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Office park as urban forest OXFORD & GLENHOVE

The story behind that sloping facade MJEJANE PRIVATE LODGE

Avant-garde bush retreat

Buildings that tell stories

w w w. a m a g r o u p . c o . z a


We designed the park as a precinct that would activate social interaction between the inhabitants of all the buildings.


Gerard Boer,


Boogertman + Partners, Knightsbridge [p12]

FIRST DRAFT 08 THE BRIEF Editor’s note, dates to diarise and book review.




Jean Nouvel’s ‘rain of light’ at the Louvre Abu Dhabi.

WSP’s new head office at Knightsbridge Office Park in Bryanston takes the traditional notion of the office park and turns it inside out.

When specifying walls and cladding, your choice is crucial to your clients’ visual and tactile experience of a building.




What’s new in the world of architecture and design.


Johannesburg-based Architects Of Justice have designed an unconventional and innovative retreat in a private game reserve.

The vast range of flooring materials, and constantly shifting trends make it crucial to keep up with the latest offerings.



Each elevation at Sappi’s new headquarters of in Rosebank, Johannesburg, designed by M-Architects, was hand-drawn, giving the building a distinct identity.

With the elevation of the bathroom to a luxury zone, it has become a densely designed domain of the home, where every consideration counts.



The dramatically inclined glass façade at the corner of Rosebank’s most prominent intersection on the corner of Oxford and Glenhove roads adds a new landmark to an historical site.



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Cottle & Bergh Architects (C+B) designed the interior dining and exterior areas of Aura Cafe, a recently opened café and restaurant in the Signature Lux Hotel in Sandton.

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2017/18 AFRISAM-SAIA AWARD FOR SUSTAINABLE ARCHITECTURE + INNOVATION Practitioners passionate about contributing to a better future for all are invited to enter the 2017/18 AfriSam-SAIA Award for Sustainable Architecture + Innovation. Entries close 24 March 2018. sustainabledesign.co.za 27 APRIL – 1 MAY 2018 100% CLAY 100% Design South Africa will bring leading local handmade ceramics to the fore with a striking exhibition concept, curated by Cathy O’Clery of Platform Creative Agency. www.100percentdesign.co.za

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headquarters, it helps to know that Ivan Schlapobersky of M-Architects likes to study and hand-draw each elevation of a building separately. As soon as you know that, you can read it in the subtly different character of each façade. Once you’ve heard the stories, it’s hard to forgot them. Telling the stories behind buildings enriches our relationship with them. I hope you find this issue does just that – we certainly enjoyed the stories behind the featured buildings – and maybe you’ll look at them differently when you drive past next time. Graham


3-5 MAY 2018 ARCHITECTURE ZA 2018 (#AZA18) Africa’s premier urban cultural festival focused on architecture at 012Central in the Pretoria inner city. www.architectureza.org

Sometimes the stories behind buildings improve your appreciation of them – knowing the seeds of the inspiration or the root of idea, or sometimes even the problem or frustration at the heart of a dazzling design solution. LYT Architecture found themselves having to work around the restrictions of a Gautrain servitude on their site at the corner of Oxford and Glenhove Roads in Rosebank, Johannesburg, but when they realised that they could encroach on it at a high level, it set up the conditions for the building’s striking tilted façade. Just down the road from that building, when you drive past Sappi’s new

BOOK THE GARDEN OF BABYLONSTOREN The mostly edible garden of Babylonstoren in the Drakenstein Valley of the Cape Winelands has become a must-see for all visitors to the region. Not simply because it is beautiful, but because it offers a mesmerising range of experiences to both the day tripper and hotel guest, encompassing history, insight into the workings of a productive farm and food garden, and how the land can be cultivated along diversified yet integrated

principles. As co-author Franchesca Watson says, “The way Babylonstoren expresses itself visually is inordinately charming. Every material is simple and intrinsic, nothing is smart or clever or tacky, everything is understandable and filled with sincerity; it is a generous place.” This visually stunning coffee-table book covers every aspect of the 3.5-hectare garden: its design, Cape Dutch history, plants, cultivation methods and the people behind it all.

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he Louvre Abu Dhabi is the first museum of its kind in the Arab region and offers a new perspective on the history of art in a globalised world. The Louvre Abu Dhabi aims to complement the other Emirati museums and help transform the art and cultural scene in the Middle East. An iconic architectural masterpiece designed by Pritzker Architecture Prize winner Jean Nouvel, it is located on the waterfront in Abu Dhabi’s cultural district on Saadiyat Island, a natural 27km2 island the size of a third of Paris. The inaugural installation in its spacious galleries will present 600 works of art, half from its own rich holdings, and half consisting of stellar works visiting from its 13 partner museums in France. Nouvel wanted his building to have, “A form that matches its function as a sanctuary for the most valuable works of art.”

He designed Louvre Abu Dhabi as a museum city (medina) which combines traditional Arabic inspiration with contemporary design and cutting-edge energyefficient engineering. Nouvel said: “Louvre Abu Dhabi embodies an exceptional programme in the literal sense of the word. Its vocation is now to express what is universal throughout the ages. Its architecture makes it a place of convergence and correlation between the immense sky, the sea-horizon and the territory of the desert. Its dome and cupola imprint the space with the consciousness of time and of the moment through an evocative light of spirituality that is its own.” A dome of 180m in diameter (the same size as the Louvre’s Cour Carrée) covers two thirds of the museum, providing shade and reducing energy consumption. Echoing the mosque, mausoleum, caravanserai, and madrasa, its


shape is not bound by any literal inspiration: resting on four points of contact and slightly low-slung, it is the embodiment of a completely contemporary style. Pierced with openings to look like interwoven palm leaves, a traditional roofing material in the Emirates, the dome resembles silver lace. A geometric template of stars repeated in different

sizes and at different angles in a complex arrangement forms eight distinct layers, four external and four internal. Sun filters through the dome like a delicate, protective rain of light, similar to a claustra lattice of mashrabiyas, reflecting the constant interplay of light and shadow in the country. Below, Nouvel has designed a complex of buildings with


harmonious proportions, embraced by the sea. Freely inspired by buried cities and the prototypical Oriental city, a large part of the museum complex is sheltered under the comfort of this shadow. This urban and geometric ‘medina’ of rooms appears like a city neighbourhood, with some thirty buildings visible along a promenade. Rising up to heights

of 4–12m, they each feature a different façade decorated with a variety of piercings, combining unique transitions and passages. The museum city creates a space that plays with the multiple connections between indoor and outdoor, ever-changing and poetic, to kindle curiosity and invite visitors to explore new routes and pathways, guided by the light.

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Out of office

WSP's new head office at Knightsbridge Office Park in Bryanston takes the traditional notion of the office park and turns it inside out. PHOTOGRAPHY GRAEME WYLLIE AND MICHAEL SCHMUCKER

The first building completed in the Knightsbridge Office Park on Sloane Street, Bryanston, is the new headquarters for WSP. The client called for elegant, understated architecture that emphasises the spaces between and around buildings.



From top Mature kapok trees were salvaged from the original site and integrated with the landscaping; each building in the office park will feature a roof garden like this one, with views and outdoor relaxation and entertainment spaces; the interior design of the WSP building emphasises a strong outward orientation and connection with greenery and natural surroundings.


nightsbridge Office Park in Sloane Street, Bryanston, designed by Boogertman + Partners, takes the traditional notion of the office park and breathes new life into it for a contemporary way of working and living, where collaboration, innovation and wellbeing are emphasised. The first building in the office park was recently completed as a new office for engineering professional services firm WSP. It is the first of seven buildings that are planned for the office park, and is part of the first phase of the development, comprising three buildings. Lead architect Gerhard Boer says that he and his team sought to reinvigorate the office park typology. They conceptualised the office park as just that: a densely treed urban parkland

with buildings nestled in the landscaping, integrating the natural and built environment. “The brief from our client was to design a simple, elegant architectural solution,” says Boer. “The idea was to emphasise the spaces between the buildings rather than the buildings themselves.” All seven office buildings overlook a central facility with a roof garden, referred to as ‘Central Park’, which houses a shared restaurant, boardroom and entertainment spaces, and various other outdoor office facilities. When completed, it will function as a shared gathering space, providing a venue for meetings, events, relaxation and outdoor seating.

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“We designed the park as a precinct that would activate social interaction between the inhabitants of all the buildings,” says Boer. The landscaping includes a running track that threads its way though the urban forest as well as other casual outdoor seating and pause spaces. The original office development on the site, dating back to the 1980s, included a number of mature trees, which were salvaged and transplanted along the periphery of the development. Not only will this treed border provide a visual barrier, enhancing the tranquillity of the environment, but because the trees are already mature, they impart a sense of character to the surroundings. Boer points out that the treed periphery and central focus enhances the ‘inward-looking’ orientation of the development. The close relationship between the building and the natural surroundings creates a rapport with the landscape and a sensory experience that fosters wellbeing.

The gardens are designed to improve ecology and encourage biodiversity, but it is important to note that the landscape is designed to be useful to people not only to improve the urban ecosystem, but also to ensure its sustainability. The interior design principles employed in WSP’s new headquarters, also by Boogertman + Partners and led by Gisela Patlansky, continue the biophilic approach. The colour palette is inspired by nature – drawn specifically from aerial photographs taken across Africa. Greenery is incorporated into the interior spaces, and natural materials are used where possible. The arrangement of the interior spaces around a central spine connects workspaces and, like the broader concept of the landscaping and central park, encourages, movement, socialisation and collaboration. High-quality natural light, low VOC paints, carpets and sealants, and high fresh air rates also enhance wellbeing. The building achieved a 4-Star Green Star Design rating from the Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA) at the end of last year. Interestingly, Boer says that they have not immediately sought an as-built rating, but will monitor the building’s performance for the next year, and then apply for a rating as an existing building to ensure that all building services operate optimally. PROFESSIONAL TEAM OWNER: Emira Property Fund ARCHITECTS: Boogertman + Partners ELECTRICAL ENGINEER: WSP FIRE ENGINEER: WSP ELECTRONIC ENGINEER: WSP MECHANICAL ENGINEER: WSP CIVIL ENGINEER: WSP SUSTAINABILITY CONSULTANT: WSP WET SERVICES ENGINEER: WSP PROJECT MANAGER: Orb Consulting QUANTITY SURVEYORS: RLB Pentad LANDSCAPE ARCHITECT: AED & The Gardeners MAIN CONTRACTOR: Archstone Construction

Top The interior colour palette is drawn from aerial photographs taken of various African landscapes, and emphasises a connection between interior and exterior spaces. Bottom The gardens are largely indigenous, designed to improve ecology and biodiversity in the context of a useful manmade environment.



