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Dulux empowers youth








Coatings Show exhibitors share their thoughts



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SAPMA turns 80


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Issue 3 | Volume 6 | 2018

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Olympia celebrates two decades

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Dulux empowering SA's youth


ed’s note

Opportunities are knocking


hile my year has been a whirlwind of events, my wife has been driving her business at breakneck speed. She phoned me one morning and said one thing, “I need a holiday, in the bush!” Cue the search for an easy, close-to-home bush getaway location. Easy, right? The search is ongoing as we uncover gem after gem. South Africa is without a doubt a country with more hidden gems than any other. This made me think about our business opportunities. And again, while we do have many challenges to overcome, the business gems are all around us. Meeting with my sales team over the last couple weeks we all made one important observation – the number of new businesses, new

entrants to the local market and the expansion going on around us is staggering. Yes, we are all watching our expenses and keeping costs under control, Johann Gerber but we are all also growing our businesses and adding more opportunities. The great reality is that what we are doing in 2018 is just the start of it all. South Africa is the gateway to Africa and fortunately we are not close to delivering to our entire local market. So let’s put our heads down and discover the hidden gems buried in our industries so that we can lay the foundations for an exciting business platform for 2019! c


Wacker to raise prices in Americas

Wacker polymers is to raise its prices for vinyl acetate ethylene copolymer dispersions and dispersible powders of the VINNAPAS® brand in the Americas region. Prices will be raised by up to five percent in the Americas, or as customer contracts allow.


ngoing high raw material costs, especially for vinyl acetate monomer (VAM), which is a primary raw material for the manufacturing of its vinyl acetate-ethylene copolymer dispersions and dispersible powders, necessitate this step. Additionally, a logistics surcharge of $0.03 per

pound will be implemented for all shipments. This measure has been necessitated by the increasing freight, logistics and distribution costs across the industry. The price adjustment enables Wacker Polymers to continue providing customers with a wide-range of innovative quality

Global paint authorities to convene in SA

products and comprehensive technical, sales and customer support services. Dispersions and dispersible powders of the VINNAPAS® brand are applied in a broad variety of industries, ranging from adhesives, construction, caulks, nonwovens, paints and coatings to paper, carpet and textiles. c

Dozens of leading paint and coatings authorities from across the globe will meet in South Africa for the annual meeting of the International Paint & Printing Ink Council (IPPIC).


eryck Spence, executive director of the SA Paint Manufacturing Association (SAPMA), says IPPIC has asked that SAPMA host its 2020 annual meeting. The venue for the meeting and final dates have yet to be confirmed. “IPPIC has been most supportive of, and interested in, SAPMA’s African pioneering role in formulating antilead paint and methanol legislation in South Africa. This is one of the reasons behind IPPIC’s decision to come here to learn more about the situation in Africa,” says Spence, adding, “SAPMA is delighted to host the meeting and believe it would bolster the local coatings industry’s image globally.” Established in 1992, IPPIC’s mission is to coordinate industry policy on matters of international concern, and to ensure that the industry, in coordinating the development of industry policy on international issues, fully discusses and analyses global implications. IPPIC was granted NGO status from the United Nations Economic and Social Council in 2005 and has since brought international coatings industry issues to the attention of the UN. c For more information, call 011-615-1195.

4 | Coatings SA




Our Premium Wood Care Range: WOODSEAL


USES • Timber decking • Wood furniture • Timber houses • Window frames • Exterior doors • Fences. etc.

USES • Interior/exterior bare wood • Doors • Joinery • Garden/Indoor furniture

FEATURES • Environment friendly • Satin/velvet finish • Excellent adhesion


A blend of oils. resins and driers, precisely formulated to produce an attractive, natural and durable finish.

FEATURES • Gives a natural open-grain low lustre finish • Easy to maintain • Attractive colours

Qualtiy products for better profits!

5512 Ashak COATINGS SA sept’18 fp ad’18

A premium quality waterbased wood sealer/varnish formulated especially for the harsh African elements.


OctoGrip from Contan

Contan Buckets & Pails, a specialist division of Polyoak Packaging, exhibited at this year’s Coatings For Africa (CFA Expo) in May, to launch its new OctoGrip™ Lid for 20L Polypails, specially designed for paint and coatings.


Contan exhibited at Coatings for Africa in May 2018. Sales representatives Colin Gibb, Anri Gerber and Rina Kilian. 1.pdf



he OctoGrip Lid has been developed through extensive testing. The grip features eight sturdy locking tabs to prevent lids from accidentally coming off. It boasts a robust tamper band, which provides additional strength to survive the roughest supply chain. When applied to the bucket, this packaging solution provides good top load strength for efficient stacking, and attractive display with outstanding quality decoration through in-mould labelling (IML), or offset print in six colours. The lid has simple opening instructions printed on the top surface. Simply cut and peel away the tamper band to expose its eight locking tabs, unclip each one to release the grip, and simply lift off the lid. To close, press the lid firmly down, securing it firmly in place. The OctoGrip Lid provides extra secure grip, especially after the first opening. Its triple closure system includes plug, seal and grip, which remain intact and fully effective, even after the tamper band has been removed. “We are confident and excited about our innovative OctoGrip Lid solution. We are currently trialling this with a number of our partners,










