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INTO THE WILD 4 Your guide to interesting facts about zoology NEWS 6 African genetic diversity to unlock disease susceptibility 7 ScienceDump 8 South Africa’s twin malnutrition challenges: hunger and obesity 9 Research on HIV viral load urges updates to WHO therapy guidelines 10 Little Foot takes a bow 12 To save climate, stop investing in fossil fuels: economists

PHARMACEUTICALS 16 Smaller and faster 18 Offering complete data integrity 20 Sterility testing made easier MINING LABORATORY 21 Simplify metal mining processes 21 New applications


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STRANGER THAN SCIENCE FICTION 28 Strange discoveries around the globe Bio-Logic SAS:

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Night-flyers or day-trippers?

A new study offers the first comprehensive overview of the surprisingly complex question of when butterflies and moths are active. The research identifies outliers, night-flying butterflies and day-tripping moths, and pinpoints nearly 50 shifts from nocturnal to daytime behaviour over the insects’ evolutionary history. It also suggests that the earliest ancestor of butterflies and moths flew during the day, not at night, as previously thought. The study predicts an estimated 75 to 85% of Lepidoptera are nocturnal, and about 15 to 25% are active during the day. Few species fly only during twilight hours. Their findings are presented in a paper published in Organisms Diversity and Evolution.

New species of extinct marsupial lion discovered in Australia

A team of Australian scientists has discovered a new species of marsupial lion which has been extinct for at least 19 million years. The findings are based on fossilised remains of the animal’s skull, teeth, and humerus (upper arm bone) found in the Riversleigh World Heritage Area of remote north-western Queensland.

How do you track a secretive hawk?

Isotope research could help steer the conservation of many threatened species. A study has found that the rare Henst’s goshawk of Madagascar hunts lemurs in low-lying areas that are most at risk to due deforestation. Researchers could use this isotope analysis to study the habitat and prey needs of other threatened species that are difficult to track.

Insights on cockroaches can help teach robots to walk

Suburban ponds are a septic buffet

Human waste accounts for a high percentage of nutrients consumed by some animals and plants in suburban ponds, new research indicates. The findings appear in the Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences. The researchers build upon an extensive body of Yale research into the effects of fertilisers, lawn treatments, and human populations on suburban ponds. “It suggests that tadpoles and other pond organisms are made up of human waste,” said Meredith Holgerson, a research fellow at Portland State.


LMS  Issue 1 | 2018

Scientists show for the first time that fast insects can change their gait, like a mammal’s transition from trot to gallop. These new insights could contribute to making the locomotion of robots more energy efficient. Using the example of cockroaches, the Cologne-based zoologist, Dr Tom Weihmann and his team were able to show that quickly running insects change their gait at mid-speed. The results of the study have now been published in the journal, Frontiers in Zoology. The research showed that the change in gait at high speed and on a slippery surface was accompanied by a change from static to dynamic stabilisation. This minimises the need of the central nervous system to control the motion while attaining high energy efficiency. w w w. l m s m a g a z i n e . c o . z a

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African genetic diversity to unlock disease susceptibility

Editor’s Note Dear reader, I would like to wish you a very Happy New Year! Welcome to

Wits scientists and partners

was used to study the

and Sotho-Tswana speaking

the first issue for 2018 of Lab

have sequenced the genetic

differences in some of the major

farming communities.

Management and Science (LMS).

makeup of 24 SA individuals of

ethnolinguistic groups in the

different ethnolinguistic origins.

country. In this pilot project,

filled features on local science

In this edition, we have fact-

eight admixed or Coloured

Hope that Africans benefit from genomic medicine

human genomics research study

individuals from the Western

Coloured individuals showed

international discoveries

performed on African soil, aimed

Cape, seven Sotho speakers

varying proportions of

and laboratory management

at unlocking the unique genetic

from the Free State, eight Xhosa

admixture with Khoisan, African

services, products and news.

character of southern African

speakers from the Eastern Cape

and European populations as

We explore high-capacity

populations, has revealed a high

and one Zulu speaker from

well as populations from the

microbalances with Sartorius.

level of genetic diversity.

Gauteng constituted the sample

Indian sub-continent. After

In our Stranger than Science

group of the study. Two study

the inclusion of additional

Fiction feature we take a look

understanding that African

aims were to use novel whole-

representative populations in

of at some strange discoveries

genomes are likely to yield many

genome sequence data to:

the analysis, the study revealed

across the globe and our feature,

Study possible correlations

a much stronger South Asian

Into the Wild explores new

between language groups

ancestry in the Coloureds

research and discoveries in the

and genetic clustering

compared to previous studies.

world of mammals and insects.

The first government-funded

“This study supports our

more unique genetic variants,” said Prof Michèle Ramsay, director and research chair in the Sydney Brenner Institute for Molecular Bioscience (SBIMB), Faculty of Health Sciences at Wits University.

1 2

Investigate the ancestral

We also feature some

compositions of these

understanding of the past as

fascinating science and research

individuals, including

the study confirms general

news articles this month,

historical accounts of African

including an article on unlocking

migration and admixture,” said

disease susceptibility in Africa,

maternal and paternal lineages.

“The next step of progress is to

“We have a richer

news, laboratory innovations,

Wits scientists and peers have

use this knowledge to decipher

sequenced the genetic makeup

Dr Ananyo Choudhury, senior

a space truck that is travelling

what potential impact the genetic

of 24 South African individuals

scientist at the SBIMB at Wits.

from Cape Town to Cairo, we

variants can have on the health

of different ethnolinguistic

of individuals, when we conduct


health-related research,” added

The results indicate that

African populations harbour

celebrate Wits’ optics research

the greatest genetic diversity

that is rated amongst the best

and have the highest per capita

in the world and we explore new

Prof Michael Pepper, unit director

despite a short period of

health burden, yet they are

research on HIV viral load, that

of the SA Medical Research

geographic and cultural

rarely included in large genome

urges updates to the current

Council’s (SAMRC) Stem Cell

separation between the Nguni

studies of disease association.

World Health Organization

Research and Therapy Unit,

and Sotho-Tswana speakers,

This diversity provides both a

(WHO) therapy guidelines.

Faculty of Health Sciences at UP.

there are measurable genetic

challenge and an opportunity

differences between them.

for biomedical research and the

of pharmaceuticals, mining

Department of Science &

These are in part the result

hope that Africans will one day

laboratory equipment, pathology,

Technology (DST), the focus

of varying regional ancestral

benefit from genomic medicine.

test and measurement and new

of the Southern African

contributions, but also of a

The study highlights the

products and services.

Human Genome Programme

random process of genetic drift.

potential implications for disease

(SAHGP) was to capture a

The paternal ancestry was

susceptibility in Africans.

full spectrum of diversity

almost exclusively of African

in under-represented

origin, while the maternal

stone in the foundation to

no further, you will find the

populations. The programme,

ancestry was often of Khoisan

advance precision medicine for

latest in lab equipment in the

therefore, included ethnically

origin, which is consistent with

its people,” concluded Glaudina

product and company directory

self-identified individuals of

previous studies showing cross-

Loots, director for Health

of this issue.

different ancestries.

cultural assimilation of female

Innovation at the DST.

hunter-gatherers into Nguni

Source: Wits University M

Funded by the National

Whole-genome sequencing


LMS  Issue 1 | 2018 2018-01-LMSStripAdvert-LTR-DryWellsRev1-2

“SA has cemented a critical

We also cover the subjects

If you are looking at upgrading your facility with new laboratory equipment, look

Estene Lotriet Editor

w w w.lm s m a g a z i n e .c o. z a

NE WS Space truck to travel from Cape to Cairo

failure, flat tyres and potholes causing all kinds of trouble along

Cape Town-based space-age

the way. But that didn’t stop

software company ZaiLab, which

the team from climbing Mount

specialises in a new take on staid

Kilimanjaro in early October.

contact centre software, tasked

The team stops to have

its industrial design team to

conversations with locals, asking

design a futuristic space truck

10 questions that they record

that can travel from Cape Town

for the Voices of Humanity

to Cairo in 300 days.

website. And those interested

ZaiLab CEO, Nour Addine

can check out the cutting-edge

Ayyoub, decided to partner

contact centre capabilities using

the truck’s journey with his

the vehicle’s the on-board

humanitarian project, Voices


of Humanity, which aims to

The truck, which is currently

record the lived experience of

making its way across Sudan,

a wide spectrum of people. The

is scheduled to arrive in Cairo

intention, in this inaugural

in December before heading

journey, is to spread the message

overseas to America for the

of rewarding conversations

Enterprise Connect Expo taking

across the continent.

place in Orlando in March.

The custom-built vehicle features a repurposed military 6×6 MAN KAT chassis, while the

Follow the ZaiTruck’s journey on Facebook.

futuristic vehicles from science

Wits’ optics research among the best in 2017

fiction films such as Tron, 2001:

Research into optics and

A Space Odyssey and Star Wars, as

photonics by Wits physicists has

well as a heavy duty V10 diesel

been highlighted as some of the

engine. The truck can survive

most influential in 2017.

bodywork design was inspired by

even the toughest terrain, which

The Optical Society of America

has come in handy in its great

(OSA), the leading international

trek across the continent.

society for the field of optics, has

Ayyoub’s industrial design

named research into light and

team jumped at the chance to

quantum communications by

design the futuristic vehicle.

Professor Andrew Forbes and his

His unique approach to building

team at Wits’ Structured Light

his company attracted a

Laboratory as one of the 30 most

dedicated team who share their

exciting peer-reviewed optics

CEO’s vision.

research to have emerged over

The expedition, which includes Ayyoub himself and ZaiLab

the past 12 months. The top research has been

staff members Dominique

published in a special issue of

Vandenhoudt (videographer)

OSA’s monthly news magazine,

and Roelf Mulder (industrial

Optics & Photonics News.

designer), set off from Cape

OSA says a panel of editors

Town in September. The route

reviewed 125 research

has thus far taken them north

summaries from scientists from

via Namibia and through

around the world and selected

Zambia, Tanzania and Sudan.

30 that they felt most ‘clearly

The journey hasn’t been without

communicated breakthroughs

its challenges, with electronic

of interest to the optics community’, among them Forbes’ article, titled: Blurring the ClassicalQuantum Divide. Forbes and his team published this research earlier this year in Nature Physics, in a paper titled:

w w w.lm s m a g a z i n e .c o. z a


Feeling woozy?  Time to check the tattoo

Harvard and MIT researchers have developed smart tattoo ink capable of monitoring health by changing colour to alert an athlete if he/she is dehydrated or a diabetic if their blood sugar rises, Harvard reports. The work, conducted by two postdoctoral fellows at Harvard Medical School, led by Katia Vega at MIT’s Media Lab, paired biosensitive inks developed at Harvard with traditional tattoo artistry as a way to overcome some of the limitations of current biomedical monitoring devices. The Dermal Abyss tattoo inks change colour according to the chemistry of the body’s interstitial fluid, which can be used as a surrogate for constituents of the blood. Inks developed so far change from green to brown as glucose concentration increases. The team also developed a green ink, viewable under blue light, that grows more intense as sodium concentration rises, an indication of dehydration. Researchers tattooed the inks onto segments of pig skin and noted how they changed colour or intensity in response to different biomarkers.

The results of the infinite series What do you get when you add up every number from one to infinity? Obviously, if you stop this series at any point before infinity, it will produce a very large number. But if you use certain methods of summation that can apply to divergent series, you will get a non-infinite answer of -1/12. Laboratory testing has proved this conclusion, and physicists all over the world have come across the result in string theory equations.

Physicists cracked counterfactual quantum communication In 2018, a team of Chinese scientists announced that they had used quantum principles to transfer an image from one location to another - without any transfer of particles. The achievement they claimed is known as counterfactual quantum communication. Quantum communication, sometimes called quantum teleportation, relies on the principle of entanglement. The idea that two particles can interact and become linked, or ‘entangled,’ so that they affect each other’s behaviour over any distance. If you do something to one, the other reacts in a predictable way and scientists have used this principle to send data from one point to another without actually sending anything at all. In contrast, counterfactual quantum communication doesn’t require particles to interact beforehand. Instead, it uses what’s known as the quantum Zeno effect. That works on the fact that in the quantum world, objects take on many states until they’re observed, or measured. If you’ve got an unstable quantum system, you can effectively freeze that system by repeatedly measuring it.

UCF professor invents way to trigger artificial photosynthesis A chemistry professor has just found a way to trigger the process of photosynthesis in a synthetic material, turning greenhouse gases into clean air and producing energy all at the same time. The process has great potential for creating a technology that could significantly reduce greenhouse gases linked to climate change, while also creating a clean way to produce energy. The findings of Professor Fernando Uribe-Romo’s research are published in the Journal of Materials Chemistry. LMS  Issue 1 | 2018 


NE WS Characterising quantum channels with non-

having inadequate food access. Factors such

What’s driving obesity?

separable states of classical light.

as accessibility, affordability, and quality of

Urbanisation is an important contributor

available food are part of the reason why over

to rising obesity prevalence. Around 64% of

Nature cannot tell the difference between the

three million people (6.5%) reported that they

South Africans live in urban areas and the

quantum and the classical (or real) worlds,

had severely inadequate food access.

United Nations projects this will reach 77% by

The research shows that sometimes

and that a grey area does exist between the

And the health department has raised

2050. Urbanisation is a way to escape poverty

two worlds called classical entanglement.

the alarm bells about the significance

and potentially offers better job prospects.

This has exciting implications for fast and

of the obesity crisis facing the country.

But it also creates the conditions for obesity.

secure data transfer in the future and will aid

Studies have reported that the overall

technological advances that seek to establish

prevalence of overweight and obesity is the

eating patterns in urban and rural areas. In

more secure quantum communication links

highest among South African women. Data

towns, people tend to eat readily available

over long distances.

from the department shows that obesity

fast food, sugar-sweetened beverages, fried

Source: Wits communications

increased dramatically – from 27% to 39.2%

chicken and white bread. Food like this

– among females between 2007 up to 2013.

introduces more sugar, salt and saturated

South Africa’s twin malnutrition challenges: hunger and obesity Xikombiso Mbhenyane and Irene Labuschagne

Obesity also poses a range of health problems. For example, it’s associated with type II diabetes and heart disease.

There are notable differences between

fat into people’s diets. A typical ‘low quality’ meal consists of mostly mealie-meal, bread or rice, with very little animal protein or vegetables to

Many South Africans are going

provide nutrients. The meal is also usually

hungry. At the same time

prepared with cheap oil and lots of salt.

obesity rates are rising. This is

People in urban areas also tend to be less

unsurprising – both are forms

active than those in rural areas, because of

of malnutrition and tend to

the nature of their work.

go together. The coexistence of poverty and obesity is a

Possible solutions

global phenomenon.

Legislation and taxes are very important.

Poverty leads to food

Laws can influence how advertising is done,

deprivation and under-

and taxes can influence the consumption of

nutrition, which in extreme

unhealthy food and drinks.

cases leads to stunting.

Last year South Africa implemented

Research suggests that

legislation in a bid to reduce the intake of

under-nutrition in early life

Guide people to make the best nutritional choice within their

salt and this year it has turned its attention

may play a role in promoting

financial means.

to a tax on sugar. Sugar taxes were

adult obesity. Studies on three continents show that nutritional

conceived as a way to reduce consumption But there are solutions. Some include

of sweetened beverages.

stunting, usually caused by chronic under-

legislation and taxes that discourage

nutrition, is associated with adult fatness.

unhealthy eating and advertising such as

policies to address malnutrition. The two

On top of this the country has introduced

sugar taxes, regulating food advertising

biggest ones are the Integrated Nutrition

to explain the relationship. The most basic

and labelling and mass media campaigns.

