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celebrates its centennial

Rawlplug is celebrating its 100th anniversary and has much to be proud of. From humble beginnings to a company with over 30 000 products available to the market today, it shares a rich heritage of innovation.

Bogdan Nyczaj, business development director Rawlplug Global, Henk Van Rensburg, Rawlplug ambassador, Grant Harris, Rawlplug brand manager, Werner Pretorius, Rawlplug ambassador, Quintin van der Schyff, Rawlplug ambassador, Tremaine Arjunan, Rawlplug ambassador.


y 1910 Rawlings Brothers

support the development of the

Ltd was already a

Rawlplug brand and its expansion

flourishing engineering,

into markets around the world.

building and decorating

For 100 years Rawlplug has

company. However, that same

been synonymous with quality

year John Joseph Rawlings was

and experience. The company is a

contracted by the British Museum to

globally recognised brand and one of

fix electrical fittings to the walls in as

the market leaders in an industry it

unobtrusive manner as possible. The

helped create over a century ago.

constraints of this brief led directly

From its humble beginnings 100

to the invention and patenting of

years ago Rawlplug continues to

the Rawlplug and a revolution in the

be the brand of choice for both

construction industry.

professionals and amateurs.

With the invention of the first

Rawlplug invented the first

mechanical anchor, the Rawlbolt, in

expansion plug, the first mechanical

1930 (still in use today) the company

anchor and the first drywall fixing

name became synonymous

and its long and proud history of

with reliable fixing and fastening.

innovation continues.

Through the decades that followed,

Investment in its production

the changes in ownership, the

facilities and research and

strides forward in technology and

development centres means that new

construction, the rise of DIY, the

and innovative fastening solutions are

basic strength and philosophy of

being created all the time.

what Rawlplug stands for has never

Additionally, a strong commitment

wavered. It is over a century since

to sustainability guarantees that

John Rawlings had that flash of

its products and processes are

inspiration, Rawlplug is still about

developed responsibly.

innovation and Rawlplug products

The Rawlplug brand was created

are completely trusted to do the job.

in 1919 in the UK and quickly

John Joseph Rawlings was

established an international

a visionary, an inventor and an

presence. Today it has subsidiaries

entrepreneur – Renaissance man

and distributors across the

in the business of fastenings. He

world responsible for the design,

was the man who invented the

development, production, delivery,

first dowel in the world, forever

sale, installation and service of

inscribing himself into the history

its products. Rawlplug solutions

of the construction industry. Good

continue to set the direction of

was not enough for him. He was

development for the fixings market.

ahead of his time. He created a new

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standard of customer service in


the broadly understood fastening

The company sees a strong

sector – service based not only

connection between Rawlplug’s

on providing customers with the

long heritage and its present

most modern solutions, but on

ambitions for sustainable

complete support related to their

development. It employs a strategy

use. His values included focus on

of responsible management and

innovation, a dialogue with the client,

has a healthy and respectful

understanding his needs, simplicity

relationship with its surroundings

and producing the highest quality

and the company believes that

solutions. Over the last 100 years

these qualities contribute to a

these values have continued to

secure future for everyone.

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