6 | Coatings SA

More durable

Low impact

Positive impact

Doing more with less

news (EPR) principles require industries to become active in recycling the products they produce as per the National Environmental Waste Management Act (NEMWA, 2008). Today, Contan remains the only plastic bucket producer that is a contributing member of POLYCO, the industry’s non-profit body, established to focus on reducing the Contan’s new OctoGrip™ Lid features a smart locking system that prevents accidental spills. To open simply amount of polyolefin cut and tear off tamper band. waste going to landfill. It with extremely positive results so far,” says voluntarily contributes raw Karl Lambrecht, chief executive for Contan. material levies towards promoting and Contan’s extended range for paint growing the collection and recycling of and coatings include smaller PolyPails post-consumer polyolefins, including down to 1L in size, as well as 1L and polypropylene buckets and pails used 5L PolyCans. It also offers buckets in the paint and coatings industry. The made from recycled plastic, and takes Polyoak group is also the first plastic its obligation to Extended Producer packaging manufacturer in South Africa Responsibility very seriously. South to pledge to the global Operation Clean Africa’s Extended Producer Responsibility Sweep initiative, demonstrating its

commitment to Zero Plastic Pellet Loss into the environment. “We are confident that our diverse range of lightweight, robust plastic paint containers brings manufacturers savings and reduces their carbon footprint. Contan is a sustainable supplier partner that assumes responsibility for the end life of our packaging through active participation with POLYCO,” says Lambrecht. “By partnering with Contan, paint manufacturers and brand owners can actively contribute towards reducing packaging waste to landfill, and help drive recycling initiatives, which last year created 55 000 informal jobs, while at the same time profiling their brand values and building brand equity. We look forward to exploring how Contan can add value to customers’ business in an innovative and sustainable manner,” concludes Lambrecht. c For more information, call 011-724-3800.

Grave threat to paint industry

Paint retailers who know what they are selling, and painters qualified to conduct their trade, could save South Africa millions of rands every year.


his was a serious message from SAPMA’s Deryck Spence. He says paint producers are unnecessarily spending huge sums of money in compensation for paint failures, mainly caused by applicators without the proper training, using paint that suppliers should not have sold to them in the first place. “Major paint producers do not have the time or resources to legally defend their paints’ performance so, of necessity, resort to merely replacing the paint. Although understandable, this is severely hitting the profitability of an already beleaguered industry. If paint retailers were properly trained, this cost burden on producers could be substantially reduced,” states Spence. He says it is therefore hoped that the new SAPMA video training course in the basic application of paint will be well supported. The training course’s video format allows for those involved in a sales or advisory capacity in paint retailing and contracting to do the study-viewing as personal time allows. Spence suggests paint contractors, retailers, and sales personnel should ask themselves the following questions to

determine if they really are qualified to make a livelihood centred on paint: • What exactly goes into a

can of paint? • What are the differences between

oil-based and water-based paints – and the measures needed when working with these two types of coatings? • How must substrates be prepared for paint application? • What paint product is right for a specific job? “All too often, retailers don’t even ask customers how their purchase will be used,” observes Spence. • Does the customer have the necessary tools and equipment for proper application? • Is the user aware of the need for protective gear when painting? Many of these aspects of paint and its applications are dealt with in detail in the new SAPMA online training course. “We have experienced strong interest from both paint contractors and suppliers for this

8 | Coatings SA

training, which will be followed by online assessment and certification. Successful students will at the end receive a ‘diagnostic toolbox’ to help them in their duties. “Major SAPMA members who employ hundreds of applicators, such as The Pivot Group, have already thrown their weight behind the new online training. South Africa cannot afford waste any longer. Qualified personnel will learn how to avoid paint failures and wastage in this online course, which covers all the ‘cardinal rules’ of paint application and includes practical demonstrations, all presented in simple, non-technical jargon. “A major advantage of online training is that there is a ‘pause’ button to push to allow the lecture’s contents to be clearly understood and processed. Students can regulate the lecturer’s pace of presentation. But there is no longer time to pause before this economically important know-how is taught to paint suppliers and applicators,” Spence added. c For more information, call 011-615-1195.

COMPLETE TINTING FORMULATED TO PERFORM, EVERY TIME CONTROL AT YOUR FINGERTIPS Chromaflo colorants deliver optimal results every time, whatever the coatings

The quality of color depends on the people and technology that create it. Now there’s a software application mightunderstanding be. Whetherand it’s an solution that offers the perfect blend of artistic advanced technology. industrial orofarchitectural coating, Innovatint Point of Sale software is part our totally integrated approach that ensures perfect performance and controlChromaflo throughout the complete matching andand tinting process. It makes has the technology expertise ordering colors quicker and more efficient, opening up sales opportunities and improving to deliver vibrant color that lasts for years. customer service. And with the ability to analyze tinting and sales data in real time, it can help you control your business like never before.

Phone: +27 11 084 1600 E-Mail: adminSA@chromaflo.com Chromaflo Technologies Africa 17 Crusher Road, Crown Ext. 3 Johannesburg 2095, South Africa WWW.CHROMAFLO.COM

• Complete tinting control at your fingertips • Seamless integration from manufacturer to customer • Simplicity and efficiency in diy stores

FORMULATED TO PERFORM, EVERY TIME Chromaflo colorants deliver optimal results every time, whatever the coatings application might be. Whether it’s an industrial or architectural coating,

Phone: +27 11 084 1600 E-Mail: adminSA@chromaflo.com


FORMULATED TO PROTECT, FOR YEARS Chromaflo colorants deliver quality that lasts through a multitude of applications or environments. Our experts can recommend just the right chemistry and color expertise to helps ensure your coatings will continue to look great, years to come.

Phone: +27 11 084 1600 E-Mail: adminSA@chromaflo.com Chromaflo Technologies Africa 17 Crusher Road, Crown Ext. 3 Johannesburg 2095, South Africa WWW.CHROMAFLO.COM



celebrates two decades This year is a landmark year for Olympia as it celebrates 20 years of manufacturing and supplying paint products.


lympia Paints, a Cape-based paint manufacturing company, has long been known to provide excellent-quality paint and paint accessories to the trade sector. The business has built a reputation for producing quality products, which are competitively priced, with customer satisfaction at the heart of everything it does. The company celebrates its 20th year in the manufacture and supply of its paint products, which range from interior and exterior coatings, to roof-, and timber coatings.       “We are extremely proud of our achievements spanning 20 years; we are constantly improving and refining our range with respect to quality and durability, and I believe that this has enabled us to build and sustain longstanding clients and relationships along the way. Our product range has truly stood the test of time and

has graced the walls and buildings of many government and private sector establishments, both in South Africa, as well as into the rest of Africa,” says Palash Moodley, CEO, Olympia Paints. “Our anniversary year is proving to be a year where we have cause to celebrate a number of milestones and achievements. Olympia has been awarded ISO 9001:2015 certification, which represents a significant highlight in the life of our organisation. Not only does the Quality Management System help management and employees to consistently improve on the quality of our operations, it validates that we have managed to increase and sustain customer satisfaction with our products,” says Palash.        A changing economic environment, as well as ever-evolving customer shopping habits and behaviour, have necessitated that Olympia reviews