Programme and National School Feeding

look at access to nutritious and quality

Nutrition education can guide people to


food. These arguments hold that the most

make the best possible food choices with

food insecure, are often the poorest who do

the money they have available. In addition,

objective is to alleviate short-term hunger,

not have sufficient access to quality food.

school based interventions that promote

enabling children to learn. School based

In 2014, over 10 million South Africans,

healthy snacks with fruits as opposed to

approaches and community initiatives have

19.7% of the country’s population, reported

sweets have been shown to be effective.

shown encouraging results in South Africa.

A number of theories have been offered


LMS  Issue 1 | 2018

A school feeding scheme’s primary

w w w.lm s m a g a z i n e .c o. z a

NE WS They have relieved hunger and increased

intervention should take place at lower

selection of resistance, and lowers the risk

school attendance.

viral loads than those proposed by the

of transmission of the virus to others.

The percentage of learners in South African public schools who receive daily

current WHO guidelines. A team of scientists including Dr Sergio

The South African large-scale viral load monitoring programme yields unique

school meals increased from just over 50%

Carmona from the University of the

insights into crucial aspects of WHO ART

in 2007/2008 to 70% in 2010/2011.

Witwatersrand, Johannesburg and the

guidelines, such as the WHO’s current

National Health Laboratory Service; the

definition of virological failure.

But the government can do more to teach people about affordable nutrition –

Ndlovu Research Consortium in Limpopo

The study of over 70 000 patients

particularly about eating pulses and

Province; the University of California San

attending 57 HIV treatment facilities

legumes, which are a rich in nutrients and

Diego, USA; and the University Medical

has shown that patients presenting

are affordable.

Center Utrecht in the Netherlands,

with detectable viral loads below the

published the study in Lancet Infectious

lenient 1000 copies/mL threshold are at

Diseases in November 2017.

an increased risk to develop virological

We know from national food intake data that South Africans eat too little fruit and vegetables. Food gardens in urban and rural communities could help. There is no single or simple solution to

Dr Sergio Carmona, in the division of Molecular Medicine and Haematology,

failure - ie less than 1000 copies/mL. A quarter of the patients in this cohort,

School of pathology at Wits University

who were on first-line ART, experienced

obesity or under nutrition problems. It is

and head of the Viral Load Unit at the

one or more episodes of LLV. Compared to

complex and there has to be a multifaceted

National Health Laboratory Service, said:

patients with virological suppression, that

approach. Policy makers, state and local

“This study provides clear evidence that

is with less than 50 copies/ml, patients with

organisations, business and community

clinical interventions should take place at

LLV were threefold more prone to develop

leaders, school, childcare and healthcare

lower viral loads than those proposed by

failure of ART. In patients with LLV of the

professionals, and individuals must work

the current WHO guidelines. We need to

highest range (400-999 copies/mL) this

together. A fundamental component of

support the scale-up of viral load testing in

risk increased to nearly fivefold. The risk

nutrition education is to guide people to make

low and middle-income countries as well

to change to second-line therapy was even

the best possible food choices with the money

as encourage adherence to ARVs and close

more pronounced to 13 times.

they have available for purchasing food. The

follow-up of viral load results.”

effectiveness and sustainability of education

Important conclusions can be drawn from this study. The findings indicate that

The WHO guidelines on HIV viral load for antiretroviral therapy

the current WHO-defined threshold for

education is integrated into other food production and public health programmes.

The monumental response to the global

subset of patients who are at an increased

HIV epidemic has led to an unprecedented

risk of poor outcomes of ART.

programmes can be enhanced if nutrition

Research on HIV viral load urges updates to WHO therapy guidelines

number of patients on ART. The goal of

virological failure fails to identify a large

A more active approach to low-level

ART in HIV positive patients is to suppress

viremia is essential to prevent virological

The study shows that clinical interventions

the viral load. From the start of the ART

failure and subsequent selection of

should take place at lower viral loads than

roll-out, South Africa has invested in

resistance. Such an approach should

those proposed by the current World Health

laboratory capacity to enable routine viral

be implemented prior the introduction

Organization (WHO) guidelines.

load monitoring of all patients on ART. The

of integrase inhibitors which are the

implementation of viral load monitoring

cornerstone of ART globally to preserve this

revealed that that low-level viraemia (LLV)

was done largely in accordance with WHO

powerful treatment for the coming decades.

in HIV-positive patients who are receiving

ART guidelines, which advise annual

antiretroviral treatment (ART) is an

routine monitoring, and a threshold of 1000

an important part of the 90-90-90 targets

important risk factor for treatment failure.

copies/mL to define virological failure.

defined by UNAIDS. This study shows that

A large cohort study in South Africa has

Viraemia is a medical condition where

In clinical guidelines for high-income

“Sustainable virological suppression is

patients with low-level viraemia are at

viruses enter the bloodstream and thus

settings, cut-offs for therapy failure are

risk for therapy failure. A strong message

have access to the rest of the body.

lower, and clinical intervention is already

from WHO regarding the risk of virological

required above 50 copies/mL. Suppression

failure after LLV could motivate clinicians

WHO defined threshold for virological

below 50 copies prevents disease

to act when LLV is encountered,” said

failure does not identify a large subset

progression towards AIDS (Acquired

Prof Francois Venter, deputy executive

of patients who are at increased risk of

Immune Deficiency Syndrome – the result

director, Wits Reproductive Health and HIV

poor outcomes of ART. Thus, clinical

of untreated HIV infection), prevents

Institute (Wits RHI).

The findings indicate that the current

Bruker: Your Solution Partner The ideal technological solution for each analytical question • Magnetic Resonance • Analytical X-Ray • Vibrational Spectroscopy • Mass Spectrometry • Chemical Analysis Innovation with Integrity w w w.lm s m a g a z i n e .c o. z a

Bruker South Africa | Tel: +27(0)11-463-6040 | | LMS  Issue 1 | 2018 


NE WS 90-90-90 refers to 90% of all people

Clarke realised soon after the discovery

PAST’s chief scientist Prof Robert

living with HIV knowing their status by

that they were on to something highly

Blumenschine labels the discovery a

2020, 90% of those diagnosed be receiving

significant and started the specialised

source of pride for all Africans. “Not only

ART by 2020, and 90% of those on ART will

process of excavating the skeleton in

is Africa the storehouse of the ancient

have viral suppression by 2020.

the cave until 2012, when the last visible

fossil heritage for people the world over,

Source: Wits University

elements were removed to the surface in

it was also the wellspring of everything

blocks of breccia.

that makes us human, including our

Little Foot takes a bow

“My assistants and I have worked on

After 20 years of painstaking excavation and

painstakingly cleaning the bones from

preparation, Prof Ron Clarke introduced the

breccia blocks and reconstructing the full

most complete Australopithecus fossil ever

skeleton until the present day,” said Clarke.

found to the world late last year. South Africa’s status as a major cradle

In the 20 years since the discovery, they

technological prowess, our artistic ability, and our supreme intellect,” he said. The scientific value of the find and much more will be unveiled in a series of papers that Prof Clarke and a team

have been hard at work to excavate and

of international experts have been

in the African nursery of humankind has

prepare the fossil. Now Clarke and a team

preparing, with many expected in 2018.

been reinforced with the recent unveiling of

of international experts are conducting a

Source: Wits University

‘Little Foot’, the country’s oldest, virtually

full set of scientific studies on the fossil.

complete fossil human ancestor.

The results of these studies are expected

Little Foot is the only

to be published in a series of scientific

Innovative African laboratory network initiative

known virtually complete

papers in high impact, peer reviewed

The Wits-led African Innovation Laboratory

Australopithecus fossil

international journals in the near future.

Network (iLEAD) launched in November 2017

discovered to date. It is by far the most complete skeleton of a human ancestor older than

This is the first time that a virtually complete skeleton of a pre-human ancestor from a South African cave has

with a mission to integrate and optimise laboratory systems to improve patient care. Wits School of Pathology researcher,

1.5 million years ever found. It is

been excavated in the place where it

Prof Wendy Stevens and her team lead the

also the oldest fossil hominid in

was fossilised.

African Innovation Laboratory Network –

southern Africa, dating back 3.67

Ron Clarke excavating Little Foot’s

million years. The unveiling was

skull explained, “Many of the bones

Accelerated Diagnostics) – an initiative to

the first time that the completely

of the skeleton are fragile, yet they

advance innovation in medical pathology

cleaned and reconstructed skeleton

were all deeply embedded in a

could be viewed by national and

concrete-like rock called breccia.”

international media.

“The process required extremely

iLEAD (Innovation: Laboratory Engineered

laboratory systems and diagnostics. iLEAD aims to integrate laboratory systems and tackle obstacles to often-

Discovered by Prof Clarke,

careful excavation in the dark

neglected laboratory space in Africa. iLEAD

from the Evolutionary Studies

environment of the cave. Once

will stimulate new ideas and processes

Institute at the University of the

the upward-facing surfaces of

Witwatersrand in Johannesburg,

the skeleton’s bones were

the fossil was given the nickname

exposed, the breccia in

for diagnostics and laboratory systems specifically, as well as innovate across the laboratory value chain generally.

of ‘Little Foot’ by Prof Phillip

which their undersides

Tobias, based on Clarke’s initial

were still embedded

iLEAD, an initiative that aims to integrate and

had to be carefully

advance laboratories across Africa. “We hope

discovery of four small foot bones. Its discovery is

undercut and removed in

Wits is the SA and managing partner in

that, in addition to diagnostic and pathology

expected to add a wealth of knowledge about

blocks for further cleaning in the lab at

services, we can stimulate new approaches

the appearance, full skeletal anatomy, limb

Sterkfontein,” said Clarke.

to unique patient identification, sample

lengths and locomotor abilities of one of the species of our early ancestral relatives.

The 20-year long period of excavation,

collection and logistics, as well as continuous

cleaning, reconstruction, casting, and

quality monitoring and connectivity. We

analysis of the skeleton has required

also intend to explore big data management

discoveries made in the history of human

a steady source of funding, which was

and a variety of innovative pathology and

origins research and it is a privilege to unveil

provided by the Palaeontological Scientific

molecular solutions,” said Stevens, who is an

a finding of this importance,” said Clarke.

Trust (PAST) – a Johannesburg-based NGO

expert in laboratory medicine, a specialist

After lying undiscovered for more

that promotes research, education and

in haematology and has driven multiple

than 3.6 million years deep within the

outreach in the sciences related to our

innovations in pathology services.

Sterkfontein caves about 40km north-west

origins. Among its many initiatives aimed at

of Johannesburg, Clarke found several foot

uplifting the origin sciences across Africa,

first HIV laboratory in the National Health

bones and lower leg bone fragments in

PAST has been a major funder of research at

Laboratory Services (NHLS). Most recently

1994 and 1997 among other fossils that had

Sterkfontein for over two decades.

the team implemented the WHO-endorsed

“This is one of the most remarkable fossil

been removed from rock blasted from the

Prof Adam Habib, vice-chancellor

Her team of researchers established the

TB diagnostic test, Gene Xpert, at scale across

cave years earlier by lime miners. In July

and principal of the University of the

64 centres, making this the leading global

1997, Clarke sent his assistants, Stephen

Witwatersrand said, “This is a landmark

programme for molecular implementation of

Motsumi and Nkwane Molefe into the

achievement for the global scientific

gene Xpert testing globally.

deep underground cave to search for any

community and South Africa’s heritage.

possible broken bone surface that might

It is through important discoveries like

collaborating centres in South Africa,

fit with the bones he had discovered in

Little Foot that we obtain a glimpse

Mozambique and Senegal respectively. Prof

boxes. Within two days of searching, they

into our past which helps us to better

Souleymane Mboup will lead the centre in

found what they were looking for.

understand our common humanity.”

Senegal and Dr Ilesh Jani, in Mozambique.


LMS  Issue 1 | 2018

The iLEAD network comprises three

w w w.lm s m a g a z i n e .c o. z a

NE WS Stevens, who is head of Molecular Medicine

control. But it appears that even the most

has been rolled out consistently as routine

and Haematology at Wits, head of the

familiar prevention strategies are not being

policy among pregnant women only.

National Priority Programme of the National

fully utilised. For example, under trial

Health Laboratory Services (NHLS), is

conditions, insecticide treated bed-nets

includes countries whose northern border

responsible for the South Africa centre and

convincingly demonstrated a cut in malaria

is the Sahara desert like Burkina Faso,

for the overall project. These researchers are

by half. Yet, this year’s report indicates

Cameroon, Chad, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea,

familiar with the unique implementation

that coverage of bed-nets is about 54%. This

Guinea-Bissau, Mali, Niger, Nigeria,

and maintenance of laboratory services

means that nearly half of the people who

Senegal and Togo, the malaria season

required in Africa at scale.

should be sleeping under the nets are not.

is brief and intense. Almost all malaria

The main drawback is funding to supply

disease and death occurs within the three

and Haematology at WitsiLEAD’s network

bed-nets and deliver them where they are

to four month rainy season and over 20

merges expertise within the fields of

needed most.

million children are at risk.

Prof Stevens is head of Molecular Medicine

basic science, research and development,

On top of that, resistance to the only

However, in the Sahel region, which

Studies done in the 2000s to determine

clinical research, implementation and

insecticide currently used for treating

whether the monthly use of anti-malarials

translational science, marketing and

bed-nets has been reported in over two

during the rainy season among children six

business development, to accelerate the

thirds of African sites that have been

months to five years reduced malaria cases

introduction of novel solutions for African

monitored. There is a gap both in coverage of

showed that it reduced malaria disease

and global health security. iLEAD, which was

bed-nets and in research of new insecticides.

by 75%.

established with seed funding from the Bill

Although the 2017 World Malaria Report

Using the evidence from this review, in

& Melinda Gates Foundation, will leverage

shows a plateau of the impact of malaria

2012 the WHO made a recommendation that

public-private partnerships to help drive

prevention and control strategies, this

the seasonal intervention with sulphadoxine

tailored innovations towards these goals.

is not because they have reached their

pyrimethamine and amodiaquine should

iLEAD will establish an Innovation

full potential. Far from it. The current

be given at monthly intervals for three to

Pipeline to help innovators develop

interventions are hardly enough to

four months in parts of sub Saharan Africa

products from ‘concept and design’

eradicate malaria but if fully put to use,

with highly seasonal malaria and where the

through ‘clinical validation for launch

thousands of lives would be saved.

parasite is sensitive to these drugs.

readiness’. As successful innovations exit

“If the rate of decline of malaria disease

However, the 2017 World Malaria Report

the pipeline, they will be introduced to

and death has plateaued, we should not

shows that over 13 million children that

iLEAD’s network of implementing partners

pretend that things will get better from

could have benefited from seasonal

to drive real-world impact on patients.

this point,” said Dr Tedros Adhanom

treatment with anti-malarials in 2016 were

Source: Wits University

Ghebreyesus, WHO secretary general.

not covered due to lack of funding.

Global malaria report reveals Africa’s hits and misses Tabitha Mwangi Senior lecturer, Anglia Ruskin University The 2017 World Malaria Report provides a

The choice before us is clear. If we continue with a ‘business as usual’

Exploring new fronts

approach – employing the same level of

Building on this strategy, malaria expert

resources and the same interventions – we

Prof Brian Greenwood has suggested that the

will face near-certain increases in malaria

use of a partially effective malaria vaccine,

cases and death.

RTS,S/AS01, during the malaria season may

New interventions are needed to suit a

also be useful in the Sahel region.

clear picture of the work required to control

variety of malaria transmission patterns.

malaria. Data from over 90 countries

New ways of utilising old methods have

will not be as straight forward as giving

reveals a dramatic reduction in the rates of

also been shown to work.

children medicine to swallow. The vaccine

disease and deaths between 2010 to 2015.