Above The crowning jewel of the house is a floating steel roof with overhangs on every side Below Views are manipulated through impressive angled ceiling spaces which guide the eye outward towards the surrounding landscape.



A place of rest When a client approached Johannesburg-based Architects Of Justice and commissioned an avant-garde retreat he could disappear to, a journey began which would culminate in a recent commendation for the project in the Mpumalanga Institute for Architecture (MPIA) Awards for Architecture 2017.


he site for the project, situated within the Mjejane Private Game Reserve – a private Big 5 game reserve incorporated into the Kruger National Park – opens onto a view of the Crocodile River on the north boundary with a green belt on its eastern edge. The retreat was designed to maximise the connection to nature and wild game while ensuring privacy between the five en-suite bedrooms as well as from neighbouring lodges. The rigorous estate guidelines motivated the architects to design around the existing flora on the site, which led to a freeform design that required only three trees to be replanted. After meeting with Architects Of Justice, where the client requested an unconventional and innovative retreat, project architect Kuba Granicki worked on a concept model for the client, who immediately approved it. “It was a meeting of minds,” says Granicki, explaining that the original model is satisfyingly close to how the completed project turned out. The home, which is beautiful from every angle, is incredibly site and context driven, fitting the client’s requirements to be able to connect

with nature. Nature however, did provide its own unique challenges; there could be no openings or entries into the roof void, as it would provide the ideal habitat for a myriad of animals to take up residence within this space, and measures had to be taken to prevent warthogs residing underneath the suspended wooden deck on the north of the site. The crowning jewel of the house is a floating steel roof that overhangs the house on every side with a minimum overhang of 1.6m. At its maximum, the roof overhang extends in an impressive 13m butterfly cantilever creating a seemingly unsupported roof over a boma. The total roof area for the 450m2 residence totalled at an impressive 900m2 allowing inside spaces to blend effortlessly with the outside. “Initially the roof was to be concrete and planted,” notes Granicki. “After the client eventually decided against the use of a green roof due to concerns of maintenance for what was to be primarily a low-maintenance holiday home, the concept was redeveloped with a steel roof that would be lighter and quicker to erect on site. Continued next page




From top The building is site and context driven which makes it beautiful from every angle; at its maximum, the roof overhang extends in an impressive 13m butterfly cantilever creating a seemingly unsupported roof over the boma; the client comments, “The ambitious overhangs and cantilevers, made possible by the steel roof, affords us the ability to live harmoniously with nature as the lines blur between inside and out.”

PROJECT TEAM ARCHITECTS: Architects Of Justice PROJECT MANAGER: Condor & Co Project Management STRUCTURAL ENGINEERS: Professional Consultants Corporation CONTRACTOR: Ingwe Construction STEELWORK CONTRACTOR: Quality Steel STRUCTURAL STEEL DETAILER: Orbit Steel/Quality Steel CLADDING SUPPLIER: Chromadek ENERGY CONSULTANTS: Structatherm Projects QUANTITY SURVEYOR: Build Aid


“With this construction methodology, we still managed to obtain cantilevers all round on the roof and an open span lounge/dining room of more than 100m2, with no columns to obscure the view over the pool and surrounding bushveld.” The steel roof overhangs helped design a passively cooled home which mitigates heat gain by shading the exteriors throughout the day in an area of the country that often reaches 30˚C in winter and well over 40˚C in summer. Off-site fabrication allowed for a very clean assembly process on site, and bolted connections meant that very little welding took place on site. The steel roof arrived in four parts, which was logistically possible as the manufacturer, Quality Steel, was located just over an hour away from the site. A four phase Lego-set type erection also meant that there was no need to clear and disturb the natural bushveld for storage of building materials. Ingwe Construction was chosen to carry out the building work due to their proven track record of constructing large scale private bush lodges sensibly and sensitively in this part of South Africa. In the interior, the idea was to not obstruct the user from surrounding nature, and as such, huge glass windows, doors and fin walls constantly connect and direct the user to the outside bush. The placement of the windows facilitates a constant flood of light on the hand-polished concrete floors and simple plaster walls, while angled ceilings facilitate natural airflows and complement other sustainable features of the project (such as rainwater harvesting from the extensive roof structure). “As the client comes from a mining background, aesthetically the home reflects a ‘from the earth’ narrative, and an almost industrial approach of using crushed rock, gabion walls and steel I-beams was embraced,” explains Granicki. He notes that while the home is definitely a modern take on architecture, there is still an earthen quality to its finishes as a result of some of the techniques of the local contractor. The MPIA judges’ comments on the project were extremely positive: “The spatial qualities are sculpturally impressive and sensory experiences are manipulated through impressive angled ceiling spaces which guide the eye outward towards the surrounding landscape. The cantilevered covered patio roof is a structural feat. The massing and siting of the building is successful within the confines of its site, and achieves the key objectives masterfully.” Views are manipulated through impressive angled ceiling spaces which guide the eye outward towards the surrounding landscape. The cantilevered covered patio roof is a structural feat. The massing and siting of the building is successful within the confines of its site, and achieves the key objectives masterfully.” In this private lodge at Mjejane Private Game Reserve, the architects have created a home which, while being architecturally innovative, doesn’t distract from the location of the project and draws the user’s attention to the outside.



Paper house Sappi’s new headquarters in Rosebank, Johannesburg, not only has a streetfriendly presence, but connects its tenants with their surroundings, too. PHOTOGRAPHY BARRY GOLDMAN


he modern, clean-lined appearance of Sappi’s new headquarters in Rosebank, Johannesburg, located on a well-placed intersection on Oxford Road, belies the classical principles that informed its design. Ivan Schlapobersky, partner at M-Architects, who designed the building, notes that he still likes to handdraw each elevation. This preference is most immediately evident in the facades of the building. Each has been individually considered with a particular orientation and aspect in mind: how it responds to the street, the views, the light, internal elevations and the environment. “Each elevation is differently studied, which gives the building its distinct identity,” says Schlapobersky. The crisp, white four-storey building turns the corner of Oxford Road and 14th Avenue with an elegant curve, giving it a friendly street presence, particularly seeing as the area is becoming increasingly pedestrianised with its proximity to the Gautrain, shops, offices and the ongoing densification of the area. The vehicle entrance is at the back of the building, where outdoor parking and two parking basements are given access to the grand central, street-facing main lobby via a long, covered walkway providing a sense of arrival. The southern façade is largely glass – low-e glass is used throughout the building, and the windows facing busy Oxford Street are double glazed – while the western side is tempered by solid surfaces. “We included devices for sun screening like deep balconies on the west and a glass screen that covers the north windows,” explains Schlapobersky. “A deep reveal shades the building from the eastern sun.” Continued next page



Sappi’s new headquarters on the intersection of Oxford Road and 14th Avenue, designed by M-Architects, features deep balconies on the eastern and western façades, not only allowing tenants access to fresh air and outdoor space, but also acting as shading devices.



In keeping with the rationale for commercial developments, the central entrance makes the building flexible enough to accommodate single or multiple tenants, although, before it was complete, certain modifications were made by Sappi to the original design to accommodate their needs, such as increasing the size and volume of the lobby. From the start, however, the architects designed not just with flexible floor plates in mind, but also to ensure ample natural lighting to all office spaces. Schlapobersky also points out that he includes balconies wherever possible in his designs. “I have an aversion to sealed, air-conditioned buildings,” he says. “I try always to let people out of contained spaces.” All facades are studded with balconies, which allow access to fresh air and the treed surrounds. The upper floors of the building include large outdoor spaces with beautiful views over the treetops west over Rosebank and east over Houghton. “I try to orientate the balconies to capture that sense of the setting, and of the surroundings,” he says.

Similarly, on the ground level, the lobby and the canteen open onto terraced outdoor spaces, and a large landscaped garden above the parking with a fountain and indigenous plants provides quality outdoor space. The building’s identity is emphasised by its pristine finish of white porcelain tiles, fixed mechanically to the façade with open joints. This allows water to drain away behind them, leaving no streaking or discolouration. Schlapobersky points out that the design of commercial office buildings seldom allows for costly architectural flourishes, but that a considered approach makes for buildings with identities and functionality that far outstrip simply treating a façade as a wrap for a building.

Kantey & Templer Consulting Engineers 9 Burnside Island 410 Jan Smuts Avenue, Craighall P O Box 412541, Craighall 2014 Tel: +27 (0)11 501 4760 | Fax: +27 (0)11 501 4769 www.kanteys.co.za

RWP Taemane Consulting Engineers 4 Cosmic Street, Linbro Business Park, Sandton PO Box 2422, Rivionia 2123 Tel: +27 (0)11 608 5000 | Fax: +27 (0)11 608 3333 www.rwp.co.za

PROFESSIONAL TEAM MAIN CONTRACTOR: Barrow Construction ARCHITECTS: M-Architects STRUCTURAL ENGINEER: Kantey & Templer ELECTRICAL ENGINEER: Rawlins Wales & Partners MECHANICAL ENGINEER: Adaptive Resource Engineers FIRE CONSULTANT: Dynamic Fire Services INTERIOR DESIGNERS: Giant Leap LANDSCAPE ARCHITECT: Daniel Rebel Landscape Architects

Top left The roof level boasts generous covered and open terraces with magnificent views over Rosebank and Houghton Above The building turns the corner with an elegant curve, giving it a friendly, welcoming street presence Left On the eastern façade, a deep reveal shades the interiors from the eastern sun. The façade is clad with white porcelain tiles fixed mechanically with open joints to aid water drainage and maintain their pristine appearance.



Left One of the changes made to the original plan when Sappi signed on as sole tenant was to increase the volume of the lobby, making for an impressively proportioned entrance.




The dramatically inclined glass façade at the corner of Rosebank’s most prominent intersection on the corner of Oxford and Glenhove roads adds a new landmark to an historical site. PHOTOGRAPHY GAVIN KLARMANN

Rosebank cornerstone


he site of Oxford & Glenhove, the 22 000m2 office development on the landmark corner at the intersection of Oxford and Glenhove Roads, presented LYT Architecture with a number of complexities to take into account. The prominence of its position demanded a certain architectural drama, and the developers required the architects to maximise floor space, but part of the site had been expropriated as a Gautrain servitude, which limited the area they could build on. In these challenges, however, lie the seeds of the building’s eventual form and distinctive design, particularly the wide pavements surrounding it and the dramatically inclined glass façade that gives the building its gem-like geometry and architectural presence.