12 | Coatings SA

how it conducts business in order to remain relevant in the marketplace. It is for this reason that the company’s 20th anniversary also marks its entry into a new customer target segment – the end-user or domestic customer.  “We are extremely excited by the new direction our company is heading towards,” concludes Palash.  While the exterior look has changed, flagship products such as satin sheen acrylics (Akrosheen), pure acrylic matt coatings (Akrocote), pure acrylic waterproof coatings (Akrodek), decorative plasters (Akroplast), wall coatings (Nucover), pure acrylic roof coatings (Roofbrite), exterior varnishes (Woodglow), and timber preservatives (Woodseal) will continue to be a core feature of the product offering for both the trade and domestic customer segments.  A full list of products and prices is available online. c

WWW.PAINTCOR.CO.ZA TEL/ 011 794 2885



We offer you value for money and the beauty and protection of your assets.



Using only high-grade raw materials, Paintcor manufacturers top quality products to the colour of your choice.


Trade Decorators Range The new Trade Decorators Range of economy tier paint from Excelsior is described as "The intelligent choice for tradesman."

The Trade Decorators range consists of eight products, Matt Acrylic, Satin Acrylic, Roof Acrylic, Hi-Hiding Acrylic, Formula 74, H2O Plaster Primer, Universal Undercoat, and Alkali Resistant Plaster Primer. MATT ACRYLIC • A quality general purpose matt acrylic • Suitable for interior and exterior surfaces • Water-based, low V.O.C and low odour Spread rate: 6-8M2 per litre Application: Brush and roller or airless spray Cleaning: Water Pack sizes: 20l, 5l,

SATIN ACRYLIC • A fully washable low-sheen acrylic • Suitable for interior and exterior surfaces • Water-based, low V.O.C and low odour Spread rate: 8-10m2 per litre Application: Brush and roller or airless spray Cleaning: Water Pack sizes: 20l,, 5l,

HI-HIDING ACRYLIC • A high opacity acrylic • Suitable as a first coat or filler coat • Water-based, low V.O.C and low odour Spread rate: 6-8m2 per litre Application: Brush and roller or airless spray Cleaning: Water Pack sizes: 20l,, 5l,

ROOF ACRYLIC • A durable UV and moisture resistant coating • Suitable for tiled and galvanised exterior roofs • Water-based, low V.O.C and low odour Spread rate: 6-8m2 per litre on smooth sealed surfaces 3-5m2 per litre on porous and gritty cement roof tiles Application: Brush and roller or airless spray Cleaning: Water Pack sizes: 20l,, 5l,

H2O PLASTER PRIMER • Superb alkali resistance for masonry surfaces • Suitable for interior and exterior surfaces • Suitable for gypsum plaster and RhinoLite Spread rate: 8-10m2 per litre Application: Brush and roller or airless spray Cleaning: Water Pack sizes: 20l,, 5l,

UNIVERSAL UNDERCOAT • Good hiding power base-coat for interior and exterior surfaces • A broad spectrum undercoat suitable for a variety of substrates Spread rate: 8-10m2 per litre Application: Brush and roller or airless spray Cleaning: Turpentine Pack sizes: 20l,, 5l,

FORMULA 74 • Suitable for dry cement plaster surfaces as a primer • Suitable for interior and exterior surfaces • Not suitable for gypsum plaster and Rhyolite Spread rate: 8m2 per litre Application: Brush and roller or airless spray Cleaning: Water Pack sizes: 20l,, 5l,

ALKALI RESISTANT PLASTER PRIMER • Alkali resistant primer for plaster, concrete and brick • A solvent-based primer suitable for RhinoLite and Gypsum plaster surfaces Spread rate: 4-8m2 per litre Application: Brush and roller or airless spray Cleaning: Turpentine Pack sizes: 20l,, 5l,

For more information, call 011-474-1900 or visit www.excelsiorpaints.co.za

14 | Coatings SA


Dulux empowering SA’s youth

AkzoNobel’s flagship brand Dulux and SOS Children’s Villages joined forces in an effort to equip the South African youth with refurbishment skills, such as painting and basic renovations. The programme aims to encourage the youth to create opportunities to sustain themselves as well as to help drive a positive impact on youth unemployment.

Now in its second year, the partnership has assisted 20 unemployed youth elevate their skill set.


he Dulux ‘Let’s Colour’ programme and Professional Painter Training helps upskill young people through the SOS Children’s Villages Ennerdale and South African Paint Manufacturers Association (SAPMA) training centre every year across South Africa. According to Statistics South Africa (Stats SA), the national unemployment rate is high for both youth and adults. However, the rate among young people aged 15–34 was 38.2%, which implies that more than one in every three young people in the labour force did not have a job in the first quarter of 2018. “Dulux is proud to be partnering with the SOS Children’s Village again this year,” says Nathalie Sweeney, marketing director for Dulux Sub Sahara Africa, adding, “Through this programme, we as a brand believe that while this is not a direct solution

to job creation, we strongly feel that empowering the youth with practical skills increases their opportunities to become entrepreneurs, a key solution to fighting the current statistics around youth employment in the country. We plan to continue training youth in 2019,” continues Sweeney. Now in its second year, the partnership has assisted 20 unemployed youth elevate their skill sets and will hopefully inspire a spirit of entrepreneurship to curb the unemployment rate that currently faces the youth in South Africa. The youth were trained by SAPMA on the basic application of coatings, which includes Health and Safety surrounding paint and coatings, how paint is manufactured, preparation of substrates, which paint is best suited to each substrate and application of paint. Officially announced at the launch

16 | Coatings SA

of the YouthCan! Initiative, Dulux continues to maintain the pledge to adopt the SOS Children’s Villages in South Africa as part of its ‘Let’s Colour’ project. The YouthCan! Initiative is a global partnership between AkzoNobel, The SOS Children’s Villages and DHL. The initiative was launched in 2017 across four countries, South Africa, Brazil, Nigeria and Indonesia. In 2018, a further eight countries were added including Pakistan and Russia. “We look forward to seeing more individuals participate in this programme as well as working with other organisations and partners who share the common goal of creating opportunities for young people. Together we can definitely do more,” concludes Sweeney. c For more information, call 011-861-1146.


