag AG, Switzerland: www.camag.com The World Leader in Thin Layer Chromatography (HPTLC/TLC)

LMS  Issue 5 | 2018 



Keep SA research afloat At what point does technology outstrip the ability of its creators to utilise it? Knowledge needs to be implemented, after all, and according to Moore’s Law the rate of technological change nowadays is such that, in the two weeks between us signing off this issue and it arriving in your hands, a 17th century worth of technological discovery has passed. Nowadays, health news websites seem more like extracts

Lab Management & Science is looking for contributors. Do you have something to say about the current state of the lab industry and science in South Africa? Send us a story and we will consider printing it! Send submissions to Conrad.Strydom@ newmediapub.co.za

from a science fiction author’s notebook than actual reportage. Someone has to turn this deluge of scientific discovery into manufacturing output, after all, but this is a time-consuming process and by the time

And yet, despite the paltry funding our

a discovery reaches the market it is already

scientific sector receives, it has been doing

likely to be several generations out of date.

rather well for itself. Our feature article on

What, for example, is the use of a

pages 5 and 6 concerns one of SA’s premier

technology that sequences the genome

stem cell researchers, the CSIR and UCT’s

for R15 000 when its successor discovery

Dr Janine Scholefield and her work on

can do it for R3000 and the one after may

African genetic diversity and antiretroviral

do it for free? This situation is a challenge

medication. One of SA’s most impressive and

for countries such as China and the US

longest-running scientific endeavours is

that spend significant portions of GDP on

the SANAE IV base in Antarctica, which we

research. Is it then any wonder then that

profile on pages 18 and 19. We also take a look

countries such as South Africa enter the

at some local scientific discoveries such as

marketplace of ideas and find ourselves

the BRAYFOIL, a revolutionary wind turbine

overwhelmed, spending only 0.7% of our

wing that could be the next great leap in

modest GDP on scientific research?

sustainable energy, on page 10.

In this context, the recent release of the

LMS was privileged to attend the annual

government’s Survey on Government Funding

Food and Drink Technology Africa event at

for Scientific and Technological Activities

Gallagher Convention Centre in Midrand.

raises many concerns. A full 37% (R8.8bn)

We took a whole bunch of photos and

of government spending on research is

sampled some of the finest local craft beers

funnelled towards the social sciences, while

along the way. Read the report on page 8 and

17% (R4bn) goes to research in the policing

9. We also look at ways to improve the lab

and defence sectors. A paltry 14% (R3.2bn)

safety environment in the era of superbugs

is spent on what government calls ‘the

on page 16 and how the new generation of 3D

advancement of knowledge’, a blanket term

printers is boosting lab efficiency on page 20.

for the kind of sandbox approach to scientific

Finally, LMS is meant to be a mouthpiece

discovery that has driven many of the

for the local lab industry and we welcome

century’s greatest innovations.

whatever input you may have. This even

With the rate of technological change

extends to publishing content you write for

accelerating as it is, the government’s

the mag via our contributor programme (see

unfortunate lack of focus on scientific

left). We welcome anyone with something

discovery potentially creates a situation in

interesting to say, so send your submissions

which countries who have rode the crest

to Conrad.Strydom@newmediapub.co.za

of the scientific wave better than us, will

ASAP. Until next time.

dominate us to such an extent we would have no recourse against them. A case in

Nullius in verba (‘don’t take anybody’s word for it’).

point is artificial intelligence (AI). Tech entrepreneur Elon Musk recently expressed his certainty that AI will be used as a weapon, while Russia’s Vladimir Putin has previously stated that the country who masters AI will dominate the world.


LMS  Issue 5 | 2018

w w w.lm s m a g a z i n e .c o. z a


Genes for Africa: tailoring treatments to match diversity

CSIR and UCT researcher Dr Janine Scholefield has been making waves with her research into the genetic origin of adverse reactions to antiretroviral medication. Lab Management & Science spoke to her about the exciting world of stem cells, how genome engineering could create immunity to HIV and how new drugs don’t take Africa’s genetic diversity into account. When explaining why stem cell research is important,

her disease, but there was a snag: the T-cells weren’t hers and

Dr Scholefield likes to bring up the example of Layla, a six-

therefore weren’t compatible with her genome. Undeterred, her

month-old baby diagnosed with a severe form of leukaemia at

doctors took to the lab and tweaked the cells so that they would

Great Ormonde Street Hospital in London. The doctors treating

no longer be a mismatch. Today, Layla is still alive and kicking,

Layla had all but given up on her when one of them recalled that

making her the first person to successfully receive treatment for an

a French company called Cellectis had genetically modified some

incurable form of cancer.

T-cells to target CD19, a protein often expressed on cancer cells. The physicians treating Layla decided to use these cells to target

“What we need to understand about Layla’s case,” Dr Scholefield said, “is that the combination of genome engineering and cellular therapy is going to start curing things that were completely resistant to any kind of therapy before.” As a geneticist, Dr Scholefield studies the way genes control cells and particularly how they can adversely affect cells and cause disease. Increased knowledge of these processes helps scientists to develop novel treatments based on a deep understanding of cell processes no one imagined possible a mere decade ago.

Genome engineering in a nutshell The modern science of genome engineering is based on the understanding that sequences within your DNA dictate the proteins your body makes. Any changes to the coding sequences of your DNA changes what your proteins do, or in a worst-case scenario knock that sequence out of your DNA and not form any proteins at all. Genome engineering works by introducing nucleases that act like molecular scissors, prompting a massive double strand break in your DNA helix. “Cells can repair the damage caused by nucleases in one of two ways,” Dr Scholefield said, “either by simply grafting the two ends of the helix together, which is not always optimal, or by guiding a new piece of DNA into the gap created by the nuclease, perhaps by using Cas9, the basis of CRISPR technology.” The second approach has delivered the best results so far, potentially providing cures for monogenic diseases such as cystic fibrosis and sickle cell anaemia. Dr Scholefield, who completed a PhD on a degenerative disease called spinocerebellar ataxia, works for the CSIR and UCT as a lecturer and specialist in stem cell biology. “Understanding how mistakes in our DNA cause disease is a big part of a geneticist’s Dr Janine Scholefield, CSIR senior researcher w w w.lm s m a g a z i n e .c o. z a

job,” Dr Scholefield said. Her research focus to date has been how

LMS  Issue 5 | 2018 


NE WS to apply this principle to develop models

“Most drug trials take place in the

in fact HIV positive. They appeared to be

of disease-in-a-dish in order to better

West,” Dr Scholefield said, “and this is

controlling their own viral replication levels

understand how HIV/Aids attack the cells

causing the severe adverse drug reactions

and the only thing they seemed to have in

in our bodies and to make liver cells that

we are seeing.” Bypassing the established

common was a mutation in the CCR5 gene,

reflect African mutatins.

drug companies is also a problem because

which prevents HIV from latching onto cells

of the prohibitive costs of creating new

and thereby infecting them.

African genetic diversity and HIV/Aids

drugs, which currently stands at an unbelievable R35bn in the US. “We have

this mutation, which was especially prevalent

Dr Scholefield believes that our picture of

to find a way to do this more cheaply, and

among Caucasians, was that individuals

HIV/Aids in Africa is incomplete if we don’t

that’s where disease-in-a-dish comes in,”

with the mutation were more likely to

take genetic factors into account. “It is very

Dr Scholefield said.

survive during the Black Death in Europe.

apparent that some people, especially in the African population, are more susceptible to disease than others,” she said. Moreover, our genetics dictate how different people react to drugs. She believes the key to understanding why this happens relates to mutations in our liver genes, especially the ones that metabolise drugs. “In a Finnish population one of these mutations, called the T allele, is present in only 16% of the population, while in a Kenyan population it is present in 36%,” she pointed out. “If you have the T mutation you can’t metabolise your antiretrovirals.” For years, people who don’t possess the

The best explanation for the presence of

“Individuals with CCR5 are highly refractory

 From a geneticist’s

perspective, CCR5 means that by simply knocking a gene out of the DNA helix we could induce immunity to HIV.  Geneticists can test drugs on cell samples

to HIV,” Dr Scholefield said, “and from a geneticist’s perspective this means that by simply knocking a gene out of the DNA helix we could induce immunity to HIV.” CCR5 also played a role in the case of Timothy Brown, the only person ever cured of HIV/Aids. Brown’s cure appears to have come about when he was given a bonemarrow transfusion from an individual with the CCR5 mutation. “The incredible thing about the CCR5 mutation is that we just need to knock it out in the lab to

in the lab to their heart’s content and

prevent cells from being infected with HIV,”

drastically shorten the pipeline from lab

Dr Scholefield enthused.

means to metabolise antiretrovirals have

to patient. Induced pluripotent stem cells

been reporting to hospitals with incredibly

(iPSCs) derived from the patient’s own cells

Stem cell research to benefit Africa

severe adverse reactions that often leave

bypass compatibility issues because they

Stem cells first rose to public consciousness

their doctors stumped. “Perhaps as many

have the exact genetics needed. To bypass

during the debate around whether

as one in 12 people on antiretroviral

genetic incompatibility, Dr Scholefield and

embryonic stem cells should be utilised in

medication are going to hospitals not

her team turns these iPSCs into liver cells,

genome engineering. Since then the use of

because they are sick from the disease, but

since these are responsible for metabolising

embryonic stem cells has been rendered

because the drugs are not tailored to work

substances like drugs. “We go to individuals

unnecessary by the discovery of induced

with their particular genetic mutations,”

with the correct genetic background, we

pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) derived from

Dr Scholefield said.

take skin cells, turn them into stem cells

any adult cells. Dr Scholefield believes the

and then we slowly introduce genetic

unprecedented versatility of iPSCs allows

very seldom developed with African genetic

mutations as and when we want to,” she

genetic fixes for ailments that have plagued

diversity in mind. “There is much, much

said. These ‘Africanised’ stem cells can

the human race for hundreds of thousands

more genetic diversity in Africa than in the

then be turned into liver cells in order to

of years.

rest of the world,” she said. “This is because

tailor existing drugs to each patient and

“Even though we in South Africa are

roughly 100 000 years ago a handful of

ensure that adverse effects don’t occur.”

not necessarily at the forefront of genetic

According to Dr Scholefield, drugs are

people left Africa and effectively populated

research, we do have the ability to harness

the rest of the world.” For this reason,

CCR5 and HIV immunity

some pretty powerful technologies

non-African populations are not nearly as

Researchers into the genetics of HIV/

and apply them to an African context,”

genetically diverse as African ones. However,

Aids are incredibly excited by the curative

Dr Scholefield said. “iPSCs are giving us

pharmaceutical companies don’t take this

potential of a tiny protein called CCR5. In

the ability to tailor medicine to our own

into account when they develop drugs

the eighties, some of the very first HIV/

population groups, which should definitely

for Africa, possibly because drug sales in

Aids researchers discovered that a certain

be a component of the future of drug

emerging markets, although on the increase,

proportion of their control groups, who

delivery in South Africa and the continent

don’t come close to sales in the US or Europe.

didn’t display any signs of the disease, were

at large.” M

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Beer, grub and machines at fdt Africa 2018 This year’s Food and Drink Technology Africa (fdt Africa) event, organised by Messe München, brought together 111 exhibitors and 1 600 participants from 81 countries. Cue furious networking between the packaging, quality control and manufacturing industries and lots, lots, lots of beer. The team from EcoLab presented advanced testing and hygiene technologies.

Gallagher Convention Centre in Midrand was abuzz with the cream of the food and beverage industry from 4-6 September. Representatives from the entire process chain of the industry were present. There was also plenty of beer. The event played host to the annual Institute of Brewing and Distilling (IBD) African Beer Awards, where Joburg’s own Mad Giant Brewery took home the overall prize for their excellent Killer Hop Pale Ale. Microbreweries and the craft beer market seemed to be a focus for many of the exhibitors at the event, many of whom displayed scaled-down distilling and brewing machines specifically designed for the craft beer market. “SA’s craft beer market hasn’t reached the size of the ones in Europe or the United States, where some craft brewers are competing with major beverage companies,” said Apiwe NxusaniMawela, owner of Brewsters Craft, “but the potential for growth is

Arun Kumar and Prabal Chatterjee of process engineering firm Praj Industries.

definitely here.” There are currently over 200 craft microbreweries in SA and the local scene has even started attracting tourists of late. The global craft brewing industry is expected to reach a market value of R7.4tn by 2025, but the SA market is as yet underdeveloped. This is doubly unfortunate because SA is one of the largest markets for beverages in the Southern hemisphere. A whopping 11 billion litres are sold in SA annually. Not only does this represent an opportunity for South African craft brewers, it also means there is a huge gap in the market for locally produced manufacturing, processing and packaging technology. SA is currently forced to import most of the machinery it needs, as witnessed by the Chinese, German, Swiss and Italian machinery suppliers present at the expo. According to data from Euromonitor International, the value of these imports amounted to R31bn over five years, with 80% of this money going to Germany and Italy. As SAP Italia sales representative Guido Ricci pointed out, the craft brewing market in the developing world is potentially larger than the

KK Tiwari and Jeetendra Sarathe of Som Distilleries were among a

one in the developed world, but startup capital is often not available.

delegation of exhibitors from India’s beverage and packaging industries.

“It is sometimes difficult for startup craft brewers to secure funding,”

Poretech’s Louis Breedt presenting the

Microsep divisional manager Frances Renwick,

Litsa Clifford of Sysmex SA presenting the CyFlow

HunterLab set of colour testing products.

Loraika Pillay and Sumaya Ally.

Cube 6 which detects microorganisms in drinks.


LMS  Issue 5 | 2018

w w w.lm s m a g a z i n e .c o. z a


Some German exhibitors sample local beverages while a glass of

Joburg’s own Mad Giant Brewery were crowned grand champions at the

MadKing Pilsener is poured in the background.

IBD SA Beer Awards for their Killer Hop Pale Ale.

he said, “Probably because there is still a lot of ignorance about the potential size of the industry.” In a social media age, beverage sales are being driven as much by good local marketing as they are by brand recognition.

Labs involved in food, beverage diagnostics Many of the companies represented at the expo focused on quality control and diagnostics for the food and beverage industry. Often, this involves using high-tech equipment in a controlled lab setting to ensure that foods and beverages meet the requisite specifications for export or domestic use. According to Dr Phiyani Lebea, CEO of local agricultural diagnostics firm Ralejelete Holdings, it is extremely important for producers to meet quality criteria if they want to be taken seriously internationally. “Food exports come with a host of stringent regulations, depending on which country you export to,” Dr Lebea said. “Sorting through this information and ensuring that clients conform to all specifications is a growing industry among lab technicians such as ourselves.” In 2016, agricultural exports alone contributed 12% to total exports for a total of R135 billion. Thanks to the BRICS arrangement, new export opportunities in Russia and China could see those numbers increase substantially, which will create more opportunities for local testing labs.

w w w.lm s m a g a z i n e .c o. z a 2018-09-LMSStripAdvert-Weighing-Rev1-1

2018 African Beer Award winners

Trend towards green processes

The Grand Champion Trophy

natural, preservative and additive-free

Mad Giant Brewery for Killer Hop Pale Ale

Best Lager Below 5%

1st Place: Redrock Brewing Co for Rusty Trigger Lager 2nd Place: Darling Brew for Slow Beer

Best Lager 5% and Above

1st Place: International Breweries for Hero 2nd Place: Groupe Castel for Castel Lager

Best Pale Ale

1st Place: Mad Giant Brewery for Killer Hop Pale Ale 2nd Place: The Franschhoek Beer Co for Liberty American Pale Ale

Best Dark Beer

1st Place: Redrock Brewing Co for Painted Black 2nd Place: The Franschhoek Beer Co for The Stout

Best Beer Brewed with less than 50% malted Barley 1st Place: Darling Brew for Bonecrusher 2nd Place: Guinness Ghana for Odehye3

One of the most encouraging takeaways from the expo was the amount of food companies who are opting to produce products. There has been growing consumer demand for healthy and additive-free food products, following years of negative publicity about the adverse effects of substances like MSG, aspartame and sodium nitrite. Suppliers such as Cape Town-based Sphere Foods are providing products that are 100% naturally derived and are having trouble keeping up with demand. Even some firms in the packaging industry are displaying a commitment to green processes. Bloemfontein-based Sheet Plastic, which specialises in extruded plastic sheeting, is trying to produce plastic products that can be reused by industry and using recycled materials to do so, thereby lowering the local plastics footprint considerably. “It is very important that local companies start looking at environmentally friendly packaging solutions,” said Sheet Plastic’s managing director, Van Chen. “The importance of trying to maximise green processes early on cannot be overemphasised.” Next year’s event will be a joint expo with Lab Africa, fdt Africa and IFAT Africa exhibiting together for the first time. Whether there will be triple the amount of beer remains to be seen. M

LMS  Issue 5 | 2018 


IND US TRY NE WS Top-paying STEM degrees in SA revealed According to jobs website Adzuna, South African graduates with STEM degrees are never at a loss for employment, with close to 20 000 jobs available at any given time. Engineering grads are the biggest earners, with qualified chemical engineers topping the list at an average annual salary of R604 000. Civil and aeronautical engineers also do very well for themselves, with R578 000 and R516 000 respectively, although the aeronautics industry only had 6 jobs available as of the time of writing. The website confirmed that IT and computer science professionals were the most in-demand nationwide, however, with over 17 000 jobs advertised in that sector. While engineers and IT pros

From left to right: Labotec director Dr Poloko Leotlela, former CEO Stefan Harth and Christopher

appear to rule the roost, maths and stats

Whitfield, CEO of the Batswadi/Labotec Group.

graduates also boasted comfortable salaries with annual incomes between R390 000

“Batswadi has embarked on a renewed

and R449 000.

focus that will guide Labotec into local as

CSIR tests BRAYFOIL’s turbine wing design

well as international

The CSIR has been putting the wind tunnel

laboratory science

suite at its Brummeria facility to good use

leadership,” he said,

testing a revolutionary new wind turbine

indicating that the

wing design on behalf of its inventor, Robert

company plans to

Bray. The wing, known as the BRAYFOIL,

expand to Europe, the

is an auto-setting morphing wing, which

United States and other

can reverse lift from one surface to another

regions in sub-Saharan

instantaneously. It can change shape using


reflex section shapes in the wing.

