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Tsunami warning for coatings industry








SAPMA Training alive and well



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Biocide-free wall paints


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Issue 1 | Volume 7 | 2019

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Polyoak: Contan to exhibit at Propak Africa 2019


Wacker: Wacker presents dispersible polymer powders for biocide-free wall paints


SAPMA letter: An open letter to Minister of Higher Education and Training


Profile: Omega Fine Products – simple solution for the coatings industry


Feature: South Africa coatings industry urged to heed warnings


Food for Thought: You do care about your business, don't you?


Technical: Be vibrant


ed’s note

Time to roll up our sleeves


hen the going gets tough, the tough get going. Wise words drilled into me as a child. Taking a moment to reflect on the state of the coatings industry and where it was two years ago, I believe the time to get going has arrived. To uplift the coatings industry, we will have to do it. To ensure better manufacturing conditions and a stronger coatings economy and policies that benefit the industry – we as members of this industry will have to be the writers of these policies. The days of complaining about the industry is over. The finger pointing has to stop. Our industry as at a critical juncture and sitting idle will only result in one thing – the demise of our industry. For the coatings industry to flourish and grow, more has to be done. We have to take ownership and to take

back control of our destiny. Whatever your focus may be, ensure you create an environment conducive to your success and take the steps needed to create an environment for Johann Gerber your business to achieve – even if it means engaging with government because not acting might have far more dire consequences. The Coatings Industry offers opportunities for workers from a wide range of backgrounds. So let’s ensure that it remains a strong and thriving industry - we owe it to our dedicated employees and to our valued customers. c

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Heubach publishes first sustainability report

The Heubach GmbH Group published its first sustainability report for the 2017 financial year in October 2018, offering readers an insight into sustainability topics that are relevant for the company.


s a mid-sized company, Heubach is not currently required to publish a sustainability report. The company nonetheless made a voluntary decision to communicate its social, ecological and economic involvement to its stakeholder groups in a transparent way in accordance with the German Sustainability Code. “The trust which our stakeholders place in the company’s responsible and lawful conduct is of crucial importance to the long-term success and reputation of the Heubach GmbH Group. That’s why we, as a globally operating company, consider it a matter of course that we address the needs of current and future generations in a sustainable way as we conduct our business,” said Dr Reiner Martens, managing director of Heubach GmbH. The company referred to the sustainability check outlined by the Chemie3 initiative in order to identify

essential aspects. It is disclosing the current state of its learning process as well as goals and concrete measures in the key areas of sustainability management, products, environmental protection, and employee responsibility. The publication of its first sustainability report is an important milestone for Heubach. By compiling this report, the company has conducted an inventory that is enabling it to pool its activities in the area of sustainability in a targeted way, provide strategic orientation for these activities, and continually drive the business forward. “We are already in an excellent position in some aspects of sustainability. During the course of the process we have initiated various individual topics will now be integrated into a holistic sustainability management system,” said Birgit Genn, managing director of Heubach GmbH. c

6 | Coatings SA


British coatings industry could face financial loss

With a few weeks to go before Brexit, the British coatings industry could suffer severe disruption, a loss of millions of pounds and a drain on investment warns the British Coatings Federation, the trade association for paints, coatings, printing inks and wallcoverings manufacturers.


he industry, which has more than half of its suppliers based in the EU, has been forced to activate ‘no deal’ contingency planning following the controversial deal secured by the Prime Minister. ‘No deal’ planning for the industry consists of stockpiling key raw materials and finished goods, hiring more warehouse space and setting up legal entities in the EU. British Coatings Federation (BCF) members are also preparing to grapple with different sets of chemicals regulations, and face tariffs of 6.4% on both raw materials, half of which are sourced in the EU, and on finished products, costing the industry an estimated £150m. The impact of tariffs could lead to the loss of some of the £1bn UK exports of paints, coatings and printing inks, making them significantly less competitive to customers in the EU. The BCF cautions that delays at the border of even hours will send ripple effects through the UK manufacturing

industry. For example, a delay of one hour could cost the coatings manufacturer tens of thousands a day in penalties brought to bear by many major automotive and OEM customers. “Whilst political point scoring is going on, real businesses are making decisions that will impact the future of the coatings industry in the UK and the contribution of the sector to jobs and the UK economy. Avoiding ‘no deal’ is vital to the survival of manufacturing in this country.” c For more information, visit www.coatings.org.uk

The impact of tariffs could lead to the loss of some of the £150m. The impact of tariffs could lead to the loss of some of the £1bn UK exports of paints, coatings and printing inks, making them significantly less competitive to customers in the EU

7 | Coatings SA


Trained staff key to profits

Inadequately or totally untrained paint sales personnel are depriving hardware outlets of tens of thousands of rands in ancillary sales every year. This was the message from Deryck Spence, executive director from SAPMA.


pence says paint consumers, particularly from the DIY fraternity, are invariably prepared to purchase products that would make their painting tasks easier and more professional if only hardware stores’ staff had suggested products such as undercoats, crack fillers, rollers and brushes, extender sticks, brush cleaners, and even plastic sheeting. “But, through lack of training,

many sales staff merely provide the tin of paint requested and sends the customer on their way. This is not only unfair to the consumer but also to the smaller hardware store owner who, in this country, works on a narrow profit margin,” Spence contends. He says the large hardware supermarkets have commoditised paint. Their collective buying power facilitates completive pricing, but smaller paint

hardware stores are suffering and complaining that they cannot compete with the buying power and pricing structures of the large conglomerates. “But they can rectify the situation. Smaller retailers in the United States realised that to regain their share of the paint market they needed to do more than sell. They needed to become paint and application experts to help their consumers. They needed to guide them, advise which products to use, and how to use them. They needed to ask the customer why he or she was buying that particular can of paint. They then needed to give a quick run-through of what the job calls for. “In short, paint sellers in the USA needed to be transformed into paint specialists. The results are well documented. Not only did the smaller paint stores regain their share of the market, but also increased their turnovers in the paint sections by up to 50% and boosted store profits overall. Paint, after all, is among the priciest commodities in a hardware store.” South African paint retailers, however, have not learnt this lesson. “Training means time off the job. Can’t afford to have salespersons out of the store for a day at a time. Time is money. Training is expensive’, are invariably the excuses we hear.” Spence says by taking advantage of the SAPMA Retail Video Training Programme, paint sales personnel can train while in the store, after hours or even at home. After 10 video modules and assessment, he or she can be transformed from seller to specialist. The retailer’s paint expert and the store will be armed with a SAPMA-backed Certificate of Competence to keep customers happy and retain them.” c For more information about SAPMA’s Retail Video Training Programme, visit www.sapma.org.za.

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01 2017


Clariant is the only pigment producer to offer high-performance quinacridone pigments based on renewable raw materials. HostapermŽ Pink E, one of our most important polycyclic pigments based on renewable bio-succinic acid, reflects Clariant’s switch to more sustainable production. These quinacridone pigments produce brilliant colors and are on par with petrochemical-based pigments regarding durability. Our quinacridone pigments are used in applications such as automotive, industrial and decorative coatings.

