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• Paint factory safety 101


• SAPMA AGM feedback




• Titanium Dioxide shortage hits SA



A2 – a revolution

The SANTINT A2-100%, available from F&D Technologies, is the world’s first revolutionary automatic dispensers boasting purge free, zero nozzle dryness and blockage.


etailers offering point of sale tinting services can now look forward to even greater customer satisfaction through the solution of nozzle dryness and blockage, which eliminates the relevant mistints and complaints. The A2’s no purge maintenance also means less time and effort is needed on maintenance in-store. INNOVATION Offering 100% innovation the SANTINT A2-100% automatic dispenser has a rotating nozzle, which is automatically sealed when not in use. The nozzle forms part of a channel for 100% recirculation. This ensures fluidity and hence consistent colourant in the nozzle. The innovative nozzle guarantees customer satisfaction and forms part of an international invention patent.

DISPENSING CLOUD ERA The SANTINT A2-100% automatic dispenser is a box tinting system with pre-installed software. This allows for a shorter installation time whilst negating the need for a PC and subsequent operating system, hence saving costs. The ColorExpert3 online systems allows for a multi-functional and better user experience. The colorExpert3 online version provides cloud management for numerous dispensing stores.

SELF DETECTION The dispenser has a self-detection feature, which in turns lowers breakdowns and will automatically warn the user when the piston rod is pulled up. c




Dispensing Model


No. of Canisters Up to 16

Pump Type

Piston Pump

Minimum Shot


Flow Rate




Power Supply

220V/110V 50Hz/60Hz Motor Power






• No need to purge • Easy to operate • Simple to maintain • Cost-effective • Reliable quality • Proper efficiency • Stable accuracy

The A2-100% features 100% recircuation

For more information, call +27(0)71-518-8418 or visit


| Coatings SA



The A2-100% automatic dispenser


AH 1000 AUTOMATIC DISPENSER FEATURES: • Simultaneous dispenser integrated with high accuracy (1000ML/min x 5) and high efficiency (1/1024Y) SELF CALIBRATION: • P6 pump starts from zero position for each dispensing • BLOCKAGE WARNING • RECIRCULATION • ROTARY NOZZLE HEAD – Humidifier with circulation water • THREE-WAY VALVE – valve filter/Air Exhauster • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL ROLLER CONVEYER (OTPIONAL) WITH PIC

A2-100% AUTOMATIC DISPENSER FEATURES: • 100% RECIRCULATION • zero nozzle dryness • purge free • maintenance free • colorant saving • stable accuracy


DUAL SHAFT DISPERSION MIXER Providing a combination of laminar agitation and high speed dispersive mixing robust enough to batch viscous solutions,, dispersions, suspensions and emulsions that are several hundred thousand centipoise

BOX TINTING: • saving PC cost: pre-installed software: shorter installation time • CALIBRATION-FREE PISTON PUMP – • PISTON ROD DETECTION – Warning when piston not pushed down

S5 AUTOMATIC SHAKER FEATURES: • Unique patented structure-isolated shell and core • Outstanding shaking performance – AC motor driven, high shaking speed for both and small cans • Small foot-print -0.44 sqm only • Wide range voltage start • Multi-function Button


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Technical: Solsperse™ W100


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Feature: Paint factory safety


SAPMA Golf Day




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Are you leading?

ed’s note

It is that time of the year where South Africans get their first glimpse of the Springboks.


et me be frank, 2016 was a shambles. Blame who you like, but I can assure you that more than one person and structure are responsible for the shambles that 2016 proved to be. So where do we go from here? Well, I am typing this a couple of hours before the announcement of the first Springbok squad to play France. I believe Warren Whiteley will be announced captain, and that in itself is an indication that the plan is to move forward. Allow me to explain. Springbok business, just like your business is tough. You are always judged on your last match (or deal) and everyone scrutinizes your performance.

However, in difficult times, we cannot continue using the same strategies and thus a new way of thinking is needed. It is imperative that as business leaders we select the best team and execute a strategy around that team. Play to your team’s strengths and the level of performance might just surprise you - even when everyone is telling you that things will Johann Gerber be tough. c


Resin dumping can lead to severe job losses The beleaguered South African coatings industry is facing a new threat: the Egyptian dumping of what could be sub-standard resins used in the production of paint.


eryck Spence, Executive Director of the SA Paint Manufacturing Association (SAPMA), says there are also reports that Kenyan manufacturers of raw materials for paint production are about to follow suit. SAPMA has informed the Department of Trade and Industries (DTI) that the coatings sector has learnt that free trade agreements with Egypt are being negotiated and proposals sent to the southern African Customs Union for the introduction of zero import duty being introduced for Egyptian resin imports. Spence told the DTI that SAPMA is perturbed that, although it represented 90%

of the coating manufacturers and raw material and services suppliers in South Africa, it was not included in the importation discussions and negotiations that could have a disastrous effect on local manufacturing, as well as substantial job losses. “Apart from the damaging effect such an agreement with Egypt would have on local manufacturers, Egyptian raw material suppliers have dumped sub-standard, low priced material in South Africa before, which then already caused significant problems and subsequent losses in the market place,” he advised the DTI. “To make matters worse, there is at present no South African mandatory quality filter in place, such as the

Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) in Europe, for the importation of coatings and raw materials. This opens the door for unspecified, low quality finished products and raw materials being imported into the country. The coatings sector is already under threat of finished coatings which contain hazardous lead being imported from SADC and BRIC countries that do not have legislation to control the use of lead in paint,” explained Spence. SAPMA also reminded the DTI that any product imported into SA would have to meet the compulsory specifications of the National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications (NRCS) and implored the DTI

to utilise the services of the NRCS to control any imports that could threaten the survival of the industry. “The coatings industry urgently requested the DTI to re-examine the details of the proposed tripartite free trade agreement and Egypt’s proposal to the SA Customs Union, and to take cognisance of the effect such a free trade agreement would have on local manufacturers who are already struggling for survival,” Spence states. SAPMA also asked the DTI to investigate the reports about imminent Kenyan imports being dumped in South Africa. c For more information, call 011-615-1195.