Lead architect on the project Clive Jearey points out that it is permissible to encroach on the servitude at a high level, but not at street level. “To maximise bulk and not encroach on the servitude, we inclined the façade,” he explains. He notes that tilting the façade in this manner also helps manage the building’s exposure to harsh sun light on its prominent western side, which faces directly onto Oxford Road. Although a significant amount of the land on the pavement actually belongs to the site, the developers decided against fencing it off, preferring instead to contribute to the quality of the public space in the rapidly developing Rosebank CBD, which is increasingly characterised by pedestrian traffic and a vibrant street life. The ground floor level is raised slightly to provide security to


areas such as the coffee shop, which overlooks the street. In keeping with the client brief, a typology that has become something of a trademark of the developers was followed, necessitating a courtyardbased plan with internal racetrack circulation. The courtyards are planted, and the stairs and circulation are particularly light and permeable, bringing softness and human scale to the heart of the building. The building occupies two adjacent properties, and, while there is a super-basement for parking, it consists of two separate units, each with a similar configuration, and separate entrances. These, particularly the most prominent one facing the intersection of Oxford and Glenhove Roads, became what Jearey calls the ‘party piece’. Continued next page

The Oval, East Block, Ground Floor, Wanderers Office Park, 52 Corlett Drive, Illovo, Johannesburg, 2196 Tel: +27 (0)11 217 7300 E-mail: office@ckr.co.za www.ckr.co.za

The most prominent entrance of Oxford & Glenhove opens onto the intersection of the two roads. The ground rises and the glass roof falls away on either side creating a powerful entrance experience while exaggerating the sense of perspective.




Far left The wide pavements are a gift of public space made possible by building restrictions imposed by a Gautrain servitude. The historical trigonometrical beacon that was excavated during construction is celebrated in the landscaping surrounding the building Left at the core of each building is a landscaped courtyard providing external circulation, and designed to bring softness and human scale to the heart of the building.

The north-facing façade along Glenhove Road is set at an angle, the smooth glass surface intersecting with the contrasting light stone cladding, which adds a certain dynamism to the view of the building as seen from Bolton Road. In this angular flourish, with the façade ‘cranked at an angle’ as architect Russel Katz puts it, the corner entrance peels away to create a ‘reinforced perspective view’. “The ground rises and the glass roof falls on either side creating a strong entrance experience,” says Jearey. The views from the impressive lobby, featuring clear glass inclines, speak to the

courtyards. Outdoor paths for circulation add to the experience, providing the multiple tenants easy access to their premises. Glass-fronted lifts reinforce the building’s connection to its core. “The courtyard at the centre of each building is the element that pulls it together,” says Jearey. As a framing device, the faceted geometry of the entrance works in reverse, too, adding drama to the views from the inside out. Interestingly, during the building’s construction, a veteran land surveyor spotted an old trigonometrical beacon that had been uncovered on the pavement.

He recognised it as marking the intersection of three of Johannesburg’s historical farms: Braamfontein, Klipfontein and Syferfontein. It was salvaged and is now celebrated on the pavement outside the building as a reminder of the site’s heritage, and, because the meeting points of farms were often the highest point in the east, its geographic significance. The new landmark that occupies the site, despite being resolutely modern, is rooted in its context: its form a response to the particular character of the site. “It’s a building that could only make sense on that site,” says Jearey.

PROFESSIONAL TEAM Seen from across the road, the dramatically tilted western façade and dynamism of the north façade give the building its presence and identity.



100% Fit-Out Finance New or Refurbished Fit-Out & Furniture

Growth Finance Bridging Finance Specialised Asset Finance

www.spartan.co.za Authorised Financial Services Provider 47631 Registered Credit Provider NCRCP8669 WWW.LEADINGARCHITECTURE.CO.ZA FEBRUARY/MARCH 2018 27



HYDRAFORM HELPS FREE STATE COMMUNITY MEET SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS As part of its objective to support the Naledi Village, settled at the Rustlers Valley Farm in Ficksburg, Eastern Free State, in pursuing a holistic approach to the development of a sustainable community through ecofarming, the Earthrise Trust also acquired a Hydraform blockmaking machine to help the community self-build much-needed houses. The Earthrise Trust was founded as a non-profit social initiative, dedicated to building a new development paradigm that advances the ideals and principles enshrined in the Earth Charter. As part of its founding principles, the Earthrise Trust has since committed to rebuilding and guardianship of the historic Rustlers Valley Farm in Ficksburg, Free State, South Africa as a pilot development space to take the ideals of the

Earth Charter forward. As Gino Govender of the Earthrise Trust explains, the 273-hectare Rustler’s Valley Farm, which has since been purchased by the trust, has a rich social history. “There is a community, called Naledi Village, which resides at the farm which we have since undertaken to help as part of our initiative to address the structural inequality, poverty and marginalisation, and in the process cultivating capacity and building momentum for a new community-inspired and community-based development paradigm,” explains Govender. Govender says the Earthrise Trust has since undertaken to work with local residents to build a sustainable, rural community at Rustlers Valley Farm, establishing a sustainable, cooperative, commercially-viable,

precision farming initiative which involves elements of communal and large-scale commercial farming, both at Naledi and Rustlers Valley Farm respectively. While eco-farming was deemed to form the economic base of the community, proper housing was also a necessity to satisfy the basic social/human needs of the community’s population. “Through engagement with government officials, we heard about Hydraform’s alternative building solutions,” says Govender. “We took delivery of our machine in February 2017.” Initially the machine was used to produce blocks which were used in all the new construction projects such as an ablution facility, the Naledi Arts Centre and toilets for the local primary school. “To date, the team has produced about 30 000 blocks on demand

since we started production with our M7MI. Once we get the title deeds to our land from the government, then the next big project of each household is to save money and build permanent homes of their dreams for their children. This is the Naledi of the future,” says Anton Chaka, Naledi Village chair. For Chaka, the beauty of this machine is its mobility, which allows it to be moved from one site to the other. The Hydraform M7MI is a popular choice with most Hydraform clients. The machine includes a compression chamber, diesel engine and a pan mixer, all mounted on a robust trailer for transport. This machine is ideal for remote areas. It can produce 2 200 blocks per eight hour shift, equating to +/- 57 m2 of walling/day and 12 x 50 m2 houses/month. www.hydraform.com

NEW MINIATURE PORCELAIN MOSAICS Italtile is thrilled to introduce its latest range of miniature mosaics in the form of bevelled subway tiles. Each piece measures a mini 45 x 95mm, a mere half of the size of the standard, traditional subway tile. To make tiling easy, the tiles are placed on a mesh sheet that is easy to install. The range consists of five new glossy colours to choose from, including trendy Mint and Latte, as well as the more traditional Black, White and Cappuccino. These mosaics are better used on the wall as a splashback or for the shower cubicle, but you can even deck your entire pool or living area walls with this miniature marvel. www.italtile.co.za




GREEN PEDESTAL FOR UCT SCIENCE BUILDING WITH TERRAFIX For years the University of Cape Town (UCT) rebuffed the suggestion to use any concrete type product for their garden walls, stairways or retaining structures, instead insisting on the use of natural stone in keeping with the style and character of the campus. However, they soon came to realise that the use of natural stone was becoming extremely expensive as well as time consuming and eventually Dave Killa of Force Ten, a Cape Town based Terraforce recommended contractor, managed to demonstrate the advantages of interlocking concrete block systems to the decision makers. In a short space of time, Force Ten first built a low retaining wall behind a substation with L12 blocks. The next project was a flight of stairs from the lower access road to parking area 6, with a combination of Terraforce 4x4 step blocks and L12 blocks along both sides. Then, the UCT tennis club had a seating pavilion installed by another recommended installer, Decorton Retaining, using the same combination of blocks, 4x4 and L12 blocks. Most notably however, in 2014, a very unique Terrafix erosion control block project was installed at the Engineering building, as part of refurbishments and building updates at the university. Designed by leading architects, SAOTA, the innovative design called for the construction of a stable slope of Bidim encased cement stabilised sand, clad with Terrafix blocks, and finally finished with a layer of cascading vegetation. The plant species used were three different types of indigenous creeper, that offered different growth rates and resulted in quick, medium and long-term cover for this wall. These included Dipogon lignosus, ‘Mile a minute’, Senecio macroglossus, Flowering Ivy, Rhoicissus digitala and Baboon Grape. Landscape architect Megan Anderson carried out the installation, and the final result is a lush green plinth for the building, as envisioned by SAOTA, and perfectly in keeping with its context. www.terraforce.com

Find a supplier www.terraforce.com

Tel: 021 465 1907





The versatility and associated benefits of Corobrik’s clay face brick allow it to extend across all sectors of the construction industry, forming a vital component of massive developments, hospitals and schools or even an aesthetically modern residential home. One such example is a recently constructed home situated in Eldo Ridge Estate, Eldoraigne, Pretoria. “Corobrik’s clay face brick has a number of associated benefits that has seen it used in the construction of both private and state buildings across the country,” explained Corobrik’s commercial director, Musa Shangase. “Thermal efficiency for a more moderate indoor temperature, noise insulation and fire resistance has made them sought-after bricks in both large and small-scale construction,

the clay face brick is an attractive product, available in a variety of earthy tones, which makes it such a popular option for residential units such as this.” For the construction of this magnificent three-story, fivebedroom home, 53 000 of Corobrik’s Firelight Satin face bricks were selected by the owners because of the earthy richness of the colour as well as the overall aesthetics. The 984sqm premises was designed by SNAPP Architects who set about creating a modern home that incorporated intimate, private spaces amid public entertainment areas while taking full advantage of the extensive views offered by the site. Situated within a semi-urban valley, the home includes five en-suite bedrooms, a dining room, living room, study, family room, kitchen and preparation area, scullery, pyjama lounge,

conjunction with the client because of the smooth, uniform finish which perfectly complements the aesthetic of the building, as well as personal tastes. In addition, the use of face brick and off-shutter concrete for large portions of the building reduced the amount of exterior maintenance and upkeep required for the home, which is hugely beneficial in the long run. The face bricks were used throughout to ground the building in its natural context. All the curved elements – which are a feature of the building exterior but require a sense of enclosure and solidity internally – were built using face brick. This includes the study, staircase, exterior fire pit enclosure, braai area and ablutions. The arc of the walls contributes to the flow of spaces within the house while adding complexity and appeal

The bricks were laid in a header bond pattern where the curves became too tight to use a standard stretcher bond. This pattern allowed for smaller increments of angle change between each brick and thus a smoother look to the curve. The walls were then topped with a roller course in matching brickwork so as not to break to feel of a solid brick form with the use of alternative coping materials. The owner said that the outstanding quality of the brickwork and other elements of the building is due to the experience and perfectionist attention to detail of the building contractor NGA Construction. Every opportunity was taken to open the house up with large glazed areas and roofs pitched to allow maximum light and views. However, where containment and intimacy were required,

while the low maintenance promoted through the lack of plastering and painting materials continues to show its cost effectiveness. And, at the end of the day,

two patios, a gym and braai area alongside the pool as well as garages for four cars. According to SNAPP Architects, the Firelight Satin face bricks were selected in

to the exterior aesthetic. The face brick material enhances the juxtaposition of clean lines and hard materials against organic forms and natural brick textures.