Pigments based on renewable raw materials reduce petrochemical consumption and boast a low carbon footprint without changing any key performance characteristics.



Contan exhibits at Propak Africa 2019

Polyoak Packaging put on a dazzling display at the recently concluded Propak Africa 2019 which took place at Nasrec Expo Centre, close to its Gauteng manufacturing facilities at Aeroton.

Contan showcased its latest bucket range at Propak Africa 2019 Expo.


he Polyoak stand featured a dedicated area for each of its specialist divisions including Contan buckets and pails, to showcase the company’s latest innovation and popular packaging solutions. Polyoak showcased its diverse range of generic and new buckets, drums, closures and tubs, as well as customer exclusive containers for the oil and lubricant industry. Along with its innovative range of packaging, Polyoak’s one-stop service includes packaging design, mould manufacture, packaging testing and technical support. BRANCHES FOR AFRICA This proudly South African company with 40 years of packaging experience

has regional head offices located in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban, with an extensive sales and distribution network across southern Africa, with branches located in Polokwane, Limpopo, Middelburg, Bloemfontein, East London, Port Elizabeth, George and Worcester enabling the business to deliver excellent customer service. Its African network includes manufacturing facilities in Zimbabwe (Harare) and Namibia (Windhoek). SERIOUS ABOUT SUSTAINABILITY Of critical importance is the sustainability of its packaging. The business is committed to partnering with customers to optimise packaging for recyclability. On display at the show

10 | Coatings SA

was the company’s 100% recyclable packaging and latest innovation guaranteed to grow customers’ sales whilst protecting the environment. Its new OctoGrip™ 20L bucket lid with eight robust locking tabs is designed to prevent accidental spills. Visitors to Propak Africa explored the extensive range for paint and coatings including smaller PolyPails down to 1L in size, as well as 1L and 5L PolyCans. Contan also offers buckets made from recycled plastic. It takes its obligation to Extended Producer Responsibility very seriously and is the only plastic bucket producer that is a contributing member of POLYCO, the industry’s non-profit body, established to focus on reducing the amount of polyolefin waste going to landfill.

news Contan voluntarily contributes raw material levies towards promoting and growing the collection and recycling of post-consumer polyolefins, including polypropylene buckets and pails used in the paint and coatings industry. The Polyoak group is also the first plastic packaging manufacturer in South Africa to pledge to the global Operation Clean Sweep initiative, demonstrating its commitment to Zero Plastic Pellet Loss into the environment. “We are confident that our diverse range of lightweight, robust plastic paint containers brings manufacturers savings and reduces their carbon footprint. Contan is a sustainable supplier partner that assumes responsibility for the end life of our packaging through active participation with POLYCO,” says Karl Lambrecht, chief executive, Contan. “By partnering with Contan, paint manufacturers and brand owners can actively contribute towards reducing packaging waste to landfill, PPK023-19R.pdf



Contan’s new OctoGrip™ Lid is a smart locking system that prevents accidental spills. To open simply cut and tear off tamper band.

and help drive recycling initiatives, which last year sustained 55 000 informal jobs, while at the same time profiling their brand values and building brand equity. We look forward to exploring how Contan can










11 | Coatings SA

add value to customers’ business in an innovative and sustainable manner,” concludes Lambrecht. c For more information, call 011-724-3800.


Wacker presents dispersible polymer powders for biocide-free wall paints Wacker will be introducing its new Nexiva product line at this year’s European Coatings Show.


Pic creds: Wacker

hanks to these dispersible polymer powders, manufacturers can now produce interior wall paints in powder form. The technology does not require the addition of biocides and offers key advantages when it comes to storing and transporting paints. Most wall paints are produced using water-based binders or raw materials. When used in paints, however, water provides a favourable environment for microbes and bacteria. In order to kill these organisms, the paints are typically formulated with biocides to make them last longer. According to the German Paint and Printing Inks Industry Association, one in four buckets of paint will spoil unless preservatives are added. There is a problem with biocide use. Once the paint has been applied to the wall and begins to dry, liquid components evaporate, allowing biocides to escape into the air. In some people, biocides can trigger allergic reactions upon inhalation or skin contact. By developing Nexiva, Wacker has now created a technology for the production of biocide-free paints. At the 2019 European Coatings Show, set to take place 9 - 21 March 2019 in Nuremberg, the Munich chemical group will present a product line based on spray-dried polymeric binders suitable for producing interior wall paints in either liquid or powder form. Paint manufacturers can use Nexiva to create individual paint formulations, just as they can with traditional binders in dispersion form. Powder paints remain stable, even without the addition of preservatives. Water for redispersing the paints is not added until just prior to application, thus eliminating the need for adding biocides during production. As the paint dries, all that evaporates is water. Thanks to the polymers, the paint adheres well and has good spreading properties. In addition, paints are easier to transport and store when they are in powder form, as they weigh less, for instance, and can be packaged differently from liquid paints. Unlike traditional wall paints, powdered versions do not freeze in the cold, nor do they thicken when exposed to heat. c

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The polymer that creates colour Synthetic Polymers produces high-quality polymers for various myriad sectors such as decorative coatings, automotive coating, medium to heavy industrial coating and wood coating etc. Solvent based polymers are Synthetic Polymers core focus; however, our plant also has the capability of producing water-based polymers. A wide variety of resins including acrylics, aminos, saturated polyesters and the more popular alkyd resins as well as some specialist resins are produced using the strictest quality standards in our plant. Research and development take place in our state-of-the-art laboratory with the latest equipment and highly qualified polymer chemists. Convenient delivery with our twenty-metric ton bulk delivery vehicle with lead times between twenty-four and seventy-two hours.

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010 596 4444 | sgb@syntheticpolymers.co.za | www.syntheticpolymers.co.za


SAPMA training very much alive! SAPMA members please note: SAPMA/SAPITI is still very much the official training arm of the South African coatings industry.


eryck Spence of SAPMA says it has come to the association’s notice that CHIETA was advising some SAPMA members that SAPMA/SAPITI was no longer providing training. “This misinformation was confirmed by the fact that SAPITI’s name had been removed from the SAQA website and replaced by that of a rival company,” says Spence. Spence says the malicious rumours were unfortunately boosted by some confusion arising among members from SAPMA’s suspension of the Paint Technology training programme due to the high cost of tuition on one-onone basis. “The course was originally designed for distance learning and developed into a classroom lecture programme that became impossible to continue. It was for this reason

that a new training programme was developed late 2018 and was presented to the SAPMA Executive Committee meeting in September 2018, where it was sanctioned. Unfortunately, this information has not been disseminated within member companies and this has led to confusion. “In addition, considerable discussion was held at last year’s AGM regarding the travelling time and time off for company personnel taking courses, leading to considerable productive time being lost. In developing the new programme, we have endeavoured to eradicate this lost production time. “But, above all, members should please note that

14 | Coatings SA

SAPMA and its training arm, SAPITI, are still the official training providers to the coatings industry,” adds Spence. c For full details of the SAPMA/SAPITI training programme for 2019, contact training@sapma.org.za or visit the SAPMA www.sapma.org.za.


