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Issue 2 2018

Anton Paar adds Raman spectrometers to product portfolio THE Cora Raman spectrometer family consists of highly accurate bench top and transportable instruments. The Cora 5X00 transportable instruments are ideal for quick quality control and identification measurements of samples, especially chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and polymers. They can be batteryoperated for up to four hours and weigh only 6kg. They are perfectly suitable for flexible use inside and outside the laboratory, for example on the factory floor. Single and dual-excitation wavelength options are available for precise and flexible measurements of different samples. The Cora Raman 7X00 bench top spectrometers are high-throughput instruments with a spectral resolution of up to 5cm-1. They have a -55°C deepcooled CCD or InGaAs detector achieving high sensitivities even at 1064nm wavelengths. This enables the detection of substances even with low concentrations, and in highly fluorescent substances like blood and lubricants. It also allows further chemometrics-like quantification. Using Cora Raman spectrometer instruments, the measurement process is userindependent and provides reliable results. Calibration can be performed automatically.

A three-level password structure for event-logging and reporting is available. A wireless option for remote control (via external PC) of all system functions like spectral acquisition and library search sets standards in convenience and easeof-use. The USB port enables data output and remote operation. Accessories such as a liquid-vial insert, solid sample insert, pill holder, and fiber probe adapter can be quickly exchanged to easily adapt the instrument to every task. Cora, the compact Raman analyser, provides high performance with a compact design and easily adapts to any sample.

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‘Plug and Play’ biopharma lab scale homogeniser M-110P Microfluidiser processor for continuous high shear cGMP-ready fluid processing M-110P, the new lab-scale model from Mircrofluidics, was developed to meet the needs for Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) processing of small batch sizes. Utilising Microfluidiser fixed-geometry interaction chamber technology and a ceramic plunger, the M-110P processes a wide variety of fluids, including oil-inwater emulsions, solids-in-liquid suspensions, and cell disruption of bacteria and the most difficult cells, like yeast - in as few as one or two passes. In addition to this, the process is repeatable and guaranteed to scale up to pilot and/or production volumes. How it works The M-110P models contain an on-board 1.5kW (2HP) electric/hydraulic drive that powers a single-acting intensifier pump. By adjusting process pressures from 138 – 2068bar (2 000 – 30 000psi), the process can be optimised to achieve the desired results. The intensifier pump drives the product at constant pressure through the interaction chamber. The product stream accelerates to high velocities as it goes through the fixed-geometry microchannels, creating high shear and impact forces that produce the appropriate results.

After leaving the interaction chamber, the product flows through the external cooling coil, and once the desired temperature is achieved, the product may be recirculated for further processing or advanced to the next step in the process. The M-110P benchtop homogeniser model requires a minimum sample size of 36ml and is recommended for: • Stable nano-dispersions • Stable nano-emulsions • Cell rupture/cell disruption (yeast, E. coli, etc.) • Micro-encapsulation in polymers, liposomes and oils • Deagglomeration

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Launch of Labotec precision furnace series

Labtech environmental growth chamber

THE Labotec precision furnace series comprises a range of ashing, muffle, fibre and ceramic chamber furnaces. These universal laboratory furnaces are designed for material testing and heat treatments firing up to 1 300°C. The furnaces are an excellent fit for scientific laboratories, educational institutions, ceramic studios, medicine and industry.

laboratories, educational institutions, medicine and industry.

The new environmental growth chamber from Labtech offers:

Ashing furnaces These furnaces are designed for ashing and burn off processes. The fan-assisted chimney eliminates any smoke from the chamber during process time. The ashing furnace series consists of 25 models in three types of chamber, in four maximum temperatures and various capacities.

Microprocessor PID control Provides high-precision temperature, relative humidity, illumination and CO2 control for a uniform and stable growth environment.

Fibre chamber furnaces The high accuracy electric, solid ceramic chamber furnaces are intended for hardening, loosening, normalising and other thermal processing up to 1 300°C. The line consists of four sizes in each temperature range. To eliminate gas or smoke that is released during thermal processing, an exhaust system may be additionally installed in the products. The furnace is an excellent fit for scientific

Muffle furnace The Muffle furnace line consists of five models, designed for materials testing, heat treatment, ceramic and stoneware samples firing. The furnace can be used in laboratories, educational institutions, ceramic studios and industrial laboratories.

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10 step programme with PC interface The controller provides automatic operation of various programmed cycles and a maximum 999 cycles. The PC software is used for monitoring and data logging. Self-diagnostic and alarm system Automatically checks any malfunction or errors and visual/audible alarm system. Forced air circulation system Silent and durable fan motor to maintain uniform temperature and humidity by air circulation from ‘down to top’ air flow direction.

Lamp-on-delay system Protects plans from stress by preventing sudden change of light strength and switch on/off control. Light bank system Offers an 8-step programmable control from 15.000 to 35.000Luc. Various lamp selections are available. Automatic water supply system Distilled water or de-ionised with water purifier is supplied by the built-in reservoir in the chamber. Other features include: • Technical design and structure • Non-CFC/HCFC refrigeration system • Optional lab-dog DVR system

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Analytical Reporter Issue2 2018  

Issue 2 of Analytical Reporter is a bumper one, filled with news on water analysis and purification, and also equipment that is available fo...

Analytical Reporter Issue2 2018  

Issue 2 of Analytical Reporter is a bumper one, filled with news on water analysis and purification, and also equipment that is available fo...