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“So many books, so little time.” _Frank Zappa


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H AVA N A Bernhard Hartmann

Havana. Just saying the name evokes images of bright Caribbean colors, American cars with fins from the 50s, and once-glorious buildings fallen into ruin. Now that this socialist island country is open once more, this picture will soon change. Now is the time to pause for a moment and take a closer look at Cuba’s capital city. Bernhard Hartmann starts on the streets, showing us cafes, shops, and boxing clubs, but he also takes us behind the facades of the mansions, whose well-worn charms immediately captivate the viewer. Crumbling plaster, cracked walls, worn stair treads we see all of this in the pictures, and yet these places are vibrant and alive. Traces of bourgeois life, dignified and stylish, survive despite the adversity, masterfully captured in brilliant photographs. Cuba’s capital city. Bernhard Hartmann starts on the streets, showing us cafes, shops, and boxing clubs, but he also takes us behind the facades of the mansions, whose well-worn charms immediately captivate the viewer.


L I F E S T Y L E / D E S I G N / T R AV E L

Havana Hardcover, 176 pages Format: 26 x 32,5 cm.


N e w Yo r k Serge Ramelli


L I F E S T Y L E / D E S I G N / T R AV E L

New York, Serge Ramelli Paperback, 176 pages Format: 27 x 22 cm

Black-and-white urban photography has a unique effect: It can lend a historical feel or bring out perspectives and surfaces in a special way. Serge Ramelli’s New York photos do both and much more. With his film director’s eye, he searches out locations using parameters that evoke a specific atmosphere and build tension. The New York skyline or typical New York street scenes are stylized into a stage but a stage where nothing is required to happen. Their impressiveness is so heightened that a movie automatically plays in the viewer’s head.


MALLORCA Michael Poliza

Mallorca Hardcover, 224 pages Format: 25,7 x 32,5 cm


L I F E S T Y L E / D E S I G N / T R AV E L

Rich with promise: one of Teneues’s most successful and revered artists uncovers an inimitable tourist destination for international travelers. Nature photographer Michael Poliza has already published nearly a dozen books-including bestsellers like Africa, Eyes Over Africa, and AntArctic-and as an organizer of high-end nature adventure treks, he has a particularly keen sense for unique locations. For his latest tome, he focused on a place of legendary beauty that brims unexpected surprises: Mallorca. It’s no wonder that Mallorca has certain qualities in common with tapas, the island’s culinary specialty. The great thing about tapas is that you don’t have to make a meal out of just one ingredient; you can taste a bit of this and have a nibble of that and enjoy a broad spectrum of flavors. And that is the perfect way to describe the vacation mecca of Mallorca, which boasts an attractive mix of old and modern architecture, lively beaches and secluded bays, and the vibrant city of Palma and quaint mountain villages. On the ground or from the air, Michael Poliza paints an intimate picture of Mallorca and its most exciting localesthe salt mounds of Es Trenc, Cala sa Nau, the Cap de Formentor lighthouse, and the serpentine road to Sa Calobra and fulfills his promise magnificently.


WA B I - S A B I Julie Pointer Adams

In this book, readers will find: unexpected, thoughtful ideas and recipes from around the world; tips for creating an intimate, welcoming environment; guidelines for choosing enduring, natural decor for the home; and inspiring photographs from homes where wabi-sabi is woven into daily living. “Wabi-Sabi Welcome applies the humble Japanese principle of wabi-sabi to home entertaining, celebrating the “perfectly imperfect” art of hosting small gatherings. An antidote to the veneer of perfectionism so often presented by books of its kind, Wabi-Sabi Welcome offers readers license to slow down and host guests with humility, intention and contentment.”

Wabi-Sabi Welcome Hardcover, 224 pages. Format: 24 x 28 cm


L I F E S T Y L E / D E S I G N / T R AV E L

Wabi-Sabi Welcome is sharing a pot of tea with friends. It is preparing delicious food to nourish, not to show off. It’s keeping a basket of cozy slippers at the door for guests. It is well-worn linens, bouquets of foraged branches, mismatched silverware, and heirloom bowls infused with the spirit of meals served with love. In this lush entertaining manual, author Julie Pointer Adams invites readers into artful, easygoing homes around the world in Denmark, California, France, Italy, and Japan and teaches us how to turn the generous act of getting together into the deeper art of being together.


1 0 0 G E T A WA Y S A R O U N D T H E W O R L D

100 Getaways around the World Hardcover, 2 vols. in slipcase, 720 pages Format: 24 x 31.6 cm

A compilation of 100 hotels, in locations from Abu Dhabi to Vietnam, the two volumes make it a breeze to choose where to relax next.


L I F E S T Y L E / D E S I G N / T R AV E L

When traveling for business, we often prefer hotel rooms of the same type in London, Paris, or Shanghai. It’s just more convenient. A different set of rules applies when we search for a place to celebrate a special family holiday, a weekend with a new lover, or a few days of blissful solitude with some great books.


NEW YORK Bernhard Hartmann

New York is probably the most photographed city in the world. It is hard to resist the fascination for the Big Apple, and many have tried to visually capture the singularly unique “Empire State of Mind.� It’s not just the classic landmarks that belong to an emotional portrait of the metropolis, but also the bustling life in the urban canyons of Manhattan and its neighborhoods. And this is why Bernhard Hartmann never approaches New York City from just one perspective. He employs multiple angles: brilliant studies that make the sculptural details of architectural icons, both old and new, come alive, alongside snapshots of ephemeral, shadowy pedestrians hurrying by on rain-soaked asphalt illuminated by neon sign reflections.


L I F E S T Y L E / D E S I G N / T R AV E L

New York Hardcover, 208 pages Format: 27,5 x 34 cm

G R E AT E S C A P E E U R O PA Angelika Taschen travels Europe to bring you a discerning selection of the most unique hotels and guesthouses from Sweden to Turkey. Selected for their breathtaking locations, refined service, and beautiful design, each of these accommodation options offers the surroundings of style and the serenity in which everyday life can melt away.