An open letter to Minister of Higher Education and Training

On February 15, Deryck Spence of SAPMA sent the following letter to the Minister of Higher Education and Training, Naledi Pandor. Dear Madame Minister,


t is with considerable concern and frustration that I, on behalf of the SA coatings industry, refer you to the attached report, which appeared in the Business Report, under the pen of its senior journalist, Roy Cokayne, on Tuesday 10th February 2019. Madame Minister, you have in your capacity as Minister of Higher Education and Training together with the President, repeatedly claimed your intention to partner with the business sector to improve skills training in SA to reduce unemployment and drive the economy. This is why it is imperative that you read the article attached regarding the unethical behaviour of the CHIETA, the Chemical Industry SETA and its negative effects on what you and our President seek to do. The South African Paint Manufacturing Association (SAPMA) is a non-profit organisation that has been representing the Coatings Industry for 80 years (celebrated in 2018) and represents 85 to 90% of the paint manufactured in South Africa. SAPMA has been providing training for paint Technologists (accredited by the QCTO) through the auspices of our training arm, the South African Paint Industry Training Institute (SAPITI), since 1986. We also provide accredited skills training for paint manufacturing, paint application, technical sales training and retail sales training on programmes that are all accredited with SAQA. We are aggrieved that one of our ex-employees, whose duties was to interface with CHIETA, formed their own training providing enterprise, whilst in our employ and in conflict to our employment contract. This person was subsequently – astonishingly – accredited by CHIETA, with full knowledge that

he was still in our employ and was awarded grants by CHIETA, whist in our employ, for the same unit standards that SAPITI holds. When I approached the CHIETA on this matter, the CHIETA advised me that its legal department had stated that they could appoint anyone they pleased, whether he was employed or not. When I then enquired as to how the accreditation was awarded in a period of six months when it had taken SAPITI many years, I was told by the CHIETA Management Board that his accreditation was ‘fast tracked’. Before going to the press on this matter, we engaged with the CHIETA’s full board as well as the chairman of the Board and were told: “You should not bite the hand that feeds you!” Madame Minister, paint applicators in South Africa have not been trained since the Building Industries Federations of SA (BIFSA) training centres closed in the 1990s. However, SAPMA has the capacity and opportunity of training many unemployed applicators to take up positions with paint contractors or to start their own businesses but we are not receiving any support from the CHIETA. The CHIETA is prepared to appoint inexperienced people, unethically we would say, to perform this all-important mission and despite his inexperience appoint such a person to the CHIETA Coatings Chamber. I am sure you would find this hard to believe. I am requesting Madame Minister an investigation into the CHIETA management and their ethical conduct. The Coatings Industry is paying for training through the training levy paid to the government and yet not receiving grants for training from ethical industrysponsored training providers. Finally, we have today been advised

16 | Coatings SA

by a founding member company and leading coatings producer in South Africa and Africa that their training grant application, made in September 2018, has been rejected by the CHIETA. I am sure that the DHET through the auspices of the SETAs would not approve of the promotion and career assistance of a clearly dishonest person when it conflicts with the interests of an entire key economic industry. We plead for your assistance in this matter. Yours respectfully Deryck Spence S A PAINT MANUFACTURING ASSOCIATION Deryck Spence Executive Director deryck@sapma.org.za P O BOX 751605 GARDENVIEW 2047 Tel: +27-11-6151195

Deryck Spence, Executive Director of SAPMA.

Please note: The opinions in this article are the author’s, and do not represent the views of Coatings SA or New Media.


Ceta holds key for jobless painters

SAPMA is attempting to gain Construction Education and Training Authority (CETA) accreditation for a paint application course that could provide employment for hundreds of unemployed or unqualified painters.


eryck Spence, executive director of SAPMA, says the course, which on completion will provide successful students with a Certificate of Competency, is primarily aimed at the unemployed. “We will provide jobless people with theoretical and practical skills on how to apply paint and then list their individual contact details online so that paint contractors seeking new staff can offer them employment. After 18 months’ practical apprenticeship with the paint contractor, the SAPMA-taught students will write a test which, if passed, would turn them into qualified paint applicators – armed with that Certificate of

Competency. This will benefit both employee and employer. Spence says the course’s theoretical content would also benefit painters who are currently employed and has extensive practical experience, but no official qualification. “The course, which we are hoping will receive CETA accreditation and assistance, would provide Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and official qualification for painters who may have been in a contractor’s employ for years. The contractor’s status would be immeasurably boosted by the number of fully qualified staff on his or her books,” he explains. c

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17 | Coatings SA

When you want a Concerto of high quality gloss or sheen paints with superior water resistance and adhesion! Like fine music, composed to satisfy a refined ear, Suncryl 950 is a fine particle sized adhesion promoted acrylic emulsion with excellent water resistance and increased interactivity. The conoisseur paint manufacturer will therefore appreciate the results delivered by Suncryl 950 to produce very high quality paint.

If you need to deliver the best product, then surely using the best ingredients make sense!

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For the Virtuosi of Paint Manufacturing! Suncryl 950 is a fine particle sized adhesion promoted acrylic emulsion with excellent water resistance and increased interactivity. It is used to make very high quality paints, mostly specified by architects and used in commercial buildings for the best of finishes. TYPICAL PROPERTIES Appearance

Milky White Emulsion


49 - 50%


8.0 - 9.0

Brookfield Viscosity @ 25°C

500 - 2000 cps

Specific Gravity

1.01 - 1.04

MFT Polymer and Paint Advantages: • Pure acrylic copolymer emulsion • Adhesion promoted Applications: • Gloss paints • Coatings with good adhesion and block resistance • Excellent wetting resistance • Sheen Paints • GR 1 Paints Storage Conditions: • Protect from frost and heat. Store in tightly closed containers and reseal tightly after opening. • Use product in sequence of date of arrival. • Recommended storage temperature is +5 to +35°C


Storage Stability: • Approximately 6 months after delivery, if stored in original unopened drums under the stated conditions. Packing: • 200 kg Drum / 1000 kg Flobin Additional information on the properties of Suncryl 950, which are important both for the working safety and environmental protection are contained in the standard safety data sheet. This data is based on practical experience and may only be recommended without any liability, due to the different plant conditions. Any existing patent rights have to be respected. Please contact Sancryl directly for further particulars.