TIA funding startups in waste and water sectors

According to Bray, wind turbines that use BRAYFOIL’s biomimicry technology will be a potent alternative to current wind turbines in urban areas. “Until now, only small

The Technology

microturbines were used in urban areas,”

Innovation Agency

Bray said. “They are noisy, cause vibration

(TIA) of the

on buildings and can’t respond to changing

Department of Science

wind conditions.” Because the BRAYFOIL

and Technology is

sets its angle automatically and responds

calling for innovators

immediately to wind direction, it can be

in the fields of waste

used in urban turbines without disrupting

Batswadi Consumer Healthcare acquires Labotec

and water management to apply for

the environment and can provide on-site

funding via its Natural Resources Business

electricity to an end user directly. M

South African scientific and analytical

Unit. Applications are limited to private

products company Labotec has been

individuals, SMMEs, startup companies

acquired by Batswadi Consumer Healthcare

or science councils and must relate to

in a move that is likely to expand the

e-waste or waste beneficiation, acid mine

reach of both companies. Labotec has

drainage, water purification or water

built a powerful reputation as one of SA’s

saving technologies.

most trustworthy and client-focused

Applications are not open to existing

lab equipment suppliers, while Batswadi

intellectual properties, patents or

is known for its bold approach to the

trademarks – your idea must be completely

local healthcare market. Thanks to the

novel. To get hold of some of that TIA

takeover, Labotec will now sport a Level 2

dough, you’ll have to demonstrate a viable,

BBBEE rating, making them an even more

feasible and sustainable business case

attractive equipment source.

and show how your innovation will have a

In a press release issue by the group,

positive socio-economic impact. Proof of

Batswadi/Labotec CEO, Chris Whitfield

concept is also required, so no unproven or

unveiled an ambitious expansion plan for

untested ideas need apply. You must also

the company, which currently has offices

be an SA citizen and registered on National

in Midrand, Cape Town and Durban.

Treasury’s Central Supplier Database.


LMS  Issue 5 | 2018

Robert Bray. w w w.lm s m a g a z i n e .c o. z a

Brighter Titration TitripurÂŽ The measure of all things Volumetric solutions

For further information please contact: Tel: 08600 63725 labsupply@merckgroup.com www.merckmillipore.com

IND US TRY NE WS Labotec visits Achema 2018 The latest installation of Achema, a

Government releases science and technology White Paper

platform for exhibition of the latest, most

Science and technology minister

laser to simultaneously maximise both

innovative equipment in the chemical,

Mmamoloko Kubayi-Ngubane has released

mode quality and mode energy to optimise

pharmaceutical and food industries, was

her department’s long-awaited White Paper

brightness if an intra-cavity laser beam

held on 11 to 15 June 2018 in Frankfurt.

on Science, Technology and Innovation (STI).

shaping method is used.

The Batswadi/Labotec team attended

The public has until 10 October to comment

The brightness of a laser is an important

Achema 2018 to identify new products,

on the paper, which outlines government’s

characteristic that defines the potential of

trends and innovations that are suitable for

long-term approach to sci-tech in the early

a laser beam to transmit high energies over

the African market. Numerous exhibitors

years of the fourth industrial revolution.

long distances. Usually, to achieve this,

Optical Society’s journal Optica outlining whether it is possible for a solid-state

revealed their latest developments,

one is required to maximise energy from a

but there was a clear trend towards

laser while maintaining a good quality laser

digitisation, automation and remote

mode. These two critical factors need to

monitoring of devices.

be taken into consideration for the desired

To enhance the experience, some

output. Since the laser mode is the same

booths treated visitors to experiencing

everywhere in solid-state laser cavities,

their equipment through augmented

achieving both parameters is not trivial. In

reality – either with the help of special

the pursuit of high power, the quality of the

glasses or presentations that detailed

laser mode often declines and ultimately

the deconstruction of the equipment. For

decreases the brightness. Similarly, by

more manufacturing focused industries, exhibitors took visitors through intelligent components integration for the factory of tomorrow under three focus topics, namely

Science and Technology Minister Mmamoloko Kubayi-Ngubane.      (Photo credit: GCIS) In an address at the paper’s launch in

optimising a laser for a good quality mode, the output power decreases, which results in a degradation of brightness. Dr Naidoo’s research demonstrates a

Flexible Production, Biotech for Chemistry,

Pretoria, Kubayi-Ngubane lauded SA’s

means of using laser beam shaping via

and Chemical and Pharma Logistics.

progress in the fields of biotechnology,

two optical components internal to a laser

nanotechnology and advanced

to transform a good quality laser mode

opportunity for Labotec to affirm that

manufacturing but underlined the desperate

into a mode that is optimised for energy

it is sourcing the latest, best quality and

lack of skills that plagues the sector. The

extraction and back again, demonstrating

appropriate equipment for our customers.

White Paper recommends urgent measures

an enhancement of the brightness of an

The next Achema expo will be held in

to address SA’s skills shortage in the science

off-the-shelf commercial laser by 350%.

Frankfurt from 14 to 18 June 2021.

and technology sector and proposes ways

The Achema 2018 expo pffered an

Dr Naidoo’s biggest challenge was

to modernise industries such as agriculture

handling the optical components inside the

and mining using cutting-edge tech.

laser as each component had four degrees

Green entrepreneurs take note: an entire

of freedom. This made the system difficult

section of the White Paper is dedicated to

to construct and manipulate. The envisaged

improving the local sustainable energy

impact of the research is to break away

sector and improving the environmental

from the conventional design approach that

impact of technologies. The paper also

indicates that a laser mode inside a solid-

envisages an STI Plenary meeting,

state laser cavity is one particular beam.

chaired by the Presidency, which will

“This work explored a novel approach

take place at regular intervals to track the

to mode selection in solid-state lasers

implementation of government’s science

that now gives allowance for geometrical

policies and provide a forum for industry

adaptation. Additionally, this method

leaders to express their views.

serves as a general approach for optimising

Education is one of the White Paper’s

laser brightness, which will be especially

key focus areas, with an increase in the

useful for slab laser configurations,”

number of black and female PhD graduates

Dr Naidoo said. M

earmarked as a priority, as well as an increased number of overseas internships and exchange student programmes. Furthermore, the current gross expenditure on research and development is to be doubled from 0.7% to 1.5% by forcing contributions from provincial governments and canvassing for foreign investment in the sector. From left to right: Batswadi/Labotec CEO

Achema 2018 in Germany. Hirayama has been

Local scientist enhances commercial laser intensity by 350%

exclusively represented by Labotec in southern

Local researcher, Dr Darryl Naidoo has

Africa for many years.

published a breakthrough study in the

Christopher Whitfield, Labotec director, Dr Poloko Leotlela and Hirayama’s Mr Hirano at


LMS  Issue 5 | 2018

South African laser scientist Dr Darryl Naidoo. w w w.lm s m a g a z i n e .c o. z a


Mysterious deep space light flashes could be neutron stars or aliens

Largest ever brain-aging study points finger at schizophrenia, weed The largest study into brain aging ever conducted has raised concerns about the aging effects of psychiatric disorders and substance abuse. The study evaluated 62 454 single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) scans from more than 30 000 individuals ranging in age from nine months to 105 years old. SPECT is a nuclear medicine technique that measures blood flow to tissues and organs, in this case the brain. It is hoped that better understanding of factors that lead to premature aging in the brain can be used to create treatments that prevent or reverse brain aging. The top cause of brain aging was found to be schizophrenia, which accelerated the aging process by as much as four years. Surprisingly, the second most severe accelerant was regular marijuana use, which aged the brain 2.8 years on average. ADHD, bipolar disorder, anxiety and alcohol abuse were key factors in brain aging, as was being male.

A mysterious burst of light flashes in deep space puzzled astronomers last year, and now researchers with the Breakthrough Listen programme are suggesting it might be a sign of alien life. While emissions from neutron stars were suggested as a possibility for these flashes, known as fast radio bursts (FRBs), there is as yet no indication that this is the case. Breakthrough Listen, the world’s largest and most wellfunded organisation searching for extraterrestrial life, believes the anomalous nature of the flashes indicates an intelligent origin. For one thing, light flashes in deep space do not tend to be once-off events. These, which emanated from FRB 121102, a galaxy three billion light years away, occurred 93 times within the course of a single day. Researchers believe this may indicate concerted activity by an advanced civilization, but with the very nature of FRBs still a matter of debate, the truth remains out there.

Solar panels could turn the Sahara green and power the globe

A proposal to cover the Sahara desert with solar panels and windmills could potentially generate enough power to provide for the entire planet’s energy needs several times over. A welcome side effect will be reversing desertification and increasing the amount of greenery in the Sahara. The process of desertification has increased the size of the Sahara by 10% in the last 100 years, but scientists believe that solar panels and wind farms will lower air pressure in the Sahara, causing winds from surrounding regions to flow there and rise due to the increased heat of the soil. This increased concentration of air will lead to higher concentrations of moisture in the air when it rises and eventually lead to rainfall and the return of vegetation to the region. Critics of the proposal have pointed to political instability in the Sahara as the major factor preventing its implementation.

Programme makes fake footage indistinguishable from reality

A deep video portrait software programme has brought the concept of the Matrix one step closer to reality by altering existing footage in such a way it can’t be distinguished from reality. This was revealed in a presentation by researchers from the Max Planck Institute for Informatics during the annual SIGGRAPH conference in Vancouver. Essentially, the programme allows you to take any piece of footage and seamlessly model your own facial expressions onto the face of someone in the video. Coupled with audio manipulation software, this creates the potential for the production of fake videos in which users can make famous (or non-famous) folks say anything they would like them to. According to the researchers’ presentation notes, “Our novel deep video portrait approach enables full control over a target actor by transferring head pose, facial expressions and eye motion with a high level of photorealism.” So if you start seeing videos in which Donald Trump talks about his past life as a walrus, it’s either fake – or just 2018. w www.lm w w.lm s m sam g aazgianzei.c n eo..czo. a za

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Research on ice: SA’s Antarctic science lab

Above: The various research teams at SANAE IV during 2013-2014 (Photo credit: NASA Goddard Space Flight Centre). Below: SANAE IV nestled on a nunatak (rocky outcrop) in Vesleskarvet, Queen Maud Land (Photo credit: Dr Ross Hofmeyer).

Nestled on a rocky outcrop 6 000 kilometres from local shores, South Africa’s Antarctic science expedition has been collecting data in the most inhospitable part of the world since 1959. SANAE IV

Scientific value of Antarctica

Over 40 governments maintain research stations in Antarctica,

Antarctica is unlike any other continent on Earth. It is unique

including South Africa. In fact, we were one of the original

in being a static landmass composed in some parts of solid ice

signatories of the Antarctic Treaty in 1959, which established

four kilometres thick. But the frozen wastes of this sometimes

freedom of scientific investigation on the frozen continent. Our

stunningly beautiful place are not for the faint of heart; average

current base in Antarctica is the South African National Antarctic

winter temperatures hover around -50°C and winds, egged on by

Expedition IV (SANAE IV), situated on a ridge 80 kilometres inland.

low-pressure systems near the coastline, often reach 100km/h.

As the name indicates, SANAE IV is the fourth iteration of our

There are invaluable lessons to be learned from Antarctica,

Antarctic base, the previous three having been buried in snow.

not least from the ice sheet, which holds 61% of the world’s fresh

The base has been around since 1997, mostly because someone

water reserves in 85% of the world’s ice. For one thing, the ice

had the bright idea to raise the structure on stilts, allowing snow

first started forming around 45 million years ago, meaning that a

to blow through underneath the structure and so prevent the base

wealth of information about planetary conditions during different

from getting snow-locked.

timeframes have been perfectly preserved in the ice. There is also

SANAE IV is permanently staffed by a team of researchers and

the matter of the famous hole in the ozone layer, which is caused

support personnel who are transported during the summer months

by the seasonal thinning of the Earth’s atmosphere, allowing large

by the Department of Environmental Affairs’ icebreaking ship, the

amounts of harmful ultraviolet light to reach the surface.

SA Agulhas II. During this time, enough fuel, equipment and food must

Antarctica also has a profound effect on the globe’s climate and

be stored to last until the next year’s resupply mission. Field work

ocean systems. Essentially, the Antarctic region acts as a giant

can only be conducted during the summer months, so the research

heat sink for the rest of the planet, absorbing the brunt of global

programmes that are allowed to continue into the winter months are

warming and climate change. This regulatory role extends to the

the physical sciences.

oceans, since atmospheric changes in Antarctica affect the speed

Each expedition is made up of a doctor, two diesel mechanics, an electrical, mechanical and electronics engineer, a meteorologist and two physicists. Power is generated by three large diesel generators,

and direction of global winds, which in turn impacts the upwelling, mixing, and movement of ocean currents. The continent’s unique atmospheric conditions are also perfect

but if you want water you have to shovel snow into a melter first. Even

for meteorological observations and the detection of cosmic rays,

though the base features an advanced heating and air-conditioning

particularly particles such as protons that are spewed across light

system (and walls are half a metre thick), interior temperatures hover

years of interstellar space by extremely violent cosmic forces like

around 18°C even in the summer months.

the jets of energy emitted from supermassive black holes.


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L AB SP OTL IGHT Research activities SANAE IV consists of three linked, double-story modules, each 44 metres long. A-block, the southern module, has a medical facility, two physics labs and a wet lab for the testing of fluid samples. Current research projects being undertaken include a study into biocomplexity and numerous cosmological projects, as well as a study on landscape and biosphere interactions in Antarctica. A-block is where most of the scientific activity takes place and B-block is mostly a recreation and accommodation facility. C-block, the northernmost part of the base, features a gym and hanger facility, as well as North West University’s (NWU) expensive neutron monitors. These are maintained by a team deployed from NWU and scan the skies to monitor the intensity of cosmic rays. A particular focus of the neutron monitors in C-block is the study of solar flares and their accompanying coronal mass ejections. The neutron monitors work in an interesting way. Firstly, a tube filled with an easily ionisable gas is kept at a high potential (2800V). When a high-energy neutron passes through the tube and collides with the gas molecules, the molecule is hit with enough energy to release electrons from its valence structure, leaving a positively charged ion and an electron. The electric field created by the large potential prevents the ion and electron from recombining and pulls each one to its opposite polarity. The electrons reaching the anode will generate a pulse proportional to the energy level of the particle it collided with. These pulses are then recorded as events. Another recurring research project at SANAE IV is the operation of high-tech ground-penetrating radar systems to look beneath the ice sheet. This is an important part of the ongoing monitoring of the continent’s response to climate change and provides insight into the changing patterns of ice accumulation on the continent and the

UNISA’s Prof David Hedding and Dr Jennifer Lee checking a ground

reasons for those changes.

thermal logger.