Coatings for Africa entrusted to major organisers

Leading international exhibitions organisers, dmg events, Middle East, Asia & Africa, will in June 2018 stage Coatings for Africa, the largest event for the industry on the African continent.


oatings for Africa is jointly presented by the SA Paint Manufacturing Association (SAPMA) and the Oil and Colour Chemists Association (OCCA). The major trade exhibition will augment dmg events’ growing the coatings industry portfolio, which already includes six exhibitions held across the Middle East and Asia. By volume, Africa manufactures 28% of the world’s coatings, with South Africa being the continent’s largest producer. OCCA is an international organisation headquartered in the UK and active across the world, including South Africa. The event to be held at the Sandton Convention Centre from May 29 to 31 next year will attract senior executives

and technologists from the paints and coatings industry all over the world to view the industry’s latest products, technologies and services. Delegates will also be able to participate in a developing education programme, which will include a three-day conference, plus interactive zones for workshops and live product demonstrations. “Both of our associations are extremely excited about the new partnership with dmg events. We share the vision of uplifting Coatings for Africa as the industry’s flagship show on the African continent and expanding the expertise of the coatings industry in South Africa,” stated Deryck Spence, Executive Director from SAPMA. Coatings for Africa 2018


Pictured signing the agreement for leading exhibition organisers, dmg events, to stage Coatings for Africa 2018 in Sandton next year were (From left): Terry Ashmore, Chairman of SAPMA; Ian Faux, Vice-President: Coatings of dmg events; and Danny Grady, Vice-President of OCCA SA.

joins a coatings-specific portfolio of dmg events that includes Dubai’s Middle East Coatings Show, the Asia Coatings Congress, the East African Coatings Congress, the Central Asia Coatings Show, the Asia Pacific Coatings Show and Cairo’s Middle East Coatings Show. The company opened its South African

| Coatings SA

offices in June 2016. “The acquisition of Coatings for Africa is the latest in a series of strategic moves by dmg events as we expand our business into key markets on the continent,” said Matt Denton, President of dmg events. c For more information, call 011-615-1195.

THE NEXT GENERATION REGISTER NOW! Training Starts 8 August 2017

STUDY THE SCIENCE OF PAINT AND COATINGS Presented by the training arm of SAPMA SA Paint Industry Training Institute (SAPITI) Call us at 011-615-1195 or email us on or visit for more information


SAPMA achieves but challenges lurk

The extensive list of achievements by SAPMA during its previous fiscal spelled out at the recent SAPMA AGM, highlighted the value of membership of an association that is being called upon to protect the coatings industry more and more in a volatile economic and political climate. Deryck Spence, Executive Director of SAPMA, listed these achievements such as: • Accreditation of Coatings Technology qualification, as well as the SAPMA Assessment Centre by QCTO • Accreditation of all SAPMA training modules • Completion of retail training modules • MoU with Stats SA regarding the collection of coatings industry data • Successful negotiations with DAFF re the interpretation of agricultural remedies • Clearance for members’ imports at ports

• Identification of R1.28m finished product imports in SA per annum – and application to ITAC to increase import duties for paint products • Voicing industry opposition to proposed government approval for Egyptian resin imports • Application to DTI/NRCS for compulsory specifications for all imported products • Workshop with DoH for total elimination of lead in paint by 2020 • Successful negotiation with OCCA for the dmg Group to stage Coatings for Africa 2018 • Successful application of the SAPMA

professional media campaign to obtain press exposure leading to reaction from SABS into sub-standard service to SAPMA members • Application for SAPMA to achieve professional body status • Undertaking a SAPMA customer satisfaction survey. Spence told the AGM that despite these successes, SAPMA still faced formidable challenges in the year ahead and called on members to present a united front to ensure the industry’s survival in the future. c

SAPMA 2017-18 SAPMA Exco members professional body status elected holds training benefits

The following SAPMA members were elected to serve on the association’s 2017-18 Executive Committee at the recent AGM. Manufacturing members: Willem van Heerden (Becker Industrial Coatings), Terry Ashmore (Honorary Member), Shaun Benn/ Rakesh Sitlu (ICI Dulux), Paula Faleschini (ICI South Africa – Coil Coatings), Bobby Bhugwandin/Siphilisiwe Ndlovu (Kansai Plascon), Salvan Govender (Medal Paints), Etienne Pretorius (PPG Prominent Paints), Magan Soobramoney (Promac Paints), Patrick Johnson (Stoncor), and Aggie Argyrou (Warrior Paints & Coatings).

Delivering his annual report at the SAPMA AGM in Pretoria, Shave said the retail subcommittee was paying particular attention Nick Shave. to the education and training of personnel working in the paint industry, and therefore would strongly support the proposal for the establishment of a professional body for the industry. “With SAPMA as an independent industrial body, the current SAPITI paint training courses aimed at developing SAQA-approved qualification for coatings specialists aimed at the paint representative and lab assistant will not be all that is available. “It would mean that qualified persons could have a designation commensurate with their experience. In addition, specialists such as tinters may not only be recognised for prior learning, but skill levels too. These essential moves to provide quality personnel to the industry would also assist retailers meet their requirements in respect of BBBEE and skills development. “Given the problems associated with poorly educated and trained sales and technical field staff, the deterioration in service from the SABS, and the commoditisation of paint, having well trained and accredited staff will go a long way to building trust and resolving problems associated with the industry. “The coatings industry needs to be able to attract and retain suitably skilled people in the industry. If we can do this through becoming a professional body, the skills and knowledge base of the industry will grow and the industry will benefit,” he said. c

Supplier members: Tertia Kahts (Acti-Chem), Jag Kalyan (Ferro Coating Resins), Philip Green (Mirmac), Lynn de Beer (Nampak Divfood), Sanjeev Bhatt (Synthetic Polymers), and Debajit Shome (Union Colours). Ex-officio members: Nick Shave (Chairperson – Retail Committee), Reg Hoddinot (Chairperson – Education Committee), Siphilisiwe Ndlovu (Chairperson – Technical Committee), and Danny Grady (OCCA representative).


| Coatings SA


17 Colour of the Year 20

Steel Symphony 2

Dulux Blue Seduction 4

Dulux Steel Symphony 2

Discover the Dulux Colour of the Year, Steel Symphony 2,

Dulux Amethyst Falls 1


Dulux Luna Landscape 3

from SA’s most loved paint brand*. This gentle yet versatile colour is also available in Luxurious Silk. Download the FREE Dulux Visualizer app today or get the new Dulux brochure in store. *Voted Icon Brand and Paint Category winner in the 2016/2017 Ask Africa Icon Brands™ Survey. For more information contact Dulux Careline 0860 330 111 or visit

Colour references are as accurate as printing will allow. Please refer to the Dulux on-shelf display for an accurate representation of the colour.