the round forms were inserted into the rectilinear plan to provide a welcome relief and enhance the personal nature of the building. www.corobrik.co.za


www.corobrik.co.za | info@corobrik.co.za WWW.LEADINGARCHITECTURE.CO.ZA FEBRUARY/MARCH 2018 31



STRIKING CURVED STEEL ROOF AT THE CLUB The striking new Club 2 Building in Hazelwood, Pretoria, combines modern industrialism and luxury. The curved steel roof, glass façade and modern interiors have attracted high profile tenants like Atterbury Properties and Planet Fitness. Hofman Architects designed a portal frame roof structure that has curved sections and is divided by box gutters. There are five sections of the building and the roof indents inwards and outwards to add depth and shading to the eastern façade, which is the main entrance façade of the building. Global Roofing Solutions is proud to have supplied the popular Klip-Tite sheeting for the project. Tony Hofman, director at Hofman Architects, says that careful thought and planning went into designing the look and feel of Club 2. “We designed a portal frame roof structure that has curved sections and is divided by box gutters. There are five sections of the building and the roof indents inwards and outwards to add depth and shading to the eastern façade – the main entrance façade of the building,” says Tony. Creating a steel portal frame was both challenging and interesting. The design team wanted to use a steel i-beam as the main design element and the i-beam had to be curved around the bullnoses of the building. Klip-Tite sheet cladding was chosen for the project. “We specified Klip-Tite cladding so that there wouldn’t be any joints over the length of sheets. The bullnose was then configured on site and the whole steel portal was installed as a single unit on site. The cladding as well as the striking roof enabled us to meet the aesthetic goal of creating a

modern and industrial look and feel,” says Tony. The interior design and décor of the building fits seamlessly with the exterior. On the first floor, there is a steel H-profile column that supports the steel portal frame of the roof. The elevator of the building is also a unique addition to Club 2 as it is an open lift that was created with steel columns and steel mesh. “The elevator in Club 2 is open and it is surrounded by an open staircase with granite treads. If you are riding in the elevator of Club 2, you could be talking to someone who is walking up and down the stairs, as it’s free of walls and other obstructions. The way that


the interior and exterior of the building blend together has made the space a hit among both the property developers and tenants,” says Tony. After seeing the design of Club 2, Atterbury Properties decided to move their head office from Lynnwood Bridge into the second and mezzanine floor of the building. Planet Fitness occupies half of the ground and first floor and other tenants include attorneys, a spectacle shop, and a company that buys and sells exclusive game, among others. Since Klip-Tite was launched in 2013, over two million square metres of the sheeting has been rolled and installed on leading African projects.

The new generation concealed fix roof sheeting offers superior wind uplift capabilities and it incorporates transverse stiffener ribs in the pan, which is the latest technology in the local roofing sector. “Property developers, architects and designers are increasingly interested in cladding solutions that can meet first-of-a-kind geometries and layouts. Global Roofing Solutions is excited about the new Club 2 building and we look forward to seeing how architects will continue to use this cladding solution in future,” comments Martin Smith, managing director of Global Roofing Solutions. www.globalroofs.co.za


Visit www.globalroofs.co.za or email info@globalroofs.co.za

The striking new Club 2 Building in Hazelwood, Pretoria, combines modern industrialism and luxury. The curved steel roof, glass faรงade and modern interiors have attracted high profile tenants like Atterbury Properties and Planet Fitness. Hofman Architects designed a portal frame roof structure that has curved sections and is divided by box gutters. There are five sections of the building and the roof indents inwards and outwards to add depth and shading to the Eastern faรงade, which is the main entrance faรงade, of the building. Global Roofing Solutions is proud to have supplied the popular Klip-Tite sheeting for the project. WWW.LEADINGARCHITECTURE.CO.ZA FEBRUARY/MARCH 2018 33

TT+27 +2721 21442 4425420 5420 FF+27 +2721 21448 4489132 9132 EEarno.hanekom@bluescope.com arno.hanekom@bluescope.com

www.bluescope.co.za www.bluescope.co.za &DESIGN FEBRUARY/MARCH 2018 34 LEADINGARCHITECTURE & 30


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Increasingly the developers of modern, sustainable housing estates have been looking at the longevity and performance of construction materials used on site. Sitari Country Estate near Somerset West is presented as ‘the art of country living’. According to the developer, UVEST, “Olive groves, orchards, water features and landscaped gardens are subtly intertwined in a secure environment.” It offers 3 150 units of luxury and premium residential apartments, village homes and country homes, including a private school and shopping centre – a large built environment by any standard. However, the clever inclusion of green spaces in the habitat makes a bold eco-statement. Uppermost in the mind of the designers was the impact of the development on nature and inhabitants. From the top, the steel roofs that cover most of the buildings are built to last. Well known premium

steel roofing material, Clean COLORBOND® Ultra Matt in AZ200 coating mass was specified by the project team and formed into very popular and ‘much-loved’ concealedfix Diamondek by Youngman Roofing. “With excellent clipping performance, marketleading drainage capability and unique aesthetic appearance, this product gives outstanding performance especially when manufactured in BlueScope Steel’s Clean COLORBOND® Ultra Matt range,” says Stef du Toit, the marketing manager for Youngman Roofing. However, another unique attribute of this product also makes it uber-important for housing developments of this pedigree. According to BlueScope’s regional manager for Africa, Arno Hanekom, manufacturers of Clean COLORBOND: “We conducted extensive testing and benchmarking before recommending Clean

COLORBOND Ultra Matt to the developer, UVEST. Modern pre-painted steel roofing can have a high degree of gloss caused by the specular reflection of the sun’s rays off its surface. In an eco-sensitive environment this often causes a problematic glare which is also disturbing to residents. Our Clean COLORBOND Ultra Matt offers a high-tech and elegant solution to this problem, while ensuring that the same amount of inbound infrared is reflected off the roof and keeping the building as cool inside as with our standard range. Tests done on site prove this. Longevity is another important consideration. As an AZ200 material, we confidently recommend our product to within 100m of the breaking surf on the beach.” “Pay the slight premium for the best available material grade and finish, manufactured in the best profile. In the long

run, you will reap the benefits with roof sheeting that performs optimally for longer and retains its high-quality finish for a longer duration,” suggests du Toit. Matt concept According to the relevant specifiers, other eco-sensitive sites that are resorting to similar low gloss finish roofing solutions include: Val de Vie, Paarl; Clara Anna Fontein near Durbanville and Chapman’s Bay, Noordhoek. “At Val de Vie, a matt finish was preferred to the higher gloss alternative as it creates a slightly more subdued and obviously less reflective finish from the installation. This was perceived as being important for the overall visual identity and as being more homogenous with the slate tiles selected for some of the homes,” says Stephen Whitehead of Boogertman + Partners, Cape Town. www.bluescope.co.za





Light Steel Frame (LSF) building is often associated with residential buildings, low-rise office blocks, fast-food outlets and other structures built by owners or developers that want energy-efficient, green, aesthetic buildings that can be built accurately and quickly. Lately, however, LSF roof structures that are hitting the headlines and two recent projects exemplify this trend. The first is the complex, curved Ultra-Span LSF roof structure for the Mpumalanga-based Kingdom Leadership Centre, a training and education facility developed by the Joe Singh Group. The challenge was to build a scissor bow-string truss over a 20m clearspan section with additional mono bow-string truss sections on either side, making a total building width of 42m. In addition, the client wanted the roof structure to combine two end-projecting dog-leg hipped roof sections with the main roof section on a fully curved end wall – a significant challenge in itself. “This was a particularly complex job,” says Uwe Schluter, GM Ultra-Span (LSF) division at MiTek, South Africa. “But ultimately this project showcased how flexible Ultra-Span LSF steel is and how it makes it possible to design and to erect a complex roof safely, costeffectively and on time.” The second project, the Global Leadership Academy (GLA) School Hall in Jeffrey’s Bay – joint-winner of the LSFB category at Steel Awards 2017 – also illustrated the advantages of the MiTek Ultra-Span (LSF) product in the erection of large complex roofs.


The project entailed the establishment of a world class, green education facility on a tight budget with the main challenge for architect Jacobus Scott being to come up with innovative solutions for a multi-use gathering area, which required a long span roof design. He turned to the MiTek Ultra-Span (LSF) system for the solution and this was perfect in these circumstances. All trusses were designed to span parallel to the traditional supports, essentially producing trusses also serving as purlins. Ultra-Span girders were created at the ends to support short span trusses to comply with the required minimum ceiling height. This idea was also adopted in the middle section of the roof to act as stability braces for the window panels, which were made with MiTek’s LSF wall framing product to allow for very specific window sizes, and to provide flat surfaces for the fixing of such windows. These window panels were manufactured in several parts to ease installation. Barnard says that these two projects are indicative of an area of construction where LSF is increasingly playing an important role. “It is not only perfect for complex, long-span roofing structures, but LSF building is becoming increasingly relevant in a construction environment that is facing rising costs in materials and transport and in an end-user environment where energy costs are soaring and environmental issues are paramount,” he concludes. www.sasfa.co.za

012 346 6714 | info@johndore.co.za | www.johndore.co.za




INTERFACE EXPANDS POPULAR COMPOSURE FLOORING RANGE Interface, the world’s largest modular flooring producer, is expanding and ‘refreshing’ its popular Composure range of neutral carpet tiles with the addition of three new products: a Composure colour palette; a transitional tile, Composure Edge; and a new backing system. KBAC Flooring is the sole southern African distributor of the ultra-sustainable Interface range. Lesley Fidrmuc, KBAC’s Interface consultant, says since the launch of the tufted, loop pile Composure range in 2014, it has become Interface’s best-selling product worldwide,

selling over 1.7-million m2 per year worldwide. “Based on this staggering popularity, Interface has now decided to expand the previously neutral Composure range, adding more colours; and also launching an important new transitional tile, Composure Edge, to the range,” Lesley stated. “Composure has been refreshed with a new colourful palette, incorporating both chalky pastels and poppy bright colours that can be used in isolation or with tonal colours to create a transitional effect from light to dark,” Lesley added. Designed to augment the transitional aspect, the new

Composure Edge offers a transitional flow from neutral tiles to the more colourful ones. “This multiplies the design possibilities of Composure. Designers can now use Composure and Composure Edge in combination to create a subtle, harmonious colour flow that links one space to another. The connection between two Composure colours can be highlighted with the new organic ‘edge’ carpet tile,” she explained. Finally, Interface has introduced a new backing

system. CircuitBac Green is a new sustainable backing option that increases the average total recycled content of Composure from 53% to 70% and lowers the product’s already low carbon footprint even further. The Interface Composure collection is exceptionally durable and easy to maintain, and therefore ideal for high traffic commercial or private spaces. The pile material consists of 100% solution dyed nylon which is extremely colour fast and resists fading. www.kbacflooring.co.za

ECO-FRIENDLY RUBBER PAVING AND FLOORING EnviroBuild strives to be the leading producer of innovative recycled rubber products in Africa. We are passionate about protecting our beautiful planet and ensuring a sustainable living environment by turning waste into innovative, 100% recyclable products. Our paving and flooring products are designed to be practical, safe, stylish and long lasting to ensure a better life for our customers, our employees and our planet.