But rolling out the malaria vaccine

requires refrigeration and the children

But malaria deaths remained unchanged in

New strategies needed

will need to receive multiple injections to

Africa from 2015 to 2016.

Giving anti-malarials to healthy people to

attain efficacy. The potential of seasonal

prevent malaria disease and death is not a

vaccination would be worth the difficulties

number of malaria deaths stalled

new thing and is used routinely in pregnant

if new malaria vaccines with better efficacy

in South-East Asia and the Western

women, pre-school children, school

would be developed.

Pacific while increasing in the Eastern

children and whole communities in malaria

Mediterranean and the Americas.

endemic areas. Despite the evidence

A promising future

available on the utility of this approach, it

In the meantime, there are simpler ways

During the same time period, the

There is no magic bullet yet for malaria



: : : : :

+27 +27 +27 +27 +27

11 21 31 41 16

482 386 709 365 931

1060 9020 0199 2060 1731 w w w.lm s m a g a z i n e .c o. z a

LMS  Issue 1 | 2018 


NE WS to improve the delivery of seasonal anti-

Useni says his decision to study at SU was

economists said on 7 December 2017, and days ahead of a climate summit in Paris.

malarials to children. In a recently published

based on the culture of academic excellence

study from Mali, the health workers had

and cutting-edge research in agriculture at

to crush the tablets in water and add sugar

the institution. He also wanted to improve

investments in new fossil fuel production

to make it more palatable. How much

his English language proficiency.

and infrastructure, and encourage

better it would be if there was a sugar-free flavoured solution for children? Considering the millions of doses of the drug needed, a

Looking back on his journey, Useni says it wasn’t always smooth sailing. “At the beginning of my postgraduate

“We call for an immediate end to

a dramatic increase in investments in renewable energy,” they wrote in a declaration.

developing world pharmaceutical company

training at SU, life was not always easy.

The December 12 One Planet Summit,

should consider making a more edible

Because my mother tongue is French, I

organised by French President Emmanuel

version of the medicine.

struggled with English. Coming from a big

Macron – with 100 countries and more than

family, I missed the social connection with

50 heads of state attending – will focus on

my relatives.”

marshalling public and private money to

Finally, all is not lost because African countries such as Egypt and Morocco have been malaria free since 2000. According

“But, I was fortunate to have had the

to the WHO to attain this status requires a

support of one of my brothers who was

country to demonstrate that there have been

already in Cape Town when I arrived in

no indigenous malaria cases reported for

South Africa.”

three years in a row. Algeria achieved this feat

Despite his initial struggles, Useni endured

speed the transition toward a low-carbon economy, especially in developing countries. But boosting renewable energy such as solar and wind is not enough, the economists warned.

in 2016 and another five African countries:

and even ventured outside his studies in

“President Macron and world leaders

Botswana, Cape Verde, Comoros, South Africa

agriculture. Always ready to broaden his

have already spoken out about the need

and Swaziland have been identified as most

horizons, he completed short courses in

for an increase in finance for climate

likely to eliminate malaria by 2020.

Leadership through community interaction,

solutions,” they wrote.

It is encouraging to watch malaria

HIV peer education and gender facilitation,

“But they have remained largely silent

disappear in some parts of Africa, raising

HIV counselling, Afrikaans for beginners

about the other, dirtier side of the equation:

hope for the fight against malaria.

and Global citizenship. He worked for

the ongoing finance of new coal, oil and

Source: The Conversation

SU’s HIV co-ordination office on their HIV

gas production.”

First Congolese doctor in AgriSciences at SU

campaigns and outreaches, and also helped

Many new fossil fuel projects already

Matie Community Service in supporting local

in the pipeline, “Will need to be phased

schools with student-led volunteer learning

out faster than their natural decline,”

Stellenbosch University

and interaction initiatives. As if this wasn’t

they added.

(SU) is one of the higher

enough, Useni also found time to represent

education institutions in South Africa

SU at the New Hope Summits.

that consistently produces the most PhDs

While working hard on his PhD, he

Numerous studies have shown that exhausting already developed oil, gas and coal reserves is incompatible with capping

in the country. Some of these doctorates

received a teaching and development grant

global warming at ‘well under’ 2C˚ (35.6˚F),

are also awarded to students from other

from the Department of Higher Education

the target set down in the 196-nation Paris

African countries. One such student is

and Training (2013-2016) that allowed him

climate treaty.

Dr Bilungi Alain Useni from the Democratic

to assist academics in tutoring, marking,

Republic of Congo (DRC) who obtained his

practical work and teaching certain modules

known fossil fuel reserves in the ground,

doctorate in Animal Science on 6 December

related to his expertise in Animal Sciences.

you simply can’t burn all that without

“The science is clear: if you look at the

2017 at SU’s fifth graduation ceremony.

Useni puts his success and cultural

making a different planet,” said James

The first Congolese to be awarded a PhD

integration at SU down to always having

Hansen, long-time director of NASA’s

in SU’s Faculty of AgriSciences, Useni did

a cheerful disposition, hard work and

Goddard Institute for Space Studies.

research on the importance of energy

perseverance. Having achieved the

supplementation for milk production and

pinnacle of academic success, Useni feels

is further hindered by oil, gas and coal

fertility of dairy cows.

that he has repaid the confidence his

subsidies, which totalled nearly half

family and many others had in him.

a trillion dollars (€470bn) in 2014, the

Born in the city of Kolwezi and trained at the University of Lubumbashi in Lubumbashi,

“Through this academic achievement,

The shift from ‘brown’ to ‘green’ energy

International Energy Agency has calculated. In 2015, direct consumer subsidies

DRC, Useni’s association with SU goes back

I believe that I’ve made my family and

to 2007 when he started as a special student

anyone who invested directly or indirectly

for fossil fuels topped $333bn (€315bn)

in the Intensive English Programme at the

in me very proud, many thanks!”

worldwide, according to the International

University. The following year, he enrolled for

Regarding his future plans, Useni says

Monetary Fund. “It is time to stop wasting public money

an MSc (Agric)-degree in SU’s Department of

he would like to work in the southern

Animal Sciences under the supervision of Dr

African agricultural industry and use his

on dirty fossil fuels and invest it instead

Francois van de Vyver. Useni completed his

knowledge to help find solutions for some

in a sustainable future,” said Tim Jackson,

master’s degree in March 2011.

of Africa’s problems, especially those

a professor at the University of Surrey

related to agriculture.

in Britain.

In April 2011 he was accepted by the Western Cape Agricultural Research Trust as a PhD-student to conduct research

Source: Stellenbosch University

Signatories of the open letter also included Jeffrey Sachs, a senior UN advisor;

Elsenburg Research Farm of the Western

To save climate, stop investing in fossil fuels: economists

Cape Department of Agriculture (WCDA).

The development of oil, gas and coal

and philanthropist Tom Steyer; and

Through the project, he gained experience

energy must stop in order to avoid the

Australian economist Ross Garnaut.

and mentorship in dairy farming.

worst ravages of global warming, 80 top

Source: AFP

on the fertility of dairy cows at the


LMS  Issue 1 | 2018

James Kenneth Galbraith, an economist at the Texas LBJ School; American billionaire

w w w.lm s m a g a z i n e .c o. z a


3 1








In 2018, the Swiss Metrohm AG and the global

The Scientific Division of the Verder Group sets

Labotec recently hosted a workshop entitled

Metrohm Group will celebrate their 75th jubilee.

standards in high-tech equipment for quality

‘Latest Sample Preparation Technology’ at

Special events all over the world will give customers

control, research and development of solid matter.

their head offices in Midrand. Guest speaker,

and employees a chance to participate in the

The fields of activity cover sample preparation of

Dagmar Klein of Fritsch, Germany presented this

celebrations, and everyone is invited to follow a

solids as well as analysing technologies.

successful event.

dedicated blog taking them on a special jubilee tour.

The well-known Verder Scientific brands have served research institutions, analytical laboratories

Key objectives

2018, when the Metrohm Young Chemist Award

as well as manufacturing companies in quality

The objective was to show analysts how to

will be handed over to the world’s brightest

control and process applications for many decades

achieve rapid, reproducible results every time

young chemists in a ceremony at the company’s

with ever more sophisticated and reliable products,

samples are prepared.

international headquarters in Switzerland.

which offer the solution to their individual task.

The jubilee year will culminate in December

The delegates were invited to bring their own samples, which were prepared on the

History in a nutshell

New furnaces

Fritsch mills at the workshop. Dagmar Klein

Metrohm was founded on 01 April, 1943 by

A new range of furnaces with integral balance

also covered theory on sample preparation and

the young engineer Bertold Suhner in Herisau,

has been developed for loss on ignition (LOI) and

device-related implementation.

Switzerland. Since then, it has become a successful

thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) applications.

global group with local subsidiaries and exclusive

The AAF-BAL 11/17 and CWF-BAL 11/21 furnaces

Interactive and practical workshops

representations in more than 120 countries.

both have a maximum operating temperature

The interaction, practical demonstrations and

of 1 100°C and are equipped with a maximum

discussion of each of the results were of great

Metrohm Young Chemist Award

capacity balance of 3kg. The AAF-BAL is fitted

value to the participants, who each had the

Young scientists are invited to participate in the global

with silicon carbide tiles to protect the heating

chance to introduce their company, and their

competition for the Metrohm Young Chemist Award.

elements when ashing inorganic samples.

special application.

This contest is open in many countries and will

The AAF-BAL thermogravimetric analysis (TGA)

Most of the attending delegates

culminate in an award ceremony at the international

furnace incorporates an integral balance. It can be

were representatives of the food and feed

headquarters in Switzerland in November 2018.

used for loss on ignition applications where weight

industry, however, the sample preparation

change of the sample must be monitored during

equipment from Fritsch is also suitable for

Join us at our local customer events

the heating process. The CWF-BAL furnace with

efficient use in the mining, pharmaceutical and

Metrohm – isn’t an anonymous corporation, but a

integral balance can be used for thermogravimetric

plastic industries.

local partner that customers have known and trusted

analysis (TGA) and loss on ignition (LOI)

for years. Many local Metrohm companies will invite

applications, where weight change of the sample

Size of the range

customers to celebrate the Metrohm jubilee with

must be monitored during the heating process.

This range covers size reduction and sample

them. Ultimately, the success of the company is all

This is required, for example, in the determination

processing, particle sizing and analysis,

about the trust that customers put in the people that

of inorganic matter content in materials such as

sample dividing and feeding as well as particle

are Metrohm and the solutions they provide.

cement, lime, calcinated bauxite and refractories.

size analysis.

w w w.lm s m a g a z i n e .c o. z a

LMS  Issue 1 | 2018 



High-capacity microbalances Expensive samples or those available only in the smallest quantities are often weighed in small containers or in weigh boats and subsequently transferred to a larger flask or other container. In the process, the weigh boat must be lowered into the solvent or residue still clinging to the weigh boat or paper carefully brushed off so that none of the sample is lost. This procedure is not only tedious but is also a major source of error. Besides considerably risking contamination of the sample, the laboratory technician can never be sure whether the entire sample has been quantitatively transferred into a vessel, as sample is usually lost during this procedure.

Avoiding errors and sample loss Such transfer errors and sample loss can now be avoided by directly weighing

they work with toxic substances. Direct


even the smallest amounts of sample in

weighing of samples protects staff from

The new high-capacity micro balances

large containers. For these applications,

exposure to these particulates. It also

with a resolution of more than 60 million

Sartorius has designed the Cubis series

substantially reduces the risk of spillage

divisions provide the world’s highest

of high-capacity micro balances with

when users employ a spatula to add sample

resolution in a micro weighing instrument

a maximum capacity of 61g and full

to small containers because larger sample

manufactured in large series. This places

resolution of more than 60 million

containers also have wider openings.

extremely high metrological specifications

divisions and a readability of 1µg to enable

and application requirements on these

sample quantities to be weighed directly

The right position

exceptionally accurate balances at the

in large, heavy containers with a capacity

A titanium sample holder supplied with

cutting edge of weighing technology. That is

of 50mL or more, such as long-necked

the balance has been designed to provide

why users should have the proper training

flasks or HPLC bottles. As a result, the high

flexibility, allowing the holder’s angle and

to ensure reliable weighing results. The

weighing capacity eliminates the need for

position to be adjusted for optimal manual

larger the containers used, the more they

quantitative sample transfer. This saves

dosing into containers for preparing stock

are exposed to environmental influences:

an entire step, ensuring that 100% of the

solutions or reference standards. The

Temperature, buoyancy, air currents, as well

sample is available for further analysis.

sample holder accommodates any size

as electrostatic and additional effects all

Since challenging sample transfer is no

and shape of containers, such as long-

have a considerable impact on the response

longer required, users not only save time,

necked round-bottom flasks, cylindrical

time and the stability of weight readouts. The

but also the cost of purchasing weigh boats

HPLC bottles or test tubes. Therefore,

following principle also applies in this case:

and paper. Moreover, omitting the transfer

this ensures ergonomic and reliable

The smaller the sample quantities used, the

step increases user safety. Tiny airborne

dispensing of even the smallest quantities.

larger the relative measuring errors become.

particles are always released during

The extended space on the large 50mm

This also makes handling such micro-

transfer of a sample to a different container

diameter weighing pan is a good solution

quantities all the more difficult. The more

or accidental spillage and during thorough

for vessels requiring a larger support

confident a user is in operating the balance

brushing of surfaces to recover residual

area to prevent them from tipping over

to prevent inaccuracy and controlling

sample amounts. This can unnecessarily

(standard pan size on the 66S and 66P

environmental effects, the better the balance

endanger employees, particularly when

weighing modules).

will perform. In this regard, a climate

Easy activation of Q-Apps

Weighing compounds and dosing solvents for

Results for stock solution preparation using the

preparing stock solutions using the YAPP16 Q-App

YAPP16 Q-App


LMS  Issue 1 | 2018

w w w.lm s m a g a z i n e .c o. z a

C OMPANY NE WS requests with regard to

can be

process integration.

integrated into

Regional Sartorius

the user’s individual

sales engineers

workflows using

are available to

software. They can

provide such custom-

also be adapted by

tailored solutions.

suitable accessories and

These specialists

mechanical extensions to

will visit users at their

specific weighing vessels and

site to define each step of the required

the conditions at a workplace.

workflow and create a Q-App customised to

The Cubis range has now been

their application.

expanded by new high-capacity micro balances. Two full-resolution balances

Accurate dosing

are available with a weighing capacity of

Standards of defined concentrations are

31g and 61g, respectively, and a readability of

used to determine the concentration of

1µg, as well as two PolyRange models with

unknown samples. Such standards need to

weighing capacity range levels of 6g | 31g and

be prepared accurately in order to minimise

12g | 61g and readability levels of 1µg | 10µg.

errors during analysis of unknown samples.

A choice of MSA and MSU display units is

sensor to monitor the ambient conditions,

However, it is next to impossible to weigh a

supplied for combination with either the full-

temperature, barometric pressure and

solid sample so precisely that a predefined

resolution or PolyRange weighing modules.

moisture, provides valuable support.

volume of solvent can be used. With the

Users can also select an additional interface

new YAPP16 Dosing Q-App software

module available in three options: IR (RS-232


installed, the Cubis MSA balance converts

interface, 25-pin), IB (Bluetooth*) and IP (RS-

With the Cubis individual software, so-called

into an automated system for gravimetric

232, 9-pin, including a PS/2 port).