Hardcover, 360 pages Format: 24 x 30 cm

G R E AT E S C A P E A F R I C A From the Mediterranean Sea to the Indian Ocean, the vast Sahara to the Cape Verde archipelago, Africa offers a lifetime of travel adventures. Whether you’re a wide-eyed newcomer or an ever-returning visitor, the continent promises 54 extraordinarily diverse countries, urban creative hubs, phenomenal landscapes, breathtaking wildlife, pristine night skies, and a momentous sense of our human past. Hardcover, 360 pages Format: 24 x 30 cm

G R E AT E S C A P E A S IA Asia promises multisensory marvels. Whether it’s a scorching hot curry, the vivid sounds of a local market, or an expert massage in a haven of feng-shui calm, the world’s largest continent offers abundant opportunities to invigorate mind and body. Each featured hotel is presented with interior and exterior photographs; pricing, service, and contact information; as well as an atmospheric reading recommendation

Hardcover, 360 pages Format: 24 x 30 cm


G R E AT E S C A P E N O R T H A M E R I C A From dazzling cities to eccentric small towns, from vast mountains to plains as far as the eye can see, Canada and the United States offer an awe-inspiring abundance of travel adventures. In this discerning hotel guide, Angelika Taschen guides you on your way, scouring the North American continent for the most extraordinary, elegant, and inspiring places to rest your head. Hardcover, 360 pages Format: 24 x 30 cm


Hardcover, 200 pages Format: 21.6 x 25 cm

THE DESIGN HOTEL 2017 Discover 283 handpicked Design Hotels™ properties with glorious photographs and behind-the-scenes stories of the Original hoteliers who brought them to life. This must-have book for every travel and design lover offers a world of stunning locales, thought-provoking design, groundbreakingarchitecture, and beautiful photography.

Hardcover, 500 + pages Format: 32,5 x 23 cm


L I F E S T Y L E / D E S I G N / T R AV E L

Balinese homes in harmony with nature. Loved by travelers for its lush, tropical scenery, and charming people, Bali is considered to be one of the most magnificent places on earth. Spirituality and nature are integral parts of everyday life for the Balinese, so one can easily see why the island’s traditional architecture has a peaceful presence to it, mimicking its surroundings and sometimes blending in with them.





Small Homes Grand Living

Interior Design for Compact Spaces Small Homes, Grand Living’s assortment of projects and homes pays homage to the iconic innovation within modest living areas and shows the creative usage of space in continually expanding urban areas. As more people across the globe move into cities, living space becomes a precious commodity. Designers, architects, and innovative inhabitants seek new ways of creating a home that is just as comfortable as it is functional and aesthetically pleasing. Where does one stow clothing, bicycles, suitcases, or bed linens? Where is the perfect place for the desk, bed, or couch? How does one use less square meters more effectively? Diminutive rooms, grand possibilities. Small Homes, Grand Living shows how to make use of a limited space and turn a small apartment into a design marvel.

Small Homes, Grand Living Hardcover, 256 pages Format: 21 × 26 cm

Small Homes, Grand Living offers real interior design solutions  directly from the occupants’ imaginations.





Upgrade Hardcover, 256 pages Format: 24 × 30 cm

Home Extensions, Alterations and Refurbishments. Upgrade explores architectural and design concepts that seek to enhance and repurpose our surroundings. From slight changes to complete renovations, the spectrum of possibilities is vast. Extensions upon a rooftop. Factories turned into relaxing retreats. Wood additions contrast with antique brick exteriors. Through engaging anecdotes and inspiriting images, Upgrade provides vibrant exemplars and enthusiasm for revamping existing spaces. Adding. Extending. Transforming. Upgrade breathes new life in forgotten architecture. Repurposing the unused; a dilapidated barn, a raddled townhome, a historical and fading building façade – these can all be starting points for stunning and inspiring homes.



Upgrade offers projects that succeed in finding the balance between the traditional and the modern. Architects share their experiences, motivations, and approaches. Before-and-after photos illustrate the metamorphoses. This is a volume for all who desire a new perspective, for those that prefer to preserve rather than to demolish. What are ruins to some become another’s architectural playground.


Entryways to Milan

First impressions count, especially in Milano. In this unprecedented photographic journey, editor Karl Kolbitz opens the door to 144 of the city’s most sumptuous entrance halls, captivating in their diversity and splendor. These vibrant Milanese entryways, until now hidden away behind often restrained façades, are revealed as dazzling examples of Italian modernism, mediating public and private space with vivid configurations of color and form, from floors of juxtaposed stones to murals of minimalist geometry. The collection spans buildings from 1920 to 1970 and showcases the work of some of the city’s most illustrious architects and designers, including Giovanni Muzio, Gio Ponti, Piero Portaluppi, and Luigi Caccia Dominioni, as well as non-pedigreed architecture of equal impact and interest. The photographs for the publication were exclusively created by Delfino Sisto Legnani, Paola Pansini, and Matthew Billings, each evoking the entryways with individual sensibility and a stylistic interplay of detail shots—such as stones, door handles, and handrails—with larger architectural views.