E-mail: info@envirobuild.co.za | Mobile: +27 (0)82 902 9573




RECTIFIED TILES – CUTTING EDGE STYLE A unified, uninterrupted wall or floor can serve as the ideal backdrop or even star as the main attraction in a room. Thanks to Ceramic Industries’ new rectifying technology, it’s a look that can now be achieved with ceramic tiles. What are rectified tiles? Rectifying is a mechanical process that ensures all tiles are uniform in size and perfectly square. Because tiles are made from natural materials, there are typically small sizing differences between them after firing – but rectifying eliminates the problem. Ceramic Industries, the biggest producer of tiles on the African continent, recently invested in world-class machinery that removes 2.5mm from each side to produce

identically sized, straight-edged rectified tiles. Their new range, Square2, has just arrived in South Africa. Seamless beauty The great advantage of Square2 tiles is that they can be laid much closer together for a near-seamless look. The precise uniformity Ceramic Industries is able to achieve means that grouting lines as narrow as 1.5mm can be used, which means professionals are able to deliver this virtually uninterrupted look with a product they can rely on for ease of installation, reasonable pricing and durability. Style in high definition Combine high-definition printing with rectifying technology

and a whole world of design options opens up. For instance, the distinctive look of Carrara marble, which is showing up in design spaces that meld classic and contemporary elements, is now easily replicated on ceramic tiles with inkjet technology. Ceramic Industries is able to reproduce in minute detail the dramatic figuring of natural stone, or the fine particulate of screed flooring, in their ranges. These faithful reproductions can then be laid close together, thanks to

rectified edges, to create a flawless finish. Fashionable cuts Ceramic Industries’ new rectification capabilities will allow them to manufacture a wider range than ever before. Besides the new Square2 range, they’ll be able to cut existing ranges to any sizes between 170mm and 1 200mm. That kind of flexibility means they’ll be able to respond to new fashions and changes in demand even faster. www.ceramic.co.za


Construction and tile adhesive specialist TAL has supplied flooring products to the flagship Netcare Christiaan Barnard Memorial Hospital, constructed by WBHO in the Foreshore area of Cape Town. The flagship construction project in the Cape Town CBD is built on the tract of land formerly used as a parking area by Media24, between the Artscape Theatre and the CTICC. “We supplied flooring underlayment materials through Penta Flooring and Kalley Flooring, who were the appointed installers of the vinyl floor finish. These two contractors levelled several thousand meters of floor, to achieve the smooth and level surface required for the installation of the Polyflor Vinyl Sheeting,” comments TAL technical consultant, Matthew Medhurst. Key components to the flooring installation’s success was the use of TAL’s VaporStop HB vapour barrier and TAL Screedmaster. TAL VaporStop HB was recommended due to the suspected


high moisture levels within the concrete slabs. “This would’ve hugely impacted the success and longevity of the vinyl finish,” comments Medhurst. High moisture levels in the substrate will adversely affect the performance and integrity of polymermodified underlayments and vinyl overlayments. TAL’s VaporStop HB vapour barrier is a moisture tolerant, 100% solids epoxy barrier coat that prevents the passage of water vapour and moisture through concrete slabs into the underlayment compound and vinyl sheeting layers. For this particular project, two coats of VaporStop HB were applied, each coat at a rate of 200-micron thickness (5m2/ℓ). The wet VaporStop HB installation was fully blinded with TAL Primer Aggregate SQ2 and then left to dry for 24 hours, before the floor was swept and vacuumed to remove any loose aggregate particles. TAL Screedmaster was then installed onto the prepared floors. Manufactured from rapid-setting shrinkage-compensated cement and selected aggregates, the self-levelling characteristics of this material ensure a totally smooth and level surface. Another advantage of the compound is that the installation time is minimal, which ensures a fast turn-around on the project. “This was important for this project, as waiting for the slabs to properly hydrate during the Cape winter can prove challenging,” explains Medhurst. www.tal.co.za.




SEAMLESS CEMENT-BASED FLOORS TAL SuperFlow is a decorative cement based oor suitable for residential and light commercial applications.**


Van Dyck Floors has responded to the call for a durable residential carpet that is perfectly suited to the South African family lifestyle. Harmony, their new range, which launched in January this year, comes in seven rich, earthy tones and will compliment Van Dyck Floors kaleidoscopic range of flooring options. “Because Harmony is crafted using tufted polypropylene in a frieze effect, the carpet provides a bouncy, soft, and luxurious feel which really enhances bedroom and lounge spaces perfectly,” says Bernd De Smedt, sales and marketing director, Van Dyck Floors. Being a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact since 2014, Van Dyck is committed to enhancing corporate responsibility in various areas including human rights, labour and environment. With all the materials sourced locally, the production of the yarn takes place at sister company PFE Extrusion based in Hammarsdale, KwaZulu-Natal, Harmony meets all the necessary requirements for responsible manufacture. “While supporting local labour and suppliers, we are also able to create products that are ideally suited to the South African market at a price point that is even better than similar competing products,” says De Smedt. As a leader in the carpet industry, Van Dyck Floors – a division of PFE International – has an intimate understanding of market trends and has noted the need for affordable, easy to clean and soft carpet such as Harmony. “The indoor-outdoor lifestyle synonymous with South Africa means there is a constant movement of children and pets from the garden into the home and, inevitably, onto the carpets,” he said. “Harmony has been created to withstand this constant movement and despite having a soft feel the carpet has been designed in such a way that it is very durable and easy to maintain. The polypropylene yarns used in Harmony are stain resistant, making sure that any dirt or spills do not penetrate the carpet, and the antimicrobial agent Silverplus is also incorporated into the manufacturing process for increased hygiene and antimicrobial protection.” With their superb dust-trapping properties carpets create a healthy living environment. Dust settles quickly and is held in the fibres until vacuumed, which reduces the dust content of indoor air, preventing dust particles from carrying germs which can cause allergies. This incredible dust-trapping quality results in a healthy living environment for the entire family. www.vandyckfloors.co.za

easy to maintain

seamless cementitious oor

shrinkage compensated

Available in a range of colours, TAL SuperFlow is durable and abrasion resistant for easy maintenance and years of enjoyment.


0860 000 TAL(825) www.tal.co.za taltech@tal.co.za

* Initial set. Light foot trafc 4 hours. Heavy foot trafc 30 hours. ** For interior use only. TAL is a registered trademark of Norcros SA (Pty) Ltd;





The large-scale, international food producer RCL Foods injected vibrancy and energy into its new Durban office by installing a selection of brightly coloured resin floor finishes from Flowcrete South Africa. As one of Africa’s leading food producers, responsible for a number of household brand names, it is vital for RCL Foods to portray a high-end image at all times – and getting the appearance of its office right was critical to this. Located in Westville’s Westway Office Park, the new building was designed to provide a creative environment using materials that would also meet the specific demands of each area. This design ethos included specifying a variety of floors that would cleverly meet both the aesthetic and operational demands of the site. This was most evident in the building’s Test Kitchen. A focal point of the new office, the kitchen needed to be both a visually stunning showroom as well as a practical area for cooking. To achieve this, 311m2 of Flowfresh SR Ultra in a bespoke blue that matched RCL Foods’ corporate colour was installed to link the space to the visual identity of the business.

Flowfresh SR Ultra was ideal for the task at hand, as it is a very durable polyurethane system that is able to survive high temperatures, spillages, chemicals and impacts inherent to a busy kitchen environment. This HACCP International certified system provides the highest possible hygiene levels by incorporating the antibacterial additive Polygiene within the floor, enabling it to eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria in contact with the floor finish. To extend this colourful interior design scheme across the building, 272m2 of Peran SL Fruity flooring was supplied for the 18 male, female and disabled toilets. This system allowed the designer to use an extensive palette of colours, including Tomato, Kiwi, Grapefruit, Tangerine, Spearmint and Plum, so that no two toilet facilities were the same. The seamless and impervious nature of Peran SL Fruity makes it quick and easy to clean, helping to ensure that the floor maintains a fresh and unblemished appearance. The robust credentials of this self-smoothing epoxy system means that it will withstand foot traffic,


cleaning chemicals, scuffs and scrapes that it will inevitably be exposed to. To guarantee that visitors and staff would be immersed in a colourful and energetic environment from the second they set foot in the building, a decorative floor was installed in the lift lobby on each level of the building’s three-storey car park. 378m2 of the epoxy resin floor coating Peran STB in a sleek, dappled grey colour

was applied in the lobby areas to provide a pleasant transition from the car park to the office. This combination of floor finishes meant that RCL Foods could rest assured that its new office would have a vivid, contemporary and onbrand surface underfoot that would withstand the various challenges that such a busy and unique office space it is subject to on a daily basis. www.flowcretesa.co.za

Looking for decorative, high performance flooring?

Bright, colourful epoxy resin systems

Resin bound indoor stone carpets

DECORATIVE RESIN FLOOR FINISHES Flowcrete Africa is a world leading manufacturer of highly decorative, seamless resin flooring for a wide range of commercial environments and is well placed to serve projects across the continent.