Coatings prices set to soar The Titanium Dioxide shortage is set to impact coatings manufacturers globally.


or the past two years, the price of Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) has increased steadily. A number of factors contributed to the current market situation however, one must be aware that the world’s Titanium Dioxide resources are running dry. The scarcity of one of paint’s most important ingredients was further depleted when the TiO2 production plant in Finland was destroyed in a fire at the end of January 2017. This was followed by price increases in February and April by some of the world’s largest TiO2 producers. The shortage of TiO2 is now threatening the closure of plastic manufacturers in the EU, as there are no resources available outside of the region. The price of TiO2 locally has increased by 20% since December 2016. Mark Vergano, Chief Executive, Chemours, told investors recently that the shortage in Europe was due to unforeseen circumstances caused by shipping delays. Further price increases are expected this year. In China, since last year’s G8 summit,

production across all sectors was halted. The Chinese government has placed restrictions on coal fired production facilities not meeting environmental demands to accelerate the country alleviate its own health and environmental issues. Closer to home, TiO2 distributers and manufacturers have also been under pressure. Late last year South Africa’s only TiO2 plant was closed. This unfortunate closure was driven by the industry’s ability to source TiO2 outside of the country at a cheaper rate. However, due to the current global shortage, it is obvious that a local producer would have helped soften the blow for local paint and ink manufacturers. Local distributors of TiO2 have kept large volumes of the resource, however, paint manufacturers are placing big orders, fueling demand for the resource further, driving prices even higher. “The current market situation is not improving. The market will remain tight and prices will continue to escalate. The top TiO2 manufacturers have announced price increases for the 3rd quarter of this year,” says Carol Maithufi from Chemours.

Herewith the latest updates from the current activities in the TiO2 industry taken from ICIS: • Cristal announced that effective June 1, 2017 prices on all TiONA® titanium dioxide (TiO2) products will increase. These increases are in addition to previously announced price increase.  • Huntsman announced that its spinoff Venator Materials intends to increase its North American titanium dioxide (TiO2) prices by $176/tonne. • The announcement also included Venator’s plans to increase its prices by $250/tonne in Africa. • Lomon Billions announced in April a price increase of $150 for exports. c

Training registrations experience dramatic drop Concern about the drastic decline in support for training in the coatings industry was expressed at the SAPMA AGM.


n presenting his annual report, Reg Hoddinott, Chairperson of the Education & Training Steering Committee, referred to the drop in registrations for the Surface Coatings Technologist programme 2016/17. “SAPITI has educated and trained over 7 000 candidates in this programme since 1987. But registrations continue to drop and we are now training only about 125 candidates per year compared with over 300 in the early 2000s,” Hoddinott stated. The downward trend started in 2005

Support is drastically dropping for vital training to provide skills to ensure the future of the paint sector, the SAPMA AGM was told.

(when the average was 200 candidates) and the next plunge began in 2014 when the status of about 125 candidates per year surfaced. “Only about 30 SAPMA member companies are supporting this vital training programme, which will provide skills for the next generation of paint technicians, and we are very grateful for their support. The more candidate registrations, the more secure our goals of maintaining standards and meeting the expectations of member companies,” he added.


| Coatings SA

Some candidates, who had previously completed the eight modules that make up the Surface Coatings Technologist programme, have registered for the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) initiative with the aim of being the first class to be awarded the National Certificate in Surface Coatings Technology NQF Level 5 by the Quality Council for Trade and Occupations (QCTO), and SAPMA is looking forward to a successful outcome,” Hoddinott concluded. c

A ye Tr

Phone: +27 11 084 1600 ︲ E-Mail: Chromaflo Technologies Africa 17 Crusher Road, Crown Ext. 3, Johannesburg 2095, South Africa



Crest Chemicals – R&D lab capabilities

Chemical raw material distributor Crest Chemicals continues to work with local coatings and raw material manufacturers to bring the best products to satisfy the ever increasing needs of end users.


rest’s R&D Laboratory situated in the Umbogintwini Industrial Complex, is geared to offer technical solutions to customers in a wide range of industries. This is a centre for new product research, application, technical services and intellectual property. The lab provides technical capabilities and facilities to solve technical challenges for its customers. It engages in assessing and improving existing products as well as developing new products based on customer requirements, with safety, health and environmental factors in mind. For more information, call 011-254-3400

Preparation of latex polymer and surfactant

RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT CAPABILITIES Surfactant technology: Provides solutions in surfactant technology over a wide range of industries and develops new surfactants for emulsion polymerisation and other industries based on customer needs. Polymer technology: The lab is able to do analysis and application of long chain molecules, these materials are classified as polymers and include: plastics, paints, rubber, sealants, adhesives and more.

Dispersion technology: The lab helps in the selection of the right product matrix materials such as dispersing agents, stabilisers, cosolvents, additives and processes. It designs the overall process and choose the right fillers to make a cost effective, stable dispersion. Innovative technologies: It stretches the limits of its abilities and are able to assist in chemical solutions to problems in virtually the entire spectrum of industries ranging from coatings, industrial processes, defoaming needs and agricultural applications amongst others. c

Changing world of F&D Technology Q

How has tinting technology for your company changed over the past two decades? F&D Technology: In twenty years, the technology in tinting equipment has been revolutionised. Tinting equipment today is faster, with better accuracy and the machines are now very stable.


What changes do you expect to see relating to tinting machines and technology over the next five years?

F&D Technology: Most importantly, and I think to the joy of many

F&D Technology tackles key questions around the future of tinting. companies, maintenance will definitely come down. I expect the machines to become even faster. Our focus remains on developing tinting machines that deliver a consistent tint, operates at the right speed and which will be maintenance free. That was the thinking behind the development of our A2 machine that is the only maintenance free machine on the market today.


What makes your business different?

F&D Technology: The technology that powers our machines is what gives us


| Coatings SA

the cutting edge in the South African tinting market.


What benefits are offered to manufacturers and retailers by the company?

F&D technology: Our new nozzle technology on the A2 tinting machine is the only machine that offers the retailer a 100% purge free, maintenance free and blockage free tinting solution. The retailer will save on colourants due to these enhancements. Zero blockage reduces the mistakes made on colour tinting. c

Together We improve the world Through our chemistry ... Our Services • Stock holding • In time delivery • Lab support Our Products • Pigments • Solvents • Monomers • Additives • Resins Industries Served • Paints • Polymerisers • Adhesives • Resins • Inks • Plastics • Rubbers Johannesburg: 011 254 3400 | Durban: 031 902 5324 Cape Town: 021 534 3140 | Port Elizabeth: 041 453 1981 | East London: 043 726 8713

Crest Chemicals Crest Chemicals is a joint venture of AECI and Brenntag and a leading distributor of chemical raw materials.



increases colourant capacity Heubach has expanded the colourant production capacity by a cutting-edge, highly flexible production technology, which uses a standard set of highly concentrated specially designed base colourants to yield individual colourants, which can be mixed according to the customer’s requirements.


he new Heubach colourant technology concept covers the complete colour space and allows for the accurate adjustment of the physical parameters. The concept can be enlarged by adding colourants, which will ensure that the future needs and requirements of the market are met. Heubach has at the same time expanded its well-known universal HEUCOTINT UN tinting system range of water-based high-performance pigment preparations by four new tinting lines marketed under the trade name HEUCOTINT™ UN 41, 42, 43

and 44 series. The formulation technology has been further improved, resulting in a HEUCO-TINT UN product family, which allows the tinting of water- and solvent-based products including silica plasters. It is further compliant with the current regulatory requirements and environmental labels at the same time. All of these colourant tinting systems are specifically designed for point-ofsale tinting (POS) as well as for in-plant applications (IPT). c For more information, visit

The company’s service package is now complemented by these justin-time service options, which provide the following advantages: • Innovative, universal formulation technology • Quickest possible development and production of tailor-made colourants • Development of any kind of tinting system configuration • Highest colour accuracy and reproducibility due to very narrow colour strength and colour shade specification ranges.