Special course for sales staff

SAPMA has introduced a new two-day training course to equip sales personnel of member companies to be sufficiently conversant with paint technology when dealing with existing or potential customers.


ara Benn, SAPMA administration manager, says the Association has taken note of the fact that although it offers technical training, only a small percentage of the students who have qualified over the years have actually become paint chemists. “Many are employed in other capacities, particularly in sales and marketing where their technical knowledge is often decisive in securing contracts,” explains Benn. SAPMA has therefore decided to condense the technical aspects of its training into a special two-day course during which paint technology will be taught without the time-consuming laboratory testing or intensive chemistry facts and much more, which sales personnel basically do not require. “The new Technical Sales Training Programme will help manufacturers’ sales personnel when they pitch for business with retailers, assist them in convincing paint contractors to select their company’s paints, and also convince and influence architects to specify their factory’s paints

and coatings for construction projects,” says Benn. She says SAPMA will be prepared to offer the training on site at members’ premises if the company nominates at least six students. “The short course in

Fun on fairways

to follow crucial AGM SAPMA’S annual day of fun in the sun on the lush green golf course of Zwartkop Country Club is planned for May 14 this year, so there are just a few weeks to work on that perfect swing.


ith so many obstacles and challenges facing SAPMA at present, it is most important that as many members as possible attend the AGM starting at 2.30pm on Monday, May 13. So please diarise this date as the deliberations and feedback at the meeting are of vital relevance to the future of the coatings industry. There will as usual be plenty of opportunity for networking at the cocktail function after the AGM and at the prize-giving ceremony that follows Golf Day. c

20 | Coatings SA

paint technology could even benefit member companies’ management in the course of their duties,” she adds. c For more information, 011-615-1195 or email training@sapma.org.za.

company profile

Omega Fine Products – simple solution for the coatings industry

Sometimes the answer to the most complex problems is hiding in front of you. Omega Fine Products, backed by a strong leadership team, offers simple solutions to the coatings industry when it needs it most.


he company we know today as Omega Fine Products was purchased from founder Garry Burgess in 2015. Burgess started the company to supply the paint industry. His sheer determination was the driving force behind the business’s growth. When he eventually decided to sell his business, it allowed for the new owners of Omega Fine Products to increase production and management capacity, allowing the company to grow its business, stock and service levels. Since the takeover, the company’s management structure has evolved boasting a carefully selected team to deliver on its industry promises. Sias

Blignaut, started in the group during 2008 as an accountant. He joined Omega as general manager in 2017. He has a strong financial, IT and sales background. Thomas Rukaramato, production and quality control manager, joined Omega in 2007 and has a diploma in Biological Technology and a certificate in Scientific Technology. The third member of Omega’s management team is Michael Thomson who joined the company in 2018 as head of sales and marketing. Thomson has a BSc Hon Degree in Polymer Sciences from the University of Stellenbosch but his passion lies in sales and marketing. Each of them brings something

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unique to the company’s offering. Blignaut loves problem solving and solution finding. He is goal orientated, driven and very passionate about the business and its staff. Rukaramato strives to deliver high-end quality products, is goal driven and a team player while Thomson is passionate about his work, ensuring client satisfaction and is also goal driven. The team and business is supported by Western Investment Company – a business with its roots in the Western Cape and interests in clay brick making, as well as in mining, farming, biotechnology and tourism throughout South Africa and Namibia. This backbone enables Omega Fine Products to source raw

company profile materials from group companies and management expertise and systems from the holding company. TACKLING 2019 Omega focus is to offer the coatings industry a one-stop-shop service. “We understand that raw material supply is a price sensitive offering, and we continually try to be as competitive as possible,” says Blignaut, adding, “We have noticed the need for service delivery, before and after a sale is completed. We strive to offer fast and easy supply of raw materials with an emphasis on the relationship aspect of a business transaction. We aim to offer great products at competitive prices while offering reliable service delivery.” This is backed by its current track record and the unique characteristic to remain relevant in a slow-evolving market. “We want to offer products that people need at prices that are competitive. We understand that our customers have certain goals and we go all out to help them reach those goals easily and effortlessly,” he explains.

The business is a leader in the supply of dolomite to various industries that are focused on customer service. “We strive to deliver a high quality, value adding product at a fair and reasonable price on a continuous basis,” says Blignaut, adding, “By entering the Talc, Calcined Kaolin, Silica, Calcium Carbonate and decorative natural stone market we are proving that we are becoming a one stop shop to our customers and we listen to their needs and demands.“ “At Omega Fine Products we are passionate about finding solutions to solve our customers’ problems. We love discussing your needs and finding ways that we can possibly assist. We pride ourselves in the supply of great products with impressive service delivery and strive to push the envelope as far as our product range and service goes. So if you have any questions or problems, allow us an opportunity to help find a solution,” concludes Blignaut. c For more information, call 011-316-2064.

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PRODUCT OVERVIEW Dolomite: Dolomite is a calcium magnesium carbonate. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that dolomite is currently being used as substitute for calcium carbonate in times where the supply of calcium carbonate is unreliable or if the calcium carbonate is too expensive. Omega Fine Products’ dolomite is super white making it a reliable substitute for white calcium carbonate in many coatings. Calcium Carbonate: Calcium carbonate is extremely white and offers great coverage for decorative paints. Other products in its range are Talc, Silica, Glass, Calcined Kaolin, Wondergloss/ Polygloss and decorative natural colour stone.

OMEGA FINE PRODUCTS – THE ONE-STOP-SHOP RAW MATERIAL SOLUTION FORfillers THE COATINGS INDUSTRY onal Our goal is to help you achieve your goal whilst being leaders in the Wollastonite supply of dolomite, calcium carbonate and related products to the coatings industry. We pride ourselves on offering high quality, value adding products at a fair and reasonable price.







Calcined Kaolin



Calcined Kaolin Calcined Kaolin



Improved Quality Talc Control.Talc


Dolomite Dolomite

Decorative Stones


Improved Quality

We work with you – finding solutions to your problems. Our focus is on quality with stringent quality control standards. Silica Improved Control. • +27 (0)after 11 316 2064 • +27 (0) 11 316 5727 Silica Impressive service delivery – Quality before, during and sales service. Talc Our solutions driven approach allows us •toinfo@omegachemicals.co.za help our customers • www.omegachemicals.co.za achieve their goals. Decorative Stones • Our continuous value added product development assures we stay ahead of the game. • We listen.



Dolomite Calcined Kaolin Improved Quality Control. New • +27 (0) 11 316 2064 • +27 (0)

TEL: +27 (0) 11 316 2064 | EMAIL: orders@ofpc.co.za WEB: www.omegafineproducts.co.za • +27 (0) 11 316 2064 • +27 (0) 11 316 5727

• info@omegachemicals.co.za • www.omegachemicals.co.za

• info@omegachemicals.co.za • w

Wollastonite Omega Chemicals (Pty) Ltd Wollastonite Est 1970

• +27 (0) 11 316 2064 • +27 (0) 11 316 5727 • info@omegachemicals.co.za • www.omegachemicals.co.za

Omega Fine Products Talc (Pty) Ltd

Omega Chemicals (Pty) Ltd

CalciumSilica Carbonate

Decorative Stones Decorative Stones


South African coatings industry urged to heed warnings

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feature A dangerous tsunami warning is sounding for South Africa’s chemical suppliers, coatings manufacturers, distributors and related industries. If this industry does not heed the warning, the local chemical industry will look dramatically different in the future.