Fast cure flake and quartz flooring

Decorative seamless terrazzo

Colourful car park deck coatings

For more information on decorative resin floor finishes contact the flooring experts at Flowcrete today! Durban


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POLYFLOR USED AT NEW PAEDIATRIC FACILITY AT BARAGWANATH Polyflor SA recently assisted the Gauteng Department of Health, global healthcare company GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and Surgeons for Little Lives, a local non-profit organisation, by supplying state-of-the-art flooring and wall protection for the newly completed Paediatric Surgical Outpatient and Parental Sleep-Over Facility at Soweto’s Chris Hani Baragwaneth Academic Hospital. The new clinic caters for infants and children with paediatric surgical conditions, providing the first integrated service offering support for families of young patients. “We are passionate about giving back to a community and an industry that has supported us for a long time,” says Tandy Coleman, CEO of Polyflor. “For this reason, we were happy to donate some of the products at no cost where possible, or to make it available to the developers

at a greatly discounted price to help them maximise their budget as much as possible.” Polyflor vinyl flooring is a natural choice for use in hospitals and strict hygiene zones owing to the product’s superior cleanability. The seamless vinyl sheeting and easy, yet effective maintenance regime that these floors offer, ensure limited ability for microbes to settle and grow, leading to excellent and critically important top-class hygiene. Polyflor’s Pearlazzo PUR flooring in bright and happy colours such as Ocean Ripple, Chalk Burst, Lemon Ice and Alpine Meadow were installed in various parts of the unit, whilst Polysafe Verona PUR in Horizon Blue was used in the areas where wet slip-resistant functionality was required. “We also supplied the new Gradus range of wall protection that was used extensively on walls, doors,


corners and pillars. Not only do these guards protect interior building surfaces from damage caused by the general flow of wheeled and pedestrian traffic, but are also used with great success to provide a cross-cultural, cross-language means of way-finding and communication throughout the new facility,” Tandy expands. The use of bright and bold colours such as Poppy, Bamboo, Straw, Rose Quartz,

When Umdoni Pre-primary School in Amanzimtoti needed a practical, safe and robust flooring solution after flooding caused serious damage to the conventional carpets in the classrooms, they turned to Jaco Snyman of Envirobuild. Envirobuild is KwaZulu-Natal’s first manufacturer of eco-friendly rubber flooring made from recycled truck tyres. Starting with the school’s bathrooms, Snyman recommended Envirobuild’s interlinking IMat-20, a 20mm interlinking mat characterised by a very strong seamless installation. “It took four days in total to complete the installation due to all the intricate cutting we had to do around the toilets and in the cubicles,” says Snyman. The client chose black tiles with a white speckled finish that complements their existing grey colour scheme, and is very easy to keep clean as it does not


Iris and Melon were also echoed in consulting room door cut-outs to assist patients and parents in understanding which room they should go to and making it easy for them to find their way. “Polyflor SA is incredibly proud to have played a small part in bringing about this new and incredibly important local community health facility,” Tandy concluded. www.polyflor.co.za

show dirt. “We have a standard black with white speckle finish,” says Snyman. “However, due to there not being enough light in the area, we did not want to make it too dark, so we made a sample with more white speckles to add a lighter ambience.” ‘Wet-pour’, a mixture of rubber granules mixed with an atmospheric curing binder was also used to infill in some tricky areas (around toilet base and basin drainage pipes) to ensure a neat, professional finish. “Being a bathroom, we also sealed the floor with a suitable sealer to ensure very little water ended up underneath the floor, causing damage and posing a health problem,” adds Snyman. Envirobuild is a joint venture between entrepreneur Jaco Snyman, carpeting and flooring giant Van Dyck and Hammarsdale-based Mathe Group. www.envirobuild.co.za




selected colours now stocked locally

MULTIPLYING THE POSSIBILITIES PERFECT SYNERGY The refreshed palette of Composure works alongside Composure Edge creating an Employ Loop offers a great wall-to-wall appearance Employ has an exciting linear organic colour flow that links oneand space to Lines another. design that can be used on its own or as a transition. Interface dealer, South Africa:


www.kbacflooring.co.za | info@kbacflooring.co.za | JHB: 011 608 4270 | CPT: 021 464 4320



COUNTLESS OPTIONS, ENDLESS FLEXIBILITY Following the global trend to individualisation, the bathroom is becoming a highly considered space in the home. Architects and designers need the means to express their customers’ individual style. GROHE’s broadest faucet range, Essence, is an incredibly rich toolbox for the creative mind. It allows for a degree of individuality previously unthinkable. The full range, from basin mixers to shower columns, offers a tremendous variety with 10 possible combinations of deluxe colours and state-of-the-art finishes: Cool Sunrise, Warm Sunset, Hard Graphite and Nickel come either with an elegantly brushed or highly polished finish. They are as beautiful as they sound and work perfectly in high contrast and middle contrast environments as well as in tone-on-tone designs. Inspired by the latest global trends, they were carefully designed to fit into every bathroom style and colour environment. Variety meets consistency This new freedom of choice comes with an incredible consistency in design, with every spout and lever almost identical across all product types. They all speak the same design language of subtle and delicate transitions and simple, understated geometry. The geometric structure is based on concentric cylinders. For the expanded line it has been slightly softened and humanised. “We have included a very slight taper on the handle, giving the user a sensual experience of precision and control they will never have felt before,” explains Michael Seum, vice president of Design at GROHE. The introduction of controlled organic transitions will bring harmony to any interior concept, joining the products seamlessly across all zones of the bathroom. This contributes greatly to the overall high flexibility of the expanded Essence range, translating into practically any bathroom style, be it classic luxury, high-end vintage or natural atmosphere of well-being. “People want the familiarity of iconic classic design, but they also want to be pampered with an individualistic look and feel,” states Seum. “The expanded Essence range enables architects and designers to deliver on that. It will be the natural first choice


to open the floodgates of practically infinite options in a true celebration of creativity for the next few years.” The new freedom of choice naturally comes with the well-known, durable GROHE quality and numerous highly advanced technological features such as GROHE AquaGuide and GROHE SilkMove. Essence’s pre-eminence in every aspect has won numerous prestigious international awards: the Iconic Award Interior Innovation, the Good Design Award, or the iF Product Design Award – just to mention a few. Essence takes bathroom design to a new level and makes it the natural first choice for architects, designers and consumers alike for years to come. www.grohedawn.com


GROHE StarLight® Made to last surfaces, ranging from precious matte to shiny like a diamond.


Start/Stop & Volume The innovative GROHE SmartControl technology lets you choose your preferred water outlet and adjust the water flow as desired. Operation is simple and easy for the whole family - including children.

GROHE CoolTouch® No scalding on hot surfaces thanks to 100% GROHE CoolTouch®.

Purchase your shower now at Lifestyle Ceramics; Corner Faraday and Voortrekker Street, Vereeniging. Alternatively you can order online at groheonline.co.za

Temperature GROHE TurboStat® technology lies at the heart of this shower system. The thermo-element’s unrivaled sensitivity means it delivers water at the desired temperature within a fraction of a second - no more wasting water while waiting. That’s Smart.



SOFT EDGE DESIGN LANGUAGE GAINING IN IMPORTANCE The overall look of a home design is a key factor influencing the design of bathroom products. But designers should not be swayed by short-lived trends. Viega’s new ‘Soft Edge’ design language can be applied to a bathroom, while retaining its appeal for years afterwards. This ultra-modern bathroom design is bright and generously dimensioned. The designer’s colour focus was decidedly on white. It underscores the lofty ambience of the space, being accentuated only by a few carefully placed elements in the form of wood accessories and plants. Sanitary products in polished and matt chrome are skilfully combined. The window extending down to floor level provides lots of natural light during the day, while also enhancing the loftlike character. A full-height mirror together with the flushto-floor shower creates a sense of space, as well as offering the possibility to have a separate make-up area. Soft Edge as a design principle Another key feature of the bathroom design is its fluent

language of shapes, with soft geometric contours. This ‘Soft Edge’ is a highly fashionable theme in interior design, incorporated into furniture, seating arrays and lighting, as well as into hi-fi systems and smartphones. It closely echoes the predominant minimalist trend of recent times, yet reflects a transition to the softer, more emotional forms of the future. The manufacturer Viega has identified this trend in the field of bathroom design, for example, and stylishly interpreted it for its new WC flush plate range Visign for More 105. Working closely with artefakt design in Darmstadt, Germany, it has created a design that will outlast shortlived trends, retaining its appeal for many years, while at the same time offering high levels of functionality. Visign for More 105 Key features of the new Visign for More 105 WC flush plate are its rounded corners, high-grade materials, and a striking design element in the form of a milled groove. It divides the flush plate's push area into large and small zones, thereby providing


a self-explanatory visualisation of the differing water flow rates: a large push zone on the right for a full flush, and on the left a smaller push for a waterconserving partial flush. High-grade materials such as glass and surface-finished aluminium highlight the new lines, while also being natural, ensuring durable quality, and offering optimum hygiene to meet the stringent demands of day-to-day life. Harmonious overall design concept The new Visign for More 105 WC flush plate has been combined with products that likewise feature soft, emotionally sensitive lines.

The large walk-in shower, for example, features a highperformance shower channel in conjunction with a grate made of matt stainless steel. The grate and the frame originate from the Viega Advantix shower channel range, and feature rounded contours in keeping with the flush plate. This example also reveals the stylish fluency of the design language below the washbasin top. The odour trap is of soft geometric design, dominated by a cylinder with rounded edges. Matching corner valves, with handles operated from below rather than from the front as usual, round off the harmonious overall design. www.viega.com

Viega Visign flush plates

Advanced design and technology on both sides of the wall.


Viega Visign flush plates stands for perfection in every aspect: From award-winning design over state of the art state-of-the art technology up to high-grade materials such as metal and glass. Thus, every Visign flush plate fulfils the highest demands in visual appearance and operating comfort. With the exception of the designs with rounded-off edges, all flush plates of the Visign series can be installed to form an absolutely level surface together with the wall. Viega. Connected in quality. 1


1. Visign for Style 12 2. Visign for Style 10



THE NEW KOHLER HERRINGBONE DESIGN ADDS ELEGANCE TO BATHROOM BASIN DESIGNS Kohler’s celebrated Sartorial Artist Editions are a line of unique and original designer bathroom basins created to add both beauty and dramatic glamour to your most indulgent room. Black and white are one of this season’s biggest design trends. When executed with subtlety and sophistication, it adds an edgy, chic touch to any modern bathroom design. Kohler’s striking Herringbone pattern, available in black or white, is both familiar and fresh. They’ve taken the old-world charm of this classic design and put a contemporary spin on it, making it timeless, tactile and dimensional. The Herringbone pattern dates back to the Roman Empire. It was originally used as a paving design for roads, but its unique beauty was quickly appreciated by the ancient Egyptian elite, who used it extensively in their textiles and jewellery. Today, it’s the perfect way to add opulence, beauty and an unmistakable touch of luxury. Bathroom meets art with the Kohler Herringbone collection. Choose from three base shapes: Carillon Round and Rectangular Wading Pools, and Caxton 43x35cm undermount, creating abundant possibilities for displaying these functional works of art. www.africa.kohler.com



Franke’s new range of luxurious bathroom accessories is available in two stylish designs. With a high polished finish, this stainless-steel accessory range is ideal for hotels, offices, retail or any semi-public washroom. Although they only contribute to a fraction of a bathroom, no bathroom is complete without accessories. Unlike many ranges on the market, Franke’s assortment of accessories are manufactured from Grade 304 Stainless Steel, making them particularly robust, high quality and will last for years to come. The Cubus and Medius ranges are created with different styles in mind, making it easy for a designer

to integrate these accessories with almost any kind of design concept. CUBUS As the name suggests, the Cubus design is based on square lines and solid material. This range gives a futuristic look design-wise and is most suitable for bathrooms that are designed with a subtle, yet unrestrained look. MEDIUS The Medius design has been created with the purpose of matching classic style sanitaryware. The complete range can be installed to all classic design environments. www.franke.co.za


The next step in hygiene evolution. Every aspect of this beautifully contemporary range, from design to functionality, has been created with easy-cleaning and effective hygiene in mind.