Entryways of Milan Hardcover, 384 pages Format: 26 x 34 cm




Hide and Seek

The highly individual cabins, hideaways, and summer homes featured in Hide and Seek offer their owners exceptional, yet convenient ways to escape urban routines and embed themselves into the land. These imaginative structures meld traditional architecture with modern living in fascinating and surprising ways. Whether located in the forest, on the water, or in the mountains; whether light and minimalistic or dark and cozy, the compelling dwellings exemplify how to create remote shelters that bring calm and balance to our hectic lives. With the right concept, furniture, décor, and atmosphere, even small or basic designs become stunning sanctuaries. The Architecture of Cabins and Hide-Outs

Hide and Seek Hardcover, 256 pages Format: 24 × 30 cm

Hide and Seek is a contemporary survey of contextual architecture and interior design that channels our shared desire for peace and quiet. These projects not only have the power to get people in touch with their surroundings, but also with themselves. ARCHITECTURE












Modern Living Grandiflora Claire Bingham

Modern Living – Grandiflora is an uplifting, inspiring, and practical guide to using flowers and foliage in the home. From lush greenery to modern florals, we step inside beautiful botanical interiors that lift your spirits with a cool mix of vibrant colors, stylish accessories, and elegant design details. Author and interiors writer Claire Bingham leads by example, sharing her passion for floral- themed houses and people who dream up eye-catching schemes using nature as their cue. Alongside the blossom-filled abodes, the book is crammed full of ideas for easy, seasonal floral arrangements to stepby-step guides to flower pressing the modern way. Bingham believes nature should feature highly in the contemporary family home. No space is ever too small for a potted plant or floral-patterned cushion. Anything that brings nature indoors counts for a lot! For one apartment in the Netherlands, dark charcoal walls show off vibrant, floral-inspired prints to dramatic effect. Elsewhere, glamorous botanical prints on wallpapers, fabrics, and accessories abound, yet the interiors remain elegant and balanced. Claire Bingham shares the styling secrets that make it all work. Pretty chinoiserie, vintage chintz, or cool palm prints, there’s a multitude of ways to revitalize your decor. Whatever your decorating delectation, Grandiflora will harness your flower power and teach you how to turn your home into a floral sanctuary. Features an astonishing selection of nature-filled interiors to inspire home decorators of all tastes and lifestyles Learn how to add the florist’s touch to your own home with these insider secrets and step-by-step guides. Includes interviews with well-known florists and inspiring personalities who embrace nature in their work and homes



Grandiflora Hardcover ,176 pages Format 22 x 29 cm


A Beautiful Mess

A far cry from the calm simplicity of Scandinavian interiors or bare-room minimalism, now there is a bold alternative: the motto is “more is more” and ‘individuality’ the key word. From highly-decorated interiors that are jam-packed with fabulous objects, to cool and cultivated apartments that are wonderfully unkempt, design writer Claire Bingham takes a tour around the world’s most exciting, free-spirited abodes where the interiors dazzle and half-measures aren’t allowed. Filled with prints, patterns, and curios, these homes will undoubtedly inspire readers to unleash their creativity. Celebrating the ornate, wild, and whimsical, this beautifully-illustrated book includes loads of great decorating advice and ideas to steal.

A Beautiful Mess Hardcover, 176 pages Format: 23 x 29 cm

In contrast to the life-changing magic of tidying, for these creative home owners messy is good. Bye, bye minimal. Say hello to houses that are full of life.




Crafting Timless Design Fritz Hansen

When you step into the headquarters of the Republic of Fritz Hansen in Allerød, northwest of Copenhagen, you are breathing in the spirit of a company that has made design history. The showroom, which is a mecca for design and architecture students, displays pieces that have become icons: the Series 7 chair, the Swan lounge chair, the Lissoni sofa. Again and again, the Danish furniture maker has teamed up with big-name visionary designers including Arne Jacobsen, Poul Kjærholm and Piero Lissoni. With these influxes of fresh energy and an unwavering commitment to the core values of Fritz Hansen creativity, the finest craftsmanship, and careful attention to even the smallest details. The company has succeeded in placing its products into humanity’s collective consciousness as well as the offices of the President of the UN General Assembly, the Crown Plaza Hotel in Bangkok, the Banquet Hall of Oxford’s venerable St. Catherine’s College, New York’s Museum of Modern Art, and in private homes all over the world. With over 150 breathtaking photos, this thoughtfully- designed c­ offee table book tells you about the history of an exclusive brand, the marvelous pieces of furniture that has made it so revered, and provides examples of how a ­single piece of furniture can beautify an entire room or building and spur the imagination of the people who live there. After closing this book, you’ll have a wealth of new creative ideas and realize that before sustainability ­became a trendy buzzword, Fritz Hansen was already practicing it in its purest sense, true to its motto: “Crafting Timeless Design.”



Crafting Timeless Design Fritz Hansen Hardcover, 224 pages Format: 25 x 32 cm

The Red Thread: Nordic Design

An elegant exploration of the hugely influential simplicity, beauty, and functionality of Nordic design - timeless, yet on trend. The Red Thread: Nordic Design celebrates this deep-rooted aesthetic, showcasing the diversity of design from Scandinavia and Finland via more than 200 objects . The Red Thread Hardcover, 250 pages Format: 27 x 20,5 cm


New Romance

The raw charm of rustic farmhouses, the inviting ease of country homes: New Romance presents romantic interiors inspired by modernity. Soft palettes, natural materials, and corresponding accessories create an atmosphere that produces both warmth and comfort.



New Romance Hardcover, 272 pages Format:Â 24 Ă— 30 cm





Profiles Marc Hom

“My new book, Profiles, is a collection of portraits taken over the last six to eight years, including exceptional profiles of creatives in the arts and cinema, plus meaningful images of family and friends. The images originate from editorial assignments and personal sittings, and are a reflection on my fascination with the person and their innate beauty and character.� Marc Hom Profiles Hardcover, 192 pages Format: 27,5 x 34 cm




Pictures Marc Hom

Tim Walker: Pictures Hardcover, 368 pages Format: 25 x 30 cm

Featuring a wide array of rich sketches, contact sheets, photographs, and more, this comprehensive work offers a glimpse of British fashion photographer Tim Walker’s artistic process. This stunning new edition offers us a privileged glimpse into Walker’s artistic process. It is a comprehensive overview that features a wide array of sketches, contact sheets, Polaroids, and source materials normally hidden within the photographer’s studio. The evocative images are rich with textured nuance and intriguing details. Walker gives full reign to his playful side and intersperses collages among the photographs. PHOTOGRAPHY




The worldwide recognition he has received attests to the tremendous impact of his work. This Austrian photographer, who has been shooting primarily, though not exclusively, in black and white for over 40 years, captures surreal moments in his photos. Reductions and overexposures help him discover special elements and draw both technical and substantive contrasts between the spectacular and the banal. His subjects: everything from peaceful, expansive Icelandic landscapes that look like paintings to jets coming in for a landing just above people’s heads—fascinate the viewer. Even more astoundingly, all of these contrasting facets of nature and technology bear Hoflehner’s distinct stamp. No matter what topic Hoflehner is skillfully weaving a photographic narrative around, his work exudes incredible serenity and focus.

