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The local flavour came from Wedget, Drillby, Cupsal, Safety Joint and Rugged Croc. Here is a look at what they had on display:

Kobus and Kobus from Ruged Croc.

Johan van Rensburg from Wedgit.

Frans Jooste from Cupsal.

Cliff from Safety Joint.


recommended that the product be

to life: to keep it simple, practical,

It has keyless depth adjustment and a

The Drawer Front Clamp and Euro hinge

placed on every 1m of cable.

and robust while ensuring pleasing

retractable rafter hook, which ensures

jig and multi tool are two-patented

aesthetics. Henk and Alexis are

safe storage when the product is not

products making the process of hanging


experienced product innovators and

in use. Applications include: timber

doors and installing fronts for cabinets

This product is part of the Tork Craft

designers who have developed a

frame to stud work, roof battens,

incredibly easy. This is a locally designed

range. This enables the user to safely

multitude of pioneering products over

cladding and panelling, floor boarding,

and manufactured product.

and securely connect two pieces of

the past three decades. Many of these

fencing and decking.

electrical wire by creating a waterproof

have found their way to the mass


joint. The joint is placed over the

consumer market, including products

Steel & Concrete: The SC40 has a

Rugged Croc was developed to prevent

connected pieces of wire and through

that are marketed internationally under

removable magnetic nose tip for attaching

cable theft by keeping cables entrenched

the use of a glue gun and glue stick,

well-known brands. The innovators

metal clips and ceiling hangers. The user

underground and securing it in place.

the joint is filled and left for a couple of

were joined in 2013 by Johan to assist

can safely and comfortably perform all

It is made of an engineered polymer.

minutes to cool. The result is a 100%

with the commercialising, manufacturing

overhead installations. It also has keyless

This enables the product to withstand

waterproof sealed and protected joint.

and marketing of the Wedgit range of

depth adjustment. The rubber cover

products internationally.

stops dust and dirt from entering the tool

great stress and incredible force. The product is available in a number of


sizes ranging from 20-125mm. It has

The Wedgit concept typifies its

water management system, which

Finally, the quick releasing mechanism

an easy four step assembly and it is

inventors’ approach to design and

is tough, simple, reliable and easy

provides easy access to the magazine for

Wedgit presents a complete

while operating on overhead applications.

to use. Its innovative garden

removing obstructions and performing

hose connector system offers

routine maintenance. It is ideal for: cable

an extremely robust alternative

clamps, cable conduits and wires, cable

to the current standard in hose

trays and drywall structures.

connectors, yet fully connectable

really good locks

to that standard. The product is


manufactured in a higher grade

For over 18 years, Cadex has been

UV stabilised engineering polymer

dedicated to engineering and selling the

resulting in superior mechanical

highest quality pneumatic tools.

strength and rigidity and, with

A dedication to design, commitment

reduced moving parts, offering a

to quality, and attention to detail

very robust alternative.

have placed Cadex as a leader in the

The hose nut insures an unequalled

pneumatic market. A belief in building the

bond to the hose whilst a young

highest quality tool that is engineered

child can connect Wedgit to the tap

to work with you has driven Cadex to

or an accessory with ease. Wedgit

seamlessly integrate form and function,

comprises of a complete range of

creating durable tools that not only

garden hose connectors, including

work well, but look great too. Add to

female hose connectors, tap

this several intuitive features that make

connectors, thread adaptors, hose-

every application easier and you have the

to-hose couplers, accessory adaptors,

essence and commitment of what Cadex is.

hose repair, and adaptor caps. The V2/23.55 nailer features: EXCITING INTERNATIONAL ADDITIONS

• Light weight and well balanced


• Fine precision nose for easy aiming

Rawlplug used the event to present

• Rear exhaust

its latest entry into the South African

• Swivel coupler plug

market – the gas powered nailer for

• No-mar soft plastic nose tip

timber, steel and concrete.

• Contact safety • Built-in belt hook

5263.D. Eureka Frt Knx ¼ pg M6 Handles DEC’17 DIYTN


Timber: The WW90CH features

• Magazine sight window

a removable no mark nose for

• Comes with Systainer case

protecting the timber surface.

• Built-in blow gun

This is especially important when

• Anti-dry fire mechanism

securing timber cladding for facades.

• Bottle opener (seriously)

DIY and Industrial Trade News - April 2018  

DIY, Industrial and Hardware store owners, category buyers, sales staff, manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, garden centres and non-fo...

DIY and Industrial Trade News - April 2018  

DIY, Industrial and Hardware store owners, category buyers, sales staff, manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, garden centres and non-fo...