New value for money paint range Prominent Paints has recently introduced Access, a new range of quality, affordable paint targeted at the budget conscious consumer.

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT - BACK ROW: Charles Mandel, Dave Orr, Pieter de Vries, Nico Bonthuysen, Herman Rabe, Jay Jay Swarts and Carolien Haden. FRONT ROW: Sarah Hammouche, Jackie Putter, Luis de Barros, Olga van der Struys and Tanya Duvenage.


rominent Paints, a brand that is traditionally under-represented in the low end of the market expects its new offering will help alleviate the mounting pressure on consumers wallets which is already stretched – a phenomenon not expected to change in the near future.The new Access range consists of the ‘essential’ four products that will cover 90% of the market’s needs, including an Acrylic PVA, Basic Matt, a Gloss Enamel and a Plaster Primer. According to Prominent Paints marketing manager, Carolien Haden, the company sees the huge potential of this market, which is all about volumes and pricing, and expects this range to be of great benefit to its many independent retailers, franchise stores and paint centres around the country. “As a brand leader, we need to be

represented in all categories and to serve the entire market and by launching a line of products for a budget consumer market and we are on our way to achieving this. With this new range we also expect to increase our market share,” says Haden. “Consumer knowledge, and the trust it has in well-known brands, plays an important role in selling a new product. With Access being a part of the Prominent Paints brand, which is already well trusted and recognised as a quality brand with a strong heritage, there will be a natural transference of this promise to the new range, which can only be beneficial. Access is well positioned for success and we anticipate creating a compelling value proposition in a new segment.” The packaging design enforces the Prominent Paints brand and product names

clearly defining the range leave nothing to interpretation. Distinctive colour coding has been applied to each line in the range and pack sizes fulfil the specific needs of a specific market with a 5L and 20L available across all the ranges, bar the enamel, which comes standard in a 1L and 5L tin. “We anticipate the Access Range to be well received by a market already willing to purchase a local brand they trust and are already familiar with and look forward to delivering value to this sector,” concludes Haden. The Access range is stocked at most leading paint stockists nationwide, as well as from the Prominent Paints Paint Centres and franchise stores. The suggested retail price for the most economical paint is R18.95/L with the highest price point in the range for the gloss enamel is at R62.60/L. Prominent Paints claims that benchmarking studies have indicated that the quality of the Access range is equal and in some cases superior to competitor brands in the low end of the market. c For more information call 0861-77-66-46, visit www.prominentpaints.co.za or email customercare@prominentpaints.co.za

17 | Coatings SA


A Bright Idea And Solution For A Greener Planet ...

PLUS - It Makes Paint Manufacture A Real Pleasure! www.sancryl.co.za •

5514 Sancryl Chemicls Coatings SA FP Sept’18

% +27 (0)31 902 1422


Because We Care

BREAKTHROUGH INNOVATION IN PAINT MANUFACTURE! Sancryl Chemicals is well-known for their innovative products aimed at changing the paint industry to the most environmentally friendly it can be without sacrificing quality! Their latest contribution is Envirosperse SS 70, an


effectively environmentally compliant dispersing,

Envirosperse SS 70 was developed as an effective and

wetting, water softening and deflocculating aid.

environmentally compliant dispersing, wetting and

It allows for the preparation of stable aqueous dispersions with high pigment loading.

deflocculating aid. This Zero VOC multifunctional additive, has proven to perform as an excellent dispersant with the added


benefits of wetting and water softening.


Clear Liquid



Brookfield Viscosity @ 25°C

350 cps

dispersions of fine particles, having Newtonian flow and

Specific Gravity


lower viscosities.

This yields coatings with high gloss, increased colour strength and efficient pigment utilization thus providing

In pigment dispersions, the use of Envirosperse SS 70 Envirosperse SS 70 is an Alkyl Phenol Ethoxylate

eliminates flocculation, flooding and floating.

free, surfactant stabiliser, low molecular weight

It offers enhanced steric stabilisation and

polymer which functions as an improved wetting,

prevents settling.

water softening, dispersing and deflocculating aid. Envirosperse SS 70 should be used in the traditional Polymer Advantages:

manner in paint manufacture.

• Zero VOC

An addition of 0.25 – 0.50% on dry powder is

• APEO Free

recommended for most slurries. A slightly increased

• Ammonia Free

level may be necessary for very hard water and clays.


Plascon innovates for paint contractors

Getting the job done well, on time, within budget and with no customer comebacks – these are the primary aims of painting contractors in the highly competitive construction industry.


aint manufacturer Kansai Plascon works to understand contractors’ needs by conducting regular dialogue with them to discover how products can be refined to perform optimally by offering availability, cost effectiveness, fastperformance, outstanding quality and topclass technical support. Developed in response to contractors’ feedback, Plascon’s TradePro range features eight products, all of which are designed to give contractors confidence with quality and professional backing from Plascon. The TradePro preparation products include water-based and solvent-based primers and undercoat, while the interior and exterior topcoats feature an economical matt, high-hiding matt, sheen, textured and gloss enamel.