he South African coatings industry is forecasted to grow just under 1% in 2019. As a result the industry will remain under pressure and considering the Department of Trade & Industry’s lack of protection for the sector in the past, the future remains as dire. Sanjeev Bahtt, managing director, from Synthetic Polymers says, “Of much greater concern is that the local industry is not working together to stand up for its rights, needs and wants.” It appears as if the local manufacturer that is outside the top tier of manufacturing companies are not working hard enough to keep abreast of what is happening in the local industry. The remaining 40% of the market outside of this top tier is almost turning a blind eye – and this is not a unique scenario to the coatings

industry, but this is happening in all sectors. “The manufacturer and raw material supplier need to realise we are all part of the global village – our borders are open!” says Bahtt. According to Bahtt, South Africans have always been resilient and believed that things will come right. But the warnings from the Subcontinent and Far East are not being taken seriously. Growth in the Far East is exceeding 6%, and the volumes in the subcontinent and Far East are allowing the industries to keep going. “The reality is that the world does not worry about South Africa, Bahtt reports. The threat to South Africa’s local manufacturing sector has already started and international investors considering South Africa are raising concerns over: • Labour problems • Utility and electricity problems

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• Water scarcity • Cost of doing business in South Africa To further alienate investors, the manufacturing base has been eroded. The textile industry is an example of the damage done, and the coatings industry will follow suit. “We will become the Dubai of Africa,” he explains. Bahtt is referring to the country becoming merely a hub to process paperwork without a manufacturing base – similar to what Dubai is to the Middle East region. South Africa is also competing against rock bottom fuel and labour costs in Egypt, the Middle East and the Subcontinent with our local Government believing the establishment of 10% duties on paint is enough to protect the local industry. The reality is that 10% is too little. “We need to stand together and fight

feature for what is required for our industry to survive,” he says, adding, “On acrylic resin there is no duty and we had to apply for a duty to protect us. The duty is in place now, but we had to act!” It is clear that the industry needs help. But for the government to assist, local manufacturers and suppliers need to stand together and engage with Government to make them listen to the issues affecting the industry. In turn the industry needs a commitment from the Government that it wants to help local manufacturing. And Bahtt says we have fallen behind our neighbours, so action is vital. South Africa has the longest coastline in Africa, but Mauritius is busy building a port to become the transhipment hub between the Far East and Africa – what Hong Kong and Singapore is to the Far East. “Our local Government is not making the most of our advantages and not incentivising local business to become a much bigger player in the global village,” concludes Bahtt.

WHAT ARE OTHER COUNTRIES DOING TO PROMOTE LOCAL MANUFACTURING? The Egyptian Petrochemicals Holding Company (ECHEM) was established in January 2002 to manage and develop the Petrochemicals industry in Egypt through new promising areas of investment. ECHEM priority is to enhance the growth of Petrochemical industry through implementing The National Petrochemicals Master Plan with the target of realising the optimum utilisation of natural gas in value added products. The Plan covers 14 complexes including 24 projects and 50 production units during the coming 20 years. SOURCE: www.echem-eg.com

“Our local Government is not making the most of our advantages and not incentivising local business to become a much bigger player in the global village” – Sanjeev Bahtt

From ECHEM’s website the Government of Egypt offers a number of investment incentives and has set up laws related to tax reduction, tariff exemptions and granting numerous guarantees. The Egyptian Government also offers the following advantages: • Enterprises could be wholly owned by foreigners • Guarantees against nationalisation or expropriation of project • Output of the project is not subject to price control • Projects are allowed to repatriate their capital and profits

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• Foreign experts’ salaries are exempted from income tax if their stay in Egypt is shorter than one year. There are many other exemptions depending on where the projects are located as well as exemptions on contracts aimed at establishing Egypt as a chemical manufacturing hub. WHY SHOULD INVESTORS CHOOSE EGYPT? To establish Egypt as an attractive investment destination in the MENA region, the government has clarified the tax code and cut corporate taxes from 42% to 20% and personal tax from 32% to 20%. The country offers investors and export subsidy programme, with over 2 000 companies benefiting already and export subsidies in the region of EGP 2.6bn in 2014. Exports account for roughly a quarter for the country’s GDP, with oil and other minerals at 32% of total exports, but chemical products representing 12% of total exports. (Source: tradingeconomics.com/ egypt/exports) The value of Egyptian exports in October 2018 was set at USD 2424m. SOURCE: www.echem-eg.com

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Be vibrant

If painters could choose any colour as long as it is white, life will be pretty bland. It’s colour that is the spice of life and South Africa is home to leading technologies and producers that add vibrancy to our colour experience.

DELTA COLOURS Delta Colours was originally founded by Abe Louw and Shawn Hays in Atlanta, Georgia in 1995. At that time the focus of the company was to supply the North American plastic, coatings and ink markets with their colour needs. Delta Colours filled a niche role and became a supplier of colour solutions, which was a fresh approach against the traditional model of suppliers performing a basic logistical service as a catalogue distributor. This business plan was very successful and the company and brand soon grew to become very popular both with customers and suppliers. It was mostly due to the highly technical and professional calibre of sales consultants and the focused approach, which resulted in excellent service to customers. The Delta Colours approach was always to be a local stock supplier of world class quality products and services for the markets that it served. This attracted the leading global producers to add their products to the company’s colour basket to make a complete range.

accompanied by the same DayGlo brightness users have trusted for over seventy years. EFL-17 is a solid state fluorescent pigment with unparalleled brilliance and long-term durability. Endure Fluorescent Yellow offers formulators a unique bright yellow shade that exhibits a strong fluorescent response, an optical phenomenon that make this pigment ideal for safety applications. This bright, vibrant yellow hue can be used in decorative applications, anywhere you can envision to use this fun and exciting hue.

Physical Properties Colour Green: Shade Yellow Light fastness: 7-8 BWS Bulk Density: 0.25 g/cm3 Density: 1.7 Oil Absorption: 46 g/100 g Mean Particle Size: 2.5 microns Maximum Processing Temperature: 275˚F.

Endure EFL-17 DayGlo Colour has answered the demand of the coatings market with a UV stable fluorescent yellow pigment with strong, long lasting colour for outdoor applications. DayGlo Colour recently unveiled Endure™ EFL-17 Fluorescent Yellow Pigment, a new and innovative fluorescent yellow pigment developed specifically to satisfy those demands. Endure™ EFL-17 applications range from automotive, industrial safety coatings, even traffic paints! It continues to bring innovative and safe fluorescent pigment choices that deliver uncompromising performance

CHROMAFLO Most of us take colour science for granted. Have you ever stopped to consider the effect of colour in your life? What it means? Where it comes from? What life would be like without colour? Colour science is our visual interpretation of how light reflects off surfaces. Colour is that portion of the visible spectrum of light that is reflected back from a surface. All surfaces absorb some light. Black surfaces absorb all light. The nature of colour was first discovered by Sir Isaac Newton (1643–1727), the English physicist, mathematician and natural philosopher. While Newton is best known for the story of the apple that prompted his theory of gravity, he was also a pioneering scientist in the field of optics. Newton found, among other things, that when white light passes through a prism, it breaks into the colours of the spectrum (or rainbow): red, orange, yellow, green, blue (light), indigo (dark blue) and violet (purple), and that a second prism would re-combine the spectrum colours into white light.