Hard work but rewarding According to NWU’s Cobus van der Merwe, the technician currently responsible for maintaining the neutron monitors, the workload at the base gets to be quite intense. “You would think that spending a year in the most remote place on Earth, with nothing to distract you but you, will leave you with countless hours to fill,” van der Merwe said. “However, this has not been the case.” Even when not engaged in scientific research, team members have to perform chores around the base, in van der Merwe’s case bulldozing ice out of the way to create a parking lot for SANAE IV’s vehicles. Everyone who spends an extended period of time at the base notes that, although circumstances are often difficult, the experience has a lasting positive effect. “This continent is hostile but beautiful,”

Photo credit: SANAP

communications engineer Hloni Rakoteli said. “You see nothing for miles except the pure white and ridges here and there.” Electrical engineer Bo Orton, meanwhile, emphasised that one must respect the elements in Antarctica or risk being overwhelmed. “You quickly learn here that the weather is king and most things are related to how the weather is looking,” Orton said. “You have to appreciate how fast and powerful the wind can be and how low the temperature can drop. If you don’t respect the weather here, the wind will flick you off Antarctica’s shoulder as you would a fly and your ego will vanish with you.” Most of the SANAE IV scientists hope to go back home with plenty of stories to tell their loved ones. Nonetheless, the overwhelming nature of the experience often leaves Antarctic visitors at a loss for words. “I already know now that when I get home and people ask how it was, all I’ll be able to say is ‘you had to be there’,” Orton noted. M

Two of C-block’s mini neutron monitors, used by North West University researchers to monitor cosmic rays.   (Photo credit: NWU). w w w.lm s m a g a z i n e .c o. z a

Hloni Rakoteli, SANAE IV communications engineer. Photo credit: SANAP

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WACKER MYLAB WACKER’s first mobile laboratory in SA In response to the rapid growth and development in the construction industry of Southern African Development Community (SADC) countries, the Munich-based chemical company WACKER has launched a mobile laboratory closer to their official distributor IMCD and their customers in these countries. The WACKER MYLAB in Johannesburg provides regional customers with optimal support by combining local raw materials and construction methods with high-quality WACKER binders. The goal is to find regional solutions that meet the individual requirements of the construction industry customers locally. Stationed at the IMCD premises, the 40-foot container houses a well-equipped, climate-controlled and fully-operational

Wacker’s MYLAB facility has numerous specialised technologies to service the construction industry. serves customers with a scrub testing

in order to supply high-quality finished

machine, a viscometer and a pH meter.

products to the market.

One typical area MYLAB assists with is

Another South African dry-mix

laboratory designed to offer technical

cement-based tile adhesives. Although

manufacturer sought MYLAB’s assistance in

support to local construction-industry

applying CTAs (Cementitious Tile

fine-tuning its self-levelling compound (SLC)

customers. WACKER’s MYLAB disseminates

Adhesives) with the traditional thick-bed

formulation. The results following the testing

technical know-how, provides region-

technique is still widespread, it is more

produced brilliant performance parameters,

specific solutions and aims at improving

labour intense, requires a lot more

above and beyond the relevant compliance

the industry by supporting local and

material, and is inconsistent. By contrast,

limits. This product was formulated with

international standards such as ISO and

WACKER products make the thin-bed

one of WACKER’s VINNAPAS® ‘L’ range of

other prominent authority certifications.

technique available to a customer, which

polymer powders, specifically designed to

expedite the completion of a tiling project,

enhance the properties of SLCs.

The high-tech machinery installed in the mobile laboratory caters to the varied

reduces material costs and enhances the

dry-mortar and paints-and-coatings sectors.

longevity of the tiled floors and walls.

In today’s highly competitive market with changing consumer behaviours, quality

MYLAB has all the requisite application

Since its inception, MYLAB has been

remains of the utmost importance to MYLAB.

tools and testing equipment to evaluate

an absolute game-changer for numerous

WACKER sees itself as a pioneer in enhancing

customer samples and carry out sustained

customers as well as for Africa’s construction

and developing sustainable solutions for the

internal development work. The equipment

industry as a whole. One dry-mix

construction industry in Africa. M

includes a hydraulic pull-off testing machine

manufacturer from Mozambique had MYLAB

to determine the tensile adhesion strength

formulate several variants of tile adhesives,

of several dry-mortar applications, a

using locally available raw materials and

compressive and flexural strength testing

VINNAPAS® re-dispersible polymer powders.

machine, a linear shrinkage tester, an

He had them tested in accordance with

air-pore-content tester, a setting-time

relevant test standards, and is now set to

apparatus and a gloss meter. MYLAB also

commence production of higher volumes The MYLAB facility in Ferndale, Johannesburg is mobile and can be deployed on-site at the request of clients.

WACKER’s MYLAB has the competence to test customer samples in accordance with industry recognised standards, suggest improvements for potential shortcomings, and enhance product quality classification. The quality and testing standards implemented at MYLAB determine: jj Tensile adhesion strength (EN 12004 – 2, 8.3) jj Open time (EN 12004 – 2, 8.1) jj Slip resistance (EN 12004 – 2, 8.2) jj Compressive and flexural strength (Tile grouts EN 12808 – 3, Self-leveling compounds EN 13892) jj Water absorption of tile grouts (EN 12808 – 5) jj Linear shrinkage (Tile grouts EN 12808 – 3 | Self-leveling compounds EN 13872) jj Flow characteristics (EN 12706) jj Setting time The following standard test methods can also be used: jj Specular gloss (ASTM D523) jj Scrub resistance of wall paints (ASTM D2486) jj Blocking resistance of architectural paints (ASTM D4946).


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w w w.lm s m a g a z i n e .c o. z a

“Bona diagnosis bona curatio”* We translate the facts *Good Diagnosis, Good Cure.

To initiate specialised tests or to discuss specific needs with an expert pathologist, please visit www.ampath.co.za



Easier than ever: Preparation of standards Preparation of standards of known concentrations is a routine procedure in analytical laboratories. Internal or external standards with very low concentrations are used in these laboratories for highly sensitive quantitative analytical methods to exactly determine the concentration of chemical compounds in samples. External standards are separate samples

a potential source of error. Depending on

used for comparison to test samples,

the type of concentration specified, various

whereas internal standards are added to the

parametres need to be taken into account,

samples to be analysed. The concentration

such as the desired concentration, purity

of such standards must be as accurate as

of the substance, amount actually weighed

possible to prevent subsequent errors in the

and possibly even the molecular weight.

not require the user to recalculate the volume

determination of unknown concentrations

For inexperienced users, recalculation

of solvent. Instead, the entire workflow can

of compounds in samples.

of the compound weight usually takes

progress without any interruptions and the

considerable time, whereas experienced

solvent can be automatically dispensed.


users commonly find this a boring task so

After the solvent is added, the weight of the

Two problems can occur when standards are

inadvertent errors can easily creep in.

sample is determined again. In this way, the balance verifies how much solvent was

manually prepared from soluble solids:


The solvent volume required and the


actually added. This gravimetric monitoring

compound concentration desired are

The Cubis MSA (Sartorius) dosing system

step is considerably more accurate than any

both used to calculate the amount

simplifies workflows in the preparation of

volumetric measurement of a solvent.

of a soluble compound to be weighed.

standards. Once the user enters the desired

The essential problem does not lie in the

concentration and volume of a standard


calculation itself, but rather in the accuracy

solution, the system automatically calculates

Volumetric measurement procedures

with which the amount of the solid is weighed

the required amount of the compound to

are disadvantageous in that they do

according to the calculated target quantity.

weigh in and shows the target weight as a

not sufficiently allow for the effects on

On high-resolution laboratory balances, it is

bar graph with the minimum and maximum

accuracy, such as evaporation of highly

next to impossible to weigh in a compound

tolerances: Although the user hardly ever

volatile solvents, hold-up volume in tubing

accurately to one Îźg or even less.

ends up weighing the exact amount in this

or pipettes, differences in the density of

If the amount actually weighed does

case as well, the system software uses the

solvents, etc. By contrast, gravimetric

not precisely match the target amount

actual weight of the compound to recalculate

measurement methods deliver absolute

calculated, the solvent quantity has

the volume of the solvent and transmits this

values and achieve the highest accuracy. At

value to the automatic dispenser.

the end of the workflow, the dosing system


to be adjusted to reach the desired final concentration. Recalculation of the required liquid volume takes up valuable time and is

As a result, any variations in the amount weighed from the desired target weight will

software calculates the exact concentration of the standard solution. Compared with known, fully automatic dispensing systems on the market, the Cubis balance offers a number of decisive advantages. Fully automatic systems, which take care of dispensing fine powder, granules and homogeneous or heterogeneous mixtures, require exact knowledge of the dispensing properties of these substances. For example, the flowability, size, shape, compactness, density, tendency to aggregate and electrostatic properties of the particles

Figure 1: Weighing compounds and dosing

Figure 2: Results for stock solution preparation

must either be known or visually evaluated.

solvents for preparing stock solutions.

using the YAPP16 Q-App.

Choosing the right dispensing head is not


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w w w.lm s m a g a z i n e .c o. z a

SP ONS ORED C ONTENT Although the software of the dosing system offers the option of managing data sets of up to 100 different compounds, solvents and standards, this number may be too low for analytical laboratories that routinely prepare standards. In addition, preparation of standards is only one step in the entire analytical procedure so centralised data management that represents the entire process chain is recommended. For this purpose, the software of the Cubis MSA dosing system has an interface for the Chromeleon 7.2 SR4 chromatography data system that is designed to manage chromatographic systems and perform data analysis (Dionex™ Chromeleon™ 7.2 Chromatography Data System (CDS) software is a trade mark of Thermo Scientific™).

Compatibility In the software’s component table, the user defines the desired concentration of standard samples: When the command “Send weighing input to scale” is activated, data, such as the name of the standard and the desired concentration, is transmitted to the dosing always easy given the many different dosing

very high number of standards have to be

system. The software application installed on

parameters that have often been only

prepared. For preparation of a low or medium

the balance uses this desired concentration to

qualitatively assessed.

number of standards, the semi-automatic

calculate the amounts to be weighed, shows

system reported here offers higher flexibility

these values to the user for verification and

accessories of such a dosing system to

and saves considerable time. Compelling

then starts the weighing and dispensing

dispense a different compound each time is

reasons in favor of an open-design system

procedure. This process is repeated until all

time-consuming and expensive as various

are the lower purchase costs and, by virtue

standard samples transmitted by the software

dispensing heads have to be purchased. It

of the system’s simplicity, much lower

have been processed.

makes sense to use such systems only if a

operating and maintenance costs.

Beyond this, changing the equipment

The data saved for the standards is retrieved from the balance using the function “Retrieve weighing result from scale” and transmitted to the program. The verified concentrations of the standards and the unit are saved and used for later evaluation. This direct communication interface ensures the highest data integrity as there is no need for any manual inputs, or such inputs are not possible

Table 1: In the ChromeleonTM component table calibration standards are listed.

in the first place, in order to exchange data. Sartorius AG Otto-Brenner-Straße 20 37079 Göttingen, Germany www.sartorius.com Local contact Biotech Solutions Call 011 315 5444 for sales and service sales@biotechsolutions.co.za www.biotechsolutions.co..za M

Figure 3: The Sartorius Cubis range of premium laboratory balances is a recognised standard when it comes to meeting the very highest requirements in regulated sectors. w w w.lm s m a g a z i n e .c o. z a

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Caprids, corvids and cockroaches Goats prefer happy faces

Goats often get a bad rap, seen as stubborn, unidimensional sheep stand-ins. But those who spend time with the bearded quadrupeds testify to the unnerving emotional complexity they display. A new study appears to confirm this view by demonstrating how domestic goats prefer smiling human faces over angry ones. After being hand-fed a few times, the goats were led away while the researcher who fed them was replaced by two pictures, depicting that researcher either smiling or angry. The goats overwhelmingly headed straight for the smiling picture – but only if it was on the right, since goat brains process negative emotions in the left hemisphere. Evidence suggests that prolonged exposure to humans sensitises animals to our emotions, as demonstrated by previous studies of dogs and horses.

Clever crows and their mental blueprints

Long seen as the brainiacs of the bird kingdom, crows are renowned for their feats of memory, including the ability to remember human faces for up to five years. But it seems the clever corvids are capable of even greater craftiness: the ability to engineer tools from a mental image. Quite a lot of mental gymnastics is involved in such a feat. First a solution to a problem must be envisioned, in the shape of a tool, then the optimal way to build the tool must be determined. Crows are capable of all this, as demonstrated by a recent study in which a number of New Caledonian crows were trained to feed cards of a particular size into a slot to get birdy treats. When the cards were taken away and replaced with sheets of paper, the crows proceeded to tear the paper into strips matching the required card sizes and feed these into the slot instead. Essentially, they were creating tools without a reference point – the definition of invention.

Search-and-rescue cyborg roach

Credit: the Dutta Lab

Unless you’re an entomologist, you probably don’t have many fond words for the common cockroach – which is too bad, because they could save your life one day. A team from the University of Connecticut has created what is best described as a cyborg roach, strapping a neuro-controller microcircuit to the insect’s back and attaching wires from the circuit to its antennal lobes. Sending an electric signal to the right lobe will make the insect swerve left, and vice versa, allowing whoever controls the signal to steer the cockroach. The microcircuit also has a Bluetooth receiver, allowing smartphone app control of the cyberroach. It is hoped that cockroaches outfitted in this way can be used in search-and-rescue missions to find survivors under rubble and other hard-to-reach places.


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Space: the final battlefield? Now that official US pronouncements point to China and Russia’s activity in space as a prime reason to secure its own space assets, are we in the midst of a new space race? One in which holes mysteriously appear in space stations and battles are fought not between armies of gun-slinging troops but between ground-based systems and the satellite imaging tech above. Lab Management & Science investigates… On Thursday 9 August, US Vice President Mike Pence took to a podium at the Pentagon and announced the creation of a Space Force, a new branch of the US military hat would deal with threats from outer space. According to Pence, this was necessary because of a space environment that was ‘crowded and adversarial’, adding that, “Our adversaries have transformed space into a warfighting domain already.” $8bn was to be allocated to space security systems over the next five years. While the announcement was met with puzzlement by pundits and the public alike – not least because the Space Force is rumoured to be one of President Donald Trump’s pet projects – many have pointed out the merit of the idea.


LMS  Issue 4 | 2018

For one thing, the possibility of a space technology arms race between the US, Russia and China has been the talk of the town in Washington DC for some time. The militarisation of space is a constant feature of global defence strategy, and recent quantum leaps in weapons technology by the Russians and Chinese have placed the US on edge. This led General John Hyten, the general in charge of US space operations, to declare that the Chinese and Russians are, “Building those capabilities to challenge the United States of America, to challenge our allies, and to change the balance of power in the world.” The announcement of a Space Force came a few months after Russian president Vladimir Putin unveiled a series

of incredibly high-tech superweapons that he claimed are decades of advance of Russia’s adversaries. The Chinese, meanwhile, have been perfecting satellite-killing technologies such as ground based direct ascent missiles, signal jammers and laser weapons that can dazzle or blind satellites. This is a grave threat to high-tech modern militaries that have incorporated satellite imaging and intelligence as an essential part of their arsenals. Drones, air strikes and ship or ground-based artillery, three of the mainstays of Western military interventions in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria, would be crippled by the sudden loss of imaging capability. Last year the US’ Worldwide Threat Assessment of the US Intelligence w w w.lm s m a g a z i n e .c o. z a

SPACE NE WS Community directly mentioned Russia and China’s space militarisation efforts. “Foreign countries – particularly China and Russia – will continue to expand their space-based reconnaissance, communications, and navigation systems in terms of the numbers of satellites, the breadth of their capability, and the applications for use.” The document also calculated that Russo-Chinese satellite-killing capabilities would reach ‘initial operational capability’ in the next few years.