Q-Apps can be directly implemented in

monitoring of all measured values. Its dosing

the microbalance – without the need

application software automatically adjusts

module, without a DAkkS calibration

for running these apps using a laptop or

the volume of the solvent to the weight of the

certificate, calibration service of a climate

middleware. Q-Apps are downloadable

compound and determines the verified final

module with an internationally recognised

application programmes that guide the

concentration of the standard solution based

DAkkS certificate; a calibrated climate

user step-by-step through a workflow. This

on the weight of solvent actually added.

module with a DAkkS certificate; a Dosing

menu guidance ensures that the procedures

Time-consuming and error-prone manual

Q-App for preparation of stock solutions; and

described in the corresponding standard

preparation of standards using volumetric

ionisers with power supplies for 115 V or 230 V.

operating procedures (SOPs) are observed

determination is now a thing of the past.

at all times. Users can choose between a

The Dosing Q-App provides an interface

Sartorius AG

standard and a customised Q-App. A wide

to Thermo Fisher Chromeleon software,

Otto-Brenner-Straße 20

range of standardised Q-Apps is available:

permitting fully traceable documentation of

37079 Göttingen, Germany

These include differential weighing,

all analytical data, including the details of

formulation, average weight control,

the standards prepared.

Accessories available include a climate

Local contact

density determination, and many more. In contrast to the standard Q-Apps, the

The right balance model

Biotech Solutions

customised Q-Apps offer the opportunity

The new high-capacity microbalances

Call 011 315 5444 for sales and service

to programme specific solutions to directly

feature the modular design of the Cubis

cover the user’s individual requirements and

series. These laboratory balances not only M

The Cubis series of premium laboratory balances is among the essential equipment used in the laboratory when it comes to meeting the highest weighing requirements in regulated areas, especially in QC and research laboratories of the pharmaceutical industry. The configurable modulardesigned lab balances can be integrated into individual workflows, extended by suitable accessories and customtailored to special work place conditions.

w w w.lm s m a g a z i n e .c o. z a

LMS  Issue 1 | 2018 



3 2 1







Metrohm introduces the new Mira M-3 handheld

Data integrity is a critical component of

The Captair Smart range of high precision

Raman spectrometer for on-site verification of

pharmaceutical product quality and the information

weighing enclosures from Erlab is designed to

materials in seconds.

submitted to regulatory agencies. As regulators

provide safety for the operator, a stable base

continue to tighten their inspection approaches,

during precision weighing tasks and remote

New handheld spectrometer

it is critical for managers and scientists regulated

control of parameters in real time with the new

The Mira M-3 is the new handheld Raman

GXP laboratories to understand the key issues

app. A high level of containment using protective

spectrometer from Metrohm. Barely larger than a

surrounding data integrity. Mettler Toledo’s

airflow and filtration performance will provide

smartphone, the Mira M-3 enables true single-

LabX laboratory system is able to connect a

a filtration efficiency of 99.995% for particles

handed operation. The new Metrohm Raman

variety of laboratory instruments and meets all

larger than 0.3µ. For precise results the Captair

spectrometer meets the regulatory requirements

data integrity criteria and requirements. LabX

Smart Weighing enclosures are designed to

of the FDA 21 CFR Part 11 making it the preferred

software comprises several modules designed

allow weights to be measured with a precision

solution for fast, straightforward QC in the

to accompany Mettler Toledo instrumentation,

up to 10-6g.

pharmaceutical industry.

such as precision and analytical balances, density meters, refractometers, autotitrators, Karl Fisher

How it operates

Customise flexibility

titrators, melting point instruments, Quantos dosing

The way it works is residual powder of 0.3µ

Operating procedures can be customised on

systems, pH meters and UV/VIS systems, and

or higher is first trapped by a pre-filter, then

the Mira M-3 to allow sampling flexibility. Routine

offers complete instrument control, user friendly

by a HEPA H14 filter, while a special shield

users start their measurements at the push of

data management, and integration into LIMS.

reduces air speed at the work surface level

a button to verify the identity of materials with a pass/fail result in a few seconds.

LabX thus allows one to fully control

to virtually eliminate surface fluctuations. For

measurements from anywhere. LabX brings

liquid chemicals, a high efficiency carbon filter

power to the laboratory bench with automatic data

ULPA17 is used. Both these filters can be used

Dedicated sampling attachments

handling, high process security and full SOP user

together. To further improve accuracy and

Dedicated sampling attachments such as a vial

guidance. To ensure data integrity with LabX in the

eliminate turbulences, particularly when using

holder (for powders and liquids) and a tablet

laboratory, controls can be put into place so that

precision balances, the operator can interrupt

holder (for tablets and pills) are part of the Mira

SOPs are followed according to ALCOA guidelines.

the ventilation for a few seconds using an easily

M-3 and can be used without any further laser

With the powerful search capability, relevant

accessible exclusive waste system. HEPA filtration

protection (Laser Safety Class 1). Point-and-

data can be easily retrieved from the secure

shoot attachments are also available for contact

database and presented to an auditor where

guarantees the operator total protection.

measurements through barriers (eg, glass bottles).

necessary. Data of results, measurements, tests,

from, and without having to resort to ducting, the

Four different models are available to choose

audit trail entries and metadata are saved, and

Smart enclosure can be installed anywhere. By

The Mira M-3 is fully compliant with FDA 21 CFR

the necessary documentation of a fully controlled

downloading the eGuard app on your phone, PC,

Part 11 providing multilevel access control, audit

and accurate process is readily available. Data

or tablet, from Google Play or the Apple store,

trails, secure electronic records and other features

integrity throughout the whole SOP process is thus

remote control and monitoring of the weighing

to exceed regulatory requirements.

simplified and achieved with LabX.

enclosure is also possible.


LMS  Issue 1 | 2018

w w w.lm s m a g a z i n e .c o. z a


Doing novel research in chemistry? GO FOR THE METROHM YOUNG CHEMIST AWARD!

History in a nutshell Metrohm was founded on April 1, 1943 by the young engineer Bertold Suhner in Herisau, Switzerland. Since then, it has become a successful global group with local subsidiaries and exclusive representations in more than 120 countries. To honour the company’s founder and celebrate the company’s success, customers, employees, and friends are invited to participate in a host of activities all around the world.

– Submit an abstract of your research – Compete with peers from all over the world – Win a cash prize and an all expense paid trip to Metrohm HQ in Swizerland

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Switzerland in November 2018. Join us at our local customer events Metrohm – that’s not an anonymous corporation but a local partner that customers have known and trusted for years.

Metrohm to celebrate its 75th jubilee People you can trust In 2018, the Swiss Metrohm AG and the global Metrohm Group celebrate their 75th jubilee. Special events all over the world will give customers and employees a chance to participate in the celebrations, and everyone is invited to follow a dedicated blog taking them on a special jubilee tour to 38 countries on six continents. The jubilee year will culminate in December 2018, when the Metrohm Young Chemist Award will be handed over to the world’s brightest young chemists in a ceremony at the company’s international headquarters in Switzerland.

Follow us on our special jubilee tour Ultimately, the success of the company is all about the trust that customers put in the people that are Metrohm and the solutions they provide. Participate in the Metrohm Young Chemist Award Young scientists are invited to participate in the global competition for the Metrohm Young Chemist Award.











Tablets have to withstand the rigours of

Drug analysis needs to be cost effective without

Data integrity is a key element in the

handling and transportation experienced in

compromising on accuracy. This is an important

pharmaceutical industry and companies have

the manufacturing plant, as well as in the drug

principle for both routine quality control and the

to ensure that end products meet the required

distribution system and at the hands of the end

identification of potentially harmful counterfeit

quality standards.

users (patients/consumers).

medicines. Near-infrared spectroscopy, or NIRS

Strength of tablets

Data integrity addresses the ‘life cycle of data’.

for short, is a useful part of the pharmaceutical

This includes the steps involved in setting up and

analysis toolbox.

running the analyses as well as managing the

Manufacturing processes such as coating,

data that is collected, both raw chromatographic

packaging and printing can involve considerable

Efficiency thanks to QbD and PAT

data but more importantly through the cycle of

stresses, which tablets have to endure. For

Quality by Design (QbD) and process analytical

processing, interpreting, reviewing, reporting and

these reasons, the mechanical strength

technology (PAT) are two concepts that have

managing that data. So it is not only a concern

of tablets is of significant importance and

become watchwords for the US Food and Drug

about how to store data, as the generation

thus routinely measured. Tablet strength

Administration (FDA). These approaches aim

through analytical experiments is equally

serves both as a criterion by which to guide

to increase efficiency in the development and

as important.

product development and as a quality control

production of drugs. In QbD’s case, trial-and-error

Laboratories need to have confidence in the

specification. The breaking force testing of tablets

processes are replaced with a design which, from

quality of their results and the methods used to

is commonly referred to as hardness testing in

the outset, is optimally tuned to the ways in which

generate those results.

pharmaceutical literature.

the drug will be used further down the line. Without

Many customers use Waters’ consumables,

PAT, however, the QbD approach could not survive.

instruments, software, and services in

Features of Electrolab tablet tester (EBT-2PRL)

Process analysis is used to monitor production in real

regulated environments.

time. Thus, it allows alterations to be made during the

Waters experts have years of experience

• cGMP compliance

process itself in order to achieve the intended quality.

supporting these customers to ensure their

Body made of S.S. to comply with cGMP regulations • Touch screen display 5.7” full colour intuitive touch screen display • Constant speed Constant speed measuring principle • Calibration and verification

laboratories meet regulatory expectations.

Five in one

Specifically, informatics specialists have

Metrohm NIRS is a textbook example of process

developed expertise in the expectations

analytical technology, with numerous publications

regarding management of electronic data to meet

describing how it is implemented in pharmaceutical

those regulations.

quality control processes. One example of the

Electronic data and computerised systems

extraordinary benefits that this technology brings

introduce new challenges to maintaining

Programmable calibration and verification

is simultaneous determination of the five active

data integrity.


pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) used in tablets

• Printing

Waters chromatography systems and

designed to relieve flu symptoms: paracetamol,

informatics software address these specific

LAN, serial port and built in thermal printer with

ascorbic acid, dextromethorphan hydrobromide,

concerns and challenges when demonstrating

print life of 10 years.

caffeine, and chlorphenamine maleate.

data integrity to an auditor or regulator.


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w w w.lm s m a g a z i n e .c o. z a


STERITEST™ CANISTER CARRYING TRAY AND STERITEST™ RACK Up to 5 canisters tightly secured for transport and incubation

20 media-filled canisters safely transported and incubated at once

Steritest™ Canister carrying trays Ref. SYMBCAN08 (pack of 8 units)

Steritest™ Racks Ref. SYMBRACK2 (pack of 2 units)

Learn more about Steritest™ Symbio Pumps, Symbio Pump accessories and our other sterility testing products:

For further information please contact: Tel: 08600 63725



3 2







Teledyne Hanson Research, well known for its

Merck is a renowned expert in sterility

Performing four different titrations simultaneously

broad line of dissolution-testing and diffusion-

testing. With our Steritest Symbio Pumps and

on a single, fully automated system offers

testing instruments, offers the Phase One

accessories, reliable sterility testing is now

cutting-edge titration. The new Omnis platform by

disintegration tester to address this need in a

even easier.

Metrohm includes an x-y-z sample robot, taking the

precise, easy-to-use and cost-effective platform. The Phase One disintegration tester delivers fast, efficient testing in compliance with USP <701> and <2040> and their harmonised EP (European Pharmacopeia) and JP (Japanese Pharmacopeia) methods. Designed for speed,

efficiency of wet chemical analysis to new levels. Easy-to-use design • Reduced pump height for easy access in laminar flow hoods • Compact pump frees working space and loading capacity in isolators

precision, ease of use, and very low maintenance,

Higher throughput Besides a titrator, the new Omnis platform includes an x-y-z sample robot that is modular by design and accommodates up to seven racks with a maximum capacity of 175 samples altogether.

the Phase One tester provides a compact, cost-


effective solution for labs performing disintegration

• The automatic pump head closure ensures

Smaller footprint

testing for quality control during new product

quick and easy tube placement, as well as

It makes a substantial difference in terms of footprint

development and/or batch/lot manufacturing.

reliable splitting of the liquid sample

to accommodate 175 samples on the square

In developing the two-beaker system to align with market demands, the tester was designed

• Highly precise timer function: small volumes are sampled with high precision

to streamline as far as possible every aspect of Safe and ergonomic

assembly, to installation/operation qualification,

• Cleanroom-friendly hardware: air-tight housing

maintenance. The modular design allows for all components to be quickly and easily removed without tools, and assembling the tester takes less than ten minutes. To reduce time and costs associated with operator training, the Phase One

same number of samples across two or even three discrete autosamplers with turntables.

the user experience, from receiving and initial operator training, test setup/clean-up, and routine

design of a modular x-y-z system vs distributing the

and passive cooling prevent particle emission • Two pressure modes – including automatic pumping speed reduction • Easy to clean and resistant to gas decontamination in isolators • The housing’s ergonomic shape allows easy

More competitive price As the capacity of turntable sample changers is inherently limited, pushing the limit used to mean investing in another autosampler and a titrator, possibly more, depending on the sample volume. Not so with the Omnis platform. The Omnis sample robot can be scaled up module by module

tester provides a single control knob for all functions,

tube loading; no risk of pinching gloves and

from size S to M to L, all connected to the same

coupled to an easy-to-read LCD interface with

consequent test interruption

titration stand.

intuitive, straightforward navigation. Programming a timed test takes less than thirty seconds. With elegant internal mechanics, a single motor and drive-train system, the tester accomplishes all

• Adjustable bottle holder height and tiltable display for perfect screen visibility • Buttons designed to be operated with isolator gloves

In much less time Fully automated parallel titration at four work stations means: Getting the same number of

required motions, including automatically raising the

Streamline your workflow and increase safety with

samples analysed for the same parameters up to

baskets out of the beakers at the end of each test.

a wide range of accessories.

three times faster than by sequential analysis.


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w w w.lm s m a g a z i n e .c o. z a











Titration (titrimetric analysis) is a quantitative

he new Fritsch Knife Mill Pulverisette 11 is ideal

Determination of various metals by fully

analytical method which accompanies the

for fast and gentle grinding and homogenisation

automated complexometric titration introduces

entire chain of the metal mining process in order

of moist, oily, fatty, soft, medium-hard and

new applications.

to improve the leaching process or minimise

fibrous samples. Presenting new applications

chemical consumption in purification. Among potential analytical procedures, titration has

Extensive application opportunities

Metrohm is pleased to present six new

proven to be a robust and rather simple analytical

This Knife Mill can be used for application in

applications on fully automated complexometric

technique that can be used at nearly any point

the food industry, agriculture and forestry,

determination of various metals. The

in the process and is now automated to a large

pharmaceuticals and biology, and is exclusively

corresponding application notes (ANs) are

extent, from earliest sample preparation through

available locally from Labotec. The Knife Mill

available free from

to data storage.

Pulverisette 11 is always delivered with a 1.4 litre grinding vessel made of autoclavable

The new ANs are:

automated titrator, such as the T70, metal

plastic, standard lid and standard knife made of


leaching and concentration analysis via titration is

stainless steel.

Fully automated determination of aluminium in

Using a Mettler Toledo Excellence line

made safe and easy. Features and modular additions such as a SmartSample reader, sample changers, burettes

aqueous solution

Overview of the features • Autoclavable grinding vessel 1.4 litre made of


and LabX 2018 software, offer the ideal solution

transparent and scratch-resistant plastic PC or

Fully automated determination of barium in

for titrimetric analysis.

stainless steel 316L

aqueous solution

The easy operation of these robust and qualified analytical instruments as well as

• Simple programming and saving of standard operating procedures (SOPs)


affordable cost, allow the use of titrators at all

• Standard lid for grinding vessel made of silicon

Fully automated determination of bismuth(III) in

mining sites and in small testing labs.