NO HIDDEN AREAS Allows for easy and fast cleaning.

DFI COATING A stain resistant coating that ensures effortless cleaning.

100% TRULY RIMLESS BOWL Designed to prevent the hidden build-up of stains and dirt.

EASY LIFT SEAT Designed to limit contact for hygienic purposes.

FOR INFORMATION CONTACT africa.kohler.com | +27 11 050 9000 | contact.africa@kohler.com




PRECISION MEETS ORGANIC CONTOURS With its new DuraSquare collection of washbasins and bathtubs, Duravit presents a new series that blends the meticulous edges of the rectangular outer form with organically flowing inner contours. The washbasin and bathtub are both made of the innovative, sustainable Duravit-developed materials DuraCeram and DuraSolid. The architectural design of the washbasins, hand-rinse and above-counter basins are seamlessly linear and finished with a high level of precision.

contrast to the precise geometry of the series. The minimalist basins are made of the innovative DuraCeram ceramic compound. This material makes it possible to create easy-to-maintain abovecounter basins with an extremely thin, yet robust rim. The basins are available in the standard dimensions popular with architects, including 1000 and 600mm (washbasins), 450mm (hand-rinse basins) and 600mm (abovecounter basins). Combined

is available in either silver (chrome) or matt black. The furniture frame features a glass shelf, available in six different colours including Jade, Stone Blue and Flannel Grey, which brings a unique splash of colour to the bathroom, and can be easily combined with all Duravit

has a warm, pleasant feel and is now available, for the first time, as a built-in version. The bathtub is available in 1800x800mm (built-in version) and 1850x850mm (free-standing bathtub). The combination with the new air-whirl and sound system ensures perfect relaxation.

Duravit places particular value on the parallel lines of the extremely thin basin walls, which are just five millimetres thick. The smooth inner basin forms a soft aesthetic

with the new matching DuraSquare furniture frame, the washbasins become a veritable eye-catcher in the bathroom. The frame’s flexible base is height-adjustable and

furniture ranges. The design of the DuraSquare bathtubs perfectly complements the washbasins. Made of the cast mineral material DuraSolid, the range

Thanks to the rectangular geometry and organic elements, Duravit’s Vero Air toilets make for an ultimate partner with the DuraSquare series. www.duravit.com


Creativity Takes Courage Saint–Gobain is a proud materials partner to the Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa and Silo Hotel.






QUALITY BATHROOM SOLUTIONS FOR EVERY HOME The bathroom is second only to the kitchen in terms of customer perception of quality and comfort. Far from the largely practical space of years gone by, today’s bathroom is seen as a place of sanctuary, a relaxing haven in which to unwind and replenish. More akin to boutique hotels and health spas than ever before, specifying systems and products that help create this level of comfort as well as being simple to install and to maintain is key to those involved in the building sector. Supplying the systems behind the wall combined with a wide range of solutions in front of it, Geberit provides the level of quality and service that is so important for the modern bathroom. Hung up on wall-hung A clear emerging trend in bathroom design currently is the move towards wall-hung sanitaryware, and a closer look at its advantages makes it easy to see why. Concealing pipework behind a wall creates a simple, uncluttered finish, something which is important in compact bathroom spaces, while with wall-hung the floor is also left visible, for a hygienic finish that also creates the illusion of space. For those tasked with fitting out such spaces, these solutions are simple to install, maximising on efficiency

during the installation stages of a project, and simple to maintain too, keeping downtime and disruption to an absolute minimum. The backbone to any modern bathroom, Geberit’s Kombifix and Duofix concealed cistern solutions, with their frame system, secures wall-hung sanitaryware firmly in place. Geberit’s concealed cistern range is available for every wall-hung application, with different design options available, thus enabling installers to meet job specifications every time. Versatile In the building sector, ease of installation needs to go hand in hand with value and quality. Geberit Bathroom Collection is arguably one of the most comprehensive ranges available in the building industry, offering something from entry point upwards. The Geberit series offering is available in square and round designs, with some innovative solutions when it comes to compact situations, helping to make the most of every inch with clever features that pack all the benefits of a bigger bathroom into a small space. For designled bathrooms, Geberit series has something for everyone, all featuring outstanding design and style. Versatile options with washbasins in various sizes and shapes, co-ordinating rimless WCs and a variety of compatible furniture options for storage, all designed to deliver on quality, functionality and performance. www.geberit.co.za


Flooring: NEOLITH PHEDRA Satin. Rehabilitation Musuem of Latin American Art in Buenos Aires (MALBA) Designed by Estudio Herreros. Photography: Javier Agustín Rojas


NEOLITH®: Design, Durability, Versatility, Sustainability. Interior and Exterior applications: Flooring, Cladding, Countertops and Furniture. Resistant to stains, chemicals, extreme temperatures. Light and 100% natural. Maximum format, minimum thickness, different finishes. More than 20 selections available.

TheSize Surfaces South Africa I www.neolith.co.za I Caroline Beyleveld hello@neolith.co.za I 076 771 6739




LIKE A ROLLING STONE In summer 2017 Pioneering Italian Chef and culinary rock ‘n’ roller, Alessandro Borghese, made Neolith® the material of choice for his hotly anticipated restaurant ‘Alessandro Borghese - Il lusso della semplicità’ (The Luxury of Simplicity), Milan, Italy. He wanted to use the Sintered Stone to amplify his colourful, dynamic and fast-paced approach to cooking, encapsulating his flamboyant personality and cosmopolitan location. A desire for originality and an admiration for the surface’s versatility irresistibly drew Borghese to Neolith. In particular, he was impressed by its adaptability and how it seamlessly integrates within a specific environment,

(Neolith La Boheme), marbles (Neolith Calacatta and Blanco Carrara BC01 and Onyx), metals (Neolith Iron Corten) and granites (Neolith Nero Zimbabwe) were applied. This evoked the atmosphere of the golden age of the 1930s transatlantic cruise liner with a signature Borghese twist. This decision reflects a greater appetite amongst hospitality designers for stone which mimics natural materials whilst also using opposing surface textures in conjunction to create a multisensory experience. Neolith Calacatta Silk was specified for the bar worktops, a colour fast becoming a go-to choice for professional chefs for its aesthetics as much as its practicality. Calacatta was

and culinary inventions straight onto the surface without the danger of staining or tainting the stone. He compares it to the craft of an artist. “If I was a painter,” he highlighted, “Neolith would be my canvas.” Taking this concept one step further the restaurant also uses smaller, bespoke-cut pieces of Neolith as plates for tapas-style dishes. The small plates, which combine delicate food on an elegant backdrop, are a real hit amongst Alessandro Borghese - Il lusso della semplicità’s diners. Commenting on the use of Neolith within the restaurant, Borghese said: “Cooking is definitely the new rock ‘n’ roll – a glamorous industry with universal appeal where accomplished performance

its variety of sublime colours and patterns as well as an admiration of the skill and care behind its production. Like me, Neolith seeks perfection, offering an ideal stage on which to bring my vision to life and let my imagination run wild.” Alfredo Canelli, who designed the restaurant’s interiors to Alessandro’s specifications added: “We have used a wide range of Neolith colours for the different areas of the restaurant, giving each space its own distinct identity. For Chef Borghese, the possibilities presented to work directly onto the surface with oils, vegetables, fruits, fish and meat is amazing. It’s easy to clean, it does not scratch, it does not stain and it does not leave smells. Above all it’s

subtly adding character and individuality to a space. Used throughout the 700m2 restaurant a deliberate and considered mix of tones and contrasts including: woods

also used for the restaurant walls, bathroom vanities, and the stairs. In an exclusive interview Chef Borghese highlights how he can now plate his adventurous concepts

is essential to success. The cooking might be exceptional but the restaurant and what goes into it needs to reflect the high standards of the cuisine. I was attracted to Neolith for

so hygienic you can eat your meal directly off the stone itself. It’s these qualities which make it a flawless addition to the restaurant.” www.neolith.com



SMART TECHNOLOGY COFFEE SHOP CATERS FOR MILLENNIALS AND BUSINESS TRAVELLERS Cottle & Bergh Architects (C+B) designed the interior dining and exterior areas of Aura Cafe, a recently opened café and restaurant in the Signature Lux Hotel in Sandton. Aura Cafe was developed in tandem with the Signature Lux Hotels Sandton branch. This state-of-the-art hotel aims to cater to millennial and business travellers, offering smart technology that includes free unshaped, uncapped Wi- Fi; an integrated app; 24-hour self-service check-in; in-room Wi-Fi calling and the capability for guests to use their smartphones as their room key. C+B’s brief was to create a bespoke coffee brand to service the Signature Lux hotel – providing breakfasts and room service – but also hold its own as a standalone brand bringing in foot traffic from the street says Frans Bergh, a founding partner of C+B. “The interior had to be inviting, cosy but contemporary, durable, and memorable. As always, our client was looking for the best result on a limited budget.” In designing the Aura Café interior, C+B sought to reflect the modern offering of the hotel and blend it with a warm, inviting interior. “We drew our inspiration for this interior from the modern functionality of the hotel itself, the efficiency of pedestrian traffic seen in New York City and the level of elegance and emphasis on coffee as a product and the theatre of the baristas seen in Vienna,” says Bergh. The hotel was still under construction when the design process began. “It was being developed within what was an office building,” Bergh explains. “Aura Café’s location is actually in what used to be the basement of the old

building which meant that both old and new services required for the hotel were in the ceiling and underneath the café, so we had to make sure we dealt with these.” Unique and well considered aspects to Aura Café’s design include the use of solid locally sourced Kiaat timber, which has detailed imperfections and a rich, varied grain making each piece that was used unique. Bergh adds that all the shop fitting elements were designed to be easily removed which


means that when the space needs to be refurbished again in the future, the elements can easily be taken off while the shell undergoes building work, moved to a new location or absorbed into another store. “What we hoped to achieve – given the close proximity to Sandton City – was a space that could compete with the offerings within the mall. The area in front of Aura doubles up as a pick-up point for taxis, Uber and hotel shuttles, and so we tried to soften the boundary

between the storefront and the street by adding external seating and creating a ‘grab-‘ngo’ offering for both visitors and locals,” Bergh enthuses. “We also put a lot of emphasis on texture and layering it into the design to give it an urban feel reflective of the location. The use of materials like the solid Kiaat table and countertops exposed stock brick, polished granite, leather and painted mild steel played a huge role in bringing this idea to life.” www.cottlebergh.co.za




100% FIT-OUT FINANCE Fit-Out Finance is a financial solution that enables small and mid-sized businesses to finance their fit-out requirements. Whether it is a move to a new premises or the refurbishment of an existing premises everything from space planning, design, project management to furniture and infrastructure is covered by 100% Fit-Out Finance. Why use fit-out finance? When a SME requires a complete fit-out solution but does not have the capital available, or wishes to preserve their working capital for other needs, then fit-out finance is perfectly suited to address this need. It allows a company to preserve their cash, overdraft and existing traditional credit lines whilst allowing them to make the move or refurbishment that a growing business requires. Spartan’s 100% Fit-Out Finance is one form of their alternative finance for SMEs.