For more information, call 021-876-4167

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The additive theory of colour is based on this perception of red, green and blue. These three colours are considered the primary colours for digital and light-based colour technology, like that used in television screens and computer monitors. In RGB colour theory, red, green and blue colours formed by light combine in different ways to produce all other visible colours. When all three are combined, they make white light. The absence of light creates black. However, RGB theory does not apply to pigment-based colour such as paint or printing inks.

We put color into your ideas. Based on our many years of experience and extensive knowledge as an independent, globally active pigment specialist we provide a wide range of high quality inorganic and organic colored pigments, anticorrosisve pigments and pigment preparations. Beyond that we are specialists in providing custom solutions for specific customer requirements.

Formulating value with Heubach.

www. heu ba c hc o l o r. c om

technical Subtractive Colour-RYB In pigment-based processes, the primary colours are the same ones we learned about as children: red, yellow and blue. This is because pigments are solid substances, not pure light, and need to be mixed to create the colours we see. So our approach to colour involves both additive RGB theory (which is how we see) and subtractive RYB (how we mix actual paint colour) to develop colour schemes.

CHARACTERISTICS OF COLOUR The characteristics of colour are made up of three different elements: hue, chroma and value. Hue: Hue is the most obvious characteristic of a colour. It’s what most people mean when they say the word ‘colour’. There are really an infinite number of possible hues. For instance, between red and yellow lies every possible orange hue. Chroma: Chroma refers to the purity of a colour, its intensity or saturation. High chroma colours look rich and full. Low chroma colours can look dull or pale. Pastel colours are low chroma, while intense jewel tones are high chroma. Chroma is also referred to as saturation. Value: Value is the lightness or darkness of a colour. Sometimes light colours are called tints and dark colours are called shades. Value is referred to as luminance in the colour sphere below.

INNOVATINT Innovatint is part of Chromaflo’s totally integrated approach that ensures perfect performance and control throughout the complete colour matching and colour tinting process. It makes ordering colours quicker and more efficient, opening up sales opportunities and improving customer service. And with the

ability to analyse tinting and sales data in real time, it can help you control your business like never before. Chromaflo Technologies is a premier global provider of colourant technology solutions, serving customers in architectural and industrial coatings as well as the thermoset composites market. With more than eight decades of industry experience in colourant systems and chemical pigment dispersions, the Chromaflo family of product brands includes more than 200 product lines and 7 000 products, and serving customers across six continents.

Temacolour S Low VOC Colourants for industrial coatings Chemistry: Solventborne Detailed Chemistry: Aromatic free, VOC <350 g/l Applications: General industrial coatings; General industrial coatings (POS); Industrial maintenance coatings (POS); Industrial maintenance coatings (POS); Inplant tinting; OEM coatings; Nonaqueous industrial coatings. Temacolor S low VOC colourants offer an aromatic-free technology for modern solvent-based paint and coating solutions used in industrial applications. The eco-friendly colourants have a low VOC content of less than 350g/l. These industrial colourants have an extremely high pigment load, enabling the least amount of colourant to be added while ensuring better hiding. This reduces the effect on coating properties and reduces the cost of adding colourants.

colourants are designed to meet the high performance needs of solventbased paint and coating solutions used in industrial applications. These colourants contain binder and aromatic solvents and have a VOC content of less than 600g/l. The Temacolor T pigmentation technology is compatible with typical resin types used for solvent based paint and coating systems. Its pigments are highly solvent- and heat-resistant. Temacolor W water based colourants Chemistry: Waterborne Detailed Chemistry: APE free, VOC <100g/l Applications: General industrial coatings; General industrial coatings (POS); Industrial maintenance coatings (POS); Industrial maintenance coatings; In-plant tinting; OEM coatings. When it comes to water colourants for industrial coating solutions, the Temacolor W range of colourants provides consistent and reliable performance. These water-based colourants contain binder and a propylene glycol co-solvent. They are APE free and their VOC content is less than 100g/l. These water colourants are universally compatible with all waterbased products. Oxide orange is included to allow better hiding and deliver inexpensive end colours in the orange and red areas.

Temacolor T Solvent based Colourants Chemistry: Solventborne Detailed Chemistry: VOC <600g/l Applications: General industrial coatings; General industrial coatings (POS); Industrial maintenance coatings (POS); Industrial maintenance coatings (POS); Inplant tinting; Non-aqueous industrial coatings; OEM coatings Temacolor T solvent based

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For more information, call 011-084-1600.


Sparfast Yellow 183

Tawazon Chemical Company is an industry focused service of supplying a whole range of raw materials to the paint or ink, construction chemicals, packaging, fiberglass, plastic, rubber and polyurethane industries. Individual products or consolidated packages are supplied direct from the country of origin or from warehouses in Dubai, Jebel Ali, Riyadh, Jeddah, Nairobi, Chennai, Bangalore and Jakarta.

Sparfast Violet IC 23 This is a bluish violet shade pigment with excellent colouristic characteristics and is mainly used in interior and exterior coatings, water based and solvent based inks, also in textile printings. This pigment belongs to Dioxazine class. Due to excellent brighter bluish shade, colour strength and outstanding fastness characteristics it gives very good results in textile printings.

Chemically 2-amino-4, 5 dichlorobenzene sulphonic acid is coupled with 1-(3-sulphonyl) 3-methyl-5 pyrozolone followed by laking with Calcium Salt. This is a redder lighter yellow shade pigment with excellent dispersion properties. Due to its low warping properties, dispersion and colour properties PY 183 is widely used in all types of plastics applications. It is also used in industrial and decorative paint applications. This pigment belongs to Diazo class.


Redder Yellow

Chemical Form


Physical Form

Redder Yellower Powder

Oil absorption

40 – 45 (ml/100gm)


Bright Bluish Red

Bulk density

1.2-1.4 gm/cc

Chemical Form


Light fastness


Physical Form

Bluish Violet Powder

Heat fastness


Oil absorption

45 – 50 (ml/100gm)

Acid resistance


Bulk density

1.4-1.6 gm/cc

Alkali resistance


Light fastness


Heat fastness


Sparfast Yellow 174

Acid resistance


Alkali resistance


Chemically, 4-(4-Amino-3 chlorophenyl)-2chlorobenzeneamine double nitrogen, respectively is coupled with N-(2, 4-dimethylphenyl)-3oxobutanamide. This is a high transparent yellow shade pigment with excellent flow and dispersion properties specially intended for the use in offset ink in sheet fed as well as web offset printing. This pigment belongs to Diazo class.

Sparfast Red 32 Chemically, it is formed by diazotization of N-(3 amino4 methoxyphenyl)-benzamide coupled with 3-HydroxyN-phenyl - 2 napthamide and a light red shade pigment with excellent dispersion and flow properties. It is mainly used in interior and exterior coatings, water based and solvent based inks, also in textile printings. This pigment belongs to Diazo class.