History of space militarisation Space has been a realm of wonder in the popular imagination for a long time, but it has always been a military frontier from a policy perspective. The first steps towards space militarisation were taken by the Germans before and during the Second World War, with much of the scientific groundwork for space technology originating from the Nazi V1 and V2 rocket programmes. The V2, in fact, became the first man-made object in space during its test flight in 1942. After the war, the US and the Soviets competed to smuggle as many Nazi scientists out of Germany as possible under secret programmes such as Operation Paperclip and the Soviet Operation Osoaviakhim. One of the scientists ‘appropriated’ in such a way was former SS man Werner von Braun, who became a bigshot at a newlyformed US agency called NASA. The race to place the first man on the moon was merely one of the more public events in the Space Race. Satellite technology meant that countries no longer needed to funnel valuable intelligence capabilities to scouting or other charting activities, since the ‘eye in the sky’ could now relay exact information about troop movements and other ground activities at the touch of a button. Ronald Reagan’s infamous Star Wars programme (officially called the Strategic Defence Initiative) was not a success, but historians now believe it contributed to the fall of the Soviet Union by forcing the Soviets to allocate more spending to counter the potential threat of such a programme. The creation of dedicated space commands by the major players in the current space race preceded the end of the Cold War. Currently, space defence technologies focus on aerial reconnaissance, the collection of image intelligence (IMINT) via super high resolution photography, and implementation channels for high w w w.lm s m a g a z i n e .c o. z a

speed communications systems that would allow for a real-time view of the battlefield. Using this technology, a soldier could theoretically access satellite imagery to view troop positions a few blocks away.

 The US calculates

that Russo-Chinese satellite-killing capabilities will reach initial operational capability in the next few years.  Putin on the pressure While the US is the acknowledged global leader in space, the Russians have eagerly set to work undermining that position. The recent spate of superweapons announced by the Kremlin is purported to have Washington insiders on edge. They include an intercontinental ballistic missile system that Russia says is invulnerable to defensive measures. Whether this is hype or not remains to be seen, but the establishment was again up in arms in mid-August when high-ranking State Department members spoke publicly about the ‘abnormal’ behaviour of a particular Russian satellite, which might indicate that it is a weapons platform. Publicly, both Russia and China have declared that space should be a peaceful domain, although evidence clearly suggests that even technologies with peacetime applications such as satellites are being designed with the potential for conflict in mind. While this may just appear to be prudence to some, the US is taking it as an unspoken declaration of war. Perhaps this has something to do with rumours rife on Russian media that the hole that recently appeared in the Soyuz spacecraft was drilled by an American astronaut.

People’s liberation space cadets The People’s Liberation Army of the Republic of China is one of the most formidable militaries in the world, numbering over 2.3 million souls and 7 700 tanks, for a start. But the major Western powers are less concerned about China’s tanks than the occasional blip it sends into space, as witnessed by the Washington panic when Beijing

blew up one of its own satellites in 2007. As Mike Pence has it, it was, “A highly provocative demonstration of China’s growing capability to militarise space.” Their direct ascent missile capabilities have the Americans worried. A 2013 test of the Dong Neng 3, China’s premier high altitude missile, reached a height of 30 000 kilometres, geosynchronous with most Western satellite orbits. The problem with recognising China’s increasing space militarisation for what it is becomes labyrinthine when one has to sort civilian programmes from military initiatives posing as civilian ones. Take their recent space laser announcement. When scientists from China Air Force Engineering University proposed a space-based laser system, it was as a means of clearing the 18 000 objects that orbit Earth and endanger space assets. But Western media was noticeably sceptical about the claim, and perhaps rightly so, since Chinese officials have admitted to preferring dual-use space technology that could be useful during both war and peace.

Space destiny Things seem to be heating up as we approach 2019, with Russia and China collaborating to present a gigantic military exercise at the Vostok 2018 event in September. The prospect of collaboration between the number two and number three largest militaries in the world will only spur the US on to produce newer and better defence measures at a more rapid rate. At least, as the Russians noted, the soldiers who played opponents during the event weren’t wearing NATO or US uniforms. When the US stages wargames, they typically dress the opposing side in PLO uniforms. The Pentagon very recently released a memo outlining plans to get the Space Force up and running by 2020. The effort, which will be overseen by Deputy Defence Secretary Patrick Shanahan, will see the creation of a US Space Command, a branch of the military exclusively dedicated to space warfare, before the end of 2018. The stakes are extremely high and not helped by pronouncements implying that the US concept of manifest destiny applies to the stars. “Our destiny, beyond Earth, is not only a national identity but a matter of national security,” Trump said in June. “When it comes to defending America, it is not enough to merely have an American presence in space. We must have American dominance in space.” M LMS  Issue 5 | 2018 









KNF has optimised some of their pump heads,

The MVP ICON system pioneers the measurement

Parr Instrument Company has a range of glass

the inner and wetted area to transfer explosive

and recording of ATP as well as other key HACCP

reactors that can be converted from one size

atmospheres. LABOPORT FT pumps equipped

parameters and provides new management

to another.

in this way are suitable for transferring gases,

tools to ensure success. Designed with quality

vapours or mists that create conditions in

management in mind, the MVP ICON Dashboard

vessels offered vary from 25ml to 18.75l. There are

which the occasional formation of an explosive

software provides a real-time snapshot of key

three ranges of maximum operating pressures:

atmosphere is likely.

programme metrics essential to managing your

up to 1900psi, 3000psi and 5000psi. The 25

HACCP programme.

to 600ml stainless steel reactors are rated to

Vacuum pumps

An integral component of food

The sizes of the steel laboratory pressure

3000psi. The glass reactors are available from

These ATEX-compliant vacuum pumps apply to

safety is the verification of cleaning and

160ml - 1.5l and rated to a maximum temperature

ATEX II 2G IIB+H2 T3X internal atmosphere. The

sanitation effectiveness.

of 150°C and pressures up to 10 bar.

chemically resistant LABOPORT pump models

The presence of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP),

N 810.3 FT.18, N 820.3 FT.18 and N 840.3 FT.18

a molecule found in all living cells including most

Extreme temperatures

can be used in rotary evaporation, filtration,

food residues and microorganisms, is an ideal

Operating temperatures have now been extended

degassing, gel drying, vacuum concentration and

indicator of hygiene.

to 500°C as alternative materials can be used in

liquid aspiration by a vacuum.

The MVP ICON system measures ATP in

the construction. Where the majority of organic

seconds. The results fall into clean, caution

reactions can be handled in stainless steel, there

Dense polymer structure

and fail areas so corrective action can easily be

are other options available.

KNF has changed the material used on the

determined and immediately implemented.

Special alloy construction can be provided

Essential programme statistics are

for both the internal parts of the vessel and well

structure with few voids provides the basis for

automatically updated each time you sync

as the external valves and fittings. Parr has now

very robust performance during variations in load

the MVP ICON system with the MVP ICON

added the option of a self-sealing O-ring closure

and temperature. In addition, the material forms

Dashboard software, providing real-time

for general-purpose vessels with volumes from

a smooth surface structure, which increases

management information.

100ml to two gallons.

pump heads to TFM PTFE. This dense polymer

the chemical resistance. Pumps are available

Track testing and re-test compliance

with gauges and regulators for precise control of

provide vital management information. Areas that

Fixed head design

vacuum and pressure.

show high levels of ATP should be re-cleaned

Three mounting styles; either bench top, cart or

and re-tested. Understanding the frequency

floor stand, or with fixed head or removable vessel

LABOPORT pump models are:

and consistency of retests is essential to the

styles are available.

• Durable

management of a sanitation programme.

The fixed head design is another recent

• Portable

Create sampling plans to help organise

addition to Parr’s line in response to users who

• Oil-free

test points in ways meaningful to your sanitation

wish to leave inlet and feed lines, discharge and

• Quiet

programme. Test points within each sampling plan

vent lines, condensers and similar connections

• Extremely reliable.

can be ‘shuffled’ to eliminate testing bias.

undisturbed between runs.





LMS  Issue 5 | 2018

w w w.lm s m a g a z i n e .c o. z a








Julabo has a generation of highly dynamic

Mettler Toledo’s Rainin TerraRack line of pipette

Dueperthal has been a manufacturer of safety

temperature control systems with a working

tip racks is an innovative solution to minimising

cabinets for more than 40 years. All safety

temperature range from -92°C to +250°C for

the problem of plastic tip rack waste. TerraRacks

cabinets have been awarded with the ‘High

applications with high cooling and heating

are 50% lighter than conventional tip racks,

Quality’ mark of approval for product design, user

requirements available from their suppliers,

highly compressible when empty and completely

friendliness and durability. Tested and certified

Labotec. The PRESTO systems are designed


products make necessary documentation easier,

for precise temperature control as well as

TerraRacks are composed largely of PETE

for example the quality management ISO 9000

rapid temperature changes, making them ideal

(polyethylene terephthalate), an exceptionally

for reactor vessels, material stress tests, or

strong polyester that is easy to recycle and in

temperature simulations.

high demand as a post-waste commodity. The

Safety cabinet

TerraRack shell, with its hinged lid and front

It is part of Dueperthal’s commitment to have

Exothermic and endothermic reactions

latch, is moulded as a single PETE unit, making it

all safety cabinets tested by accredited testing

exceptionally lightweight. A polypropylene tip deck

institutes such as TÜV Süd and certified with the

Highly efficient components give these instruments

snaps into the shell, adding structural support

GS mark. This provides all users and operators

the ability to compensate for exothermic and

with minimal weight.

with a reliable basis for their risk assessments.

endothermic reactions with extraordinary speed.

and the environmental standard ISO 14000.

Dueperthal cabinets can give you 90 decisive

Don’t need to be autoclaved

minutes of safety at the right moment in time.

lubricating pumps contribute to the new PRESTO’s

TerraRacks have less than half the weight and

These minutes of safety, or fire resistance, are

long service life. The integrated 5.7-inch colour

plastic of conventional racks and, after use,

guaranteed by a fire container test carried out by a

industrial-grade touch panel is one of the

nest inside one another, significantly reducing

Materials Testing Institute. When a safety cabinet

identifying characteristics of the new PRESTO.

their volume and disposal costs. Every rack is

of the type 90 series was chosen at random

It gives the user a clear and well-organised view

pre-sterilised, individually wrapped and sealed

directly from the production department and was

of important information while greatly improving

for maximum purity. Therefore TerraRacks do not

subjected to a fire endurance test.


need to be autoclaved. Between uses, the hinged

Permanent internal monitoring and self-

Once in operation, the PRESTO units whisper quietly and are barely audible in a laboratory. The

lid and secure latch protect unused tips from

Fire resistance

damage and exposure.

The cabinet’s fire resistance was proven in a

PRESTO units are extremely robust and work

specially created fire container in which fire

reliably even if the ambient temperature climbs as


fighters are usually trained for an emergency.

high as +40 °C. Multiple interfaces permit remote

For those who like the weightier, more

Extremely high temperatures can be achieved

control of the PRESTO across networks and in

conventional tip rack feel there is TerraBase, a

through feeding the fire several times. The

superordinated control systems. The amount

durable, reusable base for TerraRack. Made from

team from Dueperthal was proud to see how

of space needed to operate is reduced to a

translucent polycarbonate and with silicone feet,

astonished people were, when after 90 minutes,

minimum due to the closed side panels without

TerraBase is autoclavable, chemical resistant and

the safety cabinet opened, and its content

ventilation slits.

built to provide years of service.

surprised even the experts of the fire department.




w w w.lm s m a g a z i n e .c o. z a

LMS  Issue 5 | 2018 




more details on this later on in this brochure. For further information, new additions to the range,

Extran® Detergents

safety data sheets and of course our certificates

Extran® laboratory cleansers are the perfect

of analysis.

solution for cleaning your laboratory utensils to Millipore’s well-known quality standards. Reliable


processes in laboratories and product facilities are

• Extran® cleans reliably, leaving no

only possible with thorough, residue-free cleaning. Only in this way is it possible to ensure proper scientific working procedures. Everything that

residues. This prevents residues from being transferred into the next analysis or test. • Residue-free cleaning with Extran®. Millipore

comes into contact with chemicals or biological

provides a practical and easy-to-use application

substances must be free of impurities, both before

aid to prove the freedom from residues of non-

and after use.

ionic surfactants after the cleaning process by means of a photometric test. This helps you in

The Ideal All-purpose Cleaner Depending on the type of contamination and the material to be cleaned, the Extran® range of

preparing your own individual cleaning validation, saving you time and money. • Extran® is free from scents and dyestuffs

products offers the ideal solution for the cleaning

and does not contain chlorine or other

of your laboratory utensils and production

toxic ingredients. It thus prevents odours,

locations. Put your trust in many years of Extran®

protecting the health of the laboratory staff in the

experience from Millipore and use our detergents

process. Our laboratory cleansers are also free

for manual cleaning or machine cleaning in

of silicones and oxidants.

laboratory washing machines. Both processes generally require different detergents. You can find




Chemizorb® powder absorbent for spilled liquids

Mishaps and accidents happen. With Chemizorb®,

• 500 g PE bottle 1.02051.0500

however, you can remove spilled aggressive or other

Chemizorb® Hg Reagents and accessories

unpleasant liquids quickly and safely. Chemizorb®

for absorbent for mercury

consists of porous mineral or synthetic copolymers

• 1 set PE case 1.12576.0001 1 set consisting

that are chemically inert and, depending on the type,

of: 500 g of reagent 1, 100 ml of reagent 2, one

are capable of taking up 100 to 400 percent of their

small tub, one large disposal can, protective

own weight in liquid material.

gloves … Chemizorb® Hg reagents refill pack

Advantages With Chemizorb® you can remove spilled liquids:

• 1.01569.0001 1 set consisting of: 500 g reagent 1 and 100 ml reagent 2

• Easily

Chemizorb® OH- absorbent and neutralizer

• Quickly

for spilled alkalis, with indicator

• Safely

• 1 kg PE bottle 1.01596.1000

• Environment-friendly

Chemizorb® H+ absorbent and neutralizer for spilled acids, with indicator

Ordering information

• 500 g PE bottle 1.02491.0500

Chemizorb® granules absorbent for spilled

• 2.5 kg Bucket, plastic 1.02491.2500


Chemizorb® HF absorbent and neutralizer

• 1 kg PE bottle 1.01568.1000

for spilled hydrofluoric acid, with indicator

• 5 kg Bucket, plastic 1.01568.5000

• 1 kg PE bottle 1.01591.1000

• 20 kg Paper sack 1.01568.9020 • 20 kg PE drum 1.01568.9021



: : : : :

+27 +27 +27 +27 +27

11 21 31 41 16

482 386 709 365 931


1060 9020 0199 2060 1731

www.wirsam.com 26 

LMS  Issue 5 | 2018

w w w.lm s m a g a z i n e .c o. z a

W EIGHING EQUIPMENT The Labotec furnace could also inform about the



completion of the process – as soon as the weight

The new Labotec Precision Muffle Laboratory

that are released during thermal processing, an

Furnaces have added balances to weigh the

exhaust system may be installed additionally

materials before, during, and after a process. Designed for combustion loss determination useful in a variety of technical processes, one does not need to open the furnace and take out the contents in order to find out the status of materials. Examples of materials that use this process are sediment, sludge, soil, waste, or inorganic materials such as cement,

ceases to decrease. To eliminate gases or smoke

The basic model consists of: • One-piece, high thermal efficiency, vacuum formed ceramic fibre chamber • Heating elements, embedded in a vacuum formed fibre, are inside four walls of the chamber • Outside casing – metal sheet, powder painting – grey

lime, calcinated bauxite, and refractories firing up to

• Door opens upwards

1100°C. The furnace is an excellent fit for scientific

• Door safety interlock switch

laboratories, educational institutions, ceramic studios and is used in medicine and industry.