Chromaflo Technologies acquires colourants business Chromaflo Technologies, the largest independent global supplier of advanced colourants and chemical dispersions for the paint, coatings and thermoset plastics industries concluded a purchase agreement with Elementis Specialties.


hromaflo Technologies has acquired Elementis Specialties’ Elementis Tint-Ayd line of colourant products and select Dapro driers supplied from the United States of America (USA). The acquisition of products became effective in March this year. The purchase price was not disclosed. “The acquisition of these products from Elementis Specialties is consistent with our efforts in supplying quality colourants and additives for high performance industrial coatings and architectural paints in the Americas’ markets and beyond,” said Scott Becker, President and CEO of Chromaflo Technologies, adding, “The Tint-Ayd line of colourant products and

Dapro driers fit well with our existing lines, increasing customers’ options in support of these industries.” Production of the acquired products will be moved from Elementis Specialties’ Jersey City, NJ facility to Chromaflo Technologies’ North American manufacturing facilities. “This acquisition is important to us and we plan to make this a smooth transition for customers,” said Brij Mohal, Managing Director and Vice President- Americas. “Quality products, speed of delivery and related support will be at the high level of service our customers have come to expect.” c For more information, call 011-084-1600.


| Coatings SA

We create your innovative lead free pigment preparations. HEUCO® FIT LR is an innovative pigment preparation line consolidating Heubach´s extensive pigment and pigment preparation know-how into ultimate and comprehensive pigment preparations offering outstanding color solutions for lead chromate replacement. Heubach has developed six highly cost-effective products allowing the direct lead chrome replacement for the most important shades. > HEUCO® FIT LR Yellow 1006401 > HEUCO® FIT LR Yellow 1007001 > HEUCO® FIT LR Red 3022001

> HEUCO ® FIT LR Yellow 1006402 > HEUCO ® FIT LR Yellow 1007002 > HEUCO ® FIT LR Red 3022002

HEUCO® FIT LR products combine superior hiding power even in full shade formulations and excellent chroma development.

www. he u bac hc o l o r. c om

846 Our NEW copolymer umbrella for • Roof Paints • Waterproofing Compounds • Textured Paints • Bonding and Keying Liquids • Cornice Adhesives Paints made using Suncryl 846 binders have: • improved alkali resistance • improved water resistance • improved adhesion and

! e r a c e w se u a ec

• no nasty odours!

B •

% +27 (0)31 902 1422

SANCRYL 4942 Sancryl Chemicls Coatings SA FP June’17 ad+editorl

846 Suncryl 846 is a new innovation, water based styrene acrylic copolymer possessing specialized reactive groups which impart excellent water resistance, excellent alkali resistance, extremely good flexibility and very good binding power. Polymer Advantages: • • • •


APEO free Low Odour Formaldehyde free Very good stretch in textured paints • Stabilize dust and fine granules on roads and banks


Milky White Emulsion


± 46%



Brookfield Viscosity @ 25°C

2000 cps

Specific Gravity


Paint Advantages:



• Improved alkali resistance • Improved water resistance • Improved binding power

The graph below depicts the water uptake of a 45% PVC waterproofing coating based on two competitor emulsions and Suncryl 846.

Suncryl 846 should be used in a traditional manner in paint manufacture. The pigments and extenders should be dispersed in an alkaline medium using dispersants and wetting aids, prior to the addition of binder. Paints made using Suncryl 846 binders show improved alkali resistance and improved water resistance. Such paints also have improved adhesion and no nasty odours!

From the results above, it is evident that the coating made with Suncryl 846 absorbs the least amount of water after five days.


PPG makes third offer to acquire AkzoNobel

PPG announced in late April that it has submitted a revised proposal to acquire AkzoNobel.


he comprehensive proposal letter, which was provided to Messrs Antony Burgmans, Chairman of the Supervisory Board and Ton Büchner, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Management, detailed PPG’s increased price of €96.75 (cum dividend) per outstanding ordinary share of AkzoNobel, comprised of cash of €61.50 and 0.357 shares of PPG common stock. Including the assumption of net debt and minority interests, the proposed transaction is now valued at approximately €26.9 billion, or $28.8 billion. In the letter, PPG Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Michael McGarry

said, “We are extending this one last invitation to you and the AkzoNobel boards to reconsider your stance and to engage with us on creating extraordinary value and benefits for all of AkzoNobel’s stakeholders. “Our revised proposal represents a second increase in price along

with significant and highly-specific commitments that we are confident AkzoNobel’s stakeholders will find compelling. We stand ready to work with you expeditiously to complete a targeted due diligence review and to negotiate a definitive agreement for the combination.”

AKZONOBEL RESPONSE TO OFFER The following statement was taken from the AkzoNobel website: “Akzo Nobel N.V. (AkzoNobel) confirms today it has received a third unsolicited and conditional proposal from PPG for all outstanding share capital of the company. In accordance with its fiduciary duties and acting under the Dutch governance code the Board of Management and Supervisory Board of AkzoNobel will carefully review and consider this proposal.” c *Compiled from press statements on PPG's & AkzoNobel's websites

Clariant completes

super transparent pigment preparations Clariant, a world leader in specialty chemicals, unveils Hostatint™ A 100-ST, a range of super-transparent preparations based on non-halogenated pigments to support the eye-catching metallic and mineral effects as well as new shades for surface and contour enhancements so desired for today’s lifestyle products.


aunched at European Coatings Show 2017, the new Hostatint A 100-ST range features nine ready-to-use, highlytransparent pigment preparations that offer the entire colour circle to solvent-based paint systems. Very fine pigment particles, excellent dispersion and long-term stabilisation are the prerequisites to enhance effects with colour

Clariant’s Hostatint™ A 100-ST pigment preparations used for a OptiWhite plate glass with alternating black and gold special effect pigments in the strips.