Carol Ras, Plascon’s professional category manager, is encouraged about market response to the TradePro range, ‘‘To date, feedback from contractors has been very positive. The range comes in white, standard pre-mixed colours in Textured and Gloss, with Hiding Matt and tintable Brilliant Sheen in over 1000 colours.” ‘’The versatility of the TradePro range,” continues Carol, “makes it a popular choice for contractors – suitable surface prep options followed by coatings that are ideal for both interior and exterior surfaces. ‘’Nobody wants customer complaints or comebacks. Not only does it damage reputations, but repair jobs can be costly and take up valuable time resources. Plascon’s TradePro range addresses this upfront with guaranteed durability and

PLASCON’S TRADEPRO RANGE IN DETAIL: PREPARATION PRODUCTS: Water-based primer – a plaster primer that offers superior quality adhesion Solvent-based primer – an alkali resistant primer Undercoat – a general purpose undercoat.

INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR TOPCOATS: Textured topcoat – a coarse, weather-resistant paint for exterior wall surfaces Gloss enamel – a good-quality, alkyd-based enamel. Bright matt – a water-based acrylic PVA High hiding matt – a superior quality acrylic emulsion paint Brilliant sheen – a superior quality, washable and durable acrylic PVA

20 | Coatings SA

long-lasting quality, backed by excellent post-purchase service,” she says. Apart from market-leading products, which comply with earth-friendly regulations, perhaps one of Plascon’s most important plans to make a positive difference in people’s lives is their painter training academy. Ras believes that her company’s commitment to upskilling contractors will have a positive impact on boosting employment rates and improving work quality for consumers. The Plascon TradePro range is ideal for government infrastructure projects such as low-cost housing, schools, smaller retail contracts and provincial government projects, and is the perfect preparation and topcoat for every building contractor.



commercial vehicle news



21 | Coatings SA


on the move

The Doosan 7 Series lifts are here The new Doosan 7-Series forklift range now available in southern Africa ticks all the right boxes, from maximum productivity to cost-effective and safe operation across an array of applications.


aterials Handling Specialist, Goscor Lift Truck Company (GLTC), has introduced the Doosan 7 Series forklift range to the southern African market. Productivity, reliability, fuel efficiency, safety, reduced maintenance and ease of serviceability are the key design focus areas in the new range, demonstrated by an array of features that speak directly to these customer needs. Patrick Barber, sales director at GLTC, says productivity, lower total

22 | Coatings SA

cost of ownership and versatility are some of the core considerations that largely inform buying decisions at today’s warehouses and distribution centres as managers seek equipment that will help them meet their operational goals. “With the launch of the Doosan 7 Series, we are offering an ideal tool for a range of applications, all the way from lifting building materials, fibre and paper handling, chemicals, wood, to recycling, industrial equipment

on the move manufacturing and wholesalers, among many others,” explains Barber. LOWER TOTAL COST OF OWNERSHIP The range comes with several features that speak to lower total cost of ownership for customers. In an environment where diesel prices have gone up 42% between January 2016 and April 2018, fleet operators now have their eyes on lower total cost of ownership more than ever. Several features of the Doosan 7 Series are aimed at reducing fuel consumption and lowering maintenance costs. With five diesel models – the D20, D25, D30, D33S-7 and the D35C-7 – the range offers operating capacities from 2t to 3,5t. The 2.5 and 3t models have already arrived in the country, and the 3.5t is scheduled to arrive in the near future. However, all five models are available on request. The range is powered by a Yanmar 3.3L diesel engine built to meet the latest emission regulations. The in-line, 4-cylinder, water-cooled, overhead valve engine provides high torque (191 Nm) at low engine speeds (1 600 rpm) in applications requiring ramp loading and unloading, fast lift speeds and heavy hydraulic flow. “The high torque at low engine speeds translates into reduced fuel consumption,” says Barber. With the ECO Mode, the operator can easily change the driving mode by the touch of a switch at the dashboard. “The ECO Mode will reduce fuel consumption by an additional 5% compared with the Standard Mode,” explains Barber. The cyclone type and heavy duty dual element air filter cleaning system protects the engine against contamination. This prolongs the engine’s service life and keeps the engine in the best condition in any environment. Meanwhile, the solid one-piece cast iron housing and J-hook mounts for the mast enhances reliability for low maintenance costs. The range’s oil-cooled disc brake system is totally enclosed for maximum protection against contamination. The maintenance-free nature of the brakes ensures maximum uptime, less damage and zero brake maintenance cost for

fleet owners. Meanwhile, the oil-cooled disc braking system carries a lifetime warranty, which further reduces lifetime costs. The braking efficiency is also hugely improved, resulting in improved safety, especially when used on inclines. As materials handling operators seek to make the most of their equipment, uptime really matters for them, and downtime is out of question. As a result, the Doosan 7-Series has been designed with serviceability in mind. All service components have been placed on easy-to-reach locations, allowing for the forklift to be serviced in minimal time. This reduces service costs, and ultimately has a positive impact on the total cost of ownership. SAFETY MATTERS Safety has become a major parameter when it comes to the operation of any forklift under any circumstances. In response to customer needs, the Doosan 7 Series forklift range comes with an array of features aimed at increasing safety on sites. At the forefront of the safety feature is the Operator Sensing System (OSS). The OSS prevents any unintended forklift movements when the operator is not seated. “Tilt, lift and lowering functions are disabled if the operator is not in the seat, even when the ignition is on,” explains Barber. “An audible

23 | Coatings SA

alarm will sound if the operator leaves the seat without applying the parking brake. A seat belt warning light on the dashboard reminds the operator to fasten their seatbelt.” Barber adds that the overhead guard’s new design offers better visibility and protection for the operator. “There is also a new hooter positioned conveniently for operators when reversing, allowing them to maintain focus without having to look elsewhere,” he says. Meanwhile, with the Seat Belt Interlock, the forklift will not move without the seat belt fastened. The tilt, lift and lowering functions are disabled if the seat belt is not fastened. The Emergency Locking Seat Belt automatically locks itself in case of an accident. For optimal visibility, the low profile dashboard and the precisely designed overhead guard profile with pressed roof provides a clear view upwards, while ensuring ultimate strength for safety. The easily readable, integrated instrument panel provides a clear overview of the truck’s status.