• Practical reduction lid made of plastic PP for

aqueous solution

The main advantages of titrimetric methods such as linearity and high precision will benefit the user. Typical precision of titrimetric analyses is around 0.5%. In the case of pure silver, the relative standard deviation can be as precise as 0.05%.

reduction of the grinding chamber volume to 0.54 litre for clean grinding • Removable knife holder for easy and

AN-T-106 Fully automated determination of calcium in milk

thorough cleaning • Pleasantly quiet operation

With a large database of standard titration

AN-T-107 Fully automated determination of total iron

methods for metal analysis, Mettler Toledo’s

Compare for yourself

robust techniques, safe chemical handling,

Test the Fritsch Knife Mill Pulverisette 11 by

automation and integrated sample and result

sending your most difficult sample to Labotec and


management, provide the perfect solution for your

we will carry out a complimentary sample grinding

Fully automated determination of zinc (II) in

mining operation.

for you. Compare for yourself.

aqueous solution

w w w.lm s m a g a z i n e .c o. z a

in cement

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1 3







Mettler Toledo’s moisture analysis reference

Horiba’s new LA-350 Laser Diffraction Particle Size

The new Labmaster-AW Neo from Novasina is a

substance SmartCal, combined with CarePac

Distribution Analyser is the ideal combination of

talented all-rounder. This second to none water

weights supports instrument calibration and

performance, price, and packaging. The LA-350

activity meter with cutting-edge technology delivers

helps to maintain accurate results. Each sachet of

excels in applications as diverse as slurries,

fast and accurate measurements. Its features

SmartCal contains a defined amount of moisture.

minerals, and paper chemistry. Based on the

make it perfect for daily routine determination of

Its high sensitivity reliably indicates any small

advanced optical design of previous LA-series

water activity in QC-labs for food and pharma, and

variation in the functioning of the moisture analyser

analysers, the LA-350 strikes a harmonious

supports further investigation to find the source of

with a large change in the moisture result. Regular

balance between high-functionality, easy operation,

any product spoilage, texture failures or rancidity.

testing with SmartCal quickly confirms the moisture

low maintenance and cost-effectiveness.

analyser is working correctly and supplying valid

Bench space is used efficiently due to the

The cutting-edge and unique sensor technology for water activity measurement,

results. It also provides an early indication of drift

LA-350’s compact size (297mm x 420mm).

supported by a full temperature-controlled

or malfunction. The SmartCal test takes just ten

The clever design and precision, high quality

measurement chamber, provides the prerequisite

minutes and is performed in the same way as a

manufacturing ensures convenient, reliable

for best accuracy and reproducibility. The meter is

regular measurement.

operation and accurate results, now with a wider

top-of-the-line and offers best accuracy, precision

size range (0.1-1 000µm).

and repeatability as well as a full temperature

In conjunction with a temperature calibration kit, Mettler Toledo’s CarePacs are the ideal

control in the range of 0-60°C.

package for periodic moisture analyser testing.


Each CarePac contains specially selected weights

• Range: 0.1 to 1 000µm which matches the

Hassle-free measurement

with nominal values and weight classes to meet

widest range of applications with a performance

The LabMaster Neo is outstanding for

the specific characteristics of the weighing unit in

equivalent to many other full range systems

hassle-free water activity measurement and

the moisture analyser. All weights are calibrated and certified which guarantees traceability of weighing results (ISO/ IEC 17025). Each CarePac contains two weights

• Compact Size: The compact size preserves

compliant audit trail, automatic verification or

the instrument to different locations

calibration, contactless salt standard identification

• Fast Analysis: The highly-refined optical design

and is supplied with tweezers, weight forks,

and algorithm provides measurement results in

clean-room approved gloves and a cleaning

three easy steps

cloth for correct weight handling. Manufacturer

result documentation. This includes a 21CFR11

bench space and makes it possible to transport

• Powerful Software: The LA-350 uses the same

by RFID and a quick mode which guarantees a completed measurement within ten minutes.

Additional features

recommended SOPs provide clear guidance and

fully featured software package as our other

Additional features such as temperature control in

ensure consistency of the weighing unit tests.

LA-series analysers, providing a wide range

the range of 0 to 60°C, a measurement range of

of statistical measures, data analysis, and

0.0300 to 1.0000aw and a much easier handling

presentation tools

of chemical protection filters due to magnetic

The temperature calibration kit ensures the heating unit of the moisture analyser is functioning correctly, and is typically used in conjunction

• Ease of Use: Sample analysis on the LA-350

fixing, completes the LabMaster-aw Neo. This

with external weights to calibrate and adjust the

is extremely easy and straightforward. Sample

meter is compliant with all standards like AOAC,

moisture analyser.

analysis can be a one-button operation

ISO, USP and others.


LMS  Issue 1 | 2018 w w w.lm s m a g a z i n e .c o. z a

Big Features Go Compact • Reliable results • Easy operation • Compact and convenient

SUPERIOR PRODUCTS at an affordable price Learn more about these affordable products

Johannesburg: Tel: (011) 553-2300 • Cape Town: Tel: (021) 914-0393 Durban: Tel: (031) 701-4705/6 • Port Elizabeth: Tel: (041) 365-5168 e-mail:










Now you can have your measurement wirelessly

Instrotech is offering the LR-Cal LDW series of

Mettler Toledo’s XPR micro and ultra-micro

processed with an electrode you are holding while

deadweight testers, which are available in the

balances, characterised by low repeatability and

measuring any of the standard parameters of pH,

ranges from 10 bar up to 1400 bar.

short stabilisation time, ensure fast and reliable

conductivity, dissolved oxygen and turbidity.

The direct measurement of pressure ensures high accuracies and long term stability. These

weighing of precious metal samples for fire assay applications.

Wireless sensors

testers are used extensively in calibration

The WTW IDS (intelligent digital sensor) is new

laboratories in industry, standards institutes and

incorporate a range of innovative technologies

and unique. The plug head sensor on the WTW

research facilities.

to deliver the highest accuracy in their class and

electrode is indeed wireless and will process

The LDW series are ideally suited to on-site

The XPR micro and ultra-micro balances

ensure micro-weighing tasks are simpler, safer

signals into digital data, store calibration records,

use as well as for service and maintenance

and provide data for documentation. No cables

purposes. The customised assembly allows set

and more secure.

and no tugging. The sensitive signals from the

up of a complete, compact system consisting

of usability and accuracy that is critical in

electrodes are transferred via Bluetooth to the

of a universal basement and the measuring

laboratories where small samples have to be

WTW Inolab multi meters with a choice of 1-3

systems (piston/cylinder units). The high quality

quickly and reliably weighed.

channels in a fail-safe and error-free manner.

piston/cylinder units are manufactured from

XPR provides a welcome combination

XPR microbalances offer outstanding weighing

tungsten carbide known for its small temperature

performance on a very small compact footprint

Outstanding innovation

co-efficiency. Fast and uncomplicated changes

thanks to the patented active temperature

This outstanding innovation ensures the

of the measuring range are possible using a

controlling system (ATC) and tolerance profiles

measurements are processed in the sensor, not

flat spanner.

which guarantee traceable results.

the meter. The smart IDS sensors will log on

For fine adjustment, an adjustable volume with

The SmartView terminal mounted directly on

automatically, transfer description, serial number,

precision spindle is available. The weight applied

the weighing unit is unique and optimises the

calibration record and calibration history as well

is proportional to the desired pressure and

ergonomics of weighing small samples.

as their complete parameters.

provided by using optimally graduated weights.

The same module is used for all parameters.

The modern balance software with the new

As soon as the measuring system reaches

interface is as easy to use as a smartphone.

The meter allows for simultaneous measurement

equilibrium, there is a balance of forces between

Data entry for tasks and settings is fast and

and documentation of up to two or three

pressure and wheel weights. Due to the excellent

easy. The capacitive touchscreen allows one

user-defined parameters with a memory for

quality of the system this pressure remains

to ‘swipe’ through settings, applications and

10 000 records.

stable over several minutes, so that, for instance,

methods. The XPR has a new method concept:

adjustments of the device under test can be

when a weighing process is performed, the

carried out without any problems.

parameters used are automatically stored in the

The WTW IDS provides full flexibility in all areas where cables and wires would disturb, even under laboratory hoods or laminar flow benches. The

For users who require a digital pressure display

built-in notepad. This means that task methods

complete WTW kit is also offered with a wireless

for connection to the deadweight tester, Instrotech

can be stored in the method library and quickly

module for sensor and meter, USB charger and

can supply the Keller Leo2 that offers accuracies of

accessed which saves time and provides higher

universal power supply.

0.1%. An intrinsically safe version is available.

process security.


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w w w.lm s m a g a z i n e .c o. z a




3 1






Cutting mills are suitable for the grinding of

Peter F Wirsam established Wirsam Scientific in

The new Labotec precision balance series offers

soft, medium-hard, tough, elastic, fibrous, and

1968. A service engineer himself; he envisioned

an economical range of analytical balances,

heterogeneous mixes of products.

Wirsam Scientific to be a service orientated

precision balances, bench-top scales and

With the SM 400 XL, the Retsch cutting mill

organisation. Wirsam’s success comes from an

moisture analysers for general laboratory weighing

family now features a model for powerful primary

excellent relationship with its principal suppliers

with a high quality durable modular design. These

and fine size reduction of large sample pieces,

who are all world leading manufacturers within

high quality balances guarantee an efficient

allowing for high sample throughput. When

their sectors. The company has over the years

weighing experience for any weighing application.

operated with the optional cyclone-suction-

gained these manufacturers confidence and

combination, the mill is also suitable for grinding

respect, thereby allowing Wirsam to trade locally

offers an electromagnetic force compensation

light sample materials. In combination with the

as an extension of their international network.

for enhanced resolution and they are built for

wide choice of bottom sieves, hoppers and

Wirsam strives to provide the discipline and

high performance with capacities up to 500g

collecting vessels, the mill can be easily adapted

stability of a large corporation, combined with the

and readabilities up to 0.1mg. One can expect

to varying application requirements.

personal touch and responsiveness of a small

reliable operation and fast stabilisation to ensure

enterprise. This is achieved by the quality of the

accurate weighing.

The high torque of the new 3kW drive allows for an exceptionally effective preliminary size reduction of heterogeneous mixtures, such as waste or electronic components.

company’s employees. Offices in all the major business hubs ensure that

The Labotec precision analytical balance range

The top loader precision balances are easy to operate and are equipped with a high precision

services and repairs on equipment are provided

load cell. With capacities up to 10 000g and

without difficulty. Wirsam’s head office and four

readability up to 0.01g, an excellent stabilising

great variety of materials. The sample is only

branches are fully equipped with workshops, stores

time and a small footprint makes this balance

moderately warmed up during the grinding

and service staff which ensure a quick turnaround

ideal for all laboratory-weighing needs.

process so that the mill is perfectly suitable for

time as well as lower costs of ownership.

The cutting mill is used successfully for a

grinding temperature-sensitive materials. Due to

With internationally trained factory service

The top loader bench scales are ideal for warehouses, factories and laboratories as

the large open surface of the 240mm x 240mm

staff and dedicated product managers, world

they offer a larger stainless steel weighing pan

bottom sieve, it is possible to grind large sample

class instrumentation is supplied to customers

and are robustly manufactured for industrial

quantities and to increase the throughput

and customer satisfaction is fully guaranteed.

environments. With capacities up to 33kg, these

Maintaining equipment is only as good as the parts

scales are easy to operate to ensure trustworthy

and consumables’ availability.

weighing solutions.

Benefits and features • Powerful size reduction thanks to kW drive

The company prides itself in maintaining

The MT range of moisture analysers from

• Optimum cutting effects

well-stocked stores, thus providing the service

Labotec Precision offers moisture analysis for all

• Accepts large feed sizes up to 170mm x 220mm

team access to crucial parts to keep instruments

industries. This is made easy with a halogen lamp

• Quick and easy cleaning due to fold-back

operating to factory specifications.

to ensure uniform heating and reliable results with

hopper, smooth surfaces • Defined final fineness due to bottom sieves with aperture sizes from one to 20mm w w w.lm s m a g a z i n e .c o. z a

By ensuring that our customers receive fast and

readability up to 0.01% and 110g capacity. They

reliable service, Wirsam upholds the company’s

also feature built-in memory and a removable

good reputation in the market.

panhandler for easy cleaning.

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1 3

Infrared thermometer Optris CSmed LT with plug for simple fitting and removal.


2 1






Designed with new energy-savings and

The Elementrac CS-i analyser is equipped with an

Medical engineering devices are evolving quickly

sustainability features, Thermo Scientific Forma

induction furnace and highly sensitive IR detectors

and accompanying requests to the suppliers of

89000 series ultra-low freezers feature four

for the measurement of carbon and sulphur in

device components are increasing as well. The

upright models, maximising storage capacity from

inorganic samples. The Elementrac CS-i is suitable

Optris GmbH counters this by regularly improving

30 000 up to 60 0002mL vials. Labotec exclusively

for analysing samples of steel, alloys, metals,

and adjusting its sensors for noncontact

supplies the Forma brand locally.

cement, ore, ceramics, minerals and many more.

temperature measurement.

The analyser is equipped with a powerful

Through constant exchange with customers,

Special features:

induction furnace for sample combustion. Up to

Optris is in a position to optimise the Optris CS LT

• 93°C steady-state temperature variation

four highly sensitive infrared (IR) cells allow the

for medical technology.

over time • Long warm-up time from -80°C to -50°C in five hours • Four capacities: 300, 400, 500 and 600 2-inch (5cm) box

analyser to determine both high and low carbon

Due to its length of only 87mm and a diameter of

and sulfur concentrations in only one measurement

12mm, the Optris CS LT fits perfectly into smallest

run. The range of each cell may be adapted to the

medical devices and products. The Optris CSmed

user’s specific requirements to ensure optimum

LT is a special version of the device. It offers a huge

measuring conditions for each application.

advantage to the customer: A short connecting

The analyser is supplied with the new

cable with a plug. This plug allows a fast and


comprehensive and convenient Elements

simple fitting or removal of the thermometer, eg for

• Save up to 25% in energy usage and

software, which features statistics, groupings,

regular calibrations.

heat rejection • Natural hydrocarbon refrigerants

reports, diagnosis tools and many additional functions for Elementrac analysers. Operating the CS-i is simple and safe. Evaluation

Temperature control in the cryo technology


of the signals and display of the results are done

The Optris CS LT is frequently used in medical

• New ergonomically designed handle, high

automatically; the data can be transferred to a

technology, especially cryo technology. The cryo

contrast eye-level display, and comfortable

laboratory information management system (LIMS).

technology is also known as ‘low temperature

easy-access shelf locations.

The CS-i requires minimum maintenance. The

technology’. It is used to generate low temperatures

particle filters and chemicals, which need to be

with a temperature range around 150°C.

• Newly re-designed, capacitive touch-screen user interface

maintained, are easily accessible.

Thermoforming of dental products Sustainability

Benefits and features

Recently, the company started using the

• Natural refrigerants and water-blown foam

• User-friendly control of induction performance

advantages of non-contact temperature

insulation, making the series compliant with the US Environmental Protection Agency’s Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP),

for optimised reaction • Adjustable catalyst reactor allows for higher sensitivity

measurement. The pyrometer Optris CS LT, installed underneath the infrared heater, captures the temperature of the foil during the heating

the European Union’s F-Gas and other

• Software-controlled leakage test

process. The heating stops at a set temperature

sustainability standards

• Optional vacuum cleaner

and then the thermoforming process starts.


LMS  Issue 1 | 2018

w w w.lm s m a g a z i n e .c o. z a

PATHO LO G Y Arisha Sivlal, Global Labs, Amanzintoti, KZN spinning blood to obtain serum and plasma for testing using the Hettich Rotofix 32A.

1 3








Histopaque and Accuspin products are aqueous,

Global laboratories offer pathology services

As a tube-above sequential wavelength dispersive

ready-to-use, density gradient media used in

to all scopes and spheres of the public and

X-ray fluorescence (WDXRF) spectrometer, the new

whole blood cell separation applications.

private sector.