Retrospective Hardcover with jacket, 224 pages Format: 30 x 32 cm




Feelings of Imperfection Anna Bjรถrkman & Anna Malmberg

This book is a collection of images and texts that highlight the breadth of Scandinavian interiors, depicting lifestyles in seven different stunning locations. It underlines the ability to capture nuanced feelings through picture stories, demonstrating that one has the power to create memories and feelings through ambiance and atmosphere.

Feelings of Imperfection Hardcover, 140 pages Format: 30 x 21cm

If you ask Anna Malmberg where the mystery and the loneliness within her photographs come from, she will probably answer that she got this aesthetic from her wild childhood. Anna Bjรถrkman worked as an interior designer for IKEA, but left to explore her own ideas and style.




Peter Lindbergh A Different Vision on Fashion Photography

When German photographer Peter Lindbergh shot five young models in downtown New York City in 1989, he produced not only the iconic British Vogue January 1990 cover but also the birth certificate of the supermodels. The image didn’t just bring revered faces together for the first time, it marked the beginning of a new fashion era and a new understanding of female beauty. Whether in striking single portraits or dramatic situations of figure and setting, we trace the photographer’s cinematic inflections and his provocative play with female archetypes as subjects adopt the guise of dancers, actresses, heroines, and femmes fatales. Raw and seductive at once, we see how Lindbergh’s trademark monochrome pictures also redefined standards of beauty by emphasizing spirit and personality as much as looks, celebrating the elegance and sensuality of older women, and privileging natural and authentic beauty in an era of pervasive retouching.

Peter Lindbergh A Different Vision on Fashion Photography Hardcover, 472 pages Format: 23.9 x 34 cm



K AT E M O S S B Y M A R I O T E S T I N O This book follows the journey of this exceptional fashion partnership, from early days backstage at the shows to behind-thescenes glimpses of the groundbreaking editorials they continue to produce for the world’s most respected magazines. Of the 100-plus images, many photographs have been chosen from Testino’s private archive and are published here for the first time. Softcover with flaps, 232 pages Format: 25 x 34.5 cm

I N YO U R FAC E B Y M A R IO T E S T I N O This unorthodox collection of various images chosen by Testino from the span of his 30-year career reflects the diversity of his work, ranging from fashion and advertising shots to sexuallycharged images and autobiographical photos. Full of color, life, and humor, this selection is a testament to the sheer brilliance of a tireless chronicler of fabulousness.

Softcover with jacket, 224 pages Format: 28.3 x 37.4 cm

SIR BY MARIO TESTINO Mario Testino is renowned for his freespirited chronicles of dress and demeanor. In SIR, his largest book to-date, the influential photographer presents over 300 photographs in his search to define the allure of men. “The way men are seen in photography, in fashion, and the way that men look at pictures of themselves has changed in recent years. It is a subject that has come into focus: The masculine image, a man’s personal style, changing attitudes to the male face and body.” Softcover, 504 pages Format: 27 x 35 cm


T H E R I SE OF DAV I D B OW I E In 1972, David Bowie released his groundbreaking album The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars. With it landed Bowie’s Stardust alterego: A glitter-clad, mascara-eyed, sexuallyambiguous persona who kicked down the boundaries between male and female, straight and gay, fact and fiction into one shifting and sparkling phenomenon of ’70s self-expression. Hardcover, 360 pages Format: 24 x 30 cm

BÜ N D C H E N Born in the Brazilian countryside, and nearly six feet tall by the age of 14, Gisele Bündchen grew from humble roots into the most successful supermodel in the world. This book celebrates her 20-year milestone in the industry with a unique and spectacular collection of jaw-dropping glamour and intimate, personal insights.

Hardcover, 536 pages Format: 24.5 x 34 cm T H E L IG H T B E T W E E N U S The virtuoso images of one of the most indemand fashion photographer, now assembled in one volume for the first time. Sensitive portraits of international stars including Kim Basinger, Cameron Diaz, Scarlett Johansson, John Malkovich, Charlize Theron, and many others. Vincent Peters’ proceeds  from this book benefit the Family Justice Center of the Protection Against Violence department at Berlin’s Charité hospital.



Hardcover, 240 pages Format: 28,5 x 35 cm














Senza Parole Marc Lagrange

Senza Parole Hardcover, 208 pages Format: 28 x 35 cm

It takes enviable skill and dedication to achieve mastery in the arts. Yet even more remarkable is the artist who widens his scope to venture beyond his already widely acclaimed signature style. Few would dare to even consider such a risk. However, in Senza Parole, Marc Lagrange is audacious enough to make that thrilling leap as he boldly showcases a broad array of distinctive approaches--everything from starkly straight nude studies--in the honorable tradition of Helmut Newton--to Lagrange’s more typically intricate and exotic compositions. The photographer’s devoted followers will still find the dream-like eroticism he is known for, yet, in this work, each photograph is one of a kind, with Lagrange’s hallmark of technical perfection. As one would expect from Lagrange, each tableau is carefully configured with not a single detail left to chance.




Undressed Mario Testino

Undressed Paperback, 144 pages Format: 35 x 24,6 cm

An evocative new series from Mario Testino Mario Testino’s Undressed removes various layers. Coinciding with an exhibition conceived exclusively for the Helmut Newton Foundation in Berlin, this intimate series explores the notion of undressing in photography as much as it lays Testino’s archive bare, probing beyond the photographer’s established public image to reveal a deeper understanding of his practice and oeuvre.