System (ATC), which draws heat away from the


weighing cell, thereby enhancing stability and measurement accuracy. The built-in Good Weighing

Laboratory projects involving expensive, rare or toxic

Practice (GWP) approved quality assurance function

substances require the smallest possible sample

actively monitors the balance status. The Tolerance

sizes. METTLER TOLEDO’s XPR microbalance line

Profile function ensures weighing tasks and

incorporates a range of innovative technologies to

results adhere to defined quality requirements and

deliver the highest accuracy in their class and ensure


micro-weighing tasks are simpler, safer and more

The SmartView terminal mounted directly on

secure. XPR provides a welcome combination of

the weighing unit is unique and optimises the

usability and accuracy that is critical in laboratories

ergonomics of weighing small samples. The

where small samples have to be quickly and reliably

draft shield design concept makes cleaning


easy and touch-free sensors reduce the risk of

XPR balances offer outstanding weighing


performance on a very small compact footprint

1 2018/02/15 1:05 PM Page 1 elisha.ramlal@microsep.co.za thanks to the patented Active arium:Layout Temperature Control 3

ACZET MOISTURE BALANCES Aczet presents an uncompromising

switch-off criteria automatically to

and sophisticated moisture balance

match the reference value to the last

with innumerable features and

decimal place.

extensive data storage ability. With

Ultra-fast and uniform heating:

the Aczet moisture balance you can

Uniquely designed circular halogen

achieve higher productivity without

lamp and reflectors ensures

compromising on quality in your

utmost rapid heating, shorten

daily business challenges, since it

the measurement time. A well-

is diverse and can be programmed

engineered heating chamber ensure

according to the individual needs

uniform heating to achieve exact

of the person, being in quality

result with exceptional reproducible.

assurance, manufacturing or R&D. The built-in application

Brilliant Monotech sensor with analytical precision:

programme eases the basic

The outstanding measurement

weighing part of your routine lab

performance of the moisture balance

work in the following ways.

is based on Aczet brilliant analytical

Accurate and reproducible

weighing Technology MONOTECH,

reliability: The moisture balance

the fourth decimal place is not

swiftly calculates appropriate

displayed but is measured and used in calculation of highly precise results, giving high measurement security. Aczet is a global leader in the weighing and balances industry and has been an acknowledged leader in this field since 1986. sales@moncon.co.za

w w w.lm s m a g a z i n e .c o. z a

LMS  Issue 5 | 2018 









Romil is a supplier of high purity solvents, acids

HiPerSolv CHROMANORM high purity

Sigma-Aldrich Chemistry and Merck Organic

and reagents for analytical and life science

solvents, filtered at 0.2 µm and bottled under

Synthesis are the market leaders in Chemical

laboratories. With the increasing importance of

nitrogen, solvents are designed to meet your

Synthesis, providing the most comprehensive

quality in the analytical laboratory and with trace

analytical and quality control requirements.

product range, innovative products, and enabling

level determinations now regarded as routine,

They are also specified to meet the most

technologies for chemical research.

Romil is dedicated to achieving the highest

demanding requirements of HPLC, LC-UV and

standards of chemical purity.

LC-MS applications.

Uni-grade strategy


contact us for more information regarding Greener

Romil’s uni-grade strategy – utilising one grade

• High UV transmission

Alternatives relating to Chemical Synthesis.

for all applications within a defined purity band –

• Gradient test at 210, 235 or 254 nm

removes the risk of selecting an inappropriate

• Low residue on evaporation

grade and saves storage space thereby again

• Excellent batch to batch reproducibility.

KitAlysis™ High-Throughput Screening Kits

eliminating wasted time and effort.

LC-MS grade products feature low alkaline metal

In the high-pressure environment of discovery

content to a maximum of 0.1 ppm. Impurities

chemistry, time is everything. While general

Super purity solvents

causing interfering peaks on gas chromatogram

catalytic methods exist, substrate dependency

Solvents undergo multi-stage purification, for

in LC-MS products are not greater than 5 ng/l of

makes it difficult to predict optimal conditions in

example, the Romil-SpS™ grade (super purity

lindane by electron capture detection, 10 ng/l of


solvent) has organic impurities reduced to parts

ethylparathion by phosphorous nitrogen detection.

We encourage you to explore our Learning Center, Application Portals, and Sigma-Aldrich Chemistry Webinars. You are also welcome to

per billion levels. It is suitable for most routine trace

The VWR BDH® HPLC range has been

A thoughtful screening process is the best way to cover a large amount of chemical space quickly

organic analyses undertaken by chromatography or

significantly extended and now includes over 30

while using small amounts of often precious

spectroscopy. Water content is also reduced to very

different products. They feature:


low levels allowing chemists to avoid the hazardous

• Very high transmittance at 200 nm¯min. 95%

and time-consuming drying of solvents in the lab.

• Very low level of water – max. 30 ppm

Kits showcase the most widely used catalytic

KitAlysis™ High-Throughput Screening

• Very low residue on evaporation < 2ppm.

methods of synthetic chemists, translated into

Super purity acids

LC-MS grade solvents include Acetonitrile

an off-the-shelf screening system to quickly and

RomilSpA™ Super Purity Acids are purified by sub-

83640.320/290, methanol 83638.320/290 and

efficiently identify or optimize suitable catalytic

boiling distillation. This technique imparts a greater

water 83645.320/290 in 2.5 and 1 litre glass

reaction conditions. Now, any bench chemist

purity to the finished product than traditional

bottles. These are the highest quality grade of

can rapidly run 24 unique microscale reactions in

methods, and is better suited to removing trace

solvents specifically manufactured to meet the

parallel with tailored conditions to ensure the best

metal impurities to parts per billion, and even parts

needs of LX-MS instruments. These solvents

possible chance of success.

per trillion levels. The packaging maintains product

combine the high performance and stable

purity during storage and it is best for routine

baseline of HPLC solvents with the absence of

tools, visit https://www.sigmaaldrich.com/

inorganic trace analysis.

extraneous peaks, as detected by GC-ECD.






LMS  Issue 5 | 2018

To learn more and access comprehensive

w w w.lm s m a g a z i n e .c o. z a








Thermo Scientific™ has introduced the Orion

Mettler Toledo’s Titration Excellence line combines

Quality control in the water treatment industry

Star™ T900 pH automated titrators to simplify

additional features such as automated sodium

depends on the routine analysis of a variety

titrations making it easier, more reliable,

determination, coulometric Karl Fischer titration

of key parameters. The lengthy testing must

more reproducible and faster than manual

and an integrated SmartSample reader. Thanks

always comply with SANS 241 to ensure the safe

titrations. Calibrate the electrode (sensor),

to the unique modularity, the titration Excellence

quality of drinking water. This places additional

standardise titrants and perform various types

range can be optimally configured and adapted to

burdens on our already-stretched water suppliers

of potentiometric titrations using one of the four

fit existing and future requirements.

and municipal laboratories. The solution is a

models presented in the series. The Orion Star

The standard addition technique for sodium

system that enables parallel determinations of

T910 pH titrator, Orion Star T920 redox titrator,

determination is an essential part of the new

various parameters with subsequent simplified

Orion Star T930 ion titrator and Orion Star T940

titration Excellence line. The fully-automated direct

data capture. This is where Omnis adds the

all-in-one titrator will help to overcome problems

sodium determination allows analysis of an entire

most value.

of sample throughput or analytical complexity

sample series, saving time and increasing daily

through automation of analysis.

analysis throughput. Even sample preparation can

New modular platform

be automated using additional dosing units and a

The new modular platform enables fully


automated parallel titrations at four work stations.

What differentiates the Orion Star T900 series titrators from other single parameter instruments and automatic titrators are their simplicity. All of

The modularity of titration Excellence now

This means a four-fold increase in productivity

the setup procedures appear on the display in the

enables coulometric Karl Fischer titration to be

on any given day. The titrations performed at

form of easy-to-understand, sequential menus.

performed on all instruments. The feature allows

four work stations can be all of the same kind

Whether your analysis is acidity of juices, alkalinity

analysis of water content down to 1ppm. This

(eg only alkalinity) or a mixture of titrations such

of water, surfactants in shampoo, fluoride in

new coulometric option also improves Bromine

as alkalinity, hardness, chlorides, permanganate

drinking water or Vitamin C in juices, the Orion

Index determination due to the availability of low

index, etc). The user can decide and thereafter

Star T900 series titrators offer a simple system to

current generation.

freely modify the sequence should an urgent

automate your measurements. These compact titrators are designed to: • Offer easy-to-use navigation from setup to live titration analysis to data transfer • Showcase titrations, onscreen instructions

This integrated option requires no additional

sample need to be analysed.

device or bench space, matching the lean laboratory philosophy. LabX 2018 titration software and the intuitive

Valuable data capture time The database then collects all the results and

One Click® user interface optimises titration and

assigns it to the specific sample in a single

and help menus on a large colour graphic

workflows in the laboratory. Users benefit from

report. This saves valuable data capture time and

touchscreen display

guided weighing processes, simplified operation,

secures the traceability of all data produced for

• Create and save up to ten user-defined methods

graphical method editor, results storage, fast

future audits. The real value of Omnis lies in its

• Save up to 100 titration data sets with date/time

sample series modifications and tailored reports.

modularity. Similar to buying apps for an iPhone,

This truly powerful titration system meets

the user simply scales up the functionality of his

regulatory compliance, ensures safe and secure

system by buying additional licenses when the

operation and data integrity.

need arises.



stamp • Facilitate data transfer to printer, computer or USB drive. sales@labotec.co.za


LMS  Issue 5 | 2018

w w w.lm s m a g a z i n e .c o. z a

Titration Excellence Efficient, Secure and Modular Modular Expansion – Suit your needs at any time

Secure system – Risk free titration

Efficient Titration – Run two titration at one time

· · · ·

· · · ·

· Parallel Titration with InMotion Autosamplers · Parallel Titration with Manual Titration Stands · Save up to 50% of your time

Add up to 8 burettes Liquid Handler Two InMotion Autosamplers Karl Fischer Coulometric and Volumetric

Plug & Play Burettes and sensors SmartSample to prevent mix-ups User management LabX PC Software

Learn more about One Click Titration www.microsep.co.za

Johannesburg: Tel: (011) 553-2300 • Cape Town: Tel: (021) 914-0393 Durban: Tel: (031) 701-4705/6 • Port Elizabeth: Tel: (041) 365-5168 e-mail: info@microsep.co.za www.microsep.co.za


WORLD FORUM FOR MEDICINE Leading International Trade Fair

DÜSSELDORF, GERMANY 12–15 NOVEMBER 2018 www.medica.de

Member of 4



• The medical world on its way into the digital future


• From point of care to biobanks • International overview: Only at MEDICA 2018

2018-09-11 MEDICA 2018_Südafrika_Labor_91 x 269mm +5mm_LMS Laboratory Marketing Spectrum_4c_7023


Laboratory Technology and Diagnostics

Sophisticated and precise analyses require precisely adjusted, certified volumetric solutions. Whether you’re titrating reducing or oxidizing substances, acids, bases or complexing reagents in either aqueous or non-aqueous solutions: Merck Millipore offers the right solutions for every application.

• Certified and consistently high level of quality • Innovative and optimum packaging systems • Reliable and precise analyses

Precision and quality Like all Merck Millipore products, Titripur® volumetric solutions are subject to stringent manufacturing and testing requirements. From the selection of the raw materials and packaging on up to quality control, the highest demands are placed on purity and quality.


Volumetric solutions Under the brand name Titripur®, Merck Millipore offers you first-rate volumetric solutions. Volumetric solution described in the European and the US Pharmacopeia are in accordance with the reagents chapter of the Pharmacopeia. For each solution, titer determination is performed under optimum and standardized conditions. All volumetric solutions are traceable to certified secondary reference materials, which in turn are directly traceable to standard reference materials from the NIST. Consequently, all volumetric solutions from Merck Millipore are directly traceable to NIST standard reference material.

Volumetric standard [V.S.] Volumetric standards are used for the standardization – titer determination – of volumetric solutions and for the qualification of the titration system. Influencing factors such as temperature, instrument variances, different methods of handling, weighing errors etc. and the volumetric solution itself can impact the titration result. To compensate for these factors, titer determination under working conditions is necessary in the respective laboratory. Secondary standard reference materials for titration are traceable to standard reference material from NIST.

Titriplex® – for complexometric titration Southern African - German Chamber of Commerce and Industry 47 Oxford Road _ Forest Town 2193 JOHANNESBURG P.O. Box 87078 _ Houghton 2041 Tel. +27 (0)11 486 2775 _ Fax +27 (0)86 675 2175 tradefairs@germanchamber.co.za _ www.germanchamber.co.za

For chelate ligands, Merck Millipore offers the well-known Titriplex® brand to determine metal ions by complexometric titration. In addition to solid substances, ready-to-use solutions are also available in PE bottles and Titripac®. labsupply@merckmillipore.com


LMS  Issue 5 | 2018

w w w.lm s m a g a z i n e .c o. z a



and pump miniaturization - increasing the use of

Syringe pumps have been in use for more than

The early 21st century, saw the development

50 years by scientists and researchers to save

of smart pumps bringing with it an increase in

lives and to conduct high-impact research.

versatility for research purposes and safety to

These pumps are used to control the flow of

patients. There are two broad types of syringe

fluid with a high level of precision. Researchers

pumps, namely medical infusion pumps and

originally developed infusion pumps, of which

research syringe pumps.

syringe pumps are one type, for controlled drug

these pumps in research.

DG Lab Services, based in Boksburg, is

delivery. The first infusion pump was invented by

a leading supplier of syringe pumps and lab

Christopher Wren in 1658.

equipment. Contact them as soon as possible for

Further developments, continued only in the

a quote.

20th century, progressed from an infusion pump for use in chemotherapy to computerised pumps




The RHT Climate has seven calculated psychrometric properties that can be displayed.

The RHT Climate is a 2-channel transmitter. It

These parameters are dew point temperature, wet

measures the absolute humidity and temperature and

bulb temperature, absolute humidity, frost point

from these two values and calculates 7 psychometric

temperature, specific enthalpy, partial vapor pressure

values. It can transmit two of those nine values i.e.

and mixing ratio. Features include high accuracy, a

humidity, temperature plus the 7 calculated values.

bright backlight display, configurable analog outputs

One can log the humidity, temperature or other

and an alarm output with an embedded buzzer.

transmitted values from the RHT Climate to the

The settings are easily done via USB or keyboard.

LogBox, including one other value, such as an internal

Enclosure rating is IP65 and a sensor probe.

battery voltage value, or a refrigerated temperature value. (A good feature on the LogBox Connect is that

The LogBox Connect family provides the RF wireless connectivity.

it comes with one digital input that can be used to log a door opening or log a power supply).


Remote Dispenser Remote RephiLe APP for smartphones

On-line TOC monitor

We always make things Better

All integrated Now!

National Separations (Pty) Ltd Tel +27 (011) 553 2300 Email frances.renwick@microsep.co.za

w w w.lm s m a g a z i n e .c o. z a

LMSâ&#x20AC;&#x201A; Issue 5 | 2018â&#x20AC;&#x192;









INTEGRA launched its compact ASSIST PLUS

The quiet operating Knife Mill Pulverisette 11 from

Rephile offers the Super-Genie lab water system

pipetting robots to automate repetitive processes,

Fritsch is the ideal laboratory mixer for gentle

series, featuring the most advanced water

such as serial dilutions, reformatting, and set-up

mixing and homogenisation of moist, oily and fatty

purification technologies for a diverse range of

of assay plates, which puts automated pipetting

as well as of dry, soft, medium-hard and fibrous

laboratory applications.

within reach of virtually every lab. There is no need

samples within seconds.

The Super-Gene series is designed to

for dedicated personnel or complex programming.

The up to 1250 watt strong motor of the

Intuitive to use, ASSIST PLUS pipetting robots use

Pulverisette 11 and its special knife, fitted with

(RO) laboratory grade water, Type 1 ultrapure

INTEGRA’s electronic multichannel pipettes to

up to four blades, grinds fast and gently, and

and Type II analytical grade pure water directly

deliver flexible, reproducible and error-free pipetting.

can handle problematic samples with high fat or

from tap water. The Super-Genie purification

water content.

system is created to serve as a core workstation

Simply mount an Integra Vioflo or Voyager

produce large volumes of reverse osmosis

electronic pipette onto the Assist pipette holder,

The Knife Mill is exclusively available locally

choose a protocol, and add a tip rack and your

from Labotec. Send your most difficult sample to

or several labs, providing overall control and

labware. Press run and the pipetting task will

Labotec and we will carry out a complimentary

monitoring within the whole water purification

be carried out automatically. New applications

sample grinding for you.

network to ensure 100% reliability right from the

are accessed simply by swapping to a different

generating purified water for a single lab facility

very beginning.

INTEGRA pipette, ensuring the systems will never

Features include:

become obsolete, and the pipettes can still be

• Extra strong motor power up to 1250 watt


used manually when desired.