As materials handling operators seek to make the most of their equipment, uptime really matters for them

on the move

ES ED'S LIKle drive

Getting the job done

rtab • The comfo fuel • It is light on windows ic tr ec el e • Th job done. • It gets the

I recently tested the Chinese built Changan Double Cab and I am convinced this is a great vehicle for a small contractor on a tight budget who needs a vehicle to help him get the job done. By Johann Stadler


he Changan Double Cab is a

time, but that the machine is capable for

the drop sides on all three sides of the

perfect fit for a small contractor.

what it was built for. With the available

loadbox. You don’t realise how handy

It offers comfortable seating for

72Kw and 119Nm of torque at your

they are until you have them. It makes

five people in the cab, while the back is

disposal you get from A to B. On the open

a big difference to load and offload

great to haul loads of whatever is

road and cruising at a comfortable 100-

heavy materials without having to fling

needed to a jobsite.

120km/h is light work. I never felt the five

it over the sides. The rubberising also

speed transmission is working overtime

helps to protect the back when you do

you will find on the market, but what’s in

and although cabin noise was a little

a bit of manhandling and drag or drop

the Changan Double Cab will get the job

louder than what I am used to, it is at an

something heavy.

done. The seats are covered with durable

acceptable level. Having a conversation

material, which should withstand the

with a fellow passenger is easy.

Yes, it is not the most luxurious cab

punishment of getting the workforce to

The suspension is a little stiff and the

So weighing up the pros and cons of the Changan Double Cab, there is very little to complain about. Yes,

the job and back, with seatbelts for all five

bumpy ride would be contained a bit

you can always do with a bit more

passengers. Look at the console and you

more with a crew or a load, so that is

power, space, less noise and looks –

find a radio to make the time on the road

exactly what I did. I got tools and a load

this bakkie should definitely win a prize

a little easier. The air conditioner will be

of wood loaded onto the back, which

for least attractive vehicle on the road.

handy in summer and cup holders around

wasn’t just for the test, but because

Still, you get reasonable vehicle at a

the cabin makes for a safe holding space

I was really on the way to install built

prudent R166 880.

for everyone’s coffee in the morning as

in cupboards in a bedroom. The load

For someone who needs a reliable

well as a well-deserved coke after you

did firm up the suspension and I felt

vehicle that will get his workforce, tools

laid down tools for the day.

comfortable hauling a big load to the

and materials safely to and from a job,

worksite. I did not load the maximum one

this is the one to consider – especially if

time I got behind the wheel. Although

ton load, but I can say with confidence I

you run a new or small operation. This is

power steering shouldn’t be the reason

believe the Double Cab will carry it with

a nice entry level set of wheels. Take the 3

why you won’t consider this workhorse.

ease and a smile.

year/100 000km warranty into account

I did miss the power steering the first

It takes a little getting used to in the

The brakes are made up of discs in the

and I think it comes with the necessary

beginning, but after a week on the road,

front and drums at the back. I am always

peace of mind that any start-up needs.

you don’t miss it all that much.

a cautious driver and never had the need

to brake suddenly, yet the bakkie handled


My first impressions hitting the road was that the 1243cc petrol motor won’t take you from zero to sixty in a record

well when braking with or without a load. What makes this bakkie unique is

• Power steering would be welcome • A stronger engine for a bit more speed • Bigger wheels for more road clearance • It could be better looking. c VEHICLE SPECIFICATIONS

The perfect fit.

24 | Coatings SA

Name: Changan Double Cab Engine size: 1243cc Petrol Transmission: 5 speed Max speed: 120km/h Load box: 2 060mm x 1 520mm x 370mm Fuel tank: 40 Litres Fuel consumption: 7.2l/100km Max power: 72kW Max torque: 119Nm Warranty: 3 year/100 000km with 24 hour roadside assistance Price: R156 880 – R166 880.

01 2017


Clariant is the only pigment producer to offer high-performance quinacridone pigments based on renewable raw materials. HostapermŽ Pink E, one of our most important polycyclic pigments based on renewable bio-succinic acid, reflects Clariant’s switch to more sustainable production. These quinacridone pigments produce brilliant colors and are on par with petrochemical-based pigments regarding durability. Our quinacridone pigments are used in applications such as automotive, industrial and decorative coatings.

Pigments based on renewable raw materials reduce petrochemical consumption and boast a low carbon footprint without changing any key performance characteristics.



Colour trends 2019

Two of South Africa’s leading coating companies – Prominent Paints and Paintcor – share some of the incredible colours for the next colour-season. Be inspired.


PROMINENT PAINTS At Prominent Paints we view colour as a creative ecosystem, one that revolves around the company’s customers. It’s fluid and collaborative and key trend drivers influence the new colours coming through. Trends are like a pendulum in that they have a force behind their beginning. They move at a steady speed and eventually slow to a point where they stop before embarking onto another swing – never swinging back to exactly the same point. Black Flame is the PPG colour of the year for 2018 and it’s a real statement colour, but the company has announced that for 2019 – its Colour of the Year is Night Watch (PPG 1145-7). It’s a rich, luxurious, and classic deep shade of jade-like green that was chosen for its ability to allow homeowners to emulate the feeling of lush greenery and the healing power of nature in their spaces. There is no mistaking the move towards richer, deeper more complex colours and usual combinations so it’s no surprise that Night Watch is the choice for 2019. It’s lovely when mixed with lighter and complementary hues such as millennial pink or pebble grey. The colour’s connection to nature makes it a particularly good choice for areas that lack outdoor access or views, like windowless hallways. It will also work well with other design trends, for example gilded touches and the now-iconic millennial pink. To draw on the luxurious impact of Night Watch

we believe consumers will see value in pairing the colour with gold or brass accents, such as picture frames, tabletop decor, legs on furniture, or even drawer pulls. The urge to reconnect with nature is driven by today’s tumultuous, always-connected society. Empty space in our lives, like downtime, lulls in conversation, tends to be filled with the use of smartphones and devices. Being surrounded by Night Watch can give some of that empty space back. Night Watch is part of the ‘We Are With Class’ palette, which helps redefine what luxury looks like. The colours are on one hand full of timeless, classic neutrals and on the other loaded with richly saturated and elegant gem tones. The result is a range of hues that embody luxury at all levels. Bold paints paired with lighter shades and used on interior doors, accent walls and on furniture and cabinetry. Blue for a kitchen is also making an appearance on 2019 design mood boards. Grey was the colour of the year according to Pinterest and Prominent Paints don’t believe it will lose its position in the popularity stakes when it comes to neutral shades. But the pendulum swings slowly when it comes to consumers and the move to richer, warmer colours will not happen overnight – it will be a gradual process. Like colour, paint finishes and