The 50 featured photographs center on the naked body, alternately exploring and pushing the traditions and boundaries between sex, gender identity, and fashion. Honoring the influence of Helmut Newton, the images become abstracted body landscapes, the protagonists appearing as mere form, a torso, even a statue.

H E L M U T N E W TON : SUM O A decade on from its first appearance, the XL SUMO brings this unprecedented publishing venture to an even wider audience with a lighter but no less glamorous format. Carefully revised by June Newton, and with its own presentation bookstand, the book remains a spectacular tribute to the 20th century’s most influential, intriguing, and controversial photographer, with hundreds of exquisite images. Hardcover with booklet + a book stand - 464 pages Format: 26,7 x 37,4 cm

H E L M U T N E W TON - WOR K Top shots from Helmut Newton (1920–2004) Newton is remembered as one of the most prolific photographers of the 20th century, channeling the sensuality and erotic power of his subjects with panache, precision, and impact. His aesthetic was uniquely his, while at the same time establishing a new way of photographing fashion and glamour.

Softcover, 280 pages Format: 21 x 27 cm

H E L M U T N E W TON - U S A N D T H E M Two cameras, one couple, turn the lens on their love and their life. Us and Them is an ode to partnership and art. First published in 1999, it gathers photographs by Helmut Newton and his wife, the actress and photographer June Newton, who worked under the pseudonym Alice Springs. The collection is arranged into five sections, alternating the gaze between Newton and Spring’s own tender internal world of “Us,” and the glamorous encounters of their social and professional milieu—“Them.” Hardcover, 200 pages Format: 23 x 27 cm


L E SB IA N S F OR M E N Straight men have always had a thing for lesbians, or more correctly, for essentially straight women willing to do other women for their viewing pleasure. When a man sees two women together there’s no jealousy that another man’s getting the woman he can’t, as with heterosexual porn, just the joy of everything he likes times two, and the unshakable fantasy that women that wild would surely invite him to join in. Hardcover, 288 pages Format: 22.5 x 30 cm

R E N HA N G Ren Hang, who took his life February 23, 2017, was an unlikely rebel. Slight of build, shy by nature, prone to fits of depression, the 29-yearold Beijing photographer was nonetheless at the forefront Chinese artists’ battle for creative freedom. Like his champion Ai Weiwei, Ren was controversial in his homeland and wildly popular in the rest of the world.

Hardcover, 312 pages Format: 22.5 x 30 cm


Hardcover, 592 pages Format: 14 x 19,5 cm



62 photographers take on the nude female form featuring 62 photographers from 10 countries, exploring the global variations of erotic photography, as well as the evolution of photographic media over the last decade. We see film give way to digital, while those who persist with film are as likely to use Polaroids and primitive cameras like the Lomo and Holga as traditional SLRs.









The Aston Martin Book René Staud

The Aston Martin Book Hardcover, 304 pages Format: 32 x 25 cm

Originally published in 2013 to celebrate Aston Martin’s 100th anniversary, this stunning photographic tribute to an iconic brand is now available in an attractive, small format edition. In the century since it was founded by Robert Bamford and Lionel Martin on January 13, 1913, Aston Martin has created classic cars that range from the Le Mans-winning DB2 to 2013’s Vanquish. As in his bestselling books on the Mercedes 300 SL and the Porsche 911, Rene Staud transforms automobile photography into a sensual experience and The Aston Martin Book allows readers to absorb the aura of a true British classic.




Custom Bike

Custom Bike Life Shows people’s fascination with motorcycles from every angle, like a road movie you can experience for yourself in this exciting compendium. Unique, photo-packed stories about individual bikes and the people who made them, along with opulent visuals and special reports that dive right into the current custom bike scene and motorcycle culture. Cafe Racer, Scrambler, Chopper. Custom Bike Life Hardcover, 224 pages Format: 26 x 32 cm

This volume also covers the big bike events like Wheels & Waves and Pure & Crafted.















Ve g a n Jeremy Fox

The trend of cooking and eating without using animal products has been around for many years and is gaining in popularity. Vegan cuisine is healthy, versatile, and international. It can hold its own in terms of artistry, lacks nothing found in traditional haute cuisine, and it is no more complicated to cook. How this is possible, and how amazing these dishes look on the plate, is the subject of the unique Vegan Cuisine. You will find over 800 recipes, collected and curated by top chef Jean-Christian Jury, who was an extremely successful vegan chef for many years, most recently at the Mano Verde in Berlin. The book is a life’s work of recipes, an homage to green cooking, and a must for anyone who loves to cook, whether they are full-time or only part-time vegans.  World-renowned food photographer Joerg Lehmann provides the perfect stage for culinary star dishes like Asian seaweed salad, vegan croissants, and the incredible Mano Verde Chocolate Tart. Vegan cuisine has never been so beautiful and appealing.

Vegan Hardcover, 496 pages Format: 24.5 x 34 cm




Bowl Stories

Bowl Stories features bowl-based meals you  can enjoy anywhere: on the couch, in bed,  sitting on the windowsill, or even at the table. Classic dishes with fun twist - a culture clash right in your bowl. Easy but sophisticated recipes that will inspire you to cook, add your own special touches,  and try new dishes. Authors Ben & Viola chose this name for their cookbook because eating food out of bowls is not just a trend, but rather an expression of their love for food itself. Eating meals out of a bowl or even a pot is what they both would define as the ultimate pleasure. A bowl can be cradled in one hand, making it easy to enjoy a meal at work, on the couch, or standing up. Eating from a bowl is practical and sensual at the same time. All the ingredients and components are close together, making it easy to unite them in a single spoonful.