• Variable speed settings 2 000 – 10 000 rpm,

The system can be equipped with one or two

Its pipette adapter accommodates all INTEGRA multichannel pipettes with fixed and adjustable tip spacing. Programme setup and selection is done using the pipette’s intuitive user interface.

turbo-Function with 14 000 rpm • Knife blades with up to four cutting edges – up to 56 000 cutting processes per minute • Up to < 1 400 ml sample quantity of the grinding

dispensers to dispense pure water and ultrapure water respectively. External pre-filtrations, feed tank, booster pump, distribution pump and leak protect are all controlled by the main system.

Additionally, three work positions are available to

vessel, with the Vario-Lid system for variable

The internal P-pack cartridge further removes

accommodate reagent reservoirs, tube racks and


oxidants, organics, particles and scaling ions to

plates. It also features two dedicated positions for automatic tip loading and tip ejection. ASSIST PLUS automated multichannel pipetting offers: • Precise tip positioning in wells

• Max feed size 40 mm, final fineness < 300 µm, average grinding time 30 seconds (depends on material) • 20 SOPs can be saved and USB interface SOP management

prevent them from fouling of the RO membrane and other purification components. These integrated water systems combine optimised sequence of water purification, delivery and monitoring technologies without

• Optimal tip immersion depths

• Continuous, reverse and interval mode

compromising product water quality. The EDI

• Consistent pipetting angle

• Easy cleaning

(electrodeionisation) module ensures delivery of

• Controlled pipetting speeds

• All parts in contact with sample material such as

superior quality Type II water consistently and

• No pipetting mistakes

grinding vessel, lid and knife are autoclavable for

reliably with no need for special maintenance or

• Strict adherence to pipetting programmes.

sterile comminution.

chemical regeneration.



LMS  Issue 5 | 2018


frances.renwick@microsep.co.za w w w.lm s m a g a z i n e .c o. z a


AERIS MINERALS EDITION • The most intuitive X-ray diffractometer • Direct mineralogical information to improve geometallurgical models • Designed for operator use

EMPYREAN The multipurpose X-ray diffractometer for phase identification, quantification, mineral mapping and 3D imaging

MINERALS EDITION OF ZETIUM Integrated SumXcore technology combines WDXRF and EDXRF elemental analysis. It can also include a small spot analysis tool for fast element distribution mapping

EPSILON 4 • Multi-functional instrument to comply with international regulations • Highest sensitivity on the market • Significant savings on operational costs

Unit 4, Bush Hill Office Park Jan Frederick Avenue Rand Park Ridge South Africa T +27 11 577 0884 F +27 11 577 0882 M +27 82 575 2628 wynand.smit@malvernpanalytical.com



Far-out news from the edges of science Soldiers now pilot drones with their minds

Our sci-fi future is approaching far quicker than predicted, and few organisations seem as hell-bent on hastening it as DARPA, the US Defense Department’s completely not-scary research division. Building on research from three years ago that allowed a paralysed woman to steer an F-35 fighter jet in a flight simulation, DARPA has developed a neuralcomputer interface which allowed a paralysed volunteer to control multiple drone craft in a simulator simultaneously. The volunteer, known as Nathan, controls both the flight paths and actions that the drones take while receiving detailed feedback signals from them. The drones can notify Nathan of threats in the vicinity and recommend courses of action based on real-time intelligence appraisals. DARPA claims to have spent a number of years refining the technology and hopes to achieve a roll-out soon. Brain-computer interfaces are becoming increasingly high-tech and are appearing more often in the private domain. Elon Musk, the SA-born tech pioneer, has announced that his company, Neuralink, will have developed a commercially available interface within the span of a year.

Digital teacher educates Kiwi kids about renewable energy

Learners at a primary school in Wellington, New Zealand, have been treated to the first ever lesson by an AI teacher. Will, a software programme that appears to students as a face on a screen, interacted with learners and answered their questions about renewable energy such as wind and solar power or geothermal heat. Created by New Zealand AI company Soul Machines, Will can be run on any number of devices such as laptops or smartphones, allowing students to be taught in small groups of two or three. Will is capable of responding to questions posed by learners and quizzes them on topics covered. Common questions include how long sunlight takes to reach Earth and how tall a wind turbine is. Students were positive about their experiences with Will, lending weight to futurist predictions that AI could replace teachers entirely as early as 2027.

Scientist claims Earth made of blueberries would turn into jam Sometimes thought experiments are worth engaging in simply for the joy of thinking involved. At least, that’s what we think motivated computational neuroscientist Anders Sandberg, a research fellow with Oxford’s Future of Humanity Institute, when he published a paper outlining what would happen if Earth turned into a giant ball of blueberries. Sandberg begins by assuming that the blueberries that replace Earth are of the big, thick-skinned variety, not the wild, thin-skinned type. It is unlikely that the blueberries will fit perfectly into each other, so the space between them would fill with air, which would reduce gravity on the surface significantly and cause humans to experience an 87 percent drop in body weight. Meanwhile, the air between the blueberries would be forced outward as gravity squishes the berries towards the planetary core. Everything would heat up to the point where the planet’s surface becomes boiling blueberry jam and steam, which would form a quasi-atmosphere. Lastly, the moon would hurtle off into space, released from our gravity.

Anti-ageing pill could extend lifespan to 150 years

A breakthrough by researchers from Harvard and the University of New South Wales has demonstrated how the human lifespan could be extended to 150 years and could allow people to regenerate their own organs as early as 2020. The technique is based on reprogramming cells and utilising the anti-ageing activity of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD), a coenzyme found in all living cells. NAD plays a significant role in generating energy within the body. The study’s lead researcher, Harvard’s Professor David Sinclair, believes that the treatment, which will be available in a pill form, could even reverse paralysis and hair loss. He claims to have selfmedicated with the treatment and experienced a 24-year drop in biological age, reversed his sister’s menopause and turned his 79-year-old father into an avid white-water rafter. Clinical trials have yet to start but it is hoped the treatment could reach the market within five years.


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Refer to Company Directory for contact details Amino acids analysis • Anatech Instruments • LabDynamics • Shimadzu South Africa

Anaerobic workstation • Labotec

Atomic absorption • Anacon • Anatech Instruments • Chemetrix • Merck Pty Ltd • Shimadzu South Africa

Atomic force microscopy • Advanced Laboratory Solutions • Chemetrix • Shimadzu South Africa

Autoanalysers & Consumables • Anatech Instruments • Microsep (Mettler Toledo) • Wirsam Scientific & Precision Equipment

Autoclaves • Air Filter Maintenance Services • Analytical Solutions • Anatech Instruments • Labotec • The Scientific Group

Autoimmune • The Scientific Group

Automation • Anatech Instruments • Metrohm SA • Microsep (Mettler Toledo) • The Scientific Group

Balances/Counting scales • Air Filter Maintenance Services • Analytical & Diagnostic Products • Analytical Solutions • LabDynamics • Labotec • Microsep (Mettler Toledo) • Monitoring & Control Labs • Shimadzu South Africa • The Scientific Group

Battery testing • Bruker South Africa • Bruno Steiner Lab Consultancy (Bio-Logic)

Biohazards (see Laminar Flow) • Labotec

Biotechnology equipment & consumables • Analytical & Diagnostic Products • Analytical Solutions • Anatech Instruments • Bruker South Africa • Bruno Steiner Lab Consultancy (Kuhner) • Labotec • Merck Pty Ltd • Microsep (Waters & Mettler Toledo) • National Separations

Bitumen testing • Labotec • Microsep (Mettler Toledo) • Monitoring & Control Labs • Verder Scientific

Blood grouping • Davies Diagnostics • The Scientific Group

Blood transfusion equipment & accessories • The Scientific Group

Blood virus • The Scientific Group

Blot kits (southern, northern, western) • Merck Pty Ltd • The Scientific Group

Boiling point apparatus • Microsep (Mettler Toledo)

Calibration service & equipment • Air Filter Maintenance Services • LabDynamics • Labotec • Merck Pty Ltd • Metrohm SA • Microsep • Monitoring & Control Labs • National Separations

Calorimeters • Advanced Laboratory Solutions • LECO Africa

Carbon/Hydrogen/Nitrogen sulphur analysers • Anatech Instruments • Labotec • LECO Africa • Verder Scientific

Cement testing • Bruker South Africa • Metrohm SA • Monitoring & Control Labs • PANalytical • Shimadzu South Africa • Verder Scientific

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• Merck Pty Ltd • Monitoring & Control Labs • National Separations • The Scientific Group

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Chromatography data systems & software • Anatech Instruments • Bruker South Africa • Chemetrix • LabDynamics • Metrohm SA • Microsep (Waters)

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Circulators • Analytical Solutions • Labotec

Clean room equipment • Air Filter Maintenance Services • Labotec • Microsep (Lighthouse) • National Separations

Cleaning agents • Merck Pty Ltd • The Scientific Group

Climatic chambers/environmental • Advanced Laboratory Solutions • Labotec • Monitoring & Control Labs

Clinical analysers • The Scientific Group

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Coagulation • The Scientific Group

Coal analysis equipment • Bruker South Africa • Chemetrix • Labotec • LECO Africa • Microsep (Mettler Toledo) • Monitoring & Control Labs • PANalytical

COD analysers • Anatech Instruments • Hanna Instruments • Labotec • Merck Pty Ltd • Metrohm SA • Microsep (Mettler Toledo)

Colony counters • Analytical & Diagnostic Products • Anatech Instruments • Microsep (Interscience) • National Separations • The Scientific Group

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Columns • Anatech Instruments • Merck Pty Ltd • Metrohm SA • Microsep (Waters) • Shimadzu South Africa

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Conductivity • Anatech Instruments • Hanna Instruments • Labotec • Merck Pty Ltd • Metrohm SA • Microsep (Mettler Toledo) • Monitoring & Control Labs

Corrosion • Bruno Steiner Lab Consultancy (Bio-Logic) • Metrohm SA

Crucibles • Verder Scientific

Cryo equipment • Labotec

Culture media & accessories • Analytical & Diagnostic Products • Anatech Instruments • Davies Diagnostics • Merck Pty Ltd • Microsep • National Separations

Cuvettes & cells • Anacon • Anatech Instruments • Chemetrix • Labotec • Merck Pty Ltd

Data integrity • Microsep (Hanson Research)

Data loggers & systems • Hanna Instruments • Monitoring & Control Labs

Deionisers • Labotec • Merck Pty Ltd • Microsep • National Separations

Densitometers • Microsep (Mettler Toledo) • Monitoring & Control Labs

Density specific gravity meters & scales

• Labotec • Merck Pty Ltd • Microsep (Mettler Toledo) • Monitoring & Control Labs

Distillation • Chemetrix • Labotec • Merck Pty Ltd

DNA testing • Anatech Instruments • Merck Pty Ltd • Microsep (Mettler Toledo) • Shimadzu South Africa • The Scientific Group

Dropping point apparatus • Microsep (Mettler Toledo)

Drug testing • Analytical & Diagnostic Products • Bruker South Africa • Chemetrix • Davies Diagnostics

Dryers • Labotec

Dynamic mechanical analysers • Microsep (Mettler Toledo)

Electrochemical analysers • Analytical Solutions • Anatech Instruments • Bruno Steiner Lab Consultancy (Bio-Logic) • Labotec • Metrohm SA • Microsep (Mettler Toledo)

Electrodes • Analytical Solutions • Anatech Instruments • Hanna Instruments • Labotec • Merck Pty Ltd • Metrohm SA • Microsep (Mettler Toledo)

Electron microscopes, equipment & consumables

• Labotec • Microsep (Mettler Toledo)

Derivatizing agents • Merck Pty Ltd

Dessicators • Labotec • Merck Pty Ltd • National Separations

Detectors • Anatech Instruments • Metrohm SA • Microsep (Waters) • PANalytical

Dewar flasks • Labotec

Diabetes monitoring • The Scientific Group

Diagnostic standards • Industrial Analytical • Microsep (Recipe)

Diamond knives • The Scientific Group

Diffractometers • Bruker South Africa • PANalytical • Shimadzu South Africa

Digestion • Analytical Solutions • Anatech Instruments • Labotec • Merck Pty Ltd

Digital cameras • Advanced Laboratory Solutions

Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) • Microsep (Mettler Toledo)

Discrete analysers • Analytical Solutions • Anatech Instruments • Labotec

Disintergration • LabDynamics • Microsep (Hanson Research)

Dispensers/dosing • Analytical & Diagnostic Products • Analytical Solutions • Labotec • Merck Pty Ltd • Metrohm SA • Microsep (Interscience, Mettler Toledo & Rainin) • National Separations

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Dissolved oxygen • Hanna Instruments

• Advanced Laboratory Solutions • Chemetrix • The Scientific Group

Electrophoresis • Analytical & Diagnostic Products • Anatech Instruments • Labotec • Merck Pty Ltd

Elemental analysers • Anatech Instruments • Bruker South Africa • LECO Africa • PANalytical • Shimadzu South Africa • Verder Scientific

Elisa equipment & reagents/test kits • Analytical & Diagnostic Products • Anatech Instruments • Davies Diagnostics • Merck Pty Ltd • Microsep (Mabtech) • National Separations • The Scientific Group

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Embedding media • Labotec • Merck Pty Ltd

Environmental monitoring/equipment • Anatech Instruments • Bruker South Africa • Hanna Instruments • Labotec • Merck Pty Ltd • Metrohm SA • Microsep (Waters, Mettler Toledo, ERA, Horiizon Technology & Lighthouse) • Shimadzu South Africa

Fat determination • Analytical Solutions • Bruker South Africa • Labotec • Microsep (Mettler Toledo)

Fermentors - lab • Analytical Solutions • Labotec

Fermentors - process • Labotec

Fibre optics • Labotec

Filtering equipment & consumables • Anatech Instruments • Merck Pty Ltd • Microsep • Monitoring & Control Labs • National Separations

Fine chemicals • Industrial Analytical

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PROD U C T DIREC TORY • Merck Pty Ltd • Monitoring & Control Labs

Flash chromatography • Anatech Instruments

Flash point testers • Monitoring & Control Labs

Flow injection • Analytical Solutions • Anatech Instruments

Fluorescence • Analytical & Diagnostic Products • Anatech Instruments • Bruker South Africa • Chemetrix • Davies Diagnostics • LabDynamics • Merck Pty Ltd • Microsep (Waters) • PANalytical • Shimadzu South Africa • The Scientific Group

Food analysis equipment • Analytical & Diagnostic Products • Analytical Solutions • Bruker South Africa • Hanna Instruments • Labotec • LECO Africa • Merck Pty Ltd • Metrohm SA • Microsep (Waters, Mettler Toledo, Vicam, Hygiena International & Interscience) • National Separations • PANalytical • Shimadzu South Africa

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Freeze dryers • Labotec

Freezers/ultra low freezers • Air Filter Maintenance Services • Analytical Solutions • Labotec • The Scientific Group

Fridges • Air Filter Maintenance Services • Labotec • The Scientific Group

FTIR • Analytical Solutions • Anatech Instruments • Bruker South Africa • Chemetrix • Metrohm SA • Microsep (Mettler Toledo) • Shimadzu South Africa

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Refer to Company Directory for contact details General laboratory consumables • Analytical & Diagnostic Products • LabDynamics • Merck Pty Ltd • National Separations • The Scientific Group • Wirsam Scientific & Precision Equipment

Genetic disorders • Anatech Instruments

Genomics • Anatech Instruments • Labotec • Merck Pty Ltd

Genotyping • Anatech Instruments


• Chemetrix • Merck Pty Ltd • Microsep (Waters) • Shimadzu South Africa

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• Labotec

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Green histology solutions

• Davies Diagnostics • Labotec • Merck Pty Ltd

Grinding vessels • Verder Scientific

Haematology equipment • Davies Diagnostics • Merck Pty Ltd • The Scientific Group

Hardness • Advanced Laboratory Solutions • Labotec • LECO Africa • Metrohm SA • Microsep (Waters)

Headspace analysers • Analytical Solutions • Anatech Instruments • Shimadzu South Africa

Heating & cooling blocks • Analytical & Diagnostic Products • Monitoring & Control Labs

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• Merck Pty Ltd • Microsep (Mabtech)

