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Revolutionising the industry

Rust-Oleum SA recently celebrated the third anniversary of its acquisition of Spraymate and if its recent history is an indication of its future, it is time to get excited! IT HAS BEEN exciting thrilling three years for

innovation as well as marketing support. The core

Paint, Lens Tint and Peelcoat for the speed fanatics

one of the world’s largest spraypaint manufacturers,

focus is the customer and their needs and adding

and Engine enamels in the fast drying range.

and its South African subsidiary has many more

value to the customer.

Rust Preventative: The Company is currently

exciting and innovative concepts, which it will

driving this platform trough a heritage campaign,

launch to the local market. It has certainly been a boon


showcasing how Rust-Oleum was born from the

for the local team to be able to tap into the extensive

Successfully launching new innovative product

sea and how these products remain the core of the

research and development resources made available

platforms into the South African market such as:

business almost 100 years later.

to it by its international heavyweight. This has enabled a new product development opportunity.

General Purpose platform: Painters Touch Plus,

Cleaning and protecting: The Krud Kutter range

which includes on trend colours in a durable enamel

is the latest addition and these products range

finish, and its trusted South African Fast Drying range

from graffiti removers and rust inhibitors to general

is the most recognised aerosol paint brand in South

offering both convenience and time saving for all

cleaning agents.

Africa. Both brands have equal humble beginnings and

types of projects.

Recent market analysis indicated that Spraymate

Despite the political instability and economic

a proud heritage. Spraymate was founded in 1991 by

Speciality: Innovation such as Glow In The Dark

entrepreneurs, Gordon Howell and Andre Du Plessis.

Spray, Tub ‘n Tile repair kits, Chalkboard Sprays (pink,

Rust-Oleum SA has doubled its sales since acquiring

Rust-Oleum SA’s success can be traced back to

challenges South Africa faced in its recent history,

green and blue), Microwave Spray and of course

Spraymate and by growing it’s already well

the four pillars that form the core of how business

extending on the trend for the Chalked paint range to

established distribution footprint and expanding into

is conducted not only locally, but globally. These

an aerosol offering.

more regions such as the North West and Limpopo

pillars are premium quality, category management,

Automotive platform: Innovation such as Vinyl

provinces. Gauteng remains Rust-Oleum SA’s

we are alegendaryretailBRANDS


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