Rigaku ZSX Primus IV delivers rapid quantitative

Features and benefits

Recently acquired

in a wide variety of sample types. The spectrometer

• Sterile solution, ready to use

They recently acquired a selection of Hettich

can be used to detect and quantify elemental

• Endotoxin level tested

centrifuges from Labotec for their laboratories in

impurities in pharmaceuticals.

• Each lot is performance-tested for cell viability

Umhlanga, Richards Bay and Shelly beach. The

determination of major and minor atomic elements

five Hettich Rotofix 32’s, Universal 320 and Rotina

Advantages of Rigaku

• 30+ years of density gradient media experience

420 R, all form part of an upgrade to support

The advantage of the ZSX Primus IV over other

• Produced under ISO certified quality

blood samples collected from all nine provinces.

techniques is the fact that it eliminates the need to

and yield

management system 13485

prepare a solution and is therefore more suitable

• Range of density gradients available


for use in a manufacturing setting as well as the

• Quick centrifugation procedure

Hettich centrifuges are respected around the

ability to deliver rapid quantitative determination of

• Optimal recoveries of viable cells

world. They are well designed, ergonomic and

major and minor atomic elements, from beryllium

• Permits selective separation of blood cell lines

will provide years of reliable service. They have

(Be) through uranium (U), in a wide variety of

• Prevents cell distortion

been proven in use in many different applications

sample types, with minimal standards.

• Minimal extraneous cell interference

for over 100 years. Today, Hettich is one of the

• Consistent, reliable results

top manufacturers of laboratory centrifuges in


The separation medium, Histopaque-1077, is

the world.

Some of the main features include:

a sterile-filtered, endotoxin tested solution of

Centrifuges function by using centrifugal force

• Analysis of elements from Be to U

polysucrose and sodium diatrizoate, adjusted

that is derived through rotational movement

• ZSX guidance expert system software

to a density of 1.077 g/ml. The Accuspin tube is

to separate mixtures. A requirement here is a

• Digital multi-channel analyser (D-MCA)

specially designed with two chambers separated

sufficiently large difference in density of the

• EZ analysis interface for routine measurements

by a porous high density polyethylene barrier (frit).

constituents. Centrifuges are used in industrial

• Tube above optics minimises contamination

Separation of lymphocytes and other

facilities for production and quality assurance


mononuclear cells from whole blood and bone

purposes, in research facilities and in medical

• Small footprint uses less valuable lab space

marrow using density gradient separation media is

laboratories for diagnostic purposes or to isolate

• Micro analysis to analyse samples as small as

based on a published method. Histopaque-1077 is

blood constituents.

suitable for human lymphocyte antigen (HLA) typing

Global Laboratories are a SANAS and LOA

and as the initial isolation step prior to enumeration

accredited laboratory, offering pathology testing

of T, B, and ‘null’ lymphocytes. It may also be

and clinical advice in accordance with the

employed in the preparation of pure lymphocyte

requirements of the Health Professional Council of

suspensions for cell culture and cytotoxicity assays.

South Africa.

w w w.lm s m a g a z i n e .c o. z a

500µm • 30μ tube delivers superior light element performance • Mapping feature for elemental topography/ distribution • Helium seal ensures that the optics are always under vacuum

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S TR ANGER THAN S CIENCE F IC TION A slaves kitchen Archaeologists have discovered and excavated the kitchen of James Hemings, the slave and chef of Thomas Jefferson. James Hemings was one of the most masterful chefs in the young US. He trained in aristocratic kitchens in France and introduced crème brûlée, meringues and macaroni and cheese into American cooking. “His trajectory was pretty extraordinary,” Fraser Neiman, the director of archaeology at Monticello, said, adding that the discovery of the stoves is one of the, “really rare instances where we can associate a workspace and artefact with a particular enslaved individual whose name we know.”

Gut capsule A high-tech, pill-size capsule may one day help doctors diagnose people with gut conditions, such as irritable bowel syndrome and lactose intolerance. Once swallowed, the capsule can sense gases in the gut. Each condition has a unique ‘gas profile’, which can help lead to a diagnosis. Researchers tested the electronic sensor in seven healthy people and found that the device could accurately detect the concentrations of hydrogen, carbon dioxide and oxygen in real time as it passed through the body, according to the study, published in the journal, Nature Electronics.

Boiled bats

Strange discoveries around the globe

A blistering heat wave in southern Australia has led to the deaths of more than 200 flying fox bats. The brains of these furry bats, who were mostly babies, were boiled by the high temperatures, which reached 44.2˚C, reported the CampbelltownMacarthur Advertiser.

Snapped nerves A study of 15 astronauts who had been on missions in orbital freefall for about six months found that the tissues at the backs of their eyes, tissues that surround the heads of their optic nerves, tended to look warped and swollen in the weeks after their return to Earth. This change could help explain why nearly half of long-term space travellers develop significant vision problems, according to the study, published in the journal, JAMA Ophthalmology.

Pyromaniac birds Grassland fires that are deadly and devastating events for many kinds of wildlife are a boon to certain types of birds known as fire foragers. Scientists recently collected and evaluated reports from Aboriginal people of these so-called fire hawks, black kites (Milvus migrans), whistling kites (Haliastur sphenurus) and brown falcons (Falco berigora), to better understand this unusual behaviour, and to evaluate its implications for fire management in regions where the birds are active, the researchers wrote in a new study. These opportunists prey on animals fleeing from a blaze, or scavenge the remains of creatures that succumbed to the flames and the smoke. Three species of raptors, predatory birds with sharp beaks and talons, and keen eyesight, are widely known not only for lurking on the fringes of fires, but also for snatching up smouldering grasses or branches and using them to kindle fresh flames, to smoke out mammal and insect prey.


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Refer to Company Directory for contact details Amino acids analysis • Anatech Instruments • LabDynamics • Shimadzu South Africa

Anaerobic workstation • Labotec

Atomic absorption • Anacon • Anatech Instruments • Chemetrix • Merck Pty Ltd • Shimadzu South Africa

Atomic force microscopy • Advanced Laboratory Solutions • Chemetrix • Shimadzu South Africa

Autoanalysers & Consumables • Anatech Instruments • Microsep (Mettler Toledo) • Wirsam Scientific & Precision Equipment

Autoclaves • Air Filter Maintenance Services • Analytical Solutions • Anatech Instruments • Labotec • The Scientific Group

Autoimmune • The Scientific Group

Automation • Anatech Instruments • Metrohm SA • Microsep (Mettler Toledo) • The Scientific Group

Balances/Counting scales • Air Filter Maintenance Services • Analytical & Diagnostic Products • Analytical Solutions • LabDynamics • Labotec • Microsep (Mettler Toledo) • Monitoring & Control Labs • Shimadzu South Africa • The Scientific Group

Battery testing • Bruker South Africa • Bruno Steiner Lab Consultancy (Bio-Logic)

Biohazards (see Laminar Flow) • Labotec

Biotechnology equipment & consumables • Analytical & Diagnostic Products • Analytical Solutions • Anatech Instruments • Bruker South Africa • Bruno Steiner Lab Consultancy (Kuhner) • Labotec • Merck Pty Ltd • Microsep (Waters & Mettler Toledo) • National Separations

Bitumen testing • Labotec • Microsep (Mettler Toledo) • Monitoring & Control Labs • Verder Scientific

Blood grouping • Davies Diagnostics • The Scientific Group

Blood transfusion equipment & accessories • The Scientific Group

Blood virus • The Scientific Group

Blot kits (southern, northern, western) • Merck Pty Ltd • The Scientific Group

Boiling point apparatus • Microsep (Mettler Toledo)

Calibration service & equipment • Air Filter Maintenance Services • LabDynamics • Labotec • Merck Pty Ltd • Metrohm SA • Microsep • Monitoring & Control Labs • National Separations

Calorimeters • Advanced Laboratory Solutions • LECO Africa

Carbon/Hydrogen/Nitrogen sulphur analysers • Anatech Instruments • Labotec • LECO Africa • Verder Scientific

Cement testing • Bruker South Africa • Metrohm SA • Monitoring & Control Labs • PANalytical • Shimadzu South Africa • Verder Scientific

Centrifuges • Air Filter Maintenance Services • Analytical & Diagnostic Products • Analytical Solutions • Labotec

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• Merck Pty Ltd • Monitoring & Control Labs • National Separations • The Scientific Group

Certified reference materials & standards • Anatech Instruments • Davies Diagnostics • Industrial Analytical • LECO Africa • Merck Pty Ltd • Microsep (Waters, ERA & Romil) • Monitoring & Control Labs • PANalytical

Chemicals & reagents • Anatech Instruments • Hanna Instruments • Industrial Analytical • Merck Pty Ltd • Metrohm SA • Microsep (Waters, Romil & Recipe) • Monitoring & Control Labs

Chemiluminescence consumables • Merck Pty Ltd • Microsep (Hygiena International) • National Separations

Chromatography data systems & software • Anatech Instruments • Bruker South Africa • Chemetrix • LabDynamics • Metrohm SA • Microsep (Waters)

Chromatography ion/gas/liquid/thin layer • Analytical Solutions • Anatech Instruments • Chemetrix • Labotec • Merck Pty Ltd • Metrohm SA • Microsep (Waters) • Shimadzu South Africa

Circulating coolers • Analytical Solutions

Circulators • Analytical Solutions • Labotec

Clean room equipment • Air Filter Maintenance Services • Labotec • Microsep (Lighthouse) • National Separations

Cleaning agents • Merck Pty Ltd • The Scientific Group

Climatic chambers/environmental • Advanced Laboratory Solutions • Labotec • Monitoring & Control Labs

Clinical analysers • The Scientific Group

Cloud point apparatus • Microsep (Mettler Toledo)

Coagulation • The Scientific Group

Coal analysis equipment • Bruker South Africa • Chemetrix • Labotec • LECO Africa • Microsep (Mettler Toledo) • Monitoring & Control Labs • PANalytical

COD analysers • Anatech Instruments • Hanna Instruments • Labotec • Merck Pty Ltd • Metrohm SA • Microsep (Mettler Toledo)

Colony counters • Analytical & Diagnostic Products • Anatech Instruments • Microsep (Interscience) • National Separations • The Scientific Group

Colour measurement • Merck Pty Ltd • Microsep (Mettler Toledo)

Columns • Anatech Instruments • Merck Pty Ltd • Metrohm SA • Microsep (Waters) • Shimadzu South Africa

Compressors • Labotec

Computer equipment, software & repairs • LabInfo (TSI)

Concrete testing equipment • Microsep (Mettler Toledo) • Monitoring & Control Labs

Conductivity • Anatech Instruments • Hanna Instruments • Labotec • Merck Pty Ltd • Metrohm SA • Microsep (Mettler Toledo) • Monitoring & Control Labs

Corrosion • Bruno Steiner Lab Consultancy (Bio-Logic) • Metrohm SA

Crucibles • Verder Scientific

Cryo equipment • Labotec

Culture media & accessories • Analytical & Diagnostic Products • Anatech Instruments • Davies Diagnostics • Merck Pty Ltd • Microsep • National Separations

Cuvettes & cells • Anacon • Anatech Instruments • Chemetrix • Labotec • Merck Pty Ltd

Data integrity • Microsep (Hanson Research)

Data loggers & systems • Hanna Instruments • Monitoring & Control Labs

Deionisers • Labotec • Merck Pty Ltd • Microsep • National Separations

Densitometers • Microsep (Mettler Toledo) • Monitoring & Control Labs

Density specific gravity meters & scales

• Labotec • Merck Pty Ltd • Microsep (Mettler Toledo) • Monitoring & Control Labs

Distillation • Chemetrix • Labotec • Merck Pty Ltd

DNA testing • Anatech Instruments • Merck Pty Ltd • Microsep (Mettler Toledo) • Shimadzu South Africa • The Scientific Group

Dropping point apparatus • Microsep (Mettler Toledo)

Drug testing • Analytical & Diagnostic Products • Bruker South Africa • Chemetrix • Davies Diagnostics

Dryers • Labotec

Dynamic mechanical analysers • Microsep (Mettler Toledo)

Electrochemical analysers • Analytical Solutions • Anatech Instruments • Bruno Steiner Lab Consultancy (Bio-Logic) • Labotec • Metrohm SA • Microsep (Mettler Toledo)

Electrodes • Analytical Solutions • Anatech Instruments • Hanna Instruments • Labotec • Merck Pty Ltd • Metrohm SA • Microsep (Mettler Toledo)

Electron microscopes, equipment & consumables

• Labotec • Microsep (Mettler Toledo)

Derivatizing agents • Merck Pty Ltd

Dessicators • Labotec • Merck Pty Ltd • National Separations

Detectors • Anatech Instruments • Metrohm SA • Microsep (Waters) • PANalytical

Dewar flasks • Labotec

Diabetes monitoring • The Scientific Group

Diagnostic standards • Industrial Analytical • Microsep (Recipe)

Diamond knives • The Scientific Group

Diffractometers • Bruker South Africa • PANalytical • Shimadzu South Africa

Digestion • Analytical Solutions • Anatech Instruments • Labotec • Merck Pty Ltd

Digital cameras • Advanced Laboratory Solutions

Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) • Microsep (Mettler Toledo)

Discrete analysers • Analytical Solutions • Anatech Instruments • Labotec

Disintergration • LabDynamics • Microsep (Hanson Research)

Dispensers/dosing • Analytical & Diagnostic Products • Analytical Solutions • Labotec • Merck Pty Ltd • Metrohm SA • Microsep (Interscience, Mettler Toledo & Rainin) • National Separations

Dissolution • Chemetrix • LabDynamics • Merck Pty Ltd • Microsep (Hanson Research)

Dissolved oxygen • Hanna Instruments

• Advanced Laboratory Solutions • Chemetrix • The Scientific Group

Electrophoresis • Analytical & Diagnostic Products • Anatech Instruments • Labotec • Merck Pty Ltd

Elemental analysers • Anatech Instruments • Bruker South Africa • LECO Africa • PANalytical • Shimadzu South Africa • Verder Scientific

Elisa equipment & reagents/test kits • Analytical & Diagnostic Products • Anatech Instruments • Davies Diagnostics • Merck Pty Ltd • Microsep (Mabtech) • National Separations • The Scientific Group

Em sample preparation • Advanced Laboratory Solutions

Embedding media • Labotec • Merck Pty Ltd

Environmental monitoring/equipment • Anatech Instruments • Bruker South Africa • Hanna Instruments • Labotec • Merck Pty Ltd • Metrohm SA • Microsep (Waters, Mettler Toledo, ERA, Horiizon Technology & Lighthouse) • Shimadzu South Africa

Fat determination • Analytical Solutions • Bruker South Africa • Labotec • Microsep (Mettler Toledo)

Fermentors - lab • Analytical Solutions • Labotec

Fermentors - process • Labotec

Fibre optics • Labotec

Filtering equipment & consumables • Anatech Instruments • Merck Pty Ltd • Microsep • Monitoring & Control Labs • National Separations

Fine chemicals • Industrial Analytical

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PROD U C T DIREC TORY • Merck Pty Ltd • Monitoring & Control Labs

Flash chromatography • Anatech Instruments

Flash point testers • Monitoring & Control Labs

Flow injection • Analytical Solutions • Anatech Instruments

Fluorescence • Analytical & Diagnostic Products • Anatech Instruments • Bruker South Africa • Chemetrix • Davies Diagnostics • LabDynamics • Merck Pty Ltd • Microsep (Waters) • PANalytical • Shimadzu South Africa • The Scientific Group