Bowl Stories Hardcover, 176 pages Format: 19 x 25 cm FOOD | DRINK


W H E R E TO E AT P I Z Z A Over 1,000 food experts and aficionados from around the world reveal their insider tips on finding the perfect slice of pizza Over 1,000 food experts and aficionados from around the world reveal their insider tips on finding a perfect slice of pizza. From the publishers of the bestselling Where Chefs Eat comes the next food-guide sensation on the most popular dish - pizza! Hardcover, 576 pages Format: 21 x 14 cm

W H E R E C H E F ’ S E AT A Guide to Chefs’ Favorite Restaurants (New Edition) 3,200 restaurants from 70 countries selected by 600 leading chefs. The ultimate guide to where to eat by the real insiders. Forget the restaurant guides compiled by a panel of mysterious experts, this new guide is by the real insiders: more than 600 of the world’s leading chefs .

Hardback, 976 pages Format: 21 x 14 cm

W H E R E BA RT E N DE R S DR I N K In the footsteps of bestsellers Where Chefs Eat and Where to Eat Pizza - where the best bartenders go for the best drinks. Where Bartenders Drink is THE insider’s guide. The best 300 expert drink-makers share their secrets - 750 spots spread across 60 countries revealing where they go for a drink throughout the world when they’re off-duty. Venues range from late-night establishments and legendary hotel bars to cosy neighbourhood ‘locals’ - and in some surprising locales. Hardcover, 420 pages Format: 21 x 14 cm


E AT I N G W I T H C H E F S Family meals from the world’s most creative restaurants Eating with the Chefs documents the daily meal shared by chefs and frontof-house staff at eighteen top restaurants including Noma, Le Chateaubriand and The French Laundry. Captured through exquisite photography by Per-Anders Jörgensen and easy-to-follow recipes Eating with the Chefs provides a unique insight into the ordinary food behind the immaculate kitchen walls. Hardback, 316 Pages Format: 29 x 21 cm

K I TC H E N C U LT U R E Whether traditional, Nordic, or futuristic, the kitchen is the new living room—a place to cook, eat, and celebrate. This book showcases the latest interiors and kitchen concepts. The kitchen is the new living room: a space for social gathering, collaborative cooking, event hosting, and communal dining.

Hardcover, 256 pages Format: 24 × 30 cm

T H E N E W N OR DIC C O OK B O OK The Nordic Cookbook offers an unprecedented look at the rich culinary offerings of the Nordic region with 700 recipes collected by the acclaimed Swedish chef Magnus Nilsson. The Nordic Cookbook, richly illustrated with the personal photography of internationally acclaimed chef Magnus Nilsson, unravels the mysteries of Nordic ingredients and introduces the region’s culinary history and cooking techniques.



Hardcover, 768 pages Format: 28 x 19 cm

R AW A modern and fresh take on vegetarian and raw food from celebrated Icelandic chef Solla Eiríksdóttir. Featuring 75 healthy and delicious recipes, Raw introduces readers to the new look of vegetarian and raw food. Divided into five chapters; breakfast, snacks, light lunches, main dishes, and sweet treats. The recipes are vegetarian and many are raw and vegan.

Hardback, 240 pages Format: 27 x 21 cm

ON V E G E TA B L E S Modern Recipes for the Home Kitchen. The highly anticipated cookbook from Jeremy Fox, the California chef who is redefining vegetable-based cuisine with global appeal Jeremy Fox with Noah Galuten and with a foreword by David Chang.

Hardcover, 320 pages Format: 27 x 21 cm

3 1 DAYS The book is a celebration of– and a conversation about veganism; told, cooked, photographed, improvised, drawn and mused over. Chapters by people completely new to the idea, rubbing shoulders with chapters by profiled writers and pioneers whose unique perspectives offers a varied set of entry points to the subject matter.

Hardcover, 272 pages Format: 21 x 27 cm


DI V I N E F O OD Israeli and Palestinian people share an outstanding and dynamic cuisine. Divine Food is a visually striking collection of recipes from local markets, Arab traditions, the nomadic tribes of the desert, and the hip restaurants of Tel Aviv. Israeli and Palestinian food is ripe with flavour and enticing intricacies. Intersections of trade routes led to the interchange of ingredients and that trend is still apparent today. Hardcover, 304 pages Format:Â 21 Ă— 26 cm

F ON T A N D F L AVO U R Nordic Bakery is a Scandinavian-style premium coffee shop loved for its Nordic cinnamon buns, coffee, and rye bread. The book tells the tale of how products are sourced and ideas conceived; it describes the design aesthetic, portraying the concept of mixing dining, design, and the way of the Norse people, bringing Scandinavian design and lifestyle from table to book. Hardcover, 168 pages Format: 30 x 22 cm



Font and Flavour










Chasing Light Stefan Forster

Chasing Light Hardcover, 220 pages Format: 25 x 32 cm

Captured in vivid color, the moments that photographer Stefan Forster uncovers in out-of-the-way places in nature take place on adventurous backcountry trips far from civilization, where he carries up to 80 pounds in camera gear and camping equipment. With enormous enthusiasm but still prepared for anything, he often hikes through remote areas for weeks at a time on his search for the extraordinary. His method yields unique, fascinating photos. This book shows this youthful photographer’s “greatest hits” to date: everything from rare rainstorms in the world’s driest desert and the Northern Lights shimmering through icebergs, to spectacular shots of the Rocky Mountains.





The Enchanted Life of Hunters and Gatherers Step into the woods — refuge and escape and home. Some go there to hike or fish. The people and projects presented in this book do so much more. Join them as they gather honey from wild hives and pick mushrooms from beneath secretive oaks. Build a cabin of your own, or a look‑out up in the treetops. Wildside Outdoors Hardcover, 256 pages Format: 22 × 28 cm

The woods are alive with possibilities: Retreat into nature, meet mushroom pickers, collectors, and explorers. Build cabins and scenic trails, create crafts, or start inspired projects.


