Alternative financers are specialists – they focus on a particular need and on a specific audience. As a result their ‘how’ is customised to deal with their chosen target market and for this targets unique needs. This applies to the funder’s processes and to their level of flexibility around things such as collateral. An alternative financier like Spartan is able to look at applications in a different way, and has most likely already established alternative ways to make these happen for the SME. Finance for your customers… If your business provides fitout, furniture or anything else that our finance covers, then by joining our Spartner partner programme, you can get finance for your customers. What’s covered… • Space planning and design • Project management fees • Furniture and fittings


• Refurbishment • Signage • Generators and power solutions • Technology infrastructure • Telecommunication infrastructure.

Spartan Spartan is a 36-year-old Non-Bank Finance Company [NBFC] – that specialises in financing Small & Mid-sized businesses by providing: Growth Finance [structured finance for expansion]; Specialised Asset Finance [equipment/machinery/ technology/software/office fit-outs/energy/ etc.] and Working Capital Finance [bridging finance & medium term loans]. Bridging Finance Bridging Finance is available for 1-3 month terms and is ideal for contract or project based businesses. It is a solution that assists businesses with solving cash flow issues due to growth related challenges in their business and is either for a once-off need or for revolving business use. Spartan is an Authorised Financial Services Provider 47631 and Registered Credit Provider NCRCP8669. www.spartan.co.za

Some of the best things in life...

Are not seen

Control your environment with the ultra slim ceiling hideaway air conditioning system by Mitsubishi Electric info@msaircon.com 0860 777 771 www.msaircon.co.za




Light is personal Success the easy way with LEDVANCE® LED luminaires. All the features you need in your daily work: high efficiency, proven quality and easy installation.



SKYWARD WINDOWS APPOINTED ALUPLAST AFRICAN DISTRIBUTOR Atlantis based uPVC window and door manufacturer, Skyward Windows has just been announced as Aluplast’s African distributor. This distribution agreement will enable Skyward Windows to stock most of their more than 20 UV-stable uPVC window and door frame, sash and slider uPVC profiles. The challenge with such a forward-thinking product like uPVC windows and doors is the ability to manufacture the profiles in economically viable quantities. Most manufacturing occurs in Europe and India where economies of scale can be realised with high infrastructure investment. Traditionally profiles can take up to three months to order, depending on quantities and demand. “With this new arrangement in place, the South African consumer had been afforded the entire range with industry acceptable turnaround times”, says operations manager, Jaco van der Westhuizen.

“We have struggled in the past to meet demand competition from technologies like wood and aluminium, but with this arrangement in place we will be able to supply all our customer’s needs; this is a real game changer for us,” says Marius Fourie, Skyward Window’s sales chief. “This is a real step in the right direction for green building and efficient building techniques. It is important for South Africans to adopt intelligent building systems that go the extra mile and offer its users the real benefits they deserve,” adds Fourie. Skyward Windows is set to enable agents and installers with the supply of top quality uPVC window and door profiles designed to withstand the harsh African climate. The benefits realised by uPVC double glazing far outweigh the initial costs and with its incredibly long lifetime the product pays itself multiple times over compared to competing solutions. skywardwindows.co.za www.aluplast.net/eng-int/

Euro Rubber provides eco-friendly, durable quality products for waterproofing, air barriers and surface protection.


Safe for humans and the environment


Water based Free of VOC’s and toxins

CONSTRUCTION Waterproofing and prevents corrosion Strong, seamless and fully adhesive to the surface


Waterproof, vapour proof and the B-series are gas proof Highly elastic and self-recovering Resistant to a positive and negative water pressure (resp. 4.5 Bar and 2 Bar) Insensitive to large fluctuations in temperature ( -40°C to 160°C)



We Seal Anything!

Rubberising all cement dams/reservoirs. Totally safe for potable water.



National Roll-out, Applicators wanted Beware of imitation products Registered with green building council

sales@eurorubber.co.za 087 195 1029 www.eurorubber.co.za



QUALITY SEALANTS AND ADHESIVES SUPPLIED TO SUB-SAHARA AFRICA Den Braven South Africa supplies sealants and adhesives for the building, glazing, plumbing, fenestration, automotive, general manufacturing, DIY and hardware markets. The South African market is serviced through their branches in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town. Exports and services to most SADC states and the rest of sub-Sahara Africa is handled from the Johannesburg (head) office, by a dedicated customer service and an export manager, whose aim is to provide quality service and grow exports.

64 LEADINGARCHITECTURE & DESIGN FEBRUARY/MARCH 2018 16058-Leading Architecture.indd 1

2018/02/02 7:51 AM

Exports are currently to: Botswana, Namibia, Swaziland, Malawi, Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, Lesotho, Mozambique, Angola, Zambia, Mauritius and Indian Ocean regions. Den Braven South Africa supports these regions through direct sales or preferably through local agents or distributors in sub-Sahara Africa. The majority of Den Braven products conform to the South African Green Building Council standards, they are ISO compliant, and conform to international norms and standards. www.denbraven.com

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The Association of Rotational Moulders of Southern Africa (ARMSA) announced the publication of a South African National Standard: SANS 1731:2017 for polyethylene chemical and water storage tanks, developed in conjunction with the South African Bureau of Standard (SABS). The SANS 1731:2017 tank standard is proof that the polyethylene tank you purchase has been properly designed and manufactured to be fit for purpose for the length of its warranty life. “It compels tank manufacturers to conform to world best practise,” explains Wayne Wiid, ARMSA chairperson, “And it protects members of the broader construction, architecture, plumbing, landscaping and built industries as well as consumers, against tanks of lesser quality.” What does the SANS 1731:2017 tank standard mean to the tank user? 1. Provides specific criteria in terms of the source of raw material, ultra violet protection, overall weight, wall thickness, light penetration, stress crack resistance and impact strength for a range of different sizes ensures that the production methods used to manufacture the tanks comply with best practice 2. Requires that traceability is built into the manufacturer’s control systems includes an audit check for actual storage volumes vs stated volumes 3. Evaluates the overall appearance of the finished tanks 4. Certifies the requisite number and type of fittings and the date of manufacture. Productivity Engineering and Services Consultants (PESC), an independent third-party auditing company appointed by ARMSA, will regularly audit tank manufacturers who choose to comply. If compliant, PESC will issue a certificate giving independent assurance of a manufacturer’s claim that their products meet the SANS 1731:2017 criteria. Compliant tank manufacturers will be able to market their compliance with an ARMSA/SANS approved sticker on their tanks as well as using the certificate and sticker in their general marketing programmes. A word of warning from Wiid: “Any tank manufacturer can claim to meet the SANS 1731:2017 standard but without formal certification there is no guarantee. We therefore urge all stakeholders and home owners to request the PESC certificate from the manufacturer prior to purchase for peace of mind that tanks delivered to sites or homes have been thoroughly tested and certified.” Any queries relating to the adoption of the standard or information on compliant manufacturers can be sent to info@armsa.co.za or to the appointed tank standard auditor francois@pescon.co.za.



Connecting people and places through design After four years of development, new urban furniture brand ARPINO is here. A collaboration between Portuguese industrial designer Carlos Pereira and Angolan architectural studio, CiproGroup, ARPINO’s OX and Urban Office collections combine art, technology and sustainability in their contemporary design. Designed and produced between Portugal and Angola, ARPINO launched in South Africa in February, before heading to Milan’s Furniture Fair for the start of Europe’s 2018 Spring/ Summer season. The 16-piece range brings highdesign to the public place, adaptable to commercial builds, city streets, parks and shared spaces. Its culture-neutral style easily assimilates into different geographies and environments, adding a futuristic look to common areas in office blocks,

shopping centre squares, parks, campuses and airports. The new Angolan International Airport has specified ARPINO’s full range for its urban and public spaces. “We’ve reimagined urban furniture such as bike racks, bollards and wayfinders for the global village. The pieces would look as at home in Times Square as in Cape Town’s Silo District or Angola’s Viana,” comments Pereira. Urban design: 2020 Made from stainless steel, ARPINO is designed for the future. “Just as technology and society are changing and evolving, so too is urban design. Traditional furniture is to be replaced by high-quality design pieces that are multi-functional, connected and sustainable, and that give the high street and public space a contemporary aesthetic,” says Pereira.

ARPINO has two ranges: The Urban Office and OX. The ‘Office’ – a solar powered Wi-Fi and mobile charging station – allows the public to recharge, and connect online, for free. “In African cities where power is often interrupted and data costs are high, the Urban Office is a cost-effective conduit for communities to connect without being reliant on local resources or unreliable telecoms services,” comments Pereira. The core OX range turns tradition on its head to redesign every day urban items. It includes stylised pergolas, multimedia

kiosks, bollards, bike racks, bins, benches urban lights and wayfinders. Conscious design Environmentally-aware, ARPINO uses ‘clean’ paints and materials as far as possible so that they can be recycled easily years later. “The product’s sustainability is important to us,” says Pereira. “The world is full of waste and materials must be reused as far as possible, and leave little or no trace.” Wood will also be added to the steel frames in future ranges, adding a natural feature to the collection’s urban function.” www.arpino-design.com

Inner Circle

Samsung’s 360 Cassette range: creating a revolution in top-end design circles. A single glance is enough to reveal that the Samsung 360 Cassette is in a class all of its own. It’s being specif ied by architects, consultants and installers as the cassette for upmarket homes and off ices. And not only does the 360 Cassette’s revolutionary new circular shape enhance any décor, it’s also a beautiful answer to draught-free climate control. An internal booster fan ensures a perfect 360° horizontal spread

of airflow ensuring there are no ‘dead zones’. And because there are no blades to gather dust, airflow is increased by 25% over conventional square cassettes, thus ensuring faster cooling or heating. Where a premium draught-free airconditioning experience is required for home or off ice, the Samsung 360 Cassette is the obvious choice. For the inner circle who demand only the best.

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