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Stretch Ceilings

Newmat Stretch Ceilings ď‚— NEWMAT is experts in modern stretch ceilings system over 25 years

in United Kingdom extended from france and spread over 55 other countries world wide. We stands along with your dreams and allows moulding your creativity. NEWMAT provide best design and high quality products which evolves from a strong concept. The 3D concepts in ceilings open up a new 3D world for your dream home or offices.

Newmat Designers and ď‚— As walls and ceiling panel Architects manufactures, Newmat keep

on to develop ceiling products that improve acoustics and design tensility. Stretch ceiling systems completely made for architectural and commercial applications, including suspended ceilings, Mirodal Panels and PVC stretch ceilings with recycled content. 3D walls and ceiling panels can create an artistic style in the interior designing.

ď‚— Stretch Ceilings with energy efficient LED lighting that

are ideal for public or private applications. New acoustic Ceilings are specially designed for maintain the acoustic and aesthetic comfort in the interior space by reducing the total distance over which sound travels. The LED technology used in the Newlight Ceiling solution delivering superior lighting and energy savings. ď‚— We works with mastres of architecture like Norman

Foster, Enric Ruiz-Geli, Cecil Balmond, Guy Lowell... have used the technique of Newmat for exceptional and prestigious projects.

Residential Stretch Ceilings ď‚— The importance of residential stretch ceiling is raises

when the noise is unbearable. Acoustic stretch ceilings will be a great solution for the worst noise control problem arises in the living space. There is so much designing ideas emerges when one decided to change the look and feel of their living space. If you wish to renovate your home's interior structure, it would be best to install ceilings on your walls and roofs.

ď‚— Ceilings with graphic technology (Newgraphic ceiling)

and Newlight ceilings open up a number of design possibilities that ensures elegant look and feel for your interiors which gives a luxury appearance to the room

Acoustic Stretch Ceilings ď‚— Stretch Ceilings System can act as a special sound absorber.New

acoustic stretch ceiling helps the user to apply an acoustic treatment to any space without compromising the cosmetic look of the room. It will ensure the speech clarity over short distances, whilst reducing the total distance over which sound travels.

ď‚— New acoustic ceiling membranes with LED lights are used for

delivering soft visual ambiance in the living area. These LED integrated ceiling system keeps noise and lighting levels at an optimum level and open a comfortable living space. Customizable ceiling membranes provide a range of stretch ceiling design opportunities to the customers for their room decoration by making a striking aesthetic appearance using color, light and high gloss and provide illuminated gentle surface lighting with variable color mix.The design possibilities with acoustic stretch ceilings has been significantly increased.

Stretch Ceiling Price

 The price of stretch ceiling installation is depends on the size of the

room, the number of angles in the room and the type of material you choose such as Matt, satin or lacquered finish, acoustical ceiling material. The price can change if you decide to add a numerical printing or spots lighting. A fixed square meter price would not be relevant for a pvc stretch ceilings. The installation process is madeto measure.

 The ceiling installed with the use of heat is a made-to-measure


 Think about the self supported spots: NEWMAT patent.  If you want a quote, please contact us and we will put you in touch

with our NEWMAT certified installer.

Spots - Luminaires  The installation of spotlights and other lights in your stretch ceiling

requires passing an approved installer NEWMAT * * The cutting of the fabric made by a certified installer NEWMAT not affect the voltage of your stretch ceiling

 NEWMAT advocates the use of low voltage spots:

- 12 V - Power 20-75 Watts - Class III

 Spots must be supplied by individual processors with internal

safety device thermal (see legislation): - Power 50 VA - Voltage 230 V/12V

Stretch Ceilings FAQ ď‚— What is a stretch ceiling? ď‚— The stretch ceiling is a real suspended ceiling, traditional in white

matt or available in many different colors. It may have acoustic or anti-bacterial properties. It can be a plain flat ceiling or a 3 dimensional ceiling.

ď‚— In any case, it is made to measure, prefabricated in our factory and

installed by a professional.


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Stretch ceilings