26 | Coatings SA

decorative paint techniques are very personal. When consumers are looking for more depth and texture and they don’t want to turn to wall paper – they are trying paint techniques like an Ombre colour wash, marbleizing, using a strié finish, geographic shapes and painting floors and ceilings. Colour is being used more freely and in areas traditionally left unpainted. Front doors are being given a pop of colour and Night Watch is perfect for this kind of application. The same is true of the pantry door in the kitchen. The bottom line though, when introducing a bold colour like Night Watch into a room, it’s best mixed with lighter wood tones and white trim, which helps balance the dark colour and prevents it from overpowering a space. The same is true of any dark or bold colour choice.

feature PAINTCOR

Paintcor products in 2019 colours are ideal for contractors of estates or large office spaces. They allow the creation of a functional canvas to which tenants can add their own special touch. Nothing stops the designer from using off white as the base, which can be accented with shades of grey. Some may even opt for a darker colour – such black and charcoal. The neutral layers create a beautiful juxtaposition without making use of any particularly outlandish colours. By sticking to the neutral tones one can create a serene space to clear the mind and unwind.


ORANGE, EMERALD AND YELLOW Everyone love familiar favourites, but an emerging Globalised African Style interior sees these paired with all things bright and wonderful to create something new. The pairing of an off-white with a peach inspired hues of orange and hints of moss green in the furniture, all on a natural white marble surface, are the natural elements mixed with bright colours that Paintcor knows South Africans love to explore in their interior design. Embrace vivid colours such as emerald green with soft, pastel coloured furniture on a wooden floor to add a touch of brightness. The way these colours frolic together is enough to inspire any interior designer. The dark jewel tone mingles elegantly with the pastels, natural elements and light, earthy tones. The same can be achieved with deep navy, royal purples or ruby reds.

27 | Coatings SA


SAPMA celebrates 80 years!

The South African Paint Manufacturing Association has come a long way in the past 80 years.

2017 SAPMA/SAPITI Johannesburg winners.


rom its early development in Durban, where most paint manufacturers were located during SAPMA’s early years, the association has grown exponentially in terms of membership along with its role in promoting the interests of members and the industry in general. In harmony with the growth of the industry and the individual manufacturers during the ensuing years, SAPMA joined the migration north and its Johannesburg office was opened in 1997. In 2001, a director of SAPMA was appointed along with permanent staff. Membership at

that time included 34 manufacturing members and 35 suppliers. Many milestones have been achieved in the interim years as SAPMA developed lasting relationships with international paint and coatings associations, membership of International Paint and Printing Ink Council (IPPIC) and membership of the Multi-stakeholder Committee for Chemicals Management under the auspices of the South African Department of Environmental Affairs. SAPMA has played a leading role in the interpretation of the SA Agricultural Remedies Legislation by preventing

28 | Coatings SA

the planned banning of biocides in paint and has established a professional working relationship with the Department of Agriculture. The association’s relationships with Government departments have also led to the imminent legalised removal of lead from paint and finally persuading the Government to change legislation for the total elimination of lead and lead pigments by 2019. In its role as spokesman for the industry, SAPMA has fought tirelessly to prevent the dumping of cheaper paint products and raw material onto the

feature South African market as well as playing watchdog to the manipulation of import duties and tariffs, which posed a threat to South Africa’s manufacturing base. Negotiations are currently in progress to establish Compulsory Specifications for the importation of Coatings products to further protect local manufacturers and raw material suppliers. As 2018 unfolds, SAPMA now represents companies who produce close to 90% of paint manufactured in South Africa and approximately 70% of raw material suppliers, as well as a significant sector of the retail market. The association has also made progress in penetrating the contractors market. The association has travelled a long and sometimes bumpy road over the past 80 years enduring major changes in technology, strategies, regulations and even governments and legislation. Proud of its pedigree, it feels there is no more fitting celebration of 80 years of endeavour than to participate with its partners, OCCA and exhibition organisers, dmg:events, in staging the 2018 Coatings for Africa Show in Johannesburg in May. c

Old SAPMA logo.

New SAPMA logo.

COE video conferencing lesson.

SAPMA has been supported by leading paint companies since its inception.

29 | Coatings SA


Shave's in 1910.

Shave's paint manufacturing operation in 1950.

A street view of Shave's.

SAPMA members.

30 | Coatings SA

In Focus: Your innovative lead free pigment preparations HEUCO® FIT LR is an innovative pigment preparation line consolidating Heubach´s extensive pigment and pigment preparation know-how into ultimate and comprehensive pigment preparations offering outstanding color solutions for lead chromate replacement. Heubach has developed six highly cost-effective products allowing the direct lead chrome replacement for the most important shades. > HEUCO® FIT LR Yellow 1006401 > HEUCO® FIT LR Yellow 1007001 > HEUCO® FIT LR Red 3022001

> HEUCO ® FIT LR Yellow 1006402 > HEUCO ® FIT LR Yellow 1007002 > HEUCO ® FIT LR Red 3022002

HEUCO® FIT LR products combine superior hiding power even in full shade formulations and excellent chroma development.

www. heu ba c hc o l o r. c om

conference review

Coatings for Africa 2018 It has been three months since the Coatings for Africa 2018 show concluded, and Coatings SA has been chatting to a couple of the exhibitors to get their perspective on the event.


his year’s Coatings for Africa was without a doubt the best show of its kind that

Coatings SA has had the pleasure of attending. The exhibitors were excellent, the turnout looked good, the stands looked spectacular and we were lucky enough to engage with everyone we had an interest in. But how did it go for the exhibitors? Here is their feedback.