Private paradises nestled in the backyards of homes. Rooftops that act as community gardens. Edible patches of beauty hidden within city blocks. Evergreen shows the verdant aesthetic statement that allows city dwellers to bring nature back into the every day and quenches urban gardening desires. Evergreen Hardcover, 256 pages Format: 24 × 30 cm


Provides all your DIY ideas for styling and tips on how to plant. Inspiration for seasoned plant lovers as well as beginners. It also providing the total package on the topic of living with plants Living and Styling with plants is a source of inspiration, ideas and a manual for all of those who want to bring more plants into their home. Urban Jungle Hardcover, 176 pages Format: 22 x 28 cm



The houseplants in this book live in wonderful places, leaf through the pages and get inspired by the beautiful homes, intensive home decor solutions and great atmosphere. On the pages of the book you can peek into more than 30 individual Finnish Homes. But how do you take care of the plants? Don’t worry, in this book you’ll find easy and concise care instructions for over 50 elegant houseplants. Susanna Vento has made a long career as an interior designer, interior journalist and stylist. She has worked for interior magazines and with commercial pictures for more than18 years. In recent years the pictures have gotten more and more green in the hands of this self-taught green thumb. Riikka Kantinkoski is a recognized photographer whose photos are familiar from interior magazines, home decoration books and from her popular blog.



Green Home Book Hardcover, 168 pages Format: 27,5 x 22 cm






T H E F LY F I SH E R Equal parts outdoor meditation and escapism An alluring balance between nature and sport - fly fishing appeals to a diverse audience. The dedicated focus on the task at hand makes daily life fade away and the fly fisher is free to connect with the soothing sounds of the water while awaiting a catch.

Hardcover, 256 pages Format: 24 × 30 cm

B LU E B L O ODE D Denim embodies authenticity, rebellion, workwear, and the old west. Denim hunters tirelessly search ghost towns for vintage jeans. Families weave heritage cloth for generations. Craftsman on foreign shores preserve the old ways while designers back home redefine the iconic five-pocket look. And all of us trade stories of how we got that perfect fade.

Hardcover, 256 pages Format: 24 × 28 cm

THE CRAFT AND THE MAKERS Craftsmanship is in more demand than ever and small manufacturers are experiencing an overwhelming renaissance. We are increasingly looking for products that last and have their own histories; things that meld form, function, and emotion into a compelling entity. This desire will continue to shape our attitudes toward consumer and luxury goods as well as innovation for the foreseeable future.

Hardcover, 272 pages Format: 24 x 30 cm


T H E SHOP K E E P E R S Storefront Businesses and the Future of Retail Small stores are experiencing a rebirth. Driven by the personalities behind them and featuring select products, atmospheric interiors, and impeccable service, these spaces offer promising alternatives to webshops and chains.

Hardcover, 256 pages Format: 24 × 30 cm

ROLEX Informative text and hundreds of photos are a fitting testament to the world-renowned Rolex brand. Respected wristwatch expert and historian Gisbert L. Brunner shares his extensive subject knowledge once more. A must-have for watch collectors, enthusiasts, and anyone wishing to become one.

Hardcover, 220 pages Format: 25 x 32 cm

YO G A - G R E AT R ET R E AT S Looking for a tranquil vacation that leaves you relaxed, restored, and uplifted? In this gorgeous guide, Great Yoga Retreats gathers the most exquisite and inspirational yoga retreats around the world, from an exotic luxury hotel in Bhutan to a spiritual ashram in India, a farmhouse in Tuscany to a beach resort in Mexico.



Hardcover, 320 pages Format: 21.6 x 27.4 cm

The Age of Collage


VELO 2ND GEAR Choosing to ride a particular bike conveys an attitude and a way of life. Velo—2nd Gear illuminates and celebrates contemporary bicycle culture’s diverse scenes. From classic racing bikes to high-tech speed machines, from rough fixies to fashionable city cruisers and hardworking cargo bikes, this book showcases today’s most outstanding and unusual bicycles and their riders.

Hardcover, 256 pages Format: 24 x 28 cm

T H E AG E OF C OL L AG E 2 A comprehensive collection of examples ranging from subversive to museumworthy, this striking showcase positions collage between provocation and commerce. Presenting the work of more than 70 collage artists from established names including John Baldessari and Richard Prince to up-andcoming talents such as Lola Dupré and Mat Maitland.

Hardcover, 320 pages Format: 24 × 30 cm

T H E AG E OF C OL L AG E The Age of Collage is a striking documentation of today’s continued appetite for destructive construction. Showcasing outstanding current artwork and artists, the book also takes an insightful behind-the-scenes look at those working with this interdisciplinary and crossmedia approach. The collages featured in this book are influenced by illustration, painting, and photography and play with elements of abstraction, constructivism, surrealism, and dada.



Hardcover, 288 pages Format: 24 × 30 cm





Cereal: These Islands A portrait of the British Isles

These Islands Hardback, 232 pages Format: 30 × 24 cm

These Islands takes the reader on a journey across the landscape, both natural and urban, that forms the British Isles, through powerful imagery, prose and poetry. Explore the peaks of Snowdonia, the shadows of Glen Coe, the rural idylls of the Lake District, and the windswept paths of the Wild Atlantic Way. Walk the historic streets of London, trace the elegant curves of Bath, and climb the gothic spires of Edinburgh. Cross to the Isle of Skye in the north, and sail to the Isles of Scilly in the south.




The Kinfolk Entrepeneur Ideas for meaningful work

Introducing The Kinfolk Entrepreneur, from the team that brought you The Kinfolk Home and The Kinfolk Table: Join Nathan Williams and the  Kinfolk  team as they visit more than 40

The Kinfolk Entrepeneur Hardcover, 368 pages Format: 21 x 28,9 cm

creative entrepreneurs from around the world who are making business personal. Explore how visionary ideas take root and ripen into careers, and the myriad ways in which the pursuit of meaning and passion, and the experiences of disappointment and defeat, can motivate both professional success and a balanced quality of life. Through insightful interviews with leaders in the worlds of publishing, architecture, fashion, design and beyond, The Kinfolk Entrepreneur  captures the ambitions and realities of today’s creative class and offers tips, advice and inspiration for anyone looking to forge their own path in life.