Food analysis equipment • Analytical & Diagnostic Products • Analytical Solutions • Bruker South Africa • Hanna Instruments • Labotec • LECO Africa • Merck Pty Ltd • Metrohm SA • Microsep (Waters, Mettler Toledo, Vicam, Hygiena International & Interscience) • National Separations • PANalytical • Shimadzu South Africa

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Freeze dryers • Labotec

Freezers/ultra low freezers • Air Filter Maintenance Services • Analytical Solutions • Labotec • The Scientific Group

Fridges • Air Filter Maintenance Services • Labotec • The Scientific Group

FTIR • Analytical Solutions • Anatech Instruments • Bruker South Africa • Chemetrix • Metrohm SA • Microsep (Mettler Toledo) • Shimadzu South Africa

Fuel cell • Bruno Steiner Lab Consultancy (Bio-Logic) • Metrohm SA

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GC/GC-MS • Analytical Solutions • Anatech Instruments • Bruker South Africa • Chemetrix • LECO Africa • Merck Pty Ltd • Microsep (Waters) • Scientific Supply Services • Shimadzu South Africa

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Refer to Company Directory for contact details General laboratory consumables • Analytical & Diagnostic Products • LabDynamics • Merck Pty Ltd • National Separations • The Scientific Group • Wirsam Scientific & Precision Equipment

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• Chemetrix • Merck Pty Ltd • Microsep (Waters) • Shimadzu South Africa

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• Labotec

Grain grading equipment • Bruker South Africa

Green histology solutions

• Davies Diagnostics • Labotec • Merck Pty Ltd

Grinding vessels • Verder Scientific

Haematology equipment • Davies Diagnostics • Merck Pty Ltd • The Scientific Group

Hardness • Advanced Laboratory Solutions • Labotec • LECO Africa • Metrohm SA • Microsep (Waters)

Headspace analysers • Analytical Solutions • Anatech Instruments • Shimadzu South Africa

Heating & cooling blocks • Analytical & Diagnostic Products • Monitoring & Control Labs

Heating mantles • Labotec

Histology equipment & consumables • Labotec • Merck Pty Ltd • Microsep (Mabtech)

Hollow cathode lamps • Anacon • Anatech Instruments • Chemetrix • LabDynamics

Homogenisers • Analytical & Diagnostic Products • Anatech Instruments • Labotec • Merck Pty Ltd

Hot plates/stirrers • Air Filter Maintenance Services • Analytical & Diagnostic Products • Anatech Instruments • Labotec • Merck Pty Ltd • Monitoring & Control Labs • National Separations

HPLC/GC/MS equipment & consumables • Analytical Solutions • Anatech Instruments • Bruker South Africa • Chemetrix • LabDynamics • LECO Africa • Merck Pty Ltd • Microsep (Waters) • National Separations • Shimadzu South Africa • The Scientific Group

HPLC/MS • Anatech Instruments • Bruker South Africa • Bruno Steiner Lab Consultancy (Advion) • Chemetrix • Merck Pty Ltd • Metrohm SA • Microsep (Waters) • Shimadzu South Africa

Humidity measurement • Hanna Instruments • Labotec

• Merck Pty Ltd • Microsep (Mabtech)

Impact testing • Advanced Laboratory Solutions

Incubators (See Ovens, furnaces & incubators) • Air Filter Maintenance Services • Analytical & Diagnostic Products • Labotec • Monitoring & Control Labs • National Separations

Infra-red spectroscopy • Analytical Solutions • Anatech Instruments • Bruker South Africa • Chemetrix • Microsep (Mettler Toledo)

Ion analysis • Anatech Instruments • Labotec • Merck Pty Ltd • Metrohm SA • Microsep (Waters & Mettler Toledo) • Shimadzu South Africa

Karl Fischer water content analysers • Microsep (Mettler Toledo)

Kjeldahl • Analytical Solutions • Labotec • Metrohm SA • Microsep (Mettler Toledo)

Laboratories - accreditation • Air Filter Maintenance Services

Laboratory & GMP training • Bruno Steiner Lab Consultancy

• Merck Pty Ltd • Monitoring & Control Labs

Hygrometers • Hanna Instruments • Labotec • Monitoring & Control Labs

ICP & consumables • Chemetrix • Merck Pty Ltd • Shimadzu South Africa

ICP-MS • Anatech Instruments

Melting point apparatus • Labotec • Microsep (Mettler Toledo)

Mercury analysers • Metrohm SA

Metallurgical sample prep/metallography • Advanced Laboratory Solutions • LECO Africa

Microanalysis • Advanced Laboratory Solutions • Analytical & Diagnostic Products • Anatech Instruments • Davies Diagnostics • Labchem • Labotec • Merck Pty Ltd • Microsep • National Separations

Microfiltration • Anatech Instruments • Merck Pty Ltd • Microsep • National Separations

Microplate readers/ harvesters/washers • Analytical & Diagnostic Products • Merck Pty Ltd • The Scientific Group

Microscopy • Advanced Laboratory Solutions • Analytical Solutions • Bruker South Africa • Merck Pty Ltd • The Scientific Group • Wirsam Scientific & Precision Equipment

Microtomes & accessories • Labotec • The Scientific Group

Mixers/blenders • Analytical & Diagnostic Products • Labotec • Merck Pty Ltd • Microsep (Interscience)

Moisture analysis • Analytical & Diagnostic Products • Analytical Solutions • Bruker South Africa • Hanna Instruments • Labotec • LECO Africa • Metrohm SA • Microsep (Mettler Toledo) • Shimadzu South Africa

Mortuary equipment

Laminar flow/biohazards • Air Filter Maintenance Services • Labotec

Laser systems • Labotec

Leak detectors • Chemetrix • Labotec • National Separations

LIMS • Bika Lab Systems • LabInfo (TSI) • Microsep (Waters & Mettler Toledo)

Lubricants • PANalytical

Luminometers & reagents • Analytical & Diagnostic Products • Microsep (Celsis & Hygiena International)

Magnetic stirrers • Air Filter Maintenance Services • Analytical & Diagnostic Products • Anatech Instruments • Hanna Instruments • Labotec • Merck Pty Ltd • Metrohm SA • Monitoring & Control Labs • National Separations



Melt flow index • Advanced Laboratory Solutions • Microsep (Mettler Toledo)


Immunology equipment

• Merck Pty Ltd

• Metrohm SA • Microsep (Mettler Toledo) • PANalytical • Wirsam Scientific & Precision Equipment

• Labotec

Mass spectrometers • Anatech Instruments • Bruno Steiner Lab Consultancy (Advion) • Bruker South Africa • Chemetrix • LabDynamics • Labotec • LECO Africa • Microsep (Waters) • Shimadzu South Africa

Material sectioning • LECO Africa

Materials testing • Advanced Laboratory Solutions

• Labotec

Mycotoxin analysis • Analytical & Diagnostic Products • Chemetrix • Microsep (Waters & Vicam)

Nanotechnology • Analytical Solutions • Bruno Steiner Lab Consultancy (Bio-Logic) • Labotec • Metrohm SA • Microsep (Waters & Lighthouse) • National Separations • PANalytical • The Scientific Group

Near infra-red analysers • Analytical Solutions • Bruker South Africa • Chemetrix • Labotec • Metrohm SA • PANalytical

NMR • Advanced Laboratory Solutions • Bruker South Africa • Merck Pty Ltd

Oil testing • Bruker South Africa • Metrohm SA • Microsep (Waters & Mettler Toledo) • Monitoring & Control Labs • PANalytical

Optical emission • Chemetrix • PANalytical • Shimadzu South Africa

Orbital shakers • Analytical & Diagnostic Products • Labotec • Monitoring & Control Labs

Ovens, furnaces & incubators • Air Filter Maintenance Services • Bruno Steiner Lab Consultancy (Kuhner) • LabDynamics • Labotec • Monitoring & Control Labs

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Refer to Company Directory for contact details • National Separations • Verder Scientific

Paint testing equipment • Bruker South Africa • Hanna Instruments • Labotec • Metrohm SA • Microsep (Mettler Toledo) • Monitoring & Control Labs

Particle size measurement • Analytical Solutions • Labotec • Microsep (Mettler Toledo & Lighthouse) • Monitoring & Control Labs • National Separations • Shimadzu South Africa • Verder Scientific

Pathogen testing equipment • Analytical & Diagnostic Products • Merck Pty Ltd • National Separations

PCR/real-time PCR instruments & Consumables • Analytical Solutions • Anatech Instruments • Davies Diagnostics • Labotec • Merck Pty Ltd • Microsep (Mettler Toledo & Lighthouse) • National Separations

Petroleum testing • Anatech Instruments • Bruker South Africa • Chemetrix • Hanna Instruments • LabDynamics • Labotec • Metrohm SA • Microsep (Waters & Mettler Toledo) • Monitoring & Control Labs • Wirsam Scientific & Precision Equipment

pH instrumentation • Analytical Solutions • Chemetrix • Hanna Instruments • Labotec • Merck Pty Ltd • Metrohm SA • Microsep (Mettler Toledo) • Monitoring & Control Labs

Photometers • Air Filter Maintenance Services • Hanna Instruments • Labotec • Merck Pty Ltd • Metrohm SA

Pipettes/diluters • Analytical & Diagnostic Products • Analytical Solutions • Davies Diagnostics • Labotec • Merck Pty Ltd • Metrohm SA • Microsep (Mettler Toledo & Rainin) • The Scientific Group

Plant growth chambers & rooms • Labotec

Plastic labware • Analytical & Diagnostic Products • Merck Pty Ltd

Plastics testing • Advanced Laboratory Solutions • Microsep (Mettler Toledo) • PANalytical

Platinum laboratory ware • PANalytical

Polarimeters • Monitoring & Control Labs

Porosimeters • Advanced Laboratory Solutions

Potentiostats/galvanostats • Bruno Steiner Lab Consultancy (Bio-Logic) • Metrohm SA

Power supplies • Analytical & Diagnostic Products

Protein analysis • Analytical Solutions • Anatech Instruments • Bruker South Africa • Labotec • LECO Africa • Merck Pty Ltd • Metrohm SA • Microsep (Waters) • Shimadzu South Africa

Proteomics • Anatech Instruments • Bruker South Africa • Chemetrix • Merck Pty Ltd • Microsep (Waters) • National Separations

w w w.lm s m a g a z i n e .c o. z a

Pumps • Anatech Instruments • Labotec • Merck Pty Ltd • National Separations

Purge & trap systems • Anatech Instruments • Chemetrix

Pycnometers/density measurements • Labotec • Microsep (Mettler Toledo)

Quality control • Bruker South Africa • PANalytical • The Scientific Group

Raman analysers • LabDynamics • Metrohm SA

Spectrometers • Analytical & Diagnostic Products • Anatech Instruments • Bruker South Africa • Chemetrix • Labotec • LECO Africa • Merck Pty Ltd • Microsep (Mettler Toledo) • PANalytical

Spectrophotometers • Analytical & Diagnostic Products • Analytical Solutions • Anatech Instruments • Chemetrix • Labotec • Merck Pty Ltd • Microsep (Mettler Toledo) • Monitoring & Control Labs • Shimadzu South Africa

Spectroscopy - accessories

Rapid diagnostic test kits • Analytical & Diagnostic Products • Davies Diagnostics • Microsep (Recipe) • National Separations

Reactors • Hanna Instruments • Labotec • Merck Pty Ltd • Microsep (Mettler Toledo)

Real-time reaction monitoring • Microsep (Mettler Toledo)

Reference cultures/ quality control organisms • Anatech Instruments • Davies Diagnostics • Industrial Analytical

Refractometers • Hanna Instruments • Labotec • Microsep (Mettler Toledo) • Monitoring & Control Labs

Repair & maintenance • Anacon • Anatech Instruments • LabDynamics • Labotec • Metrohm SA

Rheometers • Advanced Laboratory Solutions • Monitoring & Control Labs

Rotary evaporators • Labotec • Merck Pty Ltd

• Anacon • Anatech Instruments • Bruker South Africa • Chemetrix • Microsep (Mettler Toledo) • PANalytical

Spray dryers • Labotec

Stirrers • Analytical & Diagnostic Products • Anatech Instruments • Hanna Instruments • Labotec • Merck Pty Ltd • National Separations

Surface/surface area analysis • Advanced Laboratory Solutions • Labotec • LECO Africa • Microsep (Celsis & Hygiena International) • National Separations • PANalytical

Surface tension • Advanced Laboratory Solutions

Synthesis workstations • Microsep (Mettler Toledo)

Syringes • Anatech Instruments • Chemetrix • National Separations

Temperature & humidity • LabInfo (TSI) • Monitoring & Control Labs

Safety equipment & accessories • Merck Pty Ltd

Salt spray chambers • Labotec

Sample preparation equipment/ consumables • Advanced Laboratory Solutions • Analytical & Diagnostic Products • Anatech Instruments • Industrial Analytical • Labotec • LECO Africa • Merck Pty Ltd • Microsep (Waters, Mettler Toledo & Horizon Technology) • Monitoring & Control Labs • National Separations • PANalytical • Verder Scientific • Wirsam Scientific & Precision Equipment

Samplers • Anatech Instruments • Microsep (Mettler Toledo & Lighthouse) • PANalytical

Scientific analytical equipment • Bruker South Africa • Hanna Instruments

Sensor development • Bruno Steiner Lab Consultancy (Bio-Logic)

Sieves & shakers • Bruno Steiner Lab Consultancy (Kuhner) • Labotec • Merck Pty Ltd • Microsep (Mettler Toledo) • Monitoring & Control Labs • The Scientific Group • Verder Scientific

Slip melting point apparatus • Microsep (Mettler Toledo)

Sodium analysers • Metrohm SA • Microsep (Mettler Toledo)

Softening point apparatus • Microsep (Mettler Toledo)

Soil testing equipment • Bruker South Africa • Labotec • Microsep (Waters, Mettler Toledo & Horizon Technology) • Monitoring & Control Labs • Verder Scientific

Temperature measurement/ thermometers/thermostats • Davies Diagnostics • Hanna Instruments • Merck Pty Ltd • Metrohm SA

Tensile/compression testing • Advanced Laboratory Solutions • Shimadzu South Africa

Textile testing • ATS Laboratory

Texture analysers • Advanced Laboratory Solutions • Bruker South Africa • Monitoring & Control Labs • PANalytical

Thermal analysis • Advanced Laboratory Solutions • Microsep (Mettler Toledo) • Shimadzu South Africa

Thermal desorption • Advanced Laboratory Solutions • Anatech Instruments • Chemetrix • Shimadzu South Africa

Thermal optical analysis • Microsep (Mettler Toledo)

Thermo gravimetric analysis (TGA) • Microsep (Mettler Toledo)

Thin layer chromatography (TLC/HPTLC) • Bruno Steiner Lab Consultancy (Camag)

Tissue culture chambers & rooms • National Separations

Tissue processors • Labotec • The Scientific Group

Titrators • Analytical Solutions • Hanna Instruments • Labotec • Metrohm SA • Microsep (Mettler Toledo)

TOC analysers • Analytical Solutions • Labotec • Merck Pty Ltd • Metrohm SA • Microsep (Mettler Toledo & Lighthouse) • Shimadzu South Africa

Tubing • Labotec • National Separations

Turbidity • Anatech Instruments • Hanna Instruments • Labotec • Merck Pty Ltd • Microsep (Mettler Toledo)

Turnkey laboratory design • Wirsam Scientific & Precision Equipment

Ultrasonic baths • Air Filter Maintenance Services • Labotec • Monitoring & Control Labs • National Separations • The Scientific Group

UV transilluminators • Analytical & Diagnostic Products • Anatech Instruments • Labotec • The Scientific Group

UV/visible spectrophotometry • Analytical & Diagnostic Products • Analytical Solutions • Anatech Instruments • Chemetrix • LabDynamics • Labotec • Merck Pty Ltd • Microsep (Mettler Toledo) • Monitoring & Control Labs • Shimadzu South Africa

