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HOME IS WHERE THE HEARTH IS Get your imagination going with these five featured fireplaces that were created using Cemcrete finishes.

NEW-MEETS-OLD Cemcrete’s CemWash was used to create this German Schmear effect, which is similar to whitewashing and was popular throughout castles and cottages in northern Germany. SLEEK & MODERN Cemcrete’s CemCote Skimmed was used to create this gorgeous fireplace that gives a sleek and modern feel. NATURAL SIMPLICITY Cemcrete’s SatinCrete was used to coat the hearth, mantel and wall, offering a blank canvas to display artwork on the mantel or spruce up the hearth with oversized candles. RAW BEAUTY The natural stones paired with red brickwork and Cemcrete’s Colour Hardener floors allows this outdoor living space to flow with the surrounding nature. UNDER THE STARS Do not let the idea of a firepit slip your mind. Create a space where memories can be made by using Cemcrete’s Colour Hardener White.


CERAMIC INDUSTRIES TECH DRIVES FASHION FORWARD Creating tiles is an exercise in constant innovation, and with Ceramic Industries, sub-Saharan Africa’s largest tile manufacturer, style and technology work hand in hand. Their newly developed ink and glaze special effects make use of novel technology to create eye-catching finishes that put their tiles at the forefront of fashion. Some of these new applications have been developed in collaboration with international partners, and use technology that’s unique to South Africa. Spain’s Ceramitec worked with Ceramic Industries to develop the Stardust effect, which is already creating excitement at trade shows. The partners formulated an innovative glue that is applied with coloured granules that melt to form an attractive, fine crystalline finish. Ceramic Industries’ SAMCA Wall factory is applying Stardust to various tiles in their range, and using it in combination with matt and satin finishes. Their already broad range of tiles is becoming even broader, and is set to captivate design-conscious sectors of the market. Customers are sure to be drawn to the Lumina effect too, which features on some new ranges from both the SAMCA Wall and Floor factories. It’s achieved by applying a lustrous, pearly type of ink to the ceramic to highlight or embellish selected details. It’s also ideal for imitating the worn effect of aged cement and terracotta tiles. Some Ceramic Industries factories are now able to apply an affondante effect (Italian for ‘sinking’) using a special ink that creates precise indentations where applied. Several tiles use the Chisel and Deep Etch effects to create texture, or to outline a design pattern for greater emphasis. Among the new effects the Gryphon factory has developed is Nebula, which was designed to create glossy areas on selected regions of the surface. The manufacturer has used it to phenomenal effect in their hardwood recreations, where it brings woodgrain to life. To stay at the cutting edge of fashion, ceramic tile manufacturers must ensure they’re at the cutting edge of technical innovation, too. With these original, striking effects, Ceramic Industries has proved that no-one embodies that double commitment more than they do.

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