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GRADUATE STUDIES without the written permission of both program directors. Should a second masters degree be sought, a maximum of 12 credit hours may be used from one masters program to another if approved by the second program director; however, no course should be older than six years at the time of graduation. Programs developed to cross disciplines should follow the guidelines developed for dual masters degrees.


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Full-time Status

Students enrolled for a minimum of six credit hours per semester are considered full time. Students who have financial aid may be required to carry more than six credit hours per semester; contact Financial Aid for clarification.

Grade Appeal Policy

(See index for location of this information) GPA POLICY (DEGREE-SEEKING STUDENTS) The minimum GPA requirement for all students in graduate programs is 3.0. If a student’s cumulative grade point average drops below 3.0, the student is automatically placed on probation for the following semester. If at the end of the first semester of probation, the 3.0 cumulative grade point average has not been attained, the student may remain on probation for a second semester or be dismissed at the discretion of the specific program. If at the end of two consecutive semesters of probation the cumulative 3.0 grade point average has not been attained, the student may not enroll in further classes and will be dismissed from the university. In order to continue in the program, the student must be re-admitted in accordance with the program’s policies. Summer sessions count as a semester for probationary purposes.

requirements. Degree applications must be filed within the time limits identified in the Schedule of Courses. These applications are automatically sent to students only in the graduation semester they have identified on their Registration Form. If you have questions about degree application contact the Registrar’s Office at ext. 2121.

Incomplete Grades: Terminal Activity

An incomplete grade may be given at the discretion of the instructor for didactic or field/practica courses only under extenuating circumstances, when failure to complete a course is due to no fault of the student. The course work must be completed under the same instructor and by a date set by the instructor, but no later than the end of the next semester. After this time, the “IN” becomes an F (or whatever grade the student earned to that point) and is included in the computation of the GPA. A terminal activity course may be extended beyond this policy by the approval of the instructor, with the student enrolling in the course and paying the University audit course fee/tuition each regular semester for the approved course extension.

A grade of “D” is not acceptable for credit toward a graduate degree.

Graduation Process

A minimum of 24 semester hours must be completed in residence (courses taught by Newman University personnel) at Newman University.

Application for Graduation:

In order to graduate, the student must be in full standing, have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 and have met program and university


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