(Photos: Middy Polished Plate Glass Vase Style 2. A special thanks to the artist Sidney Hutter

intensity similar to dyes, but with very high light and weather fastness, and no migration or bleeding. In addition to its performance benefits, Hostatint A 100-ST helps the coatings industry to open up manufacturers’ creativity options. For electronics OEMs, the halogenfree pigment molecules support the formulation of bright green colour shades that meet industry restrictions on halogen content. Industrial coatings, with the super transparency of Hostatint A 100-ST, can be used to add a quality appeal to applications by emphasising the visibility of a substrate such as glass, wood or metal. Super transparent coloured coatings, virtually invisible over a black substrate, are also particularly effective in highlighting black or colour contrast. Hostatint A 100-ST pigment preparations are easy and safe to use. They have low viscosity, are widely compatible with solvent-based paint systems, and a very


| Coatings SA

high flashpoint results in safer storage, transportation and handling. The stability of the colourants contributes to a long shelf life. “From cellphones to bikes and cars, metallic and mineral effect shades are becoming increasingly important for industrial applications. There’s also growing interest in using high transparency to enhance glass or wood surface properties. As a full range of pigment preparations, new Hostatint A 100-ST enables the fast and flexible formulation of a wide range of colour shades for transparent applications. In addition, they are providing a cost-efficient way for manufacturers to address new coating trends in the market segments,” said Bernhard Stengel-Rutkowski, Senior Global technical Marketing Manager from Clariant. c For more information, call 011-041-0214


Search for adventure landed stalwart on SA shores

Terry Ashmore, who has become synonymous with the SA coatings industry, was born in May 1943, and raised in the West Midlands, United Kingdom.


fter school, Ashmore studied Physics and Chemistry at Matthew Boulton Technical College, Birmingham, and completed several specialised courses at the Paint Research Station in Teddington. Ashmore has always had a curiosity and passion for making things work and for ‘making things better’. He says the coatings industry afforded him the opportunity to be creative and to develop in this field, particularly in the early development of powder, coil and electrophoretic coatings. In 1960, Ashmore started working in the laboratory of Griffiths Brothers Ltd (Heavy Duty Coatings) and in 1964, joined Thomas Howse Ltd as Senior to Chief Chemist, and finally became Chief Chemist of Skyline Paints in 1971. In 1975, ‘in search of adventure’ – and no doubt sunnier skies – Ashmore brought his family from the UK to South Africa and began working as a Technical Consultant

to the Ilos Group of companies. His interest in mineralogy and wildlife photography made South Africa an exciting destination. In 1976, he saw an opportunity to create a new specialist industrial coatings company, Advanced Coatings, which he developed very successfully over the next 20 years. Advanced Coatings merged with the Dekro Group in 1980 and was eventually bought out of the Dekro A familiar sight at a SAPMA annual general meeting Group by AB Becker, Sweden, and for the last seven years. Terry Ashmore being the name was changed to Becker inducted as Chairman. Here SAPMA Training Administrator, Mandy Linossi, does the honours. Industrial Coatings (South Africa), fondly known as BICSA. Ashmore stayed on as Technical Director until introduction of SAPMA’s dedicated paint retirement in 2016 and is currently training arm, now known as SAPITI. working as an independent industrial Terry has served several terms as coatings consultant. SAPMA Chairman and in recognition of He has been a member of SAPMA the many years of selfless service was throughout his career in South Africa and awarded Honorary Life Membership of served on all the sub-committees and is SAPMA in 2016. c very proud to have been involved in the

Government apathy

towards international investment slammed

Concern about the government’s apparent lack of interest about the loss of international investment, and its negative effect on all facets of industry, was expressed by leaders of the SA Paint Manufacturing Association (SAPMA) at the association’s recent annual general meeting (AGM).


erry Ashmore said the government seemed unconcerned about global investment and how the loss of such investments could affect unemployment and the wellbeing of South Africans. “According to the latest IMF forecast, the global economy GDP should grow by up to 3.5% in 2018 with only a few countries showing poorer results. Again, South Africa at 0.8% is one of them. This country is now on a rocky road, which increases the importance of a strongly bonded industry to ensure our survival against ill thought-out legislation and trade agreements which could lead to

the dumping of cheaper, inferior products to threaten goods produced by the local coatings sector,” Ashmore stated. He warned that timeous action is needed to restore the national spirit of South Africa’s early democracy and overcome the ‘power-wealth syndrome’ that had infected many of our leaders. Sanjeev Bhatt, Chairperson of SAPMA’s Associate Members division, told the meeting that the economic setbacks inflicted on South African industry by unexpected government decisions had made it necessary for industry to ‘rethink, redesign policies, and realign strategies almost on a daily basis’ as one political


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shock followed another. “South Africa’s economy is expected to grow under 1% this year although initial forecasts were 1.7%, but even this low growth rate is purely academic and on paper. This slump in fortunes and uncertainty will extend into the coatings industry and for us it is now a matter of survival as the business world tries to operate while playing an unprecedented guessing game,” Bhatt commented. He called on SAPMA members to unite to help the coatings industry face the lurking dangers of cheap imports, ostensibly sanctioned by the government. c


Solsperse™ W100 Polymeric Dispersant for aqueous paints, inks and concentrates

Dispersion Viscosity in Raven 5000


2.0 1.5 1.0 0.5 0.0 45%



aowp competitive control



solsperse™ W100

Dispersion of 25% loading of Raven 5000 Ultra shows that Solsperse™ W100 is optimised at 50% agent on weight of pigment, compared to 60% for the control.

Colour Strength in Industrial Base 110

1.0 0.8


0.6 100 0.4 95

De flocculation

Efficiency and Performance Solsperse W100 is a general purpose dispersant designed to be used at dosage levels 15-20% lower than competitive dispersants. Reduced dispersant dosages minimize the impact on important properties such as corrosion resistance, water sensitivity and blocking allowing for enhanced performance benefits in certain applications. This product promotes fast pigment grinds, high loadings, low viscosity and high color strength in pigment dispersions. It is suitable for long-term durability requirements in the final product, provides good pigment transparency/opacity, and it is compatible with many commercially available industrial resins.


% strength


olsperse W100 is a polymeric dispersant that stabilises and disperses particles in water-based paints, inks and concentrates. It is low VOC capable and effective on a wide range of pigments and fillers. These include Carbon Black, organic pigments, titanium dioxide, inorganic pigments and fillers.


0.2 0.0

90 solsperse™ W100

competitive control % strength

De flocculation

Despite the lower dosage, Solsperse W100 produced similar colour strength and lower flocculation resistance. ™

0ptimisation of Dosage in Cinilex DPP Red 0.050

• Designed for formulation efficiency, reducing Dosage levels 15-20% below current commercial materials • High pigment loadings and low viscosity • Promotes fast and efficient pigment grinds • Low voc capable.


0.045 0.040 0.035 0.030 0.025 0.020 3.0%






Dosage (aowp) competitive control

solsperse™ W100

At the optimal dispersant loading, millbase viscosity will be at a minimum. This graph shows that when dispersing 47.5% loading of Cinilex DPP Red SR2P, Solsperse™ W100 is optimised at a lower dose than the control.