Vacuum coating • Labotec • The Scientific Group

Vacuum systems & measurement • Chemetrix • Labotec • Merck Pty Ltd • National Separations

Validation • Air Filter Maintenance Services • LabDynamics • Microsep (Waters & Mettler Toledo) • PANalytical

Viscometers • Labotec • Monitoring & Control Labs

Water analysis equipment • Analytical & Diagnostic Products • Anatech Instruments • Bruker South Africa • Hanna Instruments • Labotec • LECO Africa • Merck Pty Ltd • Metrohm SA • Microsep (Waters & Mettler Toledo) • Monitoring & Control Labs • National Separations

Water baths • Air Filter Maintenance Services • Analytical Solutions • Labotec • Monitoring & Control Labs • National Separations

Water distillation/purification • LabDynamics • Labotec • Merck Pty Ltd • Microsep • National Separations • The Scientific Group

Water samplers • Labotec • Merck Pty Ltd

Weathering testers • Labotec

Western blot kit (See Blot Kits...) • Anatech Instruments • Merck Pty Ltd • The Scientific Group

X-ray analysis • Bruker South Africa • PANalytical • Shimadzu South Africa • Wirsam Scientific & Precision Equipment

X-ray crystallography • Bruker South Africa • PANalytical

X-ray diffraction • Bruker South Africa • PANalytical • Shimadzu South Africa

X-ray fluorescence • Bruker South Africa • Monitoring & Control Labs • PANalytical • Shimadzu South Africa

Zeta potential • AMS Laboratory Technologies • Analytical Solutions • Micron Scientific • SMM Instruments

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AFMS provide certification and supply of biological safety cabinets, laminar flow benches and fume hoods. We supply and install Bsl 3 Laboratories and Bio Containment Facilities and are the authorised dealers for Baker products ( We also offer Certification of Clean Rooms and are suppliers of Incubators, Ovens, Water Baths and Circulators. PO Box 459, Honeydew 2040 30 Summit Road, Midrand, Gauteng Tel: 086-111-2367 | Fax: 011-462-1489 Email: |

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Anacon supplies analytical consumables for all major instrument manufacturers and is the sole agent for the PHOTRON range of hollow cathode and deuterium (D2) lamps. Our product range includes: hollow cathode lamps (1.5 and 2”) - coded, uncoded and lumina type; deuterium Lamps for AA, UV, and HPLC detectors; graphite furnace tubes and platforms; and glass or quartz cells (cuvettes).

a Cell Image Multi-Mode Readers a Electrophoresis Equipment a Hygiene Monitoring Systems a Image Analysis a Microplate Instrumentation a Radiation Monitoring Systems a Robotic Liquid Handling Systems a Rapid Microbial Detection Systems a Dry Bath Incubator / Shaker Incubator a Rocker Shaker Vortex a Centrifuge a Magnetic Stirrer

Anacon also provides support for older generation Varian instruments. This includes routine and breakdown servicing, operator training, and assistance with sourcing obsolete and scarce spare parts such as keyboards, disk drives, and printed circuit boards.

a a a a a

For more information on our products or our range of preowned equipment please check our website. PO Box 731003, Fairland 2030 | 180 Kessel Street, Fairland 2195 Tel: 011-476-5690 | Fax: 011-476-7833 Email: |

Reagents & Supplies

MERINDA LOTTERING Tel: 011-877-6008 Cell: 084-611-5632 Email:

Dehydrated Culture Media Ion Chromatography Resins Petrifilm Pipettes Sampling Sponge/Swabs

Elisa Kits

a Bacterial Pathogens a Food QC / Allergens a Mycotoxins a Pesticides Residues a Plant Diseases/Viruses

PO Box 6378, Weltevreden Park, 1715 Tel: 011-794 5959 Fax: 011-794 5963 Email: website:

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Analytical Solutions specialises in the supply of scientific equipment to academic, research and analytical laboratories. We are agents for Eppendorf, Erweka, Jasco, Unity Scientific, Biocontrol, AMS France, Dani Instruments, SI Analytics, Microtrac, Velp Scientifica, Fedegari autoclaves, Julabo, Ohaus, Schmidt+Haensch and Microfluidics.

Gauteng Tel: 087-610-0900  Fax: 011-704-7713 Western Cape Tel: 087-610-1000  Cell: 079-699-7987 KwaZulu Natal Tel: 087-610-1100  Cell: 082-872-3235


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Assuring you of our commitment to quality products and service • Mass Spectrometry • Water & Electrochemistry • Molecular Biology • Life Sciences • Chromatography • Spectroscopy PO Box 98485, Sloane Park, 2152 T: 011 462 6776 F: 011 704 6490

Quality Control Instruments to ISO BAMR is a family run business that supplies, repairs, services and calibrates instruments in the Coatings, Corrosion, Physical Paint Test and Allied Industries since 1946. Instruments include: Abrasion, Adhesion, Climate, Coating Thickness (Elcometer), Density, Elasticity, Film Applicators, Fineness of Grind, Gloss (Elcometer), Reflectometers, IQ gauges (Rhopoint), Hardness, Moisture (Max Doser, Protimeter, Tramex), Pinhole and Spark, Surface Profiles, Salt, Dust and Cleanliness, Ultrasonic Material Thickness, Viscosity Cups and Rotational Testers

PO Box 23973, Claremont 7735 Tel: 021-683-2100 Email: w w w.lm s m a g a z i n e .c o. z a


Bruker is a leading developer and supplier of innovative analytical instrumentation to the Academic, Research and production environment. The company offers products in the following fields: X-Ray (XRF, XRD and SC-XRD), Infra-Red (FT-IR, Raman, NIR and imaging), Mass Spectrometry (ESI-MS and Maldi-TOF), magnetic spectroscopy (NMR, EPR and pre-clinical MRI), GC-TQ-MS, LC-TQ-MS and microCT.

Innovation with Integrity Bruker South Africa Tel: +27(0)11-463-6040

Bruno Steiner Lab Consultancy is a supplier of the following high technology lab equipment for the sub-saharan countries: • Advion: Compact and affordable high performance Mass Spectrometer • Bio-Logic: High performance instruments for the research lab - Electrochemistry, Battery & fuel cell, Sensor development, Nanotechnology and Corrosion • Camag: The world leader in Thin Layer Chromatography (HPTLC/TLC) • Kuhner: The world’s most reliable Shaker/ Shaking Incubator from grams uo to 2 tons Office: +27 11 804 3503 fax: +27 86 719 2778 email: Address: PO Box 773, Gallo Manor 2052

Authorized Distributor

Chemical Analysis Solutions

Chemetrix (Pty) Limited | 400 – 16th Road | Block H Central Park | Midrand Tel +27 11 541 9801 | Fax +27 11 541 9802 Countrywide support call centre 0860-AGILENT (0860 244 5368) Website : Email

Offices in Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town and Nairobi

Davies Diagnostics (Pty) Ltd

Clean Room Maintenance offers an unparalleled quality service in the maintenance & validation of containment systems and supply of consumables in the air filtration & purification industry. Proudly and expertly for 30 years and more to come, we supply; install and service all types of Fume Hoods, biohazard safety cabinets; HVAC units and laminar flow units. We provide objective particle count testing of cleanrooms; hospital theatres and we also supply and fit all types of primary, secondary and HEPA filters for all your air purification needs. 16 Berlandina Street, Roodepoort 1724 PO Box 4193, Hamberg 1726 Tel: +27 11 763 8820 Cell: 083 585 0786 | Fax: +27-11-763 2769 Email:

We offer EXTRAordinary service to all laboratories. Our staff is technically qualified to offer full technical support of all our products. Our product range covers microbiology, haematology, virology, immunology, serology, blood transfusion, molecular biology, immunohistochemistry and general laboratory products. P O Box 3222, Randburg, 2125 Tel:

+27 11 777 7600


+27 11 787 6917


Hanna Instruments produce the following products: Chemical Test Kits, pH, Conductivity, TDS, ISE, Titration, Dissolved Oxygen, Multi-Parameters Meters, Magnetic Stirrers, Photometers, Chemical Oxygen Demand, Turbidity, Refractometers, Temperature, Relative Humidity, Lux, Process Instrumentation and Dosing Pumps. Head office (JHB) 6 Vernon Road, Morninghill, Bedfordview T: (011) 615 6076 | F: (011) 615 8582 | E: CAPE TOWN BRANCH Unit B, 18 Bellville Business Park, Belville, Cape Town T: (021) 946 1722 | F: (021) 946 1723 | E: DURBAN BRANCH 2 Sunnyside Centre, 48 Sunnyside Lane, Pinetown T: (031) 701 2711 | F: (031) 701 2706 | E:

Innovative Solutions for Your Laboratory Requirements!

Your trusted source for 26 years!

Laboratory Design & Supply • Scientific & Precision Equipment • Calibration & Services

Our vision and goal is to constantly add value by: l l l l

Supplying premium products Increasing footprint in African market Improving quality of laboratory results Spares holdings and back-up support

Tel: +27 (0) 11 916 5000 E-mail: /

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Industrial Analytical (Pty) Ltd. (part of LGC Standards), an ISO 9001:2008 certified and BBBEE rated company, specialises in the supply of Certified Reference Materials (CRMs)/ reference standards, ISO accreditedSolution Standards for ICP/ AAS, Fine Chemicals (high purity metals/compounds and HPLC solvents) and Claisse fusion equipment. ISO Certificates of Analysis (COA), with guaranteed purities (up to 99.999999% pure) and MSDS supplied with our products.

PO Box 12897, Vorna Valley 1686 Tel: 011-466-4321 | Fax: 011-466-4611 Email:

Raman HPLC Chromatography parts & consumables Dissolution Software Columns Water systems Service Validation Calibration Tel. 011 675 1266 Cell. 082 498 1111

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Merck (Pty) Ltd

grow, nurture, evolve... Visit our new website

LECO Africa is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the privately owned company LECO Corporation, USA, servicing the South African Analytical and Metallographic industries since 1976. We provide LECO Analytical, Metallographic, Spectrographic and Separation Science equipment, Consumables and related spare parts manufactured and assembled in the USA.

Labotec is your guarantee of


with South African-based after-sales support and service

011 315 5434 | 021 531 7660 | 031 566 4870

LECO Africa serves the entire Sub-Saharan region, with offices in Gauteng, Western Cape, Mpumalanga and KwaZulu Natal, and distributors in the Eastern Cape, Namibia, Ghana, Tanzania, Zambia, Kenya, Uganda, Ivory Coast and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Tel: 011-974-1681 Fax: 011-974-1848

Microsep (Pty) Ltd

Microsep is a supplier of high technology scientific, analytical, laboratory and weighing instrumentation in Southern Africa. Our focus is to provide high quality scientific products and innovative solutions to satisfy the needs of our customers in the general laboratory, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, food and beverage, chemical and petro-chemical, environmental and industrial markets. Market leading brands include Waters Chromatography and Mettler Toledo.

2 Saturn Crescent, Linbro Business Park, Frankenwald Ext. 30, Sandton, 2196

MERINDA LOTTERING Tel: 011-877-6008 Cell: 084-611-5632 Email:


10 Village Crescent, Linbro Business Park, Gauteng Jbg: 011-608-4664 Cpt: 086-010-9259 Dbn: 031-914-2912


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Service Workshops and Sanas Laboratories for Viscosity and Temperature Calibrations in Johannesburg and Durban.


Supplying Laboratories with Instrumentation & Chemicals for 26 Years


Monitoring & Control Laboratories

Tel: 011-553-2300 021-914-0393 021-886-9157 031-701-4705/6 041-365 5168


Postnet Suite 587, Private Bag x29, Gallo Manor 2052 Tel: 011-656-1918 Fax: 011-656-2698 Email:

Tel: 086-006-3725 Fax: 086-052-2329 Email: PO Box 1998, Halfway House, 1685

Metrohm SA is the sole agent for the following Metrohm products: • Titration, pH and conductivity, Karl Fischer, Ion chromatography and Voltammetry • Autolab potentiostats • Applikon online process analysers • Near-infrared systems for lab and process • MIRA - portable Raman analyser. Our products are widely used in industries such as environmental, pharmaceutical, food, mining, electroplating, petrochemical and tertiary institutions for teaching/research.

Merck is an innovation-driven life science company offering a broad spectrum of proven tools and technologies, together with performance solutions that help our customers succeed in the research, development and production of biotechnology and pharmaceutical drug therapies.





National Separations National Separations (NATSEP) is the supplier of laboratory filtration, water purification and consumable products for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, food & beverage and industrial industries. NATSEP, a subsidiary of Microsep (Pty) Ltd, is the official Southern African distributor for Sartorius Stedim Biotech, Albet and Amazon Filters. NATSEP provides the most cost effective filtration solution, by combining excellent products with years of filtration expertise and exceptional service. Tel: Jhb: 011-553-2300 Fax: 011-553-2400 CT: 021-914-0393 021-886-9078 CT: 021-886-9157 DBN: 031-701-4705/6 PE: 041-365-5168 Email: / w w w.lm s m a g a z i n e .c o. z a

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PANalytical is a leading supplier of analytical instrumentation including X-ray fluorescence (XRF), X-ray diffraction (XRD), Near Infrared (NIR) and cross belt analysers. PANalytical provides the total X-ray solution by means of the latest innovative technology in X-ray diffraction and X-ray fluorescence spectrometry. Using the best specialists in South Africa, PANalytical offers XRF and XRD training courses. The variety of courses can either be presented at the customer’s site or at the PANalytical offices in Rand Park Ridge, Johannesburg.

PANalytical (PTY) LTD Unit 4, Bush Hill Office Park Jan Frederick Avenue Rand Park Ridge South Africa

T +27 11 577 0880 F +27 11 577 0882 M +27 82 575 2628 wynand.smit@

Shimadzu SA (Pty) Ltd

SSS is a highly specialised company dedicated to offering superior support in niche markets in Chromatography and related disciplines. SSS is an OEM distributor for Vici and an accredited distributor for all Varian consumables; Vici Valves and GC Detectors; Precision Sampling Syringes; ChromPerfect Data Systems; Hamilton Syringes; SGE Syringes & Supplies; National Scientific Vials, Septa, Syringe Filters, Caps etc; Bohlender Teflon Products; GL Science Leak Detectors; Specialised and Refurbished Instruments; Capillary Columns; Solid Phase Extraction; Nikepal Syringes. Training is a priority at SSS and regular hands-on courses are offered. The range is expanding annually and SSS also manufactures specialised Inlet Systems for sample introduction of gases and semi-gaseous mixtures.

Tel: +2711 476 8065 |

• CLINICAL DIAGNOSTICS • LIFE SCIENCES • POINT OF CARE Shimadzu SA (Pty) Ltd. offers direct sales, service and support to customers in the Southern African Region for all of their analytical and measuring instruments including instruments for chromatography, massspectrometry, spectroscopy, elemental analysis, surface analysis, materials testing, life scienice research, weight measurement, thermal analysis, particle size analysis and TOC analysis.

Wild Fig Business Park Units 37-40 1494 Cranberry Street Honeydew Roodepoort 2170

Tel: 011-795-2608

Fax: 011-795-1493


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Dream big PANalytical is there to support you in your endeavors with world class instrumentation, local support and a team of specialists to lend their expertise. Whether your goal is research to save the earth or process control to save the day, you can be confident with your PANalytical systems at the ready.



NIR CNA PANalytical (PTY) LTD Unit 4, Bush Hill Office Park Jan Frederick Avenue Rand Park Ridge South Africa

T +27 11 577 0884 F +27 11 577 0882 M +27 82 575 2628

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Lab Management and Science Issue 1 2018  

In the first issue of 2018, we have fact-filled features on local science news, laboratory innovations, international discoveries. We also f...