Transparent Yellow

Chemical Form


Physical Form

Transparent Yellower Powder


Lighter Red

Oil absorption

45-50 (ml/100 gm)

Chemical Form


Bulk density

1.2-1.4 gm/cc

Physical Form

Redder Powder

Light fastness


Oil absorption

40-50 (ml/100 gm)

Heat fastness


Bulk density

1.2-1.4 gm/cc

Acid resistance


Light fastness


Alkali resistance


Heat fastness


Acid resistance


Alkali resistance


For more information, call 031-271-3135.

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HEUCO FIT LR Yellow 1006401 hfilr1006401_gb_001



IT LR Yellow 1006402 6402_gb_001 HEUCO FIT LR Yellow 1006401

et - Paints








This is a medium shade yellow with excellent opacity and high tinting strength. It features a brilliant and clean Pigment Preparation of inorganic Chemical Structure and / or organic pigments and colour shade. Chemical Structure: extenders Pigment Preparation of inorganic and Heavy Metals

Lead chromate free

organic pigments and extenders.




R is a medium shade yellow with good opacity Heat Stability [°C] excellent opacity andshade high tinting AAstrength. - 00283 150 rength. Due(2C-Acrylic) to its brilliant color it can be It features a brilliant and clean colour placement lead chromate pigments. This shade. et - Paints of AA - 00289 Acid Resistance 5 preparation This is designed for full shade economic pigment preparation


Heubach recently launched its lead chromate-free red and yellow pigments which can be used as direct replacements for lead chromate containing pigments.

This HEUCOFFIT LR is a medium shade yellow with excellent opacity and high tinting strength. Due to its brilliant and clean color shade it can be used as a direct replacement of lead chromate pigments.

FIT LR1007001 Yellow 1006402 IT LR- HEUCO Yellow 7001_gb_001 This is a medium shade yellow with


Rev. No.: 2

Rev. Date: 05 / 2014

Technical Data Sheet - Paints

Automotive General Industrial Coil

AA - 00289 Decorative 5 is designed for full shade application. Overpainting Fastness Chemical Structure: Pigment Preparation AA 00282 5 (2C-Acrylic) Pigment Preparation of inorganic of inorganic and organic pigments extenders. Weather Resistance and / or organic pigments andDIN ENand ISO 105-B01 4 (2C-Acrylic) FULL SHADE extenders


This is a red shade yellow with excellent R is a red shade yellow with excellent opacity et - Paints rength. DueAppearance to its brilliant and clean color shade opacity and high tinting strength. It has yellow powder a direct replacement of lead chromate pigments. a brilliant and clean colour shade. DIN EN ISO 787-10 3.6 Specific Gravity [g/cm ] Chemical structure: Pigment preparation 2.1 Bulk Volume [l/kg] DIN EN ISO 787-11 of inorganic and organic pigments 23 DIN EN ISO 787-5 RIPTION ERTIES Oil Absorption [g/100g] Pigment Preparation of inorganic e and extenders. and / or organic pigments and -extenders AA - 00283 150 ® FIT LR Yellow HEUCO 1007002 PHYSICAL DATA


IT LR Red 3022001 2001_gb_001 Lead freewith excellent opacity A redchromate shade yellow


Acid Resistance



Alkali Resistance



Overpainting fastness



Weather Resistance



Yellow Powder

Yellow Powder

Physical Data





Rev. No.: 2 150

Specific (g/cm ) 3.6 Rev.gravity Date: 05 / -2014

Alkali Resistance

IT LR Yellow 1007002 7002_gb_001 - HEUCO Lead chromate FIT free LR Yellow 1007001

Fastness Properties Rev. Date: 05 / 2014 Heat Stability C

2.7 2 Rev. No.:




Bulk volume (l/kg)


Oil Absorption (g/100g)







Uses: General Industrial.


15kg Paper Bags


Fastness Properties Rev. Date: 05 / 2014 Heat Stability C



Acid Resistance


Alkali Resistance


- Different types of packaging are available on request

General Industrial Overpainting fastness FULL SHADE

Weather Resistance


Rev. No.: 2 150



recommended 4


4 -

Yellow Powder

Yellow Powder -

Physical Data

R is a red shade yellow with excellent opacity Appearance AA - 00289 Powder 5 rength. Due and to its brilliant clean This color shade high tintingand strength. economic 3 Specific (g/cm ) at direct replacement of lead chromate Rev. gravity Date: 05 / 2014 - Paints APPLICATIONS pigment preparation is designed for full nomic pigment preparation is designed for full AA 00289 Decorative 5 Bulk volume (l/kg) shade applications. Chemical structure: . Pigment preparation of inorganic and Automotive ness Oil Absorption (g/100g) AA - 00282 4 pigments Pigment Preparation inorganic e organic andofextenders. General Industrial. and / ortrademark organic pigments andspecifications, application information and any other informationUses: = Registered of Heubach GmbH. Our product in this document is based on our current IPTION ® FULL SHADE General ERTIES e state of knowledge at the Revision Date mentioned above. They are non-binding and cannot be taken as Industrial a guarantee. The processing company must establish the extenders suitability of their EN use lies beyond our knowledge and control, we cannot accept any liability relating to the use of our products in particular DIN ISO 105-B01 3individual - 4 products itself. As

FIT LR Red 3022002 ] 2002_gb_001 -Lead AA 3022001 - 00283 chromate freeRed HEUCO FIT LR 150

3.0 3.6 25

2.62 Rev. No.: 3.7 24 recommended

applications. In addition to that, the legal rights of third parties must always beconsidered. The specification agreed between the customer and ourselves is the basis upon which our general sales and delivery conditions are set and is the deciding factor concerning any liabilities. Our standard specification is then valid if no specification has been agreed upon between the customer and ourselves. ®

Coil 3022001 3022002 STANDARD PACKAGING. . . . . . P.O. Box 1161 38685 Langelsheim Germany Phone +49-5326-52-0 Fax +49-5326-52-213 sales@heubachcolor.de A medium shade red with excellent opacity Fastness Properties R is a medium shade red with excellent opacity Rev. Date: 05 / 2014 Rev. No.: et - Paints AA - 00289 Powder - 2 APPLICATIONS rength. Due to its5high brilliant clean Can colorbe shade and tintingand strength. used as 170 170 15kg Paper Bags Heat Stability C direct replacement of molybdate pigments. a direct replacement ofred molybdate red Acid Resistance 5 5 AA - 00289 Decorative 5 Automotive pigments. Chemical structure: Pigment - Different types of packaging are available on request Alkali Resistance 5 5 preparation of inorganic and organic ness AAinorganic - 00282 5 Preparation RIPTION FULL SHADE General Industrial Overpainting fastness recommended pigments and extenders. of 5 5 eERTIES Pigment yellow powder and / or organic pigments and Weather Resistance 4-5 4-5 ce ] extenders - HEUCO ® DIN ISO 105-B01 4 AAEN - 00283 Coil 150 FIT LR Red 3022002 DIN EN ISO 787-10 2.7 /cm3] Physical Data Lead chromate free A medium shade red with excellent opacity R is a medium shade red with excellent opacity Appearance Red Powder Red AA - 00289 STANDARD PACKAGING Powder 5 brilliant and clean - Powder rength. Due to its color shade and high tinting strength. be used as 3.0 ] DIN EN Can ISO 787-11 Specific gravity (g/cm3) 3.0 2.9 a direct replacement of molybdate pigments. a direct replacement of red molybdate red APPLICATIONS 15kg Paper Bags AA - 00289 Decorative 5 Bulk volume (l/kg) 3.0 2.7 pigments. Chemical structure: 23 DIN EN ISO Pigment 787-5 preparation of 100g] inorganic and organic pigments Automotive Oil Absorption (g/100g) 23 22 ness - Different types of packaging are available on request - 00282 and 4extenders. Pigment Preparation AA of inorganic e Uses: General Industrial. and / or organic pigments and General Industrial recommended ERTIES ce extenders yellow DIN EN ISO 105-B01 4 powder HEUBACH GmbH