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Finding the right colorant for your application is all in the details. By combining the art and science of color with leading technical expertise, Chromaflo Technologies delivers innovative colorant solutions to solve the most complex color, appearance and performance challenges for customers worldwide. Finding the right colorant for your application is all in the details. By combining the art and science of color with leading technical expertise, Chromaflo Technologies delivers innovative colorant solutions to solve the most complex color, appearance and performance challenges for customers worldwide. Phone: +27 11ART 084 1600 WHERE MEETS TECHNOLOGY E-Mail:


Chromaflo Technologies Africa www.CHROmAfLO.COm ART MEETS 17WHERE Crusher Road, 3 TECHNOLOGY CONTACT US TOCrown SOLVEExt. YOUR COLORANT CHALLENGE Johannesburg 2095 1.800.776.3329 South Africa



PCI_fullpage_feathers.indd 1

7/24/15 2:28 PM

technical Colour Strength in Decorative Satin



• Effective on a wide range of


% strength


pigment and fillers

• Compatible with many commercial industrial resins

0.6 100 0.4 95

• Suitable for long-term


Durability requirements



• Good pigment transparency/

De flocculation

• High colour strength

solsperse™ W100

competitive control


% strength

De flocculation

Despite the lower dosage, Solsperse W100 produced similar colour strength and lower flocculation resistance. ™

Scribe Creep Change with Salt Spray Exposure


competitive control

scribe creep/mm


solsperse™ W100

3.0 2.5 170 Hours


330 Hours


500 Hours

1.0 0.5 0.0

16% aowp

18% aowp

22% aowp

16% aowp

18% aowp

22% aowp

Salt spray exposure testing demonstrates two benefits of Solsperse™ W100.

For more information, call 011-489-3600 or visit

A less hydrophilic polymer results in a lower effect on salt spray or moisture sensitivity. Additionally, a lower dosage of Solsperse™ W100 can be used, which further compounds that benefit, so the 16% Solsperse™ W100 level should be compared to the higher level for the control.

Example Formulations Using Solsperse™ W100 Pigment

CI Number

% Pigment Loading

% AOWP Solsperse ™ W100

% AOWP Competitive Control

Raven 5000 Ultra

Black 7




Cinilex DPP Red SR2P

Red 254




Raven 1255

Black 7




Heliogen Blue L6920

Blue 15.1




Bayferrox 3920

Yellow 42




Hansa Brilliant Yellow 2GX-70

Yellow 74




Heliogen Blue L6950

Blue 15.1




Carbon Black FW255

Black 7




Formulations based on shaker bead mill using 3mm glass beads. They demonstrate that lower additive level is required with Solsperse™ W100 hyperdispersant. Solsperse™ is a trademark of The Lubrizol Corporation or its affiliates Raven Black® is a trademark of Birla Carbon (North America – Columbian Chemicals Company) Heliogen® is a trademark of BASF Cinilex® is a trademark of Cinic Hansa® is a trademark of Clariant Bayferrox® is a trademark of Lanxess Black FW 255® is a trademark of Orion Engineered Carbon


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company profile

30 years

of tinting solutions Accuracy, reproducibility and reliability are the words at the core of Fast & Fluid’s philosophy. Having celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2015, the company is looking to the next 30 with the same passion.


ith an installed base of more than 250 000 dispensers, mixers and shakers worldwide FFM has certainly become the right partner in tinting systems. The company designs, builds and supports all its tinting equipment: paint dispensers, mixers and shakers. For the design alone, Fast & Fluid has a global team of around 40 engineers. The high level of research and development is to keep an advantage in the marketplace and drive innovation. After the design phase, the machines are manufactured in-house, from the metal housings to the quality seals, pumps, software and accessories. The company now has six sales and manufacturing sites with some 60 service partners and agents to keep customers, on all continents, working to optimum capacity. Lejn has been representing Fast & Fluid in southern Africa for 26 years and with a national footprint of service technicians and comprehensive stock of machines and parts, they are one of the leading suppliers of tinting systems in the region. A proud history that looks to the future Tinting entered the USA in the mid-1950s and moved into the European markets a decade later. Colourant developments have been on going, driven by regulations and growing environmental awareness by the end users. Fast & Fluid works closely with major paint companies to understand the impact of the changes on tinting equipment and to ensure optimal performance of its products now and in the future. Scandinavia is driving the environmental regulations, while emerging regions are now also implementing changes to ensure paint companies in these countries develop colorants that are more compliant. Fast & Fluid helps by providing solutions that offer these companies the chance to move

forward and meet global guidelines. Over the past two decades Lejn has seen huge changes in tinting machines. With the move from manual to automatic dispensers, focus then shifted to accuracy and repeatability. As regulations became more stringent so the changes with regard to ergonomics, serviceability, speed, data collection and total cost of ownership became the new design features. To ensure compliance with new regulations and that customer demands were being met, FFM continually launched new equipment to the market and this year sees the launch of the next generation Harbil 480. FFM, known for its Harbil dispensers, which for decades have been a reliable line of dispensers featuring Piston Pump technology. The advantage of this technology is that it is proven, reliable and precise. Furthermore, it is compatible with universal, waterborne and solventbased colourants and it performs in the most severe conditions. The Piston Pump Technology provides a low maintenance solution with no recalibration required. Allinall the tinting solution with the lowest TCO in the market. The HA480 automatic dispenser is the new standard in tinting. It is the ideal solution for DIY, medium to large-sized retail or service centres. The improved dispense speed, ZeroPurge™ piston pump and AutoDrive™ technology ensure future-proof efficiency and reliability for your business operation. In the future Lejn knows that the colourant composition will continue to change, driven by governmental regulations and customer environmental awareness. There will be further pressure to reduce wastage and waste disposal. Market pressures will also demand machine manufacturers to reduce the total cost of ownership and allow for further on-line support and problem solving.


| Coatings SA

HA480 Automatic Dispenser

The company feels that the next generation Harbil goes a long way to addressing all of the above items. The offering of a tinting system is no longer a point of differentiation, but a requirement to complete the range and remain competitive. With falling margins and shoppers purchasing more on price, the tinting bay still provides the opportunity to make more margins on paint and tie-in a consumer to your store. Users of POS equipment and technology are looking for durable, userfriendly equipment that offers maximum repeatability and high accuracy of dispensing from companies that offer reliable technical support. c SPECIFICATIONS: • Air tight - integrated nozzle closures • Cleaning system: automatic brush & internal flush • 16-32 POM/SST canisters in 2/3/6/10 l size • ZeroPurge piston pump technology • Universal, solvent and water based colourants • Pump size: 100 ml  • Flow rate 1 l/min • 0,077 ml smallest dispense • Electric can table • Electric punch (optional) • Heating set (optional) • Low/high model • HWD 151x88x96 cm (low model) • HWD 171x88x96 cm (high model) For more information, call 011-452-0223