Overall rating 4/5 – Excellent! COMPANY: F AND D TECHNOLOGIES

Score Coatings for Africa (out of 5): 3 What areas of the show should be improved? The exhibitor floor plan changed; however, the changes could have been better communicated with the exhibitors. How would you rate the quality of visitor? Excellent


Score Coatings for Africa (out of 5): 4 What areas of the show should be improved? Catering Department could have been a bit more organised and better drilled. How would you rate the quality of visitor? Good


Score Coatings for Africa (out of 5): 4 What areas of the show should be improved? It would have been great to see more visitors from outside of South Africa and more of an attempt made to market the exhibition in Africa; perhaps with some form of business incentive or package deal to attract these companies to South Africa. How would you rate the quality of visitor? Good 


Score Coatings for Africa (out of 5): 4 What areas of the show should be improved? More local exhibitors and better quality food in the lunch area, outside of the dedicated VIP area. The costs to attend the delegate technical paper talks should be aligned to market expectation, allowing more exposure and better attendance. Finally, the location – Sandton has many traffic problems. How would you rate the quality of visitor? Good

32 | Coatings SA

Don’t follow the herd!

your local partner in colour pigments At Delta Colours we strive to be the leading supplier of an extensive range of high quality pigments and additives from world class manufactures. We offer excellent customer service, technical support, local stock availability and next day product delivery. Our extensive product range includes ultramarine blues, metallics, organics, fluorescence, pearls, glitters, thermo-chromes, cadmiums, lead chromates, iron oxides, CICP’s, phthalo’s, carbon black, buff & grey titanium dioxides, selected additives and cutting-edge technology in anti-corrosive packages. Visit our newly revamped website for more information!

follow an expert pigment supplier

Phone: +27 21 876 4167 · Email: orders@deltacolours.com 71 Village Artisan, Cabriére Street, Franschhoek 7690 Western Cape, South Africa


conference review


Score Coatings for Africa (out of 5): 5 What areas of the show should be improved? Signage to the exhibitor parking area, furthermore, the dining or lunch area was not advertised as restricted before the event and finally, we should have advertised the event better to our own clients. Perhaps in future the organisers can remind exhibitors to invite customers to boost attendance. How would you rate the quality of visitor? Good – taking into account that most visitors appeared to be looking for products as opposed to logistics’ type services. 

Protea Chemicals.

Score Coatings for Africa (out of 5): 4 What areas of the show should be improved? Pre-expo advertising to ensure more foot traffic, cheaper conference charges and logistics pricing and handling. How would you rate the quality of visitor? Good 


Score Coatings for Africa (out of 5): 4 What areas of the show should be improved? Limitations in catering for non-delegates. How would you rate the quality of visitor? Good


34 | Coatings SA

Score Coatings for Africa (out of 5): 4 What areas of the show should be improved? Attending the gala dinner was very expensive, and so were the costs to attend the delegate talks. Parking and the loading area at the exhibition centre was a huge problem. How would you rate the quality of visitor? Excellent



The polymer that creates colour Synthetic Polymers produces high-quality polymers for various myriad sectors such as decorative coatings, automotive coating, medium to heavy industrial coating and wood coating etc. Solvent based polymers are Synthetic Polymers core focus; however, our plant also has the capability of producing water-based polymers. A wide variety of resins including acrylics, aminos, saturated polyesters and the more popular alkyd resins as well as some specialist resins are produced using the strictest quality standards in our plant. Research and development take place in our state-of-the-art laboratory with the latest equipment and highly qualified polymer chemists. Convenient delivery with our twenty-metric ton bulk delivery vehicle with lead times between twenty-four and seventy-two hours.

• Long oil alkyds • Medium oil alkyds • Short oil alkyds • Short & Medium chain stopped alkyds • Urethane alkyds & Oils • Styrenated alkyds • Hydroxy functional acrylics • Thermoplastic acrylics • Specialty alkyds • Amino resins • Thermoset acrylics • Saturated oil free polyesters

010 596 4444 | sgb@syntheticpolymers.co.za | www.syntheticpolymers.co.za


Resins Polymer dispersions UV monomers, oligomers Photoinitiators Anticorrosive pigments & additives Dispersants Defoamers Adhesion Promoters Extenders Rheological Additives Additives Technical Assistance PUD Dispersions

www.carst.co.za www.carst.co.za

Johannesburg Johannesburg

Cape Cape Town Town

Paul Edge Paul Edge paul.edge@carst.co.za paul.edge@carst.co.za

Jenny Rossouw Jenny Milburn jenny.milburn@carst.co.za jenny.rossouw@carst.co.za

Durban Durban

Port Port Elizabeth Elizabeth

T [031] 3138500 8500 (T) 031 313 F [031] 3138516 8516 (F) 031 313

T [041] 3973600 3600 (T) 041 397 F [041] 3973601 3601 (F) 041 397

(T) 011 489 T [011] 4893600 3600 F [011] 4893601 3601 (F) 011 489

Andrew Dutton Andrew Dutton andrew.dutton@carst.co.za andrew.dutton@carst.co.za

(T) 021 506 T [021] 5064560 4560 F [021] 5064561 4561 (F) 021 506

Paul Edge Paul Edge paul.edge@carst.co.za paul.edge@carst.co.za

Profile for New Media B2B

Coatings SA_Issue 3 I Vol 6 I 2018  

Paint Manufacturers, Raw Material Suppliers, Distributors and Paint Chemists

Coatings SA_Issue 3 I Vol 6 I 2018  

Paint Manufacturers, Raw Material Suppliers, Distributors and Paint Chemists