KINFOLK HOME Interiors for Slow Living

When The Kinfolk Table was published, it transformed the way readers across the globe thought about small gatherings. In this much-anticipated follow-up, Kinfolk founder Nathan Williams

The Kinfolk Home Hardcover, 368 pages Format: 21 x 28,9 cm

showcases how embracing that same ethos of slowing down, simplifying your life, and cultivating community allows you to create a more considered, beautiful, and intimate living space. Â The Kinfolk Home takes readers iside 35 homes around the world, from the United States, Scandinavia, Japan, and beyond.




KINFOLK TABLE Recipes for Small Gatherings

Kinfolk magazine—launched to great acclaim and instant buzz in 2011— is a quarterly journal about understated, unfussy entertaining. The journal has captured the imagination of readers nationwide, with content and an aesthetic that reflect a desire to go back to simpler times; to take a break from our busy lives; to build a community around a shared sensibility; and to foster the endless and energizing magic that results from sharing a meal with good friends. Now there’s The Kinfolk Table, a cookbook from the creators of the magazine, with profiles of 45 tastemakers who are cooking and entertaining in a way that is beautiful, uncomplicated, and inexpensive. Each of these home cooks—artisans, bloggers, chefs, writers, bakers, crafters—has provided one to three of the recipes they most love to share with others, whether they be simple breakfasts for two, onepot dinners for six, or a perfectly composed sandwich for a solo picnic.

The Kinfolk Table Hardcover, 368 pages Format: 21x 28 cm







C e real / For mat: 27.5 x 21 cm / Two pr int i ssues of C ereal magazine per year.

Cereal is a biannual, travel & style magazine based in the United Kingdom. Each issue focusses on a select number of destinations, alongside engaging interviews and stories on unique design, art, and fashion.



Kinfolk magazine / Format: 29.5 x 23 cm / Four print issues of Kinfolk magazine per year.

Delving deeply into home, work, style and culture, Kinfolk promotes quality of life and connects a global community of creative professionals from London to Tokyo. Since 2011, Kinfolk has become a leading lifestyle authority with a dynamic mix of print and online media, including a quarterly magazine sold in over 100 countries in four languages, daily posts on, bestselling books, plus international events and a gallery space in the heart of Copenhagen.



My Residence / Format: 27,5 x 21,5 cm / One print issue of My Residence per year.

My Residence is an annual bookazine presenting the best Swedish interiors and architecture published by Residence Magazine throughout a year. In the second issue of My Residence we visit the homes of 16 creatives in the Nordic region, including Kinfolk  editor in chief Nathan Williams  in Copenhagen and Norwegian stylist duo Kråkvik & D’Orazio. We get a rich insight to the Scandinavian interiors and design scene of today.





Cereal Cit y g uides

This Cereal City Guides features a discerning edit of our favourite places, alongside a photo essay of the city and personal essays by a local citizen we admire. You’ll also find a neighbourhood map and a section of additional recommendations. All of the photography and copy in the book is original and exclusive to Cereal. Released this fall, LA is the newest addition to the Cereal Cityguides.

C ereal : City Guide / Pape rback , 1 2 8 pag es / For mat : 21 x 14,8


Lost In

Getting lost in the city is not about throwing away the map. It’s about surrendering yourself to the essence of the place.The sights, smells, flavours and sounds that make it unique.The photography, the art, the creativity that provide its individual inspiration. Getting lost is diving headfirst into what makes each city its own. Â

Lost in The City Travel Guides / Paperback, 60 - 80 pages / Format: 21 x 16 cm


Monocle City Guides

Monocle Travel Guides / Hardback, 120 - 150 pages / Format: 21 x 14 cm

The Monocle Travel Guide series reveals our favourite spots in each city, from the ideal route for an early morning run to the best streets for independent retail. It also knows where to take an ambassador for breakfast, an on-the-go businessman for a late night cocktail, or where to get an astute concierge at ungodly hours. Monocle Travel Guides will make you feel like a local wherever you go, and will be full of surprises and quirks.


36 Hours

What to do when you've got 36 hours to get to know a city? The New York Times has been offering up dream weekends with practical itineraries in its popular weekly "36 Hours" column since 2002. The many expert contributors, experienced travelers, and accomplished writers have brought careful research, insider’s knowledge, and a sense of fun to hundreds of cities and destinations. Here is what to do and where to do it, with full-color photographs to entice you and handy maps to guide you.

36 Hours / Fle xicove r, 8 0 pag es / For mat : 1 9 ,5 x 13,7 c m












Balance is the intersection between calm and action, between rest and the excitement of life. From finding equilibrium in unexpected places to creating it with considered effort, a well-honed balancing act elevates the everyday and prepares us for tomorrow. Over time we add and  subtract to balance our own scales, in a way that keeps us grounded yet always on our toes.  H YG G E Winter is when Danish folks savor their tradition of hygge (pronounced “hyoo-guh”), which is a sense of coziness, comfort and belonging all wrapped up in one. Hygge exists in all candlelit rooms, convivial conversations and shared meals in Denmark. But everyone around the globe can enjoy the feeling of hygge—just curl up with a book, gather in the kitchen or cuddle a furry companion.


These are 48 hours to do with what you will. It’s a judgment-free zone to be as still, active, solo or social as you please. Maybe you’ll be the center of your weekend and enjoy a dinner for one, phone switched beyond silent to off. Alternatively, your two days might entail a series of catch-ups, rendezvous and soirees with good pals. No matter how you fill the hours, make sure they’re filled on your terms.




- a series of razor sharp botanical postcards by the Copenhagen based design duo Apropos Studio.




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