Paint factory safety It is important as a paint manufacturer that you comply with the safety legislation to ensure that your factory staff have a safe working environment. This article will be exploring paint safety guidelines in a manufacturing environment, as well as ensuring a safe working environment for its employees. By Kabelo Madimabe


afety gear will vary depending on the operational requirements and environment to which your employees are exposed. “Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) refers to apparel and other equipment, which support a company’s endeavour to create a safe working environment as well as comply with the legislative requirements in South Africa. PPE products are used as a tool to prevent and mitigate accidents, which may cause injury or fatalities,” says Johan Dippenaar from Health and Safety Executive. FOUR CRITICAL SAFETY PIECES OF EQUIPMENT Gloves: Appropriate gloves would act as protection when dealing with the different machines or products that may potentially harm the users’ hands

High quality North Beluga conti suit: This safety wear comes in different colours. It consists of a jacket and pants and will help protect your employee’s skin. All seams of the jacket are safety stitched. The trousers have half-elasticised waistbands. All facial needlework is double stitched and all protective cloting features aluminium zips. For the eyes, Vikayen Suppliers offers the North Supreme Spectacle with a clear lens. Respiratory protection gear: Vikayen Suppliers offers the North single half mask. This particular piece of equipment consists PVC rubber half mask with single cartridge holders. Comfortable low breathing resistance and easy fit headgear.

Safety glasses: Safety glasses are a prerequisite because eyes will be exposed to different chemicals and even small solid particles that can cause serious damage to the eyes Dust mask: Is to filter all the unhealthy chemicals that will be a potential danger to the chest or even the lungs Sensible shoes with good grip: Good shoes will help to prevent any slippage which might lead to serious injury. One company that can supply this safety equipment is Vikayen Suppliers. The company has all the proper gear, which can help increase the safety of your employees and make your working environment compliant to the Enforcement of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) compliant. Vikayen Suppliers offer the following safety equipment:


| Coatings SA

feature RISK CONTROL Even with the best quality protective equipment, companies need to educate their employees that safety is mandatory and that they must consistently wear safety gear. How can companies achieve this? Raisin Pillai, Director, Vikayen Suppliers says, “Companies need to train their workers to maintain their equipment on a consistent basis. If PPE is not properly maintained, it will not last long, thus not protecting the wearer. Poorly maintained equipment can be a greater hazard. For example glasses that are dirty create visibility problems, chemical gloves with pin holes will allow chemicals to touch the workers skin and shoes that are broken or worn out become a tripping hazard.” “Before each use, workers need to inspect their equipment for any issues or problems. Never think that your PPE will last forever, even if it seems to still be in a workable condition. Regular training with employees is recommended as workers need to be reminded about their safety as often as possible,” he explains. Even with all the prescribed safety gear, a company will always be subject to some kind of risk. Neil Freemantle, from SafeCo who specialises in production and procurement says placing systems, protocols or preventions in place offer a solution to stop accidents from happening. “But we all know accidents can happen and that is where PPE comes into play. It acts as the backup or failsafe should something go wrong,” he advised. BUSINESS COVER Companies need to ensure that their business has proper comprehensive risk cover. There are many companies offering risk cover. One such company is AIG. One of their options is considered to be well suited to any type of factory. This product is designed to help employers meet the ever demanding and highly competitive employee market by providing comprehensive personal accident insurance beyond the minimal

contractual obligations of Workers’ Compensation and General Liability cover. Highlights: • Complementing a General Liability policy by covering injuries under a separate accident policy • Providing medical benefits to insured members who are injured in a covered accident • Paying benefits regardless of fault • Coverage includes the commute between home and place of service, a benefit not typically found in many General liability or Workers’ Compensation programmes. The more knowledge or experience companies have about the use of a certain product, the lower the risk factor to itself and its employees. With training offered the workers must be made aware of all the potential dangers and risk involved within the environment they are exposed to. This will foster a culture of working with caution and minimise any unnecessary negligence that could cause an accident. This caution should also include activities such as disposal of wastes and material. Such training would be useful for employees. EMPLOYEE HEALTH MONITORING Even with the training given to employees their health comes first and should be regularly monitored. Health authorities recommend that any employee that is constantly exposed to isocyanine is at risk of getting diseases, therefore, their health should be monitored. It might vary from company to company how they want to implement this, but one of the ways is to take urine samples of those that are exposed to isocyanate, this can be done monthly or on a quarterly basis depending on how the company wants to do it. Please check legislation regarding taking urine samples. SAFE USE OF A FORKLIFT Forklift training should be a top priority. Today, forklifts are used in every factory to save time while moving products. One company focused on the effective training in the use of forklifts is Flame


| Coatings SA

Proof Rentals (FLP). “FLP train drivers to operate flameproof equipment on delivery of a new or rental forklift but it is the paint company that must take on the responsibility of training personnel to understand the risks,” says Herbert Chikuni, General Manager, FLP. Herbert Chikuni answered these important questions on behalf of Coatings SA: How does your company contribute to paint safety? Our company, Flame Proof Rentals, train the drivers in the operation of the flameproof equipment upon delivery of a new or rental forklift. The paint company must take on the responsibility of training personnel to understand the risks involved when operating flameproof equipment. This is the responsibility of the company’s safety officer. Unfortunately, safety officers generally know little or nothing about what the requirements are and what needs to change. Our contribution is to convert equipment to make it safe and compliant for intended application. Once the equipment arrives onsite there is absolutely no obligation in law to ensure that companies keep the equipment compliant by the end user. If on the other hand the flameproof equipment is rented, it is the rental company’s responsibility to keep the equipment in a compliant condition at all times. There are many South African paint and chemical companies that do not comply with legislation. They would rather run the risk of utilising noncompliant machinery. Ensuring paint safety comes at a sizable cost that many companies would rather evade. What are the key aspects for factory managers to consider?  They are generally responsible in the case of an incident so they should insist on compliance by the company and ensure they are familiar with what the legislation requirements are. Also they should ensure that the operator and drivers are trained sufficiently for their requirements. They also need to understand the risks involved in the Paint flammable chemical workplace.