Impact testing • Advanced Laboratory Solutions

Incubators (See Ovens, furnaces & incubators) • Air Filter Maintenance Services • Analytical & Diagnostic Products • Labotec • Monitoring & Control Labs • National Separations

Infra-red spectroscopy • Analytical Solutions • Anatech Instruments • Bruker South Africa • Chemetrix • Microsep (Mettler Toledo)

Ion analysis • Anatech Instruments • Labotec • Merck Pty Ltd • Metrohm SA • Microsep (Waters & Mettler Toledo) • Shimadzu South Africa

Karl Fischer water content analysers • Microsep (Mettler Toledo)

Kjeldahl • Analytical Solutions • Labotec • Metrohm SA • Microsep (Mettler Toledo)

Laboratories - accreditation • Air Filter Maintenance Services

Laboratory & GMP training • Bruno Steiner Lab Consultancy

• Merck Pty Ltd • Monitoring & Control Labs

Hygrometers • Hanna Instruments • Labotec • Monitoring & Control Labs

ICP & consumables • Chemetrix • Merck Pty Ltd • Shimadzu South Africa

ICP-MS • Anatech Instruments

Melting point apparatus • Labotec • Microsep (Mettler Toledo)

Mercury analysers • Metrohm SA

Metallurgical sample prep/metallography • Advanced Laboratory Solutions • LECO Africa

Microanalysis • Advanced Laboratory Solutions • Analytical & Diagnostic Products • Anatech Instruments • Davies Diagnostics • Labchem • Labotec • Merck Pty Ltd • Microsep • National Separations

Microfiltration • Anatech Instruments • Merck Pty Ltd • Microsep • National Separations

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Microtomes & accessories • Labotec • The Scientific Group

Mixers/blenders • Analytical & Diagnostic Products • Labotec • Merck Pty Ltd • Microsep (Interscience)

Moisture analysis • Analytical & Diagnostic Products • Analytical Solutions • Bruker South Africa • Hanna Instruments • Labotec • LECO Africa • Metrohm SA • Microsep (Mettler Toledo) • Shimadzu South Africa

Mortuary equipment

Laminar flow/biohazards • Air Filter Maintenance Services • Labotec

Laser systems • Labotec

Leak detectors • Chemetrix • Labotec • National Separations

LIMS • Bika Lab Systems • LabInfo (TSI) • Microsep (Waters & Mettler Toledo)

Lubricants • PANalytical

Luminometers & reagents • Analytical & Diagnostic Products • Microsep (Celsis & Hygiena International)

Magnetic stirrers • Air Filter Maintenance Services • Analytical & Diagnostic Products • Anatech Instruments • Hanna Instruments • Labotec • Merck Pty Ltd • Metrohm SA • Monitoring & Control Labs • National Separations



Melt flow index • Advanced Laboratory Solutions • Microsep (Mettler Toledo)


Immunology equipment

• Merck Pty Ltd

• Metrohm SA • Microsep (Mettler Toledo) • PANalytical • Wirsam Scientific & Precision Equipment

• Labotec

Mass spectrometers • Anatech Instruments • Bruno Steiner Lab Consultancy (Advion) • Bruker South Africa • Chemetrix • LabDynamics • Labotec • LECO Africa • Microsep (Waters) • Shimadzu South Africa

Material sectioning • LECO Africa

Materials testing • Advanced Laboratory Solutions

• Labotec

Mycotoxin analysis • Analytical & Diagnostic Products • Chemetrix • Microsep (Waters & Vicam)

Nanotechnology • Analytical Solutions • Bruno Steiner Lab Consultancy (Bio-Logic) • Labotec • Metrohm SA • Microsep (Waters & Lighthouse) • National Separations • PANalytical • The Scientific Group

Near infra-red analysers • Analytical Solutions • Bruker South Africa • Chemetrix • Labotec • Metrohm SA • PANalytical

NMR • Advanced Laboratory Solutions • Bruker South Africa • Merck Pty Ltd

Oil testing • Bruker South Africa • Metrohm SA • Microsep (Waters & Mettler Toledo) • Monitoring & Control Labs • PANalytical

Optical emission • Chemetrix • PANalytical • Shimadzu South Africa

Orbital shakers • Analytical & Diagnostic Products • Labotec • Monitoring & Control Labs

Ovens, furnaces & incubators • Air Filter Maintenance Services • Bruno Steiner Lab Consultancy (Kuhner) • LabDynamics • Labotec • Monitoring & Control Labs

w w w.lm s m a g a z i n e .c o. z a


Refer to Company Directory for contact details • National Separations • Verder Scientific

Paint testing equipment • Bruker South Africa • Hanna Instruments • Labotec • Metrohm SA • Microsep (Mettler Toledo) • Monitoring & Control Labs

Particle size measurement • Analytical Solutions • Labotec • Microsep (Mettler Toledo & Lighthouse) • Monitoring & Control Labs • National Separations • Shimadzu South Africa • Verder Scientific

Pathogen testing equipment • Analytical & Diagnostic Products • Merck Pty Ltd • National Separations

PCR/real-time PCR instruments & Consumables • Analytical Solutions • Anatech Instruments • Davies Diagnostics • Labotec • Merck Pty Ltd • Microsep (Mettler Toledo & Lighthouse) • National Separations

Petroleum testing • Anatech Instruments • Bruker South Africa • Chemetrix • Hanna Instruments • LabDynamics • Labotec • Metrohm SA • Microsep (Waters & Mettler Toledo) • Monitoring & Control Labs • Wirsam Scientific & Precision Equipment

pH instrumentation • Analytical Solutions • Chemetrix • Hanna Instruments • Labotec • Merck Pty Ltd • Metrohm SA • Microsep (Mettler Toledo) • Monitoring & Control Labs

Photometers • Air Filter Maintenance Services • Hanna Instruments • Labotec • Merck Pty Ltd • Metrohm SA

Pipettes/diluters • Analytical & Diagnostic Products • Analytical Solutions • Davies Diagnostics • Labotec • Merck Pty Ltd • Metrohm SA • Microsep (Mettler Toledo & Rainin) • The Scientific Group

Plant growth chambers & rooms • Labotec

Plastic labware • Analytical & Diagnostic Products • Merck Pty Ltd

Plastics testing • Advanced Laboratory Solutions • Microsep (Mettler Toledo) • PANalytical

Platinum laboratory ware • PANalytical

Polarimeters • Monitoring & Control Labs

Porosimeters • Advanced Laboratory Solutions

Potentiostats/galvanostats • Bruno Steiner Lab Consultancy (Bio-Logic) • Metrohm SA

Power supplies • Analytical & Diagnostic Products

Protein analysis • Analytical Solutions • Anatech Instruments • Bruker South Africa • Labotec • LECO Africa • Merck Pty Ltd • Metrohm SA • Microsep (Waters) • Shimadzu South Africa

Proteomics • Anatech Instruments • Bruker South Africa • Chemetrix • Merck Pty Ltd • Microsep (Waters) • National Separations

w w w.lm s m a g a z i n e .c o. z a

Pumps • Anatech Instruments • Labotec • Merck Pty Ltd • National Separations

Purge & trap systems • Anatech Instruments • Chemetrix

Pycnometers/density measurements • Labotec • Microsep (Mettler Toledo)

Quality control • Bruker South Africa • PANalytical • The Scientific Group

Raman analysers • LabDynamics • Metrohm SA

Spectrometers • Analytical & Diagnostic Products • Anatech Instruments • Bruker South Africa • Chemetrix • Labotec • LECO Africa • Merck Pty Ltd • Microsep (Mettler Toledo) • PANalytical

Spectrophotometers • Analytical & Diagnostic Products • Analytical Solutions • Anatech Instruments • Chemetrix • Labotec • Merck Pty Ltd • Microsep (Mettler Toledo) • Monitoring & Control Labs • Shimadzu South Africa

Spectroscopy - accessories

Rapid diagnostic test kits • Analytical & Diagnostic Products • Davies Diagnostics • Microsep (Recipe) • National Separations

Reactors • Hanna Instruments • Labotec • Merck Pty Ltd • Microsep (Mettler Toledo)

Real-time reaction monitoring • Microsep (Mettler Toledo)

Reference cultures/ quality control organisms • Anatech Instruments • Davies Diagnostics • Industrial Analytical

Refractometers • Hanna Instruments • Labotec • Microsep (Mettler Toledo) • Monitoring & Control Labs

Repair & maintenance • Anacon • Anatech Instruments • LabDynamics • Labotec • Metrohm SA

Rheometers • Advanced Laboratory Solutions • Monitoring & Control Labs

Rotary evaporators • Labotec • Merck Pty Ltd

• Anacon • Anatech Instruments • Bruker South Africa • Chemetrix • Microsep (Mettler Toledo) • PANalytical

Spray dryers • Labotec

Stirrers • Analytical & Diagnostic Products • Anatech Instruments • Hanna Instruments • Labotec • Merck Pty Ltd • National Separations

Surface/surface area analysis • Advanced Laboratory Solutions • Labotec • LECO Africa • Microsep (Celsis & Hygiena International) • National Separations • PANalytical

Surface tension • Advanced Laboratory Solutions

Synthesis workstations • Microsep (Mettler Toledo)

Syringes • Anatech Instruments • Chemetrix • National Separations

Temperature & humidity • LabInfo (TSI) • Monitoring & Control Labs

Safety equipment & accessories • Merck Pty Ltd

Salt spray chambers • Labotec

Sample preparation equipment/ consumables • Advanced Laboratory Solutions • Analytical & Diagnostic Products • Anatech Instruments • Industrial Analytical • Labotec • LECO Africa • Merck Pty Ltd • Microsep (Waters, Mettler Toledo & Horizon Technology) • Monitoring & Control Labs • National Separations • PANalytical • Verder Scientific • Wirsam Scientific & Precision Equipment

Samplers • Anatech Instruments • Microsep (Mettler Toledo & Lighthouse) • PANalytical

Scientific analytical equipment • Bruker South Africa • Hanna Instruments

Sensor development • Bruno Steiner Lab Consultancy (Bio-Logic)

Sieves & shakers • Bruno Steiner Lab Consultancy (Kuhner) • Labotec • Merck Pty Ltd • Microsep (Mettler Toledo) • Monitoring & Control Labs • The Scientific Group • Verder Scientific

Slip melting point apparatus • Microsep (Mettler Toledo)

Sodium analysers • Metrohm SA • Microsep (Mettler Toledo)

Softening point apparatus • Microsep (Mettler Toledo)

Soil testing equipment • Bruker South Africa • Labotec • Microsep (Waters, Mettler Toledo & Horizon Technology) • Monitoring & Control Labs • Verder Scientific

Temperature measurement/ thermometers/thermostats • Davies Diagnostics • Hanna Instruments • Merck Pty Ltd • Metrohm SA

Tensile/compression testing • Advanced Laboratory Solutions • Shimadzu South Africa

Textile testing • ATS Laboratory

Texture analysers • Advanced Laboratory Solutions • Bruker South Africa • Monitoring & Control Labs • PANalytical

Thermal analysis • Advanced Laboratory Solutions • Microsep (Mettler Toledo) • Shimadzu South Africa

Thermal desorption • Advanced Laboratory Solutions • Anatech Instruments • Chemetrix • Shimadzu South Africa

Thermal optical analysis • Microsep (Mettler Toledo)

Thermo gravimetric analysis (TGA) • Microsep (Mettler Toledo)

Thin layer chromatography (TLC/HPTLC) • Bruno Steiner Lab Consultancy (Camag)

Tissue culture chambers & rooms • National Separations

Tissue processors • Labotec • The Scientific Group

Titrators • Analytical Solutions • Hanna Instruments • Labotec • Metrohm SA • Microsep (Mettler Toledo)

TOC analysers • Analytical Solutions • Labotec • Merck Pty Ltd • Metrohm SA • Microsep (Mettler Toledo & Lighthouse) • Shimadzu South Africa

Tubing • Labotec • National Separations

Turbidity • Anatech Instruments • Hanna Instruments • Labotec • Merck Pty Ltd • Microsep (Mettler Toledo)

Turnkey laboratory design • Wirsam Scientific & Precision Equipment

Ultrasonic baths • Air Filter Maintenance Services • Labotec • Monitoring & Control Labs • National Separations • The Scientific Group

UV transilluminators • Analytical & Diagnostic Products • Anatech Instruments • Labotec • The Scientific Group

UV/visible spectrophotometry • Analytical & Diagnostic Products • Analytical Solutions • Anatech Instruments • Chemetrix • LabDynamics • Labotec • Merck Pty Ltd • Microsep (Mettler Toledo) • Monitoring & Control Labs • Shimadzu South Africa

Vacuum coating • Labotec • The Scientific Group

Vacuum systems & measurement • Chemetrix • Labotec • Merck Pty Ltd • National Separations

Validation • Air Filter Maintenance Services • LabDynamics • Microsep (Waters & Mettler Toledo) • PANalytical

Viscometers • Labotec • Monitoring & Control Labs

Water analysis equipment • Analytical & Diagnostic Products • Anatech Instruments • Bruker South Africa • Hanna Instruments • Labotec • LECO Africa • Merck Pty Ltd • Metrohm SA • Microsep (Waters & Mettler Toledo) • Monitoring & Control Labs • National Separations

Water baths • Air Filter Maintenance Services • Analytical Solutions • Labotec • Monitoring & Control Labs • National Separations

Water distillation/purification • LabDynamics • Labotec • Merck Pty Ltd • Microsep • National Separations • The Scientific Group

Water samplers • Labotec • Merck Pty Ltd

Weathering testers • Labotec

Western blot kit (See Blot Kits...) • Anatech Instruments • Merck Pty Ltd • The Scientific Group

X-ray analysis • Bruker South Africa • PANalytical • Shimadzu South Africa • Wirsam Scientific & Precision Equipment

X-ray crystallography • Bruker South Africa • PANalytical

X-ray diffraction • Bruker South Africa • PANalytical • Shimadzu South Africa

X-ray fluorescence • Bruker South Africa • Monitoring & Control Labs • PANalytical • Shimadzu South Africa

Zeta potential • AMS Laboratory Technologies • Analytical Solutions • Micron Scientific • SMM Instruments

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your testing solutions partner

Sample Preparation Mechanical Testing


Precision matters in everything we do

Thermal Analysis

HiQ - Precision matters in everything we do, which is why our HiQ range of gases and equipment provides the accurate solution you need for optimum control in all specialised laboratory applications.

Microscopy Spectroscopy

AFROX Customer Service Centre: 0860 020202 Email: customer.service@afrox.linde.com www.afrox.com

Surface Science

SmartCall: 086 0000 ALS (257)

SmartFax: 086 1111 ALS (257)

E-mail: info@advancedlab.co.za

Web: www.advancedlab.co.za

Branches: Johannesburg, Durban, Port Elizabeth, Cape Town

Twitter: @advancedlab

AFMS provide certification and supply of biological safety cabinets, laminar flow benches and fume hoods. We supply and install Bsl 3 Laboratories and Bio Containment Facilities and are the authorised dealers for Baker products (www.bakerco.com). We also offer Certification of Clean Rooms and are suppliers of Incubators, Ovens, Water Baths and Circulators. PO Box 459, Honeydew 2040 30 Summit Road, Midrand, Gauteng Tel: 086-111-2367 | Fax: 011-462-1489 Email: afms@afms.bz | www.afms.bz

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Anacon supplies analytical consumables for all major instrument manufacturers and is the sole agent for the PHOTRON range of hollow cathode and deuterium (D2) lamps. Our product range includes: hollow cathode lamps (1.5 and 2”) - coded, uncoded and lumina type; deuterium Lamps for AA, UV, and HPLC detectors; graphite furnace tubes and platforms; and glass or quartz cells (cuvettes).

a Cell Image Multi-Mode Readers a Electrophoresis Equipment a Hygiene Monitoring Systems a Image Analysis a Microplate Instrumentation a Radiation Monitoring Systems a Robotic Liquid Handling Systems a Rapid Microbial Detection Systems a Dry Bath Incubator / Shaker Incubator a Rocker Shaker Vortex a Centrifuge a Magnetic Stirrer

Anacon also provides support for older generation Varian instruments. This includes routine and breakdown servicing, operator training, and assistance with sourcing obsolete and scarce spare parts such as keyboards, disk drives, and printed circuit boards.

a a a a a

For more information on our products or our range of preowned equipment please check our website.