Lead170 chromate free AA - 00283 DIN EN ISO 787-10 3.0




AA - 00289 DIN EN ISO 787-11



Powder APPLICATIONS 15kg Paper Bags



Don’t follow the herd!

your local partner in colour pigments At Delta Colours we strive to be the leading supplier of an extensive range of high quality pigments and additives from world class manufactures. We offer excellent customer service, technical support, local stock availability and next day product delivery. Our extensive product range includes ultramarine blues, metallics, organics, fluorescence, pearls, glitters, thermo-chromes, cadmiums, lead chromates, iron oxides, CICP’s, phthalo’s, carbon black, buff & grey titanium dioxides, selected additives and cutting-edge technology in anti-corrosive packages. Visit our newly revamped website for more information!

follow an expert pigment supplier

Phone: +27 21 876 4167 · Email: orders@deltacolours.com 71 Village Artisan, Cabriére Street, Franschhoek 7690 Western Cape, South Africa


food for thought

You do care about your business, don't you?

For those companies who may sometimes doubt the merits of being a member of SAPMA, I dealt with the formidable task of dealing with officialdom in the first part of my quest to provide you with some food for thought (Published in December, Ed.).


ow, if that did not convince any sceptics, think about your business, how you’ve sweated and strained to make it happen. And think on how to keep it going. FOR THAT, YOU WILL NEED KNOWHOW ON ASPECTS SUCH AS: • Fire prevention information and guidelines in terms of who to contact for advice on factory or retail shop requirements • Packaging and labelling requirements and filling tolerances in terms of packaging • Suggested raw material suppliers and packaging manufacturers and where to contact them • Who to speak to at the Coatings Industry Employers’ Association for information on wage negotiations and levels • Training for staff as well training for paint technology training. These questions could take a lot of phone calls, and create frustration. But it’s not necessary. You could simply join SAPMA to obtain all this information. Your membership subs cover this service. Then, to keep your company up to date on what’s happening in the coatings industry, SAPMA has a host of affiliations within the country and overseas organisations from which to obtain input on best practise. SAPMA MEMBERS CAN: • Join overseas paint associations like the British Coatings Federation in the UK, the US Paint Industry and the Australian and Canadian Paint Associations to learn about international trends and practices

• Monitor global developments in coatings by becoming a member of IPPIC (International Paint and Printing Ink Council) • Be a part of GAELIP (Global Alliance for the Elimination of Lead in Paint) to protect children as well as the environment • Establish what technical training programmes are available and accredited in terms of the Government’s Training Levy requirements • Learn what the latest of ever-changing BBEEE requirements are to achieve sustainable BBBEE ratings to stay in business • Join the CAIA (Chemicals and Allied Industries) to receive regular bulletins on export opportunities and updates on the use and safety of chemicals in the industry • Negotiate with the MCCM (Multi-stakeholders Committee on Chemicals Management) to received quarterly minutes to stay up to date regarding chemical usage and control in South Africa and affiliated countries and to know which chemicals are on the Hazardous Substances list – or face banning.

• Have input into the training of not only staff members but the levels of expertise in the distribution channels that expose your products to the markets via paint retailers and contractors • Make a meaningful contribution in upgrading the training for the many facets of our industry and in decreasing the skills shortages and unemployment in our industry and country • Attend Industry forums to make your voice heard • Negotiate lucrative packages to exhibit and attend Coatings for Africa shows every two years • Obtain accredited training courses for your staff and distribution channels on manufacturing principles, paint application, technical sales and retail paint sales. There is also training to master the use and diagnostic solutions to problems, incorporating the most modern training methods of distance learning, video and webinar training. These are accredited forms of training for which your business can attain meaningful benefits in terms of BBEEE points.

Are you convinced now that joining SAPMA was a brilliant idea? If not, here are some more tangible benefits worth mentioning.

So, just to sum up. Don’t think of the cost of being a SAPMA member, rather think of the cost of not being one. The service SAPMA provides to your company is vital, essential, and life-giving to your business. Frankly, it is not necessary to ask if it all makes sense – SAPMA membership is a no-brainer. c

AS A SAPMA MEMBER, YOU WOULD: • Receive quarterly reports on industry statistical information that will help identify new markets, trends and monitor your company’s progress • Be a part of an industry-specific Technical Committee discussing problems and challenges to the industry

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Deryck Spence Executive Director – SAPMA.


Specialist Supplier to the Coatings/Inks/Fibreglass markets

Coatings and Inks • Binders - Aditya Birla Epoxies and Ancillaries • Pigments * SparChrome – Chrome Pigments * SparColour - Classical Organic Pigments * SparFast – Organic Mid and High Performance Pigments incl Chrome Replacement * Iron Oxides * Green Pigment replacement for Green Chrome * AP 89 (1) Certifications for Ink Applications

• Lamberti Thickners and PUD’s • IECPE Malaysia - Plant Equipment and Turnkey Projects • Additives • Specialty Extenders

Placing trust where it belongs

www.TAWAZON.com Email: Denzil.MOHANLAL@Tawazon.ae | Landline: +27 31 271 3135 | Mobile: +27 82 886 6431 | Fax: +27 86 452 2659


Resins Polymer dispersions UV monomers, oligomers Photoinitiators Anticorrosive pigments & additives Dispersants Defoamers Adhesion Promoters Extenders Rheological Additives Additives Technical Assistance PUD Dispersions

www.carst.co.za www.carst.co.za

Johannesburg Johannesburg

Cape Cape Town Town

Paul Edge Paul Edge paul.edge@carst.co.za paul.edge@carst.co.za

Jenny Rossouw Jenny Milburn jenny.milburn@carst.co.za jenny.rossouw@carst.co.za

Durban Durban

Port Port Elizabeth Elizabeth

T [031] 3138500 8500 (T) 031 313 F [031] 3138516 8516 (F) 031 313

T [041] 3973600 3600 (T) 041 397 F [041] 3973601 3601 (F) 041 397

(T) 011 489 T [011] 4893600 3600 F [011] 4893601 3601 (F) 011 489

Andrew Dutton Andrew Dutton andrew.dutton@carst.co.za andrew.dutton@carst.co.za

(T) 021 506 T [021] 5064560 4560 F [021] 5064561 4561 (F) 021 506

Paul Edge Paul Edge paul.edge@carst.co.za paul.edge@carst.co.za

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