feature How do forklifts from FLP contribute to the safety in a paint manufacturing plant? We as FLP can make known the advantages that our product possesses, but cannot enforce the use of our forklift on companies, it is the Department Of Labour’s (DOL) responsibility to enforce compliant machinery. Mobile equipment that is battery or diesel powered and operating in a flammable paint storage area or manufacturing environment must be fit for the intended purpose. SA National Standard (SANS) has codes of practice, which are disregarded by many companies. Further, forklift trucks are not the only risk, other risks include scissor lifts, floor scrubbers or sweepers and boom lifts. Since they are also battery electric powered, factories should not ignore their potential hazard. As long as this equipment is complaint, it serves a very significant purpose in the paint industry. Does the company offer training? Yes, we offer training, but most companies will not want us to train drivers or health and safety personnel as this will expose the risks, which could force company compliance and that is an expense that most flammable paint manufacturing companies would rather avoid. They have the perception that we are promoting safety in the workplace to grow our businesses and not to further awareness. Because of that, we received such negative responses to awareness training we put training on the back burner – especially when we got the response that they are compliant, ‘the fire department approved everything’ – they are using what the fire department says as an evasion tactic as opposed to what should be done there is no point in offering training. So it rests with the paint manufactures to enforce compliance and enforce training.   Anything else? Yes of course, we could expose various paint manufacturers who do not comply and hide behind the fire department. Unfortunately, these companies prioritise profit over safety

in the workplace and if they have a compliant forklift, they most likely only have one. Thus, if the DOL arrives or the company’s audit is done they can show the compliant truck as the only truck used in hazardous areas, which is in most cases is not true. Most trucks go into the hazardous areas. Colour zoned forklift trucks should be painted a specific colour with appropriate marking so they are immediately recognised as zoned trucks with the area classification indicated, gas group and temperature class also visibly indicated. New requirements for flame proof materials handling equipment will come into effect November 2017 and this information can be made available on request. FIRE AND EXPLOSION In spite of all the safety checks that are conducted in the workplace emergencies can still occur. All employees need knowledge and well-allocated resources in case such a catastrophe occurs. These measures need to be taken even before there is a threat of a fire, explosion or any similar incident. Places or rooms where paint, thinners or other flammable solvents are stored – these rooms need to be well ventilated. Clearly marked signs to warn employees of risks. Factories need to have proficient fire equipment on-hand in case a fire does break out. You can get this equipment from Chubb. What happens if there is a fire? Your employees need to be trained to do the following: If a fire involving paint does occur, the first thing that can be done is to try extinguishing it with foam or powder. If the paint goes into an eye, wash it immediately with water and consult a doctor as soon as possible. If the paint splashes on skin, wash with water and soap and if skin colour starts to change in the affected area consult a doctor immediately. If you feel sick from inhalation of fumes contact a doctor urgently. Among the dangers of fire and explosion there is also a danger of employees inhaling unhealthy substances that can cause terrible harm to internal organs. That is where air filtration comes in. Air filters will filter a lot of dangerous and unwanted substances.


| Coatings SA

According to Industrial dust collector systems, this is why air filters are needed in a factory: • It reduces risk in terms of employees having a cleaner working environment • It increases productivity due to the clean air and employees not being sick all the time • It improves product quality • Better employee morale. CONCLUSION Workplace safety is a priority especially in hazardous environments that may potentially harm employees. You need to ensure that all safety measures are taken in order to minimise harm and any sort of risk employees may be exposed to. c

SIDE NOTES Following are main body parts to be protected: The lungs (from breathing in contaminated air) The head and feet (from falling materials) The eyes (from flying particles or splashes of corrosive liquids and UV/IR light exposure The skin (from contact with corrosive materials) The body (from extremes of heat or cold or working at heights).

For more information: Health and Safety Executive Call: 011-971-8040 Visit: Flameproof rentals Call: 861-777-918 011-786-1964 Visit: V Kayen Supplies Call: 011-027-3653 Email: Visit: SafeCo Call: 011-477-0190 011-477-0420 Emails: Visit:

food for thought The coordination of all the resources and processes of the company, for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large – a definition of marketing. By Deryck Spence, Executive Director, SAPMA

Where have all the CEOs gone? T

he profitability of a company is directly proportionate to the marketing expertise of the Chief Executive (CEO),” endorsed Prof Sandra van der Merwe in her doctoral thesis. This philosophy was further endorsed by Colin Adcock, former CEO of Toyota South Africa, who, when I asked him about the major role of a company CEO, answered: “The chief representative of a company must be aware of what is happening in his company – good or bad. The CEO should never forget that the customer is why a company is successful – and the reason why he or she is CEO.”Harry S. Truman, former American President, had a sign on his desk, which endorsed Adcock’s view. The sign simply read: “The buck stops here.” In essence, this meant that the responsibility for something cannot be passed on to someone else.

So, what is my point? Well, to put it simply, a company CEO is the President of his company. Yet have you tried to make contact, via any means, with a South African CEO lately? Despite the age of technology with emails, WhatsApp, Messaging, Facebook and a myriad of other applications, have you been able to communicate with a CEO? Do you ever see the email address or mobile phone number of any CEO on his or her company’s webpage? Have you been able to talk to, or obtain, the CEO’s email address from the receptionist of Telkom, MTN, Vodacom, Eskom, any of our esteemed banks, insurance companies or medical aid companies? I have not even included municipal offices, or government departments. In the case of the latter, of course, the phone connection is usually terminated


| Coatings SA

before you could even ask. I recently had to establish the name of the CEO of a leading bookseller in South Africa from Who’s Who and LinkedIn. I was lucky. He responded to my third email, probably because it was not very polite. What’s the problem CEOs? Are you too scared to find out what is going on in your company? Too scared to talk directly to the public? Talk to your customer? It’s time for you to stand up and be counted. To become the true chief representative of your company and more than just in name. To end with another line from Pete Seeger’s famous folk lament on needless losses reflected in our headline: “Oh, when will they ever learn, when will they ever learn…?” I will tell you when CEOs will learn – when they start speaking to their market. c

SAPMA Golf day

Golf day draws 110 strong field The 2017 SAPMA Golf Day proved to be one of the organisation’s highlights of the year.


his year the SAPMA Golf Day attracted a 110 strong field from numerous areas of paint manufacturing and raw material suppliers. The event was described as ‘brilliant’ and ‘excellent’ by some of the golfers on the day. The Zwartkops Golf Club in Pretoria played host for the day and proved to be a mighty challenge for the players. However, everyone seemed to walk off the course with smiles on their faces. Chatting with Deryck Spence at the awards dinner, he gleamed with pride as the team from SAPMA again showed their class in putting together a first-class event. A golf day will not be complete with a quick prize giving; incredible stories from the past, jokes, laughs and of course a couple of well-earned drinks at the 19th. c

A spectacular day to spend on the golf course.

The awards dinner was the perfect evening to continue the networking.

Ready. Set. Drive!

Plenty of happy faces after a day on the course.

Promac sponsored one of the holes on the day.

Deryck Spence with Tara Benn from SAPMA.


| Coatings SA

Golf legend Dale Hayes provided the evening entertainment.

SAPMA Golf day

The evening offered plenty of top prizes.

Golfers play together and network together.

Above and below: Always fun to take something home.

Winners for the day.

A great evening of good food and drinks.

Only some of the very special people that helped make the SAPMA Golf Day roaring success

Cheers to an amazing industry.

Great food and wonderful company topped off a perfect day.


| Coatings SA


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Paint Manufacturers, Raw Material Suppliers, Distributors and Paint Chemists

Coatings SA_Issue 2 l Volume 5 l 2017  

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