PO Box 6378, Weltevreden Park, 1715

PO Box 731003, Fairland 2030 | 180 Kessel Street, Fairland 2195 Tel: 011-476-5690 | Fax: 011-476-7833 Email:  Anacon@iafrica.com | www.anacon.co.za

Reagents & Supplies Dehydrated Culture Media Ion Chromatography Resins Petrifilm Pipettes Sampling Sponge/Swabs

Analytical Solutions specialises in the supply of scientific equipment to academic, research and analytical laboratories.

Elisa Kits

a Bacterial Pathogens a Food QC / Allergens a Mycotoxins a Pesticides Residues a Plant Diseases/Viruses

Tel: 011-794 5959 Fax: 011-794 5963 Email: support@adpsa.co.za website: www.adpsa.co.za

We are agents for Eppendorf, Erweka, Jasco, Unity Scientific, Biocontrol, AMS France, Dani Instruments, SI Analytics, Microtrac, Velp Scientifica, Fedegari autoclaves, Julabo, Ohaus, Schmidt+Haensch and Microfluidics.

Gauteng Tel: 087-610-0900  Fax: 011-704-7713 Western Cape Tel: 087-610-1000  Cell: 079-699-7987 KwaZulu Natal Tel: 087-610-1100  Cell: 082-872-3235 info@analyticalsolutions.co.za www.analyticalsolutions.co.za

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Assuring you of our commitment to quality products and service • Mass Spectrometry • Water & Electrochemistry • Molecular Biology • Life Sciences • Chromatography • Spectroscopy

www.anatech.co.za PO Box 98485, Sloane Park, 2152 T: 011 462 6776 F: 011 704 6490 sales@anatech.co.za

Quality Control Instruments to ISO BAMR is a family run business that supplies, repairs, services and calibrates instruments in the Coatings, Corrosion, Physical Paint Test and Allied Industries since 1946. Instruments include: Abrasion, Adhesion, Climate, Coating Thickness (Elcometer), Density, Elasticity, Film Applicators, Fineness of Grind, Gloss (Elcometer), Reflectometers, IQ gauges (Rhopoint), Hardness, Moisture (Max Doser, Protimeter, Tramex), Pinhole and Spark, Surface Profiles, Salt, Dust and Cleanliness, Ultrasonic Material Thickness, Viscosity Cups and Rotational Testers

PO Box 23973, Claremont 7735 Tel: 021-683-2100 Email: sales@bamr.co.za www.bamr.co.za


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ď&#x20AC;&#x20AC;ď&#x20AC;&#x20AC; ď&#x20AC;&#x152; ď&#x20AC;&#x20AC; EVERYTHING YOU NEED ď&#x20AC;&#x201C;ď&#x20AC;&#x201D;ď&#x20AC;?ď&#x20AC;&#x17D;ď&#x20AC;?ď&#x20AC;&#x2022;ď&#x20AC;?ď&#x20AC;&#x2019;ď&#x20AC;&#x2018;ď&#x20AC;&#x20AC;ď&#x20AC;&#x2122;ď&#x20AC;&#x20AC;ď&#x20AC;?ď&#x20AC;&#x17D;ď&#x20AC;&#x17D;ď&#x20AC;&#x2014;ď&#x20AC;&#x201D;ď&#x20AC;?ď&#x20AC;&#x17D;ď&#x20AC;&#x2DC;ď&#x20AC;&#x20AC;ď&#x20AC;&#x2122;ď&#x20AC;&#x20AC;ď&#x20AC;&#x17D;ď&#x20AC;&#x2019;ď&#x20AC;&#x2018;ď&#x20AC;&#x2022;ď&#x20AC;?ď&#x20AC;&#x2022;ď&#x20AC;&#x2013;ď&#x20AC;?ď&#x20AC;&#x2018;ď&#x20AC;&#x17D;ď&#x20AC;&#x2DC;ď&#x20AC;&#x20AC;

Bruker is a leading developer and supplier of innovative analytical instrumentation to the Academic, Research and production environment. The company offers products in the following fields: X-Ray (XRF, XRD and SC-XRD), Infra-Red (FT-IR, Raman, NIR and imaging), Mass Spectrometry (ESI-MS and Maldi-TOF), magnetic spectroscopy (NMR, EPR and pre-clinical MRI), GC-TQ-MS, LC-TQ-MS and microCT.

We     are Sartorius in    South Africa

21 Bavaria Avenue, Midrand, South Africa P O Box 6553, House 1685 South Africa Tel 011 315 5444 | Fax 086 477 6390 sales@biotechsolutions.co.za www.biotechsolutions.co.za

Innovation with Integrity Bruker South Africa Tel: +27(0)11-463-6040 info.za@bruker.com www.bruker.com/za

Bruno Steiner Lab Consultancy is a supplier of the following high technology lab equipment for the sub-saharan countries: â&#x20AC;˘Â Advion: Compact and affordable high performance Mass Spectrometer & HPLC â&#x20AC;˘Â Bio-Logic: High performance instruments for the research lab  - Electrochemistry, Battery & fuel cell, Sensor development, Nanotechnology and Corrosion â&#x20AC;˘Â Camag: The world leader in Thin Layer Chromatography (HPTLC/TLC) â&#x20AC;˘Â Kuhner: The worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s most reliable Shaker/ Shaking Incubator from grams up to 2 tons Office: +27 11 804 3503 fax: +27 86 719 2778 email: bruno@bslc.co.za www.bslc.co.za Address: PO Box 773, Gallo Manor 2052

Davies Diagnostics (Pty) Ltd

Authorized Distributor

Chemical Analysis Solutions Clean Room Maintenance offers an unparalleled quality service in the maintenance & validation of containment systems and supply of consumables in the air filtration & purification industry. Proudly and expertly for 30 years and more to come, we supply; install and service all types of Fume Hoods, biohazard safety cabinets; HVAC units and laminar flow units. We provide objective particle count testing of cleanrooms; hospital theatres and we also supply and fit all types of primary, secondary and HEPA filters for all your air purification needs. 16 Berlandina Street, Roodepoort 1724 PO Box 4193, Hamberg 1726 Tel: +27 11 763 8820 Cell: 083 585 0786 | Fax: +27-11-763 2769 Email:â&#x20AC;&#x201A;cynthiak@cleanroom.co.za

Chemetrix (Pty) Limited | 400 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 16th Road | Block H Central Park | Midrand Tel +27 11 541 9801 | Fax +27 11 541 9802 Countrywide support call centre 0860-AGILENT (0860 244 5368) Website : www.chemetrix.co.za Email lynnettel@chemetrix.co.za


Offices in Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town and Nairobi

We offer EXTRAordinary service to all laboratories. Our staff is technically qualified to offer full technical support of all our products. Our product range covers microbiology, haematology, virology, immunology, serology, blood transfusion, molecular biology, immunohistochemistry and general laboratory products. P O Box 3222, Randburg, 2125 Tel:

+27 11 777 7600


+27 11 787 6917

Email: mkt@daviesdiag.co.za www.daviesdiagnostics.co.za

Innovative Solutions for Your Laboratory Requirements!

Your trusted source for 26 years!

Hanna Instruments produce the following products: Chemical Test Kits, pH, Conductivity, TDS, ISE, Titration, Dissolved Oxygen, Multi-Parameters Meters, Magnetic Stirrers, Photometers, Chemical Oxygen Demand, Turbidity, Refractometers, Temperature, Relative Humidity, Lux, Process Instrumentation and Dosing Pumps. Head office (JHB) 6 Vernon Road, Morninghill, Bedfordview T: (011) 615 6076 | F: (011) 615 8582 | E: hanna@hanna.co.za CAPE TOWN BRANCH Unit B, 18 Bellville Business Park, Belville, Cape Town T: (021) 946 1722 | F: (021) 946 1723 | E: ct@hanna.co.za DURBAN BRANCH 2 Sunnyside Centre, 48 Sunnyside Lane, Pinetown T: (031) 701 2711 | F: (031) 701 2706 | E: durban@hanna.co.za

www.hanna.co.za w w w.lm s m a g a z i n e .c o. z a

Laboratory Design & Supply â&#x20AC;˘ Scientific & Precision Equipment â&#x20AC;˘ Calibration & Services

Our vision and goal is to constantly add value by: l l l l

Supplying premium products Increasing footprint in African market Improving quality of laboratory results Spares holdings and back-up support

Tel: +27 (0) 11 916 5000 E-mail: info@imp.co.za www.imp.co.za / www.impautomation.com

816 1416

Industrial Analytical (Pty) Ltd. (part of LGC Standards), an ISO 9001:2008 certified and BBBEE rated company, specialises in the supply of Certified Reference Materials (CRMs)/ reference standards, ISO accreditedSolution Standards for ICP/ AAS, Fine Chemicals (high purity metals/compounds and HPLC solvents) and Claisse fusion equipment. ISO Certificates of Analysis (COA), with guaranteed purities (up to 99.999999% pure) and MSDS supplied with our products.

PO Box 12897, Vorna Valley 1686 Tel: 011-466-4321 | Fax: 011-466-4611 Email:â&#x20AC;&#x201A;sales.za@lgcgroup.com www.lgcstandards.com LMSâ&#x20AC;&#x201A; Issue 5 | 2018â&#x20AC;&#x192;



Raman HPLC

grow, nurture, evolve...

LECO Africa is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the privately owned company LECO Corporation, USA, servicing the South African Analytical and Metallographic industries since 1976.

Visit our new website www.labotec.co.za

Chromatography parts & consumables

We provide LECO Analytical, Metallographic, Spectrographic and Separation Science equipment, Consumables and related spare parts manufactured and assembled in the USA.

Dissolution Software Columns Water systems

Labotec is your guarantee of


with South African-based after-sales support and service

Tel. 011 675 1266 Cell. 082 498 1111 labdynamics@mweb.co.za www.labdynamics.co.za

Merck (Pty) Ltd

Merck is an innovation-driven life science company offering a broad spectrum of proven tools and technologies, together with performance solutions that help our customers succeed in the research, development and production of biotechnology and pharmaceutical drug therapies.


Tel: 086-006-3725 Fax: 086-052-2329 Email: labsupply@merck.co.za PO Box 1998, Halfway House, 1685

011 315 5434 | 021 531 7660 | 031 566 4870 sales@labotec.co.za

Metrohm SA is the sole agent for the following Metrohm products: • Titration, pH and conductivity, Karl Fischer, Ion chromatography and Voltammetry • Autolab potentiostats • Applikon online process analysers • Near-infrared systems for lab and process • MIRA - portable Raman analyser.

Microsep (Pty) Ltd www.microsep.co.za

Microsep is a supplier of high technology scientific, analytical, laboratory and weighing instrumentation in Southern Africa. Our focus is to provide high quality scientific products and innovative solutions to satisfy the needs of our customers in the general laboratory, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, food and beverage, chemical and petro-chemical, environmental and industrial markets. Market leading brands include Waters Chromatography and Mettler Toledo.

Our products are widely used in industries such as environmental, pharmaceutical, food, mining, electroplating, petrochemical and tertiary institutions for teaching/research.

2 Saturn Crescent, Linbro Business Park, Frankenwald Ext. 30, Sandton, 2196

Postnet Suite 587, Private Bag x29, Gallo Manor 2052 Tel: 011-656-1918 Fax: 011-656-2698 Email: info@metrohm.co.za www.metrohm.co.za


10 Village Crescent, Linbro Business Park, Gauteng Jbg: 011-608-4664 Cpt: 086-010-9259 Dbn: 031-914-2912 sales@moncon.co.za exports@moncon.co.za www.moncon.co.za


LMS  Issue 5 | 2018

Tel: 011-553-2300 021-914-0393 021-886-9157 031-701-4705/6 041-365 5168

Fax: 011-553-2400

Email:  info@microsep.co.za







Service Workshops and Sanas Laboratories for Viscosity and Temperature Calibrations in Johannesburg and Durban.


Supplying Laboratories with Instrumentation & Chemicals for 26 Years


Monitoring & Control Laboratories

Tel: 011-974-1681 Fax: 011-974-1848 www.lecoafrica.co.za


Service Validation Calibration

LECO Africa serves the entire Sub-Saharan region, with offices in Gauteng, Western Cape, Mpumalanga and KwaZulu Natal, and distributors in the Eastern Cape, Namibia, Ghana, Tanzania, Zambia, Kenya, Uganda, Ivory Coast and the Democratic Republic of Congo.





National Separations www.natsep.com National Separations (NATSEP) is the supplier of laboratory filtration, water purification and consumable products for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, food & beverage and industrial industries. NATSEP, a subsidiary of Microsep (Pty) Ltd, is the official Southern African distributor for Sartorius Stedim Biotech, Albet and Amazon Filters. NATSEP provides the most cost effective filtration solution, by combining excellent products with years of filtration expertise and exceptional service. Tel: Jhb: 011-553-2300 Fax: 011-553-2400 CT: 021-914-0393 021-886-9078 CT: 021-886-9157 DBN: 031-701-4705/6 PE: 041-365-5168 Email:  salesjhb@natsep.co.za / info@microsep.co.za w w w.lm s m a g a z i n e .c o. z a

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i /m



PANalytical is a leading supplier of analytical instrumentation including X-ray fluorescence (XRF), X-ray diffraction (XRD), Near Infrared (NIR) and cross belt analysers. PANalytical provides the total X-ray solution by means of the latest innovative technology in X-ray diffraction and X-ray fluorescence spectrometry. Using the best specialists in South Africa, PANalytical offers XRF and XRD training courses. The variety of courses can either be presented at the customer’s site or at the PANalytical offices in Rand Park Ridge, Johannesburg.

PANalytical (PTY) LTD Unit 4, Bush Hill Office Park Jan Frederick Avenue Rand Park Ridge South Africa

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T +27 11 577 0880 F +27 11 577 0882 M +27 82 575 2628 wynand.smit@ panalytical.com

Shimadzu SA (Pty) Ltd

SSS is a highly specialised company dedicated to offering superior support in niche markets in Chromatography and related disciplines. SSS is an OEM distributor for Vici and an accredited distributor for all Varian consumables; Vici Valves and GC Detectors; Precision Sampling Syringes; ChromPerfect Data Systems; Hamilton Syringes; SGE Syringes & Supplies; National Scientific Vials, Septa, Syringe Filters, Caps etc; Bohlender Teflon Products; GL Science Leak Detectors; Specialised and Refurbished Instruments; Capillary Columns; Solid Phase Extraction; Nikepal Syringes. Training is a priority at SSS and regular hands-on courses are offered. The range is expanding annually and SSS also manufactures specialised Inlet Systems for sample introduction of gases and semi-gaseous mixtures.

Tel: +2711 476 8065 | www.ssscc.co.za


www.shimadzu.co.za Shimadzu SA (Pty) Ltd. offers direct sales, service and support to customers in the Southern African Region for all of their analytical and measuring instruments including instruments for chromatography, massspectrometry, spectroscopy, elemental analysis, surface analysis, materials testing, life scienice research, weight measurement, thermal analysis, particle size analysis and TOC analysis.

PO Box 384 Welobie 1714

Wild Fig Business Park Units 37-40 1494 Cranberry Street Honeydew Roodepoort 2170

Tel: 011-795-2608

Fax: 011-795-1493

Email: info@shimadzu.co.za

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Laboratory Ovens and Furnaces from 30 °C to 3000 °C NEW Ashing furnace with balance AAF-BAL 11/17

CARBOLITE GERO is a leading manufacturer of high temperature furnaces and ovens from 30 °C to 3000 °C with a focus on vacuum and special atmosphere technology. With more than 80 years of experience in thermal engineering our products are used in research laboratories, pilot plants and manufacturing sites worldwide. n Ovens up to 700 °C n Standard & custom built chamber & tube furnaces n Vacuum, inert & reactive gas furnaces

Verder Scientific Pty Ltd 10 Village Crescent · Linbro Business Park · Johannesburg · 2065 Gauteng · South Africa phone: +27 (010) 612 01 41 · sales@verder-scientific.co.za · www.verder-scientific.co.za

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Lab Management and Science Issue 5 2018  

In this issue we look at some exciting developments in the local scientific scene. Among the marvels covered in this issue are Dr Janine Sch...

Lab Management and Science Issue 5 2018  

In this issue we look at some exciting developments in the local scientific scene. Among the marvels covered in this issue are Dr Janine Sch...